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Basaball . Boxing . Racing
ffew jtork arribtine
Tennis . Golf . Football
.>ii_T ii IOI li PAGES
Cciiumbia Defeats Union
Fordham Wins
M. Y. U. Beaten
Violet Beaten
In Stiff Fight
With Wesleyan
Blocked Punt Responsible for
ti .expected Upset?
Finai Score 7 to 6
h.<rlr_ A. Taylor
44. r? Inoaod aaiaa and
.4 Y,.rk Kr.iversity
l ;,t .undown ye.terday.
?-.,... \\..- . .-? .1 the
I by snatchinp;
. the third |
I the pnd
7 to I in
f?\or of tl i
| punt led to the discomf.t
Tne N. Y.
-: bl a score of I
cataatrophe octurred.
tho ball in the possession of the
, rffTOaaitra quatter
n cain
n line. and
to punt from his own
? tackle on the < on
? ??? thCOOfh a-s Kirar.
_il from Hnnn and
I nnds.
?ubatitotod for
. \\ .--leyan captain. al
, ball ia :? .''tTy and
. rhe ppr.1 line about a
I blf
when he
aantlfal foaL
Karly AdNantace for N. V. IT.
rrr.de bjT N. - U.,
pronvse of winninc the
rhe second period as
- a forwar.I pass perfectly
?ore,-1 ita opponenta
tho 10-yard
]inf ? ,. !<? oa the third
hurled directl.
over i ' '?'"'' wa,t"
1 just
.hi\ froal.
.?>.? was a
try w-as
bloc.' ' This
it turned out, lo.t the con
? ath
?r ayed \\ eveyan
-. e. aura for a
larter, and
? . to tally,
?-_.r?- "??'? 0!,':'" oru'?
Oi and
akich turned tht their
f?rcr .....
It appear d that Near ^ or .
??< shil'v la ?B ,"?
?'. :-.ri had
"?re ealled
... ani (.ard
?h the
raaccd tha
? ichdown.
? Ol a
.. y. r. i?< ? i ***?
i ppo.
I.Htl. K.rin'n a ( ork.-r
, r. tho
?11 r
\ y. r. Th<- little eentre.
on any of
? "*}*?
ork hurled
aek foi -
..?r in the
njr the ball
k? and in
? I an
.,u!.! he abh to kick,
? ? t of
x '.or. that
? ?- triomph of \. ?
. I
. . ? ? _\ a com
bat it didnt. The
? ? 0 lop
? n.
The l.ne-up:
\ I
. t ?
4. '
L H 1
.. .- N 4 1 1
' | , ? ?- ?
r ?
VI t .. ? ,
I ? . ' \4.
W -? ??:? v ?
Army Football
League Formed
? ball league. wit
r th,- titlo, has
. <-d by "he Nc.v Y4.rk Ath
- arlll beffia next
4 ? ? ? '
.'.ion Kield.
A. vorth, Kort
.rn. A
MOh telim
oa foot to orj-anize a
of tha regimeata sta
I at (amp I ? atrk, Long
? , ?
"'? il tho winnera
would b? p ,
of tlu- U...
Miller and Shaw Feature
Clever Victory Over Union
Blue and White Eleven Takes
Acrial Exereise Out
of Opponents
By Louis Lee Arms
There was a deal of aerial exereise
?pon Moruiagaiide Heights yaatarday
aftoraoon. Military 'planes scurrie<l
mile-htgh through the air, dropping
1.iberty Loan "bombs" on Harlem as
rVw; Howar-.l Mrller'a talented toe
twice liftod the ball over the white
crossbar for field goals. ferward
aa whiatlod through the air now
nnd again. ar.d tinally the I'nion Col?
lege eleven bleW largely upward.
As a result of this panorama of
aorouautitt tne Columb'a University
eleven oaaergod vlctor in Ita lirst real
game of the s.a.on by the convincing
aeora of 21 to 9. t olaaahia atadonta,
? ,ve long and aobly atraiood their
lymphatic gland. eheering ln. ing gamrs.
had aomethiug to yell about yaatarday.
game war- a good one, an<l dia
appoiatiog only in tha fact that I'nion
looked like ii bold, bad warrior, only to
prova almaat as harmless as the kitrh
. en cat. The upstateis startetl off with
a series of line smashes and short. end
drives that carntd the ball sixty yards
downtield. Then Columbia held for
downa, Anally workod the ball into po
? , and Miller. from the U-yard
line. hoisted a drop kick over the bon
:'..r the r.r^t icori of the fcame.
.Miller'r. Toe .Vorking Kine
That 441.- al tha beginning of the
-ecnid' period. and before this quarter
ua- done Farer had intercepted a for
ward paaa ami hrked forty yards down
the Aold before he was stopped. Miliar,
rtanding ot. Cnion's 40-yard Ime, again
; a beautiful Held goal, and <o
., wai breeiing out in front, 6
to 0.
