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?UpASSED by the
* Board of Censor?
ship" is a line charac?
teristic of the movies;
and, then, there is that
other familiar line so
closely identified with
all the principal places
of entertainment in the
city. One minute you
think of your destina?
tion; and the next?
Passed by the
Russia Abandons
Sphere in Persia
'Fra*?m The Trtt'Uiae Hur8?.u1
Washington, July 30.?Official ad?
vices from Teheran, Persia, state that,
the Ru.-sian Provisional Government !
has assured the Persian government.
that Perr.ia will be permitted to "de
velop in its own way, unhindered and
This is the first specific announce?
ment of the abandonment by Russia of;
her sphere of influence in Persia and
of her decisirn not to Interiora further
with the internal administration of
Persia. Russia'? sphere wag in the
north of the country, England's in the
south, and before the overthrow of
the Romanoff dynasty Russia practi-,
cally controlled tho internal affairs
of the nation.
Russia's action removes an obstacle
to the negotiation by Persia of ar-!
rangements for the supervision of her
financial affairs by a foreign adviser.
It is understood that both the Britiih
and Russian governments have been
sounded on this point by the Teheran
government, but no response from
either tho London or the Petrograd
Foreign Office has been received.
The dispatch from Teheran also
atated that Grand Duke Dimitrleff
Pavlovitch, who was refuted to have
been connected with the removal of
the monk. Rasputin from Russian af?
fairs, is a rlaitel there, and had been,
graciouEly entertained.
500 Big English Ships
Sunk in Last 6 Months
BirminghaVi, England, July 18. Mr.
Kellaway, Parliamentary Secretary of ?
the Minister of Munitions, after ex
plaining the imperative need of labor
dilution, told a gathering of munition
workers that this country had lost over
60??. ships, most of them of heavy ton?
nage, in six months.
He said that unless a good part of
that loss was made good by increasing
the output of new ships the country
must inevitably be starved into a shame?
ful peace.
Who knows when you'll
?tumble on values as good as
these again!
Some of our people think
we ought to hang on to them
at regular prices.
But our old policy prevails
?before taking in the Fall
line, a General Clean-up, not
only of our own fancy silk
four-in-hands, but the better
qualities of one of our reg?
ular manufiicturers.
2.748 are $1.50 scarfs
421 are $2.00 scarfs
174 are $2.50 scarfs
The* great demand for offi?
cers' uniforms of top quality
has not permitted us to say
much about them, but the
supply is coming along better
now and our Clothing Man
says "go ahead."
Army uniforms ready-to
wear; highest quality O. D.
Tailoring, our finest?we
ask comparison only with the
most expensive custom made.
Fit we guarantee.
Complete with insignia,
**Wee*n?lnl?-/*** ?h?*?*-a. The In?! offlrlnJl?
?itvprvTi-d for Ihr Wr?t 1'innt < a.l.i.
K-.fiilat.oa ?an. S-V>.
RtOGKlu Pi i T Company
at 13th St. "The
Broadway Cornera
at 34th St.
Fifth Ave
ai 4lst It.'
The Great War?lQ9fftli Day
Russians Halt
Teuton Drive
I At Frontier
Stand on Border Heights,
but Continue Retreat
Along Dniester
Rumanians Storm
Six More Villages
Sweep Forward Several
Miles on Moldavia
Battle Front
London, July 30. -The Russians arc
finally attempting to make a stand on
their own soil. Though the Germans
have crossed the Zbrocz River, which
forms the border between Eastern Ga?
licia and Russia, at patatal points and
in considerable bodies, Berlin reports I
that the Russians are holding the ;
heights east of the stream and offering i
fierce resistance. The night bulletin '
indicates that at this point the Teu?
tonic advance has been halted, at least
for the time being.
Between this battlefield and the
Dniester River the -Russian front Is ?
still being withdrawn, probably to the
frontier, and the Austro-Germans hart
passed beyond Korolowka, which is lit?
tle more than ten miles from the bor?
der. South of the Dniester, however,
Korniloff's Seventh Army Is showing
more fight, and it appears to be the
intention of the Russian commander to
hold, if possible, Czernowitz, and a
broad strip of Bukowina as a defensive
belt before Besssrabia, one of the
chief Slavic granaries.
