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57th Artilleryj
Home With Fine
Battle Reeord
7(>0 Nen Yorkers in Unit
Gted for Great Work
in the Argoime Region
[ndividuals 1> c c o r a t e cl
()n Line When Arniistice
Was Signed; l . S. Cruiser
Brings Them to Hoboken
|, was ju ? . yi ar a<s:o 'hi - month
.. > menl mad : un mostly of
. \, ;?., b< v i ???:?< formed at Fort
ivero tho men of the
7,;,' \rtillcry. Their new
I, ?;.?? "57th," meant little to
,v wcrc sure :hr war would
. , . ;.. -' cj 7"' a chance to show
-j-;,,. .;? t c: ' "?'- ' bravely ycster
, , cntin regiment cited for
? raVcry nr.d a score of individual honor j
ong them for acts of hero
i<m. Exactly one minute before the
? ,- was igned the same mcn
sent forty-eight shella from Beaufort
,.-,, thc German ranks. They were
red in the war. j
There were 700 N'ew York men on
:';??? United States cruiser Huntington
which brought I.7SI soldiers back to
Hoboken. An hour later all of thc
ship's passengers were on their way
;,) Camp Mcrritt.
Huntington in Convo.v Over
iTth sailed from Xew Vork May
11 and n a'chi d Brest Ma\ 23. It was
thc cruiser Huntington which brought
'br regiment homc that was a part of
il" convcy tha' cscortcd them to
I rance.
From ;; c i omi nt thc 37;'n rei i hi d
tlie batth lines until Lhe ;n.nistice
vas signed it was busy. About 5 ;ier
ceni of thc men were lost. though thc
regiment went through -< me ol the
-i. ing ol ii..' war. Thirty
thousand shells von - nt into tho
enemy lines while thi fightine; lasted.
So that ' -. " v ; ;! the HorJOkcn
immcd with happj. ch< er
ing throngs. Thousands on the ferry
B back and forth across
the river swarmed to thc decks and
igved and cheered a the warship
jpeeded t" her bertb. The boyj at the
sight of Manhattan's skyline uttered '
"-. cheer that must have b.en heard by
thc girl ? and men in the office v in
l , ? F. .-'. K elh gg and Lieuten
C< mdfr W. II. St ile.-, v ere in
command of the Hunt :n',-;on.
Colonel \\ hccler in Command
ii command of ' lolonel
\\ h, plcr. Major Hobei t X.
Mackin hpaded Lhe 2d Batterj and < ap
iaiu Krank II. Bowne lo I5d Battery.!
:i'ixr offit ncliub d I lartain R. K.
1 nptain Gilbor II. Higgins, nd
' 'res; ley 11. Mc
ixon B. I'yrack.
? ?"? ; er 1'.. fiar' in, Lieuten
- A il vv. p ck. Lieutenant
' fank I. Uos; and Lieutenant Albert
"iTtli ! :'; :i! ry w!i ch
'-. I !? ??: .n the
Kir: t Army. to whicli
thi I inie of the
ip to the . igning of
found it ii li;;-. ;>!??
_ guns at the
' fi ""i posit ions at
It wa tl -? ame regiment of fighters
1 V'oi ?? ;-. i was r>n< of the
v>'' Iery organizations whose
brought laun ' tO l;i.
Eauiuped with lhe
? ' " rifles, drawn I
c greatest power
. .ranizai ion in thc
a at thc front it re
? on from fieneral
? b thc corp art iller:
t'olonir.l forces, which '
they had >upportod, and also from Gen
"ral BI tho corps com?
mander, ? ? jth which its !
amts ; ; pto po ?? n aft< r a '
loreed march of et ? >mi trcs.
Final Drive Is Related
Ut)n- of thc returning officers who I
^pt a diary of the activities of the I
regimcril told a graphic story of
;?e final di ive of I he regiment.
"Our attack was not to start until
the regiment, which
' tight under heavy
?ro. sustained losses under the con-'
lumal tire of high exploi ive i hella and '
*?>??." hi
"All of the men not actually hand- '
img thi guns were acting as infantrv
? on of an enemy attack.
*? '"'" ' '?' -l the guns that a capt- ;
ur?d German officer who was bein<?
'"i through tbe lines. turned sneeringrly
'> one oi the 57tli with the remark !
; d better put bayoncts on those '
' ' i" c( to remain here.'
doughboys went over the
?J> on November I. thc 57th and its
giment. the Ulst Heavy Artil- I
65th and 56th, were hard
taking reveng- for all their
breaking up att? nipts by thc .
enemy to gather resen . wamp '
.r'"'r ' th their long-range j
' K ' brigade tsmashed
" ": ''; ? ? last hope by massing a
H!*P : '" oi high explosives on the
'oii?\\or,,j W},ere the Boche was rally
si attack. Five thou
?'?-T- dropped in that little
"-'ch i wood in two hour.".
I'aed as Pursuit \ nits
day the First Battalion
"?f* rorward an a pursuit battalion.
?' by t ? ccond, while the third
iftina its fira across the
port the attack on th<- side
ions took a po
"w Beaufort, where they suffered se
daya until the Boche
' the morn
?rnher 11. when the reei
/ork with a final safvo
ms in honor ol
w??T' ? ' "?'"?'"? >'???'?'?
? ommand, wa? ordered
ted i' ? .-.? ! Colonel
N". A. Cross took command. The regi?
ment waa ordered back to a rest camp.
Colonel Wheeler assumed charge of
tho troops before the trip borne.
Lieutenant McCancc, one of thc re?
turning ofticcrs on tho Huntington'
waa citod for bravery at Beaufort. The !
Germans had born shelling a dugout ]
and had aucceeded in killing and
wounding 40 men. McCanco, who was)
stationed in an adjoining dugout, I
managed to get to thc' assistance of the !
wound-.'.I, took thc slightly wounded :
out aud obtained medical aid for the I
others. I
Artcmus \V. Chase, who was the rogi
mental surgeon, and who saw nine I
months' serviee at thc front, was high '
.n praise of he Xew York men.
"Tho world will nover have more
wonderful history than that of the ;
Xew York fighting boys." he said. '
" 1 hcy have paved the way on every ;
foot of 'iv Argonnc forest with the
best of Americar- history."
Lieutenant L. W. Guinz, of Y*'auko
gan. I!_L. who was in command of a
flotilla of twelve submarine chasers
with a basc at Plvniouth, also returneil
on the ,Huntington. lle said be and
his mon had sightcd submarines
sevcrni tim^s and had gone in nursuit.
