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Fair toddy, probably preceded by
aho'urtra in the morning; to-mor?
row fair; not much change in
the temperature. Fresh youth
to southwest winds.
I nil KriMTt
on l*.??e '?
\bmm*M Fir-ci tr, 1,
First to Last-the Truth: News
Editorials - Advertisements
Over 100,000 Daily
Net Paid, Non-Returnable
V,.i. I.WMI Ko. 25.791
<..p*rl?-lit ian
The Tril.iinr *?.>
* .?. *
Teutons Fight
To Save Lens
flood Fields, Raze Build?
ings to Meet Final
British Vise Slowly
Closing on the City
Canadians Capture La Cou
lotte, Mile from the
Coveted Position
! ranee, June
Bger the German
? I ena Ilka ?
! ? - gone means
. tor will have to he
? .?ape 0? a dog's
?.-?nie ?m, ap
jed to hold until the
pa | lea glimm?II
. >k La ? aolotte,
! . - , thia morning a*
.:k. their patrol.-? poshing on aast
11*4 Avion, while other Bnt
.?e'l down th?- eastern
have i atended the
.?.?.ter from the River Sou
- . : etweei I on and
! covered. The mill I tj 0
fringe of I bee?
lazed ' s German higher
. tot the machine irun =
* rifan sweep at the Hr:- ?h
approach l^n.? iteelf i? a ma??
rd. but the
ness, making airplane phot-j
. . have boon
. the Bald guns may obtain
IS bec:.
man fortress, in
. .' h ru ned house ia a machine
icomei ar and
. h r? frained from
g na, tah
. re or" the sentiment
. . ? rought
the tour., razed the
. then
the British pun? h?*'** '
. - gun position?: hid*
g capital,
i h?* German loaees in the Lena sa
l.ent aTe heavy, ard new drafts are
constantly demanded.
it they hace been
Germans Quit Line
Along Souchez River
.am a ith
t night
? I.en?.a!on**
?t of two milea and t?i a depth c1
j ard.-.
1 ?round v?<i= immedi
'. i the ' -unadiai
ge of Lo i oalott?
-' Lam The Hr r ?h are
s great coal
thern France on I
i .i norning oi
ilotti and
.a' on the heels
of the
. 2 River, opposite Mer.court, and
the roadi
;.me to a halt in
g positioi . ? . : : pored,
ervoii moat powerful out
. ces around
into the hi I the Ca
ening. Ps
reached the ?ummit of the height
?.. and
* 1 . pushed
thi Souchez, occupied
? . . of the Len?
! continued *
advance to La I ? ilotti
and Other liar
\ on Pago ?j
Root's Prediction of
500,000 U. S. Fighters
For France Confirmed
Recording ta
. ?j be
Indus! Com
... ....
? ?
of th?
. Hugh I
I I'r??
' '
.. |
the i
I a rea?onah'y
-, . afl (ha ?'na'ler
'U. S. Troops at Front'
Mentioned inCommons
I" I - *'.?*ph
' ' . Sorta Somer?
? i
l| ' - e ?u
A ' .
,? . ?'....
Of War,
. 11 men t
. .
. i .
ina I do .*.'..
' ?' ? roMe to ?ey."
Germans in N. Y.
Selling Insurance
Against U-Boats
Enemy UnderwritingConcern
Kept in Full Touch with
American Shipping
?i?rman insurance companies are do?
ing in this country perhaps the weirdest
business in all the history of under
writ.- |
Owned in Germany, managed in New
York hy Orman citizens, they are in?
Buring armed American merchantmen
and theil ?gainst destruction
at -ca by liorma:- U-boats.
To do so, they must have full infor?
mation as to the nature of the cargo??
aiid the port- for which the vessels are
failing, and information also a<-. to the
time of sailing, and the probable route
to be token Is, of coarse, accccsible to
The BBemy companiei doing but -1 -
? a York are:
Mannheim Insurance Company,
'.'innheim, (iermany.
