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The Man With One Cow
??r i AHE man 1 bave In nimil." writee
I B, L D. Seyraour, In "Tbe
Cooatryside," "ia neither a
farmer nor one of that army that was
'raiaed oa the farm and missea the good
old life.' Ho is aa average Baharbanite or
rtsident af ? village, with ? Uttk land al
his diapoaal, who haa won fair aueeeaa with
? garden ami. perhaps, with chickena, and
who thinks of a cow as a furtber means
wbeiaby bo can reapond to the aatkm'a
call for food conservation and eeoraomy
iini.lontally with i enefii to hitaself ami bis
And Mr. Beymotir proeeeda to racoont
some of the problrms ar.d iniluoemerit*:
"The very t:r?t problem thut confronts
Mflfl is whether or aal h - idea is a sound
or.e. Shoald be trj te keep a eawl What
fttntiful a pvre, fraah, aaf*
aaOk for 300 (o 820 ' of the
frhaTajii Unee of deatere, sfriires, ariea
ffises, ef?*.
kpt*. ;?-,,;.. aaU of
)fiuppi t of i re fn garden.
ja/o | t" and ealving,
i/ / after
K< l ? ' '
/', ? , ,
el ?
will it involve. what will lt coat. what mny
ba gail or lasa by the venture? 1 should
lial foui eaaential faetora or conditions with
oat whlek il weald prehabli be iBipraetiea.
bia, er at leaal parelj laxurioua, ta keep aaa
"First, there aheald Ue nt laaet an acre of
graaa land available, aaaj three or faar I
poaalble; these, af eooree, may ju^-t ns well
be reated na ewaeai Secead, there rnaal bo
adeqaate aad aaitabla shaltar, a* deaeribed
belaw; at all avaata ? bBildiag thal aataiita
of tiio.litication and adaptation. Third, there
imi.t ln- asaarad eoaataat, ragalar, intelliganl
i.-it. The <-ar mny tn BBwaahed, the garden
unrultivn'ed, tiie dog n"<l horae unfed for I
Ubm withoui aerlaai lajary; but if aailkiag
tinaa eaaaei roaad and th.- eaw ia aai at
tended to, aeriaaa, even fatal, rr^uits will
follow preaaBtly, Thia mny prove tha vital
laaaa if a Baaa-af?all-werk la not kept aa
, the place. Fourth. there must ba n supply of
fe.-.l, either hoflae-grewB, fraifl aeighberiag
farmera, or parehaaed al a fead ataraj here
the prire elemenl may prevo pmhibitive.
-un the other aide ef the BrgBBienl we
, have the inoontrovcrtil.le faets that milk ':
one af the most vnluable of foo.ls nnd that
? Hy eaw mny he the aaaree of a hounti
Iful aapply in tha aery best eondition aad af
the beal qaality.
?i* ii difAealt, if not impoaalble, ta pive
figarea suirge^ting Ihe eaat ef keoninp ..ne
cow aad tha probable prof'.t ?r possible loaa.
: Prieea of labor an.l feed, laad valnea, ra
qairementa of (iitTcter.t cow-s and most of
controlling faetora vary widely
? me to time and from plnce to place
ake averagei hopeless. Alse we ean
.... practieal farm ngnrea, for there one
lt a Bl * in a henl nnd the hl rd bat
? re of the farm business; pricea are
wholeaalc aad apeeial "overhead" ehargea are
| to a n-.ir.inium. The one-cow dairy
? . other hand, hai to bay praeti
all hia feed in amall quantitiei and at
? retail pticrs; the (im' of the cow
k; his equipment end pro?
gramme do not enable thp work t.. be done
! in ?he qnickeat, mosl eeonomical way; bul ha
? , ? ; ? .-?? up hii producl al the price he
i wonld have to pay for it; nol al the farmer'i
vnluation. Perhnps the following table sum
?ariaea tha data and eonclusion* with fair
?eearaey; bai ba prepared for variatieBa m
all diractloBBi
One Ycnr's lost One Year'* Ueturns
(Orlgiaal cost <>f cow ifl ajaarta milk
agO-lllO, ilependinir <l ir i 1 y . 300
m qaality.) laya ,,n th?
latercflt. ?'? p<-r average ?t
cent; depiv It rcnts... oOO 00
cmtion. II M B B u rr,| 14
,?.r cent_lll tt tons at IS... -H 00
yCrd: 1 ton Calf. *o|d for
Ctain Bl $10 ^ ?0 vral . ? lt
:t'- tOBfl hny ?
