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Covering Fails to
Check Decline of
Cotton Deliveries
tigrkri Continues Weak or
Southern Selling of Spol
* ind Pessimistic Trade
Outlook for Production
?^cotton market showed continued
. ?van greater, weakness yesterday
?L extent of recent declines led to i
,fl deal of covering, and there alst
-wued to bo some buying for a re
.jtjoB, on the ground the break hac
Mta t?o rapid and carried prices far
j)W than justified by bearish feature?
a hr developed.
ft? buyers, however, were readily
??plied, largely by continued South
,ra selling and the lowest prices of
si? day were reached in the late trad
j3? when almost all the active months
?4d, new low records. January con?
tracta ?old off to $22.70 and closed at
?hat \***h with November showing a
!om of 120 points and other months
if 22 to 70 point?, as compared with
itfinal quotations of Friday.
While there were important con
tribating factors, it is probable that
?he main influence on the decline was
?h? weakness reported in the Southern
?"not markers. The sharp declines
?sown by official quotations from the
itathwest late on Friday seemed to
airease the probability of shipments
???"? for delivery on contract and the
?oatinued Southern selling suggested
fat the markets had not yet felt the
hfl weight of the increasing new crop
sovement. Aside from that, sentiment
xu influenced by the continuation of
ta? price cutting movement- as em
rtajiied bv early press reports and
wtk-end reviews of trade conditions,
thile there was also a rumor that
t*n might be a h'ich in the postpone?
ment of the British coal strike, and
rother conditions in the South were
NBaidered generally favorable. The
ia*revement reported in the. market
fit print cloths at Fall River seemed
?attract no special attention, as weak
liHi was indicated in almost all other
directions. , . , ,
Th,e market opened irregular at a d??
dia? of 110 points on November and
5 to 45 pointa on other months. The
setr positions were relatively easy on
til increasing apprehensions of deliv?
er?! in the absence of an adequate
?ride demand, and mid-morning rallies!
cikkly ran into increased polling.
Steh of this came from New Orleans
od was supposed to represent re?
eling of hedges which evidently were
arger than could he absorbed there ex
?at for the buying against sales in
Sew York. This is a condition which
frtquently develops, especially heavy
irufure against any one of the three
'.?ding futures markets being dis?
tributed among the other two by arbi?
trage operations when the differences
dew moderate banking profits.
Jhe announcement that the worsted
rail of the Amoskeag Manufacturing
Company, at Manchester, N. H., would
reepen to-morrow after having been
dosed since July, probably helped the
aid-morning rallies, but the few favor- i
iblc features mentioned in the news
seemed to be completely over
isawdowed by the general tendency of
?aunodity values and fear of the in?
creasing new crop receipts.
?ft* local market for spot cotton was ;
quiet and 50 lower ?t 28c for middling
upland. No sales were reported.
The rang;? of prices follows:
Open. High Low. Close close.
Oct.-.. 25.?0 2?.SO?5.60 26.65? 25-SO 25.95
Nov.... 23 80 23.85 23.80 2275?-24 96
Doc... 23.55 23.80 23.25 2325(92583 23.95
,I?n_ 23.05 23 20 22.70 22.70?22.76 23.30
Feb ... .- - 22.55?-23.05
March. 22.60 22 SO 22.36 22.354f2l.60 22.86
April... -.-22.16tf?-22.60
M?v... 22 10 22.23 22.00 22 00^22.05 22.36
Juno... ?--21.701?-22.00
July... 21.70 21.70 21.60 21.60? -- 2J.7?
Southern Spot Markets? tialveston quiet,
unchanged at 26.76c; sales, 1.520 bales.
New Orleans quiet, 60 points lower nt 26c;
sales. 2.202 bales. Mobile nominal. 100
points lower at 26c; sale?, nil. Norfolk
quiet, unchanged at 28.60c: sales, nil.
Memphis nominal, 60 points lower at 29c;
sales, 325 bales. Houston steady, 125
points lower nt 25.60c; sales. 17,674 bales.
I.lttle Kork quiet. 60 points lower at 26.60c;
sales. 106 bales. Hallas steady. 100 points
lower at 23.96c; sales. 17,189 bales.
Cottonseed Oil
The market was lower largely In sym?
pathy with the further sharp break in the
(train list and the downward tendency In
othsr commodities. The active position
showed net losses of 15 to 28 point? for
the day and total sales were'4.100 barrels.
Tenders on September contracts were 600
barrels, bringing the total so far up to
24.S00 barrel?.
The range of prices follows:
Open. High. Low. Close. close.
