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Farm Loan Board Urges
Admitting Private Banks
Asks Amrndment of Congress to Enlarge Sys
Ipm?Investors Arc Keassured H.at Court At?
tack on Law Will Not Affeit Their Bonds
WA98INGT0N, D*e tt. The 1*4-1
eral Karm l.oan Board announced to
day that 11 adVOCaUa an amcr. .
to the farm loa/i ?ct under 4vhich
many *? meitgaaja Baaketa
may enter th* tBBB Bl
-tock land hai.ks. At thr i-ame
time the board :. ..rr.ing that
?king ?
down the system to Al* a !<uit
eonatil af the aet.
\ Imei
whici roeemmend
rd to Coaj orth
To 1
?ting h jt
busim atati
aitaatatd ai '???*"?
To permit a hai
Ia44; and
To *
tatioa Secka Cl
0| ?' '
; chard
? ? <
Laaa Board'a Rtateaacal
la a stati
, don-r. '
? f thia
- have already bo... to dis
ton to
(t, however. I
ounl importance to I
the coun
??? bound to
? :. that
ends of the
? r pur
behind th
( harge* Are Ktplainr-d
that the F<
' I ?
thaa $1
? .. cap
more ?rt:\e bank-. if permitti d to con
th. will
he able to beg.n tbe .
o\r- rriptiona to theii
r ? moi th
ror th.
money coiit:nuou?iy. with hardly a dol
lar of rece pt*. Expenditurei were foi
orgaaisatii I I onerj,
ifiit tor aaertcrs, aflce force. ??
? alaries f.?r l*gal adl
titlei aad ??? land appti
Novcibbm r 1 tl ?..
mOBth*1 inter. ?
;he ? loans ma
?c in.
Aauaetta Not \i.pearinjr in Books
I h* a ? ipcaring on
die books are I ?
\et due oa loans Bad chargi
title. payable bj when their
. loans ar< i losi d Baaki have made ap
pru.'en.. nl i and ei
,.n o
only 130,1 been cloaed, and
fee* are to I ? . ,, BBain
mg 170,00 appravad but not
' cloaed.
AJlewa ? that the farm
loan ayateai ba j .11 opcration
?'or enlj made,
lt adda:
" i ? ? I ? , tho bai
ilar to that of a lifa ;n<ur-i
insurancc whieb h
neaa i
ng thi bb
afora thr rseoll ?
BM ln. To judge
? ? i . ? .
bj op. Bg i
nf a farm
turea in May.
. remi bered tbat limilar
ed ?' the F'd
?. hm.v.- toward thfl eloae
Wisconsin Seeks Law
To Elect Loyal Senator
. , ?
v. AiKKK. Di c. 22. 1 he Wieeea
;.: the
Legialatarfl Ib
-., i rail ??? eaaa*
of I nitl d State.
? e
? . matter.
I copy tor
. _ to be the
? if. which
on the
at ? Governor*a call
. te a ehange in the
tea, riot now ? ar
| enongh te l
. pi na .
aa an o cx
tor La 1 illi -'e. Thi
-a -
U. S. Flans Drive for
145 000 Skilled Men
At Least That Number Need?
ed to Build Ships, Says
Labor Department
'."f.nno more
to be Id ri pa. i
Department of Labor are pre
at lea bipwrlghta
aud mi i ':r'' Jaaaary I.
Xhen " ?* to ,n" '
in what is known :i- the Pnhlic Ser
.. r.. Reserve. < n 'tsmen of a'l tradei
?,:; i . ? throaghoal the coun
. . ? and fftv.ee men
? ien will bp uaed iirst.
ill be aaal into training
l iadezed for later
pight iayi
rally million? of men must
Ima eeeopatioaa
and aeeept, ever al l"(> ot"
lence, job? al whleh
merely for them
scl\'-f their country."
