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The Great W a r
124-Otla Day
jtalians Regain
Ground; Halt
Dia* Troop?, Despite Ter
Hhc Fire. Retake Lost
Asolone Positions
Rerlin Reports Ten
Attacks RepuUed
Struggle Between Brenta
and Piave Has Now Con
tinued Ten Days
BtU I he
? ? I
" ?
? :i tO
re from
v '-leral
there poail
' - |
? '
? to-dav
, thi Ital
u , tha I'renta.
. ? . ground. Sotbb tirr.e I I
forward aga
they aaaailed l ?
i??f: ra positioi
well as ar.
te the
llaltle I?a> After I>a>
}'ia4e ar.d
' ? ?
the . - -
. Ca
? '
? - ?
? -'
? e Teutons
Tr.e nil
? LTorta
. reeded in
Italiano' I'o?er t.r.ater
ed to
tho laat t
ttyj j.- reaeing power
liblj i ?
. .d French
rt, but con
t:r .- ai tt I .ipport.
? aeen
troop- ?. prored h
'' ?'- ,' ?
ao'.n a
? ?
loatea .
V. S. Urged to Give Italy
Wheat and Corn at Once
Oae ol tbe
l'*?' 1 be ren
. eat r. ,
? - ?
ai :-., I visitod <
1 ,. il must
and not
ar.i u a ,.
rta of
a uuestion
? them
? ;?nu
I the
?an* ( to the to't
."''? v the efforte
? tha*
**?,**' i| ?. ean ? e< mplete
ur.'r t
Ituton Forces in Italy
Nearly Tripled by Troops
From Russian Front
i -
gfKTHLRN ITALY, rhuraday, Dec.
J; A eareful compilation of the
Fighting n ach i smed after atmken liner and called "avenger,'1 waa plMUNjrraphad aa it arai makinp its way
throuph a rcined French village to attack Germana in tho offenaive ;.; Cambrai._]
Pershing Restricts Men
To Beer and Light Wine
Severr Punishment for Drunkenness Provided in New
Orders?Morality of American Troops Wins
Praise of the French
FRAI CE, I. All al.!.
a^. . . ,- ? ? ? ? I ??'. are
der.it.. tbe Amcri. i
pcditionary forces in France by fien
eral Pei
Extraordinary meaaurei
. .r I .i: the an -
Dceri have been inf
trict a
...-???" ? ? '
cated they i -uard.
- ; Bb
jeeted to arem]
afes. Coi I sera at all |
where trocjM nrr locatad will c-onfer
French autl - -
.- number oi placi where
liquor is iold. 11 ' ' '
licenac " '''' ',p r<"
ported '?'?' ac'
era ai Iden eitner to buy
. liqaora or other alcoholic
light winei or
ed to prevent ao I
company commanden will 1
a iti
compli ? the requin
regarda moi
. troopi beg
1 hc order aajri that at tl ?
th the
? .- and, if nec< aai .
; for each eom]
? Ameri
commanden at all ?
a? J pla ? ?
... , .
Qerme rcea,
itrated for thi 11
ffe ?.!?'. and pi
I by troo]
wi thal I"
... .:' Novembei and the ?
. bulk of the ?
? from
I ivi ..
. i rencl anl I ?? I
are trying ta ?
Northern Ita
tha atrongi beci the fa
diviaiona knawn to he engai
for the
bei .i n ?? ?
the laat
eaptun ? day of Mou
I ...... r ai then
, .., , | i ,.l Della Bi
In graduall* reline, ? frr-'
? aad in falliag I
-. r apoa a aew liae, the Italiana are
aad itaategleal
airtfje Cdristmag J?oobs
CtjrifitmaB Carbs
Otpettle St Tktmti Churck
bj Open Saturday Near 54tb Sircei
P until 8P.M.
..-? lity of
Por the information of ral
frieada of the troopa il may b
ranking American officers ik-clare
t thi ? and high moral itand
arda of tiie American f whole
French ereil
isnd milit
American Officers
Eagerly Volunteer
For Work in the Air
FRANCE, Thuraday, Dee. 20 de
no acarcity of volun
teers for the tiangeruus work r
r-iunc observers among the yoUBgOf of?
ficers 01' the army. When a cal! -.-..
artillery training
gri,ur,ds three time.; the number .
for responded. Some ol thaae v.'ere
sc-nt to train with American pilotsand
v..;j, French. The latter are
obaervatloB work for th.
lery, whii h th- Am< -
who had been workmg with guns from
approximately 1M t,, |0d -.. Ilinetrea
calibre, are now read;. ',, r.ie.
