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VVestern INJatiorial League
Clubs Oppose siip_piei==Ee3??S
Wide Interest
ln Notre Dame
And Army Game
Q-e 0f Se4-_9on's Big Inter
jrxtional Gridiron Clashes
at West Point Saturday
By Louis Lee Arms
One of thc season's two prominent
mMCtiona] footbal] ftaai will ba
V,;.; Saturday, whan the
Um eleven from the
: Sjiturdny. whan '
. .ven fron
Sotra Dama. If half
_. akaaai t -hinfi they are MJ-Rf
f the *he Wcst arC trUP
J, ?n e will ba more interesting
Ln tho early -eason play of the
C.thelics indicate.!
Ztorday NotW Dame took a 40
..0 dec .-.."ti from South Dakota. anrl
Lttted prociipies of aerial play m
?that Ifarameas.nectacular
?r, Da?. and the
_ipi by hi. Ui land
fancv aerial manc-uvm. and it ta the
eollegl correspondent
lth .ten I that rf again i.r.fce
?ry ,t ll r.ccc-.ary or.ly to let Alll
n tba ball.
tblww it
e plaim of Wt
..-..? aa an Inaioirabla faet -.hut Mr.
. throw the ball to, ond so
? that
.- h ia it- Faa-wai
rewtver deft, is no more than a WOOta
l b .'ri' n mu.i
cal corr.iay ruleaa thata is some one
j.'.l. Mr. Allison
fMMytm 'hat the whole West
i.ot only ready but
rratified to accatp. any af his forward
fggtma, r.ot ever. IbbIbI
?y be his best.
Three Stara on Teflim
Miller, Paaraoc ar.d a gentleman with
I raniy ure rome
rf taa bettef known of the army of
backf * adi Ilarr ?
ra Pame th.? season,
i l>&kot_. last Batvr*
uy'.-t v 7 ?..*-,:!>? under
-.he itai
Ar - ; utative deinori en the Ir.di
int ilavm ii a husky
who has been play
. . a' in the vicinity
if fr ?
A al came that a'readr
il srouo.ng commer.t is that to be
Id, Fhiladelphia,
r r: the I'nlrer
i. .- af MieViipan and Pennsylvania.
? ekeraall, former
. ack ar.d ei
. Ing a quality of
? tl aaa polden
_B9i when "?' ia tho-ght to be
l*ami if -1 laai then a
touchdown r minute.
Heat Nehraakn Kaaily
V.ic . . -1 Xf-braska- a "trong
-aturdey by the seore af
', ard of that victory Eckersall
"It remuided oldtimera of the days
of He. t.r. und Snow, and atampa the
_ one of thc strongest
tear-.a jii tha West. Mi.higan was
tr Jar thl i-etter team. It had a
.<? und defensive, and
Ut score (howi the relative meritj
li the '.
"Ai* ? ute interval Michi
_?n i'i' '. ut'ter its opponenta with a
vtngt.. - weapon? of attack
nldom seen on a football field airice
the lu-).rcl ar.d the forward pa?a
m 1906.
L'ur.r; iborl fonrard pa.-sea and eon
etntrated off-tackle drjveg and Jine
Mirhigar. team made a
l.-ysrd rr.arch to tne Nabraaka goal
? ? aA Mr. Fialdiag H.
batr. to hus old tricks of pul
MfiliM ' l n.einyfl forwurd lina. Bfl
'ir as Penn ll ronccrned, this will not
b? ?ltv pieaeing. PiUtburifh
P-iyeu thal a nd of ball against the
??_ ar.d H.ut last Saturday, bal it
*?i r latab l fuct that while Penn's
iae- 7 ? .-. v enti-eti pour la to
M ail Manad elustic in midfield,
*lrr. ? .,! was threatened the
H Miehigan eoroei Kast mlalad,
?j.t'n '?? ? ?. t-iy was, on the
. forwards, tha
; -epured to fur
*;*-l i nt to the dele
??'? r. :?? -j. .-.
?do :t nade over one-man
? tgraaaoa, and it
9J9P\ ? that I ? are now in tha
In*-. at least, the nverage number of
which one man dominatea
lack or de.'.
Herrv pf Penn,
*?*'-?'? -on of Kutger.
P* toynt R -ma are among
4* ? ? _al units this
4 , tha deuree of
attaina it
? the brilliam
ri, may 1 '
? um r -. bu'
??"' !' " .: ifting through ?t
___*??? rr nee ai i.r to jret started?'
*?Hi.r. _ , - and defence ia
' 7t':" ?'-*'*' "f tha Inher
?"btlflnce in Foater Sanford't itvlish
"**hl_t Ohphanl and .Me I.a ren mu?t
JI_balai ? .. -.? through or th.v
M*(6ut m?re morUla.
