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ThialaP. R. R. BeeflessDay
ng to-day, Tueadaj will be
H | iv " ol tl i PeBBayrfBBla
vlem. ea^t Ol Pittahurwh
? | eai ? aad other
...:. aa hael ?
"io orderod
af tha I'ni'd Ad
foi foad -
. . . ? ,?
I Icre's a cuatomer com*
pleteU t u r n e d 'ronnd!
f hought he had to 50 to a
I '.ilor 111 order to get two pairs
* tn uaera to go with a .>:uit.
. mg letter about it
I for which we're duly thank
lul) becauae it renunda ua to
remind "thouaanda of other
thrifty follcs" that they may
have the second pair of trous
era tor most any suit they
now select.
V (tra jrardagfl af thil t;r-e of year.
"Rain 01 ahine, *Scotch
Miata are fine."
I Jandsome Scotch cheviot
\rmy officers' uniforms.
n thing 4 1 oldier we?.rj.
it Liherty'a to ruie alaaM?
Sahaertbe ta 'he Liberty
iubfli riptiom reici\ed at
II our BtarCB.
Kogebs Pi 1 1 Company
Broadway Broadway
St. "The at o4th St.
Broadway Corners-' Fifth Ave.
? Warren *\ 4ist St.
Swann Ready
To Start Milk
Price Inquiry
Appoints Deputy District
Attorney E. E. Smith to
Conduct Investigation
Plenty of Evidence
$37,000 Added to City's Daily
Bill for Oetober; Another
Jump la Coming
?y paid about $;s7.00?i
tl milk yestcrday morning
than Sunday morning. Ihm sum ap
repieaaata what the IH
cenl Inercaaa aei aaart meant te the
imera. Thay will have to pav
ighool the
f Oeti bi i 't. Novamber i thu
^,i up atfain as uaubl, tuis
nbout oiie-qimrter of a cent a
quart, which. WBOfl trana'.ated iwto a
arill he cloarr to onc
i ' a quart
Diatrict Attorney Swann, wha 1ih?I al
ready annnunced that. I Btatl aa
?: veatigal oa of the railk ?ituation. yea.
. i.? Deputy Diatrii I Atteraay
Smith to proaecute aaybod)
and averjraody arha mlghl ba prailtj ol
milk situation. Mr. .Smith ia the t'ather
a( six children. all of the age when BtiU
i? a aeeeaeity.
"I am baying eight ajaarta r-f milk a
Hay for my children." *aid Mr. Smith,
"to 1 know what this price-boostinjr
means. My daily milk bill amour.t- to
more than a dollar. I recall that a
fevr yeara Rg:r> ara oaed to be ablc to
j;ct all the nv'k we wanted for fhe cent?
a quart .n tha country town* ef the
Haa Ptaatj of Information
Mr. Swann aaaeuaeed that he already
'-t!t,\ igffle .itloi hand to
'?. the m II rii.-i' before tne jrrnnd jury
? the fronnd tha* the Donnally ar.ti
truat law of the itata had >>een violated.
"1 have iBformation," -aid Mr.
Swann. "that the exeeutive eomni
Da >:? mi: - I "aguc met in Syra
er 20 ar.d tixti tha
rnce thnt the producera s-hould charge
. -e ..: about ol e and
nta a qnnrt to po into rl
frct to-day. A circulai addreaaed to
the mr ? he league, datad Sep
22, 1917, al the tr'at
gai laatiOB had
irjrcd them to Mar.d faot.
aeem that thi combinatioa
? B1 to ra-i the rnce of
lll) blacklistinji tho-e
refuae to eomply with tha
U to h
Ii an between 'he produceri .. ' d
I the . naumer n .1 he
i between the two BBlCM hl
?ed. The continual mcrease in
ii natioa-wide, aad
( th| poor
? ea
Attonv '?- ? ral Merton E. Lewia
wai Ib the eita yefltarday aad nn
t.ounred th.t he had been investigfttin,;
the milk flituatlon far *.oine time. Th'1
third iaaalry la praeeeding in vVbbIi
ington. arhere lood AdminUtratver Hei
hert C. Hoover haa been QU4Btiofling
n-ilk producers and dMributer*. ''"'
I'll paiia ef the rountrv
Pafjaafi Are Nol \fraid
R li Caaaar, preatdenl af thi
Dairymen'a l.ragur, aid h? ?h. nol
afraid nf omcial inveatigateri H
n.iled attention ??> the ,nc' that the
frrmera aie nat payiag batereea s ?'
and 100 a tun foi eoBceatrated fei ?
for their milch eawa, aad reeelvlBar an
average of ?', eenti . quaii f"r 'he ?
i ilk rradad al DSfl par eaal batter
fat. whila thr di tifibuteri eharga ''
aad II eenti a quan te l e i an imer.
"Nobody la going ta lean
threati of proaeeotion." aaid
Cooper "An>bodv thnt wants tfl II
vot'Kate us can do aa. Oat books and
lcrord* are oprn.
"I th.rk that the eeaperative dairy
a 1 eoma nearar to lolvini tha proo
lam. V.'o eatabliahed tha I ttla I
Dairy < oaaaaay laal yaar ? coJ .
tiva farran -' vi ntari and from
1, 1111, to Jhp iary I, 1117. w? i
laving - lefl a fuad for depre
ciation of our i ropi rtj vVi pa
tarmeri tha hiaheal prtcue i|.?":
Borden'a foi .1 I par cent buttorfot
"Members ol thr* Iftii \ mer. ? 1
I n' ? now satahliahad twalv? ia<
. ? . aw York 8ti
ari arging '?nr mambei le bulld mon
rreamariri, In the eommuBitlefl whei
B< den eomj i
..erT.4Id Farma. '?