On June 18 they located the U-53, in ?
command of Lieutenant Rose. who by I
his olusi-.-.-ness was known ss plaiii
Kelly. I
"We had his todc nnd knew all about
his movoments while on the surface."
said th" lieutenant. "and no doubt
dropped bombs cn him on that date. j
lu; Ciier-' has always been some doubt j
i' wo ;:o: him. and our chief often j
told us that when it was known for
certain that Mrs. Hose was wearing
mourning we would get official credit."
Police Orders
Dismisscd on Prnsion
Patrolman, Effect 12:01 a. m., Jan, K>.
William I". .1. Pierce, 63*1, Burrrcons' certifi?
cate, at ?825. Appointed June 17, 10t>:;.
Transfers and Assigtiments
Sorgeanta. Effect S a. pi., Jan. IS. Ph;|ip
?J. Clark. 17t'n lo 20th: Gustave A. Seegcrs.
2 <1 ln 36th; Benjamin 1". Brady, 26th to
17th; James M. Hamill, 36th to 22d. ?
Eatrolmen- William t\ Baumbold, Traffic
C to 1'8ih.
Effecl !'J:i'l .-4. m... Jan. 13, National De
fense to eonmands indicated, leaves of ab?
sence revoked: John B. McGarty, 10; Emil
C. Kuckcr, Training School.
Effect 8 n. ni. January 1(1 -Assijrncd as
corporals in precincts indicated:
First Inspection District Stephen I. Pow
?-. 5th: george 1.. Rorkc. 3th : Alfred Raw
son. from lst to 5th; William O. Jouo*.
7th: John l-l. Sheridan, 7th: Eugcoo K.
Cleveland, from Hth to 7th; Thomaa Jahill,
777: William Keating, 13th; Fredcrici* '.'.
Mutter. 13th: Joseph Gross, 15th:' Leo
Fcrda, 15th; John 7. Sc.hneider, 15th; Ber
nard Loughlin, 17th: Peter Mellen, 17th;
Patrick Colligan. I'vom iSth to 17th
Second Inspection District- Cavi J. Saver,
' t: Frank J. Woods, lst; Mathe.w .1. L'ellv,
lst; .lacob Arras. !th ; George vV. Heltz
mmi, 4th; Harry J. Yore, tth; Patrick J,
' ?"''. 6th; llcnr; A J. Weiscnreider, t'.ih ;
Robert Nolson, litli: George LeClab-, IMh;
William Beck, rrom '.1.-' to lOt'r. ; Mlrhael
Hagan. from ''Slli to tOth; Henry l.avin,
Hth: Harry Kent, Hth: I, m^ J. Stnck.
from 13*1 to Hth: Michael Rafterv, 4ih to
16th: John P. A. Tnaffe. ISth V> 3 6lh;
Jamcj P. Manlcy, .",r,th to 16th.
Tcmporary Assirnmcnt.i
Lieutenant John 1 . Brady. ',? tli. special
duty officer, 4."nii precinct, in addition to
other duties. 12 noon, January 11, during
absence of lieutenant on sick repcrt.
Se>-geants George Liowney, 43d. to Heatl
(luartevs, for l'i days, X ?. rn., January 16;
Joseph A. Kctoeidler, I'.'.h. to !'4th, signal
monitor duty. un day tours, 30 days, 8 a. ;
::,.. January 13.
Patrolmen Frederick Heidtman aml
Charles Mr.TcrnHn, National Defence, to j
clerical duty, 16 days, S a. m., January 16. '
From precincts indicated to lst Inspection |
District, raided premises, 16 days. 8 a. rn., \
January 16 Louis Ovvens, lst: William J.
Smith, 29th ; Harry Hauscr, 37th ; Thomas
i n ii, l.d: Joseph Van Vort, 45th; Michael
Hine?. 82d: Jame< Gallagher. ??th : Alexan?
der Evans, 103d: John 17 Mitchell. Bridge:
Edward Mullins. ISth: Michael Regsn, 33d;
Edward C. Wolfc, 38th; Uuke Garvcy, 45th;
Rober' Smallman, 82d ; James Middlemis*.
KXri ; Arbert 17 Rail, tiSth; Jacob Waag,
lifith: George A. Maloney. TraiTie C.
From precincts indicated to 2d Inspection
District, raided premises, sixteen day. S
a. in. Januarj 16 Thomas Gaffney, 22;
Charlea O'Rourke, 95; George Gernand, 37.
From precincts indicated to 3d Inspection
District, raided premises, sixteen days. 8
n. tn. January 16 COrnelius O'I.eary, 67;
Thomas I.. Donovan, 103; James Tormey,
1 rom precincts indicated lo 6th Inspec?
tion District, raided premises, sixteen daj*,
8 h. m. January 16 Francis Marron, 6;
John Reilly. 1"; William Fitzgerald, 22:
Thomas Collina. 33: Michael Reilly, 35:
Hugh J. Burke. 37: Edward Pottcr. 37; Pat
?77 Flynn, 7.' : Frank J. Wilson, 12; Ray
mond Ames, 43 : Frederick K. Osborne. 51 ;
Edward V. Koch, 116: Thomas K*>rrigan,
Traffi; 17 John Conway, 7; Thomas Mc
NTamara, 21; Martin J. Doherty. 26; Frwl
cricV Finger. 35: Thomas Collins, 36; John
Higgins. 37: Edward Smith, 38: John
Downes, 10: Thomas McCue, 12: William
Devlin, 4ri; William Goodbuni, 83; Edward
M. Cassidy, Traffic A.
From precincts indicated lo Hth Inspec?
tion District. raided premises, sixteen days,
8 a. m. January 16 Frank McNaught, 7 ;
Henry P. Freudi TS ; William Welesheir, 96 :
*'haries Wagner. UX : Thomaa J. Larkin, 74 :
Michael Mullaney, 9C : Charles Isaacson, 97.
From precincts indicated to Headquarters,
16 days, frorn 8 a. m., January 10 Charles
Kaltenmeier. Kiith : Edward Walsh, 109th;
Timothy Brown, 89th; Henry Bauer, Bureau
of Telegraphs.
From precincts indicated to National De?
fence, 16 days, S a. m.. January 16? j
George F. I.unney, Ist: William Anderson,!
13th: Michael Connolly, 1,'th : Frederick
Russell, 1 ?th : Terence Harvey, 21st; Vance
('. Lavender, 23d: Peter F. Quinn, 32*1:
Jamp' W. McNamara, 39th: Eugcne Fene
lon. 42d: Daniel Murray. 43th ; John J.
Woods, 45th; John F. Concannon, 51?t;
Francis Ciilmartin, 72d : Daniel Sheehan, |
Tl'.d: Jam<M T. Delaney. 74th; Charlea Mul-.
cahey. 87th : William Whalen, !lCd : Charles ?
