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Giants Defeat Pirates?Dodgers Lose to?ubs?Yanks Beaten
Jim Vaughn Puts End to
Dodgers' Winning Streak
Star Southpaw of Cubs at His Best and Shuts Out League
Champion*?Wheat and Cadore Alone Able to I lit
Opposing Twirler with Any Consistency
B?/r -Tim Vtttfha calM an abrupt halt on the winning f-trcak of the
Brooklvn DodfSfl >e.-,fi lay afternoon. Furthermore, the former Yankee
JJji?r obtained a shut-?*??*, the score hemp, Cub??, 2? Dottfsn, 9. The
bulky ?soothp*** inci'icntally .scored his fifth straight victory over the
RrookJyn nine.
Leon (adore, the Dodger pitrher.de
a better fate, but his good box J
aork could not offset the errors of
tad omission of his tram
It appeared to the small con?
tingent of fandom present that the
Dodgers threw up the sponge ss soon
M they ssw Rig Jim strolling to the
Zieh Wheat was the only man on
the Flatbush team who appeared 1<>
like the portside slan's of Vaughn.
Zach made three hits in four tmes at
bst, snd on each occasion a ran st
id?', would have resulted hrul those
following him in the batting order
been able to do I
Csdore was the only other member
of the I?o i?ers to take B SJH? si
to Big Jim'? offerings. I.eon gath?
ered two hits in three chances with
the ?tick, and he is only a pitcher.
One Inning Enough
The run which settled mutter- 'ame
in the fourth inning, an,! Hi M > ? t -.
?ho la sssay.Bg wit? considerable
MMcesi to Bll the erippl?sd Cntshaw'a
?hoes at second, Bad Ivan OlBOB were
. who is jotted ,
down in the ball | ?????,': Bl
? tiist Cub t
hat. mSB of the ti BS ' ? .
plajing right alongaide Dauber? in the ;
exact ipot where the lanky Cob out
fielder drove the ball. Myers fumbled
i williami wai
Pea! ?acrifici-.l. Doobeii t,>
?nd KildurT popped to 0 i
reach I .
to?.?ed the bnll wild!) Daubert,
Williams scoring and the Cub catcher
miag to -eeona \ ugl ? ? nded the
innir.g l.v .''a: ninj*.
The Cuba made their second and last
run in the fifth inning, and hete again ,
' The de- :
riiion at the plate ?a .,, the I
?ort an,1 Rigler neceived the <-us-1
tomary jeers and hoot.? front the?
k fanned tu itart the aaaaion,
1 adore
"It rkle, Z< ..1er -peiii.
and Mann for third oi
lilt strike. Kreogei i to Myers
und it
?atemed to ? ?I ity of the
? Mann in plenty of time ? .
l'.icU-r ruled atherwl
Dodpers Sooil Chance
Tie Dertgaia' oppor
. preseated itaelf i. I ? -
?.t'th. Jimmy Hiekman fanned.
?'? ' lie Id.
irka lined to Mann i*i left, the
Itfielder making a ?
? ? r Baniona
Zeidcr to hoi.I. ' lag t,. ioe>
Ivan Olaon, sitar
masking two vicioui fonli
third base line, flied weakly to Merk'e.
Brook:. | vanished with
the pi,;
In ??: ?'xth another auspicious start
?re? ?rale bj the Dodgera, but to no
?vail Daubort and Myers alngled, hut
Steag?. a double play and
(lied to /.eider.
Dodger Dope
Cad're fsnr.ed three men in the fifth,
lit the Cub? scored a run just the
Hi Myer? showed hi? greenness at
the keystone sack on three occasion?,
but wi? credited with only one error.
It ?*?? the worst day Hi has had since
he wit promoted to the infield.
"'Rourke's stop of Zeider's fierce
E-r in the third wai the fielding
ature o< the game. The spectacular
?lay ?.:" the Brooklyn m rd baseman
Fred M?rkle bad a bed day at the
bat < n,:-->re ?truck out the former
G'.ar.t ": :e- times. Twice Fred fanned
with t*o men on the sacks.
Jimmy Hiekman again fsiled to get
? ? ". He has now gor.e to the bat
eiih*. timea without itriking a ?afe
In ?he first Inning Cadore pi'ched two
bills to Flack and the?, prore?(ie! to
ten 'hree right arar the j.'.
Flark merely atood In his track-? to be
Fritz Maisel to
Play With Red Sox
CHICAGO, fug. H. Fritz Mais?!,
?peedy infi'ii'r of the New Yor..
Sey beat the V.
tas day Roger Rre?r?nban.
I part nwi i ' oledo
: r?"l with Owner !'?
Bad Man?
r his club, and
? deal -.vas practica!. How
it appears
that the lied Boa refused to
'or ? ?a- .... ,.,.,,' 0f a< .
?**mpanying the Yankees to Ken
kin?, had a ticket <: reel t?. Boat
B?c?.;?e of Injurie? ?n<! als?, beesoaa
?f Hght hi'tir.g Msi?el ha? not been
{* the gsrns regulsriy with the \?i -
?**?. bu*, h? 1H Considered ?me of the
fsata?.' rr.? . the game i the? ?? tl rd
% it aeeond ha??, and a best
?toe runr.er? n tl e i?,
McGraw Case Will
Be Decided To-ady
Too Much Vaughn!
(il'cico n i.) ; noOasXTM f?, 1.1
t'. r t. un A t all r h pn i a ,
Plark. rf... "i o 1 1 0 o 0!?nn ?a . 4 <i ? : 0 1 ?
Maaa. if . .*, i :? 1 ? OlDaubact, lb, ?M ? :?
">i?l-r. . ? ??..,. lb... 101 S I 1
lb ? ii 0 ? 0 ' >?. Dgal if 4 0 1 1 0 0
cf I 1 0 I 0 0 II. ' ' ? 2 0 0 I
1 ? ] : 2 0 /. ?VI,?a?, .r 4 ?1 ' 1 0 ?
