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U. S. Protests
Oil Monopoly in
Turkish Fields
Objects to Franco-British
Agreement and Insists
on Open Door for All
ta Mandate Territories
Natives To Be Considered
_ i
Fiaht Between Wilson and'
Senate Is Counted On toi
Delay American Action
By Ralph Courtney
Special Cable to The Tribune
Copyright. 1920. New York Tribuno inc.
PARIS, July 31. In toUl disregard
of American wishes. England and i
Franco have decided to divide between
themselves all petrol produced in the j
mandatory sections of the former Turk?
ish Empire. Officials of the two gov- j
?rnments, however, express consider- !
?ble concern over dispatches from !
Washington which indicate that the !
united States government does not in
.r-.w. to accept meekly the Anglo-French
oil monopoly.
In the l*st paragraph of President j
Wilson's note of March 4 replying to
the Allies about the Turkish question, |
he stated America's understanding to !
be that arrangements in regard to ter- ?
ritories formerly belonging to the \
Turkish Empire should be such that
Ami rear, citizens and corporations and
citizens and corporations of any other
nation would not be in a less favor-1
al . : sition than the citizens and cor- I
i : any power party to these
arrangemenl s.
paragraph, it is stated in au
thoril arters here, was intended
to mean that America is not asking
more for herself than for any other
country, but that she insists on an
door policy in the mandatory re- '
gii ns. Americas attitude is that Turk
is! mi ndates were given to France and
England for the b< nefit of the inhabi- '
tai ts if the territ< ries in question, and
that England and France therefore
have no right to parcel the oil between
t h i . ? ? ? ?
League Case Does Not Matter
: ict that the United States has
not joined the League of Nations is
not considered in Ami rican quarters
as sufficient excuse for France
and England to close and bang the,
Me! : tamian door in the face of
I other nations,
pe's excuses that the United
? (1 to take any resp?nsj
["urkish question have led
. e ! hat she has nothing
to say in the matter. Premier Lloyd
.-? used words to this effect in one
of ? public sp< eches.
: and and France, it ia understood, !
: . nting on the Senate's oppo- i
si-, ? Pr< ident Wilson to prevent,
thi ' ted S at? from supporting him i
? for an open door in the
::. .: ? rj regions.
.- . : ? between France and
Ei . : : was signed at San Remo by
L ?;. ?! George and Millerand
und d te of April 24. The Mesopo
ti ection foi ms part of the world
ai ? :. ent between them. France
? ? tained ; ights to petrol, m ?
pr he is greatly lacking, .
for the general oi! agree
i i the M?usul region to
:. ?
What France In to Receive
: of the general agreement
France n c? ives 25 per cent of the oil '
oui Mesopotamia, whether ex
plci by 1 government or by pri
vati ' -. Native interests in
private companies are limited to |
? ci ' t, and France is to give spe?
cial cai tlization across her mandatory
France also consent.; to con
? of pipe lines and railways,
ti i territory inider her influ
eni . to one or more .Mediterranean
1 '
1 ri also guarantees transit through '
F' heres, ?roe of tax, and grants
ial fa?"* ?ties and rignts. In
Mi potamian oi! is securer.
for . ? '.i1 England under monopo?
list litions.
Italv Faces Food Crisis
Harvest Disappointing ami Em?
bargoes Limit Imports
? : . J ily 30. Grave statements
coi :en g Italy's food position were
ma le in the i I ambir to-day by Signor
the 1 . ' unmissioner. The
disappointing, he re
.requisitioning there
on!y twelve instead of the
? quintals of wheat it had
mi t thi needs of the population,
thi mer explained, Italy
be requii d to purchase abroad
qu ntals. lie added
that as Arg. ntina and India had placed
1 ?? - ?es on wheat exports it was
ibtfu whetl r Italy could ob
ti r requ cements.
r Soleri announced that .Italy
: and Premier Lloyd George
' I, to- call a conference to dis
'"? - tl ? pr. blem, w th a view to as
bread supply. He con?
ch y ing :
? ? re truth must be ftold,
'?> ? at the pi osent crisis is the
ft-- ' Italy has had to endure. It
: !.c surmounted by a spirit of
Leak Delays Alaska Planes
v N'TON, Alberta, July 31.?All
'" ' American airplanes flying from
', N. Y.. to Nome, Alaska, which
ire to-day for Jasper, re?
in an hour when a leak was
die ivered in the' gasoline tank of one
25 W.ttt 46th St., Now York City
Clearance of 1200 Pairs
High Shoes
A SPLENDID variety of quality high
?r*- shoes in black kid, gun metal, tan
calf, patent leather and colored leathers.
These are regular stock boots greatly
reduced. Not all sizes in each style, but
all sizes in the assortment.
Second Floor
Telephone Orders Filled?Phone Fitzroy 1900?Ask for Telephone Order Desk
38th Street
39th Street
Women's Silk
TTERE are five extra values in
Women's Hosiery, suitable for a
variety of occasions, featured tomorrow
at these very moderate prices.
Openwork Fibre Silk Hose, black, white,
brown .95c
Plain, Silk Mixture, full fashioned, black,
white; pair.$1.75
Silk Hose, black, white, brown, grey and
other colors; pair.$2.28
Very thin Silk Hose, black, brown, tan,
elephant's breath; pair ....... .$4.75
Silk Hose, with openwork instep, black,
"white, brown pair.$5.74
The Annual August Sale of
Ground Floor.
Clearance of
Summer Parasols
$5.00 and $7.50
Expensive and beautiful novelties at
less than cost of materials and workman?
Ground Floor.
Your Opportunity to Buy
Long Silk Gloves
at the unusual price of
$3.75 Pair
Extra heavy quality Milanese Silk, 1 6
button, in white only.