McGovern, '>'.'.ii: Leonard Hoffman, 102d:
Thomas L. Fitepatrick, 6th; George Zeitler, 1
15th; Lawrence Ryan, 18th: George Riuehey,
2Ut; John Wei?enreider, 21st: William l.
Jackson. 31?t: John Wagner, 37th; George
K Cn.nlr., 39th; Edward J. Hoffman, 43d;
Henry n. Hill, 43th: Edwin Curtis, 4ith;
John J. I.yneh. r-7th : John A. Wegge, 73d;
John J. DeWitt, 74th: George W. Lennon,
TRth : James Olivcr, ?7th : William F. Knote,
93d: John Coulter. 102d.
Leaves of Absence Without Pay
Patrolmen Henry N. Zimmerman. 16th,
one day. H ?<? ni., Jan. 19; George Termi
nello. ISth, one day. 17:01 a. m., Jan. 19;
John A. McMahon, Tiaffic ?', one day, from
', p, m., Jan. 20.
Prol'ationary Patrolman Arthur A. Con
dron, Training Hchotd, one day, 9 a. m.,
Jan. 14.
Full Pay While on Sick Leave
Acting Detective Sergeant, Second Grade
John J. McGowin, IVtcrtive Division, 12th
District. 7 :35 a. m.. Jan. 7, during disahility.
Susp*-nde-il Without Pay
Patrolman James .1. McAulifte, 82d, 1'714
p, tn., Jan. 13,
Rescuer's (l*r?at un<l Cap Stolen
Dashing into thc Hotel Nassau, 06
j Fast Fifty-ninth Street, when ho suw
' Bttioke isi*uing from it yesterday morn
! ing, Thomas (j. Richards. 22 years old,
! a sailor of the U. S. H. Alaskan, threw
! olf his cap and ncajacket and went to
I work arousing the guests. When thc
. fire had been nxtinguishcil without
j iiiuch damage, Bichards'n cap andjadtet
l were gone, Somebody provided a golf
cap, and wearing that, Richards. hur
I ried to Hoboken t*> report before his
j va?? expired.
Ihe provident loan society"
of new yokk
9*lmdsys, 9
9 A. M. to 5 e. m,
A. M. to 4 l?. Al.
'"?? litnt SututUay iu June to firiX
*?vi4tt> i? September, both /?.
''?*/?<,, tj 4. AU ,? t f, ft
Fourth Avenue, cor. 25i~ Stre.t
Eldridge St., cor. Rivington St.
Eait Houtton St, cor. En*i St.
Seventh Av., bet. 48th Ic 49th SU.
Lexington Av., cor. 124th St
Grand St, ror. Clinton St
E. 7-d St, bet Uxington & 3 Ar?.
Ki.h'h Av.. cor. 127th St.
ConrlUn-t Av., cor. H.tfa St
Smith St.. cor. LivtngUon St.
(Irahsn Av., cor. Debevoii* St
?'i*Vtn Av., rr-.r. Rockaway Av.
Cost to Keep
Family a Year
Put at $1,500
Bare SubsisteiH-e for Five
Persons Is Possible ou
Sueh Sum, Expert Says
$55 for Wffe's Clothes
Prof. W. F. Ggdeii Tcstifies
at Labor Board Hearins
ou Harbor Wage Dispute
A bare subsistence budget 01 hou.e
hold expenscs for a man and his wife
and thiee children in Xew York City
requires an annual income of $1,_00,
?ccording to Professor William V.
Ogburn, who oceupios the chair of so
ciolofc-y at the University of Washing?
ton and holds degrees from Columbia
and Princeton.
Pi-ofessor Ogburn testified as an ex?
pert witness yesterday for the harbor
boatmen before ihe section of four
members of the War Labor Board. Thi.-.
section is taking evidence to be usc^l
by the board in settling the wa"es and
hours dispute-- th?t tied up harbor traf
nclast week until President Wilson's
cabled appeal sent the men back to
C. E. Michael. John F. Perkins. repre?
senting the employers. and Adam Wil
kenson and William Hutehcson, repre?
senting aboi, comprise the section,
-nich is holding hearings in the Board
01 bstirnate room in the City Hal!
The budget, Professor Ogburn 'testi
..cti allowed a man three-tenths of
all overeoat a year an,] "nol quite a
pair of trousers." His wife would Kei
not quite a corset." ar,<l evcrv
Vears she could buy a suit to co
more than $18.
Three Typcs of Budgets
fhis testimony was given in replv to
cuestion* from Frank P. Walsh who is
appeanng as adviacr for the striker:j
oefore the boaid of whicli he was ioint
chairman until rooentlv. The purpose
>vas to show thu domestic difiiculties
'Hat confront some of the slri'-ors who
are endoavoring to support fanr'^s" in
?New }ork or. $70 n month Th? ni'ini
i-'iini subsistence budget for ,, ???,[!
<>' fiye outlincd by Professor i.M.un:,
ri-outrpa at least, ,125 a montli. '
l rofessor Ogburn, who haa bec-n --??
ployed ui research work bv tho War
i.abor Board while on a le'ave of ??!?
sence from thc University of Washiii"
tovi, testified he had devoted '.?:!! bis
tiine since he entered collcfn <?- -..
study of the cost of living. Me out
lincd three tvpe* of budgets. Thc tirst.
was tho bare subsistence budget. The
next. lowest, termed a minimum rom
fort budget. and a third, called ;i citi?
zen.'s security budjret. are to ho ox
plainerj al. future session.-, of tl," ;,ec
tion, which adjourned the hearing ;>t
T. >'clock yesterday until 10:30 Thurs?
day morning.
Little More Tor S100 More
The sociologist cxplained
Budget. No. 2 called for pcrhap.
h year more than the minimum budg
He said it provided just a little bit \
more for clothes, about tbe same I
amount for food of th" plaincst sort ?
and al ~o for insurance, savings and ;.
few incidentals.
Budpet number three. he said, pro-'
? icied for six rooms, a telephone. bath-'
tub. furnaee or steam heat. magazincs,
books and educational advantages and
would l.cep the ilirce children out of
industry until they were eighteen years:
Returning to budpet number one
lhe bare neccssity- Professor Ogburn
"This is what is known as tlie Chapin '
budget. aftcr thc man who prepared iti
in 1908 for the Kussel] Kapo Founda?
tion. At that time the neccssities out-'
lin?d by him v/ould have cost $800 or1
$900 a year. 1 have brought this nnc;
up to date by using present-day markci |
"Recently in examining a number of!
budgets of typic'a! New York famiiies
I was astounded to see how many of
them spend from $700 to $900 a year I
for food alone."
