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Tribune Editorial
Takes Pulitzer
Prize for 1916
Article on Lusitania Anni
versary by Frank H.
Simonds Year's Best
Jusserand Gets $2,000
Ambassador Wins Award for
B?st History of United
I !'r?!;,r.r ?.i...- of Joui '
aird Letters for the
written during ttlfj wai awarded
to The New Tark 11
the board of tra . Columb I r '
Slmond on the nnni? -
i f the Lu
7. II
i the lirst to b
Pulitzer, founder of the School of
slism, who set . I M for
the puip. e of recognii . ;: meritorious
work and unsc!'
of journalists and WT
The views and sentiment* ezpn
by Mr. Simonds in his now famous edi?
torial are strikingly similar to those
?.onveyed by President Wilson in his
\Mir meee?ge written nearly on
Mr. Simondi-'s Editorial
"The war that is being feucht in
Encopo is a war for civilization." th,
editorial concludes. Th?
?.rea? Hrtaiii. of PraBOe, of RBSS?B, is
OUI br.tr'.-. 1' k1 Is lout, WS aro lost.
If it i- lost w? shall return to the
and the faiths of other ccnt
truth of this ii ?ritten for
us in th? Lusitania; it Is written in the
wreck of Belgium and the desert of
Northern Kra'icc for these who may,
i-ee. Where the G orinan las ?one be
has carried physical death, but he has
dono mor. he has carriel spiritual
death t > all that is essential in our
democratic faith, which derives from
that of Britain and Franc??.
"Ti?? war in ' nrepc li h'n'ng on until
German idea is ernshed or con-,
quers The world cannot now exisl
half civilised and balf German. Oat]
our of two conception? of life, of hu?
manity, can MihMst. One of the con?
ceptions wai written in the Lusitania
massacre, writtoa clear beyond all mis
taking. It is this ?writing that we
should study on this anniversary; it is!
ti 'act that we should grasp to-day,
?at in anger, not in any spirit that
e'amcrf. for vengeance, hu? as thi
Of a nation which has inherited
Bohle Ideale ?'id gallant traditions.1
inherited liherty and light
.-, ." .. ,. who died to ser.<- t' em. and
now *tands face to face with that whic*"
seek* to extinguish both throughout
t> ?. world."
Herbert Swope Wins Prize
The onze of $1,000 for ?ho best ex
ai"p!e of a reporter's work wa? award
.-.' ?o Herbert Sv.or?r, city editor of
' I ho World," for his sonos of articles
. i international lituation in I
n H?:y hut fall.
The journalism piisee were awarded
maeendation of the ad.
of the School of Jour i
:< red the decisions of ppr
g of the faculty.
l Bwardi in letter? were given on
I' i recommendations of jures appoin?
-i bl the American Academ? . ?\r1
and I etters and by the National li I
tu?? o<? Ans an?l I etters.
?>n B< ''.mt of the .var the trav.
scholarships for gradual* of the
Behool of Journalii o1 swarded.
Three other journalism prize*
withheld. Th?s?- are $1,000 for the bei!
paper on the future development of the
a 1600 medal for meritorious
service rendered the publ'C by a news?
paper, ard $l.';*<1f> for the best 1
. be pahlie by the
I m pr?s?.
.1 J .lusserard. the Krench Ambas
sador, received the 12,000 prise for the
tory of the I 'mted States. Hi*
book is eatitled "With Americans of
Past i . l'a.?.*" l'h<- si.non
prise for biography went to Laura K.
Richard- and MsBOC Howe Elliot! foi
the.r book on Julia Ward I
I V . rirai!
novel ol the jiar wis not swarded.
-a. -
U. S. Indicts
14 in Emerson
Motor Scheme
'. tintlhn<M| from I'trs? Vn*r
he accepted ?,100 ?-barrs of El I
common stock in return for ti
mis- ;,, i..rector.
god further that the 1
company advertised him
manager i I
2? Broad"* ay."
"\d\i?*or>- Director" keen?ed
;|erry P. Humphrey, president of
' H Hum] Inc, ?
placed F.'merjon "literature" with I '
I 1 Iii? kforgS '" the Mor?
gan (Jardner Service, Boston. The
government alleges tha? Morgan wrote
a f s Motori
contain i ng many false statements.
