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THK downw.rd tendency of prices
in primary cotton goods markets
w-as check ed by the middle of last
week, and prices started back on the
upward trend, Before the close of the
week some of the print cloths in gray
or unfinished goods had gained all
they lost in the reaction following the
raistng of rediscount rates on com?
mercial paper by the Federal Reserve
Bank. Some members of the trade
feel that the full force of the high
money rates has not been felt by the
trs<Jp and look upon the rising market
as of temporary duration.
Johbcrs and retailers of finished
coo.is apparently are wilhng to
operate free'.y in purchasing goods, but
are being restrictcd, according to their
own statements, by their banks. In
stances d loans being called in have
been reiated in the market.
Flannels and ginghams were the
most active of the finished goods. New
prices for fail in these fabrics were
nartied last week by a number of com?
mission houses. The prices generally
were considered well within present
market limits, and although higher
than last season, did not check buying
by retailers, jobbers and garment
manufacturers. The latter was par?
ticularly active in placing orders for
?^ii-.r.ei? and g'.nghams for next fall's
n quirements.
hed goods continued firm and
one of the largest producers prepared
to advance prices on wide sheetings
and other numbers.
Some of thi largesf distributors or
: goods asserted last week that
? ' . * is passing through its last
Further price advances are
i as. almosl impossible by
1 le. who 1 ave curtailcd their
buying of additional supplies for late
del very. The conservative element
among the big producers and distrib
- appears to be gaining strength,
? '. re and there a ' confirmed
optimist who can see nothing tjhead but
ligher prices for a period of a vear'
r more. 1
rts of cotton goods are falling
il. but some of '.he optimists continue
?o use the foreign market argument to
s thal an overproduction
the do .? tic market is impossible.
A most simultaneously with the an
. ,unCcment by Federal Food Admin
Artl it:- Williams that prices of
woolens ar.d forsteds would not ad
? . ? ? ?-?? t < ?.!.-?*(, new offering
" fall good? by mills showed advances
? from 15 to 20 per cent over spring
. ces and as high as 70 and 80 per
'' over the prices made last year
tt tr a time. Ir the few offerings
'???'?? tal n place stan lard s< rget
' * ' * ? ?T ;i yard, about
re war prici -. Mills c xpcct
I for fine goods to continue,
" ite the g .vi : nmi nt's proga
"?' la l i push th< use of lower grade
goods, are preparing to make the high
? st -:.ii.. .- s pi ble.
ness srcarcely can be said to
ull swing yet. Many mills are
for the An ei an Woolen Com
?. the trade leader, to make its ini
. fal offerings. These are expected
ime e during the current w tek.
I . trtment of Justice officials are in
' ii .; the activitit - of some of
illi r woolen jobbers, who are
to.b r ab ut 500, ai d e* idei
profiteering have been turned over
to the United States Attorney's office,
' trding to Mr..W illiams.
ig producers of silks are jrrowing
m re conservative in their opera
ons. Raw silk, after a sl ght dn p
' * *-..:.'? former
record pound last
we. k, m ikin I e entire silk market
I icarii us than ever. The ma
ty of retailei are 1 uying little or
ng now, .'? le gan eni manu fac
tui : : ?? * ir u i g ? . ame course.
rs api ar to be willing to
operate at full speed, although many
r tl ? tee a dec i:*i" 1 hey believe,
er, that a i on will be im
owed b; : ebound.
cial ntuation is growing
iii-* ' in ? ie trade. Banks are re
txu i ,_- to extend hig cred - to swing
the of the country on its
pn - * price level. Raw silk and
fli ls at present prices are
tpon as unhealthy risks by
of the small mills that have
pi ' " up recently are unable to
finani purc .? 5 of raw materials and
e big producers to give
*v ? *."... on commission.
They are meeting with little success,
? done last week the de
m : ?? I centered < n taffetas and
??? ' >ced goo ,*ii the staples
tha ? . The 1 tgh-grade
?' ing ? li. They
garments, prin
? ???. . . i . | i . enjoy
. . | ? ularity.
Tbe '' ature < * thi trade last wc ek
?? '? " ? anni ncement c< ming from
?'- ' ' the effeel that a large
? '.v \ ork jewelry
? ng their failure to
ii Providi m ?? had in
'? The invasion of these
no little agprehension
am' ' .-' " ? ifa iturer . and special or
, : rms in that city, who feel
newcomt rs re bul the advance
' ? he radical worker who now
30 ?''??? atens the welfare of
he trade n '., w "i ork ar.d the entire
. , ntry.
Vork representatives of Detroit
r'": ' ? * ssi r1 th it th-: New York
?" '- are in Detroit for no other
reason t n to pn ad propaganda of
'? '? ? sm of the foreign worker.
?'? iction is to he proposed by
'?' rs of the Detroit Manu
'?'" Association at a special
rR' ' *:".,t0 he called some time this
'*v" '? ?'' ' everal members of the as
I o have employed some of
orkers will be asked to dis
enarge them at once, while other mem
?'"?* '?' ? be asked to refuse employ?
ment to workers without a recommen
aation from their last place of busi?
ness. *
Because of the continued rise in
-",'? price of silver, manufacturers of
silvei jewelry and silverware were
ed to advance quotations 10 per
? w.ek. They asserted that the
move w is absolutely necessary in view
?- the fact that the price of silver
??eached $1.34 an ounce last Monday,
compared with $1.01% on the corre
ralJ Season in Woolen
Goods Opens This Week
Ameriean Woolen Company
Maket* Initial Offering
rhe selling season in woolen &r>d
wersted cloths for the fall season of
1920 will be in full swing by the latter
wrt of this we"ek. The Ameriean
?oolen Company will make its offer
lng of both men'. and women's wear
?'abrics on Wednesday. Many of tho
other producers who have been waiting
*or the trade leader to take the initial
step in ithe fall Belling campaign, also
wiU make their' first public offerings
?'ter the big company has set the
A few concerns have not waited for
tbe Ameri?4,n company to open the
?eason and have offered their goods
?t prices which ?how from 10 to 20
*** cent advances over the first quo-,
' sponding day of 1910 and ?T% cents
an ounce on the name dav of 11)18
Large orders for pins,* rings, neck
. laces, etc, for the coming Easter were
reported last week by netailers. The
demand for jewelry for the coming
waso" has boc;" so great (hat many
manufacturers have refused all orders
until after the first of March. Silver
smilhs also report a good business.
Many of these companies aro so far
behtnd on their orders that they re?
fuse to take any orders guaranteeinir
time of delivery.
The future trend of the Tur mnrket.
will be determined largely bv tho ac?
tion of dealers at the winter auetion
sale in St. Louis, beginning to-day.
Bearish sentiment among the dealers
is said to be stronger than at any
ol the sales for the past three or four
years. There appears to be a woll
founded bclief in the trade that tho
peak of nnees has been reached, that
turther advances will be met by a
greatly curtailed consumption. .md
that banks ;ire readv to limit the
crcdint of those engaged in the fur
The warning issued by Richard S.
otto, actuary of the Fur Merchants
Association of N'ew York, last. week,
setting forth the above conclusions,
had a sobering effect on the trade. Re
tailers are sliowing hesitancv about
ordermg goods for the new season.
ppring and summer furs appear to bo
m rathcr light demand and the reta:!
ers assert they will not bofin to pur?
chase fall stocks until June, or pos
sibly later. Last year, fall furs were
being ordered from manufacturers as
early as March and April.
The last year in th.e fur trade has
marked a new high record for pros
perity. Some small dealers who took.
long chance- made abnormally large
profits, trebling and even quadrupling
their capital. Large dealers were
more conservative, but their profits
were good. Manufacturing furriers
had a good season. but high labir
costs kept down their profits. Retail
ers in large towns, particularly in?
dustrial centers, had a" good year, but
the smaller town retailers a'nd those
in rural communities report that busi?
ness was below expectations.