The ean paign to recruit the labor
E bob flfter New
Women Take Place of
Men in Navy Plants
[Stajj Corretpondtnet]
\\ ASHINGTON, Dec. 23. Unable to
. prit ate ii duatriei in hold
ilr nmpli ? - ? of the m
. - naid by the Intter, thr
p ? rted to tbe
arai of iti
it became
know i ? ? ?<:.,>?.
i . ? all mer eloll
mfldl by fe
large elothing
nd I harlaitoi .
ed nnder i avfll eontrel. ln
? men in the cartridgc
rtmeati of the ord
ea ln New 1 ork and
entrei bi braaghl about
- . employmenl of a larj;" forea ol
i naw^aajlag given tbe
ition of introduciag femalc la?
bor in many of the navy yarda and goa
doei not requhre
Menorah Societies Begin
Six-Day Sesaion Wedneaday
The qainqaennial eonvantion of the
afa Boeietiei of America and
... will open for a lix-dai eflflaion
;,>. 11.. ember tt, Daily
'1 be held. 1 Ifl y-i-ight utn
pected to aflBfl rcpre
. ? ? ? ea to Ihe i
eeabaiafl Dinner," the prin?
cipal event of thc conventloa, will br
hei.i in ihe gymnaeiam ?t Colambia
arday night, Deeem
a ill Inclade
i \ .tor to
Turki j ; ( Jnliui Kahn,
: .1 M. Baruch, M. Strphane I.u
on; Captain
ila, of tha Serblan miaaion,
ber of
Cryslal Carnival Ice Rink
and Uniquc "Sunken Galleries Restauianl
The most perfectly appointed Ice rink la thr ?orld. Thr
hneal ice voa (4cr skated on. Startling exhibittoni nightly b)
the World'* Best Skater*. from (hc "Qoldefl dladev" CtMBB*
pictures. ,4 $ >\e\ restaurint, arith pcrfect cuisinr and service.
at popular {/-ces. Three MStlons daih
At*2>i,ssion . . . . 75c
?"undav noraini ' I
U. S. Foreign Trade
Now Big Factor
In World's War
Ultimate Victory Supplanta
the Idea of Preaent
May Retain Gains
Great Problem Confronting
Nation Explained by Head
of Foreign Bureau
?? n a < ? Biper
ta the foreign trade ot the COUB
I 1917 W* th ? i -ntrance of the
Uaited Btatea m*o thi ? '??rcs
Barwell S. Cutler ia bia ttral .inrual
iiv ( bief of tht Bureau ol I 01
Bigfl BBd Domc-lic Commerce of ;hc
Department of Cumnierce.
"From the beginning of the WBI 'o
the time <?:' our entrance Into it," con
Mr. Catlei. "? I ?? buaiaeaa ef th*
r and exj
v.as to make the me t of ni
tunitiea in ihe ranrketa of non-bellig
eountriaa, te take wisc and need
P ui preparatiofl for trade after
,.: and to ell n; I I BUB
pliea to the helligereir*.
"Thi -?? were ? aetivitiea.
ta the Induatrial !.f?*
? on. But when we enterod
.; tha !"-i i" i ?? ehanged. Trade
our war auociati - aaaumed a uew,
a (liffeiert. a much graater aigniflcance
. . .? i ,ine pruaarila a
of \'. inning tha war rather than
of winning profits. i* became a lmk
between the greateal itorehoaaa in the
irorld and the European nation? with
whom we had cast oi-.r lo: in th* world
I . S. \ttilude < hanged
"Our attitude toward the marketa Ib
alligerenl countriea has aKo
red ?" a mattei ef co ira Trade
with them aaaal bo* be eoadueted v.ith
a eareful and patriotic daferi
. -Tul preaeeutiofl of th* war.
; .... ,?.,. ta hold bui
j. .. n thi aad ta i apand
ar n*>portunitie? musi be made far th*
i >-iii?r 4'. ith strict referer.ee te pali
i. eh govern our poll
However, it I* eonfldontl:
thal aur trade alth ^o-ith
ai Eaat Se I
;.. \ . tral ?'.': '.ot !?? '....
ously Interfered with, nnd that w*
- i ai. ' I?? ? ' '
? arketa o i
uoualy and Intelligently durin-: thi
? .
| ti . we lanel i *1 los* aighl of the
? all ? ?. h aataga* are likcly
;? if we do ?
? r \ letoriou
? ?: ? r*n i k - in an Bxhaaativc
r tha foreign trade of taa eeun?
? rn' yenr endcd June
Eii, 1917, which "aur
l .-. ? ? ?? :, foreign Irade." Tiie
tati tiea ?? i? arraaged te ahow the I
growth of trade inoi.'ii bi month rince I
lMa, 'o that *he BaTect ef tha war Baa**
be eaeily teaeed.
