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?000 Negroes in
Race Riot Protest
?March on 5th Ave.
(Jildrcn Lead Silent Pro
ceMion Moving to Beat
of Muffled Drums
Banners Tell the Story
***/e akre Maligned as Lazy
gni Murdered When We
Work," Said One
r?T? thousand neproes, half of whom
^?g -omen ?"d children, paraded
af-h Avenue yc?terdiiy afternoon in
'_? pro'?'?'* tgaintt the race riots in
"ait St. I-'''"s' ( atataP, r?'nn., and the
???ait*** ?ni political and social dis
'jjnation in the South. Virtually
^sTJ Be*'-"'* church, Sunday school and
?arty in Ntw York was -represented.
j?,, ?^?rcht-rs moved to the beat of
.j_?*-d drums from Fifty-ninth to
??Hty-third Street. Thousands of
?epott and many whites lined th?
ufa ?s the pi.raders passed bearir.fr
_?iT mtts'-i-rc at protest on a series of
?i_?r? t'hich they carried. Save at
???Ety-third Street, where th? dis
_<in{" marchers ***reeted their fel
?xts, the only demonstration wa?
,r?i?d ky a banner bearing- the??
?A Sqnar? Deal for Everybody.?
This sentiment was cheered almost
The children marched first, then the
women. The men'a division marched
behind the flag*? of the United State?
and Great Britain and the negro na?
tion?, Liberia and Hayti. Just pre
ceeding the flag t negro carried a ban?
ner which proclaimed:
"Your Hand? Are Full of Blood."
Some af the other banners which at?
tracted attention were:
Tray for the Lady Macbeth? of
Fast St. Louis."
"We Are Excluded from tht Unions
and Then Condemned for Not Joining."
"We Are Maligned as Lazy and Mur?
dered When Wt work.""
Stress was laic**1 on the negro'? ser
Tices to his country on the field of bat?
tle. "From Bunker Hill to Carrizal We
Have Done Our Duty;" "We Fought for
the Liberty of White American? in Six
Wars and Fast St. Louis Is Our Re?
ward," were some of the remindert of
negro patriotism.
A good ?hare of the protest appeared
to be directed against the South. A call
for volunteers for the parade asaerted:
"We march because we are thoroughly
opposed to 'Jim Crow' cars, segrega?
tion, disenfranchisement and the host
of evil? that are forced upon us. We
march in memory of our butchered
dead, the massacre of honest toilera
who were removing the reproach of
laziness and thriftlessness hurled at
the entire race. They died to prove
our worthiness to live. We live in
spite of death chadowmg us and ours.
We prosper in the face of the most un?
warranted and illegal oppression."
Banners pointed out how negroes ar?
denied the vote in Southern ?t?te?,
though they ere counted in the census
list? from which the Congressional rep?
resentation of these states is det??r
mined. One banner inquired:
"Are Memphis and Waco typical of
American civilization?"
Among the marchers were negroes
from every walk of life. A troop of
colored Boy Scouts headed the pro?
cession, and a drum corps of negro
lads was led by an old colored man who
wore the Union blue and the bronze
button of the Grand Army. The parade
was organized and directed by the
Rev. Hutchen? C. Bishop and the Rev.
Charles D. Martin.
Every one is surprised to learn that the remaining
162 large Plots in the GREAT SOUTH BAY and
LAKE Section are to be sold at Absolute Auction.
Never before has such highly developed property
in such a distinctive up-to-date and successful de?
velopment as
,N0W AN INCORPORAT!:].) VILLAGE, Ju?t till? ?!de of Bay?hore,
Come into the Auction Market, especially at this
time. Send for illustrated maps and further
particulars of the
To Be Held at 2:30 P. M. on the Premises
Ll-oeral terms?10*"-. on day of sale; 10%
on or before September tlth, 1917, and
or ?9<*?i on mort???-*?, or J". discount for all ra?h.
mitt will be t*?**r--d 10 purchaaera, without ?xpen?? to them, by the TITLE
?VARANTKB A T!:!'3T CO. Th? sale will be conducted (rain or ?hlne) under
t lar?- t?nt.
In er?l" 'h*?t th? many -tho will come from th? City may arrive m nearly as
*?>'- ??'?)?? ?tun? Mm? tl us permitting- the ?ale u, tie Promptly a ta-ted A
Complimentary tl-k?t? may be obtained upon application.
n.pT".-????-..? ?.-Ill be ?t th? Brtthtwrater? offle? on the
\ie--r .-. I; .d every day before the aale to ?how the property.
1 West 34th St., Manhattan.
193 Montague St., Brooklyn.
tr?ia for
Sag;? Foundation
Horn?? C?.
forest Rills Gardens
A place of Artlatlc Surrounding?.
IS new Houae? for ?ale on attractlr? term?
Prices from SlO.SOt to IIS.?00.
'Man t?**-, (H
*??*? Y.ra:
Forest Rill*
Lont Taland
Wa****T<Ilf.?iTEK COUNTT
l_4?*h:'* si. tmpr cementa;
? A ??-.-?.?.?? et ??"?>?? ' ' *
I- ? ?. g ? from
VI FJtat
{^?aata?aa 1421 |-|?#fie -:***"* Murray BUI.
BtttQ. T Pl~*tr. tC^iV. s HEI NO KH.KCTZV
'at* **?? -. ., . t* : . ?.'<.??
I 'lar.-, r.? ?v.--: ;? t?-rit>f arra*i?rnB--r.*?
'???*??-t a i ? - ' R Room LMI.
??a?,-. M ?- ? ??????? MM Mat t\x
.**** ' ? ineur?
J **'? ?? ?' a ?p***-l?:ty of
** ? It.? K-'ate,
-**???**'..? ;- . II .a woMb read
r- . ?
??kl? TITLf INtUIUNCt CO..
__ ? ?r?^--.!?*, ,? r.-v-,- 11 Wall tt
r* Hour from Nttw York
_i_'***T *'? liai??'??' " i M*****
H""? f??f?i:??i r>?/'? r * -c?
