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?rusiloff Gets
AlexiefPs Post
As Army Head
Russia-1 Commander, Who
Succeeded Grand Duke
Nicholas, Resigns
Qert. Gurko Also
Changes Position
Coes to Southwest Front to
pill Place Made Vacant
by New Chief
?I Michael
? ?Jgj -.rider in chief of the
I 'ier.il
mmander in chief of
??t ?.:- front,
. 1 ti? sacceed him.
Gficr inder on the
? "isilolT mi
:? m front.
Central .' rom
?.ande- I Api , soon j.ftcr
tit? retirement of Grand Duke ^.* icli -
olas from that p" . <.. eral Bl
I fu as
fofimanrl"''" -1 chief of the annies "?'
.Joatawestera front, but wit
his reaifnation after a co- I
Cer.era! Brni I? *T won fame vin
tampa!1"*! in Yolhyma and ('alien.
year. I -man
' -. - ' . tea, he captured man..'
the foe bark fron
to ore hur.drcil mile-:, and te
- much war material.
**o te generall; looked upon as Ra
able- mi' tary leader.
Fire and Threat of
Attack Scare Petrograd.
urta 8, tia I .**.
dor, Jan? ?'? Intensi rx'itement wai
avast 1 here to-day h> the report that
.evoltinr- ?-ailors from Kronstadt, which
rtcr: ?: ?eel i-f I I dence, had
and, port i
troj-rad. arid hatkbegun an attacl \
? . to the port, with the m
force dispatched to quell the BO]
. showed that the rumor.
?as pr % result of an asp
?rd an ex'.- . ra there and
of the ice-breaker Cr?nien- [
? red flag.
However, sailors from Kronstadt who
I try declared thal v. ,?r
ships were following and men woald
land to make demonstration",
tht;. root Bil -'Zing
Nar .Alini.-ter Kerensky and the ?ov
M nt in general.
Petrograd waited for *he threatened
demonstrations by the Kronstadt war
and as the time passed with no
auch incident the announcement of the
> reached here last night
regarded by a majority al
talk on the part of
acting in defiance of the
of Anatole La?ianofT. president
Demand ( ustody of Former ''rar
me to
ihr demonstrations
' of w . rkm? .:' nd St '?
.? . " ;. proa? nt rm ??
? ! n?; bourtreoi?.
I he *ailors a!?o demanded thal
br handed over
lu them x ? . " .
. ? V |
.' i I? ? P
? . .
- nar
On v '
time, h M ?.
X boei part . Ktinguiahe
phur wa
a violent es
\\ . di . on ill-ruble '?
? wen br?
I bj bag the Ko?l Une
. th is
? . ?
K. *
rued oiT GutuyefT li waa flying the
who u.g ng the hjmn of
the Bolshei
imed up an?! dow -i oppoi t<
.? wharf, 1 ?ok on boai d a part
workmen, an ! depart?
? orus on the wharf ignited. The
a quantity of i
cauaing a i io!'
of sulphui
and wer? consum? one was in?
.nirrd, and build i by were un
ti ?action of
Inquiries show that it is altogether
b bia thal any i . from
conflagration ap?
parently wai eau*?.I either bj incen
d arres from quart? ra other than Kron
ni. stigatora on
il of phospl ? .1 ?.. damp
an I hi .
Kerensky Backs Plan for
"Baltic to Black Sen"
Federation of States
ChicogOi June 1. "The Chicago
Tribune" to-morrow will print this
dispatch from Stockholm:
If, i. Minister of War and
real leader of Russia, favors the pro?
posed "Baltic to the Bia k Sea Fedora?
tion," comprising Finland. Fsthonia,
i i ourland, Lithuania, Poland
and the Ukraine, dedaring that the
tendency of this is to allay hi
that Russia will fal] apart into twenty
i tpublic*..
primary puru?.* the forma?
tion of a "party of unity," including all
I r peoples, who,
their pol?tica. tatton,
would take a place between the
clerical* and Socio] Democrats, thus
lorming a centre party.
