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Tammany Says It Will Let
Hylan Pick Poliee Head
Organization to Place Re
sponsibility on New
Mayor at the Start
M'Avoy Is Mentioned
As Woods's Successor
Senators Foley and Wagner
Rob Up for $15,000 Berth
as Corporalion Counsel
r lea lan ledared
te tnaha to
?; on the appointment
rpn Im naeaaiag
hat '
Ity, at
prrrailing comn i many
'i.ill ?
? ?>? ineluded
I appointrm?? 'he head of
?lie Po
ln vi.* oi U "" ?*??
?iniotration of the Poliee Departmeat
hafl provi'.i to I -? on which
many ? n;iV<1 heen
irekrd, Um politieiam saw ? dieaeei
.,, thi parl I ml-fltloB te
? ? until the ti. rw Mayor
been tried out
|.,..,, te the a lertiona of Thomas P<
Smith, flflcrfltarji of Tammany Hall. nnd
I . Smith, Preeideal
.rl oi Aldermen, that Mr.
Murphy had bayoi fallawed thr praetke
ol raeeeaaieadiac any eeadidate for ap
tmeat as Poliee C-aeaieelaer, the
| reted the declaration
rhen sprculation as to
Ihf r. appointments ifl rife,
.rly la
tion te ahifl ? " ;i,>'- ,. .
It || dented thnt the politi
, ,| ]. . ther of the old partlefl,
H,-U.r aa election, oaoally
a sinular announce
? tho Poliee Department,bat
ln tn. pointed out that
lammanv il none tOO well acquainted
? e Mayor-i ? ct, and mai not waat
* >"???"*
would aeeaec the
' ?.
S, hneider Sound* WarnlnK
..,r P. Seha ? *
hairman of the Democratic
Ona Hundred and
, || the nomi
? judge Hylan. sounded the
. n he said:
..Th 0f a Poliee Commis
lom-r by the Mayor taking office in
January should I ' ra\y te that
Th-' political oreanuations of
n Greater New Yort
-hould a-o bllity for t.ie
tion of th*
? mntie
liCfl liepartment an issue in city
.nd Tummany's course to?
ward the poliee adminiatration he
.lisastrou* te thal oraaniaatlon. The
,?lact! 'oliCfl Commissioner by
Mavor.' ' Hylan should be a per
,,,?'a! ? Ity not in any way at
Mr. Sehneider was redected County
Clerk bat While
?.e ha* not had rr.uch voiee in Tammany
council"* in recent year*, his influence
? now amontr the
if the part he played
Hylan can.:
Bylaa Has No Slate *t ct
jY,,. ? ea attached
? namea which may ba meatloaed at
?ime for appointments to Judfro
HylanN rab.net. Close friends of the
Mayor-ekct deelare that he has r.ot de
termined upon any one partieular ap?
pointment vet, and that it probably wil
hfl two or three week* beforfl h? will
hejrin to tnak?- up his slate.
The poaflibilit* of continuing Pohce
< ommisaioner Woodfl in offlce has al
road* diflappearad, according to Tam
mar.v leader*. Commissioner W oods
wasV I VM ?? :"r ?
t.rm of nTfl \ears, but hi* frifll
'?-Iv that he
... nt h;s term
Mayof t-hould a
. reaeeia. Tha on? thing that the
arrrnany leader* Uppear t<> be sure nf
?? t Judtce H;.'a". will make a clean
flf the old
idded ??
nmiaaioner. Bird
'?' *?
mer Deputy Poliee Commiaaioner, have
Mc \\..\ RflM freaa Kank*
eame up throuj-h the
? atrolman to
layor Me
- ..ne of the old 'larr.
'?ihn V.
rral i
?ly. Amonjf
i' i'. irr,
? -
i of I nr ?
|',r < r? ltu?\
leadera ar
Mayor's personal p*ti
? ?
Board of Educal
t be i
u i.K-r th< ? ': al oa,
It will d<
to .1-r.l arith the Gal n the
ichooli ai
lem out in lome othi -
t, th<- work
bcre the i Board of 1 '>nini,
., build th
n.'w si-hoo! ?? qairfld to
for all tha eil
probh m.
Th.- Garj ! i r-1 r-"-.!'-'
the achoola bv the Mitchel
ieh of en. ?
li,,. other big pr*bl?Bii whirh will
b* lflfl ? ?"'?' ,;"r -?*? '?'"?" 8,i
miai '' -n''
l roremenl Plaa, the Coarl
the South Brool
the mofnr-l.u ? fraachiflea aad th?
