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^*****^ First tn Lt
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Voi.. LXXVI1 No. 25.917
i(?prHah4 iai.?
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ln ***m
\.rk ntr
Mayor Shows Hylan
As Aid of Germans
Exposes Judge's Con?
nection With "In
famous Friends
of Peace"
Tells Why Rival
Has Hearst's Help
His Name on "Roll of
Dishonor," With Co
halan and O'Leary,
Says Mitchel
v.avor w-'-.-l last alfbl
? v.dence of tba relatior.s of "H
Hylaa and the Hoher.-c
ln a Itfll 9 campaig-. latacB at
Efehool, Brooklyr..'
.IBJ !
\ga Hylaa a*t*t dana to
- Haaret and tba
Riddera, af thc '81 ' _""?"'
II.4 Un a 'Trlend of Peace"
Mayor showed that Judge. Hylan ,
? *. of honorary \ :ce
thairmcn of th. "ir.famous Frunds of
pe_fl ; j organization of
at the
i ? ' in Chieago
| tambar, Iti o, thc announcement
r Anerican ship had been
names of Henry Weisrr.an. Albert
? i ? pri m hs ? Gaman ipy*
*h OT.eary. John Devoy, Daniel
-?? ab l n ?;,- aod ?' eeata af
aayaaiad la company with .ludjre
? ,e atatioaarjr of the aaeiety
or h* prominently identifitd wi'.h its nr
h:.d ac'.iv.t Mayor
.ud a photographed copy of the
?.cad of the "Frieiids of I'eace."
which tho call for thc Chieago
,onvi <ued, sho?ing tl
*.-. ith that of Judge Hylan
Sa>s llylan Aided t.erman Agents
' . ? -.; r- ly aeesaad Judge
.. of "aidin?r hnd abetting the pro
:.in propapanda la this country"
? f bcir.j, "?r. n-.oriale of the paid
tl of Germi.riy la this country."
He thus summed up his chargi. egain-t
the Tammany candidate:
'I accuse John F. Hylan of ?ecur
tM political and per.-oual sup
- of William Handolph Hearal by
ag *.vith Heant In tba eall <>f
"1 iihusc John F. Hylan of being
pabliely alliad with men whose d'a
? r, America ha* been official
? ead by tba Ui Itad i I
larcrnnaat ( ohalan, Hcvoy tnd
OT-Bi .
Hylan of aiding
aa effort ta al aaata this coun
natiaai which ara
aur allii -.
"I acciJM Johr. F. Hylan of men
? which in con?
vention applauried the sinking, flrith*
raraiag, af ;. paacafol Americnn
"Aa an Ameriean riti/.'r, and not
n t-andidiate, I now nolcmrily eall
. ?? ' and loyal (???lr-'nship
"k tn nrotr-.-t their rity and
1 cali upon them to
i.er?an attack <"rr.ni within
?ly and lovalljr as their an
< ng ,l-e drrrnn': attl -.
ihe battli
"I call upon ther.i tr, prnvo io
M-arr.'. )I__? l_. ? ;-->d tha HobeBzallern
Kead.H "Knll of l)i<4hnnor''
There were fully ./'OO prrsona at
? -&> nur IU!' incet'iitr. rhe Mayoi
production of the let
terhead of t - Triendi of Fearc ' and
read ? i-i the "roll i I
he reached one e*9Tl rr.l by
?.- ? ,
".l thia dramatirallv and
af -lohn F. Hylan.
? R, followed
?hnt licka
? rosr to a high
. d men and wom
?i th<*ir chair< and wavad
l cr< at round of
c conelosion of his!
Nayai NltcbaTa Ipaaeb
"? - . "V. :
"A. ? ? af tbii eantpaigi I
itepi thi ? ty
Hall that 1 | |]d r-akc th- Rght
irat, Hylan and the Hohen
Ihat 44hat led mr to
pil ? ? r ?
i-ru tlu i it v '
ring hand af M nrphy
? mt citi z" en ?? enl
Jomlaatioa of eaeny
? inif thirr Were thou
X'rierirans m tbii eitj uhri
if thifl dr<
??:.? know.4 dge af
I d t'ne cand'da '
had lei
? ird of Judge Hylan him
MS nei t-iat time two facts havo been
na to rhr eity. Pirat, that
Jadg? Hylan io tba candidate ?,f Will
ilph li<'ar>t, thr -nokceman
'hia. countr;., and, aee*
fcr"i>.. that Judgl Hylan is no'. par*
?aaally t tted ior the office of Mayor.
hot ??- kf-lectrd aolely hecauae of hia
?illil . r j thr order uf t,i".s'
\N h> Thr\ \re Sileni
-l"r thc last four dayi I . ?* .- pUh
'? v4o queatioaa ta Mr.
