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IAWII Vo. 25,96."i
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Ihe Trllitinr Aaa'nl
First to Last?the Truth: News ? Editorials ? Advertisements
<I\K < BNT
fn r.rralT New York
tho i r> rs
M Hl.ln t nmmi.rinB DMaBBafl
I II K4 I ( r.>TH
Kuehlmann on
Way to Join
Peace Parley
German Foreign Minister
Reported Procecding to
Bolshcviki Beaten
In Odessa Fighting
Sailors Divide Forces. and
Many Are Killed; Kal
edine Not Captured
German Fai
-,-ry. ?ays a Be
pt?c? '
rowr ?
r.o one in
recommer.t l |
aed only b;
ii ?
r . .
? 'oba
. uails
. II
Bolsheviki Beaten
By Ukrainians in
Odessa Street Battle
a talcgTam
'aximalin troo:
Lha arsenal, where the
BJ ? :i:!)led. The
af Kada aummonc
1'kra . lartarcd
*?rr ..
I ? 'he|
| the
last ?? .
? ;eral
h ( '? Hnd
?We !?????? ?. h>
I the
in a n ? ? .
- W'fii
rounrv i. nc\<-r
tacra bi
? ? I
oil ?. ??? aaid
... Man y
; injured.
Ter ' ,? ? n nr
Pope Condemns All
Who Aid Attempt to
Regain Jerusalem
. tac
? v. i!l
|*m t ? ,,ti nf
cay t . r
11 d "'
Hai . ||j throujcho-.it Racac
?ara ? . ing ,,...,,
'**' r'- . ninul li';;.'.
?a?? .
House. in Washington,
Reports to Wilson
?MSHINQTOM, too, 11 - alaad I
M *^ttm, EOraac, araera hc
real inter-Allied war
??"??'"'M > *< .i of lha American
"'?Men, arnved in W*,hin.rtun latr
Me diovo iirtcUy ta tl
"???. to nuu m ,H.rh0nil] rfport to
'?aaiBant Wils?n.
Hertling Declares
Just Peace With
Britain Impossible
German Chancellor Asserts
Speech of Lloyd George
Has Made Idea Useless
UIST1 1DAM, Dee,
GcnBaa ? I ancallor, Count von
llcrtlinp, clrclar-.! in i
? M't
Bota aad i hcara that the
the- Lloyd
idership ia completely inac
? ica of a juft pcao- l,y
?I-. ! am ntmly co:v
..;>? prograaa toward tiie
thc very tnoment
great trual with which BB) >
? o hall way houac
? ,1 ilcfcat."
Morgan Gives
Art Treasures
To Museum
Collection of 3,000 Works
Greater Than Any Be
stowed by Father
more than tkri a thouaand
works of ar* of ."rrat \ :.'..?.. by J. P.
f Art i i' ? . ? rday after
tioon ;.
placc of llie late Jo=rph 1!
collection ju t BCquired forms
roup of M
? mui-eum. Tke
liaa in the l.iph qna
ita cor adoa aaai*jr of the
-, aluable thinga the late .'. P.
lected. Chief amonj:
are tho B an?l other
:nedia i - fin,i Ivoriea, Inelod
? niarvellous Srenlgorodskol and
tiona, each unfivallrd
Ckaara I p Miscomeption
traneement of the pift by
tor, read ai
"At the I?eeembc-r mrr-'lnj of the
? i of the Metropolitan Museum
thia afternooa .Mr. J. J'. McVgaa
;::inounced hia gifl to the muaaotari of
has now on loan
with thr .-inp-le e\crption of the
B oreale, '
ara , tad in loreale
? ?
?trntly been Irnt ajrain for thr opening
I tk< ? le ing ' t.ition
i "Morfi ?' . Ileetion"
| . i nneral impreasion
: ? ??.,.? ha,l withdrawn every
md hmtself
? thr thinga fiven by him laat
thal thr
? ffjfi . oni ista of upwai d of
b ? addit ion to
Greaa collection of ancient
plHSS | mentioned
aeparately bacau
. re mainly fraffmenta, and
be thought to awell the namher
"Great ai thi of " t '? ,'ta
many i
\]r. ' ". , . ci.n.-r'i d, and that
ng thr
ed eollettlona .'r the arorld.
