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Plans for Registration of 10,000,000 Men To-day
broadway at Ninth
i\e\v Shipment of
the tmmolU f/olf halls
has just arrived from the
other side. Several hundred
do/en; so come along and
stock UP while we have
them. All the country is
calling for them.
$1 each; $12 do/en.
needed for a ?_,ood game of
golf is here in the Sports
Store. Balls, clubs, bags,
shoes.socks, shirts, sweaters.
Pick of the world's product.
I'.isscd on by Tom McNa
mara, who says there isn't a
shop in the country with
such a hne. comprehensive
fut V?H5M't PlTiHE"},
.. TM co??i.fr?r? S :?
TrtE Z.ENITH *AU? I lil *
' ?.???rf pav cid NifHOLL5
cr acoTi.??MO
A*. cf<.
'?"PORTEO irn HA?J;?* CLUBS,
. *?/'?.?. P5o ?J
?uti. TAL .:?*>
re ivrcv
/\ SHCK r .*ii ton
?StD BV T?JM A*? o R ???*,.
Pirry itttKs AGO
S >*o?r ?st TOM M(?*?I?, I* vf st
Jrons are ?|3; some with
heavier COfTUgation are
$3.50 and $4.
Wooden clubs are $3
Aluminum putters. $3.50;
iron putters, $J ; Gassiatt's
famous French putter,$3.50.
Canvas ba^s are $1 to
$20; the ?steel-stayed bags
begin at $5.
I il *'? all ?,T!c all to make
puhlic onlj . ? in it- which are
complete, precinct.?, counties or state?,
a '-iild i ni nnlj
confa ...lion for fratrmentary
led, bat tha
of the resalta, wroag do?
ona and irn proper conclu-ion -
reicht be reached from prrmaturc pub?
lication. They ha\e Ulged the |r
count**] to ? irlsoni
of th? results as between town and
town or State and -tate unie*? the full
r? |"?rt from ?ach locality i.s availahle.
To *.' end, reoorti from the pro?
cinct l-eaiatrars will he compiled iiii
itely on the cloae of registration
' . m. Tiie card? will be examinad
and th? summarization table transmit
?rire to the county or city of
1 j.-'.? all detail? d information
thal is needed. In turn, when all pre?
nti .I, the Sheriffs and
board will ti to the
i. .1 rnora i l ft tailed
reporta, dealing in totals only. Then,
when the la?t. county or city I
.. the Governors will maha up
for the Pro* osl Mar
I sha! di i.? ?
Officials here ?aid to nicht that there
i 'lim c1 on to the publication ":
smpleted precinct, county, eity or
i -?tilt?- i< port, but thal I
? i returns ha?l been forbidden.
' unit must stand by it-? If on it?
o unit be sub
i-? comparison <>" th<- ba
ti return-? with th?' complet'
UI??t:. - o1 her unit.
KCR?SI rat Kin in Territories
Preparations ?re now in progress for
? . rai ion ?ii Alaska and Hawaii. The
Governors ?if the territories arc map
when they
adi the Preaident will Ax ? i..
ii ?fay for each territory. Reporl
from the ten ti.ric w11 ho mad?? later,
and by that tim? pplemeatary
re? rns from ?.aiiou? precincts in the
1 nit<d States, compiled largely on the
ariival of registration cards from
?\i- ? l ?cana ah road, will licpin to come in.
In these will he added the card? of
?who fail to appear ami are taken
into custody for enforced registration
and pur. ihment, Officials believe there
will hi no considerable number in this i
In this connection official-? who have
watched dos?';., rill reports of agita
nun .-. itration declared t<>
that there was absolutely no indi
of any conci r'? ? nt. of
this Kind. Thej believe thal reports "i
the few se:-.' . which have de?
veloped hare ?greatly exaggerated the
? ?l'y ?t few crank- have been ?
'. -;.i , ii was stated,
and ti tri ile u\ i ears to
in- in compl? '<? accord with the objects
In workinp out details o<" regiatl .'
rnment officials have found
and county i-ovornment-?
. part. II
? .n made easy, tar eaaier ?nan it
. ii it would be. \ to the
it is,
have no doubt. Th?
tion is a* work on the job. It is the j
? if the
to carry it through,
and th?