The "Baltic to the Black s.a Federa
Would Consist of from seven to
nine federated, self-governing stat
within the Russian dominion, and. a?
to their foreign policy, under
dominion. The federation would have
a population of more than thirty mill
tem would include a
I':.- deni . eeted for live years and
working with a Cabin? would
. -pon?-;blc te a Diet < leete 1 ?by
fopu?ar vote.
move ment has at pn sei I
greatest strength in Lithuania. Among
? . ?ros?is of the LithuM
redistribution of the lands of the
province, forty-three per cent of which
now are in the big eetates. The Church
and the ?'rovvn lands would be con
? 1 and the private lands pur?
chased. Allotments would be made onlj
to the actual tillers of the
Root Party on Train Due in
Petrograd Next Monday
A Ka r.n Port, .fur." 3 via Tokio i.
The American < oromission to B
Flihu Root, which arrived
here safely this morning, left OS B
.1 train this afternoon bou
Petrograd, aft-r calling on the 0<9
r?ach the Russian capital June 11.
The American Railroad ?Commit
! by John F. Si I merly
. Beer Of the Panania .
Commission, completed th,
gro? in
the morning on B -ree 'ii tram. It is
? ? at the con i ill ar
Peti ne 17.
announce a steady increa-e in cnlir-tment;-, for
| Khaki Uniforms
I ?i ?16.00
Also, Rfudy-for-ServitP or to Order
I ni form* of Olive Drab Serge . 929 to M3
1 niform* of Olive Dru!? Milton . . H$6
Army Overcoat* of Olive ?Drab Milton . M3
Hand-Tailored Kli.*iki was an cxperi
menl at first. But the cumulativede
m?and for these Hind-Tailored Khaki
Uniforms prov<es that our judgment WHS
right. Officers and privates alike prefer
them lo the hit-or-nmlits of machine
production. The fact is, they lit better,
because they ?re cut by a skilled de*
signer and hand-work?-d in and around
the neck? the (?boulders and the ?routs,
the same as our higher-priced civilian
clothes. Of course, the price of $16 is
hardly a fair price for tailoring of such
distinctive character. Hut, ?is Kipling
. thal b another story. At $16 ire
trt imply doing "our bit."
Khaki Uniform? ?9.00
SOT HattdTailorrd hut fur superior to
iii'- muk und fleet truirhim tritton d hhnkt.
M. i,'? nothing *?hop-8 W??*t 38lh Street
A '-para?. Sfc'.p .>? tW? "?Ira?? !>??."
franfelm Simon &<tb.
i'?l-n ? '.'?tiling 1 iir/ii-li'"?" Blataei
Baron Rosen's Talk
Of Peace Parley
Upsets U. S. Plan
Russia Gets Delayed Amer?
ican Note, but Text Is
Not Revealed
Effect Is Doubted
Contents May Never Be Made
Public; Believed to Dis?
cuss Peace
. rngton, June 1. The statcm?nt
of Baron Rosen, formerly Russian Am
lor to the United States,
"?-ape from her present
?liant In i r"?*?rc con?
ference with the Entente Power- for
the purpose ?if laying tlie basis of a
. . Cei tral Powers, en I
ile impression here.
American note to Ku*-m, i .
the authorship of which President W11
? OS popularly credited here,
hal boes delivered to the Russian gov- '
crament after eoneidersble delay. Offi
Cially the COUSe Of the delay was at?
tributed, vvrt'n the qualifying word
"doabtli *,;?." to the difficulty in .!.:
rug it. and then translating it into Rus?
sian at the Ann r'can Embassy in
Heretofore it had been understood
that the communication would be made
public here as soon as the government
.formed that it had boan trans :
mitted to the Russian Foreign I
It was indicated to-day that it might
never be made public.
Object of Note Not Revealed
The Stat?- Department has never d<
'fined the object of the note, nor k
divulged its contents, but it ia believed
that it deals witn the question Of peace,
to which th.- United States ia aval ?
until after the defeat of Germany.
Whether President Wilson in this
note sought to convince the Re
govet nnu tit, and through U the Russian
people, thal the aims of the Kntentc
- a.ni of the United States are
.ii> of Univ? r>al democracy and
the principle Of free and independent
. . is still to be seen, but
such ii belii -''I to l.ave bien the in?
lid at thl E tate l>epartment
' "i Russian government would be
consulted before the not?? would be
made public. It was intimated also
overameni desin .1 to know
.'feet of the i-?. before giving out
Its text.