,.? Bj lantlne
and mediarval enamela and ivoriea, In
each unri
and lorming to
mbtage ?hich ?
? , ahead of all other
mi material of thi- charaeti r. I ???
<if th.
H}10 .. thal exhibition will
re 1
and the i.rrrk
and Ro. bronaea, i ? every
. in tbe two rooma i - thus
ired for the city.
. paintinga lacludcd in thi
. r thirty, among which are
,., the Nuraorj
many eonaidarad hia i I x?n
dei ' Weyden'a 'Annunciatiot .
panel by Huberl R
.- - trlptyca ..?,,rr-rMt,!lK
l bleaaing, aurroonded by the do
i familv; R ftch o
. Van Eyck'a head of Backat
and .. charming graep bj LoBghi.
Memi.rial to Hi** I'ather
?I? mskiag thia grlff on.- object af
Mr Morgan '' "? pcrpatuati tha menv
oryof bla fatfcer aa a i -': ",?n
rhieh th.- traatee. ol thj ?????"?
firr vo.ed Bt thia aft.-ri.ooli a: me.-t. ng
the building da
vote,! ;?"?" dacoratlve r ?
which ii already li.rir.-.y or.up.rd b>
MorgBn gifU, ahall here.fter be (Uajr
., the PUrpanl MorfB" wing. and
XX al thr Ujorta lacTndad In tha
. >:1f, whiek belong arprnpriateb
.tarial now Ia lt ekall bo
brought togatfcar tkara. Mr. *?*"
hav?iTr aarrVed that the otkan rhall n
k "*t?e drpartmrnt, when- they
"'?Vrna will B4KBBBIUU '? conaidrrabb
~.?a.fit of th, lower floor of thi
rearrangement oi ii.<
wing, *o that lt pmt.ahn4a.il *
eralmontha before WB ahall fce ifl a
Bition to enable the public to appre
.I.,.. the magnitadc o .thu Bcci
to the rauteani'a collcctions.
Draft Wins
In Canada By
Big Majority
Borden and Union Govern?
ment Returned for Three
More Years
French Votes
Go to Laurier
Soldiers' Ballots Expected
to Swell Vote for the
01 iAWA. Der. 17. Tha 1 - ?g roT
ent hai bci n n tni ni d, aad cn
acription eaaflraicd by tha t'anadian
doracctic vote.
reccircd from all over
Canada ladicatc that the ejorernment of
? r Roberl Borden has hem clect
adrainiatar Canad .-? an
cthcr . and that Sir Wilfrid
. defcati d
the reeiprocity elai I loa ol 1911.
Bctui ,'.?e that tl
portion of Canada bai trmie hcavily
for s;r Wilfrid Laurier and Eagliafc
COBBtitUcnclei have returned men who
will ^unport the i'nion government
aad iiiaintain Premier Bai
den ln oflice.
The vote has heen very heavy every
d thr niajoritii'S aro vi-ry
? -oldier vote, which v. ill not
?rtained for ?omc daya, will in
the aiready heavy niajorit
government membera and will likely
the number of government
fore midnight abowed thal
i ; rom and
four <U ferred, t he Vi
? rj the Oppoaition 87.
| ?? ai Q ? taidc of
City i Montraali want ahaalatclj
aolid for Sir Wilfrid Laarier, the itand
inj; of the partiea being: Oppoaition,
? ??? a
I he three
adminiatration eleeted ara < . ?', Dc
i ating
Sl \. i 1'.? Ion of Montreal;
i . ( BallantyJ e, Miniater of M
Rt I awrenec Dtviaion i ? '. and
thret eonatitaen
,? a iarjre LuflMi -,
vote. Wherever t1" French V Otc BTB*
doniinated the majorltiea pilcd np for
laurier candidatea aratc
Wilfrid himaelf araa returned for
a Quel.ee aeat. Pwo b nlcter , Colo
-:. Blondin, Poatmai tcr G< neral,
i oa on militarj
Champli in and Laurii r 11
? and J. P. A, Sei igny, who
?i.. portfolio of Miniater of Inland
.... arei?? di feal ed i eael of the
ron?tituenciea in whieb thej ran. Mr.
i- beaten in Dorehaeter hy
ld rr.al, l.ucien Cannon. Among
th. -ii f? Bted la Q ? '" ra I Arniu'id
Lav*rgnc, the Nauenaliat, who ran in
Montmagny, a itraipht Laarier eandi
ating bini b] ;? good majority.
