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Art Exhibitions
i ar|y Italian Art on V KTW Dl a
Brilliant Exhibition tor
American \\ ar Krlief
Jfry Roy.\! t ortissoz
? on of
,, RtaiBbflf-gar -r-illei ?
*??' Dl Siroa an.l Mr,
rwell have compuel (
eontflaini na i
| ( ? r bOth
?tr-flV ea of au-l
* i"
the B-flSfllfl Vfllfcfl
ia la-iiabiy
? -n.n_i lOflnnaat
rirtafl fl
* ? him for its
? ? bafli
___" sh?r" lllfl tb? BBM?d point oi
tfl point
ft gtge ? reatfld Ifl-ror flf
t*aly. ' *nd P*tnt
d*nt* ' ? ""?"""" ?t"' Tr
Htsaa ? 'ion.
__,;. ? might be compiind i
ja icir.r Bofl*flrlflg p'ant. hi
tit ?*> oi tbfl buah there are perfect I
iit.iao-"f. ??' tt* n li
;?:.or. -fl-Ofl - IM ha** reached
mpapga -r-'ion. All Bflt
\t,a*. tod ? ' I "eping forth amoi
Bl Baiahed g.-aariha, there a**a_ badi
hM aga** ? r faial ' I igbtei 1 aa
snti k ? ' _S08I before I
Ifljjd Iflfald Tuorc than - sinjrle petal
. are almost. aegli
but Bflt flflito. Bvi ry
pol ai tbfl bflsh g rai forth Bflflflfltbia*
ia f-racraace, of the
Bttflfli plflflt* ? Ml") one i.s touched hv
tit central Iflfl. i't lfl"*flfl*fl whirh we
. ;.- fl whole ,-ir
aiio in pr* ? ' U to ths ex
? r of th-.
wrre heh:
Qaftflfl a London iobk - i
bj ajoa in aid of the Na
ueral gtt ns. Fund, an fl-h
iition cf ? Imoat umformi
IBfltflB \round the ma-'
;:.c?s H there are gTOBflfld
paintingfl wcich in nowise deserve -ha*.
? pithct. icaicfl a I
*? .o . Uil* to give l
?..re, whvth &
very na:
Bf toward a
BBderataod - ? ?
I: **?? .
i mar. ?? gt I deuv
rtub.^ . . - lilib
? flnd
haad in hand
aal. m * fsi bi 11 nay be cor..-.
A OOflfll
I hat
? ?
Ja Tl
?na ;
as it wi
? .-.
? .' ?
'**? ?
'"' ?
"?J""**1. t o -cal and n
?_? lf i 1 bfl Ma
_!*?' '
' ?'
?'' ?
*waa\ a.
,*/**'" ot, a
?nU I
sghtOOflth century
J**"- ? iflroooiBg ?
***** i. tfld hill of which ba
< .' r.^cn-d
: j z_^___s^
I. Kleinbergei
Callenes inr.
?en 4'eH
- I. I p
Ralun pRiMinvEs ?
'"*? 11 i ??-.. ' y
aairt, ?ni m ,
M A-aj-tflaa W?r fWf
m^Wiatlaa. |* -atatdt)*. tl ',.
Clin*. aa.fre
- ' ?' r aaaatcur.
i ,- deep* of ematio-i ln tbe (uacan
' ??
- - ?
g aad th*
- ?
. .- aVitB*
.'?:??? gi
attribnti d
ai theine perfc
? ? ?
t'lovarr;, l.o?iin... Roaalli, I D*i
to thi aniable Uido':"'i t.hir
:\ progression, in n
.,-' ehr | . ? th
- -
acadetl \...
? Bartaloauni ?> . ? I >>?
vanni! He would ha-.->. warhed aair
1" ly ;:. exehaaging thc eom
? be BBcestor
for thc wealth of thc heir he WBttld
BflCB, perhaos, the poor. r thc
poorer bj atfleaa, bh
. . . ? ?
The Rtaaeae Bchoal repeat* a. il ia
shown hc p- flBOCh thi same U?tl tbflt
a , :.forced by i\, Flan -
might BBOYfl \s;lh Minilai- s'.i n
thc Byzantiaiah "Madoana aad '
.if Guido ,!a Sieaa to th>- nch K
flaBre quality af Praaacaea dl Glorgio's
"Nativity,*1 and aguin la tbe ?
g>ven u> thc crtral Italian achools thc
gaaanl i tooched all the way from
Cavalliai*! stupendoua "Uadaan
Child"? fit
liifru.. i.p-.K ? i, .,,-. thfl
of Ciasabue
af thc Pcruarln
e-que type. There ar. ulso aflflB*
Hard pictarac, aad a partieularl;
aection ia devoted tc VcaetJan and
niher North ital'an BChaola. Aarapae,
ve may nefltiofl that a number of!
paintinga carrj thc exhibitioa well be?
yond th* era of th< Primithrea. And
? well aa eertain other f.-ie'.a.
detaehea aa from aimilaritle*, drawa
Ofl '.'ward thn cor.sid, - .
blj. f ?r example, tl
relopaaeml of laadi ?:?'-,
plays ever u IBOl ill the
?.rri'i'.mrr,'. of backgrouadl -and among
the qaeatian of Italian portrait
ore, Tii.t i,h.-4=n of the aubjeart la naag
tly illaatrated. We hare apakeB
of th,- two ootable exhibil ona ia Lon?
don and the I ' '? ril"k
whieh they brought 10 vie'.v. ??!r.
well, wbc waa. wa bcliota, ac
eoncerned in tho orgaBisal
tho^e flhoa --. BIBfll \\ rsh ?hat he had
then ?- eertain portraitfl
-nv -risible at the Klcinberger gal
Th.-y inrlude Mr. Kahr,> brillia.-it
?h uonderfully draWB
"Giuliaao de Mddlei'*; two leaa im
but al II delightful heada by
Laaease di 1 redl and i-'ior.-c
Laraaio; a "1'iM-ra-,: af . l.ady." by
Dormi .no, whieh il a thing
of ra-. iahing bc, .ty, despite the mark.
ipaa it. aad twe
saperlal ??>? worlu f'om thi
Ghii aadajo'a incomparable
. crnabuoni" and Andi
CaatagBo's ''i'ortrait of ? Young Man.''