Value of Note Douhtful
In view of the Rosen interview it
wa * considered doubtful here to-day
whether the not*' would brir.g about
. *,r<d change on the part of the
.-rad authorities, and especially
in the part of the ?Council <?f v7on
men's and Soldiers' Delegates, winch
dominates the govornnasat,
The propriety of publlehing the
note at all, it wau aaid at the State
; i? ; ai r mi ni, and? r consideration.
The fact that the Russian govern
meat would be consulted before mak
in?-.' the note public here was thought
to be H.dilative of the deeire of tins
? mont thal Russia siso consult
ra publishing the note in Petro
Unofficially, the del?] in delivering
the note tu the Russian government
was said to hove been due to the
of the Pi ei deni and of
Secretary Lansing concerning the ad
ity of presenting it in any event,
? of tin growing chaos through?
out Russia.
Russia Holds U. S. Reply
Until Allies Answer
? rograd, Jon? ; II ha I.. . ti
. I that the publication here of
?. joindi r of the ' nited Stat?
i rament to Russia's note rea] . I
the aims of the United states in the
war is being deferred pending the re
ceipl of similar replies from (ireat
Bl itain, France and Italy.
A dispatch from Petrograd on Hay ?'?
said the Russian Provisional govern
ment had sent to the Russian n pn
seatatives iii the Entente Allied eoun-i
,i note assuring tin Allies that
? the fov< rnmen! of Rus.
. could not afford a pretext 'cr any
? ning on the part ol Ruaaia In the
common struggle for all the Entente
I he tuite mu! the government deemed
it to bi it* righi ;?nd duty to declare
thal free Ruaaia did not aim at the
domination of other nation*, at depriv
nig them of their national patrimony
? occupying bj force foreign terri
' -, but thal it .ibu c1 WUS ... ,
?h a durable peac? on th.? basil
of the righi of nal i te d? eide their
Dumont Makes 'Plane
To Fight U-Boats
Paria, lum I Sante INsmoi t, ihr
. ? lira/ili.ni aviator, ha* in'..' ti d
. ? r fui type ?'f seaplane for fighl
ibmorines, according te H 'lunn
thi "Petil Journal."
U. S. Plans to Call
Warships from Orient
Make? a Tentative Agreement
for Policing of Far East
by Japan
I - - ? 1 '.?
1 :? ! Negotiations
for the withdrawal of the American
1 . eat and the
a?gui' .
Par 1 tern waters
.? plation.
li WH- learned to-day ?hat tK? ta?
rai ?itin*
HI an anders! . ? . at! "nie of
hoth governments ha\? been made and
gotiatioai ?rill be bogara mi
m< iiatcly
Rumanian Legation in U. S.
Charge d'Affaires To Be Sent
to Washington
"A a Bgton, -lune 4. Rumania will
-h a legation in Washington.
This BOtiOO i" frit t?i cmpha?ize the
\it:il interest of thi- eountrj in that
'"i-i eentre.
Rumania r?-c?rn1 )>. a^ked this govern?
ment f th? ? tablithment of a hcation
lion- would I"- agreeable, and bas just
been told I voul?!
be ?,*!:iil i" ree? i ? . . d'alfa 11
The i - ?ted Stat? i, at I ? b? panning
of t h?- uni, v, al rej . ii the
tliri-r> Hnlkan nations of Rumania, Bul?
garia and Scrhia hy one m ?
?lent at Bucharest, Rumania. Since
then diplomatic agenta have boen ap
pointed to Bulgaria an?) Serbia.
German Press
Is Suspicious of
Stockholm Plan
Austrian Socialists Only
Serving Entente Interests,
Says One Paper
Ilficue, June 4. The Gorman
newspapers are beginning t?> express
suspicions ?>f the Stockholm ?Socialist
?.nee. Some of their comments
"Rheinische Westf?lische Zfitun?*"
"The Austrian Socialists arc certainly
only Berring Entente interests."
"Deutsche Tageaxeitui*g" "Under the
cloak of democratic principles Kn*
t - are being K nrod "
"Kreuzseitung" "We cannot ?CP how
. ?ckholtn coi n bring the
I peace ai i > i arer."