The all-absorbing question in the
cloak and suit wholesale trade now is,
can the 15 per cent increase granted to
iabor by Governor Smith's committee
bc absorbed by the trade or will it be
necessary to pass the increase on to
the retailer and cor.sumer ? So far, ap
parently, there has been no effort on
the part of manufacturers to raise
prices because of the increased wages.
'I be union leaders assert that the work
rs will be impresse ; wi1 h the neces
sity of increasing Individual produc
tion, tbe lack of which, according to
manufacturers, hns been one of the
chief contributing causes to high prices.
Spring business is materializing
slowly. Retailers are ordering new
merchandise in women's apparel for
spring on a conservative basis. Some
manufacturers report good orders for
?dresM'* in siiks and cottons. A big
? ii ess in cotton wash dresses is ex?
pected. In cloaks and suits, the latte'r
are selling be'.ter than the former.
Thi rather free manner in which re?
tailers are ordering waists appears to
be a reflection of the general impres
sion that sales will be good for spring.
S lk and cotton woven underwear and
nightwear for women are selling
. owly, according to manufacturers.
Business in knit underwear and
hosiery of all kinds is brisk, with
buyers askiiic: for more goods than the
manufacturers can supply.
In men's clothing, retailers are be?
ginning to operate conservatively,
Leaders in the retail field are caution
.:.'.: their follows to go siowly in p!ac
ing spring orders.
The strength of prices ln raw mate?
rial was felt in the market for finished
leather last week. Good grades of up?
per and sole leather, as weli as piutno
and heavy weights of al! descriptions,!
were oemanded in much larger quanti
ties than could be supplied at once.
1 nce.s on these selections were there
fore decidedly strong, with a tendency
to advance on the part of tanners
whose production hns been sold ahead.
Low grades and light weights con?
tinued to display the- same dull condi?
tion, with occasional sales made after
special terms had been made which
lessened aecumulations to a moderate
extent. There were, however, plentiful
supplies remaining at the end of the
week. Export business was slow and
the continued lack of orders from this
quarter is having its effect on tanners
who have complete,.! old orders and de
pend much on trade from foreign
No difficulty was experienced during
the week in billing ali middle and
heavy weight hemlock soles as soon as
they were received from the tanneries.
Lightweights showed less activity and
aecumulations were noted. Improve?
ment in business in cut soles reflected
on the vnion market and activitv in ail
grades and weights was reported at
firm prices. Heavy weights of scoured
oak backs were scarce and in ure-ent
demand. Medium and lightweights
also moved freeiy at firm prices. Belt
ing butts held their strength of the
preceding week, sales ranging from
$1.08 to $1.10 for good stock.
Good gritde chrome tanned sides and
substitutes of various finishos were in
good demand and brought high prices
for both black and tan shades. Bark
and combination tannages also received
a considerable call. Prices on all de?
scriptions of side upper leather were
strong with considerable business
ti ansacted.
Transactions involving quantities
ranging from one to several th- snnd
dozen men's weight, Russia and* ..lack
calfskins were closed during the week,
and have greatly increased the strengtii
of prices. Much larger blocks could
have been sold were tanners willing to
make small price concessions, but they
appeared to see no reason for lower
prices and firmly mair.tained the high
est qucrtations on grade A leather.
Tanners continued to ship receipts
of good grade glazed kid immediately
on receipt, and demanded high prices
for that selection. On the medium
and lower grades, however, there was
no uniformity in the situation. Some
reported their production oversold for
a considerable period nnd were cor
respondingly firm in their views of
value, while others comp'eted many of
their old orders and accumulated the
cheaper selections to a considerable
extent and appeared to be willing to
make concessions for clearance pur?
poses. _
tntions for goods now being made up
into spring garments, and in some
cases as much as SO per cent over the
opening quotations on heavyweight
goods a year ago.
Nothing is known so far concerning
the price course to t>e taken by the
Ameriean Woolen Company. It is re
called that the company's offering a
year ago was on a lower basis than
the trade expected. Some of the other
producers who adjusted their prices to
fit those quoted by the Ameriean say
that they lost money on the season
by so doing.
The attitude of the buyers, compris- j
ing men's and women's clothing manu- ;
facturers and cloth jobbers, toward the j
American's offerings will be closely
watched by the rest of the trade as
an indication concerning the volume
of business that may be expected in
heavyweight fabrics this year.
An unusual feature of the Ameri?
can's opening is that both men's and
women's fabrics willf"be offered at the
same time.
Buyers Arrived
Fairrhild Service
ALBIA, Iowa- J. P Smith, dry goods,
clothing; Tho Annex.
Al.lCXANDUiA, l... Simon Broa.; s.
Sltnon, men's, women's ready to wear.
6 W.<st Thlrty-s.nd Street.
ALLIANCB. Nob BRrnotl & Co.; W. H
Barnett, ready io wear; Pennsylvania.
ANNI8TON, Ala.- Mnlonc-Wooilruff Co.;
.1. Malone, Mrs l<; Bosworlh and Mr?, 11.
Tally, dry goodn. mllltnery and women's
! furnlshlngs; Walllck
ATLANTA, Qa.?Emporlum World Mll?
llnery Co.; ,1. s. Bluman, mllllnery; 621
Brpadway, room 623
1 ATI.AXTA?,T. B. Fallair.e. Co.; J B. Fal
! Jalso, cotton ploce goods: HroHlln.
BALTIMORE?J. E. Hursl & t'o.; A. C.
i Lam8bach, upholstury and drapory;
! Aloasar
BALTIMORE?S. Mlllcr, men's c.folhlng
and furnishlngs; Herald Square
BALTIMORE? Fashlon Sho;.. J. Freoden
burg, men's hats; Aberdocn
| BALTIMORE J. Ginsberg, shoes; Broad
; way Central,
BALT1MORB-?S, Storn, dry goods; Broad?
way ' lontral.
BALT1MORK -M, Summcrfield Son ,''
t'o.; M. Summerucld, mfrs. pants; Marl
p borough
BALTIMORE?American Wholesuh Coi
poration; !?'. i,mi. Iltnalz, i ntlon piece
goods; II. s. Mossi rstnlth, r mnants; . :
Fourl h A venui .
BALTIMORE?F. Lnzarus K- Son; Herbert
Ar-i ri ady to v. car: Miss T ICanow,
hoslery, glovos, neckwear; McAlj n Ai
BALTIMORE?- Elsenherg's; Mrs. Katz,
children's and Infants' wear; 1160 Broad?
way; Baer .<? Ullenthal.
BEAUMONT, Tex. -B. I. Greonberg, wom?
en's ready to wear, furnlshlng goods,
mllllnery; 37 Wesl Twenty-sixth Street.
BIRM1NGHAM, Ala.- -Emporlum World
Mllllnery Co.; S. Halpcrn, milllncry; 021
Broadway, room l
BISBEB, Aria.?The Mlner'a Store. Inc;
1 u b Brown. ready to wear; 77 West
Thlrty-t hlrd str- ? i M. 1 ,ii htensteln.
BONHAM, Tex.- Max llermer; Max Iler
inei d ? lo ivi ir: Jacob Miltenthal
118 Brondwnv
BOSTON Jordnn-Marsh Co.; A. McKlt
trlcl blankets and i .mforts 7,;. s M A.
Turner, rlbbons; 1S2 Pourth Ave i ?
B( is r' i.N Ex. ello Clolhing Co . Sl Im . M
Gol Iherg, woolen ph ? , cls; Isnicli ?
boclu ?.
BOSTON ? II Ginsbcrg tailors' trim
m -..; ??. McA : i In.
BOSTON?Hill & Bush Co.; Miss K Con
- m m ck w ear; I ira nd
BOSTON -Goldman Mfg. Co ; 11 Goldman.
mfrs children's dresses; Contincntal.
BOSTON?Emporlum World .Mllllnen Co .
E. A. Barnum. mllllnery; 621 Broadway,
room 623.
BOSTON?Gllchrlst Co.; Miss Markus,
basement Junlors" eoats, dresses, skirts
and mlddies; ?00 Plfth Avenue
BOSTON?J,. Dlamond, coats and suits,
waists, furs, Infants' wear; Grand.
