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0son to Act
On Railroads
Next Week
?apre-.ion Grows Presi
jenl Will Settl. Con
tro'/a*-r?y Monday
fcxecutive Said To Be
Lookir.g **<* Director
McAdoo i-nd Hughes Are
Added to t of Prob
able ?*c?
,-t r*.
? Without
? : on Um
?rt t*? to-day
? ??* ll ?
kl '.Mte
'.e |
hr II 'rrrttate
? p'p.11 for
? -*tor to d;
? t ra.'.road
(onfiflont ar*.r>er
, that rhe lines
? nn themselvea
in ffovernment
rm ?>?* v*r
jta? '
-ariitiea '
j?? ?
0? ir"
jcamr a Fedaral
ia- ***** '
jaj of thr rr ?*?**
j_, bandlc _e i
-tk crrra'n chai
sftrnl **ai e
iF*d?*r? ? e"' ?* **irector- '*
aaadaral it-ia aeeapkd
:??_!)* " ' <lf >V,;? t,,r
-a jhoui' b* >? vt *hl r..t
?rt keet txtex f i it thf i ecdtal aad
t ptbei ?nliour. however,
tty ind.-- * ? '-he fnoio** r
^.M;;.. ? to Btkct one of
**int aa ~; >1*vs *vcl~ -aafatarjt
Ujr, arfceea '..now-djre of railroad
Uown beeaaae af
:j tervicc i r. the Jnte
w-j. Cenmiaatea. Aasociatc Ju?
tict Brand* - of the Suprerr.r- Court.
i-j. beer- ? - * and thr -.
itrntr Juetie* ( larlea E, Hflfl
... m - * '? ?- * *i>?0
addad aia !?*??? 1'* r:a>' -""?*??
-a, oi
stwrht out, aa '? a*'"**
I the question
?iither tha *<ead ?f thr !:ea ury I>e
j__>er: - anar. d from the
-I.- ii 'a-k ?f han
?_?*! ar?) ? naaaiaa*.
' v.!_i_.?, . '
,._ mmit
Traajpof iTed in
he day
- .nd-.
Wotld le <.reat
...th on
nar ar.d oa t**d "
or nor
a l . nanda
? fr.a war, at
.-, tiorta
fcfl cr coa ?'??
t? '
r-tur ? ' '" rnar
? ? and ap
:???.-.. couti
?jy, v?s thf t ' ** in
ed by
'but tr.ar.u
?? ht- ?
?TO, iU
??d tbt
rs. ?
r eommo
I :Hr-<f
? the coun
ii e Forgot
)J,000 Debt
Failed to R ill Loan He
Owed Equi i >lr Until He
Sought V j t? For Lib?
erty .ends
Dec. 14.?
Ctu.r-. *? '.amber
**? Cosmeree a*. * ?** how
** **** '
r the "aid
aaa," i* ?.
'-Ai bet? bon ? ? much money hc
?Hfbt prett) ," i h.'l Mr.
er Vork, Mr.
I wanted to bor
i aad to pay for the
***%. Hi ,. k exaetly favor
-*H.an.. aaid:
, "Bu*.. Charlef. you already have a
??a of *. here.*
"*?: . nd. 'I had forgotten
?Wf.'hi' ' ?
^the kind of
y?u want
??o mutter what thc position
a*04* Have to be fjllrd. thc job
*?*?? be hdndled best by some
**** *.*ith intrllif-eace.
??? only suei, who can give
?****? aervice
. Tjy for thu lund of "Hf!p"
?Tbe Tribune, "Phone in your
?^'ftiiernent H
***** numben
it's rrady?
*? D?k Irtbtme.
States Asked to Run
Labor Exchanges
Council of National Defence
Urges Co-operati%i to
Aid War Prosecution
. ondamoi}
I .SHINGT0N Dee. 14. St
. ?? havc heen asked to
th tha Di
?' Labor a national
ti bai gl . according I
? ...de hy Directoi
i'ouneil of Nat onal Do*
lence, today I.abor exchange. ai
| ll .11 ;.
r.g problem^ of labor diatril '
.. .: D.rector (lifford.
\!rea,:\ many. aliipyards are in
trying need of woraera, and ia d.- near
future the need is hkely to be fell
rcjuslly by munitions steel, lumber,
g, transporti.tion and all the
other eeaential Induatriea. Pilling thii
? I ia ?ne of tha mflfll ImportaBt
..k* of thi i.'ar future. and it ia for
U | rr.. oi 'that the < OUBCil -
Defence nnd th<- Departmeal <-f
- baare aettlfld upon the new plan
of labor exchange-.