I'nparalleled Opportunity
Secretary liaker m B ?tat? incut to-,
nipht ?
"The opportunity which i= offered ou
registration ?lay to the young mon of
v . . ed in our 'nitor-..
V, e are in 1 i any
fundamenta. cal and personal
libertv not only for ourselves bul for
, 'rations. Until B complete
victory is won for these principle.-?
ther?? can be no holding back and no
turninj" hack.
"We shall need all the energy and all
, to be
exert? * . it the German people,
nor with intolerance of a personal
Character, but with resolute de?
termination to devote 1
rho unselfish cause which we are de
,' all that we have to offer For
i- men the ii. ? ?
. for the chance which' come?
to them, and one of serious responsi-.
becaUM iii the i-sue i-, involved
the verv future of democracy.*1
Two Brownsville Riots
Quelled by Nightsticks;
Mob Charges on Hall
Foai thoo d i and women at?
tempted to PI h ti . dooi of III ??-pen
dence Hall, Osborn* Stree! an i Pitkin I
s Bi . -w ? ville, las! night to hea
Socialial anti-conscription speeches.
? alice had closed the doors after
persons had crowded into the
Members of the fjr.mc !>< fence
police had to rason to
11. 11 --ure
??nier. Threi men were air ..
conduct an.l another for a*
| tempting to distribute anti-consenp
terature among the crowd,
turbanee at
'I Vermont
\ Brown i Ile, when Patrick
. . 1 \*> *>*.. leader; William Kar
. ? barlas Solomon and othei Social
poke on anti-conacription themes.
The ; - ersed excited crowd?
who flocked around the buildme shout?
ing against th^*"evils of registration."
Nine Arrests in Pittsburgh
burgh, June ..- Nias arroats
?ade here dm '?i* la-t n?trht ami
'".?lav in eon ne -i ?on with ti i
tnbution ,ii aat?-registration litera
The prisoner?, who were appre?
hended by the police, won turned orei
, to the he if ra! a I
Russian Socialist Arrested
Minneapolia, June 4
a Socialist, wa? arr?ate?! here .?, day
and turned over t<? th?- Federal ...
ting con?
I an ti-coi
the national Socialist con
I ' ? I.?-. - a book?
r and was horn in Rn ?
"Don ts" for Those
Who Register To-day
Mtvrtkuk Tkotumt Mt -('firth v
.ila?I OOM .' OU\ tht foUt . i"7
.???,,,:'' ,'? for a r mes ?? ka munt
.i r 'u ilnij :
Doal delay ref-iatcring* until
? -
Hon't lo.ter about the poll?.
go t ghi awa .
i.at * he polling place?
unie-- lhere
? . as well nu
Doal ' ' v-i.'- In ?rrument? in
.H al tration.
Doi 1 ir rOf 'ration
. ?r?i I 'i i Bia] rsl ed it, ??
Daa'l fail to r? port to thi al
plaOS Of r? tat"in 1 ra
lauaae yoi
?. your duty
l'on'* Ignon n i aapieiou ael
upon 1
h? "/?) \ul t?i ripiirl
625,000 Will Be Drafted for First Army
Washington, Jane I. i'la.- of UM War Peparfnent to draft from
'.mi nun ;/, i/,00,'KIO men nf thf lOfiOOfiOO ?who N ii estimated will reg-rster
tomorrow for the now anny were di-Hoi-ed to-day hy l'rovo?t Marsha!
.?I Crowder i?-> thi Military AlTain ?Sotiiinittoe. Kxemption*.
he aid, probably ?would rr?u!t in reducing ihr number to ?SJ.".,000 met? fi.r
immediate servir?. The War Department ha?i originally planned to
lint seled .".,000 roon.
(?enera! Crowder told tin commiltee the additional 12S.000 will be
iMeded tu till up vacancie: m the army of 500,000 ard t.; keep traininf
camps m eontiiiuous operatii t.. When trie original f-lan foi- service fn.ni
| a half million men w he said, the department hail not planned
to ?-end \mer;ran fore? - abroad K> *-oon.
(?crierai Crowder t. >1<1 the ?-??mmitive he favored imm?diat.? drafting
?f men registering rath'T than postponement of the draft for several
\veek* after registration. Iii? think?* it desirable that men know uren
they have been drafted BO th.y ran have a few week* to make their per
Bonal arrangements before the rall to the color1:.
