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War on All of
Kaiser's Allies
Worse Than Folly to Pity
Armenia and Not Attack
Turkey, He Says
High Tribute Paid
To French Envoy
M. Jusserand Guest of
Honor at Pennsylvania
Society's Dinner
Activo warfare by the Unit--- StaU-s
?*-aln?t *..! of (?errr.anyJs alliea was de
fnand-d by Colonel Roosevelt laat
nifht a* "the only whola-hearted way
ot a'.ding our alMes."
In th*- eaarae ?>' aa addraas a
wsr 6-' i er '
?n.: -
enco-..- - I ? ? *
ing with Armar.;a and r.ot BSaklpg war
?n 1u:_ -. I I SSid, araa "worse than
The dinner was tutnoi lata an un,
Stinted tr.hute to fraacc because of
the pre*i r.ce oi Aashaasador Jules J.
Juatera: ?< si tke guest al bonor. Seu
,-.o.- kot Ledga, .'anies W.
, .? j - assador to Ger
and Jaaea U. Back, president of
?ciety, praised ihe stand of the
r . ,t 'rrrmany and
idrocati mera energetie meas
trts by thc Ua I ?? back up
? par*
Colonel Raaaavatt rreetod the French
Ambassador SJ ar. old friead. H<*
...-.? ,:pon hi3 re
? with Dr. Jusaeraad while Pnai*
and said he thanked heavcn tliat
| *houlder to shouider
\m in the common cause of civ
I. !J. Pays Tnbutc to Jnsserand
? H r-aid:
for the man
r thi mifhtj ?
which orthily
x, repi But < ? ome ia
ts jt >a an
earnest of i tangibli a-d which wis
country is with kiI posMble spe.d M
Word* are good
? rd preeisely ai thej are tran-lateu
Into deeds. We _rc in this war in oe?*
perate earnest, ar.d we are in honor
bound to itrain every effort on beh.lt
of this nation. of Fra-.ce and of all ?ur
'e American who is hostilo to n<
Oi our all Sl la this war is to just tl.at
.cherous to America. ?'
i right to I
:. _r.ci that wnu-n
res do.
Wc eaaie into the war very late. lor
years France and her allies had
-hi . . battlea for us. Iherc
*or{, ^ acumbent an aa r.ow
'o htip them. Wi raast rtr.ner the
Wi must give
.no rood. We must jrivc ships
aad gui ' ' 'T'*'''14'0"8'
-hi to be workiag literaiiy
and day on the run* and ships,
en fraught with
frightful daniage. We must pivc our
f.im Sl soldiers
. road by the millions.
"There moai 0* I ntt.inir hali-hearted
n our attituda ia this war. Therefore,
,, Ml- be loyal to all our
wc must also make war on all
- ?; .: ird and mil
to be at war "ith Germany
? ,.t not at wai v. un German) 4
alliea; for it is these va-sal
who make Germany a menace to
atton. * Austria, Bulgaria and
. . :tand on a par. We cannot do
our full duty m the war unless we make
v. ar on all. lt la empty unwmdom to
rerbal ?neeutaguasant to Rumania
and ! ? !? ?0 wal wlth
Bulgaria. lt i' worse than folly to
? path> tor Armenia unless
we make war on Turkey. Belgium muat
br restored ?'' 'l indemamed and
? hav- back Alsatt and Lor
not seeure the
? whieh alone ought to end
tneugh. In Tne
..nt.hly' tor tkll month I
| ? ? . ? , ?ould read
?. Iu radame. on thi DOOd o; radica!
treatment of thc Austro Hurigarian
find Ba'.kan and Asiatic sltaatlons.
Au-tro-Hungary and Turkey af
j.a'.onv Thej are rarial tyrannics by
certain national easta which in each
raae rapraaent oalj a siiaoritj af the
toUl population. Neither .iemocracy |
jior civiliiation is safe while theae :
two ftate? i fonSi
and when we aie s4 wai witk them it
)- aa our part culpah l veakaeM ss
twfardi eui ? ? betrayal al the
,-? t for 'he
. the op
n ea
>utd Drlye Tarta fraai Europe
Turkey should ?? from Fu
the _rm< iai : and Syrian
I'hnstlans an.l Jewa a-.d Arabs fhou'.d
e'l he freed. A . *r Rungarj repre
sentB tbe tyrar.ny of the (ierraans and
Magyars over their more numerous fol?
low subjerts of the Hapsburj- crown.
T do not wish to see the Magyara
?>r OofBaas oppressed by anybody, nor
do l wish eppreos anybody.
