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Kitchin Fights
Higher Taxes
On the Poor
Wants Incomes and Excess
Profits to Bear
Ability to Pay
To Be Criterion
Leaders Deny Planning
Ruinous Levies on
Big Business
Washington, JI x burdens
poor must not be materially in?
creased, declares Majority Lreader
K . .-.of the I'.
ear.s Committee, in rais;7
nal 55.000,000.000 required to
a. Ad be the only
-m which the tax should be
?eh'.n will Insist, and
be bt. irios al j
ready contemplated place about as
large a burden on the poor man a.*, h*?
I ad
, he argues, should be made,
.re, in.normal income and *
? tax bill now pending will pro
rid? ? ? ds to meet expenses
until some time early next year.
minis-.rat on leaders say, Mr. Kitchin
? Congress should not draft a
n?w tax measure before next i
w.:- - -?-..?? " IcAdoo. however, be?
fore ht ta
? ?
. war for democracy, we in?
sist, ar.d her.ee .*
..x." Mr. E
ta. :
:o ya democ: to base it
Young Men's Sacrifices
"W? HT? ?
tary aC* ??to aha army, without con- ,
? - ?-? up
laoa and always thou earn?
ing capac :
? force them
?life he comes r.ear DM | i per
? :en who cun pay ;
all ] [
who comes home with an empty -
to fe?
him away has not favored I
? tiers of the Ways and Means
ttce are undecided ?
axation si
A general feel.rig appe
. on both
? '
Democratic House I?
on any b:g I They
say ta -.esses
did not make pi
o the war.
be given
larger I
? ?
the framing of a new revenue .1
British Taxe-? Heavier
the K
American rates
ile in
?? leaders are j1
ing a . -
Mear.7 ?
tee v '.'. procer--: with itl re*.
The Longer Outlook
The mercantile element, at least, of the Ameri?
can community was singularly well prepared for
the present state of war, albeit the preparation
was really made for a prospective state of peace.
The sound merchant, while naturally dis
ed from the humar.it"-.: although con?
fident as to what the outcome of the struggle will
be, looks upon future trade conditions with
equanimity, even if present conditions owing to
seasonal as well as to tempo-ary mercantile and
turing conditions ' need a lull. In
this attitude we I ', for he has
ample opportun. s himself for
??r.anent turn of aftairs.
We accepted the need of preparing for ?****_
and the cms thereof, we accepted the
necessity of paying for it in part by increased
taxe-., we lave recognized the need for less
?efu'.ness and greater economy in public as
well as in private life, and we are on a sound
?ancially and industrially.
is a day of big business and high prices,
and therefore larger financial needs of mer?
chants, a-.d the Harriman National Bank will be
.-* ,th prospective customers
who believe that a close and intimate relation
and liberal-minded bank, entered
into at this particular time, will during the next
few ,ve of vast importance to their
II l*M/Sn vaults OPfN FROM l? M TO MI0SI6H?
i he Emergence of Baker
R> C W. '.II.REI.T
' - July tb. I a?ked i
able young man down here, whose a
soto, wl
>ught the war organiiatiun of ti
country was to-day. For answer I
took up his pencil and drew an hou
on a sheet of paper. The top a
:ie labelled "The Pr?s.dent
?arrow co: : it I
i'epartmer.t," ar
bottom, where it had s go i
widened out, he described si ' T;
Product War."
"And this," he said, "is what it I
*g to become." and he dr. ?
SS, converting th
hourglass into a cylinder, widening th
? marked "War Departmev
width "The President
and "The Product War.' By which.
took it, that he meant that out
War Department the organization fo
eondoet of the war was and woul
?7ictically negligible, as ?Secretar
* big job, and tha
the War Department would expand t
do all the work for which there ha
a demand for "war boar ?
other mechanisms to perform.
Bakers Power Grows
man who cons*- M ?ia,
i .
national D?
. should receive pot ?
me of the Council of National De
tenet . another disgrfn. :
rectangle. This rectangle
? ?
of th?
