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Bandits Below
6 Dead Line9 Rob
2 Messengers
[Young Woman Cashier Loses
$875 When Men BIom
Powder Into Her Eyes;
Highwayman (iris $3,500
jDarin?: .Amazes Crouds
?Guards Accompanying Aged
(Jerk Arrested, Charged
W itli Hold-Up Conspiracy
Bandits operating below the "dead'
Une" m broad daylight yesterday held
Up two payroll clerks, one of them a
woman, and escaped with $4,375. One
of the robbers was captured by civil?
ians and is said to have confessed to
the police Thus far none of the money
has been recovered.
Michael Dobbens, an aged messenger
employed by the Burns brothers' Coal
Company, was held up by a lone high?
wayman at the point of a revolver in
Cedar Street and a money bag contain
ii 53,500 natched from 'us ha ids be?
fore two guards who accompanied him
knew anything was wrong. The money
ig sem to pay off employes of
the coal concern al Communipaw,
N. J.
.lames O'Neill, of 450 West Sixty
fourth Street, and Thomas .1. Geary, of
800 Willis Avenue, Jersey City, the
guards, were arrested by Detective
jDunn last night and booked at the Old
Slip station. According to the blotter
entry, they are charged with conspiring
?with an unidentified man to cause the
hold-up. Both are employed by the coal
The bandits in the other case threw
powder into the eyes" of Miss Gladys
Cohen, cashier for the Casino Truck?
ing Company, of 155 Watts Street, and
seized $875, which the young; woman
had drawn from the hank to pay the
Ci-sino employes. The screams of the
-?iri attracted the attention of truck
drivers and they chased the thieves.
Aft? r running eif,'ht blocks a man who
pave his nanie as John Simonelli was
capturer! and beaten by the truckmen,
lie was rescued and taken in custody
by Detective Crabuchi,
Makes Escape Katsilj
The b?u o ho attack? d Dobbens
pi ? ? H a revolver against the cheek
< . thi aged messenger, grabbed the
!???? i bag from under Ins ami and
darted ai ro.ss t h? ?I reel a nd made h is
- cape through a building before the
startled victim or the amazed croWd
Could give the alarm.
i h il ns lefl the i ffii r ? of tin* coal
i al 50 l'hti ich Streel a little after
'.' o'cloi'k. H" carrie*?! $3,500 in a linen
bag, wrapped in newspaper, such as is
v-ii] by bank messengers. The man is
employed as a laborer in the Communi?
paw yards and said that he had carried
the payroll from New York every week
for thirtj live years and never lost a
cenl A fter leaving I he II udson Tor
jninal Build <\-? he proceeded through
i)? y Street, to Greenwich, and then
turned into ( oda r.
There wen many pedestrians in the
street, bul little vehicular traffic.
Cearj ? a bookk? epcr. and O'Neill, cash?
ier of the Communipaw yards of the
< o.ii con? ern, walked just ahead of the
I'u enger.
Dobbens told the police the first
thing he knew that anything vas
wrong was when he felt a tug at his
i it, He turned and looked into the
-?\ es of a roughly dre -? ed man.
"Put up your hands quick, or I'll
"-?low your head off," said the thug.
Before the man could obey he t>H
1 ?? payroll snatched from tinder his
arm and saw the bandit dart across
the street, whore he entered the hall
vay of o'o't Cedai Street. Dobbens
shouted the alarm and his guards
j-ushed back. Gear> ran across the
Street to follow the robber, but the
tloor was slammed in his face and
locked. It was ten minutes before a
policeman could be found, according
to the guards, and then the man had
Geary and O'Neill had permits to
j carry revolvers, but explained that
I thoy had stopped carrying them two
I weeks ago. ?
Miss Cohen, as has been her practico
I for months, left the office where she
! is employed at 1 r?r> Watts Street short
I ly after noon for the People's Hank,
I at Canal.?tul Thompson streets. There
I she drew $875 in small bills for the
' payroll an?i started hack? to the office
i of the Casino Company.
When the girl neared the corner of
Watts and Greenwich streets sho no?
ticed several young men loitering; op.
the sidewalk. As she approached the
men stepped back so that she was
forced to walk between them. When
she M'as almost surrounded a man in
the group dashod a handful of white
powder into her eyes and blinded her.
