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Ttte Great War-1215th_i^a_y
Drink il today
Fronch ?
TatJe Wahrs
All Four Swiss Frontiers
Are Cloaed Indefinitely
GENEVA, Nnt. tl. Th- Aa
_ml Genaan *toi * ?* !;l~'
ni^rht. i-w'h the French and I
ad already been cl< aed foi
T>,,; ? ? and. four froi
ar.. now aealed for thi ? ? ? alne.
.. ?
Doughboys Who
Got War Crosses
Envy of Comrades
Pershing's Men Proud of 15
Who Withstood First
German Attack
\ . >? -
FRANCE, Not. M ("Jalaaad).?Aa Im*
,y marked the preeen*
of the French War Cre l to the
American Bo'ldlera wha wil
German raid aari? thii month.
aad men, cited
pan. by the French i
. . when
thr v
tl '
. .... under -
?? formed ?
-nd Stripi'fl cracke.l ir, ' ?
Bfl called to attention
neral comm
'anrl U) :' t,M
w as
i no
? ,?l. Th,' e-eBcral con
! arise frequentlj ?> 44ar,
cloarhoaded eoolne... nnd -oiirage * ?'
iry. This eompany beh_Ted i n
oi e occaalon n> it waa exp< cted I
nnd a* every other company of A
, \|eeteil tO do
.r i ircamataneea. Th< I i
rai o mmandinj* the leetor i
, ,e men h;iv<- earned Wai ? '
an . I how il'livcr thrn. anl thc eita?
"V-Hi nui-t under!?tn.nd lhat you mu-'
Mr them, bat must krep them in
yonr poaatflaion until Conpress author
tl i ?... aring bf them."
He then pieoented lha eomj
? j,r:,] cre to tha Heat
commanding. Next tl l ri'- lieuten
nnta 'rom their positions.
.1 and reeeived tb* ii ind . idoal
Th,. general eoni
each. N'cvl tha non-nmim -
ind men marche<l op,
gratulated on receiving the hon. i
ii turned to their plhCOl in th(
rank -.
Daniels Against
Foreign Honors
For Americans
[Staff Com apottjOxtmei ]
*W U5HING rON, Nov. 27, HOW : ?
..... | ?-.,.. |
' ? lei are DOl for An. t;.
:???_ men. thia eountry ihoold i
tain its own principle?. and *uch re?
alfered by foreign pot< ntatea ar"
. ? ... irod Becretary of
the N'nvy Danleli to-dav.
Mr. Daniell fltated that hfl will enr
nestly adriae again I < ?ngreea a?1
*? the acceptance of medali nn<l
, ? . ? ?'. red by othei gorero
? . Ameriean ofl l taon.
Whatever honors rome to them, ;
.,-itcl. ahoald come hero, ?nd no?
i Men nnder thfl eontrol of the
N'avy Departmenl w 'll b? |K rmitted to
? ? none.
Spirit of Italians Ends
Menace of German Rush
[Bg Ti t Aeaociuted Preee] |
NORTHERN ITALY, Haa. tt liemyai).
The fluctuations 'rf tht great battle
ia th.- Upper Brenta and Plai i r*
pion have now developed te a ataga
,,.;.,,.,0 the reaistiag power >. the Ital?
ian arai] hai been deaaoaatratad to be
auflleiei t to retai t te prevent,
adden ra h through the P?ae?
leading to the Veaetian plain*. This
u;,v regarded a? a Mrioai Bteaaea Bia
ro, bnt a
holdinc iolld a|
repeated attacks BBd t'"ir defenders
readj evea to take rhe aggrns-ive
Bgainsl heavy odd*, the feeling of grav
jty thal then preVailed ii el aag ag te
? ?' reetored eonhdehea aad anwn
g determination, eoapled with ?
spirit of baoyaaej whieh pervade all
ranki of the am.v an.i eivilian life.