> make IluTigary a real democraey.
Let thc Italian . of Aaatria join Italy
j*.n<l tho Rumaalas ef H_n**ary join
Auniama. I.et the Poles of Austria,
iny and llussia become a great
oealth. I.et thr Bo
4lemiar.-. Moi iviana and Slovaks be
grcater Rohemta.
| a*at Bt h. Ilerrego
sad the other southern Slav lands
Of Austria brcoino a Jugoslav eom
MAf mrasTS,
mm ? irR*.
machi .???? RIVCTIBS,
Kmployed on Govenuaeat Wark
Need Not Apply.
f Mr. CtfrifM md Br. Lee,
iCare U. S. Go.rrnment Employmeat
Service, Bar|e Otfice, Battery
monweelth It it onh hv ins:st;ng on
tmt. aetloa that *??> eaa nake demccr*
cy ?8*e in these 1?nds nnd rrake rivlli
ratlon ?afe make -.mail liberty-lovtng
nations safe, fraai <v* ?vghfmar. ??'
Otniari ? ? ? ? '
"Franc- enihodic. all af loYellueas
and tll of \a'ior. beauty ll her han?i
tnaiden and strength her hield bearer.
and the ihlr.ing courage of her daugh
ters has matched the eourage of her
deuntlees sons For thr-e and a half
?errible 4 ear* she hai walked high of
heart through the. yalloj cf tke *hado-*.
Her bodv Is in torture. bnt h?r fore
head is allght with the beauty of the
morning. Never in all h,story ha
ttetre b-en such steadfa-t loyalty in the
doing of dengrroua duty. SU?h devotion
to countrv, such splendor of sorrlee
and of sacrilke. And great shall he
her reward. for she has saved the soul
of the world."
8howa frermana* Betlef In MlgM
Ambassedor Jus.erand told of num
berless ocra-ltms when C-errman officers
or civillans, elther verbally or la writ?
ing, had shown (kelr contempt for tho?*
who pos*e*ser] nght rather than m-ght
"THat la the Germans' eyes force anrl
justice aro the same thing has been
superahundantlv provod a' l-ouvnir .
Kheims and each of the unfortunale
eities or vjllages occupied hy the ene
mv," he said \
"Reproachcd by tho parish pr.'
one of them with monstroue. mexcusn
ble. per feet*. y usriess crtlelties, a Ge.r
man offlcer atiswere<i-. 'Oh, wc were SO
very victorious!' a lesaon for the
world as to what would happen if the
Germans were to b? ln the er.d so very
victorious, which they won't be."
Senator I.odge told of his stay in
London during the early day? of the
war. of the onvious diplomatic moves
nr. the part of German> to force thr- ;
...,i of ait eonvietion,
| e, that il waa the pur- j
owers to wage a
war of eoaqaei t.
(.erard I'raises Ambassador
Mr. Girard eOBgratalatod Ambas?.a- '
dor Jusseraad upon tke act and dipio- ;
With which he had handied the
affat'r* of his government here during ;
the try'-ng days of American neutrality.
But he complimented him still more
highlv upon his exhibitions of physical
prowess dunnjr the Roosevelt adnunir. ,
tration wken .nihassadors were corn-,
pelled to play tennis, swim and ateep'.e
chase at thc side of the President in
ord'r to gain his ear during certain
hour* of the day.
Mr. Bei'*; said that France to-day v.as
hailed as the victor m the war becauae
of the dof German*- when
they wer< I I T"r,ni Faris, and
. ie victorious, not only
m of thc Irraversible judgment of
nd that thair eause is nghteous.
but because they had demonstrated
their moral superiority U> the Germans.
Allied Conference
Agrees to Pool All
Atlantic Tonnage
Shipping Board to Control
Vessels in American
[Stajjf Correopvtvdrnre]
WASHINGTON, Dec. 8.?Pooling of
all transatlantic traffic leaving Ameri?
can ports has been practically arranged
at the Inter-Allied Conference, accord
ing to Commissioner Bainbridge Folby
of the Shipping Board, Chairman Hur
ley af the board announced to-day.
This will mean, accordmg to Mr. Hur
lev. that all cargo carners arriving at
American ports will be plaeed under
the control of the port renresent.
of the Shipping Board, who will have
full authonty oi.r their loadtBg and
d.spatch to convoy. This plan will
eliminate. it is predicted, delays caused
by lack of coordination in load.ng and
iri moving vessels to convoy. and will
freatlr faci'.itate the efforts of the
. hippi'tig Board to get a higher ef?
fieiency out of America's tonnafe.