Thi- laat ia a aaaatcarplccc of th,
-?-:.?> r. one o:" thooc naaahre, t
desigr.s which lift themael
the '' ? rtoUito
r^pn-at-iirm*. II
g, lat the reader re
!md their foundation". for
? ? rlt orga : - ?
??;., a.s
la -ho'Mi hy th* Domi i Venexiano
Bul it ia plain
tnat i:i the Ior.-- run portraiture most,
? raitei ia fa
i -; trae art c
portrail paiater '?-. ot course, that in
??- ? . ?
? amplei ban
good <i ? ugb, ??? I
. ?
? ? .. -? .
... One
. di*
gre ip ai .i
I'l eye, thf remarkable
-.vonid na
v,-t thia r.- ? tlallj
? ..n of de..
? are Ifl thal
Oa thc portralt i are woald like U
. at length, ? ia by *b< , dn
ua from ea.
- .- ?
her* are r. .
leetion ?
i th. eo
little An
. .
i and Child," b) l iiao I
. ma'.l ' bnt with a "bl
ebeut II thal a mural
and the " nea from tl ?
'? Giorannl dl
Ur ' Kartln Bye on, < I Cl ugo, ***
Ayi.aid eollccl >?
tlcularly weleome ln ite rep
., | BtUC ;''*
It ?? an a Bfl ' r'"r. |H '
?.ometimei aaaafliagly miffused wUh
p ' .:. :der tl.e lan<!
ncape in the tirst of the **MM
Paalo. It is ar ]*'"?
?ti- <>t Altdorter'' roroantic scrr,.
high ifltcreet to
lent i ' ile asped of *be sub
ure, u hat tl '? exhibltlon i?
dBcatlaaal \-a!ue.
j..,., . th* world doe
aapiai tc g.v
.ho enr- for thfl *rt >,f '.he past
oppertanlth i bm offered, oth
. ,., tbe bletari* r,iif"um-.
A da-Lt al very i le ia dw tr.
rl,, ee ? '-?>> have mad" it BC
?., Mi J P Morgan, Mr Otto
Kahn. Mr. and Mra BlBmeBthal. Ml
? i i ? l
on, Mr, i ?-..- ' Bflbbott Mr P p
Ir. William ?'. Mntlier. Mr.
for ii
- 'able rn'jseum, .. p;aee
,di?h afl mny BOt nrd-.r.an!"
a aarno
Inerltahly we
? ? ?- ,l.,r ima-nl . Aiu
thwili. at a tlree whea
th* *ia\e per.! ?t Italy r.;itcf,es at
? .....rtul aol
mi- io '? ,.?
Schneider, County
Clerk, to Wed Again
iMias Louise Burkhardt To Bc
His Bride ? License Ob
tained in Yonkers
i'y ? ierk WilUam g. F.-hneider.
? ' A '.??,- tlfll for bfl
? ? . ::i *i at ofPiee.
day ves'erday - ?
? k onpatalationi i
I ban be ? *<? ?.?? saarriad. I'
soujrht ?' | rai to . vn.le foaati
l I ..[.?. of
irriage license ??- flfld '?.
Burl bfli dl 'he ?:
l *i or.ker i
that it was true.
? '.rr ot' Mr.
S-hre. I s liurk'r.-rrdt to a-"oui
? ' .'nh'.e
would aeconpaai tha ?????'
Ther. | n to
Og to ~eape no?
tice. '.'.', ,.| reached i ity llal:
that "flhflfl Mr. Bebaaidor
... terdaj mori
?V.m.l 'ner..;- Wfllthlg t<. COOgTSl
Thll ifl Mr. Schneider'* -eonri mar
hifl tirst ? ir,- h; rii g .ii.-'l n.'.r ?
.. yaar flgo. He hflfl tiro mflrrled
Idrefl .r. i tarfl trr-andch ildren. Bfl
waa a i
. i ? ! J! ? fll rr*vn
his ac. U ?nd Mus f'-urk
har.l' .onfe*.*ed to thirty-four.
Boguslawski. Alda and F arr
ington-Smith Rccitals
Attract Throngs
Th..- coocartfl flSd recitalr- are sure'y
upon _-. and the gorflrnncnl ic reap
ing ii* bflrraal of flrar taw.s, for in
some (.tranpe way fludiflflcai throng
ti.e halli ji ii il g-racioual-" eoaaflirt to de
?Oflit th. ;r 10 par Cflflt Ofl the allar of
Bfltriotiflffl for 'he ftrat I ni p.rhaps
in hiatorjr. Kea Vorh roe?i~fld Iti f'H
of rocitaii yesterday. with taro during
tbfl aftertroon an.l tWfl ir tbfl '"
At Aeolinn Hall in the afternoon
Boguslawski. ? yflflflg pianin
Kaaaai City, flrho mada a tarot
ablc inpreflfliofl at bia llrat *.ppeur_nce
h'-re laal jrear, agBln proved hi
? eapi 1 '?'" Wctrer 8
op, 39, iii playi d w.th nneh let
Baamey, |??'?> "ion flad " potflat ^'"'?"
of rhytbn. It Wflfl iaeking somewhat
m lyril 1 ? bflt it was essentiitlly
? 'ir.eere "nd well
po ied 'i".- i
Ainirl tbfl Vflrltflblfl torrent of piamsts
which ? a'rea.lv '
na, Mr. Bflgaalflfl-flhi heena nli
. thi a-araga. Baal l> *
thi Wflbar sonata. there was on the
progranni Schurnann's "Set ner from
( bi.dhood" and Liflst'i Si* Cflprieai
flftar Pagaaini.
