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Germany-on Verge
Of Revolt, "Escaped
prisoner Asserts
Tells Canadian Club People
Are More- Interested in
potatoes Than Victory
Horrors Described
Speaker Hailed as One of 58
Survivors Out of 1,1*00
at Ypres
a. ??? ? war hero is
ans, ol the Ca
. r c? ntly i e
tgched for 'his city with the
Csnad an " ' '; bul until
:? of war in
t nigl told the
?of New
: * it ibou ' he
- ?
Ev ??- discuss 1 he
At ? third battle of
t of 1,100
t re
'? *
... buried by .*-.
? Later
. - *
?*T ' ! '??'? ate
* e, "are
m0T, ? a peck of
'.-?*???? ? !
?j , . I
? ? i
ffeo for
-. ? ?? * . " '?" '*
*. . '
A ?
?? . Soth? "
n at i
i r i. wit
few ting of ai
the 1
it of mono
i ; ? and r
Lieu! ' r H un ter,
P. ?. * . '
re 1 ran *e and
' ?
?' the
Par;? "Matii was . * for
in?rale to lettei . * :
s_id if all V .
struggl :
felve?. then 1
time w temaied
would arise 1
'.'. trtin YV.
try Jo .realizing
plains o?
the pi:: - r Island
Insid'. lists who are ' ry
j-g .n . . i that t
is inter
.*'.-.* lerly
editor .... ho i
r Guy E y al o
? ?
r ter at the dinner
: ** i atten
5,000 Two-Cent Coins
Buy a Liberty Bond
... .. dence !
. 7
Thirty-1 . ? ?
fer, of I * * . * *
? '
?' ? bond
'. ' . . of
? i Des
?aurer to. pai
I ... , |
' '?
' He refuses I
had them 1
I *'?? ' * go I
?2 *" '*'
Sam ?? ,
'nan he
u certi
Bryan to Testify
He I- Subpoenaed for Triai of
?J-I-* d- , ,
"*tnt t rule
TU "
? y of State i
g to a t<
-a---- ra
*??e* B. in from the united
??on Bryan
':' ? ' ? - ?
'"'?-' ?? *.? *
' ' '-? ' rid i," and
*s' eoi ? ? ? 0f the
* * ? *
n,i? ,''*' ? ' . ;?????
Nation Needs Aid of Ali
Governor Whitman Urges
Marshall,*-*-- of Men and
-.*-,. prin?ipal
meeting of
\ .,' ' ' ???
't..'\ \ . va
*#.. ' nt of the
u^rr ' - ' ? .led as
?t\7 '*-.??.. . ... ?iej?j
%Vti'-"'" ? '' * """"
c?mp?:-/n ftmo) w| War
.-V'' ? ' ; ???) ????
'"? ' their
.-*.'.- -,
Ta*?1**- to ..*.*- | ... (;,,-,..
(? ' Cm
' ?
I*. ?
?? L
??v. ' ' ' ?Ml to
s? _I*J '' ?" '
?tj^'j ''* '?'* -- * ? ', ' e??d tit? Go*
McAdoo's Hint o? Higher Taxes
Rouses Virginia to Loan Needs
Secretary Gets Warm Welcome to Old Capitol of Jefferson
Davis, Which ip Just Awakening to Fact American
Liberty Is at Stake in War
By Ralph Block
RICHMOND, Va., April ?^Secretary
McAdoo penetrated the edge of the
spring straw hat belt at noon to-day
in his first move South in the third
Liberty Loan campaign. Richmond,
which is the homo of the cigarette and
'. lied industries, opened its'arms to
the Secretary of the Treasury and did
its best to convince him in a half-day
that the Sixth Federal Reserve Dis?
trict is in no need of urging to more
than complete its quota in the money
drive against the enemy.
It is very easy to generalize about
the South, and there are many ai<Js to
generalization. Th- ro is the Southern
accent, "you-all," and the memories
of what is alway? called "the war be?
tween the states," and the negro prob?
lem and a dozen other aids to easy and
lazy judgment of the South.
Yet in son . . ; it ; ?n't the South
any longer :.t least, noi the So-.-.'h
? ". the nam'e. Rich
id : a rather sober town in its way,
Mere flag an?!, lip patriotism is not
patronized here, and though the deco?
rat -ns a-, the Jelferson Hotel '.'or Sec
?? 'try McAdoo to-day mingled the
5tai ? and Bar ; with ;; ? Stars and
and ' ? Allied colors, the at -
re appeared t<> b one of ear
? . | recial n of a need for actual
- ? f. ice rath r than of : ilk, which is
not cos: I; .
Richmond's Achievements
:' ? ? >m of Richmond's achieve?
ments for the war have their own elo
..- ? . Sixt ? n t housand
?: in Richmond are taking an
:. : ????? pa'" . ; the campaign :??> sell
Two hundred of them, repre
? nting ??-? ?"?'.- worn i's orgai izat on in
the city, howev r diversified, listened
to i!;,? Secretary :? -day shortly after
arrival, .-a- ird; y, - he fi r ; day of
? ? ca? :..:.-??. : he v ? mi ..'-? com mitti
. . 000 of bonds.
Richmond's Red Cross quota was
The actual subscription;
?ed the qu ' i.
It was Georg J. Scay, governor ol
: ? ? nd Fed irai Reserve Board
who to-daj gave me the clearest out
line of the development of the Vir
_ ? . ? ' atti ?? toward the war. I
lopment, because onl;
at the pre ent moment has it reachec
the point of definite realization of tin
- ?.. , ncmy represents and ii
101 1 there was no ?uch realization.
"When war first broke out :n Europe,'
. ; I lovern er S. ay, "tl . ? n
dency in Virginia to :"??? :' was not ou
war, V ?? th. re was coupled with ; n:
an equally strong f< < - ^ ? - - ir we '?: ul
..- - - [j; was an ;?? :.??! 5e, bu
one wl ,.'vi !--?? ? - ?;? fii te s...roundworl
for 1 ?? nt feeling that we ??r
,:,.;,.;I,L, ., .,..,,. for clcmocracy, howeve
;? ??? .- based on ei d
- than n analysis of th
situation. The peonle of Virginia ar
a 'a,'.a! :-,.-' | of El | ?', .'?ll'l thCT
was a general impu I iward our tak
Wer not our own kinsm?.
for ?? i ?. ation 1
? ? ng was made appan nt in the f'ac
- ? ur ydung men did not v::\\t fo
the draft. '11 y '.v. it '?j war a*, the cal
of war.