. ' ?" ? ; .?> '?--*
1-fa? ax? ,-.. fa for ?__?-??
??"???fr... ,?.??* J? ??...a a.
UtPJ.r. til H'-?iM Ijr ?i
< ?a m?
JT*"?1" * '* ?* ??? ' *'*-?.?'' "l^?.
' '
1*1*' ' " '? "EMt .i-Wl- a/.-l
i '.T'f.'-**
l-?X A?-' ATTIU'
?}*?5r? __" '**"? '??r?"l*.a-l *>?? hA*U
_???***?. I
A"** tEa*,*- rtu^i, ; rr/rt
*?***i_ ?**??-?"?<?. ail tmeteammmi*.
****tlmn mutme W A Us,
145 East 49th St.
Poaaeaalnn at one?.
tu. 'i- Sl.OM TO S1.800.
Wellealey Realty Corporation,
?AO Mndlaon A??., N. Y.
?_,Teia phona Murray Hlil fill
121-110 Eaat lath flt
Apartmem?. unfurnlalied, unusually
?roll arranged, *. and I room? and
ba'h; fen' |'?'i0 and II.?00 Apply
00 prfiniae?. or to CAMMANN.
VOORflEEl A FLOYD. 14 Will?
iam St.
Gainsborough Studios
222 West 5$th Street
Apartmanta, t lloorna ?n?l nalh. an*
"-audio?, ??I'll north light.
. ?', TU WUST ?'"It ?T HIOIC ?XaAKH
??ar>?e-.'a, Jiiat ?am laUtad, HSU
?all-,, latai.tlful ?I??? of the Iluda?
Rlrar li.tjulra ?xi i-renilaa?
rum rtooM APARTMENT TO l.t.m-Y. T.a< it
?i-ai .*? fa/la* s'rr**. App., t> iprrliiiaafiaiaii..
I?; v?.F.t >?:.: at ?,'J lUr.raJla larlfe
UOtfllaVTON A'.K. NEAR '.rTTC ST - tm.nis
vom vwuyortflly, ?rill ?uhlac rnt nami/urtal,.?.
*t*r\sh*J,' Ute*? foams? klirt.a?. arid ami*, ri.ilr.
', r?.im. 14 '/} 1?. a?a?t a. I ?rat ?a
If?? in? f,F??lla?;l ?eoillaU'ari iiardwio?? (1?.,f? prl
?a .- ut.m.m (?a ?till e|?--?rlF|ly. t,m* f'imJlni*?.
I ?? ? '??fa?!?/.,, jrla/.o ptlrato aTafld t.-'naUke' ref
? aaeAatmyso; tm? ist -riv, ain,l. f<>f daalra
, l. part?, aaani >>/ ap|?*?f?'?'?ec.i I'laaa ?it?
risTHT f1a*.AA MMUTMrO 1/rTn. \/M ATT7H
I?, i^aui!/?.! K/??e?ie fan. <*? Itnot Can?ral. ?Ki
taii.Aum tfom OrvsAmsj S Y on oa?r ??<??"*. ?
?if,.?/,?? for *|f<!j'I.??'. ' ?ll'?* ?a AU'lraa* RAllN.
ii-en"??i ttatml. Hamstt, H. I.
(Copyright, uni??rood A Underwood )
Five thousand colored men, women and children of New York marching on Fifth Avenue yesterday.
Watterson Loses in Court
Louisville, Ky., July 28.-?The Court
j of Appeals, Kentucky's highest court,
j to-day dissolved the temporary injunc
! tion recently granted, to Bruce Halde
. man, president of The Courier-Jouf
: nal and The Louisville Time? com
! panles, against these corporations, W.
! B. Haldeman, Isabel Haldeman and Ben
nett IT. Yonnar. The temporary Injunc?
tion prevented the defendants from re
| moving Bruce Haldeman as business
manager and from supervision over and
participation In the editorial depart?
ments of both newspapers.
Henry Wntteraon, in the lower court,
Intervened as oppose?! to the legality
of a private agreement between the
three Huldemans in 1912 by which
Bruce Haldeman was to be president
^^?^si^Mim^m^p^^i^ : -? - "?:? a
?70 Park Avenue
" The Utmcvrt ?m Housekeeping Apartmer\U *
THE re?t?ur?nt for special con?
venience of tenant?, situated on
the P?rk Aveinue ?ide of this building,
will bt under the management of the
Ritz-Cariton Hotel.
Immediate A Chef and complete ?t?ff will be
Inquiry hittalled on the premi?e?.
Nece?s?ry Service in your apan*t*-*ent if detired.
Reasonable arrangement? may be
made for ?ervants in your apartment,
entirely eliminating this formidable
These unique features combine the
advantages of the smartest house?
keeping apartments with the ?enrice
convenience of the finest ap?rtment
b^lOr^m.* 3w4&atKi
HOOO. to $6500.
boc??i <m kkim?? \2y I7 i*^nx?r4to6JBratiLu
O..Ja-?Maar?e>---tof $jOOO. U> $15000.
Douglas L.Elliman &0).
414 Madison Avenue at 48* Street
Telephon??, Murray BUI 1000
:l:r.AT '--H? S? ! ;" ' 2_
$5 a Lot
Each Month
After tha Initial pajrmant of 10 per c-rr.t,
plu? tb? audloQ and eic-har.fe 1m?.
included in the
Absolute Auction
Bend & Mortgage Guarantee Co.,
Monday Night, July 30th,
Brooklyn Real ??tate Exchange,
IS? M-clarJ* St. Brooklyn
178 So. Fiatbush Lots
AV. M & E. 57TH ST.
ma. L&E. 58th & E. 59th St?.,
In tha kfiI;>1 South Klttliinh Keetlon.
JM Ward. Boro'i?ti of Brooklyn.