H, |20. TO no $-?0 f>0
1 '- tons hed
ding at $15.. gl oo
Salt, Btc. ?r> no
Labor, i hour
daily (let
dayi l al II
ccnts . '.?- 00
II iaeellaneona:
Veterinai \.
aerviee fee-,
,-tc. i" at
ggSJ 00 Net profit. 72 50
Om- proepectiva dairyasaa may decide, for
:i few yeara al lr"*t, to keep a cow only
OtrOOgh the summrr when it can be most
eaaily eared for and most cheaply fed. This,
althongh it lavehrei the bether and nsk of
bayiBg aaew each BBviBg and tho selling.
perhapa ai ? aaeriflee, each fall. ia a good
progranrae for tha m?r with aevere>
Iv liraited aeeomnaadatioBB. Or he may ?r
range to put the aalmal in tbe haada of a
neighboriag farraer over ariater, either pay
ing him h regular BOBrdiBg fee or whate\er
u eetaally eaatfl te feed her, with ? little
fldded te cover her care and the trouble of
deliveriag the milk. Piaally he may decide
to linil hia dairying to the rock-bottom min
irauni and keep. inatead ef a cow, a couple of
milch goata bnl that ia another atory.
"lt doean'l matter whether you keep one
cow oi a hundred, if you own and care for
:,,, .,?, ? .,' |1 il npnlie^ your table with milk
and cream, you're a dairj man."
Mny Minuet, Who Sold for $2,000 at a Guernsey Cattle Sale at Madison, N. J., Last Spring
?Fnuii Th( ' 'onntryridt
The German Press in America
" By a : tat Citizen ? > Bhrtk
pyMIK German anguagi n this
i (oui ? i . onsistently the
-*? Kaiser. The a
jipt done nocoinally of the Ger
joan government, but the full force of
Iksdiiloyal propagaada ia d rected igainst
.America and her military activities,
ppainst the Alliea and tance to bo
given to them by Amerii a. The eageri i
for ti. rn an victory is openly proclaii ?
"Tha New York "Hei approvea, of
paarse, t h** propoaition of punishing dis
joyalu f the K er' followera and prop
ajijandi l intry.
\\}y..-- er tl tyled Mn ; reaenta
tlvo (ierman paper" reprints ia designed
to ereate sentimeni for the Potadamers,
arid to rid ile America and the Alliea.
In an ir nical editarial the "Herold" iti-l
pimia'.?- ?? i* all the Londonera are cro
bent oti robhing American soldien '? ln the
same edition the "Herold" announces: "We
hear Frai ry: 'Russia, Ro
pay me back my billions.'" Is this n< I
warnir.tr to America nol to render anj
more flnancial help to Russia, bul to leavi
the youi ? rep iblic in the lurch, therebj
furtht i
The "Tiigliche lllinois Staatszeitung,"
?.f Chicago, tries to make believe thal
Ajaarieai ect to insidioua propa
Bjaaala carried on by the German language,
preaa, il thal the English are behind thei
patriotic :? treasonabk
pnapaganda. ll
"Hai every
Barve lo i ecoi quer a poai ible of
tha ten ardlj i ?
pacta ta 1 line reatored, eon?
aidai ? | '. ? muat,
therefore, try to improre aa mneh a
ble her I
? he 1 ?? ?-?'? ia front
of V' rdui , but re| .aka her
BBceeaa ii that direel oi probleBiatieal. (The
feajWB ? - . French not
only halti advaflce, but also
drava ba
The "Tfigliche lllinoia Staatazeitung"
does iti I aat to equal the "California Dem
okrat." of San Franciaco, whkh aarrvea its
reuders almost daily arith "special cable.-."
from ? number of European citiea. One
of it- mailed " rep ri " from
jMadnd sayi:
"Taroaghaut I 'T
citement over the fati '
diera In I "'"''' mieer
abje iha) ? ? i colored troops Tho
wour.i'.i wl a firat eaa - ? WBBtty
deolare that they were pi ?.-???
tbeae places at the ?? Iha great
aat laaaaa ware te I.aected by the Preach
fcnd Eagtiah high eommand. Tha Lisbon
j newspapers explain thal ' who,
it wa . ?? '
erty and humanit] manlfestlj
? ? . for the Eng h and 1 n eh, who
abli te contii ? ' ? ?? war l.
"The returned < ' thal a greal
many of their offleei - n vc ted i ??? tha ?
arhereupon they were arreated and
,j i.y non ? - aed officers. . . .
? .. ., ... people are eoi ? i
their Pn een forced by th
. gr himsell a I i the A;:;"-, and the
tionary movement directed against
Englai d ncreaai ? rery day."
Tho wish thal England may bo beaten
,- identical with the desire that America,
also, naay be beatei
? man auceessea ami Allied failure,
real and faked, are gloated over. To use
them prominently in tho hea.llino.-. employ
ing tbe utmost powor of BUggestion ia a
favorite pastime of the (Ierman printed
Tho "Detroiter Abendpost," for exam
ple, carried on the aame page on which tbe
above mentioned eartoon appeared a aeven
column headline annooncing that tho Rus
siana were being chased i>ut of Galicia
and Bukowina. Also the following two
column captions: "England and Wall
Streel are nol yot aatiafied." "Benegade
Socialista and Taft League on their pay
toil." "Systematic fight on every move?
ment planned." In another edition one
.eads: "The Rumaniana pushed back
averywhere in Moldavia." "Tbe Flandera
and Verdun battka favorable to tho Ger?
mans." "The strike in Spain Ifl praeticallv
over aa far as it is related to the war."
