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uar.aclian Farmers
Plaiining to Sweep
Ceoeral Election
Viclory iis Ontario Leads
to Hopes of Capturing Do*
minton (Control; Tarifif
Real Issue, Speaker Says
Tiie tarif? will be the main issue of
the next Canadian general elections,
and T. A. Crcrar, who was Minister of
.?^riculture in Sir Robert Borden's
u'aionist administration, will lead a
United Farmers' party, which will have
direct tajcation as its main plank. This
was the word given yesterday to the
New York Canadian Club by Nelson
Parliamont, of Ameliasburg, Speaker of
?he Ontario Legislature. At the recent
slections in Ontario the United Farm?
ers were retumed to power for the first
time. The new party will establish its
i Iministration next month, when the
~:r&t session openg.
The new Speaker indieated that the
issue of reciprocity between this coun?
try and the TDominion might be raised
?gain. il" "ominion Farmers' party
was able ilicate the success of its
Ontario ^cessor. The Canadian
farmers, who until recently had only
local organir.ations, have consolidated
their enterprises, he said, and are now
organized from coast to coast.
Other Planks Planned
Outside the tariff, he thought the
party'a main planks would be direct
taxation of land vaiues, extension of
agricultural schools and encourage
ment of the "back-to-the-land" move
in his address to the Canadian Club
L "J --'
!?r. Parliament outlined the growth of
j the United Farmers' movement, which.
j he said. had been gradual but greatly
{accelerated by; Canada's war experi
ences. War politics, and particulurly
war expcndltures which were injudi
ciou8, if not actually wastoful, Had
opened the eyes of every Canadian
voter, he declared, and though the ex
periraent of Unionist government, in
troduced following a coalition of the
two principal parties in 1917. had
promised well, it had failed to fulfill
its pledges.
In the West, he continued, the farm?
ers had for years been organized into
a grain grpwers' association, which in
cluded in its membership practically
every farmer in the community. In
Ontario the United Farmers of Ontario
had perfected an organization which
was able at the last provincial elections
to elect forty-five members, and by es
tablishing a working agreement with
the Labor members now controlled the
Education Is Stressed
In order to combat the modern ten
dency on the part of the sons and
daughters. of farmers to withdraw from I
agricultural pursuits and seek the
cities the new Ontario governmeni
plans to establish a system of voca
tional schools, following the lines of \
the Danish schools ?nd thope estab- '
lished in the Middle West of the United
"They will be ?ountry high schools," '
he said, "and their aim will bc not pnly |
the routine education which is now !
available, but to instill into the minds j
and hearts of country boys and girls
a lovc of agriculture. and of nature
and of the country. The public schools
and universities will continue in opera
tion to fit those wh6 so desire for
the various professions; the new
schools will fit them for agriculture
and occupations other than professional
life. Trade and commerce speak for
the glory of the country, but the real
backbone, the stamina of the population
is still found in a contented rural
For Women <& Misses
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ta from models of extreme beauty and
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Oriental Rugs at Special Prices during January

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