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The Rape of
A Journal of thc Ameri?
can Lcgation in Belgium
By Kugh Gibson, IVitness
The secrctnrv of the American I.egation in Bei
jrium. leetug even thing, kept a per. onal diary of Ger
mptny't mmortal tin. The seal of neutrality is broken,
ojid here is one of thc great documents of the war.
it: On thi trail of Iht Hun. The n -
and begit ' i
R .(/ townt,
?dtnd b '?'-??< of ofl kinda
( ??? ?raa com
?oflr.' ' reP"
! onvain
a-hen " ' '
i. and sho>
not 9*
.om thr.-.-.- ' < city, tb r*ee the
il of an
?l hoy
about I
clea- ' ?
tnd '?
thf]u,r. ? n during the win
ftambsion 1
Over the Ruina
?hr ?
throu- Baelen, which 1
__w o- trip with Fred<
PahM 'nin'-'
donc to th<
Wi i lock
.., in a M-tamrant
hy Ja
there .
ol (fl
told ..
and tnekh ?
.. hich we had to think.
He ,
' A lol
have;.'?? r""Ui Ne* N
.r.,1 ,
to rtay
in tl. loc*J
fondr ;o tr:ivt;1
md H.?.-op track
of th- :"r,',lt v'!"
rklni out i
? '? for- !iml
to be pl?
Our ' every
time '. ' .
' x
b**m t0 j
to us. Then
i as
i authon
tiea and mak? our ehrei a general
? our
: bc ? W ca-itr.
Th. came into the
tagoon v th u
9mm, . " likr llu'
p*lm of his hand.
Only Two 1 louses
Left in \
I mmi baaa through VumS twtee,
?nd had fl
neu cf U . tteu, but had
really h.-.d i .. Idaa of arhat it
It om o towu of about
souln. of :!
pretty hill overlookiag the M<
There ar.- o\ ry tWO OT thlUO i
?flfl. W e M? OM OM nian, tWO
fhildre:: ..? in tho place.
Where thc others are riobcly kl
T~e oid bub Was arell over i
*nd bad that afternoon been put off
? train fr where he
had been op ot ami
? llc of Attguat
He had Kkim.m.* I AWOUfl K Mi S
?T_K - .oat, front ami
Uclc, io tl . could bc nu
???abt as to who he waa. He was
?tenriin/ in the atroat with the
t*Brs rollinjf down his cheeks and
*a not kr.ow where to po; hc had
*P*n*. thc day wandering nbout the
?"?ghborinjf village* trying to find
n**a of his wife, and had just
?*?rned thut shc hud died a month
I waa getting .Inr' ,
.?md to aee tl tand
welter of
ruin ? or child or
It ? r companiona hard,
and thej li ?ded the old man up
. ? . which waa about
.-,'! that an uld do for him
.?md then wc wenl our way! Wi
red through i treet ?ft< r
? timea
? . ' wh.-re there
>iot cnouirh walla left to
iisting Record
ol I lun Barbarity
? r the atation we were
a shallow grave dug just in front
, . . We were tokl who
n old hap of
He had beei
ii grave, an.l then waa
to a young tree and abot The
builcts cut the trce in two jusl a
? height of his waist,
tl .? low wa',1 behind WH full of
\ nearly aa we can learn
? ear to have come
;, thc town on their way
towai Nothing i aa sup
then, but
th, 16th am! : 7th, iroop.
. .. from ! ?"' ?' and sys
tically reduced the pjac< ' i
ruina and ? i ? the population.
. clear that the tire- w. rc all
?:?! 'here were ? ? i <
t It is aaid 1
two hundred civiliana were ahot,
. ? n hundred men bundled
and sent back to Ger
many as prisonera of war
..? like thc ohl chap
'I", , |1 '.'1 fOOl
to walk back threc kilon^ tn
;. tram t.? | tej ? went.
to Dalhem, when
the nighl at the Chateau dc
n a hill ovcrlookie
ttle village mm:.
jn ti;. of the valley. It was
off the main line of mareh. and had
?'?'? -ed.
