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Th-. raxubow du
rov wor.KV
lr-r unrt*r UM Natlnn-i!
T4?* ? ' * *?*? I
. at Hl " b ? -?-??*
? ? k ? y ar*
roar ?n Aui'::ar\ cf th*
S,? Tork Omp-ar cf tha>
ta Eaa*
.. 4-r wool can tr)
-a-.' ar 1 knitted |tar
Mrk, QJJMMU K. lll r.K, (-harrt-nain.
, \ K*Ot '.3*i Ma. ?*? l.,rW.
$2,000,000 Raised
Here in First Day
Of Y. M. C. A. Drive
Returns Show Cities of
Country -Are Taking
Active Interest
OfTic:al Pfltwnfl for Monday, thfl i.rst
jj- a| flOflridfl campaign to
Ttmt - for the war work of
the Yo'-T Men's Christian Association.
were ***** ***** **S *ssociation offieial?
'?;t r. c ' ' ? tadtenflfl that every city in
tataa is Interested in mak
? success. While no at
terfipt ba*. been made to arriTe at thc
j-jb.aer--- ' tatal reeeived, the reports
- among many atates
fg* e ? ? . aad i*rge totala are being
ro'.'.ed Ufl.
"The r*p??tfl are very satisfactory."
a*M A :i ?'?'? Itfflafd, national campaign
-akc the goal in the
trtne flflt ?'? require the most heroic
,;ort.. rker in the country."
$:.000.000 Taken Here
al estimate cf N'ew
jtmO/t :s to date was made,
.. w&. Rucra understood that the
ad at least ItjMMM on
dnve. CUeaga sub
:eveland $719,000, Bt.I
I/rai- j fl*ti $19"",000,and
Mfll* I
-. not reprcsent the
.8U';C - . so'.iciting subscrip
?..03;. begar. Monday.
I sectior.al cam
ooJmpu, ?: ? Idfld -imuarljr to the I'nited
-ult, ^rtraents and exclu
s:ve o? N ? 1 r''?- c--7 subscriptions,
?howed BflflJrttal division. with
aflflflfljaarl - I ? fa??. wa9 in the
-,,,- v |#1; the northeastem
.-quarters :n Bo?:or..
came af ****> The -,ou-h~
vw ? :. witb headquarters
-.-. Da&a, ?n.d
? ?'?'?m Ai
' ' wartnn
Bankers Raise. $500,000
ra^Tflfljatlac -'.00.000
-ttre am ?-:--' noon
a-ta* I Arthur Cur
: ., Jfc- man of the wom
War Fund tounci..
r.eare. : ?-? cfcurc?
| . K. ThompBor. aacfe
S Mr. and Mrs. V
CXi- - JT*?h l)- A,uchT
H. Harr ?
mith con
....... i
I "
410.0OT. given by I
.- | . Floane. Mrs. John K.
BM XilXVfll
Mr*. Pf- art anfll Mrs. T*?
J*fla I airrr.an of the war
*?* ? : WL Inrk
..... oni praised tta"?
training camps
B*i flt_
Horse Show^\ttracts
Long Island Set and
Other Society Folk
- iflfiflflWlflH-" ?__*?
?v was present yesterday
? fli flf *<? *? ?*-??*??-?????
Horn "?- "f the boxe'
... mem
ben af ?-. faanlanaM* world also were
Mtir. | about in the areni
nata b*'^ H tkfl I' '**
Tfc*. ? ' p*rti<rular
Bjaja.Bflflflrtflfll ' ***** g*'berlr.g.
TWe were many from Tuxedo *r.J
Tfljtriai ? '*. ?T,d -11*0 1nm
"?Jtlfljlll Philadelphia, Pittaburfb
*ad -rther c.tiea.
Tk* aaach Arrcrw. which Ifl b?ing rur.
, |a th* Gar
. ? ir.-Hand Dr>
- ?-i r.r.ver, into the aran?
, iock with Mi-b
ng thi ? -.bor.s,
?'.?.: 'eward ' ary ?' *ted alongra.-l^
?tWr ',-r.en oa th* eaael, arata Mra,
Hermt: | ry**, Mrs. TboaiM Haat
?fi. ?? fi- U?'.::r.*. Mr*.
?? Cary Kum?ey. Mr*. f. O. Beat
*?vl Mra. Artknf ????? b*W
M*ny ln the Boxr*
i baxaa *? ** ?-'.i'',>- ********
. ,.<'rrnoon sess.on wm
? ??"';>>"'"?'?
?**ha-i. a? th?lr gi'*'-**. Di
,;-? * fcafll ?
