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Dealers Promise
Not to Raise Shoe
Price in 6 Months
Pledge of New York Makers
lo Williams Applies Only
to Standard Kinds and
Not to Luxnry Ontput
The price of shoes of standard makes
will not be advanced by Xew York City
manufacturers this wintcr, and prob?
ably not until next year, accosding to
p.ssurances given yesterday to Federal
Food Administrator Arthur Williams.
l.eading manufacturers and dealers met
Mr. Williams at his otfice. 130 East
Kifteenth Street, having been invited
by him to discuss current reports of
? 50 per cent advance in the shoe price.
The Food Administrator explained
to the shoe nien that to raise the price
without explanation or obvious justifi
eation would arouse the enmity of the
tuiblic against the shoe trade.
Uaymond P. Morse, president of the
Brooklyn Shoe Manufacturers' Associa
tion. declared that any price advance
?vould be deferred until" late summer or
I he following sprinfc He said that costs
were advahcing siightly because man
ufacturers were making their shoes
along pre-war lines, discarding the
subatitutea for tips and lining.
Hides Not Current Factor
The experts told Mr. Williams that
?he cost of hides was not reflected in
thej shoe price unti! six months or niore
had elapsed. They were willing, they
announced. to base their prices for the
next six months on the hide costs at
tho time of manufacture and not the
current quotations.
At the suggestion of Mr. Williams,
they agreed not to advance their prices
next summer, or at any time. until
their reasons were placed before a
commission or an arbitrator.
The shoe industry, if advanced prices
are* asked, would be subject to an in
vestigation similar to that made by
Oscar Straus on the local packing in
dufetry. Mr. Straus's report will be
made public shortly, it was announced.
The promise of a stable shoe price
for six months does not cover the so
cal,led "luxury shoes," the co'nferees
agteed. It was explained to Mr. Will'
iaras that there is a staggering demand
for fancy, expensive shoes and that the
costs of manufacturing them are
mounting rapidly.
'fj iie public does not have to buy
these costly shoes," Mr. Williams said.
"If te >nle with small incomes insist
on the best in footwear they must ac
cc-pt the steady advance in prices. On
thej other hand, those people who are
se.tisfied to wear substantial but not
lujvurious shoes are assured of a steady
price for at least six months.
*'If any purchaser of standard-make
shb:s finds the price advanced, I would
li^e to hear of it."
? Investigatrs Sugar Offer
Mr. Williams telegraphed j^sterday
tojlthe M. P. Leavitt Company, of 113
S'ate Street, Bo:ton, asking for par
ticjplars on an offer of 100-pound bag?
oflfBUgar to New York consumers at
519.50. Mr. Williams inquired in h>.s
nraesge concrning the cost of this
.-t::r to the Leavitt company and the
. ;? ctive profit.
H'i declared th.it he did not want to
? rtivent New Yorkers frcm gcttinp
rrar, but that if each family availed
t?lf or' the B-ston company':- offer the
sugar sunply would quickly disappear.
rie Leavitt company promised, in it3
adjfertisement, to make deliveries di
?? tttly to eon^umers.
jhe avera^e price of sug'ir his
<'' lipi ed beiow 20 cents a pound, Mr.
W]|11:j nis said. He told of one firm
which had reported to him concerning
itr ir.ability to unload sugar here at
!!? cents.
Kylan's Bus "Favors"
Valued atj>12,792,399
<>;nn?el for B. R. T. Compiles
Figivres to Show Handicap
Pnt on T?-olley Lines
Chirles S. W^ody, counsel for the.
Brooklyn Ranid Tr:<nsit Company. yes
tcrrd' y issued a statement in which he
e-.timated that municipal favors to the
Kykn busses now running in Brooklyn
hrve a financinl value of $12.792 399.
Ex'.'mption from taxes and paving
ch-rres alone apgregate a total of $2
'39">.?99, while short haul bonefits, he
::-id, b \sed on what the trolleys cou'.d
earn under the same conditions, have a
ijiormtary value of $<5,000.000.