Title Guarantee & Tru?t Co.,
ITS Ba*nf-a. St.. Brooklyn, or
Jere John?on Jr. Co.,
Ill': MtBlaajM St . Br<x?k:yii
m.ii.M/i.1 **< ii ><ii **?.
| Why Not Preparo Yoiaraelf NowTj
roiiTKi?? ?at ?suatnanTtro au oaaouarts or THE
Its ?atuu vmt. cffoi'Tt are va?< cirt Nail
!?"?*<??) Caw'aa l-?a..r.a i-at .<??? i .'?'..??-, ,,_
Aal. tor our ...... ) MV1 ?10 ? M. ta J ? I
?*? C.talo? "**"** ? ?.,? ?. .-, -, ?vira
LAW M M ?ill I ?.
Nrrw voRK *r*air *to*-?Ml I'M Mfn ?t.
LAW si m? il 1?. nu.? ?.,*,?.,. N. y. City
N?l ?xain? ai.al la?)rra' ..iT.i?-? i liai.? aaf A. ?I I
? I* H n* K'.Ffill.? riaaaaa Ixrlflal Metinal" ..'
trialnarrumi. nain? traaUaaa. i aaaja. a? Thra? year.
rmir*. tarnt ' ?? I ?'?'?rit? \*0 40
i.iiiiii.i ( HANK. Denn.
_ M H(??M. A?.KM ?ES?
"aiai-rliar aui>i foreign l'aui.a .?g?-.,, .._
Supplie? ii'.f'M-ai ;.?..,. Tutor?
?. ?? .ri.aa???, ?"? to Colla???, .*?<_lio?.la and'
l'an. . '? Apply lo Mr? M J. ruC'Nli
rVLTON. 21 Vnlun taguara. 1
NE?* YORK?Manhattan
Et-jyon? Interested lr. Arm?.
Nary and IUd Oreaa wot?
ihould uodentar.d Fran dv You
can befln to ape?!? at o:-<-e!
Leexu during ?pare momanU In
tome or e-tfup ?aall*;, qulcJt')'.
Language Phone Method
And Koarnthals Practical Lln-folatry.
A ?>-?tfru of MM rttorda M at fit ?11 r'.*?^
Blmpl??. lnaap-ruHa end co?i?'-?-.l?"t. You hear U.e
KmtXAeem a Fr-Mic-h Pteti ?*-r pror.o?in- t?*
l?w?t>'uatii rou turn U ? all or fjj? da?*.
uralt*! or ?*TlU> fc/r tmtMt* aaSMlal off? to Mili?
tan Btudanta, Anny axd Nary nini
?9? ru?.tm Bid? , 1 wast ?5th B? . naar Mb A*
A French elaa? for m?n and woman t?"l*?t
to Franc? f?.r servie?, Is being form?-?* at
Y W C A.
T?l*phone Madia M ******* -B*t
Inatrucilon by an ?.?pertencd t?-a?h?r.
21 LESSONS FOR $3.00
Learn to Speak Well
Acquire Rairrnn(ld??nc??.
Join bp<*. lal I'ubllo Sp????ln?* C?as?.
Mon and Women. \V?-dn??aday. August ?th.
Writ? Walter Robins???, f*arn*?le Hall,
for particular? and valuable au??eation?.
7? Waat Mtk tt. '
Bklyti ?in Ul I ?? ?>?
8TKWAKT fi?**'?? T -tpiali.? WtlT our emir*.
*????> ?.? im if a WCft maamt ?'" pteM a. d ,
ALTOS? linn, u ???-?-^ I.?dl?e' Claa-..
M W. fTIte ?ft ?rmiid?-.! ?a? g?*? att? 1IM l'rj?
at Urua.!-?aj pet* on Merit"
omkalooma, IOWA.
Oratfmt?, ColVat**. Divinity. Normal and
Prspirat'.ry Caurtat K?IdWlc? or Exten*
alon ?redits from ?tavndard ai-hn.nl? ac?
cepted Degrees ronf?-rr?d. l'aialo? "T."
24 Y?**i at This Addren Mean? Sonclking
915-919 8th AVE. Tel. Col. 4684
H??u<l for Free Illustralrd llooklel.
I and business manager and W. B. Halde
| man vice-president or director until
one of tho three Haldeman? should die.
Ho denied acquiescence in the agree?
ment and opposed its further enforce?
ment as s**a\i**st public policy. The
l lower court deciiled thfit Mr. "iVatterson
had acquiesced; the Court of Appeals
sustained his denial.
Emma Goldman Bailed ;
Her Counsel Offers
To Whip Prosecutor
Content Refuses to Approve
$25.000 Bond and Argu?
ment Results
Emma Goldman, whoie conviction on
a charge of conspiracy against the
draft law has been ordered reviewed
by the United States Supreme Court,
waa taken from the Tomba to the Fed?
eral Building yesterday and there re?
leased on $25,000 bail.
Turmoil followed the high priest???
of ar.archy even ther?, and before her
bail was finally accepted her lawyer,
Harry Weinberger, had offered to ftght
Assi?tant United State? Attorney Har- I
old S. Content and any other half
dozen men who would step forward. i
The ?quabble began when Mr. Wein?
berger presented the cash bond to Mr.
Content, who said:
"I won't approve it. I won't be re
?ponsible in any way for Emma Gold?
man's release on bail."
A f?w minutes later, after the argu?
ment had attained conaiderable heat,
Mr. Content remarked:
"I ought to take you out and give
you a licking."
"Come on," replied Mr. Weinberger,
valiantly. "Get a half dozen assistants
and come on. I'll whip the whole
bunch of you."
Finally Mr. Weinberger waa able to
get Assutant United State? DUtrict ;
Attorney John C. Knox to approve the ;
bond. Mils Goldman will ?pend the '
next few day? at the home of her nlec? j
on Long '?'and.
Before she left for this place ?he Is- j
sued a statement concerning the effort? ;
of the California authorities to obtain ,
the extradition of Alexander Berkman.