"Fvery *:ate council of defence is
hy the national eouneil to
? a committee to take charge of
this work under th, leaderahip of aome
carable mai - to both capital
"The Departmeal of 1 abor pla'
to rwr.d ita .yatem of exchange
u.-,r . ? ?n employma i
1 he aa i araria e
? .:r,i Statea Em
ploymei : Service, ll a Publie Sflrvice
I ' Wflrhii g l.e-.-rv.
tate labor rxchanfjcs. This
whole s:> stem will bfl coordii-.ated with
. o<: exchanges cf the
state eouni l defence. hy the ap?
pointment by the Secretary of Labor
of the chairman of each state council
eommittee s* Federal director of thfl
- O-flflrgflBCy employment service.
Thus the national and local maor.'.-r;.
?> : be tied firmly togethcr.
"Sflarflfl states had alreiady been ap?
proaehed by the Council of Natinnal
Defence and bad appointed their in
al committees before ye-'r-rday."
? e
Island Cache
For Hindu Revolt
Land Off Caiifornia Coast
Selected by Plotters to
Store Supplies
BAN I- i:am I8C0, Doe. i:. 1
?rhab" I of Socorrc, <??'
;'orn:a eoa**. was to have
been the , . ? u material de
signed t'-r u ? in Ind ... Bcecord
tflfltimoay to-day in the trial of several
??r .-.ilege-:
a.p-rac- Britiah rule in
Har < government wit*
? ? . the Mimmcr of
1915 the *teamrr Mavericfc. M th i crew
from I
order to ge' mui thei
the i ' ?
and rif!.-* ard ear
?arch of tl
ohip. An .
? ?
? ? MavericV and B I nding
?-ture o?" t'- ? rom '.hat
DO rt.
? du lervanta had
: man goe.1
. n I handra, ona ?
tbirty-one defendanta on
made on thc wUneaa ataad by Har
. . who said he had be
?.; fhe
. | RAN! ISCO, Dec. 14. Cb |
? .; $10,000
ndra one
? ol ill the I'nited !
! of <'or. |
i tion agaiaat Br
ra m.-irle to-day o
Har Charan D
ooe of thc
.'.,. \ ? ? ? - oni Bntiah < olun -
:? ?
at Chandra, aad in an flxcitfld
*': ;f"; .... .\
"Rom (handra wa? thfl 'king -
paper 'Ghadr* rev..: il
ta my maetflr.avad he aold ma aad
r of hia ?flrefl.Bl to G?i
|10 000. I had been mi
arork i ? ; i ? man i ' ? nowapap -r
-. month."
. .i.i, goverr.men*. tbe proae
.....1 the "Ghadr"
efforti to em
ritiab government bj
tl,,. | rerolutioo.
Emerson Thanks Hedley
Health Department Head
Urges Open Windows
r for thfl B_flaaar La whieh tl i
? dllBf the trnnsporta
- .*???*? h?ve lt>nt
their . | the principle- flf
,no was expreaeed
in a Uttflt Harflfl Emflrfloa, I ???
? Departmem
raanagan flf the Nara
t ommieeiooer Emereon arrota that
before Iflflriag the -!?"**??? ? J""'
ba waatfld to tbaah Mr. Hedley
Operation and to urge tha
.... trains be hfl*
open ? ?>?'""-? ?? hau, ?
had ba. ,.,v,ay n.ore tna
DBOfll dflriBg the last few.days al
rd the uBhyfieflie eoBdltioB of tbe
? ? _ .. I...-/. aa-.nililV'. wi-re
tne unnyg.ei..- ........
_il cars arhore wladowi arera
kept el
Louisville Trust Opposed
As Bingham Administrator
No definite action waa Uken yester?
day bv Surrogate Cohalan on the ap
pUcaUon of thc Louievillc Trust Com?
pany for ancillary W"**.*?*!^
Mrs 1'n.ham'-. New ^ ork prop.M>
1 infcnarn ' . $_ r,,,,,,?.
...jed at atioiu ?-. .
that th. compay bad boan ? ?*?$??,?
administrator in Kentuck> h. ihe i
dillty and Columbia Tru. ' '
An appeal ia being taken bjr the 1
rtlle trust C*mt*am9fjn^i*^^*-m
Surrogate I ohfllafl adjouri.ed tho bflflr
,nv to l>ecember .4 to awa.t thc dec.
aion of the itentucky court.