He itemized as follows what he termed
the "favoritism" shown to the busses, as
against the trolley companies:
CintributlonH for employeea.?2,950,500
FavoritUm in allowlng a 5-cent
far- for a shortpr haul. fi.000.000
Er<-mption from tax"3 and p?rtnB 2.ilJK>,-8t)9
RMIrf from llghtlnu, heating and
removal of snow . 5"0.000
Pbvrm nt fnr arcldcnts . 900.000
^The estimate he admitted was theo
retical. although based on all obtainable
Welcome for Service Men
Members of New York Chapter,
Kn:-hts of Columbus, who saw service
durir.g the war will be given a formal
vsfjcome to-morrow evening at the Al
di'ne Club, 200 Fifth Avenue. M-irgan
.}. O'Brien and the Rev. John J. Wynne,
S. J., will speak. A musical protrfam
has been arranged, including numbers
by Lillian Breton and Thomas Esran.
the Irish tenor.
The TribuK
Weather Report
! Sun rises.. ' :20 a. mJSun sets.. . 4 :18 p. m.
I Moon rise*. 11 :3S p. m.jMoon sets. .10:29 a. m.
l^ral Forecast.?Partly cloudy and warmer
'' to-dav; to-morrow fair; moderate south
j winds, becoming vnnable.
Local Official Record.?The following of
ficial record ahowa temperatures during the
laat twenty-fouv hours in comparison with
: the corresponmng date of last year:
l?20. 1919. | 19l?o. 1919.
;: n. m... -^ 141 3 p. m... 31 28
6 a. m... 24 10! fi p. m... -'9 29
;i a. m..- ?'?? 1 51 :? p. m . . . 28 80
12 noon.- 30 20,10 p. m... 28 30
Highest temperature yesterday, 35 degrees
, (at midnight); lowest. 22 degrees (at 7-SO
ft. m.) : average. l>>t degrees ; average same
1 date a-st year, 20 degrees ; average same date
for tmrty-thrce years, 30 degrees.
8 a. in. . . 59|1 p- m. . . . 51 ;g p_ m_ ,-)6
Barometer Readings
8 a. in 30.2111 p. m.. 30.3118 p. m. . :;o.;i8 !
Ceneral Weather Conditions
WASHINGTON, Jan. 10.?High pressure !
prevails general ly, oxcept north of Lake Su?
perior and in the extreme Southwcst, where j
moderate depressions are centered. The lat- |
ter has been attended by rains and snows in i
New Mexico an?i Arizona. but there was no !
other precipitation of consequence, although
there were light local snows from the
lower lake region eastward and in Montana,
1. Wyoming and southwes?ern Nebraska.
It is much colder from Maryland southward
to northern Florida, and warmer in the up
per lake re?ion. the Mississippi and Mis
souri valteys and the Southwest. In the ex
1 trome West temperatures remain moderately
I low.
j Fair weather will prevail Sunday and Mon
i day in the lake region, the upper Ohio Val- |
j ley and the Atlantic states, while in the I
lower Ohio Valley, Tennessee and the east [
Gulf state? rain is probable Monday, with !
po.-sibly snow north of Tennossee. There
will be no decjded temperature changes be?
fore Monday, when it will be warmer in the
Forecasta for Special Districts.?Eastern
New York-?Partly cloudy and warmer Sun?
day ; Monday. fair. ?
Western Pennsylvania?Fair and slightly
warmer. Sunday : Monday. cloudy.
Western New York?Cloudy and slightly
warmer Sunday: Monday. generally fair.
Southern New F.ngland?Fair and slightly
warmer Sunday ; Monday, fair.
New Jersey, Delawar* ar.d Eastern Penn
?-.yjvania?-Fair and slightiy wacmer Sunday;
Monday, fair.
Going On Tb-day
American Muaeum of Natural History;
a'lmlBston free.
Metropolltan Muaeum of Art; admlsslon
American Museum of Safety; admlsslon
Van Ccrtlandt Park Museum; admlsslon
The Aquarlum; admlsslon free.
Zoological Park; admlsslon free.
Lecture by Professor Harry A. Overstreet
on "Soclal Morali.ty To-day and To
morrow"; CVntral Jewlsh Institute, 125
East Elghty-flfth Street. 3 p. m.
Meeting of the Orthodox and Oonservative j
Congregations and Sisterhoods of Greater
New York, 531 West 123d Street, 10 ;
a. m.
Lecture by Sadaklchi Hartmann on "Has |
Prohibltlon Esthetlc Value?" Greenwich
Village inn. Sherldan Square, 1 p. 1 . |
Address by Dr. Neumann on "The lllusion '
and the Ideal 01" Progress"; Brooklyn j
Soctety fur Ethical Culture 17ti South I
Oxford Street. 11 a. m.
Address by Congressman Albert Johnson
on "Present Day Conditions In America";
Grant Theater, 11 West 116th Street,
10:45 a. m.