Below Zaleeszezyky, on the Dniester,
near its confluence with the upper
Sereth, the Germans admit they en?
countered a "bitter" defence which,
however, did not save the Russians
from being pressed back. Southwest
w*ard the Teutons are making progress
along the Cheremosh River, and over
the Bukowina border are moving up the
Sushawa and Moldova vallevs, but more
slowly and with greater difficulty.
Battle Line Resemble? "8"
Over the great stretch of territory I
from north of Tsrnopol to the Ru- !
manian border the ba'.tle line now lies
in the shape of a huge reversed "S." I
The northern and eastward swell of the
line crosses the Russian frontier for'
about twenty miles and the reverse
swell on the south swings around and
bulges out westward beyond Czer?
nowitz and then down into the Car?
The German advance in the north,
where the eleventh Russian army was
disastrously broken, has been much
swifter than south of the Dniester,
where the seventh army, the best ?if
the Russian fighting forces, conducted '?
a more orderly retreat. Therefore, the
German troops across the Russian ,
frontier stand at the point of a huge
salient, which there may be danger in ,
extending. So the comparative slow
I ing down of the Teuton advance, which
i is noted in to-day's bulletins, may be ?
I due quite as much to German caution
' at to Rust?an recovery.
There is also a political aspect to th?
! situation. An invasion - * White Rus
i tia at this time might be an embarass
? ing military commentary ?m the unof?
ficial peace overtures which the Im?
perial German Chancellor is aiming at
the Moscow conference.
Rumanians Driving Ahead
It is not likely that the Teutonic for?
ward movement in Galicia has been
much hampered by the Russo-Kumanian
offensive into Transylvania, though at
the last reports this ?**as continuing
upon a normal course. A bulletin from
the Rumanian General Staff at Jatsy
deelarei that on Friday General Av
erescu had pushed kil aiffhtta**rMlla
front several miles ahead between the
t'as.n and PuT.u valleys, storming six ;
villages and capturing many prisoners
and a number of motor batteries. Dis?
patches from Petrograd say the Russo-|
Rumanians are proceeding circumspect
j ly i-o as not to expose themselvct to a
! counter blow.
This, however, list already been
1 launched- i?y Field Marshal v,.n Mack
i ensen in the regie* north of Fokabanl
! and at the mouth of the Rinnica] Riv
' er. Hs is evidently thru tint lu.rthwar i
I with considerable strength into the
' Rumanian southern front, though with
' what success it is still to? early to
. say. Rerlin asserts that several huri
. died prisoners ha\?* boon captured and
! that the Russians guarding this sector
are retreating.
Correspondents on the Rumanian1
front announce that ('.??rmnn agents,
have been busy both among the Ru- ?
man?an troops and peasantry urging
them te follow "the exauplfl <>f the
Daring the last
week, it i said) fifty Germans dis?
guised in Russian uniforms have
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Soaps, Combs, Drugs
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l'Aller Matate un IU-?u,.i
a ?ja Klee?
*-*.*-?' <;'WTM?itmm
Official Statements
I.F.nalon. July M ?DAY' Th-re wa?
nothinK of ??.ecial importance la?t nieh* on
the *'riti?h front TkaN wer?* ?mall en?
counters hetween our own and the enemy'? j
patrol? in the neif-hborho-x* of Hulleeourt
? n?l Acheville.
"Durin? the nijrht of Saturday bomhinr
raid, were ma'le hy the- navsl air service
on work? ?t Rruires ?n?l in are?, thrrruahaatit
Midalelkerke and (??-listelles. Several ton?
of bomh? WtfTt 'Iropped with rood result?, ;
numerous explosions hein? caused. All the
machines ?tail pilots returned safely.
(?IGH1 i \ party of our tr?aops raided
the aiiemy'? trenches last raifiht near Lom
haertry.ii' Tit*- haastile artillery ?in miare
active than u?nal ?luririu the day in tl>e
I.eifthhorhoaad of ArmentiTc
Saturday niirht h'rrah- -.?-ere dropped l?y '
our aliplaaes OB a Ct-rman aerodrome, two :
important railway stations and an ammuni?
tion depot, where fire? and explosons were
causea!. llumhinR- ?apertations a'oiatinued
yesteraiay anal thara- was ?Yreat activity in
the air until 10 o'clock in the nmrninir, I
when a severe and sudilen thunderstorm pre- \
vente?! further flying.