Tho?-- two I'M goals and the facl
that Columbia had pn-viously 'urned
baeh four ricioaa line plunges with the
:? . the shadow of her goal took
the starch out of Union, and she playeil
a perfunctory and nt times Rn actually
ignorar.t game. This reaehed its c i_
nination when the entire I'nion team
?tood idly by and |at Ro. en fall on the
ball when Cochran booted it over the
line after lloulahan's touch.town. lt
wai perhapi tba aoftoat touchdown
made on any gridiron this sea?on. and
the laek of knowledge that made it pos?
sible was inexcusable in a college
trained eleven. a\\_
The prettiesl play of the^_ternnon
ttappt I ? Miller had sent his
? ek whirling over the cross?
bar. In aeeeptiag a de!?yed paaa Hou?
lahan fumbled thr ball, dropped lt.and,
. aeooting in from the end.
?he bound and set sail
Inmbia'a goal. eseorted by a rear
k.uard '>f the entire. I'nion
>haw Savers Columbia
? and Caoapary, who tried to
. through the interference, wen
i. an.i LefkowiU, with the ball
tueked under ln- araa, galloped ow
linei a full t'ifteen yard*
ahead or the broken Held. Then Shaw.
long'legged fullback and
??'ar quarter-miler, started weavinghi?
"a-. through the parade of blue and
inir - ' - Hia long legs were
Bg like a pair of editorial I hoan
? .1 LefkowiU'l interfer. B_e.
"yard lino spun under
Lofkowita'a foot Bhow was a .eart five
- bark of the upst-ater. On the
,-d lino i.e made his tackle and it
..-.. ?",.';..- Lefkowita wa< thrown
.o hard he was unable to continue the
That looked like the "break" against.
bat Uoion'l heavy backs, ai?
th ough they worked the ball up to the
? _ line, failed in the tinal test.
1 wh'en Wittrrer rnn-r-ed a play at eentre
i Houlahan, atanding t.-r. yard- behmd
his own goal line. lined out a sixty
yard paat that really v.as the turning
point in the gnmc.
Columbia, with a rather light back
flcld, was at tirst unable to puncture
I'mon's linea, and re.orted to MOg
lateral run- and passe*. with the rinnr
..lee. of woishag the ball into posi
tiorr thr.1 Miller mitfht take a pot shot
at the rro'sbar. Ai the afternoon
wore on Cnion's line loal a deal of its
mv, Houlahan nnd the
136-pound Canapary tora through it
for eonaiatent gaina.
Columbia made ita nr.nl score m the
I fourth period. when Hay made a bad
.n from a kick forma
; tion. I-e 'ball rolled behind Cnion's
goal, where Movnrhan r.-covered it.but
- eould ror briag II baek, though he
tried valrintly.
Metealf'a team i* a green or.e and at
attack was noeertain.
i wore on and "Howdy"
Miller --'.rin-.med out hia two goola the
Hiu.- and Wh U gained p>>;se and con
played witl eohoaion and
power Thii wa- particularly true
'. wuddle brained spectacl.
o? allowing a k.ck-off to run tree bc
her <>wn goal lina until a Colum
I. i man fell on I
( olumbia Hacks Cain Power
In the lirst two quarters Columbia'a
? baeka piereed the Cr.ion defenre
fo.- a firat down on only one occasioii,
bnt rn tha aeeond half, haTiug foand
. r i,i,,i gained confldenee in hei
own abrhty, the Hlue and White bockl
down elOTOB times, six ln
the third period and fi?e iii the ulti
. forward pus* had rather a sad
r.oon of i'. K've times on kick
ttlom I'mon eaaayod to hurl the
,v.r more ground ti.ati she could
iveeeaafolly traval. bul each time a
elad warrior leaped into the air
ami pulled dOWO the ball. Columbta's
rfforta at the toaaing game woro as
fatile. Houlohua peiaed behind his
lir.ea three timea with the ball in his
hand OUlj to n11 ti that the man to re
ceive hia paa'i was lorrooaded by a
delegation from Schenectady.
Takiag yeaterday. game a* a cn
tenor. Columbia thrs season will rely
on a sturdv line to protect Us fleet
baekfleld ia a rarioty of Latorol raaa
a-iil paaaaa und now and then open
!.,r the long loggOd Shav, an ex
.nmlly faal man in a football unl
form. Ita defence is tenacious and
shifty, with aa unfortunate habtt of
taeklir.g ?_
Flushing Still Leads
\-.,,th.-r ilgnal rietotry of the Eroa*
M r- . eeer t<-am tbia
aereial, ib ?
,.,.,i ehamp game at the
Proapecl Park Parade Grounde, Hrook
lya, yeaterday kept the Klatbush boys
at the top <>f the table in the P. >? k.
i eompetition.
Columbia, 21 Union, 0
Ktau M_b
I arr-.l
ll.***i .
h ar?r
i ar.apari
I. !1 H
! !' ?'
. lUnl-v
TaaaaOaaaa Baataaaa ***** **** "*'
MUlft ltl Or* ttaW 't*J-*l.l1i>wr. M'.. ?r *.l'"T
Mol- 11.ar. .-iuMtl'illliHl, M<?hrt f..r H-J l-.p>r,
1I.ii.iMi: 'or K-IH1..1I. < *nu>L*.l t'-r Farrrll. Ur* ?
tm Slin4 arfliw lc*rr|ir . I'rtr.?u?. I tapita -
it_.i, wii.t_.ii., Uaaaeaa liattinp. CameU
rtaei ri li. ll .?kMitwny. Nvra<ni?* Tln? <>f quar
len II inlinir*
Results of Big
College Games
On the Gridiron
Army ...