- ?. t ? s 2 ? ?,'Rourt?, r.baon i ? r> '
2 0 n - : i Kruecer, c I ?1 9 :< o
Vaastia, p 4 o 0 o l O Cador* i> I ?i '-' 0 :? i
?M \\.. tl | U ? d I? 0
T?Mal? ? j 11 27 ? 0, Tot?!? ... J4 ? * 2t M ?
? Ran for 7. W) i-n I-, ?> ? nlr.th ?nr.in?
0 0 0 1 1 oofl 0?2
o r? o 0 0 0 o 0 0?0 !
Tee hem 1 i" /.-'.It. KI .1-jfT Stolen base??
M* Zetata :,, Deal StxrlSo? BH? Um. lall |
.J ai ?er linar lianr on wrr-rs Clilr???*. I. l/-'t oa i
rum Cblcaao, I", Brooklyn, s Doubl? plain |
i?.?: a ; atsrfcl?; Cater?, Daubert, tijen ,
?ir-.-r n? a ou ?11? OS Vatican, 1. ?ft .
???lor? 'iff ?Tailor? 1 Str? ' ? I
Itv C? lor?, I ? . I'susl ': f ' mplia? Sl|fcB and !
? II?.
International League
Nivaark at Roahei-ter.
Providenre at Muffalu
I'ii hmond at Toronto.
Toronto., <H; Richmond, I.
PtwtIdeate ;?i Muffalo (rain).
Newark at Rochester (wet gr'ds.L |
W. L. Pet.! W. L. Pet.
Toronto. 77 .".2 .597 Koch't'r 58 69 .4.'7 ,
I'ro-ad . 7 I.">(!.."?!'.: Luffalo. .r?fi70.44i
Balte ... 71 .V1..-.7H Rlch'd. . 47 77 ..'179 ?'
S?? k . 71 ?S3 ..".71 Monti. . 49 80 .'ISO
Browns One Run
Ahead of Athletics
ST. LOUIS, Aug. 28. Davenport.
whs was knocked out of the box by
1 IM. ladelphia on Sunday, came back to?
day and let the visitors down with four
St Louis winning, I to 1.
The Browns got their two runs after
two were out la the Brat inning. S;.-!er
???rubied. Pratt singled and stole ?ec?
ond. Slpan singled, scorm?* both Sisler
?nul Pratt.
Tl.e score:
I I'llllADTLU'ltlA ?A T. ST I..II1S A I.)
iai. r h p.. ?. ab : a Ik. ? ?i
-'?.ii ii ? ?n Ith. ?r 401:00
; ; n J ,; ? \l,a.. 4 (I n 1 S 0
I. I ?? I ? OSItlar. lb 4 1 1 U 1 0
1 4 0 111" Prall 11 all : I o
?i ? ? : ? 4 0 110 0
raid . 4 0 1111
11? : l" '?. ?v*?.i. ? ' :? I 1 .". o o
?Will -a . :? ?o i | o Uaan, .?a I?] i :a o
P J ? 1 0 S ? luier.jxa?!. j? ??I 1 0
; 'II. "y 1 (? 1 0 0 0
I? ,'.??? . 0 0 0 0 0 ?J
? 14.4 i? : Mala ii i a :t ?? i
?Ita-.-xl tor Prhan^ ?B ?.irth !? ; , .
? ? i e e ? a a e?i
? si ix.uk. i ? e s e e e e a?i
I ? !-? J?l?l?
?-??? | - limit,!?
plaj La? in ? Pral
1 ? b?taa m rrror?
- ''?? St ? ? baila ne Datasapa-rt, I.
?? |, ,).: pgft 1
:?? [>??.?:.pra-r. I I ,.-.
A.A.U. Track Team
Is Strengthened
The frantic effort? of the officials
j of the Metropolitan Association to
, strengthen the local team in the na
j tional championuhip games at St. I,ouis
Saturday resulted yesterday in the
, addition of two new members. They
; are Gordon Milne, of Loughlin Lyceum,
and P. K. Walters, from the Paulist
I Athlet.?- i'luti.
Walters made bil return to the track
several weeks ago after a retirement of
vrais, aril is from?; better than
; hit. Hi? will compite in the century
Hii-h ?in ?1 Milne in the L'-'f'-yai ?I run.
Th? athletes will leave in group? on the
, thre- St. Louis trains to-day. Fred?
erick W. Pubien and Judge Bartow S.
Week?, who are te act a.-i officials, will
accompany the team.
The announcement of the entries for
tho all-around nutional title, which
takes place in St Loail next Monday,
; I'.nds th" record-hicakir.g tie!?! of ten in
f]iier?t et the honor.?. This is three
more than the number that competed
last year. Avery Hrundage, of the Chi?
cago Athletic Aasoclation, winner of
enship In 1S18 and ISIS, i-?
r?ani"il to star?, and much opposition is
in store for him from 1- re?! Kelly, of
Los A- ;?? ?s, -. ' 10 finished reeond last
jraar, and ,??,e i. ,?0.
(uhrr- wl i will canipete are V.
> Tyeer, Newark; L Kanmo, Petroit; P.
? Unr.ei, New York; L. Mr-Masters,
i.irgh: Howard Barry and Harold
i, Meadowbrooh Clna, Phila
? delphia, an i Harry GoelitS, Chicago.
m- ?
Morse Going to St. Louis
Lnv I". Mnr.se, ?\;,ra Blichtlp ?trained
eg laal Satardajr, ?vill leave the
day ta eonpeta in 'he national
? < hampionship? at S*. taOBil on Satur
i ?.a;-. Ilr- \aav the 1911 ittOior IC'iyar?!
? ??0-yard nal oaal sprint title
A Triple Play
All Yanks Get
Out in Chicago
Brilliant Fielding Stunt En
gineered by Raker?
White Sox Victor
( BICAGO, Aug. M. The most the
Yankees got out of ?/heir last ?rislt of
the year to Chicarlo was a triple p!a-.
if this is any ??atisfaction for a triple,
beating, Chicago won to-day's game,
the third in a row. by a pcore of ?; ?