Details of making exemptions also were explained tu ihr committee
by the Provosl Marshal (?enera!. He r*a?d the gi ive m ment does not con?
template any ela-- exception . bul that all will be ?personal. Farmers,
factory op??rative.? and other .-[Kirai claSSCI would nut be exempted a
such, nor territorially, hut a'! exemptioni will be mad?' ?ndividualljr.
The men drafted probably will he in ?training campt by September I,
(ieneral Crowder said, and added that he favored hor-?iininp ?election
within two weeks after registration.
Barnard Girl, Facing Jail, Gives
Promise to Quit Anti-Draft Fight
Only When r 1er Beal Is Revoked and Cell Looms Before
lier Does Miss Parker Yield to Pleading of
Mother and Lawyer's Advice
for nearly two hour? late yesterday
afternoon b r??lrr?l official?? vainly
sought to break d?>uri th?? stoical, de?
termined rcsirtanco of Miss Fleanor
Wilson Parker, ?uUimhia University
anti-draft agitator, and Intfacc her to
give her word to make no furthei K1
ttmpts to encourage violution and
? i of thp conscription law.
Facing th?? canoollatiofl ef har bail,
which had been fixed at |1?M0, fallow?
ing her indictment by a Federal grund
.airy, onlaes .?-be recanted ami pli ?,
herself to agitato r.'> further, Ifiss Par?
ker stubbornly refused Even if ?he
bad to go to jail, she declared) she
would not weaken.
The jfirl WHS taken into the office of
United States Marshal Thomas D, Me?
Carthy, where he eras do r?*,i with
al, her mother and A B.
Samuels, an attorney retain? i h] MM
to represent ?he girl, again .
the latl , under thi
of the thr? . othei
Park? r agreed te K;V e the
di mm, . er Rn sell and
. .1 llcKi . n Cattail, ? I i
Vt iv? "<l her t.. !.. Ra
sell bad earlier in ti.. n ap
i. arad as c unsel foi Pr
son, I ?wi n Cattail, and I barlas
Francis Phillips, Coln
who had been indicted with
Parker on a charge o' conspiracy.
I'rofeasur (attell Uehored Out
HusKell an?l Profes or Cottell were
summoned to Marsha! Mci
nee, but both u; Parker in
her refusal to recant, go vvi'Ji her
mother to her hone in Aabury
V J., ami promise rn re nu?
". :! called to fr.re trial A :
chant;? of words followed * tweei
*or Cattell and Morshal Me
( arthy, wl ?ch n suited rn ti e professor
r.. ne eoeorti ! front thi marshal's of?
doput i
Marshal fcCerth] 'erre ?
with Judge .Tiiliu? M, Mayer, who had
the United
. ? ? i . i '
raigned and her bar! revoked. When
Judge Mayer am <.u? ci .- ould
admit her to bail onll
required prom es. Mi*- l'ark. r capittt
ras fixed anew at li,
!t ?.vas furnished by lu r mothar
ar.d M r, Samue . run! i east d
Miss Parker had planned, it was
Said, tu institute mandamus proceed
ling? against Hr. Nicholas Murray But?
ler, president of ?'olumbia, to compel
I him to ?gira hal her d ploma, but h?r
promises included the abandonment of
Knur Other? Indicted
Four other peraOBS were indicted
' "lay afUn Oon by the ?ame f-rand
jury thal returned indictments againsl
the Columbia students. The other al?
leged anti-draft plotter? wera Louis
Kramer, Moir.- Becker, Joaeph Walk-i
and Louis Sternburj- I hey also WON
arraigned before Judge Mayer.
The mood of th? courts with regard
to such ease wa- plainly indicat?'?!
by the heavy bail fixed by Judge
Mai si aft? . i had plead
. I ol' conspiracy. Krn
m? r and Becker, who, the court wa
informed fa v toni United State-?
Li nt, are con
tossed anarch .-ts. were held in 110,000
hail each. That of ?Walker and Stern
were held In default of bau.
Girl Ki mains D?liant
Mr Samuels appeared on behalf ol'
Pari to make s ? pe
I lea for leniency on i . r behalf,
'.i le : ? pn
h-. Wini told the court
II illquit would later appi
. ! for all til r i * ? .. .1 udg? Mayor
B| "i bail each.