Cloakmakers Will
Ask Washington
To Provide Work
They Appoint Committee
to Interview Gompers
on thc Situation
Conspiracy Is Charged
1,500 Unemployed Howl
Down Union Ofnciala in
Webater Hall
t rying "Wi arant warkl" '..".on aneaa*
. cloaktnakers who met ifl Waa*
-???- Hall ? ' iterday rrfused to K-tcn
to addreaaei hv national ofl'icer* of
the Internatloaal t'arnicnt Workers"
. adopted ri-nhit ;on> askitig that
a Federal cmployment bureau be es
? ! in Naw York and named a
committee te tiike up the situation of
tlu* unemployed with tha Departaeeat
ot* Labor .:. Waahingtoa,
Thii committee arill meet Samuel
Gompera, j>r> lident of thc American
Federation of I.abor, at the Hotel Con
tinental to-morrow. On the conferi-ir.^
will depeml whether Mr. t.ompers will
preaeal their eaae at Washington or
emage for the committee itself to ap
pcar 111 peraoa. Laeh of money for
railroad farrs makes the former al
ternative the more likely to be adopted.
(. har' ,. chairman of a com
r-i ttee formed a' a tructing: of the un-,
emplo\i'i laat week, reported laablllty
to ser.;rr work or any drfniite promise,
ot" relief for the .''0,000 idle eloak-,
makers through the officers of the In?
ternational Ladiea' Carment Workers*
Sa\s ;:,000 Job* Are Vacant
lie advocated the eatabliahmaat of a
Federal e.;>j loymenl ngeney. So did
loaepn Feren.'who told of Aadiag work
in a uniform shop. but be;n? refused
permis.MOn to take it UBleaa he pro
eured ? paai from tho Aalalgamated,
a rival ui on. This nass. ne said. he
waa unable to >,'<??. He had personally
'.ocated aeorai of vacaal maehiaea in
.in.r'orni factoriea, and had heard
throuph others of .''.000 vacant jobs.
"Thia," he eoneladed, "ia a eon
smracy ajtiiiii ' thc goverameat, whieh
need thi- uniformi a1' much as we
need th. vork of makini; then.."
Henry Miller charjred that the Amal
ganaated 1 nion objeeted to allowintr
n embera <>f rhe cloakmakers' union to
uork beeauae a full labor supply miKht,
lower pi
Joeeph Chykin declared that the
.mrs of New York
rh.ri!\ rnas..' nnlforma. The only
thing thar atood " the way of this
id, v. a> *'r.e Hoard of Control
ibor Standarda, whieh had placed
tbe hands ef
one u
Captain Kraeae, the armv rmmbT of
thr bo;irri. he declared. wa" not re
aponaiblf for this >-'.atc of affairs. He
? t.i.i; Kl rate in with beinfc un
? !.. the Ladiea1 ('armen* Work
I'nion Official Ifl Rooed
Mon . of thc InWnational
, >ras
? vhen lu* iltclareii the nieetinjr
. ?, irn r"'i.r and '-ui nol been ealled
tiie unemployed
?M.uid h:,\e ealled
- ? ? for it
"W< wan! work. nol talk," came from
ill, when he began
.i tha
cloak *:
lent of
:, i tatemeal after the
he diaelaimed n pan
. for the meeting hi .1 declared tha
n ployed is
i i bi en pro
he aaid, by the War Department and
thi Board of Control. Relal
tl e Amalgai ian W orl i
Contracts Invite Pacihst
Strikes, Officials Declare
Officer of the United Garmenl Work*
t r.-, who on Thnraday ehargad that
? | ? influeneei were bolding irp
arm..- uniform . followed ap theat
terdi v arith the nssertion
eontracl now belag u ed ia
i u way to encourat,''- strikes
complyiag with
all on ? ??*?-?
, lauae for colli etive or
- -.. r.injr ln tht '
john Manning, at the ex
ecutive board. "Thii li not in the prea
r thia i ontract, II
the pacifial onio g I two agitaton
in a shop foi ?!?' pnrpe ?? i
: jreing thc employer to
rgai ' ?n, 'he
facturer ia in troable aith the
..; Control.
. Kello]. of ' -? board,
aid that she WOUld rOCOgfl
of oae aeraan in a ahop, tl
,-,no othi ? o gi ? ance.
??' can tell .>l''*'k Cowen why be ii
barr d bj the board of control
rk. H I
.1 de
gang. <>n
September 80 Sidney Hillmaa, presi
, . ? ,., th< An.;. ?' aion, wrote
?1 am ??