^'*T*f and Judge )\\'.*r 1 ba.eaiked
'ha-'n i0 muke public *hr r.a>on that
mr. Haarai * eagaged In a daa
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Enemy Aliens
Teutons Cleared
From All Piers
By New Order
Marshal Power Takes Drastic
Action to Rid Waterfront
of Enemv Aliens
Aa Otdflt forbidding enemy aliens
to work la or visit the Brooklyn water?
front or any other shore front of Long
Island or Staten Island was issued yes
bv Jnrrtcf M. Power. l'nited
Marshal tor the Ka.tern Dis
of N'ew York. The order ap
?o German subjects. irrespectivc
cf whether or r.ot they poflflOflfl permlts
to enter the -O-c.illed barred zoncs.
Thete have bflflfl t'..;rty-two .uspi
liou* fires along thc Brooklyn water?
front since the l"nite,J States entered
.-, ar.d Tederal officials privately
admit lhat most of these bore all the
marks o! having been started by cne
rr.ie-. Ship-, docks and warehouses,
including two hulgr.g with grain, were
tired, thfl flf-Ciflll believe. by the Ger?
"It is better to bfl laffl than sorry,"
was the laconic leply of Marshal
I'ower as to why hfl .r-sued th" order.
"It is true that mar.y things have hap
pened which COOflod a littlfl f.pprehen
sion. aad 1 doeidi i that thfl bo?l way
to handle I toation was to clear
the v .. -rf all enemy aliens.
The men attaeti far thi
part nochaaicfl. Tbe-y eaa get plenty
of work in the interior, away from the
barred _o:ies. So it il up to them to
_.-? | oat to-morrow."
Majority Work in Shipyards
Marshp! I'ower iaid that most of
tl.e Germans affected were employed
in sbipyards and that was an addi
rea-on why they should bc
"I bellflVfl Iha1 the country will bfl
? thfl work of building new
??l ip- nrd reeonstrncting other-. ?'? ?
tran. por'.ation of our troops abroad,
? r oth.-r purpoae- lornected wlth
the prosecution of the war ts plaeed
in the hands of American workmen en?
tirely. And I think that this order
will hsve the desired atttt ?."
All employers of enemy-alien labor
aloni: thc waterfront affected wera ?
the following letl Marahal Poaroi
"Gentl. ?
"V,. . ? thal on and
after November I, 1917, no Germaa ? iea
arlll he allerwad le * ti,- water*
triet. 'Iiii-1 i".ii- aaTeeti all
(ierman aie
have alien ??? Repraae itali ea
..r tl ? t)epartm?nt
? -om 'ime to
aft. i ???..'?. emjr alii ne
found ln ,'iolation of this role will be im
medtati aad n.t?nied. I
K?nt '' - t you eaa make aoeh
fll laaieoiinli as for the dia
eoatinttini ef empkryiag all G
along Ihe
"Vouis *erj irnlv
"United States M?r*lial."
To Fnforce Ruling To-morrow
Mar. hai Power will make a round of
all ihipyardi and other faeterii oi
lhe waterfront to-morrow, ?:id any Ger*
n.an found working _.- theae places will
bi interned without formality on Ellia
\ similar order to thal iaaned by
Marshal Poi promulgatod otj
Juno 10 bj I homas D. McCarthjr, l'nited
Statei Marahal tor the district running
from ? to Albany and includ
ing thi coontiei on either side of the
Hudson. And io cover thii little king
Marshal MeCarthy ha tbirty-nine
I ederal official who
paper m< n j ? -terday
with the way the enemy
alien aituution ha- been handled, said:
"lt ? rrre, _ll eii
e"iy :. thOUl permlts, renniing
l be ii terned within
tnd it can be Hnr ?