To protect herself she threw up her
hands and shaken by the pain in bu?
eyes, she dropped the pocketbook con?
taining the money.
The girl screamed, as she felt the
pocketbook leave her hands, and a
number of truck drivers standing
ne(ar by rushed over.'She "was groping
about the corner, but managed to tell
them what had happened. The truck?
men saw some mon racing down Green?
wich Street and gave chase. At. Charl
ton and Varick streets they caught, the
man who was rescued by Detective
Crabuchi. Simonelli, who is twenty
one and lives at 246 First Avenue, was
identified by Miss Cohen as one of the
men who was standing on the corner.
At Police Head?iuarters it was said
by the police that Simonelli had con?
fessed his part in the holdup, but de?
clined to give any information that
might lead to the apprehension of
others. The police say he served one
term on Black we ll's Island for picking
Alarmed at the loss of $750.000
worth of negotiable bonds stolen by
messenger boys in the last few months.
Wall Street brokers are considering
plans for transferring the valuable
bonds and securities by safer means.
It was explained that many of the
firms contemplate employing ex-police?
men to carry them.
The police have found no trace of
Leo Julofsky, the seventeen-year-old
messenger employed by Levinson &
Co.. of 62 Broadway, who disappeared
with S11.000 worth of securities Fri?
day. An alarm circular sent out for
the boy stated that 132 Liberty bonds
of the third loan worth $1,000 each
had been taken. The circular gave the
following numbers of the missing
bonds: 336,614 to 336,537 inclusive;
033,696; 079.401 to 079,420 inclusive;
1,562,374 to 1,562,384 inclusive, and
1,562,474 to 1,562,549 inclusive.
The police have abandoned the
theory that a band has been preying
on boys who are intrusted with large
sums of money in Wall Street. The
hundreds of investigators employed by
the insurance companies who ar? in
close touch with the situation in all
parts of the country, however, do be?
lieve that the boys are being psed by
members of a [rang who have a "fence'
in the Middle West.
Eist of Big Losses
In addition to the Levinson com
pany. the following firms have lost
bonds since March:
L. M. Prince _ O. $63,00(
I,. M. Prinr-e & Co. 32,000
Feuchtwanger-?ahn Company . 32,00(
Hartshorne & Rattelle. 25,00(
Columbia Trust -Company. fiS.OOl
Hertzfel.i & Stern. 39,00!
Maclure. .lone- & Reed. lOO.OOl
Strong & Sturgis. 52,00!
Two men who have served time a.
safe robbers were arrested while the.'
were trying to break into a dentist'
safe containing ? 1,500 worth of gold.
The prisoners said they were Harr;
Morgenstein, thirty, of 91 Clintoi
Street, and David Marks, twenty-live
of li?r> East Third Street. They wer
arrested in the dental laboratory o
Edward Schniecr at 5 Avenue B.
sectional jimmy, drills, gloves an
ether paraphernalia of professional
were found in front, of the safe.
tSihlf! Chairs Endowed
Fifty thousand dollars has been give
by Thomas ' W. Synott. of Wenonal
N. J., to the Presbyterian Gener?
Board of Education, it was announce
yesterday, with the proviso that the it
come shall be assigned to those Pre;
byterian colleges which raises sp?cifie
sums for the endowment, of chairs ft
departments of bible and religion. Th
board believes the gift ultimately wi
amount to $1,000,000 additional for th
same purpose.
It was also reported that the boat
had completed plans for a five-yet
campaign to raise a fund of $35,000,01
for Presbyterian colleges and unive
sities. A seventh of this amount is i
be raised the first year by the colleg?
and synods, while $2,000,000 is to I
obtained through the New Era mov
ment budget plan.
?kJHo- JE),
Strauss Tor Shops
i ht Children s^Fairtilartd
was designed by a prac?
tical aeroplane specialist
formerly in the govern?
ment service. It is aero
dynamically correct in
every detail. Will sustain
itself in the air just as
the real aeroplane doe?,
and all its operations
show the mechanical
principles involved in
actual flying;.
