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Food Campaign
Hoarded Food
Mystery Fails
To Be Cleared
How Much Secreted or
Owned by Enemy Aliens
Is Not Explained
Va*t Sugar Stores
Traced to Owner
Blame for It* Presence in
Such Quantities Report?
ed Fixed
Caatravany *nd eon.'u-ion ue.-tJoped '
flW York nnd Washintrton ytater- (
ay over the announcement th?t the ?
I i !ed SUrtflfl Secret Service. under '
?hr. direct.on of Wuliam .1. Klwin. had
? red Ii tl " aaairaafl
oarde.l ^ood and hidden store* valued ,
al approxim?tely |?MNjOM. of wfiioh |
?ome S.;'.'.oOii,ncH, represented foodstufTs
..Ion*. While it wafl admit'.-d in all
ouarters thfll the supplies had been ;
iiatafl fflflBfltafld
1 How Bta_ o! 'he food held Waflj
unreportei to the government authori-;
ties. and wa? Ihaiafarfl stored secreUy
..1- illej-sJl] , .
?J?How much was owned by enemy
I tl . for expert or foi indefmi'e
flow mueh repre-ented supplies.
for txport to Allied or ne.in.l conn
i ,i bj ( mbarga? <
4?How th* suppli** eompared with
Irish worsteds strairjht
irom County Cork.
We were the first to in?
troduce them to America
Long wearing.
Good looking.
As Pal himself says,
"corking good suits Ior
every day wear."
They rival thfl flaltfl of "*Fari
?atherc' < ioth."
Rain or ihine *"Scotch
Mists" are fine.
Fairweather overcoats of
handsome Scotch chevioto
Sizes for boys too.
'Registered "t r.idemar'r.
Army officers' uniforma
i *j_p Sarviflfl Sutyin at Plattiibuig.
P*f raaaatatiT* at Rotal lt
IVashinirton. Ai*? ar Rat>l I
RCK.l l<s Pl II (.'n.Mi'A.W
Broadway Broadway
at 13th St The at 34th St
Broadway Corners I ? if th Ave.
? t Warren at 41?t St.
Flynn Searching 8 Warehouses
For Proof of Food Hoarding
Govemmenl Agents Investigating Huildings Where
Speculators Are Said io I lave Secret Stores?One
Hundred Per Cent Made bv One Deale.
.;. * Ifl rfl.
began yesterday an taraatlfat'o
building* in Manhattar. whieh
about thr** waakfl ago war* m
h*ve b*en converted secretly ini -
?earehouse-." then packed with i
good . sugar. chcer-a, flour. flfllt, BO
tatoe* i.;id other vegetables. Tl ?
er* are speculators, it is Nportfld
. to ?*?*? ?
plies hagan to gal law.
The names fli thfl flllfl)
?he loration of the hfliMlng BBd B
rough inventory of the eaaci I I*
vr-ere furniahed tfl CMl ' ?'>' 'in j
.r.forman*. whfl Btat* 1 Bai
floors had heen torn down lo
room fat the looost.-fTs. fle aaid aUfl
that nt least onfl of the BB*e
already roaliaad 100 pt-rc-..: net on bl
Inreatmaal bj **!)iag to aaathaf food
??Ti'* Bflan a ifl daahloa ' - " ? '
mr..-, ?? h*' r.>'nted, "boaatcd of his ?uir
ce-s to thfl 'eon who hr.d bought him
out. Th* lattar wai nai a* all
maved. and aaid he did not care haa
much raon*) Pirat* Ka. ' ha.l i
He said he himself "-.p.ce.i to '.:.?>.e .
|0(i ner cent or B ' r ?
Owner Grt<. Huhh Mone>
"But tha .'?'?ner or proprietor oi tha
building wh r* tha foo,i 1 had J
the norm?.l 'tora-je holdinfl of the city
at this time of year.
. af I? lynn d*elin*d ye-terday to
at* vhal proaortian of the find
lented inaplii i unrapartad
-rovernmeYit Bfl rt-tyiircd by IflW, I
"I rever aaid thal all ol 11
rded, bul 1 do aay that o:,
about 7.', ... BO ??? I nhJ
made." Sforaover, : ipbflt-'
ic that the ator..- h< bad liatad r.-pre
?eat-tid only fl bi '"???'? I
? a- bart ni lha i . .
Arthur William*. I *?>
itter, but failed in a fonnal
-rn'ed illefal enches held eitl ? r IB be
rl? lalflli
bere and
? whieh ?? reeently
? rtain
?legree I !"--'- '"
I h e r* ;. - Wi
ondflr dlf*rt ni farai ol owi
nhlch, ii U"'- aatirflly, at lfl??| to s0-1-*' ,
? bei n pre
"Takfli ?
lOTog* ' ?' ' flftar
ward? founu, uaan examlaatiaB,
amou.- * c"r'
tainingr farty-alffhl p-und eans.
"I'he '.rtsence ol' these go
?-. had flfll hr*':i i ;""'1"'
and could r.ot have b> ??
\ne afeetiv* aid >>:' th* ? r< rrl* i.
?The Becond ' ?'"* -0'
?he storage of a rary iur^e quatatity of
. according
? repoi-t. oi ned denUd
eapou* ibility I or ita on i eri hip.