i___r h"" 'hat ev,n Walt?r
^ nifln car.' make a winner out of
?*??hir._j ||
^Bettini, Upheld
By Lcuisiana Court
PhR.011 ' "rai bet
? '??'..* r?u'(?, '" Louialana i? not
\tjt,t ,i"- inti-gamblinc:
*??_,. *X*ta Su[rreme Conrt ruled
LiaS -1 r,ve'l?nf a decision of the
_aaC.*Bg holding Kdward Aui
'&oni f?-tn> ?vn'ty "of "op-ratinf'
settMarf T'1"-' T1? n,r**'r'randum of beN
hZ j ;' *' "*" making the araaaft
CftPiaa. " ,e bet *nd at-*v' A-js'in
Hfca 0 Dowd to Fight
'?n/.7?u' ' - were arranged
<_.., "-'l-r' T4.irn?. matchmakflr i
_Vf_? fi?r-li-_nt >';'"'t^i. Club, Hrook
dlW .^"""lav ? Ight card. Mike
flrju _?___, *? X* in l r-d* Sarn's ??r*iea,
*?**. ZC rtr,k farbone. th. aggren
ir>?h r._^r'.Wh,!f Mike MrTighe, the
^iflauT f*cV Jfff $?*?**' Another
? *??? flehaduled.
' \a LIGHT
\\J *?g/ Gran11<md J?/co
At the Season's End
The dutk comes soon and the play is slow:
Tht gatn* driftt by in a tlugaish flow;
Only a week or to untii
The scores are in and thc stands are still;
Only a day or two lo score
The winning dath fo a uclcomc mar;
The jilaycr /_/.? through tha oulhii.uul gate
Tht OaaaOH ends?but the ..<?.<)?</. unit.
The diisk comee soon. whatcrcr thc game;
Thc Waw .. brief on thr .r.n' ?/ r'untc;
Hut ttm loaf along aml uc look ahead
Till the race it run and the dream is dead;
I'ntU, far back of the winning score,
Wt find that we come ttf bat no more:
We curse the luck and we call it Fate
The season ends?-but thc liecord* teatt.
A Painful Admission
\- lieeply gricved as we nre to make the confession ot- the admission. we
see BO pctible way otit.
But thc facts ?t hand .oern t.. be about as follows: Within the next ttm
taft the courngeouB firm of 1>. Appb ton _* Co. is goiag to gal out a volume
of our verse known as "Songs of the SUilwart."
The nforesaid volume is to consist of five sub-divisions "Songs of Some
where Back," "Song--, of Ct-urage." "Songs of the Off-Trail," "Songs of the
.ime" and "Songs Above lhe Pnim Fire."
Having broken the news as gently ns possible, we gladly transfer the
remeinder of the rrsponsibility into your general direction.
The Long, Long Trail
One of the mon popular songs of the day is known ns "The I-on-.. I/ong
Trail "
It is o iong Miller Huggm* ean Bing as he assumes ihe scepter of the
"The Long. Long Trail" is no name for it. Grifflth, Elberfeld. Stallings,
Cht*.e, Wo:verton, Chance nnd Donovr.n, nrd possibiy several other*, had n
shot et the job, which hns boen aboal 50-60 with tha Cincinnati affair.
Whnt hH been the trouble with thc Yanks? Any one of ten or ftftcen
For the last year or two tl.e mnin tronbll hai been a rather listless laek
of aggressiverress. combined with unnumbered :iceident..
The Yanks have r.evit 1 ?<ttm Moaaad with Bnjr surplus pep. They have
been made up of nice, qulet young men who hnd very little to say, and who
.temed to v ear thelt coliars cut low as if IXBtCting tho OTOfBl Bt any moment.
They have hnd mnny good ballplayers on thi rlub. but few aggressive
hustlcrs out to grapple with Fate froi flrat to the la.t call.
The Yanks havr been n terrifte disappointmet.t tor tho last fifteen years.
The 1917 array wns one of tr . of tlie entire lot. lt may be that
Huggi**- wno >8 a emart. aggrcssive BVBnager, can lift hii BtW club prornptly
out of the mora. s. But it may alao b?* thal hl ? '1 ba foread to get practically
a new- club before the liftiag prectOl ? OTW 0 fl
These Comparisons
Comnaring Ber.ny Leonard with Joa Gans is prccisely the same ai com
paring Walter Johnson trXth Rndbourno or eompariag Llmer Oliphant with
Willie Heston.
Such -ompar.nons are good enough for omt.r.v BBd debate, but they get
Entries who meet entire'y different types of opponents in different agei
tnder different eonditions are not so easily com.arr-h
For a man to rule in hi: own era il ahcut cr.ough.
Recreation and Records
Football this season for recreation and development ll above par. But
football for records ls in for an unseemly
The only record worth while any football team can .how is the number of
men from its 1916 array entered in the service.
Ar.d winning teams are not likely to be entered in this latter class.
Some Giant fan, name forgotten, owes us l vote of tfcaaks. He wrote in
before the leries nsking us to place a bet for him that George Burni would
ontbat Eddil Coliiaa. We didn't do it. ll?nee the indebtedne. s.