There are four essential consiricra
tions in the overseai trat.sport prob?
lem. ?aid Chairman Hurley. First,there
must be the expedit.ou- movenunt of
freight to the seaboard ; than .
erg must hc kept free of conge*
tion and must be capablc of prompt
handling of goods coasigned to ship
board; there must he rapid movement
to convoy. and, I'mally. there must bc
efneient 'unloading at the European
docks and prompt dispatch of the ves?
sel on its return voyage to America.
A plan for the coordination of va?
rious transportation ager.cie? to meet
this problem is now under considera
t:on by the government. and should be
formulated within the next week, Mr.
Hurley added. _
'Cookless Day* Rumor
Is Denied by Childs
1,000 More Out, Say Strikers
?Places Quickly Filled,
Declares Company
Reporta that the forty-aeven Childs
restaurants in Manhattan and Brook
l>n were to add cookless days to their
programme of onc meatless and one
wheetleas day a week were. promptly
denied at the headquarters of the com?
pany, where it was !-aid that the rumor
probably orijrinated m thc minds of the
striking kitchen help who likod ta be
l.eve that they are indispensable.
( .1 Wimple, assistant treasure
I'hi'.ds, said that he was surpr<r 1
the amount of lahor that the company
was able to get to hli the place*; of the
strikers, and added that by Tucsday
the personnel of the Chiid* stores
weuld be up to norrriBl witnout the re
instatement of a single one of the strik?
ers who walked out at noon Friday for
higher wages shorter hours and 'dif?
ferent fooos."
The answer of the strikers to this
elaim of victory wi< that "1,000 more
Childs employes, .ncluding a large pro
portlon of women, would join the 1,1500
seasoned eoeks, griddlemen, counter
men and waiters already on strike, and
leave the griddle cakes. thc beans and
? he small steaks to their own salvation
ard green harids." Nathan Goldberg,
chairman of the strike committee, was
the apokesmen for the protcsting em?
ror their part, the patrons were able
' to get the usual variety of dishe? at
most of the Childs branches, and, lt is
.aid, the cooking was up to the cus
tomary standard.
The pubile, aecording to the striker*-,
are to be the arbiters. Plcheta ap
pealed to the patrons of the restaurants
by marching in front of all the branches
at luncheon and aupper hours. Mr.
Goldberg aid the patronage of Childs
was far below nortnal yesterday. but
representatirea of the company re
joined lhat Saturday is always. a rela
tively l;gh' day.
Justice Reaigna to Aid U. S.
FAN' FRANClSro Dee. *V Justice
Frederick W. Rensbaw, for twenty
three yeara a Supreme Court justice,
haa sent his raaignition to Governor
Stephens. it was announced to-day, to
go to Washington, where he ;s to be
iome one of Preaiden! Wilson "dollar
a year men.-' The nature of the work
?o he taken up by Justice Henshsw wtt
not announced.
Women Expected
To Oppose Repcal
Of Primary Laws
Senator Elon R. Brown
Seeks Return of Party
State Convention
Aim Drive at Whitman
Governor Feeli. Direct System
of Voting I? Best for
[ Spaeial Co*roa*anianeo]
albany, Dee I. th*Mtoa*ata tto rt
pected to oppose ||m Miggesttnii mado
to-day by Republir-n Ieader E3m R
llrown, vf tho BaaaU, to repeal tho
direct pnroary laara at thf coming ?ee
Mon of thr Lafialatan,
In politic.-il dfclee, the statement of
Senator Brown, urging the rehabilita
tion of the party *???*'? eonvention tfO'
U? of nominntin-: *-'?*e offirt-r* end
taken a* the opening gun .of th<?
Baraea*Bro*arn S ic pr*w*p "' ?
Senatara In l ? ? r expected eff< i
oti ai Oa ?
an for a third Una.
rjavtrnar Whitman hiaaaalf ?as at*
laat on the situation. At the last eea*
sion he oposed the paaaaga al the bul
whieh would have restond the party
eoaveatioaa. Thi? year it ia known
that he fcels the women of th.- atate.
who hava ju?t been |tvta tbe right to
vote, ahould be allowed to cxpress their
choice of candidates for atate oftires in
the most open manner possible. and
N the direct primary system MM
gives them this opportunity.
Senator Brown ln hia statement to
dav declared that tho hi_ increase in
the New York State vote. due to thf
fart that women arill vote next fall.
t naea irv te brine>bMk tl
-. eonvention "H there is to D
liberation and judftnent** ln aelecting
.-.- 0f officers for the Republican
"!f we are to havr a ror.tinuance oi
direct nominations, mar.ipulatio!
rv.ption nnd personal ambition are fU?
