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Hurt, in Wake
Of Tornadoes
Great Wind Storms Cause
at Least $5,000,000 Prop?
erty Damage
?Seven States Are
Swept by Twister?
Serious Damage Is Done to
Crops Over Wide
Chicago, May 2" More than 174
persons were killed, a thou?and or more
?were injured ar.d ir..?lions ai ?tallai
?worth of property was destroyed by i
tornadoei which swept through Kansas i
cn Friday, Illinois and Indiana or. Fat- |
urday and parti of Tennessee, Arkan?
sas, Kentucky, South Illinois ard Ala?
bama to-day.
Reports indicate that a Inrr-e r~
of farm implemer.t?. needed to pri
the bum*" ?
? umr :
i rap a.- . to heavy
in ?*r
The --un I
jured foil?..
l>ead injurrii.
Matoon. Ill.
(. harleston, 111. St.
?ndale. Kan. 'J''.
? ?thor Illinois towal. I*
Arkansas . '?' 12
Indiana . 7
Kuti <Vv
Taaattttt .
Totals ...
Property daauge, I
Mulloon Harae-t Hil
I he heaviest toll of lift was taken
.'toon, a city of 10.000 population
in the broomcorn country of Central ?
illinois, where t.fty-four are known to '
be dead anil BOO lajartelt *-* itfc a pro*?-j
Gkarltttoa, Mi miles east tf Mat
toon, was also partly \?i ( ckcii Satur?
day evening, with a lo- of thirty-tight
lives and IM injured. The property !
there is a million dollars.
The next most Ftrious loss was at.
?ndale, where twenty-.?;*-, were killed
.nid a score injured, on Friday. Dub
l.n, Ky., tntetei three dead and sev?
enteen injured to-day.
A telephone mittag? from Hickman,
Ky., late ta-11 | it, to Memphis, Tenn.,
stated that report! from tarming set?
tlements about Hickman indicated
that twen*. pental vara
killed in that x
Smut, Dj*< : lurg i ? ' ' . v.f.8 report
et\ to-night to Um lost two killed i
?tid thirty-tun injured in a tornado
i hi* ?wept Dyer County to-day. At,
i \ri ira re
d and u doten hart
May Be 20 Dead in Indiana
reports from Indiana show at lett!
ttrtoni killed at Hi: ? . *
ltd other place-, and th<* death lia!
.?ach twenty, More than 200 nrntt
? ? m the li d ana territory .
|.\ l he storm.
Sinai5' r ".
re in
I, wh i li it hern ]
Illinois wii la half
doren and inju :
Mea.- ?-, Sa* re, fifteen
mile- atti of 1 Ala., laid
?overa 1 Win ? B..my injured
ullin a toi ? town early
Sunday'' ? dtvt
, of HO blocl of hou ici oecu
in the north part
?f MattooBa 'fir wmd rated 196
? tnd pi - ' ed 116 H"." .
"?ndrring 2,000
I h pej ure sheltered with friend- in
i ubhr building!. . " 1 in t ti
-.? fugt in Park,
Chairlatttn'l letttl ia Saturday's tor
nado, h? checked up to night, shot
thirty-eight known dead, men dan 100
injured, ; ohm of whom will die; four
ng and ;i large area >'r the i ty,
inelud ng i quart? r,
laid waite, with ?i i i opert) le
I ann limIdinir? I rn lied
? hi're
i ? d there, the tornado * trui ?
watt section of I es1 ? tad levelled
??11 the boutet, ia ? triai tnd itore
ii area two mile- long tad three-quar?
ters of a mill ?
After work:?.,; through the night in
?larkne-?. except for lanti n
|urad eitizei * ? ' > lo-dty
found that then wei .'. ?00 hoi
perron-, to bl I. and that |
tMl hal f Of 1
north?tati ? li
ng mon ha ta it I
? tit.
? ?'am !
out in lftttoon, but, i ? eeded
I he? wlndatori tul
T!OU? ?-ti- '
stricken an
friend? hfforl
thsasi* I,'It
fmaPv ,i ?
( hampair*. by automobile, . that ai
r train an
?i guard, ai
iwn order
That ianda ol
ihr* ! ? ? H rta! ?.id S
.e diatribatad I
* tall. Hotel pri>par?>il and
? * roffr?. *? r? ?1 ir
leura *
Ilium '?
I ninhaiiiiir'. I>< ninli-hril
I I til
? f tho- ?
the taraado through Dodge
<iro(e i
of tombstone? tnd di molitbi d the pub
li?. stone mausoleum.
Vest dsmag' *??/?? tltt done in an
area proA ?? r<- ? ?'??? -.a?;,! /one und
t?vi.r us ls*-gr Bl the 140 block? ?Hld
?saiti, 1 iver, hourn
were men tf chin?t)
nuded ??' i
found*?* on? ?ra ft *eretl !
death Ol
i |0 | dead,
?e*.a/r?l undred tra tnd tad many
houM - !,.-hid ti the result
tf yatttrda/'i itora m Indiaat Gnat
number? **f liveitock lie ?trewn about
ilia t.?.ds of dwastated farms.