BOSTON- J. Wolfe & C> ; J Wolfe, pleco
goods; II. rald S ;u li e.
BRADI30CK, Pa ? Mendel's; Miss B. Men
del, ladles suits, coats and dresses; Hotel
BRIDGEPORT, Conn.?B. Marks Co.; B. !
Marks, \ arious; Alca v.. r
CANTi 'X. i ihio -D M ithews, w n i
l alluring goods; ?!ont lm ntal.
CHAAIPA1GN, III -G. C Willii ; H. T Wll
I ?-. proi rli to: . McAlpin
CHELSEA, Mass ii. 1 psttz Co . II. Llp
I ii ". gem ral ti ei han . Ise Bresl ln
CHICAGO?H. Feldmai sho. a Pi nnsyl
CHICAGO?Ameriean Uuc & Carpct Co
J. H. Wallovl. k, carpets, rugs fenn
CHICAGO ? Brandfl .'. Frank . i - ' I rank,
1" '. knl iVS. ;?:- i. !, ? .-. ? - ',' '.
CHICAGO ??:??] i-. ? . ...
er; mei hnn ? nfanti ??< ,. - . ? ?
clulty . 1270 Bi h* , Broadway i .' n
CJ CAGO .1 May, ? - n
wear: Grand
CH rCAC.i > H. M. At- ndel, ready to weai .
i I i' Fift h A\ enu.
CH ICAGi i lla\ :..- I, Sardesoi Mc ? .
' '??? ? A \. Al'Xander, i i Uf h and ; . ?
' ?' ? I . ' ' AvellU.
CH ?'' '"'?' ' !?: '-? - Co. .17 I. dr. es
N ... i e
CIIK !AG( l -( 'has .'. ste* ens & Uro ; Mrs
'?' Collins, spring coats; 40 i . ?
ty-H. md Strecl
CH ICAGO I7:i.;?'. inn] Worl . Millini r
Co.; .1. H Antli .n , g. neral m
B( nsti .:.. ..- neral iimnagi , ,tiss
'ii. L.lVS
CHlCAGl ? Man hall F M *? ii Bossort
;. islery; K* ti Wal -. dian -. - m .
?? Drose, wornei ? - s B , , i -
K. 13. Mill, ,-,,,;;,
and b: s Hyp, ks: F. j. ; ? ... - ?
rlbbons Miss M Willlari s, b .aa an l
feathers; \v. a. ??? ,?-,,--.
Ward, m n a I ata; F. .,. Hou.si n, yarnsj
110 i 1" -?.;. ? w :i \
CH li AG< i The B st. n Store; ' r- ? |
merchandisH ! '' 'Sfer; Mr U ai - .
mon a fur -..-. Miss !-.- -. n -: ,nn
un . - \veai . \ - st. inei mi i ino .
V" ?'-: Mi M ; Iwards, silks; Mi ii-- , ?
' '?*?? f:<- >tU: Ball, rlbb ? - , | .
1 ? ? onnor, cors ? - . Mr Mott; ? ?-?
?' ' ?-? Mrs !. In nn, .-' .ves! i rin
mlngs, ui ibrellas; Miss . ? .
B.:*-i M rs Tu h . :- ls. .ts
? ui i, dresses; ;; East Twt-nl - .
btrei t.
CH ICAGi ' Charl. s \ Stcvena <S Bi thei
17 A. Steven: silks; Miss *.'??
; "ck^ .ai 40 East Twers -? on,] - .?
' ? ' ? ?' ' '?' ' - Tho I-* :? . ' ' Will Lins lew
1 Iry , \V. II. Law rl better nr
li. A. l.'-vy (basei nt *, rea . ? , wear'
-.7 Fifth .Vvenue.
CHIi 'AG( . Si ars, Rnchuck & Co ? R
Buehner, boys', chlldn u's clothing . 117
.1- 1ft h Avenue.
CHICAGO -17 ierheim. - -'?- ln Co - San
Stern, woolens; 200 Fifth Avenue", Room
CHICAGO?Marshall Field .<*? Cc : F Reed
coats and sitits; |2"7 Bi
CH ICAGi . Israel Bi M i. Israel
silks, satlns and velveta; Bresl -
CHICAGO?Hirsch-W ickwire Ci ; W. II
I lopkinson, .- tt. n and v oolen niece
'-? .s; 200 Fifth Avenue.
CIXCIXNATI?*] h. M. Alpin Co. .1 C
Srr.llh, cotl nn piece goo ls and g 'nern'
rn< i. handis. , ;: , Easl Tw. i Ly-i Ixtl
ClNCIXXATl -.Tohn Sl llll'to C - . S Blu
menkrobn; cloaks, | _ Fourth
A v. nue.
CIXOIXNATI- J Rhlllll ?> , . h. w
Peti rs. .- . n's lolhing; I Fourt!.
As. nue.
CLEVELAND ?Greenwald t <\, n
Gri ,nwa Id, d : v goo ls Walll
CLEVELAND l.attin B ??? field Co.; Sol
i'. omfleld, mfrs. cl .aks .
McAlpin. .
CLEVELAND?S. L. & G. Dress Co ; 17
Sperling, silks, trii m Ing M - hat'tan
CLEVELAND- S. Knoli & Co,; ( R
Knoll, ei.'ton and wooli :i ?,-.-? . .,-.
ready to wear; Bre: In
CLEVELAND B. & .: Cloak and Skirt
' o.: L. I. Barret i, "-.oolen pli ? . ,.; ?
COLUMDUS, Ohio?Graves ( .;,,. Mouse;
Mrs. E. R. < ii-:. -. and M i .Tullei i:
Ni-ssmith, millin ry and furs; Bres n
C< M.CV BIA, S. C Glol e Drj C- ls C .
VV, II. Monckton, -.:? neral mech
DALLAS, Tex.- I... ^iiij:::i.ie,
wear; Grand.
DANVILLB, Va.?Samuel Mandle p
Mandle, ready !?> wear; Ja. .b M ten
thal : 1 lSL' Broadway.
DENVER ! ianl - & Fishi - Stoi , .1
Sli.uK'l.-' r, Iii - rra, \. ish ga .ds, I inketi
eomforts, she. I . spreuds, ... lin ivhil -
goods, flanne!-", basement lineni
callpoes, plinjhams, sheetings;
Twenly-thlrd Street; Marl. Antoii tt.
DETR( )IT- En ? -? lum Woi Id M ,.'r -
1'". . *;. Kai" m :.. mlilinery : 62 I : ; oad
w a room 623.
DETROIT?A Krolik & Co . J. h Kroilk,
blankets, coniforters, flannels;
I - -ni w ay.
DETROIT?La Mode Dress Shop; Mr
Krauss; J. B. Ginsberg, spring s \
,\vh*. a, also cheap dresses in all inat^.
rl . 7s, Pennsyl \ a nia.
DETROIT?Crowley, Milner &? Co.; E i
Ward, walsts; 116 Wcsl Thirty cond
Street: A. Fantl.
DILLON, Mont. -C. Niblack, dry gO0 s
and gener.-il merchandise; Pennsylvania
DETROIT?-J. Zeigler, shoes; Oi
DUNN, X. C.?W, 17. Warren Co.; W. E
Warren, general merchandise; Alea
EL 1 " 1RADI ?, Kan J. i loldslein ,.
i.n.i furnlshlngs; Broadwaj Cenl u
EVAXSTON, III il. M. Ros' iberi
II M. Rosenberg, representing ). Eaat
Twenty-thlrd Si ri-et.
Fl IRT W,\ VNK, ind. Stei le, My, - - ,. . ?
it. i; ];.-.! lia wat, r. present Ing ,] viuliV
GRAND RAPIDS. MIch P. S , .. ..' 7
Sops; 17. Schmldt, notions ai I ,. ... ,,
merchandise; 0 W 1 :.. ? ? -. . . ,
GRAND RAPIDS. Mlch Emporiuin World
Millinery Co.; A. C. Marsh, mlliin ? \ . :'
Broadway, room 623.
