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l7w. W. Secrets
Bared in Raid;
Officers Captured
Literature Showing Organi
zation's Plans Seized in
Kansas Headquarters
mportar.ce to the gov
B and
VI W., was captured in
...y on the headquar
? baat* Ib hug
Kcbe'rtson, District ?
SaaBBB, announced to-day.
,<*ipated in
und-up notified Mt
,.o trunks contairnr-.g the docu
? at to
.-.ely for examina
' ,-4-j'" Haiack. widely known
i the I. W. W . araa among
? r.iay in the
it became known to-day, has
?ntry nine
tary of
. m Tv.isa. OKla., said
... prrn in -eral days.
was also arre^.ed.
?he main officers of the 01
.re under arrest and prob
?he govern
? ' ? ?
I |
| to 1 nat ?nal organ
th* raid.
.-rested OB "John
were held. A
nccts wrre picked up for examination
? ? aff.liatior. with the Indus
rs of the World. Accord
m to word to the District Attorney -
? Khr... a general ex
0<j.j. . -ers-oa la tbe oil Salda u
To Sift Editorial
Attack on Wilson
olaints were mad- r
?? ? Mar-hai Thoma* D. Me*
.-. editorial which. puh
in "The Suilivan Cour.
-.-:ew" on November 1". t.itter.v
attacked Presidrr.t WP.son for r:s
uptech in Buffalo cn November 12. :n
. - - - . . .-.-??
;-, . pronnettr
of "The Review" S >amm Hor.e -.
?This editorial str.Kc me as being
h haa
.cd ,n *T1n ??*? un^
- ?
,-:hy. "I shall make a rtry thor
editorial, captioned "Feeling vs.
;.ty," fall*
cn thc President ia original he
18 ard shows tho?<? quall
him obnoxious to hia
.- onal cor.frere,:. When he fol
| aad aead'
? last Monday hc was
I - ' '
.- lii
thrai, but his mind had con
them. ar.d I reaaoB -or
- .i
mpt, and the
? that the i
, ealled paeifiat* were
ects of B
doubt. paid
r enei
pric, but a
- results i/i
he alone is
Swann Plans War on Vice
? ??
II.- mad.
. ? Te.
a ?"
20 Year* for Draft Evader
?a waa a?
'phone your
to the Tribune
*.., re<\ t-ip'- ?l)"llt H
.t aad rn.-u! : "ii ??
lnll at '
If ,,,r
l ?, 1 riboM m
ta try it /,ut.
1 ? numb-T ii
eXra ?)crtk Iribtme.
Priests Uphold Kaiser
German Catholic Clergymen
Reject Democracy
EilNGTON. N'ov. 21. An offieial
? ? ? radic-graphed from
ernment NaMfl says
. clerj-y of Germany, re
? ?' sovcreignty of
raa in
supp-.r- ruliag I oaa* and the
communication, reeeived here
read from
? . - :h-,s coming
Sunday a : :..r in which it
? Catholic* of Ger
n'-itiy ? again-t the Ger
Baan ru'.ir.g house ar.d thc BlOfl
tat*. The Catro
Ct the throne a(;
OUtsidi atid latoraal revolu
r-.on. Thc b . reign
ty of the people, whieh oaly brings
and servi
tude and i ol which the
Germany to List
U.S. Property There
RUN, Not. 21.-The offieial
"Reichsanzeig-r" announces that the
ordinances dated October 7, 1915. go\
ty r.otification to the
authorities ot foreign property in Ger?
many have been extended. tagathai
'iie penalties in case of non-com
pliance, to property owned by citizens
tatei as from Novem
The term property includes share- in
German enUrprises within the empire
- upon persons domi
. the empire. Transfer- af
such property or ciairr.s is permissible
Chancellor's express sanc- .
The ordinance has a retroactive force
;f it can be shown that thc transfer
was miii],1 earlier, with the purpose of
evading the new regulation. It does
not apply to property owned by citi?
zens of the I'nited States residing in
the empire.
The immediate purpose of the com
pulsory re^i-tration is to prevent the
Ulegal transfer or liquidation of Amer?
ican property held within the limits of
the German emp.re for the purpose of
| rcmovmg the same from offieial con?
trol ard cor.veyir.g the proeeeds abroad.
