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Troops in Berlin
Desert to Workers;
General Strike On
Only Three Killed as Reds Take Over Public
Buildings and Barracks After All Factories
Are Closed by Walkout?Rebels
i Parade Town
Ebert, Proclaiming New Regime,
Promises Peace, Urges Restraint
Northern Frontiers Closed to Prevent Escape of
Aristocrats; Krupp Heads Arrested; Ba?
varian Republic Seeks to "Save
Germany From Worst"
BEAUX, Nov. 9 (German Wireless to London) (By The
Associated Press) (Nov. 10, 12:?e P. M.).?The German peo?
ple's government has been instituted in the greater part of Ber
u&, The garrison has gone over to the government.
The Workmen's and Soldiers' Council has declared a gen
ysl strike.
Troops and machine guns have been placed at the disposal
o? the council.
The Social-Democratic party is interceding (?) with the
people's government. The guards which had been stationed at
(hepublic offices and other buildings have been withdrawn.
Friedrich Ebert (vice-president of the Social-Democratic
party) is carrying on the Chancellorship.
Revolt Started at 9 A. M.
? With regard to the incidents of November 9 in Berlin the
serai-official Telegraph Bureau, working under the control of
the Workmen's and Soldiers' Council, issues the following re?
"This morning at 9 o'clock the workers of the greatest
'^dustrial undertakings commenced a general strike.
"Processions hastened from all the suburbs to the centre
of the city. Red flags were carried at the head of the proces?
sions, in which marched armed soldiers and all classes.
"The first procession arrived from the Ackerstrasse and
Brunne.stras.se. As a preliminary the soldiers and officers were
Mged to remove their cockades and epaulettes, lu the ma?
jority of cases this took place voluntarily.
Soldiers Enthusiastically Receive Workmen
"There was a general fraternization of soldiers and work
^?n. The workmen penetrated the barracks, where they re?
vived an enthusiastic reception from the soldiers.
"The military occupants of factories mingled in common
'*ith the workers, left the works and treated with them in
"So far as known, the only clash between the masses and
^ed forces took place on the occupation of the so-called
wckshafer' barracks. In that was a guard of fusiliers, but
?% two officers fired.
'Three persons were killed and one was injured. This is
So be regretted.
'The taking of a majority of the public buildings and
^tablishments was completed without difficulty once it was
c*cw that the military had gone over the people."
**xt of People's Government Statement
The text of the statement issued by the people's govern?
ment reads: ?
"In the course of the forenoon of Saturday the forma?
tion of a new German people's government was initiated.
*ke greater part of the Berlin garrison and other troops
stationed there temporarily went over to the new gov?
"The leaders of the deputations of the Social-Demo- j
cratic party declared that they would not shoot against
*gj people. They said they would, in accord with the peo
P^s government, intercede in favor of the maintenance
?* order. Thereupon in the offices and public buildings
the guards which had been stationed there were with?
"The business of the Imperial Chancellor is being
Ex-Emperor, Heir and Staff All Fugitives
WASHINGTON, Nov. 10.?William Hoh?nzollern has
arrived in Holland and is proceeding to the town of DeSteeg\
near Utrecht, according to a dispatch received by the Amer?
ican General Staff to-day from,The Hague.
LONDON, Nov. 11 (12:81 a. m.).?The former Ger?
man Emperor's party, which is believed to include Field
Marshal von Hindenburg, arrived at Eysden, on the Dutch
frontier, at 7:30 o'clock Sunday morning, according to
"Daily Mail" advices.
Virtually the whole German General Staff accompanied
the former Emperor, and ten automobiles carried the party.
The automobiles were bristling with rifles. All the fugitives
were armed.
The ex-Kaiser was in uniform. He alighted at;the
Eysden station and paced the platform, smoking a cigar?
Chatting with the members of the staff, the former
Emperor, the correspondent says, did not look in the least
distressed. A few minutes later an imperial train, including
restaurant and sleeping cars, ran into the station. Only
servants were aboard. }
The engine returned to Vise, Belgium, and brought
back a second train, in which were a large number of staff
officers and others, and also stores of food. The German
Consul from Maastricht arrived soon after 8 o'clock. Dutch
railway officials soon made their appearance and many of
the inhabitants came to the station attracted by curiosity.