-? iaftOfl rOO,Ufllt
Ing thfl local poliee tO cooperatc wrth
There mu-t
be clfl he greater city.
eatar and loavi harrtd iooai daily,
ire no pei
During th.. week ending yeaterdfly
.-ii office of th.- Dopartmonl of
nol ?' 'erned an enemy
?Mon. Ard - nce the United State-- en?
tered tr ? War, c\cludmg the crews of
. [i .; German linera, there liave
bepTi || i ?? hundrod flnamy
kliei i . rr. ?' it n New Yorl <
?\\ iv. , e. . -0,000 enemy aliena
who are fll large ... Ih" city without
permita rounded aa?" was Hske-i Will
iaoi M. Offley, auperintendflBt of ;hr
|Ma] . imrefltigatioa or the
"Whal wMld we do wlth thoml Wo
f no plnrei to pat Hftn."
??id Ml '?'??. . ' 'T the rjUCfl*
Pata lt l p la >.a. hmgion
]].. ? . however. that
.,,,. .;? -Hk" the initial re.
"lhat Ifl a matter that rr-'.
a . ? iaid Mr. Offley.
iritii roaterday the r.aci numbei at
? , lagnod to enemy alieni was not
mad< kaown by aay Fedaral flflcial,
Between 26j0O0 ard M.000 tueh permiti
urrr issued hi Marahal Met arthy to
ritv r> ? ? hii jurlfldiction. v
from Westchester to Albany les< than
ron permits aren - uod Yh-. uas ont
0f R total of ' ? 000 applications. The
Rastern dlstrlel iasuea lc'.onn, in round
. rs, oul of ? total application list
I ooo.
U. S. Munitions
Destroyed in Big
Baltimore Fire
Blaze Swecping Harbor i ront
?Suspect IncendiaryOrigin
?Manv Feared Lost
largeat flrei Ba -'more aine
great eanHagration in February, 1904,
that destroyed the I.r. ! tion of
? ? dty, wa -..'.'ing Vu Ij
? ing on the big piers of thr- 1: ?
iv i ihio Railroad al I i ?
m nal .-it Loev -' Point, on
i side of the harbo'-.
Pien K and !' nre (tored with *? ;> '
quantitiei ot munitions ai
for the Aneriean foreai in Prai i
; their allies. Within ten miaate
: the flame.a were discovrrcd tbe entire
! itructure arai ablasa,
Pifteen af thc erew of "! -
? lf lynig at thc pirr leaped i
board, and 11 ll fcjirrd aoau of ?
were drawncd. A dasen or moi
t-mplo><d on the pirr jim- rn 1
(iri one of tne pirrs wefl i II
which e4plodt"l j-'
leading to rnmi i '' il ie 1 I
partrrirnt a ? I g ?';? DBIB Itr ; ?
tho ipread of tbe
lt ii reported that the
incendiary ongm.
The Baltimore & Ohio i i
tan are bu! * ihort diitance from the
bumed pier*. whieh are the main tei
minal in thii country ot" tha Fttn
With-- Engliah line of iteami ? P ei ?
was tba former North German i
1. no jurr . Bl whicfa Bl I ' ? '
loaded *? tl port. The
which nt" de. troyed, c t al
000 each.
United States Secrel Sen **
a* the scene inveatigating I
iuapieio_u.*leoking mei ? ? hur
r>-1mr from thc vicmi'y 4 fea ID
after the fire wai dleeotrered b| ;. po
liceman. A strong narthwi
?wapt tho flames to?H;-'i hundredi ai
-mai! hoaaei ta the aouth r( tlu- ter?
minal orcupied by th<' famile "
men on the piera.
The.?e people. fearinjr for tho
. f their ba .band*, gataered, and ?
nialf relatives employed jibou'
piers ruihed ifl the direfion ot' the
? rr ;<nd itruggled with Ihi pa ??
their deaperate effort, to cn
cordon. la thi Baltimore I 11
ratei 1 ft. largfl auantities ol
ro.id-. for abipmenl ta the A
Ihe r-reme. havo ,0 far SUC
I prerenting the Bamei from ipn
1 to tba elovhtors.
Rhertly after midnighl Pier 10
I former :ir,m;gration pier of tha G<
?hip I ompany, waa bni ning
al that time the fire chief I" ? ?
< oiil-l rn' ' ne tne flamr I ta thl I
Baltimore ? 01 le R llroad ?
could not gi-.r any eatimata af thi
but it v.ill reach aeveral mii
Pro-Germans Hamper
Food SavingCampaipn
\\ ASHINGTON, " ? Pi
man jropagand.4 :<\ flome state*, the
Food Adminiatration aoneune. I
? hamper Bg tba I Olb *t
pledge card*.