Dartmouth .
Hart'4 Informal.
I'rnn..l4 ?nm .
Hilljrn ...
(olumbia ...
Fordham .
William* .
Brown .
Sprinffield .
Rhode Uland..
Yale freahm.n.
Htevens .
Trlnlty .
I'rslnu. . .
Swarthnior* ....
I ibanon .
Muhlenbntg .
Nnrwirh .
Ht. Uawrenr*.. .
A ll?_ha/iv .
Howdoin .
Hate- .
Andr??er .
Weeeaaaai hb
VVeitL Maryland ?
Carnegie Tech . . .
Nebrnnka. .
r'JUburgh .
W.stern Ree.
Chlrago .
MirMgan .
V\.K..t?r .
Minnc-sota .
Illinoia .
Sonth Dakota . ..
North Dakuta ..
Oklahoma ......
So DakoU State.
I.rtnnell . .
Iowa SL AriH>
hniina. ....
I iti. of Detroit .
20 Cornell
TufU .
Weat Virginia.
Main- H.y Artil.
nu.k_.f-l .
I *l* i etl,- .
I'nion .
I(_J? ('raaa .....
\rw York
Boaton .
Amhrrat .
S,? Hampihire
Naval Aviation.
Camp Deven*.
Ha.rrferd . . . .
Otty.burg .
Franklin A\ Mar
Hobarl . 0
l.ei"i .
Colb> .
Mame . .
Bumpkin I*. NR.
Troy Poly .
Ohio . 0
Nolre Dtnf. 0
ftyracuae . 0
Ktnyon . 0
I'ur.lu. . 0
Michigan .ni*. 0
Akron. 6
Indiana. *
Wiacona-n . 0
(rtdthton . .
Fargu College
Trlnilr College
Cnh. of Iowa .
Miaaouri .
Waahirmrn. . . . .
KaJamaioo ....
Wash. and J-ff .
Dtrkinaon . . ?
W. Va. Weale-aa
Vandrrbilt _..
f arll.le . 0
I'-nn SU'e . 0
J?hn? flopkina. .. 0
".Vr-lmln.rer _ 0
krnturky . 0
Yale Freshmen
Defeat Exeter
NKW BAVEN, Oet 20. Cripplod by
an aeculent to ( aptain I.owiy, its bril
liant ijuart-erbaek, tho K_. ter eleven
lost tO-day*! game to the Yale frrsh
men. The _core was 20 to 0, I.owry
wrenched hia ankle m tho firat period
and retired.
Tho game wa* the first athletic event
of any descr:ption eaoayed by a Yale
team sir.ee war was declared, and more
than 2,001 people watched tbe play in
the bowl, a parade of the Yale army
? and navy unita hefore the game br.r.g
.ng oai the underjrraduates who are
' training for military service.
Yale'" baekfleld dieeloaad dashinj
football. the runback of Baker and
French arcounUng for the F.lis' biggest
grtin-. Toward the close of the lOCOad
period French caught a long foiward
beave by Gilroy. of Kxeter, at the Tale
10*yard* line and ran 01 yard- for a
'? touchdown.
Karlier in this period, after French
had run back a punt to Fxeter's 1"
yard hne. Lay went throufh the line
lor the opening touchdown, and Kred
erieks made the third and last -core
when he caught Weld's forward na.s
I behind the Exeter goal line in the third
Head Coach Tad Jones to night bade
, tha Yale football squad farew.ll, a*
' he has been ealled to government -rr
vice in the Ames Shipbuilding plant. at
S httle.
Tl.e linc-up follOWO:
Ta-I rrr*Unei l2?l. fc-ilU. ra. F.i-'erjO-.
b Sr '
Heaeta ._? J' "?"
w.,; h .J*l.
\|..rrtifii.\, . .
TV.I. .\ ?' ? ??
W_i__r .? J .
[MlworU .R- \. .
11. Af. .... ... ? U I'
.___ H li
ii H 0
K-neh ' . r I Haitlai
i | mtaarm ijo rm,,'.. .r i rwdMtefcs. Ooata
UwobdowlU K-er.-l, IIJ H.1-W. MWUU.
| . InH-ratt] r_,|._re- K.ilt_. hr-.wr. Ilnel
llln_a___J I'.Hett. V.io r**tata-U aat It ata
uum Mi baU-Utl-n* Vai. r-taJarV-Ol r-r- Lar: WMd
?,. lr, li ,,!. n f.r W? -i Sberlln hr BU
K akadMn foi aeaur. vv_rrr.-i tar Oafcar,
Co-laa l. liliies. U.tta f?r fYe_?r. \> > i-_*r -
1. ima.-, im K.M.r. 0_J_? '' ' ,*__?' ' """" ,U,t
.aaaa I M ?- B i taa rai aar - .
. ? . -. UadMB. _
Dartmouth Defeats
West Virginia 6 to 2
J* *_
i .:..?? > .
ilANUVER. N. H.. Oet. _0. Dart?
mouth won from West Virginia at
football bv a score of 6 to 2 to-day.
The powerful backneld of the visitors
was stopped at every turn by the
ti_een's defence.
Dartmouth's score came in the sec
or.d period. Play opened on West Vir
ginia'a 10-yard line, and Partmouth.
taking advan'age of a penaity against
the visitors, purhed the ball over in
thf-e short ruoboo. Myers faile^ to
kick the goal.