Waterbury's Polo Cup
Too Heavy for Thief
M..n (. harped with ?***tr-.ilm!* 1 \ I
Trophies ?Said It Impeded Hin
\ her losing cup wlich wa? pre?
sented to I.srrv Waterbury, captain of
the Meadow Brook Hani (Lib polo
t..-,m after the intematiotial match of
IflS, was discarded a? too heavy yes?
terday by a thief who ferCsld hu ??y
?to the Meeting House, a club at ISf
I East Forty-fifth Street. With athel
trophic* from the club, it wa? found la
ia heap of rubbish in the bark var,I
? lytSe Waelsey, an employe of the
?rho wa? ?"en climbing uret n
Lexiagtaa Aveaue with ?.
M* ami u bag, was arrested. He
.arrie.i as luggage, the police say. 1
? - of silver and gold ware.
la the Yorkville police court Woolsey
admitted that the cup and other prop
eity exhibited by the police had been
taken by him from the club. Magis
trate Ten Kvrk held him in ti,ROO bail
for the grand jury on a charge of
-rand larceny.
Five Dead in Auto
Accidents; Jurist's
Motor Kills Child
Dancing Girl Stepped Into
Judge Nack's Car;
Driver Freed
MT. Ms
i .1, ??it ? oint, ? hl? ago jumped
from li-1 automol.il? yesterday at Nia?
tieth Street and Amsterdam Avenue,
and wa? the first to clasp in his arm? a
little girl who had been run over by1
the car. She ?ras Margaret Manolo?, |
?ii \ears old, of 141 West Ninetieth
With the child in hi? arms. Judge?
Mew ?, re?totere?, the automobile and
ted the chauffeur to speed to
Roosevelt Hospital. He engaged spe
sl attention and two noraea
th? girl, hut ?he died. Judge Man.
th? W sst 100th Street poliee
B to report the ac?? nient. A
red that the girl had danced from
?........ din et?) Bl dei h rear
wheel of the >ar. the chauffeur wa? not
Exprese Kill? Three
The Black Diamoad Expresa of the!
Lehigh Valley Railroad hit a taxicab i
? the Wheeler Point erossing la the
Newark Meadows, killing Miss Anna
Corbett, of IN Adam? Street, New arl
Richard Scheenan and Richard Grai
Orr, of 64 Hudson Street, Hoboken.
An unidentified woman who was'
fatally injured is in St. James's Hos
Newark. Frederick Blaney, Ru-?
dolph Fischer and George Zarr, who i
e ware hurled from the taxicab, I
??re taken to the hospital, suffering
lim" abrasions and bruise?.
The taxicab, which wai owned by !
the Eases Automobile Renting Com-1
pasy, of Newark, was sent to a house
on .Vheeler Point in response to a |
call Blaney wai the driver. He i
picked up the other occupants of the I
car St the house, and wa* on his j
way back when hit by the train.
1hi automobile, with the bodies of I
the Corbett wanan and Scheenan, was I
carried for a thousand yards on the,
stehet of the engine before the i
. enid be brought to a stop.
It is believed that the dying woman
may be a Miss Rose Brennan, Fischer
? i GrasSOW were omplojed on the
Steamer Mandalay.
Aulo Kill*? Pedestrian
I?, ham Kurla, of 2472 Fighth A\e
t.ue. was instantly killed arid his com?
panion. Maloro) Andrajevich, was ?eri
injnred when they stepped before
an automobile driven by Joseph Yon j
('rimm at 1 *_'?>th Street and Kighth Ave- j
nne last night. Von (?timm, who lives
at til Ka^-t Sixty-eighth Sunset, saul
he did no1 kneu there bad been
an aci ident until his machine carne to !
over the nadie* of the two men. j
After maning over Hilda St Milich,
nine years old. <.f 686 [bird Avenue,
rhird Avenue and Forty-third
Street. James Farley, a taxicab driver,|
to ?scape, it was alleged. A pa-,
tiolmati gave chase in another car and
arrested bun He said that, be bad
iii.re.i lynching. He was without a
license to .Une. The girl'? eollarhonn
was fractured and her rieht shoulder
automobile containing Ave per
? at Southern Boulevard and
In'.iI Street. The Bronx, pinnina Dr
'/ai-hai ? Sngal and lus w fe. of I I
Prospect Avenue, baaaath It. X h ??> re
. - ? i nits ??< .J bru' W>S The
others jumped sad escaped mjur;..
Woman Run Daw*
Frying to ovoid children playing St
Reap and South F?tbI Streets, Brook?
lyn, Aub ir Smith, of 264 I.|
? rsl over Mrs. Sarah Schwurt/,
.: lis Havemeyei Street She was
?o \S illiatnsburj* Hospital, suffer?
ing from shock and bl him -
John Tenney, of Plamtield. N. J.
drove hi* automobile into the ?run
. around Grameres l'ark on Bat
night, precipitating himself into
a flowerbed and break'ng his no?c. He
rrcstcd on a charge of NCkleas
?1 r ?, s i n g.
