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Arrest Threat
Bars Lenine;
Bolsheviki Fail
Govcrnment Penies Plca
oi Immunity for
Kererrky Challenges
Demccratic Ccngress
Favors Immediate Forma
tion of Coalition
SRAD, Bftfi I
? iaaaad th" idea i I
I eaiae, ba ? ? '
r aa
ratit ? i ? ?
\ b"
- v< ^ | T ' '
a pr??fnco ef 1eninr
?mat r. closmr. ai
r\ abandoned
l.or. aak: i . or- ? ?? < abiaet
- - .. ,,f. af a mra
>rted last
n n
>w j
md '?'
nted to
? ?
? - ,
?nanent ('ongrras Sourht
. |
ge I
ab ? ?
.- ? . ambtt m '"
Kleet'x Pawar in Qujstion
r i
? ?
BBOaj ";
hand, lut I
rat tii ' '
d u* from ' ?
portant ? ?
? ghtla* P?wei oi
i or. Igawra Airaated
. ? I
ter eapiocftg
.,-n at areeaala
Diai report.mbov,
' >
b al
? A a
: '
Peruvians Seizc Geirnan
Ships Laid Up at Callao
it 18. P. ruv:an naval
? : ' ?<
Baahipa aftd three
tala which hai e been
, . arh ' ?? war.
ind to
rrench Ship Bill Signed
u:;s Bept. r.o. Pred eat P
?aterday'a ? atjin. I me< I -:
? ? prot/idil K f?r the |
ra.(;u aeeo
: anoh, -^
? - ?erviee of tha goa
The Annual Fall Sale of
WomeiVs Coats
in vvhkh tlir valurs air nothing sliot t of ph<*
nomrnal hrgins on tlir Fourth Flooi todav.
Women's Coats of Pom-Poin Cloth
Spccial at $48
lUustrated. A atunning belted coal with unuaually
kcta and ball trimmings. The large collar and
and exceptionally deep bordcr are of Baffin Seal.
.i throughoul with Fancy Striped Silk and warmly
(i. Colors: Reindeer, Brown, Green, Pekin, Mole,
and Claret.
Fashionable Wool Velour Coats
at $39.50
In new i/n lrnpth model with double bell in haok and
tie bell in front. (lUustrated.) Kidea are trimmed with
double rowa of buttona and deep collar, cuffa and border
are oi Mole Coney. Lined throughout with Silk and warmly
interlined. i'olors: Brown, Green, Taupe, Navy Blue, and
Burgundy. Jual one of many atylea at thi> price.
Coats for Touring and General
Wear, $29.50
lUustrated. One of the aeaaon'a best models, display
ing alil pocketa and large adjustable collar of Kolinsky
Coney.* Lined throughout with Satin and interlined. Col?
ors: Brown, Green, Taupe. Purple, Reindeer and Purple.
Smart Strcet Coats at 819.50
]n the season'a mosl individual models in belted rfTects.
with large convertible collars. Fashioned of Wool Velour,
Eponge, Cheviot, and two-toned Velour. Half or fully silk
lined. Colors: Oxford, Brown, Green, Navy Blue, Taupe,
Beetroot, and Black.
I'< urth Floor.
A FcD' Fxamples of the Many Rcmarhablc l altiei
To Be Found in the Saks Bloust Dept.:
Tailored Blouses of Washable
Satin at $5
In the very modiah double-breaated effect?amart and
very becomingfor wear with the new taiileur auity. Atao?
origin&lly styled Georgette Crepe Blouaea (as lUustrated)
with tucked bosom, and new tuxedo collar oi Waah Satin.
Both may be had in Flesh. Fink. or White.
(ieorgette Crepe Blouses at $3.95
lllustraU d One of the daintieat models shown for Fall,
reproducing with unuaual ftdelity the charm of a recently
imported model. Embroidered jabol edged withVemae Lace.
Blouses of Taffeta in New
Suit Shades, $:*
They meet faahion's lateat decree in an unuaually pleai
inc manner. All tho moat faahionable colors, with Btripinga
in brighl colors. Both low and high-neck models included.
On the Th>'d Floor?For tWO davs onh
Taffeta Silk Petticoats
Special at $3.85
-\ new model, of exceUenl quality Silk Taffeta. show
ina tucked flounce trimmed with petel-ahaped ruffle. Ob
tainable in Black, changeable and aohd colors.
Very Attractive Negligeea at $3.85
\ limited quantity, very apecially priced. Developed in
Mfaatrosa Wool Crepe, and Chaliis, in [oose and belted mod
Si Some are trimmed with hand-emhnuder . othen have
Sngerie collars or Satin ribbon trimming.