? . ba the controlled factors,' said Sen?
ator Brown. He continued:
"Tbe general imprefsion is that there
was as vet no sign of a contest in the i
Kcpubliean primaries for the new aa
ditfon. for atate oT.cers. The partj
machinery ia in the Governor s hand
and direct nominations and mach.ner>
ro hand in hand. There is some for
however. that direct nominations ?
nol prodoca tha part** devotion t
go hand in hand. There is r-nme foar,
_ .v?? Airoot nominations -in
? .... ?,_,] to nominations by coiven
llon The demand that the atate eon*
vc-ntion be restored is rrsolute ind
this desire has been intensifi.d bj the
result of direct nominations in ^ne
Mayoralty election in New \ork.
Attacks Bennett Boltera
Much of the Brown sUttement wai
taken up with an attack on those who
?ook surport from William M. Benne .
including the Governor. an ???*??
dent ar.d thc laat Republican candidate
?or President," all voters in the city.
disregarding the party nominations
Opinion here to-niphi was that the
suffKgist* would lofe Httle time in
ru.hTnp to defeat the rlan to restore
the state convent.on system, as they
will find back of thia scheme the same
men who were so bitterlv opposed to
-ufTrage in the I.egislature and who
did all they could to prevent. adopt.on
of the con-stitutional amendment ror
Investigators Report
That Fusion Paid
$400 for One Vote
Diatriet Attorney Harry K. Lcwis of
Brooklyn ia inve-ti.ating the report
that the Fusion Campaign Committee
in that borough spent $400 for a sin-cle
VOta That does not mean that UM
eommittoe was actually buymg rctaa,
but the cireumstanees tend tn snow
thl I **100 wa? paid to a lone worker in
tie 50th Election Diatriet of the 20th
Aeaembly Diatriet--Judge Hylan's own
' who catt tho only vote in that
d*stnct. . _.__ . I
The elect.on diatriet in question is a,
snmll triangular plot whieh was cut
from the fitl. Diatriet by the recent
reupportionment of the Assembly dis
trieta in the city.
Ihe Board of Klections had *U> instai
a regular election di.-trict force in the
50th in order to take eare of the one
VOttt at the recent eity election. The
total of the Fusion campaign fund al
loted to its Brooklyn committee
$22370. The Diatriet Attorney
tereatod to know how thia partteolar
UM of the big fund wai d.-bursc-d
in tha one-mHP. diatriet_
Puckette Succeeds Gavit
Charlra McDonald Puckette ha* been
appointed managing editor of he
Fvenlne Post." ^ueceedlng John Palmer
Gavlt, who on January 1 will ]om A?
staff of Harper I Bros^ Mr. Puckette
for several months has been Mr. QerM ?
aasistant. He has served on the staff
of "The Bvtaiag Paat** aiae yeara.
Bryce's Summer Home Birrns
PITTSFIELD, Maaa, Dte. B. -To*
?? the summer re-idenee of Will*
.?' BryCC, af KOW York. wa* burned
.,, gftj ' Tha loaa la e-a!mated at
000 The baildiaff. whlch wa*
tuated on the weat .-hmre of Onota
I-.ke waa or,e af the finest country
i.ous'es in the llerkshire-. It was
i/luscd for the wiater only a few days
N?*ws in Brief
Dr Ear) B. Df8t. 8 ft**1 Croet nirtfeon
*M -.: ?? ' '. ' iH
...... ion h*. '.he
Hotel Pla'-? Wednes'lay e\er." |
\n entertainment iml .lar--? r- aa f>nnr
. - ? --rt-^|.ert tohacro fund will l-e I rlil
Wcalnasilar e^enlnic i:i Trommer* Hj.I1.
Btmknwitk Avenue and Conttay S-rr.'.
Brookljn. _
Henri Hoilat. aeeond hutler for Alb?"t R.
Ehattuek at 17 Wajhingttvi .-"'luare North,
rtemei himft.t in rhe oMsl et riinnrr He
felt ill h# fmd. The rouUgion apread when
Um t'*'n.\\y diat-overed that hoth Boilet BM
llt,000 \ orth cf ShattueV jevaelry had var
..l.ed uttcrly. _
A ahahby aauyfarer vrho liarl l^k'Ua-l "" '
..butined ? !ch tn Mev.- ii 'i imitfay. at
\ "i I'ark A\niu?. Br?*.Kl>n. aaa kiiled a
r,..,..-. - Late: l>% UM ri.lLai-r et .. had
vyhi.-h .natained a heaw trui-k ?w-l
Hymaii Ma - ' MrKihheii St.ee?,
Hrooklyr>. killed hi-MOlf ' Jimi?"i from
the IttettXh flnei of .v l.-urth Atet.ae, Man
hal'an. He had beta dlaeharged f~-m a
? anatorium aa n.red o'. Heapondenl mex)d?.