Shoots Man in Coney
Cabaret and Escapes
"HiHo. I've boen looking for youl"
I ? , i i Tiru-, ahoatod by a cnbaret
? shove the dm of the arches*
tia in the Harvard Ian, greeted the
, i" of th?s Bowery crowd* as tbey
IWtBg into the Scasido Walk at Coney '
last night. Mans t?aused to !
. na sag ? sm h tall msn who de
I h imself from i; i passing
throng ?ml sauntered In through t i. ?
li, passed the telephone bootha end
, far counter an.i -1?>...i far .. fen
m, ?lunts scanning the faces of the1
'.i., bundi ed ?..* m?Tr. pel in mated
at ?he tab!?? The uaitei? noticed I
..m1 thought he wa-, a dotOCtive i
hove be? n several ruello?
larvard Ina already thin season, j
the police arc freqaeat visiters. I
r rally the man's glan.-** rested on;
a group of six ??< ated at a table at th.
le ? f the rntianre, an.I caine t?i !
? top urn.?! Michael Castella, al 1101
' - ev. ?it iet h Strei ' Without a
Ward, the stranger d'ei? a tr.oli.cr and ,
? red ???le shot. It struck Costello in ,
th.- neck and be topple,! backward in ':
? ? an. fatally wounded The tall !
man paefcotad Ma weapon, leaped
through the labt**, mingled with th?
?n wl arid bad disappeared when the
.row.) vsithin stampeded for the two
small exit?.
Table? were overturned ard glas?e?
1 - ken, and the ?cream? of women,
fighting to get o'it. mingle?i with the
I mi 1 hi pistol abot had
brought the ">ng aid mu*ic to ? ead
?l* -t top The few poli-remen outside
ried to stem the ? Id? m ere - ??? i p1
. ? un;ber of . M . r- cm?
la lb? r sssislanae. Detect ??- from
? '"i Hranch managed t?> round up
three patrcl wagon load? of the ps- |
irons, and they war* taken t<? the Ma .
UM la be queitiootd.
?American Cities
Urged to Prepare
For War Outrages
i -
New York Research Direc?
tor Calls for Guard Against
Activities of Aliens
Wartime Survey Asked
Mobilization of Resources and
Standardization of De?
fences Called Vital
I rirent necessity for reorganisation
of the affair? of every ? itv and town in
the country to meet wartime omei
gencic? is voiced li an appeal sent to
irtry important city in the nation by
Herbert R. Sand?, field director of the
Ilureau of Municipal Re-earrh. Mayor
are called upon to prepare for and
guard against probable bomb out?
rages, Incendiary fires ard explosion?
In munition plants.
The seriousness with which Mr.
Fands views the situation is in?
dicated by at least one paragraph, in
which he thus call? upon the heads of
o'.her (i?.e> to pnpare their hospital"*
for m h ?iel-:
Should Trepare Ho?pn.il?
"The public hotpitali should be pre
ptrtd for sudden emergeneic . Their
,. m ,i -m.um i,.- itaadtrdltad, Enrj
I'ntjur should examine the Police De?
partment to determine the adequacy
of the reserve force at headquarters
the quality of supervision over night
patrol service, the effectiveness of de?
tective bureau? and the means for
quick communication with patrolmen
on post-."
'I DI appeal con* ii ?
"(?lie-half of the people in the Tinted
States live in incorporated eitltt, town
and village*. Oai fourth Hvt in eitie
of man than S0,000 population. No
furthtr argument s ho u ; -l I" tttdtd 'ui
a -urvy and mobilization of every city.
"This i? nut the time to delay. We
cannot temporuo with war. Your city
?hould take immediate action, not mere?
ly for defence but for an aggressive
campaign. It will be largely an eco?
nomic campaign, because we can win
this war or.ly along economic line?.
"Sunray Your ( it>"
'A tuny is the first step.
"Sairvi-y ftUT own city, la this time
of itrttl your city officials and local
organizations can rio much of the ?ur
rty vvork themselves. Begin to-day.
"A survey will not only heln directly
to develop your city, but will help it
greatly to a.-s;*t in the national situa?
tion. Your wart .nie turvey should have
two main objectives?first, conserva? (
t:on of public funds, and, second, con?
servation of men.
"Kvery city must be prepared for
bomb outrages, munition plant ex?
plosions and attempts at conflagrations. ]
Fire dangers will probably be the
gnattft peril in every city."
New York Offers Sen ice?*
The bulletin suggests to the mayon
various ways by which th<y them?
selves can make lumyti how to make
one man do the work of-two and what
work can be done by boy.- It urge
also that women should be selected for
t.cu* appointments to municipal posi?
tion? wherever poatiblt, so as to leave
Hie men free for military service.
The HeO \ ork Bureau of Municipal
Research offer< to as-i.-t tiie cities in
"doing tht work thoroughly and com?
pletely" by placing at their disposal its ?
staff of i-peciahsts, as well as its in- ,
formation gathired in one hundred,
AnieriCL.li and Kuropean cties.
