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Pnes?Itahan Briar with vulcanite mouthpieces. Chesterfield, $3.60 pt
v^ op; Italia, $9 do-.-, Kaywoodie, $20 do/., up; Bakelite, plain and
fancy mountings, $8.50 do:, up. Kaufmann Bros. & Bond}.
??lesBef brand hair nets (human), absolutely guaranteed. Advertised in
A?hion magazines and newspapers. In sealed, patented "window" envel?
which show color. Cosmos Trading Comjoany.
??tin "Ribbons Immediate delivery on satin Taffeta Ribbon No. 16 to No.
\ gc B line. Complete color line. This is the scarcest item today
ribbons. Lion & Company.
McKinley Music Company, world's largest music house. Publishers, job
; .,,... sheet mus c, music books. McKinley ten cent edition thousand
.c'rc";on^. Koo:. popular and standard songs, including Sweet Hawaiian
Bead!1, pearls, jewels, ornaments, etc. We are Importers. Nelson Bead
Votions- Stewart's Duplex Safety Pin. Duplex and Sonora Snap Fasteners.
Guardian Crochet Hook. Bias Seam Tape Stickerie. Rick Rack Braids.
Eagle Croci Pratt & Farmer Company.
Smith's Neckband-Cambric Linen finish, cambric, pongee. Boys' Pants
Bands. Boned inside belting, repp, percaline, duck and crinoline. Gil
man B. Smith Co.. Inc.
fjclnspe beach and bathing caps for Palm Beach trade. Rubber sheetings,
?guitar; api elts, rubberized household aprons, baby pants, diaper?,
bibs. Saniton Specialty Company.
?Apron Envelope." The onlji perfect sanitary article of its kind. Takes
... - ? i tar., a] ron, rubberized silk in flesh, cream and white.
Samples on requi :
The Schafuss Corporation.
Hair Nets, "I nicum" Brand. Re the first dealer in your town to feature
esh cap nets. Something new. Strongest net made.
Sam] -: ' requ( Theodore H. Gary Company.
Wright's Tape? and Trimmings for home sewers. True bias; full elasticity;
(fbite, black and fast; thirteen widths. Wright's E-Z Trim for middy
jtyle garmi nts. V\ m. E. Wright ?L Sons Company.
fcgii, Mi kinds end *'or all purposes. Beads tor costumes, for dresne?,
for shoes, etc. At interesting prices. A. & H. Yeith.
Knitting Cotton, Sport Thread. Darning Cotton. Buy directly from the
manufacturer. Buliard Thread Co.
Safety Pockets?Women's, for carrying valuable papers, money or jewelry.
Worn under the Bkirt, . - res against pickpockets. Made of suede, silk
or cot! A big not item. E. A. Canter.
Human Huir Switches, Tran>formations and Nets. Net vei
SU " per gros3. Schwarzkopf & Salmore.
pri?es from
for Exclusive Shops. In Leather. Fine Woods. ar.d Metal.-,
.vine Holders, >e:^ < r Set?, Telephone Lists, Desk Sets. Letter
. I ads, Engagement Lists, Favors, Book Covers. Edward J.
i m ;.
Greeting Cards for All Occasions?Convincing in Style and
ptional in designs. A comprehensive assortment of Birth
ther occasion designs for $25.00. The Keating Co.
Engraving?Process eliminating use of plate or die for Wedding,
. ing and Business L.;rd engraving requirements.
Greeting Cards. Turner & Porter.
High < lass and Unusual Stationery. New designs and styles. Whiting &
( i.i I.e. Inc.
"Distinctive" Quill Pen. Writing Sets. Rare Quills?All color?. Crystal
t Holders matel Ils C. M, Coopersr.tith & Co., Inc.
More Complete Than Ever
Ready to Serve Buyers and Merchants.
i ?? . "
sh M?g, Col
-? n Oe.. Inc.
' e Mfg, Co.
? .'. Co. The
C ao-.net < o.
tot' Iron Works. J. L
and C an Co.
and Stpg. Co.