???-,- | ? ? . . - .
thr g.*.\ernmenl v
hu'.d iterea for tr* mm;.
Luxburg Urged U-Boat
Scare for Brazilians
Adviscd Berlin That Mailed Fist in Form of
Submarine Squadron Would Have Desired
Effect on "Thinly Veneered Indians"
* " "'.
WASHINGTON, Oct 80. Bran
' ;mar. mailed flat in South
ateri bj -i aa-uadron of Hun
i inni; . ? . urged b) Count [_?_*?
? , irgentina, in a
ted July 7, aont ta bil ga*r
made public by
? '
t that I
? addrtaaed
to the Genaan
j ,,., | ? i been pttbllibed.
r-tates nir-.ke.-* pub
;,..,. ? ??? tbi telegrama:
"\o. 63, .In!;. 7. 1"!7 O-tf a"i
1 n* created th"
,nir." ' OUI 0H,V P""11"
;.r,od ni ? ire ean hi counted on. Thia,
in South America,
t . andei thin vrneor,
., \- ihawrine squadron
i mo might prob
..] . )( -?].?? on ?; fo
. | pture of
rl for home
.... oi poailbly
nl doubt
? i ?****
I llvl'.lT
.uguatd, 1917. I am con.
ill ' ? able tn earrj
our principal p.ditical aima
\ . rh- mai ?
' * ??
.* U ..... U ll va ' i
" I'
eriea I reipeel
heat harvest in Pa
..... ing would mako n<
i oiopi am
?. ur i l
! - oul tO d;.v, however,
ending of the message,
>, ? . i Brazil, v.uh a fiew
groa ing an1
i ? the text ef f ?
- ?
.-. in whieh thera ?r?
-o many I'ermar thal thera ? ? ? -'ir
??ip govetn
? ?? raa ta he
aad "
I.e tidcd by Argentina. The dispatflb
of August 4 indieatflfl thal althouifh the
ehaacfl of ha\in-; Argentina take a
hand was rapidly 1'a'ling, the "reorga; -
i.-aMon" or revolution might l>-> carried
out aayhow. Bat Ar-gtatlaa might atill
hfl COflretd itito playing the German
game hy a fleet o< ? ubniarincr. making
H pr.. doi on ' ratia i. Bad it tha
goidanee of Connt Laxburg.
T'ie eoauaeni an 'be when*. prospect
? ?<- warning or how the
tmerlein oai en mig.it aid the
lt ifl thoaght here tha* there may be
?OIBC addi-ional message which mak??s
thi> German dOfligBI agamst South
Braxil -riil mor clear. but the mesnagr
of August I is eonsid-red arnple to have
orOBflfld thfl Irfl of the Brazilian Kir
r-gr Minifltcr, nnd little wonder is felt.
Ivre that the Argen'ine ne? ?papers de
. manded, following the Brazilian Min
i-ter'? T'atement, that rither Argen
' *ma triak- tha I.uvburg d'?patehes r*>
garding 'he sitaation publie or eW?
-r c ;, foreign government to
Thr dl patehofl made pablic today
are from thfl number sent to the Ar
? Hr.d Brasilian (jovcrnrnenis by
tne State l>< partment and not 'rom
tho^e >erit to Washington by tlie Ar
gentine Republic tu be dfleoded. Th?re
i boon ? ? ? ? >? larprisi in Administra?
tion ? relfli that the dUpatchflfl ha- e
..ot brcn n.adc publie in South AflMrica.
Six Million Men Lost
By Germany in 3 Years
Ledebour, Socialist Leader,
Tells Reiehstag "What
War Means"
w U-KINGTON. on.. ro. *Gtnaaay
lost lifl million men in the 'hr?e years
? ?t' var. ac.erd ng to h declaration made
in the Reich-'ae* b; the Indenendent
-..? a is. Lfldflboar, A report <>f his
>pee,:h reach Iag V\ '-.-hington through
Switscrland *'_?*? ti-.at, eontemplating
the proapeeta el .t foarth v.inter cam?
paign, thc Reeia caier 'sid:
"io I hl e . '. c idrn-ly. gentlernen,
an eiact eoneeptien of ?nnt w.-.r
mean*. We hz\r had l,.V)0,000 t\r*o\.
. ???,' or 4,000,000 wounded, ei
whom !>00,000 nrr cnppled for life. and
2,000.000 -?ii alntely inralided, That
make. altogether (,000,000 mea los*.