$76 a Year for Clothes
Mr. Walsh asked Profes ;or Ogburn to '
tell how much money was allowed fo:- a '
man's clothes in the minimum budget. i
"Seventy-six dollars every year."
Then tlie professor was 'asked to'
show what garments this money would;
buy. He said:
"A man would get a cap or hat; ono \
and one-half pair of overalis; three- i
tenths of an overeoat; three shirts; i
two and eight-tenths pairs of shoes; '
sixleen pairs of socks; twenty-five j
pairs of heavy cotton gloves; three
suits of underwear; one-lifth of n
sweater, and not quite a pair of trous- :
ers. ln addition, there would be $5.50
for other articles of apparel, such as
handkerchiefs and collars.
The man's wife would have to get
along with $21 less for clothes than
ner husband, buying ber wardrobe for
not morc than $55. Professor Ogburn
cxplained that the man was obli.-ed to
appear in pubiic and ihe woman spent
most of her time. in the house, where
I clothes are not so important.
i He said that where the income was
less than S2.000 a year the man was
[obliged to soend more than bis wif.
lor clothes, especialiy men who toil
with their hands and who. consc
quently are harder on their garments.
wnen 'ue income passes $2,000 an?
nually, no said. the woman spent morc
mv-i S than hor husband.
What clothes could a woman buv
with ,0), Professor?" .Mr. Walsh asked.
I he witness replied:
'Two aprons. one and seven-tenths
Jresftcs. not quite a corset, ono pair
<>? gloves. one hat. not quite two pet?
ticoats, eight pairs of stockings, on
suit every tour years, one outer cloak
f, y ?'' ?v'?a^s?.o"?:' sweater every t-n
years, six or eight undergarments
ingeric a dross skirt everv twoyeara
two nair, of shoes and $4.60 for mis
ce llaneous garments."
Shonts Now Ha* a Rival
PORT CHESTKr] x. Y.. Jan. : t :.
dd?pnec?"e ot' the nicthoda .7 Theo
le ??<.?,Sh0nt:-' we" know? editor of
the 'Subway Sun," Levcrett S Miller
president of the Xew York, VYe vV
ter & Boston Railroad, has launched n
cinnpaiirn of pubiic education , t,
halt ol higher fares on the street rail
-Mi'- Miller beeame head of these lines
in December. Hia lirst effort was a
catchy postcr wishing a "Happy New
Years" to al! patron, of the 7? ?'? \\\,
followed this: ' s'
"Do you want to i.ei o the ?
runi.ing? We ,!,.. but we liavi n'l ,
money. There is oniv one way to -i
jt-^hrough your cooperation. your
Aiul then this to-day;
. '1] the company attempted I i vr???
its former exeellenl serviee the ser?
viee tho pubiic expecti il would bc
gt\mg the piibl,c :) vuvv costlv p,.c.S(,nl
wh,.c? .,: ,c: i??t as impossible to - -,-'
HS " '.s t,., , :..,.,,, the trollcv m< ?.
give tncir services free lo th- co i
paw.v '
Woman Shoots Robber
Three maslced mc:, who attcniutcd'
to rob ihe saloon of Wiili n M- i--; at
158 Liberty Ave;,:,.. Jcrsc.Y , ;./ ^rlv
vesterclay, were frustrated b\ Cn ? Ifc
of th- nroprictor, ? i ,, :|10t ,,,,.',,;?",''?,.
"?truders. Mrs, Min was? alone in
lha ban-oom when thc men entercd.
Ihe pronriotor hud drawn SG.OOl
?t'oni tne ban'; and Mry. Marx v.;i,
counting t!K. nioncv. When thc men
entercd she lilru ( thc monev to a
drav.er and seized a revolver. When
one oi them tried 7, .;0 ,u-ounil :.,.;,in,;
'?he bar she shot him. II,? mar.arcd to
cscaoc with his. companions.
_.M..ri'!- Cook, tvyenty-cight vear' old ,'
lowS ihird Avenue. a guard n'n thc s>ennd
Aycnuc elevated line. vvaa ,,,? ,.?.',. ?
killed nt I05lh Streel v hei
ihbauncl ti
dipped and
c T'-C X'' V" K War t;?'"P Communitv
.e v ee anouncca thal Hayward [Jnitfat 2.W
he\enth Avenue. intended I'or Ihe ,, e of col
ored soldiers, |,,13 been greatlv cplarge'l
?v"'? than i'.OO men use (he .-Iul. r-auh - eoli!
ContrJbulions toward thc enrco of th?
Italian rcliel chip ,nrc puuring 7 ? , ? iir.
hcadtjunrtor, of the Italian Auxilinr; 'of thc
Aincncnn Red Croas nt 109 Madi on Avenue.
,.,!i,'r'. V'"" Ci,,llan- "' Grecnpoint, pleadcd
guilty Irh.re County Judge Charles .1 Mc
Dcrmott. in Brooklyn. to having been impli
r.atod in the hold-up of several members of
the 14th Assembiy Di-trict Democratic Chib
on Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn several montlm
John A. Royal. thirteen years old of Rock
ville Centre. Long Island, hanged himself
when his mother threatened to take him to
school for playing honk?y.
Orlando \V. Butler, who dierl .-,1 hj, i???r
in Brooklyn on Mnrch 15 I91S lefl an e
Uie va.ued al ?'777:,. Ifc ,.naUle(l
?i i ?.,..'i l ln charii .
Police Commissioner Enright will pn.molc
tlnrty-three men to-daj from the eligible list
n sergeants to do du!
?'.il. created ra
A meeting -.-iil be hold Friday at "0(1
Fifth Avenue 0f all interested in p-oviding
a fitting weleome for Anzac troopi passing
through thia city. H. V. Braddon. Auatra
lian Commissioner here, will prcside,
John Moffatt, executive l"-ad f,f ihe N7t
tional Allied Relief Commission, has be?n
made a commander of the Order of the Brit?
ish Lmpirc. He recently received the Mednille
d'Acadeniie from France.
Ivhva.-I Sullivan. 369 Eighth A\enue, wa.i
held yesterdav for examination to-day on a
charge of having murdercd Jean La Graf, :
a French merchant sailor.
. |
Mrs. Lv.iia Low, thirty-one years old, of '
3292 Hull Avenue, The Hmnx, was found '?
der.d in bed yesterday hy a neighbor. Two
gas jets were open and the window chink;
st.uffed with paper.
n-v THE
Assets of White Metal Manufacturing
Company, Ltd., Manufacturers of Tin
or Metal Collapsible Tube. and Caps.