A* the same hour MBflfl. Kurnngtor.
Smith wa- giving a lOBg rteita! at tbfl
Prineaaa Theal ?? Mbm. ["flriington
Smith hflOflfll the technique of her ar'
and made tbfl nflfll flf her "ra,!?' >
plaflfliflg it< mi of 'he recital flrafl I I I
playing of her own accomparumt nt to
the Dboo My groap.
Mme. PraBCflfl Alda ll always mr of
a large anrl brilliant audiaaee, aad laal
Bi Caraogifl Hall flrafl no e\cep
tiOB to the rule. Mme. Alda gave the
rflCital for the benefit of Le Hieti-Ktre
du H!es?" Bl I thfl Pflflf und Sick ?'hil
drcn Of the American Soldiers, and tbe
? aUffl of *?--..-?'*c** added to
the faadfl flf thflfli tflro ebflrltiflfl. Mme,
Alda ?? ? ? 00, :.nd her
Binging < ?' "Tne Star Spangled Bflfl- ,
?..r." ? ' ihfl ..rre.H-d 'he re'ital,
bro ight I itOITfl Of flppll ; ' ' I
Alda BBtong fltbor aunb?ri *ag ???
? her. 'i he?e
were miflcha EInaB'fl "Thro1 I i
I ? Pranh La Forge,
Hnrtmann'- ' rwhfll >n
Pranee" ar .1 Bazil Poceia'i "When I
\ ?? .?
ling eoncerl waa given
by th? New Vork Chanber Masifl So
:... organiiat on which hai al
a placfl for itself In our
misical Hfe. Tr en- flrare two COIflpoal
',- olian Hall nroer
' ?
- orh \ iceat d I
Trifl Ai H Oal major and Tbaadon
"pi , , tn I --rni.
Canoniqne. '. v'or'K 'f,r pi***no.
? ? ..f raaetll
' fluld be flbir '."
. Br,
tel w?j a thing of a differenl natnre
think God after all foj tl ?
. tent) ? tory.
"Tosca" to Open Second
Week at Metropolitan
.,:?:' flrlll Opflfl ' 1 "
Mi ' M- ri
p?rr?r imd
Rraalflti and Meflers. Martin, Beotti
MalateaU. Bada. Rflflcl Iglian and
T'e orii r orterr* of th? week arill
i.'- "Maria." Wfldaeaday; ""Madaraa Bul
?? Thoi adaj; M8araaoB c Dl
, . ... lulifl ( Iflfl MH I her
?a.: ? .1 .-..?- herei. and .Messr*
. ( ., Wnitehill arul Kothier. flBd
?Prw ... .mn:." Batnrday na
'A, , flBfllfl C'Oiicr:'.." Sflfldfly
,-ining.Mi eba-fliaan. the RuiiMn^io.
W || play. and MlAflCI Ru1
Itr ?nd Sopnifl Hraslau flrlll ling. ibi
. .; i..- ondfli tbi dii
of Biehard Hagaa
Wilson Hears Plan for
U. S. Theatre in Paris
He Would Provide Gayety for
American Troops on
V ifiHINGTON, " " ?'??'' * for
.? Ameriefl ?" ?
v?ie enterUlnmenl for iflld i
Toogb wflrfl la?d b.*ara th.- PrflflicMnt,
th. S-wrfltary of War and tba Pw?ch
, , o-day bv Qaom Blflnw
;: ' . ? ? ""???*'?r for
'.';? ? ;, Hammerste.n.
?%thfl?.P-rH..on '^.,-P----n
-,-e Americ?n managers Mr- Blumen
; ?.'..;
? ?>, ,l?v n
.? -hn-r- ntrformnn.???-?? * ? '??')? "
?ws o. Mldlari ""d "fJlorfl .?'_"??
Motion Picturca for Camps
i.ee Bhflberi rl? p?ildi??
?mnlflfltlofi ranod ta. Paltad Btatei
BaTdMra' Photo I'l.y A*iociflt>on. which
.Ipt? ?**lll to ' "
?aotlon tdetflrfl m?
eidental ? .
,,.. horm bj pablie .ahieript
rtor. prodaeeri '"?
to dunnte ftlvnf.
The Drama
Ann Murdotrk Is Goldilocks
in a Mo-den. Fairy
Anv " fl "Tb* T'ir?? *P ai - '
?i coal....;-. by Edward Cbi da ' arper.ter.
i'le-aen'.ed b\ ' bfl ? -- tflflflBB :i* tiie
Ea mre Tkaaflfc
... n
. itr-tu -r ? > ,-->-, rM
. a ita* ih
. PWt? Mai
ilttrttn 1 T I il ?
. ' ?:.- ? \- 'I .- ?.
\ ??' .4 Ir. ... ?
???.tr V?r?.