Apathy on First Loan
"Yi :. it i - '.i ue that there was n
?ciabl , ' thy in 1 he fir it call fo
the Liberty Loan. 1
not yet be c >mc < vid ni that th
. the stake of on
cs, as well as :h":'o of ou
kin icri i the sea. It was Presidei
VI on ?' ? mad that plain to th
? Virginia. They under ?tan
Jewish ?/orkers
?Pledge Wages
For War Relief
Seek to Aid Russian Breth?
ren Who Fare Worse
Since German Peace
A cablegram announcing that gov
tal aid for n fugees in Russia
has been discontinued, plunging tens
lands into distress, was read by
-'? "? b Schi? last night at a mass meet
? ; of members of the four New York
ocals of the furriers' union at C< >per
' ' t. i on.
The meeting was called to decide
? er a half day's wages of each of
ne thousand furrier., am .; ting
? I be ? ivt n to th Coi -
tral ? '?? -v. W .?-'?. ef < . ttee. Af?
ter Mr. : ?' iff's address and a stirring
? - : by Rabbi Judah L. Magnes, the
? '??! unanimously to work i
on, April 20, or Sunday,]
i.April 21, dependent on which.
. ' hey ol ? rve, and give the ag- '
,-? ? . ite ??? ??:' ! " ?? '?? ?'r - I
Mr. Schiff received the cablegram
terday froi lan Bern 'ein. who
dir? ig the Jewish relief commit-!
in I!. I: ? '?' : ; ? ?1 that
circumstances in Russia, Lithuania and
Poland render securing of local relief;
p< ble and thai ' ds are dy ng
?: ?.-.. ?! Rus dan Jew isl
.... ;. ; ? ? ?.? to return h< me,
pogi -: are adding to the gen -
eral coi fui ?? M wires:
"In * hi name of '? mdreds of thou?
sands of sufferers, children and aged,
we urgently rcqu ' ' ia your commit-1
tee appropriate without delay a sum
of not less '?ban a million dollars for
!, u pose ?"
"None have an idea how terrible
'? ring is i" Russia and Po
,.?:"? id -: ? 8ch :r. "it- is .i
j nee the R i! jians have been forced
? ce, ?:? a G ? tean peace. All Rui sia
. ' . : Jew faro ?? worsl i ? all.
. Jew ;.. ? '? always pay the !>. ?
Lb? re.
?To mattor how much we gather, it
?-. . : bt bo enough. 1 beliove this war
w II go on for years, \mcrica will not
?top this war. It will not stop until
? . ' .., ,, ; n pe ??:? ? ay to the inhuman
German government: 'We have enough.
'1 : on, only then, will it, end."
Thi Rev. Dr. Judah L. Magnes, in a
tirrine address, appealed for aid for
the helpless Jews In the war-shattered
; countries,
Woman Who Killed
Sister Die3 Insane
TE1 '.';'>*:, .'?'. ?/*., April 8. Cornelia
Con oily whi killed ! ? r ?isti r, ? ? lie,
on Easter Bundaj* by opening the
, in her ???' >' . d.c-l to day In
t) ? '?'??' J< rsoy Stale [nsano Asylum.
:'?.<? will be buriod b ??Ida her victim.
The woman wai a sister-in-law of the
widow ?-.f ?.-ii/v l?. ?L-r? i*, the thratrt
'?;>: prodae?r, who lost his life on the
? Titan?:. Sh? was u trained n_n*e.
now clearly enough that the matter
urgent, and that the free institu
1 * we have been so long building
are in danger."
He stopped to show me a telegram
from West Virginia asking for bonds
??'* d application forms at one*, and a
promise of a return far beyond ex?
"If they were apathetic once, they
are so enthusiastic now that they may
ha? e to be hi Id in."
D is in this fashion that the South
is no longer the South as it is con?
ventionally known, it has an air of
activity all its own, silent, repressed
? ven, yet actually energetic and active?
ly engaged in getting at a necessary
job. Doubtless it has not lost its real
flavor ? :' id mtity. Some of it was re?
turned to me in the answer of Gov?
ernor Seay when I asked him what was
the South's understanding of the re
adjustmen * of democracy that appear
to be awaiting the end of the war.
McAdoo'a Service to Virginia
"I don't believe our people have gone
?o far as to understand democracy in
that sense ye*,," he answered. "The
democracy that comes to their minds
,vhen they hear the call to fight for it,
is the democracy' of our Constitution,
the democracy of the free institutions |
that our fathers have handed down;
to us."
Secretary McAdoo is a Southerner,
too; yet it may be believed the wel?
come Virginia* is giving h im to-day !e
rives more from an actual service he
once rendered*, the state than from the.
emotion of brotherhood. Virginia al?
ways ?.-'oes a long ways toward financing
cotton crop, and when the first
br ith of war, four years airo, ?smashed
-, ?-,,,. ? .-.,-,, ? virgin ?> faced a ' ???_- pull
ahead. It was Carter Glass, of Virginia,
who devi ed the instrument thai w.-,-,t
far toward saving the situation. Rut
the Fi i ?* | Reserve system is headed
?by the Secretary of tne Treasury, an I
. rginians express a real g ral tuda
toward I i a for the service the : yst?*m
- ndered in that difficu t time. P. ?<?- -
,....,,* *,... ... *. ?* . , -, -. . *.,.., for r, while
t he curr mcy of Vi rgi n a wa = larg' y
in Fed* rill Reserve n li
Higher Taxes Believed Near
The Secretary went to call on Gov
ir Wi ? . irelai d I >avi ? . 7
utos after his arrival to-day, pa; ing
his eai! in -;* fine old I u? ! rig that
Thomas Jefferson helped design and
* '?: at v. as once 1 he capi ol of Jefferson
. ?s. ,Aft ??- his co :*? ? ;* call, the
Secretary made a tour of the build?
ing, stopping long enough to view
at ue of Wat hington, done
by the French sculptor lorn wl ere
about 17m1. After that there was a
buffet luncheon. At, the Hotel Jef?
ferson, with 'he Secretary standing up
and eating from a plate, he spoke
briefly to a group of insurance n*.--n.