Thera ii aleo the feeling that friend
'? Allied lapporl ia near *? a timely
mom ht. and thai aae miagled rank* of
gray, blue and khahi will eombina te
rorr- the barrier thal Italy haa bbb*
I now
iMninp B trip Bf one Hindrrd Btilei
to-day throagh tl toae in the
north, the corre-- el the major
?re"*eral in eoraraaad af tha aioat ex
ro t-.l front benvrrn the Brenta-and
Pl,-, . , iven. ??? here thi preasare haa
i,,,,.- ,....-.? d th.. Ii?s heavieat,
nnd ebtained from him details of the
situntir.il. Afl the general apohe a
heavy eanaonading regounded through
hii Raid headaaarteri an.l he looked
oul upon a greal itretch of tha Brenta
Valley, where tha eaea-y ia concrntrat
ta break through ta
)tr sano and the Veaetian plains.
Staff of__era nnd orderliea --ere ar
" th reports from all vital
After Afl
It's Your Own Pocket-Book
Writo for
at the
R't, 300-3
55 Warre
New York
But of course that's not your attitude. You're
no more inspired than any other business man
when you open your door and gaze on a row
of empty typewriters waiting for their operators
to come back from dictation.
For you know that if four stenographers spend .
two hours apiece per day in taking dictation, it
is equivalent to one stenographer losing 8 hours?
or a whole day every day. Which means that
the weekly salary of one girl is lost in non
productive work.
The Dictaphone reduces letter-writing to one operation?
typewriting?saves all the time your stenographers now
spend in taking dictation. It cuts the cost of each letter one
third. l.ach girl produces at least 50 per cent more corre
spondence per day. She produces it more easily?with less
brain fatigue, less eye and nerve strain.
She writes what was said?not what she guesses was said.
Thus her work is more accurate, and your correspondence
makes a better impression at the other end.
Don't say now that your business is "different." It will be
profitably different after you've installed The Dictaphone.
\\ rite ior list of users in your line of business, or phone or
write for a demonstration to
"10 Million Vw
MeMben by I hrtot
ii. aii jroa iieoil i
? heart and ? dollar.
,Toin thr __ed < ross
Phone Barclay 3043; or Call on us at 55 Warren Street, New York
The word DICTAPHONE it a TRADE MARK, regiilered in the United Statea and foreign countries
Ihi, jUvYrtutwent' nus obiarto4hThe DkfsptSont,
I pointa, ond h.rrying off -ith orders
for the Bmn-ruvnag of troops. I*. arai
p Btirril | ? ? hut the general pau*ed
long enough '<? giVB B good geaerBl Idea
af tne aitnatioa aad oetaili of the con?
dition of ;he troops *xnd thr aplendid
they are naking agaiaat heavy
Tha geaei i 'imate<i theae eddfl at
fo.;r i ? eae, hut . ?
?ach oddfl bia *-< n wero ttghtiag with
n power of re-;<tanc". cnnrag" and da-'
beyond all praiae, Attacks were alraoflt
rortinuou^ Bl one point or another,
but the Italiafli wara always read* te
reepohd, and had no*. on!;- repulsed at
. bal driven tha enemy hack after
.1 . r . .; ht roic ehargee.
general aufltaaed up the physical
eonditioni of the battlegroond, whicn
mndi th? atraggla particularly trying
or th* troop i ?-'. hc aaid, there
, thal terribh atrala af endaraBC
?> d natural fatigue, aeeompanying
nighta BBd dsya of eeaaeli fighting
with the releatleee faa. Then ther"
araa the extreiac cold, arith th? temper
at .' ?.' nhout n degi
nheit. This ? xtreme col'l ara
made ,(.- e, he aaid, beeauae the men
without nny ihelter, everythlBg
having bten awept away in the ti
artillery action.
"Mustard Gas" Used
By Germans in Italy
Aaother form of (Ierman frightful
araa deaeribed to the members ofl
the Bond Clah at then weekly luncheon
? ti rday by George F. Baker, jr., arho
Iretaraed aaly reeaatly from Italy,
[where he waa doiag Red Croea 4401k.!