Notiee is hereby given that thc undersigned, A. Mitchell Palmer, Alien
Propcrty Custodian, wil) offer for sale to the highest bidder at public sale,
on the premises of thc White Metal Mariufacturing Company, Ltd., at
1006-1012 Clinton Street, Hoboken, New Jersey, at 11 o'clock A. M. on tbe
cighteenth day of january, 1919, all thc assets of every kind and description
b.longing to White Metal Manufacturing Company, Ltd., as a going con?
cern, including good will and rca! estate situated at 955-961 Hill Street,
North Bergen, New Jersey, leasehold on the propcrty situated at 1006-1012
Clinton Street, and adjoining premises, Hoboken, New Jersey, personal
property, machinery, tin ancl other metal in the factory, equipment, auto
truck*, inks, paints, and office furniture (excepting tbe corporation books,
and further excepting cash on hand and in banks, accounts receivable, and
ttcnurities, belonging to said White Metal Manufacturing Companv, Ltd.,
a corporation organized and existing under and bv virtue of thc laws of
Full description of and iflformaf.ion concerning tho;
above property, nnd lhe terms and condition* of in?
spection and sale, may be obta'ned Hy applicntion to
110 West 42nd Sliect. New York City.
Uicn Property Custodian.
Edge Outlines
Reform Ideas
To Legislature
Huge Progranuue of After
War Adjustment Urged
in His Annual Messase
State Work for Soldiers
Rehabilitation of All De
fectivc Toilers Sought:
83,000,000 Fund Waiting
.'? in ?? al I . ?? ...., ,,'- . r.
I i KXTOX, X. J.. Jan. 14. Physicai
rehabilitation and vocational training
of disablcd w.orkingmen, as w< 11 i
injured soldier.. ,vesc recomnieiuded ;.
?' ':;-''?','.', -' L" .legislation to-day by Gov
1 ino "?'?:? ... ..'.? annual messa; tc
e .( -' :..;,.. < . -, uj: -..,.. the cei.tr; :
?? : ' " ? con pvcheusivc programiiio
cl economic, iiuh . : '.,! an_ . cti; I Icgis
lation proposed by tho Governor, who
a so dec lared the ? ate waa prepared to
"V ''??'' problems of reconstruction
foilowiiij; lio \.;.r. v. ith ;. fri ?? balance
:n the treasury of more than $..000,000,
"?'? condi loa absoluteiv unprecodcritcti
ir: the history of thc s'tau ."
lhe Governor further roeonirneiiued
ii.crcased compensation for injured
workmen; ies-isiation providiVig i'o,- .-?.
standard hou.ing system in industria
centres. inore intelligent consideration
f chiid hygietn to rorrccl defects such
?; ? were Fihown by the large pr&portion
of men rejected in the ciratt; proper
prepi ra! on for absoipiion iu industry
"t returning soldiers ai 7 ailors; poos
? ? ?.' o: iiitcicsts with thc L'cderal gov
i menl in building a trans-Jersey ship
canal; large nnproyriation.'. .'or roads
..ni public works, and measures calcu
lated to make a more succcssful fight
? gainsl social disease..
I'ei petuation of thc state militia and
state iviue ceicbrations or thc homc
coming of the lighting forces are other
i'i iniiiirndations iii the message, which
also calte for a provision that a com?
plete bistorj bc written of the service
and exploils of every New Jersey fight?
ing man for inclusion in a "State Honor
On thc subject of social and health
legislation Governoi L'dge says:
"Health insurance would seem to bs
rvon more vilally important to any
pension system than Kew Jersey has
found compensation insurance to bo to
i's workmen's compensation system; in
lact, health insurance would provide
additional supports for our workmen's
compensation system by conserving the
p'e-. iical - i"?r of our people against
thc constantly increasing demands of
industry upon physicai endurance.
"1 firmly believe employers will
heartily agree thal thc present rat.es
of compen lation are inadequate to meet
thc needs of the incapaeitatod working
man and his family or other depend
c',i(.?. To this extent the law should bc
"While v e are considering improve?
ments in our Workmen's Compensation
Law nnd health insurance may 1 sug?
gest thal the nrinc'ple of physicai re
hahililal ion and vocational training
and guidancc shotrid eventually bc ex?
tended to thc industrial worker as well
as tho injured soldiers? It would cer
tainly seem to bc a far better economic
proposition io evnend the compensa?
tion stipulated for such rehabilitation
and vocational instruet.ion as might b-r
necessary to make an injured worker
a self supju rting citizen rather than to
have this income expended with the
solc thougbl of tiiling the injured
worki i over the period when he is
physically unable to work and leaving
him al the last payment utterly unable
to properly assume his previous obli?
Shoots Woman, Then Self
I nrcqutled Love Leads to At
Iruipled Double Tragedy
For months Joseph Lallutto, of _0l
Iv-isi Twonty-Jirst Street, has paid
ardent but fruitlcss court to Mrs. Mary
Verila. a widow, of 13 Bavard Streel
Yesterday, under thc weight of many
refusals, his patience deserted him en?
tirely. and, fortifying himself with a
draught of noison, hc sought out Mrs
Verila and shot her in lhe right ear
with a .38-calibre revolver. Then he
shot himself in the ri-ht ear. too. Both
are m Gouvemcur Hospital, in a se?
rious condition.
Dctectives Herbert and Rosenbere
founu in the Verila apartment a letter
written by Lallutto, announcing his in
lention of doing away with himself and
Mrs Verila. ln this he announced that
Me had taken noison. The exaet nature
of the L-ug has not yet been deter?
mined at the hospital.
Going On To-day
trec admission to the American Museum of X.i.ra'
Hictory. '.lie Metropolitan Museum ..f Art. thc
American Museum of Safety and tho Aquitrium
M?<"?g ol the American \Yaldeusian Society. Syncd
LIul., :.'::.. Street aud Amsteidam Avenue. S:.,u
p. m.
?\ ???'; > ? ? ? I'hliip Hlss us I W. H. liavo a- the
eoiirwer.ee ?: ?!.: Women's Uerartmeii; oi i .
V-ational L'itIo Ped.jru'icn. assunbiy rooms Hei
ropoUtan Insurance Ccmyauy. 1 Madison Avmu
"? r>. m.
Mfetmg of ( ? N ticnal Lcaguo ef Prqfcsalona]
Uasei all ( lul \ IV&ldi -'-A- ... I ,ta:
Meetlng i.f ri.? VY.mvii Voui ' A Suffrage nartj
tc._ tlie New Vo.-k Sta'.e \ , Opposed lu
Woman SufTragi 0 ?.c Ui?( n ?w 3 ?> ni
"?7l: '?' -.,*' I "?- Otrl Pri Icin During Demob
. iliza.ii ,: _: me ting i : 17, Ur; .? picteetive
l.t-ague o! lhe New York i' . . _ 7 . a:nl IV
::???..?.?>? A^sociaUcm, Cc3r_.liallt_!i .7'... Is:, Easl
I r.rtl. ?' S'.; ?<;. : r, ,.,
1 '?'? ' ? ? - eakfn l .; tiie New York Branch of th?