Bad has?- running ruined whatever ?
chai.ee. Donovan's team had against
Williams and Faber. As usual, Caid
well was the "goat" of a slipshod at?
The triple play was engineered b]
Paker and Gedeon in the third inninc
and hold to one run what threatened at
the time to develop into a deluge. Will?
iams drew a pass and sprinted to third
when Gilhooley fumbled Leibold's sin?
gle. MeMullin singled to right, scoring,
Williams. Eddie Collins roled to Cald- ,
well, who played too late for Leibold at
third base. The cushions were crowd?
ed, with none out.
I,real Play *oy BaUir
.Joe ?lackson, the onetime mauler and
night mare of Ty Cobb's day dreams,
faced Caldwell in this dilemma. Row?
land gave Joe the office to ride one. Ai.i
ride it he did. This slugger, who usu?
ally hits to rich' field, shot one with
cannon ball velocity down the left field
slot. It was whistling by the thud ?I |
when Baker somehow got in the ?'?
and plucked it out of the Bir,
The three runners, thinking the drive
as safe as democracy, were well nndei
way when the Home l'un King tame
down with the pellet Baker wa
a step from l..s ?tation. Ha ?topped on
the can\us, doubling LeSibold, an,I
?hot ti,?* ball to Gedeon tu complete the,
triple killing before MeMullin could g?-t |
back. Thus ended Chicago's 01*81 ?ally j
at ? he expense of one run.
The White Sos cinched it in the fifth
and s i m i h ianiags. In the fifth two
mus eame on au?sceeaiT?*ninglei bj l ?
bold, MeMullin, Eddie Collini sndJack
son. Caldwelll wildnesi forced the
winning run on Chicago in the sixth.
After ?Schalk had singled and haber had
ucrifieed for th.- aocond out. Slim
passed Leibold, MeMullin and Eddie
Collins ?n succession.
Lost Opportunities
The Yankees tossed off countless op?
portunities. In the first inning Bigb
wai trapped off third through Schalk'
bluff throw on an attempted doubl.
Steal with Pipp. Gedeon was left after
be opened the second with a double.
Peckinpaugh reached second, with none
out, when .Jackson fumbled his single.
He stop;,id at third on 1'ipp's double.
Hisberg then grabbed (?edeon's line
drive and doubled Pipp off hist, while
Baker flied out.
The Yankees finally broke the ice in
the sixth. High singled. Gilhooley
fanned. MeMullin threw poorly on Pipp,
High reaching third. Hughie scored on
Pipp'? jingle, r'al.er replaced William.-.
GtMeoa'i fly to Pelack tallied Peckin?
The ?core:
1I.K-?, '
? . if ?
I"l,au?-r>. M I
: i ,i v; m
3 20 1
: ??? o ?,.'?
i nn aoo ?A i. ?
?1, r li |x>
Uj I i i s ?o
?;r.'-?.n. 2b. 31 2 1 1 ? Krla.li. rf
i ...
Haalitlrj?. of
? n ? : I 1 (i.-. Ill, li.
,i 0 1 f. 1 If-i.rri, -??
Alci?u,'?r - : 0 0 S " c Schalk, c.
I'll lu- '
? i? 1 i? l 0 ?Allllajni
i o I o o H Ttbar.
T..'? a I 10 il : 1 Total.
fl 4 0
i i (,
> 1 1 0 0 1 0
lo i n li
M ? Il II -
? Hatted ta Alfi.r.,lrr in th? ninth lnnln?
New Yori. . . 111111111?1
. I I 1 I I 1 I I a?4
Two -feat? Uta i.vj-on. PtM, Qacailtl, Bl?l?s
havsr? i ??? laslbtl I. Saa?i e toll U M I III .
1 C? la? labor, ???i-rit* ? 1: n?.'.,,., Deubls
I,'a?, lUa Fi| lu I l*o li oUina 'o Kl?
lifri to' ?.??. il, I'n;,., |,.?v?Hakrr to U i
, I .- Sam . I I'-? -
on bail? Off Caldw.ll.r?; tnT Williams. 1, ,*T l ?Issr, I
Hit? Off Wl ilaaaa I bita as
? ? ini off Ca ? run? In 8 Innloa?:
on* Paitar. ? btli ?tad 1 ran !-. I !? I nvalaia Itrae?
?,m Ii> ia. i.Trii. o. by WllUaata, I; bj Tabot, I
1 uifli?* H...1.? ai.,1 li'I/mililm Tuna?2 ?5.
Coveleskie to Stay
With Detroit Tigers
DETROIT, Aug. 2?. Plans of the
Detroit American League Baseball Club
to release Harry ( oveleskie, left
handed pitcher, to Providence, of the
International League, have been aban?
doned, for the present at leant, it ?ral I
ai liounced here late to-day, at the j
player's own request.
Coveleskie Brill remain on the I>e-;
troit roster, but is not expected to
pitch any more this season. He RBI
not recovered his effectiveness since
his arm went back on him last spiin^,
and it aas his desire to rest up, in the
hope of being tibie to resume his work ,
I with Detroit tT>xt year, that caused the
local club to change its plans.
Three-Day Tournament
For New York Golfers
Golfers in the metropolitan district
' will nave an opportunity to play in a
three-day tournament at the Bsysida
golf links on September 6, 7 and * for
the benefit of the lied Crass or some
; other worthy charity connected with
' war relief work.
The tourney will be under the man
ngement of the Matanwak dolf Club, ?
Which boldl week-end BffSllS on the,
Bsysida i'n??-. The Urs' day will be ,
' given over to the qualifying round and
] the Matt two days to match play. On
Saturday there ?vil! he a handicap at
? eighteen holes.
"Licorice" Ball Barred
I RirjAOO, Auk. tS. Pitchers in the
American League found R-ailty of using
the "Iteoriee" ball, or otherwise dis?
color r.g it, will he automatically su?,
perded for five days. President Johnson '
said to-day. Warning ?as issued to
umpires aid managers to <r*"oree the ;
rule against discoloration of the halls.