' Such transfer or liquidation is aliowed
| , ? ly when .-pociric permission is
I granted.
These restrietions do not apply to
! such cisposition a* Americans Bi
?heir property within
They. however, are not per
: to sel! their hold.Bf* to a resi
aer.t nember of a :.rm Ifl thia counuy
pen Amen i-.v.
manufacturing plams are not moles'ed.
and Anv-neans resider-.t in Germany
may aiso eontinac freely to dispose of
thin the cor.:':ne?
The offieial aaBeaaeei tea that
-ory liquidation or the ad
' ministration of the property of Amer
? ? ? - -emplated. as It ia
? roriaiaaa of the Amer
Ith the enemy act" dn
not purpo=e the B.0JUI W con
n bv the American government
-nan property held in the Imted
COPENHAGEN, Nov. 21 .-The pro
- of the German regulation re
report on all properties in
.- ng to enemy citizens
ow been extended to American
citizens. , ...
The reports are of such nature tha.
th(,y , Bd aa B basis for linar..
iIb._ __
Railroads Urged
To Push Coal Ahead
\srotT Corrcvondcvre]
WASHINGTON, No, rd'-na'
tion of railroad facilities to expedite
..; 'rom the mines to
Indaatrial eaatrti haa hean
. . to th* railroad -
| oel Administrator Garneld.
In Ur. .- tep Dr, Garfield ignored
Railroad War Heard and th-e ( ar
on. the railroad organ
? ? which have been charge
Bg transportation
for rovBrai ? ,
.... ; arer*
.,w HajoB,
raaia: A.H.
,,w York ( entral. and
U illard, of thc Baltimore 4
. L a
. , id emphasized the urg*tit
need' of obtainii.g all pOM.ble -
tini kilroad lot
that there waa a
throa-rh th*im
willmgness of eertain roads to nter
Bd trachag* facilities.
Fuel Administration
Warns Prohteers of
Vigorous Prosecution
WASHINGTON, Nov. 2l. ********
? am 'VEi, ?'
'"r: ?2S than
' coal than
' ?' 4-. >
report immediately
' '
r evaaioBa of mlM
? '
J. Halle Left $2,278,461
-< Exchange
int of
'?' an'
-. _,
German Had No Permit to Own
Wedding, So Landa in Jail
. ocal hall
,-.l subdued wher,
........ rhey h?d heard
rrooifl aad two attaad
. L*r* -?' *'"' h,,i "?
,,v*r. Henry
. cher were
,,, Later K*rn.n.i G. Schmiefel.
.aa taken t* th* tflottho
Ihe l,r,degroom remained U "
h, f?tivitia :,y he joined
ery oaataa>, util
ler.de. upoi
? pern il to ffo
?vork. but h. forgol to
' ... fo to th. ball for
,h.* owb wedding.
Mayor's Defence
Committee to Go
On Despite Hylan
Mitchel's Defeat Not to
End Patriotic Work of
Prominent Citizens
The Mayor'- CommTttee on National
Defence is not go-.r.j* to die, nor ever.
chane-e itfl spots, when the Tiger ?
fl January I. Th* BflUBl
iflreepiag out of office b>* an incorr. nr*
political organization of different faith,
- | to affect the committee in
the Ie..
Mayor-elect Jo; B il r.ot to
he eoaiuitfld regard.nc the rfltflBtiOfl of
?.he prcflflBt Mfljror'fl eonaiittflfl bbIaaa
hc show- bflforehflad a dcsirfl U let the
? incumbents remain in office.
and Itl niar.y prominent members know
where he stands on thi- mafer.
