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40,000 Tons
Of Coal Arrive
Great Difficulty Experi
cnced in Transporting
It From Jersey
Will Fill Demand of
City for Two Days
Rctailers' Supplies Low and
One School Forccd to Can
ccl Morning Classes
fl ?
? ?
i ire.
..11 I l.r. ? ?. ard*
oiunt .
t Firil
110th .
?r in:
ill ? over
The C<
Fuel A -o whom
. ' i
ment. and.
? ? nienr
? h i; n -
II tj ? ?? pi .
ton and
: ..;-.nd
. ? *
v ?
? ?
6,000 Tons lor QaeOBfl
the cir
ichool, Nc 147,
/Vo Report of Suffering
From Coal Shortage
ln ' ?
Storm Holds Up Coal
Needed for Factories
In New England
pn rsBi rgh i
. i
coal ?
ave al
City Suffers on Coldest
Deeember lOin 34 Years
More Severe Weather Promised To-day. With Gale Dc
I rraMng?Deaths and SicknCM IlM retMe Among Poor
?bl Deaths from Pneumonia in 48 \ lours
. -? '
,, Inigbt,
.- ,-- ? '
c .
- . ? '
? r
It waa thi
. en ln*
- i
, . i ampered
harbor I
m the
Raili l-neii aid
? ? -
' "ntral
talli snow
I rnphi 1- Moved
? eed.
. : ippl e
frlicted thi and ? have
: ?
iwfall of Sat*
h r.ri noon ye terday.
from all part
' ??'
? d aggrar ated than I that an
. during the period of
? ? .-? ago.
?;?? : ? i borougha re* i rti
? i n 11 -
||t Ol SICK
. | riag nuar
iriahrnenl d
the inal ly of p?renlal i
i? \.i. ior :;i.ooi!.onu
Repi entativefl o I
rker of the ll<
? . nent, rcpo-'r.) ? a- the co -
tirig nura
? ? >fl "' ''"""r l ' ?
, . orked -<*,'i naablfl te
i lade upon it.
I mmittee aar? en pa4. ered bj
Baba rt i
.... , ., to go '-? dflj ????'?4
i .
? larketa; thc
. I mal
im may be i -? te '? >
fuel i
M naii..4
t tne
the A ? ?n ol Neigh
bo'-ii" I ' * mtflt
? ?
]"*;,!rr in all t ' ?-' '
ared, have
that thr
? ,- ;-? ? ? ' egulste
' irifl '? od and
g a 1
I - to def]
4, .. patriotisi
g the grow ini
o havc bca
- im? and ate
v ame a yel '-nr
city or the govei
? al once."
I hildren Suffer
at thi
Reltlemei I meeting reported
of ramiliei thal had from i
ildrei ill, he idei flfl increa ed
Anwmia, I I ??'? onderfei
rapidly inei a
the garmenl ?orker*. iliou
om have been idle t?r three
came from I ia
j0 . ? Board of Sai itary I ontrpl, Bl
? e Ladies' Waial Makera' I nion.
; ,.,i declared thal l - ? ?'" ""'' had
affected membei- oi
. ? an 20,000 girl*.
!?,. i ? aid, had been idh
half i year. and were now li
? ty of mora fort
fellOW worker .
President Will Ask Congress
For New Railway Legislation
i ..nliini'il Irom |i?l<- I
down. dn tbe ?
? ?
in in lvI3
... . ? plant.
??Son . ? ? i oei
as to ate requiri
?_!lro?d? in their present litUB
l treublei
?? r than ih*
i in certain Hm
ted by ef*
, . , . ,.
. ' ? ??? '
common to ail ll
... the railroada,
all the trai
What Baaia l?? Xal lah
"Wbal the i
-!. Thej do ? $1,000..
? '
? ? ?
iteriali and
,? lo be
v planl up r
thc growmg
I ? 1600.000 '".r a
road ai
al preienl prici
? 11,0.",1,1.11
for road pmei
"2. *1 hc do nol at tl
mn\ trusl and ant.-nool
? a, "
'ted opera
- t n.j.1
way bi te
maximum i B< ? ni y.