Standing of Major League Clubs
Piltahurch at V?** ?ork
< latean ?i Brassakl) a
( in? inn;it i at Itnatnn
SI. I oui? nt Philadelphia
New *iork. 7: l'iti?htiigh, i. e
.( hlrago, I; lirooMvn, 0.
Si |y?ui?. I; Philadelphia, f?.
I infirmai!, 9; lioialon, 1.
STANDIM. or (uns
W. L. IVt. W. L. P?t.
S. "?ork. 7". 41 .?.17 i hi<a?j?i. ?Si: ?SI ..'.01
Chili?.... ?..". 19 .'.70 H'klan.... 57 ?S0.IH7
It i.ci ?jsjji nV*?ioa~ Il ttMl
(Innaii IS 83^12 Pitte'gh. SI ?MJ13
Detroit at Cleveland
Chica tro, I; (?SW ie?rk. 1.
SI. I.oui". '-'; Philadelphia. 1.
Paste?, ?t Detroit (rain).
Waaateftea at Cleveland (rain).
W. L. Pet Vf. L PcL
< bicaro 79 it Mi N. York.. M H .471
Host..... 71 ITJM?Waak'B?. M M.4M
I le? eld. ?Il 5H .510 St. I. I NJM
Detroit . M itMtPhttt. (I 75.370
v/ Gr?nti?nd Rice
On Facing late
Far he it from tue to suggest yon A<"*r> ?7 rt'nn''"',?
When Fute has beStroMtoi your perk;
Or to gnu to uou ">ii>i'r"? when the othfr Man's
? .1*'<7 you arc there-fourths of a xvrecki
The sgetent, or stgle, is t personal matter,
With nhich I have nntling to do,
? ile on, if yen M ill? or get etad OS ? hatter,
f: /' don't let the ehargs brea!; through.
"The man who eon tmiW los cove in for the iiit?.*?-.?*
t)i mart then one Healer in junl; :
Perhaps I am wrong, but I hold 'i,r't the phrnre is
A wean ingle?* stueter of bun!::
For entiling or eurehtg Won't carry you through It
When Fate begins driving at you.
There's only ore answer?there's nothing else to f,
Don't let tie assault break tl<raugh.
Wet rh* ancient prophet referring to the draft when he reTi?rkeH: "Many
are Balled, but few are cho??n?"
The Red Sox motto ?a?? generrrlly been a? follow?: "Stick sround and
they'll cr.me Lack: to,yea; if they don't, co get 'cm."
Freak Incidents
Dear sir: In calling your attention to the record of th? Birmingham
club, which scored I runs in I 'lay? and won .1 games, another record
was overlooked. Some years aro Cincinnati journeyed to St. Loais. and in
a four game series ?cored but 1 run, while St. I.oui? ?cored 11, yet the Red.?
got an even break on the ?erie?. The scores were, St. Louis, 11: Cincinnati,
0; Cincinnati, I; St ?Loais, 0; Cincinnati, 0; St. Lour?, 9; Ciaelaaatt, 0; St.
Loais, o.
Ii tra BIS a few other add achievements I gather from my eight volume."
of dopa:
Bandar one year pitched one ball In a trame and lo?t it; Bluejacket.
-with the IiM.okfeds. did not make a ?Ingle pitch, yet wa? officially credited
with a victory. Hera's another orld one in a Scranton-Elmira game, the bases
were full; the Llmira pitch?':' thtOW to third snd caught the runner off the bag:
after considerable teasing back and forth the Flmira pitcher found himself
three feet from third base, ball in hand, with three runner? on third ba?e.
Ile longed at the group, which scattered, and in the throwing which followed,
after tile smoke had cleared away, S?'ranton hail her 3 runner? back on first,
Second and third without an error charged. EDWARD SIELS,
I m? freakiest golf ?hot we ever saw wo? a brasslc ?hot, hooked out of
bonnds, that erosaod a road, strach S telephone po?t, bounded back in on the
green and dropped into the rup for a ". The ?ame being no part of a myth,
fable or fabrication
Rival Infields
A ?-eda'e bystander der; re? to know whieh ha? the hetter infield the White
Boa or .'led Sox.
Hobby and Gsiner nak? a stronger comhinstion than C.andll at first; Col?
lins has a shade or Harry, but only a ?hade; both are starr'-, Scott ha? some
Ciing on Risherg n' shorf"" enough experience to count. Gardner and Weaker
rre about 60-50 but Gardner knows more about third-base play.
"Willani has lost 2*1 pound? since he bought out the circus in which ho.
was formerly employed." Je?? might Bild another ring and get down to fighting
weight without training.
Matty started from the South Pole thi? season. He hasn't woiked hi?
Way to the North Pole yet, but he passed the Eauator and ha? his Reds at last
boaaed in the Temperate Zone. With a few aditional supplies of pemmican
and gum drops he expects to push rapidly on next spring and anchor for the
summer somewhere above Baffin's Ray, at lec?t.
After the Big Fellow
frei Toney, the TssnasMa Turmoil, or the Red Redoubt, Wtt make a ter?
rific effort to bag m?re victories this season than Alexander, who has led hi?
circuit for a good many campaigns.
Alex has been attaching M or more victories right along, but he i? a trifle
behind his old mark for late AagWt He is still within fairly close reach of
the Kerl star, and the finish should be fairly well replete with fuzz. Toney.
With 2'i victories along the dotted line, expects to reach ,10 by the finish. If
he does the Philly Premi? r will ne?d a fart drive through the stretch to re?
train his oil campinr: ground on top of the pitching peak.
Thr* Browns ami Pirates at a? now in favor of the government taking over
landing of th.- Ciaba and distributing the outp'it to all alikt. Why
"What good," asks G. L. P., "will it do to teach our soldier? how to box?
never heard of the Chinese Boxers winning many wars. Or didn't they"'
Miss Browne Cup Victor
Over Miss Bjurstedt
Garland Wins in I ennis
Match for Ambulance
Fund at Rochester
ROCHESTER, Aug. 2S.-~Matches sfj
the second and final day's play in the
Rochester Tennis Club's tournament
for the I'nited States Tennis Associa?
tion's |lO0,00?*> ambulance fund were
partly spoiled to-day by rain that fell
intermittently during the afternoon.
