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Shadow-Proof Petticoats
White Satin Tailored Petticoats with deep hem and one-inch
tuvk flounce. Elastic waist-band. Double-panel front and?back.
9 to
Cimbels New Telephone Number?Pennsylvania 5100
31nd ST _ BRQAmCKY-iz"* SX
9 to
' Pre-Inventory Sale of
Baby Coaches and Go-Carts
Carriages?Reed Pullmans?Perambulators?Go-Carts
of finest makers?one and two of a kind.
?Reductions of 25% to 50%.
January Values Mean Exceptional Economies for All
Diamond Mounted Platinum and
Gold Jewelry in a January Sale
At Savings of 25% to 50%
Rings . . . Brooches . . . La Vallieres
Bar Pins ... Scarf Pins
of exquisite design and expert craftsmanship?which?despite a rising diamond
market and the fact that none of these pieces can be replaced by us to-dav
at anywhere near the prices quoted, are offered by the Jewelry Shop as its "bet
ter value contribution to this January of Wonder-Values in the Gimbel Store.
All Sale Items Are Not Listed BeloTv?From Those
Mentioned?Judge the Splendid Character of This Event.
Rings and La Vallieres
Fancy Platinum Ring
set with 15 diamonds,
Fancy Cluster Ring with
one pearl in centre sur
rounded by rubies and
diamonds, $170.00.
Platinum Ring in fancy
lace effect, mounted with
9 diamonds, $80.00.
Platinum Ring in fancy
oval design; one large dia?
mond and 18 smaller dia?
monds, $160.00.
Platinum and 14 Karat
Gold Ring in rectangular
shape, mounted with 9
diamonds, $115.00.
Bar Pins and Brooches
Platinum Bar Pin in scroll and lace
effect; 1 7 diamonds, $185.00.
Platinum Bar Pin, scroll effect, with
4 diamonds and i sapphire, $130.00.
Platinum and 14 Kt. Gold Bar Pin,
in floral design; 39 diamonds, $200.00.
14 Kt. Green Gold Bar Pin, fancy de?
sign, set with 3 diamonds, $55.00.
Platinum Brooch in oval scroll effect,
set with 9 diamonds, $295.00.
14 Kt. Green Gold and
Platinum La Valliere, in
3 diamond drop effect,
Platinum La Valliere,
in fancy open effect,
mounted with 9 dia?
monds and 2 sapphires,
Men's Rings and Scarf Pins
Solitaire Diamond Ring, 14 karat green
gold, fancy gipsy setting, beautifully
carved, $180.00.
14 Karat Gold Ring, plain Roman
hnish, fancy gipsy style; 3 diamonds, 3
sapphires, 3 rubies, $35.00.
14 Karat Gold Ring, plain polish,
gipsy setting; 1 star sapphire, $47.50.
Horse-shoe Scarf Pin, 14 karat gold
and platinum, 21 diamonds, $90.00.
* * *
Quaint old St. Augustine and the vivid magic of a
Southland day from morn to moonlight;
.in such a setting is displayed
The New Millinpry
for The Southland?for immediate wear m New York_
for later wear by those visiting New York.
PICTURE HATS of lace, of taffeta, of sheer tulle, the
wondrous crowning note of an afternoon costume in The
Sports hats for those who play and those who look on. Fancy a hat
of snowy white eiderdown . . . quilted. Of Batavia straw, em
broidered in a thread tracery. Hats appliqued in patent leather. Hats
of felt.
Hats to wear "en route" . . . and for New York wear a collec
tion just as incomparable.
Created in the Gimbel Workrooms and Assuring Utter Exclusiveness
Roua/t Straw
and Velvet of
Tropical Bluc
Cluster ed ivith
Baby Chrysan
at Close to Half Actual Value; Featuring
A New Paris-Made Blouse ipOal/5
in the delightful "Casaquin" fashion or "Jumper-Blouse"
that is pictured.
In French blue, honey color or rosebud French
voile; the blouse fashioned entirely by hand with such
details as hand-hemstitehings, cordings, and pleats.
Also in Progress?the January Sale of Silverware at Savings of 25% to, 50%.
Countless lovely fashions . . . typically French ... .
utterly indescribable in their dainty originalities of detail and
French voiles, batistes, organdics . . . niarked by such
daintinesses as faggoting, whipped edges, entre deux, bindings
all hand-made with the fine needlework of the French.
Many beautifully embroidered.
Delicate pastel colorings. Plenty in white.
None C. O. D., none exchanged or crediied, none on approval.
Imported .
For Bead Bags, Sautoirs
and Necklaces, and all bead
The most beautiful as
sortment we have
This prcsents as complete a
stock of beads as there is in New
York today?acquired through
the skillful manoeuvring of our
Paris buyers. The craze for bead
work is even greater in Paris
than in America and the beads
are accordtngly diflicult to ob
tain, so .
