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Joie Ray Aims
At 3 Records
In Garden Run
5eems Certain to Smash Two
Marks in the Wana
maker Games
0v A. C. Cavagnaro
t -e V.". Kay is to make an. assault on
m American ?and one world record at
;* John WanamaV" Commercial In
zLt* eamea at Madiso? Square Gar?
st:.--* *?- , ?
fa to-morrow i rig. It v.-.- be safe
?predictcd that the : ttle Illinois ath
?j, who is now enj ing ! best
???of his career t
?woo: the mark
Tie holder tiona ' i will
. jjj a jpecial
-M^aad an rivi .... be
ttfrE Fal :ag?- who trailed
f. behind when Ray ??vor. the 1,000
??r. national championship last Satur
'? - Fall ba? keenly felt this bitter
?efeat and hopes to atone for it in to
*orTOW night's meeting. Mike De
-jnev, Edward Carrey, Jack R. Sellera
,-_ William rdon c mplete the field
0f starter-.
after passing the three-quarter-n tie
?in: Ra? n to the mile.
C, three ? Amer i
on record is 3:07. establ ? : I Joe
fciacoil a: Buffalo . le the
Irdoor worl . ?? - :' was
?i by Tomm: i :' in 189u. Lieu
_a_r.-- John W. i verton, now in ser
Dte overseas, holds the American mile
?ecord of 4:16.
ConneiTs Mark Seems Safe
Jodging by Ray's great performance
_s; ?i.-:_rd_y ::. rvui.iiing the Ameri?
ta 1,000-yard record of 2 : 14, he .should
_re well in his record breaking effort.
he American indoor record of 3:07
?pears at Ray's mercy, while it is pos
nbie '.ha: he may fracture Overton's
However, ii is very unlikely that he
-jjj shatter the i I made by Tommy
Corner!, due consi to the fact
that he will energy during
the eariy part of the race for the final
?ash tu the on i-m ile p int.
After winning his race last Saturday
Ray regrette i very much that he was
not trying for Overton's record or. the
same floor Tl wh floor
greatly pleased the Western runner, as
St said that he was always ?ure of hi?
footing, no matter at how fast a gait
he was travelling.
Veteran coaches who were or. hand to
"look on" C inton Lars en attribute the
high jam; ? r" {appointing showing to
_i own ccr lessi Larsen lo
around the armory, and when the time
if starting his event came found that
the muscles of his legs had become
stiifened. Therefore he had not been
abie to warn, up ' >re he
found himself cut of the competition
after his first jump over the bar at 5
feet 6 inches.
Stormy sessions are in prospect this
?felling at the meetings of the junior
and senior 'cross-country championship
?bm?ittees of I Metropolitan
ciatior. t :? nam t for the fitin runs.
The tori nt ted to be
unman 0 ' -sing, secretary-tr as
arer of th strict, w 1 rec
fl!r.i"o: . . ' - t of the tw i
6?_t?. Obeztubf saing declares . that
this 'tor, should be taken because many
atkietes are in the service and because
the cor.". ? ver ; ai I f r the prizes.
However, he is sure t.- fin i considerable
opposition to ? : on by the
?aeasbors of the respective committees.
Tourney Is Begun
With Record List
Kxehlt;? - \*. c.. v ? ? :
T? Tin '.:- ?..?-four-hole
Onp ?:. ? touri m nt began at
fchurst to-day. A record field of
Wenty-c:..- played the
irr. eigl ? - tl e number one
?arse Th? championship course will
* use - and 1
Hate? : :. ; aj '? : on num
P ' on Wedne ?
fti ' ? '. of Rochester. led
*e Sel i to- : i 79, one str?
?eau ..." H.- C. , of Pittsburgh,
r-tr : ? ring tourna?
it?, who ii:
Dr. G -?:. another Pitts
h-rgh mei mds third at 81.
^reg^ - ] a 79, but gathered
Bs: t ; ?. ; .. - of - '. ? ?-?? ? on
'jwiir.t ? - entry. Parker V,".
"'? '?"?? - held the cham
?fcnshi- ?. two vears, is standing
*Me this
. ?. B. Byrne . of New York, is lead
*- i" the - . contes 7. Byi 1
jWir.d of 9-1 ged by a
*anc:cap .; ? ,. net of
** aa<j ar. ? strokes or. t . ?
??he lead - ?t th?. end of the first
IPlutn i ??:
**?% ?. 1 ...- H_ory
?w." ' -
__\, ' . - ;> . .
_?2r*J '?
i r, ' ... -..,. .-;
S," . !'. H i?l '. .
^ * '-? ? -v 1?.
" *? U. Freshies to Have
Own Baseball Team
J\:r?? - of ? letica
? *"*':V announced
7* '*'?'?'- ' . . be ??-. fresh
fcal '"'"'?
%J ?
??^;'\ '?- ? considerable
_,?r<rI- ' -v-ar men. Mr.
??n''*-*?? ? at (. ?le of about
2a.-r.?r, -.. . rea<jy been arranged.
????Coa ?:?.,.. or Coach Har.ng,
?IMM '' ?;--: team?,
^?*j 'r ": - from all ind ca
U.? " ' nine;
ft,*-' for the team bo
EL?? ::- Baldwin, 7 rovato,
a_T-V;' '"' ? i'r;-^. Brown, Hol
**n'iki- ?a ?
Er??mus Hall Nine
Will Play 18 Games
^T^"' V:i'-- Hi*h -Sf-h''r'1- ?* Bropk
Itsi.,.'4' *"'??'?'': a/< ur.U?uaiiy long
'*_;** "Khteen ^nrne^ for th?
??* 35, **"*'?'' Co?1 te 11 a v/ Itb m a n y
^ ""^*r; inatitotion? are incladed
??_^7'";l 0f !* *MC?Mfol ta**OTi are.
W-* ** *'-'v,!-'? Vitaran? ri-rnuin, v/ith
i-,',.'*, ?''??'?'?' -;-;..- :>?.ienger, the
S? ???, among them,
Al* "*^oU follow?:
? Commodities -
Continued from pace JU
Past. Even from Texas there were ad- :
vices elatminic that only 10 per cent
?*-*T0Utii* **A that co'^n was.
. -- ?P well i? th? southern part
? state. Prom Louisiana and
PPi wires were received claim
increase in acreage To
J ;:-' ' :v :-: these reporta were coun-1
ceracted, however, by an absence of
any ram m Texas and the forecast of
?d fair weather during Tues?
day, a.- well as by numerous buying
-? - pa . the market from Southwest
ern interests, Reports from India said
that the government's final memoran
dum on the cotton crop estimates a l-l
per cent mercase in the acreage and of ,
-?' per ci at decrease in tho yield, com?
pared with the previous year. In 1917 :
: creag ; [ndia devoted to cotton
vaa 21,212,00 acres, and the total crop,
;:; "??<-? ? of 4 0 pounds 4,273,000 bah ...
bxp irts . -day nit, making 2,962,266
e .- lasw., against 4,221,1 15 '?. i it
year. Scut:.era spot markets as offi?
cially reported were generally firm and
unchanged to 50 point:; ne: higher.
Yes'day's Previous Year
cose. close. ago.
Cash. 34.30 33.80 1720
March.33.30 32.80 13.C0
May. 32.47 31.96 17.35
July. 31.89 31.41 17.72
Ocl ber. 3C.80 30.36 17.12
December. 30.59 30.16 17.22
Coi ' tit ; -? in the copper market
showed little change yesterday. Do?
mestic inquiries are still coming into'
the market, but on'ty a small proportion
of this business has been accepted by
seliers. Some curtailment of activity
. is reported because of low supplies of
; the metal.
Current prices for the principal
metals, compared with those prevailing
?a year ago, follow:
Current A year
price. ago.
! Pig iron, Bessemer,
Pittsburgh . ?$37.25 $36.95
Copper, electrolytic,
lb. ?.23I/2 .35
Tin. lb.85 .53'i
Lead, lb.07' % .10%
Spelter, St. Louis, lb. .07 7-20 .107?
*Govemment price.
C er sals
Wheat.?The visible supply of wheat
in the United States decreased 1,190.000
bushel? for the week, bringing the to
tal to 7,750,000, compared with 52,767-,
000 1 ist year. Last week's report by
the g ? rnment showed that stocks held
by country mills and elevators are
about 20,000,000 bushels loss than last
year and, while the recent reports show?
ing t'a.e amount, o: wheat on farms indi
cated an increase of slightly over L?,
from last year, it was evident'
that stocks are getting down very low,
tat most of tho wheat available
a.- wanted for shipment to Europe.