"Koelniache Zeitung" "Our Social
Iiemorrats are following in B d
track in going to Stockholm. Tb<
programme of the conference, with its
undigesti d theori ? nd la tri itment
of th<- queel s ai d
? I. n hich ?\ ? ha* ? si ?. '
tied, is full of tr;i|i
German Socialists in
Stockholm Only Hope(ul
Stockholm. .lun^ 4. The delegates of
the Gorman majority Socialists *?
Social -. eonferenc? ben have imw?!,
headed hy Philip Scheidemaaa.
The Gormans come hoping for the
I hut -.sith no great optimism, to
.rom the words of Herr Mollien
buhr, veteran mrmbiT of the part*"*? o\
. . ? i . s. To a corra ipc
I lociated Press Herr Eberl
bubr said :
"I fear . tal p nea will no1 result from
. '.'?hu conference, bal
whole world want? peace, aad wi
whether there :. any ehaaee ?>f
securing it here. Kven :f we do not
succeed, we -hall peri:B| I lia'.e
k? pt th?- peaei movetn? M alive."
The German leader wa- t < > ! ?I thal the
I'utch and . ' ?.
not conaider that the n tatioi of
Hele^ium caine under the term indem?
Iced what i
t';d< iii this ?in? ' '? !'? ' pi ?
t liai wai probah
I thal
about the StOCkl ami
added : "Hut if t-;? A" . glish
and French will not believe the asser?
i .' . | . I ? ? they will
no1 beliere us either."
British Seamen Demand
Guarantee from Pacifists
London, June i. The executive bodj
of the National Seami B' snd i- rom? . '
I nion has unanimously passed .? reae
lut ion refusing t<> permit membi
the union to mun any vessel eonvi
te to Stockholm or Petrograd un?
less they sign a guarantee that thev
. mi r?--i ur mi I.? ing made
-. \ ?'d merchant soanx-n for the mur
! ?I?ii truction committed bj Gel -
Tom Mann, prai idenl of the Workei
Union, and Councillor w rial I
? na \" en ?nal ructi d to proei i
? .,im and Petrograd "i beh
t'n? Seamen's and Pireraen'i Union and
, r th?- foregoing; ?nal ructi?
,11 ,, - - labor r pn ental
and So?
British Restrict Missions
?WaahiagtOBj, June t. v
will no1 I'?- pirrnit*. d ?.> gO t?? any of
th? Bl tish ? oloi
withe under
lame regulations non go??
entry to Ind s I h? nu ii
... on to the Bril
then await accept . . el I . i
?-.:'-i?n .
Duplex BrdcM Stoves
with complete equip*
inrnt, IT SH ?
H IS itimmer >ou
cm make your kitchen
one ot ibc coolest 11 * 'irr .
in thelafxise tfyi u u
. ? lesa tri ive. And
whether the i ? . ?! i ?'
foc baking ?or t
sfCWII.^ ? '
L,in m.ikc ever?/ meal
even nu re ?I? u and
45th St. and Sixth Ave.
"v New York City
:i:i"iii: :".ii:i:;.:.hii
Austria Demands
Italian Territory
And an Indemnity
People Back Czernin's
Plan for Russian Peace
Without Annexation
No Serbian Restoration
Favors Autonomous Albania
and Free Trade, Bureau
Copenhagen, .Inn?* 4. AustTC Ii
"public opinion," OS interpreted
tha official Austrian Telegraphic
' orr? poi Bureau, ? di -patch
th< pi ;on of the Hual Mon?
arch] ' r ail
the proposals of . ounl ' r?ernin. the
ice without
satioi con?
cern?* <i.
