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Weather Forecast:
Frost On The Panes,
Steam On The Pudding,
LOOKS like a
snowed - in - on -
the - farm, siim -
ihe - <>1<I - songs, gather
round - the- fire- mesi
matea Borl ol Thanks?
giving, with, maybe, ;i
l!;iv|i dl* Blue ??r Kliaki
i.i temper gayety with
Splendid.. shaggy ;ill-?'n
\i'l.ipin_ Overcoats ol pure
thnt you ? ati buiy
yourseM in cleai up t'> eara
and eye-hfows.
Do_en_ ol othef style
ipodeis Irom Stein-Bloch nl
$25 i" $65.
Eroa-twoy at ,32-Street
It used to be
oniy imported ginger
ale that would hold
its flavor?now it't
Clysmic Ginger Ale for
sparkle, for flavor, for
U*AU* Ta>_U -__B
MACf tmwrmjs
aYswic spring ca
waUKtanx. wia.
r aV3
A large and unusual
assortment of Bibles
and Prayer Books
t-i Fifth kwOmOssA. SL Tflomot* Cfltm h
eral flight with its consequ.nt .xcesses.
r_.r* ot food arriving
daily at the Dv.n-k front only twenty |
have been reeeived.
U. S. and Allies
Expected to Recall
Envoys to Russia
\> klHMGTON, Hon tl. Offieial
-:.-.ation of ' fBH I.ondon
that Grrman btaff office.?? are in Petro?
grad acting as military advisers of the
Lenine fafllJBB probabiy will be fol
lavad prorr.ptly by action on the part
8. th,- UaiUd .States and the Alliefl
deflaitelj te place Um Belakflviki r6
K,m, t of Crrrnany'n allie-.
If the .irrmans a_re therr rtll doubt aa
to the purpose of the Balabeviki * re
ino\ed, :.nd the diplomat* wil] be
obliged to withdraw to a neutral cap?
ital, probably Btockl
atractioBa from thflir govtraflBeatfl.
Such a development undoubt
b? followed b) 'lation
ef all order. now in execu
tion for m litarj ai
Kuasia bath in I .,
Japan. Several rar| the
I'nited Stat. are i ? ? ?
Vladlvostok, bul ? aaa -.n I.e diverted
hy flrlll ra, ar.d it has h. .
derstoed i
would i.ot fail ii ? Hy hands.
Might Ma Truton..
I Genaaaa op. ? | Le
?iSfl ar.'l |
that efforts will bfl aaa
?.la ' ? Of Bfl ar'.ive ally
"t the ( eatral Pow? I I,.. might
****** ? ,.,n by
*. Bl .-n though ' found
t Inpoai
te l . . IBll
ottf, ' ? ' ..' ; i ./.
i?h p:
treed for lervice wil . utoaic
''??' ?????? '"artrnenl kafl heard that
**"* l'''' ' ' wa. plan?
ning an esckaaffl of |>riaaaen flrith
?..rma/iy, ' .-? v.ry ali|
fenaatlen, it w?? utated, eoaearalne
tina pha*< of ' ? j? round
aaaUiflra, Ruaaia ia believed to hold
? ' . ar.d
thnr r?ti_.rt w
oilitary .* Central P
eially Anglo
"IOU/ ' ?
MH Bflfl l'-'...l?m at I'arl.
? , overturning of tha
glata brrr hart been ?r,tjr,;_ling uch
| Kiflt to-day iu Rusaia
? thfl priacipal problem -
thc inter-Allied ??r i-oi
IMCtfld to deal.
ll being bound by any special
, Coloael llou-e nr I
? Geaeral Bliflfl, a ill co
? u ? h ? hi rcprc n talivi of the
-ii fram ing ion -
Strong hope. Ifl fell thal bb attempt
I I ? :nne to turn Russia ov.r tfl <?? r
arill meet w:th DOWCrful i
it home. Anv action decided upon
>? Alliefl will aa din cted i
Petrograd extramiatfl and net at tha
:' Raflflia.