Thr- ? flf the Mavor's com
mitte' ' nuei
bereft of th- r.ew May fl-flhip
flrlll be ur:(i< r flBOthor :.ame ii to be
Bceompliflhed by tho same pub.ic tptt
;trd rnon and iroiBCB flrhfl have worked
? flnd g:\cn to lt unseltishly a* a
patriotic cadfla-ror durir.g thfl Mitchel
No effort flrai made bf thfl Tribune's
informaatl to underest:mate the pres
tig? given te tha Mayor1 eonmit'
? was an official
comir. ' .er.tial and
prominent men who have given no'
their r __? to its efforts in
behalf of ?npporting thfl government in
the national crjiis, but likewise thou
of dollars. aie willir.g. even anx
- nat it should retain itfl present
Such a pociibility, however. consider
ing thfl viflWfl which Judge Hylan has
already expressed on public rr.
particularly in i fla the Bu?
reau of Munieipal Research. il be: -
to be remotc. Therefore, preparations
have been under way sccrttly tfl retain
the committee and continue with the
patriotic work as an independent and
unofficial orgaaisation. Oaly a few of
tl.e most influential members of the
committee aie cogmzant of the plans.
None of the working force of the com?
mittee ha* any kno these
The Mayor's Committee on Natior.a!
Defence flrai or^ani^.ed :r. 1P!5 ni a
nOB*politica ? ???>' for the pur?
pose of auiing both the Federal and the
rtate government' in military pre?
pared* ?
nation became a
ercnt the value of the Mayor's Com?
mittee on National Defence fll
rquivaleiit bfll become more empha
?aaon that pi
r.er.t men iatorflfltfld in the nation's wel?
fare have d< * upport the pres
tyor'i comm ?-??(? without thi
of the city. If Jl .- exprflfl ?
any wish to eodperate with them they.
are fflilling.
Two Semi-Military
Bodies to Guard
Piers and Plants
[Staff Correnpoidcncc]
WASHINGTON, Nov. 21.-Two difl*
tinct semi-mi!itary organization
be used in the protection of ihipping,
piers, Bl ?,.-? and other
plant* BBCCflflarj for the war pro
' flTfll learned at the \Var
Department to-day. One force
? of home guard orgaaiial
which will be under state authority
and flrhieh flrill h?vi poliee pow
i organization is to be created
under thr Burea \ | .
u ar Depari
thfl work ::tions
and n
Inquirifli .1 to <rhat home guard
Bt to the ?
of the variov
the roa
,1 . ? U -r a
much 1 ? I discrction than
Tl ?) ?? ar.d carry
short rangi I tolfl and prfl
? man more than
10 ? not ti
drain oa thi sup
plying khaki.
Thr- ehiei reaaon for iifliag thi
home guard*- nl.crcvrr poflfliblfl, ii
ra] niliti_
. of whom abou' to hr
organized. il thflil potrfll tfl Btahl
to March laflPiciOBl persons, and
tfl u?c- diflcxfltion in earrying eai
ders. For instance, an officer 1.
. . -. ?
not tfl I
beat, which ho irai BflfligBcd to patrol,
he would hfl
push back fll
tempteri to
Xhfl Itati eoatrollfld home guard.
_?l, .llnii.- a frian Vrn Knew WSS a.,
mtrr.t aiiow a mar. ne a.i-rva ? = _
righl ta g? hg. He could arrest *
man who was acting susp.ciously. He
could tearc'.-i such a person to see II
the nan had bombs or other evidenees
of guilt on his person. This was il
lustrated by Secretary of War Baker.
"If a aoldlar ifl a tme when no mar?
tial law has been declared. should ar?
rest a man who should turn out to be
innocent." he said. "the soldier would
be no more arithii - ng'nts than a
ordiaary citizen. Anvone can make an
arrest. The only point is that if the.
arrest should turn out to be a mist?ne
th* person arre.'ed would have grounds
su;t for false arrest against
a citizen or *. soldier. but the
policeman ;s protected from the cor.se
quences of his mistake."
tea ar* --r.ab'.e to pro
BBM guards for tr.e
proper protection of plar.ts. however.
? -.,. r. ? h arill he Federa'. -
ized miiitia under the direct control of
reau of Miiitia Affairs, will take
arar the work. These troops will re
?.re strain now being put on
? for such
functions as the guarding of bridges. so
all of the troops intended for a
part of the lighting mach.r.e may be so
b* taken in equ-.pping
? ? .mptte with tne
?-oops for ? Old ride*
-?.ead of the new
applied thi |i ' Bg troops. It
: that the old rifles are prob?
ably i ? at they have greater
stoppinp- po44?r at short rar.ge than
the hifhcr powered arms. plus the ad
that they flrill not endar.ger
a long distance from
the i ? -ier.