Convention of the Hebrew Sheltering Arms
and Iuimigrant Aid Soelety; Lexington
Avenue Opera House, Fifty-flrst Street
and Lexington Avenue.
Address by Dr. S. Park?'sCadman on "World
Problrms To Be Solved in 1920"; Bed?
ford Branch Y. M. C. A., 3:30 p. m.
Servlces of the First Church of Divlne
Science; Waldorf-Astoria, 11 a. m. Sun?
day school In assembly room, 11 a. m.
Conference of the National Assooiation of
the Motion Plcture Industry; Waldorf
Astoria, 2 p. 111.
Coninicnioration servlces of the Columbla
men who died in the service; St. Paul
Chapel, Columbia Unlveralty, 4 p. in.
Jo8ef Adler's musicale; Waldorf-Astoria,
8:15 o'clock.
Sympnony concert: Hotel Blltmore.
Address by Mayer- C. Goldman on "The
Injustice to the Poor in Our Criminal
Courts"; Morris Hlgh School, 166th Street
and Boston Hoad, 8:15 o'clock.
Musical recltal; Temple Manu-El, Forty
third Street and Fifth Avenue, 8:15
Lecture by Everett Dean Martln on "Dewey
and Creative Intelllgence": Manhattan
Trade School, Twenty-aecond Street and
Lexington Avenue, 8:15 o'clock.
?'Npw York's Transportation Problems," by
Travls H. Whttney; public forum P. S.
101 Lexington Avenue and 111th Street.
Organ recltal, by \V. A. Ooldsworthy;
Washington Irving 11. S., Irvlng Place
and Sixteenth Street. 2:30 p. m.
Dance of the Hebrew Day Nursery; Hotel
McAlpin, 2 p. m.
Meeting of the New York Conaumptlve
Relief League; Hotel MrAlpln, 2 p. m.
Address by the Kev. Albert i'arker Fitr.h
on "The Meaning of the Present Crisia
in the Social Order"; Academy of Music,
Brooklyn, 4 p. m.
Lecture by Anna C. Ohandler on "The
Pirefly Land''; Metropolltan Museum of
Art, 3 p. m.
Lecture by Mrs. Herbert Adarns on "The
Ideal iu A:nerlean Sculpture''; Metropol?
ltan Museurn of Art, 4 p. m.
Meeting of the Ray of Sunshine., Chapter
2: Hotel Aslor, 2 p. rn.
Shipping News
Sandy llook .11:51 <
Governor'a Ifcland .12:23 12-35
H( 11 Oate . 2:14 2:33
te Almanac
Vessel Port Departure
Sierra Leone.Huplva.Dec 26
I 'elan'-e.London.Dec 22
Storvjken.Genoa.Dec 12
Fort Wrlght.St. Miehaels ...Dec23
Italla.'libraltar.Dpc 28
Hotham Newton. . . . Swansea.Dec 19
Lake Hurst.Cristobal.Dpc 29
Biran.at. T'ornas .Tan 7
Lake Fresco.Matanzas.Tan 3
Morro Castle.Havana.ran 6
Comus.Now Orleans ...Tan 4
Lake Rpncnn.Norfolk .Tan S
Carollnlan.Cristobal.Dec 2* '
Corning.Tamplco.J-:-- 1
O. C Pallisen.Matanzas.Taj 1
tioa.Bostftn.'* X
Ottar.Jucaro .Tai 1
Due To-day
Philadelphia.Curacao .Dec 27
Cretlc.Naplcs .Dec 32
P. de SatruHtpgui. . Va1' nc.ln ........ .Dea -4
Tongrter.Rouen.Dpc. 27
Ponce.san Juan.Jan. 7
? Due To-morrow
Geo. Washington. .Brest ..Tan 1
Serglne.Pernambuco .Dpc 30
Port llamllton.Bermuda ..Tan 10
Santa Marta.Cristobal .Jan 2
ijan Jacinto.Havana .Jan ' 7
Due Tuesday
Englantler.Antwerp.Dpc 20
Monrnouth.Manchpster .Dec 24
Mexico.Havana .Jan 8
Due Wednettday
Pannonia.Palermo.Dpc :',l
Regina d'ltalia . . .Gibraltar .Jan 3
Munamar.Antilla.lan '<
Kail To-morrow
M?il Vesael
? closes. satls.
