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fliimes to Ring
In Music Week
Tliis Af ternoon
Civio Organizations.Schools,
CoOeges, Churchea and
Buelness Houses Join in
Ob^orving Great Fe9tival
Scores of Concerte Daily
National Shfnv at Grand
Ccntral Palace To Be
Center of AH Activities
Xew York will boci:i lo-rtay thc cele
brttion of ."?' isic Week, which promises
to bo ' musical "estival in
?,!.< htst< y
}'?. - - ble agency throujrh which
?. monj can bo ex
' pul in trfotion with a
?, ? : furthe* awakening the city'a
lo? >?? 1 - >' < ivll organizations,
public schi .-. coileges, churchi>3 and
':?-. i ' ? |ofh< d with pro
? fis ancl grand opera
. .;. ing the week ai
cpncerts, song recitals
. - : . ? ? - ? *- thi city has capacity
for. The purpose is to put Now York
ition for( most among
' ' centcrs of the wor'.d.
?'? -...'.. ked Otto H.
h rman of the Com
r I? ? V\ i "Because nover
" ;?' a period when
? ??? . ungei ing more for
<? '?? >;? to stimulate
is to hear it. and be
' of i city-v Ii musical
? :>? : mnnent."
dusic Show at ralace
,< ? tfity for the week
i Ci ntral Palace, where a!
the i ? ? ?? -: at 2 o'clock this
i ? II begin the fifth National
- of the vast
I- tilding have been ctowdn!
? ? Everj musical insti u
? . ;- - ? ? .. . ng foi k l c
the mi - -.'. .> ill be ahown.
The : ' ?" - des a!l makea of phoro
{ ? ichines, player pianos,
orc. ? - violins, h rn , harps and
>riginal owned b>
J hc '. ?? r to the most modern
osting $12,000. Thc com
bin lue of the cxhibits ia $2,
neerts will be given daily in
? th the show. Each of
these ii sniall sound-proof
- ? The vocal music will be fur
w 11 be purely to stimu
'?" publi< taste fo music and
' ; ' <*rei - he u ica! ? rade," said
1VR' -'?'? ? en ; le ~eneral manager.
' '?'?' ir aln ady v as enough
? ip him busy for the ne> t
? v ' ut ! ew orders. Nevcr
tl ? ?????. i -.,.,?-. ?
?ev '???.; v-:';l have a perm mrnt
"s : N'o people in the
'~c flne music than
' i < : ;. The ? ';. tn lble is
ith all the nc< rt hnils
? ? ? there Ia npt nearly
r ? m."
Symphon> Orchrstras Aid
' evcry prominent symphony
tra in the country wili con
he festival. Carnegie Hall,
'?'? , the Brool lyn Academy
? . ? ium of City Col
? n illcr seata of :nu.= ie
.; ." r-;?'?. edul< fillcd with pros
cei Prominent among
-. i '' ? osc given by
1' ?: i : ?: i. I h c
y ?.:, ; ? -? Sym
f N'ow Yi - k wh ch v .
?' for childri n
, ? irty morn
' . :v ; ! ??' ? coi "r :'?
?? th ; i'ternoon of
e follow ;d at night
? "? -;ram. Al!
Ii wevc r. concerts
ublic. These
? ? ;u]ar opera sea
? ? ? ? tan v;: h the Chi
?? u ?? at the L"xingtoi'.
[ . :
tan< ?? '.o rnc profes
Bioi gala music to
leges, schools
Four hui Ired cr irehes have agreed
?'i ' ion of music
" al and organ
ny of th'e churches In
? ??"?'??? . yesterday with
me pastors
ns with talks on
- ic au a religious, ln
i : on,
Columbia ;'r.iv.'r^:ty will center its :
.:; f< r the wi k In a con
: ?-' to be piven a* Carnegie Hali
' ' .?> ? ont will be
? ? Bach' "Christmas
' ' ?? Columbia University
' ? Collegi .. .t .-ive a free
? ??? i ?- imuel A. Baldwin
' ' lo' v... Wedi
Music Prize8 in Schools
publi schools wiil be ;
ofier ol prizes from
??'?'?- r the A Ivance
. ? borough con
will be de- ,
izes for the ;
on I utional value of
irt an, director of i
?n":^ "? the pi tment of h,duca
a ive part in en- '
\ give school room
tin ':.. by pupils.
most advanced
? i I he smal lest tot :
:'? ':'' - '? - ? - will raise his er
'' -? ' lu Ing the, w sek,"
? ? .rerday. "Music
i ?? onlj be re
? J :- ! u I stay revived. No
up'.ifting to th< chlld !
to ci eate bonds
1 . sroom*. There
". -piring event of '
*US'C \ to hear the voices |
?. a" New Vork'--. school children
"nited ? . e grand chorus, if that
?ere pc sible."
'"?"'?'' '- have been made so i
ii hospitala and asylums I
? ' ni in jails will not be neg- !
weted. Severa] opera stars have agreed ;
t0 Sl!1? '?'? these places, so that the joy i
everj one else !