. ? <.-??? Co.
- Uu ? ng ta
'-? rtl lai : Ski Co.
Odorleea Incinerator Co.
... ;. . - .?? ; -
:hen Dryer
Panvaj Co
r-'eabofiv ? Co., Henry W.
a .-.-low Case Co.
Pioneer Mfg. Co.
Pitta Si ip and Products C-o.
P ?? -- --.-? Water Vuver Co,
Play-O-Lite Co
Pi : lies Co The
tiiueiiu..- ? John
Russell Moccasin Co.. W. C.
Robinson Cabinet Mfg. Co.
Sanitary Receiver Co.
Save-O-Products Corp.
Savoy Mfg. Co.
Satisfaction Guarantee?!. A Corp.
Sechrist Mfg. Co.
Shea Oar Co.
Shoemaker ft Busch
?-'tate Mfg. Co.
Stick-On-Window Lock Co.
Ctror.ghart Co.
T?te Mfg. Co.
Thomas Mfg. Co
Tie Co.
TottJe, Wm_ A-, Co.. Inc.
United Royalties Corp.
Van Mfg. Co.
Victory Chemical Co.
Waage Electric Co.
WoWen-WorceBtcr, Inc.
Walker Bros. Co.
Weir Stove Co,
Weetern Electric Co.
VVeetinghouse Elee. and Mfg. Co,
White-Seidenmann Co.
Whitely Exerciser Co.
Variety of Products
Ibtol War?
?fotei r? Electric)
Ho: Plai
!;- " l;h-l
;'??-?. ? - Electric)
??-j, Sad fljocu |
!?,? -? ,,
nrdinii rsi
: Id let &
Uir.P? *
Uarpi ;
?^ .
Unpj ? ,]
Uwn ?
... . ?
; -
? ?
'' (, < hen
i, '-' '
?o?? i Cotton
X<** (Sell-Wrtngl .?.
Mj?lej. i ??graph
J?;u rDtaa?. ?te.)
,,*??? Ultele? Cooker)
ai tlxed Iron)
?.411? i??r?ag?)
"?L ,Ufli? Oluj. Com
*"*--?. Wa?r.. Coctrac
Pita"* **# -?train?)
?2"? < Household)
. ? ,. ii
Pai i (Pud ig and
l i - ? La ?" Sh?")
Pap? - 1' ?
I a(wr (T( ?'
Paper N ?:
' -? let Floors
iff et
? id
i Warming,
P? .i? n'rrffe?
1 er lolators, (offre and Te?
at >r triads*?
Percolator Stoves
?.. (graph Ne-dle?
! ". :i.-;?t >
i ? 1'tsh or Steak)
Pot i
i ?? ' . :' re and Te?)
Pulley? -, Clothes IJji?)
Kack? (Display)
l;?.'k? S'unir'
i:.^r. b ? i
?., ? ! sotrte)
Ilangea (Gas)
Kdiors (Safety)
Reels (fio??es Line)
TUsfrtgerators 'Nurseryi
Roast?? (Steell
iad IroTii tElectric)
bets (Crumb. Egg, Tes)
Scales (Household)
Healers (Fish)
tarajw i Kettle and Pot)
Siwijr. (Ice)
Shelf Papor
Shovels (Svore)
outers (Ash!
hitters i Hour)
S.lver Plated War?
Skate? i ?ii?-Holier;
SUcers (Egg)
?in . ?'. tArticles)
Spoons (A.uniinum and TU)
Spoons (C?ia?rvg Dish)
Spoons (Steel)
Stands (T'mbrella)
Stoi^ Heateirs and Kang?i
i Coal1
Stove?. Hesters and Rang??
Stores, ''?.?mini and Ran*??
. -oti-h Heater? and Ran??
Strainer? (Sink)
Sualnerii (Tea and Coffee)
Stretchers I Curtain)
Suction and Foren Cup?
Swatters (Kly)
lablea (Kltcheo Enirael)
Taiik Balls
lea Pots
Toasters (dectrle)
Toilet Paper
Tooli lUaxden)
Tops (Table Enamel)
Vowol? (Kitrjjen and Olti?)