1IA.MMOND. Ind.?Edwards C. Mii
H. Von Gills; E. M. Payne; J i-; i ......-1
woods, merchandise managers Grand
HANOVBR. Pa.?D. Greenbauin ,v Son
Jerome D. Greenbaum, ci .thing hat.i'
furnishings; Mc Alpin.
HARTFORD, Conn.?Wise, Smith i- Co ?
I. Wise, cloaks. suits, dresses; 404 Fourth
Avenue. .lay Company.
HARTFORD, Conn. ? Emportum World *.i:l
linery Co.; H. Isenberg, millinery; 'eiil
Broadway, room 62L
HA54LETON, Pa.?P. Deisroth's Sons* W i
Robblns, woolen and cotton ; : ..,;.. la
m.S'llXOTOX. AV. Va.?O. L. Stanard Ce -
< .. l.. stanard, general merchandise
HUTCHlNSON, Kan.?G. Hays ;? goods
etc . Great Xortht'in.
HUXTSVILI.H. Ala.?Mm. A\ May drv
goods an 1 notions; Breslin.
INDIAXAPOI.1S- -Trear, A. J., & Qon. E
R. Trear, merchant tailors; Pennsylva
LXl'lAXAPOLls? M. Selko Co.; M. eelko i
women's tallorlng goods; Continental
JOILBT. 111?-George A. Ducker Co ?' O '
A. Peterson, ready-to-wear; McAloin
Hetel. ' p ,
KANSAS CITY. Mo.?-Burnhnm. itun-rer A !
Root; J. W. Shellock. ladies' i.a*v t0-l
wear; 43 Leonard Street. I
KANSAS CITY. Mo.?lBmery-Blrd-Thaye*
1' C. Co. . T. J. ('.ill. Chlna, glasawaru;
?'" Madison Avenue.
KJNSTON, N. C.?T. W. Mewboro * ^'n.:
IC. rt. Tlnatall, cotton nnd woolen plecn
goods, upholstery nnd drapery, luggago
and trunks, general merchanillso; Miss
? ill to Mlllor r- ndy lo woar, handl ni
chlefs nnd neckwear, corsets and braa
i ler. ? Vber leen.
LANSINO. Mlch Knapp, J. W.. r...; k,
V Leonard, waists, klmonos, aweaters;
116 West Thirty second ti3trcet, 14th floor
LANSINO, Mlch.?Arbauth, !?'. N., Co
Mra. iy Lorlng, mllllnery; 4779 Fourth
A v. nue, (lumbcrland
LANSINO, Mloh.?.Mills D. o. Co.; Mrs.
Fulton, dress gooda, silks, trimmlngs
' 'iimi.i rland.
LANCAHTBR, Ohio- Mlllor Sons & Co.;
u Mlllor, clolhing and turnlshlngs;
LEAVENWORTH, Kan.? William Small ?
Co Louis Vanflerschmldt, mllllnery and
Jewalry; Pn derlck V.lerachmidt, i oats
and suits, .skirts; Pennsylvania.
L1XCOLN, NcK?Rudgo rt- Guenzel Co.;
A " Bennell, im n' < clothlng and fur
nlshings, hats and cnps; Broztell
LINi ? -i,\. \..|, [f. n .. poi ,helmer Co
P. II. l.'i'ioi i. notlons antl i icn . furnish
"" ll7e Broadway
LINCOl \. N? !, Brnnch Br >?.; 11. Bram h
il< hoos; Pennsvlvsnla
'?' !'? Bi ?CK, Arlt ? 'iu- Blass Co.; 11.
Mclzgcr, notlons. fBticy goods 1160
Uro ulway, Biu r .t Llllcnthnl.
LONDON Om l, ? , . ., . i-. ,,, ,,,,
i i aml furs; C mt Inenl ..I.
LOK ANGKLES .1 BercnzwHir, dry goods
nul i ? ne .ch,-, ||Hr Bres'.ln
LO.H INGBLI-1B M Relh rs .?:? Co.; II D
? Morrls, to> i 43 L nar I Slrei i
I.' '? ANGEI i:s Broadway Dept. Storo;
'- M bni ''im nl notlons, |i wi li .
1 ?? ? erehlefs. sllvi ware, li nther, lollel
' ? Us, -.;;.! onerj. glovcs, novelties; 9 ?
Madls >n A \, nue,
LOS ANGELEH Parls-AValker Co.; H. M
^ alker, mi n handise manugi r; C. J
C.irow, infanls', children's goods, art
''.Is- swr-aters, general merchandise;
316 Wi sl Thlrtj -second Sir- ? y S. Pantl
LOl ISV1LLE Besten ,v Langen; A Lu
llaad, mllllnei '. . Waldorf
,A VCHBI :;.;, \ ;. j. Blankenshlp, house
1 ihlngs Herald Sn.ua re
'?'; l-\' < I'K 717 I ru h I- hion Co Geo
' " " '? > S .1 o obs, spi ing .;.. rchan
? ? i Easl Tv entv ? xl h street
Mii.w vv k i:k m ; y ; . 1M :,,..,., .,' .-..
'? <: ? toln ,- wei -v. !..,'.. .....
??" i7!.y
" . - .1
i II
i I
M"' ,v 'REAL W R. B.k i'r, ? li s
v'b> Ight dre: s gonds, : llks , , Ivel 3
? ? ??
M' ? :' VERNON, Mo Mlllsap Bn
intllo Co.; C. Mlllsap, dry goods
, ??'??' liii ?' ' " ? shoei . York
MI III- BEE ?:;- iRi i. Ti nr, -E 11. Tatum A
'??'?' !i Tatum, dry goods; Penm j I
N '? SH\ ILLE Mrs. Houok, mllliuerj The
y nnex.
NKV, itAVEN- Emporlum World Mllllnery
' ,; ? A- 'I- Smith, mllllnery; 621 Broad
Bn ln
Schwartz, piece goods;
URLEANR Emporlum World Mi
' ?' : ?' B. i' ihi n, mlllini ry 62 ;
I '?'? av. ?? ? ?:; r: ,
Lob's Son?
o goods an.
NBW . il.l.i; \.\y --,(...,: les
Ltd. ; 17 Lob i ott. n ple
ninlng I ennsj Ivania.
N''." ORLEAN ' Charles A. Kaufman
Ltd.; M Marks, inuslln undi rw< ., r
: "id ???.. ar; 120 West Thirty si coiul
XI tt ' iRLE V.NS T
Mu ? ?.. ready to
: ' wear. etc ; Gi
\ 1 ...... i
' ?"' I ni ? .:. . Y . ,
>'? D. K. :? iValt,
\: \
'< ' Bright Bros . Miss P
? ??:'. mlllini ry; : ] : -
e Exclusive Shop; A
ivi ar; Aberdeen.
s it Lipman, wom
M. Little, women's
v'7. Baker drj' goi ds
llburton &
Brown .? .
o.-i: .?
- ? h
' LAI 'EI !')! i A
V A Stih ? . b
im bridge & Clothlt
3 and miforts; -J
': -;';i! '? Men I ill's; 71 Hlrsr h
'?' 't waisl ?. nllllni ry
" ' hirt) nd St rei I
? I I-AI'ELPHIA C. liury ' ?? ? ,,.?
\lear.ai .......
' DEl : m \ s Mar us shi -? Br a I
DE HIA -M Greenberg, shoes
; ' : ;::'"'? '. --'! .' i ? '"? women's
' IWnberg shoes
nr.sy iva/iii
Arlz X D amond A Bro :
??'"' ' r. id> to wear; 25
,; ' : '? '? ? ? ?? ri t, M r.ichti :.
' " '?'-"' ? ? Grai - Jai ibs waists
Bres in.
!'' ?' ""' '? " ;l "'? ' I Co . II Sigal
.' , ',; " Wl ar a> I milllm :; . Heral i
"; , '" !;":i Kaufman fi B; r. Miss K
)\a it, I yvs; 104 J ,rlh Ai nue.
c j i ,, . M, '" ';.' 'li' '. " ' '
''' :;" ? " ' Tex* The Vogu '; Pred
?' ? ' : ? ? read tu weai ; "5 West
lird ??.-.- - m Llchti nstein.