"This Is a conspiracy," ?he an- j
nounced, "to Involve Mr. Berkman in a
frame-up, and is of paramount impor- ,
tance to all Adical elements. Already
Um methods employed by the Califor?
nia prosecution against Mrs. Mooney \
have aroused the intereat of the world." ,
Advertising Forum
Makes Shopping Safe
In Minneapolis
Ointlnard from pmge, 14
its work. Not ?o the other local daily,
The News. There's a reason. The New?
practises prehistoric standard? of
journalism. It is a dodo; and an un?
clean dodo, nt that. Possibly there aru
some dusses of copy which this paper
will not accept. If so, the rojection
would be attributable to policy, not to
principle. For The News, which in
it? daily form accepts the advertis?
ing of Duffy'? Malt Whiskey, Lydia ,
E. Tinkham, Pink Pills for Pale
People, .**?. S. S., pile and rupture
cures, a magne'ic healer, and 25
and .10 per cent investment offer?,
get? out a weekly called The Woman's
Home Weekly, which ought to be shut
out of the U. S. mails, from which
it enjoy? a subsidy lr. the form of
second class postal rate?. "Devoted
to the Best Interests of Women, the
Home, and the Family," this stench
in-print proclaims of itself; and
evince? Us devotion by advertising
marriage lures, prurient pictures,
"How to Make Love," birth-control In?
struction, fortune telling, lost vitality
restorers, cancer cured without the
knife, fake investments and most of
the stundard medical fakes. Here is
a publication which belongs in the
Rogues' Gallery of Journalism. Its
principal owner is L. V. Ashbaugh, of
St. Paul.
Associated with Mr. Ashbaugh in the
ownership of The Daily News is C. E.
Gauss, of Marshall, Mich. There is also
in ?Marshall, Mich., a quack catarrh cure
operated by one C. E. Gauss. Its ad?
vertisements are so foully nauseating
that many newspapers which do not re?
ject other nostrum advertising refuse
this matter rather than sicken their
readers with it. Thus we have the com?
bination: Ashbaugh-Gauss ?The News,
Ths Woman's Home Weekly; Journal?
ism and quackery, here in open part
nerghip to trick the public.
When the Minneapolis Advertising
Forum gets the local mercantile field
all cleaned up it might advantageously
turn its attention to Mr. Ashbaugh'?
daily and weekly offences against de
cent advertising.
Turning to St. Paul
Nothing could be more trying to
St. Paul than to make it the tail to
the kite of it? twin city, Minneapolis.
Yet in a consideration of advertising
activities of the neighborhood this is
lne?-ltable. And, indeed, no city need
??-. ashamed to take second place to
Minneapolis, with its record of three
victorious campaigns for the Printer's
Ink Cup.
St. Paul has been a late starter in
vigilance work. But its Town Criers'
Club, the local advertising organization,
i.? now fairly under way with a Truth
in-Advertising Ilureau, which has as its
attorney in charge of vigilance work
Mr. Karl G. Neumeier. Like the Min?
neapolis bureau, the St. Paul organiza?
tion prefers to use moral suasion on
offending advertisers where there is a
chance of bringing about reform; but
the fact that u lawyer has ba-en ap?
pointed vigilance officer is sufficient in?
timation that sterner measures will b?
adopted when necessary.
One of the earliest cases?In fact,
the second investigation of any im?
portance to be taken up by the bureau
- -was of a kind, fortunately, to exer?
cise a wide influence upon the purchas?
ing public. St. Paul has a large and
valiled "week-end trade" among pros?
perous farmers, who drive in to town
for occasional shopping. <)ne of these
took his wife to a store called "The
Leader," where she bought a plush coat
r? presented a? "Saltex." The man
called hi? wife's attention to the fact
that the coat was not labelled, so the
manager obligingly got a label and
?a?wed it in. The coat haal been worn
hardly at all when the pluah cracked
on the neck. When the purchaser re?
turned it anil asked for her money back
the best she could get was an offer of
another coat, which she refused. One
was enough.
Somewher? the farmer had heard
that there was an organization in St.
Paul which concerned it?e!f with ad?
vertising an?! merchandising. Being of
e ?pecie? which isn't too timid or lazy
o "kirk" against unfair treatment fin
ther words, a good citizen with self
esp?ct enough to stand for hin right?I.
I went to the Chamber of Commerce
and wa? referred to the Truth-in
vtrtltiag Bureau.
"' ta yo\: do anything for us?"
Inquired of Attorney N'eumeier.
"If we can't," returned Mr. ***?
m?'!.r, "this bureau miglit as well
out of business."
Bt called at "The Leader," stated
ca.?.? and asked the manager what
propose?! to do. The manager di
propose to do anything. He wasn't
terested. He knew nothing of
Town friers and cared less. He
running his own business -and so
With great particularity Mr Neunm
explained the objtett of the bur
and closed with the rending of
Minnesota statute on false advertlsi
which is practically tho Printer's
mo?i??l statut??. AI the close of
reading the manag-r hastened to
money drawer and mnde the refu
Some time later the farmer called
the tartas.
"There isn't a family within twen
five miles of us," said he, "that does
known now that St. Paul is a safe p!
to fhop and that your ciub made it
Mv wife has seen to that"
Great is the advertising power
woman's tongue!
On my visit to St. Paul, on the s
of the old Leader, now extinct, a si
calling itself "The New Leader," ch
lenged my attention by the i
travagance of it.? value claim?. Arne
them I noted an offer of "Genu
Panama Sample Hats, values to $5.
at *>1.95." With Mr. Neumei??r I eal
at t!u? shop and examined the Pana
exhibition. What those hats coi
have been samples of, unless of the
fects of high explosives on straw,
don't know. They were the ?add
looking lot of wreckuge I have e*
seen offered as headgear. On one
counted four "dumages" any one
which was sufficient to put the hat
the class of "seconds" or worse. *l
there wa? no infocmation either
placard or from the salesman that t
goods were not in sound condition. T
"sample" selected ami purchased had
hole punched in the crown ard clumsi
patched up. A reputable hut dealer
whom it was shown declined to put
value on it, merely remarking that :
store which respected its trade wou
sell such an article even for a "seeonc
a? the patched place would becor
frazzled trata the hat was cleaned. Su
sequently "The New Leader," on cor
plaint being made to the managemer
refunded the money and inserted in i
advertising the word? "seconds, slip!
imperfections, hardly noticeable," fro
which I infer that tnoy have an extei
sive trade among the blind. It is
fair guess that the Truth-in-Adverti
ing Bureau will have- further exper
enees with "The New Leader."