Towels (Paper)
Trap? (Fly!
Traps (Roach)
Trays (Sandwich)
Tiib.i ( Koo i--Wash)
V act.urn Bottle?
Vacuum Freezer?
Waffle Iron?
Waffle Irons (Electrle)
War? (Hotel)
Ware. Hotel tEleotrlc)
Warming Pads (Elexrtrlo)
Washers (Dish)
Washing Machine?
Washing Machine? <K?tetrl?)
Water l Coolers)
Water Heater?
Whip? (E?*)
Window look s
Wire Good?
Wrincers (Mop)
Genuine Irish Linens, including tablecloth?;, napkins, art and dress linen',
all widths. Crash and glass toweling. Nationally advertised, distrib
uied by exclusive agencies. Derryvale Linen Co.. Inc.
Printed Bed Spreads-In six colors on sheeting and rippellettr. Roister*
to match from $2.75 to $8.00. Some with cut corners. Thomas W. Lewis.
Cotton Piece Goods?Wholesale distributors of remnants, mill end, second?,
and irregular dry goods of everv description. Mannypenny-Yan Hart &
Versailles Comforters represent standard quality and value. Make all
grades, cheapest to best. Also specialize in blankets, sheets, pillow
cases, spreads and household dry goods. Fred IL Nadlcr, Inc.
Boudoir Slippers in stock for immediate delivery, In black, $1.50. In red
and tan, $1.75. Less 2 per cent ten day-. Sizes 2'? to S. The Raker
Shoe Company.
Men's Dress Shoe?100 per ccui leather. Oak sole leather inner sole,
best quality sole leather counter, solid leatner heel, olid box, full length
vamp, immediate delivery. J. Ralph Baker Shoe Company.
Ladies' Low Shoes.Ribbon tie effects in the new spring style.i and pat
terns, in turns only, are unusually attractive. R?sh & Perry Company.
Shoes?Men's and boys' medium priced litie. (?oodyear welt. Also stand?
ardized line of scout and work shoes. A. H. Crafts Co., Inc.
Shoes?Infants', Children's and Misses. Philadelphia made turns for im?
mediate delivery. Patent leather and white canvas. Mary Janes in stock
a specialty. The Donald Shoe Company.
Shoe Ornaments?Complete line genuine headed, rhinestone, metal and
imitation beaded buckles. Highesl grade Popular price--, lntmedia'e
delivery. French Beading &. Novelty Co.
Shoes for Export?Women's Mediums in McKays atid Turna White Shoe
Novelties, whites that ;?re winners, Hartman Shoe Company.
Men's and Ladies' High-Class Puttees?Genuine cordovan cowhide, calf?
skin and sp?r leather. Strap and spring style. Populai prices. Also
sandals and rbildrcn's shoes Kmil Kaufman.
I/orkhart Spiral Puttees "Regular" Men's, "Scout'' boya'. Regulation
wool, olive drab and matine. $18.00 to $30.00 do/tin. Prices on special
color and materials. Lockhart Spiral Service Leggin, Inc.
Buckles that will doable shoe profits. Buckles of all qualities, styles and
prices. Buckles you cannot afford to lie without. Overgaiters (Cloth,
Felt) with ?r-ather in-facing. M. B. Marline, Inc.
When yon handle Honorbilt Shoes you handle the best and receive ad?
vertising help that gets the bulk of the shoe business for you in your
locality. F. Mayer Hoot & Shoe Co.
,t W's Lenox Shoes earned in stuck i for Women. Growing (iiris. Misses,
Children and Infants. TURNS- -all leathers Button and Lace, also
Sandals MeKAY SEWED?all leathers. Lenox Shoe Company.
Shoe Bnckles and Enameled Jewelrj Wide range of prices. Standard
line, well advertised and known to all v.hu -..it this Has- of merchandise.
The Riker Company.
"Shoe Soap" Dressing. "Paine" kid and calf, "Shoe Soap" kid and calf
and "Service" kid and calf. Sold up. When normal times return we will
talk business. George H. Paine.