Nord'DeutBche Insurance Com?
pany, of Hamburg, (iermanv.
The Alliaase Ir.vira.-in? Company, of
F. Herrmann <\ < o . of SI Wall
Streel are the manager? of th? two
. . named J Raymond Smith, an
American citizen looks after the af
. rd from offlcea a* l8
. ..: Stree!
B> the I're*?ident'H l*ermi??ion
These enemy compame? ar<*
neas by direct permiaaion ol
-,., In I : ? ?I proclama?
ran April 6, the day war wa
Now, therefore. I. Woodrow V. :
? . Preaidei I of ti <? ' nited States
of Amei lea, I y i *" ?a of the p ?
-, r itad .-. me al ich, hereby ?!?
pr?aclaiBi i'rHt such breach estab?
lishment! of German inaorance earn?
?.? * rai
tion of b'. ted
pursuant to the [awi of the ?several
. ra I ?:?'??. authorised and pcr
? tted 1 eontinue the transaction of
' business in BCCOrdaBCB With the
of such ?tates in the same man?
ner at.d to the ame i tent aaI
? >. of war did no' ? .?. ? ?
< onser?juent.ly. the hasiB? Of 'hese
enen.;. eompa SB has i ol foi a Biomi B1
nterrupted, nor ha? anv channel
- - relative te th? move?
ment of mi : Bl li ;
war i.eii ? ... ! te 'hem. All that i?
required of * I Bl - - . ' .,
? r-'\ BO BBOB01 to <>ermH .;-. Inasmuch
a? it. i? a payait?! Impoasibility for
.hem to transmit, money, t h t ? limita
tion ia more theore'ical than real in its
. .. i ? .
I h ?a 1'rartlr?. Ii, fin,ii ?l
Tia? th?r? i? Bathing improper In
German marias iaaurance companies
,. allowed ??, di business a' nena]
i? asiier'ed hv Paul Wolf, He, togetl .
with Fran/. Herrmann and < hal
. <>rr, conatitotei ?h? ';rm of I Herrmann
/. | a Mr Wolf, Ilka the h??d of bia
beaee, :? aa nnaaturaliaed German,
rho han reeided in the I nited tau
rnianv -,ri,r-.
"1 * | I're? d?r.'," ?a:?l he, "nutt! i to
bo good aneagh American fi .* any
aad ha leei se reason why we
: t.,- interfered with in tru'h. w?
r.ad no doeliBgS *A;th the horn?
." two yean All of the atarte
. ' thil branch ?re m this co jr.tr ; -, all
of the money, we take in are kept
Dewey's Flagship Olympia
Aground Off Block Island
Machinist's Mate Is Killed Trying to Get Out
-Portion of Crew Is Taken Off and Sent
to Naval Station at Newport
P.!? ck Uland, 1?. I . ?lune M, The
United i-'ares cruiser Olympia, Admiral
Dewey'? fla-rship al the battle of Ma
nilla, ran oahorc in the f.-if* off Block
to-day. The crui?er war
reported in r. bad position, with eon
sidcrable water in her hold, riu.'f Ma?
' M..*? William M. Babb lost hi?
life when he WM hil on the head by a
falling hatch No other fatalities were
rf-i orted.
Warships and wrecking vessel are
standing by the ship to-nipht. The sea
remained calm, but II .?.?a?, reportel
that a^ a precautionary measure a part
of rho erew had been taken off,
The Olympia put out yeaterday for
tare?', practice, Details of her exact
position could not be learned here.
The Olympia was rOCOnUy BBBigned
as the flap?hip of the coast parrol flee*
, of the 2d Naval District. Immediately
after -he had flashed out word of her
j accident members of th?** patrol fleet
, were poine <o her assistance, but it was
found that the famous old worahip waa
. in no Immediate dancer of breaking up.
Babb WO! killed a? he was hurry ini?
