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Impossible, Says Hoover
Administrator Declares the
Best Public Can Expect Is
16 Ounces for 10 Cent*
Price-Fixing Board
Declared It Possible
Bakers of Country Protest
Price Decreed by the
WA8HINGT0N, Ang. II. The eheap
ai'. hre.i.i the Babl C can expect this
faviator, Herbert C. Hatrear announced
t . '.t, ia a 16-ourre loaf for ten
.ents, poa.-ibly for aight cents. despite
the Btatastaat .1 the Wheat Trice
Crmmittee which declared, after rec
t ? | the ?'-' M price for wheat.
BBjaf, H I ible to make and sell
B> 1 l-ov.T'.' " e cents.
B) th wheat at iti presr-.t prco,
>lr. Heover said, the oost of a harrel
.f family flour BBght to be reduced at
Baaa! ?-' BI IS. Baker's flour eould not
fce reduced much in pr;cc, he thought.
Crily the. elirainatioa of wasteful dis
fribution rnethoiK ar.d ceoperatiofl
.mong bakcrs, retailers and con
ijvmers. he nsserted, would ros?f it
tossible to have a standard 16-ounce
af and n price al < ight cent?.
('. I. *""rhy, who !?< servmg for the
aVahen af the eountry n= ? volaatary
j ? ntgl ' that a
t in gei ta wonld
> ilight redactioa in present
r'u-c? . .i.i. wonld
-.1 to nnr." ee varying
, g ? :,t go into bread
j lnse or
Awall Administration PbBB
No novc ? 11 be made taward pnee,
fr tlOB, Mr. Corby said. until the _
f tration haa ai -.ounced ita
?- ..-aling with ir.e bakir.g in
< may be a month befiT e
t ? idy, it wa? learned to
t. it
?The b.TKers have been and are hold
j, . ? "
, rby, "to effi
I lt. They ha\r been
r, erating with Mr. Hoi
i and farts to
f tra perfecting its
plans n tO bread.
* ..-,-. . tfully reqi-...- ?? e
. many rid -ulous
J Bout bread i manatini
unn ind aak that
fc ? ::;cement of the i r<
,;.....? ? the nation'- plai
The eoaatry'a millei- haae Bgreed to
held theii r to 25 cents
m h-.rr. .. Under thia asreement. Mr.
H.,,.\rr aaid, llonr ^n..uid retail ij New
1 1.76 to H\2.i:> a barrel.
The price of bal ' - ""ur *f
tailera. he said.
y . be from 810.35 to 11125
,, . price f.f family :
fcaker-' .'? I ' >n? '? Ne* * ",rK
o ., . ,,-,, which would make ?
.. .] bakcrs and retailers about j
e i i
Mr Uoover made it clear that un ;
. ....... .;r until
., ..-taners n?
, ?. rednetion can be ac
. pliahed only by voluntair aetiaB by
. bv the aa
lietai eliBtiltatlBf
B ? '
l'p to ihe < unvumer
Flaai ? ? ,,; m'Z i
?Jfork Mr. Hoovi ? ' "''?>' w"' "?
about a '? "T! 'h0 ' i
Krk nt? ?%'
1 burgh, 10 cenl I Neu 0r",
i, ?ur,(1
I 1 rospects af a
r ' r , .??,
"\t the : "\ for fl ur
lt la impro that a tall -ixteen
.unce loaf ci "r"i ?" th????;
ptimer for i " '. Xl
Jnlf(i. imer ?ill join wittwthe
Lkei ta !"*tin?
be poss.ble io
*, ,t bread hy abo
' . . mon ol the
i . md retailera can be
. . ; loaf,
a. ,i if arasti pracl a" c nave
aaa ba eliminated nnd b reducl
( '?> he brought about.
.. volume and
aj . ont may
iven bi reaaa thii
I . m
l S. ta I'U^ V\ heat ><>i>n
4r, |ai . of Earepe would per
r bread at tha bakery
, ? ib thia
... . -'our at Bia
pivr rehai ;:-' UBiteu
imu'i the piiee.
?,'. .. ? ? . rat orgai ?
Bi ation
i the goven raei I ai d
#or 'h-- Mliea, ? ? ?
morii ? ?? ?? aetual j a
] .. | te .ia>, be
t 10. , ,,
? ?
Bot 1
j ? .'. It is n
that "? r BTBtle thi i. 01
, , ? o affort ???
, the pnee. Farmers will
,. ? -ii.iiiMi.in.o bushals for
j 1 apriag crop. thia year.
B-Cent Bread Impossible
With Wheat at $2.20,
Say New York Bakers
? . ? York'i hape fai a Baa eeat loaf
af bren.i th - ariatei dwii il>d yoatardav
tjrhiIB bakers and big flour ilealers in the
gity bagaa Sgarlag the p. laibilitii
12.29 ?:..? i eatabltBlad on
Ihur' leat,
At the afleea of the I'nited
Crain Corporation in this city the opm?
ion prevuiled yeatarday that
four eaa be foread dawa la S8 u harfal,
m, four i loaf of briad for t.w
gfnts eould not be BBBectatt Wheat at
%'l.2x~\ a i)U-.hcl, it was estimated, indi
gt.t(-< laaai Bl a tiguro considerably
a-.i.ve J'.i r harrel.