The Stetson Shoe embodies all the desirable essentials of a High Grade
Product. Fine Footwear foi Men -Tailored Boots for Women. The
Stetson Shoe Company, Inc.
Bnckles for Ladies' Shoe??High grade and medium cut i-;ee.: and bronze.
Attractive designs and patterns, $1.25 to $30.00 per pair. Imm?diat?
delivery. A. & H. Veith.
Bathing Shoes ? Regardles.-- o: increased prices of materials and ?Rboi we
are exhibiting the most complete line in canvas, sateen and satin at
exceptionally low prices. General Footwear Company.
Spats?Shutops Bathing Shoes. Win, Crellich & Sons.
Seventh Floor
Negligees and Underwear?Custom made. Three piece, bridal set, night
gown, teddy and camisole, georgette or crepe de chine, trimmed with
hand-made filet and fine vals. Bessie Damsey.
Muslin Underwear. Style, workmanship and materials are the best With
general line, we are showing our special "Caminickers." Quality un?
surpassed?deliveries guaranteed. Home Made Underwear Company.
An exceptloaal showing of all hand-made Undergarments. Beautiful in
design and workmanship. Novelty Art Lingerie Company.
Women's Undergarments?Satin, georgette and crepe. Something different
In lacy and tailored effects makes our line exclusive. No. 619, our
"Wonder Trousseau Set," for $19. Rex Underwear Co.. Inc.
Silk Petticoats and Bloomers, laffetas. Messahnes, Bcldmg Satins, Silk
Jerseys. Ten days to two week- deliveries. All colors in materials in
stock. Belding Satins guaranteed. W. H. Rogers Company.
J. Rosenberg & Co.. a popular priced line of Silk and Cotton I'nder-Gar
ments, excellent for Special Sales.
Special Quality Heavy Crepe de Chine Underwear, giving universal satis?
faction; nightgowns. $7.00 to $13.00; envelope chemise and novelties, $4.00
to $10.00; kimonos and negligees. $14.00 to $23.00. A. Rothkrug.
Ladies' High-tirade Silk Underwear?Envelope Chemise, gowns, skirts,
camisoles, bloomer:-.. Oriental kimonos, Billie Burkes and Pajamav
Star Silk Undergarment Co.
Silk Underwear?Specializing Crepe de Chine Envelope Chemise, $39.00 to
$60.00; Bloomers, $39.00 to $60.00. Special values that will surely get
you business. Western Garment Company.
Novelty Silk Underwear?Latest styles and creations, featuring attractive
brocade and metallic camisoles. It will be to your advantage to in?
spect our samples. Grossberg, Leapold & Company.
katrenstcin. Good Company, manufacturers of fine Undermushns for Chil?
dren, announce the location of their new sales display in the Bush
Terminal Sales Building for your convenience. Your inspection is invited.
Women's Silk Undergarments?Victory Mfg. Company.
Valentine?, Easter Cards, -wedding congratulations, birthday cards, place
and tally cards. 2V?c to 25c each. New publications, popular line?
Leubrie & Elkus, Inc.
Rubber stamp, stencils, signs, paid cashier stamps, check protectors, num?
bering machines, time clocks, telephone brackets, stapling machines,
vulcanised wastebaskets, work organizers. Samuel H. Moas.
Armand Cold Cream Powder. Most remarkable success in the face powdef
world. Being a powder, its novelty, originality and merit have made it
a world seller. The Armand Company.
Auatinol Guaranteed DandrnfT Eradicator. We will refund five times pur?
chase price in any case where Austinol fails to permanently -radicato
dandruff. The largest and most intensive consumer advertising cam?
paign that has ever been put back of a dandruff remedy will begin
January 25th, and will be carried through continuously and consistently.
Full details of the campaign will be sent to any dealer on request.
Austinol Chemical Co., Inc.