Keriiioor, Hamburg ...,10:00 AM 1:00PM
Sail Tucsday
Turrialba, Cristobal ... 7:00 AM i0:80 AM
BALTIMORE, Md. Jan 10?Arrlved:
Strs Marmarot, Boca Grando; Algiers,
Freeport; Kastalia (Br). Giasgow; Cra
thord, Port Tampa; Toka, Rotterdam via
Hallfux; Lord Strathcona (Br), Norfolk: :
Sloterdyk (l)utch). Rotterdam via New
York: Valdarno (Ital), Norfolk; Lake
Frances, Wiynington^N C. I
BOSTON. Jan 10?Arrtved: Str Lake \
Inaha, Norfolk. Sailed: Strs Lake HJnnls, I
Norfolk; Lithopolis, Norfolk; Gloucestpr, j
Norfolk and Baltimore; City. of. Columbus, .
Savannah; Tregllsson. New York: Spartan I
Prince, New York and Philadelphia; Mo- j
hawk. Grassflll.
CHARLESTON. S C, Jan 10?Arrlved:
Str Mohawk. New York; schrs George W
Elsey jr. (from Lisbon). Salled: Strs!
Niceto de Larrlnaga (Br) (from Galveston) i
for Manchester; Gold Springs for Liver- !
pool via Norfolk, Alabat (from Kingstonr) !
for Philadelphia; Roinulus for Port Lobos.
GALVKSTON, Tex, Jan 10?Arrlved: Str
Benbow, Philadelphia. Sailed: Strs Lake
Agomak (January 3), New York; Ansolnia
dc Larrlnaga (Br). Manchester via
Cnarlest'on; Alatno New' York; Yumiir'l.'
Tamplco and Progreso; Dauperata, Llver
pool via Norfolk.
JACKSONVILLE, Jan 10?Arrlved: Strs
Caskata, Savannah.; Bucellum, Tamplco.
Sailed: Strs Araphoe, New York via
Charleston; Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia
(in tow) , schr Mlnas Prince (Br). Havapa.
MARCUS HOOK, Pa, Jan 10?Arrlved:
Strs Kdward L Dohney, Tamplco; Elkrtdge,
New York.
MOBILE. Jan 10?Arrlved: Schrs W J
Patterson. Sierra Leono, South Afrlca; M.
Turner, Cape Town; Margaret G, Queens
town; strs Livingstonla (Br), Gibraltar;
Sucrosa, Matanzas, Cuba. Sailed: Schr
Fleches, Cuba; barges Tulsa, Port Arthur,
Number 6, New Orleana.
NORFOLK, Jan 10?Arrived: Str John
son City, Savannah. Sailed: Strs Morbea
Mendi (Span), Bllboa, Algiers; Westwood,
Newport News; E A Morse, Gibraltar;
Johnson City, Havre; West Galoc, New
port News; Nleuwe Maas (Du), Buenos
Ayres; West Maximus. Llverpool.
PENSACOLA, Fla, Jan 10?Arrived: Str
Belair, New York; schrs Leo Le Blanc
(Br), Havana; J Frank Seavey, Garston.
Sailed: Str Lake Filbert, Chllean ports;
schr Furustrand (Nor), Havana.
PHILADELPHIA, Jan 10?Arrlved: Strs
American Transport (Br), London; Man?
chester Port (Br), Manchester; Rhode isl
and (Br), Giasgow; Massasolt (Br), Smyr
??!v Wjnnebago (Br), Barrow; Llnmore
(Br), Newport News: Eastern Breeze, San
Franclsco; D G Schofleld, San Francisco
at Paulsboro, N J; Eglantlne, Seattle
Olockson, Portland, Ore; Corcoran, Sablne
Lsser,. Boston; Brandon, Everett; Lake
Grencoe, New York; Thelma (Nor), New
York; Vanada, Genoa.
PORT ARTHUR, Tex. Jan 10?Arrive.'.
Strs Lharles Al E. -rest. Philadelphia: Ra
diant. New York. Sailed: Strs Gulfland
Bo^XriL: Col?n(>l Bowle, Tamplco.
,.r?RT EADS. Jan 10?Arrlved: Strs
Harald (Nor), Cienfuegos; Luclline (Br),
ila.i.ax; Rahda. Haytl. Salled: Strs Cos
tillo, Havana via Cuban ports; Frank In
ver (Br), La Pallice, France; Lakewood
Porto Rico; Plsco (Fr), Bordeaux; sch.
Robert H. McCurdy, Bllboa, Spaln.