Caotga W'ai.i. proatatonl of tka Ward
g9aking (.ompany, oaa oi tho largcst in
the country. expressed the opinion thal
arith wheat nt J'J'JO the ftve-rrnt loaf
was not poaaible.
"Thr hakers cannot determlne the
COet of brend on the wheat hasis," said
Mr. Ward "The price of bread de
prnds or. the price of flour. That la I
BSUbliahed hy the millers. When tha
millers have dctcrmined the millme,
eeai aad eatiaaateel the pricrs they eaa|
pet for their products we grt our flour
QBOtatiOBB, but I don't see how a four
tecn-ounce loaf can be faraiahed with
wheat at $2 20.
S-i>s Bread Is (heapest Food
"Rread tB-daj ia the cheapest food |
on the market. (ompare thr price ofl
bread with other foodetaifa Hnd it i'?n
readily be seen that the bakers are not
ng anything approarh.ng faneyj
"Irum Jur.e. 1914, until June. 1P1".
flour jumped two and a half fimes in
value. ar.d thr price of bread to the
er has n.'t .lumped in proportion
The bakers have striven to give the
? raer tha beal poaaible pncrs.
"Before June. 1914, il waa possible
to hakc a fourteen or t'ftoen ounce
'or B eenta. Recause of the a!
| r.-- ??!' flour the best we ,
.. ia to furniah an eighteen-euBce j
loaf for 10 cents.
(Ither larce bakers pa-d that they did
not see how. with wheat at 12.20 a
bushel. New Vork could hope for the I
!n?:. However, one baker. un
wiiiing to be quoted, said that if the
l flo II falli jaat a little there ia .
h atrong poeaibility that the weight of
the 10-cent I IVCB will he increased.
Flour Makers Satistied
Ageata of big flour eoneerna ex
presaed them elvea as aatlafted with.
the price fixed on wheat. (ieorirr
Zabrinaky, agent for the PillBbary Flour
Company, aaid he thonghl H ? | Ice of
$2.20 a bnahel for wheat waa ra r.
"(?f eoarse," l \p!amed Mr. Zal ;
-it would be very hard for the food
i ? .- -on to agree on n price that;
would meet the demaada of every one.
The farmer may tomplam that the ;
pi .. loo low, while the baker will
make a counter claim that. it ia too
However, aa far as 1 i ar aee, the .
prici a fair te all concerned."
? i our should aell for from $11 25 to
$11.50 per barrel, cnunting abon' five
hushelf to the barrel," continned Mr.
"1 mean that tflil price
: prevail for the best aprinej pat
nr. The figing of thp pr.re will
elear the eitnation, and aoon the
farmer. miller and retailer will adapt
- , , ? the new cond J oi a.
Aaked on what l <? baaed v ? price of
$11.25, Mr. Zabrinaky explaineo: "T^?
. have prorr icd tha government
iey will accep* as a mavimiim
etntl OH every har'.
? andle. Thia 26 cent- added to
.?? :
heat allows rne to arrive at my
11 a matter of fact," he add
ed, "they are only getting 1?- and l.r>
i barrel."
J. SimB, Bgent of the Hecker Ji ?
Jewell Milling Company, at hia ofllce
Produre Exehange, refnaed to
the flour aituation except I
sav that hc did not thirk thia wai
time for any BX] reaaion of pi
? on regBlation by the trovern
__-* ' ?
Food Census
Blanks Distributed
Reports on the Stoek on
Hand Here Are Due in
Ten Days
Prellainary to the national food m
ventory, blanks were distributed
terday to .i^aiers m foodatnffa and
? use proprietors in the fortv
rommunities whoai reporti are
m tha baaia of calncnlationa. New
York ia the only city where reta lei
laded in the food censua.
? _ ? . ? ? |i ar.d feedi are eaa
merated on the blanks whereOB tha re
, : t to Inscribe tha mount
aa on hand. Another foi r)
ing 1":'. commoditleB, wa diatributed,
?? ? lled out after crops have
All inventory raporta are to v- nled
the Barean of Marketa of the Pf
? ? of Atrriculture within ten
tifactureri and wholeaalera
agreed that the period waa far too
.'...? %n extei - of thirty daya will
be granted, however, upon application
to tni Secretary of Agrienltnre.
Dr Lucien I'. Brown, of the Depart
-,. ? ? of Health, who has charge ?
.-.??? gures in New York, i coi
. ? that the reporti of retailera will
be ready by Tueaday. Forty
irs frum the Departmenl of
[i. . ? ? ?..'-? i ? ? ? BI ligned tO the rr
ire that i o i
take ia made ii filing returni
? i will be eollected by patrolmen.
.... ... ? . iuch aa manufactnr
? ? and warehouBea, will make
. ? rna d reet te Waahii gl >n. All
? , i ?? iragc will be ln
. . i epi those in privatr eom
. which ate to 1 e reporti d I j
thi ownera More than one hundred
?is of retailera are aubject
? ..... of the 1 i i ? ? - Fail*
ply with the order may he
ed by a year'- impi iso raent,
? ? ?