. on deck. Hi? next of kin i? his mother.
i M ra, Sarah Babb, who lives Ifl Heading,
Newport, T?. I, June 2?^ The crew of
the cruiser Olympia, which went on th<>
rock* off the Block Island to-day,aban?
doned the ship on orders and uerr
brought to t'ne .naval ?tation here.
Other warships were standing by her.
She was reported to be badly damag'.i.
Navy Reports Olympia
Not in Great Danger
Washington. June it Report? to rhe
titty Department to-night indicated
that while the Olympia wa? seriou.--!v
damaged bv grounding, ?he was resting
1 easily in ?heal water and in no further
danger. The department announced the
; accident in this ?tatement:
"Monday p m 1. v' B. Olympi-?
struck south of Cerberus Shoal Buoy In
Rlock Island Sound. Tort engine anj
f?rcroom' flood"! after ship lifted ter*
degreea. Ship aros then m --hoal wat??
j for obrervation and is now res'ing
easily m four and one-half fathoms or
' ed^-e of shoal"
here, all our securities are here. We
; could not get money out of the eoun
try if we wanted to, and **e use neither
cable nor wire!?- -
"1 d" not see that there ii -.
thing improper In our insuring shins
.-ir?! cargoes going to the Allies. Thus
we know th.e ship, its ?arg?-? and its
destination, bu' we do not have to be
told the sa.lirg date. Those who in?
sure . IS knot? all about us. They
also kr o.'. thal the market for marine
insuranc? is narrow and the demand
! -OJI I, American companies cannot
'ake all of the buainoss offered. If
they cannot pe' insurance here they
must ge' it m Kngland or the Conti
nent, <'ir:d the-, pr.'Vr to hove it here,
.>. they know their loSBCB, if any,
can and will be paid. rath??r than place
i their buaineas abroad. 1 hat is why we
?rp allowed to do business."
The federal '.overnment'? Rusinev?
Jeese Phillipa, State Superintendent
of Insurance, indoraod ?ha? Mr Wolf
bad te * th? manr-er ;n which
laineai was conduct?1 d
"The eomponiei are needed," he said,
"and I do BOl SOB that ?nv danger can
Come from 'hem. Mr. Herrmann, for
example, is most circum?r.?cr m hie ac
I ?row thal be goes eui of hi?
way to avoid doing anything rhat might
in any way lay himself open to enti
< rn- Bo far a? ?he husineSS i? eon
cerned, ;' ca i help Germany m n?-. way,
li i? ?bached np eonatantly, v?. k'iow
wh'ie it? rnonej i? at all time, and are
know thal '?' ' ' of r' i? being u?ed to
rhil i? al-o true of the
Alliansa eompanj li i.nder ron
.;, ? '. check "
"But," aoid ?he interviewer, "there
?re many who th:nk if highly improper
that enemy aliens ?hould be in po?i
. >.? s where information of the utmont
vaiue .?> GoraSOM 'S open to them "
"Thol : u,' 'or this department to
BOBS upon." he ?er.1'?.) "That is a
.. . .i for the Federal government."
\ i M ? rr.M u ??
Just sa? \I.M*? rfcMILi?-ih?> r?p?rf?ct I
-A4?i. ?
Prussian Hunger
Riots Were Quelled
By Machine Guns
?.nthenburg. Sweden, June "fi Ac?
cording to further detalla gt.cn the
newspaper "Tij?l" by a resident in
?lothenburg who ?aw them, th? rec?nt
hunger riots in Stettin ?ver? of a itiu'l
serious nature. Several persons ^aer,?
The riot- began Jan? If. The mob
was composed larg?*!-, of women, al?
though some ni?n took part in the dis?
orders, The outbreak had its orig'n in
rumors thal food taffs had been ex?
ported. The mob plundered ?hops and
broke wiadowa. The polic- ia the out
lying part? of the city fought to quell
*h<* not?-. One girl waa r. ported to
Kv.e hern stabbed with a sword In
the central part of the r.tv the soldier?
ured machine guns and bayonet?, an?)
several persons are reported to have
iieen killed near the Hansa bri'lge.