American artillery to-day
watehed the French handling the gi
millimetre gun, ? hich hurl.s
u jirojectile vveighing more ti.an a tofl
. i great range thal il a aa noe>
haul the w-eapon aeveral
, H de the training grounds.
are probal
-o that the shells would fall or.
open ground a*. tha targete, The f.r
,- da;., the terrible ex
; in tiie ter
?.. I ..- a -.' tanee
? ? American
. i 11 begin firing with the 400
? . so tha*. by tbe
the) they will be as
famllii . their com
i .a,i?- nOW are \. .'
Durii ? i: a big
pretr.aturely r.ear an ohservatii.n po?t
fllled with young American ol
? ra and fragmenl ramed down,
but I." one wai injured.
Among the heavy guns with whleh
the Amerieani bare 1", g ?re
big I,- ? of i. . ertain calibre
declared to be among the!
? | . :. -,.i weapi n thi ? ...
I , ed.
Aliied Soldiers
Sure of Victory,
Says Gen. Scott
He Finds Spirit of Confi
dence and Enthusiasm All
Along Fighting Line
WASHINGTOX, Dee. 21. Direct aa
?uraneei of the confidence oi both
British and French romn.ar.tiers in
General Perahiflg'l ability and their
latiafactien with the breadth nt.d
soundnes? of his preparationr '.o ma>:e
American arms effective on the westem
r'ront have reached Washir.^ton BritB
the return from Earope of Major Gen?
eral Hogh L. Scott, forirer chief of
statT, who was in COBfereaCe to-cla7 with
.Secretary Baker aad other War De
partment 0S1 iai
The men who ara aetually leading the
Aliied arniies, from t!,e corr.mandrr*
in-ehief and member.; of the war miniF
iluivn to the corps and oHviaioa
rommandera, have been iinheaitatinc in
expreaaing their opproval of the chief
of the American expeditionary force
nnd his method .
1 ? i-ral .Scott visitej virtnally every
part of tiie battle front and went. care
fully through all the traininp procesi'v
i.f both the French and Britiah armies.
He belipves General I'er?hin(? has laid
n'lndations for American army
traininp upon what la best in Frer.ch
and British method* and experience.
There is no doubt in his mind that
America:) troop.. -vill he tiie equal of
i ?! the front when they come to
iti the German army. ThCf are
takiag their training enthnaiaatieaUy.
There Ie rio pesimism ai to the out
- ii. the fighting lines,
Geaeral Beatt i'o-::.d. Tha armics of
\..ies are cool and confidert. The
eoafideaee of victory among the lisht
ing men, he found. became greater the
closer th<" obaerver got to the front.
There were ne aeabta in the traaehea.
Sach pei limiam aa there may be among
the Briti.^'.i ?ppear3 to be contined to
ii,r> uninfermed in London. It ii i.ot
?d in tiie army.
Geaeral Scott bbw peraenally ha
apected thrr-e figi.ting fronta, the Ru -
1 liri'i.s- . It appc?r
probabla that be ia to command u .li
vi?ion ? a Ami riean army, althouich
rect itatamant ef the placc de
| for him by Secretary Ilal;r has
? jr any one mr you
\:;t to end me. tell
"em candy?and then
Are you sending aweekly pack
age of candy to your soldier.?
The men in ctmpcrtve iweea constantly. I>ecause
ol the energy they supply. For Christmas, tell your
soldier that you have piaced a standing order for ?
packtge to be tent him every week, through
Our repre^entativej at prart.'cally any training camp ariil deiirer
%our pift in parfaci caaelhion, and learalariy. Lea e a atanding
order at any liuilei stote or agei.c
Combats in Air
Mark Struggle
On West Front
British Aviators Have
Brought Down 24 Hostilc
Craft Since Monday
Germans Try Defence
Strike at Varied Points Alonp
Dcfendcrs' Line to Test
Their Strength
LONDON, Dee. 21. Tbe batl ? of the
airman rontinues with violeflce over
most of the Wc-U-rn front, but there
have i.n -'? infantry operation of
a- ly Importai ce I?'-? Id M-..
reporta to-day tiio di itraetion ?
i.-<rr<. hoatile aeroplam bringing the
tvtal linee Mbi day nighl t.. l ???
f ..ir :i reeerd which hai aeldora been
earpaaaed i" the war, exeepl on the
.-. of a i oBcerted air drivi
both lidea prellminary te a great battle.
ln tbe ln-' foar dayi the Bril ?ben
aelvea have laat but i ?.-.