Annia MfTijrue rool?j-H dinner for Mr aad
Mra J Oi>peia?*?im at I'? Weat J-'i?h.ty-a??h
htr??t ?nd a??t >t up on the dumbwaiter. Aa
aha leaned into th* ahaft to make anraa ot? ita
arnval tha dujnbwalter f**d aod killed ht
K jxtuna womjan feuitd on?maHatia ln Cao
fral Park. rtrar Vrtth A*-nu? and Riaty-ftrat
.street, tdantlfled ht*ra?lf aa Ruth Karrell. at
f.,1 Fifty-flrtt Street. Piooklye ?t'htj aaid
tl.e had Uken * atalk afUi h*r momira
a_erc_aa ?nd kad U?a cvarcoma b, tatirruc
'Strange Submarinr
Sighted Off Halifax
Mysterious Undersea Oafl
Was Seen Night Before
thc Big Explosion
A.'. ktbkh Mi P01 V? ? Tw0
-aysteriea. rr*'*. ippareatl? a larga
?abssatiae, in tow af ? steas. *?*l<
mnra s fhted a? th. Kova Suutia ?
l.thai ? ty a/Halifax. o? ih.
hefore the Hai A
.?thc l| i 'a""'""'n "*' '
, ,,! here froat " ?
^SJAtogtaa-Ml J ?W.
,he two strange craft. ne. h., ?;
?;d ?*J &^jj*str,i
Jher ship ai a point ? the shore.
$2,400,000 Raised
For Jewish Fund
War Relief Campaigner*
Almost Half Way
to Goal
The membrr. of Ihe Jaa ib War R"
League, v.i.o nre eaas| ? n'"*
000 here si a wai rallaf fund,
? -k of ,h"ir lwo'
week drive yesUrdaj witl :-_.iOO,o.O
rollerli.fi . .
rhtl toUl, which wa. announced at
thr- regular afternoon tea lor tlie ean*
headquarters 18
West Forty fourtl Street, Hoes not m
elude the reoori of ai- teams. which
will r.ot be ?ad< till Moaday.
The team eapta ned by Louis atar*
shall and Bamuel Lewlsoha waa the
highest honors yesterday by collecting
?09 283 Othei ? ?' did notaoie
work ' inel ? Morgenl
$25 530- S. G. Rosenbeum's, $223-13;
Wiiliam Gi ' ' -'?? '*'?'' Wal
-n II Liebi ?? ?"?
offered I10.MM to -he
- . ,l re woaten each give
li ci d ' ioni were 1 sl
r'dav by Mrs. Jacob Sperder, Mr .
Felis M. Warburg, Mrs. Alma Lahman,
Utt B. T r,p Lee and Mrs. Julius
Stubborn Dealers
To Get No Coal
Government Will Divert
Fuel From Firms Refus
ing to Co-operate
\staff CorroajHmdaneo]
WASHINGTON', Dec. 8.?Thc fuel ad?
ministration will take the most drastic
Steps against coal dealers who decline
to cooperate with the government in
the distribution of fuel, it was an?
nounced to-dav. If coal dealers in any
part of the Uaited Btatai rafuae to co
oparate with the Padaral Paal Adssin
istration, steps will be taken ta d
eoal to dealers who will cooperate. This
policy af the Uaited States Kuel Ad*
ministratiea was made known ia .1 U
gram t?, ? nnii of coal dealers in a
Pennsylvania city made public to-day.
The telegram read I
"Adminiatration is advised you re
fuse to cooperate with l'ederal Kuel
Administrator. If this is the case, ad
ministration will take stepi to have all |
cai ihipped to you diverted to other
eoal dealen who a:e williog ti co?
operate with this administration ia TF
lieviag whole situation. lt .-? not a
time when dealen eaa rua their own
business a* they soc fit, and eoopera
tion on part ol* denler mu I I ?
if efforts of this adnnnistnition Slt ta
bo soeeessful. Unlesi advice that you
are wi.lir.g to cooperat- 14; tfiver; b] I
o'elock this afterr.oo:;, We will ar-..- z<
to havc all coal now 111 tran r d
to other dealer- in your city."