PORTLAND. Me. Jan 10?Arrived: Strs
Grampian Range (Br), Hull; Bake Orogan
Fowey yla Hallax. Sailed: Strs Domlnion
(Br). Llverpool; Grainton (Br). Avon
mouth: Frleda, Sabine.
PORT TAMPA. Fla. Jan 10?Arrived:
Str Mlaml, Key West. Sailed: Strs Cala
veras, Chrome; Lake Gramit, New Orleans
JSublan (Br) Llverpool via New Orleans
SAVANNAH, Jan 10?Arrlved: Crus Fylgla
(Swede). New York: strs Wilcox. Fernan
dlna; Tritonia (Br), Liverpool; Juniata
Baltimore, and salled for Jacksonvllle.
TAMPA, Fla, Jan 10?Arrived: Schr V
? .^cLaughlln (Br), Sagna la Grandp.
Salled: Schrs Abbe C Stubbs, Sagua la
Grande; peatrlce, Hagua la Grande.
VINEYARD HAVEN. Mass. Jan 10--Ar
rived and sailed: Str Lake St Ctalr Nor?
folk for Portland.
BILBOA, Jan 1.?Sailed: Str Olavarrla
(Span). Now York.
BOMBA.Y. Jan 3.?Arrlved: Str Abron.
New York via Karaehi.
BORDEAUX, Jan 5.? Sailed: Str Ba
bette, Baltimore.
COLOMBO, Jan 5? Arrived: Str Mun
caster Castle (Br), New York for Hong
Str Belchers (Br), New York.
DCNKIRK, Jan 7.?Sailed: Str Ocohee,
New York.
FAYAL, Jan 9.?Arrived: Strs Jacona
New York for Constantlnople; Camillo
(Br). New York. Sailed: Strs Southwest
ern Mlller (Br) (from London), Philadel?
phia: Alsace (Fr), Norfolk.
GIBRALTAR, Jan 6.?Sailed: Str Bo
hisan <from Valencla), Hampton Roads
OLASOOW. Jan 9.?Arrlved: Str C.in
cordla (Br), Baltiinoie.
OREENOCK, Jan 9.?Salled: Str Rath
lin Head (Br), New Orleans; Cushnoc
Hampton Roads; Avondale, New York
LIVERPOOL, Jan 9. ? Arrived: 'strs
Ldisto, Norfolk; Phldias (Br), New York
Salled 9th. strs West Cldara, New York
Andalusla, Philadelphia; 10th, Cedrlc (Bi )
New York.
The Brilliant PUtnist
Has Arranged To Record His Playing
for the
Records will be availabfe shortly.
nfttiltoenw at Thirtq ninth 0t
LONDON. Jan ft.?Arrived: Str Chal
lcnger. New York. '
PAKA, Jan 8?Arrived: Str Zingara
(Brl. .New York.
PLYMOUTH, .ran 9?Arfived: Str Vltru
via (Br). New York.
ROTTEKDAM. J ? " 6 Arrlvell: Str
Suffolk. -New York via Pottland, Erig.
ST NAZA1RE, Jan tf?Arrived: Str City
of Fairbury. Philadelphla.
TRIESTE, Dee 30?Sailed: Str Scho
harie, New York.
PADANG, Dec 30-?Sailed: Str Kari
moen (Du), from Batavia for New York.
PIRAKUS, Dec 30?Arrived: Strs l.ake
Fcrrona, Boston; Jan 1. Salerno (Br), New
ROTTERDAM. Jan 6?Sailed: Strs Yel
lowstone, Wilmlngton. Sequoya (Br),
SH1ELDS, Jan 9?Sailed: Strs Ozaukee,
New York; Lydia, Cuban ports for United
Sail Wednetxluy
Madonna. Maracilles .-12:00.M
Philadelphia, Curacao ...-? 1:00PM
TruiispucihY Mails
The connecting malis ciose at the Gen?
eral Postoffice and City Uall Postoffice
Statlon. New Ycrt-k. at ti p. m., as follows:
Tahiti, Marqueses, Cook Island, New
VCealand and Bpeclally addressel mail for
Australla, via San Francisco, per steaiu
ship Moana, to-day.
Japan, Corea, China, Siam, Siberia,
Cochin Chlna, Netherlands East Indies
and Phillppine Islands via Vancouver,
B. C, per slcatiiship Empresa of Rusala,
January 17.