!??., | 0| control.' All tbat Cowen re-:
fuaed r.. lo ? ? ? ta makt bia a cloaed
Ama gamat, d shop."
The Amalgamated'i part ln th* paet
Bal movemeat, Mr. Manning said. was
ihown b) tl I i" 'ronal
offieere in the peace eonvention callc-d
by the People'a Conaeil for Minneap
?iis and linally held in Chicaffo be
m.i- itata troops could pravoat It
"Tvt.i of the national c.ffic rs, Je eph
Rehloaaberg, the geaeral aecretary, and
Harrj Cohea, rhe Rr-ncra! trca^urer,
?,.r(. *i..m thc Amalgaaaated
to thar coaventlon. They did >at ra
there aa Indlvidoale, they arara rega*
larly aleetad f?r that paraaaa." be
Bomb Plot Defence Opens
Dl FBOIT, Hec. 14.- The r->-.ernment
to-day restad Ita case in Federal court
here a,-..ll ' Albatt C. Kaltschmidt
lltlj ? ? ; er aaa ehargad arltk
coaepiriag to doatray private propertv
in the United Btatai ar.d Canada, und
the defence rallad iti Bral aHtat
John Ballantine, preaident t,i the
Merchaata' Natiaaal Bank aera, was
, ffor* to ihew that;
j -..) Knit- chnii.i* I allj |-ed to !
have reeeived from Count von Bem
itoHT, C r.'iian Anibas?_dor. wui a per-.
sonai loan. He could not swear that
his bank I.a 1 baadled ebeeka showing
thar parpoae
Mra. Ida Kaltachmidt Noef, alatat of
Kaltai hmidt, and alao a dei
eonnected wlth thr ??:.-. by Fraai
Haelina * governaaenl witaeaa, who
hc pei >u.H.i?-ti him to join
H plot to deatl . st < |?;r River
. , .. Port Huroii and .Sarnia,
Onu ' '
5- Year Sentence
For Woman Who
Fought Draft
Mrs. OHare, Editor Who
Dened Federal Judge, Is
Sent to Penitentiary
BIfMARCK, N. D., Dec 14. A *m
tence of flre yeflft in th<- penitentiary
lfl Jefferson ?'.ty wa? Imp?d '
by Jadga Martifl .' Wadfl, flf D??
MfliBflfl, <r.. Mr- Kate Kichar.l* O'liare,
conaricted of aaaking otteraaeee in a
Ipoeeh in Bowman. N. I)., Is*t summer.
''?nding to discourage obediflBflfl to the
military rrjjistration.
The sentence followed a long speech
hj Mrs O'Hare, in which she rflitflTfltfld
her opposition to war and definod Ked
? ral Judge Wade to do hifl Wflrflt
\Vitnes*es at h?-r trial tflotiflcd that
Mr* i>'Hnre declflred in her speech at
Bowman that 'mothers who raised 'heir
aOBI to be cannon foddflr Wfllal Bfl bfll
tor than farmers' hrood suws." and
that "young men who were foolish
eaongh tfl eniist or volunteer wen- only
good rnough for (Icrman fertiliser."
Mr . O'Mare was editor of a Sociali.-'t
;aper in St. Louis and later went on a
[ecture tour.
Water Power Laws To
Be Pushed in House
Will Negotiate Agreement to
Harmonize Differences Which
Caused Failure in 1916
WASHINGTON, Daae. ll. Watei
power legislation is now being con
aidered by the House l'ublic Lands
Committee, which il understood to be
negotiating an ngreemcnt to harmon
ize differences which caused failure of
the legislation a year ago.
Paeaage of thr Bhieldi bill bv the
BflBfltfl, 41 to IH, was the lirst step in
diapoalflg of natural resources develop
ment legislation bflfoffl thfl boltdaye,
Oa recommended by th.- PfOsidoBl la
his recent address. Uadcr thfl measure.
water power development on Bflrigflble
-treams would be under control of
the War Departmeat. A system of
fifty-year pcrmits i* provided tfl en
courage private conecrns to make ex
penditure- for dams on navigable
strearna for development purposes.
The demands for oil are inrr.
so rapidly, Senator Pittman said, that ;
itei of the possible shortage, un
li - additional Bfllds are opened, ar
beyond Imag'oatioo. Because of thi.
eondition, he added. many .':' I
, . .-t eside their personal tri-rWI rfl
garding public lands in order to per?
mit enac'.ment of some legislation t ?
relieve the situa'ion.