'? : ' ng to unfortunates.
??? ?'?' iciety will join handa
" the gospel that the world
? v so praotical that it can
' ' ? v? ? music. Manv prominent
- vill provfde concerts
?t-the ? :. | our,
Businesa Houses Participate
1 the direction of Mrs. Arthur
"y ; ?? cl a rn an of the MiMc Leaguo
le's Inatitute, concerts will
?* given in high school auditoriUMs,
,-M ^ew ^0I*k Symphony Orchestra
5" |i'e a conoert at the Stuyvesant
^'fh School on Saturday. Baroness
Mtherine Evana Von Klenner, presi
Oent of the -National Opera Club, has
Wrange ! for an afternoon of free grand
'P?a at the Metropolitan Friday.
"tner organizationa which will give {
wheerts include St. Georgo'a L.tudi- I
JJt'na, Thursday; the Chaminade Club,
Wednesday; the New York Euphony
"Ocicty, with Frances Alda as .oloist, i
Cordon &Dilworth
== RBAL ==?
The picture was taken last Wednesday, the day of her marriage.
The ceremony was performed in the Lady Chapel of St. Patrick's Cathe
dral by Father Yarwood, of St. Agnes's Church. Mrs. McGovern was
Miss Katherine Snell. Sho is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Snell,
of 323 Lexington Avenue.
to-clay, and the Daughters of Columbia
at the Hotel McAlpin to-morrow after
nc 11 .
Three thousand employeea of the
Federal Reserve Bank will be glyen mu
9i ? treats, Banks, an elevator works.
;? biscuit manufacturer, an electrical
co .- rn and a large tobatico company
ar among the business houses that
have provided musical progrnms, on the
theory that more musio will mako bet
ter workir.cn.
Elaborate tablcaus descriptivo of the
historical development of mugic will be
shown al J hn Wanamaker's in connec
tion with the store'a daily ooneerts.
Vlusic dancea, 3tage setting and cos
''? ncs v lil be of the prriod depicted by
a ? '..1 !eau.
The Stage Door
Openings to-night are "Trimmed in
Scarlet," at Maxine Elliott's Theater;
"The Night Boat," at the Liberty
Thoater, and "My Goldcn Girl," at the
Nora Bayes Thoater.
The New York Thoater Guild an
nounces that "Th.s Power of Dark
ness" will be withdrawn from the Gar
rick Theater after two more week.?.
Rehearsals have started for "Jane
Clegg," by St, John Ervine, author of
"John Ferguaon."
'"Stand from Under," by William
Anthony McGuire, will he presented
here by G. M. Anderson about Febru
ary 15. Sue MacManamy is in the cast.
Rachel Barton Butier's "Mamma's
Affair" will be moved by Oliver Mo
rosco from the Little Theater to Ahe
Fulton next Monday, to provlde greater
?e>.ting capacity. Rachel Crothers's
"He and She," presented by Lee Shu
bert, will succecd ''Mamma's Affair"
at the Little Theater, opening Febru
ary 12.
Edward Clark has engaged Roy Gor
don and William Halligan for "Little
Miss Charity," his fortheoming pro
Morris Gest anr.ounccs that Gordon
aiwi William i>v/oley will rejoin the
Morris Gest Midnight Whiri next Mon?
day night.
Barney Bernard, who is now playing
the title role in "His Honor Abo Pot
ash" at the Bijou Theater, will cele
brate to-night his 2,000th consecutive
performar.ee of the role of Abe Potash,
which he created aiid which he has
played in four differcnt play.s.
Fay Marbe and Jaek Wilson have
bcen* engaged by Melville Alexandor
for his production of "Lady Kitty Inc."
in which he will star Kitty Gordon.
The Catholio Actors' Guild's 6ixth
annual festival will be held in the
Grorge M. Gohan Theater Sunday eve
ning, February 15. .
Hugo Riesenfeld, director of the
Rivoli and Rialto theaters, has accepted
the invitation of the Philharmonic So
THE arrangement of wares
on tables according to
price tnakes shopping at
Ovington's pleasant and
8imple. Tables are marked at
?$12.50 and $15.00 andeach
table contains unusual values.
*'Th$ Gift Shop of SthAv$."
ciety of New York to conduct at the
nrst presentation of his "Romantic
; Overture" by the Philharmonic Si ciety
at Carnegrie Hall Fridav aftei: m".
' February 6.
William A. Brady snnouneed yester
day that he has accepted for "imme
, diate production "The Red." by Harry
Chapman Ford, a new author. 'On Keb
ruary 10 he will give a trial perform
;a!ice of "The Wedding Ring," by Owen
Davis, at the Plymouth Theater, Bos
ton, an-] on thc following nvening, at
the Lyric Theater, Phi adelph n will
present Jamcs L. Crnne a-! Alico Bi idy
in Opportunity," by John T. GWnn
and Owen Davi<?. flo has also an .? d
with Jes.de Bonstelle to conduct a
Mring of stock companies in large i ties
;>ext summer. Soon to he produced on
Hroadway by Mr. Brady is "Man and
Woman," by Jenjamin F. Glazier and
1i arlos Bonhomme, with Mary N'ash and
Holbrook Blinn. Ahout Mareh 1 the
produrer will go to London to superin
tend the production there of "The Man
V\ ho Came Back."