Or, again: "German air attaek on the
moutfa of tbe Humber, Dover and afar
gate.n "Austrians captured B,600 prison
era on the Isonxo front." "In Finland a
row is again atarting."
Xi.t one of the many reporta favorable
to tho Allies is mentioned in the captions.
The Berlin rerxirts are alwaya printed
ftrst, and in large? type.
The "C'alifornia Demokrat." of San
Francisco, informa Ita readers: "It can
i ol be too often or too urgently emphs
that Austria-Hungary ia not carrying on
an ohTensive war, but a defensive war. She
is fighting for her very cxisti r.co." There?
fore, America is, BCCOrding to thia sheet.
battliag on tbe side of the guilty poWBTfl
and must ahare their responsibility.
Tbe same article say.- that Montenegro,
Alhania and Westera Sarbia are evidently
happy under thi- Austrian-Hunirarian ad
miniatration, and that Eastern Sarbia and
Macedonia openly admit their good lack in
having boen liberated by Ihe Bulgars.
Still worse are the many "special cables,"
?Hppil ga from old German
i- . Swisfl newspapers, with which the
? i fornia Demokrat" regalea its readei ,
ln a desire lo aow distrusl in this country
? | . :? ; and discord among all tbe
cnemiea of the ? entral Powera another edi?
torial deacribea the covetoua paw which tho
British extend in the hope of getting con?
trol of American merchant marine. and
"Thia demand evideneea the eld Britiah at
to work others for her bent'.t. Just as
Englai ln with.all her heart that the
ii md navj be riaked in an attaek on
il, ligoland, ao ahi wanta t.> pni the America'
onder the control of the
i :t: order that she may withdraw from
the sea traffic and save her own ships, whiL
tho American vesselfl are expoaed to the
I -boal "
The "Waechter nnd Anxaiger," of Cleve
land, b;;s jusl completed the publication of
a leriea of artieies on the "EncireKng of
Germany" designed to prove that the
peaceful Kaiser was forced into the war by
ihe Bystematic and unscrupulous intriguea
of Germany'fl enemies. For the same pur?
pose the Kaiser'a manifestoea are printed
on the front page in boxea.
.Mr. Hearst a "Deutaches Journal," the
German edition of the "New Tork Ameri?
can," also doea its bit to help tbe I'ots
Jamers. It thus vituperatea tbe Russian
CongreSfl at Moscow: "The Hussian labor
unionfl refuse to i^1 to the Hussian con
fen nce at Moscow. Probably they think
that thifl ia too mhted a company."
Tho "Brooklyner Freie Presse," which
received last year nearly $50,000 in sub
sidies out of the pocketa of American tax
payers, rejoice over the hope that the
!:u - an city of Riga will be taken hy the
Kaiser. Last Sunday it "proved" that
Alsace-Lorraine rightfully belonga to Ger?
Tbe "New Vorker Staats-Zeitung" is
one long rhapsody on the bucccss of the
(ierman and Aiistro-Hunparian armies.
When no victoriea can be made out of the
present reporta of the Central Powera,
then the "N'ew-Vorker Staats-Zeitung"
prints, under a aeven-column headline,
"Reminiacencea of a (ireat Timah?Inter?
esting Sketchea from the Theatre of the
World War." with perhaps some war pict
urea (of the Berlin brand) and (ierman
and Auatrian orocial reporta of ? year ago!
The Allied reporta are not even mentioned.
It is good tO muse over the fact that one
German-printed paper, and ? very insidi
OUS one Bt that. is now out of existence.
Tbe "Iowa P"st," of Cedar Rapids, has
eaaaad publication.
A Oy Against "Busincss
as Usua."
BBATi bent, drums!- blow, bugles,
ThrmiR-h the windows?throuirh doora
?burst like n ruthlcs.s force,
Inlo the solemn church, and matter the
Into the Hchool, wherc the scholar is
Leave not the bridegroom quiet?no
happiness must he have now
with his lirulc,
Nor the peaceful farmer any peace,
ploughing his tTeld or gathcring
his grain,
So fierce you whirr and pound, you
drums-so shrill you btiples
Heat, beat, druaaal blow, buples,
Over the traflic of cities - over the
rumble of wheels in the streets;
Are beds prepared for sleepers at
nipht in the hou.ses? No sleepers
must sleep in those beds,
No bargainers' bargains by day?no
brokers or speculators?would
they continue?
Would the talkers be talking? Would
the singer attempt to sing?
Would the lawyer rise in the court to
state his case before the judpo?
Then rattle quicker, heavier. drums
you buples, wilder blow!