Many of mir airplanes ?vere cauaht in the
storm anal fa.ur have rot returned.
In the air flirhtiiiir four German airplane?
were liroui/ht down and two other? ?tere
driven down out of control. Six of our? ?re
mlsilni!, inrludintr those lost In the storm.
Paris, July M. (DAT.) The riprht was
marked by rather violent artillery action?,
notably In ? ? nuten "f Piaja an loi a??
and K.pine ah- ( tiaarreny, in the ra Klon ?af
the Maar.Jimnt. at n ht?i.i a- and on i"th
hank- of Um Hi-.er Meuse.,
Vararte? ntta.-l? br tan enemy at vari.a'is
points a.f tla- front Wl-r?' r?'| '.ll?a-al !
f.VIOIITa. n?alh -irti?eries v.era very ac?
tive ?lurtnit the ?lay alunj? the whole Aisn?
front, from l'Kpine 4? t'hevrefrny a? far a?
ea.?t of the Califaarnie plateau, in th?. Ct.aai
paifne, in the Natan ' f Aulierive and on tho
lauiiks of the \laa.i-?.. There i? nothinR to re?
port from the rest of the front.
the niitht there were .atrol encounter? south
of Dixmude. Ilurinit the rour?e of the ?lay
there wa? restrained artillery activity. Wa
took to ta?k twenty-nine Herman batterie?.
H*rlin, July N. (DAY.) -Army ifroup
.? ' awn Prince Rupprerht : I'n<l.?r the
paral.vr.inK influence 0? our dtfettstv? i.r'ivi
ty, which continue,! with increase! intensity
al.'aa thoiifrlioait the niirht. the fi-thtirair activ?
ity of the enemy artillery on the Marnier? !
battl-friant remained small yesterday until
the afternnon. It did not increase in \ i?>
lence until then and did t."t attain the
?trar-nir'.h and ext? at of the i.revious dav?
on Um ron?t and in the sector from H?t
Sus t?a Wieltje the artillery battle continued
? ialent abo ?luring the nwht. Several
Ji.iti?h recontia.?triia' detachments advene?
inK aunin?t oua crater lin?*s were repul??d.
Army Group of the (iermnn Crown Prime.
been detected at this propaganda. Thoy
were arrested a7id shot.
In the main the communiqua from
Petroarad corroborate? that fron Ber?
lin, it ladiaatas growing resistance on
irt of the Russian? ?nil ssys that
the German? ware repulsed while
at i to erosi the Zbtetst below Ouatistin
and thrown back south of the Dniester
near Zalessezvk*/, Elsewhere in G
Heia and Buxovina the retreal
tinues. though more slowly. Macken
aen'l attack near Fokshant in Rumania
i- said to hit\r been ?lofeated. A Gor?
man Zeppelin dropped -0 bombs on the
town of Tornby, in the Aland Islands,
on the Haltic, but no casualty list is
Russia Believes Germany
Is Planning to Press
Her Victory in Galicia
: Frr.-ri Ttaa* Trtt.ir e Bureau!
Washington, July SO. Dispatches
from Petrograd to the Russian Em?
bassy to-day stated that a very serious
condition still exists at the front al?
though the Germans for the last two
days hav-> not developed their prei
on the Russian armies,as was expected.'
The nresenee of Emperor William at
the Eastern front convinces the I i
grad War Office that the enemy's at?
tention is fixed on that theatre and
that Germany is planning to push her
On the Rumanian front, the embassy
was advised, the successes of the Rus?
sians are increasing, the width of the
battle front is broadening, and booty
and prisoners are growing in quantity
and number. The Russians, the dis?
patch asserted, are mat being incau?
tious in their advances, but are exer?
cising every care against surprise and
alao against any possible miscarriage
of their own plans, so as not to com?
promise the sitaatien. On this front
the Russians have been uniformly suc
eessful ?ver since their drive began,
without a single reverse.
The tear?-i?_:n Office informed tho em?
bassy that a civilian commission, ap?
pointed hy the Provisional Government,
has left Petrograd for the front to
treats aa iindorstaading between the
soldiers and the government and ta
explain to the sol.liers the necessity
far abolishing the order prohibiting
the imposition of the death penalty.