By Rnlph Blo-k
Mr. LJrpen.er ifl hcflrflfll it IflflJt flV
(fl-afi ? ? piration n
?"airy tairs; Bflt miany writ>r* for the
? tj.gr will ,!rir,> t,, -ho.v ^o .=.imp 1 .? B
s.vurce. Whate-er BCCtBI ll Ifl bc --'P*
?h.re can be BCthtag h,.*.l\ ,?i..>-.;?. it, for
hiai dream-. are tnctured wir'n the light
..' fanrie?. flj. fa.n.a. ar,,; satyrs ars
?.;. ef foel tba tl i tu* aa
much a- eraab a rli.'rtni-' uiitia-r heel:
and one ecejM wi?h even ;hs. htfl bflOffl
woald BrBat just a little hardcr, or
<_%ei paaaibly roar enee ir; a wna*
while. 'Jhou-jh it is true a roar mtgrt
?patter BO deHcatC n tabrk at his
playa appear to be and ir.tru.ir aa hv
gl<>rio>n raa
Howerer, "-Thc Trir.-o lla-nr?." which
?t the BflBfldrc Thajatre tho
tradition Mr. t'arpenter is on hifl arag
, aji.;?blishir,g, is a pleasai-t bit
aentiment about a yeaag aramaa
arhe abruptly enter- thc hou*?hold of
grouehy men in the Mnine wood-.
.vin-. them by BWeetoeCfl and light ta
a-'niration and affection, I
aeet pta one of them when a!! three pro
poee B --.rnaar. "i adepl lea.
TH* ( arp.-nte- fonrula BM*alfl now
to han a-ic!-in'? pattera. otcca aither
? eharming buu ar a aweet young
won-.im. attarh him or her to a tr.iub',.
iome relative wha baiks bin er hut
of hia or her de*ire, ai.d he <.r ahe
flee-i from th" bothersome pre?ence
into an unconventional situation which
rewafda tb* flceker with some measurc
of li/e'fl happinesn. This fimple method
adiipl- itself perfectly to th- ingenu
eoi peetry Mr. < arpenter be?fow* on
it with a carcful band. la "The ripes
?t Pun " davbttcaa the atylc and
.nethor1 are more iroportuna'e ?f at
tention. becaacc ti.rr- ia alway* present
tbe lightoat cf latiaaatlaBa tbat **>?**'
thing may actually happen. tbe eligBt
, ? hinl I'fan imminent outbreak on the
part ef tbe eharactera te teai acBBder
their ailken v-eb Brd do some rc.l
blooded thing. Mr. CarpeBtor to aat
a I'ollyan.ir. wriUr, for whieh iu*
thaaka; but mo?t jadicioaah 1 Bhouid
bay he ifl at leflflt a BCCBBd cousin ...
"Th* modern GoMilodu of "The Three
Hears" doea BOtbiBf more riolcBt tnmi
thrcaten t.. go away when she fearaa
hei partiealai bear haa beea haviag an
eff.tr with a rrarr.ed lady who tiTi 1
.-.omewhere on l-ong Irdapd. biit of
eoorac thc audience know.- perfectly
well ahe won't l"> ""???> ??f ***
doesr.'t. Howerer, th- aetioa ia the
least af the play'a attracttTcaeaflj it
liec more in the whimalcal haaaoi with
which U ifl aU treated. It ifl Bat over
rirh in some places, but one CpiB-MU. a.
where the three .-end bj tole
craph for a eonsif-nment of clothes ror
their charge. makM up for any dulness
that may be found othcrwhercs.
]|1 s Aan Murdock ki a ********
Goldilocka, never ailowing her Bart U
T', x McDougal ia the big bear aad the
. Hi...-.,:!.:.,-,- -ovv
o* evideaeea of ha* ng eTcr rtuclietl
SlrilhhaWU. J.T.Chailleeaddceal.
. r-rrnch-( aiiadian
-ruide, aad Margaret Lladea, who. ap
Kar brieflj aa the hornd lady from
Lcag lalanrf makea a good deal out ot
a ill rar'- , . . Ti.?
.- ,44. bi Iden Payn*. Tbe
?u.;. .,'. ,?-.,.; o.i thr MfliBC skies and
">;:,.. ",., ,,, m?e rioleat than the
? . r, but in their very modeaty
****** ^l0'
pupply ? further charm.
Whitman's West Side
Board Is Organized
Will Meet Again on Friday to
Map Out Plan of
ppolated bj G*t
b ta h '?-'?' ' " ''pM
? mprovement piobler, BBCl
terdaj T:,'i":i '" '" "'"'"
,.f it. ehairmaa, William H. t-'ai Bcb
|tr 9t,?et. Jabn ? .
*** ? ,';,.... ...'be condiiete.i
^rr? discBcced. An adjourament wafl
UkeB BBtil Fridai HV r F> :''- ,, af,pr
, . H men Van Hen- '?? >aid aft*r
the meeting lhat th* comml. artoald
orc)r.r to map out th* plan of l***?'
i-rtlM thal Will lead to sol-.tion of
??,? New York Cotral problm.
Publte BCBBiaaa et aa cariy^datc aw
SaaaaeL The hcadajuartar* af thu cam
?ui"n during .the nivugaion wU
be in Mr- < !ark's olhce, a' 14.' Hroad
^^?rtbfllaa, [* -'^Vf^l
.. try Deeaaaber l, U>< i udhc
g v::';;?r.::-irrmr:
Marlboroughs Meet;
May Be Reconciled
LO! do ? ;; "Th?
?? priatfl thc foiiowmg
??The DBka flf M.rlborough :?
,1, ta-day Bath h. and bl* loch.
nre at Blei.heim PalflCC."
b v.cw af *? fact ti-.- tbe dake
aad^doebaaa, who wa* famarl] i
euald* Viodcrl lll -' Hou Vark, i
.. racoarated r->r a Bumb ? efj
ti., ehildrea apeBdioi ;*n
mother aad pai
father. thia aanoooei flflflfil >* ** ?
great latci
Tb? Dol '''?:?
I ie)e \ -.:?:? ' -v*rc ,n'-''
Their a ddl g ? ** "' ' ' ' " "'?''
magriMc-.-. ?? r held - -
Immediatel] aftorward, :''ing
eoaple wi nt to Eaglai -i Bad for a time
, . reportad to be idcallj ?
raat* roflBBi HffefCBeac
, ? estoally aaulied thalf -< paratic
nine yaan later
Thfllfl v a, i,. - ?
