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learn from many mistakes which Brit?
ain made. Two of the most urgent
? ? .-lay are n.an-pow.r nt the
fronts and al ppinfljaJF
nel Edward M. Hun
the Am*ri. ll n * ion, wns not ] I
being by hia lecn
Gordi>:i A..
In War to the Knd
Later Sr Fdward Carsen, in the
Hou?'- ? of an
?he United
to thc
? . Chancellor
he.iuer. al^o ar.nounce.l la
- Common* that Colon. '
I instrv raaideni V.
Coun. liod Confer?
i The British-Anericn conference met
' at noon. as had been planned. Lord
a. He
had B ftvfl-minutfl chal with I'remier
.red to
: Am-rica ai i arf.cipar.ta.
?? Some
la mol rhauf
the A few. M
' aortei
\\..r -? however.
crowded I ' ' '
glimpi . ? ,
Adm ?
Tasker II. Bh.?,
and \ *? v;ho
m Rob
.. few B10IT.I '
? -:
-but tl
d. tained by
,n hour
HlK Reading
"formal ,
Th ' r'ur *** !l
half '
'* ***
offieial documei I ? ommand ;
There-. v about he
l nric ? l5ng mtV*ti
them' ? p;.rpo?ea of thc
..'. ? ? -d a eeneral diacuaeion foi
rican repr, I
b*rkii '"
*&???.} ?
: retar,
IVeCon m of the Wai
t Trade Bo
British Kepresentatives
Tb* !'? '
vd George, Foreign Mlnia
ter Ba ? ,-orge
Nieoll ?d F.arl Curxon ol
?? nant
? army; '
|j ? ?
naw. anl Ma or John L Baird, Baror.
!l- ( -
lataav, food, blockade, petroleum and,
Cbaace i!d m tne
House if ? ? ponse
'. ment had
that Pi
gram I ' ' B??l
Bf the
I eil.
Thc Mr. Bonar Law
had re
i ieneral
luncil and had cnbled
that ?
to hc
I i.anccl
lor replied:
??{>.. ted 4 olonel
. prem? '*h C.ener
as hii "? There 0
bc no
1ej.t ol the Question
, , 0 ? . ? , B to which
ernment of thi f-? the
? ll alllSR tO
of the
. tl .? Pr d< Bt W iloofl had
ernment ofl s considered
? of plan and contro
terday was iflflfl of tne
iimi-nt; whe h -r Bon ir
aage from
mornn.i;. in whieh it wai
whe,v Bf
ia authorita
An Aaaoc p*tch fr"m
London Sundaj
had aas-'d
the .'??
mer.t of a llnation of mil
A ******'
- tha- ?
of plan r.r. 1 eon1
all "'
_, ?n order to BcbiflVfl B just and perma
*0 nent penr,- _d 'o BM tl ( resources
of the Ul I to thc best ad
U. S. and Britain to
See War Through,
Declares Carson
LO.v. ' Iward I ar<
?on, ir. a i] fending Brit
lah risva! made
baervatloni which are
? rahle c.m
i ar.d aea.
? .-w-paperv
for creating
nrhari '? i ed a "nham i ?
? rtVirliffe a,
? "Bai 'ell i;%
'hat, arfl are
d have
Bfl tai li. manag<-merit of the
w.r. Well, ao i greater admira
, --.it man, but
Ith llamny
opo: .- thn'. lt
? ? I have had
the p|ea? .ce of lueei,j\g many eon
?nt and
?m?." and ef
f'.l't ]''?:?? ? ry "
B ai <i ?? ? ni th* A
il.s a'-n to*daj! lahi . i might
happen m any other nations, America
and Britain vould see the war through
bl : . '.'. of tv.ankind.
Fourth, he proshfli i?d tl tl eoi ditiona
'? be materifllly changee
after ? rovolu'lona j
r eountri. ? bloody
mfl countries thrflfltflnfld rcvolu
lid. "Do nol any of yen be
imagining that there is r.o
_ ? eountry."
rtairi to produce
some int Bl
Whether it. :s n flrai
'oo early te a?y, bal as the
head of tl i fovornmentY"publieity hu
nf the country.
London Papers Hail
Lloyd George's Speech
As a Personal Triumph
. NOT, -"? Thfl reeeption of'
r Lloyd Gflorge'a apflfleh in the
House of Commons by thfl m<
newspapers justilies the Bflani
thflt the storm which Ifltflly thi.