Reports that cotne from the DOB '
Ml .k country that the hetman, (;enernl
may ba th< master of the
through hia coatrol uf thi
. whieh i- DflCflflflary to awintain
hl.uy force in tho North of Rus
? ava encouraged military cxperts
here to bflliflva that in spite Ol the
aid of hs German advisi-r.-, Lenine and
iction may ba brought to term
Further Indicationa of tha di
tion of Rus^ii were reeeived hy thi
State Department to-day. A cable dis?
patch -fri.ni Tiflia iaid a Bflw govero
m.-i t had been efltabliahfld m tha < au
having thirty-six ??flaheri aad
DOI ' ng ixccutivc as well as legis
la' ve powera,
ther d ipateh reported tl -
Bcwal of tha geaeral fllrikfl *'*
md added that the food ahor
ia expectcd to bear very hard on thc
Bolsheviki gover__aeat.
The departmeal also heard from
Sweden thal th? cadet- are rapportiag
. rai Kaledinea._
Kaledines Holds
Gold and Wheat
Stocks of Russia
LONDON, N'ov. _7. The Ruflsiafl iwv
oiutionists have made a "gha-tly fail?
ure" of their attempt al ndmiBiatra
tion, according Ifl thfl Petrograd corrc
ipoadflBl of "The Morning Po?l," writ
ing under date of Saturday. Hfl
"But behiad <>r beyond all this ap?
parently bopeleaa chaos, thc forces
which made Russia an empire are not
Idle and those who know Ruaaian hia
tory under?tand perfectly well how
_pattera arill end.
"Kven ns _ write thc situation
coming elear. The election.* to thr
tituenl 1 - mbly will take plfl< i.
but thfl CoBfltitUflBt Assembly will no.
With BBCCeaa. The Holsheviki
movement already has damncd the < 0 . ?
"Meantime, I would call attention to :
th. followiag fact. :
"The vast gold rflflflrrfl of the Rus?
sian Lmpire, which was rrmoved fr.m
Petrograd to the Kremlin in 1918, flrai
later carried still further into the in
terior, 11 i* la s?fe haada.
"General Kaledines, Hetman of
t'r.ited C'osackdom, is in secure
iB, with truhtworthy and disri
plined Iroopa of all arms, of all those
regioaa of Kuropean Russia that pro?
duced a harveal this year, and is rapid
!v esptariBg those remaining terri
tories upon which Russia relies for
it? daily bread.
? \ \ast confederation, under the
namo of thc Southeastern Union, has
been formed. It includes the Don
territory, ? great part of Little Rafl?
.i, thfl lower Volga proviBCflfl and
Turke.tan -the area which feeds al!
Russia. Thia union is extendmg and
promi.es to cover thc Sibcriati corn
"General Kaledines. holding the gold
reaflrva ar.d thc bread BBpplii
ter of the situation, and those bfl"
will accept dietation neither from Ker?
ensky, Lenine nor anybody else, least
of all from Germany.
"The Allies may safely admit a bow
ing acquaintancc with thfl curiout in
dividoalitlei thrown up from the i
by internal disturbances. but
for intimato frieadahip ar.d future
partnership, they must look alflflwhare,
and in the mean time they mu^t wait
unconcerncdly until their old friends
reappear above thr present tnrmoil."
A wireleal report reeeived here from
Petrograd rayfl bo offieial communica
? rom thfl war fronts was i .1
The Council of People'a Commia
sar.es, accord:n-r to an Evehaagfl Tele?
graph dispatch *'tom Petrograd, dated
Sunday. has declared a two months'
? rium from the day of thc begin
tiitg of the recent revolt.
A decr. e i?_urd by the council cre?
ate. a ipecial state edurat'on commis
, replac? the Miaifltry of Eda
All schools are placed under
th control of the municipality.
Enemy in Confusion
Of Piave Struggle
Killed Own Troops
[Stuff Cnrrexpondencc]
WASHINGTON, N'ov. 'J7. - Austro
German troops, becoming confused dur?
ing the fighting between the Piave Bnd
the Brenta rivers, fought among them?
selves, some of their forces being de
itroyed, tcml-eflcial diapatehea from
Rome to-day state. The advice* indi?
cate that 'he enemy forces are em
ploying explofliva bullets. Thc dis?
patches follow:
"The Regina Frigade for eight con
seeutive days and nights sustained thr
brunt of a score af actions, enduring
b temperature of 10 dflgrafli below th*
free7.ir.tr point. Some enrmy or.'
during the ronfustion of the struggle,
fought among themselves.
"So thfl liat Landaturm, durin an ac?
tion nrar Moate Fier, fought from thc
Bg until dawn against other Au*
tro-German troops, which were almoat
prd out.
"J- rom the Asiago i'latrau to thc
'he enemy has suffer.-d appalling
? gaiaiag any advaatage.