Ex-Czar:s Favorite
Sues Government
For Holding Palace
Petrograd, .fun? 2*>. Mademoi??lle
Kshesinska, the dancer and favorite of
the former Czar, ha? ?ued the Provi?
sional i.o-.ernment for tv o million
rubles, oa?ng to ita failure 'o <-j?ct th?
followers of Nikolai Leaine, the rai
ral Socialist leader, from bi'r palace,
which they occupied during the revo?
lution, and the ?refusal of ?h? military
authorities to ?end troopr to evict the
Len'til tea
The legal period for the evacuation
of th? villa expire.) today, but the
Leninite? declined t., leave
A dispatch from Petrograd May 29
aaid that after a long process tn the
Courte, the keys of the palace had been
dei \ere,i te Mademoiselle Ksheeiaeka
A* that ?time K?he?mska complained
that furs to the valse of 2'JT.r.oo rubles
waie mining iron the palace.
Martial Law
Is Declared
By Alfonso
Army Called to Quell Dis?
orders Spreading in
Movement Grows
Even Military Forces In?
fected by the Agitation
Against Monarchy
[Pt Cairle te The Ti
London, June 11?^. King Alfonso is in i
a tight place. Having declared martial
law m Spain, he mual non depend upon
his army to maintain order. But the
army is far from bcng loyal, and any?
thing is likely to happen to the ?
try now.
Although there i? much tall about
pro-German influences inciting the neo
pie to disorder, and undoubtedly some
of if is true, the chv tie ition ia
due largely to domestic a fairs. The
army officer? ure supposed te be fre?d
|y toward Germany, but the real
of their antagonism toward the K
is his failure to front ti air .!. maa I
The anti-.!.' ,- ! pro-republiean
movement . h ich
sia has -prend ? l bee!
hard egeinat the V
monarchy. Socialist .- ?
rar.ks of the army, and if the
situation continu? K ng Alfonso will
have the greata ** his
decrees enforced.
Former Vlerupt Tailed
in IMS, ? hen c aran?
?ees were forma ispi
the tronbll r.t in
the army. Dur : . ra fol
lo'.vir.z Spain pa?-"i through a .
of -ero?.? onre t and i : iring
which Prince Ama'!. -'^'"....1
from tlie thr-ir.e .1 id the
.ried unauecei full) tn .-oun
try, three Preai
pilot the sh.p of st?.-?' and te
The republican movement ia better
organi/ed to-day. li ha.? learned much
from the leesons of recent ev? its in
F.urope, ?-d it has skilled leader? at
,.. head Ona of l
t'abine* v. d- nndc i irtiol la? wai
to put a strict ' ihip OB all i
'papers, forbidd I I 8 ("lbiieation of
any i:??? of disorders, Hur no I
i-h censorship can approacl i everit
the hea\y han?'
pr?s? up to February
olulion came in thal co i I
\Vhate\er his shortcoming?,
Alfonso has no loci of courage, and
his attempt to rul?' a th an iroi
a:.?I bring ?.rder ni;' of the cha
anti-libera!ij=m and onti-monai -
may prov.- more suco isful
policy of eoneeaaion.
Press and Agitators
Blamed by Government
For Disorder in Spain
[Br Tee I a Uti I
Madrid, June 26, The go'-ernment
yesterday decided *o suspend eOB ' I
tional guarantees. Premier Data went
to the palace to obtain the King
nature to the decree authorising the
IU pension.
The reason for thi .'* i
lined m the follow;:?)? official Bete is?
sued to-day by the ( abinet:
"Following * " fron'
provinces, according to which
poigns of Bgi tot ii . have bec:
ducted by nell known pet
have excited ? iolonce and pn rok? .