Baldwin's New Perfumes and Toilet Articles. We have just opened a
showroom with u beautiful line. Baldwin Perfumery Company.
i'reckel Ointment. Positively removes freckles. Retails for 65c. Our
"Kremola" makes, the skin beautiful. Dr. C. H. Berry Company.
Very attractive and neat packages and general line of perfumery?prettiest
packages on the market. E. Burnham.
"Calista" Cream, 2 oz. jars, to retail at 35c. A product of purest scientific
perfection. Calista Shaving Cream Soap to retail at 50c "The Cream of
Shaving Soaps." Established 1791. Schieffelin & Company.
"Creme Elcaya." The toilet cream of distinction. Used by the best people.
Sold by the best trade. Two sizes, 30c and 60c. Elcaya Company.
Liquid Rouge. 50c, $1.50, $5.On. less one-third. Powders all shades, 75c,
?l.50, less one-third. The distinctive qualities of our imported products
win the favor of women everywhere. V. Darsey.
Toilet Preparations. A line of superior quality, but popular prices, with
a known reputation as excellent, repeaters. Inspect our samples and
prices. Denney & Denney.
Elmo Face Creams and Face Powders. Moderately priced?successfully
demonstrated in the leading department stores throughout the United
S'ate-. Elmo, inc.
Feathercdge Rubber Sponges?Highest quality quick sellers wherever gen
! ral merchandise is sold. A size for every purpose to retail at prices
upwards from I0e. Featheredge Rubber Company, Inc.
Old Established Well-known Line High-Grade Toilet Preparations?includ?
ing aoaps and perfumery, displayed in Perfumery and Toilet Goods Divi?
sion. tier?, aise Graham.
i.eneral line of toilet preparations. Very neat package, attractive bottles.
Specializing on freckle cream. Exodor and beautitier. Also Larayne,
rHce powder and toilet cream. Cordon Gordon.
Ask About Hermo Hair-Luster, the popular Hair Dressing for Men and
U omen. It is a ?>ig seller, good repeater, well advertised, and all live
dealers stock it. Hermo Co.
Malvina for the complexion. Malvina Cream, Lotion and Ichthyol Soap ar?
recommended for freckles, tan, pimples, moth, patches, liver molet
and ringworms. Goods shipped prepaid. Prof. I. Hubert.
Toilet preparation under private label 100 per cent profit. We make every
cosmetic known, well put up. complete line under your private label or
any single preparation. Ideal Laboratories Company.
".leune Fille" talc, poudre am! rouge. Exquisite odor. Beautiful rose and
gold boxes. Herbert Skinner Clark.
Soaps of all kinds. Specializing in the .lap Rose, .lap Rose Soap, .lap Rose
Taie and Perfume?-also laundry soaps tir.d toilet and bath soaps,
?lames S. kirk & Co.
"I.aco." Imported pure and genuine castile soap From Old Castile,_ Spain.
The accepted and recognize : best. "Lac " ?? lectcd virgin olive oil from
sunny Spain. Lockwood, Bracket! & Company.
l)r. Wernet's Powder? For false teeth, makes them firm, white; flavored,
antiseptic. Cold 'Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules for kidney, bladder, liver
and uric acid troubles. II. R. l.athrop it Co., Inc.
Originators of Cold Creamed Face Powder La Mcda. Something women
have wanted for years. Stays on. Defies heat, cold, ram, wind or even
perspiration. No substitute for it. La Meda Mfg. Company.
"Lash-Brow-Ine." Pure cream form preparation, stimulates and promote?
Lhe natural growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. A wonderful seller.
Extensively advertised. Maybell Laboratories.
"Liquid Razor." For Milady. Neatly removes the hair. "Liquid Dress
Shield." Positively prevents perspiration and odor. Endorsed by Lady
Duff Cordon (Lucile). Oneida Corporation.
Pebeco Tooth Paste, Lysol Disinfectant, Lysol Shaving Cream. Lysol Toi'.et
Soap. Henna-San. Powder- - Perfumery?Toilet Articles?Pharmaceuti?
cals. Lehn & F?nk, Inc.
The Luxtone Company announces 'hat their line is now hems- shown.