The Secret Servi.e. however. continued
Iti efforts. an.C il la hoped, hai flnall]
ad the acfua! ownarahlp of the
ngar and t l r**ponflibility for itfl Te
? .
"Another : eport
of l.'.rg. guantH ? able food*
at the tenr.inaN in rh? con
- .,->?:, r.;;. ing de
. _',. having , po* :bly,
theti u> -? ruciion through delay
high I r
'Tpo.. uking ad
i aafl al nahiag than pabl
rapreaenting an aggrega e of a
roaa the ng th*
? diately en ptiad,
ai-d occasion for further aetion eca fla\
?'S'lih a.-- ? ? ?
may be eonitned as a very el**J
' ing of the facl that rith the efl
? le to hoai ?
ng la < '; ? ? ??--' bi *.*?
,?n be taken the full I ? ? ? flf
be bnawa, ai M ia ob
ai rs* of tradi
The Southland
ln New York
Not its soft breezes:
Not its days of sunshine:
H it booklet* about all itfl
plaoefl of delight;
And information about getting
If you plan on a winter vaca
UM thil convenient service
which ia within reach of your
relophone and your footftep.
Pully pquipped, all-the-year
round. and
Travel and Rcsort Bureau
New Vork Kvening Post
*ttr: r.f. ? ynt'raf*
4 sTflMflflfll '??'
."0 * "?'.y tfflfll *'?r . 4.0"
lifltflncd t? <he iri
?. artuni
. .)..-.on tfl thfl Ubera. raflUI
. " go -,? bflld U|
libcifll .-um. threat?n
. raflflfl them to thr
itfe ril
. ef Flynn, it *n
... \ ot n in otl ? ? ea
?.1 i... r - rr. 1 i. . topplil
lo be hidden ?W?y Ifl talia m1*d wata
h . over "??? city, B-rvar b i ?
rsgi .Wfcfltner
rate*, plaflnlBf"flifl-*fll'?
tfl make rortunc? fltll of the r.<
vier- .-? ' ot I ? ar, : M bflai
formed, 01 .thai Gflnflflflya war
maehii ? "inf thi I
i ... AdmlaUtlatioii ln Saw
Yorh i , r ..v i.ein-r IflTaatigfltfld
Bfleret Bervici i iflfl.
* Asflthcr *aw , rmt
quarfliy >m to thi '?'e.ie-rn! 1 Ood A.lmin
iatration ami thi Bfleial Barvlea men.
?.,O0 orth et
. id othi r i] p
< nlet Flynn dlielaifld rome frorol And
. ki! thi athfli I.
riportfld tfl !)'? biddfln ?"*?!
alj " ' .' f?l '?' :"; J_h<
. . . whieh are biflflffht into thi ?
. i Chief Hvi.r, by mail. telephone nn<!
myitiiioufl i trangfli , th" Sacrat Bar
? .en are tryli f" tfl traca :o thi r
r.r-?_rin the coniignraintlalready found.
Thu-. far thi OflrBOrihlfl of the alleged
...cr.'t itorffl and thair latatlon have
nol been mada publfc hy Chief h**fl? <';'
thi Fofld AdmlnlitraUoB.
Milk Will Remain
At Present Prices
Dairymen Agree to Reduce
December Charges to Re
tailers Half a Cent
, ? |.i .f milk prabab
no hijrher thi> year. Tl
?rlcfll 11 flfld 16 Cflfltfl a qnar', fflr
- n knd A. ? I will ???
r*il ui.t:i thfl ei.d o: Daeflflibar. htu
the flrai "i thi yaat tho prirv -arill .lrop
if the preceili-nt flf former yean I
\rinii- W adett I v';
Iflaj fl Itfltflflflflfll
ntfbl ? aj ag ihi l thi board af di?
? :nr Dairymen'!" I
rotfld to cut p-rfldfleara' priflai balf ?
.. x- naath, thus mi
. aha did Bflt inereaii
prieea during November, aithi i
..- ? ei raiflfld tltair ehi _
'I h ? fflfflM Ifl -re no? gfltting
. -.-ii. of 1 \ ?. Bta ? qflflri fflt thi
?, lb ?old in Nflfl York i .tv i n 11 aad
1?". cr-ii'v
At thi milk eaafflrflfli t laat
in tho >.frr of Kooa Admini trator
, .),. thfl i tailel:'
agrasd io abaorb flrbatflvai laai than
..,,,< ,., *el1 ag h.- ?" irfl ?t
I man ? ould ooni'
down to 6.9 eaati ? -i<iar'? on thfl rhali ?
.-?ile pr.f. of milk in Dfleambflr. The
action ol' thi I'<tirym?n'.' Lrague di
? ?-, ? e Urday ratififli thifl plflfl.
i,' i dalryati a, bfl-aarar, waw aol
'flfljj n.ember-. fll I t
board of director* prfltflfltfld ?? nK'' 1 ?'
airain*' the aei ISflfl irhlflh Ihflj
tl c fflrmei - eould i"'. flffoi d to make.
"U ? -. .,. .-.?! . oan ?? >? the
I n.ilk ior So-- \ ork," .-md
nera will lell ..'1 they
poi ibly ena ta tha aoadflflflad milk
flrhfltfl tlafly get a better
markr". Mflny farflaflra flrlll Bflt ba
ifb aixt month with
) bc Kimicr i dan I eaia to
do th?t lot* of b? >1""' ta, and m
tham, ll laaat, ..ill ilaughtei their;
atoi r
Temperance Favored
By State Hotel Men
."..??? ?' -
..rji> a.ioiiolic liquori .n
.. .tion ihonld "???- laa*j thal pi..