The commanders of the armies have
hoes authorized to im) ose the death
!" altf In their ?iTiirts to restore df.
cipline in the army, an.| the embassy's
dispatch? s confirm the reports that a
most wholeoomo ?nTeel has boon no?
ticeable on the armies.
The government is sending a large
number of new regiments to 'ha. frei -.
and is disarming the mutinous regi?
ments, which will be dealt wi'h to mi'.'t
the requirement? ef army discipline.
1'i.litical advices to the embassy say
the government experts nil the politi?
cal parties, including the Constitutional
Dem?crata, to participate la the Cab?
ri nee of ail parties of
the nation, to be held at MOSCOW, was
postponed until after the completion of
the Cala?.et. o as ta pressai s per?
fected programme, representative of
I the views of all partie?, for considera?
tion. Tha* measnrea ta he treated ??'
? eanference ra?ate ehietajf to Inter?
I nal problems, but it i? expected the
conference will also approve a,f ?he
? taken by the government to con?
solidate It? power and to ristur.
cipline in the army.
Berlin Caterers in Jail
Berlin. July L'.' 'via I/ondon, .Inly
rani twi I onsble i Inter ?l?--i Lin
? : ? . i av.- been d? * ed
h-, the ?..: proprietor ? ?
I to jiul. ?an the ?'hura''' of riolatiag the
fanai ardinnncas.
The rest i era are gecueed
of paying In exeesa af tha. maximum
pri?es la purchasing supplies and "f
serving favored patron? who were
Without food CSrda Tin' fact that
baath restaurants were exclusive is
?laF.an t?a indicate that no ditcrimiiia
lions will be permitted m the enforce
ment of the food r?gulation?. Vie: >
tia.ns car:;, a line anal jail SCntS8COS.
-a> ? .
Irish Volunteers Disarmed
Dublin, ?' . i Lieutenant Gen
eial Bryan Thomas Mshon, commander
in chief ?af the British farces In Ire'
land, ha? Issued an order sudor the De
fi'tice of the Realm Act forbidding th?
wearinj of uniform? ?af H military . har
set?r em-ept hy state forces and the
carrying of wespon? except for ?awful
?Fn?l??y ma? ? cr paatlm? Th? ordjr
will ?mm?di???ly affaat valtiata?! htiltt
otm-SaM U raesatt yaari, j
-On the Chemin-des-Pame? the f- renrh eom
| mander? y?*tter?lay n?r?ii. attempt?.-! nn attack
i ? . ., i: '. at lea-t three f re?h
? division?, on a nine-kilometre front. After
I drumfire the enemy In the BMIufnt ,.nce mor?
a I? anr.fi to a storm r.t??rk from Cemy to
th<? Wlnterbtrf, near Craonne. Our battle
t"i??d di ???'.ited the ?ynemy e\ery
?ith their fire ?n?l in SO '.inter attack-.
One ?>ficr. taetod Khinelanfl-Wt-tphalian in
(.ir.tr> rtSaSStal al??ne repui?ed four attack?.
fn the oveninar, after artillerv pr?paration
that Ifutcl th.-'.iuzhout the ?lay. the enemy
rinflfltfld hi* attack.? twice to the south of
AUIa?. ThflSfl a!?', failed. H? .ivy IflflOfll for
tl>* I "ci.i'h. Ai?h.nit nny succ??.?, character
i.rd the 'lay'. fitUtintr.
The enemy ]???? t ten airplanes in aerial
i.NIfiHT. The fifhtinp ?rtivity of the!
e-ierny artr.ery ?rat a?7tin less violent to-<lay
than recently.
Italian Front
Hone, July 31. There was rotiresihle ?c
?. e-terday .it ?e.erai point? on the
Trentino front. Minor fishtir.?* rwulted in
our favor in the up;.er Vil Kurv?. Kast of
lake (lan?a, in St. IViIetrnno Valley and on
M ?nte 1'iana we took ?ome prisoner?. The
artillery duel ??a? accentuated In the I.a
f/.irina Valley.
On ?he Julian front there rs-aa considerable
terial actr. ity. An enemy machine wa?
hro'.ijrht down by on? of our airmen east of
nerlin. July M (DAT). Ka?t?rn theatre.