???| , , n of voluntary
- far this. No
ined, or will dec n<
..; ......
present c>
What Thej De .-k
? , . . ..
Tne immei
? , ,. pei. ? thi j on.pt
rderl) tramporl .
ernmi I I ? '
iva uae of pre
get t traffic init
??I. ||e ? ol ? ii
immediati ? i ougli
., replace i * out.
?re appn
,01 0 ?
t\ . r pment.
the rai
.ar. and .-.
v . .. number i
?di Hte able to purchaae
appareni the United
ar laan -. i ?
.-,] by the n
? . ;. ., new
i ? undertaken
feri ? ' '
roadi geBerally eannol neal
al ehanneli
..- the
aad other
... additioai
therefore, tbe -o
|h * ? Treeiorj Da p i
Rcaarvi Beard
I ow ii individual
' ?
\Sant Inrreatied Kalea
Immedii'e ?.ni.reasc* in rate: ?:
tate ( ommcree
? ? ?
-?her railroad credit
f aiti rn U ritory, snd may l" -
r teri tei ifla,
**7. Kailroa.i men drafted te ba ei -
. and h aigiwd te railroad Bflrvlefl
actually needed for military flf*
No Break in Railway
Service in Four Years
Under Mediation Board
VI aVSHIN'GTOX, Dflc. It. Interrflp
? ? tate railway aarriee by
.. bflflfl almost negligi
deral Board of Uadia*
ation wa< organi:-.ed
ago, - - ?? i aport of the
... to-nighl te tha Pra
. ar . the : '
?tai of
diaputei, ???? iii h threaU ned
all elaaaea of employei on e'rary rail
the United tata d eonnee'
Canadia I '?? ;'-?;i
half a doran inatancei haa there been
aat. 1
, | ? ? bi okc " il tuddanly,
? fl< i re im
pending, and in each i.'- a i?ttl?mcnt
.ly. In n< - ?
? board.
ettlei i bcen ? ffci t?
by mediation, il ted out,
fifty- ? having been difl]
Seven have been ?
i. combined mediation aad arbitration,
. arbitration, one by Congrea
I .;?'??
eighl ioar day i, three
three i four in
niedial ttlod.
Agreemente effected by mediation have
.. -'.ry to
"Thi ' If a :????; nol bc ade
i ontrovei
'? ? large ice
? abnormal
i ondil ? bcfll
? ed for bringiag to a
i othcr
Plan to Use Barge
Canal to Relieve
Railroad Congestion
t plan -.???
frrigii in by full use ol
nea . aa brought
ia :c and tradr bori i
? ? i Chi
i ? ? ? . . ? ..,.
? * Urge eaoug
Aa thc fli ral
into effea t, ? .'nce, wh jch
'.ogether b)' (iovernor
lutn.n cai] :.??." build
thr- barga to ha dai a
- ?!..:. portation eorporation or ear
-'nal ;ntere*
the *?.
ii Gcaora! ITilliaa BT. B
the 1 nited
.rsaj. Bnnouaca I thi
tiibnte Mi
600.000 to develop the canal hr arould
do hia 1" ' 1 ' ' . the 1 ".leral
goven red 'he laceaaa al tne
plan Ni. BCtlon \v,i* taken ye -.
pai ad ....
dec Ian lhat it waa.i
abaolul | that the ?
itcinal vatervm
raliflVfl rail congr
It Happens in the Best Regulated Families
To Wilson
Achieving Progrcss in Lnifi
cation?Labor Problem
Still Acute
By rheodorc M. Knappen
PITTSBURGH, Peao, Dee. 10.
? .-? rritital .or.e nic !.,?'
r.ation:..: ;r il e.l that they are report*
ng .i.i.': te Preflldeal I on. <">n the
. on of the Tresidenrinl judg?
ment, as -.hi-c daily reporti of tiie
aya are aeaaaed, pivots the
OH of national control of the ia.'
? i- tot the war. The feurtecn
rs of ihe new ovcrlying e\ecu
tivfl awnagemenl of all tbe Eaatern
milwayi ;:i' under iBBtrUCtieai te make
daily telegrapbic >epo;t< of the e-a, ?
lelation between I rt demand*1
,,* thal day ai d tba actual achievemeat
? ng them.