"Pace : he remainim* third h?
" The remaining
of the orifinol area, he
0 eijual par*
'Houston," **Lar.e," "fl
a a that
and Daniels were the oa.
members of the coi.- ;iower.
The other members might talk, but
these two had the money to spe:
th? power to carry ? *o ef?
.most none
BOrooT? r. a much abler man than
3, and there7"ore he was two
thirds of the Council of National De
i* on of how
eooneil and its com
amou* how much more power?
ful on
of the Navy, c .* hap
: in the pr*.ce-:':x:ng conti
try Lane, with a meiiber
nd the coal
of the (. ounc:l of National
tminoni coal
producers upon the price of coa
.?>, announcing that the
SI Secretory of
, v and
war products saxv the c^ai
he steel men and took
. ar.d comn.
More Influence Than McAdoo
Take tne rece:* " * - Mr. Baker
over ! >. I do n?
emphai hose of th?
?.va? ?o open controversy. Bur
. would have prsferiod to
- industries Poa.
Mr. Bauer
' and. some dis
powerful I Z in **t ?
of Wsi si
? i
? ... now
? e on
" Bekeri m?n.
e '' it. W\
it tac.
: who
" '** ^m* a J
?** board under |
* ? be fought out in con- I
?mittee Meet?? To-day
hold a ras?
- hor"
--nons of the Finance:
? r e\ri'
.. but prob
-nrtion !
..,1s is bei* . ??"?
?mail pro
? || was pointed out
"he eas,:e?*
. ?
:* or
to diminish the importance
ol the individual Cabinet with I
to spend directly upon war-r
?en him and the j
So I cannot st<- *
-ms. the hourglass expai
? r. are no'. I
? -:re of
nai emergency brings a new dis
? of our de
W ill Sp?nd the Money
Perhaps we shall have to alter the
pronortions in his diagram
ikci $3,000".
more to sper.il. If ?r? ir.*??.*
form of dollar
Baker will soon be more than I
thirds of our war organization, with a
? ex?
pense of all co?
on this planet i: * awer
. espe
??panied by*
a mind; and this budget, 1;,' general
' ' :
Council of Na.tior.al I
r,ov?r developel power as a body, be
,t could develop power ol
? :.per.se of its member
uals. Granted a war board, and Mr.
and Mr. [?aniels become clerks of
the war board? So. i Mr.
?n and Mr.
I en who c :. .? n cor
power are not liki
corporate power. Ir.
In other word?, the obotl
oping a new war organiza'
? Df organization. Th?
- want to keep what they
have and add to it ?11 I ?' ?mini?
their way. basis
? heart
of man. We have been deceiving our?
selves, looking at ev-mal phenomena
and Saving bad* in our hoi
has happened in ever- war.
*>par*rr,-nt ar.,1 the N? 'ment,
particularly the War Department, i-?
our or? y al
have been. The future, if ca'a
ie enough, may char.;
But so U ? '
Command?? l>efence Council
The Council of National Defi
1 likely *o become more than it
?? ever will he.
in term-i of the r ' ?
Baker. You ma*
thottt lioir.ir |
violence to I And su-'
The germ of growth
!?- ? itarc will be .> i
t than - - ? ?? for the ne"
Industries Board, own
- ?
. rec*',y w ?
whatevr ?t mav
. y. The line of communication
Now can the ir-g I become a
cylinder? It car., w
. ...
? * r? we run u.
same i
tons; the obstacle to <?
Ititul 'in. Mr. Haner
if he is a big man ma
men we ail droam O? re in
?lo :t hi? w
-. disappoint hopes of preir "
overcoT*-- Ion? inert.,.
word?, the problem of a war - -
- the ?ame. no n i
- under the Pre*
? i eyes of V
are oi to have $."?
r? to iper.i.'.. In a
article I shall try tx U
fo-n:eht by Sera*?-*?* Simmons, who ?aid
the disparity with l'nropean finar
? < markable. Only about ly p?-r
?? ? - ? -,
cured by direct taxation, he declared.