Hrooklyn BorOJgh a.'.in ir, is'rrit :> n
Judge Hyltn's Residence
Guarded by Policemen
The aaaignaiflnl <.f two
from the Ralph At*bb? police
ii front flf thi
at 959
Bnahwici Av-enae, Brooklyn, ga< i
to repoi ? - Iai nigh! thal threal
lotten had I
Mrs. Hylan said that she had n -
700 eongratulatory Iflttflra and forty-flve
coarae of the day, but
that ? ? Bor her hnaband ro
oeive.i a ihreatcninr letter.
Foreign Language
Press Rejoices at
Mitchel's Defeat
German Papers Continue
Bitter Attacks on
. of the foreigivlangiiagc new?.
papers of Greater New Vork Wfll* 0*t
spoken in their comment on the re?
sult of Tu etion.
The (ierman pablicatit.nl, whieh op
posed the rflaJlection of Mayoi Mitchel,
continue,1 their hitter attacks on him,
g-hile thi "New York.-r Herold," the
only German-languape papir whieh fa?
vor..1 thfl Mayor. hardly dared to
touch the subject, mal
ference to its roadera.
Mr. Hearata'i "D*at?eh*i Journal"
said in a:i editorial:
"The most nonsensical attacks 44. x
made on thfl Mayor-cleet, Jadgfl Hy?
lan, by Mitchel' *****
twilted in thi in"*' calumnious man
Tiaallp i1 wfll attempted to ca-t
doubt on Mr Hylan'i loyalty to Amer?
ica, for no other purpoae but to place
the shining patriotiflfll of hii oppo
nent, Mitchel, in the most favorable
light. The campaij-n fund place,l fll
the disposition of Mr. Mitchel by the
wflalthy t- eorporatlona, oi
whose interests Mitchel took car
employed to th^ utmost to influence
the voters, and to p'.ay lllflfjal triehi.
But all was in vain, and the
of thi ? raa a brill
;ar;t victory over the corrupt elements
who intended to rob the city.
Mr. Hylun's record fuliy
hope that he -.v:11 clean, with an iron
hroomp, the stable of corruption left
to him by his pr. ,l> -?
The "l'rooklyner Fr<
"The record which Tammany, 011
account of its former adminiatratioaa,
had to earry along, and which brought
ab.aut it,s, defeats in the past, has
jr,,4rd to be less fatal than thi
ord of the Fusion candidate, Mitchel,
which was only too fri'-h in the rneni
tha vot. r- '
Rldder Atlarks Mitrhel
ln its German editorial the "New
Yorker Btaal /?? tung* 1 mori rt
Mired than Bernard II. Ridder in the
Engliah c
aigaatarfl, 1 rndi r ptioi "Ifaj
H* Rl ll I ???!?:?? I
"Although oppoaed hy all thr powen
of Mammon and all thfl 'pohtiral craft
and ? ? . ? triga*
? 1- ? unaerapalou - eabal,
?. i* b i indieal ion
for n I to the
in the
?1 the right
Cl that
Hylan ty an
? ition, frre
from m-!v ? ? ,| the >.u
;i? far ai
The .^oriai DeBioeral r papei
; ?
?? orer th?
increase ,.' Only
"The Call" IflflBl* Narriinj
Of | r.l!
torial in ' ! ' Il n 1 BI foi
"The str ? ? and
the poopll
? the vot ? ? ?
? 1
. I; th.';
? ?
?.ond ?? i,.< '> thi imb] ? H ? ? drive
a P.ar
"And Ta"
Movie ot a Good Soft Lead Pencil
A FRiErOD rSZtti
For. loan o"" pencil
?'AruOS lf rO im
[JEXT DAY lumcw
"pfEf-jC'L To FRiEMl)
_i6rj CH?*K
To Youwe, jOW vOho haS
'_.OM_ ex.A-vlPt.fiS fo G"T'
UiTe-o"; ~"o
yjAP. FRiEnD
i>_ioJ(b PENCit- *
PcR _>ag"> **?*?*
?ptjRpo sers
f-OMew TAl*r*UV
HO* Mtjrwi - (SueSS >X*?
rpn e.t, N/S^
f-Gfrr50"'Tf>}\ ) -/
HERE ' " CC-vaE
"BMCr*- VU.*"*M Th-T
?pirfJClL Mi ~Ri_r-.it)
la. PnCwfT
_?T5- BfrCK PfNClL.