- anl
*'** a- |,
?-, ; : v ?? ?
F-ryai -. Bradv
*ith Fra '.rrKk if r'
"?-r* Mr? Vaia-mtm* Mott and M:** S.
*?tt >'r. and Mre W. Otulby !?***??
2 aat 24 wera Ml** Barbara laowa and
?? L. Herr..
, J*aa McF. Bowman had *? hi* rtieete
'tfcir. Mr. fi. C, V.?ah, Ml** Y.ethe
' <.'?, ...... 4 . aa. .._
Miaa Ck r- Pa**er*or.
"iti, Mra ljt,r,\\erd r-.^enrer, ;r., >?
f-*? a waa Mn r.'hari*. A. Van Bens
arl Mafl th?r*i ln arrr.a ?*?'?
"??*kr. ar,d Mra J-,r.n > Cawal ?
Vlal a. a. _
rr... ?.i a'.f.n /. ?' 4. .
. *'Krl Mr? J'e'er < o0p?r H'*
?J 44 w?r? Mra Burk* ftixh* and Mr*.
Ladies* Hunters
Are Big Feature
Of Horse Show
Miss Lida L. Fleitmann's
Palmetto Gets Blue Rib
bon in the Class
Judge Moore's Entries
Among the Winners
Famous Whip Tools His
Four Grays-to-Coac h
to Victory
"By long odds the lion's share of ap
plau?e a::d mo?t of thr glory ?h:ci.
fcatured tht- second day of the National
Hon-r S.'.u^- went to tiie ladies' hun
Iflri clajs. In prours of three, twenty
four hunters. ndden by wonnrn, swept
about the tanbark circle ir. Mad.sor.
Square Garden to cheera.
The event was distinctly novel, and.
despite the interest which was aroused
bv a number of tho other classes dur
.r.c the afternoon and evening, nothing
could compare with the enthusiasm
which greeted Miss Lida L. Fleitmann,
who rode her Palmetto, when the
judges flnally awarded her tho b'ue
ribbon for the elaas.
Judge Moore Wlna Ribbona
Early ln the afternoon Judge "Will?
iam H. Moore won applause es h?
drove hifl coacb, the Rockmarge, aronnd
the ring. It waa a splendidly ap?
pointed equippagc, the coach. with ita
black body and primrose running gear,
and the horses with their claborately
appointed harness and smart tan
rimmed collars.
The animale were Judge Moore's
famous mottled grayg. Jndge Moore
was the whip. Later he took the blue
ribbon in Class o3 with his Stanhope
phaton, drawn by his two dark bays,
Micah and Bountifu!.
Billy Wales whipped the twelve Bel?
gian draught horses exhibited by James
Hanley, of Providence, around the ring
again yesterday. Cheer after cheer
svept the galleries as these eplendid
spirited animals, great roan fellows,
perfectly matched. swept through the
One road four may make 6omethir.fr,
of a sensation on Fifth Avenue, wherr
it is now more or less cf a novelty,
but it doesn't make for very keen com-,
?: in the show ring, so William II.
Moore had nothing to fear as he pat
his hand'ome grays through their paees
- ? tanbark.
The judge had the same team which
he dr< . r, with thr rxception
of the near wheeler. A handsime p-ray
which answers to the name o'. Tip was
put ifl the- wheel in the place of last
year's wheeler. which since tl.
jhow ? tn hi? equir.e ghost.
C ompetition for Judge Moore
"-.- or.r said, "Isn't it a pitv there
is no eompetitionV .'.nd just then two
,oan | ..red :n the open door.
ed that it wa*
Camp': ? which Wfll
in tl - class.
, four roans appeared, and then
four mnre. and then four more. and it
,':,. ](., . h an armv of cava'r
nte the ('arden. an'.i
il turned out to he V, alter Han
iafl ifl froi ?
wuj-on. Th.- four .
quick: blue ribbon fastened
- near lead. I
t'.me of "Aul'l
Lan* Syr.r." played on the ?