? .1. Dallon, State Commissioner
| Marketa, aa I that if the
inventory were made a montl r
:t would be of immenae value in pro
011 for the fia
? wiu- repeated at
about that interval, he aaid, not much
could be derived from it.
French Livestock Shrinks
Hoover's Bureau Shows Defi
ciency U. S. Must Make Up
w \S1!1N'(;T0N\ \uk. ,;1 The Food
Adminiatration to-day mada :
received directly from tha FreBch
, ? -how up the dl ?? ase of
? France as a result of the
i war.
On December Sl, 1912, according to
, the ln r.rh fignrCB, Catt!* ha
? to r. t--..: ? I 12,241,900, a
' with 14307,000 In 1912, or 10.1 ?
cent: aheep decreaeed from 16,213,000
in n<i". 'ii 10345/KKI on December 81
? < < cent; ra ne decrea ted
from ? ' '? ' " I"'r
Ihe per eapita COBSUmption per nn
num of meal ia France at tl
ii eatin ited by the French government
at 69.61 ponnda of beef, 11.11 ponnda af j
? ? and 21.48 ponnda af pora
French tiKurr* emphaaise the
rec< ? ? tatement of the Ualted S
Food Adm.r.i.-tration that I
of Bnrope are rapidlj their
reatock nd muat depei ... upon j
the United Stati I nu at aad 1
dairy products aftei the war. . )
Golf for the Busiest Business Man.ByBRiccs
Pacifists Fail
Again in Seeking
Place to Meet
( nntinnert from rwi*r 1
imj upon all povernors and other state
not t.. interfere with frrr
?speech in war time." >-he replied.
"He eould tell them that the Con
on haa not been suspended That
would prevenl petty ofhcials from at
temptii ? ? -?? themaelves up as dic
? ?
Elenentl of comedy developed as
thr- pacifists ruahed toward < hicag.i,
still uneertain where they would hold
their conferenee. Alm6al every two
h< .?. they chanped their plan as t->
the) would go. The changes
came |
1 a. m. "We are going to Hud?on,
Bj -. \ i. ^ boxing arena haa been ar
ranged for ua. The Mayor has ist-ued
10 a. rn. "We are going Ofl to Fargo,
N. D."
( hanges (omr Fast
Noon "We ar. .? to Minne
apolia ai lefj Governor BurnquistV
refuaal to lel ua meet there."
2 | m. "We ;ire go;: j. to Washincr
ton. Il thi only plaei where we can
be prot< cted."
il p. n: "We have just reeeived a
telegram thal M Iwaukee will aeleome
ua '.'? ? there. If our enemiea]
,-ay Wi IVl goi t to a pro-IJrrman cen
tre we will reply thal we were forced
1 p, Rl, "(in to V.'a^hington. Oppo
risen at Miwaukee."
7 p. m. "We don'l know whera we
are go
Al Elkhart, Ind.. the train wa? de?
layed an hour while Rebeeea Shelly
telegraphed to Mr. Loehner in Minne
apohs. Mr. Loehner had ?cnt a felr
grr.m aaying it, was imperativa that the
train retum immediately from Klkhart.
t.i vl ,i hington because arrangementa
Yur. bi ? i. n ade to meet then
I.ahor Man Pratcata
laeob Panken, who represents the
labor el ment, protested, He dcrlared
he wai in favor of the Middli Weat he
caufe hii followera were dctcrmincd
cventually to go to Minneapolia to
? i. ; v i !ov( ? nor Burnquist.
Siira Hard Field. ati organi/er of the
al Women'a Peaee party, favored
M Iwaukee. she aaid the women paei
ftata were anxioui to meet near Mmne
apolii bo that they eould invade Minne
? ?.I "to test Governor Burnquist'a
i ]ii. vi nt a meet ing there."
"I'm in favor of froinr; to Washington
ard aakii g ' ongreai nrhat t'ell!" shout
ed Ada ( hast Dudley, ef Rocheater.
Almoat all the anti*war demeBetra
rhich the pariti.-ts planr.ed to
hold from the rear platform at the
r til Bl : tourni en routc had to be
abandoned, because the train was two
hours behind ita schedule, and there
were few people at the stations. At
I rster, after midnight, 300 prn-ons
I the train. Winter Ruvsrll
ed to the rear and told 'he aaaOm
blj what the pacifists hoped to do. A
man in the audience rushed forward
and demanded to ask a o,uestion.
Hecklad la Bacheeter
"I have n brother in France now and
;.? r brother ii beii g drafted!" he
? gljr. "Do you people
. are belping to briag him
crowd cried, "Thraw him out!"
b ii Mr. l: . ? stad on replying.
"What we are trying to do il to stop
,ir. and Bot only brinj; your
:? baek, but prevenl your other
brother frotU going." The crowd
cheered "? ildly.
Misa tried to eonvert the negro
? the I ac lat eause, but she
atopped after the ftrsl attempt "Ah
peaee," aaid 1 ? ? j'.rter: "Ah
revenge, dat'i what Mi le."