For want af 1 bettai aaaie ll is known
BBtard ;:-??" and, according to Mr. j
Baher, It peaetfatea the thleaeat ofl
elothing, eauaing burns and aorei of
. aeh ? character that the pain la al
Congressmen Leave Britain
LONDON, N'ov. '.'7. Repreaentativei
Frederick C. Hicha, of New York; Rieh?
ard lf". Farher, nf New ?i raey, and
John I, Rogera, of Ma ta. thei
last nf the American Coagreaeional
delegation, have loft for home. The
af their vieit waa a trip to \
BcOtland, where they mad.- B e ? ofl
ape^chei bn whai rhe Uaited Stal
doing and plaaning. >
Sergeant Pavelka
Killed in Monastir
PARIS N'ov. 'J7. Advices from Sa
lonica are that Sergeant Paul Pavelka.
of the French flying squadron, was
killed recently by beinp thrown from
.. horse near Monastir. He was buned
at Salonica.
Pavelka was the first American
! ghter killed on the Macedonian Iront
Hii home was in Madison. Conn. He
ted in the Foreign I.egion at thc
outbreak of the war. but was trans?
ferred to the aviation branch in No
vember, ltl5. He aerred with the La
fayetU S..uadron before Veioun and in
the Somme battle. Later he volun
! for service at Salonica, where he
wai deeorated arith the War < ro.s for
hia bombing IBdftgbti-f PP&am.
Pavelka Won War Cross
In the Foreign Legion
. ..velka, prior to cnlisting in thc
Rying corps in France, served tUUP*
t_,.? months in the trenches with the
_:> Legion. Ha eatabliehed a ree
hia preparatory training a. the
, v Bjr.n. aehool at Buc ot plw
;.!.,. bu.ltti out <-f.,twelve ihoti
head of a movin_ lllhooetta rcp
. tjn, the bo.iy ef ? man, at a dis
. , ... , ?? one handred yai i
39 U-Boats Reported
Sunk in Two Weeks
Counsellor to British Em?
bassy, at Hero Land, Tells
of Rumored Successes
\ itotemMt issued last night by the
publicity department of Hero Land, thc
v.nr bazaar beinp. conducted in the
Grand Central Palnce. quoted T. B.
Hohler, counsellor ti the Britiah Et*
baMTi ns hanng iaid duriag ? speech
there: . .
"Thirty-nlna U-boata wew lao* oe
tween November 1 and November 15.
Latci thte Bayley. British Conaol
General Ln H*U Vork. who had aat next
to Mr. Hohler en tha piatform 'rom
whieh !'?? had made his addreea, **
?erted that Mr. Hohle- had apoken only
of "rumors.'' of thirty-nine sinking.*
whieh he had heard in Waahington.
Good authorities have stated that
during the laat four months more U
boatl hav- been sunk by the British
than during the whole vear preceding
thal period. Lloyd George announced
iliru-e of Commona on November
19 that on the preceding Saturday five
,.. "theae peata of tha sea" had been de
etroyed. Otherwiae, no exact flgurei
. the work done in partieular
pcriods have been orticially given out.
Official Statements
i.onhon \ ? I I DAt' Duriag th
iiight th" (JrrrrrariA uadertOOll another rrvin
t. r attn.-lr nsr,.;?-<? OUT POBlUoa in thr BOTth*
a*a* twtwei ai Bouriaa w ? l Tbe atuek
v.Kt rcpu_.ed.
There i- nothing af P-einl interest to rr
, ori rn, tha .. maiiMtri ol tba ttam*. lhe
..r'iitl ??! !? ? 'i wet
(NIGHT'. At down to-day nur inrai -?
inr':. in the nri-hborhood of lhe villafrcs nf
Koatalne, Kotre Dame aad Bourtoa led to
..... i.-,. erirmy, -tmn-ly re
tnton-t ? . , advance w,m graot
bl -?? ayed baekward
and forward durina ' a dej
: ave advanced e r Hne Bad taken ever
ir 11 I n at..
bnrinj .iy attcmpted
tn attack tr.e position we hold in tl.e Hlnden
ir '...? t ..f Moi w* . '".t
PARIS. Nov Sl (DAT). Acttve artHen
Bghtina i* bbbbw ttap north ol tha Ai
gaa aeetea bettaeea PBaia aad Ptaea.
la Chaaapaaaa ona ol eur detaebaaea* laet
ni?ht pcnctratod G< r.i.iri tr. i.chc north oi
Prunay. Aftar haviac explored thr pa
deatroyed ?heheri and eaptar I
t. risk, ? M men reti - _ d lo U eir own Una
? irnina wa aaada a
? ot lahure.