Bros.; E.
POfCn AND* ' , ' ' Wnrlman fi
' ' "? Roger.s notioi s, leat hei g< >d
? "' Iry, rlrug indrb-s; W. l|. s, ', ;Ia|r
''' '"7, hoi ? ry, undei wear, um
a 432 Fourl,. A\ -nue
] ? ? LAND. ( in M S. li, rs; 11. Lowen
?'" ' '?? ?'' "" things; 4:, l,i ,nal ;
I'BX' E 17.: . , . : .,, t.-aln, ,,,.v
BMOND, Vd Emporlum World M I
1 '" rJ Co s Si] vei man, mllllnery G21
Iwa rooi
RICH Mi 'ND \ ... -Rlchmond I'. G ''" ?
' [ ??' >'? Man ::??,. :.,.<.. S' r. adj
v ir, ri n's furniahlng j; 43 Li mi i -
R' IvE V The Qualitj Sl ,re
? 'fi an, dry good , nnd , lothln
Squ ire
Bi HI Sl -.;: M. Prledman C ;i
.von en's ?i-ar; Bre lui
Rl ? IES I'BR - 1 luffv P, wi rs , ,->.- Mrs
' bs waists; Miss Mor .,: : y, i b i
??''?? ?' !?' Ranck, ready-to wua r
. coa . suits ... - , . ,
| V :
R CHESTER Emporlum World Mllllnery
I ? . i.. C Nance, milllnery; 621 Broad
??-. , room 62.1.
'?'? ? S -:'?.'? I -?;'!- Pow rs Co : Miss
lilmble, i ,.? .' dn ! ???.., 470 I 'ourlh A . - -
BI RY, 77 ,7 !'. ? 'estrli her Co ; D.
? li Ichi :. dry g.Is, etc; Pi i r.-..
v , i... i.
SAN FRANCISCO?O'Connor, Moffatt &
' ??..????? toj.-, trunks, suitcasi -.
132 Fourth Avei
SANTA PE X. M -Nathan Salnion; X.
efl I; -' - wear; 77, West Thlrty
II rtl . ??? t, M. Lii hti nstein.
SCHBNBCTADY. ! Y The .Tullan fJ.
Iman .-. Bro l ; S A Frh dman, mll
'??'?. 7 Bast Fortj -? Ighth
PS BJ L'FF, Neb.- Murphy A Co : L.
-"? n , ' Iry g 'O Is and clothing ; !'? nn
SCRANTON, Pa.?Emporlum World Mll
I ??? ry Co.; F W Con! "".. mllllnery; 621
Broadwa . ? om 62
SEA LE I M \v - 'assmore,
research v !.? i Heltz, muslin un
ii '?? dresses : Fifth Ave
nu '?? si ..-??! Mi ; handl sing i 'oi , ?
: ' K Bi i. M ? hi .' W Calhoun,
g< ? ? ; Mi Shannon, toys;
VI,-. ntral Alabama D G Co.:
ivady to Ar, no
i un Ishlngs; 42 Leonard
? l
SIO ? : . y. r.,y i Emi oi lum vv. rld
Co.; i' W Smil h, mllllnery ;
' Broadwa ? :?. G2.1.
s' %- PALLS, s. '? Emporlum World
? . Co. IL S human, mlllln ry; 621
i:" "?!?'. ? room
Sl "?? FALLS S. D.?Fantlo Bros.; P. F.
laces aml embroidi rles, notlons,
'? piei e gi ods, silks, satins and
? ?- i 26] Bn a Iway,
'SEPH, Mo.?Townsend, Wyatt A
Wall; ',". .'; \\ ail, general merchandlso;
I2i ! Br ladway.
'SEPH, Mo. Xew Model Dry Goods
Mrs. Augusta Berger, ready to wear;
: ' ? ! Broad waj
ST. LOPIS Ei . World Mllllnery
"l hlgi muth, millinerj . 621
oadway, m 623
s: LOUIS li. Xugent & Bro, D. G. Ck>. ;
Hasris lobs. dresses; Miss Storman,
:.! Iss Li wi -, chl dn n's coats , i. ?>
th A' nui
S'l I'Al'I. G Sommers A Co : C. W.
ker, knil goods, hosiery, underwear:
, , Broadwaj
S'l. l'AI .. Mannh Imer Bros.; Miss l;
I ? Him r. . 200 l-'if; h A i . .
room 514.
ST. PAUL? Pfohl & Smith (live and ten
cent sl in i . L. Smli h, notlons Brl.:
ST. PAUL - The .\!:ic. y <',.,., [nc Louis
Sllverstein, coats, suits, skirts; 1133
I Ir oidu ., v; L. C. Lyon.
SITPERIOR Wis.?-Roth Bros. Co. ; Miss M.
s, notions, jewelry; Pennsylvania.
TAMPA, Fla.?Maas Bros.; E. Mass, ready
to wear; 11B0 Broadway. Baer A Lillen
TERRE HAI'TK, Ind.?A. Herz Co.; C. A. !
Ballard, upholstery, drapery, floor cov
erings E, ,1 Carpenter, ready to wear,
etc; I2n West Thlrtv-second Street.
TOLEDO- Emporlum World Mllllnery Co.;
P !?'. Dey, milllnery; 621 Broadway,
'O -W L. Milner & Co ; L. L.
I , toys; E. A. B< asire. wash goods,
? ?,. . il ks, a ? Ivets, llnens ; 16 W< st
Th 'iy-.-. , m i 3tre< t ; A. Fantl
CNION CITY Pa -M. Wolf, dry goods
V, VSHINGTON Lansburgh A Bro- ,\ 11
Krafon ls, pl itog aphic g.Is;
7 7 ? Fifth Av. nu..
WASHINGTON -8. Kann Sona & Co Mrs
J. K. Crelghton, infants' wear 432
Fourth Avenue.
WA.DESBORO, X. C?GathlngB & Co.; C
,,.',' !\'7 7?~:'; Beneral mcrchandise; Atcazar,
WINNSBORO, S. C.-rPropst Co.: P E
Propst. dry goods. clothing and ahoes;
Abi rd?>en.
WISE. Va.?J. M. B-aty. dry goods. etc;
\ azar.
ZEBULON, x r _?inn ,
\?ny, H S?tl'.l-v a, ,kL,T,ro" ; P R;" "
dry s.ia. cioihm,r*n8dho^ ?, *- Battaky,
SttJinoeaj Pennsylvania,
Buyers Comina
BtlTTB. Mont.?.Beueh.H ,
ILustead, boya' ?|nm ' ,np-: John -?
IXy 5rJ?"?^'van,a?^e^ctoa"^^:
^^"b^rfe",*-^* Bro, ,".,
dreaacs sklrts- mi BPrlnS coat8, suits,
220 Flflh AveftUf i m*-*e- ?-?**lHtln? ;
ruary I. ' ls orpected Feb
Poles Slay Officers,
Join "Reds^ Is Report
Moacow Dispatch Also Declare*
SemenoflTs Troops Have
Joined Bolsheviki
LONDON, Feb 1 a i\t?
*? J- A nloscow wire
" 1 dispatch received here reports that
tho Eathoman authorities have ar
offlcer of?hCraR Ba.Iak?vitch, a former
\ l',' .0,1 a; L,Us?-;"; -Vorthwcst army,
GVehnVrSa,S^de0nihtcT ^ the ?*'? ?'
lhe dispatch says a Polish division
",' '":,': "a has mutimcd and murdered
.. ' '"?' !l'Hl joine.l the Bolsheviki.
"lso assorts that General Semenoff's
troops havo joined the Reds
A Vicnna dispatch to the Exchange
c 1 graph 1. ompany under date of Fri?
day say thal according to the Ukrain
ian prcss tho capture of the town and
port 01 Odessa was effected hy Ukrain
mn regulars. reinforced by irregulars
ot tiie Kin rson government.