'??i'.'.i.. ..i meii .- :...:... l-.. lami House P'-ito
p. m.
'?;-7 ?' ??',! luncl .? . . .' !!.i M ? .:,;?:.? Assoclatli n
?; N-c 'ti r?, Uol?l ,\sior, 7_ ? i ? . m,
A ? '? ?? ?- ? >: V I5:ar!'li :i i .' ... tralia'a tlela
'?'?" to t.ie Y.mr, re." Htiti>ii I7;,p rc ? 7U, r,:
.o.'umbia, Houra 110. Tca 7t.? Colle.c, Columbia
i I lYirslty. M p. ni.
i i i U1C i.I.i TI Hi.S 01* THE HOARD OK EDU?
'? IL' Lanchnarks and '.????' Prores t
'?? ????? '?'? N'orthror." I'u.Ui tk-iiool 1"!. lllui
- -< ? -.? i I.CXtllgtO i All".u.
I "J oi Hell tiaic to lioiden t.'ste." Ilr, Henry R
Rose, llawthoine Sehooi, Hawtliome N Y
| \\ rather iieport
'?' ASHINGTON, ,!an. 14.?Air pressure Is now
' ? Uic ? ,.-;ca! In ull parts ?t the couiUit, except
' o '?';' '?'? ? At!a ; ? bla e.s a: ?! Ni , Y igln id a .
??: ' ? ? I'c ? "...?? 't'lie iiiglust pressure Is
?' c M m ia : n.lwi.
I .- ?? ;:iri.;; -,;,,. ;?, r ,-, ;.,;.,.,.],,;? .;... ?:|_nt|.
'; ? -- ? ' ' ? " has fu'len ln tl c Ohin ,? ti ce i r?l
'? ??? ? l>l ? r?ili ,3 nnd ':>? wesl Guif rlalts
i .1- t.-niperatiire Is r.cvt eons'deralilj alic.Te lhe
: ' !! ' lhe A'laiil if "-.ivs . nd l m Ntirth ye I
, '. '';< ' ? ie ! ?<.. : ;-;?; r.l a In l ... ,,i,i tweety
liours ln ihe middle Atlantic state*. t!i? 01 o
1 alley, rtjii.cssec, A kansa? -IVi:. &nd < n ?! e
'??,<<> ''?>?'??' " ?' !. In o'i.ir regions thc weather
. iiamerl fair
'!;;e h '.?? i.-i!i ?? t o e :"..:' ?! ?? wi-.t: i r will lie
' ?'? f"lr WciliiPail;^ ai'.d Thursday ovei Uic re
i, ? ? <?: ? " thi M .<- ?.sip'>; li;v :.
Tiie t.nv-eralni-e v.-lH ;,e io,ver in the At'.antie
'- ? ' llUlf SMl. ', ._? l| T.-.p... Cr | 'I) ?' , - ;.,...
"" iidleatlona of io'd nea;'i?r OTcr the Kasterr. half
>. ...ial > tltliliig tl ?? iiex! ?:,,,.?. ,;.,? ..
Foreoa?t? for Spoolal Localities.- Eastern New
Yort and New Kugland Partlj cloUdj and eoider
to-diy; (o-morrtirt fii-.
Eastern I'ciii ;jivania ancl New .Icr ey?Clo'udy
ad cmewhal eoider lo-day; to-morrow fair.
\?t-lrrn N'ew Vo-1. ar.d Western PennsjiTailta?
t.cneritlly fair lo-day and to-morrow, nol much
chaiige in tcmpeiattirc.
Local Official Retord. I-!,. following offlcia!
!?? d from tha W'er.ther Uureati shows tempera
tiiiTi duriiig iho last tweir.y-faur houis. i.i coin
!"?" ' :l with tha corresponding date of last ;csr:
rus. 1910. i9is. 1919.
llic'ic-Ji leniivratin
,..,.,. ::<) (al li a ?
SO s^mo date lasl ?
ato fi.i Ihin llirei
A ?. r
ai. Cl (a' 3 p ih. i
? ii". :'?; degrees; a.^ ?
I ?gi ei i.: a vcra.i . r.rn,'
i) degrees
* !?. m.
B?rijtnet?r R?adlno'>
1 p. in.. . .30.01 S p m.
local ForecaU. Pai
Wciincsila;. : Thursday
cloiidy * id colder
!r; modeiato v.'C.t and
? s
Porl of New ."ork
Miniature Almanac
Ises .7:19
i ises. .1 .''i p. in.
Mooii teta.. .6 29
High Water
A m r m
il:40 7 nn
7:lfi 7.-4H
0:1(; U:J1
\KPS1I. POllT Mil'AIiTII!^
"scar 11.1'hrlstlania .Pec :^0
Santa Paula.tlU.raliar .Inn l
l.al.e Alien.I'url au Prinee lan 7
Strlnda.CardhT . |.,-,. -o
llwnthiHton (U. S. cruiser).Ilresl .|a
V'irxh.ia.Por;. Arthur, Tex. ...lan ''?
c. .i Moiilgomcrj'.yavannali .lan l'
Hiiroii.lackaoutUle .Ijm i:
Prottctor.I!:ien.--, Ayres .L)cc Llfl
Malii close. Y's '1 ' m
Niagara -orcieau.8:30 A.M. 12:00 M.
Manchuria Prinee. Argen?
tina .10:00 A..\r
Byron, K.o lo .lanelro. ...10:30 A.M.
imperator. ti. Gulana... .12:00 M.
Neptunns. Hayll .12:00 M
Wcsterdyk. Argentina _ 9:30 A.M.
Colon. L'rlstobal .12:70 P.M.
San Mateo, Crtstobal_ S:"?A?.
I,ako I^iuise. Honduras... 9:70 A.M.
P.':10 M
12.00 M.
:.:00 I'.Al
3:00 17M.
12:00 M.
7.00 P.M.
Round South
Steamers I.alrerPle, nr.?tf.n for New \nrk.
tlie National Shipping Corporal Ion, In haJlast.
United state ilghthouse steamer Mlstletoe, -
Uound East
Steamer Northland, New York for noston.
?acaaucAssfcuatEsi : ._-.-.-. zmcBc
i I'.usTuV. .ia- H. -Arrjveii: Sveam 7... .
Jaeksonrille a;-,,; Chai cstott; Lake Jessup. 17, ? m?ri .