Westside Bill's
Fate To Be Decided
By Governor Today
P. S. C. Will Appear in Fa?
vor of Plan; City Offi?
cials to Oppose It
hollowing a hearing lu Albany 1o-:
day GoTerntt Whitman will decide the
fat- of the Ottinger-ElUnbogtt* bill and
with it pottihtj that of the proposed
?loo.ono.nun \r.w York I entrai track
improvement- in tht City ]???
Member? of the Public Berrin I'"?'*
,11 will mHke a hard ! ght lo win
I ?i eutivt approval for *t on the ground ?
that it? adoption will hattet tin .-olu
tion of the generation-old New York
( entral-Riverside Park problem.
Repre.?entati\es tf the city adminis?
tration will makr mat n.? determined a
light agfai'i-t it. claiming that the bill
will re.?ult in further delay lu becloud
mg the issue an| distributing the hu
thoritj for futun agreement with tbt
The Ottinger-Ellenbogen bill, which!
Wai t>a--cd by both hoi.-c?, "f the LaCg
i lat'iie and lacks onlv the .ignaturr of
Governor Whitman to beconi a law,,
provide.- that the Public Benin Tom-j
mitlitt and the Hoard of Eltitaatt and
Apportio? ineiil -hall have equal juri
?n naching an tenement with
I he railroad. It will, if it becomes
operative, mull in the repeal of tai
tam clauaei af the law of I ti I tnder
whieh 'hi eatire Weat Si?e trad i ii
lion Wai taken out ol' the han?!- of the
Public Servici I tmmittion .md placed
m thal of the Board of Eitimtte,
With the repnseatativei of the Pub?
lie Benin Cammittlan ?ill be nan?
tentativa of vtrloui civic organiza?
tion?, which will uige the signing of
the pending mca-urc.
in a ttatatatat gina o it yesterday
by Siert-tary R, I Mc(,ahen, of tin*
? ititeai I ?'i?n, attention is called to
the fact, that the railroad and park
pnblemi iavahrtd nts nat tf purely
local eonctrn, bal lavolvt the entin
commenial i)e\(lopn!ent of the , ?
Immediate sigiiature of the bill by <."?
? nor Whitman, he tlttrtl. \a?ll nault
in eine inat ion tf tin ttUtei tor delay
that have heretofore pnvtattd a solu?
tion of the pioblcms iavolVtdL
RepnMBtttivet of tht ?ame organ
I ia ti on oppOM the signing by (?oaernor
Whitman of the (,reen bill, which whs
pats-eil at the yat I ttatitU of the
Legiilttun, T pnvidei tor tie ap
poi ltment of another invcstigat'ng
tad| ta go O'.cr all of the i-uestions m
Vtlved in the propoied improvement.
Still further crttieitm ol the real at
',,'? ? . ' .:.wi!>? 1 in th. pro
i,,...! ajietmtal between 'he city and
ni are irai)., in h Maternent i.
?aued \e?ter?lay bv tht I' ?titute for j
Public Service
William H. Allen, director of the in- I
ttitaUi asserts that land ifr ?hieb the
When a Feller Needs a Friend - B"BR,GCS
railroad wa? willing and anxious to pay
$1 *>5 per foot in 1013 is now valued at
only 50 cents per foot in the revalua?
tion of the voluntary committee of ex?
pert?, whose report just has been made
? ?
Police Increased
On San Juan Hill
Extra Guards for ''Black Belt"
Following Rioting of
Saturday Night
Ten extra policemen were sent into
San Juan Hill's narrowing black belt
yesterday to reinforce the sir ordi?
narily on post there. Possibly because
of their presence, but more likely be
ciu^o the "Hill" no longer is the horns
of the bad men who once made life ex?
citing for the white wanderer, there
was no recurrence of the rioting which
resulted in the killing of one negro
Saturday night and injury to nine other
w hites and blscks.
In the old days of San Juan Hill, be?
fore the begira Ifarlemwnrd, there wa?:
im ?uch thing ?s a ont-day riot. For
a week after a clash between tho?e who
lue on the hill and the white men of
the frontier 'an?l the appearaii?*? of al
blueioat meant a show, r of bricks from :
the housetop?. But. hairing a '-prink
I ng of negroes brough? from the South
by the railroads a frw months ago ami :
'.ft stranded in New York, the district I
i now inhabited by hardworking men.
of peace. So there were no bru k
Benjamin Harrison, who started Sat-1
urday night'? not, \shen he resented an
overcharge in *i "white** saloon, was
discharged with a reprimand in the
West Sid? Court \esteiday. Magis?
trate Brough said he was satisfied the
beating Harrison got had been sufli
ci? lit punishment, Of four other negro
noter? arraigned, two were fined $10
each and the other? were discharged
for lack of evidence.
News in Brief
.I-i..... !> i-, mi', ,.f HitrhlsnH I all*, sah?, eii
!i?t?,| in th? < ?na.han arms, returned to hi?