It declares, however, that opinion is
opposed to the restoration of Serbia as
that nation exiated before the erar, and
?1? manda the retention of Montenegro's
mountain fortress, Lovehenj the crea?
tion of an autonomou- I ?pend?
ent upon Austria-Hungary; the exten?
sion of the frontiei i pens? ;
the establishment af a Balkan cr I i
union dependent upon Austria-Hun
gary, and somet/orm of wai indi
which will r? rompen.-c the moi
for the Immense costa of i
bring ni.'mt the econon of the
Those familiar with the methi I
the Correspondence Bureau, which is
formally and oil eially ? ...
the Austro-Hungarian Foreign
ni setting forth pub c pii ion l. ive
slighl . itioi
? ummary as a statem ni ol I
. thus
making it e. lion to
the formula of "i" aci I ann? i
app] . only I
Th.? demands r tgarding ??-ily are
phrased a-; "increased and sdei
protection against renewed Italian lu.-t
of aggression" te th?' extenl demanded
by the Austro-Hungarian militar]
parts, snothei sray o' vtatir.g
the formula of Archduke Frederics
when he was si II ga?ere *;mo of the
Imperial army and at I
his -uiTfi in the Tn i
th? object, is fa? t, a aa ti BOC
B of the monarchy's
Regarding the eustoms union, ti"
summary adopts the recently cabled
the Vienna "Neue Freie
Pi ? . " regarding measure I i
mmereial libert)
and righi gation of the Danube.
Germans Seek Use
Of U. S. Money
As Trouble Fund
Banks Warned to Scruti?
nize Transfers to Latin
Washington, lune 4. At the request
of tha State D?partaient the Federal
!:. -..ive Board baa warned member
honka of the Beadrve system that Oer
man interests ia Latin America ara
eking i bl ' *.."?? ? funds for
fomenting trouble in this hemisphere,
?nu! il 'if tunney te
tnil countr . both sides of the At
ed carefully.
"The board ii
l ir lett? - ent out to I bank i, "that
the Stat I ? inxious that
bankers throughout the country should
I.. ?warned thal they should scrutinize
most carefully every application mode
to them involving ti- transfers of
funds to neu? ml European countries,
which transf?ra seem intended to give
aid 'o the enemies ef this country
either directly or indirectly.
"The board is further advised that
the .**tate Department interest?
b. nking transaction.*! between
country and Mesieo or other I.atin
American countries, as there is some
... , opera!
. ther as individuals or through ti
strumentality of an Am? iean corpora?
tion, or others
ir.enting t rouble I I . i eountry
and other i .
and ni order to furtl er ? : r pinns they
i mst relj upon fine tance
through the form of credits opened in
the r behalf in th - i oui
. !. , -. u' ni.'
cr-'iir' - h? ?! by banks ti - eountry
fur ti.
di ?it ii eent to the In t
, '-, commercial si
; ? ?nu n? hs ?
di poi .
. . ? . ich iccounl -
. . .?
r tn the bank? rs ? I
roque tr.i
Hie board - .? . ?hat each banker
eld by Iii* .
for any resident s
pur' to th? board any ?ran?
. trust cm -
: i'.ri'. ate b.-i
as w11 H? expresa companies and tele
graph eomp | busi
edits, i
T! nee-tiny
ii?t,?' en tusivo .<->?^J-7>>-?
in nil desirable u .. aw
Dobbs Hats
244^^ Avenue
Spy Plot Trail
Leads to Mexico
Wireless Plant
Fourth Man Arrested Here
Shipped 2 Outfits South,
U. S. Officials Find
Heavy Bail for Men
Believed They May Have Giv?
en Berlin News of United
States Flotilla
A trail leading toward a German
wireless plant in Mexico was opened
up yeoterda* when police and federal
ran to examine the ma-- of
letters found in possession of the three
men arrested on S-ir.day on a chara.
operating a MCI St I
- . ou? try ar..i Gera
The new in the plot to
supply W, i with informa
':?in from South ind (entra! An
as well as from the United States, led
to the arrest j-esterday of a fourth
man, the ?on of a German army officer.
He is Ferdinand II Adam ti
three, of 609 Wo-t UOth Street. He is
employed by L. E. Trorup & Co., of JJ
Greenwich street.
rha fifth arrest m the al!ei*od plot
came late last night, when H i
-.??. ti. an electrical engineer, o'
202 Thirtj Oral
taken by Lieutenant Busby, of the bomb
I, and locked up III Police Head
quarters, charged with conspiracy, in
the Federal and postal laws
No intimation of the part he ?< alleged
to have played ni the plot .?? S I
knou "
Sent Wireless to Mexico
No charge was preferred against
Adam al the time of his arrest, but it
was learned that his connection with the
other plotters had to do with the pur?
chase of two complete wireless outfit
which were consigiud to Vera Cruz on
a Ward Line steamer several weeks ago.