A Bolshcvik communication received
here this <vening says :
"We have captured Perekop town
'?n laurtda, near the Black Sea) and
driven th" enemy out of his fortified
positions on the Chengarsk Peninsula
tnfiicting heavy losses.
. "?'". the capture of Jojneudinsk, in
in.- Kansk region, we took the whole
..1 lhe ::.! Slav Battalion prisoner and
captured five armored trains."
Von Reuter Welcomed Home
ITiousands Greet Admiral Who
Ordered Scapa Flow Scuttling
miral von Reuter, tho chief officer of
the German fleet at Scarpa Flow, who
gave the order for the scuttling of the
German warships there last June, ar?
rived here yesterday aboard the steam
ship Lisboa. The admiral, who had
been sel free hy ; he British authorities,
was grceted by thousands along the
hurbor front, which was brilliantly
'I. corated,
Chief of the Admiralty, Admiral von
rrotha, in his speeeh of welcome, said
to von Reuter:
"I have come here deeply moved to
bid you the warmest welcome on be
half of the German navy and our dear
fatherland. You stand before me as
lhe last of our German high seas fleet,
which once was so accustomed to vic
tory. The ships you have not brought!
home. You at your lon< ly post gave
th- order to sink the fleet when you
rep-arded the resumption of war as a
Canadian Board Raises Price
Of Wheat 25 Cents a Bushel
WINNIPEG, Mi.11, Feb. 1.?Effective
from last midnight and until further
notice, the Canadian Wheat Board has
ordered changes in the price of wheat
and flour.
The price of British Columbia, On
tario and Quebec wheat to millers of
Cana la is raised 25 cents a bushel, and
the maximum wholesale price of gov?
ernment standard winter wheat flour
from $10.10 a barrel to a $11.25 basis
f. 0. b. Montreal.
Austria Authorizes Monopoly
On Tobacco to Secure Loan
VIENNA, Feb. 1. Autho* ,-.:on for
;. foreign loan, with a moi: ^. to?
bacco as security, hos bee * -w. by
the National Assembly, and >vern
ment has decided to contract with a
Dutch 1 . ai ization, which will advance
30,000,1 0 l florins.
The government will share profits of
the m mopoly and will ret&in supervi?
sion of its finances. Finance Minister
Reisch has expressed the thanks of the
republic to the Allies for facilitating
the agreement.
Thr, conncctinu mails close ut tiie General
Postoffice und City II11U postoffice hta
tion, New Vork. at ?; p. ru. IrcjfUtereil
articles fur eloses I'Mllinjc un Sunday muat
be mai led not Inter tlian 12 p. ni. Sat
ur.la.v night), a-, follows:
??;?' Corea, Cliina, Siam, Siberia. Co
chin China and Netherlands Kast Indies.
via San Francisco, stcamship Ecuador
February 2.
Hawail, via San Francisco, eteamship
WI Ihelminn F 1 rua r ? 7*.
Tahiti, Manjue^as, Cook Tslandg. N*eW
" alaiirl .. ! nt,, tlly ... Iressed mail for
Australia, via San Francisco, steamshin
Tofua, Fi bruary 4.
Hawaii, Fiji Islands, N'ew Zealand and
>?'. ? ' addressed mail for Auatralla, via
Vancouv 1 and Victorla, li. C, Btcamship
NI ib .'.., Fi brua i y ] 0,
Hawaii, Samoan Islands, Australia and
sp .. - addressed mail for New Zealand
via San Francisco, -jteamshlp Ventura,
February 12.
Sandy Hook. 5 ts 6 17
Oovernor's Island. 6:16' 6:5]
11- 11 Gate. 8:10 B:63
Vensol Port Departure
America.Glbraltar .Inn. 20
Ampnteo.Antwerp .lan. 12
Western Bell.Barcelona ...Jnn. 3
Drumeton.LIverpool .... Dec, 26
Westmohno.LIverpool .lan. 15
Lakestde.Barry .Tan. x
Mlnuekahrla.Hallfax .Jan. 30
Gen. O, H. Ernst.Crlatobal .lan. 24
Smargyd.Curacao .Jan. 2".
Normannla.Antllla .,. Jan. 'J''.
Lake Alien.Matanzas ... .Jan. 24
Bohlhiil.1-ort Lobos. . .Jan. 7*i
Ansaldo Savola II_Huelva .lan. 1".
Madison.Norfolk .lan. :il
Lordshlp M.-mor.Philadelphla....lan. 31
Santo Paula.Philadelphla. Jan. ::i
West Indian.Norfolk .lan. 29
Lake Dancey.Norfolk .lan. 30
Arapahoe.racksonville, .Jan. 29
BI Itlo.Galveston .lan. 25
Clan McKlnnon.Dundee .lan. 10
Phiun. !i l3ton.
Li Illlant.I'orl Arl hur. . Ja n. I 9
Rei i randt.'.Santos .... Dec. 23
Due To-dny
Ma-nchuria.Hamburg .lan, 9
Helllg Olav.Copenhagen .Jan. 17
Red Italla.Naplos .ran. 9
Easterner.La Pallice.ran n
Glenridgc.Barry .Jan, 13
Saranac.London .lan. 1
Francisco.llull .lan. 18
Ouantanamo.Fayal .ran. 77
1 "?"'.-??.Dunklrk .lan. 7
Persian Prlnco... .LIverpool .ran lt
Bovlc .Mam hester .lan. i I
I American.Antwerp .ran 7
' N est Bldara.Llvi rpool .Jan 9
Ed. Lui ki nbach.. Rotterdam .lan I ,'
1 I'eraba .Pernambuco .lan 16
Maracalbo.Curai ao i ,., ? ?
? ? Havana.lan 27
' astores. Cristobal .lan 72
'.San Juan .lan 28
'?? rfi .??< .Cardenas ... lar ''8
''? I Hamilton .... Bermuda .I.,n . t
Due To-morrow
>:"' .Marseilles .lan. 15
? ' "lumbia .Glasgow .lan. '74
liemus.St, Xazalre .lan. 15
[\ennebec.Progreso .Jan 22
l Mar Tirrono.Portland .Jan 20
.1 A Bostwtck....Port Ea.Is .Jan 29
Courageous.LIverpool .Jan. If.
Irlshman.London .lan. 13
j v- ? :: P"ol.Dartmouth .lan. l?i
I Mohawk.Jacksonville _Jan. 31
Due Wednesday
San Tlorgo.Palermo. ..Jan 20
Wacouta....Havana .Jan 3]
San Juan.San Juan .Jan 3t
Due Thursday
La Touraine.Havro .Jan. 7 7
. Olenetive.Dartmouth .lan. 16
Lt. Jean Laurent..Havre . Jan 17
I '?':': mouth.Fayal .Jan! 72
Suil To-day
Mall ( Vossei
Mauretania, S'hampton 8:30AM 12:00M
Cataluna, Cadlz . 8:00 AM 11:00 AM
Clan MacWllllam, r'ape
Town . 9:00 AM 3:00 PM
'' ron, Rlo di Ja ru iro 6 ..." AM ! 0 .\ M
Cherokee, Cartagena., 8:00 AM 17 00 AI
Cons rt, Rotterdam . ..- P'OOM
City of Norwlch,
Shanghal .- 2:00 PM
La'-.,- Feliclty, Clenfue
12.no M
Sall I'o-morrow
Tlvlves, Santa Marta.. 7:00 AM 11:00AM
V\esl Eagle, Santos .. 7:00AM 11:00AM
Serglpe, Un> Janelro. .10:00 AM 2:00 PM
Manco, Iqultos .10:00 AM 2 00 PM
Korean Prince, Buenos
? Alr,'s .12:00 AM 2:00 PM
Eglantler. Antwerp .,-. 12:00 M
Vltellla, Glasgow ....-.- \'_ oo M
Samland, Antwerp .....- 12:00 M
Chicago City, Brlstol..- 12:00 M
Arapahoe. Jacksonville- 12:00 M
El Alba, Galveston. . . .- 12:00 M
Sall Wednesday
r'1 Allghleri, Naples... 8:30 AM 12:00 M
Keresan, Hamburg .. 8:30 AM 12:00 M
Maracalbo, Maracalbo. 8:30 AM 12 00 VI
Dochra. Buenos Ayres. 8:30 AM 17:00 M
Glensandra, London ..-.? 12'OOM
Toledo Bridge, Copen?