Corn.?The feature of the day in the
corn mark c was a new regulation in
the Chicago mi rket which provides that.
no individual, rirm or corporation may
in the 'uture have on contract for any'
account in excess o: 200,000 busheis.
Thi applied to both lone; and short ac
aaa. . a resuit, tile market dur?
ing the ?ay ?-as active, witn traders
ning up contracts. At the outset'
prices dec?ned '?'??-c to 1 <c from the
final of Saturday under liquidation by
longs. Subsequently, however, there
was an advar.ee of l?a,c to 3V4c on
heavy covering and final quotations
were only siightly below the top. with
net gains of 4c to l%c. Local traders
were more or less puzzled over the in?
terpretation cf the new regulations,
but according to advices from Chi?
cago no operator may have contracts
at any time, either during the day or
overnight, on either the long or the
short saie exceeding 200,000 busheis
far speculative account, a.though
Operation.:-; of a hedging charactar. il'
c early defined, may be entered into
w itho u t r -.- s ". rictii > n 3. -Co m mission
houses are called upon to disclose the
aames of their customers, and appar?
ent ? no one customer can have an ag-j
. ite account over the prescrib d
C through dur?rent houses. The
market was apparently a short one as
a result of last week's selling, and the
technical position was consequently
firm. The visible supply gained 1,489,
000 bushels during the week, but the
cash situation in the West was appar?
ently steadier.
Yesterday's Previous Year
Nev York : close. close, airo. :
Com, N . -i yeuow.S1.76'a $1.81!/2 $1.24
Marc. 1.21% 1.2G?? ? -
May . 1.25 1.23% 1.09
Oats..The new regulations in Chi?
cago, noted above, in connection with
the corn market, applied ah.o to oats
and brought about an active evening
np trade with wide price chancres. The
first effect was bearish, but, after a
decline of Vi to 1c, prices rallied sharp?
ly, and at the close were ~:"-< to 3Vsc
a t h .-her. Snorts were active buyers,
a: market was apparently in a,
strong position, as a result, of last
. - movement. The domes
tic den ai d was not particularly
i ??..-, hut exporters were anxious bid-'
ders for cash outs laid down at the'
ird, and v.-arc said to be willing.
to pay as high as 1234c over Chicago
M.-.y. The v ? ,' ply gainer! 1,904,
000 bushels for the week.
Yesterday's Previous Year
New York: close, close. aifo.
I white. .$1.06/2 $1-06 .76/2
Chicago :
.87% .84% ?
May .- .3-;-a .82 .57%
Rye. ? Market nominal.
Yesterday's Previous fear
New York: > " close. .as?a,
a . ;. .. .. We I. $2.71 22.71 $,.60
Flour and Meal.?Quotations were:
day's Previous Year
New York : ? oe close. auro.
Flour, Minn., fWf. pat.$11.00 $11.00 $10.10
Eye flour, choice. 13.70 15.10 8.25
i.i.rr.Tc.ir-..., yellow y.riin 4.40 4.67?/2
Produce Markets?Current
Batter.?Receipts were J,'j2S pack?
ages. Creamery, higher than extras,
per lb, ?: !?'-' H \"?c; extras (92 score;,
[email protected]; firsts (88 to 91 score),:
42Vi<5j43c; seconds (83 to S7 score), 41
<g?42c; thirds, ?;??'-' -luVic; creamery, uu
. .-, : ghcr than extras, 45(&>45Vic;
| U ?:; firsts, -!~:i; ' 43V?C;
?;:<?; creamery, held, as to
- ty, 1 ' '?' I i :a<: ; state dairy, tubs,
finest, \Z(dYiVic; good to prime, 41?
42Vic; common to fair, 37<S340c; ren?
ovated, extras, 41<@41Vic; firsts, 40(g!
40 Vic; lower grade:*, 36(Qj29c; imitation
creamery, finit?, [email protected]; ladles, cur
tt Bt make, firsts, [email protected]; seconds, 32%
@33c; lower graden, [email protected]; packing
stock, current make No. 1, 32c; No. 2,
31c; lower grad?*, [email protected]
Ch*C??< Receipts were 2,273 boxes.
State, whole milk, flats, held, colored,
specials, u?, 25'?25%c; white, specials,
colored, average run. [email protected]%c;
whit?, average run, 24?24Vic; fair to
Igood, 23<&23Vic; lower grades, L6<&/22c;
twine, held, colored? special*, 24% ?<
'?,c; whit?, special , 24 . 24%c; col?
orai), average run, 24&/24V&c; white,
average run. 24?24V4c; Single Daisies,
i2?^2?Vi?; Dooble Daisies, [email protected];
'.'. , eonsin, whole milk, fine to fancy,
raid colored, 24<?24*4c; white,
\24??/24%? Single Uuimcu, [email protected]?V4c;
Double Daisies, 25(g26c; Young Amer?
icas, held, 27%<? 28c; state, skims,
twins and fiats, held, specials. [email protected];
'1 . fresh, specials, 18c; twins and
Cheddars, fresh, specials, 18c; flats,
prime to choice, [email protected]; twin.-? and
cheddars, prime to choice, 16(? 17c;
fair to good, 13.:.- lie; lower grades, 8
?7v! 2c.
Ejivrs.- - Receipts were 20.422 cases.
Fivsli gathered extras, per dozen, 43c;
storage packed, firsts, 42 ??12'.?;; regu?
lar packed, extra firsts, 42c; regular
packed, firsts, 41 llV_c; seconds, 39 i
-iOc; fresh gathered dirties, No. 1. 38c;
No. 2 and poorer, 36(?37c; fresh gath
ered checks, good to choice, dry. 35
37c; state, Pennsylvania and nearb: ,
Western hennery whites, une to frfney,
!7-v 48c; ordinary to prime, 46(g 17c;
gathered whites, ordinary to fine, 45 i
47c; Pacific Toast whites, firsts to
finest, ?'??"?/46!?????? Western and South?
ern, gathered whites, 43<n 16?_c; state,
Pennsylvania and nearby hennery
browns, ?;; '44v. gathered brown and
mixed color.;, 4? ' 12c.
Orchard and Field
Yesterday. A year n-jo.
Pcaa. Scotch.$1_.C0;7? 12.23 $10.00? ?
Beans, r,.a;?><?:
choice, 100 lbs.. K.25'?i 15.50 13.000 ?
Potatoes, Ber., bbl. 5.00? 7.75 *3.00'<78.50
Apples. Bald, bbl.. [email protected] 6.00 3.00<? 7 CO
Grapefruit, Fla, bx. 2.Q0'"<'< 5.00 2.SOW 4.00
Oranges, Fia., b:c. 4.50? 8.25 2.507/4.50
?Lonif Island, barro!.
Hay and Straw
Yesterday. A year ago.
(Per ion.) (Per ton.)
Timothy, No. 1,
larpo bal? .. [email protected] [email protected]
7. I clo - r i-:-: : 27.00 ; l^.r"7 18.00 $17.
R e si ?rav .7.1 2?.r-7 ?b_? 30 13.00 I4.C ;
Fresh Poultry?Dressed
Turkeys.?In barrels, dry picked,
young toms, average best, [email protected];
young hens, average best, 3?Jc; dry
picked, poor [email protected]; dry picked, old
toms, 33(?ir 35c.
Chickens.- Fresh, boxes, dry packed.
Western, milk fed, heavyweights, Btag
gy, [email protected]; Western, corn fed, heavy?
weights, staggy, 277J30c; in barrel*.
Philadelphia and Long island fancy
broilers, 3-4 lb to pair. [email protected]; Phila-i
delphia, fancy roasts, 35(s 36c; Penn?
sylvania broilers, fair to prune. 32 5
40c; Pennsylvania, mixed weights, 27 j
33c; Western, dry picked, milk fed,
heavyweights, staggy, 26 rt!29c; corn
fed, heavyweights, staggy, [email protected];
nearby squab broilers, 2-2'- lb to pair,
[email protected]$l; capons, Western, 8-9 lb each,:
42c; 6%@7V_ lb, [email protected]; small and
slips, [email protected]; old cocks, fresh, dry
packed, 12 to box, dry picked, Xo. 1,
27'l2c; in barrels, dry nicked. Xo. 1,
27}_c; scalded, No. 1, [email protected]^_c.