The telecram to the Pennsylvaaia
dealers was BOat in eonnection with
work of the fuel adrnii i- tration in re
lieving the coal situatioa ia various
parts of the country, Ths ktn 'o
which the me.sage was ieat roplled ta
dav, denying charge- that it WM re
fueing to work la harmony with the
fuel administration._
Whipping Post for
Jersey Wife Beaters
Mayor Smallcy of Plainfield
Will Be thc Simon Legree
to Wield the Lash
NORTH PI.A'N'FIKLD. X. I., Dee. *.
?The climax of "I'ncle Tom's C'abin"
i? about to be played in the Oty Hall
heie, with Mayor William L Smalley as
BiaoB Lagrae and ths very next wife
I'atcr hr> catches as an unwilling I'nele
ln other vor.i , Mayor Smalley
is ahout to sal B] ?,' past aad
o?i ? fhtious retribution with ins
i-i.od iip-h; arm and 0 blachsaaho 4..n 1,?
to every citi.eri '? 0 hai Up hn law
fai * pi'"
"Atnl <? c<y 1 ry ?'( - ' - ." qn< I
rod-hlooded Mayor yi terday, "will be
?n iaeentive for thi ^ ielding ths
lash to ply i- with greater t'-iry."
Mr. Smallcy backslid into Ellzabatbaa ;
methods of punishment thia week. after
several cases of wife beatlag had bcen
brought before him. lie mm ta-dajrthe
whinping foM would be instal'.ed **?
once. snd that :.!! of tl
? r -\ WOUld
. ,,:- ? . wl ?
My( ? -
g him to the 1 ? thi
inty cares for I t
rlare.;. "Ii'e Whj] ' ' n.ay be
barbara is, 1 we 1 it tt meraber th.it
we 1 re dos ng th barbaris
Hope for Early End
Of Food Profiteering
WASHINGTON, Dee. 8. -Karly "r
mination cf profiteering in the dis
?ion ef foodstuffs is the hope rf
?he Food Administration. now tha4 rai '
o' the staple food commodities ha.e
... 1 t, put under lieense. In most ia*
itaaaes avrrag* oaiial profits ?l ,4-?
nre \4?t per.od w II br u-rd as a ba-is
fai datenalalng wha* raaaaaable ssat*
rjins should be.
In cutting abrormsl margina tka
I norl Administration will pror?*< d
under ? reren* order issued by Prasi
dent Wilson conferring on Food Ad?
ministrator Hoover powers given t.n
President in the food control ne*.
This order directs the Pood Adminis
rratlon to find the normal profit that
obtained ln foodstuffs transa*tton> ln
the period prior to July 1. 1914, wh< ?
buainces wai under free competitu
Sing Sinp; Drusr Trade
Admitta-d by Officials
Traftic in Hnoin, Huill Up
Among Prirron**! .**, To Ho
Stampad Out
088ININ< . V'., Dee. I OU
I ?? ?
t , .. .-? rrriag
? arr * '*?"'?>'
- I
i anthoritiea to atai
. | ii priaoni ra '
n their |
f- rrad te other priaon
a tn n tanl ni'iili.'
| enfri.e,! ,1, tiie \,<lhni; .?
?i hia i? ti a llra! raporl >-t -?
jer'l-.e : ruir.;. mc in d-uss in Biog
? rmer Bfarden Thonaaa M. naborn.-.
? .; , .11 gg BfMSttei
tei) aftei taking eflee nr.d ra
,-. . ded in putting a s'op to the evil.
< arnlrale.. whose breakdown
r. iponaihla for the preaent aati*
,<,. jr: tho inautattaa, w*s
ced for hi* eonaeetloa with the
murder of Miehaei Oaiaaari.
Robbers Overlook $2,000
Beat VJctim Unconacioua and ;
Take $50 and Jewelry
Had the high way men who attarked i
i !??., Rehun 11* . of ; 70:1 ,\- ern" K.:
Brooklyn, in Eaat Bixtecnth Btrttt,
near Arenoe K. jreaterdajr morning,
h ?- eareleaa they vonld ba aaw
I neh'-r. After beaf'.ng their vic
natleaa f|M... .tole two rings, $.'i0
ll c:ish and ;t gold wateh. but over
looked entirely a roll nf twenty $100
bills whieh Mr. S'hundlcr waa carrying
in his trooaera poeket.
Mr. Schundkr is aeetatarj of a f.rni
?r work on ships for tho government.