Considcrablc space ia giVBB to tiie,
unusual activities of the bureau duringl
the year tha* resulted from the
traace of the I'nited State* into the
war. these activities including the oi-i
gaaixatiofl Bf a :-tu!r for lieeaaing ex
porta, work ifl eoBBeetion with tne tin
nlate conservation eampaiga, the eo!-:
lection of information concerning for-.
eign embargo lagislatiOB, the t'acilita
tion of importl Bi raw materials from!
Ruaaia, the protection of Ameriean.
trademarhi In foreign rountries, and
nnaneroua othera, all of which were
carried on by the regular bureau BtaiT,
? the export lircnse ivork. for
whien volunteer work was acceptod
from tiie outside.
Special Agenfa I I ilized
Attcatien ii called to the iaerfa ed
lo Whieh foiaiga markets have
Lei -tudied through the Bgeney of
travcling special ageats. At the be
I of ? ? Saeal year there were
thirtecn such Rgcnis ifl the employ et
ireau, while at the elose of the
-. ,..i thia ataff bad beea doubled. The
collectod bj these agcata
helpa Amerieaa BiBBafaeturera I* ea
tend their trade now and is Bia* aimed
. n prepare for trade after
the '.'? ?
Before entering th* bureau .dr.
(Utler was president of B large main
faeturiag eoneern, a fact that lends
mtcrest to the following estimate of
the buroau'fl service to the Ameriean
"As a praet-.cal maaufacturer aaoex*
porter, I *BtertaiB*d to a naild axtent
an inatiBCtive akepticiam regarding the
efficiency in organization and produc
tive capacitv of B government bureau
as eompared with the highly organized
foreea characteriatic of large private
eaterpriaea, for this is a feelTag all too
common among bUsia*** men. I tind
that a miaBpproh*B*ion of the value of
ihe bureau ia based on a typical igr.o
rani i of th* bun au's current activitie*.
Plea** l*t m* ??phaBis* the conviction
that the Bureau of Foreign and I)o
mestie Commerce is a genuinely pro
ducinf ; geacy, Well organircd and cal
culated to as.-ist our manufacturera and
merchai.ts ifl wajs eminently useful."
Air Raid Dugout for 20,000
LONDON, Nev. M By mail). Th??
i.V'.>lM'.x. lava. >." .?> in a i . .. i ii*
biggest air raid dugout ifl Kngland has
just heen opened to the public. It Will
aecommodat* tvJOtO parseaa. The dug
really an untinished railway tun
nel, lO'i feet underground. on which
work was discontinued at the beginning
of the war. It is electric lighted and
BOata hav* been nrovidtd for i.\000 per"
Watches. China. Stationery
Shipping Board and
N. Y. Yard Clash
Over Gun Crews
Complaint Made That Petty
Officers Are Too Officious
Aboard Liners
A eontroveray betwi aa the I Bitad
Board an.l officers at
the navy rard In Brooklyn <.\' r the
?athorit) ?f I ??? i " ? s "'' BBsrehaal
. !ih* reaehed a elinwa, it wa<
learned iterday, and an Inaairy etai
thc .1 vl Ion of ABtherity at aea will
.-.oon bfl aired Ifl v-? iagtOB.
,; thal the patience of thc
. thfl matter of
intcrf. ?
ai ,i thal the board rrill Mk tfl I ?>" ?
romplet* jariadietion in the plaeiag
.:,' handling af san erea i a lig td
to merehanl
Kver since tha gan crew- have been
?? ed bj tha Na-.-- Di p irl -?
ihipa operaD l by the Shipping Board
i kiel
pettj ofl ? ? ? ?' ?
: ?.-rner.t of the men bani ma I
Mn; y i ? now aader
that i laaen, eaa
, ? ,,, ?.. i o. i en all of
them, how.-- ? i. '.. i io ? r. forwarded to
Waahington and will Ua parl of ti-.e
'.e.-or.l of reeammeadatlaii ti'a'
armlng of ihipa bc handled by the
Shipping B ?
A man ia ?nl
friction rziatii reen the petti
fleera a and
,?-?,... ?. . Berchaai
riec ia d yfl terdaj i
The (ase of Ihe < lar.i.