The .up match between Miss Mary K.
Browne, the Pacific Coaal .?tar, and
Mi Molla Hjurstcdt w.ts shortened to
one Ml BOCnUBS ? ( M II ICurstedt'a ill?
!)?.-??. Miss Browns won, I ?V,
Charles S. Garland, junior champion,
again defeated Marshall Allen, of
Seattle, 0 1, 0 1. .lohn P.. Strachan
?and H laindley Murray defeated Fred
B. Alexander and Harold Throckmor
ton, ?1 4, 6 n.
The players left to-night for Cleve?
land, when another ambuli.ice fund
tournament will he held.
Miss Detroit II Adds
To Laurels for Speed
troit II, which won the (?old Challenge
Cui> of Cue American Power Poat A?
sociation yesterday, to-day won the
Nor'h American one-mile champion?
ship, the closing event of the annual
regiatta, with an average speed of 11.71
miles an hour in her six one-mile
dashes against time.
The av?rsge speed of MISS Minne?
apolis whet, ~he won the dash chant
pion ship last year was fil.OS mile.? an
1-., it.
The Detroit craft, driven hv Garr
Wood, wa? the only boat to make the
triti'? ?gain?t time, the others with?
draw me i??ra',i?-e of minor accidents.
? a-*
First Call for Football
COLUMBUS, <>h:o, Aug. L'S. Foot?
ball players and candidates st Ohio
BtntS t'niversity to-day were ordered
to report for first prsr'ice on Septem?
ber ?I, three day? before the fa)l ?pen
mir of the university, The order does
aWBl arith rumor? tliH? Ohio State
might sbsndos Its footbnll lehedule
tt". i ?l'?al.ll.
A Rare Catch
By Bill Rariden
Hill Carinen, the hard toiling
backstop of the Clanth, would never
be mistaken for Douglas Fairbanks.
Hut Roshter Rill pulled a stunt at
the Polo Ground? yesterday after?
noon which would ha?e made a (en
strike on an> film.
In the sixth Inning Max Csrey
raised B foul that fell well up on
the arreen that guards, the pre??
box. Rariden raced bark for it.
Rut instead of halting before the
barricsde, as most catrhers do. Hill
ran right up the wall, monkc
fa?hion, and, shooting his arm out
along the top screen, caught and
held the ball.
Comiskey Sends $3,000
More to the Red Cross
i HICAGO, Aug. M, Claries A. Co?
miskey, president of the Chicago Amer
irnn League Raseball Cltsb, to-day gent
te the American Red Croa? hi? fifth do
natiotfl to thst fund. $3,on?.9?, repre?
senting a percentage of ?he gross re
cipts in the recent seriei of games st
Comiskey Rail Park.
The total amount, including the sum
sent to-day, which Comiskey has given
to the Red Cro?s is $14,067.?.T. '
Cards Sign nn Inf-cldcr
Hilly Lloyd, a Trenton hoy, ha? been
signed by the St. Louis Csniinsls. He
is s second bs??tnan and recently
plsyed in the Delaware ("ou? fy League.
Mike O'Dowd Wins
ROSTON, Aug. IB, Mike n'Dowd. of
St. Paul, wa? ?riven a decision over Ted j
Kid i Lewis, world welterweight cham?
pion, in s twelve-round ?boxing bout
here to-night.
Lewis does not loss hi? title, how?
ever, for the boxers entered the ring at
weicht ?I'd th? sou, ama not s
ebSSSOioBship affair.
Paulette Steals
Home and Wins
For Cardinals
Alexander on Mound for
Phillies When Sensational
Play Comes
Philadelphia, Aog. th. The St Loui?
' ?rdmals won to-day's game in the
seventh inning by kuocking Ueschger
?f! the rubber and by Paule'.te stealing
??"nie while Alexander was pitching, the
feat producing th? d?*cid:ng tally
of I I te 5 score.
The Phill-.es took the lead in the
early innings by baaching ti nits
OB halls of Goodwin an?l error?.
? i ? ? ' to th? rubber in the fifth
inning and stopj I th? Mris %
The score:
IT un is (M i. PHti.AnixriiiA ?. :
Br I ??? -
? 'aakarl et 11 4 ?i ?
Jill ?? , -? , ' ? 0 '.' 0
- k. 3b_ 3 11 o : ?
n '? a ? : 3 - a . rrsTatb. rl ? ?
? ? ? ?01 I ? 1 S?I
I ID? 4
I'.? r-1 t. . 4 ?) 0 ?. . ? a
i i ? ? ?) : i ?
? .
.i n .1.)
a . I ? l 9
Ben lar j? 0 0 0 o 0 0
?r. e... If?
?- baits .. a o i" o o j
g?tai? M S IS ST 11 StU Ml Si
* lia'? : ' - A laaaar IB th? aeaetith tnriln?.
St LMB) I001?n?0?*..i
?"hlladeiptila ..002930000?
Taro-h*., P? latta, Mflli.f-, l'a '?
??-. ??M?) ?Lat?s, Bailli I l'a-.i'?-.?? su>-k PTiib'a
piajMui.r ,,.ii Paolctu s. -:'..? Uta Bal i.
l'uk-n. SacrUe? ?. '; - Left on haa?r?
S? l^rila. 10. I'M:? .'.riplila. a. >'lr?t ??aa* ?hi
erran i ? . I!a4? on e?;,??Ofl
? I; ? .* Walaoa : ?S n*.. .g.-r 1 Bit? ? t
?* ?. ? i tta ai..l 2 rura lu
4 2-3 Innin??. ,.g WstSoa. I hlu In 4 1 I Innlr.g?.