Luxtone Company.
"Lnxuria," Harriet, Hubbard Ayer.
"Gets-lt" Corn Remedy. E. Lawrence & Company.
Our high class toilet preparations have not been shown in New York before.
Marrow Manufacturing Co.
Very popular line -a number of new style packages- very original and
odd. Artistic in their design and shape. Melba Mfg. Company.
"Moon Kiss" Talc?The very latest, in Talcs New design package odor
that is both fascinating and lasting. Retails 25c. Our prices allow fin?
profit. Page, Perfumer.
El-Rado?the "Womanly" Way to Remove Hair. A sanitary lotion that re?
moves hair by washing it off. Entirely harmless. Money-back guarantee.
$5.00 to $9.00 dozen. Retails ?Oc and $1.00. Pilgrim Manufacturing Co.
Permanent Hair-waving by the Nestle system. All kinds of appliances.
The only ?teaming process existent, advertised and well represented
throughout tne world Patented in all countries. G. Nestle Co.
"Odo-Ro-N'o." The most widely advertised perspiration corrective. The
necessary toilet requisite of the modern woman, 30c, tiOc and 51.00.
Liberal discounts, paid delivery. The Odorono Co.
"Pussywillow Face Powder and Pussywillow Talc de Luxe at 50c and 35c
are fust sellers, giving a big profit. They are sold by us under a money
hack guarantee. Henry Tetlow Company.
"Rovilla" and "Dianthe" Perfumes. Toilet specialties. Complete lines
in these fragrant, and lasting odors. Habrook Perfume Company.
San-Kjiit-Ary Knitted Towels and Wash Cloths in sealed germ proof
packets. Every towe'. needed in the household for face, bath and kitchen.
Also dish cloths. San-knitary Textile Mills.
"Sanozone" Liquid Soap, "Sanozone" Pine Oil Disinfectant. "Sanozone"
Deodorants for homes, theaters, offices. Why use imitations instead of
the original? Sanozone Chemical Company.
Parfum l'Amusette?Prudre l'Amusette, Eau de Toilette l'Amusette, Savon
PAmusette, Poudre de Toilette l'Amusette, Creme l'Amusette. Steams
Parfumeur, Detroit.
"Spearmint" Tooth Past* 1ms a character. "The Cleansing Pa.'te with the
Pleasant Taste." A little goes a long way. Wrigley Pharmaceutical Co.
Notions and Toilet Specialties, including West Electric .Japanned and
Midget Hair Curlers. West. Hair Puffers, West Hair Nets and Veil?,
Softex Hair Shampoo. West Electric Hair Curler Co.
Popular Price Perfumes?10c to 50c, retailed value. We sell the jobbing
and department store trade. Items combine quality and fancy package.
Spencer Perfume Company.
Stillman Freckle Cream?Marketed for twenty-five years.and known all over
the world. Quality goods, moderately priced. Try Stillman's Talcum,
Powder, Rouge, Tooth Paste, Soap. Stillman Freckle Cream Company.
Vacuum Bottles, food jars, lundi Kits, carafes, heavy nickel, black brass,
steel barrel, nickel plate. Cases, leatherette, leather, duck. Motor
restaurants for 4 people. $24.00. Simplex Vacuum Mfg. Co.
United States Government
Visiting Buyers will be in?
terested in this new ALL
SILK Cloth?a cloth so pure,
so rich in texture? so beauti?
ful and new in fabric-quality.
See this all-American,
Bush Terminal Sales Bldg.
McLane Silk Company
Vacuum Remoter and Masseur?Founded on vacuum principle. Removes
dandruff, beautiiies the hair, massages the scalp one operation. Elimi?
nates dangerous tonics, ?eaves hair glassy.
Vaconm Dandruff Remover & Masseur Company.
A Wonderful Cream, used in thousand? of Massage Parlor?. Package- 30c,
HOc and 51.20. Also sold in bulk. Try it. A money maker. The Whit?
Cross Toilet and Medicine Co.
"Chorlax" tooth paste. Nnlyne Laboratories.