Thorout-hbn-ds oner.ed ti
the morning, in com:- r the
splendid pr:?.es offered by F. Ambrose
for horsea flflltahlfl to become ,
1 untara
The horses were not 6hown over the
but wer?> judged on eonforma
latanee, rr.anners aad
Joaflph H. < allini von the hut*e
Bilver tropl.y and J100 cash prize with
llaf, Ciflffa
The second nnze was a substantia*
one, also; there flrafl no rup. but the
c&sh priae irfli of the "imo value a*
that of thfl blflfl ribbon wiaflfll
Charles Larier took this with his gaei
- fflldiflf. Lflflhaot
I'en Jump in Afternoon
The afternoon session opened w.tn
the pen ioflflfl. Th:* contest i* alwa-fl
? u. for it pi trflfld of the
"K af Horflfl,*" a- sodi* ol
. ? rail him, lines to
. . : Ice a littla
pMtun a flflfl aa real
- .- ? ? I
he doesn't, and It alwa>
- the hor?e tha?
thfl |
b'i Bir T
? roanee, and
???... pUr, which
.p T'O-r
which that arai
i'.ch them.
i.ay niare* F.a.nbow and
r-ad the pleasurc
Ar d Mr*. Walter Hanley. Itt I I | '?'
b n fltaa*aaiaa, in i
? waa th* bl?*g<
iritii tha braurn
:.7.?-. 'I bfl com
? noraflfl bfltwaflfl
; 2 ead li l BJUmU, flrlth women in thfl
? '
Mia* Fleitmann a U inner
naan waa mare fca-taaflta
Btliflfl and nr,# uon ?
I tCfll
rflteri ln e*-e-aflfl
orsei w< n
ln ;
? fl' ? v Mra. Can,
?fariafl Holllnfl radfl Bffaflka, in*
? o thflfle thfflfl r ??? ? ? i harlflfl
Iflflflflfl K Bl
WOta plared
1n:rd. '?' ? K Bf flWfl Kork
( rtvci - gaehy I?ale? irwra gaehy
-... I y MfldiflOtl was in tl I
,..,. , ? aat.
H. C. wflfll
a ind
.,i i...
' ? -
,?? elasi ' I ""? afU moon -vt
hf 01t-r.il Lard
"Miss Je'vn L Austin on Mc('re_for, n wfBMT in tho cUafl for docked hor*es.
Belcw ifl Miflfl Audrey Laurence. Her rr.aro. Do'.ly Dimples. won a blue
Deeies. It wns eompeted for by offi
r mill
Bg P< ta,
to b. *" '?n*
cup, v. ? ? *on'" "hest
: ti.ok the
vict'nr Pfltfl won the
i -?-?
Hunters, Jumpers and
Shetland Ponies Win
Horse Show Honors
? -1
- .... -?>?i <~ ir'4
... - ? , . . **wi
P. V .
r- ?'?'?' '???
?. t 141
i rii
-??-'. -/r Far?' b - ' ? -
TJja?'f* h m. T:
? - - <
>i. ? . ) - ? ? . : ? .
* Trtr.?r*. I i
. ..... . .
? ,
? . .- ? > r 1 -
. '
Ki' a ;..
. ?
? ?
. ? ? -
t V.r. - ? V '.
?i B?_* v ? - ?- ' wa. ta
? ? Hi...' a '? r..> fur hflfl i
Begfin Now?Wear
"The Liberty" Hose?for Men and Women?
With Freedom from Darning and Expense.
KiL'Iir nov. whm pntrintir Anr-ric-in"- nn- making
war "ii waate and extraraa-aaoe, HOLEPROOl
HOSIERY wif!i Ibdr wuuderful wearing qnatttfei
?hoold appeal fltro?*ifJy
? M.in .-ir;il vYonan. One pair oi HOLE
PUOOI S "arill utitwear hr? pain af bIhmmI ?*r*.v othrr
:mi!;ir firi
For Men, fl peiw, C-*ttim, $1.75; Ifereerised 52.00
ftfen'a Silk Holeproof H-aflienr, fl pain - - $3.30
Por Women, '; p"rs- Cotton,$t4t| Silk I.islr $3.00
Women? Silk Holeprool Hoofcry, I ***tJn - $3.30
Bro.dw.y. ?t 49th Street 44 Ea.t 14th St.
14-in Bro?Hw?y _ Fl.tbuah Ave.. Brook!yn 47 Cortl.ndt St.
279 Broadw'>2r)th Strer, .t 3d Avenue?Open Evenin*;.
. - ^4... ? v. ua TT Minr-.'a b. ma '
. ta m.
r ..
. ?
? -.- .. ????
I N.rrl
- '
- ' ? ? ?
..am 11.
4 \\ ?
,? " I v
< i -
, . ? - :.i
I -
I ?a.1 -.??rr.a Ba* ' - '
' -. WO
... ?
.41. r -rm la Wtt .1 5* par
< aawor.,1
! ? I
! ' . ? M ?
.. RohU*-|
4 ? \ loa'a *. BB
.-??'. ~ ?-> ahr-arn
. .4 . " ' ?
< - 1.444
a i m
? .
?< . I 1-4.
? ?? .1 Mra Jtau* 1' Kr - - ?
