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America's Historic .Answer: "Unconditional Surrender!
First to Last?the Truth: News - Editorials - Advertisements
F*ir and *?armer to-day; Sunday, ?ub
settled: gentle south winds.
-\ill Beport on Pa*. 1*
LXXVTI? No. 26,291
., iCopjrlfiht. 1918.
??w York Tribune lnc.J
? **-!-*.
a?Tto C.r?.<?.r N>w York and f THREE CEXT
vTithtn <*oiB-nut_aK dMai-ee? ? EI-ewber?
Kaiser and Reichstag Get Foch's Terms;
Republic in Bavaria as Revolt Spreads;
I Wilhelm Refuses to Quit His Throne
Witteisbach Dyr
By Decree of Di
lasty Deposed
iet in Munich
{Bremen Capitulates to the
Revolutionists and Red
Flag Is Hoisted
Prince Henry Flees
From Kiel Quarter?!
Marin? Fire On Brother!
of Emperor as He
Makes Escape
BASEL, Nov. 8.?-During the sit-1
ring at the Diet Palace to-day a
?fecreewas passed deposing the Wit
tdabach dynasty, according to a
dispatch received hen; to-night from
Munich, Bavaria,
Ludwig HI, King of Bavaria, is
nead of'the house of Wittelsbach.
He beya/MiR?gent in succession to
hwft?her^?rincc Luitpold, in 1912.
u?iMg w*i proclaimed King in'
1913 in succession to his cousin, King
Otto, known as the "Mad King of ;
Havana." Otto was declared in?
capable of ruling owing to his men?
ial infirmity.
Ludwig III ivas born in 1845 and
'nuri.d Archduchess Maria Theresa
of ?-?tria-Este. Ot this union were
.?Itflpine children, three sons and
sis danghters. Prince Rupprecht,
tie Crown Prince, has been one of
?I? leading Teutonic allied generals
m the Western front during the
LONDON, Nov. 8.?A republic
m been proclaimed in Bavaria at
'?conclusion of a great popular
meting yesterday, says a telegram
from Munich by way of Basel, un
'ier to-day's date.
At the meeting when the republic
*? proclaimed several thousand
??wons were present, having come
?7 invitation of the Socialist party,
tfter fiery speeches by numerous
'?tors the crowd adopted a reso
ation demanding the abdication of
'*??* Kaiser, renunciation of right to
accession by the Crown Prince, tjie
?"troduction of a democratic r?gime
"?Germany, acceptance of an armis
?m no future war?, except for na
ggl defence, social reforms and
* eight-hour day for workmen.
The speakers were received with
g* enthusiasm. They all affirmed
*?)?- the Socialist party urged
Wm a strike nor revolution, but
?^ed only complete refonn.
p*oce.wion Mile Long
'?? ?procession which was formed
*? which was a mile long, were
mt soldier?, of all arms, headed
J8, banc*' Tht' procession marched
*?e Royal Palace and the Minis
?J where the government hur
J-V posted appeals for the poou
**to remain calm.
?J1?. c!ties of Bremen, Schwerin
J Tilsit have joined in the Ger
^ revolution, according to a Co
T, ?Sen dispatch to the Exchange
* f*ph Company. Dr. Karl Ueb
^nt is said to have arranged for
formation of a soldiers' council
* fernen.
PJ Colore "Volkszeitung" say?
?voluboti at. Bremen was effect
? two hours. The marines en
?""?e soldier? to join them, after
*_>? * ?"**11""* *?? held. This as
Ej rJ*manded the creation uf a
?2 ^m?L'raUc fepublic. Women
?EL ; marineB in ?Per)inE thc
V?tk_. ' 0rder ?8 beiriK maintained
' -ne marine..
^? Hold Hamburg
<f j? sJe*t German maritime port
KlofU? '* romPlc?e!y ?" the
* *>I the revolutionists, accord
^?-eportti from Hamburg news
^P^nttd by the Cologne "Ga
Hun Rebels Asked
To Resist British
LONDON, Nov. 8.?The German
naval authorities at Wil
helmshaven agreed to hand au?
thority over to the rebels if they
would promise to make resistance
should the British attack that
Some of the German warships
from Kiel have arrived at Flens?
burg, in Schleswig, the "Berling
ske Tidende" of Copenhagen re
j ports. Their officers were navi
) gating them under the command
! of the sailors.