"Lrt us take ti, team
ship (lara as a aamplfl. Cajtaifl !'?
eridge w? a ilgned to the eatamand
.,-' tha; vei -l when she waa sei-.t re
eently i th * i irge ta France. H? ra?
ported aboard ?bib an.l waa about to
occupy thfl maatcri qoartera, whea ba
found tnem already in po bc aion of
the ehief petty officer, whe bad coi
mand of the gan ''" ?'?'? or armed guard
of tw. i ? i!. He did nal know
?? hetl .r'he wa '?? itltled to hia qoai
ters or not an.l. rati.er than rais- I
eontroveray, be made no effort to elaim
them. He made th? run to France and
aeeapyiBB Bl a ."lrepinj.' place ?
? . eaart roem. Ob his re?
turn ?.. port hc made b eomplaint
against the preaamption of the ehief
pettv officer and an Inveatigation was
held al thc naw yar.l ln Brooklyn. Be
,,, ? the naater had a ehaaea te
? owerer, ho bad to ge t? Bfl
*The Bhipping Board, it ii Bnderfltaad,
haa no eomplainl ta make againat tha
^ailors of the armed goard, Bl they
usually keep to themaelvea and offer
no interferenee in the managameat of
hip With the average chief pett)
officer il ii ditTereat Their efacleney
li not BBflfltiaaad, >ad they are ragard'
ed by the Shipping Hoard BJ able man
for the work they ara aaaigaed to. bal
v. hen thej undertake lo give ord<
? ? of the raaael Inatead of
making lOggefltioBi aad working har
monioaaly, they are regarded a* sources
of confiict not conducive to the b. *.
. | ta of tha merehaBl lerviea.
Au'horitt Not "i et Dciinei".
'?"Ihe fad that the authority at ? ea
has not been di I Bfld," aaid an offleer
ol tbe board vesterdat, "ifl laigal) te
ponsible for the trouble. If there i
trouble nnd the chief petty officer Ifl
backed up by hil supt-rior officers thr
navy will thr'n refuse t" send an armed
goard on that*.ship >f the complaining
nia^'er i>- ma.ntained in rhargc. The
master i- swpposed to con-ider nnd
take Ruggestiona from tha chief pettj
..fflrer in the matter of lighta, rad 0,
whlatlea, .-ourse and poeition, and ln
time ef attack he -hould work in ac
(ord with th<- man ia eharga of the
?an erew. Thi . of eaarae, is Baaally
don. . bal many of the altercations
have oceurred by confiict of authority
oeearring well oataida the war aaaa.
1'...- the sake of peace an.l expediency
? hr Bhipptag Board haa beoa exeeading
ly patiert. bal thfl time ha> come when
l bei . ; that for thfl be?t iBtarefltfl
of all t.ncerncd the armed guard
should b. u'.'ler tha control of the
"Although it has r.o control over
thi gaa erewa, lh? Shipping Hoard
take? exrellen; car?- of them. Karh
man ha~ aafligBfld tn hini twenty-fite
square '<?< fo? berthing and messing
on al! ihipa, and has iiuartcrs apart
from thfl raal of the erew, These
quarterfl are provided with hoatan,
flinka, .Ira.r.s ar.d vt ..t.latois. '
I lo 9 P. II,
Ib thc
Ball Room at
]l Rector's \1
Broatf $jm at 48th St.
"Keovn tk't *Worf| Orrr'
Re*en* iVfltl** ter
*tj>?? 1 fil 'a K??.
i'fcuaa ".rjaat SJOO.
Business Men
Protest Against
Delay in Mails
Merchanta' Association Ap
peals to the Interstate Com?
merce Commission
?4 New
Vork. which has liled with the Inter
I onimerce CommHsion a protest
i', tmaal ir General'i pre
for the more general carriazc
? ?,,,-::? . . i??. mail, has i Irealar
.'.-.ercial organi/.ationa
,n \;,i eitii af the I'nited Btati i
.. . , .. ,r.. ? . , ajcieney in the poatal
service. Repliea reeeived indicate a:
gem ral dfaaatiafaetion a 1th the ser?