Beat, beat, drums! -blow, buples,
Make no parley?stop for no expostu
Ifind '10t tnft timid ?mind not the
weeper or prayer,
Mind not the old man beseeehinpr the
young man,
Let not the child's voice be heard. nor
the mother's entreaties,
Make even the trestles to shake with
dead where they lie awaitinp tlie
hearses, '
So strong you thump.0terrible drums
?so lovid vou buples blow!
A Famous English Horse
THK most rnmantic epi.socle iti the life
af Miss Beaptra, a fajaooi BngHih
maie who hns won laurels on
many a racetrack, is thi>: She has been
sold at Newmarket for the hcnefit of thr
Red Croae. In "The
niuatrated Sporting
and Dramatic News"
(LOnaVlJl) appeared
recently the follow?
ing c o m m I 0 t on
Sceptre's career:
"Tho tirst time
Seeptre came Uronir
ly into the limelitfht
was when she BBtered
the sale rinjr at N'ew
mntk-t in July, 1900,
as one af the twolve
Katon raarliaga dla?
posed of by the late Duke af Wostminster'a
axeCBtara. The remarkable reaults whicb Bt
teaded the aale of hia baraea Ifl traiaiag at
KiagSClera oarlior in the year had prepared
us for aome more big prices, but th.- nae
' "atiRuine optimist eould not have axpected
that all records would be M -ensationally
I ler First Trainrr and
Her First Race
"< harlea Morton waa Sreptre'a tirn train
rr, and to Sam Loatei fall the honor of rid
inj; her in her tirst race. Ihia waa the
Wooiic.te Stakea at Epaona. Seeptra hn.l
been well trie.l nt home; she waa a wi.rm
favorite. atid, winmnjr in a canter, reeeived
one of tho?e ovationa in the BBSaddliag in
eloanra to which she must have beeonie Bjr*||
aeeastomad. A faw weeka later she won the
Jaly Btakei at Newmarket, and h'-r only
, other race aa h two-year-old was the ("ham
pagae Btahaa al Daaeaater, where ahe aaa
1 apparently r.ot herself in point of MBditioa,
and nalahed only third to Game Chick, a
mare vvho?e infenority to Seeptre waa strik
inply evideaeed in the claasic races in the
fallawiag season.
"And yet Seeptre thrive.l upon the hard
work After she had faile.l t<> 1,'ive the
weiffht !<? Royal Laaeer in the Saaaex Stakea
at Gaadwaad her traiaer aflaasad tha early
;,... niag 'teuta' by aeadiag bar a tei ea ef
atroag gallapa before running her again in
the Nassau SUkeS, which ahe WBfl easily
deapita eaaeediag lota of weight to Elba and
cthera. Mr. Sievier her owaer) naw pre
eeeded to traia Seeptre for the St. Leger.
appreeiatiag kar aptituda for work, he jrave
ker i> itreBBBBi proparBtian, aad made n.>
secret of hii eaafidaaee in her proapecta ef
aurre.*. Tber* WBB, however. atoiit Reldlflg
BgaiaSl 'he filly. Th* more mon*y tha' went
on her the wora* favorite *h* b*came.
Nevertbelees, la th* hand* of Hardy "he won
in grand MyJe hy thr** lengths, and the
?portlag Yorkahiremen gave h*r a majrnifi
1 cent reception.
No One Has Mver Repenterl
j Of I lis Bargain
"Am agreeable feature of Sceptre'a rareer
I is that no man who owned her ha* had
, cause to repent of hi.i bargain. She has
\ ever heen a real winner in the mon*tary
I snnse. Kor Mr Sievier she won BMM Ifl
stake money, and, as we have seon. Bfl aald
h?r for considerably more than double the
record price he iravc for her. Sir William
Bass aad the satisfaction of winmntf 80880
of the best, races of the year with her as a
I four-year-old the Ifardwukc- Stake* B< tl
eot. the Jock*y Club Stakes, the I'hamp.on
Sfakes and the l.imekiln Stake* at New
markel and the I'uke of York S'ake* fli
Kempton Park.
"There araa a teoea of roaaaaee about the
last: named race, for flrithifl a rouple of
hours of the race tho mare seemed to be
j lame, and those connccted with her anxiously
eonanlted Mr. Bievier ns to the ayaiptaaiB.1
He reaaaariagly said that the lamenes*. Breeld '
probably wear orT, a? it had often done be-|
for*. and added 'hat th* filly wo-jM ^
*h? belonifeil to him. It ao happ*n?4 ^
Mr. Sievier wa*. the trainer of Happt Bw
in thia race. aad he would have broueht,*
? bia bet had 'hst lie-h'welg-ht won.
"lt waa with mmr'e'i teeUnaja, tharif^
that Sceptre'a former owner watehte- {_
filly tijfht. out a tremendou* flnish al| ^
the strnight with Happy Slave, whom 4
beat ju*'. on the post by a h*ad. 1^
Sceptre's moat memorable rac* wu ^
Eelipae Stake*. in which, after a tr?me?4^
tussle, Ard Patrick manag-ed to *;*?. thfl Wn^.
of her, Roclc Sand beinf b*at?n ?,?