Wool Virg.nia fought" desperate'.y to
win in the last period, and linallv
forced Dartmouth to kick from behind
its own goal Ime. The punt was
blocked by Captain Bailey. of the Vir
gimans. A Dartmouth man fell on the
baii behind hia own goal line. rcoring
a safety for the visitors. The lir.e-up
aad summary:
Har_m.7Ut>. II Tealijer W?? Ti (11
1. T. . H*?.n?
tT. Hem-x
(I . M-O
r ...._, Bai ?j
n ti . Mfrrfll'l;
H T ,.., I
K I V'
U. K i.
!. H K Kl i
it ii it Uau
' lt PU.lfer.
H . . ?,'.j- H.lr-.
11 r\*4 | rr.ptre i a/.
?_MUI W 1' ' i -
:. ' partlldl Jtftaer. I.Ji ??. r* I
fr1?p fw T**i:.(it-no. Kr??Htr??ri f.r
s' -ptier i
1. gatitaa .. ?
?i i >
M 1' ? ?> Hl.
H \t I
C 1
? ?
T,.ii -I '?..
tatara* l<r K
Maj-ha llai.ir
Ti'r. Time
Si, ??'?ii'e*
Rutgers Eleven
Beats Lafayette
In Easy Fashion
fcttCTON, Penn.. Oet M For the
! ftrat time th:* year, the Lafayette stu
dentB rose in the Btaadl al the end of
a football gMBfl and BBBg tho "Alnm
Mater," for their football team bad
fallen nn.l Batgetfl arai victoriou.s by
the score SJ 7,
It wti just eighteen yaan Bffl that
Kutgers played Lafayetta tha laat Uflfla,
and then the Kaitonians wara tha Bria*
nen. The itadcati arhfl taag tha iwaa
Hor.g ov.-r thfl dafflat did ba Ib (aad
part to-day, for it was the better teaa.
that won tha IBBM bfltl r ifl every
fram ti.e tiraa tha twa taaraa aa
peared Bfl thfl Aaid far thfl prelimmary
practice it wuv evident that the big,
laaflfrBtd. Mflatb aorkiag aggregatioa
la atarlfll |er?flyfl araald dflfeal the lit?
tle green team that arora tha Maroon
and White. In tha play ol the I.afay
ttta ror.tenders, however, there was
nothing to indicate that they acknowl
1 edged the inperioritj of Ratgara
RutgerM Much Superior
With the apeaiag playi tha praareea
of tha New Brunewick aggregatioa araa
still further avideaced. After corapar
atively few line piBBgfla, drivai '
of tackle and slnt't plajra, Bflkflr -ho!
aaraaa tha liaa f?>r tha ftrat taachdown.
Ifl the second period a series ?'t sue
cessful fararard paaaei Ib arhieh Whita*
hlil did the throwirig Bfld Kallj BBd
Gardaer did tha recamag forraed taa
nucleus for another ..cor.'. Thifl CBB
rlu.led the touchdown. tor Ratgfln ifl
the tirst half.
Ifl the second, howev.r. tha NflW
brunswuk aggregatioa arara even more
effective agaiaal tha Eaatoaiaas. Three
Uflgflfl their goalwjird manhes cul
mir.at.-rj ifl toachdoams. Lafayetta was
m.able to hold thfl ball far any ap
praeiabla length of tirne arhaa they did
get it ea a kiek. It aai Gargan, lloba
Ron. Whitehill and Kelly who were
ploaghiag through Lafayetta coBtiBB
sigui Lafayatta Hem
There ia ;i Lafayetta lida af 'he
story. It wa-i a play mi the leeofld
penod which ataadi aat h* thabrilliaat
individual BceompliihiBaBl al tha Bftei
noon. On a kick Lafayetta gol tha
ball on her $a*yard I Ba Sigol toab
it on B delaye.l pa^. II. drovc through
r hole ifl the ecBtrc fll thfl R
team. side.-t.rppad the iBcaadary dfl"
fenee as they laagad toward him and
was away.
At midtield he evade.l the long arms
oi" Robe>on and left th" big fellow
r-prawling on tha *'ir*. Ofl he tare to
the goal line. At Ihe 15 yard line
Haker bejrun t.> elaaa ia aa 1 im. <*n
the .'.-yard mar\ Baker mail.' bii dire.
The flying maaa lhal fararard and both
. , ? bm re .)-.-? r tha iron! line i haa they
itapped rolliag ifld Lafayi tl ?
, The line-up:
n ?(,... . :. . ? ?
: Hnt,..?4rt. '. i
1 N'Hitchatawi ....... I. 1 Baal
rrancji* l. <- aJBrlahi
(irto .I*. W
H..1II- i .K < ... Ur.wr.
K?ritl'. .B r H
nuti. u >? vi *wi ti .
n,r- ... ii l. LattW
Kal*. L H. B, . Kortw*.
Uard w K l. H . Mai
VVtaltahUI ? i. KlBI
r,,, ? ? - . ? - . K?i]
Qoala frm -^ lavhr
La/t; ? tt* i".. ' Ki i IVo4f ??
laraus. Klag for W H ??? Uan
Mj;-<- tf f.,; BMI . ll??' ?? Ho avi Ilmn
.... 1 nxpl - 1 ar .' r >' ?, ....... IJua,!