<\ego through coarelve lat mam?
" the N?nr Foi ? ?' Aa*
. oflTanllon ytflt irday in
f.Aitoi icord '.n
favor o ? :??!?? 'rai ? ? but opaaiod o
bition. A eomi ittci rai in?
. ., takfl ai '? oa flritl" a ? iaw ia
thfl tlu ?? irhieh ] >cal *-]
?r *.. become ??'??? I tandi -l
onths to oi
.... of nquoi might '?o
diapoaed of aithoul bflrdflhip ea thfl
i.i-tH proprii ?
Thi ?
',s. ? . . >? tfl -. .1. i ' nd
af thi Ttimen. *i. ..??
ertad bj W, A. Robinaoa, of K*
. 1 -. Ifl, flr.:...
1.. orgfl A. Farnham, fl
>'Pr.r.g;?. avflfl elected pre-"!.!
i locial oi Ciandc R. fiett, ?
rhoxen riee-prvali nt, and
\ i aldrvflll, alaa ?
rirrctai v.
War Clerks Regraded
Organization-. of Forces An?
nounced by Navy Department
a A8HING rOX, Set It. ''.
orgflniiati ? clerical aa4 draft
ir (j foi.-rc II ?!* flfld *t.itioi: .
to-day bj tho N'.v. ? ().
'<radinz Bl d BB] I iat im
atafarfl eeea ln diffflreni depflrt
? i
Inatflfld I ? ; i
?.?.iii ? ? promotion run
ning all the light Cflfll
i . ?
.rrrate^ a ri 'fcrent-al of rorty etj;' *.
thi h;j;her
j.romotion^to be mad*
m increin--??- at forty-flighl cent* a
?h" ili'Tr-r
in'ial flrlll bfl ttrent; f>- -.r ita, .ind
pramfltiOBI ? > nrr.ments
.?ntyfo.ii r.-iit*. .
Hard Coal Shipmenti Show
Bif. Inrrcaie for October
I'Hii.Arin.riiiA. Sae. lt. The *hip
i aflthrsalte for ;li< month af
Ortober, aj announced t'< dfl*. ampunt
n| 'o 7 I10JN tona, t-*i*l>.:.hinic a parw
r'rrrd foi monthly ahipment- Thifl
eic??He) the ?hlnmrnt* uf IflBC, 1017.
whirh bad b""i thfl freata^t nf anv
month ln th* hiatn.-y of l>e Ifldflfltry.
The f..r.,| ihiMflflBtfl for the Bnl
mflBthi al Itll amflfliil to |4jMS447
ton?, an ncreape ?> ?t the <im* -fljiiod
.n ipi*. of 9j***Ati toaa
Fire Marshals Aim
To Avert Danger
From Alien Plots
Favor Armed Guards on
Property Likely to Tempt
Enemy's Torches
Incendiarism in South
Convention at New Orleans
Will Take Steps to End
Growing Menace
.'.!-:u 0B&EAX8, Kav. 13. Anaod
aa all praaarty '???- . t? Umpt
-nemy i.rebrand-. gaard* whaafl
aad rymaathiai hut* bee . ear*
full] inTflfltlgfltatd ;.nd v.-iio are well
paid. guards paid hy tiie ovri.tr*. oi' thfl
property ..-. I l| plifl I aU"ficient
riumberfl to give gaaaiBfl nrotection
;.i ? i ? Orahrai <l? thii :- thfl aia
*ji nnafl which thfl l-'ire Mi i ?' l
ociation oi North Aaaarka probably
,loi,t at itfl annual Bea*l*n bflt*
Knemy fllitfl uie. arill bfl tl ? totO
??(??? subject bflfoffl tins ronver.t'on.
\o laaoa ifl rital tu tiie uatioaal ?!i
bfliag bfll flTflr confronted the men
?? no-e awarn duty 11 ia :o protocl th*
4,n,mi.- againat ineandiariaia,
CaaaairatioB mea.sur.-s to meet this
rie4v daagflf v.ere almo<: the .*o!e topics
Of diaeaaaiOB among the advance j-uani
Of thfl delegate* gatherta| here lo
( otton lires lncreas:ng
Tne revelation that incend>riry eattaa
i the BOUth veie of 1>I -.-reater
(onseriuer.ee than Ifl generally known
and have th* in?urante compan!es
alarraod ?? ? bbi of ihe darclapiaaata
Ot tiie precoiivenlin'i di*CU*eioi
gal Bloodworth, formai secretary of
thc Lauiaiaaa Fir* Prcvoation Hureiu
and one flf I forntod insurance
men la 1 .-..,.
rr il BO ?
. , ottOB ? nd oi!- la or:e gin ut'
I know 1'iere WCf* -? ven i
BBOthl i- "
in ? ti-.