I iroa j 111
|| tatfld flfleial irfnrnia';o" my.
nrmatory of theae I s-urer. ha\> been in
I ooaeeeaien af American offirials for
ime t.me.
America'i problem 13 ships?wooden ships and
iron ships.
Ihrodorr M. Knappe-n. writini* from \*. ashington.
telll thc ini and outs of thr shipbuildinj** situation in a
atory from Tirst hand fnrts as the-y de-vrlop daily.
Re Kl it io cUqr.
ZUc {Tribune
Udine Falls; Teutons Strike
To Cut Off Retreating Army;
Allies Plan Counter Drive
Teutons, Attacking
From Carnic Alps,
Threaten to
Turn Line
Retreat Goes On
In Good Order
Cadorna's Cavalry
Hampers Advance
of the Austro
LONDON, Oct. .10. The Italians art
I in complete but orderly retreat toward
I their second defensive .-ystem b?hind
! the Tagliamento River, from tlie Carnic
: Alp t<> the sea. Udine, former liead
i qaartera <>f Cadorna's army in Eaatern
I Vcnetia, has been occupied by the
Austro-C.ermnns. The entire Isonzo
line has been abandotnrd by the Ital
iane, following the destruction of all
Along the whole bc'.'le fron' (u
. darna'l cavalry unit * are Icrping m
i touch arith the enemy und retardirig
his advance. All indications nou- point
to the successful retirement of tiie
Italian armies behind t!ic Tagiiumento
I line, which has been powerfully forti
I fttd for yeara past for just such an
, emergency as now confront.s the Ital
'? ian1--.
The graattat metiace to the Italr-in
' army BOW lies in the flankir.g nio-.e
j ment, aiready begun by the invader*.
I from the Carnic Alps, aimed at the ;
? turning of the Upper Tagliamento line j
b.r'ore Cadorna tirmly e_tabli?he_ hin-- ;
i .eli* behind the river. Austro-German j
1 advanced unlts are now preasing
| against *he northern reaches of the
i itrtam. after debouch.ng from the
l jr.ountain region north of Flitoh and
i Tolmino.
Complete Diaaster Poesiblc
If tbay should be able to effect a
'rrossing and tranjport strong forces to
j t'.-.e wes'trn bank before the Italians
take up their position along the lower,
I part of the river it is very probable the
j whole Italian flank ?ould bc turned and
1 complete disaster threaten the country.
Such a po-.sibility is st.ll vry remote,
however, aml most military observT.-,
look for an orderly retirement by Ca?
dorna to his well prepared lines behind1
tbe i iver.
One othe' danger, still further re?
moved, confronts the Italiar.s in their
retreati'ig movement to the Tirglia
rnotitn line, and that is the possihility
of a ?troi:g r'nemy movement from the
A Teuton army rutthg down aeroii
j ;i'e frontier from this diatriet would he
driving against the rear of the Italian
? lines, the Trentino being to the r.orth
( v.est of the present tield of baftle. It
1 might aUo conceivably close the
; Franeo-Italian border and prevent the
? rending of supplfes to Cadorna. So far.
hower'er, there have been no signs of
coming aetivity hy the enemy on this
I front.
A great dral depends n?w upon the
; -'and the Id and Ud Italian armies
i are able to make on the Plains of
Kriuli. In tbii *hey will be greatly
' aided by the Friti'h batteries, whirh
' have been in ac'ion along the Isonzo
il ea laat Maj and a1! of which are re?
ported to have been saved.
Th<* most di-tre--'ing need of Ca?
dorna'* troop--. at the moment is guns
and ammaaiiian arith which ta ataveai
ihe enemy <roni pre-sng 100 danger
eaaly close to the retreating armiefl
before tbay r?ach the safety o I'the new
' line. Reafizing this, fran'Jc efTortu are
being made by France and Hritain to
: supply their ally ?"?ith munitions before
it becomes too la*e.
D.'-pi'e tha cruahinpt blows delivered
by von Relow'a forces alone tba
.liilian front, there la every -ndication
'hat the bulk of Cadorna's army has
been drawn out of the trap. and, with
I Kreneh and British reinforrement?. arill
' .,trm the Teaton arave at the Tagtia*
I mento.