I order, and outbursts on the parr or* a
certain sefton of the press, which hoe
been publishing deplorable rticles si
tacking the fundamentals o' ?o.-ial or?
der and tending to destroy military
discipline and to present Spain as JI
country undermined by the pjis-:on of
revolution and ripe to alford .1
toelc of violence ard crime, the govern?
ment, after an ei . il n of .-,11 the
der in ?rarious \?a\s. believes ?I
pensable to tranquillity to deere?
suspension of the guaran'.
? ounl Roman?nos has anritten a let?
ter to the presiden* of >he Senate re
signing from his position Bl director
' of the I.ibere.l party and ashing for the
appointment of a .? ttei ' take hil
The suspension of the
guarantees ha-? bren followed hy the
ai noum emenl of i BOW a I rigid
?-?.rship upon all military information,
the movement of troop.., the attitude
of Span roward the Kui opean war and
the movement of warship.? as well a?
?irike meeting? and the agitation of
There and Back
/ ram tie u ter of an American
;> /?-.-.<. in Lw
To-night, riding down th? Btroi ra
pas ed a string of Bmbulaneoa, a!;
bright1;.- ! ghtcd and each eon ta
foul men, some io bandaged it was
impossible . tingulsh eny
. | hu' ? muddled hean of har
i'?.se.-. On the . .
r. ad men iti full kit were mai
U arard the itation to go out. ti
alongi singing, ? alwaya *d
just .i grout cirele, march ng th?
and carr;. Ing them bock. '
Adams and Arizona-Ray
Just another copper wildcat didn't interest Samuel
Hopkins .Adams particularly till he met a certain little
man in a desert.
What Adams found out .?botit Arizona Ray makes
decidedly interesting, not to say fascinating, reading.
**t ou will pet this better than fiction ?tory in n?xt
Sunday's Tribune-that i?. if YOU ?iirely remind your
newsdealer. Speak to him to d i)
!??????\Z\\t limitai} ?Tribune--- -*-=
Wilson Can Make Nation Dry
Under the Senate's Food Bill;
Coal Men Agree to Put Prices
Under Government Control
Operators, Warned by
Lane That U. S. Is
Prepared to Take
Over Mines, Agree to
Fix Lower Scale -
Admit Public Has
Been Overcharged Up
to 100 Per Cent
"Making Up for Lean
Years," Their Excuse
Washington, June 2?. Four hundred
?.cal operatora, representing the treat
.h bituminous and anthra
themseh tai io
?sell their product at a tait Bad ?rea?
?saasbla price, to he ?Used, erith *he ap?
proval of the Defei ? '. coal
eorera ti tees of
fi in , sel
? ?
Th>*so tpecial comm ''eos alun are au
thonze?l to confer with the I'? I
Council's committee "to the end that
t ?. -. mulated ar ?j plana be
.<*,' to pro* ita means of
Warned I nited Slates Will \?-t
The oper ?. the form el
I formal I ap
plause, can I ar. all-day
I, John
i I . i mmi?
rankly Harr?
produce! ; I bat m thai
a. fair selling price aa i
i ? -tr>, their
output would be takt >i o\cr by th" gov?
The meei | i.?lat-.i be ti-.? Da?
. ? ..uni*:'.'.- committee fot a dis?
of reducing the
the general e, ead aras nre
. . : i . Frank S Peabody, of
.airman of th" eonifl
tera in progr?
?coat of pro
liners as ??. tn?
leting and
ttei .'"?' I ,*:on of
problem a .
?? relire id eat:. ?'ar
. - set) ting
lo Organise ?l|)crator??
.?.e-sion- ? arill bo
cont . e of the things
I? ?