? . Par) II Dturta 1" v
Lyona After Leonard
Bobby Lyons, thfl sensa*. lonai BrOBI
, lightweight) wi,,. ii bat an 'he rrail of
Benny I.eonard, and Lflfl lohnson are
in first elflBa condition for their bout
at the Yorkville Sporting Clflb to-mor
| row night. After ftaiahiag ur his train?
ing Lyor.s lem.irked: '"I am contident
1 I will stop lohaean bafo
gong .-.ound*. and th?n I will get a
ehaaee at Beaay Iwaaard aad the
? ?
Gophers Beat Indian?.
MINNEAPOLIS, Oct -? h .irai.a's
"Hig Ten' el .ri-.;'.1 ? - ? -. pei rere
ihattarad to da) bi " ''3 to
9 victory. The llor.- ri flrBffl out
played in every penod arj.i arara unable
to aolve Minne-ota's rigaroai dflfaaca
Captain Huston Writes
To Friends From France
Ban Johnson Enlistment Be
^ins to Look Very Much
Like Business
By W. J Macbeth
The many frionda of Captain T. L.
Hu ton, owner. with Colonel Jacob Rup
i-r\ of tho New- Vork Y.nikees, will be
pleaaod to learrf that ha ia eoaafortablj
and pleaaaotly aituatod "eoaaewheru in
France" with the Uoitod Statei expedi*
twnary foreea. Tho Captain, who is an
engineor of international reputation,
-? nt the following letter to the local
boaohall Ofico, arith the request that it
be distribufed generaily among his host
of friends.
The letter. in part, follows:
"Somewhcrc in France, Sept. 16, 1917.
"My Di ar Prienda:
"I aid wrltiag ? general letter, a -id
. I ba glad if you will lend eopiaa
to Colonel Suppert and our
friends of the press nnd any other
of my intimate friends you think
would be interested. This is more to
eeunoiuiaa paper and the time of the
r, who - abaolutoly overworked,
"We h-ul a splendid trip over here,
ir.it ean -ay i.otl.mg about it, axeopt
that it waa ehueh full of exeiting
eventi and thrilling throu/hout. \. a
located trithin eaaj touch of t'ne
firing lino, and from iodicationa nn.
getting readj to itart loaia big piece
of work. Very little aetuaJ aoora eaa
gal ba th( eoaaor. Wa h__.e to write
- ??? aad leidom, to ecoaoaaize hia
"This ia a very pretty country, but
l could prrk many localitioa in the
l'nited Statei whieh woald eompare
very farorobly with it 1 hnve seen
nothing which lesaeni my uppreeia*
tion Of our own eountry, especially
aa they here have about 1,200 .'.cars'
atart on us.
"The French paaaaai ia aot nearly
so intelligOBl a> our farmer. The
poaaant women do not measure ap
to th<- picture of lovaliaooa painted
ot them in tha story books bu' how
the poor thiagl do slav.-!
"Mi.i! aonrico ia aol well regulated
as yet, bul y< i i-,r., roadi j cable.
The cable eompaoioa, I think, have
very eheap rates ror week-end let'er-.
"Our men an- billetod in itoblei
and aro aa eomfortably lituated as
circumatoaeea a II permit The men'*
grob ia bully. The offlcera ara very
copifortablv locatod ao far M i)uar
tora ara eoncorned. During tho last
week we eleaoiog ap tha
town, agaiaat tha loud proteat of the
pOpolOCO. V. 4 expoct tO -tart mili?
tary drill a_;;irti thia coming week.
"Of the war news you doubtless
know more than we do. We occa
eionoliy see a I'uri.i edition of a New
York papor, nnd hope to get it regj
larly hereaftor, but the news it con
toiaa ia very meagro. It doea not
give the hasehall scores.
"This reginu-rrt ia u magni'lcent
"ir.- It- omeen ar- excellent engi*
n and high*claaa gentlemen in
all that the word tmplies. Tne sol
dier- ara ipleudid ipecinaoaa af v.g
orous monhood, and, representing aa
the-, do the i?? t engineering and
artisim claaaoa of our country, com
BOOa ?> very capahle body of men. I
lattar or perhaps 'con' myself that
my company la the best in the regi?
"I am eortoiuly glad that I had
?>? enough left to j.iin this army.
which will r'ght on foreign .>o;l :?,
I having to t.ght the Hut. ..?
ow ii : rer- idea. .- .-r- . - good
to 1 ? thO 1 -. ? ' ' :'.. I
WOfl aad unhapp;. if l wa*
. ' r- ? i ooler' at home.
"You fel'.ows can write me all the
, newa, which will be devoured with
I avidity. although 1 am not able to re
spond in kind. Toi! BflM flf the
press garig to write me all the scan
dal. liive the bayi around the office
my regarda; also avarybady up .at
the Brewery. Tell tha praafl bayfl I
am very so'rry I won't be present at
the world series. It is the tirst one I
have miased in about tflfl years.
??With kind regarda, beliere me to
be, rery trulv roare,
"Addraflfl Caataia, B. Cf. B. i'.. ('om?
pany A, 10th Bagiaeere (Baihraj
Ameriean Expaditlaaary Force, via
New Vork."