'Prince Max
Resigns as
German Wireless Dispatch
Announces End of His
Brief Ministry
LONDON, Nov. S.?- Prince Maximil?
ian of Baden, the. Imperial German
Chancellor, has resigned, according to
a German wireless dispatch picked up
, here to-night.
? The wireless says that Prince Max
I tendered his resignation in view of the
: altered parliamentary situation, but
, that acceptance of it is still outstand
| ing.
Prince Maximilian of Baden was
: appointed Imperial German Chancellor
i on October 4 last, succeeding Von
, Hertling. "Germany's Lansdowne," as
Prince Max has been called, is a
i wealthy man who has been a so-called
pacifist. He has made many moderate
speeches and came from the liberal
; stronghold of Germany, but his ac
! tions since his elevation to the Chan
i cellorship have exhibited some reac
I tionary tendencies.
Max's duplicity in handling national
! policies came near unseating him sev
i eral times in the month that he held
I office. On October 12 and again on
October H his resignation was calleo
; imminent in press dispatches, chiefly
; because of a conflict between his i*e
; puted "democratic" qualities and his
J actual autocratic actions.
Soon after taking office a letter,lie
! liad written some time before to Prince
: Alexander of Hohenlohe was made pub
I lie. In this Max admitted' that, while
pretending to be a democrat and lib?
eral, ho at heart favored reactionary
i His sympathy with the ideals of the
: militarists was clearly expressed in his
speech to the Chamber of Deputies of
Baden last December, in which he said:
"Not hatred of our foes, but rather
i love of Germany should be the soldiers'
' true motive in lighting. The sword
? alone cannot overcome the opposition
i of our foes. If the world is to be rec
i onciled to the greatness of Germany's
j power, it must be made to understand
j that behind? our power stands not
; merely a national but a world con
'. science. True, the whole history of
i spiritual Germany's feelings shines
I like a beacon. This is the sign we
j must Inscribe on our . standards. By
, this sign we shall conquer."
i ._
j # ~~
' Bosnians Acclaim
Serbian Troops
j LONDON, Nov. 8.?Serbian troops
i have crossed tho Danube into Hun
? gary, where they have been received
? with the greatest enthusiasm, says an
? official statement issued by the Ser?
bian War Office on Thursday.
The River Save, which joins the
! Danube at Belgrade, also has been
: crossed.
Southeast of Belgrade Serbians have
I entered Visegr&d and entrained for I
? Serajevo at the invitation of the Pro- |
i visional Government. The statement :
adds that live steamers and a moni '
for were found at Semlin, on the Dan?
ube. Borne German units ?re still in
the Banat (in the? southern part of '
Emperor Fears Anarchy
May Seize Country if
Allies Enter Empire
Sees Revolt Danger
On Eve of Peace
Socialists Threaten to Bolt
Unless Kaiser and Crown
Prince Quit
AMSTERDAM, Nov. S (Bv The Asso?
ciated Press).?Emperor William of
Germany has declined to accede to the
demands that he abdicate, says a. Ger- !
man wireless dispatch picked up herej
To the ultimatum of the Socialists I
the Emperor replied through Minister
of the Interior Drews that he refused |
to abdicate voluntarily, on the ground
that ho could not at the moment of
peace undertake the terrible responsi?
bility of handing over Germany to the )
Entente and delivering up the country |
to anarchy.
BASEL, Nov. S.?The abdication of j
Emperor William and the renuncia- ?
tion of the throne by Crown Prince j
Frederick William before noon to-day
have been demanded in an ultimatum j
sent by the. managing committee of the j
German Socialist party. The demand ;
was dispatched at 5 o'clock yesterday j
afternoon to Prince Maximilian of
Baden, the Imperial Chancellor, ac- j
cording to the "Correspondence Social- |
Continued on next puye
Ask Nation
To Aid Boycott
On Him Goods
National Committee Is
Formed to Wage Real
Economic Fight
Toy Cargo Is Made
First Real Issue
Patriotic Societies to Join
in Campaign Against
German Products
The protest against Germany's afc
i tempt to force on this country the
consignment of Hun-made toys which
arrived here recently on tho Nieuw
Amsterdam grew yesterday afternoon
into a nation-wide movement for an
absolute boycott of all German goods.