; id then ; iok a meter trip over : i me
the I*. tleground surrounding Rich
mend. Mr. McAdoo is accompanii * by
M rs. McAdoo, who wi nt with
i ha hon*:- of John Skelton Wil an
for dinner. He spoke this evening ai
the ( ? y Aud I; rium b( fore a lar re
audie nee.
Tie'; Secretary is continuing to cm
phas ze points he i ade in his several
speeci es ai Philadelphia Sa1 urd ly. He
has accentual ! strongly the pai"t that
? -, ; ? -,.:. : .* and saving mn ?t play
in America's will to victory. The coun?
try mus? bend itself toward a greater
saving if food md cl? thing. The per
? ??? ce ??? th which the Secretary em
pha es i e need for greater ti ition
?? .,. ,.\ .,[?? pU -? . ., to cut dow
und es ce and to rouse the na ?
to it uty ? ? act ual
propos il o? greai r tas ; measui
o1 .' cl ..'
To-morrow Mr. McAdoo will speak
at Raleigh, N. C, the home of S cre
tary of the Navy Daniels.
Congress of jews
To Indorse Zionism
Establishment of Palestine Gov?
ernment Also Will Be
Considered in May
Re] esentat ive i of th various Jew?
ish organizations in the cuy already
taken steps to t.r?range the pro?
gramme of discus,ions for the conven?
tion of fee American Jewi3n Congre s
I . be held in this city the middle of
May, ! ? was stated ;.?-'???-'???? f.bai if
? ' ai ? '? ? . ? 10 .'. ?, ? wotltTuc I?,,. .. : :
in the convention.
A meeting will be held to-morrow
at the offices of the congress, ! Madi?
son Avenue, at which a special com
ap ointed for the purpo te v. .11
outline to the adm.. i ? ' i at i- ?? .? on litl
of the < ?; f i'? ?? :' Ji wi sh ( *<:?: aniz t
ions in New York its suggestion, both
as to subjects Cor debate arid plans
?'. ? conj re -,.-. may see fil to adopt:
regard ing it is tu re acth ties.
One whicl p-rominenl
memo? r f the committee bi ieve wiII
be adopted u nanimously call ; for en
listing the moral and financial aid of
all Jewish organizations a.: !\ew York,
not already affiliated with the '??'
movement, in behalf of the Zionist
?- ? ? e a ':'?? i ! '??' ? ?.: ' ?r < -( \>Bl ???;n
and for definite action, however, will
! e the exact proci du re to be followed
for the ? tablishment of a ?Jewish slate
in Pal
S( : mon Sufrin, former Assembly?
man, and chairman of the administra?
tiv?: committi e, aid he was certain the
convention would further any move?
ment which will show that the Jewish
people are ready to accept the resporisi
i ilities of.'.a separate government.
McAvoy Resigns as
District Leader
"Bis Tom" Had Ruled in Inter?
ests of Tammany for
Twenty Years
Washington Heights Tammany men
wero amazed last, night when "Pig
Tor " " :Avoy, for twenty years leader
of th 22d assembly 1 >isl riet, resigned
at tli egular meeting .of the organiza?
tion at 5 ?! \V<. t 1 ?'.'; Street. He is
sixty-nine years old, but somehow no
one had ever thought of "Bi<* Tom"
resignii -
fie said that, he was irivintr up the'
post for "personal reasons," and stood
!i i m against clamorous demands for re-;
con deration, 'liarle:-, [?'. ?Murphy had I
made the samo request of him a few
! di'.ys a;in? he said, and he had been
. ompelled to refuse it.
ti 1870 McAvoy became a patrolman
of the Police Department, and filled!
icc( :? ivoly all posts of tho uniformed]
force and finally became First. Di puty
Commissioner. When Mayor Hylan,
took office McAvoy '.vas mentioned as a
I , m for the Police Commis
sionershlp. In 1906 ::?> wns elected
chairman of the executive committee of
Tammany Hall.** f?is on, John V*. Mc-|
Avoy, is a justice of the Supreme
1 ? 'out*.
A successor will be elected at the
meetinf u?xt week. i
Detroit Subscribes
$15,000,000 in 4 Hours
Henry Ford Leads With a
Contribution of
DETROIT, April 8.?More than $15,
000,000 for the third Liberty Loan was
subscribed in Detroit during the first:
four hours of the local drive to-day. ?
This total officially announced, equalled
the amount obtained during the first
six days of tiie second loan campaign
Henry Kord contributed $ >,t 0,0 0
and a contribution of ?1,000,000 was
made by John 1*'. Dodge and Horace E.
Dodge, local automobile manufacturers.
This outpouring or' wealth and a stir?
ring address .*? the heart*of the city at
noon by Josephua Daniels, .Secretary
of the Navy, were the leading incidents,
which marKed the formal opening of
Detroit's drive for $36,01 ".'?00.
"We dec?an i war on April fi, and
last Saturday we observed the day
with the. same holy feeling that we I
have observed the Fourth of July,"
said Mr. Daniels to a dense crowd
I in < ladillac Squi e,
"Always :"i*?.:*i th time, these two
d.i.* - v :!i be our holiest days."
Speaking of naval activities, Secre?
tary Daniels said :
"You have read something of heroic
efforts of the young ?nen on the. de-j
stroyers, submarine cha ?? rs and mall
craft. One detachment in a period of
six months attacked eighty-one ub
marines. Th? y c c i d safel *. to port
717 v isels and i ighty-six convoys, and
the whole flotilla travelled a million
m I? . steaming at from twenty to
tlnrty-:ive knot* ard never pausing."