Brief though its record is, the Trutl
in-Advertising Bureau has already ci
countered one of the largest concerr
in the countrv and has shown clear!
in its report that it is not to be bluffe
by size and commercial importance. A
the outset the matter ?erne' to be or.
merely of deceptive advertising on th
part of a department store, the Err
porium. "Two hundred trimmed hat
--Values $6 und $?*- -Leghorns, Whit
Milans, Hemps and Tuscans You
choice to-morrow, $1."T>," was the offe
which was complained of by a custom
er ??/ho had been unable to get a Leg
horn at the specified price. A Burea
investigator, sent to purchase a Leg
horn, tailed to get one. Sh? returned
and thi? time a Java ~a_ sold her for j
Leghorn. In the hat was a tag marke.
$1.98, which seemed a curious markini
for a "value $5" (or |f) hat. To ge
further evidence another purchaser wa
sent, who reported that no Leghorn
were to be had at the advertised prie
and that other hat? on the $.i and $4
"value" counter bore the $l.i?8 tag.
The Emporium advertising manage)
was asked to explain. He emphaticalh
repudiated responsibility for the ad
vertising, statin*** that he had no nu
thonty over it, as the millinery depart
| ment was leased to and operated b>
Stronge 4 Warner, one of the largest
j wholesale millinery concerns in th?
j country. Messrs. Mcl.eod, owner? cti
the Emporium, frankly backed up the
Bureau's opinion that nothing under **t
*..'>. value should have been sold under
the adv?-rti?ement and that the f 1.98
tagged hat did not come within this
So an official of the Bureau called on
Mr. Joseph Stronge. of Stronge ?- War?
ner. Mr. Strong?'? origin-?! attitude
on the matter appeared to br* that he
was a pioneer of the truth ii ad? t
Using campaign in this country, that
hi? firm's reputation wa? beyond cavil
nnd that this ought to be enough?ail
of which filled the ear, but not tho bill.
The vigilance man stuck to the point
of Leghorn hat? for Leghorn ad?.
Changing hi? ground. Mr. Stronge said
that the trouble was merely ignorance
on the part of a clerk. All the em?
ploye? of hi? millinery department |
could not be expected to follow the M
ve-tising or recognu? the different]
brund ? of straw. A? the head of thi* ?
department had backed up the clerk. |
in defending the sale, this hardly
seemed sufficient. How weak his ex?
planation appeared, officially, to the ;
Bureau Mr. Stronge now know?, if he ,
has ?ee'n it? report, which decline? to
concede his point, ?declares the case on.' j
of murepresentat'on and "refrain?
from bringing prosecution oecause oi
probable injury to the Emporium . .
an innocent party, but warns that a
repetition of that kind of ndvertising
v.ill surely bnng about legal action.
AH of which means "Do not *non?.ey
with the Bureau buzz-saw."
As in Minneapolis, the advertising
standard:; of the stores represent a
good average. Maurice L. Rothschild
& Co. have a store here, which means
that on?? of the leaders eschew? tho
doubtful practices of value arid com?
parativo price exploitation. Another,
Mannheimer Brothers, gave up this
method of exploitation two years ago.
"The best bu?ine?s move we ever
made," soys Advertising Manager Good
kind. Tor the first two months thj
.?ales dropped; then they began to rise
and have shown B steady rise ever
since. Nothing could tempt us back
to the old way."
N'"irly all of the* large stores cut
down "compar?t, v?" advertising to a
minimum before last winter's holidays,
but most of them took it up again for
their special sales. Nevertheless, there
is less of it done everv year.
Tho local dailies are still pretty
weil back in the ?lark ages. Peruna.
Duffy's Malt Whiskey and Mayr's
stomach nostrum are m The Dispatch
and Pioneer Press; Nuxated Iron, Pink
Pills and the Warner nostrums in The,
News. Examples of modem high stan?l- !
ard journalism are right at hand, in j
the publications of the Webb Pub-,
lishing Company, The Farmer's Wife
and The Farmer, which are care- \
fully and skilfully guarded against I
fraud ur.d ?'uackery. ???*? *-** It ch, by the .
way, represent tho antithesis of tho |
discreditable Woman's Home Weekly, j
across the river. Some hope for the
local daily press may be derived from .
the fact that The Dispatch and Pioneer
Press are responsive to the work of
tho Troth-in-Advertising Bureau and
support it loyally and that they censor'
their columns with respect to stock.
promotions. The News, being an Ash?
baugh paper, naturally docs not evince I
equal respect for the interests of its I
readers. |
St. Paul has a long way to go before
|| will be in the running for future
Printer's Ink cups, as against Minne-:
npo'is. But it has made a start. The
|?ea? situation which it faces is far
from discouraging. The Minneapolis
Club has alrepdy evinced e. readiness
to rid it in cltnn-up work in every pos?
sible way. What a ?logan it would be
for the Twin Cities if they could-get?
ting together for once-advertise them?
selves as "tho safest locality in which
to shop in tho United States!" Minne?
apolis has done her port well. The rest
is up to St. Paul.
Engagement. Marriage, Birth, In,
Menii.nnni and llnalli Notices mar b?
telephoned to The Tribune any time up
to midnight for Insertion In the neil
do}'? paper. Just call
Beekman 3000
anal read the notice a* you wish It In?
serted. BUI for ?ame ?till be mailed to
?on later. The nut I?? will reach over
100,000 reader? dally.
OTIS WHEELER -On Saturday. July 2?,
in Troy. N. Y., Marjorie E. Wheeler,
daughter of Mr. and Mr?. Frank M.
Wneeler, to W. Fullerton Otis, of New-,
burgh, N. Y.
SWIFT -SCKANTON The wedding of* Ml??
Cornelia Walker Scranton, yuunii-ent '??ligh?
ter of Mr. and Mr?. Walter* Scranton, and
Samuel Si'.la,*ewick Swift, um of Mr?.