Live Poultry
Fowls.?Young roosters, nearby, vi:i
express, 35c; ducks, Lon?; Island
breeders, via express, 35c; young
roosters, via freight, 115c: old roost? rs,
via freight, 27c; turkeys, via freight,
3f)c; ducks, via freight, 35c; g s? .
Western. via freight, 35c; ge< se,
S? uthern, via freight, 33c; guineas, per
pair, via freight, 80c; live pigeons, per
pair, via freight, 40c.
Livestock, Meato, Provisions
F Uowing are yesterday's prices, compared K'.'.h
th ? - >f a. year a_vv
Now York Yesterday A year ago
l.-r.- steers, best.
.JIG.25 ?2SI3.80 ?H.50 (SSi:.00
Di -.-?:-..?
lb.16 @ .I8"j .14 @ . .16' i
Li\ - v.- tls. beat.
ICO lb.15.00 @ 19.00 15.00 @ -
! ire? ed yeals, ?? ty,
lb .23 <f0 .27 .18 O .23
., . ? -'.v.vi, 100 li). 8.5? (1 12.50 8.U0 @ 12.UU
'...-. - Vi
prime, 100 11). .. 18.00 ? 19.50 14.30 ? 15.50
Dr ?sed m itt? n lb .19 @ .22 .13 @ .17
nabs. .. .?-l M ..I .13 '. .22
Hog-?, 100 11 13.75 <i 18.90 14.20 !?> -
. lb .25',?v.S .25rB .19 ?3 .lO'-'a
Meas Dork. : .. 53.00 @ 5.7.5:1 35.50 iq> 3R.110
31.CO la) 22.00 24.U0 & 25.iX)
20.00c Ig 25.10c 19.80c @ 13.900
Coffee, Sugar, Tea and Cotton?
seed Oil
Current A
prices year
For cash: (cents). ?????>.
Tor., Formosa, per lb. _;.i 19
;-'?ar, granulated, nor Ib.... 7.45 7.00
Coffee, ?iio No 7, per lb. 9
Cottonseed Oil, per lb. 19.35 13.60
Coffee Futures. -The market was
active, with the near positions firm, flue
to the demand by the local trade inter?
ests, and closing prices showed net
gains of 1 to Id points.
Yesterday's A year
Contract : i - afro.
March . 8.45 @ .7.7)0 7.5 5 ?.. 7.7;?
May . [email protected] [email protected]
July . 8.63 @8,70 7.82 r? 7.83
September. [email protected] [email protected]
Cottonseed Oil Futures.?Total busi?
ness in the market yesterday consisted
of 200 barrels of March at 19.90. Ten?
ders of 600 barrels on March contracts
caused an easier feeling, and prices
closed net unchanged to 25 points
Yesterday's A year
Contract: close. ago.
March . [email protected] ? [email protected] 13.71
April . 2C.GO'S20.50 ?
May . 20.007*20.50 13.67 ?t 13.S}
July . 20.10? ? [email protected]
Best Ball at Pmeh_ir3t
PINEHURST, N. C, March 18.?Par?
ker W. Wh itt." m ore, of the Country
Club, and Percy Gilbert, of Prae Burn, ;
had a best ball of 36- 34- -70 on the;
championship course at Pinehurst to?
day. They playod against Charles T.
Crocker, jr., of Fitchburg, and Donald
Itoss and won by 2 ;uid 1.
State of Now Y rk, I :? ?h._- grace of God
'? an-i independent, to Margaret Harri .
Catherine McG. Harrison, Margaret Edy h
Archbald Harrison, Ethel Squires, Ports?
mouth Brewing Company, send greeting:
Upon the petition of Veronica Harris, of!
26 Exchange Place, New York, N Y, Edyth
H. Johnson, of Manor Lane. Pelham Manor,
New York, John Bowler, of Worcester, Mass ,
and Howel H. Barnes, of 70 West 40th
Stri?et, New York. N. Y
You and each of you are hereby cited to
Bhov. cause before :h-> Surros ?' ' < irl ? t
the County of New York, held ul the Haii
of Ri cor I?, in thi i ml: of Nev York on
the I'Jih day of April, 1918, al 10 30 o lock
in tho for. noon of thai lay, a
a-; Veronica Harris, Edyth I; Johnson, John
1 :? v I ir ?i n ! How ? . H. Li?mes, as ? x? cut on
and trustees undei the will of said deceased
should not be Judi? lall: - etl. id, a nd be
trustees permitted to n-ulpn.
, in testimony whereof, we have caused the
???al of the Surrogates' ?.'our? of the
[Ssall said County of New York to be .
unto afllxed. Witness, Hon. John I'.
Cohalan, Surrogate of our Baifl county > the
County of New York, the 14ih day of March,
In tho year of our TLord one thousand nine
hundred and eightei v
Clerk of the Surrogates' Court
Supplemental Citation
York, i>y the Grace of I :?'.. , .-,.,.i "?,..
dependent: To Frederic Erdman, Mary i>
Day, being t%vo of th? heirs and n? ?i .
i,1 Sarah Frances Dodge, deceased, ?end
Whereas, Frederic N. Dodir<\ ?7'is i: _8th
Street, Paterson, .v.7 J., in?? lately applied u\
the Surrogate?' Court of our County of New
York, to havi? a certain instrument In writ?
ing, bearing date June 6, 1917, relating to
personal property, duly proved a* th.- last
will und testament of Sarah Frances Dodge
deceased, who was ?t? the time of in-r death
a resident <>f the County of Now rork, de?
Therefore, you and enrh of you aro cited
to enow cause before the 8urrog.<it<>M' Court
of our County of New York, at the Hal] of
Records, In tho County of New York. r;n ihn
first day ?>r April, on? thousand nine hun?
dred ? ' ! elffh.n, iii half-past \ru o'cloct
In the forenoon <>t that ?hiy, why the H.vii
v.lll ?ind teetament should no! be . irn :?.?;
to probate as a will of personal prop?
... Testimony Whereof, we have caused
the seal of tho Surrogates' Court of th'
Coumy of New York to b? bereunta illlxed
i . i, Honorabb J( IHN lv < OHALAN
., .- -i ? v- of our i>:ilil ? '.uf?t\ of .s,.-v.- Yorl
..,, mid County, the ?Oth day ..t February, In
the .'?" of ?or Lord ono thousand num hun?
dred and eighteen,
Clerk of tho tJurrogatus' Court.
TRUST COMPANY, Plaintiff, against. ELISE
In pursuance o? .a Judgment of foreciosurj
and sal-:, luly made and entered In the above
entitled action and b<?ar;n? date the 25tc
day of February, 191S. I. the undersigned,
the Referee ;:. ''aal judgment named, will
Bell at public au tlon, at the Exchange Sales?
room, Nos. M-!'; Vesey Street. In the Bor?
ough of Manhattan, City of New York, on
ili-' 20th das o? M..- 918 a; 12 o' dock
noon on I u Bryan L. Kennelly.
Auctioneer, tha premises directed : ?? said
ludgment to be sold and therein described
; . foil l
ALL th; ' cerl dn lot, piece or parcel o*
land ? her iviih the building therei n
and bi In the E gh a
v.\: rd of f Mai ho ttan, In -.he
i ty of N ?- SToi eing a i an ' the Farm
form led Bayard's West Farm which
said lot Is known . : nguished on a
certain : thereof filed in the
, fill e of h ?.- ? ? ? f the lity and < inty
i ' Th i ?i i n ?? . City
Surveyor ' V plan of Nicholas
: : a ? a I on the west
li of (Un Street" by loi numl .??
ne hundred and thirt: -three 113 and
butted . : : as ? svp : Bi ginning
th? !?? '? ' m, rcer
Street listant ? i fee! northerly
from ? ? northwest ? ?.-- r of M 'rcer
and Sp; Ing Si ret ? .- ning theni ?? -. ? ster
'.?'.- I ? ? hpr pna
- ' nri rl 12) on Buld map :
......... ........
. ' fifty-four : I
th ? ???? '? : ? I
r. u m bei ' i
I Id m.ip and pa rl of l h : I m :e
'. ? >? slil of
Mercrr southern tventy
fiv? f??t ; ..- ? ?' Mercer
Street I ? or pi of I.ning, be
: a ? ? ? i - ?. : less, as
on referen - ?i - had to tha map above
mentioned will m ; fully apj . I - ? i ?
now known bj h et i a er
One hundred and seveni " M re . Street
ALSO all that certain lot, piece or parcel
of land, togethar with the hull ting thereon
? ???.-. d, la ' an:! '??-?im
Eighth W . - I of li
In the '"'a--' of New V ,..--.. ..... 0f .,
! I-Itl ?-???.? | ;-,;.-? \--. pa -,??.