,:,.-,, heii plaal tho rai mer. ?? I
i.nve ta bu Id, '. ; ' they ei I
laaae tl < planta abaadonad by the r?- I
tail daalera.
"Me..: of our eoaparativi ereaaaei
ha\o pn>teuri/.alioi plantl and cheaie
:'tcr mck ng i hii ?ry. Theri
? . i be to wai t? 11-.. farraen
make Into butter and chee?e aa) mi
not aell to Nea Voi ?
Wants Government to Fix
Prices for Canned Milk
ST LOU18, net. i I.oui.? Lataer.
preaidant af a Hlfhland eoadenaed
m.lk cemprin\. BBid here to-day thnt
the Kederal Poed Adminiatratioii I i d
?cccptad a auggeation mH.le by the
ftiKt: milk eondenaing compaaiea, thal
the government aaperviafl 'be eiuit.l
i . '1 indUBtry and lix prices to thfl
William T. N'ardm. of St l.oius, and
fivfl Otheri ha\e been Bamed bf Food
l ontroller Hoover ii* ? eommiil
cooperate with rapreaeatativaa of tlie
Food Adminiatration in the eeadaet of
tl e bui neia, ha aaid
Pledge Aid to Hoover
Upatate Retail Merchanta
Hold Meeting in Waldorf
Retail merthaBte fram upper Nea
York State mel estei daj al I ha v.,.
dorf-Astona nnd followed the lead
?.,.. n by the retail merehaati of ?
. few daya aito by pledgiag their
efforti to aid the United Statea Pood
Adminiatration In eonserviag tne fooi
of the eountry.
mitting l
merehanti to aid ' ?
tion mavemenl bj
window diaplaya were offered by S. ^
? maker, of ? ?? H. P.
arth, of Po ..
Bf t
j , . \. ar Yoi k repre.i lal i
tha i nited Statei 1 ood A ? i itral
preiided. Ari u
the United Stal I - ;
?Tflfltl ? '?? l York. an I I
. ai beii exj' aii
r ood Admin ' ? i
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Republicans Again
Fail in Effort to
Name Perkins
Attempt to Obtain Caucus
to Force Hia Confirma
tion Beaten
Democrats Help Him
Even With Four Going to Hia
Aid He Still Lacks Three
Votea to Win
Ai.HA v.. Ocl I. Tha *i bitaaaa
foreea failcd toHtight In thair eaTorti
.. i, leaahla a Repablican caaeaa for
the purpo?e af foreiag aaaflraaatien ol
Geefga W. Perhlai as head af the Mate
Pood Centrol Cemmlaaloa. The Repob
| ean led 18 te II i??1 ,n
g tha di t>Kt "f
Mr. Perfcine'i bi ta Bierrew.
taefl membera roted uKanat con
nrmation, aiataea for contirmation.
.-enate, wi.icn had recorn. < iBOd,
th, I, teoh a reeea i aatll ta marraw
Tha New Yorli i it) Mayoralty nerhr
?\?v bri ughl iBto thi PerhiBi conteal
.,, u|g| i.. kwood, Bui
told Goveraoi
SVhitman tl I ? *!i" Repab
. | ... >.,.. v i ty had nemlnated
a itralghl Republican for Mayor tha
Republieana ln tl a Stata Senata iheald
kaew the attitada of Mr. Perkina tow
? i i . eandidata. ;
Governor Whltman Immedlately
un Mr 1'erkins on the tong-di?
tance tefephone and told him the situ
?Mr. Perkina told mv." aaid the Gov
ernor afterward, "thal if he were given
thia poBltioa he wonld gei out of poli
tiea and would aapporl no eandidata for
eontributiona or
Mr. Perkina haa a'ready eontnbotad
largely ta tha eampeign of Mayor Mlt
althougl Senator Wajrner, tha r?em
neratic leader, will again fight Perkina,
il ia known 'hat aeveral of his New
York i ity Demoeratie followera will de
sert hia aUndard ta vote for Perkina
thia ' me. Among theaa are mentiened
? A. Walker, Cotille and
. nator Bheridan will again
ir him. la lha la I rote I -? waa
>he only Democrat who mpported Per?
kina, . ,
11 e Broa n foreea, however, dee are
? > ' Demeeral ? Pei
cannoi gel b ?"? thaa twenty-one
re fort) aavan Sena
muat get twenty-feur
Autos Have Killed 636
In State This Year
Inciease Over Previou* Year;
City Furnishes Almost
Half of Victims
I eentiuua ta take a >tead.
? oth in New
S'ew Vork State. ae
, nrdini ? . '???'? ? ?;1''i I '? *??? N*"
Protecl " Socletj
p .
e ..? oi theyi
BUtC, a*
K a
ir. Of thi
? balf.
I , .. ,.r alone 41 per*oi s
... . itomobilea in New .ork
City nd thn ighout the re^t of thfl
? tuie onl ? ? i" ??'''' froi. troli
New Voik City nun
for the r?