I Bl ami
i -.. . . , BO? ?
I Bl treal lucy a?
' roi..?! i," v?, ho sold Em? r?' .
stock and theil "lit?
erature" ab
II ard 12 William Loom ii and
of Loomil ti Ries?,
als'i "ir.\. - " handling
li RoVx ... P. M bert P
brokera." aeihng Emerson stock.
14 Will H ?tel ion, who und. ?
' . ? , V, i H
41 i ? . |
d?fendant t or por.: I on .
I ? . . < H
il n ?I imphrei
iy, Inc. :,
on, T A t empbell, <. N I
h. '*....
. . ?
? '1 p .-.. ? o
A < ampbell ?r.,1 Match? I ii
?; '. S. Campl
'.'. .
appeared for ?he defendant
Iff ( borne espe-rti to nrmmn ih?
athel aefandeirta to da j or 1
BJ? ?. |
asking for the arrest of Humphn
. -an.
Old m
the early pan of April. I?]?, ?bool 240,
''"'' sharea of corni
ce of $1 ?30 ;i share i
vlll 1
? . ? ted upon 12,000
Of 1
Abo ?i $150,000 of thi
'? oat for advertising, commii -
ng the
preferred stock.
asl fl.000.000 of ti ra >n< .
: .ni for stock hu gone, tha
? ga . late the *x .
of w ilaon aad the other "n ? ? I
' ment brokers."
Introduction t?. the Public
Th?- Emerson Moten ? ompanj
' rod need to the public as ti
Hupp and T. A. ( amp
bell '. ' . l:'K
I hey cani?> looking for capitl
. i'', nie of ;? |
. accidenten*?" mel '.
i ha aras ni I
. propo - it ir n. but had long a
ted th a
. cr a price v/h .. li aro a id i
. ' othei popular pr ced
? ai
With a \iew- tu deciding how .
could I"- raised, Wilson called in
1 Di? r-"n. and on April .'?. 1916, the four
draw their tir-1 contract.
groad te eoi porate the I
Motoi Company, erith 110,000,1 I
m cap-tal stock, divided into 700.000
. n itock Ml
I h a par valu? ? '
(10 a . hure. I ? ;
that thev agre? d to 'h ,
original pr? motel i. One ?
.-hare of pr?
ning 100,000 was to be B
?ecur? Shara no1 naade 1
for t pur] were to be d
among t he promoi . ?
An artist, t?i make a picture of the
Emerson c.ir. aras secured at once. The
iroYcmmeiit believes Ins attempt to
the car appear te be worth $895
???a? a pronounced suecaaa. It could
c a -1 ! v be mistaken for one costina,
eral thousand dollar.-.
Sale of ( onimon Slock Brf-in
Wilr-on hagan to sell common steel
about April 10. He wa- free to sell it
li nry price, provided hi- paid the com
i any $1 a nar? s vi sold. The
. ire," a ith the picture
by the arta! and extravagant ?hums of
the eompaBy' pro pecta, bogan on
April 12, Trie Tribun?'- exposure con
: examples of these statements,
with w'rmh the niaiN were deluged.
"The probable profita to the J.mer
Boa Motor?; Company, Inc., for i'.MT."
-nid one representation on which the '
"stock was offered for sale, "baaed on !
thi production of 80,000 cara per an?
num, amount to SW per car."
Aunt I. ?T -'n'? nient was I "Hie com
nany propo-t - to adopt the moat mod
ern business mchod-, paying cash as
. goes, and pursuing B conservative, j
-like administration."
The Emeraon company was incor- '
rotated on April 29, 1916. About May ?
1 the promoter- decided te build ten
"demonstration" cars for brokera' use.
Thej bwaghl ten Ford engines, the
government allcpos, and placed them in
the car.- with the identification marks
arased. At least one of them, it is
further stated, had a Ford chassis. _ I*
BBserted these cal co * al leaal 1600
The irdictment recites that on Ma*
.' Wilson, Emeraon, Hupp and the two!
? ampbells eauaed the common stock of
the company, of ?tha par va hie of |6.?