"thai . ? this meei .:
t every o] .
ator in th? ' ted St to join a eua!
itate, sad
. ?use
ka in m? liai tepa to or
and accu
? ill ed 1
Re: . . ral i rodue
ng atati ' **ht to
.. . aecordenca erith
idopted and ?rill report
Secretary Lane mineed BO words in
.. coal me- ttld be
patriotic enough to forego pro I
Buecessful conduct of the war.
-Ti i ?.' .. * ':.' in Bjhia
grea' mr," he ?said "rests ?-"i yo?! and
you are responsible ;u?t the ?-ame as
?r.f ?Mid ara in the trenches, Pei
in France, or th? President in the
White- House You control the funda
men*? How much viaiofl have
Are yoi imall or big? Ar.- yet
patty polit ' me? !
Ila-mand?. Ne-* Adjustment
" 1 he country will not stand any
. ng bal a large peliey from large
? men. There mu-* new adjual
? of the eoal ni latrj W ken you.
BBd mine are going to the front
tims fot you to reap an advan?
tage, even when ii
, ?f trade. The life of 'he na
tak? ara greater
[a there
to me: 'You car?
end your hoy to Prance while i
hore and com his !.!oo,l ;n*o doliera?*
. *?? " . i -? ?BJ .. dollar?, b,' ?
i countr
? tag ii o j
. . .
ii . believed ?n
I nable.
sr th? -orman
IkW prev.--.* . ? . ,' --. <.. \ |
amor..- g down the
< '-.?. - . id the
opir.? -....-.? ? ?
... BBtrue thi ?-'hermar? .
la i
is I ? ? " s ..d not
!..- are could bring
- , of :oal var . -
Mr. Moderwell replied. He add'-.
the eos . ? is in part
? pirate
U. S. Trade Board
To Begin Inquiry
On Cost of Steel
Lumber Also To Be Taken
Lp-Prier I ixiiiR for Sta?
ples May Result-Volun?
tary Plan for Pooling Inter?
ests Suggested to Producers
i ntl n . '
Washington, Jana M Hie Federal
Trade I ommi?sion will begin immedi?
ately an investigation of the cost of
and lamber production, ii ? .
officie u u ead today Later, ii
aroa in! rooted, * era will be cost in
Itigal I of the production of all
ta| row i - Btiol to
'he pn of the war. The-.
veatigal ons are preliminary to 'he ti?
ing of maximum pr.ee-? on certain raw
One of the moat diffieull p-ohlem?
g the - . . nmenl 1 that of
.:.nmg the price the government
be u -.' i
l munitions pro
grammes. of pi vari?'?
so greatly between th?' larger ;
thal .1 price '
tmg handsome profits to the larger
. .* . : Irivo m my 'of the
smaller CO IO i: | eui
May ? onimandeer Pig Iron
1* is eonai i. L-e,i, probable that she ,
tina! solution of the steel problem will
be the commandeering of 1
by I ? .. i?' . . men! With rh?- c ist of
production of tee! determined by the
Trade ' ?n, the i,-"?en
then be in a position, through control
rai*?' product, to fil B Stool price
which will insure maximum predv
without imposing unfair burdens on
any producer.
Another phase of the situation which
la forc.ng the government to consider
, price control ii the s'rong likelihood
that som? ,while nogo! I ?
? reoaonable eontroeti with the govern.
ml mould force the ultimate burden
.on private consumer' TheBC private I
. Id be compelled to
f accept unfa r burdens or go out of
-es?, and this, in turn, would react
I most unfavorably upon the gi l
'? buaineaa of the country, it is pointed
' out. Moreover, a great mai
small consumers ef steel and other
t aw T*' -i . . . r B1 I are angag
manufacturing operations of great ?m
ii te to voriou r,f ti-.- war
programme. Vue continued ...pi-ration
theae planta il 'hercfore vital to
'h'1 success of the war.
It -. ' ..?. ...r. the hope of higl
that the prod.;?. I . ; and
row materials may be er
?ti I m a voluntary leheme of pooling
inter?.'?' I, equalising cost?, of produc?
tion, ard d tribu) ng profil on an
equitable be
Producers Ma> \gree to Po<il
M -cover, [I is likely that before any
re taken by 'be Presi?
dent the rv.v mater.al produce!