In their cofltinned raida ln the *Yi
?Ar Gei terday atruck in the
region of St Qaentin ar.d northi . I ?
Meeainea, in r'latn!er.-?. Tha artillery
great iatenaity e
Tpree, Verdan aad B/oevr fronta, tha
London and Parii '????ir offieei r. port.
on.- lignificant featnra ef the
lati d infaatry operationa on the Weat
r ni front daring tbe la>-r. two weeha of
compani'.ive qnicl lici Ifl tlie fact that
the Oarmaai have thraat forwanl al
? rtnally every point on the b.'itt'?
front, from the North Bea ta the
border. Their Iightninu rarely i l
itrack in the aami plaee over thu
r-r>rii?d. The rrason ODViouely la that
-.,. | bi i ? '..'-' badieally teatin -
trotj : iad French
defem ? di rable
They bavi
the op| maay
t;me? before a gr> at itrohe,
,-oming ble
Aa tha moal and the
atroaga I a ra il;i".
aal red In 1 regloB between
Rheima -ind V'erdun, ? nrera
? i
again ?
looks to France ?
? ?
Soldiers Fill Cables
With Messages Home
Men in France Plan Christmas
Entertainmcnt for the
Children There
!..-->. 1
ible mesaagea from the Amerieaa
their homi
Company eommandera aont to the ?? ?
graph ofl
*? e told ? ii " alatera,
The the l
and , .
i-.-M Ssturda ? ?..
headquai ? ? I ?' has
been arraaged by the American onV
..:?-.- 1
noted ainger will he bro-ight
: rom Pari i throui
French tahT,
i here will be i i - ia tree, pre
aided o-.er by a Pire N'-n-l, or Sania
BB Ameri?
can offleer. Many Ameriean aol
eontributed to the I ir the pur
,-i ,,? of ' . ' " machine gun
battalion alona
Official Staternents
LONDON, ] -i ? a rai.l
w.ia attempted b| tBO eaaBB* r.ortri?aa* r.f
M< i- | by r> ir rifle ard
t to n port
in air fiitntir t '.'.?
? ra 'ir-...ti .: ?
J'AKIS. Iie-. .' (DAY) |
- ? ?!<?;>?.
The Brtillerv waa aetive on the
?-. ii. th^ r^|{ii.n nertbi I
nt Bartmannaweilerkopf i.n.!
?d in
rt i i -'.T.ait.ilrr oi the fn
' IN, Dee. :' ara . , ? , .,.. .
? -?? vll \r
?r* inr to a '
N.irth ..' lha Ifpre -m.v n r *?! then waa a
.... . ? / r ? -
\ . .. . .
...... a ?eeeeful reconnoltrina ei?.
! \ NVar
Ai:. ir. h, thi-tv-one pri?
to our ' of a
attaek ".i the r .ri?nch lme?.
Italian Front
BOafl Taaterea
? . ?- | ..... ,. . , a>ta<
ta, - ? ?. ?.- ' ???>'. al- j
? ? i y 1i?
..? i i-i .!?ii.
piTtmn of tbe RBiaa which he
. ? day. Tha ei eaay
? ? ra ea the peaitioa ,. ? .
hat wftheait being abla to r?
\ troag attempt at a counW a'tark .i
llvered ar. Mor-.te J'e-'.i-a. arai In ??? tdlaU
?! On Ihe leiago I'lateai the . I
1 rii onera.
ln tl-.. Caoniea Va!!.-;-. eaat of ti.f a ?
Menta Tomba and Me
tront the haraeaine Bre by both a".
-...?a-. more Ir.e'.y ami aaore rrotpaent.
A daVwning li^iit for last
minute phoppers!
A Christmas order lor .1
new Winter overcoat!
For soldiers?a new um
C)rder blanks at all storeH.
I.eather and metal vivel
Oressing gown StTaOlt
ing jackets. House ^hoe*.