? .? ?> ith thc acparatiofl ct the Dai
and Much.-- I, il being Bffeetad b| flN
tafll cuna*)!''.
atumi r "'- ?me*
:. .4 i ,-.ery Braeaect ot *
receaclliation hetaaacn th.. eoupl
thacfl rtpartc alerayfl tofB- I out not to
^e aall faoaded.
Tha. DacbcM af Marlbarong .? tha
?'.ughter et U'HIiam K. VandcrblK
Hrr twe brother ? ar* Ka.fr,
? id H-.rn,., \ar.d-ib .: A.thourh
i>ha- han 1-- ed in BaalaBd tl ? ~
, .I- ,,f aiaataafl poara, he >??, <na&r
maaj rUilc to tba h?>ine? ef hr?- m"th
, . ll I ll, l'*,.i ?. ,- ' . ? i ,.-?
j. i. aad ii ' ? fflrt l-'ity.
Tb-* Answer to "What's Your
Husband Doing?" Is
"W| i-' Xaat fTflflbaad Daiaa***1 A
ar^e by iteoraj- V. Hobart. Pr-**ente I
ii- tba Shflbarl thi rhirty
i *ta Mi - -
_*t_- v ?? -. . ? ?
, vt-t. I*
, , . ? . .<!? l?-a
...- **'.- i. ?
?v !(_< H*-? ..'
,. '-. i
uaa ..
.- Ch_/ * PoOr* '.?-* ?
->? ? ? wa
. .r
"? I
/ .. araa M
;?!...-.. 4 .r urafli ??? M
Gflorge ii. ?
turn-. out tfl be a rflgfltfll chuc.kle mi'.'
And vi'h Bfllfl RflnlRflfl aad Jed
Proflty HMfTnig lacll ot- - ,-rank.
any jinx thn*. rrny *?avr bflflfl trying
to ? doMiellfl tfMelf flboal Hm "bir
i ;n... <rr-,.. Thaatr* ongbt to join ?
flock of _,i*rrRt'>ry bird . Whea the
-.;e^ ateal Baariag Mflwthly itl
frflfl-aentli hmifli ? tba nill ii <:ioggeii
- Itl ;i big galfa ? Pbi mag
the eaae bidflflfld, M?flhiflt*c?lod rtawr,
and pilbflfla it. Vflflld b<- Bflll to adnn*.
at aaci thial paai
ifl lf 6. V.
H. bflll |??l g ?? tr -he company aeh
the affa.r and they had rrme forwi.ril
witbafllt any iBflflial ~ialice
thought aad ibaffod tbflnsal-"?a thraucl
a.s wtlliagly aa it they bad realty ba?
rii ig aoiinthfl st tho Honeysuck!-'
|| '.
but ;o return tfl tbfl OflMfltiflB. There
Bfl a blflflfl of bflflbaadfli New York
>.'.vyi>~ with ? flonnshtng divorce prae
tice. who flflflgt bv aror.ttmg the flflo
picion of th.ir wWfll nr.d end :n a CBBB
?r> lorkup, ehargad with tba fldada
mnannr Oi drir.kir.g a BflfliOflfl French
'. mer. Sa*/ertbele?. aa tbfl eovrt
nuflfl, "thi pr-r'since of flbatnce in the
drlflb muat he nroven," (O nothing
worie result* thnt: n tfflVfllty of the
lan in a far from ruibdued though *ub
Gilhertian manr.er.
Tht first aet ifl in tiie off'ce of t. a
Iflfl ! rin, where the train is laid far
nrtanarra nflrital niiflaclerstsndin-*',
whtch get* into fail -wing shortlv af?
ter thu r.iis;--.< of (he rurtain on tbfl
rauplea ?"?rflaoa of tba Roaeyaaekle
Inn. The lnvyei??>' v.i.-i s nre there. .-.'
(ourse, but. although thev obtain Jar.i
.iging cirrtim.-r.intial tvnience. they are
vietiau ot' tha s id which concludes
the fflfltf-ritlfla iinj lltnTflr irioa)-e._.ratic.ii
flt the rura! eflolflt. The next morn
rg. after a bad quarter of an h?\- r Ifl
court, tbfl lawyan !'re Ieft to pre.side.
Dl A V*-.?f>.!!"**"' WtM IM -' PT?nt Mfl
Gracz George
a Itl ? rai '? al ' i
lllMllill. IIMM ABIE, I'VKI-.
'"" I 11 .1 ' . . ! _ - ,
essa'vt: .vAYTiraE
pAfiTll W .i. ????* pn
guy r>( \ T ' "
AST,V ( The Very Idea
Mat. T*-*s*. tl JO.
?ivks at *
Msslnd IIMoK's li. "
- 11
^ r.-n
? im, um:- \i t im.ays
"Th. A ' ??"!?
?iti* Wilet ? Hu
AL1CE N1ELSEN in Kitty Darlin'
PLTMOUTH ..* ? ..%'," v. -"?' ii
M0R0SC0 ffi V.ff(iCT"&.
Uaeaaaa'. I?rucblaa fleaaflfllaafl.
rtom-Nce limcolh
LOMBARDI, ITO. ..,:,?...
Kt- ban * is
Md ttai - "?
fll "BflBM
, ... al .. in.
?l?- *r.l Hat
..li. ii.'.
Bt* :
, I t.K \
?? u.r.r \m roTI Pi
i?. -. i
J AIJ. II ITS KE-*Cai t'i> '
|0f the hotel akd
?""'""' , " ',' , *re l|..? tl.e Rfl HMclfl
Va'.:':',.-!.,., r.erW H.." M-fl aflMflfllMflrJ.
iDMiaaioN, o i "D**ia.