This Stock Is a Triumph
Colon arrange themselves in most
wonderful shades?
From palest yellow through amber
to the rich tones of brown?
From light blue through king blue
to midnight blue and peacock
From pink through rose to deepest
In greys, greens, lavenders and
The Finiaheil?In pearl, colored Lustre,
Tosca, Egyptian, washable colored
Charlotte, colored Opal, Opera and
In various sizes, including even the fine
A special space is arranged for this
stock and skilled clerks are here to
assist you in your" choice of the
canvat pattern, color combination,
bag frame and bead clasps.
?Main Floor
Seco Silk Underthings at $2.00 to $5.00
Are a Splendid White Sale Attraction
Scco Silk is a new silk and cotton fabric?which unites the luxuriousness
and lustre of the one with the durability and practicaliry of the other. The
Lingerie Shop is showing adorable underthings?"knee-deep" in lace~or en
gagingly simple?of this dainty material. Prices are wonderfully littlc $2.00
to $5.00.
Envelope Chemises
Two styles?with filet top and cir
cuiar cut drawer, $2.00.
?with filet top and wide lace in
sertion at seains and at bottom,
?tailored modcl with hemstitching
and narrow lace?self-shoulder
straps and tiny lace insertions,
$2.95?Gown to match, $5.00.
Step-in Drawers
-of (silk'and cotton) mixtures with
Val. lace and tucks, $2.00.
-with Val. lace edgc, insertion,
cluster tucking and gay little
bow, $2.95.
-oi cotton and silk mixture, with
hemstitched rurHe, $2.50, $3.00.
Replenish Your
Linen Chest!
Here Are the Linens! All
at Savings of 25% to 40%
& ?" ^"
"Gimbels for Linens!" as a Household Slogan has never been
better justified than in this wonderful Value-giving January! Here
are typical economies:
Silk Lingerie in Crepe de Chine,
Georgette, Washable Satin
Gowns, $5.00 to $60.00 Camisoles, $1.00 to $9.35
Chemises, $3.95 to $32.45 Bloomers, $5.00 to $11.55
For Miss 4 to 18--A World of Dainty
Lingerie in the White Sale
Nainsook, Batiste, Crepe, Cambric?in fiesh?or in white.
For Miss 4 to 12 For Miss 14 to 18
500 Odd Hemmed Damask Table?
cloths remaining from a Hotel
Order?h e a v y weight, purc
Irish Linen, 70x70 in., $5.95 ea.
Pure Irish Linen Satin Damask
Cloth 68x68 in., $6.75
Cloth 68x86 in., $8.50
Napkins to matcji,
$8.50 a dozen.
Cowns, $!.50 lo $3.00
Slip-over and open - front
models in 9 styles.
Princess Slips, $1.00 to $4.00
Round and square neck.
"Billie Burkes, $3.00 to $4.00
Empire style; some in con
trasting colors.
Drawers, 55c to $1.50
Knicker and straight styles.
Night Drarvers, $1.50
With drop seat; sizes 2 to 10.
Cowns, $1.50 to$3.00
In slip-over or Empire models
?9 styles.
Envelope Chemises, $1.50 to $2.50
With sthchery ? lace ? em
"Billie Burkes," $3.00 to $4.00
Lace trimmed; smocked.
Princess Slips, $1.50 to $5.00
5 styles.
Drawcrs, 85c lo $2.00
Knicker or straight styles.
Very Fine Irish Linen Hem?
stitched Damask Tablecloths.
Cloth 2x2 Vyds., $12.50
Cloth 2x2|/2 yds.. $15.75
Cloth 2x3 yds., $18.75
Napkins to match, 24x24 in.,
$15.75 a dozen.
Pure Irish Linen Loom Damask,
70 in. wide, $1.69 a yard.
Pure Irish Linen Hemmed Huck
Towels* extraordinary vaiues.
18x36 in., $9.00 a doz.
20x36 in., $10.20 a doz.
Pure Irish Linen Tea, Glass and
Pantry Towels, name "Glass
Cloth" woven on sides in red
or blue, 23x34 in., $7.75 a doz.
Heavy Weight Hemmed Turkish
Bath Towels,
25c and 35c each.
Cotton Huck Towels,
Hemmed, $1.75 to $3.00 a doz.
Hemstitched, $3.00 to $4.?0 a
doz. ,
Heavy Imported Irish Twilled Kitchen Towels
with "Kitchen Rubber" woven through
centre in red or blue. 23x32 inches.
Pure Linen, $9.00 a doz. Linen and Cotton, $6.00 a doz.
1920's First Big Trunk Sale
Wardrobe Trunks Reduced
' At a Special Reduction of 20%
?to reduee quickly "the largest trunk Prices are still advancing; These are re
stock in the city"?these sharp repricings! ductions from REGULAR STOCKS!