Washable Satin Bodiees at ?]
Superior in everj
v detail to bodiees usually offered a:
, :,.;' i? Flesh color with embroidered Blue Bird de
Sign, fiSshed with wide hand of Cluny Lace. Ribbon atraps.
Dainty UndermusMns, Special sl
lust one lot of Redingote combinationa. Made of nain
.ook effectively trimmed with dainty lacea and embroidery.
Four models?in all aisee
akz &(Ham{mt?ij
Broa,. ^aKSiVULnnttianu ^s..
The Saks' Jewclry Depart
nirnt has now assembled a most
unusual collection of Diamond
set Bracelet Watches. suitaMe
for gift purposes. There is a
splendid assortment of most ex
quisite designs to select from,
and the prires rang<* from
$138 to $350
Doralis Peaflt are m
ncarly Oiicntal that onlv
an expert Ctffl unravel
their identtties, either to
gether 01 apart.
In durahditv, beanlv
of Instre and richntU of
colot thev have heen dc
clarcd stiperior to any
other artificial pcarl yet
introaui ed.
The Saks' JewclrvDe
parlrnent is norv featur
ing neil-hucs of thesc
hcauliful pearls in one
size. or praduatmg sizes,
at priccs ranginil from $5
to $50.
Broo(hes, Ilmps, and
Earringi majfaho behaa
$ct With Doralis I'earls
at verv rcasonahle cosl.
Jeweby Drpt.. .\/<n'n Flooi
Boys' Corduroy
Suits $6.50
With pxtra pair of knickers
Wr^fT * snappy Nor
vuillfc1 lolk modo1, of
j|)| S-f-rSS fine quality
c 0 r (I 11 r 0 y .
T a i 1 ored by
most apecial
ists on boys'
At |6.50 a value wrorth
more than usual considerat ion.
Agea 7 to 16. lllustrated.
Boys' Mixture
Suits at S6.50
Extra knickera includci
Cleverly modeled In fabrica
?elected especiaHy for their
Mrvice-giving qualities. Agea
in tO IS.
A 21-inch
Wavy Switch
Special $3.95
.Made of seleeted hair. and
may be had in any ahade.
Experta In attendance Insurc
proper matehing and givc ad
vkc without charge on the
proper arrangement of the
loday and Tuesday only- The Annual Fall
Sale of Women's Frocks
These pricea are only possible as a result of several
rnonths of preparation, the narrowing of our usual margin
of profit and by concessions from our dressmakrrs. In
cluded are frocks for afternoon, matinee, calling and in
formal wear, all aUlftll reproductions and adaptations of
oxmiisite Freneh models most remarkably prieed.
Wool Jersey and Serge Street
Dresses at $15.75
Smartly tailored Wool Jersey dreaaea in simple
atraight line model with aaah, and button trimming, in
Pekin Blue. Beetroot and Pluni. Also a very charming
model in Wool Serge, embellished with Soutache embroid
ery; (n long line effect featuringplaited skirt. (lUustrated,)
Ohtainable in Navy Blue or Black. Sizea 34 to 42.
Combination Dresses of Satin and
Serge, $25
lUustrated. A reproduction of a "Jenny" model. with
large White Satin Collar and hsnd-made Satin buttonholes.
Colors: Navy Hlue, Brown, Black. Sizea 34 to 44.
Modish Wool Jersey Froeks
at $25
lUustrated, A very pleasing dress of Wool Jersey with
front and aleevea embroidered in contrasting oolor. Collar
and Vestee are of White Satin. Colors: Beige, Pekin Rlue.
and Taupe. Sizes 84 to 42.
Serge Dresses for "Stylish" Stout
Figures at $25
Three models in sizes 42 to 50. One with hand em
broidery on front and the aaah. Another with combination
machine emhroidery and a third model in straight line
plaited effect. Navy Blue and Black only.
Satin and Georgette Crepe Dresses
at S18.50
A very becoming model for afternoon wear. Waist and
sleeves of Georgette Crepe tastefully embroidered, and akirt
in Georgette Crepe and Satin combined. Light Grey, Beige,
VVisteria, Black. Copenhagen Blue, Sage Green. Sizes n4
to 42.