... ; ? ? mm listii ?shed on a
n i . ? ?? . i ? . - .
' :? '
' ... Ittnil 1
' a -i the Wl St - ?
. -, . -a. rcer Sti ? ?
i ....... .
? ? ? '. ??.ly corner . and
Sti e< ' a running ; ? ice \
feet along lot numl r-rni hundred and thl.
three on sai : mai.' pan , f the distance
through a party wall; thence northerly
twenty-five teat along 1 >1 number one hun
dred and ftfty-thr.n said map; th >m:e
easterly one hundred feet along lot number
one hundred an,i thirty-five (135) on said
map and part nf the d stan ? through a
pa rty w ill to the v\ esterly I, of M :- ?er
Street; uni thence southerlj twenty-tive feet
along the westerly Bide of 7! rcer Street to
ihe point or place of beg -a ng, be tho said
several dimensions m e or less, as on ref?
erence being had ti the mai ah* ve m> : i li ni d
will more appear ; nises being
now known 1 t number ( me hun
.... ; . . , .. . . . ;,. . , .
Dai :. '?-. V .. F h. 26 lais
M .. BICE , :: CHE3.
?? r Plaintiff,
ce P New York City,
ing is a i a ram of the property
Its stree number Is 117-1 i'j ilor
Prlnce Street
Spring Street.
The i>_r,p!-<v,aa moi ??? of the Il^n or
barge so ' ? , hii h the above- '
; , - ' ' : -old, is Fifi ?. : | .
eight hund? I ni ty i ht and : '? ($3<?
S9S. 101 dollars, with inti n si th reon from
the 25th , : n uarj, 1918, tog hei vith
: I al ? ? Three
hundred nd jci one ai 51-1 I (3381 5]
ith In rom the 25th day
y. 1918, together with the expenses
of the sale. Tl appn amoun
the ? a ices. a ssi ssments and n , -1 ???.? - , ?
which are I s " -.?. | 'the
I m :' 'lu pur ha n : ! -
: ? I ' ' : I ' Is Seven hundred ' and
hri and 15-100 ($713.15) dollars and
Inten st.
Dated, New York, February 26, 1918
YOR1 T ? ; Industrial Sav
Ing ? Bank, plain! i '-' ?-. . Gold
and i her mty Clerk's In?
dex No. 25,0 ' ? 5 ear 1917 P. & K. J.
O'Gor tiff's .a rneys No 51
..ia.. rs Stri it, Ma iha in, New York
a pursuance - f a .7 dgment of fore
ii'id ' luly mad and mt red In
the a entitled action, and bes ring date
l-Sth 1918, !. the
Befen i Id ; : :-. mi nt
? a.- ? will sell . auction, at Ha?
la - . m, ? 14-16 Vesey
. in the . Manhai an, i lity
' N ?. '.' .: k, I a. f Mar .
191S. at 12 o'i .' ?; '. P 1 i -.-.
au ieer the* pi ml ?es din teo by said
? id :::.??: t to h sold, and des rib ?'. as fol
,LL that cer loi ''a- und, wil h 'he
ts thereon ei ected,
...... i- -. Ing and i i i Non herly
- .a- ' Del? Stree! bet' Cannon
. ? n tl Thirti ? nth
Ward of tl Cl! t Ne .-. York i li r mgh
! inhattan) .- ? d tiiown and dlstin
1 on a ?:. , p of ?VIM -a. : Idgar *
propert East River ?ar-. eyed m
Mai . 1821, i Daniel " ? n, C. S . Now
pa rl :' ' ot No. Z and : unded
as foil ?-.. '. '
Southei fi nt by Delancey Street,
bi nnlng ei live fei I fri n i he N irth
?v,.-- corntr of i ? ?lai ce a a: ,' Cannon
Rtri nl l ' ' along ! >e
lam .-" '" ?? *. "? nty (l\ e fei I : ? lot No
K ; tl ? ? ? '" a '? ! ?? ? sp id .- ? No. 4
i Street, seventy
five f-et to gr I ti.-nd l i ?? '
Fdg :? ? ?? John Lovett; I heneo
err; ?? Ion g said ; ? ind and r':1 ralli 1
: ii | im Street vi ? at .'-:.-.?,> f... t - a
lot No. i.. i a -a ? : along said lot
N i. 6 and parallel with Cannon Street,
?-????a fei to '?a place -f bi ginning,
the said lot being In width fronl am rear
twen -? five r t and In depth ?.ai each side
sevent; : e feet
Said premises bt-lr.j? known as No. 276
Delancey Street.
Delancey St.
approximate amount of the morf
gage debt Is $18,216.36 and Interest from
February 14th, 191 . - ?:-:.-. and allowance,
1371 33 and ?. ? it; in pn. 1 taxi a and
water ehargi - I real
Dati ?! :'-? w Y rk, Februar' 20! a. 101S.
?^^^^^^?K ?it.
< 'ouni y i ? fork : 'a ra lia C t.ow ??
erre, ! iaintlff, against Charle: Wilder, cl al.,
Defendant - County Ciei Index No 25647
. . ,, - i.'. Ca i ! Carroll t'laln Iff's At
torni ys, 69 V\ all Si ;???-. Nev York, N V
ruary 13th, 10IS, tho ted will s-al at
public auction, at the E ilesroom,
tyou. n?a Vesey Street, Borough ol Man?
hattan, City of New York, al L2 o'clock noon
on Aprii 3d, 1918, by Daniel Greenwald,
Auctioneer, the mortgaged premises directed
i ? said ludgmi nt to 1 in the
County of New York on the southerly Bide
r>r 104th S'a-- < : distan! 98 a ? t I lnche wr ?-? ?
? ?. om : .. me i v Idem rl, being
: : 9 Itu In width . and rear a..
100 feet It lnchi In ?:? pi h on each si le, the
i . ? . und a a : ?? % boundaries
a a h i- oui .. l venue and part ot
: he .- ay thn ugh , ? ?* walls i :? ing :' ?
pi emli ? ?: . ag . n ordi ?
in the New York County Regis! 's Ottice In
Si cllon 6 Llbi 238 i Morlgag , pago 247,
i,., ? k 1609 Sa! .)? et also ti nanls con
t:, ,a l in ?!? ? ? : : ?? urd d in said olllce In
Liber 63'; or Conveyanci n, v-ny 196, if valid
and in force.
No. 60 East 104th St.
US' 9"
98' 9"
Th- approximate amount, of tho mortgage
debt l" $5,345 ,l and Interest from Febru
5ih. 1918 ; isi .,,.:? ces, : i IS 0j '.
tajus, water rates and aaaeasmenta approxi?
mately, ? (I a. .. :,| ?:i; fr-hi .
Dati d . ? ) oi .. m irch l Uh, L018
ONE ar iva rriiinit. furnUbod, and liath. ?Itli
will?.u' iin-u.,. price, $30 ??eh in-r mmiUi.
Wl*UUieWn I'lauo, .Niav YtiiU Cliy.
? ? 34 HUBERT ST.,
BOY WANTED. J. B. Wilson. 11 E. 10th St
r'o',rArL ^LIN.?Travel West; call on physldana.
State age, calar/, nationality _r.d education.
Box A. 113, Tribun? once.
OFFICE BOY wanted: coffee business. Apply ?fier
10 a. m. at m Water st., New Yorit Ctty.
OVER "000 pos'tlor.s open ro our applicants in
ten months; men and boys quickly placed, at?
tractive Balarles, biff demand: bookkeepers, sales?
men, stenographers, clerks, draftsmen. tracen,
shippers, chauffeurs, mechanic? Y M. C. A.
Employment Department, 215 W ^3rd Street.
s- printers a: n stationers as in
' ' >'?? MI ST BE I.'- PERIENCT7D EX
1 an v> (UTE t;n : ?; am particulars op
A ?arpo concern h_., opportunity for several youni
Americana of good education .u. ! phasing person?
ality; ?.? v.-il! take ??are of you If you are strictly
honest and an a.:tjve worker; your futuro la as?
sured. Apply Mr. Reason, Encyclopedia Britannica.
28S Fourth ave.