Boxing News and Nrtes
"Dumb" Dan Morgan has now been
provided with tomcthing real to yell
about. Kvery now ar.d then the Wil
consin Boxing Commission ha3 a blue
Mor.day and bepins nuspending every
thinf in sipht, or out of it Hs wra'h
yesterday w;.s vi.-ited u;ion "Dumb"
Dan, and, as the repori*. .ay. "his
strn,;* *t boxers." They a-e prohih""(!
from taking any money out of tba
Btetf of Wisconsin for the next f.\
It all happer.ed on Ottobcr 3, the
Wisconsin Box.ng CoamiM-OH avers.
On that date, or shortly arioi
-Dumb" Dan, i<uite by -c.-ident, y'un
ad, nt-glertcd thc little matter of
po.tir.g a forfeit on a acheduled bout
between Jack Fritton and K;d Bill
ing?. The bout was to have taken pluce
at Sipcrior, VV .-.
Monev ai.d ?'Durr.h" Dan are just
like that, and u could have been i.oth
ing more than an unfortunate ovi-r
sight wh'ch caused the taciturn cha
moir BWaagai to forget But tha Wis?
consin Boxni; Commission ju.t felt
that it had to pull a Simon [atftt
on romebndy, and who d'd it pick but
"Dumb" Dan.
We are now prepared to receive
thirty pages of 6ing!e spaced lituraturi
from Mona. Morgan in whicb he will put
tba WiaeoBaiii I exing I ??
ta iiop.r place trhlcb up to n.
been MiUaukee.
Incident-.lly the Wlaeoaala Boxing
Commission yesterday indicated that
it believed Bob Devere recently
pulled a flop fer Fred Fulton when :.e
stopped in the t'fth found. Ibl I
haa an idea that Robert apeat the
tirst live rounds lookmg around the
ririg for a aoft ipa* 'I it*9 **, and
he will have to 01*0*1 or. No
lf that tbii <* ? 1"'*" eaaard.
il ,r.me fear a_rBTOeeed ln Dl
quarten that thi
'io*i may jontenea hmi io ga ta work,
which would TlolaU the charter ot the
lleavyweigh'*' Or.ion.
The Waol Bide m:iy have been un
awara of it up to thi? very momt":-., 1>U<
tha Pioneer Sport'ng Club bej:*
nounce that 'hia evening Johnnj
and Jimrrv Dulf F are tfl eK~r.".r:p-r. wa!
lops for the ehamnionshi'i af *] I
,V<-t Bida and tha water* of the Merlh
Hiver thereto adjarent. Jimmy Dltf. (
mode-fly recalls the faet that he gave
Joe Welling a hard battle recen'lv,
while Jobnni Din D ?ai ? tha' DurT-E
waa made for him. There will be
nome antaiior agony supplied hy I
Hurns ami Sam ray Baker.
c-oming all the way from Rocheiter te
take whatever M- Ban * b?B I
un indication that hia heart ls in tae
rifbt place. _
Freddie Welsh is rrovmg tbal he ha.
aaved some money from the wreck by
the self-express-d desire to waffer
Fight Log.
Pioneer B. C,?Jahawy Dundee and
Jimniv HufTy.
Manhattan s. ( .?Young Reclor and
Pataj (liaa, Jlauay l'aul ar.d
Froddia Wolah, Tat Kelly and Sol
(li"r liarllield, Johnny Li'itigaud
Boaaj leonard, Harry Condon
BBd lrankie Callahan.
Military \. C.?Toauay Kob.on and
\fiung Ilaltling NeUon.
Clermon' s. ( .?Jcf Smith and Mike
MrTigae, Mik. O'Dowd and . rank
< arbaaa.
lai.mont \. ( .?Jack Hritton and
Kid Carter.
Harltn Spartiai Clulv?Bf nny Leon?
ard and Erankii Callahan.
Fairmont A. C.?Benny Yalgar and
phii Wagaar.
|l,000 tha' he ean defeat Benny Leon
nrd in a retorn bout. Whether this is
on the up-ernl up or a pre** ajtrent's
i i haa*/ v.-orm th.
makei hii come-ha-k
ut thi Munhattnn
il t raakia Paal. we dn not
' lie reeital the fact that when
Hl tt Wi . r.rir^ he up and
' 0 thal he could crown
him, ;nr.: irhethei Mntt was worried
over tiu- "irve thou" nr not, it rrmiain^
;i> a faet aeeordiag to the P. A., that
Wali a.. lopod Paul aad waa. once
? London to*? ?.
Ine | raakia Catlaban is go?
ing I ? ? ? |p arith Harry Condon
the ??? ? _ Tiu- boy. both come
from !;i ... bai then have be'-r. m
i' \. aaaarti u_. inn
roung Callahan, a good
?elieve, hai iha ra'l so far as
i' witn Benjamin Uonar I
ll con.
Harvard Asks Graduates
To Aid Soldier Teams
' AJIBKIDGC, Miis... Oct. 29. ? The
llaivard athletic authorities have ?ent
out n rero-'l ;.rpeal to thou ?and': of
the univeralty'i -raduates aakiaf con
tributions tn parthaao rugby and ?oc
r, r footballl for American soldie.l
' ? " ? rrjer Fred W. Moore
purpose during
the li. ? bi i I . arai 00 ? atl >
? i ? ial i thal h* ha* aoal
out a iceond lerioi of letters aakiag
: r. One thousand footballI
have alteady been sent abroad through
tha good offices of the Ked Croaa wrth
Hai rai d'l i i plimenta.