"i by the central
laanagei icnt I -re ;ir..l trammitted to
- R . vur Beard at ffaahing
ton. in i with tbe Pre?i
,>:.'? ? thal he be 'Kcpt in au
thoi Itative dailj coatai I i ith the i '?
fort of tiie railwayi to onlfy tbem*
<?' ii foi ? ar and eacapfl U" 11
leel .lam U Hroken
It ia the beiief o:' *he new
qaarteri * at their triumpa over
tbe prebtem confronting tbem will be
?uch thal there will be no oecaeton for
the gavernmenl to try itl hand. Some
of the operatoi aaat * tbirty i -
trial before they are iudged, but i
them ? ' Xne>'
i eken the jam.
rh? priority board'i lataal prl
order takei .. another proof of '?
r><,. eri itude for dealing with
. i. .; ?.,' on. II n.ai.es the
tuation tbaa ever. I'pon intcr
pietina. tbfl order the railway Itatla*
found that II would give prl*
., 60 per eanl of the normal
... .- mevemenl o:' the natlan out*
ildc of goverameal baiineee, ai.d that
ittei added praetieally all
tbe fre gbl thc railwayi ara eapabla of
ould h ? fei rad ?? ? to dis
ng, v. i.i. h. of course. mi
thing given priority
priority. A eerallary ii
? i ? ?-..? of such
. a- i practical em- ?
. goadi oi com
nol fall within the
-cope ?> ?? order,
? no?
confi onted with ? i of an Ira
. ? ? f tbe trafflc of di
from rail* ? :? traaapei
lo Kush I.ocomotites
Furtbei deraomtratlng the tieg:,* ...
.'.on they are ;ible ?.o Btl
li.e Kaatern road* operating
i-ommittee h*.' ealled upon. all the nll*
, of the Weat aad South to ruah to .
. one every locomotivi I 11
parcd. Vt'e?tern exOCUtivei me'.
, ieago l_f *. week ro ean
rakiag their
:..r locoi.io*.
roads. I ? be able I faraiih
mor- li I rea l, hundred.
?ra, -.. tbai anci again tbe ?a:
. -
h bor pi oblem.
Tl-.e operatlaa bera has
olBcially itated ll .
'?Vi.-ient labo'
the mi t difi - - jfl 'u:i before it in
BJ i tbe tno-t
impon .nt "from a military ?tandp
Six Deaths at Pittaburgh
PH rSBUBGH, Dee, It The entire
commercial and indu?tnal life pf *
. affected to-riiv
by the extreme cold and tne gai iharl
*g.. arhieh aecompaaiad it. Bia death?
" ere reported te tbe lour.ty (oroi.er.
Cold Cuts Coal Production
SHAMOKIK, I'enn.. De.-. 10. Z.ero
weather to-,i?v rau-ed a "7 per cent
decrea.-e 111 anthraeite production in
region, M.ning officials predic-. a
otl per cent reduction to-morrow if the
told I . .ent*. to-day
uerc the Iighteat in four mn ?
Three Deatha in Chicago
' Bil *.<.". Dee If. Tb ? hai heen
the coide.-t Daaembei lu \g thirt;. Iti
TbfH dflatbl are reported and
catrfl af eaflflfl 0f rro.er, hands and
feet ha\e. h?*n 'reateH .1 tha Ko?nil?i?
Blizzard Again Buries Halifax;
Relief Workers Driven to Shelter
I iiiil inneil from |i:ac> I
.am al
|ea ? ought no add 1
danger, ao ? -ll Ind they b
torra Bnd al i luddenly.
After ? . rain sf y< terday, i
ehaagfd ;i'r inaa -filled atraal
livera of weather turned
1 .1 tlurry or
i.i'ii loW'Banging ciou-i
later the >un came out. Ita *tay .7a
oa si ? r. At noon the
iiroi..- . ith extreme ? lo flnce, reach ing
ing ? i
lutheail rhen, a nddflal aa il
had bflgUB, it cea-eil. To night th"
Fig.' g '
of thr Baaualtiei En tbe munitlooa ex
plr..iiiii di aaator ii ' '""':
Known dead. 1..mi.