Some of '? elerical .ta:T are becom
ing weary of the pilgrimage. Rase
Cohn. igrapher, says: "Peaee
?i.ii-. be all r:^ht if they don't
Gee, 1 wiah vou'd see my
chewing gum. It'^ full or cindere."
Governor Shatters
Milwaukee Hopes
MILWAUKEE, Aug. 81. Governor
: p to.night wired Sherlff MrManus
that should delegatei of the Paaple'i
Council af America for Democraey and
Peaee arrive in Milwaukee they be in
formed that lt ia his w;?h that no
maetiag he held. The Sherlff ? i told
? ? raationt after this
waa done.
"People Want Us," Pacifists
Say, Hunting for a Haven
Eagerly Receptive Populaces of Minneapolis, Fargo and
Hudson. Wi?., Deluded by Officials, Declare Anti-War
Delegates Headed for "Somewhere in the East"
'vif Tnn??r--?"t*ri'*l
MJNNEAP0LI8, Aug. 81. The pal
ladium of Amencan liberties is Fa?t
ward bound to-night, "to ?omewhcre,"
in tho i.eeping of a faithful group of
the organizers and other supnorters
of the Peaple'a t ouaeil, which aspiref
to duplicate in Amer-ca the Russian
1'ouncil of Soldiera and Workmen. De
spite an tarly public anr.our.cement
that the Capitol a! Washington itself
was the place where the last stand for
eonatitutional rights would be made.
there were so many changes of front
during the day that it ia safe to aay
that more may be made to-night. At
one time during the afternoon it was
announced that llilwaukec would have
the honor of ontertaining the friends
of liberty. Thea'it was again tocided
that it was the strategic thing to give
| "our libertits" the acid laat at the
crntre of government. It was pointed
out that if liberty la to bhriek and die
there could be no p-rander and more
htting BCeaiC aettlag than the Capitol
itsclf. Perhapi by morning Chieago
Will have a rhance at the dubious honor
i that was Minneapolia', then Fargo's
and afterA-ard HudsonV
"Only Rulers Oppoaed"
The BCOata aenl eut in various, diree
tions report with remarkable unanimitf
that in each place that was to have
held the meeting the common people
are elameriBg for it, but that their
rulers are oppoaed and inexorable.
Fven lludson. where the erowd called
/or lynching ropes |M1 night, is reprc
sented as being broken hearted over
loaiag the ehanca of being red-tagged
as one of the birthplace- of Amencan
aocial democraey, that is aoon to aweep
! the war lords from the high places.
I.ochr.er, WHllaBU, Kruse and others
of the organizing committee say that,
| while it ia highly emharrassing to have
? nire meeting all ready and no place
to put it on account of the uncommon
. zeal of BO tnany communities to pas*.
j the honor along, tne "unronstitutional"
' meai*ures being taken to prevent the
Barber Bayoneted
In Fight Over Dollar
Negro Infantryman, Held as
Slayer, Accused of
Fraak EeyBolde, forty, a neg-o
barber, liviag at 12* West 122th Street,
was stabbed to death yesterday after?
Sergeant William L Scott, also
eolered, ef 122 West 129th Street. ac
cvsed by the poliee BI a diserter from
Company C, 16th Infantry, is locked ia
the Fourth Rranch Uetective Bureau,
eharged arith tte murder. The weapon
uaed waa a bayonet, which wa> identi
f.eu by Sergeant Joseph A. Howell, of
(ompany K. 1 .">th Infantry, as part of
the equipment af the regini.nt.
The atabbing followea a quarrel over
a dollar. Reynolds a->-ailant drove
the bayonel daep into his body and
then rati away. ReyBOlda walked into
the barber -hop 01 Edward Jenktns,
where Ir WBa ? mpluyed, and. drawing
the bayonet from hia body, banded it
to Jeakiaa and aaked him te call on an
ambulBBCJ. He died before :t arnved.
Scott was arre-ted by Acting Captain
McKcbbb ef the Faarth Bramh and
Detectivea Blaaa ar.ci li.irYman.
Scott admitted to the poliee that he
had had a Rght with Reynolds over
the memev, bat <!? I led 'ha; he h-d need
a bayonet en him He ??;-?> deaied
biin^' a deaerter. elaimiag that he araa
I on m farlouj ? ? taj ?
b> a lew huurs.
meeting from formmg an attachment
are really playing into their hands.
They I.ike Persecution
They ?ay that persecution is advanr
ing the revolution arid ter.ding to make
it tiolent and abrupt, instead of pcace
ful ar.d slow There was a chance that,
With an unlimited opportunity to ta.k,
the plans of the council might have
diaaolved ln oratary. Now, it ta hinted,
with the Brai of social ucrest, class
bal ed, oppoaition to the war and di.s
Ku^t with conscription, all clamped and
bolted down, B trrrific exploMon may
fr.llow. All that la needed to CBBSe
th" proletariat to rise, they say. is a
few more lawieei aeta, such as that of
the mob that drove the Iriends of an
early peace OUt of Hudson, after they
paid good monev for the hall, ;oo.