999,000, "? be iaau? d te Hupp for a
consideration th<- d?fendants kne'? to
be nominal, li wa- then- purpose, it
?Hi ces, to enabl? themselves to pre- ;
that the treaaury of the company
had received adequate and just con-1
?ideration for its ataca and to atete
with a semblance of truth tha' I
. nf t*?e company was fully paid'
and HOI ihlo, and then forth! I
purpose wa- "t?? defraud . . -ni.''
Officers Salaries Filed
The officer ' -alarie were ted al a
director-' meeting on May 6. r i*V
Campb'll and Hupp wera voted |7,B00 j
a ?/ear and < . N. Campbell 88,800
These sum? were to be incn ssed
. . ? to 110,000 ind I" 500 an
. .' .? .? ;. 1 . 191
i.. Hay 22 the ?ale ? I I
eil, and W .
.0,000 share more, making 70,000
,, ?1!. || : that backdated '
aera cata "'d o?
moating on M i
mak" ? bal W Ilaon had a?
. ? ; ;.. .nu n cash for th stock,
though Wilson had not touched hi
r comparativel)
.-mall r? .
i'hene;. ami Starken opened offices al
15 Broad Stree! ahou! ti . m id?
anii undertook to '-eil sUx
er corporat;o-i in wh'rh W ii iii
? ?, ., -, ?J ii-, the ? nd of day
circularising thi .. for
; hey paid Wilson 81.75
? -har", as the Stock was sol?l. li is
. .-, rj h? t" d ''"' eompai
pocket ^' abo i
,..,. nitii? Matches opened the
offiei 1" Chicago
...Id b; Din d w . Rothensuls, ? I i
in? rving a
ti ran in R< s I **, P?
. lid.
Th? ' wil
? pern ?- on to eil 100,. i
. . common steck. For
? wa to pay the eompany . .' a
nu government alleges tha*
through the form of selling
loch to h m, bu* in reality didn't.
li?- pa'.e promissory notes, secured b*
.nek. bat the director) .if-ree,'
! be no s lit, claim or
him if the
' r Bid.
Wilaon then put I ?lomis alni Ri
.- I . "In
thereafter pa d
? h i r. v, netting $ 1,
-? B. Th?? ?trick waa so
real % prie? 1 arbi
ka high
Thr . .' preferred sto? i
?-'arlni b;. the company on July 80, with
an advertising campaign in tha columns
empapara that would accept the
Humphrej ai d Morgan
were called in. th<- government charge -
te aid the progre-? of this advertising
campa . repi. Mora
allegad te have written his fa?
on the basis of an
on,*1 which beca- and andad
in the Kmer?on comparu'- <>'%ACP.
Enrolment Day in
Bay State Will Be Dry
BoetOB, .f.inr- 4 'lie sala of liquo"
uill be suapaadod throughout th?'state
on the orr* ??-. i rl the draft el roi trient
t?. morrow.
< finformitif: to a request mad? te ?la-.
?.overnor Mci all that the law ap
g to th? ! aaor traffic on Y't-r
lion days he ohaorvad on ie|- ?tratiori
. ? ral aaaoeiatloni of liquor
dealers and manufaettirer? to ntjrht
announred tha' nil Ihaif members
I ..... . jp fo
trior' ?
"',??' ., which Howard Noble,
secretary al the Hrener?' A-S?.? .
of M
t of an "tiler, op.
plie? . , lube, ??!.".". nn?i all
- legal "d mediums of i:qj?ir an:.
.' ona Joialag la the
. le Brewer?' A ?ocia
thi Maaeachaaetti Wine an.|
Laug in and th? B<
I ? ? \ ? oi Dealers' Asso? Hoi
Ain't It a Grand and Glorious Feelin?
Chaloner Again Asks
New York to Find He
Is Not "Looney Now"
Eccentric Millionaire, "Geo?
graphical Lunatic," Seeks
Control of Property
.lolm Armstrong < haloi ? . ?
grandson of the Brit .lohn Jacob \
and author of the famoui qui rj "Who'
loone;, now?" yesterday, t - * t ? . ? ? j_r r ? H
attorney, Frederick v. Ware, began a
new proceeding to ha? .? I
clarea san? in New iori
1 i . i ., ; i Bloon ingdale '.->lum,
Chaloner ni beei .. .. i
lunatic,"comider dil nein this state,
and in North Carolina he I regarded
legally as sane.