Singer Sues Husband
Who Is Seeking Divorce
Alma Clayburgh Says Cotton
Importer Owes Her $10,320
Under Separation Pa?*t
Alma Clayburgh, prima "donna so
prano, startcd suit yesterday in the
Supreme Court to rocover $10,320 from
her husband, Albert Clayburgh, cotton
importer and converter.
'Thirt sunr is due her, Mrs. Clayburgh
alleges, under a separation agreement
entered into Octobor 2, 1916, assuring
her $20,000 a vear for herself and
Mr, -Clayburgh started suit for di?
vorce several months ago.
Aid Asked for Hungry Europe
* The Merchants' Association an
nounced yesterday that a memoriul au
thorized by the directors had been for
warded to Congress rcquesting imme
diate action to relieve the starving
peoples of Central Europe, throufjh
the United States Grain Corporation.
The memorial, proposed by Lewis E.
Pierson, of the Irving National Bank,
suggests that Congress appropriate
the funds necessary to establish the
required credits.
Army Orders
Weto Yorfc Tribune
Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON. Jan. 10.?Army orders
issued to-day by the War Department follow:
Johnson, Col. G. A., U. S. A., to Governor's
White. Lieut. Col. A. R., dental corps, to
Surgeon General.
Corcoran, Lieut. Col. J. A.. M. T. C, to
Pittsburgh. Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit,
Grand Rapids, Chicago, St. Louis. In
dinnapolis, JefTersonville. Ind. ; Cincinnati,
Dayton, Columbus. Harrisburg. Middleton,
Pa.. to inspect supplies and equipment.
Haan, Major Gen. W. G., General StalT, to
New York.
Stires, Capt. P. V. R., transport service, to
New Orleans. on Santa Lenora.
Taylor, 2d Lieut. R. E., San. C. to Camp
Sijrnal Corps
Crystal, Lieut. Col. T. L., to G< vernor's Isl?
Palmer, Lieut. Col. R. P., to Cbarleston. S.C.
Autry. 2d Lieut. R. W.. to W. U. T. C, New
York, for instruction.
Quaftermaster Corps
Chamberlairt, Lieut. Col. F. G., to Fort Sam
Houston, Texa,s.
Ant.hony. Capt. M., to Charleston, S. C.
Buliier. Capt. M. G.. to general administra
tive school. Philadelphia.
Partridge, lst Lieut. H. T., to New York.
Hatcher, Lieut, Col. S. S., to Springfleld,
Keller, Capt. F. H., to Rock Island Arsenal.
Field Artillery
Golding. Lieut. Col. J. B., to Dallas.
Kane, Maj. N. E., to Fort Si 11
Andrewson, Capt. W., to Camp Holabird,
Air Service
Miller, Maj. H. J. F., to director air serv
vice, Washington.
Robertson, Maj. W. A., ratcd military avi
Howard, Maj. C. W.. to post field, Fort Sill.
Miller, Col, A. M.. to Fort Riley.
Thayer, Col. A., to Governor's Island.
Gari-, LieTit Col. M. lo Camp Grant.
Littlejohn, Maj. R. McG., to Charleston. S. C.
Schwarzkopf, Capt. H. N., to Fort Bliss.
Following to Fort Riley, Kansas:
Pend'eton.Capt.H.McE Grifrin.lst Lt. C. O.
Thompson, Capt. .1. B. Dockler, lst Lt. C. J.
Peabody, lst Lieut. G. M. jr., promoted to
captain U. S A.
Coast Artillery
Cronkhite, Brig. Gen. A., to chief of Coast
Artillery, Washgton.
Promoted to colonels regular army :
Williams.Lt.Col.J.M. Gilmore, Lt. Col. J.C.ji
Hamilton,, Lt. Col. A.
Johnson, Capt. W. E., to Camp Lewis,
Murphy, Capt. E. A., to Alie/deen, Md.
Haney, lst Lieut. F. G., to Washington.
,\'.l,-;-i |st 1 ieut. T". E,, made permanent.
Pogue, lst Lieut. O. T., made permanent.
A Special
Victrola Offer
At McCreery's
Victrolas Exclusively
The Victrola Combination
Victrola No. 9. 70.00
Cabinet to match.'_ 30.00
One- 12-inch Album. 1.2?
One 10-inch Album. 1.00
Two 10-sn h double-faced
Records (each 85c). 1.70
One 12-inch double-faced Record_ 1.35
One 10-inch Red Seal Record. 1.00
6.C0 as First Pavment,
Balance 6.00 Monthly
James McCreary ?