Plenty nf ( onferences
The orgam/ation eommittee was
either in t'ormal or informal BCSsion
most of to-day in the midst of the
drbris of baggaga and printed matter
haatily pilad back ln the Hotel Reiio
vue after the r-'treat from Hudson or
at the reaidenee of Miss Aaae hfalajr,
a local aympathiser.
Telegrams poared in from all parts
of tho eountry, urging them to tight
it out in Minneapolis. one af them
being from that diatiBgulahed anti
drafter, Daniel (")'( onnell, prcidrnt ot"
the League of American Patnots, of
Siin Pranciseo. MThile there was no dia-l
position to quo-tion the earnestness
of the mob that iatited the advance
gnard 'o !ra>re Hudaon in a hurry last
tiight, the members of the eommittee
are diapoaed ta view the incident as
a joke, ignom nious for them. but por
tentoua for the cause of liberty. M.
F. Uilliams, punlicity agent. who ne
gO| Ited with the mob for t'lvo mm
utea in whieh to get out of Hudson.
jokinglv remarked to-day that he wa<,
ln eommemoration of the occasion. go?
ing r.) establish "The Aacient and Hon
orahle Ordei of Mob Vletima."
Delegatea who had not been headed
off arrived in Minneapolis in eonsid
erable numbers during the>atBy, and tel?
egrams wefja -ent in all direetioni to
delcgates e| route, advismir them of
t'ne change of direetioa. lt waa admit
ted that tne uncertaintv Would reault
in b Btaall atteadanee, but conndenre
was axpreaaed that those who did al
tend somewhere would br ahle to give
adfquate veiee to the impeading social
trial revolution similar to Rus
gia'a, whieh - to reconstruct a world
overwhelmed by the debts and deatrue
tion of war.
Coal Barge Merger Urged
BOSTON, Aug II A plan to place
under one directiag haad the contro!
and Operation of all the "Jgs and
bai'g'- m the \'ew Kng'.at.d coal service
waa laid before the Federal Bhipning
Board by tha New Engiand Ceal Cem
mittee to-day. Within a reasonable
t ne, the eommittee pointed out, this
single eontral should add 15 per cer.t
t.i earrying eapaeity, there would be
an important gaia la longer unbroken
vayagea, tags Braald taw to fuli ca
? . and amaller tugs would be used
on the proteeted trips, while the ocean
go:ng taga would be saved for outside
? organitatiaa af such a eaaatwiee
control would be simple. aecording to
the eommittee, reqtnrir.g only oflet
New Yi.r'r:. Philadelphla ar.d thi- city
and repres.-ntatives at important un
loading points.
Plan to Avert War Strike
Labor leaders will cor.fer wi'h the
("ounc.l of S'ational Iiefence early next
week te deviee a plaa to praveat iti kei
:n war construction work. They expei '
to organize a general board of conciha
tion, on whieh will he repreaentativea
of labor Bl i the government.
Jamei 0'C< laell, praai ient of the
Metal Tradea Departmeat of the Amer?
ican Federation of Labor, upon h:s ar
r.vai in the ? '? reeterday announced
the conference ar. i exprassod his belief
that bl ' ' ? ition hoard
it would hr not
Bgi ' kea, i. .' i
gua ? ? f labai ar.d tho
foveraateat <, weiL
Morgan Files
Answer in
$160,000,000 Suit
Ex-Directorg of the New
Haven Deny Wasting
Anawers in the suits brought by five
? shareholders of the New York, New
Haven & Hartford Railroad. to compel
1 former directors and officials of the
' road to make restitution of $160,000,
000, were filed in the Federal Court
' yesterday by the executors of the es
: tate of the late J. Pierpont Morgan and
' the individ ial defendants.
Tne ar.swers, while admitting part of
the complainanti' ullegations, present
? vaned and ler.gthy reaaons ln .upport
i of their disclaimer of liability.
The eomplainanta are F.dwin Adams,
Juliua B. liorae, (leorge <'. Fi'k, James
F. Ray and Mary II. ilark. Their auit,
; brought iast December, asks -hat the
j court hold the directors and officers of
; the road personally liable for ,he mill
I loni dissipated during their regime.
| The ut.swers 'iied yerterday were
' those of J. Pierpont Morgan, Herbert
| L. Satterlee, William P. Hamilton and
! Lewia Cass Ledyard, as executors of
I the will ot the late J. Pierpont Morgan,
! and of William R ickefelier, (harles M.
' Pratt and Lewis Cass I.edyard, as in
1 dividual defendan'.s. The grounds on
j which thev ask a ,l:scontinuance of the
?uit are practicallv the same in each
The defendants admit that the money
i and credit of the failroad were used in
the purchase of .itock. bonds and se
curities or properties of -ertam of the
corporation? namei in the suit. They
give, however, as their chief reason for
not havir.g brought suit for restitution
during their occunaney of the4>ftires of
directors and other officials of the road
that at a meeting of the aharcholdera,
at which more than 960,000 shares ef
stoek were repres-nted, it was almost
unanimously voted not to bring the
U"-ien the p!ain?iffg in the pre?ent
ai-tinti lirst demanded that restitution
auita be instituted agai.-ist the indi
vidual members of the board "f direc
tora to hold them peraonally rrspn
aible the Bueationa at is.-ue were sub
mitted tO eOUttael. <~>n their adviee
: that the suits would fai' and only re
' suit in great loss of money to the
shareholders, the answ'ers s'a'r, i( wa<
deeided not t" brir.r; them
Paper Box Factories
Tied Up by Strike
8,000 Leave Work and Leader
Says Number Will
Reach 30,000
Paper box mak.T< weat on atrike
rCBterdsg, demanJing an eght-hour
day, a 20 per cent inereaae in
wagaa, the abolition "f cellar work
rhopa und other inaanitary eonditiona.