- .en an*opportunity to
to -uch .i voluntary programme. Of
are plain tui bed by the
rustic pr;ce control meas
? ure.. Hon ever kcly that the
. . ? ? llnallj passed
will includ | ?wer con
. -. : II . Pi lent to take the
regulatory step, to con
tro' ?teel . raw material pro?
duction, if that becomes necessary.
only e.ght hours a day, while a major
IStl ei are n operation twen?
ty-four hours a day. Capacity of the
;s about 40 ror eent more than
- ..iuction. Lu* he doubted if
they would be able to reach maximum
irood trana*
? .
"V. ? average increase in the
price of coal to the consumer?*1 a.?ked
.or Pomerene.
"It has boen very large"' he replied
"I would say that it has been from T.'i
. per cent, but that ia only an
'.How do you justify the increase?"
"? oa! operators are just as human as
an;.b.. . I I they have taken ad
intas, on 1 tiona and the peo
irving to Benup losses
Mr. Moderwel! thal during '
operators betwei n the
Alleghan and 'ne Rocky Mountains
had not ma.le more of B prol I 'han 1
cent on an investment of $1,000,?
'..??.. while the demand for
coal .? good, they arc just trying to re?
coup some of the '.OS?CJ3 cf the previous
"I don'l the oj ral -hould
try to recoup loi rioua years
. . . these," I ed S ?r.aior
Cum na
A number of members of the com?
mittee que . : f i ra <:I--?J.XI-. og the
-ood of a reduction in thi C I
| . : .ction.
"I see no pro'P'C - of ? decrease " ha
-Jr ?' rre.i iel on v : nore
reaae, sront il ? asked
"V? .' he rep.
Mr. Moderwell ia * thal ' - ton * i
railroad have I aght eoal at prieea
.e-.? thaa actual eoat, T.*-. ;-?r it r.ece'?
-ary for opei.i'?r? 'o BBoke up their
loss on the .-mall consumers*.
. ?maiaaioner Fort of the Federal
Trade ? ommiaeiofl warned the opera
tors it was eertoiB the government
U ou'.d *ake ,,v.-r the m ric- unie I the]
dd -? i on te ewer prie
. reta! Panic!? sad that "-.( the
war goe? on long ro man can say he
- a gal on of o.l or a ton of cooli
it mii?-t be commandeered for the
United Statei
James Lewie, of Spr r.grield. Ill , rep?
resenting the I'mted Mine Worker? of
America, s.iid the m.r.ers' union did 'e'
ve thal the time had come for the
governmfnt to take control of the coal
? ' - Re sold the n-.m.-rs bal eve
quest lons of w a""e - R ! ?verb . Ig ( ?" '
'ned out through
i repre-.- tOl I if the miners and ope;
.?'or-1, rather than by the government
arbitrarily nxing wagei and other con?
Iron and Steel Put
Under Control of the
President, as Well as
Oil and Its Products
and Farming Machin?
ery Close Vote on
New Measure Is Now
Predicted When It
Comes Up on Satur?
day for Final Passage
Washington, Time ti The Admlnis
food control bill passed by Ihm
House waa rewritten today by a Son
ata Agriculture! sub committee so a?
p . ". \ue fuetee
end res| ^ ? bother
the nat;on shall be "bone drv" daring
the wai i and
many nt'-.er pr"d'i>** . ?n addition to
? ..I under government ,- ?
B and other changos are so satia.
factory to many S? ? it PS who have
been opposing 'hi* original draf* of the
latiOB thal beth advocate? and
oppor.*' ' . ' ! pasaage in
tai day.