!?: ;??- pioii ; the a.???' *a paiated
? elaa poatal set-vlee
? i ... i .-.ii Borieusly harmed by
thi operatii n of the pareela paal under
i eaeBl lim t af areighl
Bo t' n Keports Delaya,
; . o Commerce
? i:. n bll IBB men had
. .. ?!,.,, poatal delaj - since the
declaration of war hy the ;
? i ? ? ? .d an
,; . . omm ly tha mat
I thal meat
d llvery
aeta, bat
lould not ? '; il the rail
was to blame.
? i' >r< ai d to b*
II Bfl aden Bl
I ? ? - ? | rev d<... i Itetad.
mg the New Ifoi k eoneen -? re?
? ? Societj for Bleetrleal
. Inc, whose general i
'.! af third
? :? n we..;< io reach
. ? n. ten day ->r more te reach
ai ?! thirtcea days te reach
? '. i.
?]..-? ased ''4 taka only
j 'our boui - 'a raai h bb bow
E. H.
? ,-? ii v treai un r ef the
Mn.nuf; eturer*' v
iork. addinjc that th*
c md Central diviaion i f th* po*
had aaid tho delay waa due t(T
lack of help.
Th.. Illuminating Engineerinej So
. New York. complained Bf inef
iicieney ifl the collection of mai!, per
? eularly second, third and fourth claaa.
Rallwaj Servic- Wained
eeapoii Ponn. I Chamber of
? .-?? and l he So aervill* i N, J.1
tfarchaal ' laaoeiation blamed the
iy mail aervie* for delaya.
"We have received miaerable aer ;ee
ror -ever.il months." xvrete c. L, Cobb,
n -:11'? r of the People'* Natioaal Bank.
Bocb Hiil. E. c. "Lettera mail*d ia
New Vork In tbe afternoon do not reach
Rocb Hiil under thirty-six and forty
The National Petreleuai Association,
i laii Isi d, wrotei
"From such oointfl as Waahington,
1'' ladelphia and N'ew York our lettera
are arriving from one to two days
II t*r than tiie u?'.al schedu.e."
Thfl National Municipal t.eague,
I idelphia, complained not only of
bnt of'o.r'.ual lo?s of ni.il.
l>. B. Rylaad, basinesa Baaaager of
amber of < omrr.erce. I.ynchburg,
\a., declared that Mr. Rurleson has
"studiously dUr*gai*d*d the Beoda of
buaineaa interest* in handlmg tirst
cla - mail for ;everal years past."
Fertilizer Industry
Hit by Rail Embargo
Baltimore Factories May Close
Because of Ban on Phos
phate Shipments
[Sp* 'io! ( orrenpoitdenre]
Baltimore, Dec. 'J.*. The fertilizer
companiei o-f Baltimore, arhieh is the
eeatre et the ferti!;zcr iaahastry in the
I'nited State--. have just be-n notilied
that an absolute embaBgO has; been
piaced BB B*aboard Air Line and At
lantic Ceaat Liae bipmeata to every
iorth of Rirhmond and N'orfolk,
and that their caaaiajBBMBt* of pho?
roek, thorofor*, have been cut off
en' irely.
Fertilizer manufacturers aay tbe em?
bargo will rripple their businesa, do \
irreparable injury ta the farmers fif
| ;irt of the country and aenously
ciirtail B*Xt year'.s food auppiv. The
manufacturor of fertlllsors, they say,
v. ill have to eea.se until thr embargc ii
ifted, BBd the manufacturera see no
?Toapect of it* being raised.
the outhreak of the war the
?nption of fertilizer by the farm
t? haa ir.ereased about 50 per cent.
I're?ident Wilson r-cently ealled on !
farmera to produce .n.arimum cropj,
:.nd also called OB fertilizer manu
factatara to produce and diatribtite aa
ma*h af their product aa poaaible.
afe cies
,80Wes< 40th St./)
Supper Driricc* Niqhlly Jl*
in the Art Room ^r*^tw
^-^*Uda meSamyaViosteiB
14th Street, near Fourtb Avenue
Britain's Plan to
Operate Railways
Is Called Success
Roads Relieved of All Fi
nanciaf Difficulties for
Duration of War
Earnings Guaranteed
Officials' Only Problem Mov
ins; of Traffic, U. S. Ex?
port* Report |
B/A8HINGT0N, Dec 23 Hoa
l md has r< Liovfld her rallwayi o/ ftnan
. ;al diffieoltii - doring the arai ai
the !-.: ? ?
me of
traffic ara ta I I >ld in n i>":;-! repori
on the Engiiah railwayi in
to be pabllahed by tha Caraegi* En
?owflaant far International i ?
study has hceu iiia-l- by Pfofi
Fraah II. Dlxon, of Dartmouth, and Dr.