Chateau Guarded
B) German Dragon
. chateau belongs t>> General
.. great friend of
Id. il'-v.
but the place ws being pro
[endid old dragon in
of a German govi
who had been wUh thc family for
ears, an.l refused to
when the war broke out. She
obligod to lodge a crowd
of German offlcen and some of
. but held them down with
an iron hand, kept them from doing
any damage and made them pay for
every egg an.l every bottle of wine
We arrivei! afer dark
aitd threw the place into a panic of
fear. but ti. Fruncqui soon reas
erybody, ami the place waa
,;, und placed al OUI
po ..1 in f-hort order.
Friday morning we were away
. aad made for Herve. where
1 had never been before. It is a
ruin With a few natives and a lot
of Undsturm left. We ta!i..
and to an old pn. I
wh(> , . aomething to thmk
about in the r stories of happoninga
,.?.-,. ? .1 after tl'.e OCCUpa
... bomea Irom there
by emy ol a lot of httie
? .: , I dOI
r. '.ut'whose tondition wa,
?-<.,, |, paal the fort of Heron
and the defea hre u'.rks that are
- ip thare.
They Murdered
300 Persons Here
In Andenne and Seilles (a little
r..ss the IfeUM) the (.er
nmns did a thorouj:h job. They
kiUed about three hundr.'d people
.,,.,1 ; urned about the MM number
0f bouees. Uott of the bouooa had
been Iqoted systen.ati.-a'ly. Ar
cording to the itoriee of those ia
antfl who remain, there was a
, f terror for about a week.
during which the Germana rendered
themaalvea guttty of every iort of
atroei'v and barbarity. They are
all most nositive that there was no
firinjr upon thc (ierman troops by
, Ivil population.
,'. .cen.s tu be jrencrally believe.l
that the ma-saere was due to re
tiMancc of rftotof ?elgian troops
. n-iK-tion of brirlpi"- Bad
to lovrr tlu ir retrcat
A rhe provocatioti. thc bc
,r of
rVc Wttt shown photo
(-TBphJ " ' ' I ' ' ; ot
? .11. I. It bbjjj to b ?
I that I
Only Scattered Brick
Where I own Stood
Afl nt . lunch v. ?
to DinanL till
. ? few m<
and there arere
I bad
to Itina: : ll bad
l thoughl I bad
an iti<-a of what we arei
Bul the pictut ?
a hinl of the borror of the
town, whieh muai have
. ni atled al thi
rnipp gray clilT, cixrwned with the
rt, whieh -.-... ? ised or
Thi gone. Parl of the
line, '''"' the trail of
a number of building . bul for ahe
moal part there ii nothing but a
atti red bricka to
i.l atood. And
?. we were not able !??
learn, for everybody there aaya that
? in the toi
self. We 1 . end
BUch ' hardly be
were more and more impre
we went on.
Thc bridge waa Uown u\i and had
fallon into the river, and ? we had
i ttle time to make tho real of mir
daj' jounw y we did not wyit to
croaa by tin- emergency bridge fur*
rer. While we were
atanding talking 1" a achoolmasier
and h i fi tl er by the deatroyed
bridge seven big hu kiea with
an! I ? rough,
leading an ' who
d with a camera in
their | , At firal
no objection rai ed '<??> the taking of
phota/grapha, hut now mir rrienda
i tting a dittle touchy about it
and lock up anybody ailly i-iioiiirb. to
. t with kodaka or can
Aecording *,! a hai we arere told,
the Germana entered the town from
ll e .:.'? '?'?'."il of Cim
ning of Auguat 21, and began firing
into the windowa of thc houses. The
Germana admit this, but say 'hat
there were French troopa in tha
town and thia waa 1he only way they
. get them ouL A few people
? then- was nothing
thal evening in the nature of a
i ocre. Although the i
day waa comparatively quIeL ?
par! of tlt population took refuge
in thc surror.ntiiii^- hills.
Shot Civilians
Kneeling i-< Rowa
11 Sunday i ''- tha
German troop ? I ' ! -: ?'??'>' ",|,!
They drove thc people into
Um street ari'l set tire to their
Those who tried to run away
arere ishot down in their tracks.
Tbe cojigRgation araa taken from
thc church und ftfty of the men wt-re
?lot. All the dvUiani who ...uhi bi
ronnded up wajre driven into the big
iquare pt there until evamlng.
ttboul 6 o'cloeli tho arraTtBra won
i-i'le of thc squarB
and kepl in line by BoloUera. On thc
other ide tba man m ra lined up
- ? wall, I
-. Then, under eoannand oi
.11 titllit-r. 'wo volkyi were Rred in'u
them. I he tloa.l and wouiadad were
left Uigather until th Gerniana i-r"!
| tn burying them, when prnc
tii ally all weri- dead. This was only
. rnl v. ii.ile^ilr-rM-riitidii--.