Squash Tourneys'
To Be Played for
Red Cross Fund
The National Squaah Tennla Aa?
aociation votrai tn hold ita annual
tournament*. hut not to aanrd n:iy
championships, at n ineetln*. at the
Squaah (Tub yeeterda). The play v? ill
be for the Hed Crofl*, aa It will re?
ceive all the rootiey obtained through
entry feea, aubecrlptlons and silmla
alona. Another goal of the ineml>era
ia to purehaae w-u-rnl .-imlnilaii. i? -.
Competition begins at the Si|ua-h
Club with the fall ecratch tourney
on November 22, and upon (he sne
re?a of thl* meet will depend llie
alaging of the intervlub team and
metropolitan sericv. Following
romes the annual handiiap play at
the Yale ( lub on lleicmlier 2. A
substitute for the national tttli
tourrtament will take place at the
Harvard Cluh nn t'rbruar.. 2.
Fordham Team
Has First Day
Off of Season
For the first* time since praetice
[ itarted for the season, the Fordham
j [*!?>*?? were given a rest yrsterday
' afternoon. Coach McCafTery thought n
day'l lay-off would benefit tba MpMd
after the gruelliiig game with I'utgers
and before the hard work il lUrtM
ior the Georgetown contest.
Nothing has y.t been done by the
Maroon managenent to fll the raaant
Thiinkaffiving Di y dnte. N'o arord hai
bean reeeiYed from Carllale, hut it i
practically " rtaln t\n\ tba R< A >kin?
will play Boston Collej-c on tha* day.
Vill.-itiova, arhieh hai played Fordham
fur s.'veial ye-irs on Tbanklgiving, may
bc ngain earded.
Datea still to be filled nre N'ovemher
in and 21, and it is likely th..t praetice
i:smc? with Army ar Navy tenms may
be arrang.-d. It is also probable th.it
Fordham may alao rlo*e tba Tbanka
giting Day date with a soldu-r eleven
"I'lid" Weyrrand wnte early tn the
? | oil for n pame for his Camp Di-;
Aa the Army is also idlc on Tbankl?
giving Day, ewing to the cancellation
oi" the annual gr-.rr- arith the Navy,
Fordham will eiid-avor 'o arr;-.
eonteat with the Cadets, to be played
at Wett Point.
Plan Title Games
For Basketball
That the intercollegiate ba-ek. tbali
ebampiOBSbip tournament should be dc
c-ded thifl year ai ti'iial was favorabl;
voted upon by the delegates oi' the In
tercollegiate Rasketball F.eafrue, in ses?
sion at the Hotel Imper.al yesterday.
A schedule has been drawn up, and
after it has been ratined by the vari?
ous eo'.lege councils it will bl au
In announcing the material left frem
la '. yrju's teami. Yale ihowed that it
l ?.- ih- h*_r !?? ' I ? : IB1 ;.'..?.'
hy enlistmenta in the aervice. The Fii
nu-mber reported that there ren
no player from laat year's 'vars.ty, arjr!
only one player in the entire colleire
had played th ? iporl bofoi i. Penn
lylvania, Columbia, Dartmouth and
Princeton retaityt t majority af the
members of the 1911 team.
Th" freshman rule waa not I
and no action will be taken on this
matter unless a coFefrc repnr'< 'hat i*
cannot piace a team in tiie Held arith
0O< calling up freshman players.
Athletic "Boxes" l
For Army Camps
The nrst r-tep nf the Metropolitan
As?ociation of the Ama'eur Athletic
Union to aid the National Army in-i:
in eamp was taken yeaterday arith tbi
.mding of boxes of athletic ?upp!ie> to
?erverai Bantomaaata. Major Gi
Fianklin Bell has approved of tha plan.
Fach boi contained one bnsketb.ll,
rugby football, soccer football, iadoor
baseball and bats and eij-ht pans Ol
beiing glove*. Fred W. Hubien. pr.ai
dnnt of the local association, bad eifht
boxes _ent to Camp I'pton, at .uphaii*.
L. 1.; one to (amp Dix. WrifhUI ?wn,
N .].. and one tfl th.- Brooklyn Batt%ll< H
of the lfith Infantry, wiiir.h ifl ?t?
tioned at Van Cortiandt Park.
The elabi of tbe diatriet have boen
asked to follow the lead of tbl major
body and _end supplies for the a'.h.eti
recreation of the soldier*..
Carlisle Eleven Has
Only Light Praetice
CARLISLE. Fenn., Oct. lt. The
Carliili Indians d. voted themaelrei
mainlv to limbermg up exerc *es at
this afternoon's praetice. Gleon War
r er. former com-h, has bitm
Carliala for a ?hort v:_i', with huiitint*
BA the object.
Thr- Montana kid ?.??ill be a iaba1
at fullback. Bruiaei bai * been troa*
bling the Indiana1 baekfitld men. but
early recovery ia expected. Coaeh H r
rn gave all Ol his players h chance this
,-vriilng at throwing pass.*.