(. ha!?".or bring
. H which Thomas T. I
pet i
t loi er, ii defendant, I
. m control of hi $2,(MH1,000 c -
tai.. li.- tas i ia I r hat "the
plaintiff, .lohn Armstrong Chaloner, ii
a sane man and Is < t to manage
'iMiiseif and hi? property." Mr.
mau Is directed to next
Monday uhy the net? ,'on??r
1 no1 be grani I
der ?.v - i plaintif
bj permisi ion of thi
i.iia eourl
dton hi? famil)
Cnaloner's merry quiii. "Who's lnonov
. ?. ? . ? rh,. time ;
Robert W. ' hnnh r, form? r Sh.
? lunty, 1
troubli ?? .' I
... . ? '
the husband of Ameli.
eliat. who noa P
- .
Recruit's Bird Carries News
Yonkera Man Seilt's Message.
When Navy Accepts Him
One "i the recruil i who pi
physical tell for "
ting stat
third treel John
\, ion|, ,i 1 . had
. and
released a carr., r pig
addresse I to Georgi Gi
ers, notifying hil
\.. ..--.,. -j to one leg of th? bird
r? d. white a?id bli.
? r for a moment
n the
I t'..|
Officials Deny U. S.
Coerced Liberia Into
Break with Germany
Say Records Refute Berlin
Charges; Negro Republic
Faced Starvation
Wasl ng. June 2. Lil ria'a foi
?tier diplon ' igen! Berlin has
published a letter in ti
the United
?" dip?
lomat:'- relation . " Ger
hatever wai ex. -
by th? ? ' beria. The
records of the Stat. I
I la h clearly I ;ir.'
to I . .
ure to eaat in her lol
and PH rd levered
eg re?
Gen re more i
? , . ...... | . ..
of thal eon.?? ?-. The
h .-'. ?I t-'r.-nrh.
tiona 01 th. It. ti rough whicl
were eomm nicating - raid
ers In the Soul \ I
i vam to indu- ' I ' l .. ? - nment
. i then.
a* a COmpullOl.. I ?
... i
? . . . .
. ..
A* thli . .;..? the Li be i
,.. . . . .'
nd si
? ? '. ngont th? indred
I ?. ? . g to 1
? Bl yet he. r r . ? . . -,,?.
forte to li th e B ii 1
to set apart
niiiril>- .
Germany to Boycotl Singers
Who Accept U. S. Engagements
Stace Society to Refuse Leave to Artists \l ?tuting to
Conic to America, and for I'ive Years Will En?
gage None Who Accept Contracts I 1?re
tmsterdam, .lui,?* '.. Tiie largely at?
tended genera] meet ng of the German
tage Soi et) B1 Berlin on Saturday
'.. without a dissenting vol?*. Hie
? . | ?h, director
of the \<n den t ourt TheatrOi binding
ihe members to grant no contractual
or es contractual leave of ?b.-eiH-.? t"
bing to go to As
. ige for get >ears an;. I.
man ? nger who nccro' , an American
engagement, Thone [ r.-.-.-nt included
tbo directors "f the Schiller ?n?i
Kleine Theatres and the i.erman Op? ra
House of Berlin, and the directors of
th?? Coori - ? B1 Vienna, Btutt
? ... idei, Hamburg,
r . f irr. lau, Bn mel na\ en I
? Idorf,
ired that hil pro
had nothing to do with th.- v a-.
defence end
!i ,, d
tolerable ti ii rl who had been
German tutoi
ni-.I supported by tin- German public
and p ? ' ' the mon snt
over I
bodj ami ?oui to .-,. Vin. rican ? en
?after some
d, bul e n sch nior<> con- '
*? r t !-1 -, Mii.l 1 I? .
11 ?
\ . ive to ehooM i>? tween
? i ?ei man ?., Nothing i ? . i
fluence i ? a .' It i in vam to .??
ording t.. ii. "Kreui Ze *'ing."
l'onrii Seebarh forth? expi eel the
?.l'inioTi thal Gen ii Amerieani wort?
if ter ?the meat
' bencefor
ward hod to go on ?
would hn\c to
th? i ' r. _-n Of?
ere 1 i i manager of the
-, li?-. bo?n
? ? deal v. ith
Despil unanimitj i .