\ . ng to Commii ioaei W oodfl,
truek nnd
killed 20 peraona in thia eity; mator
truck . 16; '"? *??*?? niotor
ona each. Five per*
by falli fram rahiclee,
tioni aad twa bj
other iceideate. 1 brae per*
th In Nea York itreeti
from ? ' ? . . .
of thi .. ? ? itreeti arera
?mali rentj -
I , ? |ren aad
? ? new ar.d drai -
: ave bi an | aaaed,
r 1 lled by automobili i
i, iring the flral nin? monthi of th? year
wai iW, aeeording to tne Highwayi
Protective Soeiety, ai compared with
171 for a lim '?' " " "'-'"
Capt. M. E. Malloy Die& in Paris
WA8HINGT0N, < >ct. 1. Majoi G
..,?, reported the
Marvin E. Malloy,
. on Si ptemb r
? a p, i. j., piul from natural
. . ? Malloy, ? ho ?" fi ther,
'.. J, S. Malloy, livei at Creenwood,
entered tha army a-* ? privato.
I Mitchel
Ih-re will be ? Mitchel Fuaion
Maai Maatiaaj, lue.da* night.
Octobei -nd, .1 I p. m .atCtwpr'
Lnion. Manha" *-n. an.l ?! ihe
At.Jcmv al Mii.n. Brooklvn
[he lodlowiag tpeaker. will
apprar al both meetirifl..
Mayor Mitchel
Coraptroller Prenderfist
Robert Adamson
Job E. Heftes will preaide at
, oopti Lnio''. ?nd Thoni.t C
WluUeck ?i 'he fllr..oklyn Ac.d
rmi oi Mu.ic
Other cendid.te.wili alio.peak
No Ticketa Required
Bomb Squad Raids
House in Broadway
Lettera Indicatc Dane, Under
Arrest, Worked With
Bhortly aftrr I a'eleeh laai mght a
taxicab relled up to the noartment
beaaa al 17M Broadway, and Deteetivea
Kennelly and Stenett, of Captala Tun
: r beeah aa ia?i. laaapad out.
hurrird into the building. A few nnn
itei la'er thev eama eut with h third
man uml luggtBI l '?''?'?
paper eovered pa'i
\t Paliea Haedojuarl >i .
dreve aIIIi their priaoni r, tha man t;ave
hia BBBM as Allied J?. II"
sa.d Ii- ?as tweaty-eigbt yeam old and
i, i ... Ha '?'? ai loekad up. ciu\r^".i
with Haviutr BSploelvea i;i h:s poaeea
tori, iu aiolatloB of the tenement aad
! ire Departmaal lawa,
Aceordiag te Men ??!, ha eaaaa to this
laal May to eoadaet a aeriea ef
imenta to And a aabatituta for
He i aplaiaad his eomlag
bj tha faet that h? could not ir.-t the
neeeaear) ehemieali anywhere eiee.
Captala Tanney stut< i laal nlght that
>he two detectivei had fesnd h quan
tity af aaaaa Behetaaea i h eh had the
appearanca <'t beiag ome ei mpoail on
if rubbar. It ha? beea taraed over te
tha Bureau of I ombuetiblei for aaaly
The poliee foond lettera in the apart
ment Mensel I been oi enpj ] g,
which i idicated, I aptain tunney said,
that hi had beea ia partnerahlp with
an exporter ia tha city who bad heen
BXporting rubbcr, presuniaMjr to (ier
:. BI '
rhere nn< al o a letter In whieh a
"von" eai preflxed te MeaaePa nume.
Ha explalned thal hl grandfather hni
been *'i Anattiaa bi ron, giving him the
i ijrht ti> the hoaorai. title
Miis C. D. Woolley to Wed
Will Be Bride of John H.
Acheaon on Oetober 25
Miss Ceraelia Delte Weelley, daugk
ter of Mra. Ceraelia Farwell Woolley,
IM Patk Avenue and (ireenw i-h,
lonn., will be marrled to John Muyler
Acheaon in Bt, ileorjce's Chapel at noon
on Oetober SS. The ceremony will be
performed bv the recter, the Rev. Dr.
Karl Reilaad.
Miaa Woolley is prominent ia the
younger ael in New York Bociety and
attended tha Mount Vernon Semlnary
m Waahiagtoa. Her brnther, Douglaa
Farwell Woolley, ia aerviag ia tha
American Ambulanee Corpa Ia France
aa a aecond lieuteaant.
Mr. Acheaon ii a ?on of Dr. E. <
Acheaon, the well known inventor. At
the beginning of th" war Dr. Acheaon
donatee his Londei reaidence in Re
tfrtits Park to the Bril -ii Wai OfHl .
which is now usinu it aa a boapital.
Ihe ceremony aill ba followed by a
receptioB at tlu- home of th<- bride'a
mother, MO I'ark Avenoe.
Married, She Chargea Jilt
Mrs. Walde Sues Dentist for
Breach of Promise
AlthouKh bow married, Mra, Gladya
Teed Walde appeared ia th.- Supreme
i onrt yeaterday aa plalatiff la a 160,000
iieai h ot" pri.rni ?? IBlt ajia.r. l! Dr.
Pranei D Gi (Bn, a dentiat After tha
alleged lilting, Mra. Walde, who is
' reety. ..?? yaai ald, waa married to
Prefeeaor Raymend L Walde, of Scara
the dent j*'? iccretary
aad Baaiatant, She .. egtu that in the
tall of 1914 Dr, <>i An propoaed mar?
i iagc t.i h"r.
i": i aredding day waa ael fur tha fall
af Itl5. When thal time came, cai-l
Mrs. Walde, ? a rai poatponed
te tha ipring of 11? i?^. Then, it
leged, tl ? defendanl refu ed to marr>
'.< r al any time. Vi Griffln deniea that
heever J romlaad to marry the plaintilf.