'iiii'i' a ??a and hrineuiK ne?, et the
.!? ?iii el tare rsthef i.ati.e -..n
Ceeirge Wit chi?-f, el N*WfcWS*fc, ha? heen
?raointed uuariliati ad l.ta-ns tn the minor
1,-ir. to sa h..ni Mr*. Julia I.onllar.l Nutter.
feld left th.- hull? ..f her |..O.i.i r-t.-.tr
His rred-e.sior killed him-elf
.lohn WhSSaWI wa? iru-hed I" death in ?n
elevator sat,ich he ?Urted ?rridentallv in th?
Hotel Blackstone, M Kaj-t 1 ifty-eijrhth Street.
Subscribe for Liberty Bonds To-day
Tt is the patriotic duty of every American citizen to subscribe for
Iii? share of the Liberty Loan Von hrlp win the war You ?ret an
sbsolutely ?afe investment. You get m%% interest.
Fill out th?* blank to-dsy- -at once?and msil to the Liberty Loan
Committee, 120 Broadway It will ?end you full informstion.
Do your Bitt
iT.sr -iff and mall?
To the Liberty Loan Committee,
120 Broadway, Nrw York Cite.
I want to subscrib?* to the Liberty I.osn. Plesae send mr applica?
tion blank and terms of payment.
Vrifne. .
Wrli n?m? ?1* T?/?-afc-a*a?.
*?dr.ta?tM.f?.v J rlephane
Girl Breaks Syrian Code
To Save Condemned Man
Ends Year's Silence by Swearing in Prison That She and Not
11er Rrother-in-Law, Now in the Death House,
Shot Fiance, Who Spurned Her
After month? of silence Miss Najeeba
liahtas ha" broken the Syrian cod?' ?it'
honor the code which her suttor,
Rafoul Kayat, the silk weaver, violated
,.nd paio for with his life a year ago
from her cell in the. Woman'- State
Prison at Auburn. She has sent a let?
ter to Governor Whitman, in which she
confesses full responsibility for the
death el Kayat? a crime for which her
brothei-in-law, Klias ('azra, is now
under sentence of death at Sine; Bing.
Miss Gabtat was the dark-eyed belle
of the little Syrian colony in Wa-thinir
?on Street, Manhattan, back of the
lowering Broadway office buildings.
I he .it ner black-hatre?) -?iris in the- em?
broidery ?hop svherc she worked knew
that Kayat was her sweetb? art. Une
day l be conti.jed lo them that she w.is
to be married, that Kayat had obtained
:i license to wed. The ilk weaver was
almost a nightly visitor in the little
tenement at. 31 Washington Street
where Najeeba lived with lier sister
and brother-in-law, Ellas.
Fianc? D?las s Wedding
Rut for some rea on Kayit put off i
the Wedding. He made e\cu-es. Nu- I
jeeba lind trusted ntni. Finally she
?"ubi stand the t-ignificant glances of
the other girl workers no longer. She
left the embroidery factory. Flias
pleaded with Kayat and even offend lo
bnv the furniture for the couple and
pay the expense of the wedding, but
Ka) al tea-, a more exen?,
rhen nae Saturday, April IB, 1914?,
"?.'ajci'ba anil Klia? want to look for
Ka\at. They found bun standing in
fron? of a grocery ai 75 Washington
Street. Ile du m ed the p?rpese af their
?rrand: the Syrian? protect their
women. Ile rushed ir,?o the Mor.- and
trie,I ?o e?rape through a back door,
bat '"mind 11 locked. Najeeba and Klias
ni-lied in a'ter lum. A pistol barked
four time?, and the bystander? who
rushed into the room found Kayat's
ndilled boily stretched on the door.
Swears She Shot Him
Najeoba wa* holding the weapon from
which the bullets had been tired when
a policeman reached the scene.
"I have killed him; lock me up!" she
She had forgotten the code in her
tmitemtnt; the ?pint of revenge in the
?roman ?poke. Hut Klias had not for
gottea. He rushed forward protesting
vehemently that he alone hail killed
Kayat. He told how he ami N'ajeeha
had caused Kayat to be haled to court
on a leriOBI charge anil how he had
been discharged in Geaaraiateteiaat.
The law had failed, and there was but
one thing to do undpr the Syrian code.
Excitement prevailed in the colony.
?\t Urti none could he found who ad
??,it?ed having seen the shooting, "ne
?il,tii even had tried to wre*t the wean
on from N'ajeeba and hide it when the
police arrived. Finally witne*?i - came
forward who (aid Flias and not N'ajeeba
hail done the shooting. On their testi?
mony Filias was convicted and sentenced
hy Judge DtlthaatV in (?encrai Ses
? the tirst Syrian ever to be con?
victed of tir.?t degree murder in NtW
York City.
(ensor (iris Tetter
[Majteba took no part in the trial. She
was not permitted by her lawyer to
take the stand. After Flias had been
sent to Sing Sing she was sentenced for
felpniaut assault. She remained silent
until the time set for (?azra's execu?
tion. She a tatt a letter saying she
was more to blame than he and that she
should 'hare his punishment.
The dpath hou?e cpnsor at Sing Sing
intercepted the letter and turned ||
over '" Oittriet Attorney Swann. Ycs
f?-?iiay Najeeh.'i -ent another letter to
Elia! prote-ting that he knew ?he hail
killed Kayat und that he ?-hould not
keep silent.