??rt,.--e tire- ara causad by match
und pebblfli pui ifl th* cot
. . ? ih picked.
| , trac Bg or on*in bafl been done
tu make thi* poaltl*
S,,i,i, laaarailCfl eornpanie. ha4-.. ea .
cell.-d a!l their policil ? B giaa. Oaa
. iranei eofl paay bandling i 1 ne of
-mail giaa BUtTorcd 1*1,. >?'? I*****
insid* bovcb day*. Bcaaaac af thfl
alarming . gin Ira* m rcxaa,
motual eflflsaaalfla hava Increaaod thmr
-?... en thia buaia* ? ia thal Btat*
..: .... ? Oklal ama, whar* tha ".lonea
Pamily*1 ap?rat*d, ? taid U b<
[aaaraaee eomp* ? practically hatfl
come to thi* propaaitioai To ?
j-uatus anu 'lavf steam j?t< to txtin
guiflh Rraa ** bobb a? tl >??? breali aat
A eaflflaiittc* flf threa St a Orlcai -
insurance men, actir.g under authority
'rom the Narjeaal Board o:' Fire Ua
dai i rltora ai d "i? ' * mcil of Satienal
Defanec, i aa bflcn ?* * eri ln La
hnH Mli " aloag *'? "? l
vaatian may a-hroeat*.
rhifl nadarwritcra1 eon?*rrotion com?
mittee has oflUofl with th* I-ou -.ar,*
State Fir* Marshal. a'id has iaapcetar*,
?r.n"d v.ith Btat* st.d Padatal aothorit!
ii BBCting ?'.'? praacrty like!;, to bc ?!
?aeked bv th* ?' rebran.ls, tiie inspOCtion
lookir.? **aeeially tc thi fldecjaacji oi
gaard mi
lo "...ai.. the Cflltflfl. lains
8* iar thia work la tontined large,y
*,o Kou Orlaaaa. bat la being astaaaed
i-Mpi.ilv. an.l Will take m the cotton
It i? Worth whil* io',ng tha'. ti-,,- re' ?
ton git! rres have r.ot been BBBaually
nuat*roui ii. Laaistana and Miaaii ippl
a;- alacwhere, but tha eanmitti
going to piepare for thcni, flnyway,
The un-lr BtBlitl fl al-u l;aa
? eominitt**, eoaa ?? ie?n
\ng man fium aach biaiu-ii ,.f Induatry,
to e*alp*rat* Ib it* work. Thia ?-urk
ii! be broaghl before the national
, ? na.
'.'?'. - . ,-? naral m u ...
the N'ational Board af Fire I nderwrit
rrs <>,' HuU '.'or'a., .-aid t'.-dr.y
"Anaad guard*?that'j thc eiu'ion.
Thfl K'ifc*"'s BlOfll h" Mifi'ifi':-.t'- nai.l
t.ms' ba aaan who** aataeodcata bta
hiiuwn nr.d who ch:i bc tFB '<-u. BBd
tiie-. RSaat bc --upplied i:, surtu-.er.t
naaaberfl, and they nSBBt be j.aid by the
awnara of tne praaortj."
c. J, Daylc, of apiiagflala, !'', s.ro
, 'ii'e eoun?el of th* NaMonal Board of
V\r* I'lidei-wnters. legarn r.roper
guard.::g, riccompar. ><d l,y adcfljaateflrfl
Doyl* haa bad eoaeiderabli ?
l?o!e ha* had Boaaidcrabl* cxporlcac*
4-.-;th Saathflra rottoa iayi
thflafl .'.r* aarious.
To Arrest Haiselden
lf He Lets Child Die
i Ull 400, > '?' 1 ?'.. lf tl i.t'oimed
?f Mis. llod> ima di. B aa a ?
of the "aaiala ? Bath1 aat b
:ng adminiattered ? . ' ? ? , .? adv.,-.
of l>r. Barry J. Haiaaldan, bi ihi. *|
yaician ail] l>e arifl ii slly aggflfl
cuted. i.. a* lha do*Iflratiaa -o-.l^y
ot Cl roner Peter it. HofTma . wno Bfl I
i e !iad rceoiaiacn I I Rca
ron.;... i*1 a eomnittc* af phj
? . ?
tflaW .
?-I ? | ?
sician th* :, ? II*
BsauBAOt ' ?' daclai ad, "ha
will br force,i ? ? . . thiagfl
grand jury."
I>r. Baiaalden'' repl) to *he eoroner's
atatcasanl wa i I "1 hope he tioei
ra!l me i,<for.- thc grand jury/'he r--aid.
??:? ? aaid aaon ?. il b of ..
phyaiciaa'a right to heip rid tha woi
of abnannal*. .N.': I lha ataad of
,i ?,,...
[h? tha baby
? . a ?...? thal thei flTflr*
earrying oal ?
lence I '5 for
? ?
New York Father-in-Law
Muat Support Italian Count
Al BAVV. N'ov 11 Vr .nterrat.onal
ntaniag* BttloflBoal BgiaaflBaal Hg
ur*?i in to..]ay'' Caurl >>f *\ppea!s d??
cisioi.a. The fleurl b*ld that J" icph
Bflhwfllflflr, flf Kcw Yorit, muat continue
to pav ' '.'' I ?' vear to Count Albarto
Qtacaa* GI* bbb! Franceaeo Maiio
(.iulinelli, oi Italy, v>hn in IHI Wflddcd
Mr. Ball Wfl lacr'fl danghter, Blaaflho
Aeordir- 'o the paper*. Ur,
Bdiwatflfl* ".-a? tfl aaj %iM9 t < e*r
to tha eount under u pr?n:ipt ?1 agree?
ment and did P?r 'har amount ann-.i
nlly frorr Itfl] '? l^l^. 1 iio count,
through Attllio dc Clccfli nr airirnee,
bagtn action ? bd lh* p? m-nli WflVC
Indict Town Officials
For Coal Seizure
Ohio Mayor, Acting on "Hu
manity's Law," Held Up
Railroad Shipment
in tin.
the baa ? -'"??' J
jury rep, ^uin*t
Mavor I Itl ??' W llo ighb), Oluo;
ipro?ecuting Attorney Gflorg C. waa
Be?e!.:- flufl Deput il Jamei
Hart.-- .-r.tr
intersta'- rammirei pmaBta aad 'r-r
I :
are ehargi ! g Nea ' _*"?