(?I <XM.-Ii??r. II Ml? aiid ", rui.a In ?i lanlnp Inoiia
?''?' i- '????'. tni.liif i , ?iff A ???a.'i'Ur. i .i b
.i ? ?,tr n?i.!?r ? ru;ia lit
I loadai ' - i; ..-?. i it- ?i,.i ,,.. ratai lu t
I . O ? ha??r- I..- ? Kl . <
o ? l'-v i, ..:\nr i. :.v w??4iN., i. h) Ocachrar, i:
a < ? i'j ? ' b* ?'. msslas I
O'DSI a 1 lUrilmi. T|?aj| | gt
Two Young Girls
Victors on Links
CHICAGO, Aug. 28. Miss Loi? Stu?
mer, of Ravisloe Country Club, Chi?
cago, sixteen years old, and Miss Fran?
ces Hadfleld, of Bl'ie Mound Club, Mil?
waukee, BOTenteon years old, were ?uc-'
cessful to-day in the first match round
of th? ?eventeen'h annual champion?
ship of the Women's Western (inlf As?
sociation ut Ploaasaoor Country Club.
These young golfer? overcame sea?
soned plann by brilliant shots at
various holes, Mr?. I), (?nut, of Mem?
phis, losing to Mi?. Hadfleld two down,
despite ? Bedal score if n~, onu under
par. The Milwaukee girl covered the
first nine in 10 and came home in 4?!
for an (*'*?. Miss Stumer defeated Miss
Kthel ? l.atiield, Of Sycamore, III., in
I'.i hole?.
A surprise of the day wa? the defeat
of Miss Kmestine Pearce, who tied at
\)2 with Mrs. Samuel Kunstadter, of
Idlewild, for low net in the qualifying
round, by Mis.-i Vida Llewellyn, of
Lagrange, 4 and '_'. Mrs. Kunstadter
barely escaped defeat, ?vinning from
Miss Louise Fergus, of Glenview, by
onlv 1 up. i
Mr?. Prod C. Utte, jr., Indian Hill
Club, Chicago, handily overcame Mr?.
H. K. Kasson, South Shore, :t and Li,
while Miss Klaine Ko.scnlhal, of Kavis
loe, North and South champion, dis?
posed ot Miss Luken?, of Edgewater, 8
and 4.
Sunday Baseball
Case Before Court
The trial of Charles H. Kbbet?. presi?
dent, and Wilbert Robinson, manager,
of the Brooklyn baseball team, for an
alleged violation of the Sunday law
was begun yesterday in Special Ses?
sions, in Brooklyn, before Judges Sal?
mon, Herbert and Fdwirds. After
hearing testimony for more than three
' hours, the judges reserved decision ami
ordered counsel for both sides to sub?
mit briefs bofors Friday.
The case refers to a championship
game played at Fhbets Field on Sun?
day, July 1, between the Lodgers and
Phillies, following a sacred and patri?
otic band conceit for the benefit of the
Militia of Ml
Patrolman Fmmet Ghigeri, the com?
plainant, testified that the crowd ap?
plauded noisily and disturbed the peace
r ?" the community. He also all?g?l that
admission was charged. The defence
claimed that the ball game was free,
that admission was charged for the
concert only.
Jackson Too Clever
For Joe Mooney
Willie Jackson, the Fast Side light
r.eirfh*, er. ily OOtpointed Joe Mooney,
of the West Si'le, la a ten-r??uu?l bout
at the PiOBOOr Sporting Club, la?t
right. The victor had several oppor?
tunities to .-core a krock-out, but
wua ur.abl" to deliver the decisive blow.
Moer.ey started off r-trongly, forc?
ing Jackson sround the ring and open?
ing a S*Bsh over the latter'? left eye
in th-* second round. This .spurred
Jackson on nnd in the sixth he ?cored
a knock-iiov.r.. Mooney tired, as the
-??suit of body blows administered i>v
hij rual during the last two rounds,
especially in the tenth, when he was
in distress.
Chevrolet in Big Race
PROVIDENCE, Aug. 2R. Loui? Chev?
rolet, Ira Vail and Pater Henderson are
among the entrants f?.r the lOO-milo
Derby automobile race, to be held on
the Narragansett Park Speed-?ay on
September I, Four oth?*r raes will be
run. Including one'of twenty-five mies.
American Association
Ir..llanar?>lia. I. Ktnu ?
.?!? ?. ?Sss * 1/ Ba-afl* ?
Eastern League
?.??ran?-?. -. n.rctor^. 1
?p^ng-l-M * *?>? Fiar.
B-'.ltn-?" ' Va ne,le
I' r- a I '.. -a I/v i . ;
.Southern Associ.ition
Un:? Ro?-k I: N??''?!':?. ? liai)
? Util? asea, : (Ml.
Bir-nln?!..?.. 1?. At-anta. 1
? ? ? ?-?i Ml. . ?
International League
a T-?r?intn B H E
T ? ? 8 o o o : i s b?l n i
i t ? t ? t ? ? ? ? i?i s i
Malien? l.??e ma I.? L?.s?. A-lam? Dor alma.
N ata ?. Hi
? R - ? ? \'< ?rk a? It .
St Buff? Uiffaiu ir?lin
Hits Come in Big Bunch
\ And Bring Woe to Grimes
i ' '
Giants Find the Fourth a Fruitful Inning and Drive f*ive
Runs Across the Plat???Poll Perritt Has Fairly
Easy Time Pitching Giants to Victory
Thing? perk??d up a hit for the triants yesterday. Thr-y squared ac?
counts on the Piraws with a vengeance tor the 1 to 0 humiliation of the
previous day and gained thereby, through the helping hand oi Uto Ca.d;
nais, one full game on the upstart Phillies. New York slaught??red the
Buccaneers in the second game of the t-eries, to the cdi?ieatior. of "he 12th
Infantry Regiment, that occupied the left wing o? the lower ?rrai.dstand.
liy a seore of 7 to 3.
An Awakening!
I'lTTSnt UCII IS I. SCW YOU!? i\ T.,
it, r I: ? ? - :a po a ?