Officer* of the Paper Hox Y.akers'
Union dec'.ared 8,000 girla and 2.000
men quit work at eleven o'cloch reater
Bari morning.
Anticipating trouble, Acting I'hief In
spector Jameg K. [>illon ordered poliee
reservee in all Eaat Bide preciacta to
hold themselvea ia readiaess. Morns
Waidman, leader of the strike, de
elared th it within two hour* after the
? - ? ra quit their johs he had 2,000
girla picketiag th* shop:- affected.
vValdman deelared thal if the de?
mand*. were not erranted the union
w uid hnve 30,000 o'l strike not later
than Tuesday. At present the strike
haa affecfd only the lower Fast Side,
where the buik of the paper boxes are
n.ade. fa-morrBW he threatens to ex
tend it t.) Rrooklyn And on Tuesday,
he added, Neai Jeraey paper box fac?
tories WOUld be alfec'ed.
U. S. Musician Held in Japan
WASHINGTON, Aug. 31. Manuel
Tamarl, muaieiaa on the 1'mted Statea
tranaport Shendan, is being heid b)
the Japaneac pohce at Nagasaki for ac
eidentally killing a Japane>e whiie
ii toxieated. The Amer.can com
mander of the transport apologized to
the Japanese authonties for the inci
? -. afterward proceedmg with the
tranaport. The heavieal aeateaee thal
?. ' ' ? "? ' i. t i'.e (?>:-1 -"i .-r ; ,
life .mpruunment ior manslaughter. ;
Hold-Up Story Denied
Shipping Clerk Arreated Af?
ter Chauffeur Makea Charge
PASSAir. N. J , Aug. 31 Bert P.
Rennett, shipping elerk for tha Max 0,
(,'ohn Company, who related last Satur?
day a story of taxirab htghvaaymen who
Kidnapped him and robbed him of the
I lirm's $L',100 payroll, was arrestrd this
' mnrning as the re-uit of a totally dif
! ferent aceount of the afTair given by a
taxicab driver under arreat in N'ew
I York.
The man arr?sted in N>w York Is
ijohn K. Appell. of 1TT2 AmsteHam
'Avenue. it was his taxirab, Ghief af
Police McClellafl savs, which figured ia
ithe episode. Appell was altermg iti
1 apaaaraaca, he addad, when he was
arrested. ..,,,-, i
Arcordmg to the story which Mct lel
I lan tays Appell tells, two men hired his
,-ar in N'ew York on Saturday morning
; and drove to Rutherford. where they
Ltet BBBBBtt, who had the $2,100 in a
bag. There was no sign of misunder
ataading, Appell says, when the three
p et.
Bennett.h e says, got out of the car
after they had dnven through Paaeaic.
As to thr ci's on llennett's head, Ap
! pell thmks that they must have bern
"part of the game." BeBBett denies the
Swann Charges
Plots to Block
Land Investigation
City Club's Accusation Used
by Men Interested in
Park Deals, He Says
Pistnet Attorney Swann declared
las* night that certain "sinister in
fluences" are at work to block the
grand jury investigation of the city's
purchase of Seaside and I'reamland
Park and the Marginal Railway prop?
erty sites in Brookiyn. He refused even
to BUggeat the identity of the men who,
he believes, are exerting this pressure.
"Fve been at work night and day
and Fve got them blocked. The in?
vestigation will go right on," he said.
"Are any of the.-e men who, you say,
are bloeking you city ofnciab?" he
was asked.
"f shall mak? no charges and men
tion no names until I have legal
proof," he rephed.
'The men exerting these sinister in
fluences are in every conceivable way
uaing the City f'lub charges against me
as a lever to make me droi this in?
vestigation," said Mr. Swann. "They
are trying in every coneeivaLle way to
spell into tho. report of Commissioner
Fngraham meanings which he evidently
never intended to convey. They are
the gentlemen who got away' with sev
eral millions of the city's money with?
out g:\ing even BU adeiiua'e considera
tion in return." ,
City Club Charges I'sed
When asked to explain how these
men have been workir.g to block the
investigation, Mr. Swann said:
'"Since the investigation began the
City (lub ha*< renewed its activities
against me. They now are going to
reopen the charges agains' me before
the Gov-rnor. I never heard of such a
procedur" before. i have evidence
that these men who protited most by
the land deals are endeavoimg to u-e
the City Club, and they are very potent
very. We are giving all our time to
lookmg into the BCttvitiea af these
gentlemen and none to defendmg our
selves against City Club charges."