Dooling Case Deferred
Gaaton B. Means's Attorneya
Renew Charge of Contempt
IMJSBURY, N. ' , Oet 1. JiuL-e
I, wftbb, heariag attaraaj ?
(ii.-;on B. Meaaa in Charlotta today,
., ?,. t .1 thi f rnotion to
n'tuch .lonn '!'. I>oo!ir;|? and other New
\ .tk B aa far eaBten ed to
aet ta-day, deferring judgmeal until
?i B.
The Meaaa lawyeri allagfl that pa*
pen vital ta the Meaaa defeaee on the
point of motivr are unlawfully held b;
Dooling and ha\e been taken to New
.ludfre Welih. it WBI learnerl tO-night
haa ealled upon Solieiter Clenaent to
lay whether bi adviaed Dooling ta \k
i ..'re the eourt'i order Thii :* taken
to meaa that the eourt will not hoid
Dooling | fbllawed the aJ
i of the N'"i?? I arolina Attorney
Gcaeral and Solieltor.
Ransom Opens Campaign
Calls Corrigan, Hia Opponent,
the 'Camouflage Carididate'
William I.. Ranao , Fo ion c?ndidate
for Di.tricl Attorney, opened ; ; eem*
..-? nighl on the Ra l Sida, Ha
ipoki in a hall al rlou ton and Clin*
ton Street ? to a iargi ga! lei ing.
Mr. Ransom directed a vigoroua at
* ick a? Diatriet \" Swana and
t.n methoda ia tl:.. Di ti el Mtorney'
ortice. Raferring to bi. other * ? [?
ponent, Magiatrata Joaeph E. Corrigan,
i r iBBiag ladependently, he de*
clared tha* Mr. Corrigsn'i eampaign
ilogan t a* ba would '" ? -?? "?- Die?
? \-- nay'i oAci oal of politiea"
had aa fi ii datloa in fa<
Mr. Baaaam deelared that Corrigan
ha.l nr.it .-ouifht the nominatioi
Diatriet Attorney l om Tammanv and
later tried to j;i I the Fuaion indorae
ing, Ranaom *a. i. M k.r-?
? .? Corrigan wenl to Governor IVhit*
i to help I
i . publiean nom nal ion. He
i orrigan thfl "eamouftage eaadidate."
Untermyer Answer* Mayor
Challengei "Vciled Attack on
His Patriotism"
L'ntermyi.in *hat
? Mayoi Mitchol'fl ?peech reftr
iing t'
"1 eetici thrtt the Mayor haa oi
. . b falaa aad mal '.
tu a /or having dared er
tration n mi -peech neti*
iminati ?
Mis iniu I ng refereneei ??? n aa
in effoet < aai a] aa <ny
patriot ii ch l eannoi ann do not
propo-e to pirmit to ga inehalliBged
"it :s mofll regrettabla >
, icoai i Ii that tha '?' ?
deaperation at what I baliava la ?
impending repudiatioa r-hould have
permiit ' ;o muuige b> laaaaa*
ri.. in a cio?? ur..l baaalaai slunder.
"Nothiag ihort of naailea, baeauao, la
the eourafl of rny profear.onal dutie. aa
for Baaatar Wagaar before the
genate, i had BBdartak4n the eroaa-es*
in ..Mon of the Mayoi whieh waa
eoneluded toald bavi praa
an unbelievab'.y raekleai charge, which
ba darvd not mak* In wordi but con :
rcyed by in?inuatton " ?
Tatx Books Show
$130,184,823 Gain
In City's Realty
J. D. Rockcfellcr, With
$5,000,000, Hcads Per
sonal List
No War Profits Figure
Schwab Asseaaed at $118,000
and T. Coleman du Pont
at $20,000
rhe raa ;>epartment a] I
booka reeterda) and madu public the
teatattvo personal and real estate as
leaamaata fei ioih. The f.srures skew
a r.ct laeraaae ia real estate o??csa
ln the city of $180,184423, w;th
:i grpnd total Oi ? ; '' estate
valuatioa of 17,700,162,171. Tka final
1917 i- aeament rol! wa' 17.'?
The inereaae la dlatrikated nnior.g tka
nva boroagfca as followa:
Maakattaa $4,716462,766; nn la*
creaaa ui" $39490,160.
Brooklyi $1,709492,8615 an increase
o' 113,61 1,606
Tha BroBI $649441431; an inereaie
of $17,359,460,
Qoi ? n 1630,404,210; an n< aai B
$204. 1471.
Kichmond $92400428; a i hereaoi
. f $844 ? 190.
Bggregata of teatativa peraeaal
ai eeemeata for lPis was aatiaaated ky
the board te ba $79644146fi an la
rr?.H-e of I376466JI60 over the final
figarea for itil". The largest peraoaal
propeity valuation is that l"t on the
holdinf^ of Jrhn D. Rockefeller in this
city, which are .alued at $6,000,000.
Mrs. Coraeliaa Vaaderkllt, sr., is a?
aeaaed on $2,00O,n00 personalty and
Mrs. Corneliua Vanderbilt, jr, for
a like amount. Giorge F.hret, the
brewer, ll down aa having personal
property worth $1,000,000. while Llbert
H, Gary, i-hairman of the board of di
reetora of the I'n.ted Statts Steel t or
pora -oi la liated as possessing $200,
. ?? BI th.