Tbe Gennans do not aeeaa bo eeaj.
? ? ''"' ? ,,llt
m, rt-ly put forward the plea that
most of the damage waa nifitle..nl
to the fighting whieh took plaee be?
tween tha armed force* Alto*.
.?.th,.r more than eight hundred
people were killed. Six himdrad
Bnd twelve have dw identifled an.l
iriaL Othera were not
.. (-nizable. I have one of the
whieh ture still to ?'?' bad, rai
though the Germana have ordered
?ja popie, returned to them. Those
kiUed ranged in tts* from Ml*
FiveL *vged three weeka, to an old
womai ' *,-?**ot' v'*10 na"
eighty. But then Felu probably
fired on 't10 German troops.
Made Children WitllCM
Murder o! Fathci
There I no end to the atorie of
individual atrocities, One h that
\l. Wa laeigc, director of one of the
banks, waa ai l?ed by the Gern ana,
who demanded tha! he ahould opan
the aafes. Hc flatly refuaed to do
thi-.. even under threal of death.
i ii ally hc was led with his two
eldest soni to the Plaee d'Armi -
and plaee.1 wlth more than one hun?
dred others, who were then killed
with machine run:-. H. Wasscitfc's
three youngest children were
broughl fi the apot by German sot*
diera and compelled to witneaa thc
murder *d their father an,i two
? , i'i,* .'? ' I >?? v
i a
Another instalment
Oflice Scekers Scared Off
High Cost of Living Turna
Them Back from Capital
VTASBINGTOX, Dee. I. 1 '??
? baa devi lo| ? '1 k
: I
bwbj fron aaambara af I !oi fti
Repreeentl tl a I ???-. a G ?? ra. .. got a
I hundred rfdlnr a maatb job for a eaa
f-titurnt Bfl an assistaBt doorkaapet la
Heaae. Tha eoi rrived,
looked tivtr tbe hatala aad boardlag
aad easpi 1 h?. I ie prieea
:..;,? tl..- Rt aa aa*
? .? ? ? rkeeper. Mr. 1
followiaf. Bota: "Hava arrived.
di parted. i iad bi ard too hbrh.
It* by." II \\a <
i bj bi eoi ? itaeat
Baptists Indorse
Rockefeller Stand
Against Immersion
Hia Plea for Greater Unity of
Protestant Denominations
Alao Favored
Promiaet Bapthrta af New Tarl i
' for thfl most part aeeBlfld willinir yes?
terday to aabecribfl wholly or in part
i to thc statement i.f Jehfl I?. Kocke
feller, jr., ,.: ? Bapi. .? lllaalea dinner
la the iiot.i Majeetk Tseedey niKht.
that imniornion ou.rht not to be a
r-<|ui^ite for membcr bip n that '
Chareh, whllfl a few arera BBWllliBf ta
rer.d, fr0B) thfl poaltlofl of thfl Ameri- I
: can Baptlat church with ragard to bap>
tiam. All weffl IB favor <>f Mr. Kocke
. filler'a plea for greater unity nmong
ihe Prateataat ileaeaalaalIoba.
Tbfl Ke.. Barold Pattlaoa, pastor of
tin- waflhingtea Helghta Baptlat
Cbnrch, ? I ' >ag taken ? peei*
tton ilaailar le Mr. Roekefeller'a, Icut
nifhl characterlied the statement as
"m. ! and mnirent.ni -.'' "lt.
i | ig appeal ta ty ''ry oba arho
think* mor? Of the kern.-'s of thiflgfl
than of tha inick-," ba aaid. When
aakad abaal hia position on iBimeraiaii
n ,i reqai Iti far Chareh jaeaflberahip
ha replied.