Julina H. Parmalee, of the Bara
Railway Eeaaotaiei
Th.- eaaenl I
railway mobiiiiatiofl plan laajtode opar
atio.-i af tl '- liaei b I -ri_-ial?
?.r.il <? in1.1 <j% < -? Bl before the war; tiie
tram port ol . II governmenl bu
v.-ithou? the nec.
,ii. i ? for eaeh ; 'he
guarantee by the government to thi
earain i l
of peace; the equitabli
all labor diflpntei by tla ;?
war bonuaaa.
Knglr.r.d declflred ?
Auguat i. ifl I. At one
nudnight on August 5 the ra
temi of :..-? itlaad and ?'?
pa-^-ed under the eonli?
Railway E: ei ul re C?
with govflramental poweri under .. law
put on thc itatote boo'
\- thfl ; aad o tha eomm
cl airman of the Board o
ofBeer, iuadmg ihe di
roughly eerreepondlng to the I
nt of Commi re ? ?ad
Labor. The active head of the B b
committee, howflver, . a raila
eeutive, Sir 11. A. WTal '?""?
la -,- undei
juired it to
render I bem full comj
or injary
ment eontrol. 1
ilon ??
tht ,.i inci] ?
i. Thal '
in ac ?
2. That the governmenl periodically
eon a
come for I i . onding period of
ihe ealendar ln other
ment hav ? i ? f.. i- ade. The
Qcation coi i 1 h qflfl 1 on o
ehai ge on . ? railway capital n
;.? period. I
.. eourae paid out ol i
rcvenue. Under the agreemeal aa
I . ally made a eompany eompeiled
by militarj or other exigeacy te en
large iti facilitiea would automatically
?ci d ??< ' baa a
eurred. Aeeord i ? ? ? in !;'1' the
? aa ; per cent
iill capital int eati .1 ii
bj propert) linea Auguat 1. 1914.
ihe ~ecor.il modifleation eovei
queation of deferred ma
Under war eondii ion - I ic I ogl ?
found a diffieult to mainl iln normal
malntaaaaca eithi ? on
u.-es or oa equipment xet .i
maintenance ?a properlj charg
to the expense aeeOBBl i
ing which the wear and ti Bl
ma.le the maintenaaec neceaaarj
eordingty, early in 191.' the E ?
government permitted the railroa
eater reaaoaable eharga ? for i ...
nanee m their operat
counta. It" iueh maintcnai ?
wer? Bol wholly cxpaBdad the defei
portioB was credit..! to reservcs to be
drawfl upon later.
Deapitc tha laaa of some IttOfi.i
ployea who enliated fai lerviee at thc
iroiit. the phyaical operation of the
Britiah railroads under the Bgraament
with the government hai beer. ;i aOC
cess. They have t'urni.shed the large L
amount of transportation ll thfl hifltory
..f tne couutry, with a smallcr and leflfl
skilled labor force.
Kadical measures to improve the car
service situation were not undi rtuk.in
until the beginaing ?.f thia year, after
over two yaan ot war. Th? pooling of
car<, undertaken by the American rail
arayi aa their own Initlative, wa
or.iered in Kngland until January 1,
It ifl known that there have been
detieits for the government to pay, as
it is not elsarajad fat apeeific move?
ment s of troops or supplie*. Speaking
in the House of Commons in the aprlng
of this year, Mr. Bonar LflW, Chaacelloi
of the Excheqaer, itated 'ha' tha Kng?
lish railway agreement was an <-v
dlnarily good bargain for the gwvera
ment. ___
Army Truck Train
Resumes Trip East
Complete* 50-Mile Lap From
Pittsburgh After Two
Daya' Reat
PITT8BUIGH, Dec. 'J:!. After :, stay
of two days in Pit'abUTgh the army
motor trucl- train, on U Wfly 'rom
Detroit ta Naarpaii Nev, left at 8
o'clock this moraiag, a-;'l a* .") o'elceh
this evening reach-?.! LlgBBler, We '
moreland County, thal completir.g th'
fifty-mitc lap of itfl journey on achl I
ule time.