Spot....-*W-- 13.00ir- 13.70
.Sept.... - - - 13.26?14.00 13.80
Oct .... 13.60 13.60 13.60 13.51
Nov.- - 13.10
Dec. . . . 13.20 13.20 13.10 13.15
Jan. ... 1319 13.22 13.16 13.16
Feb. - - ?? 13.15
March.. 13.25 13.28 13.25 13.26
April... - -- 13.30
Sugar Futures Decline
On Heavy Cuban Selling
Current prices, ago.
Sugar, gran, lb.14.26?- f
Coffee, Kio No. 7. 8.00&' ??- 15%
Coffee. Santos No. 7.22S @23% 25*4
The futures market opened at a 2
point lose, then sagged off sharply on
selling by Cuban interests, influenced
by the easier spot situation. The vol?
ume of business, however, was light,
owing to the fqct that the raw and re?
fined sugar markets were closed on Sat?
urday. Final prices were 6 to 25 points
net lower.
The rangs of prices follows;
Open. High. Low. Close. close.
Sept_- - 9.24W9.26 9.30
Oct. --9.24?9.26 9.3?
Nov.... 9.33 9.33 9.25 9.24?9.26 9.35
Dec_ 9.25 9.26 9.10 9.16?9.20 9.27
Jan. 8.60 8.60 8.60 8.65?8.70 8.90
Feb.- - 8.6008.70 8.76
March.. - - - 8.6008.70 8.75
April... - - - 8.60?8.70 8.80
May.... --8.76?8.80 8.85
Coffee Fotnres?The Toffee market was
dull yesterday with transactions at a low
volume. On the call prices worked 2 points
up on covering by shorts, then worked
lower on the appearance of a few selling
Buyers find little Incentive In the Bra?
zilian m ws, but aggressive Belling la held
in check by the low price levels and It
is noticed that whenever selling pressure
I? withdrawn rallies occur due to the
rather more favorable statistical position
coupled with the low prices.
.luHt before the close there was a spurt
of selling from local trade sources on ad?
vices of low Santos offers in the cost and
freight market. Prices broke sharply, car?
rying all active months to within a few
points of the lowest level reached since
the war. or at 7.70c for December, 8.20c
for March and to S.45c for May.
Final prices were 13 to 19 po'nts net
The range of prices follows:
Open. High. Low. Close. Close.
Sept....- 7.16<fj>7.20 7.30
Oct..;. --7.20(3 7.26 7.33
Nov....- - - 7.451? 7.50 7.5S
Dec. 7.35 7.85 7.70 T.67f(7.70 7.33
?Ian.-7.K4$f".S8 8\01
Feb. - - ?-??.01 ?? 8.03 8.19
March.. 8.40 8.40 8.20 8.I7'i?S.19 ?.36
April... -.- 8/31?8.32 8.4H
May.... 8.55 8.55 8.45 8.45?f8.46 8.60
June- - - .- 8.53?8.55 8.69
- - 8.63?8.65 8.78
- [email protected] 6.81
s_b?? Opportunities \?J ? Al Help ITante?
?joit and Found W Pt F? F i?\/lQ Situation? Wanted
Peafaeea Card?_ ~~ ?A** 1? A M\M9 Booms and Boarder?
CAPABLE YOUNG MEN desire to repre- I
?n>t Eastern firm In Middle West; very |
fooa connections, experienced salesmen;
iftreaces and bond furnished. L 64 7. j
CHAUFFEUR, experienced, desires position
Wtdd? of New York City, would prefer ;
ItP?rlve for elderly people; crtn Irive any :
kiad of car. Address R. Jacobson, 547
Ostat, Brooklyn.
OARIXETIST wants position for even
?H?. M. Tavares. 151 West 15th st.
COLORED COUPLE? Butler; useful; exeel
!m cook, 1150. anywhere; fine refer
,Mtt*. Shea? Agenty, 6 Euvst 41st St.
[V.dttxy Hi!) 6774.
|COXfIDENTlAL MAN for busy ex-cu?
ti??; experience in office and factory
a?t!n?; industrious and of high Integrity
ai traitwothiness. best references. L
fU, Tribune.
pOOK-HOUSEWORKEK. very neat, capa- I
IM?. consr;,ntiou? yuung Filipino; splen- :
?W_r?f eren ce?; city; ?100. Mr? Mason's
Mpaey. m We? 42d ?t.
?OCPLE, rieat. n?c.. young, capable colored
it? '.;xc*1:'n; references; city preferred;
??? Mr?. Mason ? Ag.-ncy. 131 West 41'd.