38 New England Towns
Exceed Loan Quotas
Boston Five-Cent Bank's $1,
000,000 Subscription Larg?
est in District
BOSTON", April S. Thirty-eight New
England cities and towns had officially
reported subscriptions to the Libert/
Loan in excess of their allottments to?
day. Towns which took their placea
among these leaders included Ashland,
B? . ngton, Littleton, Cil mm. Hari
, Easl Kingston and Peter
bero, N, il.: Sangerville, Orono, Mon
g i and San ford, Me.; < a a,
7, nooski and Burlington, Vt.; East
Grei nw ich, i;. !.. and A shby, Mass.
The larges! single ' subscription re
port i by the district1 committee -vas
. ' '* ,01 0, ? the Bo * m i*'' ? ? ?< ent
Sav Ings Ba n :.
i . i comm*' tec *,. as viri ually a ssured
of a $10,1 ' ? ub script ion from the
town of M ield, as a result of the
action of the legislative committee on
municipal I rice, which reported fa
? rably to-? y n a bill to p rmit
the investment of town funds in Lib?
erty bonds.
Mary Pickford in
Drive Wins $410,000
Actress Sells Many Liberty Loan
Bonds in Baltimore
B VLTIMORE, April 8.? Mary Pick
ford's patriotic appeals won subscrip?
tions by the hundreds to the new Lib
? ****.* Loan at the "Over There" War
Exposition here to-day and to-n ght.
fi e motion picture star arrived from
Washington and ai once wenl to work
the armory. She told the crowds
thai she had tub cr bed for $ I * 1,1 00
of '* new Lib ?ri y Loan and had
$250,000 of the previous loans. She
?rave a smile, a handshake a nd her au
I ograph to every r. W th 1
,,v, ,,,,. ?0T1 ,,?* . ? - oon subscribed by
bank ?, most f ib tcr ? -
were for $50 and $l ?l] bonds, an !
the ad ressi i's one d y's c imp
iltimor netted 5 ; I 00 in subscrip
- to the loen.
Cheer for "Free Poland"
Bay State Legislature Greets
BOSTON, April 8. Members of the
"hitsetts Legislature broke into
chet rs to-day for "a free and in ' *pen I
< -':? Poland " after they had been a 1
ed ' . ? * sion by lei .hers of
the Pi . military m \ on in th is
oun r;.*.
In welcoming the - - ?on Lieutenant
Governor Calv n Cool dge s .id :
"The enemies of Poland are the ene
m '* ? of the United Stati s. We are strug
? ' ng to def at Pr issian militarism.
We are trying to establish justice and
righteousness a the principles which
-.?an govern the nations of the earth."
"'...?or Joseph Kozlowski, ch ef of
:- i, *; i' sed the appreciation of
Poland for whal the United States had
done for the people of that country.
"To-day," he said, "all the people of
Poland are united in their aspirations
for national independence."
He wa ; lou . * auded.
An equally ci rd tal greet in,- was
given Lieutenant Stanislau Poniatow
? '.:;. who revi 3wcd tl ! ory of Po?
li nd and ass ?rted tl * the eople of
? coun' :**/ I u I always b< en pro
Girl, 14, Wrote Accusing
Letters to Food Board
Anonymous let! rs received by city
departments, accusing Abraham Freid
man, 555 Hudson Street, of various of?
fenes against the lire laws, the weights
an-.i measures regulations and the food
rvation rules, have been traced to
1 .: -. the fourteen year old daughter
of Samuel Charnrk, of the whi lesale
grocery firm of Charak ??; Meyerowitz,
against whom Friedman testified in a
recent Food Board hearing, the Food
Hoard announced yesterday.
As a resuit of the Investigate n,
Charak, aged fourteen; her sister
Anna, aged seventeen, and her father,
.* ppi ared before Alan Fox, head of the
i o? d Board'3 burea : of complaints,
? i te rday afternoon.
: e admitted writing the letters,
but said her father knew nothing about
it Anna said her* father did not. know,
but had advised Tilly not to write them.
The father said he did not know ex?
actly how the letters came to be writ?
The Food Boar! ig puzzled to know
what to <io with the case, but if possi?
ble, will attempt to deal with it with?
out calling in any other authority. The
i: od trading licen so of Charak & M? y
erowitz ???? - suspended for a month and
re. umed last week, and the board is
considering the advisability of revok?
ing it altogether.
Fire Record
A M.
.- : I - West I:-,;,h st unknown : ?aught.
., IC -'" Weit st.; u-.i <ui? .ni*. PtjAaw McO-TOBl !
. ..,.
?*. If). .*. ? ?? ? lira ?><?<?: Mit Knttfmain : lllghf.
?- o - .: Soctrnd *.,-.. John "uro u nig; slight- j
s 5U i '. Rro, me -* .f SarnotT
y :;:,--1>, :i,:*nv anil 176th st.; meant ; ta; un
knotvn; trifling.
0 i? . Jerutuo u. . Th? Bronx; Lou la Wo?**.;
till"? '?'"'*'*' "ti?ro ltr!<l;r". auto: Tlrtrwaipr Oil Co. :
?j iknrwii
; ; - IV -1 ?v ? '* -r ti-- 1 for Irlflti .:
? i ral .. _: ta*n h ( .' -rifling.
.-, r. li*- *?. !* - ' * "i ' ?1er m '?'???? Brotut;
. i- ott I . ' . \ riait 'i il . trifling
: ;.*t t front of 1T1 10th -?* . ?ut? mol lie; .lam-?
?i '. . trifling.
. ; I 2?l an* . I null* T.-Cia trifling.
:. 35 S? :\ I'Miru ,\n\ la !!? i*l, HI VVmrt S3tl itt. ;
ft m M-reari lo 131 to 11 : Wi il *. |l . IVim
?vlr.iM.i H<y*l t ?? ai ft otlmn : il.Vi'l
'i r.?*. -lia Baal lltih -?'. . Mai Bhlffman; trifling.
|j jo i, m of 17 Weal I ?th it.; aut*"*moblta ; un
luunau, u*l_*:ig.