? tntral Railroad eaal Novamhar i ar.d-.
ActiflB bj th? Ifli*** fo lfl? ? '
nouncer-ic'.' of a Ffll* nrflaki ?_o I
trict Attarafl/ Woi bflt
? ofleiflfi havi . ? c ?
? -,-e coal, ar.d I which lor
i di nel cal n i ? abflyafl.
.?rsl freight traifli fl*ari 'v\A up
kt Wlllooi ' ember 2, I
; iflgtaflfln I
eonduetoi ? ? ? ?? laa.
.Mayor Cfll
told by Proflec itar Voi Bfl iler l
? ?. ..- d that
er ' ""?
that ef thi . ' ''',
.-? ?agh ?- ? thll ad
. ? . appan
td eonitituti I pifaey arith
? , | thi rillagi i ' nflrfed.
Thfl Mayor, thi ProaaautiBg Attflrney
and the deputy marahali woald face, lf
eonvieted <> eonipiracy, penaltiea "r
$10,000 Iini or two yeara' imi
ment. or bo n 'ft"1 "" halding
op th.- tn ii?. ??'? Ith whieh anotl
rgfl them, thfll
I '
month*' iniprisonnient, or both.
Palmer Denies
Intent to Seize
Money of Aliens
WASHINGTON, N'flv. 18.?Hflfl**?
flrithdrflWflll o? bar'.- and po-*tn!
ii'gs depoiiit*. by aliena in son'." Ifl"
celitien cauJc.l A. Mitchell Palmcr,
AHaa Property Coetfldiflfl, io i-suo a
formal tfltam?fll to-dav ralta i
a'nurunce* that thfl covurniiient has
BO IntflBtion of interferinj: flith thfl
of OanaflB ?. or
,,l,i.?(! w.'n (ler
Ing laarffll bflfll*
.n thia country.
Palmfl aid raaay published
itatomflBtfl iegarding thll marter had
i i tn io n ii ta c.ve rlflfl tfl
.?.?ar tha( the- m ???? bave arlgisatfld Ib
a dfllibflratfl wlah ta diitarfa un.l Ib?
? Amariean buiiaflsi latflNati
Many |lepo*its W'ithdra* n
"Bavarta bflva agsflflred ia tlu
? . .j ? .? itatami nt, "'.ith ra.
gard *?> tha plaai aad purfloiei of tho
flliflll pto"*rly cu?loi! FfllpeC'
- r praaarti llng in
.. ...
nnnecefliarj ?i d
'i bil alarr.
im .i poital Mn ?
i flnd iiitfl.
"A lubJect oi G rmfl iny af
Germ . . i ... ihi| coun
? i;., even though hc hfli madfl no .lec
laration flf tfl become a
eitiiflfl, li permitted io eoatinvfl in
I :ju? anl eommeree an.l ;n -lie Bflflflflfl?
- .un and Cflfltrol of bil property wh:!*
be rataaiafl iri tho Csitad Stati
?bflyi itl !.!'..?. un.| bfl I -. Bflt regaide.!
Bl a:; enemj . or plai eri i
^.rry by thi trading i th ' i enemy
Trading With Enemy
Act Upsets Will
Involving $1,000,000
' ' ? ' * incflfl ifl which
.? ? MBJ if '<?*- ?
ifor af prirji
co ntry tfl klifln im
rl !1 eame b< -
fore Rurroi N'oble of Qui ?
Count] i ? .. i. I.. > eaterday.
The .; , probata flf
thi v.ii, oi Mra, Sfllma Scib, Iate ot
P.Ichmond Hill, L '.. ind i elflfli
I to 11,000,000
Dan .'..? oi tbfl
igrsphic ompfli H i inheritad more
than "-1,111111.000 from nei huaband. On
bar dflflt . bfli iri 11, sfter providing for
h : ?t.-r arrd BiflflC r<-lidir.| ifl rln?
eauntrj becjueathed thi ? vdue of thi
> to relattvei of iier husband r?*
aiding in Gi V.i. *.r;r. and H-l
Barrofai . j-.'or
. ? ... d over 1
tociai: ..f Allen Propcrry nf thfl r
eral Government, o be held, if i;. ?
gOVflnimflnt <-e's fit. until the end of
tha v. ar, or 1 i w- lalaad bg thfl gflVelTJ.
I m*at. if i P
Belgians Destroy
Trenches in Raid
We?t Front Othrrwise Quiet
Because of Bad
cr apparentiy i ?
-. ben ??? ?? i lltl
front to-di flUfltamaril-f .nnet
? -..!.- 1 |
rt, on thi
? thflii 0 in a i .ud on -b ?