George Swift, of Detroit. Mich., took place (
W?'ilnesday afternoon at St. Paul'? Church, ?
Vergennes, Vt. The Rev. J. Elmer McKee
officiated. The bride wore a Kown of
white ?atin and tulle, with a court train,
and a tulie veil, which ?rat caught up by a
coronet of orange blossom?. She carried
white rases and l?ie-s-of-the-vulley. The ,
briile ?< only attendant? were her ?Ister. '.
Mra. Beverly Chew, of Geneva, N. Y., and
Mr?. Lewis 0. Henry, of Orange, N. J. ?
The b<*st man was Dr. Sehuylcr Pulfonl.
The ushers were J. S. Henry, Lswis C.
Henry, J. H. Scranton and Beverly Chew, j
Aftasr the wedaling trip Mr. and Mr?. ;"?wift
will reside at Grosse l'oint, FerrUburg,
Bentty, Jane B. Helms. Ada?ne H.
Boylan, t'hurle? H. Ilindley. John E.
Durper, Clara H. W. If?ltf*srt, Jota
Burger, Loui? Kennedy. I'hoeb?.
Byrne. GeraM J. Leahy, Jaahn
Cole, Emma Love. Catharine W.
Col?, Louise C. McCann. Mary
Collora, Dominicli McCarthy, John
Couihlin, Anna It Morn?, Tliorr.a?
Cumtr.ing?, James K. Oake?. Lucy
Cutter, Mary B. H. O'Hara, \ m.-ent A.
Dean?. George De W. Bollard. Annl?
Driacoll, Denis Reynolds, Therm?
Ferry, Mary K. Roche, James M.
Foulis, Jean at. Sawyer, Arthur W.
Friedrich, Anna Skiffington, Rose
Froman, Zerlina Steel, Sanar. A.
Gannon, Sabina Sullivan, Norah
Gam. Albert F. Talmage, Thomas G.
Gardn?r, Laura Tlernan, M?rtin
Garty, Jam? Tuthill, Sarah A.
Georgi, Freilerieka Wright, Rev. C.
Hamilton. Rosette Wynn, Richard
Haakell, Harry W. Young, Thoma? S.
BEATTY Jane Bessie, on July 25. Funeral
service? at th? residence of h?r ?lster, Mrs.
Bella Smythe. II 8th st.. Woo?d*ide, Long
Island, on Sunday, July 23. 2 p. tn.
BOYLAN July .7, In hii 5"th year. Charles
H., beloved husband of Margaret il.yn.-h?
Boylan. Funeral from hi? late resilience.
Lenox Road, Flathuah, Monday, July
30, 9:30 a. m. ; thence to Holy Cross
Church, where a requiem mas? will be of?
BURGER -C!nr? H. W. Burger, at her home.
164 P?rk av.. Port Richmond, Staten Isl?
and. In her 69th year. Funeral service?
and interrnent Sunday morning, strictly
Bl'RGER -On July 2?, Louis, be'oved hus?
band of Alice Burger. Funeral service?
at his late residence. TOO West lUiath it,
Sunday morning, July tS, at 1 o'clock.
Kindly omit flower?.
BVRNE?Gerald J., beloved ?on of David and
K?i?a Byrne. Services Saturday. 9 p. m..
at 1741 Flatbuah ?v. ?Av. J), Brooklyn.
Funeral Sunday at 11 a. m. Interment St.
Michael'? Cemetery.
COLE On July 27, 1017a Emma Col? (n?*e
Dite), beloved wife of the lat? Michael
Col?. Funeral from her late residence, 510
l'ith av., on Sunday, July 29, at 2 p. m. -
COLE-Louiae Coleman, wif? of Howar?l
Cole, July 27, at Madison, N. J.. after
a prolonged illnas?. Chicago (111. I and St,
laouts raper? please copy.
COLLORA Suddenly, ?t Plainfleld, N. J..
on Sunday, July 7:2, 1917, Dominick Col
lor?. In hi? 51?t year. Funeral from hi?
?at? heme, '?'.''.' Lelaml av. iN?therwrx?d
?ectioni. Plainfleld, S. J , on Tuesday, July
?1 at 8:3i) o'clock. Solemn reiui?*rn mas?
at St. Mary's Church. Plainfield. at 9
o'clock. Interment at Holy Cros? Ceme?
tery. Brooklyn. N. Y. ?
COUGHL1N Suddenly, on July 2>>, at her
horn?. 137 We*t.l27th ?t., Annie M., ni?-e<?
of th? Misses Bridget and Mary A. Cough
lin ?nd ?.?ter of Catherine Coughlin. Req?
uiem mass ?t ?St. Aloyii'is'? Church. 132d
?t_ anil 7th ?v., on July 3o, at 9:30 o'clock.*
CUMM1NGB James Fulton Servies? at his
late residence. ISO Central Park West, at
6 p. m . Sunday, July 29. Interment ?t
Brattleboro, Vt.
CUTLER M?ry B H. ?t Roosevelt Ho?pi.
tal. on July 2S. 1017. Mary B. Hinchman.
wif? of Wi.lard W. Cutler. Funeral at her
late ren.denre, 2 Cutler ?t. Morri?town,
N. J., on Tu?*?d?y. July 31, at 3:45 p. m.
DEAN.H--Georg? De Wolf. Service? THE
FUNERAL CHURCH. 1070 Broadway,
Frank E. Campbell Building, Monday. I
DRISCOLk?On July 26. 1917. D?ni?. bo
ioved huaband of Mary Driacoll i ne?
Gillesplei ?nd father of John K. Driacoll.
Funeral from his 1st? ra?si(?>nce. 436 East
Srtth ?t., on Sunday at 1 iM p m. Inter?
ment C?lv?ry.
FEKRV At h?r residence. 2?0 South Hurnslt
tat J . on Friday. July j?
wies, beloved ??fe of Etta
?nd only daughter of thai
at. East Orange.
1917, Mary Know!.
ward S. Ferry ar
late Rev. Dr. Joseph H. Know!?*? and KIIm
J. Know]?*?. Funeral services at CalrsiJ
Methodist Episcopal Church, Monday. Jai*f
3". ?t 2:J0 p. m.