Now, then, all early year travelers to
T\ grear opportunity for every reayon: South or West and every one who needs
The best brands. All new and perfect; additional trunks?COME HERE!
Reduced to.$41.50
Reduced to. 49.50
PrloeN Now
Reduced to.$68.80
Reduced to.83.00
FeJcral Tax Alrcady Included
I'rlrfM Now
Reduced to.$54.40
Reduced to. 59.90
Reduced to.102.25
Also?246 Hartmann, Belber, Everwear Trunks, Too!
All Materlatly Reduced
With 24fi of theae wcll-known trunks to choo'sc from, the varicty of styles extensive, and the prices 'way under those prevail
ing until now, thin, too, is a big KavinK chance.
BU&mtr wardrobe trunks, | Full size wardrobe trunks, j Steamer trunks, $15.75 to $25.
?t _, $27.78 >o $38.50 I $41.50 to $52.50 ! Hat trunks, $21.50 to $32.50.
tririte-quarler v.\7.r wardrobe trunk?,
$31.50 l>> $49.50 Dro?8 Trunk?, $14.95 to $25. Shoe trunks, $16.50 each,
While efuantilien are tccmingly large, the reducttons are drastic?so attendancc rvill be BIC. Be on hand Monday.
GIMBELS TRUNK SECTION -Fifth Floor ?nd Subway Balcony?Al.o Extra Spac? on Main Floor
A 75-cents-a-yard Group
in New Wash Goods
Note the extra width of the Ginghams which Gimbels
have just imported; so that it makes a frock less expensive
because it does not take so much goods as is required when
you use a narrower width.
These Lovely Ginghams are in fine
Zephyr quality, and include all sorts of
plaids, broken checks, and novelty-blocks.
Printed French Voiles,
38-in. wide.
More . than 300 deaigns
and styles. Unsurpassed
for richness of color, which
shows light and dark tones.
Fine Organdy, made-in-America,
38-in. wide.
Every wanted shade and
white. So youthful, and
so youth-conferring and so
suitable for dancing school,
confirmation and graduation
-Second Floor
Gimbel School of Dressmaking
opens January 12th, Monday.
$4.00 jor 6 Lessons, / Yi hours each
You work on your own apparel. Enroll?Pattern Depart
ment, Second Floor.
Our Entire Stock
of Fine Fur Coats, Wraps, Trotteur
Coats and Small Furs of Quality
at Drastic Reductions
\ in the
A present investment in furs of this high quality holds induce
* m ments that can hardly be equalled hereafter?in view of the
increased cost of raw furs and good workmanship.
Among the hundreds of other fine
vaiues in this Sale are the following:
French Seal Coats, trotteur length,
large cape collar of se!f fur.\(Jlf $115
French Seal Coats, % length,
large squirrel cape collar.XQIf' $215
French Seal Coats, full length,
with large self collar and cuffs.NOW $225
Natural Mink Coats, trotteur length,
of very fine natural skins.\()lf $425
Moleskin Ccajs, trotteur model,
large self collar and border.\()ll' $265
Nutria Coats, trotteur model,
of fine pelts with self border.NOW $169
Grey Squirrel Coats, trotteur length,
of finest clear skins.NOW $265
Hudson Seal Coats, trotteur model,
of very choicest skins, squirrel trimmed.SOW $275
Hudson Seal Coats, full length,
of specialiy selected skins, self trimmed.\(Jl! $475
Moleskin Long Coats of
beautifully matched skins.\ Oll $425
Caracal Wrap Coats, three-quarter length,
of very fine skins.SOW $295
Hudson Seal Coats, three-quarter
length, with skunk collar and cuffs.NOW $389
Caracal Coats
Full length model
of selected skins,
in beautiful
Now $195
Hudson Seal
large Muffs,
Now $10
Dyed Skunk
Muffs, $22.50
French Seal Coats
three - quartcr
length, with large
collar and cuffs of
Japanese Ko
Now $155
$2.50 Is a Small Price to Pay
for Such Good Style Curtains
They are made of the daintiest sort of Silkoline, and
the quaint ball-fringe
smartens itself with the
same delightf ul color com
bi nations.
// }wu prefer? ?
You can have the same type
of curtain in printed mar
quisette, with he*mstitching
instead of fringed.
At $2.50 Set
Other Curtains Also
at January Savings
This space is totally inade
quate to give you any idea of
the comprchensiveness of the
Upholstery Section; but we
must urge that, you visit it dur
ing January, the month of Sav?
ings; then you will be able to
grasp the generous stocks at -
the little prices.
>Brooklyn9 New Jersey and Long hland Customers Direct to Gimbels via Tubes and Subivays

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