Definite plans for the formation of a
national boycott Committee, to be com?
posed, of representatives of patriotic
a".d.,.c.Jviq, organization.^;.!! o;,:er the
country, to' direct propaganda or the
exclusion of all articles of German man?
ufacture from this country after the
war were made at a meeting of repre?
sentative New York men and women, in j
the rooms of the Chamber of Com-;
merce, 05 Liberty Street. i
Charles Stewart Davison presided at
the meeting, which was called by the
American Defence Society, Repre?
sentatives f roni about twenty New York
and national organizations, including
the Unconditional Surrender Club, the
Aeronautical Society of America, the'
(Continued on page fourteen)
White Flag Bearers, Heralded
By Trumpeter, Cross Blindfolded
T>ARIS, Nov. 8 C-> p. nt~).?Describing the arrival of the German
?*? envoys at the French lines, tho "Intransigeant" tsays the auto?
mobiles carried white flagi*. and were preceded by a trumpeter. Some
French soldiers under an officer approached them on tho road just
! outside the lines.
The delegates established their identity and showed their creden?
tials. The eyes of the members of the German party were then blind?
folded and the delegates proceeded to the placo where they spent the
The company of German road menders which accompanied the
envoys did not cross the lines.
| The party started early in the morning for the French head?
General Winterfeld and General von Guendell wore unifonns of
the rank of general. Von Salow was in the uniform of an admiral
of the fleet. Mathias Er_zberger and Count von Obcrndorff were in
plain civilian dress.
Austrian Tyrol Asks
Swiss to Send Food
Request Is Transmitted to Al?
lies, Who Will Assist
BERNE. Nov. S.?The populations of
Tyrol and Vorarlberg, the westernmost
part of Austria, have appealed to the
Swiss Federal Council to send food.
The council sent the request to the
French Ambassador, who will transmit
?i to the Allied governments. In thf
4ieantii3)fi-1>ha>-Fe?eral Council is study
ign means tp extend aid as soon ns
possible to the two districts.
Mackensen Seeks Escape
Asks Hungary to Let His
Army Pass Through
BASEL, Nov. 3.?Field Marshal
Mackenser., of the German army, has
a-rived at Budapest from Buchares',
to confer with Premier Michael Karo
lyi of Hungary on the passage across
that country of German divisions now
in Rumania, according to a Budapest
elispatch received here.
French Reach
Mezieres in
8-Mile Drive
Germans Begin New Re?
treat From Scheldt as
British Outflank Line
S'ocember V, 1 :$0 a.,??,
? The French yesterday reached the
fortress of M?zi?res and the line
of the Meuse east to Sedan in an
eight-mile gain on the right wing
of the battlelinc. Paris announced
officially last night.
In hasty pursuit P?taih's armies
pressed after the broken German
columns. On the left of their at
i tack they swept close to Hirson,
advancing four miles at the deep?
est point. Two thousand Germans
were taken prisoner.
Outflanked in Flanders by the Allied
successes further south, the Ger?
mans have begun a new retreat
from tho Scheldt River salient
above Valenciennes. The British
advanced in force across the
stream, capturing part of Tour?
Avesnes. another bastion of the
foe's riddled lateral supply line,
was captured by the British, who
fought forward astride the Bel?
gian border toward the fortress
of Maubeuge.
Before. Pershing's army on the
Meuse the Germans are moving
away men and supplies hastily.
The American right wing ad?
vanced yesterday east of the river
into the edge of the Woevre
Forest, meeting sharp resistance
from the enemy.
Since November 1 the British alone
have taken 18,000 prisoners and
700 guns.
Americans Advance
To Ecurey Forest
And Cut Off Salient
The Associated Press) (6 p. m.)?The \
right %ving of General Pershing's
forces advanced to-day, pushing into
the western edge of Ecurey wood and
in the Woevre forest.
In the Ecurey wood reg'.on the whole
line advanced, cutting off the salient
of the Bois de La ?v?ontagne, Harau- j
mont and Brandeville.
In the Woevre sector patrols pene?
trated the edge of the forest and met
with resistance. This section of the
battle line contains virtually the last j
strong enemy defensive positions. His |
withdrawal far to the rear is practi- !
cally certain.
On the balance of the front the day ;
continued to produce little activity J
save that displayed by machine guns ,
and artillery.