FOLLIS Ar Orange. N. J.. July IT. 19IT.
Jean _., daughter of the 1st? David ani|
Ehubeth Foulia. Funeral eervices at th?
h?me of her brother. Blair Foulis, tl
Edgar ?t.. Fast Orange. N. J., on Sundays
July 29. at 4 p. m. i
FRIEDRICH On Thursday. July 26 1317.
Anna, aister of John Friedrieh. Funertl
from M. Singera Son'? funeral parloat?
"3- 9th av., on Sunday, July 2'.'. at \
P m. i
IROMAN* Zerlina, on Friday. July IT, beg
love,! ?a, if? of th? late Nathan F roman ?a?!
beloved mother of Florence I.evMtu.?. 0?*"*?
tr'nle Adler. Hannah Ruben?. Koae Adltav
Leo G. and Joaei'h K. F .-??man. at her lata
reeldence, 24?* '.'?th ?t.. Br.xiklyn. N. Y?.
between I'd and 3d av?. Funeral aervi-aai
at 2 p. m. Sunday, July 29. 1917. Int?*-?
ment at Union Field, Daniel WebetW
Lud**??. 4
GANNON Friday, July 17, 1917. Mr?. St?
bina tiannon. native of Dunnicre. CounW
Galway, Ireland, widow of Pstri-k (Ianno?,
Funerai Monday, July .I'1. at >:**** n. m?
from th? r*aal?lenee of her brother, Williaat
*>i?kin, .111 Ka?r IM ?t. Re-iulem masa eg
St. Agnes'? Church. ?
GANZ On July 27. 1917, Albert F.. belov?4
hu?ban<l of tntoni? C Ganx inee Stun??
bergl, in hi? 44th your. Funeral servir*?
will be held ?? hi? Lat? r?-iden.*e, i?lf
River ?t.. Hohuken, N. J , en Suti.lay. July
29, at 8 p. m. Ii,".am.eut private.
GARDNER On th? L'-ith ?lsy ..f July, 1917.
at South Sterlinit. N. J.. Laura, dauehtsf
ef the late Majw >'eor,-e II. and Mary P,
Gardner. Funeral privat?. ?
GARTY Suddenly, on Friday, July 27, 191,,
James Garty. Funeral from hi? late r??->*-?
?lenco. IM] JUh ?t , Borough Park, Broott?
lyn, Monday morning. Ju'y 30, at 9 lM
o'clock. Man? of re?iuiem at St. Francl? dt
Chantai'? Church. ."7th ?t. and 13th ?A
Interment Calvary Cemetery. Automobil*?
I >r"ege. 1
GEORGI On Thiir..l?y, July 26. Frederick?
Gaatrct, In her "'"th year, after a long ills?
nea?. F"unernl Sunday. July 19, at 1 :3?)
p. m., from her late re.idence, s .." East
34th ?t.. Brooklyn; thence to Fresh Ton?!
Crani.it. ry. Relative?! and friend-i are ins
vitcd to attend. ?
HAMILTON -Ko??tte Hamilton, ?red ?S
year?, 4'"?7 Wist 141th at. F*uner?l ses?
\ic?*? July 2a, 8 p. m. Funeral privat?. ?
HASKELL Harry Walla.-?. At th? re*Ul>*n?-|
of hi? ?later. Mr?. Lawrence Rarnum, 848
Weet SSth ?t.. Dr. Hurry Wallace II??.
kell, beloved huahaevl .if Mary and ?on of
the lat? Sarah and William Ha?ke1|, in thai
Z2? raer ?f hl? life. Funeral private.
HELMS?Thursday. July 26, Adallne H . be?
loved wlf? of Levi Helm?. Funeral .ce?
Vttfi ?t her lat? residence. 3*5 Fort Waahs
Ington av., | p m., Sunday, July | '. Itlf.t
HIM1LEY- At Larchmont Manor N Y?
Satuniay. July 28. 11U7, John Kn-'ry, h*
loved husband of A?!a Walker, in In? TTltl.
year. Notico of funeral later.
HODGERT July 2?*, John, ?on of Emm*
and brother of William Hodgert. Servie?*?
at Kingston, N. Y.. Sunday afternoon, July
t$, 1117. ?
KENNEDY Phoebe. Services THE FIJNB?
RAL CIM'KCH, 1970 Broadway. Frank H.
Campbell Iluililing, Sunday afternoon, 2 :3Q
LEAHY On July 2*4. ?uddenly. at IM Fast
Mth ?t., John I/eahy, native of Carried?
derk. County Limerick, beloved hu?band of
Rose Leahy ?nee Fit/pat rick i, Tullvinchio,
County Cavan. Funeral Sunday, July 29t
?t 1 :30 p. m. Interment ?*alvary Cem??
tcry. P!?a?e omit flower?. ?
LOVE On Friday. July IT, 1917, Cntharlnt
W., beloved mother of Janet I). Hxernleiru
Funeral services will b? hel?l at her lat?
reaidence, IM l?t ?t., llrooklyn, N. Y., t*|
Monday, July SO, at l"i n m. g
M'IANN -On July 2*. Ma-y McCann (net
C?rr), beloved wife of John Mcl'ann. Fu?
neral from her late re?ldence, fi6? 11th
av., July 3'1, at 9:10 a m. Holarmn niaa?
of reyuiem at St. Raphael*? Church. W.-.I
41st at
M'CARTHY On July M, John, beloved hu?.
bnnd of Nellie McCarthy i nee Dal} I. ?a?
tive of Kilcommon. County Kerry, lr?-l:in?l.
Funeral tram t i? lat? reskie??*?, ?0 G?J????
voort at., Sunday, July 29, at 2 p. m. .
MORRIS Thorn?? Morrl-, late of 4*8 Plea???
ant av, beloved hu?l?and of the late Mary
Shannon. J uneral from residence at hi?
hrother-in-law, John Shannon, 22.") Ut av.,
Astoria, Sumlay. 1 :30 p. m. Daniel Car?
penter Lodge. Ne MS, F and A M. I?
r???.????ctfully ?mit???I t?> atteii?!. Interment"
Evergreeni Cemetery. ?