Soutache Embroidered Afternoon Frocks
at $29.50
Of Satin and Georgette Crepe. suitable for informal
functiona, theatre, afternoon or card party wear, featuring
many style innovations shown in a "Premet" model. Made
Of soft iustroua Satin with Georgette Crepe Sleeves and
Soutache embroidered waist. Freneh Grey. Beige, Taupe,
VVisteria. Sizes 34 to 42.
A Sale of Beaded Bags
Special at $12.50
Solid beaded bags in frame model with beading extend
ing all over frame. The designs are such as may be found only
in the most excluaive shops, and the colorings are in the
softest and richest of shadings. Kach bag silk lined and
fttted with mirror and purae. At $12.60 they are without a
parallel. Main Floor.
New Fall Suits for Women
m a rcmarlfablc varicty of models, at
prices which are the lowcst for suits of
such high (haracter in maf(c and fmish.
Velour f\\)\ Broadi lolh /) l
*2fi IrCy |35 m \
At .S25? Taiiored. Dic-m and Sport nir-dels. l.a'iiring
many exclusive style innovations, fashioned of Broadcloth,
Velour. (iabardine, Homespuns, Serge. Poplin, and Wool
Jersey trimmed with braid, ' ir. Lined with silk
and heavily interlined. Oi e model
to 14.
At $35?Bcautifally taiiored saita trimn ? tl
wanted fura or velvet; smart Si 1 Suil - " \
lnur or Jersey, Suede Cloth, Suede Vi l<
Tricotine or Broadcloth, lined with P? iu ? '
warmly interlined. All the mod ;l '"
46. Two models to 52H.
At $45?A collection of the nm^t charminc Sttits intro
duced for Autumn, exacl n production i ":' '
ported models. Taiiored in all the ?
teriaK displaying luxurioufl trimm ?
Skunk-Opossum and Kil Coney?all of I
atandard. Vou muai see theae extraordinar
deciding on a suit anywhere. Sia s 34 to A
upto;V:i., /'??
Beginning loday the annu il
Sale of "Biimer" Corsets
S6 and $7
The-'' are all new corsel - in the i; te Fall ?
to aell at much higher pricea. Made - t Pink, White, and
Blue Broche, with dainl in self eolor or u
Every woman should take a r ileoi
fering. which we cannot hope to duplicate thi \
sizes for both women and mis loor.
Ultra Smart Bustle Suits for
Misses at $45
The newesl and mosl individual of suit fashions for
misses is the bustle suil with long pointed Bas [ue front,
ripple back, and Tuxedo collar of Hudson S >a1. lt i
now being shown in our misses' departmeni al *4?"?.
The graceful lines and skilful tailoring of this mii
will appcal to the moai critical.
Fashioned of excellenl nualitj Broadcloth. silk
lined and warmly interlined. Sizea II to 18 y<
Misses' Newest of Fall and Winter Coats
at $35
The largest collection of fashionable coats aasem*
hled at this one price ralues thal are emphaaized oj
compariaon. Taiiored in Pom-Pom Cloth, [rish Tweeds,
Wool Velour, Burella and Broadcl< th, U t i large
collars of Taupe or Kil Coney, lKeramiM Plush, and
self material. Hair' or fully silk lined or Interlint d. All
fashionable colors, and sizes 1 I to I8years.
Seven New Models in Misses'Serge Dres es
at $22.50
All serge dresses in i xqui I ityle with
and ahawl collar; straight-line .
ered or braided,
Brown. Green. Navy Blue, and Black. Size 14 o 18 t'ear
BeginninfJ Today, on the Second Floor, an Important
Sale of 2,500 Pairs of Women's Fashionable Boots
i m I
Very Special at $7.25
The illuatrationa sh<?w the graceful modela in wrhich these
bootl are ma<le and give some idei of the \ariety of styles await
ing your selection. All have been made according to the higkest
standarda of ahoe making, with (very Icind of heel now faahion
ajble. All the tranted coloringa for Fall an- included togetber
with raany atunning combination effecta.
The Leathers and Combinations:
Patent Vamps with Modish f.rey Nu-Buck Top?
tiun Meta! Vamps with Smart (irey Nu-Buck Tops All (;un Metal uith heels in varions rtyjg an,f height
Maho^any Ku->;a Calf \vith gygfj atyle and hri^lit of hcej
Mahogany Vamps with (irey or Fawn Nu-Buck Tops
l.laved Kid with Grej Nu-I.uck Togi
Th.s i* the ahoe event of the Fall season, in wh.eh are offered value, in .1,- smartest of footwear at a price w
cannot bope to repeat. Sizes 2 to 8, and uidths AA t<? I).
None sent C. 0. D., exehanged or on approval.

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