BfltWflflB the PlaVfl and thfl Hrcnta the
. l.as already wom out *ip divi
U. S. Forms
War Council
Of 11 Officials
But Conferenee Will Be
Without Authoritative
National Defence
Body Is Ineluded
Washington Hopes Amer?
ican Plans Will Be
[Staff CerreepwWAtMne* \
WASHINGTON, Nee. _7. TaeiB arai
created hert tO dav "hat ha- been am
biUoasly referred ta in WasbiBgton
for some time aa a "44:1'- coon
cil.'' Il wi te .1", according to i r. ?i
for the leose ergaaisation al 1 p
arate boi rd and adminiBtrators '"
this country what tiie inter-AI lied ?'??"
council is te .Iu for tl.e k
Lloyd George'i organixatioa, il
out tn be a purely adtriaory body, aad,
roves i" be largi
the possibilil ? of devi 1 ipiag IbIo a da
This new body. wiuch isn't officialiy
ialli',1 a 4\ ar COBBoil at all, but a "week
ly conferenee, t.< Imng aboat clo
operation of the war-making aetivities
of the govi niiiient." consi-t-- of thr'
Council of National Defence, naraely,
Seeretaries Baker, Daniels, Lane, llou-.
tioa, Secretary McAdoo, ( bainaaa Hur
tion, Secretary McAdoo chairman Bar
lay of tha Shipping Board, Food Ad?
ministrator HiHivc r. Fuel Arlministra
tor Garfield aad <- hainaan Willard, of
the War Industries Board eleven men
all told.
New Organizations
Make New Problems
Thi situation here la thi.-: B
the war brokp our ths bi 1
sieeutive departmenti all mel ai ??'
cabinet 441th the Pn lideni at reg
and frequenl intervals. The machinery
for governmental coordination 1
the 44.ii' becan new < ? ? .
ganizatiuns have Been created, some of
them more important than several of
the prcviou.iy exiatiag departmenti
headed by Cab'nel officers, Tl ese are
the Shipping Board, the Wai
Board, the War Iftdustriei Board,
food administratioa and the fuel a.J
The beadi of these aew and pe
ful executivi brancbei did ;:,,t 3't -"
the < abiaet. Each one of them bore
about the same relation to the IX*
istiag governmeat syatem a com' 1
tn tl 1 boIbi s] tem when it floata
into it. They were in tl
mental lyati m, bal nol of it Mo 1
Qg ground ewstc.l. II ?
? w.ir-makit ig
wi re concerned, as it would be in I
1 ;' p- aee lf no I ibine! ( xisfc
department bea i deall only wil ?
WiIbob aad with him d
Lack of System
Causes Confusion
The result haa heea a great deal af
eonfusiaa and lo< ? ?
suit tl
tion 4cent ah.ail witfa plartl lfivolving
cooperation with other similar author
itiei preeiaely ai ii thera were no other
similar authontie-. Shipping men to
France nnd ihipptag food to the Allies,
? mple, eaeh requirei 1
tupplying of ships ia the bufiqesi al
thi Shipping Board. Too often plans
,. man bave hrm nu.de with little
tegard to plani to ship food, nnd vice
4c1.-it.and both hnve been formed with
aut due hnowledge of the faeilitiea of
the Shipping Board. And when there wai
eonsultation and a diflereaei ef opinion
it wai diffieaH ta ret thi
arbitrated. I'ltiinately quaal
poiicy like this wvnt up t.? the Pn ii
bat only al.iau.tely.
That WBI ^he problem: te tame a lot
af admlnistratlve comets, whoae ' wh
ef ?"eedrdination" Washington likei
word wai the more or leil in
evitable ai e< rapanimenl ef 1 I
thrown together war organization. Or?
der might have been brought nhout by
? . creation al a ima]l organixation,
a real 4var council in the Furopean
, whoae business it would be to
lay out policies and bring the rprioai
war administrative bodfei lata I ar
; monv with them, Bt the -.atne time pro
.; necessary eonsultations
It mighl have been brought aboat, -n
the analogy of the txlsting Cabini t, by
organiiing all the war*makiag 1 ?
tivet into a cour.cil. eonsistfng
of the Seeretariee af War. Navy. i
ur; and the heads af the Sl
Beard) the War Industries Baard) War
Trade Board, food administration and
fuel administratioa, with and thi- is
Impertanl Preeideat Wilaen pr'
as meeting*, as he does at ( ahini't
meetings. Fi'-her way woald hnve pro
? .1 that much talked af thiag Mea*
(?r.lii ation.''