1 *???! 1'iiliii, a.?-? : -'K Sal - ? ..-? - VieU-ro,
New Vork; !'?:, 7 aware "? Yurk Quantleo
7 ,rl .: 17-... .... N ::,?:!.. t ,, . , | k, ,:. . > .
i al
BALTIMORE, }??. 14.? Anited S amers Doro
i>. Port Tarupa; Lake Butlei l: - Palavcras.
i Roca (. randc; I'oli t 1 ? ?. \, ? V. \ i
Rio de Jai.elro. Sailed: > ? ann - VA n
11 *??? o lir 7 Cardin lnla.'i ,. I'.,-, ... . Lafce
Bui-krjc. 7 1' ,i - ,
INot \ ? potl Xew .
' Vl'K HV..XHY, Va.. Jan. 14, V* - d .
Balttrcore: 13th, s-.,,;nier Mangore, Sai ag. 14
? Meatm-r N'i ird (Du.) ,::,.? am 1'.,?-?? . I -
Ualtlmore: Stoami Llgo il.. I'ai
PHILADELPHIA. Jail . I \ li Sl omcrs
Gouvernour de l ... tsJwc e (Bclg. . i: lii lam via
Xew Vork: Ounn.ee. Charlesion ; Howard,
Vi ' ? vla -:av... .. .?? '?.-..,.... .1 i. ? ..
i'- -?? , lii Barl .v ?..
ii" for I',.,.. ,. :?; Ski.invarr [Nor.). Bahia
H ilia lelplil ? I'assi 1 oui -' .". ? !, ?? ,
Htc (Kr ). :?:.' adi Ipl 7 u.r Uot! i l>urg: Har. .
Point (Kr.), PMladelpliia roi St. Xar.aire: Ulbaia
Cub. i, l>;;: adi 'i :,'.i lor Havai a; i. L'litla
dclphia for Bosti
I'uU'n.AM'. XI, . Jan 11 Vr.-ivcJ .- . . ? ?.
' M >.Tl? and i ' Iff >?,,,,.
!.?'? ii- VV, Roljl is' i. Norfolk
PORT E.VDS, La .lan. I 1 A
?V ba, ,\e s v rs Mi iiginc* - (l:? V, a
i B Havai a. Si ili : sti u
i lllonil 7 i ,- . ;, ? Clicn kce. I' .?o Rio I
N< v Vi Z. : T: m - Tampi. <
JAI KSONVU 1.7. J . : ' Vrrlve-.l - om.
, Apj '. B. X ,1 Yi .:-..?? ... - ? Og;l
Salli i S ".''. s
Si vi ..,;. n am i.'llru " l ? ? r
aUe 7 Is n lov).
< .1 VR1.ESTON. s. r . : . ; ?. Arrived - ti am
' rrs Aranr.li ?-. ,la. ksi n laiul all cl f"i Ni"\
Eittli X :te Burnoe Avr
f?r X>" Y. . Sailwl Sti am r Mai i . I
, (Kr .. ! idicd King n i
SA i ANXAH, lan ll Art red S i-stii
? i.' (Uan.I, N ii a Xiina vl i Pli I: I Iphl ? p .r.\lai
I' ll ii" Ip! i.i la '1 ...il,.i Ii r i i , i vllle Sailed
. Sl ' mer? ? . . : A n.a, Ni York; ?;ily i I
us. lli ?-? 11
norfolk. ,;,.,.. ,i Ar
? K-vys. >' I adi ... .Ir.iiu i,
for ?-'"?. V.. ki ; Lisb
| l.uc iida. I'bll telphia
' N'antuola l ll : i i aml -_?..; foi H. .i. nl l-.u
| inachus 'Ur.), Llrcnxiol: Zulderdljk. Ncv 1
(aud .- Ic-d '? ? \"ewi n ; Xew, ?
NKVV POliT NEWS, \,. . .|?? ]? A
s unie.-! itn ic Kivi r (Br.l, (.'ardtfl
1'". 7 Wc li i ion vla Panama i am I (aud
''?!?" l'i iih .i ? Bi ? Uari ? v... i ... i \ i .,
, I dan ts
KEY VVJ ar. Jan 14, Arri* .1 Slean ? rl .
v il Stramets * i , ??!
mi, Xc? v. :!. (aml
' il ii I Swed 1. I. .ti
T.VMPA. !? "a
'll lll 7
! l. Sailr 1 Slci. I<
? "" ' . - ,' .? in r Wil li ni 11 l) it
SAXT) KEY. Jan. II. Pa ??! , .. ?
i i a '? ? P-PU, T'lxii.,:, for Norful I Pa-?i I ?
Sti .nn. -, Sai, V.. (Ur i i o tion i- Tatnpii o,
VV1 liam i .? ? . I r? v id. fi ? Tamplco I'ioi
Nc ? ".'-:? ..;? Poit Aitlnn : ,1 A Busl.' Icl*. '?? w
, Ycili i'or Tuxpan
TAOOMA, Wn-h . .Inii. 1 l Salleil: Sl nmn
A i..i Maru (Jap i. Yoki lia n
I BOSTON. Ja i 11 Arrired Steamer lli
Xrw Yerk Ba'lcdi Slcamcrj Eoi lle V ?. 1 nl
' Ni '.w , Kddy. Norfolk.
PATON r.olUK. La.. Jan. 11 Sailed: Sicamcr
'? V. li. A,. Iie. -'.??,?!":, Poim
GEOItOEToWN. s. C. Jan II. Sailed: Stcamci
: Aiagi.il, N.-i York
ViiAMi, I la., .1 in 17 Arrlvei! Si lioone ' [ris
? i pi 1. Nassau. Sai!"i: Steamer Van .lacksonville
MOBILE, Aia.. .irn 14 Anived; Slcain
M'-.n.l Ver .on (Xor. I. Bcliz. Sal i 1 Slcamer
S ihlnc, Tanipa; ,. li.. nei Huglt ilo I'avci ! i -
; .liiai:
i r.
M A.
il: Ni
-':. an
I'ICuv l|ll.\l '!?:. .ia
ve.l: st" uni ? i
(Kr.), I.I
Steami Ei Sud
IRII. I* A il-,. | Sl a
a : Nt.iM ii, San I - rl
I- iii ii-7' ' rn oi Btdtlmi ic). Ci nil ui
? RJSTOPAL. ,lan II Vn!>.:.l ' -. m
min Kr. ivsli . PI agua fi i Titv nam . Tal
Uracla ; Ea*rr i\, r.l, X". Yi ik; I mpn
1 Iv.. I. J. vr ? i -. l for V am 'iv 'r: Pnrl I Im ?
Ne? ^' rk fi r Air ktand: Man hii :u al (X
Yi rl
. |, ii
i. , .