A wholesale house, largest in Its Une ?n the
w?jrld, has ? petilng ror young lady, with inception al
Balei ability, to travel and prim?te sales at retail
.;. res, chiefly by means of tne telephone; ?alary,
expenses and bonus; permanent position. Address,
giving ai;e. raperieuco and reference, W. _, Box
172, Tribuno ufflce.
AN ART FIRM that has beer; awarded a grand
prlz? and 16 medals and diplomas at Interna
; t'.oiial expositions wishes the Bervtces of a lady of
good s..-:a! standing, previous business experience
?? . :" m? be over thirty wars of ago. of
iood address, possess ta - and furnish best of re/-'
eronr;es, B. R. T.. Bui 25, Tribuno Office.
Call 401 West st.
WANTED, A NURSE.?Pleasant home and twenty
dollars a month. Must be strong to lift rhou
matlc patients. Address Box 7?o, Tcnafiy. N. ,?.
INTELLIGENT man. 50, sober, healthy, active,
dependable; speaks English, German and Bohe
ml has business training a:;,! experlonce; will
go to country Box A. '.'. 14B, Tribune (?lee.
YOUNQ MAN, 25 years o?d. wants position w'.lh
lome reliable firm doing business m ?.'nina;
rh.an*'' is mode for Liie betterment of health.
l; . ft. Tribune Office.
YOUNG MAN, 22. goo<l business experience, ex
empt from draft, seeks position with a ?ood
concern. ?' Moore, 153 Nevlns "... Brooklyn.
FTENOGRAPITERR, typists. traoKkeeom. ?lerti
peimanmt. Doyle Ageniy. Tribune Building, ti-t
Vissau Ml Fast t:M
A -A.?COUPLE?Young Finnish couple: one rear
lasl situation; ?83-$90 ?' . Miss Hofmayer's
.-. - ?. . 10 East 4Lld st.. third Boor. Telephone ?'J47
Murray Hill.
BUTLER-WAITRESS.?Scotch Protesta/1: excellent
:- references; $lu. Alisa ?thaughnesay'a
Agi ? - 17 West 42d st.
CHAUFFEUR.? Useful outside; capable: go?vl ap?
pearing; young Danish-American; i:?; dr-.v? any
ear. go anywhere. Miss Shea's Agency, 3u Ea.st
4-a st. Murray iliii ?:;74.
n like po ':. In private family: go my dis
tanci . ?? ears' references; way.'? $60-f55. Col?
alai Employment Agency, 25 West I2d st.
FRENCH BUTLER,?Capable; good appearing: $50;
. i :? -? ices Miss Shea's Agency,
30 East I2d ? Murray Hill 67*4.
GARDENER.?Useful; can drive automo le: ?"?>.
capable; van.,-; ,i,;: recommended ?li.ss Shea's
A. ? ' East I2d s:. Murray Ulli fl.'T4.
GARDENER.?Useful; Swedish; single; inderstand?
. .--...? es. fiowors an- poultry. Sampson Agency,
781 U tv Eton ave
JAPANESE COOK-BUTLER. ?Long experience: has
? reuces; neat. Milling. Japanese Employ
menl Aitency, 25 West 42d st. Telephone 30.'!9
vai derbllt
YOUNG ln'NGAUIAN MAN. good cook, butler,
valet would do housework for couple or bachelors;
?- , >?-?? ecomm idnUon.i. Miss Shea's A.ency,
; i East l-'d St. Murray Hill G77!.
A.?A.?COOK ?Young, live, unusually ?rood cook:
neat economical; $55-$60, S., Miss Hofmayer's
Apena", lu East, 43d st.. third floor Telephone
s:'17 Murray Hill.
CHAMBERMAID-WAITRESS.?Neat, nlo- appear?
ing American; small family, suburbs; excellent
references; v ry desirable; i-?. Call Mrs. Mason's
Agency, 131 West 42d st.
year;' experience; i-5. M.ss Shaughuegsy's Agency.
; 17 Wesl 12d St.
CHAMBERMAID ' Norwegian),?<'".ond seamstress;
neat, willing, obliging; best references. Sampson
Agency, ?' . Lexington ave.
COUPLE (colored).?Neat, young, efficient; butler
chauffeur; cook, bouseworker; capable, corope
, ,| ? lentlous i>a.r. highly recouuneuded; filu.
\? L Agency, 131 W. 4Jd st.
COOK.?First class; very neat; exceptionally com
pctent, lentlous; capable managor; splendid
refer."! most desirable; ii?. Mason's Agency,
131 West 42d st. Brjant 5633.
COOK (Protestant).?Young, neat, nice appearing:
thoroughly experienced ; small afluit faintly ; sub?
urbs preferred; excellent r?f?ren?as ; Ho. Masuu'a
A..:. ,; 131 \Vest 12d st._^^
Cl'.Div (English Protestant) and WAITRESS ?Jrlsh
Catholic llhe '. Itlon? together m private fam?
ily In country; vvaats. ?40-?4?). Colonial A.;ency,
2J W. 4Jd St.
COOK (young Swedish woman); comp?tent, neat,
hly re ommended; wages, {:.?). Samp?
son Agen v. 7,'l Lexington ave. Telephone Plaza
01 _
COOK and WAITRESS, and housoworkem. chain
bcrmalds; reliable. g?XKl references. Lehtl'i
Agsncy. '7 Ea?t 125th st. Telephone Harlem 5Jlj.
COOK?Scutch Protestant; excellent city reference;
t|-, M. Miss Hofmayer's Agency, io Eaat 4Jd
st.. third floor. Telephono S917 Murray HilL
COOK?Public; for Institution, school, hospital, etc.
Ueeian Agency. 1^1 West 20th st. Telephono
Chelsea B493,_
COOK?Young: Scotch; splendid city references;
wages ?10. Miss Shaughnessy's Agency. 17 West
42d at._ _
COOK _WU1 assist laundry; four years' best refer
enco; $40. Miss Shaughnesay'i Agency. 17 West
a: .
COUPLE?Refined young American?; butler, useful;
. : .. . ? ??, ? refera bachelor's country
n0? . Bxceptlonalb ?loairable; $m). Mm. Mason's
Agency, 1 i West I2d it. ^_
FRENCH I "' l'LE.? First <-la.sa gardener; wife
useful or day's worlt; spi T.diil pe?.p.e for gentl?
mai.'s Pia.-.-, line recommendations; ?7J Miss Sbee'i
Agancy; 30 E. 42?! .Murray 11111 6774._
IlfXSEWOIlKER?Strong, reliable worker; wage?
reason?Uile. Heelan Agency. 151 Weet '.0th at.
Telephone Chelsea 549J.
IJlirSEWOP.KER.?Neat, rrfln*?! American: thor?
oughly eiimrtt-nci'd; excellent ?took, manager;
?dulls city apartment ; splendid reference?. ?40.
Uaaon'i Agency. LSI West 4-d ?t. Bryant 5?33^
noUBEWORKEB.?Young colored woman; fine eook
? ,| ivaltre?? prefers apartment; three years' ref
erttlli? Mia? Shea's Agency, 30 East 4:M sL Mur?
ray 11111 8774 _
LAUNDRESS.?Excellent lana reference: HO. s.,
' Miss Hofroayer'a Agency, 10 East 4:,..l at., third
Boor, '1'el. pi.one M"J47 Murray Hill.
LAUNDUES8 ( Emnlsh).?Young woman, thorough?
ly ' Hiperieiieed ; excellent worker; rafaroucea.
Bampwn Agency, 781 Lexington ave.
MOTOKB AMi HAEGHTER (rolowl). exi?ptlon
' ? ;., neal good oook; chambermaid and waltriws;
excellent; refotenese; ?_ty or country. irwui'a
AgeliO. 0-5 if? 4T*
NUHSKRT GOVERNESS.?English: children c*-*r
three years old; jood references; i-40-SJO. J .
Miss Hr.rtr?yer's Agency, 10 Eist 43d it.. third
Hour Telephone 8947 Murray Hill.
SISTERS (Protestant).?Cook. Sl?; wsltress, $35:
country prefsrred; fir? yen-' referm?e. M:*!
Shea j Atrgr.c-y, St) E. 42d st. Hurray Hill 6774.
WAITRESS.?Equal to butler; excellent ion? ref?
erences: $45-$50 A. Miss Hofmayer's Agency,
m.rMt izd -'???? t-":r? -Air- Tslspiiiiae S947 Murray
WAITRESS.?Capable EngI ih gl.-T- $:\? ; ge.vi ap?
pearance; ,- untry or a . excellent a - --a ?-.