? .. i Seebach-'i
,'oiiischc /.
tion an abortive
... .? i
L "A| on H principle,
m the international chira?*
?h?. propoaal i? no? f?*a ?
ible. ? diesatisfac?
tion amonj
- gard ii
"-ru?, li II Public fl ho Will Sj?Tcr
. I in th? other ' and mr an?
will be fon , r^r
rtisl In Ger
? butin.
"Should tl .? r?solut on be carried
?.'it, contrary 1 tations, it li
rill * l'fer by having
te ? noonee ?ntirely hearing the big
. -.. he will be sttracted to the dol
The resolution becom. ?.?'.'-'ive a?
and Ht the espiral on of thp live
year 'erin offending members may b<*
. ? tated. ArtiM- v ho . ntered ''",;
tract? ii- th.- United Stat? prior te
June 2 ere not affected.'
German Stage
Boycott Will Not
Hurt Metropolitan
Edward Ziegier, executive leei
o?* tbo Metropolitan Opera Company,
?aid yesterday that the dod ian of the
German .-?tug.? St d not, affect
. .* . ,<?r Bl IB * I'K? r- I
. Mel ropolitan,
1 have
ci,tra. t which de aot ei I
? ...'," said Mr. '/'.'..?gie-.
of course, unsffeeted by on of
the G< tag
?,ro one er two whos? contracts
arid undoubtedly
.. , i . . . ey ai mabie 1
to German] i will be una! !.. io g. .
there wh ile the war li N for Gai
man lingen in Germany! we will on
gage none luring th? war, M1
v.. t j-r-t. over evi n if th. y
? abed to.
"When th?* wir ii over different mi?
?i:t "?' * probabl; will bring a chang?*
. i ?,,.ri*i;. ?' Btl itud? . Al pi
... eademic on? .
? ? . th? i poll tan
nor th Gen an arti ita air?
It . snoth? r or? . r.-.l thal
i,. rman 81 ."*.. io?
another blunder of Gei
rssful, would
pi ?ve ' ?< n ? opagandlsl v. ho
wculd he supremely needed aftei th
?.ni- r1 r i. ...? i at the Mel
tan ?ho mighl be affected bj the
. r der Ineln ' ret? M ita
'. rt. Frieda Hempel, .lr>''
Semba. I . Otto Goritz, ? u! Braun Bnd
trete Ober " - these have
contracta wh eh have airead} ben rP.
eared or whiel have t li it s lothor
? '.i run 1 he enl. Germai
no1 re?ngag ; ' . ' opolil in ii
Mire. Jol inna Gi - Mme. <> i
i entrad li b . d, as her
pro-German sentiments have bat .
openly expri I to i conildi
.-?!''' ; - gnation,
Mexicans Leave Texas
In Crowds to Escape Draft
Laredo. T?>\ . .lime 4. \\ h?-n the ii
? ..n-il bridge opei
. " . .....
and bv i.? ? i ."? I
Report- from othor to?... .
that a thousand mor.
the bonn ! ir
Subscribe for Liberty Bonds To-dav
It is the patriotic duty of tatty Am<*T?c-an ritir-'n tn subscribe for
hil share ?if tin- ! iberty I.nan. Von hrly? win the arar. V"'i pet an
absolutely tafe i'iwstnient. You get V/ify intrre-t
Fill mit t!ie blaaJlh to-day at once ?-- and rr?ail to the Liberty Loan
Committrr . IL'O Broadway. It ??"ill send you full information.
Do your Bit!
(Tesr ott a/id milli
To *li?* I fceitjf Loan Cr.mmittrr,
120 Broadway. Sam York < i?y
! arant to aabacribe to *!i?? 1 iherty Loan. Please smd me ?ipp?ra
Hon blink and terms of payment.
.f ,'./-<?*? .