" That 5 /*> G00&
' 'AJ?Li. I'v/fE G<"T Tc
To Th? :hcP'
"Oh 1~v thu vUAy ?
My PlTiMCiu ! THfcT 5
A MlC ?
? "JAfT 0"-'"
F"0~ GOT
/ iS* Jk
~LA<vK r*?LArJ?< l^> M'*/
Bla*'^ Blawk PEtUlK.
, , _0WE ' ? TJ-,'**T
r r-N WAS A WiCE
/ f~\ sorr i_sj-iv.
honorable eapl
taliat reforu ? been trying for
Tammany. And
?? ay can kccompliflh ia to leavfl
Wfl have alway
thing which aril
m i ;:? imany ia a Socialifll rlc
tory. And ii propheey com ?
.?ii "
?__,, ? . ther Jea iah n*wa
' tha Fttflion
. ?
"Hylan ia t onli on ne
of the splii ?on forcea.
. ? ' thi
tn did not nght
or '"t war. H i o ?
lieved thal thia was not the i ie, bu
? ; 0f how New \ork ougnt
. . , ned. And il ifl el ar tnai
?Joi ity of New Vork I Itj aa
?upporting him."
?fj an Italian pnblica
tion, which advocated the reeleetlon of
? i ritieiaea Wa eam?
paign: ...
narm. however, wh.eri
,y.P ?;.. ? ie1 had don? wa- th"
iffi igi ?' ' "'? ? which
to the enormoai in
? vote, for ?
clear I ' mn*
ln favoi ol .?ri >g' ,, .
??our pa-1 r aupported Mayor Mitcnei
diaintereatedl) ? il had done foac
.? on th? baali ol any
rmfal to th,1 in
becaaw aa "oraaaw
..-,? woald a* fatal ta tne
fusioni ' ...?'
Wampum Seekers
Hit Hylan'a Trail
But Mayor-Elect Remains a
Hidden Violet, Even to
Party Workers
Politkiaaa with weight] watch
chains over corpulent vaisthand*
cooled their her'* fei hours yesteday
in the office of tha Baeiaeei Mea'a
.??. flll v ith ditTerent motivci hut
for ? flinglc pui tat a
tl the Ma]
Jol -.1 :- hut
with the digi '
that ? '
mained ? ritnl ' ' ? evea 'o
A for him an.l ?
:? i. A favored few
opem . leading to
tha ' '? ' tatioufl
noiai . '?'? eigar smohe
in their wake, enterad in triumph.
Reporters wen parl enlai
| ;.i_-. -., i . ?" opan
up I the boyi in,*"
said ? terday,
i him deeide never 1
nly on thi
?ul expect
cenl sti '
a -. ibranl r ng
? ? ?
? | ?*_. - Honor*1
? ?
inch On?
, Ktra ' irm, ?1'1 ' ' ' ?
p?1 of hii eaat, te
? and wa? i
i iiud for a loni.
i (,,. "hoaa*1 waa
. ntleman of mac
? bii laael h*.
until ho ?
the Bnaii
? .- ?
?ny raahingi and
Inner wi?wam-'.
. t,, pr rmii theii faci
. ? red i
an a eommieflrating gtanee.
\ ? . braad n< ? eloct
above tl fl beni ',--? drapped
i, oaa
Hia I
?' ?
A-- ' had waiti d
flftfll '"ii re
' . ? ae he prepared
to depert; "Oee, d< leel <ie> might de
? i te i ?? iri
I night
Hisses br Pres.dent Hushed
At Suffrage Picket Meeting
"Silent Sentinels" Announce They Will Resume Posts at
White House on Saturday?Women F<clcased from
Occoquan Cheered as They Appear in Prison Garb
Twii women lll 'he back of the room
hiaaed tha name >>f Preaident Wilson
wh.-n Dadlfly Piflld Mulone mcntior.."!
lt dariag his gprrch al thfl Mt*-Carl
ton yesterday b. for- B meetitlg fll the
?.,; Woataa' party, th? .ufTra
i Whitflj Hou.ae picket
ing Mr. Maloi hii haad in
p rot, ?
??in, noi hisi the h?ad ot thfl na'-ion."
ha aaid. "Tan i f tfl fldaeaU
him. It hai aal ?lwaj b*< i p**flibl?
for him to learn th? wh*l? truth, b*
Jat i | um- wh*fl Mr Malone
' saj,j thflt 10O1 ' - ,!".-M..n bfl WflBl
io Preaid ?nl Wili ba unJ flshfld bffl* Ifl
I reecivi a laffrag* d*lcgati*B. The
i'r, . ,l. on thfl graaad thal
?BlTragl qui I i*B.