Pn ;..i. ;,* Ed. Barrow af the hiterna*
tional Laagae learei to-day for Camp
Bryan, a famoui ihootiag praaarra ia
North Caraliaa. Baa .lohnson. preal
deat of the Amerieaa Leagae, was to
have accompanied hia, but Called "'r
the trip suddenly yeaterday aftarBOBB.
Barrow on his way South is to meet
Mr. Johnaon in Washington to-morrow.
Mr. JohfllOfl gave BO explariation of the
caneallatioa af hia aheatiBg tnp, but it
would aol ba gnrprising to learn that
military matters hare iBterreBed. Jaha
son ha* beefl moat aerioal la hia elTorte
n the army, aad lt may ba that he
ean aeceptad for immediate daty.
If tha Ameriean Leagae preaident
coul.l itaad tha phyaieal -rain. he
?heald prare af iaaatimabla value m
apaeit) arhieh ealli fai Aaa Bi-gan*
izing braina. Johnaon ii one of tha
grandeil organizen to ba t'ound in this
If Bafl gflflfl to France. or lf he se
rur. .1 regatar appointment te lerriee
with th,- army, .: ii a eertainty that
Kd Harrow arill succeed to the throne.
I understand, hy the way, that thfl
BBeertainty of Mr. Johns-on's baseball
futare ha.i delayed far the time tha
formation af b new leagae rather, the
amalgamatioa af thfl best eitiei of the
Ameriean Aaaociation and the Interna?
tional I.eairue.
If such a circuit is forrned it arill not
operate as n third major, though it will
enjoy most of the piivileges at present
oaarped by tha big two. II will be of a
class between major an.l <Tass AA
rating. Its players will be impervious
ta draft by the Natior.jil an.l Ameriean
A third major league would not ti*
in well with thfl nre-ent order of
thiaga, <ine of the eharma af the prea*
ent hfloohj. 11 orgBBisation i-j the warld
geriea. Such a elasaie, with three con
.aaald prara BBaieldy, t,> aay
the leaat Fne.l from thfl draft, thfl
new league would assun-dly get a bet?
ter market for iti p ayei With ratiag
llightly below that of major, its salaiv
bur.lens would be mimimized.
Por several years Kan .lohnson has
attemptod ta Intareat tho National
League in a major leagae lehedale af
Hn game-'. ()." eourse the two major
leaguei maat work ia harmoay on the
queitiaa. Oaa could aat jifTord to re
inain idle while the other WBI opera*
Tha ihari ichcdalfl will meet wlth
n .- ty eonsideration thia wiatar, fai
it ii J'.'lt rha. war conditions ntay baa*
ard the lif.' af the spoit, in view flf flflt*
.* high eaat af operatioa. The
shorter schedule would leave the wa\
open ta ti-ilary retrenchment through
Ara months i in.stead of six? contracts.
I* alaa woald eaable maat af the team
ta do their sprms? training at home.
Georgetown Too Much
For Lehigh Eleven
BETHLEHEM, Peaa-, Oet 20. -
(leori'etown, or rather (iilroy and Mc
iJriade, proved too much for Lehigh
to-day, and the Washington lads
roinp.-d away with the game by a score
of 17 tfl 9,
Lehigh faiied to meet the clever
lieurgetowu a'.'iicn i!i the t. rst half,
aad lll each pertod the \.*'."or. seored,
the ftnl tfljjy coming on (iilro-, 's
forward paai ?" MeQaade i ri
?eond a hei '' Qna broka down
Lehigh1! defence Sfteen yardi :mm ?he
gaal r.| laaked hii way through the
right side of the une for a touchdown.
The real bi tween balri.aeaoi to
do lehigh good, for from the kick-off
the Tisitors were outclassed and soon
J1 eh;gh scored.
Stevens Beat
Aviators in
First Period
The warrior. from the air station at
Hayshore met defeat at the handa of
the BtvroU eleven yesterday. losingby
a score of 22 to 0 at Hoboken.
The engineers launched a territ.e
drive at the start of the game that
gave them bII of their points. Tho
aviator., who outwcighed their nvals
in bo*h the backtield and the lino,
crampled before Stevens' da__'.rrg at?
1 I.e r.rival air "tation eleven, eom
poaod of such players as Sears, of
Uiehangan, the all-American fullback
of 190**; Roborta, of Y'ale, and Capwell,
of the University of Pittsburgh. all of
whom were crack players on their re
? pcc'iv. college teams, were no match
for Coach MrGall'n well trained ath
1 letes. Tho laek of training of the
navy men was shown in the first quar
ter, when Btaooaa made the firs* acore
of the i;ame on two fumbles by the
a\ iator
When the navy men were held for
dourai and deeiaad ta kick. Taylor
i tha ball ove,- Capwel'.'s head.
Tho latter lecovered the ball, but lost
t.fteen yards on the play. Thia play
[was repealc-, and this time Steven?
r.ailed tlie aviators "behind the goal
1 line for a safety.
The first touchdown of the game was
made by Goodole, the crack fullback of
| Stevens, when he caught a kiek at aaid*
' field and by a splendid zigzag run of
fifty yards crossed the line and left
the entire navy team sprawled out be
bind him. Koberts then kicked off to
the St. vens J'-yard line. Deghneo
ruahed the ball back twenty yards.