Greenburgh's Finances
Accounts of State's Wealthiest
Township Found Hope
lessly Tangled
DOBBS FERRY, S. Y., Dec. 14.
William Bu'lock, director of the Bu?
reau of City Inqu:ry in New York, has
b-?cn rfltalned by a woaltby resident or
thii aection to Inarefltlgatfl the tinancial
of thr Tflwn ?**? Greeflborgh, the
wealthieol 'ownship in thr -tate.
Mayor-eled Hylaa, of New York, had
offered Bullock a post a Commia
ioaer of Ac<- ?unta, hat ba had dfl*
t, hfl said.
Included ?? thi Tflwn of (.reenburgh
are thi* rillflcc, Tflira/towB, Inrington,
I r.r. Hud-. ?-., Ardslfly
Elmsford, aad many of the moflt lux
nrioua country homes [n the atato, in
rluding those "f Mr. -i:.d Mrs. Fialey J.
Shepard, Edwin Go ild, Adolph uotti
. olonel JaroS Ruppert, Irariflg T.
BuSh, C C, Paulding, .lair.es Butler and
Mr . Ilenn Villard. n tssed ral
uatiou af its propertj ii %4tfi00fi00.
A report inade by examiafll. flf thfl
State Controller eighteen months ago
rhowed that mooey bad bflflfl adaraneed
?o various town offlcial* in adarancs
of hudget rs'imates, tangli-.tr U ,> BC*
rountl to such an extent that several
oflieial.-, on di eoarflriBg.thal dup
paymeata had been ma.ie. hn.l to re.
fund part of the money they had re?
-a--? -
Tells House Privates
Blacken Officers' Shoes
WASHINGTON.Dec lt Reprflsents
ti-.e Miller. Of Washington, one ..
party of Kepresei.tat .\ e* who DBOf
ftcisfly v-isited thfl European bai
froote, deiivercd an address in the
jlouse to-day tfllllBg ... r ...
Ii: the course of his speech Mr. Mil
lor said he had seen American soldier
in France blflchiafl thfl shofls ?f of
Represojitatiare Smith, of Idaho,
oahed if priaratos who did such w?rh
were rot paid f?r ll by the ofteers.
Mr. Miller aid that was true, but ti.e
prael ee -houid not be permitted.
Interned Aliens
Paroled by U. S.
On Word of Honor
Government Relies on Ger?
man Promise Not to
Aid the Kaiser
Big Bonds Required
Hecht, Freed for Holidays,. Is
Sponsored by Otto H.
When tht gevernmeal latarae a nch
('.-ri-iun as >i dar.geroai a1;en and then
rolca.r. parolc. na hit*. been
done raeaatly al Bllia lalaad, II <akes
a large money bond BJ guarantee of
gt .,1 bebavlor, but it does not rcly
upon thc bond to keep the pavalad
eaemy from glviag aid to thr- Kaiser.
Thnt erould be obvlaaaly ridlealoaa,
| how gladly the 'icrman govern
? aould pay the forfe t ia retarn
for such lervicea as might be nn
dered. What the government rellei
apon really I tha paroled alien'a ward
!;: German wt rd af honor support
c.' ahrayi by 'hat of an American
This was explained yeaterday to T l
Tribune by John <'. Knox, Assistant
I'nited Btatja Dis.trict Attorney.
??Cht I'nder $10,000 Hond
Rudolf Hecht, thc banker. whose
three-weck purcle ends Deeember 24.
posted a hond of $10,000. Frederick
Horgemei.Uer, the former attacho of
the GanuW Bmbaaey nt Washington,
put up ttSjrtt. He is to surrender
himself on Deeember 26.
"'?'ou ar.> right," "-aid Mr. Knox yes?
terday to a. Tribune reporter. "The
Kaiser wouid gladly pay J.i'.nful for
such service.-. a-. an enemy alien might
render him while at large. But that
i.*n't the point. The money forfelt"they
post 1- tbe least nnpnrtai.t nf the
thincrs we considered before granting
thom tcmnorury reie iee.
"It'a the tgpa of American who
\our'n", Tor their behavior. Take Otto
li Kahn, the banker. He is Kudolf
Hecht'a auperviaor, nnd has pledged
himaelt to -ee that th paroled man
bt i.i.v. -."
"Arr any efforts made to eheek up
Hecht- movemeata dunng bia parolc?
Air you watching liim?"
"Aboolutely. Hecht reports to me
every day. He'8 at th'.s office every
morning at about 10 o'cloek. He keeps
a list of averybody be has talked to
during the laat twenty four hours and
shows it to me. His list must include
e\erv one he haa converscd with, ex
cepting, of course, h.s immediate fam?
ily, and before he talks to outsider
be ia pladgad to ask m., [lermission.