Army (in up of 0?*aeral von Huehm-Krmolli :
II,?- Bottiaa toree? are boldia*- the hei?h*?4
.1 | I: ? Zl --?ct. which ha? I>"?ti
rroated at ????.??rai p ? at? in ?pit?* of fierce
met and b ta rcackfld by mm? ?livision?
- -Hith of Skala. Also on the
n.'-th. in hank of the Dniester we have Kainetl
i !?? " i ri ?J beyond K.
Hetween the I)ni?'?tcr nnd the Truth the
enemy again '?f?*: ? ?1 I ,lt?r ro?i?t*nce. hut
i rerUtel ?rat prosM-d hark i.y ..ur attack
'.. the sci!hw??t 01 Zale-S/czyky.
, Kr.nt ?I A i <?l ?Ink?- Joseph: Alonir the
Cher. ni"fii the .iiirny i? defCMtag him*elf on
the eastern Ian'., ei U? river. Our attack
continue? between Znducze and Wirniti. In
the Suchawa valley our troops are penetrat
! in*r toward S'li-tyn.
A|m ?.ii the eaet of the upper Moldava,
vallty we foi.ghl mir way forward. Kiel?!
I Marfhal von Marken-ien'? nucrc*?.ful advance
t<? the north of h'?.k?hnni an?l at the mouth
of the Kimnicul brouvht u? ?everal hundred
i.Nll.MTi. Considerable portion! of our
troops are now -tanilinjr on Rui.iian terri
t:v ?'ter the I,attic east of Zhrncz. Tho
eni-my's reargiiard.? were driven toward th.*
? ??t fr..m Um Pointer and the I'ruth In
IN Mite Caaeset Motor iRmeanlea front?,
the Russians nr. retreitmir t/.ward the north.
Jassy, July M. On the 27th. betw<*en the
\ali.y? of Catin and I'utna, we attain
advancc'l .?..di" kilometres and occupied the
Mliajtr? of S.veia. Drat'olav, Nt'tril?*? ti,
ti, \'al??a?ares and Cola**ll] tV? aftain
took prlaoneri and some motor batterie? and
war material
Five Ships With
War Relief Cargoes
Sunk by U-Boats
Chairman Moffat Urges Co?
operation of Charities to
Thwart Submarines
1'ive ?hips recently seat oat by t h 7?
American War Relief Clearing House
with cargoes of hospital supplies have
been sun*, by submarines. John Moffat,
?executive chairman of the Federal
Conneil of Allied War Charities, ma?ie
h's announcement yesterday in a let?
ter in which he urged the seventy-flee
war relief '?rgr.nizatio.-is not affiliated
with the Red Cross to coonerate with
and .hip through that organization
The ihipping situation la becoming
extremly grave for all war charities,
Mr. Moffat s.iid. He tuggeste-l that the
Bed Crosi Itaoa monthly or weekly
bulletins t-llinrr what ?Vfaliei are
most urgently needed and that other
i organisation! arrange their ihifMBeatl
dingly. Ti. : tter .vas submitted
? to the Red Cross as well as to the ur
ranization? whose cooperation is
; .-.ought in economising in ship?.
All goods shipped by these organi-a
j tiens through tho Red Cross will go
1 dir.'Ctly to their destinations and be
, devoted nolelj to the palf 00OS intend?
ed by the ?end"! ?.
Falkenhayn to Lead
Mesopotamian Army
Former Chief of Staff Sent to
Turkey to Succeed Von
der Goltz
Copenhagen, July .'in. The report?
1 that General von Falkenhayn, former
i chief of the German Staff, had gone to
Turkey as successor to Field Marshal
1 von der Goltz as commander and mili?
tary adviser, are corroh-?rat-?ii by ar,
illust-ation in the Her! n "Lokal
??i.'' .hewing General von
? hayn and Djemal Pacha, earn?
> mander c\f tho Turkish for?*es In Syri \
reviewing the t Toons at Jerusalem.
It is andflrstood that G"neral von
Falkenhayn* will assume charge in
British Gunfire
Slackens; Storm
Halts Airplane?
Germans Declare Lapse Is
Due to "Influence of Our
Offensive Activity"
Haig's Drive Feared
Hindenburg Has Massed Great
Numbers of Cannon Be?
hind Flanders Front
Russians m?lte ttand ea?l of Cslician
frontier, bul Germant forre wsy acrot? the
I Zbr?7x-7 River al many poinl?. Slavic armie?