To-day was the -ast day in which un
r.atural-.zed ma'.e Germans more than
eara of age could remain in
ilumbia. but due to a
a local new-paper, which
set the date further along. officials aaid
i . BBMBt would be
nationals arh*
failed te register and leave until to?
rn. >r: ?
- -ade by the Fed
U ? ngton. ll *ra* denied that the
? was even attemptir.g to
-rr. away trom the seaboard. If
to New Vork. or Nor
- rn.av do so
pro. ui. BOl enter any of the
roeaiaj- rrvera on far*
ri* ;? permitted under the
tenai of th* Pv-oaideat'a proclamation.
N'r, i ?' the number of
Germans either ifl Washington or a'
\4ork :n take government department'
(ould be sFivtn at tiie marshal's office
Max Eastman Held
Under $5,000 Bail
Max EaatauB,editorofTha Masaes.";
who was indicted Monday on a charge
| the <-p:onage and postal
iaw*. appoared before .ludge Juliu? M.
i Mayer and his bail was ?xed
of hia ed-.torial
I . ..ii v.-as parolcd in
U irria Hillquit, his
et, ut.til Friday, when the formal
plea of not ?- . ?;.->.: he mad* and the
bail bonii- are to b* Blod.
The bond Ol C. Morrill Rogers. busi
? , .?? Masses," was
that o' Ployd De'.l,
naaag.Bg ed-.'or. $500. ar.d that of Ar?
thur Young, eartooaiat, .-i.'iOO.
???: S'a'-i Attorney
Earl B. Barnes suggested tnat Mr.
l at $10,000, and
th* other three men be required
to faraiah bonds of 15,000 each. Mr.
-ind assared
? r that his clients would no*
evade t.nal. .
Bovetl persons were named in "The
Mra. Josephine
defeadaata, furnished
bond Taesday. Oaly John Reed, *
?-mp. a car
led to answer the m
ent. The f Eorop* and
B notitied. The latter
rj t" he in New Jersey. and, ac
Mr. Hillquit. will probably
I pltfl ot not guilty to-morrow.
War Relics in "Hero Land"
Firatl tioa ai ta exactly
- . . at the front will^ be
?Tl, ro I.and." *'?
Grand Central Palace, beginning
I ?' ? ?? ir li
: daily by diatiflgaiahed
? [bit of the
rg* Ha.en
Putnam will ?peak on "The Spint of
md Arthur Pollen wil!
.4 r Chanler i* chair
mHn , i ar relie -.ommit
| I ..r? John B.
Bfl Bbodo* ar.d
Thc con:- ?htaiB*d * "um
?? n tr.e Euro
Bg gBI nia-ak .
naan aero
nlr.ne dOWBOd il
? -. helmets of the enemy and
- - ? iU-oment.
Root in Academy of Arts
elected a aaoaibef al
I Art- Bfl ?
,- r*st*r
ib. Two vacan
cies in th* membership ol IIfty lt
, d.rertors *f*r*
ola* Murray Butlcr.
Bobort Cnder
JohBBOB. William C Broaaell,
am Dean
7//M1'.':::;::?"":'.:I'-W'wg..'..'..-"**"?;:"','' "* '-"*<?(??.?<*"'
Officers' Uniforms
and Overcoats
at $32.50
at $37.50
16 oz., $37.50
18 oz., $42.50
30 oz., $55.00
Store \ of at
42 United Statea
tyzitl Qtctkvi*
Broadway at 49th St.
2 FUtbtiflh Ave., Brooklyn.
44 Ea*t 14th Street
47 Cortlandt St.
1456 Broadway,
"I?--"--- ..._:.:.::-:--:^ ...:_^::..:::^_z____r.*rzz______:
of New York, Boston and Chicago Bazaars of 1916 show net profit paid
to approved War Relief Societies of
$484,826.27 $459,339.29 $535,293.77
At'DITtiR'3 . ,.... ARTHl*R TO.NG A CO.
DIr-lOrTTE. PI.KNDKH. ^BIFFITH- * 130 ' ?