!v without
ng thfl Premiflr'a boid on the
!' | eOflCfldfld flTflfl i)>' 1
? Bl the speech was ifl th
* manner Bl ' arlia
'ry triumph. Ed iniuma
thfl rommer.' ick the
"The Daily News," which hfll been
ply y. oncerning t'ne military
conneil eontraatt th *\a
Parii ipeecb and flaha if tha council is
? body eoi which
. . there
.. ;?,.-,". ? c, ob
Igaill to the Premier's pTOPOIfll.
r nol irorh f<>r unity, but
for division ?nd paralyaia, whiel
diet of expert opinion.
gflnooni for Pre*
irgfl tn pload that he
hock flrerrbodj
ility, but thfl aol
know1 the ti litf teo well.
"The Graphic" says the speech failed
- up the aituation, and
. of the Paris
one nf utmoat gloom, while
Houae flrai marked by
?ed optimiam.
"The Daily Telegraph-* aay?s "No
n our
tim? ever, perhfl] ? completely
??Th, Premier ?chieved ? great^per
scnal t. I he Times."
Rhondda Warns Britain
Of Compulsory Rationing
LONDON, Nov. 20. Baron Rhondda,
??<>!lor, in a apeech il
. orda to-day said he was atill
compulaory rationing
t lt muat come
the public fully respond..! to thfl ap
for VOlUfltary rationing.
"There il i.o fear whatever of fam
Baron Rhondda, "but the
eonntry might have to endure a scar
Controller said that the Allies
thi aar through aub
marim go>**o there would
be th tO provide |
upplies. The situation Bfl rfl
rood itocka, Baron Knonddn con
. better than at
time last year, but tl
now ha.l to aupply France nnd Italy.
lf it were only a question of aupply
... he aaid, he thought
ning would ba need
Failure of U. S.
To War on Austria
Puzzles Capital
WASHINGTON, Nov. 20. The at?
titude of the Admlnifltration tewd
declaring war upon Auatria Bulga
ne 0f the mya
lahington. Jual why there
nding out \\ o
... rnt Ol
to thfl Italian front.
Then we Bh.ll be fighting Auatrifl. But
that war will be
.--. td-flin*
' '
peace with Auatria, which it
I Every net
There is nothil
But a
? with
mand for unit;
Bg v>nr
upon' ' ' y.-*"".
. K;i'>
made nt~_*
not de< * u'"'r' Germflny. Thfl
re-u.' . v.-hic-i
for the a<
,wn whel. II
tions regarding Gflnaaaj wfln
. ta ean 1"' "" '??? ????? W1,h the
I and agree
and in more waya than one, while
?? nding eonferencea
AHiofl to
.suspe. rogardiflg her
Tne of the rcs'.rictiors
alien enem -nion talk in
Even in plaeea
lh? un*
.? miters,
? made
Aad thil iflflfli- eert ? ???' *?J
who are just i rom to thia
countrv ?
:i women ll ' o pfltfltl
? long ba dodgfld, II
' ' i
i . ? tr?l Empirei
..orr.en. Apparen?!y the Ad
moment with d?nger fr'.-n the d>nam:t
ard than from tho >py, hflflfing bfleri
of 'ood an<l
?kfli in ra
montha, ' X *-re
roarod nt dynan I ? Bi I
\.,.' ? 0 go< 'I
?nd brotboffl aw
.,? ? ?
; ahrn hrrth. And
thia class ? f thfl
Khiser's dangrr- Bflfll
boi *
and in
rte the
rufltry, 'i I
Admii ? rinka from tha ta k
flf Oflflling w;'h thil penl. 1.",
wrl | . And "O will a poiicy
Afld, BOflfBgO. 1 | e Adn il
tr.-th flll it ifo. a
?mr, Bnt K i? *tiii ? lonr
way frorn having the ncrve to dei
the er,?rny born nmn flritl
Hll ' rne, u,ii, will eoflifl. Vi'-rday".
I waa a long step ahead.
First Steel Ship
To Be Launched
This Week
Vessel Contracted for by
Goethals to Leave Ways
November 24
[Staf CorrcFpondenrt ]
hip contracted for by thfl Emer*
g?ncy Fleet Corporation flrlll be
launched at Seattle on November 24, at
tb* >urd of the Skinner-Kddy Company.