More Vice Raids
Will Follow Soon,
Swann Announces
District Attorney Says He
Acted Without Consult?
ing Mayor Hylan
Menace to Soldiers
Co-operation With War and
Navy Departments Planned
to Protect Morale
District Attorney Swann denie 1 yes?
terday a rport he had ordered the
raids upon Tenderloin caf?s and re?
sorts early Sunday morning b< cause
he had learned that Raymond B. Fos
dick, former Commissioner of Ac?
counts, was to conduct a Federal in
-.-..-? ^;i-:?-t into vice conditions here
soon. He also denied he had near?! it
intimated Secretary Daniels was con?
templating closing up ? ? ?aloons in
N'ew York altogether because they
were a m ?nace to the navy.
Tho District At.' rney said he or?
dered I he raid ; ,vith jut cons tlting
Mayor Hylan or Police Commissioner
Enri rhl, and he addi d mphat ically
that they were oniy . ??? .' . ru
more to come. In L'ac . Mr. Swann
made I plain that New York County,
; the T-sndcrloin in particular, is
going to xperience a cleaning un that
will put previous vice crusades in the
shade. He said he would ask the
grand jury to investigate everything,
particularly phases of vice affec ing
ildi? rs and sailors.
"But in seeking for these witni sses,"
said Mr. Swann, "we discov red that
as late .is - and 3 o'clock in the morn?
ing and on Sunday a* that, soldiers
and sailors in uniform could be found
in these caf?s accompanied by women
of ' ? underworld and surrounded by
criminal 3, ex -c< nvid ; and drug ad?
dicts, 'The;- soldiers and lailors were
seen in the imn d ; ?orhood of
these places standing in doorways,
drinking from ?-.?? hi: key I of I les ??? lieh
- i bpi ? pas jed ' ? thi m.
"T c places should be closed at !
o'cli . ??? the morn ig anyway. They
are n themsi Ives ???.?..?a tors of : he law
? thai the; tin rbor cr m ? a ; and dis?
orderly women."
I ? District Att? ??;? 5 aid he was
inten ?? y inten ted in the ca is of
1 and ? ? who are found i n -
ted on ' : ? streets and n I e
? ly of dissolute women. Ii , I
ia" had dec ded to ask the War ! ??
ment and Secretary Daniels ior in
?' ictions as to handling such cases.
?i : said he believ. d consid rabl in?
formation could be ? btaini i [rom them
as to tiie opera.ti ?ns ? .' Tend rloin
vampires and la w-br. iking 1 >r deal
ii ' le soldi? rs and sailors were dc
! aaiie.i and quest ioned. A. : resi nt, he
sa I, the pol ice ' ai e no ac
of th.* thirty- ?? -v omen and sixty
men wli > wi re deta ned by I ti pa ic or
i ? ? ainick Henry and Captain Fti..
McKenna, of the F url : Branch Detec
t iv ? Bureau, A -? itant District Atl r
ney James E. Smith sent three women
and three men to the Hou of . ?
tion yesterday. Two of the men, he
said, were wi thhold 1 - material -
? ' nc ? r ga rd ? ng the ? ?hen case. One
of th? three women also cave him in
,'a rmat ion aboul the in vem nts be?
fore and af r tl rim. of "Big Mor
1 '. " Rothenl? . ?d as ? ohen's
? : ' ? r
e of the male ' ?tness 1 is a wait
er in the Little 3t, Regis Hotel, in
Forty-si ???':.. et, El ? said to
have admitted Rol . 1 ; in th -
about four hours before
shooting and thai he a \ lir of
heavy spectacles and a ked the waiter
if he would know him with them on.
The waiter r< plied 1 ? wo ild be able to
recognize him easily. Ti:? n Roth in
'?? ???.- pulled up the collar ? ? his coat
and pu:'? d down ;ii ; hat brim anal,
placing h imself about twent y fei t
b way, aga n tested the w ter' ? detec
tiv. abilitie -, Tl ? waiti r sa cl he told
Rothenberg he ??' >uld kn ?w him even
A friend of the waiter, whose name
G us Brauer, driver of a c b, with ??
stai i out ??:?! ? ' he Hob ! I 'laridg ?. was
held ?? $5 ?? ? as a matei ?. wii ne 11.
He obta ned surety.
1 ;harl is Pol- 1, proprietor of -1' -
Little St. Regis, was held in $1.00.1
bail charged with keeping an illegal
Says Husband Enlisted
To Evade Home Duties
Justice Cuy reserved decision yesti r
day on an application by James ti'- ?rge
McEntyre, formerly of this city and
now a member of the Canadian Royal
Flying Corps, for permission to make
a deposil n al F? 1 : W ?ri h, T. \.. n
the divorce action brought bv Mrs.
Helen Marie McEntyn . The latt. r p
posed the motion, de :1 ? r . _? that ? e
did not believe her usband v\ a al I
Fort Worl h avia'
M/s. McEntyre cl a ' ed I hal her hus -
band, who formet-'/ h 1 an income if
about $12,000 a year, enlisted in the
Canadian Flying "< '? rps as a ' subf ?r
Cuge" in order to ?hirk his duties tow?
ard his wife and two cl ildren.
The Weather Report !
WASHINGTON, April S ~A shallow cyclonic
pression 1? ???:?? il oft the ? Ul i Carolina c ist
? I press ire : 1 uau m il ? his I th ? upper lako
region. Rainy weather lias prevallixl ;:. Atlantic
e m ti districts luring tho : 1 t Lwei ly I .ur hours,
: npera i-- om? ??? hal al re t! ?? seasonal
average In the nterior valleys there has beon a
sharp fall In - -
Tito morning - ? :--e.r ? to-day were : n '??-?
.. -, freenlng In ? . ? upper Mississippi Val
I ?:. the Dakotas, Iowa and Nebros 1
[tali y weather 1 tinuo in the Atlantic
states north ol tho I an Inas during the next
twenty four hours, ? unimportant temperatnre
; .-hanges during to " n ? bul with considerably
lower temperatures on Wednesday. la the Ohio
.:: I U-..- lal;.* n ;li n It w 11 be warmer
Wednesday. _
Forcc.-a.-.ts for Special Localities.-?Eastern New
?fork. iU, .:-. V n isylvanla i I New Jersey ? i.. Ii
to day :?-:? . idy and oler to mi - ?