On ;| | riaht b_nk - th M< u - I verdun
.t with .ucceaa la*t niatbl
an -paratJon in detail north nf Hill 341. w?*
rr?.ire.i n r li ''''"? "?>-?nu'na oai
,., ,,| ,,,, . :,,.:.... afternoon. On
... patrol urtinn
-?.,- Bethineourl enabled ua t.. take pri_
,.; . , including an ofTie r.
ln Lorralnc, nortbeaat of Nomeny, we
ma.l- a raid and bn narhl hark pri-O-cri
(NIGH1 .. Quite spiritod artUlery acuona
oeenrred In Bebrium in tha wion of Juvi?
eo-ii aad oa th.- front nf th.- Cnaanaa WooC
There araa no infantry action.
[U'l'I.lN. via Lan doa. Kov. .. (DAT).
Frool of Ctowa Priaee Bupproeht.?Ia
Kland-r-. the artilkry ?eti4-ity Bfl"-ifl ????
sume.l iiaol vMaaea ia tbe afteraooa he
t*eeti llouthol-t Wood an'i Zan.l-ri onie. la
ioom aectora of tba bah_ataM aoothwaot of
Camhrai there v,*- an hrBBBBfl BriBB due!
?,,..it the day. Hriti.-h bifaatry, wha
I :,.| aoat" drawa ap ready, attacked In th>
rvenin? under tbe eovi kneoa the vil
lage and wood ot Bourlon, bul were repubed
in hea*. hand-to-hmnd Aahtina. KoreBetd
artivity continued liv<-!y on the whole batue
Iront. . .
Kmnt nf th* German < row_ Prtnee.
North of Prunay a Fi-neh attack wr,, re
P '., ,| a a reault of trench flahting Un the
rastrrn l.ank of the Mer: e tha Bahtina BC
Uvity araa moderate tbrouah-ul the day. ln
the evenlna there wa- a rom ids rable ineraaae
m the Bahtiaa between BaaMarneua and
Rrai.rv ? ? n Sl MlhM nnd I'ont-a
MoiM'on ihe firing ?t times revired.
INIOHT. On the battlefield near Cam?
? .ti- Britiah attacks between Bmir!.>n
. i Kontaine have ;:ii!,-*l. Bitter loca1 an
|_gtaWBU are ^T iiI PTOgTC I
paris. Nov. 87. During tlic a?raa af
yeaterday we bombarded various German
work. iti tli?- r>'t.ii,n of Dixmude. Ihe (ler
ri'in artillery haa for tba mo't i>art dtaeetod
its fire .-i.rainst. our organiiations at Stern
ftraeic nnd Dtvuudc. In reprisal for tbe
enemy iHimbn-dmetV near I'urncs and \\e
tapelle we ihelled It. Piem Capelle and m
? . ? ? .-.'?.. 1 h<' night al N'ovm
marked by great activity.
? iv Kippe, .outh of DU
mude, arere driven hark hy our tire. South
ekentkerke, an eneounter took plnrr
n one ot our patrols and an enemy
i _? i . the latter Im to retire ? ith
considi rable li
activity along
tha whole iront during the aigbt To-day
our workl 'i'li "r StOyvefcl nArrke, around
... Caeakerfce, Dfatmade, Octkerke and
Kippe were bombarded Our betteriea !>?
i.!i>..| energetkally again t the German
Italian Front
ROME. Nov. i7. Yarterdaa aftcraeoa the
rrieinv, after Imiahanllni furiou-iy ou: p.wi
tions ou <', 1 drlla Bci retta, to the east of thr
Brent.. Valiry, launi-he t against it a mgaaad
:' an entire diviaion of infantry. Thr
enauing itruggie waa very lien-e. aad th," ,ie
fendrr... bolated by -i violent barraaa fire,
would perhajw hava beei.m,,a.!ie,l to ghre
Way, in view of the pire of the attarking
foree aiel tha- violence of its a<-_u!t, h.-ii n,.i
their aupport, eoauMeed of splendid Bicillan.
of the am ient and glerinu* Aosta Brigade,
with parties of the '.Uth Infantry and the
Brenta Valley Battalion of Alpini. armed in
Baviag eroaaad thc death zone with elan.