I continue retreat at all other point? a? far a?
j Rumanian border, but louth of the Dnieiter
J Korniloff'i rear guards offer "bitter" riiitt
i anee, Rutio-Rumanian advance keep? up,
i wilh teveral more mile? of territory and six
ullage? gained. Mackensen launche? counter
blow against southern Rumanian front.
Violent artillery fire in Flanderi slackens.
Berlin asserts Brilish batteries were ?moth?
er -? ] by German cannonade. Canadians gain
'? thousand yards lo depth of 400 yards and
a take Cite dr Moulin, suburb of Lens.
I'arit reports little infantry fighting on
: Chemin-des-Dames. Berlin says French
counter attack on six-mile front with three
divisions was repulsed everywhere.
Artillery fire on Italian front increasing in
London. July 30. There was a slack
?ning to-day in the extraonlinary artil?
lery duel in Flander?, which in the la?t
three week? has gradually been increas?
ing to an unpne.-dented intensity. Th?
P.rit;?h bulletins, consistently reticent
throughout the whole period, throw no
lighten the reasons forthislapse,except
to mention a violent thunderstorm yes?
terday morfning, which prevented fly?
ing and presumably interfered with ar?
tillery observation. The German War
Office announce? flatly that it was due
to "the paralysing influence of our of?
fensive activity which increased
throughout the ni^'ht?"
General Hait; refers to an increase
in the enemy's tire at Armenti?res,
which is on the right win? of the
bombanlcd front, and for the last
week the Germans have been hurling
a growing "aolume of ?hells at the two
ixtr'-mes of this thirty-three-mile
line, on th?*- coa?t and near the French
border. At these two points and be
tween them il .s ?aid that Hindenburg
has massed the greatest number of
guni the Germans have ever brought
together on any front for the pur?
pose of smothering any infantry move
! ment which Haig might undertake. The
Belgium communique says that twen?
ty-nine German batteries face their
Nevertheless, Germany expects a
British offensive. The "Vossiche
Zeitung* declara? that an a'tack by
Mail's armies Is imminent and that "an
infantry battle ?rill begin in a decisive
, form." The British ere methodically
carrying- out their preparation? in the
' air. Saturday niirht naval squadrons
! raided the regions around Bruges, Mid
dolherke and Chistelles, dropping sev?
eral tuns of bombs and causing many
-ions anil Area without the sac?
rifiai- ef a single flier. On the same
j night the army airmen bombed two
'?? railroad stations, a German airdrome
| and a munitions depot. Op. Sunday
I morning the air fighting became vio
! lent until 10 o'clock when a severe
? storm broke. Tha- British War Office
1 says six German plane? were account.-.1
| for and six British machines arc miss
j ing. Berlin declares that ten Frenrh
and British fliers were brought down
yesterday. The Royal Flying Corps is
encountering stronger German opposi?
The infantry actions on the Brit?
ish front wer?* insignificant, being con?
fined to local encounters near Bulle
court and Acheville and a British raid
into the enemy lines p.* Lombaertzyde,
on the Yser, near the coast. The Ca?
nadians pushed unexpectedly forward
into Cite de Moulin, a suburb of Lens,
in broad daylight. Previously the
Canadian attacks have come at night,
and their scouts learned that the Ger?
mans, taking it for granted that this
would continue to be ?o, abandone.)
their defences during the day. Conse?
quently, the Canadian forces were en?
abled to gain a strip of territory a
thousand yards wide and 400 yards
i deep.
<>:i the French front the Crown
Prince has been definitely forced back
to the defensive. Paris report? only
heavy canonnding along the Chemin
des Dames and in the Verdun sector,
with the repulse af enemy surprise at?
tack?. Berlin, however, gives an ac?
count of a French counter ofensivo
yesterday del.venal over a six-mi!-*
front between Cerny and the height?
east of Craonne. It is said to have been
carried ??ut wilh at least three divisions
of rffeetive?, hut to have failed every?