?Usb Shoa's Agency. ?0 E. 42d it. Murray Bill
?OUNG WOMAN, excellent :ooh: like position in
a tun amlly n - :..? as -? ? ?- ou rorker;
wa* - |40 Co nial A aav. 25 W 43d
YOl N'G Amor -an w man: ko pi - o prtTite
...:dr. '? ' -1-- :ham crmald or waltri lambermaid;
*??"'-????>? Colonial Agency, ?5 W. 42,! st.
WE HAVE ON HAND couples whi have first class
references; also serrants ' ... ; : ties
uuiTersaJ Employment Bureau (Agency), 59 West
37th st. Greeiey 1145
no v, est n y;; STR : '
New Yoi 1913
.. : '"' -'-;?'- :'- -, '- rman, Mrs. E. ?. Waite,
Mrs. Carroll Freehart, Miss M. Devanney,
Mrs F Mahoney, Mr ("1 VV .....
.- Svoltman, Mr Paul Mc< fall, A J F ir ,
Airs Fard. Mr. or Mrs Barstow Mrs. Brown,
Mrs. M. Murphy, Mrs. It Williams Mary
Donohue, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Agnes Conklin,
Leo Martine-'.. Anthony Cole, James 1. on .
Sarah Manning. Mrs. K Baui r, Mrs. ?.
Aresca, Mrs W 'antes. Mrs May Duffv,
H. Crosby. Mr?. J Rambach, Mrs S
Mrs. J. Larkin . -. J l- .'... ck Mrs M< -
I.oughlln. II Gamble, H. K. Williams, Mrs.
Morgan, H. Lang, Whalen Rros., Mrs. B. G.
Plerse, Mra D Bur : be? D lin I arl
Blessing Mrs J ? - M .'. : tl an
Mrs. .1. Da rrow, Mrs M. M >rs, E. E
? rger -
than Mill -, Mrs M. Kipp . a
Mr M. Elarn -, .
i ach of yi
: ??' P yn - of oui lien upon th
? er I - a
. ,?? ni tice thereof had ? ?
will cause such pr. to wit. Hou
; ? - da, P< rsi tu : : Iff ? ... Tr ink: M ti :han
disi Carpi . etc., stored in our ware
I. aises 7. you r In ? ? ur na to or in
which you may have an Interest) :??> be sold
at public auction, according to the Btal tte
in sur-h case made and provided, at our
warehouses, 408-410 West. !7:h St., New
York City, on MONDAY. APRIL 8TH, 1918,
at 10:30 A. M.. and If the sale thereof is
not completed on sail dati the same will be
continued at the same i n ? ich and
every Monday thereafter, beginning at L0 I)
A. M. on each day and coi a_ g un ., tha
sale Is completed.
Riverdaie Storage Warehouse Co.
152-154 WEST 127TH ST
New York, Mar h : ith, 191S
To Mary O'Neill, lot G92 ; M. Gon
l"t 777 : M rs. M a -.??..?? , Mrs.
lot 797 ; F. Huttlck, lot 818; C. Fli i. :
826; A. Frlze, lot S52; J. Walsh, lot 891;
II. Welsberg, lot 928; A. S. Woods, lot 93 .
S, P. DIehl, lot 949; Mr. or Mrs Danneberg,
check 4033-4089; Mr or Mrs. Cosodlne, check
6U42 ; Mary King] y, lot 907; Mr Malicot,
lot 132; I. Saaas. lot 2C4 : C. Smith, : : 323
M. Leake, lot 424; N, ?'.lain, lot 508; Misa
Burns, lot r>lil; Marj W i Is, lot 584; Mra.
Keiner, lot 612; W. Collins, lot 654; C. S.
Elwell, lot S79 : You and each of you ar->
hereby notified that the time for paym
our lien upon tha property hereinafter
scribed having expired, notice
: herei ( ha I bei n gh -a u w i will en use
such property, to a!:, Hou ? ?'?' Goods, a r
sartal Eff cts, Trunks M rchandii i, ( an
etc., stored In our warehouses bj you (or In
;,rmr name ar In v. a: h , a ma; ha\ ? an
interest i to be sol I at pul
Ing to the statute In sui h ca ? mad :
provided, a', the Monan h Auction
nil East L25th s ., .- .-. i urk City, on
FRIDAY, APRIL 12TH, 191S, at 10:30
A. M., and if the s.a..- th re f Is n it com?
pleted on said a : a .a ? ,
? Inut d .. - th" sa rne pla ach and
every Friday thereafter, beginning at 10:30
A. M. on each day and con inuing until the
sale is comph ted
Riverdaie Storage Warehouse Co.
107-109 West 96l h Stn ? ,
N ?"? 'i ork, 71 in h l:aa. 1918.
To Mr. Fran!; P. ? 1: la rl. Mr. G 1. Belch r,
Mr. A J. Coal ley, ! M A. Phill ;? i, Mlas
Mary Flynn, Mass Myno Hogel, Mrs Xah' a
Runj an. Mrs J phii Hamilton, Mrs
Woodallen Chapman, Mme '?'
Mrs. M. Weis-?, I. '"? Ig n & i !o .
Mme A. Fram ? Is, Mrs S A Si ru -k, Mr
William S. Gartner, Mr A. !.. Mas..., M
W. A. Depew, Mr, William S aman, Mrs. M.
M. Clifford, Mrs Emllj K I Mr R.
II. Kreamer, Mr. Roy M ?-. a:: i Mrs i:.
K. Mould: You and each of van nr- a rehy
notified that the time for paymeni of our
lien upon the property h relnaftor lescribed
having ex] .-?? I, ( tr d : - ',?': ici ther oi a
been given you, we will cause such
to v.u. Household Ooads, Personal Effects,
Trunks. Merchandise, Carpets, itc, stored
iti ajr warehi . ' in your name
or in n lili h ? ? -i may have an ?a ? n
ho so 1 al public a, ordtng to the
s~al ute In such . - a . ' : < . led, a i
?la- warehouse, 107-109 W 9 ; h a'
York Clt; . on : I iN : \ APRIL I :. '. .
at 10:30 A M., an I sale thereof Is
not completed on :-. .'. dal ? the . .-a- will be
n ! a- ::.?? sa ta i place h and
every Aba. lay thi -, after, glnn ?? :
A. M. aa each day and continuing until the
sale is completed.
Timmins' Storage Warehouses,
?57 to '7i".7 WEST 117th ST.
HEREBY NOTIFIED that tl ir liouseho :
effects now on storage will bi
lie Auction Wednesday, MA! ICH 20,
at 10 30 A. M . a a! If the sale
?. . -., : on a lid date the sale wil
11nued each au :ceei until sold at
Tlmmins' star.a,- Warehouses, 257 to 261
West 117th Street, N. Y, City, at 10:3
M.. in default of payment < C ? ; rat:-'
charges that are o-, er on due, .. ?
,-, rtling ' ? lav ? : ?'?:? i ' '?? '??'? ?
houses: Mrs. C. Edwards, Mrs. B. Bent
ley Mary Clark, Miss A. Hallett, M Delius
Mrs. vv. Heydt, C. &'. Fretts, Mrs. R
Drummond, R ibt. .1 ihnson, Mr3. H. Mc
Connell, Mrs E Barrett.
tin- Madison Simare Storage Warehouse
348 3d Ave
X. V . March I'Jth, 1918.
To Mr r Young and Mrs. >.t Howa d:
You are hereby notified that the time :
payment of mir lien atan the property below
named, bavin? expired after due a
been riven you, we will cause such prop
to wit, household goods, pi rsi nal el eel a
pianos, merchandise, i 3ti r ! In the Madi?
son Square Warehouse. N. V- City, b: you -
-., .'- name a:- in which you may i:.a ? an
:. - a to be sold at 1
according to the statt:'- in auch case marl
.. IHENWALD'S Auction Rooms, 340
Third Avenue, N. Y., on Thursday, April 4th,
1913. a' 10:30 A. M.
Madison mi. Storage Warehouse.
Storage Warehouse Notice.
To wham It rr.ny concern?wo will sell at
Public Auction at 301 West L25th St., on
Monday March 25th 1918, commen
li) a in, Household Goods, Pianos, : ?
Effects Merchandise, etc., stored by or m
the names as follows: I. Wersanksy, Mrs. A.
Moxley Mrs. A. .1. Smith, Mrs. Bertha
Hirsch Mrs. M Johnston, Mrs. Annie :: 3
tell Mr. Jahn Finn, Mary Brown Mi D ??
nun' Mrs. E. Van ?lari?h, Forest Foland, a.