Wesleyan Electi Captain
M1DDLFTOWN, Conn., Oct. 20. The
V. ?sleyan football ?quad U*night eho?e
Walter f, Su'ter, of Eli-abe'h. N. .1 ,
a renlor and left jjuard on th. tetm,
eaptain for the rumuinder of the 'ea
on. Thi* action was taken owing to
ihe reflignation of Harold T V.'ool'.ey,
of Creat Neck. N. V . ?ba I ? '" ? ?'
| ome with ? BT.
Refuses Racing License
CHICAGO, Oet. M.- Mayor flVilllAl
Hale Thompaoa to-night refaaad to
i??ue a liceuae for a Bfteen-day r.iee
meeting seheduled to open to-day at a
half-mile course in Auat n. Tba Mayor
said he believed the ven'ure arould re?
sult in gambliag and the r.nval tf
handbooks. _ .
Surprise for Soldiers
Conacriptod and 'volnntoer toli ?*
nf the hilnijiny j-tea'i Aaaociation will
make merry at Donova.n'i Hall on next
! e a'lrTitiae tor the aerv.*- bflr) *
Wk i a: I lOOn to 'eave for
Cochran Continues to Win
Welker Cochran won two bi!l:ard
mat_he? at Daly'? Academy yeiterday.
defeating Georae Snear, 300 to eT, and1
Irt.l Loewcu'.h-ll, 100 to '3.
Major Hammond,
N.Y. A.C. Head,
To Serve Again
Board of Governors Have
Consent of Present Presi?
dent to Reelection
Dr. Graeme '?! Hammond, noted
alienist, or Major Hammond, as he is'
now populnrly known in the army
Medical Corps preparing for the front,
Ifl about to be presented wlth another
term as president of the New York
Athletic Club. Of course an o.'.lcial
presentation is imposaible, till the
nominatinj; committee, selected nt a
sp.-iial meeting, posts its ticket, but
ncvertheless the board of goverr.ori
has the word of the major that he will
serve another year. ??
At the recent annual dinner of the
governors to the president the q :es
tion came up and one of the most con
irv.uive of the-board came out flat
footod aad asked the major if he wi uld
consent to another term. He answcied
that he would if selected unanimouily
ThW icply latiafitd the powers that be.
Just now, and even as long as the w-Br
lasts, the members of the Mercury
Foot club have expressed themselvei
as being opposed to atiy-internal strife.
Major Hammond haa been president
for two yeare.
In aecuring the conient of Major
Hammood to serve for a third year thu
governors perhaps kiiied two birds v ith
ono shot, for there has been talk of a
sort of opposition for the last four
months. lt was whispered that Vice
Praaideat .1. T. Mahoney had aspira?
tions to be president, with Robert
Scott ai B runninj, niate for the v;ee
presidcncy. The death of Scott about
three months ago upset the plans but
nt Ijit?- it araa rumored that Kudolph
0. llaubold had taken his place, s' ax
t) catch the (ierman vote. ror a while
the club goaaiffl had it that Matt Hal
pin was the opposition candidate with
Mahoney, but that was all OIOM ?
leema, as his name gave way before
Whether or r.ot Mahoney will ob
serve the peace poliey of the club enly
time can reveal. Scott was servini? hi?
second year as governor when he died.
Tuo m .? ago hfl showed his strergtii
hy raaaiag iing|o*haadad and beating
(.eorge T. Montgomery'. the regular
nominee for jjovcrnor.
Gaston Chevrolet
Hurt in Auto Race
UN10NT0WN, Penn., Oct. 29. In a!
?aea in whieh Gaston Chevrolet, of
i'lainfield, N. J., driver, and Salvatore
Barbarlao, Bioehaaiclaa, were severely
in.iured and narrowly escaped death
when their machine on the 112th lap
iklddod Bad crahed into th? guard rail
inrroaaarag tho trark, Eddie Hearni
ivon thfl annual autumn clasaic of 168
miles on the I'nicntown Ipeodway to
'ay. H:s time Brafl 1:49:2.8... Tom Mil
.-.? s,.,o!iij, making the dis
taaflfl rn 1 : If 117.46. Far! Dcvore and
! ru Vm], driving in relay, linished third
in the rnc?. for the prue of $_,000. Their
tima arai I:?" I :.'.7.06.
Fred MeCartby. of Pittsburgh, won
tho l.ty-nnie conaolation race and also
the three eornerad match race for the
Union town Spoadway championship
No Practice for
Columbia Teams
ith Field yesterday afternoon was
a peaceful, unir.tereating spot, whila
the Columbia team-. 'varsity and fresh
ir.ct:, re-tfd indoors after Saturday's
itroi uou. performances. None but
Bienben Of tln- scrub team were given
? if fl ". ? .kout.
No player was iiriovaly injureil s*t
ordaj, !'ii' than ate n few minor
bmiiei that need rursing. K.nnedy'i
forehead arai em badly. hut a few dsjfl
out of scrimmage will put him back
into playing ihapo. Both Cochran and
Galtrin hava itilf haooa.
Through thn fact that Seeley G.