Keferendum in Laurier Plan
Sir Robcrt Borden, head of the pres
Iminfatration and leader af the
I'nion forcea, ia committed to enforcing
eetive draft law bow i a the
Tho Liberal leader, Sir
Wilfrid Laarier, hai promiaad a refer
i.ii the eon on and
haa deelarcd his party will aapport th"'
it ? plcbiaelte.
There ?re t|6 aeat I ? be Rllcd. Be
. day'i ballol ng < ? teen Laurier
? Borden aupportei i had been
. rj a thonl oppoall oi , ao thal
Borden atarted to-day with a handicap
.ii. Pour conteati had bai
ing deeiaiona to !?<? gi i
I* i estimated that tl.ere are a mill
ion and a qaarter male domeatie eotea,
three humlred thouBand o\ ?
dier eotea aad prol.ably half a million
women whe are permittad to rote
through M latlonahlp with men in aei ?
The governmenl baacd II Ii,; < oi
the aoldier and wamen ? lemai I
being apeeially iBtaraated in the intro
dnctton of eonacripiion. li had
atrengthened Itaelf by taking the ?ote
from eitiaeni born In enemj eo n
and Baturallacd ilnee IfOO and by giv
Ing a vote to every man in the Canadian
army even thoujr'h iinnat urali/.i?<!.
- ?
Admiral Harris
Quits as Manager
Of Ship Board
No Reason Given for Sud
den Action After Service
of Less Than a Month
WASHINGTON, Dce. 17. Reai Ad
aairal Pradcrich IL Barrie, receaUy ap
poiated general iimnacer of the Ship
ping Baard'a omargoney Beet eorpora
tn.ii, tn day asked to BC ri'lnved of that
,:h| returned tr. | ehief
(.! the asey'a Burrau <>f Yarei aad
ih.< recjacct will hc graatad, and
Charlca A. Piea, a Chicaaja eagineer,
ricc BTeaideal af thr Eaaerganey Plaet
i ..I; oratiaa, a ill bc aaaaed ta aac
ii. i him.
Whilr no offic al aaneuneement has
brrn matt" aa Ic Admiral Ilarrif's rea
aon for aaiTcaaciing the taah, whuh
ha u?aumed Icac than a moBth ai
? i hc did not lad tha wert eeo
I-= =
Germans Raid
British Convoy,
Sink 11 Ships
British Destroyer and Four
Mine Sweepers Lott With
Six Merchantmen
Second Warship Hit
In North Sea Attack
Vessels Prepared Only for
Submarines; Investi
gation Begun
LONDON, Dbc 17. -One Britiah and
u'ral merchantmen, a British de
i fi.ur mii.e sweepers have
been aunk in thr North Sea by German
naval f<
The Bia the result of an at
n n eonvoy bound from Scotland
to Norway, Sir Kric Ocddes, Kirst Lord
I -niralty, announced to-day.
The total toanaga of the lott merchant?
men wa v.'?
Eigkty?eigkt Scandinavians, two of
when UM wonirn, and ten British were
, ,] by four British destroycrs, He
rj from :? oruiscr ^quadron, which
waa haataacd to thr ?cene. Other sur
reacki .1 Nara ay in boats.
Convoy Sunk
.,, , .,..-? r< leela were being
,(,l by tho deatroyera I artndge
.,,, .? Th. I'anr.dge waa sunk
i waa dan.aged.
,. Macnacaara, tmancial sec
.. Admiralty, alao announced
in , ,. bI two Bcatral mcr
rei ela aad ??< trawlcrr ??re sunk.
? on Decombcr 11
McNaaaara'i mformation was
in ni.lv to a <iue<tion by Robert
r. \v. Hoaaton, Memfcor for Liverpool.
. regarding an attack by "a
i of larga German drstmycra.
Mr. MrNamftra added that another
., bad boaa daaaagad, and that
men had been killed on the two
tra*'' a ?a. aa.