Idei titted, MO.
i i ae. ouated far, I '
Wounded, 0,000.
Hornt-:. I '. Ztjtkt
Twenty l.erman* Arrested
Tarenty Geraaan residcnta weie ?r?
I to*day upon a military order.
After ti'.e pai ty i ad bl r d
arere roloaaod. Thc oAciali *uted that
there waa no nnexpla ed ligninaaacfl
'. rntaaa
enjoyed virtually unrafltricted
? ? waan
tho pub ilnd ? eitad snd loscap
tiblc te rumori tiiat might lra.l to
panie and further auffering every pre?
caul ion : ? being taken.
So .?eriou-i i< tiie problem flf hfl
..? l leading thoaa alrer-.dy in tha eity
i hai ;? BtriCt dmbargo ? Ifld to*
night agains-t thfl adini-.-ion of all per
-sons not cotinected fl il h i ehef or i m.-on
trucl on arork. M litarj guarda wcra
iir*:,:!ei| to *iop newcoiner- at Truro.
Among the lir.*' to feel thii itriugent
but. neeeaaary itep were many Amcrl
caaa who wars bafted ai St, -lolm.
The citizens an.l thfl authoritici gen
eraily recogni.e that the i.iultitude of
who have been flockiflg ifl
railway eommuiiicat i.M araa ffliateb
liahed i.re moved by the b.*t of inteii
tioafl. The city approciatei then gen
eioui doairfl te help. Bflt thera ia
flimply no acconimodation for them. In
a eommunity of 86,000 inhabitanta .??.
1. . ava been made luddeniv bomalosfl.
Tboflfl maal M ' l"- pto'-ided far, a*
v.ell ai thfl army "i workmon needed
? ar away I bc dflbi I >nd ra
tho city.
Aal i that there
ii food enough for the pn
will not be lufflcicat if thc
throng ifl to be fe.l. a* it must, The
health authoritia i diiturbed
by thfl tbought pf a". sbnormal death
rate due to long BJ BBSUrs iir.d cold.
I': ?? cai go oi "? iadoa s!..
luppliei anii ararm clol
? had looked fora ard te
' ? eagei ...A nol an
un t',,.- itearaer Calviu Auatiu, ;>? ?
paeted. Ihe ship left Boston y?? ter?
day, but to-night flraa dl ito Yi.'
mouth by thfl itorm. lifi
arirfld that aha would srrlvfl te*morrow
night anii begin dUeharging he:
pliet (jv BTfldai day moi i
I'ut Hl.iine (,n Mont Blanc
.'. af thc V" . .
iteamer lmo a-*ei- that the French
niunitiot. - Btaamer Mont Blar..- wa* to
blame for the . ? ch i _'i-r,i
? l bunday,
Bmpla 'ord I Black, agenta
af tho I
other corn
ma.it* pabl ? iterici
According to thr accoun'
of t' . lly na
? .re flf the cargo on thr
Moat !;,_;... i boir vcraian of tha trag
The lmo v h* procoi a tha
harbor toward tl I ? . the Mont
H!a:.i fl a ? .r-cn roniing to*?ai :
lmo, spparaatly iteaming for ti.e !'???;
ford Baaia. Tha Frsaeh ve-*el waa on
i'artmouth xide of the Narrov -.
She I laata of the arhiatle, in
? wa* going to star
board. Tiie lmo rephed arith tw-o bla.at-.
Ihe '?' | jrnej and the crew flf
the In:o thought that they co_W paaa
fflty, bei tha diataacc hatwooa thr
?va*. too *hott and the lmo
rammed the Mont Blanc on the ?tar
board aidfl.