War Proflta Not Shown
War profits 00 not show on the tax
books. f'harle*. M. Schwab. muniuons
magnate, ii aaaeaeed at 1116400, while
all the personal property ln thia eity
of T. Colemaa da Pont, gunpowder
manufacturer, could be bought for $20,
. the bel 11 of tka tax commia
ra. Daaiel, laaac aad Solomon
t, igganheim. all "coppcr kinga," nI'?
. j ;,? 150,000 each. J. P. Morsran
?nd Henry V Daviaon, one of hia part
nere, paid taaea hera laat year, bul
iwore off thia year, daiminjr rcsider.ee
>n Naaaaa County.
( hauneey M. Depew is ai iied al
$100,000; William K. Dick, a' $100,000;
i :,v m. Garrlaon, ex-Secretary of
War, at $10,000; Jamea W. Gerard, for
mer Ambaaaador to Herlm. at $60,000;
Adolnii S. ??ch.-, propnetor of Tha
New york Timaa," at $26,.: William
Randolph Hearat, a' 130,000; Hayard
Veiller, the playwright, at $10400; Mr-.
Lucy C. Whitrldge, wlfa of the late
preaidenl of the Third Avenue Hailroad
Company, at $160400, and Jacob H
Schit! a' $1,000,000.
Otheri aaaeaaad ara Mlaa Anne llor
gan 646,000; Mra. Franeea L T.
Morgan, widoe of J. P. M
0; George F. Morgan, $100 000;
Milla, $100,000; Alexii ti. Oater
moor, $120,000; Herberl T.. Pratt, $100,
.? Henry W. Putnam, jr., $400
C. B, L'ntermyer, $150,000; Sam
uel L'ntermyer, $10,000; Cathleea <i.
Vanderbilt, 6200400; Prederiek W.
Vanderbilt, $320,000; Louiaa A. vaa
[argarel E. Vaader
, ?? atOO.OOO; Reglnald C. Vanderbilt,
$100.; i'aul M. Warburg, $100,1.;
Harry Payna Whitney, $100,.I; Ger
trade V. Whitaey, $600,000; Halen Hay
Whitney.1 $125400; Frank W. Wool
worth, 1200400; John 1>. Rockefeller,
ir_ $600,000; Clarenea Reekefeller,
$100,000; William Reekefeller, $600,
(niii; Mra, John D. Rockefeller. ir.
Frank Mui ?e).
ti F. Ryan, $200,.'? Mra. Rua
-,.pe. $320,000; Naf.an Struus.
|30 BOO
1 bc lata laaac N Beligman, ? ho waa
v '1,.,1 by a fall from hla horec Sunday,
ii on the tax booka for an a ?
on personal property worth $65,200.
Da wltt J Bellgnian la aaaeaa d il
00; Jefferaon Beligman al $180,
000, and Julie Selifman at $160400.
I.reat I'ayne Latate
ih" largeal ilngla aaaeaament la
... tate of Oliver II.
. which is valued at ?
V'aluatioaa aet on the larg ? eatal
en aa followB: Eatate of Fraaci - L.
? .,. $6,000,000; Riehard T. W I
u 000; William Harbour. $2,000,
ni.o; Joaeph H. Choate, $2480,000;
Uoyd s. Bryee, $2400400; Mary ?
BieraUdt, $2,000400; Henry Bendhein,
$2,000,0000; Jamea BuehanaB Brady,
<i 000,000; Jeremiah W Curtia, $1,000,
000; Barab J. Keeae, $1,000,000; Seth
l ow $1400400; Amy Gallatin, $1,000,
000; Edward Miliua, $1,.1.000; Franeei
T. I.ord, $1,000,000; Nathamel llath
Bway, $1,000,000; John A. Weaar, $!,?
0; Jamea B. Haggin, 8424,100,
and Mra. Frank Lealla, $486,000.
Th" tar. book I ' tkat Queers
leada the other borongha m the num?
ber of new baildingi taxad, the aom
ber erected thara dur n? the year be
. 3 .?'..?,:, Broeklra fa neat, wttn
$477; Riehmond third, with 9o:<; The
Broax fourth. with 016, and Maakattaa
aat. wil ' 30. .
'ihe n-al aatati tax booka aill n?
?'or public Inapeetrea antil Kf>
vember 18.
Hoover to Provide
Lessons for Schools
Will !s*ue Community Life
and Food Conaervation
Studies for Pupila
? 1
WA8HINGTON, Oet 1 Following
I .. .. ? u .. bi ' -chool
.... -r. urging ?
, ll.'i bart
I , .. i Adi ? haa
rritten to the achool ofleiala la
ferming them that in ?* ordanee with
bulletina an "Leaaona in Community
.-d. Mr. lljovcr's
letter oaya:
"Ib ki ep ng with the pla
:... pepartment of tha I
ssuinic throngh tka Buraati ol Eduea
tiea a .^ne8 0.' bui>' efa ". arill
eontaia 'Leaeoaa in Community and Sa
?.onal Life.' Tkeea le-sor.s will aeive
? he very argeat Imaaediata pnrposa of
callina; attention to the Beeeeeity <>f(
1 onaarvlng food and all other re-o ireea
of the nation. They wi'.l serve at fha
iama time the bmader nurpoae or train
ng papila ,:t tka schoo'.s te ree ?