?vir fallant troopa raahod oK-?m?t the enemy
with irie-i. tihle imprtus. rnrrying all heforc
them and rompolling him to retire with very
sr-cre looaca, leaving prisoners ip our hand....
BEKLDf, Nov. :. (DAY). The situation
is unehangcd.
|NIGHT). On the Italian front nothing
of iaiportaaea Im-, occurred.
BASTKRN THBATBK. N..v. ta. Q_i,.
ptOvailed alonj- tl.e whoh front, irom the
Strurr.a to the Vardar. ttoot of the Vardar
min,ir infantry attaeks were easily repulaed.
In the r?(.u.n of Monastir ther,- were artil
Irry duek Hriti-h aviators continued BCtive,
bi rnbing on th< SCth the atation at Drama
and i n. irona of Sen s.
His Own
Soldier Story
PRIVATF. PEAT saw his whole company, ammunition
gone, surrounded by Germans and captured. Shot
through the chest, lying two days in the open, he escaped
and was carried back to his lines. His right lung is gone
?his right arm is powerless. Through two years of hell,
he is back with a smile and a story of tense fighting and
manly courage.
Neither fiction nor hearsay, but the actuai personal ex
periences of a Common Soldier with eyes in his head.
Ifl etikinai tliaitretitai fr*m A hottfrep'. celltrttd bt iht eatkoe. Prtes
fl V ntt Al all g**ismr*S, fht /.'#A/>; Strtrtil C*****m**\ r*afhihtri
Market Quotatiom
.74 for the f
Edited by
AiNNE LEWIS PIERCE, Director of the Tribune Initituto.
With thr CoV.il.oration of the V. >*? l><p"'">"*' ef Agrkeltara, Rureo.% ?
mtarmwte, ltem Vork Ogmea, aad fJkd BWbbb Uf Fftada aad
_'r?'.'- ?/ i*i? ( i'v /I"-.''/ of Ildif'h.
Wednesday, Nov. 28, 1917
These retail and wholcsal. prieea are offered ai a basi. for
making up an e.onomical market list?one lhat will help you ta
the buying, the rlealer in the irlling and the Food Adminiatration ia
equalizing price*.. Tbe comment en_eavor? to put the reason be?
hind the facta and to help in their praetical application.
Lost?Two Million Pounds of Turkey
LAST week thrro were 3,000,000 fa> 4,000,000 pouttdl ol* turfc_| tn cold
Btoraft in Now York. At leasl 2,000,000 pounds have left .*_???
it-taga toat-hotnee. Seventy-five per cent 4>t the turkeys -ol4 aili
be- cold ytorap-e? but they can't he found. The retailera know onlv
fresh turkeys. As a matter of fact, only a few freah turkey hava com',
into (few Vork. There is a small local supply that is d< .ervedlj hi-i
priced, liut m Weateru and T*exaa turkeys are too loan for eatiag fp
44't, and are Ui:i>. "fcd up" for Christmas, Otl Mr. Efoorer'l .-'i'"fi"estion.
The proMen ifl what has become of the 2,000,000 to 3.,000 poundj
of cold atorage tarkeya that have been piaced <>n the markets of Nr*
Vork ard cannot be tocated? We feel temptcd to offer a reward to every
retailer who will admit that he is selling cold atorage turkeys. Thrr
of these brave and superior men arere fouftd in Waahington Ma'ket, bat
the others repudiated the notion with acorn. The sad parl of thr afTair
hl that the few freshly killed turkeys on the market will coat from li
to i"r cents a pound, whereai the cold storage birda ahoold eoat not mort
than 28 to S8 cents, a few of the fancy gradea bringing 37 <;? nta. Cold
^toreti turkey Ht its proper louc-r price 19 B gOOd buyj Bt the !resh turkey
price it is a fraud.
But how to tell whether you are buying a eold atored bird or a frrah
. ne? This ia a time when to be on friendly and confidential terms with
your dealer ia a grtMt thing. Gel him t > ahow you a cold stored bird
and a freshlv killed turkey, side hy side. Th" cold storage bird usuillv
has a dull, BUnken eve, pa!e colored COmb and giltt, an.l the s'uin is ?f>
and flahbv, rather than hri^ht and atringy. Tht -r!T7ard, heart and liver
may he aontewhat shrivelled in the eaae ot long **?**** ?