. e w, re thfl ?al) h
' <iurini? th., aftflrnoon, althoogfa there
ti,,. piehfll i tajd tale* ? eoaditioai
?->.-.. i ? an
were fllflfl approval wl}< n
N'ew Yi.rk vvonien plfldfffld themselve*
... ? ? privileRe of the
ballot tfl forti thruu(-h thfl Kederal
lulfragi amendmaat
I'ii-ketin-r I'? Ifl Kesumed
Piehfltii ? ? ' - IThltfl H*bm will
no! ,,.. ? limplj beeaaflfl th.- women
,>? \. m \ ? t I ha -? ..??. il waa
annouiic-,1 del nitelj ? ? terday*!
i . ? ng. Thr
? d Saturdaj by a d I
h:. Mr. lohfl W ? ?? ? Bra n an aad
4>ther \. ? forl ?????. bfl i ill d'
rr.Ki.,1 in thfl name of theii po tl
,-u! power
the Federal amendi
"We mni ? ? en to
volun-. ? ? 'id o.i th.- loat ?
line '?? .-' '
go to Jail -.nd itich
', rm.
Ooi ' ' ?
M. N. Youni
lo help tl
.... ? ? ? n the Oc
eoquan workhou ? ' of the
i! h.r
"Wo'n ?? I t? " eried
Mr- Hr.. th her.
? ??,-,,... ii ,. much in the
Ohio "Wets" Lead
By 3,643 Votes
Prohibitionists Ready to
Try Again Next Year
if Defeated
( |NI INNATI, Nov - A: tne rnd
of thi I athfl pr..
? ction in ohio the rflflBll
wa- gtil] Ifl doabt. Bai flrith e*aipl*ti
retarni from I light coun
ties, iiil ? | . i tnrafld
in ofV:,- ,' ? ? ; rtfl, thfl Ifltl
inff by m majoritjr >,f 'l.."l."> on the :':..*
? ? .
Th' ? ' evr. iadadod a j-nin
of l H2 ???.?t vi,?"g ln Ham Itoi l
. >d I | tl i B i
gl eooal j.
? i.,,r'. d to I
Btati ??? dn;.
Ari Minoun.-.'n.-nt madfl hy Secretary
' Btl Paltofl from fiirures eOBtpilfld
in bii offir. . Wfltl a major.ty
i ?? Itgaroi inc niia'd gll
...;?.. ? ,,i ?! ti... I .xlf g,'air.?<i
prison, ai.d the :o ored wom-u 'lown
then- need i !' iend on th" inside."
Tha pickoti vere tiie haroinafl of
the hoiii. Thi ? '? il elad themjehree ii
i ipii s ... tha pr: lon dra thej were
.-.' Occoquan, bulky gray flannel prlflon
gowaa, half covered arith blaa itriped
?proni. From eacl ng a bit of
.iefa Mra. -I. A. H.
ilopkii ? of 'in- Sea Joteey oa
litical leader, explained a .1 ? the com
bination towml, papkin .-?n.I hamlker
ehief, given to aacli woman waen ?he
entered I rl houae,
The entin aadiencc roie and re
.? while the little pieket
pa ? o the platfor a. Be
Mra. John Winter* Br-tnnan,
there -.'..re Mr-'. John I'ojrer-,. i., M,-^
Doria Stevena, Mrs. J. A II ilookina,
Miaa Nine Bamorodin end Miai Vlde
Milholl ? i of the lata Inei Mil
holJand Boiaaevain. eVith th.-m
marched Mrr. \ H. Bave*, n^ht ma
t ron ian, who wa i ?< ik -<i to
Btpath] fei
the pieki tfl.
PredericV Kendall, wiffl o a
BufTalo nawapapei owner, who ?
Occoquan for I r?s the
Baya \\nmen Are Peraecated
MWfl hall nevi r be froe." i taid,
.?>aid. "even if wa have the vote in New
Yorr. Stal ..' ? woeaan is
oat of Oeeoquaa. Thi"-- ar< many m
nocen' in Occoquan baa idea the
fragiate. ii ia a diagraee that theae
women, ir.nocent and guilty, are per
? ? ?.?
nvnt workhi uaa nn'."
MYoaag glrla dying of tubereuloalfl
are eompelled to ?erab.*' tha aaid.