'heir rlgkta and obligation* in the co
operativa lociety in wh ch they llva
??! arge all acaool oMeera to promote
with viger tkia pian for tka ??'?def
inite ar.d corrpreheniive teaching ol de
motracjr." 1
C. N. Hemy Dies
At the Age of 76
Famoua Marine Artiut Paaies
Away at Falmouth,
LONDON, Oet I Chai
Hemy. mariBfl paiatar,
at FaUBOBtB. Ba was I
old. _
Charies \ftpier ReBJ
Newcaatje-on l j rie, E
was nII ' ?
. -'. . :?
England H- my att. i ded tha
Ari , and I
arhich be laft ta ahip '?
rakea III on the i
home ord flotored b Doi
tery i here be n
Than 11 ?? I '
doi ed theolagy for h>
Holmon Hant and Hajron I.
.1 ra,
Homy'i Brat bid for
mnnne puintinjr "Savcd," wl
tatlon of thi
Graavaaar Gallary In LB80. Threa
later he teok up his n
mootl and began I
arhich ? reputal oi i
Aaaoag n
ara "Hon ? a ard ." ''' ?
??Laad'i Ei d ( rabbai i," "Alom I
Fi.hermen" and 'Spe ' J**
lf 10 be waa eleetea a meawec of the
Royal Academy._
Arthur F. Luke
Funeral of Banker To Be Keld
To-day in Newton, Mass.
N'KWTON, Maaa., Oet ? ?- The fu*
neral of Arthur P. Lake, a New York
banker, who died la Boston following
an operation, will he heid here to
niorrow. Mr. I.uke, who WBI head o
the baak.Bg f;rm of Luke, Banks <t
Weeka, I I Wail Stree', ai we'.l ai a
director of the l.iherty Bank, of NflW
Vork, maintain.-d a reflidenca here
Mr. Luke waa horn in ''amliridije,
Mass!, in 1H.".t. Be wa* BBfMtiatad Aa
? S'ational Baak Examiner for
? he city af Baatafl in 1178. Mr. Luke
beeame treaaurer of the United Bl
Steel Corporation In 1101.
Mr. I.uke v.a< a member of the New
England Society ia N>w York. aa well
?. tha R ding <'lub, Lawyera' ? ub -.
New York Ath'.etic Club. He alao waa
,i member of the Boatonian Roc ety and
Commereial Clab, of Baatan.
In 1871 Mr. Luke married Vliai ?-{???
W. Brown. of < harlaatawB, Maaa. -he
,ned aevaral rean ago.
Mr. Luke '>'?'?' ed i " un"
pUaaaat publicity in 1812, a I
made -he defei dai l " "h ?f
promiae aall brought by M
Havdn in New York, ifl r'hii
$i :,'?... io damage The ? attled
bei'ore il reached COUlt.
Benjamin Moore
MONTCLAIR, S. ?!.. Oet. 1. B
min Moore. foUBdar and head
Benjamin Moore Peint i o
mo, 85*1 Uppei
Avenue. laat night. He waai aaventy
two yeara old. Bom in Belfaat, Ire*
land.' he eama ta thia eauntry when
youngand ipeat moat ol thi
paint buaineflB. He wa- preaid. I
? ommonwealth I lub, a member ot
the Republican County Committee and
active in thfl work of the Mal
? ? ipal Church._
Funeral of Luca Botta To-day
i i,.- latira bai the1
Opera Companj will ?
requiem to-day at the tune- ..
. i ,,-,, Botta the teaor, who d I
Saturday al hia hotne in the S
The lervicei will ba bild at 10
? his morning in Campbi ' I i
. hurrh. a' Sixty-?ixtli Street Bl
Broadway. The bady will ba takoa ta
Italy for borial._
Blrth, I'ng-Hic'meot. Marrlafle. llrath
an.l I ti M-mnrimn NfltBflfla may ba
telaflrhoaed i? Tlie Tkibaaa *?> Maaa
np (a mldaiBM for li>*ertl.>n in IU.
ne.t tlu) a flaflMBr. Just flflfll
Beekmun J000 "
an.l rearl the notTre flfl ?o.i wlaP It In*
aerte.l. DUI twt mi.ii- w'II be i-o.ilr.l to
you later Tlie n.tii.e .\.l! NflM B "'f
|t.ii.uiNl leniler* ilailJ.
PBOOEMN To Dr. aod Mra A.
..... ciaa /.i'tt... a ion. at *? B
Jewiah Hoapttal, m tundi ?. Bal I
noOO >--l>tember ?. 1917. *l the ??
. , . ; arei '? ?
Uland. -? ">? 9?v. Wllton I.mith.
.,..., b, the Rev < ????-.?
Hlnt. n Helen. dauahter I Ir ai
Williara K. Porter, an.l Richai 1 U,
Mr. aad Mra. Oaear t Davb aa, h u~>
ton, Ol
trJeeer, ltarta Kem*. Luey A.
Ballacn, Bobert ,( - Blnal,
.. h. Hrrry Kelleher. Patrieh
Botu, Luea ;xl*:
Bourke. Minni. E. ! n * '' '" F
Boyd. Arthur A Mal i ?
Buehmen. Jtw?b
Calderari. M. A. McC i vmVf.
Chan berlin, Nur.ry l>. M I
t hepin. rtvoma. C.
.!.??..>.?(' i. M.
Connally.Jo.ephr. *
iloo.1. I'atri.-?J. H'"K
u i 11 ? ew J.
2~whM.'mbV-D. -. .laaaeN.
fcUrvar,J.Clmreriea .;. , (
Un ?? I ?