UtijCths by the two crsrks. T>-..?e who *m,
at Sandovn Park on thal af'.errr.on trt J
likely to forget that epic atnij:y>.
"The element of romance or.e afa.n ^
sen'ed itself jn cor.nec'ion arith h*r ta!a .
1911, as tr.e hamaaer areuld hava falflj,
>he i, i of a Preach soyer if Somervtaa%
tersall, expressing- hi.* disiaclinatiea to ali*
1 irare w.'h ?uch a gloriOBfl hiatory t? a;
out af her native lane", made a furtr*r af,
from tho rostrum. nnd Baeehed her dowa.,
hia own firm.
"The (,'raii'l old mare ?-?* -.'?? tare or thr*,
eas-.n- of usefulne?s before h*r. and a,
- neerejy traeta '"?* aae -v..: ead her bn
? ..,,.. ..;>- in some I ib ?? ' '' Ihe Bril eh t*Hr
oagbbred where 'he honor thal .? dj?teW?
arill be rendered to the la?t."
Seeptre, as She Looked at the Time of Her Last Sale
The Reichstag's "Peaceful" Revolution
./ peetceful revolution is ekaking thr
German Reicketeg. Worde that one
would never keve dered to utter tkere
t-.co urars aa<> are vnw hrard from its
platfom. I lemdmork ia tke Reiekt
tao's traneformaiion has heen thr union
of thr Socialists and ("atholics 00 thr
rrcrnt pracr rrsoltttioti. On that occa
sion Ilrrr Uaasr, thr Iradrr of tke htdr
pendeni Socialists, madr what is qmrr
ally coneidercd thr most remerkable
tpeech hrard in thr Ueichstaq smcc tke
ontbrenk of thr war. Portiont of that
tpeeck had rcBcked tkis eountry before.
Hut thr major part nf it, as translatrd
ba "Tke Manckeeter Gnrdian" i$ kere
for thr tirst time aiven to AmericBn
IKFUJENTIAL qaartera ara still advoeat
ing aaaexatieaa and vielatieaa of other
BBtioaa, and we cannot do away with the
'ar- that 'ho leadera of the rentrum
party have up to the present always .lemand
e,| annexations, and that Relfium muat he
'l.rought into Germany'*. hand pohtically, mil
itarily and aeaBamieally. A* late aa Pebra
ary la?t Herr Spahn demanded war indemni
tie*. IWs he drop them now? . Interrup
tietn from Social Demoerata.) Are you pre
pared to asaert 'hat for him? (Banewad la
terrnption.) I will put the qneation to him
1 imsalf.
The programmatical portion ef your reso
lation, Herr Keil. lack.a the rlearneas an.l
det'initeness whieh one might wish. The "Vor
Brirta" ia tryiag to make up to the Russian
Council of Workmen, and it aaaerte.l on Ba -
urday that thi* reaolution amour.ts to nn
unimpeachable acccptance of the programma
of the Russian council That la not true, an.l
the Ruasian council ha-; repeatedly proved
1 th.it it will not be bamhoozled. In the "Cen
tr.ims I'arlaments Correspondenz," whieh wa-=
campoaed by B parliamentarian who ia very
. well liiforme.l and peeuliarly initiated into
the history of the ongin of the resolution, lt
la expressly stated that in the course af the
r.reliminary dehberations the ideas had tO
. be put into a suitable currency. This nroc
' aaa, Herr Keil, haa turned the demaad "Ne
aaaexatiOBI and no contributions'' into what
HOW stand- in the resolution. Do you believe
that it will be influeneed by *uch declarations
as Ihaaaf The resolution, above all, does not
. contain any statement about the self-deter
mination of the nations, which the Baasiafl
eeaaeil eoaaidera of paramount importaaee.
Put the other demands also are whittled
.town and corrupted.
They opposo "enforced acquisitions of ter
j ritory " That raises the not quite unfoundod
question: I'o not you want any acquisitions o<
territory at all. or what kind of acquisition
do you want" What, in your opinion. is tc
; became af Courland, of Lithuania, of Rriey''
1 Are these territorie* to be acquired, though
'not by force? On what gTOBBda ef right!
These are the questions which call for an
! ;wer.
I- Spahn'a programme eoneerning Relgiuni
abandoned or not? I>o you still reserve you
liberty to clatm war indemnities or not? Can
each of the authors of the resolution read
into it certain nuances and attaeh to it a
sense which corresponds to his whole ten
deaey of mind as formerly declared?
Thr Freedom of the Seas
Must Be Maintained
You want to have the freedom of the BCBI
safeguurded. What do you mean by thi* de
rnarid'.' The progre-s of our mercantile flee"
before the war was magnificent. i>ur "??>?'
paased proudly through all s.as, and r.o on^
prevented it. What does that phraae meiin !
