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Store Hours
9 to 5:30
We Hll mail and telephone
orders for all merchandise so
long as the quantities last.
Attracbou Are Prkei?QuEty?Serric*
We Sell Dependable Merchandise
at Prices Lower Than Any Other
Store, but for C as h Only
Store Hours
9 to 5:30
The economical women who do their own
dainty sewing will welcome this offering. It
is a good opportunity to buy early and wisely
all xhe fresh, white frills and flounces that
make the sewing of lingerie a delight.
White cambric edgings
in pretty patterns, 3 in.
wide. 13c yd.
White imported nainsook
edges, \yi in. wide and
wide margin blind work,
cambric edgings, 2^ in.
wide. 19c yd.
White imported nainsook
.edgings, 2}^ to 3 in. wide,
in daintily embroidered
designs, with firmly
made edges. 29c yd.
White imported embroid?
ered, ^ longcloth edging,
6}i in. wide, in attractive
Madeira effects. 69c yd.
White imported cambric
edgings, 3 inches wide,
with heavily embroid?
ered edges. 15c yd.
White nainsook edgings,
in large eyelet patterns,
4>< in. wide. 23c yd.
White imported long?
cloth and cambric edges,
3^4 to 8 inches, in care
fully embroidered repro
ductions of Madeira em
broidery. 39c yd.
White Swiss m u s 1 i n
flouncing for children's
dresses, 25 inches wide,
in fioral and eyelet ef?
fects. 98c yd.
White cambric skirting edging, 12 inches
wide. 42c yard
jfi$^&?Second Floor, Centre.
The "Acanthus"-*"??**wn^are
A conservative
and beautiful
pattern of ster*
ling silver flaU
ware at prices
unusualty a t -
10DA V the great cry all over the world is for silver. In conse*
quence of this unprecedented demand for the precious metal,
prices of manufactured silver have not only advanced, but
may mcrease still further.
As a timely offering, the Acanthus pattern in sterling silver flat*
ware represents a really remarkable value. Bought some time
ago at special prices, the pattern was discontinued by the manu
fac.urers, and now our sale prices are decidedly below the market
lhese pteces for this week only.
A partial list follows
Sets of Six
Tea spoons, $5.94
Tea spoons, medium, 6.94
Tea spoons, heavy, 8.94
Dessert spoons, 13.89
Table spoons,
Soup spoons,
Coffee spoons,
Pie servers, $4.49 & $3.49
Cheese servers, 1.98
Butter knives, 3.74
Butter picks, 1.49
Cucumber servers, 3.96
Bouillon spoons, $9.94
Ice cream spoons, 10.89
Orange spoons, 10.89
Oyster forks, 7.94
18.89 Indiv. salad forks, 10.89
13.89 Dessert forks, 13.89
5.94 Dessert forks, heavy, 16.68
Individual pieces
Cold meat forks,
small, $3.96
large, 7.49
Berry spoons, 7.89
Cream ladles, 3.49
Dinner forks, $18.89
Dinner forks, heavy, 21.49
Ramekin forks, * 10.89
Spreaders, small, 9.94
Spreaders, large 12.89
Dinner knives, 14.89
Gravy ladles, $5.94
Jelly spoons, 3.96
Mayonnaise ladles, 1.98
Soup ladles, 14.89
Three-piece carving set, $19.89
j?Main Floor, Front.
Here are some more of those practical and
economically priced items from the
January Sale of
White cotton fabrics
Sheertex Nainsook
for a piece of 10 yds. *
Usually $3.49. Only* 150
pieces at this sale, a soft
quality for women's and
children's lingerie. 36
inches wide.
Crinkled Crepe
39c yd.
Soft crinkly crepe, ex
cellent for undergar
ments; it requires no
ironing. 28 inches wide.
Pure Irish
Handkerchief Linen j
$1.09 yd.
An excellent fabric for
sumraer garments, sheer
and cool. 36 inches wide.
Pajama Clieck
44c yd.
A heavy and durable
quality in the small pin
check pattern. For ath
letic underwear and pa
jamas. 36 inches wide.
White Silk and Cotton Ratine
Specially Priced
98c yard
A soft, rough weave mixture which will be
popular for summer wear because of its well
wearing and well-appearing qualities. 35
inches wide.
White Outins; Flannel
37e yard
A good, heavy weight for nightgowns, petticoats and
children's wear. 27 inches wide.
?Second Floor, Centre?White Cioods Dept.
A Sale of
Velour portiereS
Excellent Quality at a Low Price
$37.50 a Pair
Richly soft and heavy are these velour portieres. There are just 98
pairs, made of highly lustrous material in all the desirable color com
binations. One side is of fancy, striped velour, the other of plain
velour. Others of plain velours on both sides.
/3J#?f3?Fourth Floor, 35th Street, Roar.
for girls and
2 to 6 years old.
69c to $4.74
Were priced $1.19 to $8.74
Velours. vclv-ts, beavers, plush an<J felts?
a!! of a go- ij quality and in the colors most
teccrn.ng lo clitldrea.
Roll Lrims, pckcs, polos aru! tams.
/?;T?-^?Third FIoo?. 35th Street, Re?r
Tailored and fancy. Grosgrain ribbon
bands and streamers trim beavers and
velours; embroidery. flowers and soft
sit:n ribbon trim other styles effectively.