\ustrians Claim Collapse
The Austrian War Office iW.are^ to
mgh? that tha Carnia front has col
lansed "on i'.s most important seetors,"
and that ni rh" m;d*t of *nov.*storm*
the Austrian troops have arreated from
the Italians fro'ifier pcsilions near
T.rv-. Pnn'.afel. Ploecken and St. Pal.
which it took two and a half years to
build up.
Tha material cap"ired by the Austro
C?rman force. lince 'he rjreat offensive
began, iayi 'he Yienna rommimque.
".\ror>r|. hv far the booty uhieh fell
into our hand* 14s a result of our C.
Ileian and Poli?h summcr otfeaalva in
Neither fhe (Ierman t">r 'he A:r-t|- an
Btatcraent, haamver, claim' the rapturr.
of arieaaera to-day on a* Ia7g;e a *raie
as during the prereding few days, and
thii i_ taken as an indica'ion tha' 'he
Itei a--, .-a\air\ li luceetflfall' ereening
'the r>rrr*i of 'he ma;n armies. The
, Teuton corrrman'lers aiready claim t're
capture of more than I'Hl.OOO ariaoneri
'and 700 gur.?, however.
Italian dispatrhrs htat- 'ha' most of
tba guns taken by the enemy were of
I small calihre, and that all the big gur.
| emplacements along thc I innr.o and be
; >ond arara destroyed heSre Cadorna
i gave the word to retreat.
"Vorwaerts" Says Attack
Was Made to Bring Peace
AMSTKRPAM. Orr. M Tb? \,..-ro
Germen offensive afa.rn* Ita'y. accord?
ing to th* "Vorwaer*-." ni Barlia, ? ? a ?
not undertaken in an eggre.aiv.. pint
-it rhe ?>bje.-' of ronque^t, but solely
to bring p?.ai;e nearer.
U. S. Rushes
Action Follows Cabinet
Meeting to Decide on
Best Means to Aid Ally
By C. \V. Gilbert
WASHINGTON'. Oct. _0.-The Cabi?
net held a Iong se_sion to-dav ar.d lt
is understood, iXtatwa*Ol tne Italian
Great anxiety ia felt here over Maek
ensen's drive in Italy. in spite of inFbr
niatiou from Rome that the danger has
anitod the Italian people. One hcars
even the opinion thst Germany rrav
force in etrly and iiiconcIu?ive paacfl
by a success in italy. but tlie general |
jiidKTnent ifl that it Ifl easy to exatf
gerate thfl importance of such inva
liOBI as tliis.
Recognition of the serious situation ,
?afl tXwew to-day la a $2:10,000.000 loan .
to the Italian government, one 01 the
largflflt advance* so far made by the'
l'nited State- to any Allied govern?
ment. Action came soon al'ter Secre?
tary McAdoo left the Cabinet meeting. ,
Tht; money will he e\pended pfllthflfltfl
in obtaining c?al, munitions and guns I
with whieh to stern. if poofliblfl, the >
oniushing TeatOB drive.
The InraflioBfl of Rum_._.!a ar.d Ru_- \
sia are pointed to as laataaoflfl of _uc-j
tessful drives which will r.ot greatly
arTect the tinal issue of the war. If
the Italians hold anywhere, the situa?
tion will remain practically the sam
si it hflfl been, except *o far a? the .
noral advantage of a feat of arms
will benflfit Germany. The v.ar will j
be fought out on the West front. and
all Italy needs to do 13 to keep buay
hflf share of German and Au.trian '
V. S. Will Rush Aid
It is utderstood here that this gov- 1
ernment will join thc Allies in sending
whatever aid ia practictible to Italy.
This assistar.ee must be of two kinds
immediate militarv BflflifltaaCO, espe?
cially big guns and munition.^, to be
rushed to thc Tagliamento front bc- 1
fore Germet.y can drive Cadorna fro-.i
that position, and economic aid. to sus
tain the morale of the Italian people,
??pocially in case thc Austro-G. rman
forces suceeed in driving fnrther be?
yond the Tagliamento. This country
made Itfl I". rst cot.tt lbution of that ^ort
a few day? ago, when it supp.ied Italv
with iUO.0.0 tons of shipping. The
aim o*" that cor.tributiut: w;.s to BB*
eouraga the Itaiiai. people to sustain
the si.ock of tre Maekon?'er drive,
which wa? then seen to be coming.
In Italian quarters il is said that
Cadoraa car. hold hifl po?ition on the
Tagliamento [f nBfl and shells reach
him iti time. Ihe Ita'ian anny ha?
all along boCB ihort of big gun*.