Nicholson, unless all charges ara pa: 1 on or
before March 22nd, 1918, san..' will be sold
according to law to pay charges.
Guardini] Storage .S. 1 ansfer ( o.
301 West i75th Str et
order of the Board of Directors a special
meeting of the stockholders has been calb-d
and will be held at twelve o'clock, noon,
on the 8th day uf April, 1918, at the bank?
ing office of The Market ? Fulton Na?
tional Bank of New i irk, No. w Fulton
street, Borough of Manhattan, City of New
York, to vote upon a. resolution to place
?aid bank In voluntary liquidation pur?
suant tu secttonj 5220 and O^Ji of th?
i uitcd States Revis d Statutes, to tu?{a
effect v por. Mich date as may be fixed
und upon a reia.ut.ui! to ratify the acts of
the buard of directors In the pr. mlsea pr?.
llmluary to liquidation, and upon such
other matters us may be brougut before
said meeting.
The stock transfer books will be elos?d
from three o'clock p. m. on April t, I3ij,
to three o'clock p. in. on April x, ?9is.
By order of the board of directors
an order of the Honorable John P, Coha
lan. a Surrogate of tho County "f New York,
notice is hereby given to all persona having
claims against Hurry Simons, late of the
Ccunty of New York, to present the etini-;
with vouchers thereof to the subscribers at
Um ottiee of their attorney, Paul Helllnger,
No. S20 Hnatii? ay. in th? Borough of Man?
hattan, City of New York, on or bufora tho
2ilth day Of AuR'tst. 1918. *
Dated. New York. BVbrunry 23. 1913.
SIMON SIMONS \ Executors.
Ofnee and P. O. Address,
320 Broadway. Borough of Manhattan,
New Votk City.
Birth, Knsasemeiil, Marriage, Death
ami In Memoiiam Notices may twe
telephoned to Tl>e Tribuna any time
up to midnight for insertion in the
nest day's paper. Just call
Bcckman 3000
?nrl ??end til'* notice :n you wish it In?
serted. Bill for saine ?ill be mailed to
: yon later. The notice wiU reach over
10O.0t.Hj readers daily.
LUBALIN?Mr. and Mr*. Joseph Lubalin
(nee Rose Josr.ei, 13- West __l?t st-, ?n
n ranee the birth of twin sons on March
PINCICNEY?To Mr. and Mr?. C. Cote*- I
v.orth Pinckney ?nee Marjorie Listoe), cj ;
7 . Riverside Drive, a son, March 17,
BLOCH?ADLER?On Sunday, March 17,
al " 7-." i train ster Road,
I ; . . ! ?' . "<. ;? of the late
?a :.- I .' "-/ Bloch, to Jes3e Ai'.'.e.-,
the Rev. Dr. Alex Lyons offeiating min- ?
. . Cathedral, New York, Saturday,
Mar 16, Muriel Alice, daughter of |
Charlea and Alice Le Sueur, of St. Heliers, :
Jersey, Channel Llanda, now of New York
City, to Corpora! Edward Brouwer-Ancher, ;
104th U. S. Field Artillery, son of Charles
J. and Grace Brouwer-Ancher, of New
DOWNEY ? WHITLOCK ? On Saturday,
March ' '. 1 118, at the home of the bride, '
"Allen Winden," Scarsdale, N. Y'.? Helen I
Vanderbilt Whitlock, e le t daughter of
? - and Mr W Meh.i W ', lo :k, was
united in ma < Sergeant Bradfor 1
! ? -v.-, U. S. .'-' S The cere ?o i - ;
perform? ? ? ? ? Do v. ithei
the Re '. A. C.
. i . "d, o ' Sc ?rsdale, N. Y.
;. ' ? S ELLIOT?On Saturday, March
ool lyn av., Brooklyn, N. \'., ;
I v the Rev. A. W. E. Carrington, Marga- ?
ret, daughter of Mrs. Clarence !'. Elliot,
in Serpreant Charles Stuart Kob=on, of
Camp Upton. - }
ALI.EN?On March 1?, 1918, at 600 West
1-tOth st., Carrie L., mother of Mrs. R. J.
Furbeck. Interment Forest Home, 111.
, BAKER?On March 17. 1018, Emma Deifct
;??:?. Funeral services a*, her ?ate resi
I dence, ?!'.'?. Fillmore st., Van Nest, New
Y'oi-k City, Tuesday, March 19, at 10 a. m.
Interment Lutheran Cemetery.
BAYLEY Un Sunday, March 17. 1918.
Emma Elizabeth Bayiey, beloved wife of
i: : -.- S. Bayiey. Service.; at her late
residence, 139 Quincy st., Brooklyn, on
Tuesday afternoon, March 19, ut 4:30
BLACKADER?-At Montreal, Canada. March
15, Mary Ross, beloved wife of Louis E.
ader, Neponsit, i ong Island.
CAPSTICK?At Montville, N. J., March 16,
L918, John if. Capstick, member of Con?
gress, 5th Congressional District of New
Jersey. Funeral at his ! ite resi?
dence, Montville, N. :-, Wednesday, March
20, at 2 :30 p. rn. Train ?eaves Hoboken,
D., L. & W. R. R., at 1:15 p. m. Inter?
ment at convenience of family.
CASSIDY? Peter, belo\ d husband of Mary
:.. .-. his re idence, Li ." West Hayes av.,
Cor ... Long Island, on March 17. Fu?
neral Wednesday morning, 9:30, from Our!
! ady of Sorrows' Chureh, Corona, Lontr ?
COX -On March 17. after a lingering illness,
Alhert B., beloved son of Sidney Cox and
Violet Warner. Services will bo held
Wednesday, March 20, at i p. m. Inter?
me ' Ken C? netery. Trenton (N. J.i
! ai ers pleas?
CREAMER?At 168 South 9th av.. Mount
Vernon, N. \'., March 77, John Barrett, in?
fant son of Joseph J. and Marie Watts
CUMISKEY?On March 16, at her residence,
i 1 \ ietor Place, Eimhur *.. L. L, Catherine
A., beloved mother of Rosanna, James,
Sadie and May Cumiskey ami Mrs. Florence
Si ,.. nitt. - em requiem m iss o i Tues?
day, 10 a. m., at St. Bartholomew's Church,
CURTIN?On Saturday, March 16, Mary E.
Curtin, beloved daughter of Iviien Curtin
artd the late - ohn J. C irtin. Relativ? ? ai I
friends of the family are respectfully re
que ed to attend th ? funeral from her late
? ?i [ence, 321 East C9th .?t., on Wed
March 20, at 9:30 a. m. ; thence lo Car
n ? Church, East 28th st., wher<.lem .
7 of requiem will be celebrated for the
a of her soui at 10 a. :u. Interment
DAYLEY- On Sunday, March 17, 1918,1
Emma Elizabe h Dayley, beloved wife of
: .... . ' ?. at her late
residence, ! 39 Quincy st., Brooklyn, on
ly after loon, March Ii', at -I :30
DE MONTHULE On Saturday, March '7.
Paul hule, in his 72d year
m ;-. . : rom his late re tden :e, '4 Ham
Pl? :s, Tuesday, March i . at 10:30 a. m.,
to :.. ? . ?' O ir : .; ly of I
West L42d at., near Convent av., where a.
solemn mans of requiem will be suntr, 11
a. m,
ELLIS?On Sunday. March 17, 1918, William
Ellis, ' '? years, belo ed husband of
Mary M. .Mi!.er. Funeral ?ervicej I .?
evening at 7' o'clock at his iate r<
L074 Morris av., near Tremont av., Bronx.
! ? terment private.
EPSTEIN?Rose, beloved sister of David,
iVIorris, Alfred, Jenn;e, Heuman, ?.i?ie
Herzog. Funeral from her late residence,
63 East 93d ?. t., on 'i uesday at 10 a. m.
GIBSON At Jamaica, N. Y., Agnes D., be?
loved wife of William, on March .
Funeral from her late residen e, 180 Allen
st., Jamaica, on Tuesday evening, March
19, at 8 o'clock. Interment Wednesday at
Nutley, N. J.
GORHAM?On March 17, L918, Frank Gor
. : ? . 5th ; ear Fu?era ? ? I
the residence of his son, Walter D Gorham,
Sound Beach, Conn., ?mi Tuesday, Mar h
at 1 i p. m. Automobiles will m.-'t train
leaving Grand Central depot 11:03 a. n:.
for Sou id Beach.