Ground Floor.
Begins Monda})
In Preparation
We have carefully searched the
market, selected fine pelts and had
them fashioned into the newest fur
styles before the busy Fall season,
that we might present them to
our customers at lower than
usual prices.
Examples of the
Values in Coats
Hudson Seal (dyed muskrat)
Coats, $465.00
36 inches in length, loose-fitting,
belted models, with flare or straight
cuffs; collar and cuffs of skunk,
natural beaver or squirrel.
Mole Wraps, $465.00
45 inches in length, deep collar
of self or squirrel.
Hudson Seal (dyed muskrat)
Coats, $575.00
40 inches in length, with self or
skunk collars and cuffs. Very beau?
tiful quality throughout.
Hudson Seal Wraps
40 inches in length, with taupe
squirrel collar.
??:;< *..$? s,*;
fi" - ? ' M? m
August 2nd, 1920
Quality and Style
are the dominant notes in the furs
selected for this Sale. Rich, lus?
trous pelts have been fashioned into
advance Fall model coats, scarfs,
wraps and muffs. But remem?
ber that the prices are no less
attractive than the quality and
Examples of the
Values in Scarfs
Animal-shaped Scarfs.... $49.50
Cape-shaped Collars. . . . .$89.50
Skunk Muffs.$49.50
Two-skin Animal Scarfs. .$49.50
Three-skin Scarf?.$89.50
Black Lynx
Animal-shaped Scarfs.... $89.50
Lynx Muffs.$98.50
Animal-shaped Scarfs, taupe or
Animal-shaped Scarfs, all the fash?
ionable colors.$39.50
Misses' Dresses
Figured Georgette Crepe
Made Over Japanese Silk
OVELY little Frocks for the
afternoon promenade, the
garden part}' or the country
club tea-fluffy and frilly, and
one of the very special August
values in the Misses' Section.
One model only, of youthful
and dainty type, the neck,
sleeves, bodice, tunic and sash
finished with fine frilling of
navy blue silk.
Sizes to 18 years
"third Floor
A special purchase, fresh from the hands of the maker.
^L/OU LL find this a really worth-while opportunity to buy an exceptionally charming Frock of striped
A or checked voile at less than its actual value?all style.:; of simplicity and good taste, made to sell at
a much higher price. One piece models, with white organvie collars and cuffs or touches of Lice, and dis?
tinctive 1'ttle Style features of the season's mode.
I he woman of critical eyes may note the ample use of materials, the deep
hems, the nicety of workmanship and finish of every Dress in the collection.
Pongee Motor Coats, unusually low priced at $19.50
Clearance of
At Reduced Prices
COOL, dainty Summer Lingerie for
hot weather, Batiste, Voile and
Seco, in flesh color and white.
Night Gowns
Batiste and Voile.$1.95, $2.95
Seco .$3.95
Envelope Chemises
Batiste.$1.45, $1.95
Voile and Seco.$1.95, $2.95
Satin Petticoats
Extra Values
White Washable Satin Petticoats, to wear
with light dresses?models with scalloped
or plain hemstitched hem, panelled front and
-Special Purchase
Japanese Cotton Crepe in pink, blue,
lavender, rose and Copenhagen; embroid?
ered in white.$2.75
Cotton Materials
Novelty Printed Voiles
in a variety of plaids, also figured effects; 39-40
inches wide.85c yard
Ginghams, smart checks, stripes, plaids and
plain colors; 31-32 inches wide. . . . 65c yard
Two Silken
Prices made lower on these two silks as a
first-of-the-month inducement.
Black Satin, $2.75 Yard
Soft, lustrous finish?36 inches wide.
Black Taffeta $3,50 Yard
with chiffon finish?36 inches wide.
.41/ Wool
$3.75 Yard
in navy blue and ivory white.
Second Floor.
Bathing Suits
Black Taffeta and Satin
Now Greatly Reduced
OU will like these jauntv
little Dresses for the surf,
made of excellent quality Satin
or Taffeta, in simple, one piece
models. There are waistline
and straighiline styles, and
some are trimmed with contrast?
ing colors.
But, most of all, you will like the
moderate price for the type of Bath?
ing Dresses that have been much
more, and that are a good investment
for next season, too, such is their ser?
viceable quality.
The Midsummer Sale of
Mannen .
Ten-piece modified Colonial Mahogany Dining Room
Suite. With 66-inch Buffet, $725.00. With 72-inch
Is Attracting Visitors as Well as New Yorkers
The excellent furniture in this Sale is the embodiment of
utility and beauty at less-than-usual prices.
Your home can be furnished in good taste, much less ex?
pensively than at regular prices.
b^ETOis ira u U
ISSi >U??fe. *li?
. -i?fcP?.. '"?ifci?iy*rRiRAi?_??_?i-iftlrVf. <" . *" ,xy/^K-^____S___[__?__i___x____5?i_K_.
:?. ^rexf.*__?_Mfti.^?___&fl?&--3a_i_i:.'a.\. :'?:.. ' ...???.^-^**5fffilR?e_*3le *
Four-piece Louis XVI. Bedroom Su;te, in walnut, ma?
hogany or ivory enamel.$795.00
With Twin Beds, $995.00
Two-piece Living Room Suite, made in the Lord &
Taylor workshop.
Sofa, $170.00 Arm Chair. $95.00
As illustrated?Louis XVI. Mahogany Bedroom Suite.
Priced, with full size bed, $475.00. With twin beds,
,Sixth Floor
Two-piece Living Room Suite, made in the Lord &
Taylor workshop,
Sofa, $245.00 Arm Chan, $145.00

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