As a sub ititul tha ?Seaae rro*
hibitioi . . 'hi'-'n without quail
: . i -.???iiict?re of
foods*:" ?h commit?
tee adopted pro? eh would
factui durlag the war,
of all intoxicating . sa, aad ?.ni
power the Pn . mmandeor
existing of liis'i!!. I
but \aould authorise the Executive in
his discretion ti permit manufacture
of malted, fermoBted ?-..I riaeas b?**??
n | . aad 8s their nicholl?- eoateat
\ - rewritten the sub-commit**??
draft ?ill he eonaidered to-morrow I v
the Agriculture ? ?immittee, and proba?
bly wnl be reportad at once for ?laaelS
d?gcu? ion without material change,
(.ore for New Hill
si stars Gore, Smith, of G
others prominent in the !
against the legialation have saas ?
.he r -'ipp.,rt f?<r the n draft? d BMB j
other .??JI af ? . ? and
prompt Senate action carno
debate 0:1 the Sona'.e f1<,,,r, . :
: . diaca
ora Knute Nelson,
publican, ar . i | .?. ,. .?.,', for
'pooches strongly supporting the con?
trol legislation. Future ??? bate prom?
ised L. ? Bl tia ., .. th? .'.-'?' '? '
question, with leadei . ting aa es*
For the Hou plea, the
sub-con mitte?
That from and after thirty days
from tin? (?,-i-o of th? approval of
this ?set it ihall be unlawful for any
IB, rrm or i itioi to ass in
the manufactu:- *ox:cating
liquors io; !,. ?.-."- j .rpo?es any
perishable or BeB?periahable feeds,
fooda or food materia!
Whenever the ***realdeat shall find
it Beeeasery to c.u?-r.?ha?
ble product aai impeworeoj
to permit the use or" auch products
in t.-? aaufacture ia I . .ors.
W r.? never in i idgmenl of the
Pn ii :...-. thi . . in ter eat uould
he is empow?
ered to permit the limited ase el rhe
materials mentio . , . -he manu?
tara of malt or fermented liquors
Bl i to prescribe the alcoholic con?
tent thereof
May Take Over Liquors
Another section adopted would au?
thorize the President to take o\er arv
or all distilled spir.t?, now in bond,
upon payment of a reasonable and just
price to distiller?, for re?i.?tillation into
alcohol for war. industrial or other
non-beverage purpo I I
The thr'.y-day prov;?ion is designed
to give -ru* time to tne President to
dec..io w'rether further manufacture of
- rines Bad light beverages ?hall be
ri ar.d man?
ufacturers to prepare for what the
Preaident ?may d< eide.
* exert his
author ? sit, far?
. . I trom the
tat ng sion* and
i r d ** '..r? ?pirits in
bond. "co:.o-dry" national prohibition -
of both manufacture a- d consump'ion
would result, entailing a los? of Ked
er.il revenue eal etwees four
ni -i . . hundred m on of dollars end
-. % ?taxai BB meas ires, as well as local
shibitiea substitutes.
other ra?l:oai changes made :n the
lea h.ll included:
Kxtension of government control in
i to food, feed and fuels to
j iron and steel and their producti,
potroleuni and its products, farm im?
plements ;.n.d machinery, fertilizers
and hemp, tual and .?vite.
Limiting: government commandeer
ng ?of miaes, factories and other plants
to pro:;-' on -, ???ary for military
purposes cr "public uses of the com
\ mon defence "
Limiting Ke??eral ';crn?-ng to prod
? ucts and agencies of interstate and
1 foreign commerce.
Limiting the power of the govern
rrer.; to commandeer foods, feeds and
fuels to supplies i??r th? army, navy
or other military perposes 'or public
? Use- of the common defence," but au
beir oureh ne for and sale
by tne ?,- -? .-. * mont st rea
?oaable Bl i s?,!
ExtendiBg the government's powers
' to maintain minimum gu?rante??! pt'ces
to producers to the storage or sale and
purchase of foods and fuels for r?sele

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