Here the enemy was taking advan- I
tage of the lull to remove as many of !
his units and pieces of artillery as j
The roads leading eastward from ;
Sedan, Stenay, Conflans and Longuyon
are reported by the American avia- '
tors to be packed to repletion vtiih ?
cannon and various vehicles making in
the direction of Metz. The vehicles
are laden with everything portable.
The southern portion of Sedan, and
the towns of Stenay and Mouzon are ?
?ported on fire.
Foch Gives Germans
72 Hours to Quit;
Respite Is Refused
Allied Commander Declines to Halt Hostilities
While Ruler ?and Reichstag Frame Decision
?Time Limit Up at 6 A. M. Mon?
day, New York Time
Courier Takes Entente Demands
To Wilhelm at Spa Headquarters
Delegates Ask Further Instructions as Messenger
Starts Long Journey Over Difficult Roads
-Paris Protests Foe Still Tries
to Cloud Issues
PARIS, Nov. 8 (li-'.'fiQ p. m.).?Leaders of the various par?
ties in the Reichstag: will meet to-night to determine the course
to be taken on the conditions of the armistice, says a dispatch
from Berlin to Berne printed in the Paris "Temps" this after
LONDON. Nov. 8 (3:57 p. m.).?At Allied general head?
quarters Friday morning- the German plenipotentiaries, accord?
ing" to a French wireless message received here, received the
conditions of the armistice as well as a formal demand that they
should be accepted or refused within seventy-two hours, expiring
on ?Monday morning at 11 o'cock, French lime [6 a. m., New
York timej.
The German proposal for an immediate provisional sue
pension of hostilities has been rejected by Marshal Foch.
Courier Gets Safe Conduct
The French Wireless Service has given out a second dis?
patch, sent by General Winterfeld, of the German armistice
delegation, to the German High Command announcing that a
courier, Captain Helldorff, will cross the lines between 6 o'clock
and 8 o'clock to-night and that the French command has taken
measures for his safety.
The first wireless message picked up here is from the Gef
man delegates to the Imperial Chancellor and the German High
Command. It concludes by asking that a courier be sen1 back
as soon as possible with instructions..
German Official Report
The message of the German delegates reads.
"From the German Plenipotentiaries for an Armistice to the Im?
perial Chancellor and the German High Command: Friday morning _??.
Allied general headquarters the plenipotentiaries received the condition*
of an armistice as well as a formal demand that they be accepted or
refused within? seventy-two hours, expiring on' Monday morning at '?'
o'clock, French time.
"The German proposal for an immediate conclusion and provisional
suspension of hostilities was rejected by Mar ha! Foch.
".A German courier bearing the text of the condition-, of the armistice
has been sent to Spa. no other means of communication being practicable.
Instructions Are Asked
"Please acknowledge receipt and send back courier a> _oon as pos?
sible with your latest instructions. Sending of fresh delegates is not nec?
essary for the moment."
Spa apparently is the headquarters of the German High Command.
The town is in Belgium, seventeen miles southeast of Li?ge and near the
border of Prussia. Spa is about ?00 miles northeast of La Chapelle
near where the German emissaries entered the French line..
Foch Refuses German Request
For Immediate Cessation of Arms
PARIS, Nov. 8.?-The journey of
the German courier to Spa and re?
turn will require far more time than
the distances indicate, because of
the difficulties of the roads under
present conditions. Therefore, the
receipt of the German reply is likely
to be delayed a number of hours be?
yond the time possible under normal
(1:37 p. m.).?An official note
issued this afternoon says:
?'The German delegates arrived
this morning at Marshal Foch'a
headquarters. They made a formal
demand for an armistice. The text
of the conditions of the Allies was
read and delivered to them. They
asked a cessation of arms. It x**as
refused them. The enemy has seven?
ty-two hours to answer.''
ft was later announced that the
German demand for a cessation of
hostilities was for an immediate
{11:50 a. m.)?-Marshal Foch will
have with him during the armistice
conferences an American as well as
a British representative.
The Delegates Arrive
(11:4-5 a. m.)?The German dele?
gates who came within the French
lines last night to receive from Mar?
shal Foch the Allied terms for at?
armistice proceeded this morning to
the meeting place designated by the
The white flag bearera reach?!

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