hagen .- 12 :00 M
Vardulia, Avortmouth..- 12:00M
Caledonia, Antwerp...- 12-O0M
Consort, Rotterdam...- U oo M
Treglisson, Alexandria.- 12:00 M
AV. D. Munson, Cardenas- 12:00 M
E D. Klngsley, Ventura- 12:00M
Brownlng, Buen Ayre3 - - - 17 00 M
El Monte, New Orleans??- 12:00 M
Siiil Thursday
V'enus, Parimaribo. . . . 8:30 AM 12 00 \l
Santa Tecla. Valparaiso 8:20 AM 12:0OM
Gen. ii -A'. Goethals,
Cristobal .12:00 M 4:00 PM
Antlgone, Antwerp ....- 12:0gM
' ???:?:?.. Danzig .- I2:0GM
^IcKeespoit, llavre. . . . ?'?- 12:00 M
Olavarrla, Havre ...- 12:00 M
Angh Bgyptlan, LIver?
pool .??- 17:00 M
Bizkarkl Mendi. Bilbao- 17:00 M
City of Bristol, Cal
cutta .- - 2 i PM
Vmaznn Maru, Kobe... - 2 00 PM
Clan McQuarrie. Java.- 1:00 PM
Mohawk, Jacksonville.- 12:00 M
' 'ity of Ra vannah, Sa -
vannah .-___ 3:00 PM
El Sud, Galveston ....- 17:00 M ,
BALTIMORE, Feb 1?Arrived; Strs Man
go,-,-. Daiqulri; Opelika, Harwich. Wire
less: Str Lake Forsby, from Philadelphla
fi ?? Baltimdre ff Seven-Foot Knoll, 11 a m,
Icebound. < Sailed: Str Lake Fanquirer,
Pori Tampa.
BOSTON, Feb l? Arrived : gtrs Walter D
Noyes, Norfolk; Lake Greenwood. Norfolk;
Cedar Springs, Xorfolk; Sewall's Point.
Norfolk. Sailed: Str Schiedijk (Du). Rot
t e rd am. ?
CAPE HENRY, \'a. Feb 1?Passed in for
Baltlmore: Strs Westerdyk (Du), Philadel?
phla; Boveric (Br) LIverpool; Samland
(Belg), Xew York; Otterstad (Nor). New
York; Arkansas (Dan), Copenhagen via
Boston. Passed out from Baltlmore-: Str
Romsdalsfjord (Nor), St Xazalre.
CHARLBSTON, S C, Feb l?Arrlved:
strs San Fran dsco Maru (Jap), from Peru
for European ports; Texas, from Port Ar
Winter Days a,
Not winter days at all?but like the
first mild days of Spring?sound and
sight of sca tempt you out-of-doors.
Take a few days offat Atlantic City now.
It's oiieof New York's best Winter habits.
It is a real investment assuring great
profits in health, pleasure and rest. Golf
on fine links practically every day. New
life and Interest on fasclnating Boardwalk
And of course stofl at
AivAnwiMcaii Plan. Hotel _
of Distii\etioi\ai\d RealCtomj&rt I
CAW.C1IT?00. mf__^__i\___________________\
A Cermlclde <. limate anj Clcm S'.e?t*
Ko Buy. Ho D;;. Innumcrable Ou*d?w
Rccre-tiont *ni f-dcor Ei-'er!?inmjntB
Oiyci-rship Manas'-ment lotUh YVb4*e & Son?Ca,
THE MANoR?Aiihevino, K. a
In Ameriea an EiiKlish Ina.
Garden City, Long Island
An ercluslve Ameriean plan hotel.
with a la carte restaurant for motoriata.
Froquent electric tralns from Penn. Station.
Special Winter Rates No?. to May
J. .1. LANX1N CO.. Prop?.
Burlington Hotel
Ameriean tini] Furnnean
380 Room- with Bath $3 to $5
\lunhinttou. D. C.
Condado-Vanderbilt Tlotel
Newly completed and open for the flnrt
*i4m> this *iii.*m. Otrect steamer servtce
frotn New Yorli every Saturday.
thur; Josiah Macy, from Hafrn Rouge
S.-illed: Strs Lak? Port. from Clenfuegos
for NewYnrk; Jaekeonville, from Mar-kson
v Ie tor Boulogni Mohawk, for Jackson?
ville. *
GALVESTON. F?h 1?Arrived: Strs
Wleldrecht (Du). Hamburg; Ifouma. Cris?
tobal; George H Itarui-a. Tampico; Ro
tnulua, Port Lobos; Huronlan (Br), LIver?
pool. Ventura de Larrlnaga (Br). Man
cheater; Greystoke Castle (Bn. Antwerp
and Barry, Freeport Sulphur No 2. Freo
gort; achr Alla D Turn.-r (Hon), Mobile.
Sailed: Strs Florlda, Port Lobos; Gulf
port, Tamua.
PHILADBLPHIA, Feb 1?Arrtvad: Strs
Andalusla, LIverpool; Indian. Boston- schr
Davld i-oh'n, Buenos Ayrea
MARCCS HOOK, l>a'. Feb 1?Passed
down from Philadelphla: Str Mundolta
Matanzas; bark Ollvebank (Nor), Xewport
X- w.t.
RBfflDT ISLAND, Del, Feb 1? Pa*s?d
down 'rom Philadelphla: Strs Santa Paula
New York: Contocook, Manatl; Eastern
Sea, Glasgow; Carlb, Guantanamn
via Xew York; Santa Rlta, Port Arthur
PORT H \I'S. La, Feb 1 \;-1 . a Strs
BI Pas ,. Ni w York; H iral I i Nor). Cuba;
Ltlkn 1-.. - iin, ?'..: ,. Mi Lpii - | Bi lg), Ant?
werp. Sailrd Sl rs Belv.-r (Nor) Pro?
greso; i opi .,?-.? Port Ban ios via Ti I i
Creole, x.-v. York: Horalsan Maru (Jap)
Yokohama and Yorktichl, Japan, via C
and San Franciaco; Managua (Nic) Blue
', flelds via Cape Gracias; Montoso, Porto
: Kico; Noccalula, Rotterdam via Beaumonf
Western Chi"f. Manrhester via "V.rfolU:
?-*hr Ciudarl <lo Torragonn (Sj.anl, Tarra
gona, Spaln
roRTi.Ayp. M?, Fob 1?Arrived: Btx
Roch Island Brl-lg--, N-w York.
PORT TAMPA. Fla, F-b 1- -Arrived: gtr
I Goodspeed, B-iltimnre. Bailed: Ptr Miam!,
illuv.-ir.ii vls Kej- West,
SAND KET, Fla. Feb I?Passetf ea-Jf
31st. BI Almlrante First, O T Waring
First, Radlan and barge, BI '.id, F i
; Asehe. Wauk"sha without fu?*l oil.
BAVANNAH, n*. Feb 1?-Bailed: Strs
; Joseph. Dcnniark; Pernlan, Jacks onville.
Departures for New Tork j _
Lostdon?8 S Englewood.
Bergen- a, s. LyngenfjpTd.
Liverpooi?S. S. Naatasket. ,
Kouthampton?S 8. Sahale.
Tabi<- Bay?S. B Sommelsdyk.
Newport, Eng.?S. S. Vasconia.
Arrival* from New Tork
Liverpooi?S. B. Orcoma,
Port Said- s B, Seekonk.
Rlo ?'?? Jan< ro?S. 8 Baltika. '.
Mnnt- -. ? .-' 8. ii.intu.
Yokohan . .- S Amar Maru
Panania Canal. Cristott&l -S 8 Qelder.