'.' ':-.-t ra? ,-ipprairil tfl hfl Ml
.lamaged by the eallifliaa. After
"parated thr Mo-it Blanc beaded
for oae af tho i ?? piera ihe lmo went
en the akipper'l latOBtion beinc thr
i>i r-.- i.r; -.. ..! io?- n ater
ifl ??rAf to find out e_actly vahat da.r,
age had been done to hi* ll
Thr -eamei' recflivod their lir.' warn
iro- nf ilanrer v?l>rn 'he- ra'i ehemieal
,..,, ? r de - el tbe
Blanc. I hen eame rhe exploiion.
I he I-: .. eaughl
i,nd. riding on il n hurli d on
I he ?ailon declared I
? ie ship until ;he
itruek, and thal every man wai in hii
I . taading o
bridge, and bil !i?*arl wa- blown off. The
a'heeliman wai ?' hii pi ; '""!
aaa found n I al po tion when the
iteamer wai examined latrt
of the pilot, \\ illiam H . found
.- long ti a ihon near thc hulk, and il
thoughl ' 11 blofl a from th ? dei _
nbove deck wai killed.
, ? ? r..r' itruek the hcarh
on ruahed np from beneath
dei k and icrambled i
or..- men eaeaaed. Naval n
found them waai
>rene ol DiflaatCf
On the ihere leaa iwt two u dn d
rardi away liei -*11 thal i- left of the
Mont Blanc. To the right, over oi
i Dartmouth ihere, hard agiouml.
bul leemiagly not ln bad ihape, li?"
khi i ?? ;.j thi left, a few tunken
am! one dlitorted iteamer,
ilammed bodily aga ? , le of
wreckage, i . I oace been h deck,
: that are left of pien Six, Seven,
A few blaekened tim'oeia rl**^ thfl
trai ? to rn- left repreiedl tba Rich
mond itation, arhere p erj employe
waa killed. Of thfl rardmen, nol II
pr.- eoal remain, ot leventy ipare
m, nat 'en had reported far
duty thii merning. Tha*. ma
ed and twiited rolling toek in
the Riehmond yard repreaenti son-.e
hundred ireighl can a.nl iev-1
? >i ? -. or eighty passenger eoachei have
plaeed oul of eam*
- ion.
The numeroui relief ageaeiea, those
put into operation by I ns of
. Ity direetly after thc exploiion
ai.d those reaching here in large nuni
beri ilnee, were organized to-day un
dei one l.ead, with A. Kandfteld whlt
man, a promineni buiineil maa, a*
i be plan i aa adepted at the
tion o! A. C. Rataheaky, viee-chairman
of tbe alaaaaebaaetti CemmaUc
Public Safety and an experieaeed re*
lief worker, All the work. both on the
ground bere aad in lecuring tuppliei
i'rom the oufuide, will henceforth be
? natlaed, with Hai it'a\ people
themielrei ln control of the litaation.
.'Ir. Ratabeaky announced thi * tea
motor trucks, ir.anned wlth experionced
. would leave Boaton to-morrow
on a relief iteamer, Thii unit will be
..r great vulue in view of the den
ised traniportation problemi ban, ll
need that the atei
would bring 10,000 pairi of ihoei, 1*0,003
of |iau and Ihi
rooflag papar.
Oil Tanker Mistaken
For U-Boat Off Halifax
UON1 REAL Dee. II. Saa - of the
lafe arrival ar Halifax of tha Montreal
Harbor Commiaaion iteamer Sir I
Alian wlth an oil tanker in I
i. tiie opinion of ihipping men, the
myatery sunoundiug two itrange craft
on Halifax the night befon
ixploiion and reported by the ....
ol a iteamihip m . in Atlantic
port laal Saturday. The eaptatn i ?!
he had nearly rua Into I >li, re
., iteai
Jewish Farmers Meet
Federation Argues Whether
Agriculture Is Profitablc
Jewi '. farmen oi Xea Voi k, < ?
tirut. New Jeraey, Pi ., and
Ma--achusetts opened ? inaual
eonvention of their federation yester?
day. Sessions will be beld to-day and
Tha importa of thc work of farm*
tha preaeal haai of the eoun
eed aai \ ,(,,.
speaker* at thc afternoon .'i "l r
cure theii K d Bl | later
lanuarv, and ro plan t.. ra ?-? man
than flvor befori darini tbe coming
i morning i???