? B-ras
- i -
- -- i
. ? ..iavr-/? br. -
1- la
? . -rajMl,.
,' I.
j .
. : MirVi
- . 1
' r
I i~ ?
1 . 'I ?
4- -
State to Sue for
$25,000,000 Back
Franchise Taxes
Martin Saxe Is Appointed
Special Counsel to Pros
ecute the Cases
Some Due 15 Years
City's Failure to Act Compels
Attorney General to
Start Suits
ALBANY, Nov. 13.--The state, through
Attorney General Merton E. Lewis, arill
rat* proceedir.gs immediately tfl
eailaet r-pecia! franchise taxe* in New
York CltJT, some of which have been
I for more than rifteen years.
The Attorney Genera!. with the ap?
proval oi Qututnot Wh-.tman. to-day
appointed Martin Saxe, former C
man of the State Tax CaflflflBtflfllaa, as
spe.-.a! counsel to prosecute the litiga
Taxes which depend upon the de
termir.ation of 256 proceeriin;;* now
pending, amount to upward of f'Jo.OOO,
000 upon a-sesseJ valuations of more
than .>l,'!r>0,000,ni o, Attomey General
I.ewis a-d. He expla.ned that although
tha aaai - ta wi thi
Tax Commisrion, the collection d* the
taaflfl ha* been left tfl thfl Corporation
Counsel of New York City, The Cor?
poration Counsel, according to Mr.
, has not the BBCBBBarj office force
for the work. That ia the reason ior
the action by the
Ul Taxpayers Affected.
"The cases pendir.-f." Mr. Lew.
"affected every taxpayer in th,
To the extent that the eorpor I
lecaaafal in red
these aaaaaaflBflBt* an aditional burden
?rill be east upon thfl property-owner.
Of the 2S6 pendir.g aetioaa, 07 per
are dormant. No arparent attem;rl
been made to dispose oi them. They
invohr* 116,000,000 In taxes. In eleven
?>ments have be?n ngreed
upon which arill raaalt :n the payment
of about5.">.000,ono when the adjust
pjteata raealr* the formal contirmation
Mayor ar.d Comptroller."
Mr. Lawi* -md th-?t in 1915 Mayor
Mitchel, Mr. Saxe nnd the then
ney General. 11. II. Woodbury. ,!!
? ' '
f th* ?' ? ( the Comp"
aad Corporation CaaaaaL At that
".me Mr. Woodbury -aid he ,':d not
, ? ta intarfer* with the city's pre
>> i t urotectinc its latai
- -idy to gi ve the fu!!e?t co
Must Ketain Sp-rialista,
?'After two years tnal of the eity'l
ehoiee af procedure," Mr. Lewis aaM,
paraat that not only
more foreafnl maaaaiafl be taken at
once. but also the servtees of experi
eaead maflt ba ??
? ir.rd tiie ll ?-?? - l 'he people
and eollect the jo | ?
Policeman Kills Baby
PASSA1C, N. J., Nov. 13.-Porn*hy
Aehanaaa, two years o!d. was shot
dead this mornin-r aa she alflpt in the
arms of her mother. Mr... George
Arkerman. in front of a school in Clif
ton. 4. her- ' : :'''r
Dorothy's sister.
The ballflt came from the re
of Patrolman Henry Prnll, pursuinp a
who eseaped. Not un-.ii I
reached the police station ar'ter fliving
np the pursuit did he know what harm
hl* bullet had done. He fell ur.con
Bciaaa when he learned oi it.
requirements are rigid; ?
faithful service the key note. *\
That is why Fownes Cape
gloves are being worn by
officers of the Allied Armies
and Navies. Genuine Cape
skin resists hard we?ar; it is
sirart, manly, comfortable.
Fownes Cap? are washable,
?a worth'while quality every
where?.Army, Navy or Civil
life. Ifit'sa
that's aU you need
to know about a GLOVE.
959b of the caffeine removed
Coffee in the Bean
?Sot A Substitute
Drink real Coffee ?the
kind that lets you sleep
at night.
Prepared, roasted and packed
in a modern American plant
Stewart Week
Remember thissi-*;n. 11 vrM used
by chemi^ts of old to svmbolize
piire GOLD. lt Ifl used by us t<?
mark only tjoods thal have no peer
at their price. When you see goods
marked with thi> sign?BUY.
Wedncsday's Hulletins
Women's Coats, Dresses and Suits?
$38,000 for $21,000.
Draflia _ot like rvcr>i>.>d>'v \Jreaeea that keep th<- effed at I
UOdelfl and yet an* dettg-tfttllj rr;i-"iiaM-'.