Th* reflflfll is an 8,800-ton cargo car
rler, capablfl of eleven knots. C.eneral
Gocthal., former manager of the Fleet
Corporation, negotiated the contract for
7h. n ship in the new con?
struction programm* will icavc the
ways within the next month, it wa.
stated at the Shipping Board I
Following these initiai laUBChea, rapid
additions to the American merchant
marin? are expected.
Sinea the Shipping Board requi.-i
tioned the occan tonnage on the ways
twenty-eight rearaU, Ba-mfnting }**?'
? ? tOBfl, have been completed and BC*
ecpted by th.- Em*rg*ney Fleet c orpo
ent accepted
of theaa vesaflla dnring tba laat two
rgflaey Fleet Corporation'.
board of tni*tee* to-day tooh up thfl
.subject of u general labor policy and
will work out within a few days ;
for increasing thc number of ihtpyarC
employea. . , , .
Homer L Farguaoi . ***
general manager of the Newpor
. iding and Drydoch < ompany,
who will loin *he Shinp ??
pxp?-1 ahipbuilder, will bfl
gm work within a few daya, it wa | .
to-day. _
Plans Completed for
Free Navigation Schools
BOSTON, Nov. '-'"? Henry Howard,
? ir 0f reeruiting for the i mted
States SbippiBg Hoard, has COm|
pUm for itarting *J***.**vern\
..tion -rhool at Norfolk and N*W
port News, Va.. in December.
Germany Expected
To Order Change
In U-Boat Tactics
[Staff Corrtppuodtmto]
WAS1I1NCTON, Nov. 80.- A hint
was dropped in a high naval quarter
to-day that the militnry experts. of Ea*
rop* and America l-ok foi n ehang* ta
Gcrmaty's submarine .*tniu,-y us a
re-u!t of the BtteeeBafttl m?thod* *_?
ployed by the Allied and American
Miv.es in fighting thc U-boat*.
An Olleial declared that although
there wa.- solid ground for thfl decla?
ration of Premier Lloyd George that
the . ubmarine waa no longer feared,
thc navics of the Allies and of the
I'nited States would not therefore re
lax their vigilance ard their activif l .
in the least, but continue to be fully
red for any development and t'or
any surpn? e.
Kead> fi.r Anythinir
"Anything may bc expected ln this
v.ar," it Braa BBBflliad, "and W* are
ltaving iiothinir und.me to bc prepared
for any conting.t.cv." lt wa.* explained
that wbilfl B?* submarine*. were de
Itroycd or captured last Saturday, el
tabliahing the high water mark for
"bag*" by the Aliied Afletfl, II was not
expected that this figurc would be
reached every day and migBl B I BV01
aebod in a given a ? ?'-.. bat tha*.
the very satisfactory fact already rs
tabli.shed is that the anbmarinea have
been prevented from raalifling the
maximum of efficieney and of reault*
tbat Gflrmany Bxpeeted of them.
? fear that ara* mo*t fell had
it wai itated, ,;
] would impose a fchorta-.-. i
upon thc Earopeaa Allie- bj
it irnpossible for th.
provisiona from o f*ar is
no longer cntertameu, the m< nac* from
i-uhmarines has been
.... thei r? eon
IfflCtivfl than they have
. been in the past.
In Accord With Admiralty
Admiral Benson, ch'^-f of oper
who ifl abroad to attead th* Parii eoa
. ference, and Admiral
l American naval fore** in Euro?
pean watar , wai thorangh accord
, with th* Britiah Admiraltj
lag to niak?. public data eoBceraing
of L'-boal i d**ti oyed aad 1
1 or Bambera, par tter, be
? if the Gflrmaa Admiraltj
i thi. information il would be
ed to replaei
and at the *am* tima be
up on tba ? ?
Premier Lloyd Georg* waa bel
i from ? ? v.
po1 ' y Of itriCtOflt -r.-r.r ; BOrtlj foi
al reaaona and alao to eaeourage
lata Eaglaad and I
i hopeful ?
curbing tha labmariti* monac* indi
cated in th? rpe.ch of tb* Britiah i'r ?
mier y**tofdav arill aerva to iacrfeasc
- thaa leeeoa the pi
? ? in i utting BBOB d* ?