Were all ready for men
home from prep srhool and
Boys' I uxedos a tpeoally.
Rogeis Peet Company
Broadway Hro.idway
at J3th St "The at 3*tli St
Broadway Corners" Plftk Ave.
at Warren at 4ist St.
1 Ll ? t;
E ==?
f i
To Inaur* Victor quality. atwara !*>? for the famoua
Irademarkt. "Hia Maatcr'a Volce." Il laon all canulna
Iproducta of ihe Victor Talkina Machine Company.
Where you can buy your
Victrola in New York today
Owing to the enormous demand it is pos
sible that some Victor dealers may not have
in stock just the style Victrola you want?but
it is also just as reasonable to suppose that the
exact Victrola you want will be found at some
of the regular qualified dealers listed bclow:
. sl
New York City
From Battery to 14th St.
Baul Rirna. Inc, 111 Becoad Ave
Blackman Talk. Mach. <?-, 87 < r.ami-ers
Darega'a, #05 Broadway.
I. Darega, -lr, 121 VV. 125th Sl
S. Jl. Ihivega Co, 831 Broadwa
(,'arl Fieeher, 4* Cooper Square
,\'. V. l'hono. Co., 308 liran.I Sl
i reeh American Newa Co., Inc, 4S Madi
aon Bt
Quaranteee Ph bo. Co, 120 De.ancev Bt.
Ideal Muaie Co, 29 John Bt.
lateraatioaal PhoB I ,101 h***x gt.
[ntemational Phoao. Co., 190 E. Houatoa
Joearph Iaa.ica, 17rt >i ?**'i Atb
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Lee Eag ? Co., 42 Mott Bt. .
Liberty Phoao. Co., 50 < anal Bt.
Owene at Beera, 81 Chambera St.
O. Paganl A Bro, 289 Bleecker St.
Bchulta Jiovelty A Sptg. Oda. < >., Iac.,
122 Naaaau Bt
Bchmuckler-8inger Inc., 135 (."anal Bl
Simfor Broe., 82 Bowery 81
iSocieta Fooogranca Ita laaa, 133 ??*?
berry Bt _ _ . , _,
S.-ivoa Hrna, 120 E. I'.ir.l Bt
Trinity Talk. Mach. Co-52 Broadway
Ji.hn Waaamaker, 7S4 Broad
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From 14th St.to 34th St.
Eaat Side
C Braae * Boa lae- 851 553 Fo rrth \v
Olobe Talk. Mach, Co, Iac, 'J W. 23rd
Weat Side
Gimbel Broa, Broadway A 33rd Bt
Qreenhut Co, Inc, Birth Ave., 18th I
19th Bta , . .
Matth.w I-^'H, ,4... T.^inzt-i Ave
Muaical Inat. Saleai < ,, 531 W. 3 ?
Sal naal Sportiag Gooda ( ?, 273 Eighth
From 34th St. to 59th St.
Eaat Side
I .,, H.DHaon4 Co . 8 E 34th St.
\ Kr.aheir-. 139 Fjf \
Laaday Broa, Iac, 42, th Ai
Il a, In Ave
Matthew Levia, 784 Third A
Ormeo, In-. 411 ifl Ave.
Johann Schick. 950 Il;ir. Ave
Otto rTlaaamr, In.-, 53 B. 34th Sl
Weat Side
I.udnig aUBjaaaa 4 Co, 500 Eighth Ata.
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Kcw York Tadk. Mach. Co, UI W. 40tk
BOmE. rearaaliro. |?W I
Vea^e Piaao Co, 128 W. 42ad Bt.
M. Bothateta, 590 Teatb Ave.
From 59th St. to 110th St.
Eaat Side
n^.lale Broi, 59th Bt. A Third Atb?
\\i-i. Ehrhardt, l'.'.'l Third Ave.
M,n (roldamith. 1525 Firal Av.
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!..l. Jedlicka, 1328 Firrt Arc.
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- Laiarua, 216 E. 59th Bt
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af. -I. Both, 1405 Third Aic.
. Weat Side
L II. Bagley, 2110 Broadway.
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8 Bagley, 2106 Broadway,
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Eaat Side
\ a'a Mmrfe Btore, 62 IF, H6t'.i St.
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P Eliaeo ?'. Boa, 22411 Firat A t.