GOUCHER?On Sunday, March IT", at her
n ; lence, 50-1 West I22d st., Elizabeth, wife
i .' I . ?-.; - -;.-.?. hand Coucher and daughter ?
of William Webster Ellsworth und II- ' a
Yale Smith. Funeral service will be held
Tu 6 lay, March 19, at St. Paul's C a el,
Columbia 1 niven it: , at 4 :30,
HAI ?HT -On Monday, March IS, 1918, Su
an Richards, wife of William Burgoync
H ight, at her residence, 383 iJar:: av.
! urierai services on W idne day, March 20,
at 7 o'clock, at St. Thomas's Church. 5th
av. and ?3d it. Interment private. Ga!- i
veston papers please copy.
HUGHES?On Saturday, March 16, 1918.
; ? n. Hughes, beloved husband of
Louise Hughes ir.ee Antony), in bis 41st
year. Funeral services at his late r?si?
dence, 151 West 117th st.. Tuesday. March
19, at S p. B?.
JULIAN?Sunday. March IT. 1918. Marie
Patricia Julian, beloved daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry G. Julian and sister of
Oliver G. Julian. Funeral service at the
Church of the Transfiguration. 29th st.,
near 5th av., Tuesday, March 19, 11 a. m.
I iraient at Greenwood Cemetery, private.
C . annnti (Ohio ay.
KEMP?-Ellen G. Hefifernan Kemp, beloved
vire of James S. Kemp, on Sunday, March
-Monee of
her mother, Mrs. Jam s Heffernan, 431
st, Br .' ? '?' In? day, March 20. -
KIEL At M . \'. J., on March IT,
1918, Will -i husband of Wilhel
a-iaa '. in tl e 76th year of
hi? age. rrrcra!. services at his late resi?
dence. Central av., Maywood, N. J., Thurs
day ai er . March 21, at -' o'clock.
KREIELSHEIMER?Adelheit. beloved wife
of the la , : V. - -itner and mother
of ! anny K . '?'? s. '<? am. :;mon and
the late jacobson. in her T'.'th year,
at 1326 ', Funeral Tuesday, at
10 i. tn ? isters of [manuel Lodge No. 1,
True Sisters, also sisters of Columbia
I.: re. aro invite? to attend.
LANG?-Christian, passed away Sunday.
" rch IT, in his 89th year. Funeral Tues
da , Mar :h 19, at p m., from his late
' nee, '?'-' i ? ?'-- ' Far Rockaway. In
terment Luthi ran Cer ?
MALLOKY Suddenly, on March 18, V.U8.
Holmes, ??? bert and Elise
.. mes Mallory, in his 23d year. Time
and place of funeral sen ccj to be an?
nounced later.
MANNING?On March 16, 1918, Patrick J.
Manning, beloved father of Frank .!. Mm
ning and Jennie Giebler, aged OS years.
Funeral from his late residence, 606 Co?
lumbus av., Tuesday, March 19, ut 2 p. m.
Interment, ir. Calvary Cemeter:
MARKET- March IT, George W.. aped fi2.
beloved husband of Anna Markey tnee
Marshall), father of George W.. jr., John,
E Iward, ' ? Funeral
'.. a resi ': ???. ?-. . Wednes?
day. H :? '?'? Church.
? m.
MEAD ' Newark, N. J., on Sun
di 1V1 irch 17, 1 irah R. Mead,
,!..,. hti r at I ????? n?
:;..,?:. Funer i will be he'd ?t
het' home ii Gray st., Newark, o:i Tues?
day,! ? . at 2:30 p. m.
MORTIMER Ai . aim B ach, Fis., on March
15, 1918, Richard Mortimer, aged 66 years.
Funeral services at St. Mary's Church,
Tuxedo Park, New York, on Tuesday,
March IP, at 12 o'clock, on arrival of train
leaving Krie Depot, Jersey Citv, N. J., at
11 o'clock, and returning from Tuxedo at
1 o'ciook.
MILLER?On Sunday. March IT. 1018, Pri
? te David W. Miller, Company E, "?2d
E - a ? - , ? li . ? aa and Anna ?.
Miller, in his 23 1 year. Funeral services
in the Chapel of the Intercession, Rroad?
way and '.:.'?'.!?) Bt., on Tuesday evening at
8:15. Interment at convenience of the
:' aa y. ! : . 1917, Co
luml ?a, a: a 1 e? a ! I a .. Nu .. e requested
to attend.
MUNSELL luddenly, en Saturday, March
10, 1918, i i Ed'. .? -a on of
the late ..'.-.'??:? E. and Mar I mma Mun
si.-'.l, in hi SOth year ervices at
the chapel, Greenwood Cei i Bra tlyn,
Wednesday, March 20, at 3 o'clock i>. m.
NICHOLS?On March IT. I 118, entered into
rest, at the resid n e of her daughter, Mrs.
E. G. Royce, 832 Cita ola Place, Brooklyn,
Ida V. Ni ? of Truman Nichols.
M. n. 1 ?'.-, ' Interment at con?
venience of the family.
OLVANY March 17, Many T.. beloved wife
of Wi ? ? . F . eral iront her
late lamiltoi st., East
Orange, N. !.. VVi Im March 20, 10
a. m. A solemn requiem ia-^i will be of?
fered for he repi e if h r sou] at the
and st., Ampere, N. J. Inter?
ment Cab try Cemetery.
REIIJ.Y On Saturday. March 16, at her
.. ?-. 12,' Weal 34th t., Margaret,
widow of 1 ' ! mother of
Mar; ? Kal ha -a. . ','.,-- aaeius
on Tuesday
a...,: March 19, al St. Michael's
Ch rch, loek. It is
kind ;? .-?? .. ted that no Bowers be seat. -
Rl -a a -.-a. Mont.,
?' of the late Wi liam
1 inni ? ! atilda 1 : '
SKINNER -March 17, i .ner (neo
Fi'a-" beloved wife : Skin?
ner and daughte the lata
Rowan Fitzgerald. Funeral from
her late (.13-1 West 96th -f., on
'a. m. ; thence to
the Churc ? : red Heart, West 5lst
:30 a. m. In
:- i nt i alvary Cemetery.
BLEMO " IT. -.1"*. Samuel
on of Caroline Slemo,
brother of John, Dolly and Jesse Slemo.
Funeral ? i Man
1 a. m., T - ? da; . March
!;1- Inti ? ? ? . ? mt ! in Cemetery.
STOCXTON ' esnut (nee Grant!.
if Balti?
more a--- . aai and
; mtl. en
'? ' ?? fin New York City, March
It. nore.
Ball stoi
: ' ? '. - eis i lea le copy.
STOEHR -. ' ??-. Hans E.
'???'.-. a - -! I
? - ' atari- of
Hildeli mi Ema '.Service Btrictly
un-?i:,-. It ig requested that no flowers
? ent.
STRONC?Martha Moulton. on'v daughter
of William E. S. and Lillian Rissell, sud
denly, on March !T a '; ,? ! h year of her
;:? e. ! uneral private : no flowers.
WATKINS n Watkins died yes?
's : " his late re id | Pacific
;" ' I on Wed :h 20, at
"?? " ? i ' if ? Grezory,
Brooklyn - an ! . i John's Place. In
' ? ??? nt pri
' ?T-In n. Cram., March IT.
*' ?. in the
? -al bi rvice will
pel, Va e CJniver
'?'?'? dm ., iay
after , Marc , at 12:3
ZIMMERMAN- On March IC, 1918 at her
Ma -are; E.,
? ' ' rman and daugh?
ter of the late W -,-.- Furnias,
all ?' this city ervice will be
held at ?he Ch-.rch of the Incarnation,
i h st., or; Tuesday',
March 1 9, at o'clock a. m.
B? . Mary V ee - In loving nn-mory
?th, who died March
. ?. 1914.
1 S-. Bj Harlem Train c;a t,/ irc.it
ota of small size for sale
Onset. -J ICast 35? b?.. N T
24 hour elevator service
?a convenient feature
in the Tribune Building?access to your
office at all times. We can show you
single offices or suites, or will subdivide
to ;:uit your needs.
The building is well run, with plenty
of air and light, and the rentals are
moderate for the location?but a step
to the Brooklyn Bridge, subway and
For floor plan, more information, or an
appointment to see the offices, 'phone
our agent on premises. Beekman 3000.

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