S .?.- Engl ?? I '?- '?? ? >-d*? ? I ?*rttj
. i, udy mil a i. r to n. irr t
Soul era ?S i s > I Rain to-day; partly
a-, iu ly to-morrow.
Western N'ew V .rk ami Western P?nsylvaTita?
Cloudy to day, p? ilbb i ccaslonal ?now Curries
1 al ?ep the . a..- : . fair ? norrow.
Local Official Record. - -The following or.clal reord j
fr?::i the Weather Hui-?*au shows temperatures dur?
ing the last twenty-four hours, la impinsa r? wtth
the con-atBpcndlng date ? ' last year:
:??;- : 117 191S. I91T
3 n. m. '- i '? p. m. S? 44
r. a. m 41 ? : r ? . ;" * i
0 t. m. ?'? ' . '?' . ?'"' *0
a. ?' lu? 11 p. m.? ?5 j
It I guest tempera ir rriay 60 ilegr?ea (at i
13 ?-, p. m.) ' ' ?' i -?? I ? average,
50; jianin? for ?jam? dato ??? l ?..'???v three years 4:
I 8 a. m 80 I 1 P. m.... '?"?" I B I* m.TS
Can)mrt?T ttsailaas
Un., id 4t ; ! p. m?30 i p. m. ...no.*? !
Local Offlclal Forccavit. -Hjl?. to-day; partly;
rlrnt.ly an.I eooler to m?Trow; fresh ?-ast to ?jouth
! ea?t ?a. La. j I
Wife Sues Widow
She Tried to Shoot
Mrs. Harbeson Accused Mrs.
Renner and Mother-in-Law
in Alienation Action
Mrs, Catherine G. Harbeson, who a i
little more than five years ago tried to '??
.-.hoot Mrs. Helen Frances Renner.
whom she r.ccusei of alienating the j
affecti. ns of Charle, Dexter Harbeson, ?
day filed a suit in the Supreme!
Court for ?100,000 damages against
Mrs, Renner sud Mrs. Julia Wood Har
b( . ?:' 41 West Sixty-ninth Street, .
1er mother-in-law, who has a fortune
of more than $1,000,000.
The complaint has not yet been tiled,
because, as stati I by counsel for the
I '.. ? tiff, Mrs. Harbeson was unwilling
to place her charges on file if her
mother-in-law ar.d Mr3. Renner should
not to P.ght ': r suit. They have
;; gniiied their intention of seeing the
matter tc the end by filing their an?
swers, d m y i rig all the charges, so Mrs. !
'.' . tained a court ere r ; es -
train;.- to ite her complaint after the
? tpiration ot the time usually allowed;
by law.
Harbeson is the proprietor of a worn?
? n's apparel store at Columbus Avenue
and Fifty-fifth Street. This store.
?here Mrs Renner was employed ns
;alesw{*nian, was the scene of the at?
tempted shooting in December, 1912.
Mrs. Harbeson rushed into the store
and pulled the Itrig ge r of her revolver,
the cartridge failed to explode.
She was arreste?!.
It is alleged by Mrs. Harbeson that
Mrs-. Renner alienated the affections of
ii.ai ? son, from whom his wife obtained
? irati n about thiee years ogo, and
- ? was "ai I-'.: and abetted" in
?his by Hurbeson's mother, who "closed
the door" to her and entertained Mrs.
Renner. The latter is a widow and has
a son.
Holland Society Patriotic
Passes Several Resolutions of
Members of tho Holland Society.
which held a 'smoker anil elected of?
ficers lasl nighl at the Hotel Astor,
left no doubt in the mind of -my on.?
. to their loyalty to the United States.
ne but ? iveral pat riot ic re
' ??:: : v ? :? pas ed unanimously, and the
:.- " ter part of the meeting was de?
voted to patriotic speeches by the
i ibi .?- and the newly elected officers.
Seymour Van Santvoord, who is
proud of the fad that he lias three
. lis, hree sons-in-law and a sister
the latter doing R d Cross work at
the '" ?- -, was reel ?cted president. The
other officers elected were: Frederick
R. K ai r, secretary, and Arthur H.
Van Bru . ', treas urer.'
Copi ; of the res dutions adopted at
the meeting were forwarded to Presi?
dent Wilson, Secretary Lansing and
several other government officers. Soc
retary Keator announced that out of a
n ' ; ership of 978 the society now has
170 members and sons in the service of.
the country.
Methodists Plan 5-Year
Missionary Celebration
Centennial To Be Marked by
Expenditure of $80,000.
000 for Development.
:' i Metli ; ' Episcopal Church is
rapidly c mpl ting plans fur a five
year celebration of the centennial of
the organization of its missionary so
The programme as now ar?
ranged ealis for the expenditure for
development anal improvement during
that ;?.. r od of at lea -* $80 nee.,'? i.
The genera] direction of the entire
<?? ? .-., ? -? movemei t has b< en placed
; the hands of a committee with head?
quarters at ill Fifth Avenue. Auxil?
iary committees of the Homo and For?
eign Mission boards arc working in
. . tion with it.
A.? the first step in preparing for
the centenary, a nation-wide educa?
tional campaign already has been
Speakers will tour the country in
relays and conferences will he ar
inged " eai l< ' 1 I ? bel ween the
and the local superintendents.
These, in turn, wi ii itrud their con
. ?on , much in the same way as
.hey .?? ' ' tri d them! elves.
Senate Approves
Of Stettinius
Defers Action. However, on
Appointment of Keppel
WASHINGTON, April 8.?-The nomi?
nation of E. R. Stettinius, of New York,
as Assistan Secretary of War, was con
firmed late to day by the Sen ite.
The nomination of F. P. Keppel fora
similar position went over temporarily,
although at is aid that there was no
objection to confirmation.
Bazaar to Aid Belgians
Million Dollar Drive Started
to Build Garden City
This afternoon and to-morrow a
bazaar will be held at the Waldorf
Astoria under the auspices of the Hol
land-American Homes for Belgian
Women and Children to raise money
lor a garden city for Belgian widows
and orphans in Belgium. A campaign
to obtain ?1,000,000 has been started
by Miss II. A. C. Van der Flier, who
has n turned to America from Holland.