Style ?-?-2 planes, 2
propellers, 30"; can fly
1.000 feet.
Special . . $4.50
Birtrtda* Gift
IHH.I S" KOSI'ITAl?All Kiiuls of Rppiurlng?MOnKKATB l'IUCE?
Strauss Toy ShopS
308 Fifth Avenue, Near 32nd Street
lailCIlCS ni |>m?n TERMINAL CONCOURSE ?: Sllor*i
',' e Carry the l.ar?rsl Usortmritt of-Toys Made m the V. S, ,/
Your Country Needs
Your Aid in Making It
100% American
Moving stairways, rnrmm9 ^
basement to fourth flow, save
tomers valuable time and add ^ *
pleasure of shopping in th? ^
Fourteenth Street
Wo t of fifth Avenu?
- ?t- - ; -_
Offers Unusual Opportunities for the Thrifty
in NEW GOODS That Are NOW-in Demand?
Specials Change from Day to Day
Fall Sale Specials
Fall Sale Specials
For Monday and Tuesday
Fall Sale Specials
For Monday and Tuesday
For Monday and Tuesday
Fall Suits
Women's and Misses' new
belted model developed in
broadcloth of splendid qual?
ity and soft, lustrous weave
colors include brown, navy OO *7C
?and black our reg. $45.75.. 00,IO
Women*s Coats
VarioUB new models de?
veloped in kersey cloth and
silvertone semi-lined or
lined throughout best Fall OO 7C?
shades? our reg. $32.74.t?O?i*9
Women's Coats
Full belteo model? with
tucked back, patch pockets
and convertible collar
lined throughout or half
lined colors include brown,
navy, taupe, Oxford and
black also a choice selec?
tion of new mixtures OO 7C
our reg. $39.7-1 . ?fi,?' ' *??
Women's and Misses'
Satin and crepe de chine
models for afternoon ami
smart street wear colors
arc navy, brown, taupe and
black sizes 30 to 4fi and I 1
to IS our reg. $-11.75.
New Serge Dresses
For women and misses,
smartly fashioned, straight
line and coat models some
new novelty vestees
our reg. $22.75 .
No charge for alterations on above.
?Sew Trimmed Hats
Smart dress and tailored
models in iarge, small and
close-fitting effects black
and Fall colors C 7C
our reg. $8.50 . */. i ?/
Ready?*to?Wear Hats
A choice variety of Fall
models in black, navy blue,
and other smart colors
our reg. $4 94 .
Limit 'I
Untrimmed Hats
The season's smartest shapes
in fine quality silk velvet
colors are navy blue, brown,
taupe, purple and black O CC
our reg. $3.74. ?.UU
Limit. 3
Untrimmed Hats
Popular Fall models in large.
?inall and close-fitting effects
black and desirable colon
? our reg. $2.87.
Limit 3
Trimmed free if hats and inatoi ?a
purchased here.
Ostrich Plumes
Also ostrich bands and new
leather fancies in wanted
colors and black 9 10
our reg. $2.95. . _.. 1 U
Limit .1
Hudson Seal Muffs
Melon-shape, silk lined fin-1*?
isli ?d with hand ting ] J QC
our reg. $19,97 . 1*"*'J
Hudson Seal Stoles
Fashionable length finished
with squirrel-trimmed Oft Cft
pockets?our reg. $29.97. . . ?,W,JU
New Scarfs
Nutria capes and smart ani?
mal scarfs, in raccoon or
brown and black fox
our reg. $33.97 and $35.97...
?Sutria ?t Raccoon Muffs
Melon an?! canteen shapes
silk lined finished with
hand ring?our reg. $24.97 10 AC
and $27.97 . IO.UD
Young Men's Suits
Waist seam models in single
and double-breasted effects
also smart sack models
they arc splendidly tailored
in fine woollen materials in
new mixtures and plain
brown, green and oxford -
sizes 32 to 38 chest?
our reg. $29.50.
Limit 3
Boys' Fall Suits
Relted semi-Norfolk and
waist seam models tine
woollen fabrics in medium
and dark fancies excellent,
workmanship?- many have
extra trousers - sizes 0 to
'18 years .our reg. ?$18.50 .. .