Country-House Wickerware
m brtHtkfast trap, *n\t?s mam?!
ppiektr, Bate trat af crttanm nadar flat?,
rnrk for nlntf. nilv> r mul mull: tSalStB
inclut. $10.00
t'offre trt (a* illv.ilrntr-l), li-iynl Worce.t.r
I perec?a fa ??/'<? /".'. ?wjir l-ntin,
mitin pitcher, rup on,I tttttett, nrtirc nrnl
frntt pist?t, txtra. $12.25
??On do?
*CrUAl MA?"***^
Caektnti ott (at lift), colored ???uii*l antntar trc,,,, battam of ere,-??....
ttndrr-iilaet, uick.r hnnill,, ami rack holding firmbj ?* euorarfd cryttnl
?7'"?"??. . $8.75
l.*.if?*r rrf, xthite rnnmrl ui'ker Hand, plffl finteo! rote-frttnon mnuntinn,
crttonnc-un-lrr-alte.'. Ma rn/.tt-i! altistes in compartment, ?j?7 o?
Summer Schedule: July and Aug. 9 A. M. to 5 P. M.
Closed all day Saturday
(i?87fl?Sf?3j ^A^KJ-XtA^ MS TronuTnt St
253 Broadway London
i <>P}'. ( -it*) Hull) 1 *??* World's Groatott ?Leather *J?oret ?9 R?g?nt St
400 Children, Near
Death by Gas ?Bombs,
Saved by Red Cross
Removed From Frontier Town
Bombarded by German
Paris, July .10.?Four hundred ?mall
children, threatened with death by
asphyxiating gas bombs dropped by
enemy aviators, were successfully re?
moved to-day from a small French town
near the firm?; line to a place of safety
by the American Red Cr?s? in response
to the first emergency call received at
the Parisian headquarters.
The first word of the children's con?
dition reached headquarters late Thurs
riff" afternoon, and the nex' day the
Red Cross sent doctors and nurse? and
a truckload of condensad milk, cloth
lug and dnifca for their relief. Tha
children were bathed, fed and provldei
with clean clothing. They were giver
medical attention and finally tram
ferred to a ?afer locality.
A? the German aviators are usin?.
gas bomb? and because it I? impos?
sible to equip children properly with
gas masks, It. has been considered
necessary to take them out of the dan?
ger zone. Many mothers who are busy
harvesting crop? have been unable to
give adequate care to their children,
and the Red Cross has now taken them
under it? control temporarily.
Agitator L?nine Disappears
Petrograd, July .??O. Nikolai L?nine,
peace agitator and alleged Germar
spy, ha? disappeared from hi? usual
haunts in Petrograd, and his where,
about? is not known to the government
authorities. The stories published in
the I'nited Ptates that L?enine had been
seized by the police at Oierki, Fin?
land, on July 24. and that later he had
escaped during a battle between gov?
ernment agents and anarchists at Tor?
nea. Finland, are said by the officials
to be untrue.
A Taffue story was current in Petro
Buy Our
h?*.?* 5V2%
Secured by our Capital and Soi-pl?
of $2,500,000, and also by deposit of
first mortgages on Improved tita
real estate.
55 Liberty Street
grad July 2ft that the suspected Th.
ton agent had fled from th? capital u
Kronstadt, that he hAai been ?montai
through Finland to Stockholm, and *J.
ready reached Germany No elfltui
confirmation of this reoprt could U
obtained. Another rumor current hen
yesterday was that L?nine was op??,
ating in Stockholm.
i ami,
Hot Weather
Monroe Clothes
for LESS
Right now, when the papers are full of "Reduc
tion Sale3," is a splendid time to make comparison*-)
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Monroe suit to this test?you'll find it an experi?
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?these are the three big reasons why Monroe cus?
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100,000 wearers of Monroe Clothes in New York
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Come up to-day and make us prove our claim.
Monroe Summer Specials
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*t\b?:'f*\i(m*?cachM Suits, in all size:
?iJhorts and
low price.
Extra White
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annel an
1 and S
.. ? rt
.* {**?
cuitS'Topcoats-Evenii^ Clothes
^**^ ? EL. ^StstOmW
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42d Street. Cor. Bway
Nassau SUbr Franifort
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54tkStreet. ** Bway
Bergen Ave. 149th St.
Court & Montague St**.
Fulton & Hoyt Streets
W Fulton StatFlatbush Av-?
NEWARK 151 Market Si
iIMseycity "trt?sr
PATERS0N 220 Main St

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