', i.;; ? ? era killed
prUoner nr.l dugOfltl
? IgiflBI
retpi Bfld wil
', | on'r- < tfl
i .
i noi bia '. ?
t nighl
' Ij ...'.? by 'he
| . War ofrVe e i
. . north, i of Rl
i ? ? of which rfli
!? ? ?? ?ay?
German Waiters Out
General Horaey HalL?. Talk
Until They Leave Room
TREN ."v-. tt. I, Hfli
'.- eral Ma:k L Haraay, t*. |
tflpped abrtiptly ? .>-.!:'-.? ,n Bfl Bddl i ll
fo thfl iblfl I
an.l .-? .i ? ? ?? raitei
A whiipen he -n'.u
? ..?
?.. ? ? [ta pro
ce< -I ?
l ...t '? ? t'-it- room and tha daar wa*
Ihe-.- rc-re Hflfl . I ?? ii
th- time might ni whea
thfl.uld bfl imnr.v,.ned Htins.
Abro '. ' ? iflid, IIun
? ?
li" -m ? th thfl military eommiiaifln
lltlo ' 'urop* 11 l
i. a -? tgned ' ? Camp t)i IIii
..ea.'- with Btl". ll ? nnd iii.ii'.
practieed by Germanfl aa wamaa and
military Bl l I I, .nforniatlon flflfl.
I eamlflg wfiith. bfl -a.d, had beeu gath
' er?d Int hand
On Trainmen's
Wage Demand
Would Mean $109,000,000
Inereased Wages From
Railroads of Country
Government May
Stop Strike Ballot
Union Heads Overridden in
Action for 25 to 50 Per
Cent Advance
i >? ? hundred a auflaa*]
?d ee^duel ? brahaaiflfl on
lll ri: d ;?' the United Stati i ar* aa?
Bg thia week, on demands
? I'.-praj-ing
v o.noo,
. , ii* -.- '
Ka?tern railroad ofV:ai-. whfl re
eeircd flciraaflfl eopici of thc demands
day, estiny-t.; that the lafltaacod
wages for thc linea east of Chicago
would bc M8a000.000.fl year. A* 'he
payroll of the Hastem i-oa.U la -i4 pai
eeat ot tiie national payroil for these
,?,,,,_ ;? i- estimated th*'. the nation
? idc demflnd wou'.d call for ati increase
ut* $109,000,000.
Thc ntcfl in t'.'.e movemonl tr.clude
iij.ooo passeaa-er men. s.'.ooo fraight
I nd 53.000 yard men. The r.1.000
nrcnien, under thc 1-adcrship ot" W, B.
< arter. have not yet determined upon
thflit eour**. Lfladflffl of the firemen's
brotherhood nre r.ow meeting in Cleve
land to decide whether they flrlll join
tho national movement.
Kngineera Take No Parl
The 19,000 ei-gineers, railway oflicials
arr informed, *nll not take part in the
movement. It ia ur.derstood Warren S.
Stor.e. graB 1 chief of the Brotherhood
,i Uoeotnotit* Bnginflara, now aoflwiag
as a member <)?' one ol" the labor BOBB
mlttccfl of ih? Caaacil of \*tional De
ter.ee |g Washington, ifl opposed to ar.y
na'ional wagfl movement fllflOBg the
traifl flflflployflfl at thu time.
Thfl vo'.e lOW being 'aken ii nielimi
nary to a xfiikc vote. Thfl brather
' lOd* are followiag th*ir asual pro
eedurc of voting th* men on thc ? ?
leavit'g a airike vote to follow
the failure to forCC ,he fall dem*nds on
?,'.(? railroads. The oflkia! circulor bobI
. grand lodf* officers *tat-s
ti... -triae vote will be taken "in case
'the propoaitiofl ia taraofll iawa by th*
Railroad Ofllcialfl bCM Hav they do
' nor believe the Council ot Natior.al
. Defenee ?.t vYaahlaftan, whlcb brough'
?bc ll .. Ml tl niei.t ef th* eign'
controvefsv in Maich laat. would al
I law. thc new demands to go to a fltrikfl
? rthcrhCOd leaders, ao
lurding to advice* reeeived by Ea*;
? i railroad naaagcrfl, wcrc opposed
I to a gBBCral dCBBCBd for increa-ed
viaf-e? io ?.on- after :He victory of laat
wiatar, but William 0. I.ee and A. B.
Carretaaa, th* laador* af the trai
aad eoaduetara, found that they althar
lia.i to approve of tht . aa defaaadi or
else give way to more radical Ifl*
oi' the brotherhood*, anbitloui to euc
ln the pa**flngct iar . ? tl a < rapaacd
rates involve milaage rate inCTOaflea ef
from |0.4 per cent for eonductor- to
(1.1 per cent for bae-ga*-*aSOB. It la
proposed to raise th* rniniinun* month;-,
ba*is for eondin'ur- rrom 1121 t*
1112.10, and for baggayomen from
? ?