Sleam -
He. ( .->;,
..' A i i
ST. l'i! IX,
lli rl
-" . iBi.i, Mtbl
ii7a .la-. Hi ?,
' AlllilFK. .la
Saill E
'". \" i ,
;.. rl
(Rr.l. Galvcsl
Kile i mgli . (Br.), Mi l ii
'.. ; |. ani-i.. ' '"K-i.-. ( X,
Sun,] Kej : l.c Irlm lHr.1.
A* uNMiil TlI. Jan 1.:
(H.-.). Phlladniplila.
niido.- (Br.). Xcv York.
SI'AHPNliVS. ,lau 11. .
(Br.) S .1..!' :. N 11
Stcamci i V.,1.
ileamerti Plan Po
? v . and Norfolk ;
Norfolk. s.li...
'?"?iu Rollrrdam).
-i Sli .un . ' ?
il: Stcamci Tlici
IH lll,1 v
Vor.), Xew Toik.
Tlu IU8 , i Dan I, I iiiied
ill : Sl '.,1115'
Sailed: Steamer llocliam
10.?(iailed: Steamer Eus
;n..i,i -'s
tai'e iHr.i. fialvr
KAP?*A"OS. 'a i in. Sai!i7
(fmni Newport Niws). Rio de .Tanclro.
l.iBHAI. i All. .lan. 11. Called: Steamc - Vi
.i!'l'. (Mat.) Ifrom Pliiladclpblii). Ucii-m: 14.
Qiien; I'Hi. M.mii (Br.) (from Vcnl
.1. N 11. '
X'ANTICS. .lan 1.' Sai! ???.'. Sicamcr Sterro
mrr Van
" (lir I.
StirTPA.VIPTDN. Jan. 1:. Sail il
han iBr 7 Nev '.'??!
i 71 III .lan. I.'l, Saili il Sicamcr Lii m
< ? 'CON ,1a 1*1 Salleil -? ? '
? Porlland, San Kraucisco.
isi... I),. WKIHT, J '.. 1.1. Pa -I Sti an
I Nordhavct (Dan.), New Orleans lor RoUerdam
L1ZARD. .lan. 14. Pa-si 1 St. nm - Slol rd
i l"i"cli). lt it. rdam I'm Hampl in K ? l
KtN'SAI. Jan 1*. I'to ?': > naim r lYar Sa
(Br. i
nr l? ".|..
'.' Arrived: Stcann r Sitoe
York v"- Sap I'rancisco.
10.- Arriveil: Stcaiucr Brcl
Haven, Baltimore.
., A .^ . . ...a
bi min (Dutch), Ne
fnn.l INo-. . X.'.v
IIAVRE. lan. II. Arrived: . Steamer Newport
News, New Wrk vi.i Hailfax. Sailed Hth. Steam?
ers Newton. Newport News; Uili. Uu-ian- Vigeland
(Nor.), New York.
HAVUE. Jan. !). Arrived: Steamers CUtterllitd
(X.-i. Srvaniiali: Silver Shell, Phlladelphta
BARHADOS, .lan. 10. Arriveil: Steamer Hypalia
(Bi.l. New Vork for Algou Bay, eti
BOKDEAl'X, Jan. 11 Arrived: Steamers Hamp
? i n. : V\'a,- Joy (Br.). Hailfax Sailed, 11th:
Sl. amer llr.pidan (Br. 7 New York.
RO'TTERDAM. Jan 11. Arrived: S( amers Ic
C Alttnatt
THu5 rty= fou rt ih Street
Tailored ,
wiil be held
Tlhirty4..t__ Street
Special Sale
Serge Dre
to=day (Wednesday)
extraordinary value
(Women's Ready-to-wear Dresses, Third Floor)
r fy -to4ay ,n\^
t, On? ?f 'J"t meyt ?J?.'~,,?j rural j"
v; ^siortsii *ver written \s,iy.r>s
|V ??--?' ?? ---** ??.& _??*?i -fejui
^ SSM'S? AV?
>> ?.,. .305
: ,". . .-?'. i VII (Swed t. New
Yoil:. Siun li?c?
cli ?? si lhe Ueneral l'o, t.
IC'.ty ? St.tlou. New Vorfc.
I I . -, I ' " l>. in.
.Is.i iv f,,r ,u ...-. li per si S'l > M?m
1 ? 1 a 1 Ircsjid
i-i.,n. i_.ii ?;
5 ! ;l P 11. J? 0 fo d ?:?.,:. ll p - Ss. V< I tnra.
1 ??? and \ ? '. .,., v_ic
J V I-.- C . ai ,. .'.'.? y. m. Jail.
aicli 1 ? ,? Ss Mi
? ..: ? 3U p ? 1 .l.iilv Tiir
v :!,-? ? :?.?', Coasl
ditpatcil to destination by ihe beat oppouunity.
With so many shops hol
lering "Sale," it's a compli
ment to our clothing, as
well as a manifestation of
the public's conridence in
our method of doing busi?
ness, to continue to have
such a large and steady
demand for the suits and
overcoats we offer at regu?
lar prices. Last month's
business exceeded any in
the history of our house.
Let's chat a hit about
why there will be no "sale"
Not once in the panicky
period of the woolen indus?
try did wc let go of our
high. standard of all-wool
and fast color.
Not once did we argue,
"Oh, well, weVe got to have
woolens, so let's buy what
we can, standard go hang."
True, our foreign connec
tions were a big help, espe?
cially when the Govern?
ment began to take over
entire American outputs,
What's the result! To?
day we've only fine grade
clothing?with no need "to
try and get from under."
To-day we've a price
scale that, in conformity
with our usual practice. is
based on fabric costs of a
year ago; in some cases,
eighteen. months.
That means, were we
now to try and duplicate,
say a $45 coat, matching
the quality of the cloth,
linings, trimmings, mak?
ing, etc, we'd have to get
from $55 to $50, figuring
the lowest possible percent?
age. commensurate with a
legitimate profit.
Frankly, it's been a job
to keep pace with thc de?
mand. Reductions in the
ordinary course of business
are simply made to clear
out the stragglers. There
are mighty few.
If we may quote from
the consensus of opinions
expressed by customers
who've looked elsewhere
first, the real bar gains are
at "four convement cor?
ners," where, at reasonable
prices, you still get full
measure and a little hit
more for every dollar spent.
Winter suits. Winter
overcoats. All of our own
manufacture. For men; for
Moneyback if you want
Rogebs Peet Company
Broadway Broadwav
at loth bt "Four at 34th St.
Broadway Corners" Fift'i \v?
nt Warren at 41st _,?

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