?nd ..ther anlI abmarina
,r< . Th:-. ara indicati d btr Boe
??tary Daaiflla to-day Ib refnsing to
% dfltaila ?f tb* part '?? tan
reaaela ha'-o bein playing in tb* eam*
French Cabinet Approves
Bill for War Expenses
PAR!*. ItOBfllay, Nov. 19, The r..hi
net to-day approved thc bill inl
by Louii Klotz. Miniatei af I'manre,
which will he Intradoccd in tl ?? '
?" Depatiea to morrow, appropriaU
? B*2_,O09,O00 franei ''or -He war
?xpenafl of the r*r?-t ajaarur of 1018.
Thi< amennt doea nol Inelad*
of 'he gov*rnm*n1 for tb* qaart*r,
?vhich comprise part of B bii! pravid
100...oi.. oo franc for tl
<- of tha gevernflMBt for the
entirr year ot III,
Ministers of Munitions
Con fer in Paris
PAK18. Mo* '..''> tVlaaton Speaeer
Churchill, Louii Locheai aad G*n*ral
? i ... thi British, 1- r*a< h aad It.l
ian Miniatera of Munitiona, held a con
t.-rdny at tba Mimatry of
i Munitionu here. I
Venizelos Cables Faith
In Greeks in America
Declares New Nation Will Be
True to Compact With
WASHINGTON, Nov. _1.?Eliutheri
ova Vflflisfllofl, the Graok Premier, -.ow
in London for the inter-Allied confer
atement to-day to the
Greeks of America. It was received
here by cable, as folli
"I am happy at being able to ? '??
iti - ,- ? ? Bgl from tiie capital of 'he
. Empira te tha Grocl
moat tragic ?
ot' our national history b
moral strength and faith unshaknble
I poiicy whicfa draws its prii li*
rrom the very traditioni of thfl
He lenie i Be*. 'I Iei wflrfl al
?..irmoriy Wttb the ideals of
i intoc*
"It was impossiblr - I liv
ing amid the most iiboral democratic
orl I r.ot to loathe tne
po ticfll dogBM of Pr i ilan milil ?
Greel eapou l ttee
dom so brilliant ly II Aiaar*
great citizen, wil
"l'r.;> i i... . I?< fflithtfll to the
? into with '
ard thil unity ia not irr.paired by fltifl*
oua, Iflolfltfld rumori *nd tha lo*
of a few org;.' which ia some
?f the world eontinui te
. :.ow rocvii*
thr,... Mflcodonian pr.. ?
which a treacherous poiicy handeJ *o
oor en< ?
"I am lun that the- vigorous Ame-:
. during th.
kan ufflra helped grvatly lighting
Greecfl will eontinne te plhy its part
through thil cr.
only [f il ?.
?' ita obligations
?lf will lt he able tfl establish
the na ? on ? flrai fouadalion
: al Ifl place in t!.
lemblj of ?
Charge That U. S.
Drafted Mexicans
MEXICO C1TT, Kov tt. Dt
nXfl'fl denial to a BOffl*
from tl.. "? Depu
I iei that Mi xieai are in the
. "Ei Demoemtfl" ?
! ii.. been
: l rornia, nnd
are DOW in Fram I their
" il Univerflfll-" answering thechflrgo,
s.-iys th.it thfl dlrOCtOr of "KI l>'-rr.n
rrnt.'i" is a Deputy, knd aaki why he
(i ,i 11? >t have the , i make this
fltatemenl befflre ? "!? Ican Cbam*
ler. lt intimatfl' thflt Gonflflll propn
guntia is bohind th- itatemeflt printed
l.'. ME1 Dotaocrats.*
rieafi Ambsi -idcr Flflh ber 1
? Btemenl tei ding te eorroel
falsfl iotpreeaiona mi d public hy eer
tain newapaprfl In Mexico ll1, cites
\.-?? flfl draf- law te show thfll
red ample opi
? r | ar- r\cr\ I
amption from n I
Bflrviee. ' .lor udmii.-. that
i for exempt
1 ,.-.. occui ? ? d, aub jed ng ta mil I
?ne a!i'-:is ir, the l'nited
neludlng ? f< w Me\
Hfl addj *;:'''
?] ern, including Mexicans, did
.'i aecepted ? i ?