Plan Fails Short
Of Achievinf* Aim
The plan just adopted hy the Conneil
of National Defence fails far short of
achieving what either of this, otheri
4voulil. ln the nr-* place, it n
bodv which has bo execativc finctions
with bodiei whose functioni are 1
t .e. |i thi i.ext plaat it iraati
IF you trade at the departmrnt
stores you will find it ronvenicnt to
keep your deposit.s at our 5th Avenue
?nd 31th Str_Tt office?opposito _\!t
man's and thc Waldorf. Pltase a. k ft?r
Mr. Dunn, our Vicr-Preeident.
limiher f'rdrrtil llrtrne System
Wilson Organizes Board
To End Labor Troubles
Defence Council Seeks Proper Man to Head Body Which
Is First of "Instrumenta.ities" President Men?
tioned in His Buffalo Speech
By C. W. Gilbert
W .SHINGTON, Nov. _T.- Ar. organi
? zaticn which Ifl expected tc prevent
labor difltarbflB?I duri.ig the war flrill
be announced Ifl a few day?. Ihe
Council of National Defence i.* looking
' for a man to put at the head of it.
This man flrill represent the public
and it is said hc mu*. bfl neither in
.lined to.. much to thc t-mploytiV nor
t>> thc mai.iaia* paiat al "fipfl*. Hp
must al.so be fl pei-on flrhfl will com?
mand national caafldBBCff, Naturally
' he hasn't bflfl) e.i-y to und. Wher, he
- found, it i.s iaid tkfl ??"?v argaaifla
tioa aill be flflada pablic. for all thc
i.tl.er dfllflill hav? b-'en eomnl.t'd.
This new organi:.ati"ti will be thc
mofll imnort.nt of tkfl "ir; - truni-n
talities" Ifl wkiek Pre?idfla1 Wilson ra-.
,1 ir. his Ball b. and will
lie the tirst, fruit of hifl policy I
union labor. which wai sigaalized b|
, atraordinary reeegnition of onion
iin, ,n ),. viait to Ibfl Hutfalo CPBVflp
Agreements Made
With Union Labor
ip t'< aaa> th? i-dm ?? 'ratica has
bad e?rtaia ?p?eifl? flgraemeata with
union labo.* covering certain of the
more important kinds of war work. In
Ihe annu-.il report of thfl American
Federation of Labor, made t.i th- Huf
i',.li. eoBvention by tha eaecathro ccun- j
eil, these BgraflBU ati are priated.
'I hero ia one betwe.n Secretary I
Baker aad Samuel Goupcra far th *g
pointaiflBt of an adiustnient coinmis- ?
. ii.n of three, OBfl rcnre.cntmg thc
..irnv. one the public, and BBfl labOTi '"
control wages, honn and eead-tiaaa ofl
labor in tho building of '.he canton
in wai mad.. up
. ?' Oeaeral Oarl'agteB, repreacating
tl c army; Walter Lippftiana, repreaent
ing tkfl pubiic, and .1"! n B. Alpine,
.? union h.bor.
ira is a linilar bai bioi* detail id
agreement regardiag wagea, hoara and
tion. el labor in ahipbuilding:
; Iai ta, under which B hoard ot..- i -'I i Bg
- . Bverit Macy, L A. Coolidge and
A. .1. B*rrefl waa appoioted, This'
hoard has .li-triet BfflBta, e.iiled ex-|
era, to ascrrtain i_aa*_ aribir.g in
.arioas parla of thc eoaatry between
shipbuilders nnd their workmen.
Also, there la an agreement with rc
i couni .1, the mistake bfllBg made
iviag thc whole Council of Na
? it in it. while only the
..liij.n of thc other organizations
, || And m Ihfl n.-Nt plac. the
takfl is made of not having
U e l'r- ildflBl pr. -idfl ?vi -- it
Something will be galacd hy having
? rsrioua war exflcutivei aieel ia tkfl
a week, *?< n if tl >-y
meet under eondltiOBB that favor tnlk
? bb. Bai, la go bflflk
.... | . gu] poae ? differeaee af
opinion doei exist between lh? War
Departnicnt, thc faad adminUtratiaB
and tho Shipping Board. Sueb differ
encea are of daily OCCUirence, each one
of them to ? largfl extent making lll
own policy. W'hen tkfl ditf< :
?. v. "weekly ooBf< reaee" will b*
without authonty. Tkfl qBflfltioa will |
still have to make its fll?W way up to
tho President. A real organization
with pcuei to Bfll ii ih.- karaflflt thlag
to gal in Waahii giaa.