5th Avenue 34th Street
58th Street, Near Lexington A
1'ifieiiiK Evenliu** 7 to 12
Saturdays. Sunduys and Ilolidays
3? to 12.
US880XS. Indtvidual In- ?5C?
itru-ior . dtDC
Prlvate Lessons any hour.
Telephono Plaza 75
Kvelyn Ilubhell mxl Castle House
' Every Evening
for All Mnlinccs
EXHifllTlON DANCiNG Ev.ry Tuo.doy and Thur.d.y Niiht 5
'$37 MAoisoNAva
Cl \HS l.KM
SONS with
Uidivldonl In
a 'ict'-j" 'or
PR1VATB LESSONS, 10 A. M to \l
P M. without appolntment.
Tel: Circte eao8
Margaret Crawford
14? Wnt 57th Hlreet
Prlvato LcHMotiH i 1 hall hour $1
/ 6 hair hours ?l*n
Exclutin Sdtool for A^nnere!
iatR Fhnd Phyed with Pcp
i YOU U?rn her? tmi are diact aarwto*
Brettoa li.ill,
"Tho Wullaoo.
D?ii iirrtia
ir Dunelnt*.
?? at ??Kt B'vmy,
" 441 W. 113 8L
Gunn, lst Lieut. C. T.. to Aberdeen. Md.
Jobes, lst Lieut. H. M., made permanent.
Lister. Col. R. B., to San Francisco.
Bull, Col. H. T.. to Governor's Island
Palmer, Col. G. G.. to Boston.
Goodale. -Col. G. S., to Charleston. S. C.
Oury. Col. W. H., to Chicago.
McKinley, Col. J. F., to Chicago.
Keller, Col. C, to Chicago.
Williams Col. A. S., to Fort Sam Houston.
T-alls, Col. M., to San Francisco.
,Henry. Lieut. Col. J. B. jr.. to Marfa, Tex.
s c' *" Co1' H' L" to Charleston
Smith. Lieut. Col. I. A., to Chicago.
Hixson, Lieut. Col. A. G.. to Governor's Isl?
Lewis, Lieut. Col. C. R.. to Chicago.
McNamara. Lieut. Cof. W.. to San Francisco.
Jones, Maj. W. G., to Fort Sam Houston.
Schneider. Maj. F. V., to Boston.
Delong, Capt. J. C, to war plans division.
Bingham, Capt. W. G., to Cr.mp Dix.
Billings, Capt. H. C, to Spokane. then to
Portland, Ore.. and San Francisco.
Godfrey. 26 Lieut. C. B., to retiring board,
Fort Sam Houston.
Following promoted to first lieutenants:
Morgan. H. J. jr. Goodyear, M. B.
WilliamB. D. H. Gfaham, W. E. G.
Lippincott, J. R.
Medical Corps
Vreeland, Maj. C. L.. to Fort Terry.
Patterson, P. M.. appointed first lieuten
ant. to procced to surgeon general. Wash?
Following appointed first lieutenants to
proceed to Fort McHenry:
Dovell. C. E. Bu'llard, Hugh M.
Lindberg, D. O. N., appointed first lieu
tenant, to proceed to Fox Hills. Staten
Odell, J. M.. appointed first lieutenant. to
proceed to Letterman General Hospital, San
r rsncisco.
Following appointed first lieutenants, to
proceed to Fort Sheridan:
Kinderman. H. W. Avery. Samuet D '
Smith, Millard F. Casserly, Edw. A.
Murreil. Ralph EHis.
Price, lst Lieut. J.. to Fox- Hills, Staten
Harper, Capt. C. N.. to Walter Reed Gen?
eral Hospital. Takoma Park, D. C.
Lieberman. Capt. J. F., to Denver.
The following appointed first lieutenant*.
U. S. A.:
Tenney. Maj. E. S. Ostrander, lst Lt. F.
, Bell, Cap. L. P. R.
Sevin, Capt. O. R. Callaway, lst fct W.
! Houke, Capt. R. E. O.
IJCnauer, Capt. J. G. Gallagher, lst Lt J.
| Gwynne. Capt. S. C. F.
Holdingsworth, Capt Tilton. lst Lt J. A.
W. Y. Starti, lst Lt I. S.
j Turner, Capt. W. K. Rocho, lst Lt. V. L.
Brackney. Capt E. L.Young. lst Lt F. W.
Pacini. Capt A. J. Prout lst Lt W. S.
Brown. Capt. R. F. Eskew, lst Lt M. H.
Deforest Capt. C. B. Williams, lst Lt J.