Ir; time of peace thia freedom il aecure.l.
How do you intend to do it for the ea?e of a
war? For a social order wh'ch no longer pro
duces Brars, & social order like the Secialist,
the freedom of the seas is no problem. As
lor.g a* there are war< the freedom of the
seas will be restricted Ifl t;me of war bv the
party that has the means to reatnet it, What
guarantees do you want againat tha* ? There
is only one poas:ble guurantee which prom
^ph s'.ier"a* againat that; itniversal disarma
ment ar.d simu'.taneoua abolition ef the right
af eapture.
After the arnhig-uous statementa. your re-o
lution conclude* with a blaat of war trumpen.
with an incitement of war passiona inatead ef
a atrengthenir.j; af 'he pear will. Rut our
people does not want the fury of war; it
w.ints peace. What effect do you protnise
yonraelvea that this resolution will have
Bbroad? If you were able to produce a favor?
able effect, 1 ahould rejoiee with you without
further ado. But I araat to warn you ugams
I freah illaaionB, illuaiona through arhieh tbe
gorernraenl haa already made ihipwreeh witn
? p.?:.,??.? propoaali to Ruaaia. Only il you had
haartily and with determination made the
proflrratnuie of the Hussian Workers' and Sol?
diera' Council your own without whlttling,
elean and clear, could you have aehieved B
favorable effect. In that case you would at
nny rate have al rengthened the RUBBial
Workers' an.l Soldiera' COBBCil, BBd with It
I the Proviaional (iovernment, so that it could
have brought t>. tirmer pressure to bear upon
i the Kntente. t\ ith a view to the attainment of
1 ita aims. Evervwhere ia the world. and es
i pecially in Russia, there BXista the strongrst
: raifltraat <?:" our novcrnmcnt, aad in all par
| tiea which have hithcrto supported the gOV?
| ernment, including the Socialis's, who were
the prisoners of Herr von Bcthmann-Holl
| 44 eg down to his la?t days of office. That has
1 been plainly shown in the latcst events of
j the laai few days.
The Peace Plan That Met
With No Success
l The Chancellor in the last speech which he
delivered here invited Ruaaia to peace, and
(you know how thfl Russian povernment, the
Workers' and Soldii ra* Co ineil nnd the Rub
,,.. partii ? "????' ?? aaawered hiai. l hi n
[three German oAcera addreaaed themaelvea
to General Dragomirov aad iaqoired whether
they eoold not in that wj; arrive y peace
negotiatioBS. That, too, reatleneB, led to r.o
auceeas. Then our chief commander in the
Kast proposed to Oneral flra^'omirov that
DOth parties should -end aut hontative repre
sentatives to a conversation. Geaeral Dra?
gomirov contirmed the receipt of the letter.
He never entered by u aingto word on a dis
cus-ion of the eontents of the proposal. Then |
a radio tolejrram was sent by us to Russia to
this effcr': "Russian society ought to know
that Germany, in agreement with her allies,
has declared her readincss that the oft-ex
preased Bishea of the Russian Soldiers' Pele
fatOB for a cessution of the bloodshed should
Lo met. The I'entral Powers make a joint
declaration that they are ready to conclude
a pence honorable for both parties. The <le
tailed COBditiOBfl shall be reserved for a spe?
cial agreement." lt was BBggOflted that by
this the same aim araa being puraued hy the
proposal for an iirnust.ee which, so long ago
a- May 19, was transnutteil from the staff of
the commander in chief to the advanced de
tael 'nents of the Bth and Oth arm.es. Fnally,
in this radio tclegram it was atated: "If the
enited Central Powers are forced to continue
the war and to ur.lertake further mighty
task-, of course their war aims also will he
ixparded." Now, what BUCMflfl have all the-e
I roposals had? The Ruaaian Worker-' and
Soldiers' Council ha.s rejeeted them with in - i
nignation beceuflfl they saw in them an at
tenipt to arrive a? last at h aeparate peace
arith Ru->ia, and the orpan of the C W*. S. D.
rn June o, with a aeverity such as I have sel
doaa seen, deacribed fh:s auggeation as in
sulting and d'.shonorahle for RuBSia. Ir says:
"What is really araated from us! No iepa
rate peace? (>h, no. The (ierman comman
i!er in chief BBflUred Bfl that he does not at
al! de^.re B8 t,, desert our allieB. Well, then,
trhat does he want? Only a little thing.
Only a lecret, aeparate armiatiee for the time
during which they want the Kastern troopa
in 'he West." lt then iroes on to say that
the Russun revolution will rcpond aa little
to such base cajolery as lo threats.