.. , ince Ba
Bread* 11; the even iag n the
liider Straai Auditoriam, Broadwaj
ar .1 IITth Mrect.
Blf lireenbla'. or* R,it*f,. ,| .
pre Idenl ?r* the federation. led an in
terenting diaeuflflion as to whether
farming i- prafftabll at pre ent
New Yorkers Offer
To Adopt Orphans
From Halifax
Canadian Club Plans to
Place Many Who Lost
Parents in Disastcr
v. ?.bei sf prosBiaaat Najm York
. hav? sigtiified their
arillingBflfll to adopt children who lost
their parent' in thfl Halifax diSBSttr.
Samc ol them haa/fl gone -o :'?:? aa to
Bggi that a- maay Halifax orphans
bfl lookad sftor he brought batt
at once, Thbmaa D. Ktatflada. president
idiaa Club. announced last
Mr. N'efllaadi doc_Bi*aa| that ths Cana
il.an Club has appointed a Hallfas or
eamm'ttoo, arith W w. colpitts
ai ahatt-Baa. Thi." committee, Mr. " ?
lands .nnouiirerl. is also makmg plan.i
for thfl pe-,.,;?-'e. ? .._re of orphans who
cannot. iic brought to this c ity.
Two additional carloada of supplies
far the rallof Of Halifas left thi*. city
They flOBfllflted of heavy
clothing, boota, ihooi and lubbers. and
Atiantic Division of
the American I'ed Crass.
Actiag Mayor Krank L Poarttajve.
terday isaucd a procUmatioa oaliing
upon the people of the city to aid Hali
? . Bobort W. Dfl Korcs'. chairman
of the Naaa Vork Chapter of thfl Ataer*
ican Heil Cratafl, has agreed to uililer
take the iBPCrrifltefl and di.str.bution
of eontribauana ma.ie by the people of
thifl city. Money and -upplie*. Mr. De
PoiCfli annoumed. may be sent te the
offices flf the \rw York , ??,,-,? [>,.,)
i hapter, at M8 Plfth Avenue. i
Howring & l'o., of 17 Battery ri_?%!
ayento for the Bfld Crosi Linfl, plyirgl
between N'ew Vork and Halfa,. yaa*
terday .-.,ble(] -,.",..| to the Lord Mayoi
ef Halifax. Thr ihipping concern con
inbute.l |1,. to this fund and so
? rd the rast af the money. They
annonneed that flBy COBtributlona of
clothing 01 lapplioa aaal te their pier
sl thi foot of Cofffly btreet, Brooklvn,
arill ba ihippad to Halifax without
l-i uraaca Brmi in lala eitj exaraasod
interest yeaterday in estabiishir.;- ??.
curately whether the Mont Blanc was
riolating harbor regulations arhflfl -he
_p in IIalifa\ Harbor. |f dis
patchei from Xova Scotifl are con
firmed, insurance men declared that
whieh auaTflrod lo.s as a re.ult
of the disBSter might refu--e ?,, ?,,.,
Asks Exemption of
Annapolis tjrstructor
Antonie Tanaola, of 102 N'iath 8tra>ot,
Brooklyn, formorl] a aoldier in au Itai.
alrj regiment, arrote yaaterda.
to l'n: n .1. McCoak, director of I
-ing agaiii-t the eoaai
bia ion, .lo.eph J. Taaxola, iate
itioaal Army at Taphaak. kt
tording to the father. no cooaidoration
waa gfrflfl by Joaaph'a local board ia
?he plea that he v *? an iaatructor of
mathematica in the Uaited Statea Kaaral
Aeademy, tha ent.n- facult*
ha^ baan exemated from aararico. Th.