1 arritu?Pure Spanish Castile Soap. Rpcognized standard for nearly half
a century. Universally known for its Pureness, Hardness and Con-.
sistency. Varritu Castile Soap Importing Company.
Neos Henna. Restores gray and '"aded hair to its natural color Absa
lutely harmless. Free from injurious substances. Neo? Company.
' halk and \\ a.\ Crayon for ?chool?, commercial and inaustria ases
Water color paints for artists and schools. Pastels, paper-covered
pencils, etc. Consult our specialist--. American Crayon Company.
A B C Line Always better constructed- Children's Vehicles, Wooden
Toys. The ABC Takapurt Wagon, Combination Express Wagon. Coaster
and Scooter. McLaren-Sleight Corp.
Bester Dolls?The doll for quick turnover. Better than the best, it Is th?
Bester Ooli. Bester Doll Company.
The Popular Baltimore Toy and Felt Novelty Line. Yuui stock will not be
complete unless this line is included. The .terns are exceptionally at?
tractive in appearance and pnce. Chessler Company.
< hildren's Slides and Toy Wagons?The kind that children will play with
and the.r parents buy. Children's Playtime Kiiuipment Company.
Fairy Play Boxes?Gifts Tor children, attractively boxed with verse, -o
delight boys, giris an?! the baby. Bath dol -. Katiles, Puzzle Cut-Outs,
Celluloid Toys, Musical Toys. Fair) Gift Company.
Model Aeroplanes?The- oniy complete model that is a model of aeroplanes.
The kind that actually fly. Flying Model Aeroplane Corporation.
derlfng Dolls Are known the world over. Tiie dolls that children demand.
Gerling Toy Company.
The Wonderful Haber Doll?hi assorted styles and costumes. The em?
pi?te line. Haber Toy Company, Incorporated.
Children's Books?Kot just * toy, but a medium of education. The ". p*
of books that are ?'ways sold. Harper Bros., Inc.
Sparklers for a!! Seasons of the Year- the safe and ?sane mailable kind -
never deteriorate. International Sparkler Company.
"Konstructo"?Constructive, instructive toy building blocks. Over 2 do?.
models may be built with these blocks. Konstructor Company.
No Toy Stock la Complete Without Those Wonderful Marks Dolls. Mark?
Brothers Company.
Skypalong that interest the children. Skates for the grown people a.? we
as the children. A twelve month in the year item The Liberty Prosed
Metal Company.
Mar .lean Doll Jewelry Toy watches; unusual wooden toys America ?
most wonderful tov display, the Mar-Jean-Toy City by the Mar-Jean
Toy Makers of the Mealy Manufacturing Co.
Toys?Dolls?Novelty Stuffed An ?mais and Dolls; sanitary, washable,
salable. John Bunny. Jane Bunny. Tommy Kat, Kitty Kat, Maty Jane,
Topsy and many others. S. Craig Preston &. Company.
Sells Circus Animal Soft Toys?Are wonderfully life-like They are t*
kiddy's "lovey toys." Stock Sells Animals in your toy or infant w<;, r
department. The Selhs Corp.
Games The instructive 'ype of game, permitted for spurts in miniatura.
Smith. Kline & French.
Dolls?Joint Limb, Human Hair, Moving Eyes. Exceptionally light weight;
18 inches, '12. inches and ?5 inches. Trego Doll Mfg. Company.
"Krypto" the Mystic Disc?Retails for ?1.00 Its moving pr- ?peni '-?
door to "Spiritiand." Leaves permanent mcs.-afce G. E. Thomas.
Showing: NOW
for SPRING 1920
Coats - - ? $10.50 to $50.00
Suits - - ? $11.50 to $50.00
Dresses - - $ 4.50 to $45.00
Skirts - - - $ 2.50 to $18.50
Visit this department FIRST?smart styles?
big values ?quick selling?profitable merchandise.
Wire open orders for immediate attention.
i.oods pnrrhaaed in thin Department
?hipped and billed by the Bu*it Terminal i o.

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