Many photographs were taken by the people of the im?
perial party. On the whole, the people were very quiet, but
Belgians among them cried out: "En voyage ? Paris?"
(Are you on your way to Paris?)
The "Daily Mail" remarks that if the party arrived in Hoi
land armed all of them must intern.
A dispatch to the Exchange Telegraph Company from
Copenhagen quotes the "Politiken" as saying the former
ruler was accompanied by the former Empress.
De Steeg is on the Guelders Yssel, an arm of the Rhine
about forty miles east of Utrecht and twelve miles from the
German border. The Chateau Middachten, to which the
former Emperor is reported to be proceeding, belongs to
Count William Frederick Charles Henry von Bentinck.
i ! I
, earned on by the Social-Democratic Deputy, Herr Ebjart.
"It is presumed that, apart from the. representatives
of the recent majority group, three Independent Social
Democrats will enter the future government."
?General Strike Is Called
| In an extra edition of the "Vorwaerts," the central organ
I of the Social-Democratic party in Germany, the following. call
j for a general strike was published :
"The Workmen's and Soldiers' Council of Berlin has
i decided upon a general strike. All the factories are at a
"The necessary administration of the people will be
maintained. A large part of the garrison has been closed
and bodies of troops and machine guns have been placed
i at the disposal of the Workmen's and Soldiers' Council.
"The movement will be guided in common by the
Social-Democratic party of Germany and the Independent
Social-Democratic party of Germany. The Workmen's and
Soldiers' Council will take charge of the maintenance of
quiet and order. Long live the Social Republic!
from all parts of the German Empire news is being re
! ceived regarding similar revolutions, which almost everywhere
! remain within the bounds of economic order.
?All to Share in Rule
(1:23 P. M.).?Deputy Scheidemann, leader of the ma
jority Socialists in the Reichstag, in a speech said:
"The Kaiser and the Crown Prince have abdicated. The
dynasty has been overthrown. It is a splendid victory for the
German people.
"Herr Ebert lias been charged with the formation of a
| new government, in which all shades of the Social-Democratic
party are to participate.
"Only decrees from the government bearing the signature
I of Herr Ebert have validity. Only orders from the Minister
for War bearing the counter signature of the Social Democrat
; acting as assistant, are official."
Deputy Scheidemann exhorted the crowd to keep calm and
I to avoid excesses.
Deputy von Than* and some soldiers spuke from a motor
lorry. A delegate from the corps of officers of the Guard Bat
! talion announced that the officers were on the side of the peo
j pie. Stormy applause and jubilation accompanied the speeches.
COPENHAGEN. Nov. 10.?The new Berlin government,
'? according to the Wolff Bureau, has issued the following procla
, mation :
"Fellow citizens, this day the people's deliverance has been
fulfilled. The Social-Democratic party has undertaken to form
a government. It has invited the Independent Socialist party
to enter the government with equal right?." .
Reds Seize Berlin After
Cannon Battle in Streets
LONDON, Nov. 10 (8:57 a. m.).?Severe fighting took
place in Berlin between 6 and 8 o'clock last night and a violent
cannonade was heard from the heart of the city. The r%polu
tion is in full swing in Berlin and the Red forces occupy the
I greater part of the German capital, according to a Copenhagen
; dispatch to the Exchange Telegraph Company quoting Berlin
advices ?sent from there at 3 o'clock this morning.
Many persons were killed and wounded before the officers
surrendered. The Red forces are in control and have restored
order. Strong guards are marching through the streets.
Singing the "Marseillaise* '
The Crown Prince's palace has been seized by the revolu?
tionists. The people are shouting: "Long live the republicV*
and are singing the "Marseillaise." ,
When revolutionary soldiers attempted to enter a building
in which they supposed a number of officers were concealed,
shots were fired from the windows. The Reds then began shell?
ing the building.
When the cannonade began the people thought the Reichs?
bank was being bombarded, and thousands rushed to the square
in front of the Crown Prince's palace. It was later determined
that other buildings were under fire.
COPENHAGEN, Nov. 10 (8:15 a, m.). ? Berlin was
occupied by forces of the Soldiers' and Workmens' Council
Saturday afternoon, according to a Wolff Bureau report re?
ceived hero.