I'll.l \-...i .
1 Thil.lliun
Hackney Day
m?vii.s>io>' ggM
i:na oagm " i
v M M-HflOfl aauar.
IflfllBM ??" ?*"'? ***** ?*?"?" ,:' *l 3'
sl \MI\
m?i. \.aawpar. 9mmm**aaj**aaa.
rai-netlf ???"- ??*. M?-. "*?"-? ?*? ?? *'R"
D r . Plfl . I Bflfl.
Ih.? Ifl. nl |:||?M li \Mi
?tr*"fl ThfJt . I < \ Ind War I'aJl
Ranfl _f\ tsiaia rKaocw)*!
ialtII '?wp-":.r."""::/.?
7* ?? ?? V ' '"??"??*r*W* Mlalt* O'nkaalri
a ' * . ai ?
Marfl ?Afl -????
me ???dg"e hanng an rm-wrtant en
gBfl**BMl ll ... pay po!'. an 1 thev Im
the ooportun.tv afTorded bv the
arraignaMBt There
have heen wittiafl ahfflea. moffC
lectual travestieCa ?'-'* taumoasi aioo
halic iCtmalaa ia play*, as -.n the ba
. fteehaacfl of
'... I, v. P.
Robert M. Gallaway
Dies at Age of 81
Former President of Southern
Railway Identified With
Many Projects
Kaberl Xbe] Gc
daafl ef iie - ? *Mg**vt
? : .
i i.-il War, died ? hia home.
laehf?-. .-"<-:iir,. Pi
.. .. b. N '? rk
cate.l in pi
utered Pk
Dui Colone
:. - |
'Ir. Gallawa) hecaaM ;.-?>>.
-., ? ?.. ,.TVr.,|
ai pi ??!?;? i ? ? ?
i Ka Iway wi I paal
r New 1 l
tr:.!. !!.. ocenptcd j-i '"? reativ*
tioa "a. ? .:i Elccated iroT.
IgSO di -.' 1891. arheB
,, ,.;,r,,,.trr ,.4 .:,? \i .-,.. an-,- ;?;.,?
bank, Df.^r-in.' 1 tr* proaident ufter
th.- <i. . ?>. I'. Verfl
Y ,.r | .. ,|.r ed th-1 < '"
Jfork on thi Board
tion. ? i t* the Chaml
Commerce, the St aadraw'a
'.????? Eaglaad Society and i
Sichl -a Society. k4 -.ve i a? to the
Metropolitan Muai am ..f Art and th.
Btat. l barit iea toeaciatiea.
Lew Fields to Help Soldiers
Ther* * il1 ba- a patfacflMWOfl ''??' ihfl
307th Infar.tr.-. itatioaed at |*on
ten, at tba Forfy-feurtb Street Theatre
?n h-evemher 26 ander the aapemeioa
ef LflB Fielda. l.ieutenant Evorett A.
BBtterriald, of Company B. ia Dsaaafl ir
BBd Lew F i ?'"'? l'i ' atc B.
If. I! .:?-;.?. ? ?? ti.. prime H I The
rfrvtr-- i ?? '! ho need for ba loha-g ? ihe
r.ris, a' tne , ?? - St* i'rom avh.eh
will g>. to thc r**rimeatal fund. Cap?
tain *?*? illiam l> Harrigaa arill
in ptittini- tb* abew orer.
Caruso Gives Italy $10,000.
Bar , i Cai i -1 "? H i d ur - abl ? I *in,
ii.ui to Prima Miaiater Ortandc of Italy
.., i- aead farthereliaf ettheref
from ' . Ineideatal
ly it l* said tbat
.; ii ir- Amerk
reeorda wHl
bn nora than tWitW.
EYG& Biflfl. Nfc\r MMI ?l_ B\AT.
PRICES J-Oc to $2
nwin iii><? Ml -i< ?
lilil \-. tfl btxt ?<>'. BB m? ror ?
?i v . r
\ >r- \KMIM. -I l ' I .-?.?? II
I 11 VKMS U II II M .'I - ?vl)
hi? i im t ? r
sri i muii Ti.n ui'ii
MiTlliM. I. Al Ki - i. W) MAKK Sl'C
< I.'---.?, mraal ?
PRICES 5Cc to $2
Drew illingtw.
"Pinero'* Matterpiece Thrill*." *****
ppf I'lH-T MATIMi: lii-MiiKKi>W.
?. VI Tt 1
ion* Bm i ' 'a. ??"' Sawtaai,
i?ki i;iiin i. iiMin \m? OA1
?? la?., .a- ' T, .a - ?:
- ?- ; ,.: ?? ? ; U a'
t.fer '.*M* Ii Bad
. ? I
?\jf ? ? ? I
UV, MOM) A*\n CT rilKATI
K.i.l.r.11,1 Hil.l... . :.
\\ lll ain K?> U ,in,l *****. ?'l ll
r .,?,. i rial, Ir.-nr u.-r leal
L0EW'S7?hAve. , !
/ \\ \\ XYM. I)\MKII-I li I e* r ^
Carnrfl. Mail. T?-.urarrow >fun t" at 1.
Aeattaa MaP, fl-iertai ?'> Kat, ia.
; II.:. ?>' ? , .
B ' r-,0 En-lr
aodBTy or new vqbjk
IOs; F a.|KW-K\ l<iM>r?l??r.
Cvn-a-i" MbjI, T*.mcrr?.? 'TbMI I i?1 IJfl,
i..rj ,,4it FrMfll ?ft, M
-lll OI-.T--HOFB txo
i 1-/1 n ss 11: fll mi,iii.v\
. . I -
?7-1 K?ll
\,?n?.i ii?ii Mm I ?* -"? ? tfl al Bit*.