Ile also reports in de ta i 1 every move?
ment he has made out of bil home."
Close Watch Kept
'I>o you depend.altogether on what
Hecht reporte to ;
?\o. (If rniir-p flr.r. J'e's V/atehed.
1 kt.ow !,:? every movement."
"What about BargO-teieter" Where
?;, be ipending his three weeka* pa
role ?"
"i'i Dateheai f'ounty."
"l?oes lie report to you every day ?"
"No. He reports to aomebedy up
there, I believe.
?? i io j oa kaaw to ? hom 7"
"No. I'm rof .-ure. He's in a dif?
ferent diatriet?"
"Ia he beiag watched *"
"Yea. I auppoae there ia the aame
arrangetner.r ai we have >vith Hecht
for protectiag the government-"
Fight Over a Dowry
Husband and Wife Take Dis
pute Over $10,000 to Court
ln the aeparattafl suit nlod in thc
Supreme i oart yesterday by Mra.
Seltna I.evinson Bgainat Ia_M I-evin
Fon, a lawyer. thc court may bc ealled
upon to decide whether the husband
ur wifa is entitled to the marriage
dowry, or w'rether both iointly are
entitled to enjay tha dot.
Mra. Larfmaan complaiai that her
hnabaad waa maeh disappointed when
he learaed soon after their marrra*.*
to retain the $10,000
whieh her father pave her as a dowry.
Mr>. Levinaon quotei her haaband
as tayiag, "Your father got the best
of me. He promieed nie .siu.ooo to
marry vou and he did'.'t give mc a
cent Tdon't care whether he gave you
the money or not; rhe money beloaga
to me." Tha wifa af tha attorney ad i
?,l ?!. it |. . Inaon refnoed to pay 1. tr
neceaaary e_p< neea telling her to take
?. i dowry.
At the American Art Galleries
Madiaon Square South, New York
To Be Sold at Unrwtricted Public Sale
18TH AND 19TH, AT 2:30 O'CLOCK
Prof. Commendatore Elia Volpi's
Thia a?le will be conducted by
?nd hl. a?*J?t?n(. Mr. Ol|r? Br-rnri. uf tl.
Mndlaon >q- .South, Enl ran. r 6 I'. -' M Mreri. Kflfl iork.
Fenner Law Fails to
Affect N. Y. Draft
Civil Employes Taken in Some
Cities and Exempted
in Others
[.*'/'< -ini i 'orroapondi '
| BANT, Dea 14 Bai f?r in tfl*
?Jrafting of n-.eti for the National Army
BB| been no BBiffll-Sity of action
tl rmighout the atatp on the Fenner ls*r,
:in(?' that state ar.d city OBafl
v. ho enter milit.iry se; ? a paid
thfl ditfereace between tneir el
The diatriet bflflrd f?r New York.
prealaUd orot bf Charlfls E. H .
ha* ii ? IBflflfl*
atitotioBal, maintaining thnt if a '.ian
in city lerarta arera drafted ?> depeod*
. nrv ... ? for i.i * fan. lljr, and
been OB*
empted. Ir. upatata eitia ? - er, the
board i huve t .1 k* n the
.ttorney General Merton ri. Lewia that
tho Penner law an.l a!l ol mr lfl*
t'ltinnal until proved otheraariae
by court action, and state and city om
pn,. 1 baare been drafted.
GoTeraor Whitman himaelf believea
ite and mun
pay the difference ln aalariei tfl public
employea who enter t'ie military ser?
vice, but at the same time he realizes
that the state by law cartnot force a
city to pay this difference.
If any action i. taken on the Fenner
law by the Legislature it probably will
come a* a rent of th>- lecommenda
tion of New Vork City official *. or after
a court test of the Fenner law. There
is a poesibilit** that thfl NflW York City
Hoard of Aldermen or thc Board of
Kstimate mijjht seek legislfltiofl under
which city employes with families that
would be dependent without the city
*a!ary can be drafted and have their
salaries paid.
City's Community
Xmas Tree Arrives,
The Christmas Tree of Light, succes
sor to those cthrrs thst have been the
fireside for Father Knickerbocker's
fumily Christmas for four yeara,
slipped into Madison Square just as
the tower elcch struek 1_ last. night,
and thifl morning lies waitintr to be
Sflt up for New York's first war Christ?