?i the Amcric.t'i army as volun
Plenty of Coal in 2 Weeks
Wants of Pound PedlersTo Be
Filled, Says Purcell
I A. Pureflll, BCting director of the
trfll Parehflsfl Bflrosa, an
nounced yeaterdsy that coal doali i
New V'. Cit i ( re supplied with from
I 'heir immediut.'
thifl ? fort
ITOUld be enough COfll iti the
irybody. Tl i coal op*
had promiaed to send
apply all the demands of thfl
wha all in M te 100
rl m< BtS, Iflid Mr. Pur
d up tfl Jflflflflr) 1, flfld
( bi en madc wil h ,
t'ntil March. ile said the eity
n needed about 500,000
Each State Has Now
Coal Administrator
*U ASHIN'GTON, Nov _u. With the
to-day of Perdinand A.
fuel admin
Harj land, t he 11 I i I
fuel adminiatratora who ?ill anforce
eoal i * ..."
- : l|
"The fuel fldn ! tratioi ." II wai
announced, "deairea to decentralize ail
: 11 rules and ? ? .
bfl accemmod.ited "> local condi
"The state administ lator; in turn
ea ?'? eoal eommittee
? ? ,
ricicnl an
?-. r.i handle all iblemi
.. . i
of the stat" fldminiatratoraad tha Fed*
( r 1 h
Garfield to Divert
Coal to New England
WASHINGTON, N'ov. 20. The fuel
? i .ng imme
? ? priority order
ii ail Middla '<'> eaten coal
. ilng to lak<
No aatern territory.
When thil il done ''ne enn! w:.\ \,r
? 1 ha Ka ii tfl relieve ihort*
Bgflfl, particulariy iri New England.
Expect No More
Railroad Strikes
During the War
Officials Say Men and
Roads Ready to Mediate
Walk-Outs Averted
Wilson to Confer With the
Brotherhood Chiefs at White
House on Thursday
[By T Afl :.'!'.- 1
WASHINGTON, Nov. 20. Coneefl*
mfldfl by hoth thfl railrofldfl and
thfl head' of the four hrothcrhoods
Bragfl Iflaufl
' ?'
? ? ?
: i.y tranaportation tifl
The offer l "'?"*' '"'r
dent for such deciaion aa he may
? ? any qu I
. - to-day ar thfl
of thfl B< rd i l Modiatioi rtd i
r.s t'i {
time. It will ba etfectiv. until .ie~.ce .
? IJ I
.? such un.|ualifie>'
ndhe-ion to the princ 'thnt'
disputei through diaeuflfllon elun.nate- !
whatever chance th. re might he of a
itrike riu- to miflundoi
ings, and the coming negotia
enCing Thursday a' the Whl ;
Houae when Preaidenl Wllaon will
l roprflflon*
? -, are lOOkfld upon as lihcly te
Word 'hi.'- tWO itrlkei had heen
! hv the flttitudfl of railroads
and employes tow?rd thfl war reached
. -ir,i 0f Mfldifltion '?-"?-.*?'- *****
diiferonces which threfltened ;? Wflllt*
onl of engineen ?nd liremfln on the
N*?w Vork. New Haven A Hartford will
be Brbitrated through an Agreement
reached hv thfl tWO iMflfl. Thfl man
Bgement of the Bi Looifl ?>? Baa tran
,1 sway miaapprehen
men hv not *ying
wai boflrd here that il
Ion ot
' I ' '
Boston & Maine Workers
Are Awarded Increase
IOSTON, N'ov. 20.- A ?rag(J Ine
, day ifl -rranted to i1
aKent.. freighl handTflra.elerhfl.mi
I .imiiar emplo
(<- Maine Railroad in a.l.
Itor in the
n ln*
7S cents and an eight-hour day Inatflfld
?' '? - ll,
our day qo< ition ?*
decision - ... ,, _
..u ,, . . . mon with o.h.-r
quflflttefli ot -?*?>l"-r "''l",,',' ";li::'h
ariaen m the n Iti inal relotr'on? bi
,i men, that ln
vi-w of the prese-i' er
this nrttion ftndfl Itaelf involved at th
present tiflll , thflt it flfltrotic 'o
raise an issue at Ihis ?
No Mercy for Enemy
Aliens, Says Gregory
A warning tha' ti Bflfl iflcliflfld to d
loyalty t" this country flill do well to
hflfld Wflfl givflii 11-' flight hy United
..;,?, | Atl ' r?l Thomas W.
Crepnry, spenkinp a*. the Lincoln Mo
nional I'niver-:ty di-.ner at thfl li ' '
Ktitirr Attor-ney Gcner?1 de*
.'!.-irod, howr.ver. t'na'. ''..rtunately for
,-Auntry his wordfl flpplifld to less
than ."> per c?nt of thi ' population.