Italy Indu.trially Weak
Italy is not a strong country indus
trifllly, and tha shortage of sliipping
has prevented her from being ade
quately lupplied either with steel and
coal 'or the manufact".rc of munitions
or with munitloni thomflelrofl. The
d -pate'n. * show tha' the Teutons
captured ? Ur?e number of ItnliHti
guns tn the Ani OBflOt, and great doubt
is felt aboat ihe prju.pniert of
1 adorna's army if hfl IBCCflfldl in re
forminf: it on 'he Tagiiament... ft is.
supposeii tha* guns and >hclis ar* be?
ing rushed from France to Italy, ifl thfl
hope of puttiag 1 fldomfl into f*tr posi?
tion 'o h'..d thfl Tagliamento line.
Whether thii can lie dor.e m time de
pendl upon the condition of the Italian
troope when they rOOeh the rev line of
defence and upon how quickly Macken?
sen will be uble ?., folloo up hii tir*'.
blow with another at the new poaitlon.
Must Maintain Morale
The great problem of this government
to meet, inatoad ?f the tthor Alliea, ii
that of B-flintaining the morala at the
Itairati people .,f revers.*^ mora IflrioOl
than iho^o already mei folloa :u the
coming day -: or ? floh -.
The problem. like that in Ruiflia,will
be ec.-Miomie rather than military. Italv
has beprin tO '?? eary of the war. not
from los> of Blflfl pow-r. ; ke France,
but from tiie severe economic itraifl
to which she has hern lobiectod. She
has r-uffered sever'v fron laek of coal
and food. Ar.d if she is to be held to
the taah flf purel', defensive lighting
upon some Im. . either the one to which
she has fallen back or another, there
will be another demand for shipping
u> alleviate her ecor.omir ilis.
And the best that is exnected of
Italy non ii thal ihe ?rill -namtain a
defensiri light while the war ia bei?K
won eliewhero, No one e\p?>cts tha*
if the preflont Oerman drlv.e rs held
at me Tagliamento Italy aeill 'c
WB9 baeh again over thi mountains
whieh co** her so much io gnin aml
whieh ??he has jael lost qofct ly. A <
an olfeniiVc power Itply Ifl 1 o
mueh gon? at Rns.ia herself.
20 British Aviators
Bomb German Town
Faetories and Gas Worka Near
Saarbruecken Are
LONDON, Oet *A. ??'. ..el | Rritish
m?i nei attached Pirraaiens, l\ ?
mile. beyond Saarhrfcfcen, Germany,-*
sa\. an ofticiai ita.emtnl ;-.ue.i to
? c ? '?? aerial oparations "B
WOTfl Mtfl tfl Snr?t on fact >r;es and
gai ? flriu with - teellenl re_ul; .
"Lafll Blght Htitrsi machines botnbed
the railv.a> itatloa and hn.-. around
Turning Point of the
War Is Now at
Hand, Belief
in London
German Truce
Offer Expected
Entente Looks to the
United States to Pre?
vent Premature
By Arthur S. DrapeT
i.oxnow Oet M. Tbe aaUUaa. af
farti of thi- eaamy aralanehe ?rhi*b _?
driring tba Italiani -icro ?? th? Vaaa*
tion Plaiai la rapidly becomiag ap
parent. 1 he first thought of atrttty om>
\a :o Btaad '..rm and BBV0 Italy; the
s-cor.d, to determine who is renpon
llbla far the disas'vr.
The turning point of the war la<
baaa reacheA it '.as como m suddei -
ly that ii iias eaaght tt**ty one u-ipre
pared, probably the enemy as well a<
tba Alll .
Ara?ric_'* bardan of raepeaaibility
has been increased a hundrodfold in
the lat v.eek. Her ::??'? 'anre
must necessarily be given on a greatly
incraaaed acalai hut iba hai 'he i .
ly Imaartaot taah af iteadyiag her
partners- in the war.
A peace awh will follow close on
the heels of thc Teuton military sweep
Sed-ctjvc offcr3 will be made by UM
Central Powers. In Allied coun'rie?
there ajrfll be a moui'icatio:* of terr:
torial demands; people v. i 11 b. .a*
with far leeej there will be u lo-.? of
contidenc. in the leador*; tlter. * 11 he
increased nnreat o:i ti.e C.ntir.rnt,
irhiek is fast baeamiag < . .-: ?.