:.--:. oi -8 9 ?*:.-? Island.
"li to agasta S s !*t ? o
HeJUIones S 8 Craster Ha
3 S Netherpar
' i.-noa-- H 8 Lyc 't-.itiK.
N'aples .-; .- an i
Copi nhag ? .-' s Ruth.
Barceloi 3 S Rlta.
Oran?S S i.
Si N.iz..':-.'?S .?* C .: V ? , ? ?
Of Interest to the European Traveler
Expeots at Greafc American- Invasion,
Beginning in, March.
CofiytlsU.. lB2*,by Th? N?w Tdr'rf T1me? Cotapany.
Spfclal Cable to .Tai New yosk Timzs.
LONDON. Tuesday. Jan. 0?>~European
-O'Jrtet e?ert?;lr?;_-;ar? t>r?parlr8 *6r -a
jJ>J* American Invasion this vear, Snip
-*J>lnr ?fflclal3 Mwct the ruah to begin
early ln March nnd eont!nu? a'.l thrdujrh
the Summer. Battle field tours will V
| carried out on a large scale. All aioha
: the Hrvg'of the old battle fronts affcnts
of syn^lcatas haM" been ?: busy?-French.
bngllsh and AniTican-trving to obtaiti
j prcmlses to be used as ho'tels. Big
j pr.v.cs Imye been offereO to many owners
; for buildings which. were wor'.h virtu
. aHy nollilhg a few years- ngr,.
j The hotel pressure extends also to
I 1 am, and or.ly iast v, e*k an Bnelish
synaicate was offerins fo buy up one.
: of the im.'l pala.ti.il hotel;, ln the ? Ity a*
| a cost not far rhort nf ?1,000,000. In
: qulr.es among the big London iiotels
: snow that accommodatlon, oven wlth th?
i llnerarlon of more premlses bv thejkJov
crnmer.t. ia very limited. acsircely Mjf
ficlent ioe visltors. Bpeediny up of ren
ovation work la h?fns carxteii out at
: sorne of tpese piaces
Agents for h\g country manslona have
been approached by American financla."'
romolne* with a view to l-agiriK the.
I hoUsea for the ?r-ason.
i-'eomaTfie >'ow Vork Time*
' Jan. 27, 1970.
Read this Clipping?
Then $end for?
American Traveler
In Europe-1920"
This booklet will solve
your ttavel problem.
64 pages of practical infor?
mation in regard tr> trans
portaticn, hofeli and cur?
rent travel fonditions. Our
patrons enjoy exceptional
Sent Pre<? Upon Request.
For nearly 30 years the
great majority cf
Tlavelers have used
American Express
Travelers Cheques.
65 Broadway, New York.
l'ns-,eiiKft antl treiifht bervices.
Pannonia .New York lo Patras, Dubrovnik and Trieste. Feb.
iWretama -'..New York ~ Cherbourg and Soulhampton. Feb.
( j!umbla .N;w York " Lonaonderrj ar.d Glasgow.Feb,
Piymouth, Havre and London.Feb.
Piymouth, Chrrbourg and Liverpool.Feb.
Piymouth, Cherbourg and Liverpoc!.Mar.
Cherbourg and Soutbampton. Mat.
Pl'-tnoutli Havre and Soulhampton.Mar.
Londonderry and Gla-gow. Mar.
Cherbourg and Soulhampton.Mar.
Piymouth, Havre and Loncion.Mar.
Liverpool .Mar<
Piymouth, Havre and Southampton.Apr.
Cherbourg and houthamplon. . .Apr.
Londonderry and G!av.; w.
For later s.-iilings apply to
axonia ^.New ^ ork
K. A. Victoria.New York
Carmama .N:w York
lmperator .New York
Roya! George .New York
Columbia .NeW York
Mauretama .New York
Saxonia . . ...New York
K. A. Victoria.New York
("armania .New York
Royal G?orgc.New York
Mauretania .New Y'ork
Columbia .New York
Sail away to Porto Rico, qualnt
est of West Indi.i islands. There
is glamor of Old World cities,
beautiful scenery and a June-like
climate. You "will enjoy motoring
over splendid tropical roads.
16 DAY CRUISE fl? i t__f\ AND
This rate covers all necessary pxpenin of
me&ls and ?tatr.room ivccornmodatiGna for
the entire oruise to and around tiiis Itland
ai Enchantraent and teturn to New Yoik.
11 Broadway New York
Direct service on fist twin-screw
steamers Irom Nsw Yorlt to
T* Progreso, Vera Crus asd Tampico.
Regalsr Sailings to Nasssn. Bshamss.
Lle&retu-.e and full tnjarmation en req?ttl.
New York aad Cabs Mail S. 8. Co.
Fos* of "Wall StreeU Nsw Yorki
BOSTON ?.0*4.40
PROVlbENCE !->??. $2.97
Both prices Include War Tax.
Boat Uaves Pier 38. North Hiver, Daily &. Sundsy.
st 5 P. M 'Phon- Serlns 9491
IHoreester.M.13. Provideuce dir?t,$*.;?.
OrTSlDE 8TATKROOMS, *1.08 & #2.10.
Daily, includlng Sunday. 5:00 P M
From Pier 19, E. R. 'Phone 3700 Reekman
Mekttf ?l Pier or ConsoUdited Tlcket Offl;.**.
Daylight servic1? up the Hudson tllsoon
UatMC for tb* aeaaoa.
P?s? Maj] Rteamers
New York .... 12 Nooi Feb. 14 Mar. 13
St- Paul .I? >:,., FeK 21Mar. 29
Philadelphia.12 Noor F-b. 28 Mar. 27
Manchuria . 1 V. \. Feb. 11
Mongolia . Feb. 25
Lapland.2 P. M., Feb. 2S
Kroonland .Mar. 3 Apt. :0Mayl5
Finland .Mar. 10 Apr. 17 May 22
Zeeland .May 29
Lapland . Apr. 3 Mav 8 June 12
Adriatic .... 2 1 m Feb. 14 Mar. 20 Apr. 21
tLapIand . . 2 P M Feb. 25-*
?4-T0 Southampton, Cberboar-r, Antwerp
Lapiand .Apr. 3 Mav 8 June 12
-To Srmthatnpton miii Antwerp
Orteg*.12 ,,. ,n Feb. 7
Cedric.12 noon Mar. 6 Apr. 3
B?ltic.Mar. 13 Apr. 17
Cfetic." nooi Apr_ 10 May IS
Canopic.3 p. m. Mar. 16
Cretic.2 V 11 Mar. 31
intemationa) Mercantils Marme Company
9 Broadway New York
?fj Btpress PorteJ -iervi??
LA TOl'R.MNR.FKB. 10. MAR, ?
1 u CnY lHK FK,t ~fc' M VK "7
1 KAiNi r . M \ K jit
AIAOAKA (From Pier ki. S. K.)..F.>b. 7
i RED "D" LINE Hle' n- ro?' i?t-m
i i-*"R POBTO KH 11. CCBACAO aod vl.\ KZCaXA
Zulla.Feb. 4 Phllad'-iphla..Feb. 11
| liara<*aibo. . .Feb. HJCaracaa.Feb. 2*.
BLI8S. DALLBTT & CO.. ilenl Murs..
I Phone T.170 Hanover. i'i Wall .Strvst.
Fall River Line
; From Pirr 14. N. K? Fuiton St., 5:00 P. M.
Ori-liemra on Kaeh lluat.
1 hrs. Pr. 40. N.R.. Houaiou st.. wit daysoa'v
| t.ls P.M- Lv Pr. 79. M.R.. tjd St. ? Pul
Service -Uoconttr.ueU for the seasorv.
eoASTvnsF. stkamship uvb??po* "Zi
point-- south. oitl Douiinion, SavatuiaT
1 Southern Pa.-ifv- Uneav-For p-aMMsMrtn.
iformauon apply t- Coi >n<l?eWvL_li\w2Z
tickat offlceji or Coiapantcs' officev

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