Cold weather linings
Quilted linings for coats, wraps, dressing gowns and
fancy work. Pretty quilting designs of the following
27 inch quilted sateen in white,
light blue, pink, and navy; also
double faced in pink and light
blue. $1.49 yd.
24 inch quilted satin in white, light
blue, pink, red, navy, and brown.
$1.64 yd.
27 inch quilted Jap silk, wool back,
in light blue, gray, tan, and black;
also white with pink and blue fioral
$2.74 yd.
25 inch larhb's wool interlining in
white, quilted on cheese cloth.
79c yd.
48 inch French wool interlining,
white. $1.39 yd.
i?Llninr Dept., Second Floor, Front.
Sweaters for Women
In Slip-on Styles
Three different models, all in fish
tail fancy weaves. Some with round
necks, others finished with a Dutch
collar and a crocheted tie tipped
with balls.
Charmingly fashioned for wear with
blouses and under suits or coat.
Colors: navy, buff, peacock, black,
turquoise, corn, and salmon. Sizes
38 to 44.
jjBjgjyy?TOUrJ Floor, 54th Streot.
Some Special Items From the
January Sale of White
~J{wc/umm CORSETS
Two Models at
The first of white coutil has a low bust, long hip, grad
-d front clasps. Sizes 23 to 33. They are particu
- 'ly ^ood for the well-developed figure.
The other is fashioned in pink broche with a rubber
top. Lightly *>oned.a Sizes 21 to 26. There are only
710 in this lot.
500 Pink Satin Brassieres
WeH-made body of pink satin, trimmed with strong
tmitation Cluny lace. Sizes 36 to 40.
f$MZf&?Thlr4 Floor, aMk tHreet.
Pre-inventory clearance sale
Remnants of
black and colored dress goods
TO illustraie the vaiues in this sale, we mention a few items below. Besides these there are vel
veteens, corduroys, embroidered broadcloth vestings, albatross, nuns* veiling and poiret twill.
They are cut in dress, suit, skirt and coat lengths and lengths suitable for children's and
misses' clothing.
Navy blue and black trico
tine, 54 inches wide; former?
ly priced $6,49; sale price
$4.96 yd.
Black chiffon broadcloth, 54
in. wide; sponged and shrunk;
formerly priced $5.29; sale
price $3.96 yd.
formerly priced $2.79 ; sale price
$2.29 yd.
Navy blue costume serge, Colored French twi!! serges, j All-wool plaids, +0 in. wide;
54 in. wide; formerly pricexl
$3.96; sale price $3.29 yd. -
All-wool' storm serge, navy i
blue, 38 in. wide; formerly
priced $1.98; sale price $1.59.
42 in. wide; formerly priced
$1.98 to $2.29 yd.; sale price
$1.69 yd.
All-wool storm serge, navy
blue, 40 in. wide; formerly
priced $2.19 yd; sale price
$1.79 yd.
Fancy woolen striped mate?
rial for children, 40 in.
wide; formerly priced $1.59;
sale price 98c yd.
Cotton and wool plaids, 36
in. wide; formerly priced 89c;
sale price 66c yd.
Worsted plaids, sponged and
shrunk, 48 in. wide; formerly
priced $3.96; sale price $3.29
Coatings in dark colors, correct
weight for warm coats; for?
merly priced $6.49 and $7.49;
sale price $4.96 yd.
j _ "S?Second Floor, 35th Street, Front.
In the misses' own section
ianese cotton
crepe kimonos
hand embroidered heavily in colors.
girdle belt of the materiai. In
pink, light blue or Copenhagen.
Sizes 6 to 16.
' fflgtSyS,?Third Floor, Centre.
195 girls' coats
special $ X 9? 74 *Pecial
Sizes 10 to 16 Years
They are all-wool, all ,lined
throughout and interlined.
They all have fur collars of sealine,
taupe nutria or coney.
SILVERTONE?Reindeer, henna
and brown.
CORD DE LAINE?Brown, Pekin
blue and henna.
BROADCLOTH ? Navy, brown,
taupe and green.
?txflrf??Third Floor, S?tu Street.
100 Mantel Clocks
which arrived too late for the
holiday season will be placed
on sale at
These clocks were originally
$14.89. Semi-tambour shape, hand
rubbed, mahogany finished cases
and cight-day movements. Strike
the hour and the half hour. 11
inches Jiigh, 14yi inches wide, 5
inch dial wtth convex glass.
fift&S^TS?B'weinent, 84th 8t.. Front.
324 Corfluroy Robes
for Women
(tax 13c)
Reduced from
Three attractive and desirable
models, lined throughout with dot?
ted or flowered mull.
Colors: cora!, light blue, pink, turquoise,
wistaria. Sizes 38 to 44.
ffe!?ZF$?Third Floor, 34th Street, Nrgllgeo Dept.
Embroidered metal laces
at an average of
V3 Less Than Original Prices
Bands, edges and flouncings, all appropriate
and beautiful for evening and party frocks.
Gold and Silver embroidered on black, white
and colored silk net gjounds in the rich, new
and intricate desigtis that this season has
A chance for women who make their own
evening dresses to duplicate imported
models at a very much lower cost!
A limited assortment of
silk nets
98c yard
Fine qualities in street and evening shades. 40 inches
wide. ?
f}$E5F&?Main Floor. 34th street. ( eDtr?

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