Mr. .'1 tha conn tha
Farker had no right to chin
a minor, and al bor
11- would n
a bei repreaentative, "respective of
what other Counsel entered thl ?ase or
any object ions BJ Parker i /'. I
.ludir? Mayer ' to morrow
? hour fur arguing s demurrer by
. i for Kramer, B? :ker, Walker
? . , ; lemurrei ar?
ruled th.-v will go to trial al 1 >:?10
?i. m. Mond fun? II. The trial of
?h- three Columbia itodeats Brill fol
that of the four
J!? sr?-?' C?
Studl r.t> Out on I!.iii
!' TV Phillip, father of 1 .
fan ned eaah bail f"r him,
and Pi (f i r I atti II bailed out his
i 1 .? . mi-' 'he Colum
. ced ti.. v wrote and
pr? pan ?I to i rinl a p " phil . urging
? e men not to register, The
.re never dil tribut? d
f? or ol ?re ehi rged witl
tributing anti-draft literatura il s n
, .?. . meeting at Madison Squara Gai
?I? i.
Authorities Take
Many Precautions
To Trap Slackers
U. S. and &3 Officials
Confer on Methods of
Extensive preparation?- hav? been
n.ade by agents of t\r "iipartmcnt ?if
.Justice and other Federal auth?
fer round::.'*: up men elicible under the
conscription act who fail to register
?..-.lay. The aathoritiss expoel .
nally to ?.-ather in nearly all of the
slackei *.
Two coe I wen
held yesterday to peri
handling the recalcitre I am M
. m charge af the local ..
of the Dee ? Justice; Dcput*
Poliee Corni ? Du
Lord a?.?I Distrii Martin ol
Th?? Bronx were in eonfei eater
? plants for
th>' "round-up.*1
In the aftei i . tant United
. . . J n C, Knoi. Harold
\ Conten! and Fran
ferrni with Krai J. ( '
United States ntl larding the
kera and anti
draft agitators who may be an
Various i sa II be adapted to
?' fail to comply
the law. Airents of the Impart
have airead) compiled
? e. will
not reg
Voting ?Lists To Uc i ?e?t
'I he |t ra I step aft r th? H i ti stioi is
eompl? ed at o. . night will bo ta
eompars theos liete with toe regietra
t on returni I ero] aneioe
. ? . lered
When the rounding lip ?if those on the
. ' ompleted which
probably will ? al be fal evora] da) s,
.?..'. r means of detection v?;i> in- miopt
? 'I | ' ? . ts of 1
tion will be compared with the reg!
. . . ? ? ion also will
he made with ii?-'- of ellgiblos erhieh
., ? ? . i opera! . ive ? am?
pliad during the I??? few weeks, after
taking serat ?. isas of roaming
? s li placea in
trieta where ant .imft
?When thi state ceimus :
will be a valuable aid to the Federal
reg li ration. Any discrepancies in the
two enrolments will be immediately
looked into.
it is ? spected that urn its of person?
for failing to register will continue at
intervals for month? to rome. It i?
believed thal nany employers will here?
after require registration of I? nh cer?
tificates from young men before trivini"
them job?.
"keep Certttcatea Hand'"
It i.- also possible the police may a*
any time demand birth or registration
certificate? from person? who appear
eligible, arnl all men who regiater are
. i "i "keep their certificates COB?
-tanti* handy."
14,000 Policemen
Are Mobilized to
Aid Registration
Department Ready for Any
Demonstration Against
Draft System
Firemen Are Prepared
Will Reply to Riot Calls;
Ready to Turn Hose
on Mobs
v i i.. loch thi- mon ing, New fork's
Polio De] irtment of approximate!)
11,000 men, waa n a [sad i r
in the work of ?? .
partmei I wa i pr? r red 'or any di turb
ance, from an 01 eel brawl to
an occurrence that Would call into play
ri ti. and tr achina gUUS.
Eaeh n g iti ;> \?. r I) be
guarded b> three uniformed men two
regular policemen fc'r'l a Home I?.
lent? ier. i 'i., r? a ] also lie on .