Ja,-k?on. rt II Bum? If . ? 1 I .1 ? I
Kt|twa If ? 0 ,1 1 , ' (
i ?r. v. ef 4 i : i ? .. - 11 | I e I
i 11 I ? 11
l>el,U?. .1,- 2 111 ? -- III]
Want, ??... I I 0 l . | l l I T l|
; W?|!.rr lb ? u ,) 1 . 0 lSmlth Ib.. 0 0 * 0 ?0
i Itiajr, . . Ho . II 1 t 11 1 0
It, c ? 1 1 1 It. . ' . > ?I < 1 ?J
piolo? .
T*oUl? a? S -.-.?: . 1 -..-? ,
? 1'a'ta.t tor R.nlafi In th? ?iiVli : a
pittat?irih ,.. s s e i e e I e s?i
K?s? r?tS ill .*> ,i ,. 1
Two-b.4a tllta K.iafT. P. .r I D
ba??a llari,.?. I; I, ? ? ? Kaiafl latfl
<?i arror? Set York : Bat? " rVrlt?.
, fr Urtasss 8 off Carls ;., j in .-.l .?? I
ri,.. Off OrlaraM u bita u I i rw ? In 4 I Ins?
I Cuban, ? : :?? ? : i rss In 4 .
Terrt't. .' ra:n S'ni,-k oui Hr l'-rrT' 1. I,?
Urtaaaa. : Ui.l pli b ?.ntu?? l mplrsa BStoa
. . i i a.
Feature Facts
For the Fans
The Liants ?rained s full same on
the threatening I'hils.
The leader** hunched their hit? In
the fourth for live run?.
All of the regular (liants, except
Kariden, made one or more hit?.
Jim Vaughn ha* beaten the
I'odgcra In ?? times in a row.
The White Sox made a clean
sweep of the series with Ihe Yan?
li.iKi-r and (iedeon exeruted a
triple play in the third frame.
Both l'ipp snd (.edeon made
a-?.ingle and a double in three
time's up.
The Phillies lost to the Cardinal?
in the ?teventh, ?hen I'auletlt* stol?'
home with Alexander pitching.
Cruise made three hits in four
times at bat.
Roush and Kopf each made three
hits in five times at bat. Rou?h had
one double.
Schneider Holds
Braves Helpless
BOSTON, Aug. 28.- Schneider's pitch?
ing was too much for Boston to-day,
while both Barnes and Allen were hit
I often and hard.
Cincinnati won, 9 to 1. The hitting
j and tieMmg of Kopf and Roush were
I remarkably good.
The score:
riNnwATi iv T.i it,,s ros a LI
sali r h r-, a ? ?', r I, ??> ? a
' r.anh |b 110 120 !\- f. If II
Kop' .? 13 I 0 41 M
Kinuli. et. 1 1 :< S 0 0 P-vrall, cf . 4 0 1 2 0 0
PhM*. II 5 117 20 !!?? | rt 4011 ?0
, nib rt* n " 1 2 1 0 KonaSch?, l'i III
. 1 -i n 0 tall... lb ? 0 " -1 4 1
Ma?.*?, If- 10 0 2ft? rtawllt.??.
? ft | I o Tr,.-????r. I ? I ft i
win??,, , loll] o i>?:i..??. o in e 11
S.-!.:.?| i,r p 4 1 1 1 SSin a- . 1 ft ft 0 0 ?
?Mali IB11 If 14 : ", * IJT1I
, f'ln.-li.natl . 1 I 0 0 I J 4 1 0?1
Iio?tftn . 00000100 0?1
Pia ?'<.?* Uta Kaale, Ic-i?!, Stolen '???????
i .N'ril?, Roush S?. rl- ? . *?? rl?V-e fila?
ibis piar?? K? \ to
K?ll| i,) UaranrtU? to Mmlth la-i- u-a bti ?
( K ?ton, " 1 : ." I aj? ?a ?Tl -? ?
rtnnatl ?. II.??-. oi ball. Off R i. ? d??:. 2; off
lin. and ???".?? i ?' - ?Liar. ?
lilt? and 1 ru' is: off Hamas. ' hit? snd
:i runa In I Innini IT A '??..?
1n II tr.r.lri? Hit I,t pU?-her H? Sehn? l?r !<,,
I ,?'. ?i'.tut ? "SI
! Impura -Klein ? .?1 Kn?ll?, i
State League
j,. j . -,->.?? -;.? a, | ?:'--, ?,-? -?':?d at
.- ? ? -.rtli Innini on ?.-?-outil of dailnrs?.
A*. 11?., R>?41i ?. 5
A- B ilnihamtoa, ?. ?1 ??> Harr?, 3.
Welcome es ??a? th? lifesaving vif
tory at this particular ?training point,
the accompanying gain wa? in itself
no mote cheering than the iuat that it
Whs accomplished by one of the club's
uncertain right-han?!?-.! pitcher?. The
main WOaksoaa of the club a'I season
ha? been that half of the pitch rig corps
which manipulate? w;tn the right arm.
Fan of th? regular right-handera have
been able to stand the gaff for the full
Yesterday's exception ho.?Is fair
ss for the futur?-, wh<'ii lh? team
IS .-o soon to engage 1:1 deadly eorabst
tlii? Dodgers and Phillies, now travel?
ling at a faster clip than the other
club? of the league. Foil I'erritt had
the honor of putting the I'olo Ground
? -s 1? ich on the right track. He was
always master of the situation. He
didn't have to pitch hi? best after the
fourth inning, but in the pinches had
plenty in reserva, and close.i quite as
strongly as he started, which Is prai?e
Reversal of Form
Pittsburgh of yesterday wa? no cloh
to bring ?ut ?all that i? best in a
pitcher. The team showed a atartlln^
ran rsnl of form fiorn the previous day.
Perhaps l| was reaction. The cubs
Bexdek has eolloated around Hsn?a
Wagner mi:?I Mux ?arey ?vent all t<?
pieces behind voung pitcher (?rimes in
the fourth inning.