\r..luii lUH. a'ir,. Ml., N,,a 10, all J.
a). ,?.,, KKl 'r ?. ? M VHl.l.
, P Y L E
i.ii. raa*. \".. See. Ifl, .
. ? , . -I ? a .
LOUAH M-Lt. M0N . NOV If 1 '.
x i;i.ii. 11 M i Um !*??. tfl, 11 fltflfl,
im HAY
'I UOB I 1*> H la lll 11 II
.1. II. r?ri<l l.arriiin llnrrriii. I ^^l<l \4>
>?? \i>i..u \i 1 im u\
a t
rrt li-- < '
mm a. iCESKATiiNQ
BROADWAY . . ''.,
r?,,..i>i? ir-aji.ira- riiliie .,' Week.
ie> initn raran-.. t?. ?i-..d ?>
Elected President
Of Union Seminary
Executive Once Left Pres
bytery to Prevent His
Trial for Heresy
Ti.?* uirettors of tU? Luion TL*K?.afli
Dr. Artbn Caa"
:r.x.". Xdiiffert, a pioneer rn the avl
""flflCfld - ov.g ha- c ian*c
plflCfl ? ath of Pr.
? -. .- i>i-'.-:.er ].*). JPl*.
rharp' ? of her- td with the
u<rain*t Dr. McMifert in
Hfl reque*t???l bifl name b*
?iropp. .1 (ten the p*"eaflfl*tflfl*-**l IflU of
rnanbfltabiy ..:id .omeii tne t'orijrrega
? r thati precip.tute ^
nflBflfl of
reaeh ??? th. Pteebytarian
!' flflfllll : ? . . ? ?.-. Mcfiif
I "ii, "\ Hintory ot t'hr'v -anitv
'.t: tbfl AflOfltfllifl V>re." B IN ' "' :r? ac
.-nrrhi. . . h-i al ihe
Preflbytflriaa Chareh, and alreaily cer
r .- ebnrch flraia b?
ifina.. . abaflMl open Um ttee
pn **?" .H-tiAn. I>r.
MeGifferl' - he facfl ??'"
! la >?" ' ? hifl flflffl rviitfiou-s san
:ty *aved thi Mfl i.ere>\
trial ..? thfll '.me atul ic was not until
I .Mr-. tfltflr thi iMBflcroppfld utr flajatfl in
tbfl IflMfl ' >' l riion Th?o
lo("ical Se*_M_ry, whfl win exanvned
priov t'i tbi ktiflii.
Facui"- titd hflcfent i of the leminnry
stood bj Pr. Mc?;:'?"'r tbraa-*ho?t the
coitroversy. At thi oelebrat on af tbfl
i'xty-fourtn annireraay of the tnatitu
t, Dr, l h;iri.? I'uthbert Hall.
- preaident, ^md:
"I bave freal adniratioa for Profe*
,.-r McG ttett, wha nfmid ta tnk- part
with MnrMd to continue
ttrlfe In .r'ir Chureh. H- flreat out like
? :iohl? mfniflter an.l Joined the Cflfl"
ftflrcatiaaallita, who flrefconed hira a?
be .1- nitrad to b? wahtotnad."
B*iflefl 1898 Dr, tleGifford hai bflflfl
WTflabbarn prflfeMflf of chureh htoti rj
in the *e:riin.-'.ry. Ile flrflfl b?>ri n S_u
t was
irmduflted fron ff iMra "teeenre in
H .' aad fran I ?Ma TheelocWal Benl
.?i 1 Ml. Kfl cpent two y??ars at
dnireraity .
versity af Marburfl, and rr. t&flg beeflnie
?n lafltruetor ln !.*i Tbe?lea*t?r*l b
aary In ( . 11 ire h- reanined
S I ? V I) K K
I. Y. \ l? I M <) T
HAT1NEE TO-DAY at 2:15
i:i: "
ki xiv a i ki \m
Ml -H \l IOMI IM
noth:nc MORE
;n pf.m.
St'LN iN
r_ .ir.- a
?: |
__" n$Of - '??'A-.'url* j
'T*TiiQ; ii* i \f?'?f _iE5_if
K. ..aiCKER R*?ar. ? t* "*??? \
"rtAriS'.Er- ri-OAY and Sa*. r.rrv, it : .:.
I.A.vT 2 lYEtKS
/' \ l_"I'\ ''? > B 1
tjAlr ! t
Uiiiil II l XM.IM."'-?*? .n.l >t II ?>
?- 1 Hl.l I >l i.Kl. \l ( nMl.lli.
I he country *_,ou-?in
\i ia\mik\ ? aauM y.
I u t. rt i < .,,
Laurette Taylor
"'Ar ll'ooinii of Ev$
\ }.. WMIV
>4?*C0Hi\N ???', *;. -- ? !*
,'rsK8reecmes!!Le Bride
m\i :i i ?, Mriii?? i.ii ? ro-M'a
:" :?/ -THE KING"
CftiTERiori. ? ?' \, ,v ii ?r
NfXT MIN. Nir.HT .- . r m ?
?'le..ilr?r rr;,] X ,,???_. ,,, ,,|u, ??_ Hnruld.
Polly With a Pasl
nn* NATtxKi 11 >?nix. mu. .(..
nllll \s XI 1 sTAS i \M
-"n-'bLAp wATitare
J.Xt K ii' I \MI.U> HU; t2o.
,1,.TR0P0LITAN ;V,V,*iA
? .
' r k.i.
IM u-A-Hor-L
rn l.-. ta BOMIIK .' ?
v ,. lALIT f'.r:i . ?
. -
TO-.-A. . .