HOUSEMAN ?Capable young Irishman;
ri?; city or country Sheu'a Agency, 6
?* 41?t ?. Murray Hill 6774.
iOVSEJiAN thoroughly experienced; ex
. ??Beat reference? tity, country. Shaugh
FT'Agancy, ?60 Sixth ave.
iirunxz Co-K. b?tler, valet for bach
?wr or ?mail family; absolutely first
|iJk^e0?0"1^.i,, trustworthy. Toyo. 17
-'?wora, Brooklyn.
,*?^?^S ?2.ro*J!ilc hc,P & Professional
n?Mter?. ?06 West 4?th ?t. Bryanl
?taiiii W,FE ?,a"* *>'-?r* ,n private
ft^7*,man ,;; arr>und cattle man and
E??.JV*' ???"?-*? wjie Mist cut*?
SL W^'-'' '?',' ,f reference. Write
y? a< W ?ajth st.. New York City.
'^gJTART.COMPANIo'?, adaptable. In
?5w l??,aSd* Av?.W*; W?Uld tr*VeL
WjABD?Ex-aervlc? navy chef, steward
,___!?_? P*?:?;r"'i a? steward chief cook or
^?ant ma:*g.r r. ?te*:n?h.l p or in hotel ;
2?Sarn:i?h Al reference? Address O. T.,
0?KG MAN (23) .-.an:? position In large
?Jm*rc!ai no'itt two ;. ear?' buslr.es?
SE?^S*-:_Eu6' Tribune. _
a__*Tr*AU. linger Building, 141 Broad
tSir*w york City, will be pleased te
2L.T?v*f7-''-?'T Bulletin? or answer any
????*? regarding opportunities for
3??;'- **'>? '* ra'sing. fruit growing.
???^ Investment In New South Wale?.
sSa ii mtnul *ork. model?, instruments,
Stara?"- ,"*h" "-.?'hlnery. general rnanu
J_?f?oy. Invention? developed; eU.tom*rs'
*??i0n ln rr'?'hine ?hop permitted;
H_fW ?', y**r? specialized experience
4?5?iCTU'*r? * !r>v*ritor? Electric Co., 2?
^"" ?x., N?w Yt,rk
opportunity; grocery ?tore,
**_? ?u?ln?,
?*?* a?,4 i _
??Se- -i?. ?*?">?'c? Paying ?600 per
*Wt it h (h* *"'?<?*??: IS aeree land.
??Wattl?, ?5 h'"J?*. water in nous*, high
?Wem?' ? *'';', 'i'-"''-''5 ?3.000 W. u
?^^?^?Ug-frt.es, M. y
KeSS,,*1 ?8VELOP*D ? Working
?J_E_"J*. *!?'"'":al and mechanical de
JZ*f*r*? fr>r producIon or expert
_BL i?>.-7;??*f*u "?<?? MANUFAC
^?U EhUINKCRIN'l CO., 11 ?2 Broad
4?^^81T>r>?~vv ANTED, ??ate nature;
-g ?_a?m? eaeb. L 471. Tribune.
&J S*' ?J VWUtrVB*.,VM*$
rsad an j guaranteed tor one yea*
vail, telephone or write
L****?*? Writfof Machine Co.
j? **? Tel ?ft? B?eela9
SMITH World'? r?m??i
fart*? Chura?!,
C?rpete and Raga
(69th st.) offers 800 yarda pain Copen-!
hagen blue v.'llton carpet, also taupes, '
browns, grays, green?, woody colors
(slightly used) $1, ?2. $3. $4 yard op.
RUGS in Royal French "Wilton, Domeetlc,
light and dark blue, bisque colors and
tana in plain, fancy and Arabian patterns,
all dusted and washed like new; elegant
rugs, carpets for home or office, all sise?, i
all prices. $15. $36, $85, $110 up; few fine!
Oriental rugs, making over, cleaning, lay?
ing, repairing, dveing, reasonable, reliable, !
beautiful. PLAZA ?836.
for CARPETS AND RUGS, Domestic or
Oriental, ??ny condition. Get our office, be.
fore selling. 620 Madison ave. Plaza SS35.
ORIENTAL RUGS, any condition, bought
for highest prices; expert appraising,
prompt attention. Basmajiam, 30 W. 46th.
Bryant 5101.
Diamonds, Jewelry, etc.
BORG BUYS ^ond. o?d goid.j
silver, platinum, an
tiquea and pawn tickets. 146 W. 23d St. ;
DIAMONDS bought and ?old for cash j
from Individuals or estates. BENNETT? I
175 Broadway, 2d floor.
Dogs, Birds, Poultry, etc.
And How to Feed
America's Pioneer uog Medicines
Mailed free to any address
by the Author
WE PAT highest prices for furniture,
pianos, antiques, bric-a-brac, books, art,
etc. GABAY. 8$ University PI. Stuy
| venant 2377.
i POSITIVELY pay highest cash for furnl
i ture. rugs, pianos. As. MAURICE. 124
j University place. Phone Stuyvesant 5567.