Three hundred P:iks from Perth Am
boy, N. J., will attend the porfonnance
of "Irene' at the Vanderbilt Theater
to-night in hunor of their fellow to\vn<
? man and Eik, Harry Tierney, who com
posed the music of the p.ay.
Leo Ditrichstein, now appearincc in
; The Purple Mask," at. th- Booth Thea?
ter, has secured the English and kmer
ican nghts of Eugene Brieux's latest
play, "Les Americains Chez Nous"
("The Americans With Us"). Fle will
transiate it.
Fdward Robins, in "The Acquittal " at
the Cohan & Harria Theater. who di
rects a stock company in Toronto dur
ing the summer, has secured piay-A from
GeorKe M. Cohan, David Belasco and
William Ilarris jr. for production by
the Robins Players.
Maeterlinok To Be Honorary
Head of Camp Fire Girlg
Maurice Maeterlinek has agreed to
be honorary vice-president of the
Camp Fire Girls of America, accord
ing to an announcement made yester
day by Lester F, .Scott, national si :re
tary of the organization. He has writ
ten a letter in French to the members
of the society urging them to safe
guard beauty and happiness.
.-.ii. % .
Ruffo and Gall at Hippodrome
Titto Ruffo, barytone, and Yvor o
Gall, soprano. were soloists at th- < ?
eago Opera Company's concerl in the
| Hippodrome last night. Geno Mari
nuzzi condueied the orchestra. There
was a crowded houae and both soloists
were encored repeatedly. Ruffo rendered
selections from the r.pera "Hamlet,"
amonp; Other things, and onc of Gall's
numbers was the aria from "Louise."
!? WWll ROOMS, Inc. f
M X&di^ 5-7 East 59th St. 1
9 ^fcSsS^ (Nenr 5th Ave.) gj
gj Kdwiird V. O'ReUly, Auctloneer.
ig A Collection of
1 Importaut Examples of the g
i it French, English, italian and H
! H American Schools
By order of
of Yonkcrs, N. Y.
Also by ord?r of
Mr. Wilbur F. Wakeman 1
of thN city II
The followingr are some of
tho artists represented: H
Corot, Troyon, Von Bremen, j|
Gerome, Dupre, Vibert, In- I:
neas, Ryder, Martin, Twacht- S
man, Rangar, etc, etc. ^
Friday &. Sat'day Afternoons, ?
Feb. 6 & 7, at 3 P. M. each day |
CatolOKue on AppUratien. ??
Telepnone Flasa 8441. fl
On the Screen
Wallace Rek! Puts Aclion Into
"Douhle Speed," Feature
Picture al ihe Rivoli
By lshbcl M. Ross
Wallace Reid and Theodore Roberta
aupply spoed and humor nud Wanda
Hawley feminine good looka in the
Paramount-Artcraft picture "Double
Speed," shown at tho Rivoli Theater
thia week, The action is s,> swift that
it makea one dizzy. And no one has a
chance to be bored. If Wal ace Reid
were to find a part that auited him bet
tor than that of Speed Carr he would
literally have to U"> in "dpuble high ' all
t he time.
Ilo is as attractive aa ever to tho
mat ince gii \t, who idoli - I he handaome
Wallace. He weara a chauffeur's livery
that is nvucfi more impressive than that
of an admiral of thi navj i; is s<> ir
rcsiatible, plua hja smilc, that, Sallie
McPhcraon iWamln Hawley) promises
to marry him whi 1- itie st ill ai umea
him to be her chauffcur. Thia, of
',i;'. so, has I ap| m d in real Ufe as
well as in the "movies," hut lest any
one should si "??!? from the deprenaing
< ffecta of an; i climnx, * vervi h ing , . ? >
arranged that in I he |a : ;c< ne he
turna out to be a rich young million
aire mnsquerading
j Wallace pn ? - i crl of the t imc v an
dering 'round in quitc tl ? mo I reti h
1 ing pajamas one has scon on t
,11" ia reduced ! i exl ibiting i hi m? w cn
; threo hobi i .-, ;? ? ?, him oJ , \ i r; I hii
po8seS3( . n his watch ' n d, i f
? courae, Lhe | ijama :. Thiw u hili
| he is on i he way from ' ? v ', ork 11
Loa Angeles For a pei ???' h, ia ,.
In bo himsell iVlti ?-? thi r he ia a mai:
o parts in "D iuI '??? Sp< ed."
Whcn he : in int > a "tin 1
full of count ry bumpk ns atill in his
pajamas he stii ' ? heart of poor
Zubie Ann, whi mirua a fro tooth
bt . who cherishe; . rom ntic intereai
ic him fi r the balai ce of hi
By and by, ifter sun Iry id
h'c arrivca at Lo Angeh. and pi.cl -
; t n "put crimson toucnes i i the .? ?' ?:.