?,,.? i
\. I
nl. r_*. I*
,><^. _ 'ATTUC
a ll
?Btonn r i hi
Loew's American Ro'-t
?M|?-? IIXMIM.'' I I'ri...- A flW Bfl-I*
i urieteii. Murmj l.t ng?lou i r?i
?I... tell i tabamam, > ..u.?" ? '?. J. '-?>
COLUMBIA .'; f^fl-rR-ffif
O H O I R L!
until h* cam* to hia N*w York po?t
Ffe wai ruc.---.ed !n the Prcsbytertar
? ?a-eira-J thai degree cf
Dootor of ; from We-tern Re
r e la | - ? d from Harvard in 1W0**
an,l thsr . ' D< or af Phlloeopby from
Marbarg ln IH****. He
? ral books on re
?fteaa ?uoj#i.u.
One Actor Preaenta
Several Pfoya Altwia
?:.-.ey Thafltpafla is a very
j ,oman who put- on
all thfl parts
th* itag* te adept
?-.u?e. .Mi?. Then.rson a-rfectBJ.l.y
. --io,)* ?? the Pur.h
?. by I ".-rnoon
?:i ?mrti* that m?-i* the menio
time elccationifta b-ov. like
i em?dy. .irnin* BBd Irg.
.. . i ..., ?, i iwerematu play
,.-. : , aaggcctiaB freaj the aadi
theae c*aaB?*ad the ent-r
v '"hon-oson -.peaV-.
rj eharactartflcc us well. bat
?'?" ?,' I
?? [a the fnwiiion I) wh ?
givea alaiafll caryafleal viaibllit)
,-h, -. ally empti
etage a-i.l Bwbec tbflifl ***** Bfld Ml
:n ;n ,-r.raiance .i.t.. thfl t-i .>??. accam<
pli-he.l style of itagfl direction.
Plays and Players
u-. ? | (flafeflflfl* of "Over 'he
Tep," thfl musical P**MPP whieh will
. thfl farty fecjlth Street Tb.-ntra
K,.,,f en Mettday niuht. November CO,
wii b? Beealtad RtaaMa-b Raa dflaal*
ea! Dfl ' I ''?riu'1
nr,l Hah; loriaii j..r..-es.
Tbe angaflceaeat .-t AJicc Nlelecci Ifl
"Kitty Piu-IV" will ba? BBMfljM Ifl a
ClOBfl af tiie I flflilM Themrar flUfl Satur
dav night, an.l ""li Bag" will be rnawl
trom th? Princ*** te tho Gaabaa *?
Hoi November lf.
Ob 1u.-s.Ih> eveninjr. November .'0,
Oarrigan Caaneil. Kalcbta af CalflflBbaa,
4mM gtto a raaaVvHIc Bateeflalameal
?n<l re4-er>*ion at ?h? Ani-Uriiam Oparn
llou>r. Ctaefl F.>it> fourth Street. for
th,- beneflt of its ?-?r and arobiilarnv-.
To-night at the Maxine Klliott The*.
tr- "Kye* flf i*aatb" flrlll reach ita <>n*
hunJredth performance.
CTbarlcfl Prohflaaa, (agi baa enga-rrd
Befle Coghlan for Importiuit ralca with
Bthel Barrymore at the Kmnire |
Ire. Baheareala of "The l,*dy Bf tba
Camalliaa" begia next Mnmiay, under
th.- diraction uf Idflfl Payac
"Tbe Baiaaaw wirl." the new muaical
comeoy by Konnoid Wolf and Laaifl A.
Hirsch, wnieh Klaw A Erlenger ha?- la
? i|| !.p produeed aomfl
ou' ef town on Moiiitay. D-acemb. r .'i.
II gATBBfl IM) flUCCaggBEfl
g\*pipr; ? ? i4 a i > .??!? r-- ? I
t.nrin.. r.RST mat. SArum-Av
, , oawi a Ma*
HARRIS Sfi ??'...-, N0V.17-.;',:?
a, ,-,... ,,:? D J*< KBOM
HUDSON wcar~ sr
M i I
Evta. 8 3<"? _? W-?rie
hr ..<il ,,l |,l?, ,?u uHi rrliiini
Imt ,. longj, J.,i.4C linie."? :i???
wirh LARGE h4T?NA I
S'.l IIIM. I Ihi. II \a \?
KVKB l.vmu.li IN M \.
VOHM Hl.l <>IU . - Olobe
SKXT rtt'NDAl sl< -HT
Ml 4 \l \ IKIii I I.M IKI
ELilNG. .. ' W;,r.'" v"' '
Business Bsfore Plea -wre
?,;.!, Un.,,, llr.,.,?',l ..i.l llriiui.l. r Tart
"i im h i \ i ?,K^THl-:-',;(,)y"7,,""1;
. HII U CflWrCfl POaVV*
.:24 Seats 9
527 . I
U Ka-a
H\K..?|N MM
WO ri
rAiCV"s' *b
LAV fll
*" THC
. I , I. 4 Hlll al.. > 0* *
4,... V
IU ll \1. .'.? I? 1!
, U-: Mal Mr 11
j ln t,. r)ta*\4? a |
?... .?,.*> NUJ.I,
l.\l- ? HKKKS l> 1H\ \N? I
1.1 Ml JAXtfl
S atellle HaK?T.
t V
g-WAI .-I.t:. ?T
11 II I ? .111 \*. H. T?] Sr-rli
? i ?.ir. hm?
llll a 4.M-1 JlrlMlt HAIIBl
-. w a i...hi?i> i.r.rr
-:? t ? * I
v)r;V4j-.Y .au'irW
??ftte IJllla. Prln. ???
? v.ir .'.-.-rRr
1>- I'Al. * 1 ? .-aiuii-a

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