?[ donl beliera ln beiag auch a good
t I'tu b ha-i Chriatiaa. Our
Lord aaid 'I'-y their fraita *? "hall know
lt' 'ruita, net I aptl na. Bap
? ? comiaanded In tho New
i Ke K<- . Charlea A. Eatan, of (he
Madi oi .venu Baj tiat < Ihareh, . aid
, fnlly in aecerd with llr. Rocke?
feller'*. general propoeitioB, atthough
ntt. r of Imnaeraien a? apen te
theological diacaaaioa. A. to wipiag
out denominational barr oi . h? taid
.;i dcnoroinatlona were preaehing
tically the aame thinj.- ar.d thut
ii eplag
.. -I ?' ? ? ' noedi
left two aymbola bspttaai
pper. Naarlj all af
the denominationa baliava in these
ff . ? an willing to ac
baptian and tlie eoaa*
1 ? oald hate I tha re
r thi charehea
i,i.?rr. *
Oflciali of Baptiat aocietii - yeater
day pointed ool thal thc Engliah
? . that
?h member
on Irnmerah . aad t; al ? few churchea
in thi eo ? ' bava upheld that oph ?
..,.,. ?; i .. i:,... i:. li. Riehmond, of tha
Inserican Baptial Publication Boeiety,
? | the American Chareh
? I ...'. held b) b
i, and n
1 en baptiaed
i,v i; ? p to be immeraed.
"Practically all "hurches ezeapt tha
Quakara hole l", baptl ;rr,," hi
MTh? American Baptiata ara likaly to
rotain their bi lief ln the Baptlat form.
This j. particularly true in tha South."
ll. Rev, William P. Hayee, af the
UoBBt nl1" Baptial Chareh, did not
agree arith. Mr. BoekefelUrV paaitiofl
? m<r- ion. "! bellevfl that :.t ia a
Bibliei etlon, aad net naaa
madi "If Mr. Rocl
? flgrafl aith liim."
Bill Would Tax Congressmen
AnH Raise Minor Officers' Pay
WASHINGTON, Dee. .'. Repn aata
tiv.< Oebora. of California, to-.lay in
trodoced ? bill *o Increaae all Pederal
eirlliai smployee* aalarii thal ar* be?
? - i, tnd te appl) war tazea to
tlariea of all Ped< ral eficera, ln
eluding Senator* aad Repreaeatativa .
, lelading th? Prei ideal ai.'l Fa4
. eral JuiIk'cs. _ _
Ordinary Common Sensi
Sensibie Thrift?and
Maxwell Motor Cars
Common sense says to you, "Buy a Maxwell Cai* and use it"
The American people are going forward?not back ward.
That ii the purpose of the great war in which we are now*
The success cf the Nation depends on healthy business aetivity
over the country?nnd sensibie thrift.
Healthy business depends on the utilization of every possihla
labor-saving, time-saving, money-saving device known.
The light-weighta economical Maxwell?in passenger service?
taking you where you have to go on business, helping you relieve
delivery congestion?is one of the greatest known labor-saving, time
saving, money-saving devices.
TturiniCerS745, Rtadfar $745; Ceapt $1095
BtrLnt $1095i Sedan $1095. F. O. B. Detmt
Maxwell Motor Sales Corporation
1808 Broadway, at 59th Street
H-o-Mi-n rtranrh:
IMP-Ill.-.IIH n?-aifor,| \,-nur
al*.I l'r...i?.,-| |'l_. ,
lll'ts r.\ l.MM s,
FlriU'i I). m\rr :
V. N?tef fmtt. I nmp-m
Elflfl (...u.l < umnur**
Qlur mofvime
i, i m sro
The Jewelrv Store Opposite Grace
Church?YOUfl STORE?is Prepared
to Meet all the Demands of this
First American War-Time Christmas.
IERE are alad daya betwecn now
id Christmas. Days when the
oHicer will mee. hi a wife
Jewelry Store to chootc the keepsake which
will be a love token in the days to come.
Days when the mothers of soldiers will
seek here the military frames for their sons
photographs in uniiorm. Days when selec
tions will be made of the silver which will
add cheerfulne?s to the Christmas table?
the Christmas dinner at which many sol?
diers will be made happv.
lt is a new, different Jewelry Store?indi?
vidual?carefully thoughtful of al! the little and
big things which wil! help to ninke this Christmas
happily remcmbcred always.
? mm
! '
u P
Speciiliiing in diamond jewelry between two hundred and htty to
?even hundred .md fifty and eight hundred dollars, although there arr
diamonds lor as little as lifly h\e dollars; jewelry exquisitely desiyned
for those who wish individuality, gifts that will br unique with you; fme
lurquoise neckl.n:rs and loOM turquoises. the birth stone ol Derernber.