He hurled a pertfolio of vnluable pa
pers into the btislies whrn he WM al
taehed. The polire rerovored them. No
traee of the highwaymen bas be?n
Pennsylvania Lines
Aid War Stamp Sales
Road Will Make All Ticket
Agents Sellers in the
Thrift Campaign
Ihe new war savmgs and thrift
stamps will be placed on sale in tho
tieket offices, freight srations and other
departments of the Penn-vlvania Rail?
road on lines east and west of Pitt
burgh, at the rccjuest of the go
ment. Every ticket agent of the entire
system will havo the stamps for sale,
Dnleaa Ihe station is in close proximity
to a po^toffice.
Special enTetta will he made to en
tnese stamps on
: hc system.
I um dOBS adth boU, ISSiK* of the
I brr'v i ? al i' ' le to
ty i eraJ
I'irarigemeiits will be made to tnsrihite i
, Jf. . ? ? as poasible ta
... gn wiII no
, a ? * ? ? i : ? r y A.
. ' ? ? ' '?
,-f the Sat ingi Bai i^ i af 'ireater
. . Vork. Wbich wnj rslierl t0 dlSCUBS j
the i" r' aaj of il si ding bai -. of tbe
gn for flt,
month for n >e?r in ssving*.
prosperit H I can be?t
in. .ii. ? r*? ings bsi
people." said M
. gn will
American people tne ?-a-ing"
habit which will bl needful after the
war, when rational ei-onomy will b?
i essentlal in order to rastore prosper
1 hc Hillinerj and Allied Trsdes f.om
mittei ? ?'?ar Savhsgs Committee
d foi thc I-'.; liness of car
rying on the campaign. There are rcp
: ,,"., ? m more than l,000
md hundreds af these erewded
into ? he two age ? I '
and ?".'??' Pifth Av. nue, fast oaaa
thc sale of s'amnv _
Snewstorm Adds to Traffic
Congestion in Many States
WASHINGTON, Dee. 8. -Snow
throiirrout the north eastern section
of the country, acc-ompanied bv a
cold wave through the Middle West
nr il extendlng soatkwaid to the Oalf
of Mexico, to*day gcncrally delayed
. :' traffic, already bsdly
i ? tlauatlafl <>f the snow
waa predleted far to-night and to
ti,,. Weather Huivau for a
greater par* sf thal section. In Eaat
ern Naw York and Naw England warm*
er weather was ir.dlcated, but cold
wave warniags were issued for. th*
lake region. the Ohio Valley, Tennessee
?nd th East Gulf agnd Kouth Atlantlc
Tho centre of the stonn was over (
eastern Keatdafar this morning.
Tunderstorma ia the South aecompany ;
the dlsturbaace. About flfteen inches
Of IBOW fell in the Ohio Valley dur
I *?? rt'?"nt- _. _. , . I
H.-avv miow to-night m New England
and the Middle Atiantic states was
foreeast, probably contir.uing Sunday
in the lake region and New England,
with such colder weather in Atlantlc
coast districts south of New England
fttorm wamings are displayed on the
Atiantic coast from Jacksonville, Fla..
*o K.istport, Me.
Wilson Refuses to Pardon
Former Chief of Police
WASHINGTON. Dee. 8. President;
Wi! "i to-dav reiUSSd to pardon Sn"'
-:? ! V. Parrott, former Indlanapol's
el iaf nf police, eonvicted last July of
violatiag the election laws and sen
tenced ta four years in prison and a
He will begin hi3 sentence Deeember
11, when the last of three resp'.tes
i by the Presidenl expires.
Snow and Rain
Sweep New York
Little Damagc Reported in
City; Storm Was Indepen*
dent of Halifax Blizzard
nreather, 'ising the word
i aeaae. pa d New Vork a
reeterday. At I o-cleek
th'n it *?as upeedirg on Ita
il had left aeveral little reaeeaaha -
in ita wake.
Iha first real snows'.orm af tlu
nrnvoti durinjr ?he mornnc. me
'A'earher Bureau esiimating the aaaw*
fall to have amoun'ed to a
inches in The Bronx and rrewing
?ma!!er the further downtown It eame.
About 4 o'cloek in 'ho afternoon the
snow gradual'y tneearre rain. And then
ahoot I a'cleck, haw it <iid rain!
official meaaur.n,-* instraaienta
the Vv'eather Bureau's afleea placf
nmount of preeipital on -*
whieh comoares favorabiy arith 80
rhe biggest rains on reeord nerc.