II. plying to a question why there
been an Admiralty communica
ikjact, Mr. Mc-Namara
,k'incd thr Admiralty did not
foraaatiaa on the subject at
i.,: e Geddea, in contmuing tus
accounl of tke nttack upon the eonvoy,
I tke circomataacafl so far as
available were that tho I'artndge
1 four cnemv destrqyers ahortly
nnd, with th* Pciew, an
. while the convoy scat
tered The I'artridge was hit heavily.
ai't-iwaid BM cxplosion oc
, irTed aboard aad akc iaak. The
;n. rerd at the- araterline and
w< re dlaBbled, but eventa
a- brotiirht safely to port.
The enemy thrr. attacked the eamvoy,
I thr iix oaarchaataiea and four
bj "'? .1 trawlera.
The entira ereaj af thr trawlat Lord
..ii waa avad in one of its BWB
ii.,- caaualtiea on the Pelew
? and thrr" mrn kilb-d
and two wounded acrloualy. Informa
tion regarding the rrrw of the 1'ar
. Sir Brie .-aid. was incomplrte,
bul a reporl fion; Ki'l told of the tak
ing there of Ihree officers and twenty
? >n from tke Partridaje and of one
officer aad ta 'Bl itjr-BTB mrn from the
Oprn Ia Surfare Altark
PartrldgB ar,d thr Prlew, {o
with foui armad trawler--, ,-aid
sir Eric, eompaiaad tke ai.ti-submarine.
eacoii to the eonvoy. I-'or some raaaon.
? unexplained, he added, the force
! was aant for the purpose of pro
tecting thr eonvoy aeainst surfBce at
tacka, waa not on the scrne in time to
prevenl tbe deBtraetion of the convoy.
\ eoarl of inquirj had baan appointed
eetigate the eireuflaataaca*, he an?
\ i cond convoy. which also was be
;v.z COVered, was not attacked.
Thr GonaaB raid chiplicates the suc
I rnti rprisr of last October, car
ried oul bj two Gcnaan raiders which
attacked a eoavoy in the North Sea.
I 1 i v ttiil. nim- nrutral merchantmen
and two of tke esrortinp British de
hi\.- N'orwepian, three
, I- and one Danish veasel
ink withoul warning, three other
antmen eacaplng. Tho raiders
armed heavily and succeeded in
cvading the Britiah watchcrs on the re
tuiti aa well aa tha outward trip.
By penetrating thr water* off the
mouth of the Tyae on Docambor 12 the
, ittii-d their operations close
-,, ? .? Engllah caaat for tbe tirst time
0 ''ar aa the onVial com
munieationa have abowa. The Tyne
r,o\c - through Northarn Fngland into
rti .-> a al Smith BhiaTda.
( HIIISIIAMA, I?ec. 17. Sailors from
tt,,. (j Gei man warships in
. ? that t'.re was opene.j
eking eraiaara at a rantre 0f
and th.at within ? half
anaH -l ahiae, with the
txception of the deetroyer relaw, were
aunk. Crawa from ataajaara ia the con
v,,v aaved ia all IM eailora. who were
londed on tke woat coast ot Norway.
r, i ii. ef the rescued were
Mrs. Vanderlip Shuns
Any but War Dinners
KANBA8 CTTT, Mo., Per. 17. Mr
Frank A. Vanderlip. who m aidina; her
huaband <.u hia tnp to further war
thrift, declinad to partake of the
! r.n.-r in her honor at
the llo'.rl Macklkack on Saturdev. pro
,,. nol a war dinner.
The Ineongruitica of elaborate menus
in a campaicn atrainat war-time lux
Brioa have br?et the Vanderlip rarty
!ince it l.'ft Waohina-ton. In St I.oiik
la-t wi-ck Mr. \ anderlio had to make
bia pli-a for siniple livmr at a cosilv
dinner al which champatme was . erved.
Mr \anderlip sought out a bankerand
nucirested there be no repetition here.
The clmner for Mrs. Vanderlip waa dia
t,prt from the one of plainer fare ar
raaged for her husband.
This Is Meatlcss Tuesday
House Adopts Prohibition
Amendment by 282 to 128
Powder Supply Low; U. S.
Just Begins to Prepare
Senate Inquiry Reveals aAmerica No Better Off
Than in April?"Too Much Red Tape," Says
General Crozier, in Explanation
WABHINGTON, Dce. 17. The War
I'cpartment is only just takingsteps to
lecaTO an adeCjUatC powder supply with
which to pro.-eeute the war. There i?
a -carcity of lafrcdicatc for the mak?
ing ot high explosives. ?il General
Crcalce put it to the Beaatc Military
AfTairs Committ.-e ifl his testimony to
day, "We are now taking acMon to
increase the ?upply of TN'T."