"Your iavfl l geton deal aaa theae
rhey don'1 know that
? . morrh iga ona
a thi
. Tl flj don'l kr >w
?" (i, eo iuan ai
and that the
i and bread ere full of worm?
are put in selitary
g te tflll of
M,,re than $6,000 wa* given in
illeetioai for the new
iuf?r ige campaign.
II, o H r. Bi Imonl and Mr.
?te *i"*f pick
. , L. . help to tho -iitfraK.
\ir. Maloi '? ?id thfl mpns
M*|hfl i.Ie of New Vork have not
...-.?. thoughtfjul."
. i.|,.,j. -\r,w il ii over for Saw
Vork. ..id we beg of these women to
?rl; nnd COUIUffl to thi
? gton. Dont aal far
i it, '
in the unoffl ' Hamilton < OBB
t- .
fhe ,,-? ? ? . ?? of thfl larire
? . . . ?? reeented
by th< -i rh ? !> I avfl madc
oiflcia ii 'i that the w?U bave
l.'t hiouu'iit
I juh itloi te na anl
it thi drys are
rla.minir vriory.
i ifli pr tion movement
nnced ' o day thal in ea
? ? . ..-,-. ne\r.
? -a
M-r ? . ? prei ???'! ?
I,.. th< eetiona of llamntnn
?? . bad
?l ti'cht re
il i have been credited
ajrair. I tion.
Lati on the I'resider.lial
'i autfraga referendua* ihov
U. S. May Commandeer Bia*
Shore Hotela for Hoapital*
| PHILADELPBIA, Nei - I itmj
rr.iii.i-.,, board ifl considering n ;
? i ommandei ri ig big boteli
atlaal muI nn ho pitalfl for ri
? ... 1 ??r* ef ' h<< \ri rlc i
armj, it wa* itated here te>aiV,
Detalk ef the plan have ne* been
announced, but Major I.auren s .'.ckeh,
a mfmhiT ef the hoard, Ifl ;n thll eity
raaeultiag with men lateraetad ln the
prapo?d floaohore raeaperatiag ?toticn.
Wilson Aid Backs
Davies as Senator
From WJsconsin
President Said to Have
Taken Hand in Selecting
Husting's Successor
;.S:4tT <V>rr-p, "1 ""??''
vTASHINGTOK, Sor. ?. Praridea.
lYilflOB, it il bclieved. has decided to
tak" a hand in the Sonatorial fl1?ctl*fl
in V/iflcoafliB. Th* death of S*aat*r
Pfl .' o. Hu-tinc wh.a wn.i accidentuilv
..'no: hy his brother, may brine; a test
of the attitude of Senator La Follette
toward the war, and the Administra
tion dofll not want the election to ?-iv?>
! and comfort to (.ermany
Helief that the President had deter
m .1 tfl tBB* a hand wa.- strenfrth
ened to-day, when Senator Willard
Saalflbary, of Dfll?W?ra, President pro
t.-mpore of the Senate, indorsed Joseph
E Dflriflfl, of the Federal Trade Com
minioB, for thi vaeaaey.
. itor Saalibury ii also ehairman
iol eomm l >? ?n raeflnciei
?,n thfl Sflaatfl. ThU, eoaplad witl
I nl tha B*a?l ir ii ri**fl 'o ft.
laat, addfl* ligBiacaaofl 'o hi ?
..?nt in favor of Mr. Dflviflf
Xhe PrafltdflBl ??"?' flppoiatad Mr.
| of thi Bureau ol l orpora
tionfl. l-.er. whflB the Federal Trade
Commiaaion w*i enated, thfl President
gppoiBtfld him flrit chairman.
IVbofl thi campa.gn in WifleOBflio will
begin BO <?ne yet knows. Governor
Phllipp plans to have the special ses
Mon flf thfl L.'21-.lature. which will con
-oon to consider a "dry" amend
mer", j-rarit h:n. th.- power to 4ppoint
?-.or to Senator Huating. This
? '[.one the light for a rear.
i i Follette men . re oppo.ed to
Th ?>? want to force Govflraor
.. to rui 'or ? -- 8*a*tfl b*w. The
thal tl i Lieutenant (?ov
. grho would take Philipp'l place,
i . . ollflttfl man. The stalwarts
da nol wflBt GovfliBor Phllipp to re
The Lfl Follette men in the Legislat
ure ..iil opposfl irrar.tinir the (Jovemor
power to appoinl a .*?? nator. This wouid
eompel Philipp tfl call a -pecial .ilfl*.
tion immedintely.