West." He is a apct cl dcmon, and i r
a car as exli ilarat ingly as the i o'os
I sional racer. Ko um ui defi and hi . I
, he does it, for mo I i I the time hi
making ardent love to Sallie. He Ia n
? veritable cupid al the wheel.
Wallace choos : the busieal street
crosaing in Los \.ngeles to propose to
tho girl and kisses her right the ?:? ai d
then, daring to ho ardent under -,.?
eye of ai indignant I n ffic ofl cer. Most
of the thrills in the picture are as ?u
ciated with ?. ?? ra :er hi h, in the '
words of Sall e, "ia of t he divine it
color, nlthough she hasn'f th' lej : -
what make." Firat she gets ci ? :
in it and finally she gots married
in it while it rushea along al a killing
paco with the bridegroom at the wheel
and detectivea hoi in pursuit.
It is all thoroughly irrational, but
most amuaing. There is ginger in tho
action and punch in the capti ?"
Theodore Roberta as John Oj
"Speed's" uncle, breaka all Rob rt n
records by appearing withoul his cigar
lie is as chesty and choleric as usual,
although he does not have h sl ?
part. Tully Marshall has I > plaj the
difficult role of Sally'a fat hei
bclievi ? "Speed" to be a bona I de
cl lufftur and not at all a lit match
for his daughter.
The atory is by ,1. Sl ewarl Wood
hou ? Th ' scenario was vritt en by
Clara G. Keni ly. !? . directed bj
Sam V (
i arlic Cl | ia shown in one of
his famous old-ti mi pictu res, "A
Burlesque oi < . men."
The musica! ?? ran
el ib irati t;.?- w ? -
"March IX. :? , ? '
Professor Be I
Andorsen, a soprano, . '. Sudwarth
Frazier, a tenor, ng "ln thi i
ing, as; ?' I ' a ch : : of ? mien':
foices The; are in ai i I
? ? lhal givea a nt tal turn
? o ? hei - song The A \ pro .
ing piano plays Rul ! ii lirsl
movem mt coni rto in 1) minot
parl '. i?'-.
o .
Rialto i$e;,rii)?. '"'Miisic Wrck"
With Elaborate Program
Rialto Theater 'Ii we ; I
extent that the pictoi | t of ?;
program arouses s intei
m usical The Ji <? ?? the econd ai I
of "A'ida" : - ung by Uma D i, Mme
Pascova, Fd r lo Albano n i Daniel
Denl i . ? ? - ' i ?! ; v .. ? < ? , - 1 ,venl y.
i ? i is an i ;V. ? ?? ? fctinp
John Priest ; ' R bin
from "Feramors" on the organ Sascha
Fideiman, 1 violinist, ] ,;,
sohn'a concerto ln I
Suspiciou ?'.:?? are I I to see
the feature i ? ? ; i. . t! i .. rhem 11
Ince pr id n .. i al led " \l. hal' You f
Husband Hoing?" It i the kind tl at
poi nt s a moral, and ; would he hope
io -... smug ?' it were not so fum y.
The moral, which may be disputed, is
to pay ii" attention to what one's hus?
band is doing and to overlook any in
clination hi n ly show to bo nice to
wivea of otl i r men.
The two wives who begin to pry in
this particular casc gel themselvea,
their husbands and a lot of othi v inno
cent persons into a disagreeable meas,
and : nish in court. It is a picture with
weak spol s and some fool ish and un
justifiable situations. George V. Hobart
wrote th ? story. I loug ? M acl .ean i ?;
; ,.. ::
-- **??-.,??
? ^' i
SOc ?nd TOu L
? l.Bd u
Hv? fclovaa 8 Cornti k LU\CHE&;<
M.ulwo A?. ** iiid St ? fEA DliMhER
Z* WEST 43rd St. N?w MAI>AK?ment
tmtKK.N * M) WAllii D1NKER!?,
7Ac/ ?^"i-^juc ?^?
' ?; ? !t i... ?. - in .... ,. . ?
WwEzEJiiijfokt t-uraee in //>> '7/ean
"Ui^L?i-K IVvO i-LA
16 East
A Ia Carte?Hi-iae C'
Mction pictures i
Hour* 11.2
The out-oi-the ordinary placej of ^
trc! food pecuiia: to vaneu tastei i
?ndcr "Enthantiig Tea Rooms"
Wi?Laesd?yMa* Saiuro.j
one of the unfortunate husbanda nnd
Walter Hier. is the other. Doria j?ay
pllftea things by cooing iHto the (udg?'B
ear? uiu.l he forgetfl to mete out justico
to the matnmoniBl culprits broughfrbe
tore nim. b
Two young wlvea start trouble brew
ng when they begin to auapect their
terest in nrctty young divorcees. The
naughty husbanda decide to havo a
lark about It, but they let themselves
: in for morc than they eXpect. Jealouay
threatena to nreak up three happ'y
I hornea. Dons May's portrayal of the
state of mmd of a drunken woman is a
clever bit of acting. -It. is one of those
picturcs where every one is at eross
j purposes, and there are endless mis
; understandings which seem childish to
i i he avcragu onlooker.
