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Senate Probe
Into Hayward
Charge Sought
Calder Promises luquiry
Why Men of thc 369th
Were Sent Into Bat ile
Inadequately Trained
Betrayal of Trust Seen
Kalm an?9 Wadsworth Are
Dependcd On to Assist
in Fixing Responsibilily
Senator William M. Calder, of New
Vork, told The Tribune last night that
on tiie convening of Congress he would
go before the Senate and insist upon
"an immediate and thorough investiga
Uon" of Colonel William Hayward's
charge that the 36Dth Infantry?the
old 15th New York, which hc led over
scas?was thrown into action by thc
commandcis of thc American Expedi
tionary Force without proper training.
Colonel Hayward made hia charge
in an address before the Circumnnvi
;ators' Club at thc Hotel Commodore
Thursday night. In an interview with
The Tribune, Senator Calder dcclared
that while Colonel Hayward's state
ments were "startling" they containcd
nothing that had not already come to
his attention "from other sources."
Senator Calder dcclincd to disclose
these "sources" or to discuss further
the information he obtained from
them. The name of thc officials re?
sponsible for sending untrained men to
the liring line ought to be disclosed to
thc public, hc said.
One ot" the purposes of the investi?
gation. Senator Calder declared, would
be to ascertain whether the condi?
tions Colonel Hayward said existcd in
his rcguiicut wero true of other units
in thc American forces.
Aims to IMace Uesponsibility
"If it was thc general policy of the
War Department to put men on the
liring line beforo they had proper
training, this should be brought to
light and the rcsponsibility for it es?
tablished," said he.
Senator Calder declared he was sure
both Kepresentative Julius Kahn, of
California, who will be chairman of
thc House Military* Affairs Committee
in thc next Congress, and Senator
Wadsworth, of Xew York, who, Sena?
tor Calder said, probably would head
the Senate Military Affairs Committee,
would render all aid in their power in
tha proposed investigation.
Senator Calder's statement ni full
was as follows:
"I read Colonel William Hayward's
charges this morning, and while they
are startling, they do not contain any?
thing that has not already come to my
attention from other sources.
"It is my purpose immediately upon
the convening of Congress to lay Colo
fiel Hayward's charges before the Sen?
ate, and insist that an immediate and
thorouph investigation of the same
oe made.
"The name of the official or officials
responsible for the orders putting
men into battle with so little knowl
"dge of warfare ought to be disclosed
to thc public.
"If it was the general policy of the
War Department to put men on the
liring line before they had propcr
training, thia ought to be brought to
?ignt and thc rcsponsibility i'or it es?
"No country ever gave up her boys
M> Willingly, and that they should have
heen forced to fight without sufficient
preparatu.n is a betrayal of the confi
aencc tne American people placed in
Wehanda of tho War Department.
It will hc interesting to learn
?"?ncthrr other units in the American
army fought under similar conditions
Mthout proper training.
Koprescntativc Julius Kahn, of
?aiiforma, is in France. He will bc
chairman of the House Military Affairs
tornmitt.ee of thc next Congress.
I am informed he is gathering in
Jormatiou on tho conditions under
WBlch our men fought, and I am certain
inat both he and Senator Wadsworth,
WlO probably w.li be chairman of the
Military Affairs Committee and
[??o was m France for two months
aitcr tl.,. signing of thc armistice, can
oe depo-idr,! upon t0 give eyery assjst.
?'" ' ' ' ?'?? power to see that these
Wgos are thoroughly inquired into
"o tnat those responsible for this
"?"ing condition of affairs are ex
POser 1, no matter how hiKh they be."
Oo'onei Hayward declined vesterday
<*> make any further statement con
cerni**K nis Hotel Commodore address.
Disabled Soldiers
Sent to School by U. S.
washington, March 21. There
?ems to be a general improsr-iion that
?* reeducation and training given dis
aolcd soldiers, sailors and marines by
'*>e Lrnted States government is wholly
? ^ne manual trades. Just where this
?rnprcssion originated is hard to say,
But possibly on account of the gen?
eral understanding that vocational ed?
ucation means instruction in wood
OTking or machine shop work, or
somethtng of the sort. As a matter
07 fact, out of the first 787 disabled
IT-Wns placed for reeducation bv the
rt>acral Board for Vocational Educa
'">rut Washington, which is the agent
' ymgnu m providing this free re
?<iucation for these men, a considcr
!?'' n,ir|*her are in the professions,
P?'c and simple.
e are 23 iHiterates tal.ing elc
.',. , ry ?C*d?mic education; college
art 7"T t'lucalion' 2- architecture, 0;
l' H?tii ? chemistry, .;; detltistry,
'"s *Cu 5*- *-''? en*>ne?rin?r, 54, which
8S1.V ,Arey*^to?. 4; chumistry, 1;
gni englneerhig, 7; electrical, 18; gen
KIm6 '^hanical, 15; mining. 2;
tor.lL 4 , ' '*r'' ''^'"g a course on
eatrv 7 -I 1 ,, * " ,flK('n UP >or
?'?,", 'andscape gardening; 3 are I
ks&Z^?!*'*'** ??? qualifying
., . .*. ? '?''.un.; i'i jour
- landscape gardrTiing; (J nrc
lariguage.f and \'d ar:; study
kj nr*} ?*win? and 1 8re taking ;
?nua < nl ,irHvn"K a'"i ? are taking !
"?m; n*J, , , '"? l?fb??bing bu?i
S?Hr?in?g..*^!!ttrl**1 w"rl;; ?' '?