Peace Offer Made to
Russia and Japan,
Secret Papers Show
PETROGRAD, Sunday. Nov. li (De
The BolflhflVik gov. rnment
eontinuod to-day Ihfl pabliaatioa of se?
cret documenis of thfl old government.
Among tkfl ducuments printed to-dav
waa a lelflgram from Bergiaa Sasonoff,
former Foiwiffl Mmi-ter. to the Allied
countries, dealing with the efforts of
/ard to leadiBg vessc!., with a board o.
five memb#rs. And one with the
leather workers, the aibitration com
mi = .-ion in this case COBkistiBg of four
members. In general. thi ke Bgreemeatl
provide that there shall I"
tion of work during the war and that
all disputes -hall go to th" board
agreed upon in the partieular in.hi try
Plan Covers All
Lines of War Work
The p!an which ls about la bl
nounced is undeistood to be a gCBcral
agreement along the lines af tbesi
cial agreemi ntf, aae eeaering all tradei
directly or mdirectly affecting war
?? arl
The Administration has gone to the
various heads of the international
unions for their approval of a plan to
prevent strikes. Apparently, President
v. oa'i visil te Buffalo araa in further
BBCC of this idea. By his I
honored not merely Mr. Gonipei
ia the titular head of onioBism, l il
powi rful ? ilefi ef the iBterna'
organizations, who, while they maU np
the Federation of Labor, are only
Iv federated nnd are i ot really under
the authority of itl president.
lt. was aecessary t_ ceach an agree
meat with theae union heads iadividu
ally, anrl it is BBdarataod that one has
been reached out of which will spring
B baard <>r commission of conciliation
exerciaiag the same functions with re*
gard to industry in general as the
, xiatiag boardl with regard to war
4vork exereiae ia .special linea. lhe
agreement will preveat interruption of
work during the war ai:d provide for
thr- adjustmeat of diiputei without
Food Administration
Unites Buying Boards
[ Stu lf Correnpondenee\
WASHINGTON, Nov. '27. Th" food
admiaiatratiOB has completed the co?
ordination of the ar.ny navy, Allied and
neutral purrhases of the large food
itaples, chiefly K'rain. flour, meat prod?
ucts hnd canned goods, nnd has estab?
lished a division of coordination of pur
ehaaea for this purpose.
The neeeeaity f.rr .-.uch aa organisa
tioB i.'io44.s out of thr* governmental
conaolidatiea all over tho world af bay
iag of certain commodities into such
large orden as tu extead beyead the
ability of any one manufacturer to
supply, and the failure to coordinate
which may alfect price level and sup?
plies to the civil population.
(iermany to make peace nmong C-er
many, Raesia aad Japan through the
German Emhassy at -tockholra.
In reply ta Germaay, M. Sasonoff is
nuoterl ai baviag said that ba advi
taa Jai ? Ai ibasaador thal B i
waa willinf te listen ta a peace pre
? provlding the propo al wa made
t,r Russia, Greal Britain, France ami
Japaa, in whieh event he would notify
Italy, which then Waa not in the alli?
Aaotber telegfaa*, aeBt by tha Bue
tian Ambassador at Home on October
tl, 1917, told ef a r!e-ire of the Ita
to have Rasiia niak'' an attack on or a
demonstralion Bf-MBBt the Au.' ro-'i.r
tnans to relieve the pressure on Italy.
The Petrograd authorities to-day
published ? Iobi list ef employei of the
Ministry af FinaBCI who havu been de?
clared aismissea for fsi'.urc to resumc
their poets. Thev incitntc M. Shlpoff,
BMBBgCI of the Stata Bank, v.hic'u ia
still Bader eontrol aominally ef the old
authoi il
Effortl te force a raaumptien of \c.ri
under a eamminioBer failed. The final
effort wa.-^ made } ef terday wheB it was
demaaded t b. _ t the emaleyei af thi
bank aad miBistry should ime up far
nr against ?ho B.lihevik governmi nt,
i hey all vvalkod out.