Limit 2
Children's Rompers
C-hambray, gingham and gray
flannelette desirable colors
an I patterns sizes 2 to (?
years our reg. $1.48.
Limit 3 \
Boys' Percale Blouses
Good quality percale light
and medium stripes at
tache?! collar.?; sizes 8 to la
years value .9 1 .
Crepe Kimonos
Rap-Ian sleeve model, in
plain, figured or fio wo roil
crepe trimmed with satin
ribbon or organd*, collars
sizes 3fi I?? 11 our reg. $2.17
Striped Voile Blouses
N'cat tailored styles, -,vcj|
made, with convertible collar 1 AQ
our rcg. $1.17 .? 1.U?7
Limit 3
Crepe de Chine Blouses
Smart tailored effects, em?
broidered or with line tucks
and pleats white or flesh
color our reg. $4.97 .
Limit 3
Women's Sweaters
Tuxedo aiidbclted coat mod?
els - popular shades, includ?
ing Navy, Turquoise, Pek?n.
Bull'. American Beauty and
Black our reg. $8.94..
Limit :i
! Heatherhloom Petticoats
Pretty models.* with tucked.
Van Dyke pointed flounces
colors include Emerald,
Brown, Taupe, Navy, Gray 1 (2C
and Black -our reg. $2.34... *'wu
Limit 3
Women's Satin Bloomers
Good quality washable satin.
flesh colored?finished with
hemstitched shirring and
rosebud trimming-?
our reg. $o. 18 .
Limit, 3
fine elope Chemises
Soft, sheer nainsook- pre:
lily trimmed with fancy lac?
or medallions or colore?.
hemstitching our rcg. $1.3?*
Limit 3
Fine Coutil Corsets
NTew Fall model, medium
bust, some with elastic in?
serts white and pink are in?
cluded in the lot sizes IV?
to 30 our reg. $6.00.
Limit 3
MORNING SPECIALS?Monday and Tuesday, Until 1 P. M.
To prevent dealers buying, quantities re stricted. No Mail or Telephone Orders.
$3.75 Madras Curtains.??.4 1
800 pairs figured cream grounds
rosebud (designs, in old rose, blue
$3.93 Silkoline Comfortables.. .2.47
Floral patterns v. HI stitched cot- i
ton filled full size.
$1.97 Fine Twill Serges I ,l?<5
?10-inch all wool taupe. Bur- ;
gundy, prune, myrtle, olive, navy
and black.
28'a ct. Kitchen To-ncling . 1 U
Colored borders.
3.1 rt. Percales .?-,">
Assortment of neat patterns -for
house dresses, coveralls, aprons,
$1.07 Women's I'nderwear.77
Meiium weight high or low neck
short sleeves knee or ankle
length tights regular sizes also'
extra sixes our- regular $1.23.. .1)7
$1.47 Flannelette Dressing
Sacques .t.IS
Various shades of gray belted
models sailor collar sizes 36 to
97 ct. Rompers and Creepers.7 1
Galatea neat stripes- to (3 vears.
$5.91 Bo>s' Fall Coals.4.7.""?
Navy serges sailor collar also
fancy mixtures- belted models
''? to S vrs.
$7.91 Boys' Suits.? ?..%(>
Semi-Norfolk models belted me?
dium and dark fancies- 7 to 17 yrs.
some stout sizes included.
$8.96 Axminster Rugs .6.88
! Sanford & Sons best quality?36x
! 72 richest Orientals and medal
1 Huns slight imperfections.
', 40 ct. Madras
! Assortment
near designs for
general use.
Fine Cretonnes
Yard wide. Oriental, striped,
chintz, Japanese and allovcr
floral effects in about 40 dis?
tinct styles? value .57.
Limit 21 yds.
New Poplin Draperies
50 inches wide, decorative
colorings include old rose,
blue, gold, green, brown.
light, blue, French gray and QA
mulberry value $1.48 '. ?*'"
Limit 12 yds.