Lyons Plans to Contest
Knott's Election as Sheriff
John J. LyoBfl, 'he Fuaion eaadidate
for Sheriff of Nfl* V.,rk CoBBty, who
was defefltaid on th? fae* oi thi r*
Taaaday by D*vid H, Kaeit, the
r*mmony eaadidaU, with a plurality
of 8,100, announced yesterday that he
. petition the our: Monlav for
nn inspection oi" thfl bai'.ots. T'.iere are
several As-embly Diltrietfl in whirh
\'. r lyons ir.t.nds to question the of
? ount.
News in Brief
it-.r,-.. Bavfliaa, wh? ptaadfld |*Ut* ot <*on
?piraa-y ',, gg-port tunggtayu, !r- vi'lation of
aVta"a*gg law ar.,1 tbe eapionago Bart, have
bavn r.'l"a??<i on bail pe-i-lsng- aenlrn.-e Jobn
. ii -nip'-. flrerTian, heM a? a smugnler
,i o.u.'II.t'? iu.. |g lUgpattgd hy the a.i
th,a-itif4 nf knowmsr -.amethiiiR al-out -.evret
rubh-r ihi| nietit, to (Irrman-.
r.onri-r IBbiUbB. ar. tnapei-tnr in the Bu
Ki-e Pl-aventtaVB, hxn made Juat thr*a>
. ? te . >? ?"!,' papa-a. more than twenty
va-- a-,. K-t K. tl.inl igBIBM h? mort
gaajaja* |M, four lioiiaea and borrowed from the
butcha-r, |4,-ttini- together 121,060, Hr put it
on Hylar.
I'omplainta have reaehed the fuel admina
i4tratiori thal b'lahel an.l hu-k?t pedler. ar*
?nl gi the rate of JM nr i 1 .a a ton.
lt aaaa aaid that tha- Mipply waa arnple for
<lay?. and la-fr avhlpgaaa-fltg ?ar. ....
. a. ...on aj. the NoetBwegl ha.t l>een
?'.?.'ri"-i a
NEWARK Stree-a-ar. were liflltgfl. gagggg
gnd itaMVi llnhti eaUa-aBvlaflagd, alaavataari
' ni,,1 th- p,v.l,,'-i,-4> Bg 1 up hy * .mail
Mr" whirh ne--raattnred th.- tnnp?rary doning
,' thr I'.iblii- Sarviee i orvoration'a plant ln
lha poatOtTieg .taiv.pa h?,| t#, ba, .-4\r.,-a>l|^ri hy
BflBfl lll 'lirn llgl.t. In M.ma ara-tiona tha
;aa>w?.r waa <>lT an hour or more
VONKFrU* I'harln Man!. an infanl
,harg.4 ot the Day Nunery of Dhrtafl I'rovl
denre hare, haa ,l|a?d from mglnutrition.
makog thaa rlarvrnth 'r?il, alnr* an Invrntl
gatmn into th* anatltution waa gtgrtaKl.
Now Added to
'Dry' Territory
Campaign Is Started for
State-Wide Prohibition
Under New Law
? With
- '
\ .
? '? ' <
? i ind 1
are th ? ppliad
I ? any
?k en
? . . f :. ?>' - ? b 11
York ??> ' eption
| n the foi
? ? a- ir.
In New Yi
? ? only
;??. ?
? ml of thi
>i in
al P'
Apr I,
Ti-.e Anti-Salooi League elaimi
. , pofli ibly pBfl hunun ri
town* hava baen added te the "dry"
?? ii itery.
"Drys" Count on
N. Y. Women Voters
In New Campaign
The prohibitioaiata are gathering
thair force- for an ear'.y drive on New
York State. honing to win with Ihe aid
of the women's vote. At the comn-g
-ession of Congress the Anti-Saloon
l.eague, representing all elements hos
tilfl to the liquor traffk. will introduce
a bill providing far country-wide pro?
hibition during the war and demobili
The suffragist? and liquor mer. how?
ever, deny that tho women will vote
as a unit against the taloOBfl ef New
York State. They assort that the WOBB
cn's vote wiil bc divided, as the men's
are, and that the enfranchisernent of
women will have rio effect whatever on
the liquor question in thia state.
"Public sentiment demands an emor
gcncy war prohibition in N?w York
State, and the achievement of wornan
suffrage flrlll make it ur.safe for the
lcgislators to ignoro the mothers.
wives, sisters ar.d I weethearts of the
more than 100,000 men in France and
the additional numbers m training,"
Faid William II. Andersor.. itatfl lUper
intendent of the Anti-Saloon l.eague of
New York State. |_flt night.