Louk to L. S. for M<iral Help
Tho qaeatiea ii nat arbether Amer?
ica arill adbera ta hai arar policy, aat
? .-he arill Impreaa i-.cr arill on
hei- nartnor?, whether r-he arill ghra
tbem moral hc'.p which "Bill pull them
through tha mot* aartoaa peried af
the war.
It i.i no* natural to axpad UM '
man people to .eek any char.,.e of go\ -
ernmant arhea they are ariaBiag under
the praaeBt 07,c. rtc.-:i_e*:' flVil I aa
challeng.*d autocracy, and ?o far
autaeracy ii itill Ir tba r up;. Tbe
people's faith in democracy i* ?ti!l
strong. It il true. bu* .v;to*r*iey has
a gaad atanj *<;j'.'i; a c i
America ahether la
gO.Bg to bc ti ',ool Pftlfl-I?
May Pro.e Hoomerang
The Tcu'.on blow al lUlj raflj ?*???
a boomcrang. vUcfl. ? **)* __?
l.M to a fall '"'-? " ?-' ??? o! *??
deaperateneaa ol tha utaatien. wtll
lead them ta itrike ?* *?*"****?.*?*?
that other**-; ?<* would be defemd aa*
tu Ameriea'i active entr* in thc earing.
Italv i* to ha-." help "-m^
?rom tha Alliea. 1 te Bi ti h and
j rench goventn*- I mg prep?
aration* to go te thi B_?iatan<*e 0 I
.tricken allv. Bath g< ' h",r
comple'ed plan* inrol. ng inatant co
n ,, .,,,. pr, ,"? criaia. The
Wm Cabim I here, and the l 'uincil ln
Paria, both hava ra tl o diecai I
b,.-- rnaana af rendering ai '
From ;i miliury ' '*rrr
nre three -oluti.n- of tha Italian I r-ib
lom. Flrat, tbe Italiaaa maj make *
Ana atand on ****** liae such a* wa
Tagliamento River, flrhieh ..'ready baa
baccme a aratebward thrcugnout Italy
? s tne line beytadl arhieh lc? I m troops
vkiil not retreat.
Th 4 river, whieh fl >?s from Toi
bmzm threogb the piair.s of Vcnlea,
ma-, ber?_r.r tbe Marne of Italv, for
Cadorna'. I .iti ifl his tro. p
Boeaad. the Allies may .end
an I hundred
[?., . ? ? ? ar.- i robal
fligty ".ve ni d ? ?
now dr ? g aat tha Italiaaa. Thera
wotlld be .''eat
Ail*.i-'i aid effective, far, Iea."*g f?n>
t |1 or i onv.d- ra
tion, ieh troopi aauld ba o* - tt
u grau -., ah
men woald be ignorant of condition..
under which they araald !><? foi. I i
tight az
Ma% Mart ( ounter Dri.e
The ' r.| | '.. '
i\ery ing great I ittle, an..
, trong ...??? ?*...- a
?ome other front, Sueh .??! a'tac.
waald have r.i ? .? .. u'' ? ferre, for no
. tai .
- palitical y the ^reat adrantaga
G.rm. i ?* *aful
blow again t Iti
rh:* bringi t' light agan :h' ajama*
? ;i lubiect of iliapate be
r istem Knil Weatern *'hool-.
The former claims that th. nie
(.f Kaeedaaia and Pa'eetine wouH be
ri'U'Cly iffeetive to a! gained
i?ls."A er-*. Th.- lat'i r ajfliatflia tha?
tha only -ehem | ll ta mail nn n i.nd
ttanitiaai oa the Wct fr<>
ba_aa a vietary thore. Tbe It'eatem
fraat na* look- 1:'kc tbe moat effectivi
plaee fnr i Ceaatar attat-k.
U ' ar. m able ?" Italp, No help
car, be exaeetad <<n tha Ru*i i
Ramaalaa frvnta.
The |t r, im ,).'?,....? ,.? ,.or.
plete change in the polieiei nf Haig
nnd Petain, fl'id ?
f i- tbe latMiehinc ai ? ir Allied
drirea af gn .' farci i th 'arrcachmg
cbjeetuei .us-a ? . ? i,. . ,,, [,,,,.,
of the West. rn front It might me_,t,
one grea' '*-. " s ,n-: _p fram the
No.u. laa .- tba -Up. __, _i*.u?iA1j4

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