Mndd, who would havo been football
BMBBgar this year, ll now in national
.. Archibald Curry, '18, bas been
( hor -ii to eaiTJ on the businesa end of
football 14 asop.
No Rest for Rutgers;
Prepares for West Va.
NEW BRUNSWICK, W. J , Oct. 29. -
With thfl exception of (iray, eentre, the
.r.i Ifl iii goud shape after
thc victory over Fordhnm. Foster
Sanford had tha ?t|iiad out this after
> oon iti praparatioa for the eontest with
(_ tai Virginia ob Saturday, and gave
the men a long, hard workout.
lhe coriU'.t with the Southernera
propiiiei ' be ani of the best of the
MBOOB. lt ll by 'sr the hardest game
on the I Itgen schedule. The faat
Fordhnm baflfll gav? the Rutger* line
? -. i ledfld If the forwards ?re
to itop auch men as Kogera and King,
of Virgiaia,
... . . >? ., ?
Cleveland Team Leaves
To Meet Soldier Nine
? CI.F.VKLAN'D. Oct. 29. Manager Lee
h'ohl headed the paity of Cievrlund
1 v\hich left for Montgoiaery,
,\!a.. thii morning, wh >re they wil! play
i aeries or ..ve exhtbition game*. wlth
?he Boldifll leam there, starttnf cn
? Boerotary niack
? S'lii'h. G.. ney, \\ ood,
i. Hortoi i-riifby, Chap*
inrtii. B t . r ncd Nick
k, the Washington tOMOdlB*, who
i.- . coach
Sox to Train in Texas
CHICAOO. Oct. 29.--Charles A. Com* i
iakflf. prooidoat of the Chicajro Ameri-:
ran Loflgae ball elub, announced to.
night thal the club would train next
ipnrig in T__bs, either In Mineral Welli
?f San Antomo. with a probability of
ipend Bg some time in each place.
Shift Title Run
Tha atomingo-di AthlatU ciub yes
?? ine d that thc seven-mile
. , rrl ten-mile run amateur cham
r i, originally acheduled to take
? tha City College stadium,,
hava been shifted to Macomb's Dam
Park, ir, The Bronx The poor condition
ll th- g'adium traek eompelled the
?hanire. The races will be held next
THE firot coach thia .eaaon to come prominently into the
publie eye k Robert Folwell. of Philadelphia. Fighting
Bob" took what lookrd like a hopelesa propoaition at
the Univeraity of Pennsylvania and to Um than two rnontho.
without a training table, he developed an eleven which the
otrong Univeraity of Pittaburgh team waa lucky to defeat.
Penn was outweighed on the line seventeen pounds to the man,
yet her line was so well drilled that the terrtftc plungea of the
Panther backfield never carried the ball into acoring position.
Bombing Fascinates
Former Ball Player
Sporting Angle to Grenade Throwing, Says Soldier in the
Trenches?Requires Skill and Practice
Thire la a iporting angle even in the
gha-tly business of wur, and tha fol?
lowing excerpt from a letter from a
United States sotdier and former base?
ball player now in Krance vill latoroel
followera of the national pastime. He
?Tve taken strongly to bombing,
and the indications are that I will be
permanently aisigned to tho bombing
aquad. Down in our practice trenches
the other day I scored fourteen hits
In sixteen tries, which happened to
be better than anybody in my com?
pany did.
"We used dummy bombs .md gren
ades, but the conditions, otherwise,
were of the same character that. we
shall confront later on. We were
distributed about our tiret line trench.
Over the top, over a strttch of about
aixty feet of ground, was No Man's
"Certain spots were marked out in
the 'German' front line trench as
target., and it was at these we atmed.
From a sporting angle this business
of jrrenade-throwing is quite a study.
I enjoyed it tremendou.sly, and 11 hai
been absorbingly in'erestintf and fas?
cinating to the other follow*
"There are different kindl of grBB
ades. Th>- bhapes, howevor, vary
slightly, and they are enrned in tln
rans and weigh about one pound and
a half.
"The follow-lhrough principle which
.nrevails in golf, b_..eb_'\ tennis,
football. squash, billiardl and rac
quata also obtains in bombiag. The
pitcheri follow through, the tiii._h of
a jrolf er's drive, the sweep of a free*
swinging batter, the arc de_cribed
by a tennis player aerving, a htlf
buck kicking or throwing a 1'0-w.ril
paas, the swing of the sqiiush and
rarquet player and thfl foll.nv-rhiough
of the expert blllierd playr ?-.eh
of these haa a certain ?e*emb!ane?
to that empleyed m hambiag. Rut in
bombing we throw from several po
altiona- standinr tipright, leaning
againat the wall of a trench. kn.el
ing, iltting and even while lylng
prone. We are expected to throw the
thinga accurately from any other
poaitioni- If there are any.
"Wa have diatanee, aceuraey and
/time to eonaider, and tha importance
of eaeh of theaa requtsites il co
ordinated. Perfection ln all three
alone will ipell aueeeaa.