Then Hloss skirt.d the Aviators' left
i i.i r.>r a gain of twenty yards more.
Here the navy line weakened. and by
a series of line plunges by Ford the
engineora added another touchdown to
their liat.
Agmn Koberts kicked off to the Ste?
vens 10-yard bne, only to have the
brill ruahed back to the eentre of the
rield. From <his point. by a eombina
tion of line plunge^ and end run*. l.ord
carried the ball over tho line
Coach Mcviall then began putting in
second string men ard the fcormg
i'i-.v once during the entire game
was the Stevens goal n danger
The line-up follows:
Strrwi. .;.-' I'.wrM.m Kafal A?;*i-?. "1
Ll it.*..--/?
Itruin . 1. T .,.., Draat
t. <; . *.->w.
. ...... I . r?4...r
u -? - - ii <; . r*i ?
i ? K T ,..., H,__s
--? ___.i ... ...It .' B__i_f
l?..t? . (*. H H.rU?
D*-*Jum? ._ . I. :i n . .. iik-.
K..r-f lt ir IC S??r
?.->.- r. I <'?|r*-i;
i . |m , <;??:?.? IWd r:. 'i>??i? fn*a
...u.-t_i?_- -. <;-.>-1? ? it.-r.r_- Plsta*, Bartac
r r .'? a ' uaaa 1Initsasnt pan
I -.Imu l_"*4ie QarftMB, W<4?r?)r?r T.:.,r
,n tavtttiara ll IV u siwl II ?luu_? &ubi ir.
?rn.- Nmi Aii?r ti Oostrj Far L'arlaUB, timnt
? ?? llu'.lrr >???,?? ? I" m '!?? fo. l>*?!_lre. Il.n.-I
tat l-ttor. IVeui 'm r.-..?'i*?. IV. ..e for Hr?--.
H.i-._?inl-. ror B'.oas, Wattan for Fir?o BfOHl f?
IwaoMfl Hlia* for H*r)?mln. l)rr? fof Dsfb M
v. -4- . '.. ? ? lletnen f._r Uruun. : . ?
{?n llrrw, .lohtnoi, for .WfL'i*.
Miller, Columbia Star,
Gets Call to Colors
Edward Miller, Columbia's star quar
terbaek. who helped defeat Union yes?
terday with two bnlliant field goals.
has been ealled for service in the Naval
Reserve. It is p.obuble that he will
lea\> this week for a training station.
Columbia's football coaches are trust
ing Miller can proeure a fortough to
play in the important game against
W lliatn. at South Field next Saturdav
Miller was pu* out of the game earlj
?hsoii through injarioa, and his
return to the game t\ :< v*ar wns hai.ed
with joy be the Blue and White. He
is one of tlie best f.eld goal arMsts in
the country and runs a team cleverly.
His loss at this time will be keenly
fell Miller has been a member of tha
Naval Reserve for some months.
Maroons Beat
Holy Cross by
Aerial Attack
Win by Score of I 2 to 0??
Ervvig and Frisch StaVI
of the Game
After a hard fought and vpefacu'ar
game. Fordham downed It.s ur.ci. Bl tt*
eal, Holy Croaa, aa Fordham Field pee>
terday by a BtetB af 11 ta ??
There w?ro aeeeial tactan hi th#
Maroon victory. but the ultmate cause
of the Ifo'.y Craflfl defeat can be Iflid to
the visitors' inability fo check the aerial
attack of the Maroon *eain The two
scormg playa prere j.asje. from Brea?
r.nn to I>um?;e, the rangy right '?nd.
Erwifl/fl smashing end runs and
Friach's reiurns af kirks ami defensive
work were ot^er fenturcs.
Fordham flrflBt "over tbfl top" in thfl
first five minutes of play. Mremaa
opened hoatUittea by kiekii g af tfl
Holy Craflfl, and the riflitan rcvirned
the boot after fa.ilng to peietra'e tha
Maroon defence. rnflch irriad the
kick back fjfteen yaids. Erwig iklrtad
right end for a dozen more. bet ForeV
ham was ?et back Aftaflfl >anC for
holding. Colle*tte bucked through for
fiv? yards, but another holdu.g p.nalty
co?t tho Maroon more ' rt *
Fordham Diarloses Trlrks
Fordham then flpflBfld itfl flag ?f
trickB, and Pumoe took a r.eat pass
from Brennan that yielded i gl ' ?
yards. Erwig made it a *ir?r dowa on
the 30-yard mark. TflTfl I eldefll
little, but a pass from Erwig ta I'umoo
put tha Maroon end within Ave yarrls of
the line. Fordham failfld '<> out tha
bull across in two flttamp i, Thfl m*>
roon fumbled. bnt Friflch recei . re.L,
Brennan caught the Holy Crflfll play.-ra
ofT their guard whflfl M hurle.l the
pigskiij to Damoe, who *;n eraiting
across the line. Frisch fath I ta I <
an easy goal.
At the end of tha third period Holy
Cross punted to Fordham'i 4? yard line,
In the opening play af I
the Brennan-Dumoe re?
sumed business again. ar.i I> imoe, aftaf
taking a long pass. made I tflM .ard
fleah for a touchdown. Frisch 1
failed to kick the goal.