Mr. and Mra. Carter Do Haven ap
poar in a delightful domestic comedv
; Exeess Baggage." It. has to do with
! iz : and other kinds of music, and ia
? >rt of thing that mighi occur in
i nny one s homp.
Will Rogers Entertains in
Bilndons Film at the Strand
Why didn't som( one think of Will
Rogers' scheme before the Eighteenth
Amendment was passed? They mighl
still be serving real "tonic" across the
.??ny instead of "Oh Boy" apple
juice and various other delcctable, but
i mild concoction j if this brilliant 'pcr
n h id made his or her appearance.
'Water, Wator Everywhore," -,r.
which Will Rogers, with his attractive
i - -' and dry humor, is playlng
' ? ?'' raud, sei ma inevitable in
?'' di ; ? through the efForts of the
Bittingor and her fomale con
I ederates, who have vowed to banioh
? i: ? until Wih Rogers, Biliy Fortune
' ' creon, attacks them in a vul
11 '? blc 3pot. Firat he attempta to
o the rnueh-married widow in ordcr
" dampcn the ardor of her campaign
by n new attack on her heart. 11 al
mosti works until she says. "Billy,
you and I will fight to make Redeye
dry." and Billy'a near romance
? B y's brothers in John Barleycorn,
igh Billy shows that he can take
' or leavc it, convene in the Hell's
Bell saloon, the men's club of the
town, to tako counsel, He outlines a
plan to strikc at the core of their
femininity and ( a week later thn
s;.ioon is transformed into a soda par
lor. rnstead of bartenders there nre
: i etty -'. litresi es from the big town
and husbands who never have cfossed
' ? i len's club threshold before are
ted among its besi customers. Here
:; the problem for the wives: whether
;' bettcr to make Redeye dry and
lo ?? their men to the "hussies," or
whether it. is wiser to keep Redeye
wet and to hold their men. This is
what Billy predicted and results fol
low quickly. Soda water is banisho.d,
wa trcsaes pnek up and leave, and
"She-Bear" whisky is put back on i,he
F b 'tune is no amateur med
rllei in humati affairs. He achieves
th- i-egencration of his best friend,
: i Mi rgan, who is going stead'ly
down ; rade, leaving a tn.il of i mpty
" ? ; he makes him wo/thy of Hope
:, who loves Moi^sui.' but will
aari y h im until he haa foughl u
thi irink habit. This does Billy do
i uti I i great love for Hope hin -
But hi does it because he hold
n for Hone's happincss highcr
' in own interests Martha,
' - younger istcr, is entnesh d by
idvan :e of the temperance agi
vho receives his dry literature
tl tough the mails in bottles. I(e at
to run off with her. She falls
? n h r horse near the rapid? an i
ci rried to the rocks by the swift
?n ;.:. but Billy is close behind and
"-? ? i v.
.'?? ? Billy, the self-sacrificing, bi^
? ? ? ? I i owboy, Will Rogers i i not a
mat im ? idol, but he e> nre ? ses tensc
i, not like a .Tane '' >wl, bul n
tive ? ? mes with his favorite
l ??? e. t >f cour ? ?? his ability on horse
- nol orgot, < n and he '< g ven
i en1 of opp irt unity to exhibit it.
v d oni c doe i he s ving the las ;<>. ! n
tl iporting cast Irene Rich, as Hope
her; VVa-de Boteler, as B. n
Morgan, and Marguerite Livingston, as
Martha Beecher, were exeellent.
( thcr pictures at the Strand this
k an : "The Call Loan," an O.
Henrj story; "Moosing Through Kip
v a," h scenic picture, the Strand
o ical R view and a comedy cartoon.
Thi orchestru plays the "Rienzi" over
? re by Wagner, the Strand Male Trio
lings "Round the Camp Fire," Amanda
Brown, ?oprano, sings the "Mad Scene"
':: ?!.ia,t,\" and the organists play
U .' I's "Largo."
Etrnan, Eaton and Zanelli on
Metropolitan (loncrrl Bill
Mischa Elman played the Lado Sym
Espagnole, the Wagner-Wil
helm "Siegfried" paraphrase and
Weiniawski's "Souvenir de Moscow"
al Ia : night's concert at the Metro?
politan Opera House. Mme. Eaton
and Mr. Zanelli sang and Richard
Hageman directed the orchestra.
Cluhwomen to Mcet Saturday
The National P'ederation of Busines3
an.l Professional Women's Club will
hold its semi-annual convention at the
Hotel Biltmore, next Saturday raorn
in ? Delegates representing more thyin
! 1,000 women will attend.
" <> ? ? ??? ? ? ?. ' ? f ??.'.??'? '?*"?.?' . ?
Si WEsx S7TH ST. Phon* Or?et?y ?r,??