"I take a bomb, plsee :t ;n my
right hand and extent bo'h my right
and leit handa. Both faat arr to
ge'her when I start the movemer.t
and my left hand i. used aa aa in?
dex 1 point it at the spot I hope to
hit, practically using it '?> aim with.
Ai I bring my right arm itiff and
eaterded -upward and backward I
alao move my right foot back a few
inchei?making a lort of movabli
ba?e. From this posit.on I start the
??eond half of thi throw.
"I bring niy right irm upward, and
the left naturally goei downward.
Whan the right arm, itiU .xtended
and stiff, ia upright in line with my
bodv I release my grip on tha homb.
I have, of course, connidered diatanee
and accuracj, and to nrovidc foi ex
pioaion at contaete tim: ng I throw
the bomb -0 that it will aaaaribfl _.n
arc in its rtight to cotuuni. t.nie.
"The bomb ia niver thrown in a
straight line like a baseball. It ii
not releaied atralght from the
shoulder. but tha back and body are
behind the throw, aleo the shoulder.
The elbow is never bent, as in base?
ball, nnd the reaion for this ii that
a feilow's arm would go dead on him
If he did band it.
"Another rea?on for throwinjr with
the an i -titT and alway* extended is
that you naturally describe an are
a j 'hc result of the overhead motion.
The importance of th ia lie* in the
fact that you are throwing from one
trench, below tha grouna'a surface,
to another treach, The bomb muit
?ro up into the air to come down in
the enemy's. trench.
"We are put through position ex
erelee which is calculated to develop
form the same Bfl in sport. At one
a'.aire of the exer.ii-e. our right arms
are held directly overhead ia a line
with th.' body. It is from this posi
tion that the bomb" is ordinarily re
"As I -ay, the whole thing i? fas
c'nnting. It i? hard to give up the
idea of throwing a bomb ai though
?? arara I baseball, but wi soon get
that into our headi. Besidei, a
'charley horae' is an awful thing."
Kramer to Frame
Six-Day Bike Rules
The Ameriean riders who will com
pcte in the coming six-day race in
MadiiOn -"quare Garden the we-k of
December '2 to 8 have ?e!e_.ed Frank
Kramer ta fonaalata ruies for ti.e
runnlng Of the conte?t.
Ihe point award.* as proposed by tne
management were unanimou?ly agrreed
to by all the eompetitorfl, and ill that
remain*. now ia the drnfting of stringent
rvtafl '" iaiari a eiean race.
Ba i"r...mpion Kramer has the entire
eonfldtpca of all the ridere. and his ex
tfl ,n the raeing game makes him
loable reproaaatatloa. Arthur
the araaaat national title
bolder. hai proposed that an arranre
ment be made wherebv it is poasiole
for a team io regain a lost lap Dy win?
ning 50 per cent of the iprinta on any
day after the lap waa loat.
-_? ? ??? . ? _
Rumors of Concession
Worry Pregident Hickey
I HICAGO, Oct. 29. Reporta that
thtee or four clubs of the Amflrican
...i-oeiat:oii plan to withdraw and
mirgl arith certain clubs in the Inter?
national I.eagu. caused President
ii ekey of the Ameriean Aamclation to
?-?.-? a call for a conferenco of the
club owners to be held m Milwaukie
next Sunday.
"lt Indianapolis, Louiiville and To
ledo club o*nir? have decided to aa
cede, it is only proper that we ahould
know about it," Hickey aaid. "I know
nothing oflicially of theie reports, but
we ahall expect at our Milwaukee con?
ference to have them either denied or
Evani and Maxwell Win
??IUI.AD.'I.PIUA, Penn. Oct. 29.?
Charlei Etranfl, national open and ama
?teur champion, and Vorman H, Max?
well, the 4ron.mlnk amateur and north
and aouth champion, defeated tdward
Loos and James IJarnes, local profei
lioaaLa. 1 ud or. the thirty-efghth hole
in a best ball four-ball galf match
for the beneflt of the soldiera' tobacco
fund at Whitemarsh to-day.
Johnson s r lan
To Hit Snag in
Annual Meeting
Conflicting Dates and Loss of
Profits Are Arguments
Against Change
The announcement made a few
dayi ago by President Ban Johnson
that the American Leagaic int
to cut ltl playing KhfdnJt to 14H
gamei next season as a war measure
is not meeting with un . nt rely
favorable raapon .e. On the contrary,
there has developed a s.ror.g oppo-:
tion to the plan, wlrirh will be pre?
sented when the two leagues hold
their annual meetings in December.
Thii opnosition will come from the
National League. Although Charles H.
Ebbeti, president of the Brooklyn club,
hai indorsed the p!_,n. other Natoij^l
League club owneri, particularly t.nose
of the We?tem cities, are oppo_e 1 la
lt and are plannin? to make a t'.ght
against it in ca?e the measure comes
up for serious conaiJerstion, as it
probably will. The Americar. League
club owners will probably back up the
luggeitl^n of their president. but a
measure affecting the playing ichedule
eould not be adopted without agree?
ment of both organizatior.s.