Yes; but one radio telepram was not
enough. On JuBB ~. about 2 o'elock, a froflh
radio talegnua araa diapatched by the lligh
Command and received ifl Ruaaia. 1 hat, too,
had no sort of effect, bul Kerensky, the Mui
iater of Jaatice, regatded it as * godaaad, so
th?t he read it out on June 22 in public bo
tnre the COBgrOflfl of the Workers' and Sol
diere' CoBBCilfl of all Russia, with the ap-1
proval of the whole Concress. Very well. On
that road you will in no circumstances net
Nor hy the method chosen by the Major
ity Sociahsts and exemplifled ;n the der'ara
tiOB of 'he (ierman Majarity Iieiegation in
Stockholm. That declaration was condemned '
a, a complete fadure by the Boelallatl of
all enemy and neutral eoaBtrieS, w.th the
single exeeption of one very small neutral
country. Above all, I point to all th* voic*s
wh.ch hav* come to us from Russia; one
I paper after another, not only the paper* ot
the C. W. S. I? , not only Gorki's paper, but
all of them, declared that it was by no
means eflleulated 'o advance the cau?e of
peace. You will, therefore, have to learn to
.... the effeeta of the atepa you ta-.- If
you do not want to fail 1:1 the future BA in
the paat What w* have experieaeed to our
grievoUl leaa 011 the part of the government
' ia also true of the Majority Socialists; they
cat.no' understand tho thouphts and feelings
1 of other nations, ar.d MBSeqBBfltly they
| blunder from one failure into ar.otr.er.
Our resolution excludes all ambiguity. Tho
; Socialiata of all countries know what we
.:? ire and t'or what we stnve. We BBVO
bIm iet down our views on pea?-e poliey in a
Haase then read the declaration of the
German M.nonty Soctalist Delega'ion in
Stockholm .
There is nothing which can justify th*
prolonpation of this war. The war mu-=t be
hroueht to an end quiekly. ()ne oBBBOl gal
to the end by such self-satisfaction as the
new Chancelior has shown. lie arBBtfl te
arait untd the enemy makes a peace offer.
He thought we had done enouph by stretch
iog out the hand in December. Th? hand
grasped the air. We must call ourselve*
?Ise to account on tho question why it was.
not prnsped. We called attention then in
this place to the fact that this step was
eompletely mlataken. Piral of al!. the gov
eranaeal knew 'hat Wilson araa eon*. ? ?
int? peace mediation; on grounda ot d<
tic politics th'- peace offer araa Biada before
Wilaon'a mediation proposal ami on a basis
ao vHgue that it was abaolutely Inadequatc
to be the basis for netrotiations. There
can he only one clear basis for peace pro
po*a!s, tho basis which is now apain ;ir>d
apain indicated particularly in Pe'roprad
and Stockholm, namely, a peace without an
nexations, without war indemnities, recop
nizinp tho rights of the peoples to self-de
termination. Tnis basis was already ex
pressed in the International Socialist Con
ferer.ee at /.immerwald in Sep'ember, 1!M5.
where the peoples were summoncd to self
povernment and to the flght for peace. I In
terruptions from the majority.'! You were
for rejecting war indemnities? No one
credits you with it. That is an BBdyiag
histoncal service done by the Zimmerwald
International Conference, nnd the Socialist 1
parties of Russia acknowlodged that ser?
vice. lt cannot be denied. We must, there- I
fore, pontlemen. be qjoitfl clenr, that in no
other way can we arrive at peace save by
accepting as our own these demands, BCecpt
ing them in full, without limitations, let the
military nnd the pan-Gormans protest
apainst it as they may.
he Self-Government of th?
Pcople Set Ritfht
We must demand the right. of Belf-deter
mination in foreign policy, we must deman 1
it for ouraelvea at home. It is not any -rre
sponsihle quarters whatever, nor any indi?
vidual. it is the people that has to doeide on
it4 own destiny at home as well. The ;uithor
ity atate has ro r:ph? to existence. The self
governmor.t of 'he po< p:e mu-t be put in its
place. It was hy our prOBOSSlfl here that we
gave the impul-e to the formation of the Con ?
stitution Committee, and what w(> deflflanded
there is the least that must ln- Bflkod 1' 1
rhe tir^t hegianing, i'.r ahal araa the fati
"f those propoaala? The propi ... arhieh de
naandad that a chancellor must be dianaiased
if tho majority 01 Parliameai asSs for it, th"
Alpha and the i>moga ..f BBI ? iflBll ial .r . .
ernment, in a form abaolutely suited to Ger?
many and to the whole constitution of our
empire. >., ipparted by BO one il ll ? I ??
stitution Committee. Save for us. only the'
SocialUta of the other graup roted for I
the tnd. All the other parties, even the I'ro
graaaivea, faile.i to support lt, and th
further proposal which is necessary CO
strenpthen even a little the rights of the.
p.ople BBflBOly, that henceforward tho,
K . r can no longer declare war, and alone ,
represOBt the empire in foreign relatiOBS,
hut that for tho conclusion of all interna
tional agreements he is bound to win the as
rert ef the repre-sentatives of the peopK
was apain and ajrmn postponed by resolutioi. '
of the Constitution Committee. which thus 1
ibOWfld how little importance these gentio 1
men attaehed to the very heart of these pro
posals. At this moment. m regards this right
of th* people, every independent movement
which manifests itself is suppressed. Tho
party truce has in rcaiity been nothing but %
weapon for favoring those who promota an?
nexations in the *en?e of the domsnant Bjp
tarv caste.