Fine Fibre Rugs
9x12 ft. stencilled border
designs in soli?! or chintz
colorings extremely ser?
viceable and good looking 1 1 Q^
value $Hi.97 . 11.3t
Zinc Washboards
Family size, double surface,
reversible fop our ro?. .94..
Curtain Rods
Groove and extension rods
28 to 54 inches our reg. .35.
Molland Shades
6x3 feet, white, ecru ami
green complete with fixt?
ures ? our reg. .85.
Table Oilcloth
I't yards wide, plain :\iit-*
and figured effects, slignlly
imperfect regular value .50
Dust Caps
Plain or laee I rimmed blur'.
pink, rose and white conibi
nation, n\
?on- reg. .10 and .1.."-. ?" /2
Limit t
Stencilled Art Goods
Scarfs, squares and centre?
pieces, various sizes, artisii
cally designed repp and
poplin some finished with
iassc.l or combined with
cretonne -our reg, $1.27.
Limit ?'!
Tooth Brushes
Manufacturers' samples 1?1/
values .15 to .29. ?k?t /2 .
Limit 3
Bleached Muslins
Fine quality 36 inches wide O?
soft finish value .28. ?*?*
Limit 30 yds.
Unbleached Muslins
Heavy quality?61 ?? inches AC
wide,' value .64 . *^u
Limit 30 yds.
Hill Muslin
Bleached, excellent grade for
pillowcases -45 inches wide OA
-value .56 . ?*'?'
Limit 30 yds.
Bleached Sheetings
8-4 our i ig. .79. .58
9-4?our ,-4. .89. .62
10-4 our reg. .98. QJ
Limit 30 yds.
Cheese Cloth
Bleached, absorbent. 36
inches wide -value T;:4 . . . .
Limit one pee.
A. C. A. and other stripes
in large variety
our reg. .63 .
Limit 20 yds.
Sheets and Pillow Cases
At ess than the cost of material per
Pillo? Cases.
42x36 in.Special #35
45x36 m.Special ^3g
5-1x90 in.. . .Special 1.14
63x90 in.Special 1^33
72x90 in.Special 1*47
81x90 in.Special 1^58
9nxim in.Special \'&7
Limit dozen
Marseilles Spreads
Satin finish, choice designs ? O 07
value $5.00 . ?J.OI
Limit 2
Crochet Spreads
Heavy raised designs 1 QA
our reg. $2.47 . l.?/t
Limit 2
Silkoline Comfortables
Full size, winter weight, cot?
ton filled flowered cover- *> CC
ing?our reg. $5.27 . *t,0\f
Limit 3
New Feather Pillows
I Down filled, excellent ticking?
I 22x28 in. -our rog. $4.53. . . 3.07
24x30 in.?our reg. $5.27. . . 3,65
I 2?.\3n in. our reg. $5.97. . 4*40
Limit i
Men's Trousers
Dark striped worsted finish
material of serviceable
weave; sizes 30 to 50 ?
our'reg. $5.00 .
LimiJ. .1
Men's Flannel Shirts
Cray, wool finish, attached
collars; all sizes?
our reg. $2.25.....?
Limit. 3
Men's Fine Shirts
Printed and woven stripes
in solid tones or desirable
combinations of blue, helio,
green, tan, etc.; standard
make well made all sizes
our reg. $1.95 .
Limit 3
Men's Union Suits
.Standard make, tan or gray
ribbed; durable Winter
weight our reg. $2.25.
Limit 3
Men's Gray Wool
Double and single breasted
shirts, also drawers- well
known make all sizes -
oil)- reg. $2.'.15 each.,
Limit 3
Tots' Bloomer Dresses
A variety of styles in plain
ami fancy gingham ami
chambray sizes to 6 years
our reg. $2.47 .
Limit 3
Tots1 Tub Dresses
Empire and belted styles in
chambray and gingham - va?
riety ?it" plain colors and
pretty patterned effect?
sizes to ?? years
our reg. ??t.67 .