Would Reduce Profits
National League club owners who op
poie the plan argue that such a change
would only reduce their chanees o'
making a profit or breaking even or the
seaiort. Particularly, it would reiiuc
the chance of making up date* lost
through bad weather, and so they tre
not willing to und.rtake auch chanees
in a season that promises to be
frought with diflicultie* enough, at
"No doubt Ban Johnson waa sin
cere when he made the suggestion.'
said one prominont basebail man yes?
terday, "but I can not acc where
there il any necesstty for it. Base?
ball is a business which is limited to
a certain number of months. A man
in a commercial business would r.ot
think of cutimg down the aeason la
which he was able to make sales of
his line of goods. There are juat ao
many months in which we ean pro?
vide baseball. and why should we cut
down the number of them aad
cut into our own ehancr.i for profits?
Moreover, I do not think conditions
juatify any such measure."
The 140-game achedule is not new
to the big league*. It was in
prior to 1604, when the two major
league* got together on the IMtfBBM
schedule, which has been in operation
ever since. The agreement was
reaehed the fint year af-.er peace had
been declafed between the National
and American league-.
Causes Conflicting Datea
The reasons for adopting thfl lotger
?chedule were thfl same for which the
objectors to Ban Johnson's plan now
want the longer season retair.ed. They
were that the shortcr schedule caised
many conflicting dates in Wes-ern
cities on Sundays and hohdays, which
are the big days in that _eetion, and
that the expenses for the seasor. I IM
not correspondingly reduced. Durinsr
the teaion of 1003, when both league*
operated on the ahort schedule, se
muny conflictin* datea were played and
ao many double-headers were caused
by po?tportement8, that the 134-game*
schedule wa* adopted as the solution
to the diffieulty.
A* a matter of fact. it takes 177 days
to play out a 164-game* schedule,
while it take_ lo7 day* to play out a
14ii-game| schedule, the latter being a
saving o" but ten days for fourteen
game*. In ea*e of had weather the
scheduling of double-headers is made
the more difficult and is apt to play
havoc with a club high up in the race.
The chief rea?on for adopting a
?horter achedule hai been that the
weather i* often too cold la April for
baieball. But those who are opp.se 1
to John?on'? plan point out that the
weather is often better in April than in
May. In fact, the N'ew York club* have
had their uor?t weather and mont poat
ponement* during May and June in
the laat two seasons. The woather is
alwaya a gamble with the baseball pro
moter, and he ean never ?a/ when he
will get the brand he likes.
Depend on Sunday Games
In St. Louis, Cinc.nna.i and Chieago
the National League dafoodl on tha
Sunday games to get i'-? f?ood erowd*.
The owners of theae el'ibs reatiie that
with a ahorter achedule they woald
probably lo?e *ome of their best da*.-*.
\'or can they be shown how they wtl!
save money by having the set??on comn
to a close earlier. It it. true .r.at the
tail-end club* have ?Um BatTOIUge after
the middie of jieptem.. r, 1. ll tht con?
ditions that e> st .' |
ball season will continue to exi | i
gardleta of the length of the _ea_on
Although no oftc.al announcement
has beer. made. it Ifl prae-u-tt.ly certain
that the Yankee* wil! return *o Macon,
Ga., to train aaat spring. Colonel Kup
pert had under conaideraMoti a plan to
tram a' Pa.m 'Beuee. und piay a number
of exhibition s,ame_ with the Boston
Brave*, who ttam ut Mfatni. The Ath?
letic* drew ioino good .>d rro-'d.- rn
their games arith iho Bravoi Ib FlorUa
'.a?t spring ar.d^the YankflOfl were re?
garded ?< a much het:>-r sttr ?
However, when Miller Huggini Iflfl for
home !r.*t week after enage
the Yankees, he told Colonel Ruppert
that he had no desire to ihaagfl
training eamp, and Color..-! Ruppe:
practically decided to otiek tO Mieon
another year.
Colonel Ruppert is preparing to give
Manager Huggins al! the aaaUtagea
poiaibl* in building up a winning club
He ls sinee.ro in his offer to purchase
Walter Johison from the WuMington
cluh. but his received ro word tha*
hii offer will be aeeeoted. tr ?"-.. t. h"
?ears that Clark Gritfc*-. will nut par?
with his star hurlev, even frtr a llberil
While no one ha* yet beon appointed
to succeed Miller Hugen* as manager
of tho Cardinali, it is the belief ia lt.
Louis that Braneh Rickev. president of
tha club, may mumi the managenal
rilni himielf. Rickey did more for the
Browni than any manager of recent
timei. Jack Miller ha* also been men*
tioned ai a candidate for the job.
Charlei Comfikiv has Just woke u
tn the fact that he made a very good
deal when he purchaaed I'rban Faber
.'or the Wh.te Sox. The red-heade?!
right hander who won three game. in
thc recent world *erie? nad practl*
cslly brought the worl.l tittfl to < hr
tago, eo*t Caaolakay I1-M4 lp
He wai pureha-ed from Xb.t !>... Mo nea
rlub in the Western League He went
s'c.und the world that fa!! with the
G.ant* and White Sox ggd showed
great promne He was largely re
sponsibU for the Chieago c'.ub t*ttin*
lUB.OOO in the recent seriev

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