The powder situation was not pur
sued by the caBUBittac, h^t it ii under
st.ood to be serious. The same spirit
whieb has led to the vote tC report
General (ro/.ier's tiornination favorablv
to the Senate pravcatc any industriom
foiiowing of leada. The witaeaa ia per
mitted to tell bil story in bil BWB way
Great aaxiety aaiata to avoid all aP
paaraacc af trjrlH '" ***** " ****
against those in powr-r.
The result was that all tnat beeame
known about powder ifl that thia eOBB
try'a eapaeity to pradace BCWder is no
larcer to-day than it was on me day
?re eatered the war, although General
cro^ier teatifled that vigaraaa ateai
are now being tahen ta inereaee tBe
powder producing eapaeity. Bc aaM
that the eountry'i apaeity wai
,?w bo.ng fully BCCapUd IB producing
powder for this country and pjllea.
and that the eapaeity nfp.ar.t4 'hould
be iaereaacd. Apparentlv, though no
one rnforeed this point by a ,,ueMion
direeted at th.- witneai Nina menthe
heen allawed to go by n I
aaythlaa beinc me ta Inereaae
either the powder plante or t.. add
to the sourres of lagredieatl for
the making af hip* caploaivea. The
War Department auddenly awoke to the
Mriaaaneaa of thii ?ituation within
?he la.nt few duy-. and a hurried effort
iB now being made to repair the re
sults of the long delay. .... ,,
The Senate committee Inished witn
General t'rozicr to-day in an open ees
sion For the most part, bc went over
ramiliar ground. touching bnefly on
powder and one or tWC BtheF items |B
? uppliev
Harness Also
Is Lacking
It br^ame known that harness waa
srarce, and this hl one th.ng l-rance
i.nnot supply. Jhere ia enough, har
neaa for the batlene* servmg the
trcops already ln France. but even if
tlitre weie gun- with which to train
artillcrymaa here there uould not be
barneaa' available to usr in moving the
gun*. There are no rifle? with which
to arm home guardv The War De?
partment la coraidering buj.ng the
Rcaa rifle for this purpo'e and for
tra;ning the National Army. Senator
i telinghviyai-n indicated that th.i rifle
Ind been rejertcd by the Britiah be?
cause it was dsr.gcrous. General Cro
zier thought its only fault was that i
u Jammed aaaily and waa dangerous
only in leavir.g the ..soldior with a usc
le.-.s woapon.
Senator Wad^worth trien to get the
witncci to aay that the Engiiab lyatcai
ot aeparattng tha produrtion of arnis
from tho operation of the War !'???
partmaat araa dcaiiabla at this suge
of the war. Hc a?ked the witaaaa it
our system of producing niun:'
should no>, be revleed and eentralixed. i
And GcBCTal Croxier replied that there
was "need of greatcr latitude of action
for the existing organization, not for
a new organiaation." Senator Wa.l
wort'n asked, 'You have r.o luajgaationa
to make for ar,;. Baacatial ehange?"
Restrictions Should
Be Removed
G ?! eral Crozier replied. 'TerUnn re?
al rictions ;houli; be removed. Appro
I.ri; tions should be gencrul rather than
? peeific."
That repreaenta tho typical burrau
riatu idea. There ii nothing th* mat
trr with the orpanir.ation, but all the
troublf liea in Ceagreaa, ita failure to
i.ppropi ia*e or ita tendeney to make,
ita apprepriaticn in hard and fast
term?. Hu'. if Congrvaa can t;ot ap
enough eaaraga, there probebly will be
aame effati made tfi iplit up the gi"
organiiatica in the eoatrol af
Baker, with ita *1,000,0
tc aaaed
Samethiag of the temper of-Con
jrresi may he gut from reraar.