Tart of the shipment was held up. The
real reached its destination, it is h. -
The thro., ni. :? srreated on Sunday,
arid whose narin?, were no'. jriv<-n out
until yesterday, are Harry P. Perissi,
thirty-two, of Far Roekaway; Irving
Bonaparte, thirty-four, of PSA FOK
Street, The Broas, and ?Axel K. Mel?
char, thirty-two, of l-l El * 122d
Street Perissi ami Bonaparte ar?' em?
ployes of the ??rent Allegemeine
rieitats Gesellschaft, of Germany,
which has a New Tort office at I I
tory Placo. Melchor is u saloon!
It" the three are found to be .mpli
cated in the dispatch "f the for.
? | that reached H? rim four das? bo?
fore ?American destroyers arrived at
Queenstown, a military court n
and the spy's death are possibili?
ties facing them, according to ad
\:?-es from Washington. In the m??an
* rae they are charged with conspiracy.
Perissi and Bonaparte are held in $25,
1. bail, Melchor in $20,000.
Early in January, ii was eharged, the
trio hatched a plot to gel news to Ger?
many that tool no account of cable,
wireless or mail service. I,??tt?'rs and
packet* wi re *u be sent in the custody
?if unnamed members of the crew- ??:'
B? - . ?fjord" and Christiania
fjord," of the Si'orwegian-American line.
l.i ? was a violation of Section 185, ox
the United States criminal code, and a
comparatively minor offence.
Letten ( onsidored Serious.
The serious far* ??*' the complaint
? livery of letters fr.?m
Bonaparte to Melchai for further
transfei to a member of the era*? ?<i
ona of ti
"against thu
peace of the United States.'' The pun
? enl for tha' offen--.- ii $10,00 I
or ' i o ?? . i ' . oprisonment
The three were arraigned yesterday
before United Slate Corni lioner
Hitchcock. They stood meekly in a
row while the chargea were read.
Perissi an?! Bonaparte wore small
American flags it? their buttonholes.
All were weil dressed, Perissi particu?
larly BO J?oi ?? of the three are . i ? mj
aliens. Melchor is a naturalized Nor
wegiaa, the ??'hers are native-born cit
Honapartc was represented by a
young attorney, who declined to give
ippeared alone, a
fad that promt ti d Commii -
Hitchcock to remind thom that they
were entitled to counsel and a further
Bonaparte'* mysterious counsel
terposed an objection to tee high figure
at which his efient was held in bail.
Refasea t?> lower Hail
lu refusing the application to lower
:... bau, Con sr 11 ?<-v)(-o.-' .
. . lol? intimation that the three mail
plotters may be par' oi R1 that
j.,,.,, i-, , i. ; ..... - ..- ture ol
america ' ' 'h Sea
v- riean put'i i
-I will give you a bearii
,? ,- m- io," he said, "and be ready at
?'ion for vc .
Eli vei bag ind litcases ot
and docun.i ? lound ?hi n the
. ?
Wither United State? Diatric At orney
K- .. nor Mr Roos ? would di ici
. ; ipers, i ut it was li
k4 many letters, written ia Spanish
and German, cn ? . ith ard ? en
I tral American soui
The -rr.lors who got the packages pa?t
- of English navy otM?
ail ahipa ara in?
-. |, wi ra paid a- high as |M for a
. ?
.1 uri whi n .?"?I -.?. here the plot
.ed wM ? .' di* nlged by the au?
thoril It ii
. ile?) to get
through ii??- He iii? ? on and tha?.
tip that
U ?I to the round
Death Faces Men Held
If Evidence Shows They
Told Berlin of Flotilla
WBebington, Jutae 1. No comment O'l
the ease of r i
Mew Tort wa? forthcoming ? ?ther from
the Department ? der whose
authoril ' ?*<
b'-ought. or the War Depart?
. jurisdiction the i ue might fall.
If a military trial .?d be
eoadaeted ander Article HI of th?? Arti?
cle? of War, which provide that:
"Any peraon who |?? time af war
?hall he found lurking or acting a? a
any o' the fort! ?
poota, qnarton or encampments
0akB Se O?ttttraut?