Three Big Issues in
Congress This Week
? vonn? and prol-.? tl
.? ? -lor.Tii ealoadar I
week, with minor que-' Dg pp
h numbers that the leaders are
* i gaod to indefinite pro*
tion of the session.
The immediate work to be done on
food and revenue legislation r.ust be
done in committee, but before the
?v??ek is over the fodd conferrees and
meo 4lommittee, revis?
ar tux bill, hope to r-?*?o?-t
Meantime prohibition ha? the rieht
which will
,r a vote
prop?,- ? -?ion of a nat jnul
-.??ment to the <
.*o- Sheppard plans to op?
prohibition.discussion, which proi
& lively contest, touching mar.
questions. Tne vote both sid??s .
will be extremely clo?<?. t?rv ?
I ooa for aboui
. ? . .
for adopt or T.-.,- - 7*
would have to pass the II
in 191 a similar -
Dur:r.^ th? wook th? Senat?
? ?.. . .??.?
will bring
subject? of th? Kuropch-, A: la? ?'? ?
country and Senator HaeonilM
lution authorizing th? I'r?
ires to ?
the Fon
House i.? in ran
? fi-rence report on thl
extra se.sion Is to continue in
mnels of general leg?
ged under a general
. . .
Administration matters, shoui :
Veteran me-rher? are pes
? it any early adjournment,
and a large proportion of the House
member?h:p is ?way.
OS th" IVOtVi.fioO.OOO esti?
mates for th?? army as a hasi?, for a
anlag general de* -
Ban?? Appropriations
tto? to-morrow, and on Tuesday
the House Military Coa
up an alien drafting bill similar to
that to be reported to the Senate.
Welshmen Break Up
Meeting of Pacifists
Swansea. Wall .' 'izena
preTtntaad a i?-aee meeting her.
oon. They rhft
the building ar. :
? der of ?tic?..? and umbrellas
had been used against the at
Kerensky to Give
New Ministers
Equal Powers
Cabinet to Consist of 15 or
16 Members; Organiza?
tion Delayed
Cossacks in Parade
Premier Is Hero of Procession
in Petrograd for Slain
the recon?*:
delayed ow
by th,
? .'.' front.
The Premier has decidr :
r.ew Cabinet will be corap*
teen or sixteen men
power. Th.
I, have handed I
t ?
among these ur
the .'?
??' home p
social reforms until the
assembly is convened.
The Cor are
resolut ed to the '
ilture, SI. . j
appear to be against ?
: f a rt v
-. a
' not mear.
for the
at recons'i
Cobinet will remain ?n power.
Pr. miel
the n?
rgans Social D?
Kerensky Hero of Big
Military Parade for
Cossacks in Petrograd
thousand Cossacks aa .
f the 1
. -
and radiant with
uniforms of Tar
? - :
the patriotic ar. : of the
* hears .
* ?
: parade.
The proc- -
; smal: ?
dral, f? wed 1
I Tarions
ist cr.me I
1 >ne of
bore mar:
' *
? ?? .
U. S. Aid Enables .Allies to Win
Without Russia, Says J. L. Garvin
Decision Will Be Obtained in the West. He Declarei;
America Must Have a Million Men in
France by Next Spring
Lor . , L. Garv
"The to-day, publishes an
in on the East and H
a has brought to
., strength.
? an d?b?cle, he says:
one question to put
. to ourselves. worst
may sup
* -en ?
tage* . it il
* i
:?:*.d rese?e
ral on and de
? o I n at
but the mantinv . : a. complete
tconomiv. boycott."
Power of IT. "r*. in Alliance
that America al
? . ?
? a .
.- each
ear if the a4)
? campaign. li
Fnnee by next spring
reful -arch?
?n a hope
1 ran
in all direct
it all reconnu
approaching panic.
. *he proces
'a step, and
aUS ? uf the
: -.
had broken
harm was dene and the procession
bat the inc
:' the
?ecret an*
the day would not pass w.