Grant, Capt. B. C. N.
! Wilcox. Capt C. A. Dashiell, lst Lt L. E.
Mileau, Capt A. jr. Strong. lst Lt E. R.
Osincup, Capt G. S. Graf. lst Lt C. H.
Bender. Capt. C. A. Remine, lst Lt. W. H.
Holt. Capt R. L. Hayes, Maj. H. J.
Darnall, lst Lt J. R. '
ResUmationa Accepted
Goodlett Capt. J. G.. inf.
Battle. lst Lieut. W., cav.
Billingsly, lst Lieut J. W.. Med. C.
Chatham, 2d Lieut F. W., inf.
Honorably Discharged
Proctor, Major D. A., Dental Corps.
Harris, Major H. P., U. S. A.
Frost, Major C. M.. C. A.
Thibodo, Capt. F. H., Med. C.
McLaughlin. Capt. F., eng.
Becker. Capt. W. R., Air Serv.
Rose. Capt. E. J., Med. C.
Jones, Capt R. R., C. A.
Prosser, lst Lieut J. B., inf.
Holeran. lst Lieut F. R. D.. inf.
Peters. lst Lieut B. J.. Med. C.
Howson, lst Lieut W. S., San. C.
Bixby, lst. Lieut. J. G.. Sig. C.
Tweed, lst Lieut P. T.. Vet C.
Hutson, lst Lieut E. S.. inf.
Cunningham, lst Lieut J. W.t inf.
Baker, lst Lieut W. A., Den. C.
Horner, 2d Lieut R. R, C. A. C.
Wilson, 2d Lieut C. C. Q. M C. ,
Garrette, 2d Lieut B. C. Si?. OL *$*>
Wallace. 2d Lieut R. B., inf. r?9B
Dpbolt. 2d Lieut E. R. ilot T*. a *Vj>
-*?- \
Oil Workers Join A. F. of ?,
200 Rockefeller Union Men Ai*
Now Federation Members
Following published reports ywter*
day of intended strike action by mem*
bers of the "company union" of the
Bayonne plant of the Standard Oit
Corporation of New Jersey, it WB,
learned last night that 200 of the 6,00(1
workers making up the merabershin M
the "union," had affilated themseW
with the American Federation of Labor
at a meeting in Sedlack Hall. Bsyonneli
Friday night. The work of enrollment
is being conducted by William Varanko I
an organizer of the A. F. of L., who i*
trying to win over the entire force to
the labor federation.
Hitherto the employees have seemed
satisfied with the company union oresn
ized by John D. Rockefeller jr., for the
benefit of the plant's workers. Re.l
cently, however, there has been agita'i
tion for increased wages, to indude/
double time for all over eight hoursJ
work a day. f
Bergdoll Tir?* of Idleness
Grover C. Bergdoll, the wetlthv
draft-dodger of Philadelphia, does not*
have to work with the other prisone* J
at Governor's Island. but he is goinc
to and at his own request. He made
the application, he said yesterday be-|
cause the sight of men shovelling'coal
made him envious.
The Store ns closed at S P. M, daMy
1. Alittratt & ffln.
Thirty=fourth Street Thirty ?= fiflh Street
The Mid=Wimiter Reduction Sale of
Fmr Qarmeitits
Fur Muffs aed Neckpieces
will beg-o to-morrow (Monday)
in the Madison Avemume seetion of the Third Floor
Bxiraordflinary Values
are represemited in the prkes qjeoted below
Fur Gannmeinits
Freoclhi Sealhdyed Coeey Coats, reduced to $ 1 50.00, 190.00, 225.00
Mole Coats .... reducedto 275.00,' 323.00,' 375.00
Natural Muskrat Coats . reducedto 225,00, 250.00, 299,0G
H1udsoaSeal(dyed muskrat)Coats, reduced to 275.00,290.00 325.09
NutriaCoats . reduced to 290.00,325.00,350.05
And a miumfoer of Karaku! Coats, reduced to 290.00, 390.00, 525.00
The HIgher=cost Fur Qarmeots
models, off wfaich tflhere 5s but oime off
be included Imi the Sale
at unprecedemted reciuctflomis from ffonnra.
waSS aUso
?T prsces
>22.50 .
25.00, 30.00
38.00, 48
38.00, 48.00
65.00, 85.00
Also an extemisive assortmeot off
Salbles andl Silver Foxes
(perfectly mmatched) at pricestthat, considerinp luality,

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