A committee, head"'" by tlie <
Commiaaloner, eaeorted the train to
tbe WeetBaorelflBd Couaty lir.e.
The trair. of thirty truehfl, in corn
mand of Captain Rennett Hronson. with
a 'roop escort in charge of Lieutenant
C. A. Kiley, made good time. At the
Westmoreland Cou ity line, which was
reached at 10 o'cloci:, a eommlttafl from
that county w-as awaitinj it, The roa.ls
were in excellent ihape cor. Iderlagtha
'Ihe Westrriore'.and Cour.ty e-rort,
which iaeladed Troop A. af taa Pai
Bylvaaia Police, accompunied the train
into Greensberg. lheie a large box of
tobacco n-as preseiued to the soldiers
in charge of trucka by Charlea Harth
A committee of I.igonier was await
ing the train in Greensberg. and after
the soldiers had had lunchton the pro
teasion started once more. The men
were honor guests at a mertit.g of the
Ued Cross in I.igonier te-Bight
After ita night in I.igoner the tra;n
will proceed on itfl Kastern journey <
to-morrow morning. 1
Firemen Called to Free
Boy Wedged in Alley
Youth Slipa Off Roof and Is
Caught Between
. , ? . | .<? | 04 I
eomspny and an umb"lnnre, not to men
?jeiajhherbeed ai
the Bronx. wer.
.?rdny. '*'h?*n (.eork.-"
IValtera, Bfad tttaam, ef 1*411 Mlaferd
fell off a roof and became M
tightly wedejadj betweoa tw* baildinga
I lompa.nons could not extnca'e
ffaltora, With a number of oth"r
playing with pig-ons 01
,. .-;,,,... ??... ?. 1 thal itrw '
? 1. -re
a triani Tha be ;
tha roof ne of the tria
aad afl fa-.ll 1
BOfl the walls.
? ? -i fa.Ied to hudge him.
' aptain llarmon and ihe men of
lOOBod a rope
? d then eko] ? .
ole that prevente I
? ?1 ... Next a..
moaed with
tfter beiaag bandacad *n,l
? 1 agalaat playing on
. oodf tValtei - woal hom.-.
Will Ask Law to Tax
Non-Residents' Estates
[Spet ialCorroapondi
AI.HANY. Dec. :.:.- The enactment of
la4vs to permit ihe taxation of esta'"
who do business ifl New
York State but live in another state
? ht at the com.ng ?es<ion of
iture hy State Controller
? ? ? ? Btrailer announced to
Bte approximateiy ll.'.oon.
.1 loi M fai ifl CaaOfl ime that of
tly waa de
? ' ontroMer's office.
thal the atate can?
not tax undi r ritance ta:
,,:' the >i iperty et a oeteee
who i* realdi 1 I
IBaSd on '.he
? Mrs. Greea'a legal real
?i .!,. boI bell*ve that
I continu
tnit 1 s per a
? 1 ii-.i
, ? the Pr"'
' l
I ich mak"
I thi ath ef such
1 I
W ? ont practically the 1
Upon the e
Favors Army Publicity
[Si ? ??'!
WASHIN'GTON, De* a pro
:.';nuance of ' ng of
the an i-.iijed tn-d.
Meury 1\ tf<
Th* di
bal ? tht be
.... ated 1 bal men
iv eapable
of del ; rove to be
vital miiitary information, acrutinized
all thi lasued for publi
"Newapapera carrying orders traaa
ferrir.tr caiei r . Ifl many
order of the department. and thia ad
information should not be de
llcer a
"Suppreaaion of the ordara would de
endi and relativea of the men
1 .:' knowledg* of their loca*
t on. This information is wholly harm
,.| ,'.!,? ... ealled com
fnrt to the enemy."
The BgitatiOB ti withhold army or?
ders from general eireulation waa
bonl by an ins'.ance BOBBa
. whofl thay movemoata of
, (Bccra to *n embarkation
n.'d. Since that one
howevi r, extra care has been
>.,;? the Bdjutaat goni
to ...11 out ef the orders any mforV.a
i.e conttrued aa help
ful te the enemy.