1- ii not tru" *ha*. the eeaeorship autaar.
tiei Baeta aai eejaal paeasaro. Every '.u'.'i
far whal M allowed in the fight of par
tiea has dieappearod, aapa ' th* eaa
of rhe cer.sor. Attention has already ba*!
ealled to-day I I tha aaj Ifl arhicB rrauatiaa
have been suppreaaed. The "Zuku.nft." w
Decause of any military articie whatever, la
because it gave extraet* from tha fortif
press, and it lnstructed its readers BBeaaal
was happemr.g ahroad.
You have reeeived the frea? mar.feiti*'
the Friends of Peace, ?.nd have read tfce?
haw Profeaaor Sehaeklag, a man of a'.raar
unequalled scientiric ar.d literary acttrr
wai farbtddea la September. llll, ta cor*
sperid with f..reign .-eholara on problemi I
organization* for interr.ational law, on b?
half of tho International Law Orga- rate
This man thought when the d.acusaion of BJj
aims had been thrown open that thea r|
least he would baaa the char.ee of resufll
his academic work. He applied to the g-enin
commanding at I .se'. far permisaion tail
easi these problems, ilnee otherwiae jtw
of h.< labor would be thrown away. H..
applicatiofl was refused, and after six moat:!
he l-.as reeeived no answer to the eomplaia'
whieb he lodged Aa for the trea'mert of tht
member- of my party. you can hardly imaf
iae it. Hundred* ot my party frieaea aai
been farbiddan for the duration ef tha aa
? >ak Bt any meetng; wha'ev.-i. e'.en if
be a private Baeetiag. Be I f aaa
they been rohbed af the right te laaaaa
public sffaira Bt this t.ine, when publie ???
faira are af taeh importence.
Pr Rosa I.uxembourg was stil! kept in "*?
\entive cor.firiement without charges BBbJ
preferred. or on trumpcry chargea fer BSH
no evidence can be found by the authonte"
Ternbly Dracor.ie judgmenta have ber
passed in Kdnigsherg. Stettin. DuaseleV
and other places agam>t alle?red rw.tera, ?*'
acted as they did, driver, by hunger and ?>
apair. Hasse demanded an amr.eaty fer ?
tha ' peaple, and, above all, for I.tebknat'
Wha* Liebknecht aaid a*. the time Is now!*
ing said by many hundred* of people aitie*
their feeling that they are corr.m.ttinf h-f
troaaaa. Liebkneeht ia b< Ing bod.lv rJinaa I
pnson by being employed aa a ahoemili'
i Voice: "He ia being atarved tB BSBB
(Laoghter.) You laugh at Liebknecht briM
atarvedt .
Th>? feeling of the people a* a reaaltafij
laadeB waight of hunger and tha atate'
siege is siu-'n as to make even the most fn**
laaa -ind aptimiatie refieel Yei have bbwb
the riaia and rtlihoa in 1'pper ar.d Lo??'
Silesia? Do you think the maaaei can BBBI
bly endare such a state of affain fer hai
That ia iaipaaaibla, and whea the eraal aaaa
you should at li-a.-r not be -1 ipriaed. I
working elasses know and BBderstaJM BBB
every '!..-? tha* they aiaat ael ?' tbey aaa
achieve wha' they have at heart They ?
riee Bgainat these conditions.
The Tunneb oi the Alps
1~MiK Alps are eroaaid by aighl n*
nelled railway lines, some of *
? tunnels being nine and I hr-'f m.<*
ln length. The tirst tunnel on record AH*
fron 5004(00 B. C. aThan thi trU m\*
Biodern tunnel- that af Ment Onis-**
built, the u.-e nf machme drilla was W
not known. All the work was don? I
hand at an average rate cf nme infBM
a day.
The Loetaehberg tunnel (NortJaeraAP
has t-.v.i tracka. Evarythiag ia lalbulM'
Ing was done by eiaetrieity derived P1*'
tieally from one sinele torrent, the u***^
which BOWS fraaa the heart of on- ot f*
bigheat placiers down the steep siopei*1
a treaaandoua ipaad.
Here is the tunnel table:
Length, Pa'e of
miles beginninr- T***^
Mont Conis. ... "'i Is'"
St. Cotthard... 1% ltH
Arlberg . B-aS ?R8?
Simplon (lat)..12H laaw
Siraploa (2d)..12-aj IM1
Loetschberg ... 9 1906
?No date ob.ainable.

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