Says Freight Raise
Would Lift Meat
Bill $8,000,000
Stock League's Representa?
tive Protests to Trade
Oil Men Fight Increase
Declare Action Would Hit
Independent Firm3
W .1 ;, i Eton, June 1. '1
nt'tnin] meal bil! aoui I '?.
mure than 18,000,000 bj tha li par ?'em
I freight rat" in. re??.- BOU ghi by til"
railroada, :;. II. Cowan, representing
the National Lireatock Shippen' Pro?
tective League, to.?i.-iy ioH the Inter
1 n'linieiee ' ?"?"inision.
"Tha laen i toca,"
'!>-. Cowan, "would add between
|S,.,'. |9,000,. to th? earn?
lag of thi can er . Eventually the
mer ?ould ha* to foot the bill
"R . i'ioiis,
r.-.tti.. ,," the ranges often have to be
. hipped from ?"
.' I l-irk again. With one anl
mai being freight :?.
are a ronsid? rabl? factoi in the
pri?e ot mi al I ita con?
Independent ml renner.; from Kan
? Oklahoma, Pennsylvania an?! ohio
told the ??. - lereaaa
m fr-, -*bl rat? . would hil the inde
. i ' ' i
an* ??t'.'l ; I - tufa
Prote i of a do
?ng from i i ? araga - t ? ?
lene, were presented *o the roni
. ' . - repre -
i ware cement, coal, pota?h, nth
1er ur?-. livestock, grain and limber,
u C. McEwan, preaenting the pi
t.' ? . ? ? R<
"Thi '??ill ?itnpatij .!<.'..
i litios, would ? .''
'? ; mpetito ? . own
fixed I . ' -.'.oulH
. ? - ,-itiother bl? end? n*. n
I ndependi :.' oil com] i
I not b ? requi red i o ?'or* rib it
to the carriera' fund for better <"iuip
mont. We now i n I or own and i
tain large numbera of tank car, which
rost the railroads nothing."
Infantile Paralysis
Caused by Contact
Only, Report Shows
Mayor's Committee Finds Dis?
ease Cannot Be Spread by
antila para i common!?
personal contact, ac
. i to thi advance repoi I
. lay by the special committee
which waa appointed by Mayor Ititchel
: the I1 ??irtnient of Health in
| the rpiHeniic last summer,
i ? ;i eareful
? tudy i ii of a total of
.-? iter city dar?
li g the epidemic.
anno) i ?? sprea .
ippoaed, from contaminated milk
or other food supply, or earried by
. or by clothing
ai i "*hrr extraneous objecta, tha re?
port declared The committee
found that . khla I i
nttnek by th? than females, and
Ith * g 11
immunity from attack Tha renort
pi'.r.'e.t oui that the disease was prin?
cipally oro of el
Th- i amittca ? thal I
was of the greateat practical import?
une? to paren'-? t.. heap their children
M '' '? -? ill, away from o*.lier- un
til it m< d? koowa that I
elvld did not h.iv?' a communicable die
Bal diag i of ispeeted
ki I prompt .? 'ii ?if the
patient - I to I ?f the groat
S pre? ? i" thi -prea?!
of the dises
'I ' i eommitti .? consisted of
sirman; Dr, Minson Flexner,
? airman : Pr Havan Emeraon,
Health Commissioner; I'r Waiter B
.lame, and Di '. R Hutlrr In Alvah
li Data served aa medical director and
.uperv <e.| the Reid fore,, of phs meian?,
and nui es. Th? Reehefeller Poonda
lion Ananei ?! the resi arch '???rk .
To-day's Programme in
The Sunday Revival
o. -, Boato*?* aromen**
'- ii :,i. ! n'.e?*tini{ at M
Square Prnbyteriaa Chareb, Maatl oa
?..:.?!?' and l'vi. ntj -'ourth Street
IS -i . .i. Open air and shop meeting*.
?!. W*?t?*rn Electric ?'. "ipriny K> li?
mul Ctevelaad Plac?, - - <
John U.'liT Company. Ffftjr-Srsl Street
and Kl?.-'nth Avenm?. (S) P. S. BaaV
tam, I .'. rt> -*> reata Strict and RtaVrcath
i- (4) I aderal Sural Refln na
. .?!>. Yorker?, i... S S. Whit?
[>. Bt?al V'.'o'i'any, Matin Island
'J p. m Service m the Tabernn.-le.