"We believe that the lower house
of Congress will give the necessary
two-thirds tor the subirvssjon of the
national prohibition amendment and
that more N'ew York I*epii sei.'..
will support it since 'he adoption of
w-unian luffragfl than would hflVC h,er,
probable before, for tuffrage undouht
edly will eaaee New York te I
of *he atatei which will ratify lt a
this ratifleatioa will take time
ntep now is national prohibition dur?
ing the period of the war and deraobi
Colonel Jacob Ruppert, president af
the Brewera1 Aaaoctation, disagree*
with these itatementa.
"I think women arfll be aa -ensible
w.tli their rate a- men are in voting on
?he liquor question," laid CelaBel Kup
"I dont think they will all vote for
license any more tl i?" ' think thflj will
all rote againfll t. Man do nat all
vote oi aon ?"
??[n . thera wil
fflcl whatever from woman loffrage.
Ther,- ?>' all eithfli
one way or thi U thi
tion of Jnliu* Fleiflchmann, of I
Pleiechmann Dietillery Company."
The fltatei ' ll prohibition ami
suffrage WOttld travel hand in hand in
New York State iraa doubted by oflcera
\><v York Stata Woman S i
"That ifl something that no one
should propheay with any degree
auraaee. Nothing can decide that bat
i.n election,"1 taid Mrs. Sorman deS.
WhitehOUae, chairman af the organiza?
"It ii Impoaaible to know what l.
S00,. woman rotera are going to d"
rit ? t ta," d< elared Mra, lt:iy
mond Brown, iriee-chainaan.
Fire on Pier Menaces
$1,000,000 of Supplies
A Bre whieh defied the eaaabiaed
efforts of a squad of marines, the Fire
liepartment. poliee fll LfltaaCfl and a
Brebeet to come withia atriking dis?
tance at midnight last night threat
ened si.huo.imx) worth of governmeat
supplies stored on the inuriicipal pier
at the foot of Kast Twenty-fourth
The t.re was disrovered at 10 o'clock
by the mannes. It vas eatmg into
beatns about 400 feet frof" -hore. just
midway of the leagth ot" the pler and
about si* fflal above the water. The
marinefl eoald not get near enough to
the bla7... to iitrht it. When the Bre en
gines an iveil the streams of water
ilirected ,t thfl .'pot were futile.
Finally the tireboa* Ahram S. Haa tt
vas called, but the flames were found
te be tOO 1 'w for the boat tiret'ighters
to reaeh.
As a last res,,rt. ittOt hefore mid?
night. e telephone mOflflagfl bmught the
resoiie iqa
The rtame* were prntoetod by ?
plate n half inch thiek, whieh h?d
been piaced OH thfl fl'">r <'f the l>ier
?everal weeks ago praparatery to in
stalling a heater.
There wm only eae ??y ba get a*.
the lire, and that was through the plate,
so acetylene torrhes were quickly
brought into use. Soon a hole big
enough for the hose to play through
had been cut in the plnte. The firemcn
made short work of Ihe blaze after
Suffragists Plan
To Make Voters of
Immigrant Wom*.
Brooklyn Will Give Ne.
Citizens First Ballot
in January
Hand Held Out toAntu
City Committee to Meet Ne*
Week lo l.ay Out Anti
Tammfiny Carnpa'^n
lg ti of Ne - Vork r'annti*.
ind ',.''
""""' ' hut ??? . 'lycata t_,
"? ? r Ga I ty ?____
enounced M M ? . f tha _?
' h? _,
' r>_
? 'Hia '
i , ,
good . atur I mi ???:,?. ,h-n ??
of Brooklyn diieaverefl' u,
\ ?.
? n jtav
ary beeaaee Dan Tin,^,
of Congresa for ? -rrea-aaaj
Uppoaad Ie P rfceCIng
he ? ap* ? n in the Aiitg
""? Riti ' arltea *,,
crowded with friends of the milita.,,
,'iay vas giving out ., ?.?atemr.,
tat Th:rt>-eight|: Street rhat th?
ergaaiacd eafraffete iran ? it.uckos
f>ose,j as ever to picketing.