Ebert Promises Liberty;
Seeks to Prevent Famine
BERNE, Nov. 10 (By The Associated Press).?In his address to the'
people the new German Chancellor. Friedrich Ebert, says:
"Citizens: The ex-Chancellor, Prince Max of Baden, in agree?
ment with all the secretaries of state, has handed over to me the task
of liquidating his affairs as Chancellor, I am on the point of forming1
a new government in accord with the various parties, and will keep
public opinion freely'informed of the course of event?.
''The new government will be a government of the people. It
must make every effort to secure in the quickest possible time peace
for the German people and consolidate the liberty which they have
"The new government has taken charge of the administration to
preserve the German people from civil war and famine and to ac?
complish their legitimate claim to autonomy. The government can
solve this problem only if all the officials in town and country will
"I know it will be difficult for some to work with the new men
who have taken charge of the empire, but I appeal to their love of
the people. Lack of organization would, in this heavy time, mean
anarchy in Germany and the surrender of the country to tremendous
misery. Therefore, help your native country with fearless, inde
fatiguable work for the future. Every one at his post,
"I demand every one's support in the hard task awaiting us.
You know how seriously the war has menaced the provisioning of
the people, which is the first condition of the people's existence.
The political transformation should not trouble the people. The
food supply is th* first duty of all, whether in town or country, and
they should not embarrass, but rather aid, the production of food
supplies and their transport to the towns.
"Food shortage signifies pillage and robbery, with great misery.
The poorest will suffer the most and the industrial worker will be
affected hardest. All who illicitly lay hands on food supplies or
other supplies of prime necessity or the means of transport neces?
sary for their distribution will be guilty to the highest degree toward
the community.
"I ask you immediately to leave the streets and remain orderly
and calm."
'COPENHAGEN. Nov. 10.?It is officially announced from Berlin i
that the War Ministry has placed itself at the disposal of Ebert. This j
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Wearing of Iron Cross Prohibited
/"COPENHAGEN, Saturday. Nov. 9 (By The Associated Press).?
^?^ The Danish frontier is being strictly guarded by the German
Soldiers' Council. This is being done, it is stated, to prevent the
escape of rich people, generals and other high officers.
All national cockades and the eagle on the helmets of soldiers
have been removed, being replaced by a red band.
The wearing of the iron cross haa been strictly prohibited.
Armistice Signed
By Hun Envoys
At Midnight
i '
Official Announcement From Washington De?
clares End of Great Struggle?Hostilities
Cease on West Front as Germans
Yield to Allied Terms
I Germans Must Withdraw Soldiers
Immediately From Alsace-Lorraine
i Occupied Territory in France and Belgium Must
Be Evacuated and Enemy's Army De?
mobilized?Allies to Get Part of High
Seas Fleet and U-Boats
I .
(?u The Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, Nov. 11.?The armistice
| has been signed
The State Department announced the sign
! ing at 2:45 o'clock this morning. There was no
announcement as to whether hostilities had
ceased or the hour at which they would cease.
The world war will end this morning at 6
o'clock, Washington time, 11 o'clock Paris time.
The armistice was signed by the German repre?
sentatives at midnight. This announcement
was made by the State Department at 2:50
o'clock this morning.
The announcement was made verbally by
an official of the State Department in this form:
"The armistice has been signed. It was
signed at 5 o'clock a. m., Paris time, and hostili?
ties will cease at 11 o'clock this* morning, Paris
The terms of the armistice, it was announced,
will not be made public until later. Military
men here, however, regard it as certain that they
include: *
Immediate retirement of the German mili?
tary forces from France, Belgium and Alsace
Disarming and demobilization of the Ger?
man armies.
Occupation by the Allied and American
forces of such strategic points in Germany as
will make impossible a renewal of hostilities.
Delivery of part of the German High Seas
Fleet and a certain number of submarines to
the Allied and American naval forces.
Disarmament of all other German warships
under supervision of the Allied and American
navies, which will guard them.
Occupation of the principal German naval
bases by sea forces of ?the victorious nations.
Release of Allied and American soldiers, sail?
ors and civilians hel. prisoners in Germany with?
out such reciprocal action by the associated
There was no information as to the circum?
stances under which the armistice was signed,
but since the German courier did not reach Ger?
man Military Headquarters until 10 o'clock yes

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