Ptione ^rurray Hlll 3?*?
'..?;., i??n a0.'; Dlnner 75c: Tfa 40c. TO
NfGHT?Chtcken and Waffle Dtnner, 11.
j BEST MNNER IS S. T. SI. Allnj N'o'-.un
r^ Aiwi fnltoiiTWCA'Caretena^
^?* us ruLTON srwr.n "*
39th St.
jokin??Prompt Service
of France ?hown.
10 to 2.30.
16 East 43rd Streel
\e.xt to Hotel Manhattan
>poii Dinner
lew York, where unique "taioipatr*
invit* tht ditcriiainatiDg, will appear
in Ib? Tnbune eacb Moaday,
Miss Rosa Ponselle Sings
At Philharmonic Concert
Metropolitan Soprano, A*-isting
Orcheslra, Is in Admi
rnble Voiee
Miss Rosa Ponselle wan the assist
ing artiat at yesterday afternoon's con
I cert of the Philharmonic Orchestra at
Carnegie Hall. The Metropolitan so
prano sang two numbers, Margarita's
Soliloquy from Boito's "Mefigtofele"
and "Ocean, Thou Mighty Monater,"
i from Oberon. Tho latter nurnber she
I had sung only two nighu before at
the Metropolitan, and her singing of
| it ia well known. She was in admi
j rable voice yesterday, yet the Boito
Soliloquy must have given her admirers
cause for pause. Here is one of the
great voices of the age unable to do
justice to the air, simply because her
vocal art is unripe and crude. Her
upper register Is still of a strident
timbre. which compares ill with the
warmth and richness of her medium,
while her breath support and her
phraaing both left mtich to be dosir>-d.
Misa PortBelle'8 rise has been that of a
meteor, but it is to be hoped that the
simile will not be continucd. Metoors
do not become lixed stars. Mph Pon?
selle needs careful vocal instruction
;and ahe needa it badly.
Besides awompanying the soloist, Mr
Stransky led the orchestra in a aomc
t lisHesa manner in the Dvorak
iSymphony No. 3 and also in the
rachaikowaky "Francesca di Rimlni"
fantasia and in Chabrier's "Eapafia."
Fixed for INoxt Week
Other Operas Chosen Inrlude
"Carmen," "La Boheme"
and "Btue Bird"
_ rhcre will be a spocial matlnec per
; formance of "Aida" a week from
| Thursday at the Metropolitan Opera
Houae, it was announced yeaterday
Mmes. Muzio, Matzenauer and Tiffany
, and Messrs. Crimi, Amato, Martino
d Angelo and Audisio will sin<r. Miss
Rudolph will danee. Mr. Moranzoni
' will conduct. Other opcraa next week
will be:
"Samaon et Dalila" Monday eventng
( with Mmes. Matzenauer and Messrs
Caruao, Whitehill, Mardones, Ananian",
; Reschiglian, Audisio and Dua. Miss
Ogden will dance. Mr. Wolff will
; conduct.
"Carmen" Wedneaday evening with
Mmes. Farrar. Sundeliua, Mellish and
Fornia and Measrs. Martlnelli, Couzi
nou, Rothier, Ananian. Dua and
Laurenti. Misa Galli and Mr. Bon
: figlio will dance. Mr. Wolff will
"Marta" Thursday evening with Mmes.
! Barrientos and Perirti and Measrs.
Caruso, de Luca, Malateata, Reschig
,:. and Laurenti. Mr. Bodanzky will
i . duct.
"La Boheme," Friday evening, witfi
Mme3. Alda and Sparkea and Measrs.
Harrold, Scotti, de Sogurola, Didur,
Mi latesta, Ananian, Audisio and Re
scl iglian. Mr. Papi will Conduct.
, "Xaza" Saturday afternoon sun-< by
Mmea. Farrar, Froward Arden, Ingram
and Egener and Miss Qulntina and
Measrs. Crimi, Amato, Picco, Ananian,
i Malatesta, Bada, Paltrinieri, Audisio,
: d Angelo and Laurenti. Mr. Moranzoni
will conduct.
: _ "The Blue Bird" will be aung on
Saturday evening at popular prices.
the cast will include Mmes. Delaunois,
E -. Gordon, Perini, Easton, Romaine,
Wi Hish, Kellogg, Egener, Farnam,
; A> nan, \ osari, Tiffany, Ingram. Berat,
Ai en and Marsh and Messra. Couzi
? i, Rothier, Ananian, Dua, Bada and
i Laurenti, Mr. Wolff will conduct.
Priceless Manuscripts,
Stolesi in Pari*, Found
! \RIS, Feb. 1.?Many priceless man
uscripts, stolen recently from a car on
the railway line betAveen Dijon and
: Meaux, including the two volumes of
thi famous poem "Roman de la Rose,"
!" .?< been recovered and are now safi !y
di loaited with the court regiatrar at
i itillon-sur-Seine. The poem was
the first work of modern French litera
ture to blosaom out of the language of
' the Middle Ages.