Broadway al 34th Street
For daintiness, comfort and wear, ATHENA I'nder
?ivear is RUttchlctS.
Women lind that is i** made io ti! them exactly with
,__ , out being stretehed
into shape and with no
unnecessary and Km
noying foloi of fabric
av. any point. The
shoulder st re--"!, stay in
place, there is just the
righi fullness mer the
bust and at the hips,
and ?the perfect t.t at
th?* waist prevents
wrinkling under the
corset. The patented
seat ami non - strain
?gusset provide ease
and comfort to he
io nul in no other un?
der garnit nt
Tai ?units are
made full
ever th?? bust
and narrow
across the
Cut low
front Straps
t innot slip
Patent pock
et-like a e a t
Sts I > c1 os rd
and is always
i ornfortable.
ATHINNA Underwear i-. sheer and cool
Al! sizes ami qualities
For Vv omen .... \ est< and i ights ... 55c ?mci 65c
For Women.... Lu ion Suits.55c to $1.75
Mm a ' - ?/ ti- Co., Ma{ rs
(V to., tole Nest York Distributor?.
For soft, lustrous beauty and theperfect shapeliness
that exacting fashion demands ask tOSOS tile nation?
ally famous and ?wonderfully durable
Made only of pure-dye thread silk, in all tthades
Women's Silk Hose $1.10. $1.50, $2
Women*; I.i-de Hose, 55c
Aim's Silk ?lo*.- 55c lo .^1.50
Men's Ijsle Host* MX
Mail or telephone orders receive immediate attention.
i -
Baks &(fitimimuj
Broadway at 34th St. * ^
Are Now Featuring on the Sixth Floor
Military Uniforms for
Home Defense Leagues
At Most Remarkable Prices
I" We ear, lit mell <>f all SIZI x and the suits arc read?.
now. You will not he* required to d'? any waiting,
and we are equipped to supply
whole companies as readily ia in?
Home Defense
Uniforms, $6.50
In regulation army model. Coat
and breeches. FieML (?rey shade,
i New York Police color.)
Plattsburg and Training
Camp Uniforms, $6.50
Coat and breeches in regulation
army model. ?Made of U. S. standard
olivo Urah Khaki.
Army Officers' Uniforms to Order
We will mai?'.' officers' uniform- t?. your individual
measure, m regulation army model, a. the following
remarkably low prices :
in Olive Drab Khaki..$15
In Wool Olive DraF Melton . ...$25
In Wool Olive Drab Serge*. $38.50
U.S. Army Hats.$1.75 to $3
I.eggins.75c and $1.35
Of aaj of the arm.-- United
. hall be tried by
a g<neraLcourt martial or by a rsl
-, and ?hall, on cot,-. .
thereof, ?uffer death."
' .?. Department off? ?aU were
not prepared to express ia advance "'.>
opinion o' whether 'he New York case
fall ?.a ii hin th11 BIOUBO, it WM
-d out thal th?- law ia luffiriently
- -rd o' espionage
If charge* gre made that th? r-.
volved aetuall) tranamitt' t or
-.?I to transmit to German) in?
formation a? t?? 'he movements cf th?
American deatroyerh, >t waa believed
they could be turned ever to the a?m\
for trial and in the event of conviction
would be eon'lemned ?o Heath, a? the
?-lause give? a military c?)urt no alter?
native from that ?entente. The Presi?
dent, however, would have power to
sapead the aentence in his discretion.
Elkus Praises Turks
For THeir Courtesy
San .ind. .Tun?* l Abrsm
I. Kik'J?, form.? *? ii ..??dor
to Turl?.\ . ! hera last mehi
on hi? *J', '?! th? ' '.J Star.a. told
I ti day ?hat th??
. ' . i h ;m rour
?.r part of his
napls I hay ?l?o did
... maka ? com
lad ?i...i?ial drsv .
lag room BI of eon for himself
and i " . :. travtUsd to
tha nwiaa fronti?-r. A Turkish officer
aronmpaiiii?d th?? ambu?.aador to IM
Turkis i front lar
Only ?hii'ii forty or fifty Amanear?
Still remain la Constantinople, ssid Mr.

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