In through frflighl aervlea thc coa*
dtlC*0rfl asi; for an nicrea e in 'i.e mile
Bg* late o>' ;;_''? i pei , . ? i.rako
mea 12.7 per eeat i ??? i freight con
tiuctor* demand Bl ' , ? I
... nd braben ent in thoir
mileagC ratCB. rhl ?' UBBd ? !,rj
conduetoi and ? ;<n
increa r cenl
The Eaatcrn earrlera, ... th* r?'e .a-e
* iting ;.-air,i ,: MTaahlngtoBi have
preaentca ngur* ' g thfli thoy
lir. e iner** ,*d i ??-. > i < . ." 10,000 a
year. Of this flflBl . I I 1,000,000 wai
? ,i by ,iic brotherhood* mder the
tdamson act, aad ihe rflflBalatag '>if,.
. ?-.. *t to other .
? ara.
?i .,.. n, reentage il .-reaae to tiie brn'h
' crhoo.l i" abo i' !< par eeat, whilfl the
. employea ha-rc reeeived orly 12!
i ??,-? ,-' nt.
Dillon To Be Dropped
As State Market Head
ALBANY, Nov. |g, made.
.. ., ih* organization
,ng or the StaU Kanns and Market
I that John ?). Uillon, Conmii ?
.. th* State Faad aad H
?. ? || be upplanted b] an
Demoerat] probably CaJvifl J. Hu
, f Penn ii . former Stc i i om?
oacr ef Agrleultur*. The eouacitl
appointi I Hu?ot b< Bureau o.'
i'ro.lu. ' ? eh, it i* ..-xp-.-cted, s,-i11'
, x uf lir. DUIoa'a
iJommii ioaer DllloB'fl repeat'd at-.
stc flflcifllv, iaeludiag Oav
9\ bitmaa, aad th* eaeiBiec he
ire s?id to he
for (he ile-.ermii-.utioii to
-. :m.
i ? a- made i baiiman of
aunell ar.d ( barlfla H. Betts sec
. ey are he tha'.rmait and
of thc State
. oatrol Coramlaalon. ar.d it i?
probabla that tha t.vo Dodiaa will b?
i | ,,? .
... rC P, Ol ? I '
?? J' Bfld I '
?i t'.,.. plan "i direct faad
. ir to ??..:!
e i hy Jobn I. i'.i:on
i ommiBBienor of Foada aad Mar
allled ta the def.tn-.. of thc Caflfl
- laj ir i.i- di ipute ???-ith
? ur Whitmaa. ? and
i h-iii. . ;s apparcat) ;? Ifl
ouatad. Mr. Dillon has i implaiaad
.< deaartaMBt was ertppled by,
the ktati admlnlfltration throorh thc
?-..,: ?, graBt I im aa*
\ ib, rederal Food Ad
minis'.rator for New Yoi I
. Charle* A. iVtc
ting BBcaihorfl ?.'.' tha .-"ute ro?>,| Con
? rei ted, are flubjeat
ed to aharp critieian ln a latter urit
len hy i .?'-? Bacha MCTatary oi the
Labor Forum, to Charlei H. Bett . bcc
ietary af thfl State Food Commi - ???
Mr. Bctvi i ..I pufa cly dofoaded th*
Oov*i nor*a eonn i '??? 'ard I I
M r. H. th ealla at1 bb ? a thi ..
tiiar. Mr. l'lllon', (l?|.i. rfment receive;
ipropr ut on of aaly 124400, oi
1.160th patl Of Vi.iiOO.OOO approprmteil
for food control activltie-i in tne ,'ui>
'To-dav .uir labor u'tople, \\ h.-n thflry
wanl to ** thclr Fedrcral Faad A.liiin
?r, Mr. Arthur ?'? illiam . have to
eatar thc office. of a much distruatad
pubi.,- eorporation, aaly to nad th*ir
foad ;.<imiiii*trator enicoi-eed in . ne
, ' . ..-''.. . s. M i. H.-.-r. . ntan,
i him aayiag l '..at eortaln
rannol b* don* to *llailBat* the
mi i.iienien's i.Iu aad powera to fU
tl r \. ra! or woe of fann prodUCOl nnd
tity consumers. Mi. Dillon aays the-.
-un he done"
t Market Quotation$
p'4 for the ?
F.diled by
ANNE LEWIS PIERCE. Dirflctor of the Tribune Insl.tut.
With tk* CeitaOOtWtien Pf the l\ .?*. hcpnrtmrat .?/ Ar,ric?tt,irr, Barrn%t)
Markett, Sam Vork Ofr?>, mad A:* Fmr'nti of \raa4a "??'
r>rn.;.r oi ihe t ity ll?>? (ffll of HmUli.
Wedneiday, November 14, 1917
Thc*e relt.il ami whole?aJa prieea arr offered _* a ba*u (or
makirtfl up an economical m.rl-et li?t--on?> thal will help vou jn
lh? buying;, tha dealer in tbe aelling and th* Food Adminiatration fa.
equaliaing price*. The cominent endeavora to put the reaaon be.
hind tho facta and to help in their praetical appiication.
Write or telephone the New York Tribune !n?titute < Beek
m?n .1000) if any point is not plnin. or if you have any "u*;|ea.ion
or criticiin that will improve thej tervic*. ,
Service as a Price Factor: In i-nmp.irin**; the prices jriv?r
in tho differcnt type* of rtoret, a point to bear in mind is th?
wide vvriation in service rendered. When we buy p-jtatom ^
think wo aro paying for potatoe !. but wo may be paying toi* hiyr
rental, the loss on a wide ranj**'* nt' periehable products and sor.
t ie" rendtred by telephone and motor.