Red Cross Aids Florence
Vaccine Rushed From Rome
Helps to Abatc Smallpox
FLOBENCE, Italy, l>c<*. tt. The
amallpoi scarc prevalent during the
laal fortaight has; been con-iderabl\
ahated by tha arrival of vaccine, rushed
from Home hy the American Bed
whieh had a sufficient quantity .
I .u.st ca'.l! So may we sug
gest the gift order form aa the.
rasiest Wi<y to complete your
Ctiristmas shopping.
Everything men and boy.
wear. Army officers' un>
forms. Military sutairlaj
Sporting Goods.
Lealhet and metal noye/ltci ma
at mcrry little p, i0 ^
'eai ali up before Chruutuu,
B road way Broadai*
at 12th St "The at 34th St
Broadway Cornrrs" Fifth Avt
at Warrer. at 41? ft
The Greatest of All War Boaiu
By Heuri Barbusie (Le Fea)
' - *' Bfl h ad.rJoa
} P ' . B.okttfu
l. P. DUTTON k CO.. 681 F.fta AreJI.T.
on hand to rejpond to the appealeftat
rc anthoritiei. A Red Cromaa
f-r ia quartered here ia ta?
Villa Fulmieri, turned over to tha Eet
of refu-reei by 1.1
irthi ef Chieago.
The eontagion origibated seenr.
fogitivee from the it ? aded rerjaa
twenty-five of whom were taken ifi.
All 'he ^chooi.4 were a: once eloied,,*.
cluding the convent where Pmrat,
ter ef K ng Alher* of &>).
giuflfl, il beir.fj educated
Big Thrift Stamp
Drive Is Planned
Thousands of Agencie*
Will Bc Opened After
the New Year
t o( Xf?
iting * aenn
to wh; elie l9?ki
? at ffjsj
-. the after-l .;o!dr?aa
when the average i "mej l^?
conung of the Ne**. a:; oppa*
. ipiulia
the N'ev Vear apii . ll expect* u
aceeleration of the War Saviaaa taeii
ment a> >oon as the lioli ??.;??> are o?er.
The very :.a:iie - i -..'shoflW
be inAcient *.o icll them at the aai
tima of thc year a is ia tht
air. in the opinion frimittee.
Arrangementa ar. .pleteeei
to the natioa's ftr
000,000,000 War Thrift I.oan will *
en the tro | ihag '? ta?
postofTice to buy E*"T
: >r an exprc . in *""n
iwn and hamlet tt.roujthout tts
I i ;ted Statei ia to becom. aa sutlwr
;/.ed acent for the ,umpi.
Prederic W. Al ? r of War
Savinga :'or New i ;r.et* tkal
?xpreai arill Wt"
this work vcry soon. There areilreMT
2,892 placi?> in New Vork at ??'**
Thrift an.l Wai Savingl stamps U*l *
obtained, he points out.
In makinjr this computation M ce"
viflert '.'.OOO mail carncrs as walkinf
stamp depots, for they have been fl*
poir.ted sales flgents. A gvfit manjr ol
thc -Nations are in drufj^tores. .
"Thrift and the greatcr productj?B ?
war materiali are aynonymaBfli. b*m
Mr. Alien yesterday. "To save io tt*
(malleat thing* and to providi a seoad
'oundation of national life during w*
arar ifl a great lesson that vre have ?a
Just in time for Xntas \\c an
iiouncc the new STUTZ encloscd
I.. ,1-.- iihhI'1-. STUTZ cara ?f taai apaai
bodv type l..i4i- baaa uimi'rsallv Bjataa aaf
their power, apeed and stainin.i. Ne-ar caaat
.a I Imousine, Ilroufthain and Srda.il
bodles mounted] i?;i tae bsbbb B*caflBBa**aBB*i
STI 1/ rhasala, Tbey are BatalgBrd ta
. .1 , weather n-quirrineiit.
. inviteil tn insjirct thesr Ix-autiful cat*,
4-hicli eannot fail to coniniand your adniirattoa.
William Parkinson
Motor Sales Co. Inc.
1804 Broadway (at Columbua Circla)
Newark Branch: 372 Central Ave.
LlilLSaiiiklffliiliiiitt^...'i.,- . ;,.. ? llf? aflBliMt.aiflaiaf.iiilry'"---"1"1

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