The Tree of Light is still to be a fam?
ily tree, the mystenous committee re
apoasible for the idea said yesterday.
hut the family is not to be contlned to
New Yorh.M alone thi* year. P'or every
soldier an.l sailor who can comc to the
city is invited to make the Trce hi*
h-adquarter-4 during Christmas week.
Th" electric bulbs will *pring to life
for the firnt time at 5 o'elock OB thfl
ti ,-. before ChrifltaiM, ard every- night
at that time for a week they wil! flash
forth their invitution to the men in
khaki and blue.
The tre,: is not to be the giant creat
ure that former Trc-.-s flf Light have
heen. For theae ar? war times, ind
the Tree will f.her.'forc, be less ex
travagant in size and will requ-.re
l.-ss l.phtini* than its pr-d.-c-ssors. Ry
having oae commun.ty tree, also. the
committee fr-i-\< that the need for in
idual trees in homer; is largfllfl elim
inattd r.nd trce conservation effecN-d.
But there are promisea of more sing
ing thar, ever befor". Kvery night of
its life thr Ttee will ha surrounded by
choruses, who arill .ing national an
thema, Christma* carols and folksor.gs.
The people who come are expected to
*ing, too. Choruses of children, of
adulta ar.d of loldien arill all h.ive
their ipeflifll rights on which to sing.
On Chr'.-tmns Pay. from 6 fo b
o'eloch, th? Tr.-e will be fiaren over to
... negro song rn lly, iii which a'l Bflflfl
citizens wi'l be asked to come. Trained
r.egro ch-?ruscs from churrhes nnd
Pundaa* acnools will *ing, and colored
troopa from Yaphank, under Colonel
.lan-.es M:>s*, arill rOBfler thfl Yaphank
favorito !.
Eccnomy Board Plans
To Cut Cost of Auto Sales
' WASHINGTON', Dfl*. 14. Kc.nomie3
ii. "he retail di; tribution and sale of
automobiles wil! i>e diflCBS?d here
Wednesdaa/ by A. W. Bhaw, chairman
of tlie C mmflreia] Kcoiiomy Board, and
represeatstlrea af the various asso*
BS of automobile <!?fi!er.?.
Retail SgflBCifl. throughout the coun?
try are estimated to have an invest
raofll value of 1400,000,000, and elim
inotion of lae'eri overhead expense is
etpeeted to i tfert a very largo sa.ing
ln their operating cost.
Woman Convicted
For Shot at Butler
She Is Found Guilty of A?
sault After Saying 90 Per
Cent of Sex Are Freed
M1NE01 A, Laeg Island, Dec I
:>Ir?. Irne Zuccrmati.
young woman who trr
?. par
cent nf the women arreated ?re ac
qttitl mI." .! a lata thl
ing that |hc ba
I he jury b-tor" whth
'... baa bot B on trial for assaulr in thfl
.., nr d dog ? IBd her guilty of
that ? '? ? reeemaaeadatioii
for mercv.
The ju.v dei K rai rl .'.<r nn hour and
a half. Mn. Zuckerman facej the fore?
man c 'a an
rounce tha verdict The a ird "guilty"
brougl | ih from her whieh
rdiet Her
nd, Mortim, i
hai it Into
teara. Mra. Zuekerman araa r-manded
: ; ia) for ? al race.
Mr*. Zuckerman v-iis arreated on
Augnal ." after a rtraggle wlth Ar
maad I'eltird. her former butlei n
the course of whieh ? piatol wh ch
Mr-. Zuekerman had carried to
. ?
? i ,? terday thal Dt
-, ' id difeharged the tbea
had told her that he could se-id iier
to jaii for ten year-.
Aa a rtealt of Mrs. Zaekenaan'i re
faaal to return money whieh she had
hnrrowed from Delfard the e\-butler
iiad told Mr. Zuckerman not or^y of
the loans hut also of the inte-e ?
whieh he said Mrs. Zuckerman showed
in other men. Mrs. Zuckerman de?
clared she had gone to Delfard's home
to persuade him to retraet his story
Under crosi-cxamuiation yesterday
Mr. Zuckerman told District Attorney
Weeks that he used to be a cow punch
er before he started making skirts.
The butler's insinuations against. his
wife, he admitted, had not aroused the
cowboy in him, and, indeed, he had
even kept the man for five days after
the recital ' as he was hired by the
Says $300 a Year Will
Dress a Woman Well
[Special Correspovdenre]
CHICAGO, Dee. 14.-Somebody must
have been cryir.g wolf about these war
prices, for along comes thc Chicago
Designers' Association with thc tldJaga
that any woman can dress well at
prices down as far as $o00 a year.