Demccrata l.ko Senator (hamberlain
BBd Senator Ilitchcock and from Sena?
tor Wadewoith'i pointed questions.
about the Britiah atiaietry of Muni
tions. Senator Charr.ber'.ain told the
aitaeac 'hat he was not satislied with
the eaplanatioai of delay to obtain
machine guns ar.d rifles. And Bd
Hitchcock aaid that it was the opinion
of the country thHt there waa too much
formality red tape and circumlo
tution in the wav business anal being
aceomplished. He asked if anything
was being done to speod the procesa. [
General Crozier raatlcd that there
were thing* being done toward that,
nnd ga-e an Bmuaing illustration of
the t\ay tho ofTieial mind works. He
said \ery aaraceUy:
"I ani now cperating sixtcen auto
mobiles m my department. I was
driven to it. It is a new policy!''
It waa only necersary to hear Gen
rral Ciacleif teatify to know why there
had been delay. 1 he general has a red
tape brain. 11.s mind ia the onginal
cireunalocution office. The simplest
queation ;n the world started hinj on
a .V)0 word OOBIBO, Sometimea the
Senators grew weary and begged him
to alop. BuV he inaiated that bc
being brief, for if he should tell all it
would take weeks. N'ever onee did he
nn>wer a queation ?i a business man
would, and yet he ia al the artad of a
UuMnes- spending $3,000,000,000 a year. |
Hoover Visits
Wilson After
Senate Rebuke
Faili to Get Permission to
Reply to Sugar King, Gives
Facts to President
WASBINGTON, Dec. 17. Food Ad
miniatrator Herbert ('. Hoover went to
IThita House to-night and laid be?
fore thr President the aituation
brouirht about by tho failure of the
Senate Invaatigatiag Qaaatttaa to ailow
him to make a statcment in reply Ia
attack-s on he witneas stand by llaus
A. larackala. He would not discuss
the \i>it.
Thia ac'ion followed what amounted
to a personal rebuff given Mr. Hoov.-r
i,.. tke committee. The Food Admin
itratai WBitod an hour in an ante
room while the committee in executi.e
I dcbated his request to be heard.
Then the committee recallcd Spreckel<
t.nid WrtkOWt answerintc the re
q?aat Bad Mr. Hoover left the buildinj.
Attorney Ia Blocked
Then H. Curtis I.indley, counsel for
tha food administration," tried to quea
U?n Mr. Snreckels throufh members of
the committee, but was blocked by an
announcemoat .that the State Depart
tnen deemcd it inadvisable 0 discuss
further the ne^otiations which resulted
in thr f'uban raw sugar contracta. This
announcement followed B confer-nee of
Bsmittaa with Counaella* Folk of
tha State Department.
The committee toward the end of the
day'a aaaaioa had ajreed to permit Mr
I.indley to auggeat questions. Mr. I.ind
ley iaaiatad that the committee allow
him to iry to controvert atatementa of
Spreckela. Finally. howavar, hc ^aid:
?I- we ranaol eaplaln the contracts
for the ("uhan crop we are placed on a
pillory whilo trying to solve B very
diffieult Rituaticn."
Price Too High
Mr. BMBCktla ?iio ii preaidant of
tke Fedrral Sugi.r Kefining Company,
had rhargad that thr Cahfornia-Hu
S-jjrar Rafining I'ompany, of
B'bieh (i'-orjce M. Rolph. director of the
..dm,r>Utration's ufjar division.
? prraidaat, would gain M.OOO.OOB ad
,i;t.'>iHl revc-nue this year ir.directly
tr-reogh the pr,>. Bxcd for the Cuban
crop. which he declared was entirely
too high. The Hawanan price, he eaid,
was ba?ed on the Cuban price.
Through queationitif of Spreckela
hy J. Kreenun, counsel for Karl A.
Bab?t, president of the Amorican Sugar
l ir Company, it Waa broutfht out
that tke Federal president did not
object to the appointment of Henry C.
Mott. buyer for the American Su*ar
Bg Company, as buyer for the
internatiaaal committee wh-.ch was to
pargkaae all the raw ; ugar available
and parcol it out to relinera, at the
time the appuii.tmtnt was propoaad.
Measure Goes to Conf cr
ence?Period for Rati
hcation Is Only
Parties Evenly
Divided on Vote
141 Democrats and 137
Republicans Join In
dependents to
Vote "Ye*"
W.ASHINGTON'. Dec. 17.?Nation
, wide prohibition won in the Houae to
I day, and only the adjustment of a
I slight differenco in resolutiona between
' the House and Senate now standa ia
! the way of submitting to state legia
latures an amendment to th* Federal
, Conatitutlon forbidding the manufect
1 ure, saic or importation of intoxicat
ing liquor for beverage purposes in the
United States or its terntones.