Major August Belmont is treasurer of
the L'nited States committee; the Bel?
gian committee is hea led, at the direc?
tion of Kine Albert, by Baron Fall?n
Belgian Ambassador at The Hague; the
Hutch committee by Ruys de Beeien
Liouck, vice-chairman of the Hutch
Chamber, and the .Ant? rican list of
patronesses is headed by Mrs. Wood
r >w Wilson.
Wants Band Amputated in
Russia Buried With Him
The will of Israel Goldman, who died
January 31 at his home, log Walton
Street, Brooklyn, was offered for pro
bate yesterday.
After setting aside a certain portion
of his estate for the benefit of the
Talm?dica! Society, ho attached sev?
eral unusual conditions to the bequest.
He asked that some one be designated
t?i pray for his soul for one year and
after that once a year. He also asked
that one hand, which had been nmpc- ?
tated while he was living in Russia, be
brought from that country and buried
with him.
Officers of the Talmudical Society
said they would attempt to carry out
the strange bequest.
Counlies May Be Fined
For Permitting Lynching
WASHINGTON, April P.?A bill to
prevent lynching by imposing a penalty
of fron ?5.000 to $10,000 on counties;
in which they take place was introduced
to-day by Representative Dyer, o: Mis?
souri. [
It would provide drastic penalties
for county or municipal officers who
fail to make an etl'ort to prevent lynch- I
ings and for prosecutors who fail to
prosecute lynching cases. j
Jurors' Fees Give New Impetus
To War Savings Stamp Campaign
Quick to Respond to Invita?
tion to Invest Their
City Checks
The City Chamberlain's office has
devised a. way in which the money New
York pays to citizen jurors may be
turned to the oid of the nation. The
War Savings Committee, with head?
quarters in 31 Chambers Street, an?
nounced yesterday that City Chamber
tain Alfred -I. Johnsen has had notices
printe 1 arg ng all jurors to invest
their fees in thrift ?tamps. The notice
is being inclosed with every fee check.
It reads:
"?The inclosed check is for your jury
fee. Unless you feel you need the cash
at once, why not help the government
and the boys 'over there' by buying
war savings stamps with this check
now ?
"Your service on the jury was a
local civic duty. Your investment of
this little sum will be a real patriotic
service to the nation."
Chamberlain Johnson personally
s'.irns every one of these letters. He
jrive.s credit for the idea, however, to
John J. Martin, bis secretary. Mr.
Martin has been very active in war
savings work since the national
drive began and has formed a 100 per
All Schools to Adopt
Anti-Kultur Plan
New York System May Be
Used Throughout the
Coun try
New York's plan of fightinp the
spread of German kultur in the school?, I
it is believed, will be adopted through?
out the country. Frank P. Wilsey.
vice-president of the Board of Educa?
tion, said yesterday that he was cer?
tain the system proposed by the board
could be introduced into every school
without incurring one dollar of addi?
tional expense and without takiritr away
from the pupils any pari, of their pres?
ent curriculum.
The need of a ccfirse of study, ac?
cording ti Mr. Wilsey, which will have
as its keynote the inculcating of pa?
triotism in the minds of the ch
of the country was made painfully evi?
dent by a test recently conducted by
the Institute of Public Service.
A series of questions bearing direct
ly on .he reasons for America's par?
ticipation in the war was submitted to
186 high school students. The same
set of questions were asked 31 state
and city school superintendents
of the sessions of the National Edu?
cation Association, heul recel tly a1 At?
lantic City. Incorrect, answers were
made by 44 per cent of the * g
students, and 34 per cent of wr? r.fr an?
swers were made by the schoi I
int? n lents.
.Tost how far German propaganda has
spread in this country was in icated,
in the opinion of Mr. Wilsey, by the
fact that 52 of the 186 pup Is I
know the truth about the I '
did not know that Germany
Mi xico a portion of the t< rritt ry of 1 ?
Uri ited States if she s> ? ild atl ick us.
o were badly misinformed . to the
ituation in Russia, 122 did not know
that it was untrue thai the U
States hid sent on y 40 0 er * to
; ? anci and 77 ?d not k ow * ' apan
. fjg.] - ?n_. ,.vith us and not again ; us.
Savage Arms Plant Idle
Factories Making Lewis Gun
Guarded by Military Police
UTICA, X. Y., April 8. With the
Utica military police guarding the
plant, til" Savage Arms Company's fac- |
lories, where are made the Lewis
machine gun and ammunition, are idle
to-night. The guards were placed on
the request of a-, army officer, after
a conference to-night with Utica's
Mayor and the sheriffs of Om a ai *
'.' -rk mer counties, A
sixty-five armed n en was | lact .*." oui
the plant, a second is ordered to re?
port at 6 o'clock to-morrow mo i
and the third company will report a1
7 o'clock to-morrow evening.
The company officials steadily de- -
cune "o make any statement regai 1 * ;
the situation, A committee ?
machinists' local, however, has drawn
up a length'.* statement, charging the
company with poor faith, with i I
pranting promised increases in wages
and being discourteous to employes.
Military Funeral for
Richard Mansfield, 2d
NEW LONDON, Conn.. April R.?The
funeral of Richard Mansfield, 2d, who
was killed in an aeroplane accid
Kelly Field. San Antonio. Tex., !.. I
Wednesday, was held her?' "'--day. Full
mil tary honors wire paid the young
.aviator, and scores of friends foil? vi ?*,
the hearse to Gardner Com tery, where
interment was made in the pict in
which his father was buried.
The services were conducted by the
Rev. J. Romeyn Danfourth. Flora!
tributes came from all parts of the
country. Amor.tr those who attea-?ed
the funeral were Mrs. Mary Ford Har?
rison, widow of Benjamin Harrison;
Rutger P. Jewett, of New York, Legal
guardi?n of young M?nsfield, and An-,
tone Hatrina, the well known artist.