By applying plenty of base hit?, with
Pittsburgh slip-ups, in this frame the
Ciants cinched the game. Hut before
mid after this one lound of BOBSOdy
the v;-,itur--4 played with a will ami a
spirit. Pol] I'erritt cnuld arT)i?l to a-asn
up, but never to loaf
New York play? d a iiashmc. sma?h
ing, crashing gani?>. The infield wa?
adamant) the outfield 'he acme of per
faction. Why, ovoa ??'?i l<??-hter Hill
Rariden caught the spirit. Ha ?limbe?!
up on top of th.? prOBS box screen for
'. ?'mil in the sixth. The (?iants
of yesterday seed worn bobs a? t??
where th?? pennant of lti7 will Boat
Grimoa, n truly groat young spitball
pitcher of iron mould? bad a lot *'
tough luck. Hi? ?rild pitched hii
out of a run in the very first i?
On tii?> craaj chuck Burns, who
walked, scored fr<? ni second. Oi
was hii hard r 11 *
tlii- bits wore '' she. i!? a.? glv? b
anything: 1> ;?
and plainly lost heart with the tough
breuia in fortuno.
Robertson opened this Inning with
a bunt through Grimes, and made the
play SO dose it might have been caHetl
either way. Kauf doubled down the
left line, half an inch fair. The hall
rolled away into the corner ?>f tin? -?
ami bleacher and RobortaOB wa? able I??
?core. Zimmerman ^in^l?-?!
Fletcher chopped to Ward. Pitlor
covering second, a"il there appeal
une cha?en for s but t
shortstop was concerned with the rui
ner only. Ho might bava held k.. i
third ?|uite easily by making the blay
the othi'r wa- .
Wild Thru? ( ?,stl?
PiUar than throw ?rildl pswt ?Vagnor
on Herzog*! grounder I pot sac
?n. l ?--. tin' error, while K. aff and ?
merman im'h tail ?d. ll?-rzog ?tolo
third jus*, before Hoik.' walked. Charlie
and Walter wero successful in a doubl"
s'.eu! for a run. Holka took third on
Rariden's out and scored oa Peiritt'i
scratch hit that bounded Bg
Boechel'i ehest, Burns ?loubled to right,
bat Robert ion, op for the second tim??
Ii ning, t? ?-d ?Mit,
? arlson pitched the last four inning?
fur Pittaburgb and held the Giantu tu
one run. Tins came in the seventh
after two WON out on successive ?rnglea
by /.mmerinan, Fletcher ar;?l Her-.og.
The la?* mentioned v.a? caught ?nd run
down after a futile throw for Fletcher
at third.
PittHburgh's first run, which tied thi
score momentarily, wa-? due to Bum?'?
fumble of < i . , .?.?? error put
Max on ?econd, with none out. Poeekel
thep beat.a l.un'. The latt r was caught,
on an attempted double steal, but Carey
scored on the play.
Carlson's single drove In Pittsburgh'a
other two runs in the S? rtl 'h. 1'itler
. with one out. Schmidt ?.ngled
to right, and when Robertson made a
foolish piny for Pitler at third th? ha?
?? ? . ? i Bad. Id' SCO rod behind Pit.
1er when Carlson singled to left. Two
stand follows?!,
? ? ' ' ..__?_
Hans Wagner will make, his last a
? pearance of the year at the Pc
, Grounds to-<!:iy.
Bezdek will prohith!;.- u?e Miller
an effort to take the "rubber" game
the serie? thu afternoon.
Fred Anderson or Jeff Tesrcau
likely to he BOminatad in the farewe
to the Pirntes. Sallee will h* sav?
for the Dodger.?
It was worth Aenble the price of a?
mi.-sion to see the 12th ?torm a
the "I/' entrancesv^in military t'ormi
tion, after the game. I.ate homegoet
didn't have a chance till the last ?o
dier had entrained.
A Boy Scout company that sat in th
opposite \?.ir,j,' of the crur.dstand hs
Its band, out, t?"?. I'niortunately, th
young fiar.dniaa'.er caus?! nrai i
fusion by striking up a march ju?t a
the 12th band bogan to nlay "Thi
S'lir-Spai'i-ii-l Bann?*r'' at the close o
the game.
Besusy Kaiff attributes h.? recen
hatting ?lump to a severe case of sun
burn BSntrseted at the bt'uch on !
Sunday sfternoon. Benny had a double
and single in four trial.? yesterday. EU
?cored a run sr.,1 stole a ba^c.
Herroj; r' bhe.i Hat,s Wagner of two
hi*?. In ?tie ?seen?! he area, away back
for a MMSliag Texas Leaguer. In the
?eventh he raced ?..'hi?,i llolke for a
?top with hi? linirer tips. A-i a base on
halls and tv, tallowed this Brill?
lant play, there la no tailing how many
runs the robbery ?hut off.
Pebui, who succeeded Boeckel at
third in the fifth inning, made a brill?
iant one-handed catch of Kletcher's
bulletlilre line drive.
pVMffd I third ba?c
patrol seemed to be baked out In some
way, for all the grounder? hit 'hat
way took the rr.ost provoking sorts of
unexpected bounds.
? ? a
The ?oldier boy? rode Lord Byron
pretty hard all afternoon. But. Bill
? ea.-e a fig. He was in excellent
? ? ?
Pitlcr rulna'd a wonderful play w'n- ?
he threw low or. Her-og in the fourth
inning. He med?> a? ?etiiational a ?top
as ever wa? srtn of a most difficult
bounder, racing back w:th the jolt sS
gtt in position for a throw.
The Flying Dutchman Is sot M nim?
ble a? he u-ed to be? It I? true th?
inficlder.i were "?egging poorly te old
H? nus. But ;t true that a
lot of mean bound? got throjgh Wag
? -r n" wr ::?! ha : hi?
hip porks * a f?aw pi ?
V?1iv not learn lo ?wim before this
happen? to you1
Il i? never >?*/? OB the ?vater unleu
you can ?wim.
Write for Booklet A
Dalton Swimming Schools
19-23 Wett 44th Street
308-310 'Vest 59th Street

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