Holy Cross threi.tened to score oa
.several occasions by lonrr ferwaiflj
pa^ses. Frisch latareepted taro af tl -?
nurls on the l#-JTBl ri ?
Frisch Thrilled Spectators
The game little back made the rifle
itors look foolish by hii dodging tac
tics in running back. punts. Although
iie ran through the whole Holy I roflfl
team twtce. for thirty-rive-yard da.hes,
his most briiliant performance cccur
red in the second period, when he
nai'.ed Kelly after a long dash.
The Purple back had recovered %
Maroon fumhle BBd, AbbIm 1 b] Bafl)
Holy Cross playera, wai i el aa his
way to what looked like ? certain touch?
down, when Frisch [atareeaad with a
Aaa tackle.
Fordham fumbles cost the loeall a
pair of toaehdowaa. ln tne tecoad pe?
nol th'-y lost *he ball Bfl
yards trom the tinal mark and weio
peaslised h^ taaee t<. the Hoir
Croai goal for BBBaeeeaarily rouga
work by McCrath.
Although the playera exchanged j|
:'ew remarks, the game v>as marhfld by
aggressiveness ratner than n flgh work.
In fhe lina! period Fordham opened
np another peflfliag attaek, ;
and iatereeptad pesafla killed I t "P*
portunities to score.
A fair-aiaed erewd wltaeeeed the
game an.l fcaw the Fordham reott I
?heir lerpeatine dance af rietorj
the game. Fordham has eaai
Holy Cross three reen in IB4 I
The liae np felfewa:
Fordl ia*. ..'
s r.r.Ti,?(ri-k .L. K ? ??
UaUefe t. T ......... '
Ki a-\e*M I. <i .? i
i rem .. . .. . C . M ?
I .. K i. K- /
VI ?<??;:. II J ..... al
Pumot . B a . ... 4
ilmiirii.i '4 '' . w. B
RlWtl ? .U H ll ... ?
Krta '. .......a. H B ri. I ?
.',j-j i i i"/
tt* J.trmii, DaUBM
Baatwfi \v'.*< I-. ..? i njar hfr?i?rg H
n?* i lli rwnan <lrwi .?-- > rv?? > ?.
Itu i?t4?? ar. I ' .i iu lilt'l ? I
Dwiipti i .' ir ? <? tUX '? ? ' " ? i
? . i . . ' .. I'-n.j. ??> ',. ? '
\r* ?;?? lean ror ?'? - ' ?.-?.?.
H , . . ,, Qi. t -, ? 4. . -
il.-k lllfgli.s Ior Uutflvr, H ? ?-> ' ?. I
MllrrhaU r.,r Kolei VI r. rig! ' f K? ? I
M. ? ?-. H 'V tlth for l?a:>. I'.".. ' ? . .
? w-?
Harvard Wins, 13-0;
Horween Elected
CAMBRinCK. Mas<., Oct. M. Tudor
Cardiner. Harvar.l's star tackle of 1911,
brought his l^t Maine Field Artillery
ream down from CaflBf Burt lett, fTflflta
field, thifl afterr ooij Ul play a game
agair.s' t'rie Harvard 'var-.itv for the
beaafit ef the Amerieaa Bad Creeaa
Th.-rr- arara mere thaa IS.OOO ipee*
1 tators, including ?! MO regulara and
I Hanrard'l radiu and infan'ry regi
Tho game was a red hot atTair, Har
rard wiaaing, II ta 0. The aol I
were BfltrBflhed flbOBt I yard. tfl 1
Harrard, a*'-e- Etaiwaea had b i k ?
faw short fljalaa, , ? l I il
a tareaty.yard rjm by Whitaey, its left
end, who cauifht a ferward pass that
Greaaesp threw over the mldaU of tha
The second touchdown wa. made al
rith 'i *he laat minute ..f |da>-.
Harvjirii, i-iKeiatawl a noor punt oa
afaine'a 4# yaid lme. agaia advanced
?taadily, but could not make the p I a*
tor a touchdown. losing the ball agaia
only a few inches from the M tlBe p^aL.
MaiBe 'her. attempt. d to kick, bul
flYeoda broke through ar.d beat down
thfl ball and Rudman fell on it for
jHarvaid's -. corid score. H.ir\ard ir|
?hree plays to-day gmiaed MI
; ards j-.nd Maine gaiaed forty-*even
yaroVa ifl twenty plays. Aniold Hor?
ween. of laflt yar'* freshinan leam, to
1 day was elected 'varsity capta.n to suc
ceed B'.U Snow. who at the eleventh
hour got leave from the ensign school
and played guard for a time in the aec?
ond half.
The hr.e-up:
Ht-.aM !!?> I ?- t M.'ilaji '?,
Walir*..1.1 .
m -? . . i. r . v. ,
Vti-hl . I r. . ?
? ? . ?' n r. -
? ?. . ii t.
I ' i . K T .
- , -
P -w
I. -
s- .. ,. . e. a. e. j
iMa' 'V \V .
BBj ll ? i a "...a. 'r <l. '.?i ?;...: II r...
Rarfnrwr. Mr?>(.. I [iiw.r,ID .' \la I .
ORrltn. llar.ar.1 llmJ j i.tgw 1 9.. . .
Haail Itnaamaji I "Vn. (,on<?i.. P. n? , (
atwlorttv- I: mrmirat tt ??,

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