She al-o -ent th? letter to the Govern?
or, and friends of the condemned man,
who ia to die within three weeks' tim?
unies? the -ata^e Kxeeutl*.? intervene*,
are trying to have his M ntence com?
Dr. Kemp Become* Pastor
Of New Tabernacle
I>r. .Io-cph ft. Kemp, who recently
resigned fram the pastorate of ('alvary
Ban*, * i ?.urcli after a iii?agieement '.
with lame tf its trustees and member*,
h?3 accepted a call to the Metropolitan i
Tabernacle of New York, which was or- i
gsni/ed by those who followed his lead '
and left ('alvary Baptist Church.
The tust Sunday .service.? of the new
rharch Will be held next week. For the
present ntvietl Will be held in the
American Fine Arti Ruilding, at -'I j
West Fifty?ii eath Sti tal
What Is Going on To-Day
flee eeaWMee le UM Atn-?ri'?u Muieurn of Nan,
rt. IlLain.-a \?. Cee-ittntll fart Mltemai. the
Ama>r!,-a.'i Mut??.m of Stfat?/ ? 1 Ike tc-ajtutua
ni Um Ait-r'.. ?ji M??l:. ? I'l.ani ? ?t,>i-?4
! ?a? ?? ti -r \-' ' ; p lil
I'?': ? ?' UM I ?-??'?.r-iijli T-? :.?--? Aaf? .?Hi,
V. .. Iori aUl,?!?. 1 i' lo
- ? t. --??! ? i War (Vu??" at .
? - - ? s f Um Mimi le* Ota* .?? N?n Vor?.
a ? I tv? t TWnt? ???. iii! Siraa-I. (
P m
.... I ? - a n - I .-'
? - I r. ?. .? f.-n..!? Bttetlne at the v??
?, -a i ?.-?? ... [Mel ? !
Palen I ? ? I al Pert
; . i . ? \i Harmon ea I.*?t
*i? Ynrf-i Amer*, ti [>?? i lo Womat," ?..1 t-y
i' leettM PatUai ti- w.,mrn \.-?r:
en *h? Mee.** h??<l?u?.i??? of l'oiuieal ReaaMle I
At?'? -leUou, Ia htl "l'eru-aret ti?*??, 1.34 p. ia, !
1 Noguchi, Scientist,
Ha? Typhoid Fever
Noted Pathologist Is Taken
Suddenly 111 at
Home Here
l?r. Hideyo Noguchi. widely known
Japanese ?dentist and a member of
I the department of pathology and bac?
teriology of the Rockefeller Institute
j for Medical Research, is seriou?ly ill
with typhoid fever at Mount ?Sinai Hos
1 pital. Or. Noguchi discovered the germ
i of hydrophobia in 1H13, and for th?'
., ii ha been engaged in at?
tempt's to ;.?<?!ate the poliomyelitis
arc"'. , , .
For about a month, it is said, he na?
be, ti sick, although for several day-;
after attacked by the disease 'ie per?
i-ted in his laboratory experiments.
Two weeks SCO he took to his be?l in hi?
home, at r?SI ( entrai Parie West, and
on Thursday he w s taken to tie hos?
pital. Dr. Emanuel Libman, h s phy
sician, said that the manner in which
he con'ractc?l typhoid was a mystery.
The imperial government of Japan
conferred the degree of Igaku-Hakushi
upon him in 1911, and four years later
he waa the recipient of the sanaal im?
perial reward for medical research. He
IS forty year? old.
Mrs. Frankel Gets
Phone if Husband
Does Not Use It
Spring Valley Man's Alleged
Langtiaga to Central Puts
Mini Lncler Ban
If Mane M. Frankel. ?* Spring Val*
, ley, Ro'.kland County, has occasion to
call up the butcher to order some lamb
chops for breakfast he can't do it, the
i Public Service Commission of the Sec
! ond District has ordered. At least, he
' can't do it over the 'phone that is to
be installed in his home. If Mrs.
Frankel wants to make the call, that's
a different matter, and UM a\ S. ?'.
will offer no objection?. But Mr
!? ranke! is persona non grata at the re
eeiver, and h? is to get 'phone service
only on condition that he does not
use it.
Mr. Frankel has been waging war
! with the New York Telephone Company
for months. Recently the Public Ser?
vice Commission sustained the action
of the company in discontinuing his
, service, on the ground that the he used
i profane language to the operators,
, called them ''bums'' and annoyed them
in other ways.
The commis?ion altered its ruling on
Saturday, to ivoid imposing a hardship
on Mrs. Frankel. Telephone service
' will be given the Frankel home in her
! name on condition that Frankel keeps
' away from the instrument.
The company stated they had no
fault to tind with lira. Frankel's tele?
phone manners, but objected to giving
. her a 'phone because her husband would
I "enjoy the opportunity to use the in?
strument, and because, in the opinion
ot the respondent, Mr. Frankel is al
most certain to misconduct himself on
j these occasion?, to the detriment of the
sarrias generally and the injury of re
Spondent's employe? "
Mr. Fiankel is editor of a weekly
'? paper published by the Master Bakers'
Federation, at 121 Canal Street, New
York City.