To make sure that no aae ?
either tho snow or the rain. tht- g
breeaea of early mormr.g kept ec
until the wind gnujre ..' Ihe Wi
Obgerv-tory recorded for'.y-eight miles
an hour and going s?ronr.
At Fandy Hook tha wiad whipped
acro,s *re sand dunes at the rate o
miles an hour. ar.d at l.or.g
Branch. firther down the .lersey eoaet,
|t waa eighty-foar aiilea an hour.
?Ihe . tona rose i nthe hflla i '
ii naaaee, aad, after hittu e tne
hig hspots acrosn eoeatrj to the
turned north srd followed the eoast
lir.e weil past New _ork, bafara alip
ping out to Kea. The Wea'.her Bureau
said th? storm was errhrely independ*
ent of that whieh hit strieken Ha ifax,
and would probably be followed by
clear wea'her.
Fortnnatelv for N*?w "t ork. the *ner
cury in the thermometer.i made no er
fort to aeok low lereU, with the resmt
that while yesterday*a bit o' weather
made it uneoralortabte enough for-any
cne on the streets, there was little
suffering from cold.
The wind. too, while givlng an ex
cellent imitation of a Bmall sixed gOM,
particularly further doun the coast,
oid not do'great damage. A few signs
wero torn down in Manhattan, hut the
only easualttes directly traceable to
the stcrm were repoccd from N'ew
Haven, Tonn., where PvOswel! G. Mar
ken7.ie and Milo I- Ceager arere
drowned when their flir.all boai, i
whi.-h they were returnlng to t.he dtry
from a dnck hunting expedition, wm
overturned by the sndden storm.
Print Paper Hearing Set
WASHINGTON. Dec. 8.?Hearing* to
? ne Federal Trade Coramission
in ftxing a just pr>e for new_sprint
paper will begin here January 7, and
c-ontinue until all interested persons
have been heard. The date was set
to-dav by the commisston In confer?
ence with Mark Hyman, special coun
.?i 1 , tn? Lnited State* Uiatriag
' ' ' Heara
"ere fned for vlo'v rf* t. anllataS
A ,r ?nee ef the
Nurse Wrote to Keyeg
After Bride Was Shot
DEDBAli, Mass.. fler * < -*>*.*,.,..
tion of Or.ree f( Keyet, of
t.r.n in th.e ? .. ITar-riat a,
" ? "det sf
Keyee'i i -<.-da7. g,
.-I beoi '? the far,; tmoar direet
ai .1 erose ? emiaatlon se?en hewa.
' ' " ' fa teatHled to -lay thu es
day his wlf* -k gj,^
'Sl u
mt, Wh?t
* a ralfc
T - -^
car i
"' ?4?y*e
? ?rurt At
tom* . ? ?? wanti I to ee that fas
tice v | ?
"'!? s wjrrrs,.
i.entified .'.'?-? ' . Mr. _>-?
' a Rostes
. .rar.t soon after nooa, June u
Sh-* said hfiss Vartey appeared ?tx.
ani "fl-. - .? ??- .,_,
Whitrnan Lauds War Fund
Efforts of Salvation Army
AI.l'ANY, lvc ? T'-e Governor ia.
Mrs. Whitzaaa were tn'??>'? of honsr st
a iunr-heon to-day in eonsideraties sf
the AlLa.-iy t-rTors to aaeist ia the ae
tion-wide to r?..f tlXoS/m
for the Salvatfoa Array tVar rSmc".
"I talce espe-ial p'ea?-ire m offerue
my tributj* of reepect *~d appreeisties
to the Sa'.va4:on Ar-ny." sa d the ("->-.
emor in his after ? - *->?e*_.
"There never was a ca?e of miaery er
riolence go low that the .-V.va'.ion Ara*
would not underta'-e to render aui. J
congra4ula*e you upon the succect sf
yoar campaij-n ar.d the spirit witl
which it is being condacted."
2,896 Men Eniist in One Dar>
N. Y. Leads Statea With 354
WASHINGTON, Dec. f**. -Re?-.iUB|
for the regular array -ontinued st s
high rate yesterday. with 2?M m?,
accepted, New York leading among th*
rtates with 3M enrellment*. fheie
figures brought the total number ef
war volnnteer- slnee April 1 to 2*2.S*t.
The nnusaal inereaae is vchretesn
probably la d.e largely te tb* (set
that voluntary enllstmeni of raeo sf
draft age reasea entirely after seeo
Deeember !B. It 's as-umrd thst mssy
mea subject to draft unden 4he r.ert
call are taking a~*-ant?ge of the e*sy
that remain in which they may eniist
under a wholly voluntary elassifica
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