'!? i .renf- . ,, MarthftG
Hatsar, Adolph H, .., . j.,1,,, p.
ALLBCBB v* Nev atk, N J, 8 Bidai
???? .. - .", '?:.', M ? ? ? late
, i ., . t ? . , - ?,
neral ,.?-?. ? I ? ...??:?
Bra?kl>n, t in ?*taj , tha ? Ual .. ?
int.-. ? ? . ? I < Ie?atan. W ?
dajr at Vt B. ro
liAi.l.Ai.li A' il.. ken aek, .'? .'. Saatem
| . . asad
4 i.-al .ervieaa at 81 Baiaaa ?t.
Hiicl. ndai at 2:30 p. ai.
BOI I i:\hai il 'i la i la , ? ?
ir, 1;- 4..tn >e?r. H*nr> BolUtlbaeh, l.e
(,v. p-.i hmbaM af K itheriM B. ?
KtrHnfl*. 1 -;r.erjl frow hi* lata rw
Pari ?' . Oaaakai -. ?i I a. bi I
... A 11
flOI'RhK -?: 'pniS. - .1". V .'?-.;<? I . !
i , ter < tha uaae aad MarBarat
Bourke. r unera
Uaion av., aa Wadnoadajr, 0 obar i.
at .'. ;M a. r.i. . f ? ? .
Chareh 'al ' ai 4 Prai Hia av., aheea
a aetaaaa raaaaam kiah aaai i itl I
lered tor .- I .t. rment
81 Bajraaaaara Caaaaaaay.
BOVD?At. thfl faaauf raaiaaaaai III lavth
at, Auburn. N. Y., Saturday, Baptaa.bae
If, IflT. A'thur All?n Y.nyii. Fvneral ?er
raMB wul fca beld at the h<?i -
aftarnoon, Oetobar '-'. a'. 1:30 e'eloeh
r nn <i.4? oi' lawata ? Mflaanted. B a . I
l i Hi'.i < eaMten ?
Bi i hman M bl aaaaeaoa aa latmflTai
lapteMl ei lai ? ?. I .? !
ja.-t.r. Buebaaaa lafanaaBl la Luthvran
l einetriy, '. .?U-. i ri>
C'ALDERABI On Saturday. Bflfl4aflflfl?a 88, '
1917, M.delinc A. C.ldrr.n ? i.w Ma.nau,, i
i of Ta* aavari, ecd
itjsraa ' frtendb are rvapeet
.. >., attaad tba foaarel froaaaka
tfjaer, ?'. Kerrlican av..
... i ;-?!. N. i latirmoal Kairvlaw
? ? p'caee cpr
( II WTHI'Kl IN . at Montclair. N
'. ?? y !l.?l>'?
? m ? t tlie Ute MwH
|l rr. ,tner of Mr?. i.
I). I ? ..'?
?? aw M, in hia
? paln, b*lov*d
? . . I in?o'n
!ay, Otober
l i-.T.a train leav
? I ..?. p rr..
<>??:,?? ? Kr.n r-in-lir r i
? ? ??- .? oat <?? t?
' Il t t. m. Intermerit
.M - II t't>a e?..
? ? |, r,r'.y Setur*
-: n y 1'innolly, re
?A by hla
1096 wiii
, ?' Mr?.
Bard ! frat 'larn, }ttr
' r ? ??Irl.ratad at
i a. bj.
? . ' ?m??ery
? 1. '- Edward ?'ron#,
??? rr?A*nt?.
??,?.. Ocfc 'er :-. 12.30
PLOOD ? r., baoavad huaband of
.. l .n ? ' ? ? '*.??? |)r. BaV
? ? ?i . Ir?lan<l. Ki
ea ni lat.
. ? n'? to (
?? . re., nrm
t rVaaaa
* 1 i \ \ . a* * :i ?? , Stevih.B
' .- . ? lata realaeaee,
- . m
'.' ' ? ? 3". Serah
?' .:., arila of Praak Qaekaaa.
I re.Her.i*. 1
" ? jrit Vern n. N Y . ..fi
j - Car.
ih/> . ? , .,r?nd ("en
H \n\ tn - .lame* (lar.
? H i?:? i . unoral un4?r
? ? ? l.apina I'luh S?r
"??'????' I tha Cai
?". Wth ?' . I nea.lay rr.ornine, 11 O'flork.
? v.\ kivs Oa ?eataaaaer ?. .Lmea p., b*.
. ired boobauad ef BaHaida Hawkina inM
Walah. natlva of Bv Ir.ef -1. I ..unty May .
.and.. Fvaeral from nlt '.m'm raaidenc*.
:::: \W*t li'h it.; thenea ta Bt BovaardTe
Cbarah, TNaaodajr. OetObOC ., ??. I) a. rn.
ml H . N'an-.e. ?
HKI.O rioren-w i r.ea Bmmm?r>, balovad
: ?? .: St* ? n. Uaor i ' a nrod ?t,.| M?
riar., in her 4Sth >?ar. K'ineral a*rvt<-?a
lU rr.\,\rr\.r, ;',i at ,
I 001 .l.-i.. (. ? ? . r ., at || * m.
BBTZEI Saaakaaiy, Beaeaaaaai :>. Adoiph
II" er, ate of 71 V-r-'. iam av., New
' ? . Baabaad ti Eliaaaaath H.uer
nea Gi I fati ti Vlolph, Jr.,
n nnd Elitaboth Hr er. Kuneral a>*
?' ?'.?' I p. m.