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Weat Side
Abelowita Paono. Co, 135
A -
.-, A Bach, 10 W. 1251
Lenoa Talk. alach. ( >, 312 W. 145th
I. .1 Rooaey Co, 1451 St. Kicholaa Ave.
-, '.'44 W. 116th Bt
\ hel, 219 W. 125th Bt.
I' l. Steei -, .'*'>4"? Br, adway.
U'ilton ralk. Itav h. Bt ?/, -?0-l ,; ? l?
v< S -n, 27 ;7 Tbird Ave.
-,?n I.. |38th St
;;7w |' 143rd Bt
i F '
? Brooki
i ,.; eotei ? i,
i ])e Surel, 483
? I
Ij-a- i. P ib ? , < '??'? E. ! 19th Bl
Third A i ?
M I. . , ." ' Are
\\*-r a Co , 2887 *9 I -1 Ave.
4 \' uler, In , 405 1 hird Ave.
.1 Bmith * ?, Ia , 945 S luthesa
I am A Btiaue. 422-36 Fulton Bi
in ralk. liach Co, 856 Lmaf
Al inl ? Talk. Ma<.h. Co, 144 Hamiltun
BardoBaex, >r.l0^ 1 ifth \rt
tdway A r
I'r-1 Becht, Jr, io Alabaiaa Ave.
J Hr adway.
M irria B< r >w. 4908 New Utrecht Ave.
Wrn Berdy, 1198 Fult b Bt
i | Sewball lo., 1333-1 ' Rr?ad
Paul * "nevallier, T.6 fl-eenpoint Av ?
t/ri-went Bill M-.j. C), I: ', 77M 'Ui?rd
Victrola XVII. $263
Victrola XVII, electric. $3^5
Ma i ? ?
Other ?ty|es$20 to |4
D. LVAntoni
fanieia R, ] ii
Joiin Diehm,
Ueo F. Foi;
M. V Gibl
, 202 Fifth Av
N'-.^", iii7 No^tianil
1179 Myrtle Av.-.
atbuah Are,
1314 1 ? -i -
i, ? : < , Court St.
Greenpoint ralk. alach. ?'<., 136 .Mau
hattau Ave
Cjim:.'- a r .. . i -, 257 Wbi
.' \ | Rro, 2ol I
c. A. Haaa ? n, I B , 1711 1' fth Av
iJarmony Talk. Macl) Bbop, inc, 311
S'inth v
Idea! Mnaic Co, 6964 Third At*.
I'.i, -. to, 997 Broa ' <?
S. Kjeldaen, 3H8 < ." ?N-'
Koeh A Droge I'laiu Co, Inc, I
H. . ?
J, Kurtz c Sona, Inc ,771 B
t'r-.aa. R. Lace i Son, 499 I)e Kalb Ave.
Arthur M Lana. 758 Sl i Ai
Ji ba Lanxai ., 321 Court St, n -
Wm. E. Leat, :^!7 Bi
Uvi Broa, I Co, In . 1 13 11
Frederick Lca aer A ('?., In , Ui ; ?
M.m ?r Muaic Co, 1774 - ?'
Joaeph "'
Joa Mi ba. - b St.
Gcorge M M.; i i. - *
.l.ihn M -, 78-84 Myrtle
.T?hn Nadaing, 110-21 t
A. I. N'arnm A Son, i l Biaa to
N'eapolitaa Talk. Mack Co, ::i Caart
Bt, near Sa tt Sl
Owaaa A Beera, Iac.. 1216 Fl ' h vre
Piano Co , 34 I Ave
Price Phono. Co.. I 89 B idway.
Rauah <"-, Inc, 10 Fourth Atb
r M. Riha. 2170 Fulton Bt.
J i b V.a ?w, 202 Grand Bt
M.ix Roaen, 109 73 Graham Ave.
,. 2M "V i ??' " ? St
Bcalao Corp, lae, 6720-26 Sea Dtreehl
Broe, Inc,
'-. -
Bi -, Ii , Av
.xna E, Bmith, 141 Bereath Aw.
Bterling Piaao Coa, 51M0 fuhea Bl
Geo. S. Uaiaa, 117 I mrl E
B. Guy Waraer, 1223 Bedford A?e
Wbaka Br a, 219 ' ? i I St.
Otto Wi&sner, In--, .'-..07 ria'.busb Are.

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