Oriental pearl necklacea at $14') upward; the finer jewelry and accei
sones for men.
Military watches that keep accurate time, and women's bracelet
watches and bustneee and hne watches for l)ad. as good as thc best
horologists can make.
C lockfl from Paria, tramed in tortoise shell with pon elain dials.
painted a hundred years ago with quainl Directoire figures, fine, modern
eight day inovements, $4); pther Pfcrifl rlorks, the ivory dials painted
with landscapes by a modern artist, tramed in gilt, hnr t lght cJay move
menta, $5 .. each one different; luminous folding clocks for a nurse,
leather cased, $16.25 upward: chiming hall clocks, $1 15 upward. All
kinda of clocks, beginning at $1.50.
14k. gold in UMIUSUal designs; 0 scarf pin at $3 and more, a cameo
brooch. modern or antique; a military ring of hammered gold which
should be chosen early for engraving; a aerviee ring with one, two or
three stars: a service pin with one, two or three stars; a eharming ring
with CUliouS baroque pearl; a miniature case; a gold lorgnon for one'*
mother; a gold percil combined with knifc; a little gold mirror which
can be used as ? miniature case.; a distinguished gold mesh bat:. a < igai
rutter combined with a (ine watch; a pair of knitting needles with gold
protectors for SOcks, though thc protecton can be used on any needles;
a rock amber cigarette holder; a gre/>n jade necklace; an Oriental neck
lace of carved coral, jade, enamel and ;iiver; jade pendant., jade
brooches. And not forgetting the beautiful Rana pearl necklaces. thc
best artificial pearl. ranking rvxt to the Oriental. starting at $40.00.
Perhaps soni. one in the family has been wishing tor a certain pie- e
the entire year; now is the time to gratify his desire; a collection here
that rivals those of Bond Street: dating trom George the First and later;
little caddy spoons at $6 upward. eharming rream jugs at $28 upward.
sugar sifters at $38 upward, tea raddies at $60.00. and more im?
portant pieces.
A tea set of heavy hammered ilver. a pair ot tall candlesticks at
$60; a pair of low randlesticks at $7.00; an eighteen-inch meat dish at
$78; a little enameled compote or marmalade jar; a set of six saltcellars
and silver spoons in a gray case. $6.7); bread trays. sandwich trays;
cracker and rheese sets; silver military frames for army, navy, aviation.
marines. $14.50 to $52.00; a dolible photograph frame for his and her
pictures at $11 to $28.00.
and separate pieces and sets; b.iby spoons, $1 upward; tea balls at $Z
upward; pie servers, $3.7) upward; olive wood salad sets at $7.7?;
and tomato servers. asparagus servers, meat forks, enameled tea stram
ers, flat napkin holders, little things that vour friend may lack and wi.h.
* * H
A new specialty; changing objetfl d art into articles of real utility;
Chinese objects datmg back to the Ming and Kien Lung Dynastiefl.
mounted in silver, and now paper wcightt, ink stands, book ends.
magazine-racks, tea raddies, prices beginning.at $15.
?'.? ?*.'? \.
bight standard patterna, introauc ing the new Louis XVI. pattern
which we believe is not to be seen elsewhere, delicately ornate; separate
pieces of it may be obtained or the whole set of twenty pieces is $221.
* ???? r
S [l,Vf',K PLATE
Reprodurtions ot : heflteld plate; a Guernsey jug at $4 and more.
a fine baking dish at $ ), a water pitcher at $5 and more, an oper.
getable d:sh at $10, a meat platter with well and tree, $9.50 and
are; a bread tray at $2.2 5 and more, a flower basket at $11, a cas
serole with pyrex fireproof glnss lining, $4.50, an after dinner coffee aet
at $10 and more.
with its wrist compassefl for Army men, its pedomoten. its pocket
barometers and altitude barometers, its microscopes, field?glasses. prism
binoculars, prism monoculars, telescopes, bygromctersand thermometers.
This, your Jewelry Store, ofFers the advantage of
exclusive, individual varieties, which because of the
economies of the Wanamaker business are to be had
at not excessive prices. This, your Jewelry Store, is
a SERVICE store? there is nothing too much for us
to do to entirely please the people who come to us
this Christmas.
Motor Entrancc at Tenth St.
New York

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