This, they say, is no idle boast, for
at their annual style show, whieh op^ns
to-morrow evening in the I.a Salle Ho?
tel, they are going to display the rai
ment obtamable at this low price.
Following is the list: Three or four
pairs of shoes, $20; three or four hats,
ll.f. ten pairs of stoekings, $10: one
corset, $.r>; underclothin-' for year, ."".'.">
hairpins, ribbons, bufor.s, etc, |i
spring suit, $30; two summer dn
|16; sport skirt, $10; three or four
twaiete, $-?"?; wiater aalt, $30;
Itl; three pairs of gloves, $10;
$90; party dreee, |M, and misceilane
ous. $20; total. $300.
Women will *ay it is impossible to
gtt s', oi." thejf wjuid wear for any
tl.ing less than JIO to $2", but the de?
signers eall attention to the naat.fl order
houses, whieh are seliing guaranteed
shape.* ar.d material for $7 as the top
price. They also refer doubters to the
-atne sources as showing *hat dresses,
waieta, cloaks, hats and other supplies
can bo had for about one-third what
women are expected to pay.
Miss "Dimples" Boucher, one of the
rrimerous models who will appear :rr
tiie show, scar.ned the man-made lis*.
with at. anuaed eye, and aaidi "It
doe*n't include petticoats, but, dear me,
thev aren't necessary any more, are
tbe] V*
_-? --?
6 Men in Service Geta Seniors'
Highest Honora at Harvard
CAMBEIDGE, Ma?s., Dec. 14.?The
hnjhest honors of the senior class at
Harvurd I'niversity were awarded to
We bel-eve in keeping
straight to our course!
All wool fabrics! Fast
color dyes! Highest quality
tailoring! Standards that
built up this business.
Warm, winter overcoats.
Satisfactory service or
"your mcney back. '
Speaking of s.it.af.irtory ser?
vice. one of our salrsmen recent
ly suggested to a friend v.ho
dropped in for some furniihings,
that it wafl high time he bought a
new overcoat! He laughed him
off. saying th.it he guessed the
old one (hought hcrc some 15
years ago) was still good for an?
other winter!
Kverything men and boys wear.
Army oflrkers' uniforms.
The Bflfflrs-Pflflt ' tntp Tflilet Caial
a good gift for OOMiera. $
To-day thc tvindowt <>f our
downtown ttortt ii-ith St, and
WarrtM St.) art given emtr ro
tlu mmm exhibiHtm of Britith
Pottert that drete tuek crowd*
when thotvn (arti<r in thc week
at our uptotcn ttortt,
Rooeu Peet Company
Hippod-orne, Sunday E?e., Dec. 16.
?*pg->f **"-??-?
-. Preoa Tmtt, Hea_b i". Dafl-ooB, Otflt M.
Kafea, 14. FerlgMd ad FNaeeB ktmtt
John McCormack
' , 1'- ? . A l
id r -
nt from*eolI< gi Ib otmy
tho lil 1 - for
.. .iter I! Wheeler, ar <?? ,
oad H llliflm H. Uon tn ia
the navy. and Thomfli < 1 ?'? her, Mor
mill '>'?
George A. Pa tey lieat
tiona! Ar-iv.
A. h:.v ? been sl ' ' ?Mieeler
was captatn-eiect ot the .?ven.
Porey ? -ecct of the h
team, PraakllB arai ? crew mai ami
llarra : VVlggifl
umone; the moat i rfl.fl.ts.Bg members of
i oaa.
Felix Calondcr Elected
President of SwiVcrland
Caloadflr, Viee I - ??P.T
lie aad head of the D< * taa
[nterior, to-duy ? i
0f Sta??i.-erlan.l for Itll '
176 aro( _.
Founded 1S20
Grceley 1900
38th Street
39lh Strc-t
Ulsters and Great Coats
For Men ^-*
$30.00 to $75.00
Sensible, practica] Coats for all kind.**. of
weather and appropriate for either b-u-inesi
oi dress wear.
Made ?>( fine imported aiul domeftic fabrica
in browns, greys ind beatber mixtures; .ilv>
wanntb-without-weight materials.
"(?eorKian" Country Clothes and
Kurberry Coats direct from I?n
don. $10.00 to $73.00.
Dress Overcoats
With Velvet Collars
$25.00 to $65.00
Single or double breasted form fitting styles
and tbe ('onscrvative Chesterfidd models.

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