An cmployce of the railroad found a
volume of the poem in his gar
d ;. which is separated from the rail
track by a hedge, but attached no
, importance to the iind until he read of
the loss of "Roman de la Rose." He
i then made a search of the neighborhood
ti tound two cases of manuscripts in
a clump of trecs a short distance from
the tracks and another volume of the
j poem. They had suffered somewhat
' from humidity, but were not seriously
damaged. The wooden cases in which
the manuscripts were found p'rcviously
had been used for preserved food, and
it is belicved the robbcrs who took
thcm frorn the car prcsumed they were
stealing food.
Kreisler Heard in Conrrrt
Noted Violinist Plays Superbly
at Aeolian Hall Musical
One of the most pleasant featurea
of the present musical season is the
return to the concert atage of Fritz
Kreisler, who has already made sev
eral appearances. Yesterday afternoon
that admirable artiat played Tschat
I kowsky's violin concerto superbly with
the New York Symphony Orche.stra at
j Aeolian Hall. There' was a novelty on
j the program?Louis Aubert's "Haba
j nera," inspired by a poem of Charlos
j Baudelaire, beginning with the lines,
> "Let me breathe the perfume of thy
, iresses."
I M. Aubert's opcra, "La Foret Bleue"
! was a failure when it waa produeed
! by the Boston Opera Company a few
j years ago, when the composor himsclf
: crnducted. The piece heard yeaterday,
' while it ia ear-tickling with the exotic
coloring of the modern French school,
j ia not likely to bring liim more lasting
J fame. The symphony was Brahams's
! N"o. 4 in E minor.
I ?-.
Barnard Fund Aids Named
Mr8. Gharles Cary Runisey Ap
po!nte<l Vice-Chainhan
Mrs. George McAneny, chairman of
' the organlzatlon committee for the
$",00,00(1 which Barnard College hopea
to raise to increase salaries of the
; faculty, has chosen Mrs. Charles Cary
' Rurn?iry, a trustee of the college and
ja graduate i'; the elass o 1905, as
j vice-chairman. Miss Mabe! Parsons,
'95, will be secretary, Mrs. Israel
Straus, '00. will serve as executive
i secretary and George A. Plimpton,
, treasurer of Barnard and a tr istce
since the foundation of the college in
18H9, will act as treasurer.
If the undergraduates and alumnae
of Barnard are able to raisc $500,000,
the general education board will give
the institution $200,000. ln addition,
$100,000 more has been provisionally
Going Ou To-day
Metropolitan Museum of Ar:. Admlssion
25 --ents.
Amerlcan Muaeum o? Natural History.
Adnilsaion fr- ?.
Arnprfcarr Museum of Safety. Admlssion
25 cent*.
A'an Cortlandt Jluipum. Admlaslon 25
Th? Aquarium, Admisston free.
Zoological Pnrk. Admisalon free.
Sorial and luncheon, Sorosls, Waldorf
Astor'.a. 10 H. m.
Meetlng <if th<> Overaeaa Company Wal
dorf-Astoria, 10 a. m.
Lecture by Professor Charlea Zueblin on
"Exploltatlon?Ulyseea a. Grant," Car
i gie Hall, ii a. m.
Hunter College Hlstorleal Exhibit. New
? ork Publlc Llbra : . 1' ? ???. - .-..?,,
btri ??' and l-'ifth Avenu?\ . | ? ??'
Meetlng of the An ? can C mmi rcia]
a ,Boi '-.i lon to promoti trade with Rus
sia, Hotol Knickerbocki 11 .< >n
'?????? '?'?? by Dr En >' .-.?. on "The Art o:
Poetry in the Rlble," Temple Emai i
Bl, Eorty-thlrd Sircet and Kifth Ave
nue, mornlng,
Address hy Dr. Henry R Ri )i "Theo
dore Roose^ elt. the Real Kn\ ?:??. an
Amerlcan Fnstitute of '. [ - . ?
York, 29 AVest Thtrty-nlnlh Btre l B '"
p. in.
ninncr to Medill McCormlck bv the Young
IW'Ubliran Club of New York, Hon-1
i ommodore,
Addrnss by a. Rupert Lesch on "The
iath of Power," Geneological Hall 226
West Hfty-eighth Street, S p. m.
Meetlng of the Women'a Trade Unlon
r>eague, 7 East Eiftcenth Street R p. m
Concert and darrce of the New York
Euphony Society, Waldorf-Aatoria, S
1> n?.
Meeting of the Eirst Chureh of Divlm
Science, Waido-f-Aatoria, R p. m.
\ Ireaa bv Sir Ollver Lodge on "Th' i ?????
Uny of Man." Carnegie Hall, - o ; ??
"New Education for the Amerlcan Family "
by Lucia Ames Mead. VVaBhinBton Irvi'n's
Il:ch Schnol, Irvlng Placi ?:-; Sixteontb
Street. Bpecial War Dcpartmenl molioil
"Aiwace-Lorralne," by .I?-'!,;i c. Neumark^r
Publlo School i'i. 156th Street and tJt!