It is confidently expected that the profits of the participating com?
mittees in Hero Land will exceed
Hero Land's revenue to date amounts to over $157,140.36, which
should more than cover expenses so that receipts while open go directly
to approved participating war relief societies.
r ;
1 .. ? ' 0
Th* ' ? '""'* . __,
T?. H?, ,,.... ittr of "**?'*
lf. a M .
The Rlfht Hon. TB.
? , F_. . \< ? ?? I-nllnn Ambaaaador ro UM
H!? ?_** M * Iflfl-flO* tO 'fl*
I tfchmf-f.
Hia F.\ ? ? * -???-.??". A
UI* E '" ? A
Biigmdlfl ? i in. D. S O.
'.v hlt#,
Rr*i r anaral,
Hon L. .1- I Ufl
None of whom receive any eompensation from Hero Land foi
their services.
Arrvr." M Ca*U *?'-*? ' ** *******
4 v. r ii Twrawaaat Pama Ummt I
- ;r?u--i'? ?>?-?*???. flTflflfli --- Cl
.. - rifl-fl ** Um
t\marS^CMw%A*a I I trwaataa **** ****** r_
Awmtttw Oaamatmat ftft*
Ih* Malrr-' r*"l.ll?m "* Prar.t"
Anwrl-n r<-amll_- "" lb* BHU-*" **-"?
. - u t>*r?n ?? !?r*trty
, ... ,. .--?. . - Ruaaian T'm-v-?, ? '? u
.... .-? -
. --? i r;,.'rrrr?l ***a -Mfl -
n*: i -? aaril tarj s - ? \ .
amnrlra.-. n- M-f _?__?? R*?""
War i -?'??.- i ' .
A-rfV*.' "*?.-?*'" ?. > r
| -. 1-4 I I " ?
Am*r* -a- flTwuai
__"*<?_ Woin-r ? " ?" >'? '"
a' Arm- Olrl i *"-_ ? ..- I *acco Tind
Apfal A'ii AtU* **
Ap~J' "??* ?? 'ir*r'-' " F*"*r
. -? i^at.* rm *
:-,?. I
r.g-.A l*l_rtrl*r? ln '''""'?'' ,
BlUtd aad i-rtpfi-i B*l'"'1_>,*'! ,
? - . Ara*r!-an ?.r n-_**
Brttl.h I-air!--!
Brltlafc R- WlUl ( M
Krvuh wa- Oallat AiaarHni
p im Oaaai
, ,- ? . Iffrrlar Fund
? ? !? Vandoir* n^pnLA-'
? ,- iQaa
_ jua
i- -
- *?.<"_??
?- -*
, | -_,-'.?' OflflMflWflfl
? - t'lrfprr.irUM
M flUtflfl
ind I j*
* maa'a ftr-1~.
. .<.?
\a?al . . Martna Lorpa
I of Ara*rr*
:.. -_J Hrrtj
I . ?>?-.,:! ( r-mraJ-.taar
v a- lir.irf rotnaiiru*
? i o?iam
?*af* W'oflM i Wat R?'l?'
. I '. .?_"?'
M .,-. . A..i*i.^? I
. ia fur Cfl a_4 flflfl
. ?
? ? l <-.rera BUU
taatat n*mrt
, - ? -. nr. Na?7 -uiiuar'jfl
. II** Aaa'^aUor V Iraraad
. . *?rr *. lat.
a: >a
These organizations have raised for War Relief over
ONE HUNDRED CENTS in every dollar raiced at each of the participating boothe j-Oee to
that participating committee.
ALL SURPLUS PROFITS, after the payment of expenses and payments to participating
committees, are divided between sixty of the committees who have underwritten the expenses of
ALL EXPENSES in connection with obtainin-"- advertisements Ln the program have been pri
vately donated, and conseque-itly the entire amount received for advertisemenU in the program,
which exceeds $11,000, goes to HERO LAND.
The relief organizations with headquarters at 360 Madison Avenue, have always advocated,
and will welcome, State licensing of war charities. Such a system already exists in the State of
Illinois, and all the war charities with headquarters at 360 Madison Avenue are already licenaed
in the State of Illinois by the Illinois State Council of Defense.
All the committees with headquarters at 360 Madison Avenue have been approved by tha
Charity Organization Society, to whom they submit audited statements of their aecounts.
With other Bazaars or Entertainments

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