Bernhardt Leaves
Hospital for Country
Actress to Recuperate at Briar
cliff Manor. N. Y.
Mme. Sarah Bernhardt was removed
yesterday from Mount Sinai Hospital,
' where she had be. n since April IS, sad
vas driven to Briarcliff Lodge, at
Briarcliff Manor, N. Y,, where she
will remain. :t is said, for a month or
n or*. Tho French fla^* wa\ed from the
staff on th* roof of the hotel and an
American 'lag ami the tricolor bad
been drap?d above the door of her
Tears caine to the eyes of the famous
actress when she -lghted the colors of
her country, ead she asked her attend?
ant? to lift her up so that she might
touch then with her lips.
It had been stated thal Mine. Bern?
hardt expected to be able to appear In
public within the next fornight, but
physiciMS Said they hardly thought
Rl r -trength would permit of tin?. She
will remain at Bnarcliff Lodge until
fhe feels . tronger and then will go '?
a home which ha? been prepared for
her on Long Island.
Stuns Deaf Boy to Save Him
Companion Uses Stone to Keep
Lad from Auto's Path
An unnamed heto among a parly of
sixteen boys, all ?leaf mute?, savi d the
life of one of their number \esterdav
afternoon by the simple expedient of
knocking him senseless with a rock
and preventing him from walking into
the path of a speeding automobile.
The boys were leaving a wood near
Fort. Lee and crossing a road frequent
ed by autoiats when Cyril Scott, of I
Weet l2Sth Street, ran ahead of them
Ad itartatd toward the ceatre of the
roail. -I ti -at then an ao tom obi le I]
proached from behind, th* chauffeur
blowing I ia !"irn ?o warn the boy from
its path.
Scott, unable to hear the approaching
car, eontinaed on his cour?e. which
would have brought bim ?l'reetly in'o
tlie path of the speeding vehicle, di?
able to riach his companion by run?
ning, the boy, whose narr? has been
withheld, sf-r.-cd a stone and threw it
at Scott's head, knocking him aasase*
Senti wat burned to the Fnglo
wood Hoepital, where it \s!.s found that
operation was accessary. He will
??'..r Mithin i Fan days, according to
atti nding physician*.
Mother and Three
Children Die by Gas
Every ?BO, it seemed, except, mem?
bers of the Cord! familv, was on his
or her way ve-r-.-rdav afternoon to the
parks, beaches or other places of rec?
reation. John Card! had lett his two
room apartment at 'J.'. I West Thirty
fifth Street, early Is the morning, it is
'rue, but !e ara* | ,,? ?e.king amuse?
ment. He was looking for work. He
had been out of employment for some
time, as the straitened circumstance?
in his little home testified.
His wife, Nellie, had dressed their
three ?mall children, and Cordi, before
he left, ?irged her to take them for a j
little outirg. But Mr?. Cordt did not
take the children oat. When John
Casse, a n?'ighbor, carne to the house j
in the aftrnoon he smelled ga?, and .
forced ?he door. The four jet? in the |
bedraam a^d ?11 the rock? of the gas i
Mose in th.* kitchen had been turned
00 'In the bed I.. Mr?. Cordi, and
beside her the three ihlldren Francis,
three snd n half years; John, two, and
Ballon, fifteen month?. All hsd been
des?! for several hour? before the bod?
ies were discovered, according to phy?
Rouged Faces Wet
?As Billy Picturei
Mothers of Yofc
Girls, Dresied in Fuhi?
He Condemns. Weep as
They Hit Trail
Prescription for City
Sunday Urges Compound ^
More Virtue and
Leas Vice
To-day\i ProffTamme in
The Sunday Revival
There are no ?ermon? ry Bi'y SuaeaT?a.
the Tabernacle on Monde,?
10:30 e. m Meet n? for Morrle .***?*
.School tiri*, in Uie eehool aeseaibb!^
12:25 p. m ? Met-tin?; for WaekiaMm
Irving* Hifh School firle, Mittel fat,
|:1I p. m.?Met-tlnr for S?tate Catt
Hia*b Sahool ?.ri?, echool riirmhlj.
I p. m.?Mieeionary mau meetinc, (a the
Tabernacle. Broadway and Ulta Stntt
Billy Sunday and Dr. Robert E. Spa?
S p. m - Mat? meetinr fnr ynaixg pettit
of the churche?, Carnetie Hell tint
Merirarrt Slattery. ?,i??k"r.
!'!:>- Sunda*.. .. ' 'oldiaj
rnnator-, gel ? .- r! intern?,
I ul.-c of "godless New York"" ttt
sever, weeks, advised the follevisf
prescription in his Tabernacle tenet
to J5.000 persons last night:
"Mix into your daily livtt, Hsp
Volkers, a little more manht*?o4 ttt
less money; more smiles, lett Hart;
n.oie loving, less loathing; atn
truth, less lies; more faith, lea
cynicism; more virtue less vi?; tttrt
pravrr, less pride; more of the put
o:' God, less of tiie v.. , - of the tieri!.**
The compound, le urced, iheold ia
taken a? many times a ?iajr al an?
slble, before meals ar.d after meelt?
ever;, waking hour, \n fact. Tht
??pintual heal'h of i e city, hi <ai4
further, would be enhanced if iti fir!?
hoed would undertake to live a? twit
I lived when the country was young ead
i Broadway was a pa ?ture.