Secret Sen i .rd Department of Jus
* CO ?!'.'
l nited States Marshal and th? r
In the Bri ind Willian
ns of Bl ool:. n and the lower East
Side and pai I * of Har!? na hotbe
. : . 1 .. i
Imen quartered in the
At Police Headquarter? in Manhat
tan and in Brooklyn about ?100 of ihr
men who were ti uni I last summer al
tie Fur' Wadaworth police military
camp are mobilized. They nre equipped
with rifle*; and fifteen round.' of am
1 ' machine pun coin
pan) . " " . ? [uarters anil
?he other is a' Brooklyn heidquarters.
Their equipment ia attacheil to li? vrI
powi r-.-? i police truck-. and
that they can reacli any |
? lu. minn!
I he Home Defence ?League will re
port nf their rasp I '?tis shortly
after 7 (.'r'.i i-k. and if the occasion
warrants those nu' assigned to the
booths will be detained at the station
lire police will be working with
orders no1 to argu? u ii
lu?..- ' |< ng to lol?
I feet of the registra?
tion place? They hrivc aleo been L'lven
iid that if s disturbance re
: in an ambulance call, the police-'
. no1 te be the p itient. They
nu? r re Department will do its part
On a call fn ni . an en
pme w,;i be run to ti if I rouble
i.n?! coup!-?! to B pur. . .ners
Woods and Adamson feel that a hiph
. roam of water ?*ill b.
IBS t?. clear roofs and
break up a erou?I.
East Side Ready to Do
Its Part To-day ; Jewish
Leaders Urge Loyalty
The lut E de, wrth ita irreat foreign
element, is ready tu do ita part or.
Ree ? i al on 1 taj
ali ar ?! eonsei
and omploj . i that
the Jewish district . . York wl
no1 avoid its duty. Rabbis ar ii Jewish
li adl rs nrgi men to turn
out i-i masae to reg torial*
in the landing Tidoish pspei
with patriotism in Soward rark thou
lands of men, old and young, ral
m groups to <i ? iation, and
why the Jen in particular hould
da j
"Both young and old men mu.-' obey
the law, sala Heyer I. n don, ti
i ongressman from the 12?h
?"onpress District "Ne republic ctvn
... ? ,.,| "
remark from the radical '?
Abraham ? .ii.an, ed
itor of '? 11 ? Forward," the lead i g
f Ni a York
"The puper I r? pr?'?ei.t." said Ml
Cahan, presehee faithful and loyal
Citizenship. The law must be obey, !
and every man between the hi-.
twenty-one an.) thirty mu*t do IHM dut..
... n o? ros
The "Warheit," another Ytddi?h !
,!:, !., ? it that I he number if
jews who vv.iuid register to^aj woull
proportionally be as great a".
gf n'.iT than, ti.. ' O? rn.:.-.Ii a ?1
faith. In a la?t hour me*sa|-e, th.
- i?f the i apers appealed te the
Jan i no1 te eue! ei en s doubt
om of their number who should has
r. | si,.r.'ii had faiie.l to de BO
"With all my heart I hope tha? I
registration i I th? youth of the natio.i
n.... he complet?. ' tawl Rabbi St
S. Wise, of fue Free Synagogue. "Anti
militarist I have been anil still air.
hut it is because I am an an 11 -m il t tar
lal tant I i>. Uti . thi i .r>.. of
Var 56* 5?o a.. e?s? KftkaiWl nur y?-? -..-., a* . .'i
the former prices.
No Reservations-Exchanges-Refund? or Credits,
How, When and Where to Register
fkjaatt ti myrna) pf ?". p?ictul "rff?i''rn'ifw primer" prejxirerl hy thf
U'nr DeporttnenI
Who Must Regiater
All mair permit?s (citizens or alien?-) horn between the sixth ?.lav "f
Juna, l<886, and Uta fifth Hay of June. 1896, both dates inclusive, ttaatrpi
Member! of any duly organized force, military or naval, subject to
bo called, ordered or drafted into military or naval serviiv of th?? United
States, including all OtTican and enlisted men of the regular anny, NrfU
tar army reser\*o, Officers' Reserve Corps, Knlisted Man'l Reserve Corps,
National Guard :in?l National (?ward Reserve, rtvo>rii7e?l by militia hu
rresuj UM navy, the Marine < orp-, Coast duard. Naval Militia. Naval Re
lenre forte, Marne Corpe Re?ervo and National Naval Volunteer.-. NCOf
nixed by th?' Navy Department.