N'l< holaa A\ ? iiu" lllusl ra ti ?!
"Travels in a Swamp," by Edward V.
Blgelow, Publlo School 59, 228 East
fifty-seventh Strrpt.
"Current Hiatory," by George A. Hastlnea
Publlc School ti'. Itoster and EBaex
at rei is.
"Social and Politioal tlpheaval ln Ger
maiiy," by Profeaaor William M Guthrle
I'ublm School 157, St Nleholaa Avemis
and 127th Streel
"California and the Pacific Coast " by
Robert C, Weyh, Publb S ho il 16*5 '
VVest 108th Street. tUUstrated
"Life With Hip Unlted Statea Reclamatior
s rvii e, ' bj Dr. Pran< la Rolt-tt hi eb r
Pilgrlm Hall, Pifty-alxth Street ' anc
Broadway. I llustraK d.
"An Andean Tour Through Three Zonos'
by Mrs. M. C. flnney, St. Columba Hall
343 AVeat rwenty-fifth Street. tliustrated
"Abraham Liftcoln," by Oarret J' Servlaa'
Public School 53, 163th Street and Find
lay Avenue, Tho Hronx. Sppcial French
motlon plctures will bo shown
j Students of Foreign Birth
To Be Taught to Love U.S
New York University Plan? Spr
cial Ameriranization Course
AH Enrolled Aliem
New York University students who
are of foreign birth will be requiri i
henceforth to take a course in Anur??
can government and institutiom,
according to pians now being formn
lated by the faculty under the guid
ance of Chancftlor Eimer Ellsworl i
"The survey of 'foreifm and natlve
born students," said Cbancellor Brown
yesterday, "shows that New York Vn -
! versity has to combat a condition
; uniqne in university lifo. it j? a privi
lege for us to have the respons
or teacbing so many earncst studente
j to love their adopted land. Most eol
j leges nnd educational institutione have
| enrolled foreign students. but in th*
i majority of cases they comc to atady
: and return home.
"New York University. because of
! its metropolitan situation and becau?
of the peculiarly varied and compre
henaive courses it affords. attracts the
;other type of foreign-born student
'the man or woman who has no inten
! tion of returning whence he or sh?
! came.
"We cannot permit an inroad of for
; eijrn thought unless we develop a knowl
edge of American democratic principW,
institutions and methods of govern?
ment which will be honest enough and
vivid onough to dipest the power of
adverse critical agitation."
De Valera Says Irish
Wanted Germany to Win
^ i!l Ri-e in Aid of Any Nation
That Assaila Great Britain.
He Tells Audience
Three thousar.d advocates of freedora
I for Ire and met in Hunt'a PointCaaino.
| the Bronx, yesterday afternoon an i
! cheered the assertion of Earaon de Va
; lera, "President of the IriBh Republic."
that as long as hia countrymen "are
held in subjcction by England they v !1
riae in aid of any other nation that at
tacks Great Britain."
After the meetine Mr. de Yalera was
; askcd if. mspired bv that feeling. thi
; Irish had dcsired Germany to bc vic
| torioui".
"There can bc but one answer," he
| replied. "As far as England was co
1 cerned, the Irish people wished and
hoped that Germany would win ll s
"Centuries ago," Mr. de Yalera said
! in his speech, "we joined the Spaniah
? when they made war on England. Oi ?>
! hundred years ago we supported the
j French in their war to deatroy
i and we wil] do the same thing the rn -?
1 time she is attackod. We always n II
wish to see that imperial tyrant beati ?
and always shall be ready'to strike t
her. We are not afraid < f being coi -
quered by apy other nation, I -
could be worse than En -?
Henry Bi tckner, Borough P
of the Bronx, presi le i H< w ore i -
tricolor badge of*the "Irish Republic."
A Man's Linen
is ;h surc an indication of the
man 3s thc Hall Mark is 0f
silver. Kxpert laundering ii thc
soul of good looking linen. The
Wallach method of washing. of
daylight drying, of intclligent
starching, folding ind ironing.
preserves the character and life
of the articles.
1 ,'?-. hone Plaza ISS t
further partU ??<?".
Wallach Laundry
330 and 332 East 59th Street
"A Brancii Store or Rout? Mi n
Registncd *JMvW Established
Tr&de Mark "Tr^SS 1S55
Imported Cotton Dress Fabrics
From France, Switzerland, Great JBritain, and Japan, new ship
ments of Novelty Cottons are arriving almost daily, thereby
greatly enhancing the exceptional collection already on hand.
Of special interest are:
The New English Printed Voiles ?
Freneh Novelty Crepes and Voiles
St. Gall ^Hand-Loom" Dotted Swisses
Swiss "Perinanent Finish" Organdies
Novel Freneh Sport Fabrics
Imported Dress Ginghams
Japanese "Hand-Loom" Cotton Crepes
Novelty White Materiais
Fifth Avenue, 34th and 33d Streets, ISetv Yorti

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