The vote in the House, taken after a
; day of debate before crowded galleriea,
\ was :s:> to ISt, with the partiea diwid
1 ing almost evenly.
The margin for prohibition was juat
cight \otes more than the neceaaary
two-thirds of the membcrship of the
House required for adoption and twen
j ty-six more than two-thirds of thoae
: voting.
Bryan Congratulated
Both wets ar.d drys had been predict
, ing victory all day, and it was not
'? until the last few names had been
| called that the anti-prohibition forees
: conccded their defeat. When Speaker
! Clarke announced the result the victora
; were joined by the galleriea in auch a
] demonstration aa ia rarely permitted
I in the House. Fonner Secretary Bryan,
an i.U?reeted apectator naarly ali day.
| appeared on the floor and joined iu re
I ceiving congratulationa with Repre
sentative Webb, of North Carolina, who
had led the fight.
The resolution adoptcd by the Houae
.1 ntical with that passcd by the
Senate last August, cMJept that it givea
the states seveti years laatead of aix
in which to ratify the amendment. Sen?
ator Sheppard, author of the reeolu
tion, predicted to-night that the Senate
would accept the amendment tomorrow.
He raid he had assurances that the
seven-year period would bo approved
and that he did not believe a roll call
The Preaident's aoproval ia not re?
quired and the state legislaUres ma*
BCt as soon aa they please after the
signaturea of the Yice-President and
Speaker C'lark have been attached to
the resolution.
"It will be aubmitted tomorrow aa
a ( hnstmas present to the American
people," aaid Senator Sheppard, "and
I believe it will be ratitied within
three years."
Every attempt to-day to put on
amendments to except light wines ani
beer wa3 beaten, aml III Iiemocrats
stood aligned with 137 FepublieanI
and four independents to win the flnal
victory for tha Prohibitioniat forees.
Prohibition Reaolution
Following is the reaolution aa adopt
"Resolved, by the Senate and
Houae of Repre?enta'ivei, That the
following mnendment to the Gon
stitution be, and hereby is, proposed
to the states, to become ralid as a
part of the Gonatitutori when rati?
tied by the legislature.i of the aev
aral states aa provided by the ton
"Article . Sectior. I. After one
year from the ratineatio'i <>f thia
article, the manufacture, salc or
transportation of intoxicating liquora
within, the importation thereof into.
or the e*portation thereo.' from the
United States and ail terntory aub
jecr. to the junsdiction thereof for
bevcrafje purpose il hereby prohib
"Scetica t The Congress and the
several states shall have concurrent
power to enforee thia a:';c!c by ap
propriate U x ^ition.
.-tion :i Tl shall be
Inoacrativc ui.icss it ahall have b?en
. .1 as an aaacadmeal to the Con
stitution by the kgialatures of the
several states, as provided in the
i'oii?titution, within aevea yeara
from the date of the submisaion
hereof to the atates by the Con?
Webb Reglna Debate
The debate was begun, amid a round
of applauae from the Democratie aide,
by Caairmaa Webb of the Judiciary
taaraacatativc Gard, of Ohio, lead
ing the oppoaition. declared the ameiid
inent propose i un invaeiea of the po
lire power of the atatci ar.d threatened
the unr.nimity ?f the American people
iu winning the war. The great bad>
of Amencans, he contended. want to
leave the whole malter juat aa It ia
P.epre?entativc Gooper, of Ohio.. for
tho amendment, told the Houae:
"You iook into a hatbatid or a eoat
to m>? if it beara a union label, but
you can look in vain into the whiskey
bottle for a union label."
Kepresentative Dyer, of Miaaoun,
opposirg it, declared the iaaue nothmg
more or leaa than whether Congreas
ahall atand by "Dinwiduie and the
AnU-Saloan Lengue, who think more
of thia isaue of the wet and the dry
than they do of the iaaue of whether
America or Germany ahall will thia
great war."
War Iaaue Only New Argament
pozeni of membera made ehe-it
speechea, gomg over the famtliar
ground on which ehatnpiona of both
s.dea have fougl.t their battlea in the
halls of Congreca for many yeara. Taa

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