Eleetien of delegatai to the Caastitu
cnt Aasembly began to-dav and V4ill
continue throngfa Monday and Tucsda'
Nineti-en liata, reBreeeating varioui
parl ? . factieai and ergaaisatione, ara
in the field, including two women'i
laaguea. The Hoeeow Metropolitan
Committee has announced that the
eleetions there huve been postponed
for a week.
Cjnp/iasije ,1/ieir sple/w/d values*
jor UhmL*yi*.'ttu] JesliviUcs
thc Gpciu-Uicalrc
Z/teceptions ~(Duiners aw
other social fu/idiotis
Q C. C Q"^ i
Lloyd George and
Venizelos in Paris
For War Council
Italian Foreign Minister
Also Arrives ? House
Already There
Guests cf Gen. Petain
Admiral Ben$on and General
Bliss Take Luncheon at
French Headquarters
PARIS, l-oi tt. David Lloyd Gi
? Premier. aceorapaaied bj
- r.uuy I'ait'our a: d other
., odicials and Premiei Vaaiaal'
? t Qreecf, arrived m Payii ta-Btf-t ta
attend the inter-Allied conferenee.
Sir Ei ? Campbell Geddee, Firat -.'?rd I
of tho Admiralty; Admiral Bir -lohn
Jallicoe, ehiai 'A the naval itaffi Parl
n.;..i ? ? rd '
? u illiaa* RcbertaeB, chief
of the imperial itaff at army beadquar
fhe otlier menil
I r.mier i'an.U'..' BBd BtcpheB PlehOB,
tha Maiata. oi Pareiga Affeire af
Baron Sonniiio, tne Italiaa Foreign
Minister, arrived nt I'aris this moialBg.
The Italian Premier, Vittorio Orlando,
Minister of the Treasury Francisco
Nitti, Minister of Munitions General
Alfredo Uallolio, Minister af Transport
Biaaehi aad Aviatiea CommiaeioBer
Chioaa laft Bome for Parii laat night.
Geaetal Bliai aad Admiral BeBaea.
e?ch aceompaaied by two membera of
bl ;:,:*, metored to French army head?
quarters to-day. Tluy were the gaaata
at luncheon of General Petain, thi
French commander in chief. Marquil
da Chaathma, who 4vas a member of
the French mi.;sion to the United
States, weat arith the party. t'oloncl
House and the othir members of the
American mission to the inter*Allied
conferenee, plai BBd te spend a!l day
,i, eoaf rence here.
i aptaifl Andre Tardieu. High Com?
missioner to thi l'nited Statea; Etiennc
Clementel, Minister of Commerce, and
Albert Thomas, former Ifiaiatei af
Munitions, called on ("olonel llou t at
his headquarters thil afternoon. This
evening Colonel House araa a linner
? Gravi Bharpi the
Amerieaa Ambassador.
Conferenee of Allies
At Paris May Bring
A New British Crisis
By Arthur S. Draper
LONDON, N'ov. ?_:.- The ?<
si.i foi the Opeaiag al the Paril con?
ferenee which will discuss and BCttle
questions afTcclinf* the course of af?
fairs for geaeratiaai to come. Rcpre
tentativei of the varioai gaveramenl
will soon be on the seen.'; some al-?
ready are there.
Of immediate interest to (Jreat Urit
i the effect the deeisioBi \4:ll have
on the personnel of the Ueyd Georgi
government The itruggli whirh tea
back threataaed to disrupl the
government and th?.* country hai ended
not la a Beaea but ia an armistice. i
Ity was only partly eli sred,
an.l tlur. are still cloud. ou the hot
Northcliffe ha.; retired to compara- '
tive lecloilon. I understand that iu
intrndi to return to America soon, but
eertaiiily iioa until after the Parii con- '
i\-M dci . BBipli te ? iti lahoi i.
lf thi represeatativei al the Parii
Guaranty Trust Company
of New York
140 Broadway
ttLaa-Nd St.E.C I BB Am. 4 Ut* X. Rm fc.luWw. 141
Condeiue- Statement. November 14, 1917
R?,Ettate . $2,954,887 11
B_nd.andMortg.ge.. 1.653.400 CO
U S. Government Certificatea or
Indebtedne... 80.488.709 50
Liberty Bond. . 18,439.640 00
Public Securitie.. 29.159.646 94
O.h.r Sccuntie.. 67,623.769 76
Loan. .nd Bill. Purch.._d. 287.228.937 18
Ca.h on Hand and in Bank.. <_0.65_.,691 72
Exchange. for Clearing Houae. 11.909,223 30
Foreign Exchange. 90,090,632 03
Credit. Granted on Domc.tic and
Foreign Acceptance. 46.959.6.SS 45
Accrued Intere.t and Accounti F.eccivablc I .>'.-><_?,74_> 38
$701.118,976 37
Ca -t.i , $25,000,000 00
Surplu. Fund"-required by law $5,000,000
Additional Surplu.?