Limit 3
Babies' Shirts
Half wool shell finish?sizes 7?
to ?". years our reg. .97. ??*#
Limit 3
Babies' Shoes
Lace or button styles in tan
kid, light flexible soles, plain
toes--sizes 1 to 8?wide O AC
widths- value $3.75 . *?.??/
Limit 3
? Crib Blankets
Pink and blue Jacquard ef?
fects- -also white with blue
or pink border 1 OO
] our reg. $1.67 . I.CO
Limit 2
Wool Mixed Blankets
Full and extra sizes?white
with contrasting borders O A O
our reg. $10.97. .. 0?**<_.
Limit 3
Dornet Flannel
27 inches wide?heavy quai- 9C I
ity?our reg. .32 . '*">
Limit 20 yds.
Misses' and Girls' Middiesl
Fine quality white twilled
jean? attractively finished
with colored trimming
si::es 6 to 18 years -
our reg. $1.48 .
Limit 3
?irls' Crash Dresses
Prettily made with large, be?
coming collars, pockets and
cuffs in contrasting color
sizes 6 to 14 years?
our reg. $2.95 .
Limit 3
Girls' Petticoats
Good quality clear striped
flannelette. finished with
hemstitched ruffle- sizes 4 to
14 years ?our reg. .68.
Limit 3
Children's Underwear
\ Part'wool. shirts with high
! neck and short sleeves, ankle
I length drawers sizes to 4
| years?our reg. .85 .
i Sixes 6 to 10 years-reg. .93..72 i
Larger sizes?reg. $1.12. !S5 !
Limit I sets
Children's Stockings
White cotton, double heel
and toe- sizes 6 to 8'-j
our reg. .35 .
Limi? 3
Babies' Coats
Belted mode's in white cor?
duroy, soft, padded linings ?
sizes to 3 years ?
our reg. $2.97.
Limit 3
Babies' Silk Caps
Daintily tucked and plain
turnbacks finished with lace
ruchings- warmly interlined
sizps 6 mo. to '?'? years -
our reg. 07 ..'.
Limit 3
French Serges
All wool, fine twilled weave,
navy blue and black - 44 1 QA
inches wide--our reg. $2.28.. *?''"
Limit 10 yards
Men's Wear Serge
54 inches wide, all wool?-ex?
cellent quality for suit3 and
dresses?navy blue?? O O A
our reg. $3.97. U.Ut
Limit 10 yards
All Wool Tricotine
Navy blue only, close, firm
diagonal weave, soft finish,
54 inches wide?
our reg. $5.68 .
Limit 10 yards
All Wool Velours
Soft, close, heavy weave, 54
inches wide- full range of
new colors, including navy
blue and black- our reg. $4.97
Limit 10 yards.
Crepe de Chine
40 inches wide, full crop*?
weave - splendid choie?* of
street and evening colors - 1 CC
our reg. $2.25. *.w
Limit 16 yards
New Plaid Taffetas
35 inches wide ?soft chiffon
finish- delightful combina?
tions in light and dark col- 1 CC
orings?our reg. $2.45. *.??/
Limit 16 yards
Dress Ginghams
A good assortment of pat?
terns- subject to slight im?
perfections-- 22
regular value -30. ***"
Limit 15 yards
Outing Flannels
Yard wide -soft, fleecy nap -
pink and blue stripes?excel?
lent for Pajamao, Night
Dresses and Children's Wear,
? our reg. .35 .
Limit 12 yds.
Fancy Lining Poplin
Yard wide, pretty combina?
tions, in wanted colorings,
for suit and coat linings
our reg. $1.72 .
Limit 10 yds.
10-Yard Piece Longcloth
, 10 inches wide?sheer and
dainty, for lingerie and in?
fants wear; 40 inch ? o go
our reg. $4.48 . -5.00
Limit 2 pieces
Hearn's Goodwear Poplin
36 inches wide-noted for its
exceptional durability as :
general utility fabric -
our reg. .70 .
Limit 20 yards
White Linens
Fine grade for costume ami
fancy art work; 35 inches
wide?our reg. $1.27.
Limit 10 yards
Practical quality for dish,
roller and glass use
our reg. .24 .
Limit 20 yards
Bordered Toweling
Heavy, durable quality; also ?ft
glass toweling?our reg. .30. . &U
Limit 20 yards
Linen Damask
Heavy, full bleached qual?
ity; good patterns; 70 inche?
wide?our reg. $^.97.