"The Ni w Vork ( it] We?aaa M
rai Partj ha.. alreadj gei i ee r*rr
?i < atiraty aut of -^ n ,
picketing of the White Houae m tia,
of war." the itatamenl readi "Weel
diaapprovc of it and arill work /or th
amendment ln qaite a different fashio
We aball join the Nation;.! Amenni
Woman Sutfrage Aeoeeiation ia |
quiet and aanfl w;iV ?,- (,._
ami ndment. We have ? ehe rmaa h
??'?;i I'ong al dietrii n :he eip
H"d th se ehairmen wnl take up tit
work in eernao! as soon ai they tn
[t i together.''
Kxtend Hand la Anti*
Another duty develv ng ipoe 'he ?if
fragisti 'ii the efter-vietory houra.ua
nd u meseagc to the an) -sufa
gifltfl, Thi- emanated from the neal
quarti rs of the National '
fragfl Aaaociation, of wh <-;-. Mr ( *rri?
(. hnnman Catt ia pr< ? li ? rj iai4t
"We liope the . ?
rally in i defeoL
and ai-a ; | th< i Igl I hand i f fellowah M
that the luffragiflta hoi.l uut t, f
;is f| Po-.v citizens."
The Women's Cemmtttee of 0n?
Hundred. which work . ,,n. an?
nounced that it uuuid me, t next m n
to pian for fhe next Mayoralt) ? eetior
"Tamniany Hall alwayi itartfl thi
night after a defeat to wir. ni->t tim*."
aaid Mra. William i' EArla, enalnaae flf
the commitfe'-'. "Wr are going tfl dfl tha
-ame. Likewiee, H will bc ncceaaaryto
us t,-> keep a watchful eye on the tit"
government. to tave whal Wfl can at
good government fr.rm thi apoi - of the
a -
Alice Paul and
Another Hunger
Striker Are Fed
Took Nourishment Without
Resiatance, Says Jail Doctor
?Fasted 72 Hours
Pe . ' ed " the Waeaaa'i Party, eai
Miss Rone Winslow. hunger
in the District jail ho-pita!. r,
Iate to-day by the jail authoriti-i.
Liquid food ?h- given thoa* tareaa*)
rubber tahes, breakiag ? fast of some
thing over leventy-twe hour*.
W hether force ? i maj 'n
fllwaya a matter of dispute Dl .1 I
Gannon, th.- jail nh> - . ?. it ??<
not. and
nourishmi tho ? i ???
Waman'i Party haadquartara, ln ? ,
;. thiag wa
lon, where ?
torturts tl rougl
?ne was ai - Pai -1 u
yeara ago.
It Qannoi rai
phyfliciam to-daj to axam
en and give their opinion bi thi
it *-?
agrflcd that both
.; eonditon that ti>e> muat I
? ? ,
' ' ng more than that)
aecepted no
ll and now were
conditiaa. The jail auper
i te perrnit an '
whatever , ,.r
What Is Going on To-Day
V'-r t :? .? >. v, w
II .-..??. , . . ??
' . ' ? v \ . '
?. I
1 ll IV '
I _
\ i. ? M .
W..' I
i-i ni.ii i.r< n ajcii ?? nn H"Ani' ?
< ?rio\ - || r m
? r - ii . . i . . \> ? ? ?-?
"* _
\\ ,
Ktlwl I '?? -
. .
I- I' I' ?
, . i . ? ?? ' I '
M*rfa s a ' -}' r'?
T? iii.l I ..
. .? l?ar?ln l s '****_?
?* ..
" lenin* l(? i R.
. ????'. "', " ?
? 'l . ? i
s. I,...; i : mi S' .. \
A 1 ?*-*?-?
,\ . \ . ira??. ?*,?
i ???* .. ?
?? . ? v ta*
II h. i . IT. i
mr: hH'in^
\', . ? <?- *****
ii.- ? * '?*"-"*.-*
? ,. r .! i.:,- M r ''?-??____r^
s, 1,0.1 I: i> .i sireei 4 ,1 lUtuaw *,*,n,J _?<
? rtngrr I'rlnu ** * PrataHhai ' A A 1,"_vJ_t"
C 11 T.u> T'llilli- H.-liool ?1. Itmaa ?"~
naar Kl'tr flll .____ m+r*
?uur N?ilt? < 1 '>rnaicr>'*." M^rrt* A J"**"- "
s<.m?.i 11 111I1 ?r?*? 411.1 TMnilj A^aat^^rg
I , ta l?rlur?. I>f rr?ii.-r, .. ?ai*Ji. I'u'lW am
IV lltlh ?_r*l *4i* Lort'.lusJ I'iaca,

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