To-day, between 7 a. m. and 9 p. m.
In yo ir haine precinet
Go In person to the i epi.-tration phu*e of your home precinct. If sick.
end a competen! friend. The clerk may deputize him to prepare your
Liability to a year's imprisonment, then enforced re?*istration.
Prussian miltarism must be clucked.
It is infinitely ?o be regretted that it
must b.. eh?Jcn I by wiir. Hut the spirit
of liberty has summoned the youth of
Am. rica. Therefore, let Tuesday, June
.'. be s da] memorable in the annals
of the American people and of the
i of the human race toward the
liberty and ju -tree "
Refuses Bail to Slackers
National Surety Co. Will Not
Receive Their Applications
The Natronal Surety ("ompany will
refuse to furnish bad for any one ar?
rested to-day el Sfged with violating or
i vu nut,- the conscription act.
William A. Thompson, head of the
company* eourt department, yesterday
instructed i'-1 agente to refuse such ap?
plications. I he company recently do?
no! :.. bail person * held as Ger
i.r in t reason cn M
The National Surety (ompanv has
ribed for -? 1 "i'O.OOO of Liberty
Loan bonds, and ;s facilitating the rale
nother $1,000,00') among its 14.000
Policemen and Schools
Ready to Aid All Who
Want to Register
"lhere is no BZCUSS 'or a man not
He cannot fail to find the
proper [dare to register, especially m
ingested districts All he has to
to walk to the corner and he is
sure to pass a public school or a police?
man. From either he can tret all the In?
formation he need ; "
roi | ?f Edu rir.l K.
president of th.- Board of Klee
tions and executive officer of the Con?
tra! Board of Control in charge of to
ition in thi . eity
"All prepsi ire completed," he
stratton for
ali mei twenty-one and thirty
if age will be op? :; froi i 7
?< in the morning until ?) at night.
' 12E jil.u'e? of registry one
in each election district throughout
the city."
Mr. Boyle said that between i'/'OO
an ! a,0M asOfkers would a<-i?.t in rak?
ing the regmtration, between 6,000 and
of them regular registrars eon?
tly on the job aird the re?ir, n !.'r
.-i ney worker*, interpreter
tanto. The emergency force
will be held st the various Assembly
District lieailiiuartera to he sent | ||
| where and when needed.
Experts little Trouble
"Rut we expect to have little trouble,"
li" went on "It has btefl BStlBSatOJ on
tile basis of population that about 600.
OOO will register. I am inclined to
think that tin? number rafUtorlBf will
h?> somewhat less, perhaps ii"arer half
a million."
Mayor Mitchol id another who ex?
pects little trouble. Ile ?aid:
"Feeling certain that the city'?
young* men of conscription age will
present themselves promptly for re>;i*
tration. I ?lo not anticipate trouble to?
"Arrangements to take the tabulation
' lia vc been completed by the board? ap?
pointed for the task, and I am mi!
that New Yorkers will realue the priv?
ilege it is to place their names on the
nation's roll of honor If there *hou!?l
be any disorder sack H aomctim?'?
marks an election, the police will
promptly attend to the troublemaker?."
John c. Knox. Assistant United Stat? i
Attorney in charge of the Ped? ral
Criminal Bureau, sai?! tha government
would employ a special force of S.OOu
men in the Southern Pis'riet of New
York to prevent interference with those
conducting the rt-g'.Uration or with
those presenting themselves for reg-?
try. Here in the city Thom?. 1'. Me
Carthy, Un i ?ted State* Marshal, Rial
-..vorn in 1,500 member?! of the National
Security League as volunteer deputies
who will act as watchers at the regis?
tration places.
I.uardsmen Head- for Rioter?;
Almost the entire Home Defence
I eugun of the city v. ill be on duty to
lay to supplement the regular polie?
force. In the armories 10,00*9 National
Guardsmen will be mobilized, ready '??
respond in case of not. And at Gar?
tri.or'? [Bland, Fort Totten, Fort Ham
ilton and Fort Wa.??worth o,000 regu?
lars will he held under arms, prepared
for a call from the Governor in case
of extreme emcrgi'ncy.