Kulogizes Oldtime Mother!
?rars ?tarted from many ?yu ii
he ?rioceeded to a eulogy of "eld
fafliioned mothers," who, if they could
be 'brought back from the silence ef
the tomb and set in New York wcild
not know how to act in company with
!-.?'!> ra mother?i. oair.ted, -Mwdtrid,
' iriztltd and almost without aadir?
"The old-fashioned mother!, yiort
end mine," he said, "knew nothing
ubout morning receptions, box parties,
joy rides and week ends. But they
?Vnew more of Jc-us Christ then^he
? mothers of to Jay."
Se expanded upon his picture of
"the mothers of a generation af"?"
i nu! the Tabernacle was flicked witb
the white of handkerchief!, wit with
j the tears of revived mimonei, and
when 1,159 out of the throng wen!
forward to shake his hand and pledge
fnith to his "old-fashion.*,! God" thiy
? carr.ed bil picture in their mindi.
Girls, dre?sed in the abbrieietld
fashion that he so strongly condemn!,
?rapt as he flayed tne van it iel of the
time-, and approached the "lawdoH
trail" with powdervd ehoeks itaiied
with itara
Tells What New York Need!
"What New Y*ork and <? ry othif
Am-'rican city wants is ?" r!- who thiak
more of decenrv than dress,'' he ttdd
them, "'.iris who think more thH*
cradles than card.-; c,ir!? who cill**i*
bread as well as fudge, and Ctt its
out a dress as well as they ? an Itt a
'turo on the ballroom floor. Wl wen*
?iris who can ?mile al I onie as well li
on the ?trrt't. and can pliy wi'h a half
a.? Vail a-> **, tit a piano.
"Oh, aCirlf," he shouted as he riaehat
th?> ertaieendo of hi? ohma*. ">ou t*s*
?rate y tur mothers and grandmother*?
give up the ?ham and rlir,?? ? i the ?H
they clung to and pra>ed to for ye*
Dont forget a ?Hoon license give! t
mortfact on every eradlo under the
Stars and Stripes the a'oonkeeper li
the Moan* of hunianitv.''
The "call to the trail" was the quiet?
est, m'isf Reductive and ->mpathitil
sounded in New York. A p,rture st
tht "obi fa iluoiied mother" lulling tht
"ilulil that's grown lo b?> you" ii the
??vening ?him?- sounded from thi
church steeple wa? supplemented at the
proper moment by .-miniated ehimel
pUii'il on the tvan piaio- with fill
p:ams?imo effect. Ah the simple chordl
resounded through th<* tinber structort
Sunday called for convert? to "get It
harmony with the e/ming chimes el
Preaching Warning from Sail
Tht sermon from Samuel x, *J.' "Be?
hn!?!, he had hid himself among thl
?tuff" was an account ?' the fall e?
Saul. The spirit Ula* actua'ed Saul ti
hulo himself from dod. Sunday s*r*\
held thousands in its thrall in Amern*
"I'm trying to describe how f-ail
trad out," he said, "so that whet
jou're up -, ou may be able to put the
ball over the fence My hope ti thlt
some mothers and fathers who are hi"
to night will not live long enough ta
see the headlines telling them of tht
fall to Hell of their .-otis and dauga?
"I ?ant to warn >-iu If Washmgto*
had hu] like Saul and refused to lu?
the Continental army we'd be ung?a*
'(?od Save ;he King'' to-night instead
of the 'Stars and Stripe??,' and *?
wouldn't be able to hold our own
against Rill Hohenzollern or anybody
Odd Tr Sute In Sunday ?
I ive thousand men heard Sunday till
"How To Be Leal than a Man" in tht
afternoon. Women were not admitted,
but as many as could gathered at the
w'.ndowi an?J doors of the Tabernacl?
and listened to parts of the ?ermon.
lhere wa? nothing in it to ?hock fin?'*
rino ear?, however. Daniel O'Neill, ?""
troduced as a "County Commiiiionir*"
Pittsburgh," paid a puulmg tribute ?a
Sunday before the ?ermon by declaring
that after year? of acquaintance wita
the evangelist he wai atured that *"hi?
the lies told about Billy Sunda*/ ??*?
not true." The trail bitten numbered
The morning lerviee, for both ?eil??
waa attended by Tfibv. The congrega?
tions of two Episcopal churche?. ??t
Michael".? and St. Oeor-feV attended et
masse. The ?ermon wa? from Luke ??"?
J', the ?ubject. *'i;eth?em?ne."
Sunday ?poke briefly la?t night a'
the Hippodrome on behalf of the ti?*
. r?v Fund Fair. To-e-iight hi *???!,**"?
?ide and apeak at a mmiontry rally ??
be held ia tbe Tabernacle. * . i

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