!.' -.a.l-.iir and IMm Street
bf Hilly Sunday.
:: p ni Kible claas ?tud>. Tab?-rnacle
ehoir plati...tn.
Ba. Ml ettaa, kt >* and ic.r!? .>f
Bronx, al Northminater P
t, riaa Cheita, : 11 Waal : l-'th I
?Iras . ' tVaahiaettaa Irving
School at Central Branch Y. W.
C \
i p, m BatalBatat aromen of
N -; al - .; '. and BMattoU. Y. W?.
C A Paaaa a, N. .1
m gervlee la th.? Tabeinach,
and 168th Street. Sermon
i . Billy .-.inday.
s p. m ?'in i I ". Una al .' ?mea Mo
Church, tVaMiaaTten Seaae*.
Sunday's Daughter
And 1 wo Sons Go
To Homes in W est
Evangelio Prepetrusg tor B . r'p
to the Coast the Day After
Revival Closes
Billy Sunday's daughter. Mr*. Helen
Haines, and his sons, Paul and Willium,
Jr., left New York yesterday afternoon.
Billy rode with them to the Pennsyl?
vania Terminal. Mr*. Hame-. Is goinsf
to Sturgis, Mich , while the SVSneglist'l
-on- are bound for the Sunday home at
Winona Laha, Ind.
Nobody at the station seen .
recognise B ? 11>. The guard at the
?.rain entrance a??-?-*' -1"* evangelist for
hii ticket when he bustled through the
.imily. "I'm Hilly Bun?
ind I Just wnnt to skin down to
the platform to see the kidi off
Sunday. Then the guard tmileij, doffed
hit cap and passed tin? evangelist.
"'Ma' Sunday i*> doing well," Billy
I "We're fog New York strong." he
added, "but we're geiag to get out ar ?;
head for Hood River, Ora?, o'1 ?Jwis IB,
the ??ay after the re\i\al clos??*, fal al!
Y? -'. lday I Bl Sunday*! dI ? ?
.uni he did not preach. In the morning
. .> ititi d his deni ?st, called o
throat specialist and shopped with
'?! i -. Hi .
The collection* to da??* n the lah
ernacle, it was announced
amounl to 164,050^9. About >?
ollected before the revii
gan. ih.?-.' smounti snd private iob?
scriptions, it wai fill pay ?"
campaign expenses. No e
h.- made in tho Tab? rnaele I
pi on Thursday, wh? n I
| g? to the Police and
It fe ???i*1.
Mayor Sees Delay
For West Side Plan
N. Y. Central Opposes Ottinger
Law, and Agreement with
P. S. Board Is Unlikely
gloomy f?
tlemc ii I ,'..-.
problem for many years,
Mitch? that ?Go? irnor
. ian has siftiic! the mti'ifrer bill
I thl 1' :'.' '' - :". ?CB I on?"
... ttei with
?..at?*. The Mayor di
thal ' I had
. i the Be
i bad
"Ti.- . . . pre pecti '.
ent," said thi "The
pei ding ?. be coi
In m y
opinii ? ?
th.. w. . Sid ? Qoeatioo for ?
t.. rome. II means th* ill t;
-. tri of ' he last four yeal . i . i
?rill continue to be menac-d
road-. In "the?- I
tion*. I think, will be continued I
E ' mi*."
? ment
the eil;.. th.? Kew York
impan) and the Public Ber
. ..-:
. i of this year. TI .? ' '
. it rhat
..t" tin? railroad cornea
tioy. -oil in private confer
| . '
Vorlv < i-nt-al would | I the
? .? M li i doa'i in ?ho nev
Bronx Gets New ?Judge
?n Bill Just Signed
Kllcnbopen Law Also Change?
Bound-vrie? of Bronx Mu?
nicipal Court Districts
my, June I. Another
court ju*t:e<* ii piven to tho Borough
"r The Bronx and the bo ;.
wo municipal e? that
borough are chan^M by the Dlenbegen
bri!, signed by Governor Vv'h.trnan to?
The bill adds a justice to ?he : ? .
tries, | ejthi let and 2d di I
ich. The meeeure a ?
by rammany Democrat
ttempl i-;, the Bronx I
- in organization to gai a Bapnb
idge The Bronx
Mitch? -iip bill, howevei
declared opposition te it wa |
The Emerson bill, imposing s I
the n?*t incomes of ali me?