Mr. Swann Kaul he was making " Bt,
iafaetory pregraas" in the iaveatiga
tion, and he added that he had a
"splendid grand jury" that wa. takiag
a lively interest in the iiisclosuies.
Asked whether he was meet.ng with
success in runnmg down the S12r?.? ?<ji>
fund that araa sat aaida from the city's
nayment for Seaaide i'arls by William
H. Reynolda, Praak Bailey, william M.
Greve and other BWB.ra, Mr. Swann
said he was making "satisfactory prog?
ress." He declained to intima*e where
the fund might have been appl:. i
Aaaiatant [tistrict Attorney Black
?a.d he had discovered that thirty-four
of the J4s aerei of Seaside Park, which
coal tha eity 15,032 aa acre, have been
araahed away, ar.d that many miue will
di^appear in a few years if the city does
not erect an exaensive bulkhead on the
exposed sectieni A 160,000 bulkhead has
beei: ereeted to protect Seaside Hos
pital. Mr. Black saya thia bulkhead
has caused the Burf to eat into the;
sand dunes, at either end of it.
Aaaiatani Diatriet Attorney HeGrath
returned from Albany yesterday, where
he has been exai | I recorda of
the land eommiaaiofl which made an
exrrp'ion for the Neponait Kea!'; Com?
pany by enabling it to Kpt fortj
Bcres of under-water land on the
Jamaica Bay I de from the -' iti B
out the clause whieh enablea the city to
take il over al 1350 ? aere, plui the
improveptenl charge:. on the uplaad.
.loker in the Bill
"Wa found/1 aaid Mr. MeGrath, "tha*
WMliam M. Grevi e the
land rommission twice and urged that
'hi> revertmg elauaa w.is onail
ted the eity waald novet bo uhle to ae
quire a 'aeaaid. park' becauae of litiga
t;on with tn.- owneri Of adj.uning up-]
"By means of the 'joker* in the bill
empowering I he eity ta tal
Jamaica Bay oader-water land,
and his Bsaeeiab
the eity from gettmg their forty
acre.s af under arati r land, aad ? ?
by gettmg this reverting
ttricki n out by 1 ision,
the Neponait rompany. I teral ;. by a
slick piece of manipulation, anatehed
these forty-aeven acre- forever from
the eity and. then sold t'n.-m tu tl I
at a pro:;* of 2,4100 per i. nt. Theaa
two pieeea of worh were j> ;t throagh
Capitol whieh :ire only a fea I ?
a , ' thu time the Board of I it
ind Apportlonment was eonaider
ing a deftn te pro| '?> purchase
, .park1 Bt Rockawaj'
"Carperatien Counael Pendleton'e ef*
tice tiled a remonatranee agaiaat stnk-1
ing out the reverting elause, but when
time eame for tki offiee '???..>
not repreeented, and, aceording to Rule '
5 of the land eomi 1 wa* j
sold at J20i an acre to the N'eponsitl
Company as an uncontested grai.t "
Condemned Murderer Pays
For Executed Man's Funeral
OSSINING, N v. Aug II Thraughl
aeroaity of J lepl l hen, i
tiie leath house for the murder of Ba
nett BatT, the bo.iy of Alexander Sehua.
ter, who waa electi iti terday fot
the murder of Mr- K. Zempkin, will be
IBVi I from a pa'r ert grave.
Cohea, when told that all the man's
relat ? ad Ib Russia. aakad tl it
the h.i?:;. be ^*i\.?i private burial at his
expen phi authoritiei agrted to hia/
Child Labor Law
Is Declared Inv?alirj
By U. S. Coi?t
Greensboro (N. C.
Enjoins Enforcement
of Statute
Appeal of Case Sure
Haate Will Be Made ?
Taking laaue ot tha
Supreme Court
GREEN8B010, N C , Aag. ^l.-Fad. 1
j eral Judge James E Bo> i, of th* Wajj, '
ern Tiistrict of North ' ar-. aa, 'o-t^.
held the Keating-Owen ehild laborbj
unconstitutional, and enjoineij ^,
I'nited States Diatriet Att rney, W.;
iam C. Himmcr, and 'r < .--?ittf,
aisistants, deput>4 ar.d *??".$" fraj
enforcing :n the distric* the rnviiiatj
of the act of Congress, wh - htiraan,
tffective to-morrow.
The decision of Judge Bord cami i
the conclusion of threi days of aatpa.
ment, on the constitutior.a ? .? of Bj
act. The case rame before the eourtit
the instar.ce af a ( nar!"-4* rr.in, wj|
lOUght to restrain a ( - arlotte cotUt
mill company from di?cuar?"r.g h s t?i
In anr.ouncing h:?i deeiaioi Jjdfi
Eoyd aald he araa gratified by Umbb)
dor of Profesaor Thorr.as Partiniit,
cf Columbia I'niversity, represer.tiit
the I>epartm*r.t of Juatiea, wh? u
serted that Congress had used iUaaBBj
over ir.ter.state commerce for tha oi
ject of regulation of local eonditaBB
within tiie gtate and the d."'-o-irac?.
ment of child labor. Th s adnv.siia-.
aaid the judge, left the issue dtar, ac4
brought forward the tj'?'.t: "Ci:
Tongre-is do by iBdilBCtioB that *hic:
it undouhtedly.cannot do direetly?"