"Alier.s in thifl CO " -?'' I '?"' -
ry, "muat aaaial in maintain
ing th i
know tha r flflon why. Mnety-fl
cent of .i.' r the 1 BiteJ States
would ? "or thflii
. of 1776. II '""r thfl other
ei ? te show im' tha ilighteflt
"Our m< - ' ' ?" {'p
red through tha criminal eourta all
thfl land. And I . iy <i"d havfl
morcy on them, for thev need ?
none from flfl OUtrflgfld people and nn
. kvenging goverfltnent,
"Let tr.e Ifly tfl thanB," continued the
ipflflkar, "they had best lock the
thoutrht of the pitriotiflifl of thfl ?? i I
? ln their heart"
ond ? ? Whfltevflr
happt ? rmaay must
he bro '? ? ming to tha
r lur Preflidi i nt th"
' i ? 'iir gal
? ?
Aid Wfl ar" eom
.... ,. on."
Dr. K. B. Davis to Resign
Head of City Parole Board to
Join Rockefeller Bureau
ATLANTIC CITY. N. J., N'ov. 20.
Dr. Katharina B. Davii, head of the
', r -. p?i Ie Board, announcfld le
day thfll iha woald rflaign her poi ? on
? month to accept the a.
' of Socal Hygiefle. Dr. Davii al prflt*
Banking Facilities for Americans Serving Abroad
The Farmers' Loan and Trust Company
16-22 William Street, New York
Lranch Office: 475 1- if th A?cnue.
16 I'all Mail. bat, S. W. 1 41 Iloulcvard Haus-mann
26 Old Bn?ad Street, L. L.2
Two Special Agencies in the War Zone
Convenient to the United States Army Camps
This Company offer* its scrvices for all banking
Iraniactions to Amrrioiri officers and cnliitrd men ?rrving
here or in Francf.
The Company has been de-igri.trd .,* D-noM?.iry of
Public money* both in New York and Paris by the United
States Treasury Department.
| ent receives a salary of $7,500 and her
term of office is for ten years.
In explaining her reasons for mak?
ing the change, Dr. Davis ?nid that she
ffllt that there will be great-er oppor
tunities for her in the new position.
She said that she had done considera?
ble work on the Research Board durintr
thfl last six years and that '.he work
Ifld to h.r avea more than that
which she is doing at present.
Dr. Davil was formerly Commis
? of Corraetioaa ot New york
having been appointed to that
Bfl hy Mayor Mitchel. It I* **>
I that Mayor Mitchel wi 1'. appoint
?essor to Dr. Davis rather
thfl appointment to his succc.-sor,
Judga Hylan.
Gompers's War Acts
Indorsed by Labor
American Federation Also
Approves Aid of Other
Union Officials
[Staff i 'orresfionden.ee]
BtJFPALO, Nov. 20. Following its
action of yesterday in indorsing by an
ov. rwholming vote Samuel Gompers's
action in forming thc American Alli
BBea for I.abor and Pemocracy, the
Amerieaa Federation of Lnbor to-day
unanimously adopted fl blanket reso'.u
tiOB indoniog every aet pt Mr. Gomp
ir ai OCiatflfl in connection
arith the prosecution of th* i
unraacrvedly indorse,'' aaya the
tioa, "tho action of President
Gompera ar.d the azeeutiva eoancii in
al 1 of their actions in connection with
thc war and a!l other labor BMfl in oc
cepting poaitioBa of trust upon board-,
eommiaaioaa and cornmittees, and dc
that in their doing so the best
tfl of organized labor have been
advanecd, lafflgoardfld and protect.-.l.''
It was expectcd that the pacifist*
would make an attack on this resolu?
tion. Instead, thc only thing approxi
| paeifiat action came at thc open
lag f f the aeafliOB, when J. Mahlon
BaTBflfl, the Pfloalo'a Council leader,
rising to a question of personal privi
legfl, denied some of thc charges made
?gfljnat him yesterday by Pre.-iilci.t
' rs.
Gompers ( hanged Hi* Mind
Mr. Oonpera started to aaabe reply,
but ehaagfld hl* n ad ? ? d tha
out of tha eonvaotioB hy d**iar
ing: "For tho lova of Mike. don't say
any more, "r I may bc temptfld to say
United Hebrew Trada i, |
until last night icheduled for fall and ,
?;.;i.on hj thfl conven
loemed to Im govered by the
? af good flrill to all, and to bc in
B falr way to obtain at leaat one Bior*
llfa frf" from intprferencc on
tba part of the Pederal
The reveraal of positions on thia
7 ' r fullo'vod an ail-night confer
? ? ? bet a .'en rapraaei E i I
; iona, Icl hy lb njamin Sehle*. I
r, an.l tie Central Fed i
. led by Robert B. Brindell. with |
. ; Gompera iltting aa raeaiator. I
ara*d that the ?