Prison for Three Who
Sold Liquor to Soldiers
NEWARK. V. J.. April ? ? Three per?
sons, one of them a woman, were sent
to prison to-day by Judge Haight, in
the United States District Court, for
selling iioaor to soldiers. Such of-j
fender*-" r.tcd expect no more clemency.
the judge declared, in reply to pleas'
by counsel.
Caxmine Ma_zo, of Fassaic, who was
srr.t to the penitentiary for aine
months, has two Fens in the United
States army, according to his attorney.
Jadgc Haight told the prisoner that.
under such circumstances h? should
have been the last to sell liquor u> a
The others sentenced were Harry
Tompkins. of Warren Point, who -. :
serve eleven months, arc: then I
another sentence of six months and pay .
a fine of S 1.000 for violation of the in?
ternal revenue law. His wife. Sophia,
is confronted by a term of ?lever,
Remington Machinists and
Tool Makers Vote to Strike
^RID'GEPOET, Corn., April S. ?
Ninety-eight and or.e-half per cent of
the Remington Arm** tiuiciur.ists and '
toohr.fckfcrs have ?otea to strike unless
their demands for higher wage? are
?rraiite? by the rompa!.; .
One per cent opposed a strike and
the remainder voted blank. The tool
makers demand SO cents an hour. '
while the machinists ask 70 cents. The
result of the vote has been forwardvd
to the international headquarters in
f*aamm?m?famaaia m\f ? ' ???????????w
/_ THt Y MU
>?Jtf TA_ ?QY5
*m hqvzr neer"
cent war savings society in the office
of the City Chamberlain.
Although Chamberlain Johnson start -
ed to inclosi the i I : only late last
week they have airead; begi n to show
results. Peter Frederick Bnmner, of
37 Wes; Fifty-eiagfcth Street, dropped
? ? the Chamberlain's > ffice yesterday
with a check for $36.
"I'm mighty glad your notice cal!o<i
rny attention to this way of helping
the government." he said. "1 probably
would have -? q1 his money for cigars
.- d other .'. is. Thanks to your note,
however, I'm going to invest it all in
w:ir ?tamps."
l-'or several weeks the clerks of the
vanous munie pal cc it" ; have been
raying their witness f?ees in war sav?
ings stamps. Through this scheme sev?
eral thousand dollars' worth of Cncla
Sam's thrift stamps have been sold.
Hospital to Aid
Maimed in War
Soon to Open
Unnamed Woman Endows
Institution Dr. W. Gilman
Thompson Will Head
Application was made y sterday to
the State Board of Charit I * incor?
porate a reconsti tal and
.? * ? du cation
of d sabled soldiers, sa lora and men
maimed in France in * * trud n work
or injured in this ?-???? .*? n .mitions
p] in ;.
The ho pi tal, endowed 1 y a woman
does * * v, ?h ? ' reveal her
idei tity, ed I uyvc?
.... | treet, occu?
pying a 1 ' tl * I .* used
by the N. ???? '? - * Women
e nd Ch: Idren It? 11 be opem d wit hin
?' ' expected, and will be
*i i barge of Dr. W. G mpsoi
il * *???*.: ro
t Cornell M?di?
rai Seh cian of
I - ? ?: ? '?' tal.
f its kin?!
I * l 01 officers
.and men 'iiraud
F Fo vie lent; ?erl rud *
... de
' . 1 '. MacDou
Joh I Dr.
Victor G. 13
. ?* ion.
Che institu? >wn as the
. '-, ? - ? Functioi
iiers, Sailoi
new and
? ? . ! ;, th'*
! .- wort 0f , .- - ' ? '?t ion
will not be atte ' h? re are
c rgan * :a1 ioi Red Cross
: * -? tute for ' dpi led and Disabled
Men which tea ci pples useful
. p cial recordin - apa ratu will be
used wl n i * * i enters the
i ? will determine' what the
* ? nd also
r son.
?: ? ? of 1 ?'.?tard
of Chariti I pi j-rant -
? ? an in
ni w by
robabiy \s ed
? . as a small
Ottinger is Confirmed
Senate Acts at Once on Su?
preme Court Appointment
' tANY, Apa i . nal on
of Nathan Ottinger, of '.' w York, as a
justice of the Supr me Co rt, to '111
the vat ' ? from the
nation of Franci
; Govei
On motion of *>?'
? . M. Saage of the Finance Com
. *
. ; Hirtesy
to Sei ator A bert Oti ager, brothcT of
the nominee.
Nathan Ottinger s a member of th *
grievance committee of t? N? w "fork
Bar A.. ociation and aent at?
Hurley to Investigate
Housing of Workers
WASHINGTON, April 8. Chairman
Hurl* * - . , . .
Manager Piez of t ;. Fleet
:ials ??'.?ill go
to Ph ladeiphia W-ednesdaj to inv-esti
".???? * .** .- tation at the Hog
; ...* They will gpend Thurs
di y I * * .** ; roposed for
near the
yare! and ,r. ( anulen, X. J.. where 1,000
houses may be erected.
Two Mexican Bandits
Killed by Texas Rangers
MARATHON", Tex.. April ?.-An en
pa-?ement between Texas Rangers and
twenty Mexican bandits was reported
in a message received here to-day
from Captain Bates of Company F, of
the Banger force, who Udegraph-ed
?rcrr*. Sai il* lona that his men tlieiw
k?lli i two of the bandits, wounded sev?
eral others and chased the remainder
into the hills.
( .; tain Bates made no mention of
casualties to the Ranger force. His
?mfssajre said the bandits were believed
i irl of the bard which killed William
Stillwell, of Alpine, Tex., last Wednes?
??' ' -?
12 Perish, 17 Rescued, as
Belgian Relief Ship Sinks
THE HAGUE. April s -The Belgian
relief ?hip Ministre de Smet de Naeyer
2,712 tons) sank on Saturday in th-*
North Sea. It is reported she struck
a miste. Seventeen of those on board
were saved and twelve were drowned.
$2,500,000 Chinese Silk Coming
OGDENSBt'RG. X. Y.. April 8.- \
e-ms. it-Tim en t. of ?'bines ?*? sue valued at
$2.500,000 was pass,--,! through the cus?
tom house here to-day. The silk i3
destined for New York Ciar,

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