Do not jump at the conclusion that if it's had lt- cold itorage. Th:j
sort of rogie is what has made the dealers afraid to own up to earn
ing eold atorage product*. Many a properly fattened turkey, M|
froxen, ia more paiatable than a Bo-callad freah turkey, kd d tea wor,
and careteaaly Iced for qukrli handling.
Here is a chanc- for the houaewife to do aorne cona -ucti**. work.
Approach your dealer with a friendly smile and tell him that ItM w*nt
cold Btorage turkey at the lower price. This three to four million pounrii
?i mod edible food must n-.t he wastod, and you arill be helping the Food
Adminiatration and baring the market clear bI Christtnaa for the prop
,.,-lv fattened birda if vou patronire the cold atored product now. ^,00:
a ouett for the two m.fliom* pounda of eold atored turkey that hate disap
peared as completely Bfl the Flyfag Dutchman and aee li they cannot Kt
hrousrht to lipht. . . . ...
Remember also that while this pnee may aeem high for a co'd itectai
fewl the wholeaalera are actually loaing money on them. 1 ;? y oougt;
them Bt too high a price, :>:{ eenta to 30 eenta lari year, and sale* wer*
Ut. due to war conditions. The birda have a or i
eenta Btorage chargea, so that the wholesale price of 23 eenta to 3 cents
meaVa kX It boniy fair that thev should take u os8; they are pay-j,
forSeir lack of judgment, and for apeculating in al.1 product, b.t h
nrJreaeive houa-wifc can serve her own pockftbook and help to meet _
SI commen-ial triaia l.y cating ? o.l.l-store.l turkey lor ThankafM*
(prieea ln conte per pound unleee othertci t '-Ard.)
j j Rrtall frif.-s
PMMnrcn -jSS.) (.,in ';.;:. ? ,..,,? ,??,? .&
Store Ma I '' *_"
M i:\TS (7_ve?fea-_-ie_ale| j 1 I
priea for dreaaed car
rs!,,: 11 -.-0 ' -! .... ' ??" ????
R?'pf, . , li?M_8?_2 St?-5 2. -28 35 -31
Blrloin . ???? ff ''.-j., M :s -"III
Rf>und . - *a__aa?_ S_ 2>*?3fi l* ?-^33 ?J"
>vh "HS.: :::: uia?-_.-S=a- _? ----?-?:
gtea meat. ? ?
t.avnh .->0 ?** ,-__,- ,._{H |,; ' J*, -HU
Q?T. :::: i. ,5i_-=_S_S * -**-+
Rork .jfH?**??*-{ ... ?Jti'" |t ' ??? "__?-'?""
Chopa . :,' '? :?- ?:*v.
.... ....??.-?- ?;; g ,., ri_,, ,, _:u?^
... i_ _1' .. .... ? ? ? ? ?"*
>ea\ .'- " ?.",__;fi ?)-._*0 ?*, .'J ?.63.
Shoulder .' ???? Ha-'glSS 1. -i*3Q
Turkey 1 fresh l.M -? I ? *if__5z2; ::('-37*. -';
-fBrkey ? 4--id atone*) ._:;?>?ti >?-s ."?*.. -_^-__
^r",1 ,?.,rket.n.lSt.^- j -H - - [?!jj ^T..^
Halibat .W -fi ?? ? g J M 30 -4?
Mackarel . ?** -r " ' - i-iz
Hukr . fi "? ** _ *?" :-*
wkitijj ...JJ 3,;'-! ;;;; " ,? h -,ii:-_
?7^vit"",."s:.t" ??*?-??* ii -*5 "il
"'iurr ?i _"|t.. 32 >2 '5- Tl ..
B(_MS:::Bai tUJL7.SU p-*8f
ffi :Se,ii-::::::?.????=!? S v: jlZ :"^*^
?'?y""' I _-4-.li lUto-a 1 --Si_-__
GKlSrt'tb-i'M t_ "t-i.'tit-_ m ??- I'tr-iiti; . \t -'li J
';.^.:.: :?:::::?.--?*":??? -?-...?.._ll_I^_L=i!