Lot required by law .20.000.000 25,000.000 00
Undivided Profit.. 4a_?S_ 11
Accrued Dividend. -2_.U?0 00
5ut.t..,d,ng Trea.urer . Check.. 11.154.060 JJ
Accrued Intere.t Payable. 3_?^V_ ?_
Re.erve for Taxes and Expenic.. 810,015 1.8
Foreign Aceount. .... "??{??
Dome.tic and Foreign Acceptance. 4?,959,68J 45
No'es and Billa Redi.counted with
Federal Re.ervc Bank 17,842,456 22
Bill. Payable with Federal Re.erve Bank J9.000.000 00
D.,. . J" 1 4,.a?_.,_,Bu 0 /
$701,118,976 37
Deposit. December 31, 1915.$418,549,861
Deposits November 29, 1916.458,893,942
Deposits November 14, 1917.512,355,280
eoafcreace consider it necessary to
ann the supreme arai council with
cxeeutiv. powers there will be a ra*
truggle here, aad
changei in the Cabinet are almost cer?
tain to r. suit.
Though i.ioyu George searetf a per
soaal triumph in hii Parliaa-eatar** tilt
with Asquith, ho gained it at the ex
pense ef the abandonment ef several
important poiata s.t forth in his Parii
The Italians ar.d Americans seem
agreed upon the aeeeaaitv for full and
complete coordination of military ef
fort, bat in Britain th. ra ii a powerful
..clion united atr.i.n :.'.'a'ti-t any poliev
tending to weaken or hamper Britiah
.r.di pendence of ai
Lloyd Georga'a audacity ami hl
British i
oliticai - trate|"ist he is a master,
,; .. en io withdraw i
nee. But he faeei B_aay eai
li-rids d. he i ? 11 bo! fear, but 44 ho.
hun. If, '
iB another political crisis it will fa B
? rh! to th- finish aad arill not end in
.. .? mpron
The Italian disaster and the Rai
,, |?| .literated the wall sep*
moderates and the "bitter
.? tlu-y failed to brin;' I
? corn; ' ob the qui -
of the I int all to victory and wha'.
eonstitutei victory.
Meaawhile the confidence and deter
mination of the people rrm..in BB
African Burial for Jameson
LONDON, Nov. 27. -The body af
S ? Leander Starr Jameson, aaaociate
of Cecil KhoiK.s stiii leader of the Jame?
son raid) who (i.ed yeeterday la I.on
?!> n. will be NBl te Buluwayo, British
Afrli '. for :i.'t:tment. It will be
buried beiide the bodv of Mr. Rhode*.
Haviland China
,,l- Ot">"?TIO|.
Frar.ce Lirrcj..
Oytter Cockttil
Sul.ul I)t_M-rt
end Complete
Dinner Seti
.. vanefy cf f.in~y article.
t..r Aln.on.is, Oiive* tnd
Hon *t*ag**aa
Haviland &. C9
Feoodt -
II :.. - 36tfa . 10Eaa 374>
Americans Get Licensei.
To U?e Gerinan PatflBU
HcoBBflfl fur th. "? f*****},
vm te laattfld to- lay I [******
Trad? Coram - c i2ir
manufacturci- n ? **& _~'.1?
ci<.:pl.iu for the product...n of j.lr.r
,-nn. Thu pric- (fld ?' '*".'.
tim? l.y tl t*tM ??
? i,
It's a Hahit in
Par-amount Shops
TODA. and every day we give exactly one hundred cents'
\alue Ior every doilar you invest in a Par-amount Shirt
Shop. M.iny Pai-amount shirt wearers say we give one hundred
cents value /;/./,-? hut we want you to decide that for yourscif.
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well let thc shirts talk tor themselves they all earry two money
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\ i-it one ol our shops today?it will prove really worth while.
Par-amount Shirt Shops, i?c.
Downtow.t in the Tribune Building.
nTHKR ...PPd?
3rd Ave. at 59th. 3rd Ave. at 125th
3rd Av ?| I49th
__!__.?, ._.?.

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