It does nofmcan that the "high cUum" grocery or the tgamg
corner store is cheating you because its prices are hieher thin
those in the chain store or in the retafl m.^rkof. If fine.- rn*-*.
lhat you are paying for food plus scr*. e. If you go to th
market or to a chain 5toro. pay eaeh and take your tnuvha*
home these are foctors affecting prices.
The woman who can afford to pay for the extra servic
has a perfect risrht to do so, but slto should ket p tho diatinc.
tion clearly in mind. Tiie woman who wishe*- at this time to
make ar. extra effort in order to cconomize < an do so by -"uin
ur the conveniences offered by special rservl
In the niiddle of a perfectly passionler*:' difCUMioii of the
moat question the other day. a calm iookin;* man said siidd-nly:
"Would you like me to tell you one tlitrtf th.-t rvould Helpaohi
the meat queation?" With bated hreath the intervunvpr hun*
on his words. The expression of his face changed. He roany\
to be a meet man and became a very personal human boing
"Well. the thinpr that would help most would be for tha
women to trea*: butchers as though they wew human beingfc"
Try chumming with your tradesman. Get his side of the
question and he will get yours much lx-ttor, and you will gt\
better service. This is not a preachment. It is a praetical
marketing direction. It worki and it's jroinp; to be -speciaJK
needed this winter. There is much human psycholoj-v in th.
food question. Don't forget it when buyinir.
'llo/en. vipiart. "'iiigle unit or head.
ABl'M>\\r?Si"iia*h. orangje", **eet potaloee, oniona. purnpkin*, potf*****
apple*. ttirnlpfl. grape*. carrota and prars.
NOKMAl.?fleet*, cahbace, tnmatoe*. pepptr*. clen. banan.i*, bwns. lrttac**
BCABCE?Sugflr, flour, aalt. pluma, inelona, ? urumbar*. peaa, et;rplant, crM
berrle*. aprout* anfl* pearhea.
MEATS: There have been nr> marked chanKg* in the price* quot***
sir.ee Wednesday. The qur.ntitic**- oi rnedium 'ind common i-r-iie bcet or
the market continue to -Qteofld thr* demand. MgfltlflM daya M?a *o h*v*
markfrdly curtailed consamption, i?nrl the cheaper cuti continue to rvru
the higher quality cuts ia price. Then u ? ?upe****bundanci of **?? ,;
comparativeiy !o\v pvic-v. We help DO one by lettinjr. ffll ! ft) tl wt&
Thin mr*at i- naletablc ind nouriflhmjr, and ahould be porchl
FISH: There ig only a moderate supply of ri-di and thfl prieei "?*:
tinue rather high. There ia an abnndanco of flrhiting", which th* *?'*
-(torajpi freoTfr* irfl unable to hanc'le. Thil i." an exccilent IWCflt panll,|:
arith f?W l-ii-.e*-. and is wholesnlin-- for 3 CflBtl a pound. lcw but thefli*
podltn or thi Eaat Sidi itoni are handlinf it. It ihoold rotoil fof j t0*1
cent- a pound.
VEGKTABLLS: Bflroot potatOM ar?- te..:ch rl.eaprv. Um ilcuand'?
limitfld a:v*. thfl supply i.s plentii'ul.
SUGAR: Roporti are made from midoatial ind iburban nviic-''
thal iirivate l'nmilitw are takini" advantage nf the method' of diipoffll jj
ihe retail tore? and winter reppliflfl are bfliltf laid ii'.. Such bu 1| M *^1<
ii diitinetly unpatriotie, and only Mr*--M U ??'. ^>1 to tl i real and l"*gitier*>1
ihortafi (due ]?artly to the drai't made r h - v;i)',;'-' by ?'*" ! '
?wiio need it more than we do) flf . - . .i.rl.y erl ? *,<*"
can nrva jrour own health, the '
hoardiwg lugtr in 'he ''amily panti
On the Other Hand
W? have been lerfooil** told thal women would refuM ^
buy an especir.lly low priced food, on the ground thtl '? n-li'*'
be inferior. A good market er COttU suroly ti*uat to her leBJJJ
to tell whether she was being offered a bergain in lettuce orVJ**'
having vrilted headi unloeded on ber. This la one of the m*"
places \shere knowledge and personal buying can prottteWy r-"
place suspiiion.
On the other hand, iharp dealing <?n one side and iKiv-r**^
on the other can only breed mutuel distrust. One of our l*auini
j-rocerH the other day urged hil natroni t?> "iH-onornii-ally" t,?n.'
BUme some apolef frankly ofTered af secondtj at a special Vit'u'.
66 cents a peck, or $6.60 a barrel. The-apple8 were poor t'-i-1*-5:
and good cooking apples were jfoin^ beff^ing: at $4 to $5 ? ?,ar^
at the time; 23 cents would have been i fair price for this n^
of l'ruil. "Houble-liuid" economy of this sort may liavc nitw
women, who appreeiate their ov.n laek ot' knowledge, susriciou*
of the Greekl bearing bargains. dood l'aith on om' iidi JJ
knowledKC on the other aie needed to prevent such hargain d***"*
'7 "?*- "?.'?/Htn v'' eppeor Wtdnctday* and Seawrdtiwal eM*W
.aa ? * *?

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