. . ? ? .i .-. 'iirnit- j
?' eleven, i
the <
nnd Mr. Gi mpera.
Tin- resolution
meet with the approval of the I
? u ..... . ind othi
New Tork delegation, and to-night a
? ??' propoail io i i being eonaid
ered. ting
United Garnient Worker-*' delegatea by
tha I Inited Hebrew Trada : ai .1 i
antec !?;. thal organizfltioi | h il
ie prr.cticcs eoiaplained of.
i. . hia apparei I li re t
thi ? .al S ;?? d il. ri - lialr way.
November Selling Events?
A readjustment of various lines in our
several salons enables us to place excep?
tional values before you?
Fur-trimmed Suits at $65?$75?^95.
Suits without fur?$45
Fashionable Coats at *65-*75-*95.
Coats without fur?$50
Luxurious Wraps at $95-* 125-$ 145.
Street Frocks at *45-*65-*95-*l25.
Tailored and Costume Blouses at $10.
Street and Sport Hats?$10.
flf the d?!< ? I 'b>- coaventloi
think thev i..idencea of i
ftrht ofl
Eaat Side dclcgat. -. ia aaa way a
other, control at leaat I (XX
in anything like ? di '? thal
tnay bc very mucn BOOdflO.
Pteada for Nflgraoa
This air or' harniony persistcd until
well into thi ? '?' '?';i :l r
? reaanti d by Danifll C. M n;
ranciaco, reciting tha ?
for ho ira So ithen
'ended their action from
truthful and venemo
tack*." In thfl eourfl* of the dcbatc it
ara araaied to thfl ncccssity ol
organizing the ni
...... g aeaaioi ?
reat approai
ton Adi
Bg on
? ition, he d<
me was muddliag thingfl by iirait
"The; f untn
and putting them in thc trench
putting aoldiera on th* ahipa."
"Hut," he added, "thi* ia ? matter
that aill probably iron Itself out in
iuc time. Al least, let us hope
Puaureth, who haa been kaown aa ;v
? nnd al on* tim* waa cunted
mi to laad thc paciflst fight,
Rare Bookt?Firit Edibont
For the Connoiueur and Collcctor.
Pufnams ?_;?.
' hia talk declared himself as
for the war tO ? ftniflh.
ford Pinehi t ad I I ? eon
?i on the needs ot" tha Irirmet. of
the West, bespeakiiiK for them the ai
aiatancfl of onrar.izeri labor.
? *
$3 a Day for City Laborer*
Thfl Hoard flf ' '*'!"*
. the minimu.ii rate ?( ??*" >f city
and coiinty laborera at *'' I dfl*'. Th?
Eatii at*. rn '"? ? -* *?. th*
budgflt for 1918, Ineri tataat
im ef tf.fl,
but -et aside an item of $1,500,00- as a
cmtinpency fnnd for Iflbor :.r.d recom
mended thflt thfl aldermen Hl the raU
o( eompensation. Tl '? bad
asked for ? nimimum rate ef ?'i.
\J. J\. ?Signal Officer.
TO transform a wilderness in a few short
weeks into a modern army camp to accom
modate 40,000 men is an undertaking to
test American ingenuity end energy.
At the various training or mobilization camps this company
has been called upon to do its part by providing the neces?
sary telephone service, and has thus contributed to the suc?
cess that has been won in American camp building.
In some cases minor installations, although involvingthc string
ing of thousands of feet of wire, have been made almost over
night. In other plaees complete telephone systems with pole
lines, cables, terminal boxes, central offices with operatofs,
public telcphones with booths, and telephoncs enough to servc
camp cities of thousands of inhabitants, have been installcd and
ready for service within a few days after idvlce was received
that service would be required.
There was no hesitation, no "red tape," no dclay. In spite of
the serious conditions in the market for raw materials needed in
the telephone business, this company went ahead promptly and
supplicd whatever service the Government required.
Such inataUattoaa tvpify the gttftuie of this company to
tpaie neither effort nor expenae to proride any
necessary telephone service.

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