JfJC'-nometry, while 2 }.???? 1 8
**?. Jt t ,\,KOV*V'r?";nt ?">?o1 "'-'y
?UttU??? ,B, ;tu,!""i "> thc best in
The butterfly is apt to
think more of style than
wear, but where's the style
if his clothier hasn't fash
ioned his wings of good
substantial stuffs?
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clothes. All wool. Fast
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For quiet dlgnlty?dark oxford or blaek.
*"Composite" Derbies
conform without "conform
ing." Fit and look well on
80 out of every 100 men.
All sizes, 6r'i to 1%.
Soft hats, including feath
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Popular shade.".
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The smartest of lasts, including the winir
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Union Leader Says
Soviet Manifeslo
Here Is Ridiculous
Schlessinger Suspevts Two
Discharged Employcs of j
Garment Workers' Union
With Issqing Document
The manifesto issued by New York
Bolsheviki demanding tho organization
among the 00,000 waist, and dress mak- j
ers of a soviot system whicli would
revolutionize the industry and place
it in control of thc workers cmanatcd
from a couple of discharged employcs
of the union, according to' Itenjnrnin
Schlessinger, president of the Inter?
national Ladies' Garment Workers'
The document was directed to fellow
workers in the waist and dress in?
dustry, and said: "The time has ar?
rived for workers to break the shacklos
of slavery and organi/.e into workers'
councils." It espouscd the breaking
down of class barriers and asked that
each shop be represented in the coun?
cil by two workers; that in future each
shop be controlled by a committee of
workers; and called the meeting of
delegates this afternoon at 2 o'clock,
nt the Russian People's House, 133
East Fifteenth Street.
"1 addressed a meeting of 2,000 of
the striking members," Mr, Schlessing?
er said yesterday, "and I found that
the women did not know anything
about the Bolshevik plan for starting
a .soviet organization.
"The idea is ho ridiculous that as a
union wc are not considering it sc
"The union has authorized nothing
in the way of an ofticial statement,
and it has not defined a policy regard?
ing this so-called soviet group. Rc
cently we discharged a man who was
employed as an organizer. Wc ga*.o
him two months' extra pay to get ri'l ?
of him. Another man who was a see
retary of a local union also was dis- '
charged. It is probably from those
sources that this Bolshevik propa
ganda has started."
The District Attorney is in posscs
sion of the "manifesto" issued by the
Bolsheviks, and a detail of poliye
will be on hand to prcserve order, and
to make arrests if the meeting to-day
should develop scditious or anarchistic
Organizers of thc "industrial revolu
tion" were not at their headquarters
At the headquarters of thc Amalga
mated Clothing Workers of America
it was xtatcd that no attempt had
been made to serve the manifesto
Counsel Chargow Framc-Up
WHITE I'LAINS, March 21. -All tho
c.tatc's evidence against Miss Annie i
Murphy, co-proprietress of the Yonkers i
Day Nursery, who is on trial charged ''
with culpable negligenco and specific- '
ally with the death of Vincent Jlam
i/i'r, was presented t.o thc jury to-day. '
After .Justice Tompklns ovcrruled a
motion t.o dlsmiss the indictment, !
Thornatt J. O'Neill, of thc defenco, '
contended that Mi?? Murphy and Miss'
Bridgct Flahcrty, also under indlct- I
ment, were tho victima of an attempt !
on the part of officialw to cover their j
own failuro to visit and Inspect such I
institutions as they conducted, regu- !
Jarly. H? also charged that porjury j
had been committed. I
Today on thc Second Floor
New Tailor-Made Suits
for Misses
Duplicates of modch by
Jcrmxi and Lanviri
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These world-famous couturiers
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mades" shown this Spring for the
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Short hox eoat idea, Kussian
blouse, belted and sporls mod?
els, together with most exqui?
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Misses' Fashionable Capes and
Cape Coats
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Toda\j~ln the Sal<s Crcath Enlargcd
Department for Girls?Second Floor
A Very Youthful Cape
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simply uoiulrrful in Us slvling
A new full-sweep cape that is real
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For Cool Spring Days?
Boys' Reefers
Very Special
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garment, in a variety of new
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Mixtures of known dependa
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Tlie Hat Pictured
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collection for Girls
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Fasbioncd of thc j\en>est
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Spring Suits for Women
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ures, wool Jersey,
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Fourth Floor.
?**ks &Q!iim'*a*tt
direct altcntion lo a rare collection oj
Exquisite Dolman Wraps
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Reproductions of costly importations by Jenny. Lan
vin, Bernard and other well known couturiers, exhibiting
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La Vida Cor sets
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La Vida are the best moderate priced corsets made.
The new models for Spring are even more graceful than
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ize the figure and perfect the new silhouette. We are
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At $5 to $15
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Genuine Pink Shell
Cameo Lavallieres
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Five New Styles
seleeted froin 1,000
On Sale at Saks Todav
A smart drooping dress
Hat of Lisere Straw, with
edging of Hair Lace.
Faced with Georgette
Crepe, and trimmed with
Ostrich Plume and Velvet
Ribbon. 5.95.
One of the very new
"Bow" Hats. Made of
Georgette Crepe and Gros
de Londre Silk. Very
youthful. 5.95.
A distinctive small type
sailor, with hand-made
brim. Developed in Lisere
Straw, with Ostrich
Crown and Plume. Faced
with Georgette (Jrcpe. 1.95
A stunning Chin-Chin
Sailor, with transparent
Hair Lace Crown and
st raw* b r i m. Trimmed
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wreath of colorful flowers.
A new plateau Turban
of Lisere Straw, finished
with Silk Ribbon and
Burnt Fancy Feather.
One of the smartest hats
seen this Spring. 5.95.

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