Limit 10 yards
Damask Table Napkins
Close, durable weave, fully
bleached and mercerized; de?
sirable patterns; 20-inch
our reg. $2.95 doz.
Limit 3 dozen
Madeira Tray Covers
Beautifully hftr.d - embroi?
dered and scalloped in tine or
linen?our reg. .38. .?D
Limit 3
Steel Roller Skates
Extension model- ballbear
our rc-g. $2.6;
Limit 1 pair
iu?- wheels our rc-g. $2.68.
New Buttons
Celluloid and horn buttor.?
in coat, dress and suit sizes
?our reg. .18 to ?4 cd-.
Limit 6 cards y
Women's Knit Union Suits
Medium weight.- low neck,
sleeveless, knee or ankle
length-regular si?e --- 77
, our it;. $1.17 . ?? ?
Extra sizes our reg. $1.27. .87
Limit 3
Huck Towels
Imported Union linea (part
cotton) - hemstitched, with
damask borders?extra la'g? (?i
size -our reg. $1.18. .83
Limit, dozen
Turkish Towels
Hemmed - - white Turkish
stripe borders -convenient te
size-our reg. .24 . ,]((
Limit 2 dozen
Knives and Forks
Fine American steel, com?
b?lo handles set of 12, ??
eluding 6 knives and 6 forks
our reg. $2.75 .
Limit 3 sets
Tablespoons and Forks
Rogers' grade silverplaie-?
popular designs in bright er
; French gray tin: -h
j our reg. :?-i each.
Limit 3 dozen
Wide gibbons
Plain moires, striped taf?
fetas and pre:ty Dresdens ?
full rang?? of colors- in?
cludes na\y blue, and black
- our r"g. .An .
Limit 10 jards
Gold=tilled Bracelets
Prettily engraved size? for
?nisses and children?
our reg. .97.
Limit 3
Mesh Veilings
Smartly designed in sc oil,
motif and shadow effect
navy bhi<-. purple, taupe,
bt??v.?i and black
our reg. .6"< to 97.
Limit 5 yards
New Hand Bags
Envelope and carriage styles
? featuring top an,i
strap handles-black and
wanted colors ?
our reg. $1.38 .
Limit 3
Leather Travel Bags
Exceptionally well made and
durable?leather lined, rein?
forced ends C 01)
our reg. $7.61 .
Limit 1
Women's 2=Clasp Gloves
Fine quality Milanese -ilk.
showing Paris point st tel
ing and contrasting embi
dery ? color? are brown.
gray, navy, tan and black JJ
an 1 white our reg. .85
Limit 3 pair
Colored Silk Umbrellas
A variety of smart styles and C Cj)
colors ?our reg. $7.27.
Limit 2
Marabou Stoles
Full and fluffy, silk lined.
seal brown and black fi.lv
our reg. $8.47 .?
Limit S
Women's Handkerchief
Plain hemstitched border, all _J|
linen?our reg. .14 ea.
'. doz., .63
Limit 3 dozen
Men's Handkerchiefs
Soft finish cambric, lame *
size, plain or colored border ^yj)
-our reg. $1.08 \~? doz.
Special .14 cach
Limit 3 dozen
Fancy Laces
Filet, crochet and cluny pat?
terns-desirable for trim- _
ming lingerie and fancy ^JJ
work?our reg. .20.
Limit 15 >ards
Edgings, insertlngs ?fid ?
bandings?dainty pattern?--- ,J
our reg. 12'/? .
1 ?mit 10 >arri?
Silk Loop Fringe
One-inch wide, desirable co.
ors and black -
our reg. .38 yd. ?
Limit 6 yards
Rosebud Trimming
Daintv combinations ot ^?
plain." m light, blue and p.nK ?J
our reg. .34 yd.?
Coney Fur Trimmings
One-inch wide. b!ack s'-'l g*
! brown, ??vertible a"d lined .50
- our reg. $1.24... ....
Limit 5 vard"
Fancy bcx, cor.talc
sheets and 24 envelope??
white and ?:o':?rad -some .?
v . i tinted bor!-*' ,J<*
our reg. il ? ?.
l.tru.t 3

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