? ' ? ? ??? an Ceaaatory. Oth.r pa*
HOW E At BoKBaL M- . Septemher 26, 1?1T.
Lucjr luebta f tha lata Timothy
tndrawi hh.1 Jana r anaaaraaal How,
? . l (ataraaanl pri ??.?, t;ir?nwoo4
HiM\s Oa leta ba ?aaeeaabar 18, J?
???'?'.. ghter of th.
i ea i aaid IU ? ?. ? ?t#r rf
H I... 1 red H end
.r.?-al ;.rnnte. Chia-aao
KEI I M1U1 .i --ptombe- tn Tatri'V K.
ar, eloved hu rrlaa KaUa
? Qaintl -?? ' ? f Klla Gar
I at ? Pataiah 1 and
' .1 fr.->m bla lat.
aiitU iB/< BB lueada),
emn re^ui?m
iM'. at I Moart, Wnt
ral Cal-.ary
KIRNLB < 'I ' Kien'n
w Ki ??-.* ita of fha
? rn her
n ? . Tobo
? ?? | .. irch of
? 9 ! I!-..r'. In' '.' . ? ary.
1 ? ?'?? b?r 21.
\ ? i h-i-hand af
r ia aae.
. ?' 1
r in.
MANN'IX Matthaw afaai itlve MTCeaa>
? . . -. * i ? .
?? Mel HU?r.lir. I Y i
ita - -
ViBCOBl lerrer ?
ii ba oeTared for
i . ent ?
aad I-itchbura
M'ORRMOTT Oi ' Mi-haei,
M?r> MfU*r
'.- raaidaoKO,
Haa a'. . Uronx. on U ?>.li:r..!a\. Oeto.
? . i >-r>a<j?.
- Chareh at I a m lavafaaaBl t al
If'GILL Deorga W McCIII, on .<ep?err.)*r
i II McOill
M :i. Kuneral
\l \\ il . . S?ptemher
. . .
. uh Q M.
??? Peaarel
, tarr a%.. J.r
? ? ".i<-k .
MOLINEI II On ; temha-r 2'?,
I in.ral
', L'l Oliv.r ?' ,
\\..|. then.-a
It'teiment Cal
IIOORI tt 1 Btelelr, N 3. aa
i ? M.v>re. In hia
? ? i.i bia ia .
Mi ml a-. . I'vp. *
? \.\. Oet
Eria R K . Green.
. ? .''i?.- ? r
at 4:22 p. n Inl haata
M< ICIUS \: Long Kran.'h. tt .1 , Septirmher
? 4"'h >?ar,
1 ? " .......11 Mir
? '. aMawoo,
-'. at
s\m.\ !, ReaJaaaaa, <'?l. septrrnbar 2?.
?ra, formerly
. jforl ?!.?!.taaaaaja In
O'BRIEN i etta 0*BHea, eajad 14H. reaea,
r , KW II 1 Mary O'Brlen
ineral t eai her lata reai
'. ? ? 1471 at., oa Tueaday,
- : ?? 9 a. m thence to I'hurch of
? ?? i ? il a:.d Macornb'a
? t'alvary. -
P V 1 rBBSOM ? rU-mber 2?,
\ I I u.hand of
? fitlhoorj an<4
.1 C Smith. Mra. S.
i i rr. kif^.i ..7 raaaa.
ea and ? aro r.'r.;ie.-tfn!:. .nv
??? ea iue?.
- . a? hia lata reel.
? W. ?? "... Ja ?? > City. t u*
rililili- On ptaaaber -i Jamea J. be
I of Anno P i, fora tttrn of
? atta I ? n**'?l from hia
Im?? ?? Pearl ?r . Rrunklyn,
,: - i m. Intar*
BELIGMAN - bjaaaa, auH<j?n!r. on
..I r .. .. i ,,f Gura
tbe I '? - ?' "f hla ag*. Ku?
ral 1 ? ? ?*'
. .) .-l.^-k, a|
? I
si im k i--: . i' . 11 vi I; u. cinrajcaj
B'wajr, '.oth at
.. m.
... I i'.n
\ leadav, 16 a BB.
W U . Dl -wnu I li.ara.Jay, 10 a, m
6HELLBR 0 ?? '?.. -.i-Umbar 2?.
l'l.. ? a-t B. ^n??iier, b.love.1 wif* of
?' her r.aid.n*-*. in?|
. '.uah Kvin?r*l Tuaaday,
ii -r :', Bt 10 a. ni lntrrm.nt Ev.r
^ . en CeaaeCan ?
TtJOM tl Oi aiondaf Oet ae I, al fha
, of h?r .laJk'"'''. Mra Jortathan 1.
. talaa 1. Mary 8 ,
tha lata Immmi ihomoa aad
an.l I.u?)f
- lar, Oetobor
-. M..it av ,
l ar k. cawa) ? B .rrnil of tram leavlng
Srw Y.irk, anl
. ? ?. . BroaatyB. at 1 30 p. m . ar
^ kt Kar Rockaorai at ] II
TIMPtOM <>n Thir?.l?v, Sept.mhav ||, ?|
ibure, N \ Mortha '. Timpaon. ln
laav ultt year. Panoral aonriaoa at Oraoa*
t?r.. .s. . fovfe, I'uaaatay. 3
mr iionniiMi rmarraaiT.
I.ld bt b/ Hid.m Troia aod br
Jvuia af amaire '? tar aal*.
CBaca tl Saat .14 0<. I*. K, . ?*

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