Derines Powera of ( ongreu
"("ongress,"' he said, "ra-. reguliti
trade among the states. but BOt thi in.
ternal condltions of labor"
Judge Boyd expressed h:s apprefaJol
laws tendir.g to elevate th* eondBBl
end moral state of all the pep,- f
made it clear that h;? judgrr.er.' on thi
act was based upon h:s InterpretaCBB
of the constitutional limitatiOBI if
(.ongresaional power.
After a prelimmary racital of ta*
facts, the court, setting forth its opis
icn that the act ";.s unconetitutioBal
and without the power ef ' or.gr??i tl
enact,'' enjoins the millirg company
from discharging or eurta ling Ha
hours of labor ot the minor pla h
and decrees:
"That the said RTilliam C. HamaBBj
United States Attorr.ey, as aforesaii
and his successors, assistants, d'T'-itiei
and agents, be and they are hereby p*r
manently enjoined from ln any way o:
manner enforcing or attemp;:-.g to ?:?
force the proviaiona of the a'"
act of Tongre?s or any part theree]
and from institutir.^ or cau?ing to V
instituted any p or praceei
ings under tha aforesai*! Itatutc
of the proviiions. thcreof."
< ase To Be Appealed
The case will be taken ta thi :.
preme i.'ourt of the (Jaited BtBtea, azt1
persor.s here to-night intereal
law say that special ha^te arill !?.? rr.a4*
in the preseatatioa ef the ca^e or. ap?
peal to the highest court for adjudici
Argutnent was eoacluded for thi
plaii tiflTa to-day by J id^e IV, P. Hynun
af Greeaebera, whoae chief cor.tentio:
was that the power to close the arteriti
of interstate commerce to lawful arti
cles of exchange, which are no* ii
themselves injurious to public health,
morals or aafety, is not possessed br
< or.gress.
Government Confident
Of a Final Victory
WASHINGTON, Aug. 31?Federal of
Bctala regard the decision ef J;dr|
Boyd holding the child labor la* un?
constitutional merely a> a vehic'.e f?r
gettip.g the question before. th* So
preme Court, where they ara entirelt
cor.'ident the action of ( ettgfBM Bill be
? i ned. It had been assumed wh?
the law was passed that the milling Js
terests would n.?? '- enf rtt
i -hout a rigoreai l
The law becoir.e- afTective to-m?r
row, and th* decree a' Greenabore i'
frc-'-: only the North i aw
Except wkere the c -
w:Il be enforced.
Under the nutute's proviaiona h
eh;!d uader foarteeB may be empleyaf
in any faetory, i c,:'
ncry whoae ared
teratata commerce, ai : ite*
il (t?4 n mav work ia any i t ?
r, Children under flfteen 'T**
to work loBger thafl e:|K
houra a day.
The er.furcement of the law r.as bew
delegated I?- ' ' *'"">l jj
tl e i':- Idn a'a Bureau. and tl a heedB
? . a ehi '1 labor diviaion ef tha*
b ireau ia Miaa Crace I t, of .*??
eago, a woaaaa ef wide ? cperieaea a]
induatrial bettermBBt ? 5 4i*
Judge Apologizes to Marine
No Crime to Resent Insult to
Flag, He Says
The coBvietlaa al Harry MiHerf ?
marine sergeant and memh. ' '? M*Ter
Mitchal'a reerBltlBg "'e' '
Ha - itrate Kro-.-l. whe ? iad hhl
guilty of diaarderly conduct becauaeal
?'?red with a soapbox oratOf w^
waa eriticiaing I ted S1 itea ?'
her al reveraed y< iwraaf *>
Bfulqueea, ia G ? ,R*
.! i |ge Ma ? oee aon arill ???*
be ngl ? ? g in France, orden I '-natuie
$10 tine impoaed by Mag itrate Kraea
b- reveraea. H" > . ?
in behalf of the t y ,
"I want it ui. -" **i
. declared, "that. in my opini*
an Amerieafl *}-.?> r- - '-j'
his eomradea m anns aa I le i - n*1
Bot eeaam .t a eriaae.
Fire in Hotel Aberdeen;
Guests Flee Through Smon*
Fire alarmed ??:??> <>'' ' ' "?'?*'
Aberdeen, 17 Weat I ' 8BB1BJ
street, soon after noon *\l#t
they made 8a*fl
through halls Rlled *
in the ba t a '?[
the eagiae reeai an i pnwei *',iti?
?topping the ?? avate ? *"??**
??:' 12,000 i
From tha hotel nremen of M^ok aa?
Ladder .'1 were called to a left MH
? .; at n WeBt ! ' >ut?Z
ehop Ralph P. Grirnn of ? w,.
Thirteeath Street out of h freja*
elevator Me wa> taken to Bell**'
llospital aerioual) ^ "' B
alarm . >? i..r>-'iOt:a
the hotel rire.

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