OACM- I.ucy. wife of Thomas Oak es Ser?
tiee? at h.T late r.'.ideii? e, 419 E?*t 179th
st., Sunday, July 2'.?. 4 p. m. Eutern Star
ami Shepherds please notice. ?
O'HARA Vincent A O'Hnra. ai/ed 17 ?ears,
I ? ? ? i ? > ?.. -< 1 non of James an?l Mary Ollar?
I n<*o Carroll I. Funeral from hi? late resi?
d?'nce. lt?.'l North 3d ?t , BrOoMya, on Sun?
day, 2 r. m Interment Calvary Cem?*tery..
POLLARD -July 2?i. 1917, Anr.te Pollarl
(nee Dolly Sullivanl. wife of I?-njamin A.
Pollard and tktnt*ht?I ??f Thoinaa and
Mary A. Sullivan and -i.ter of Eugen?
SiiUivcn. Funeral from her late residence,
I47l Myrtle av., Brooklyn. Sunday, .'p. m.
Interment Calvary Cemetery. .
REYNOLDS Suddenly, July 27. Theresa
k.-yn<.?.l?. 'elov.d moth." of There-... Hin
d>, Rose King. Alice n:id Frank Reynold?.
Funeral Mon?lay, July M, from her daugh?
ter's re.-id.-n.-?-. ZM* Marion ay, at 9:30
a. m. ; thence to Church of Our Lady of
Mercy, Marion IV, and FoHham Saaaaa?
I , nom ira?.?. Int.'rment .'It. Raymond'?. ?
ROCHE July 27. l?I7. James M. beloved
son of Mr?. Mary Roche. Funeral from
his late residence, 3"9 West I43?l ?t., on
Monday. July M, at I'M a. m. ; thenc? to
St. Charle? BorrOBtt'l Church, II lit sL,
nea:- 7th uv. Masa at Jo a. m.
SAWYER At Presbyterian Hospital. New
York Citv, on July 27. 1*?17. Arthur Wil?
kinson, beloved husband of Carrie A.
Lodge Sawyer. Funeral service? at For??t
Hills Chape!, Boston, Ma.??., at 4 p. m.,
Sunday. July 19, lltT.
SKIFFINl.TON Roso SkitTington (nee Nel
son I. the h?-!ove<i wife of the late Kugen?
F. skftiington and mu'.her of Joseph, Jame?
and Ro?e Skiffington and Mr?. W. Snediker.
Funeral from her lato resilience, 410 Yar?
mouth st., Woodhaven, L I., on Monday,
July 10. at 10 a. m. ; ther.ee to the Church
of St. Thomas, wh??re a r?f?iuie? mass will
be otf. r?-d for the repose of her soul. In?
terment Calvary.
STEEL On Friday. July 27, 1917, Susan A.
Steel 'nee Kettet), beloved wife of George
H. Stc!, mother of An.lrew J. Steel, r-|or
er.ee Steel O'Shaughncsay and Fl-.e Steel
Anderson and sUter of Pri?cilla E. Ruwe.
Funeral service? t? c>a held at her lat?
residence. IM Dekatur ?t., Brooklyn on
Sunday afternoon, July 29, at 2 o'clock.
Interment private.
SLLLIVAN Norah Sullivan, beloved aiater
?>1 the late Katherine Coooer. of Valent?a,
County Kerry, Ireland. Funeral from Jo?
se', h H. Baker? (Whelan't) undertaking
pRrlors, 17 City Hall Place, on Sunday,
July 29, at 1 :30 p. m.
TA 1.M AGE At Brentwood Sanatorium. July
M, Dr. Thomas Goyn, ?on of th? lat? Colo?
nel David M. an?l Sarah J. Talmage. aged
66. Funeral Sunday, 3 p. m., at Presbyte
ri-.n Church. Oyster Bay. Long Island.
TIERS'AN July 27. ! ". Martin, beloved
hu-bind of Eli-.nr-eth 'Tiernan (nee Foxi.
of Portumna. County Galway. Sui-vlv?d
by hi? wife, two ?on?. J bn ar.d William,
and daughter, Lily. Born In Bow Park,
Lacarran. County Roecomm. n, Ireland.
Funeral from hi? late r?*?idence, I.nwerre's
Summit, Yonkers, on Sunday at 2 p. m.
Interment ?X. Jn?ei 1.'? Cemetery, Yonkers. -
TVTHII.L At MtaattWr, N. J., Friday. July
27, 1'?17. Sarah A., widow o' Benjamin
F. Tuthill. Fineral ?ervice? will be held
at her lat?? residence, '"I ''?, ;?*r Mountain
av., Sunday. July 2'*, at ? p. m.
WRIGHT On July 2?. at hi? home. 69 Ches?
ter Place. Sherwood Park, the Rev. CUrk
WrigM, D. D , aged 74_ year?. Funeral
services at the Fir??. M E Church, 8th av.,
2d at, Mount Vernon, Monday evening at
S o'clock.
WYNN Friday morning, a?. S oVtoek. Rich?
ard, beloved h-. ?band of Annie Wynn. Fu?
neral from hi? late re?i?ien.-e, |M East
126th ?t.. Monday morning. ln o'clock.
TOUM At Plainneld. N. J., on Thuraday.
July 26. 1917, Thuma? S. Young, in hia
R7th year. Service? at !.i? late residence.
Midway ?v. and Fore.? Road, Fan wood,
N. J.. on Sunday, July 2**. at 4 p. m.
121?! tl Hy Harlem Train and by Trolley.
Lote of email ?lae for sal*
. i -?tl M : | i_n Mi St.. N. T.
\tfi rt?AAVFNl'B
j L*r.l-rtl>C. I ph-, chelae? V.tt
LefTerti Place Chap?l ,?>;"; r H" '????*
VA11.? nil.li mom?, a? l*-*?k?u liaos, RrooiUik

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