Though no eflleial, Federal, state er
city, will acknowledge any exper'an?->
of violence to-day, the preparations for
:' are complet?.'.
Almo-r. as elaborate are the prepara
*ions for celebra'H'.g the day. In Man?
hattan the most important of the opei
air patriotic exercises will be held ""
? Ba?are and City Hall Park. I::
City Hall Perk a chorus recruited from
the Deutscher I.iederkranz anil the
Arion Society will ling "T | Star
Spangled Banner" and "America
are now recof nlzcd at the tal-ast
of all Investment?. Our-'Safaty
Limit?" -iiik? those I.??ed by
this Company the nron^-nt
StnJftr pcmpli',1
mcHAirn m. Muno, rrwia^t
Capital,Surplus A fV*),000,000
Se;j*^rtja>..M.T. lS4Mnt.rj>gt f^
?-Cut This Coupon-,
1. mil ninil Jill'- 1, mi:
"in lulim* '
photo? I
.? I uri.
PI l'l'lrl|lhh*i
1 ' "
*>ii?*.!^l Omtomut i
Nattsfarttoa absalatrij Baaraassal
20 Studios at Your Service
-. . '..?
14*1 Ri
U'Sii i
.| 1 I. * v
II-. . ? . r
v .
I? K? ??> KI 1 s
IIRIIW. . v v. IT- Ktm,
Mil lllh ? . I . *
There vv 1! be mu-ue also by I -t
Temple Baird, and May?
make US i?'!': i - i
begin al 12 I
. i,ly essll on ?'" ' Ra
eruit will open the Union .*-quar* ti?
. >
? lip of I?r. Kurt F ? - a|
? ng patriotic ?on.?* and I
fJaorew '"?.
( uuat Dei?aaT-dSSU to Taradi
At ._'?'.'> the Ninth <<!.. I>ef*ntt
Comasand, N ?i *. N . - -mbltst
Il s armory in Wast 1 r ..
and m mi h up Fi ft' ? sr
ball ground .n Coi I i tit-r? at
will present to the r< . ,.
"the Cotice that Sells Itself"
It speaks in tcrma of
palate-aatisfyi g d-light
'Delivery free on ?JT?!?*? of ins
pounefi or more.)
" \?i Oncer tollt ii
I hi. Paetatest Urin.,- It."
Alice Foote MacDougaU
T?Vs <)nly WofOOU I ?tit* .mpo><" "
138 front Street New York
'arte r*.
At Tour Service
The New York Kdison Company, in its organization anti in the
facilities it provides for the light and power requirements of
New York, represents thirty-five years of electrical development
On September 4, 1882, the first generating station of the Com?
pany was opened by Thomas A. hdison in a building in the
lower part of the City. The combined capacity of the six
"Jumbo" generators of that day was 7.S0 horsepower. Today
the Waterside Stations of The New York Fdison Companv
occupy two city .?locks, and the capacitv of their generators is
nearly 500,000 horsepower. Compared with 12.S-horsepower
generators thirty-five years ago is the generator ?n the Water?
side Station of 45,000 horsepower, and stiil larger units arc
being planned
Realizing its responsibility to those whom it lervet, this Com?
pany has subordinated every other consideration to the mainte?
nance of an unfailing electrical suppiv, and to the development
of facilities for meeting at all times, and to anv extent, however
large or small, the complex demands of the life, the industry,
and the commerce of our great city
The New York Edison Company
/// Your Service
Irving Plait ?nd 151h Street -Siuyverani 51S00
Braarh Offi?t S ht a Retmi tir ?ht CtUVtuitUtt *' in/ f*blu
4(4 Rroadw-iv
Iff Delincey Street
10 Irving Place
124 VVe?t 4id Sire?
( je?i gScal
Orrhard 196??
ivuy\e*,int $600
Bry?r.t 5-61
Aidrfl Tf'f??.'??
i$i East fern Strm \m*m 7"'0
15 East i:?th Street Harlem 4?>i>.'
\hi \ a?t 149'h Street Mehi??? 990? .
?ii ske? arena < >,-- ua?i Mi?a .*
Night ar.i?. r- a t-r 1 ? Call: Parragul jooo

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