<? a opening of
i _ ie
What ls Going On To-day
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Hall Ratrr.mi.l. t'uaUr flcbool '
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Dooling Quits
Means Case
New York Diatriet Attorney
Out After Discourse by
Judge Cline
Sister of Defendant
Tells cf His Sorrow
Declares She Came Upon
Him Weeping After
[Stafi i
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If i |fna
di li."-.! a leng
'"r injeet
.leraonal preju
arul mi
.1 .,.ir- Clim l tot
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ccedinga _' hin by
makinjr publii Meaiia, nr
' " rniirder
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'? i i i hfld
?! e.i ?.. . 4rod ?n<l
-< eald . iag as tke
<iod who made !.?? -?, cr?n'
him the , onelaeioflof
J idgl ' line", add-. ?? r HajraJ.r
I'iemenr announced thal Mr I'oolfnr
would 'i * ? ? on be
half of the
Meani Sntile*. Hnudlt
and s* i ? ' . thfl courr
' * do?r.
.? - "Deelii
Vork p
tettled upon rhe .
; mination of rhe ;. ,.''? ton
r ir ued
itaelf ial .. l by tbe
defendant ol l ' a-nty m.i
diainten - ? - i hii ef
fcrtfl a' rh? rieh
? idai . Wlth thii If praiar
concluded the etvii-cfaarinatiefl nt
I I- ? r,\ ? ' ?? eXttt]
mated thal Kin,;'- total
time of her deatn had ?? ? alue ..f $uj..
.-.?? :,.;, not countinf her ? >tmeati ii
e uri' ie-. i .- had iu
knowledge. The farnitun heragarl
men'. at 1 r."> I'nr;> Aven ?'. Vew fflH
he. d"e!are,| to I" ait |M
er jewelry no* thi h?nr.
r.r" rhe re<: iver. waa ?? .. *'. Hl
000. ntlier item*. making up
?...re 131,000. represented bv ? aet*
.???, i: PaahH
ion, Ml law, behif the
in partr.ei ihip a ?'. Ler init
? . 15,900. re'preeeated by a net?
of Mi*. B. Foraker, jr.; e. |-.14M euuitv
held by the Merchant
lu the pe ?' tb* re
cever, an BUtomofa at tZiOt.
and II * - tntr*1
Truat i ompaav.
The proiecOtion'!" view that thl eell
., ? - cannot bfl tealued **??
r.ot held by Meam. Ii- ad i itted, how
ever, tiiat thi I.j-ph "
Fora'ker, jr.. mig-'r' ? fll t0
lection. ,
"S'ne va- itarving when ' met ner.
and when Mra. lUag loai.'d her the
16.000,** h iaid.
-l.--i)'* ihe -tarv.n. aew. aakad pr.
Clement. .
"I guce*. not," rephed Mean*. and r_n
the ataad. after I eijhteen
and a half hours.
Si.tter lake Mand
The Ion? lougill
dence of Mea-.s'- reputed deciaratioa
t,j t aptal i W. 8 B ng! am or* m
Mi-. Kir,;-? ?- laj _<?'? Bla*?
welder Spring o.i tba ' lnt ****'
edy lir.aliy was accomplished by the tt
fence to-dav. Binj tbatwaflfl
he found Bed bending orer tbe pr??*
tratfl form of Mrs. K ii>g ?r>d aikw
what bad bappaajed, Bad realled",
??Mau.le haa -ho- *******
with that little p
Mj u r - I mi". *
ll ,,n reachinr
home ar'
II,. wa aid, and a?
ib< attempted te I ? j
"If there ia a Ged \g 11. . i | howcouW
hc have allowed thi* ro happea to me
Thii itatemeat i ??? by tkt
court, whieh wfl* net
-me af ita
might be madfl tbfl
tr-.ii in can
The court Miiton o;,.
?d m th?
ame ? i ment hafl
?... do ri'th .. ? ubl ? -nt "' ??
auromobile ridi whlch J i
with Mra. Kiag an.l membi
Meam :'a nily h we?
ed-.. Judge flini ' ' '''
Ightlv. an.l ?
ba ittfl
E: am
renee ?
iday. rhe i ? probabii
? ,h'> fn"
Fire in Flatiron Building
Cigar Store Ruined?DinerJ
Flee Rest_urant *
aited t .??.
tbe grour .! le Hu'|,i'
\ng wcut up '>' ?ft,r'
noon. The | . Bfld and a ma*
and a wflflaafl wb? alag "? *
reotaaraa. " tbe baiemeal of the
built*. - - " ?*? **moki M

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