BRieB FRurre: _ ~ 23
*V,'1le, ."..i;-i 17" i"_-r,?--2.3 11 ---I!_____
l'ruues . ?* -' ' _-?
SSS ?.'.?.?.*.':::::::::U__?JI ^-?";-" l?,-':';-"
Onieaa . I -~ | ' '! ' - '-' .3 "? 1 I
Rotatoea . - _ ? ,.' ,\ ,'.,'. y, -M
^-rs.{"-liSii t?i? ?'"* ^
< arrota . ' ?" . - ;{ __ :, I
Taraipfl . ~ ? ' i! I 1 - ?' ___-__
Sweet pntat.-cs. I ? - a '-.-,
Wl.ita flour flMl lbe.)..?lt?W I I ???? ? 9* ' H
Rya flour ,19* lhs.,.. $11-11 .,0 .... .... j .
Uhole 44'hcat (IM lbs... $12 -13 .... .... J J K
Cornmeal . ? ' - ,. ?? ||
Maearoal .? -? { ??* ,
slmr-,,. .S .'-.?? H I" . ,'1'
lt,- .::.::.-_-i-ii...Ji -??? ?*-"? _? ' ~ ?
?Dorrn. tQnart. tSlnRlo unit or head.
?JUJWPAWT retateee. turoip*. r^quahh, pumpkin-. onion*. rarroia,
fl()under. KrapeN applers, oranBr-" and pear*. ^
NORMAI._BaetS, cabbaire, lettm-e. tomatoer-. prppers, celrrs. t?an?n_.
?aaat Batateae. . . ...
SCARCE? Flour. rornmeal. -.uir*r, -prout-, melonr pca*. r'rlng D?ni,
,-umhirs, aggglaat, plumrs and cranberric-.__^
piSfl IVAtTBl The line nnd whitiag 4vhirh hnve been wming ia ia
htrge f-aaB-ltie. at Fu"on Market and wholeaalina far i'. to 2 -.??>*?* p? fce
r.V. not met with a eordUl receptioa, and th, dealera hai ;r J
?sh ovc. re-tciriR at grt-lt .xpsTBM. Thi. ha. re.alt, ^
thouaand pounds of these flflh being dumped la *ne w J
held until the* 4vere no lon^r s?lat)lc. ...^..-isntlT
Whoae .s tke faalt! h I bbji wonder that dealera are r.,t - ? -<?
nhllaathrorie ta run the ri*k of trvin-; to iBtrodaea new and cheap pro a ^
Ten thocaand poi-.nds of eheaff leh araated iri eru i -' m
tha piaaeal ntata af food price* is certainly a l atarji <??' our "*
of distribution. , , ? ,, ? i ha*?
Some int'rprlaing Bewa aeeker 44,th raore ieal thaa wiadam w^"!.ullt.
had r. t.ne opportunity t<? -pread the story that the n*h bar, as 01 rf
M-rkrt were dratroying the ftah in ordor te keBp ap (.r.ee.. Aaia J a ^
tui-t, thay 4vrre n.eroly Uaiag money on ne4v, cheap BBB that they couki
Two Market Basketa anJ a Two-Dollar Bill
GOVKR1NO delivery aervirr and hi_he-t quality, a $2 bill Bt piaaeal PjP
-ould buy a pound and a half of laml, ehope ,.19 cents), a pound * ^ ^
half af awaet peiataaa (I aaata), a deaaa larjrc araagaa (M Ctfnlf ?
pourd of le-wteea (M aeaUl and a head of lettaee 112 eeata). ?
At thia point the woman -ho had literally "gone la market or tea ^
aterl 4vould have eaeat only about half thia amount ar.d wOttld bo BBiej
arith the halanee .n addlt.onal bill B. grocrrirs, Incladlng a pound 01
two pounda af whiting, half a dor.rn bunanas, a pound and a nalii
potat'oea. a loaf of bread, a quart of milk and a pound ol macarom. I nia
supplcirt'iital list of grooenes represents the savin_ that would accru ^^
paymp eaah and bripg your own carrier to and from the chain etore or ro
'Tlu* ",dui*H "tApveurt an *%ww***h*m*g and Saturday) _ ?**

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