850 Delegates to Attend
All-Russian Conference
iceonnt of their attitude t
- -ain?
ps at
. i the
German Critics Believe
Russia Out, but Foresee
Severe Test in West
rats on the
* heed
ipers, -here
???. although the mili
"hout occa
e unheard.
? ?
? ? fol- -
-?ekon with
e in
n, and war I resort
in the "Tageszeit
>ns in the
??-.- West
. -
til Arm?
and how to a'
lition and decay
? .7 brings peace
Former 'Lord of Kronstadt*
Surrenders in Petrograd
? '.
? '.
a stadt a)
*?nd make a huge cor.tr.but ion in aero
r. on the W ?t front.
"Tht - . ? - - - * ? ? .; m the
believed that a frontal
. Gareaaay*? stx
-han the le
.?-.hod. We
?'?*?? i-.b'.e way of
? IT within a three-year
renod- and we ought to have
ened that period inatoad of accepting
.? by resolute action in th
lltgh the chances there ar ?
important, th? lo? - -e po??::
?ere open * rat two
no longer ?xiat ?Ts are com
; to th? We?t.
Solution in the \\ eet
"It is there that th- prob
'.' . . -an be
solved the experience of the last
- --?ved. L'pon the
iossal cannona,]
?'dented air fighting ai jr.- I
? e have deliberate.y preferred to
?'.*. The enemy's alarm
e nature of his OXpOCtauOBS have
appeared. Whether
i ,ght ur v | fatal
He ha? tr??d by various chal
ading (.ne hard blow near
the sea, to f'jrce -ur hand. He has
> whatever views Kaig
B*s*nss may have as to
? mes.
i- business is to have faith in the
British army and I
Baker Will Keep
News of Soldiers'
Arrival Secret
Plans Extension of Censor?
ship to Include Troop
??rican troops to France m
carried or. absolutely without pub
if the present policy of th
partment remains unaltered. ,
i'aker and some of hi.? -
no word
bed of the arrival of
troops abroad, an 1 it is pr?jbab!e that
thia will be made clear to all news
* ??-?ocititions in forth
' - D? under the volun
eh the press of
the country has subjected itself.
| ?a both by
."der the veil of
-.-esumably under
the new regulation a ncan
.pecttd to understand
BO new? is g'iod news in this re
No Officiai Explanation
-.us been made ?
of the reason underlying the decision ?
ment of the arrival of troops. It [a '
Baker believes that with large troop
? as the new
or the National
for the front it would be ur.I
n of the ?Jerman au*
g -g on.
Department officials
tgree Boer?
low?? ?r, by the |
opinions of some of the big
? 'ioubt
rtmoat is about to estab
in of,
-r?vent the an-,
r.ouncement of arrivals of troop trans
Daniels of the Navy De- j
? ,. ? *houjh he may not -
the an:
" The!
L??-partment has I
matter of troop ,
- a War Department
-ough the actual routing of ,
the troop ships and the task of pro-,
? them at sea belongs to
? objection to publication of troop
arrivals is not expected to ex*e
properly censored report* of the
- th? .-?merican troops :n
[?, in fact, that a :
ment.? partment a
.- -, will shortly b
"?n to
torn? such plan under considera?
Saks-Made Suits for Men
Formerly $25, $23 and $20
Reduced to 817
A Small Charge for Alterations
? It is d;:iicult to say just what these suits will be worth next
season, but you may rest assured that they will not be obtainable
at even their regular prices, the unprecedented increase in the
cost of wco'ens making a jump in the price of clothing inevitable.
New Yorkers never had a better opportunity to practice economy
in the purchase o?; a cuit. Orly models that have met the approval
of the most critical dressers are included, designed this season
and tailored in woolens that were selected especially because of
their individuality of pattern and coloring.
Broauw ?aks&*?cmjpa?t0 *mm
War Depends on Ships
London Critic Declares U. S.