Our $29.50 to $38.50 ajradea, Our $50 to $1-0 grnc*-a.
$19.50 $25 to $60
Our $32.50 to $45 |r*tiflfl.$2- 50
Our $40 to $45 grade. $24.50 0ur $27 50 to $35 grades.$1 8.75
Our$48.50to$55grflde?..$29.50 THE SUITS
Our $67.50 to $90 grade..$45.00 We_e $29 5fJ.now $1500
Our $105 to $345 f-rmde.. Were $32.50.now $19 50
$49.50 to $150 Were $42.50.now $29 50
nd Ploor.Otd Bail
Upholstered Furniture
Matrhed suit*--flSk* 10, IUM0, **'"\ Hfl* ftfl, UN. 0w $!"J.V\
.-"171. mo, |*_14, gtSffJQ, "-'.'V** iradea.
I),ivrnports ot glg* grwie, lot gtMJg*.
\rm rm'keM of >i>> fl-fflflfe, for IM.
Aim chain of (01.50 grade. ffoi sHIJD.
Fifth Gftllrrr, N*ev* Building.
tg ? 9
Remarkable Lamps with
Silk Shades, $9, $13.50, $15.
nd GaOeiji Ken Bntldtog.
* # #
50 Gold and White Dinner Sets, $21.50
(With the best gold). Standard |N gTfldfl.
Srrond GaIIr*ryt N'rw Builr'
* * *
1,000 yards black velvet, 39 and
40 inches wide?at $3.85 yard
Our standard fJIJO grade.
**> tg *f
Knittinj? Bags and Pillows
?4*\rt needlework specials
8J<* each for all kinds of knittlng hags.
Taffcta pill>w.. gg.1t.
Fillow slips, 85c
Stamped for ejnbroiderln-r?50c for rhildren'* plqne driwue*.
Main Alsle. "Main Floor nnd \rf \>edlevr-r*k
Store, Plr I "floor, < ?ld Ba0o-Bg
Note Paper and Pencils
*00 bojce* oi orijrinal note paper. 7V
*v>o ra!rinet< nf M theett nd M uri-capoodenec eard
Js crnclopes to rnatrh. ?">'" .
I.l.".!" pencils Of itirHflf 'iker or gold filled. I0c each.
Ifata Ploor,OU Baldhg
500 Percale Aprons, at 38c
Thtri IBaflO-g
Framed Pictures, $7.
I Ighth Call' ry, VewBnildlnr
Laces, 50c yard?$1 to $3.50 qualities
Ifafc rnxg,
? "*? *
Dress Trimmings
S">c vard for orir *r2 to S.5 "rr*dr?.
CiC and 30c for our 50c nn.i fl grfldflfl,
rir** Ylntrr, OJd TV: !*!-!;?*?-?.
72-inch silk net, 65c yard?$1.25 grade
PlratFlo. r.Old B
rp * ?-.
For Babies and Children
19.75 for onr fll "rrade* nf eofltl for little MI?- Tfl ' Sfn
i^.T." for *}6 hats t.> gn wi'h the o.rat.
ggjg* for our $4.**0 prade of unlined flrMtfl tonmnj OOfltS, B-H 1
and 2 years.
.*1.50 for .s2.7." gradrv Cord'jrov bOTflCb. handed with rnner fur.
Thi- ' liLiii.iin:
tg tg 0
800 New Blouses to sell for $3.95
Deli-rh*ful little Georpet-te .'rep,-* and cr>-j>e* de chine hand rmhroid
ered or lace trimmed. SOOM nOflllenl dark suit blouses too.
Third Floor. OldBIdg.
**? 9 *
Negligees, $4.85, $5.85
Our $7.50 and $10 grades
MbfltrOM TtegUgee'., *l 15, nur ftJSt jrrnde.
Crepe de chine nejflipres. .53,85, our .*i'? rjrade.
Third Floor, OM Blda.
tg tg **,
Silk Taffeta Petticoats, $2.65 each
Third Floor, Old Bldjr
Imported In'.aid Linoleum, $1.35 sq. yd.
ittir fljSI to .*2 tajBaic Vflrd grfldaa
? nrrjuet and marhlc effects
r-erenth Cailer" , N.v '
2,100 pairi women'i fancy high-cut lace ahoea, at $4.25.
# * ?*
687 drefsei for women, $7.50, $10.50, $14.75, $19.75.
750 tailored and dress hats, $5 and $7.50 grades, at $3.
Women's coats in 25 models, some fur collari, $18.50.
* # ?
Women's kidakin gloves at $1.25. 1,350 union suits
for women one-third leaa.
Broadway at Ninth, New York

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