?. an ! manufacturing cor]
ie H"
proximately 127,000,000, sise wai
the l II or, One-third of
thi? amount is to bo returned to the
localities after collection by the ?Ute.
Baron Seeks Divorce
De Ropp's Suit Follows Wife's
Action fe;- Alienation
BaraB alfred J da Bass], who i -
e>pelled- from Yal.? In rera?l
marriage I - r-'
ter of I ibli . New
Haven, I led i in I f..r divorce rester?
?smrriaage tooh place In
1 .' li befi re eil .i- of ego and
while de Kop., v.ii? m member of thi
IM houp ?g |y ,,?- ?f.
de Kopp and Baraneal Elisabeth A de
'he parent? of hor husbaad, foi
150,000 for tho alieaatlan ?>f his stfoe?
tion? The father, a Kuasian. I? the
American repraaentatfve of the t'on
<?*lidater| South African Goldfield*, with
omeea in ti ,' . >| .,,,ih Building
Plattsburg Men
Forcted to Resign
For Inefficiency
Twenty Student Officer,
Sent Home and 680 More
Will Follow
Order Startles Camp
Young Brooklyn Soldier Die,
of Pneumoni;, with
Mother at Bedside
PUttabarg, V V.. J;;-.. ? The?,
, fell to-daj. .1 .n,- c? ,.
"'* :' " !' * ??lent ?ft
crs ?rill lu? out of khnki ?r.rj bick ia
m li'.'?'. Twenty men surtirnor^
m th?' Roar I of Of! ran t0 j
aera given the c ?min?- ?
- an examination . leh, ?? ...
. '..ar. ?rould he ,.r,ly n^
?VI ?a,
. . ahstssBs
a eeiiinf- proem -. to iti i tve (lni
taara t.? A No. 1 matet , . hy June 15
when the entiro eaatonmi t will b? .?
orj-ani-ed. After the s ftn?- and shift
ing is through there Bill be nine con
; pames of infantry, three batter:??! ?f
artillery, a troop al eavp.i?". ar.d a cor?
i pany ot eagiaeera left of each of th?
provisional infantry rogimaata
The art;l!ery arill be . DI I ?'.,'.rated I'
Syracuse, and the . ?..ill go',
Belvo r. va try aad e??r?lr
j ?rill remain at 1
ia th* d
rection e ima a? a fl?
r . oaah
?''1 a I'!?- l'a' h.i-i tieen oBS sur
r. There
' rumors an?l rumbling? ii' io! 'ha b??
? r daj -, bal noaa ? ?ok th* mit
: from the ?th '
pany and t? 11 from the If li
called before iii'' board. 1 hey returned
thrill? imp,
' ?if the di im
put the turn on ti.' never be
rere. The drills 1 ? eekvets,
? -
roster of th"
with Maj.ir II. II .
off!? era' be rd. li
1 ? men arho wen' dropped '"-d?
harged aritl small offsaeai
again I
s kaiaaW?
. .
I ?rho,
. . them, Htid
Lieutenant Colonel Paul ..
? 11 'ii p
irmy o I
? to a corn
camp, **. at?
? s
.1 I
"?1. ii r*?
' ?
camp, . that I I
I raw.*
. u'
c end
eomrades of thr
I Caa
ii '
To Open School foi
Women Con')"'' tors
Navy League to Conduct >trrrt
Car G une for Wai I
ear conduct
* .
have entei
h ? car'
. ' '
; H.
: -
Entente Slackers in Panama
Shipped Home for Service
ernnn" I
.?-. fo
-ch and ti
. r day.
What Is Going on To-Day
? a '
, ia-ja a
I '-1 S ;
M * '
" ?
, . . . -i r ?
1 ' ' ? ,
1 . ' x ,
.1 a - 1) :? n
? Ml?j
I'M l?Hli't Ot th? **?
t .. It m rlrat BtrMI i p w .
A.Mrraa ?-n |w?*?aj*S a
.' . K'. - a !??- to r?*t? ??"*?
. ..i.i, I a I. ...? ?J l""f
? 15 ? *..

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