Needs 4,000,000 Tons in Year
Lor. .'9.?The "Observer.**
arguing that the Western Allies, eren
without Russia, are more poo
than the Central Powers, .-a
"The real crux of the whole war is
to provide ? ? - ? - bmst tos i
ments. We ret'use for a ?marie moment
to betters that the United State? ?
riflt The cause
need.? soot]
carrying power States
can muster now or launch .ater.
"No possible shipbuilding erfort of
-y alone can proviiie the
huge additional tonnage demanded by
'*, 7.er..*an reajuirementi. To i
got fa .-ly shood of the submarines the
United States smart launch at least the'
same I tOOMgS as that MB?
tioaod by Lloyd George in Pari? ?j
Great Britain's output for next yeaiT?*?
ramely. 4.0?.*H"i.r>00 tons?and that within
the same tin.*..* ?
? ,?
Gogebic Iron Range
Workers Call Strike
Operators Say Men Are Satisfiexl
and Will Not Go Out This
Bessemer. Mich. July 29. A general
ivr.ke of all miners on the Go^obie
Iron Range was railed to-day, as i re?
sult of a tata taken at a mass raee*>
ing this afternoon The strike is to
begin at 7 o'clock to-morrow morning.
rators declared that most of th?
me-i were now- satisfied with working
conditions and would not strike.
Bilks &CmitMmj
?rn?il..?,- -a. ?J.L C._. ?*?> ***
Broadway at 34th Street
Are Now Offering on the Sixth Floor
Men's Military Uniforms
at $6.50
Owing to present .liarkct
conditions there is a great
scarcity of* ready-for-service
uniforms. Saks ?v Company
art* ready tu supply Olive
Drab Khaki Uniformi con?
sisting ?>f coat and breeches
in regulation Army model
as illustrated |, for men of
all si/es. at the low prie?* of
?$6.50. Tbete uniformi are
ready nom, and y?>u will uol
he rcquired to do any wailing.
Broadway at 34th St.
Announce a Very Important
Sale of 420 Men's
Bangkok Hats at $2.95
C We secured these Hue Bangkoks at s very low
figure and in turn offer them to you today at much
below their regular price. A Bangkok is the eool
est hat made. Xo other is as light and none si
porous. There are eight good ?.hapes to select
from, affording ample selection for men of even*
taste and preference. Xot a soil?*?, or dainsgod
hat in the Int. and not one that ean be duplicated
when these are gone for anything near $2.95.
All Straw Hats Reduced to S1.65
Roth Imported and Domestic. Not one excepted.
Panamas now S3.95 to $10.95
Formerly $5 to $30
None C. O. D., Exchanged or Credited
Important Offerinzs in Men's Furnishings
Men's Summer Shirts, S1.20
? Cool looking, light-weight shirts, made of an
exceptionally line lot of cloths lelecfed because of
their firmness of weave and richness of patterns.
Tailored with a great deal more care than can be
??aid ?"if most shirts at this price, and equalled for
beauty of pattern by none.
Town & Country Shirts at $1.20
?? The id***] - n1 for all outdoor wear as well as
f r business. Oh*a:nable in a splendid collection of
cloths, in plain white, khaki, and rich plain colors.
Men's Summer Neckwear
Greatly Reduced
C All from regular itock, reduced to insure prompt
ranee. The paterna are unusually good and the
silkl of excellent quality.
$1 Bow Ties.Reduced to 50c
69c and 85c Scarves.Reduced to 55c
$ 1 Scarves.Reduced to 69c
$1.50 and $2 Scarves.Reduced to $1
Men's Lusterette Pajamas, $1.65
aj ? .-rrVa'tiy tailored garments made of Lusterette, a
soft silk-like cotton fabric which retains its silky
sheen till the very end. A host of plain colors to se?
lect from.
5,000 Men's Handkerchiefs, 6 for 55c
<J Clean, crisp 'Kerchiefs, with self-color satin stripe
or corded borders, offered at this low price because
of a special purchase. Look them over?they are
worth buying for future use.

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