HIGHEST prices paid for furniture. Bric-a
brac, I.rnen? at 50? Columbus Ave. Small.
! Tel. Schuyler 8?11.
Men'? Clothing
Where Prices Are Down
??uy a Stich nuit or overcoat direct
fro-vi the maker and save retailers profit,
Wonderful value?. $28.00 to $42.60; large
assortment: conservative & xnappy models
STICH CO., ?21 Broadway, Ith floor.
' high grade hand tailored all wool Men s
! Hulin and Overcoats, latest styles, at $29.50
I nnd $^2 60 (formerly $4?.50). Showroom,
! A A B. Clothes Shop, 52 West 32d st.,
. opposite Hotel McAlpln.
prices. Drop postal 139 Ludlow st.
Over 70 years' practice; all communi?
cations strictly confident!?!; handbook
on patent? trt? on request; special
facilities for cfflce consultations.
M U N N & CO.
?07 Woolworth Building, New-York.
established firm. 217 Broadway. New York;
also Washington and Canada; Home and
foreign prae.tlee.
Piano? and Musical Instruments
MAHOV HAMMS, Htelnway Baby. Parlor
Orands, Upright?; ?-scellent condition.
? Errk a, Kimberlln, 117 East 14th at.; ?74
Columbus ave. <7?lh).
UAtinAlUn?New end shop-eoSied trunks,
bags, suit rases, steamer outfits. Thomaa
'? O Hunt, ?30 ?ih av. M7ch St.).
BIO HARGAHI ?New and used wardrobe
trunks. a#? ?istto ave., bot, ?OthUtt at.
f ! AM MOT RJB*i>ONrtIisL*, {TOR ANY
j 4*sH? ?oatra?to4 by any ono ???apt my
Marine Report?
High water Low water
Sandy Hook. 6:05 6:24 12:02 -
Governor's Island. 6:86 6:47 12:38 12:65
Hell Gate. 8.17 8:35 2:33 S'.66
Note?The above figures are standard
timo and not New York Slate time.
Vessel. Port. Docked at.
Mauret'ania.Southampton.Pier 54. NI?
Copenhagen.Shields_Pier 26, Bklyn
Indian Bridge.Hampton Ronds
Rainberg Iron Works, Bklyn
Pier 4. l?UHh Docks, Bklyn
Slavic Prlnco.Boston
Pier 4. Bush Docks, Bklyn
Dlrlgo.Port Arthur
Bergen Point, N. J
Bristol City.Bristol
Ft of 29th st, Bklyn
Pier 61, N R
Anchored oft Liberty
Lake Lasang.Matanzas. . .Pier 10, E R
Pipestone County...Dunkirk
Pier 2, Hobpkcn, N-J
Helikon.. . Kingston
Pier 3, Empire Stores. Bklyn
Solace.Hampton Roads
Anchored N R
Harold Walker.Tampico ?
Anchored off Tompklnsvllle, S I
Hera.Burnt Isle
Anchored off Tompklnsvllle, S I
El Occidente.Cal veston. . . Pier 49. N R
Alamo.Cal vcxton . . . Tier 38. N R
Glenaf?rlc.New Orleans
Pier 30, Bklyn
Pawnee.Hull... Anchored off S I
O A Knudcon.Newcastle
Ft 30th st, Bklyn
Berth Changes
Vessel. ., Transferred to.
River Araxes.Pier 63, N R
Valacia.Pier 4, Sec K. Weehawen, N J
Western Glen.Columbia, st. Bklyn
Dayton.Pt Richmond, S I
Cannonler.pier 25, N R
Challenger.Red Hook Flats, Bklyn
Wynoocheo.;Off Morse's D D. Bklyn
Hlco.Fletcher's D D
Hadnot.Pier 6, Constable Hook, N J
Gladys M Taylor. .Anchored Red Hook Fits
Due To-day
Vessel. Port. Departure.
Paneras.Rio do Janeiro.. Bopt 6
Rotterdam.Rotterdam .Sept 17
Duca d'AbruzzI.... Naples .Sept 16
M ara val.Trinidad .Sept 17
La Savoie.Havre .Sept 17
Philadelphia.Southampton ... .Sept 18
Tolott.Cristobal .Sept 13
Drottnlngholm. . . .Gothenburg .Sept 16
Byron.Barbados.Sept 20
Due To-morrow
Borgensfjord.Christiania .Sept 18
Callao..Buenos Ayres.. . . Sept 2
Due Tuesday
Mobile.Liverpool .Sept 17
Due Wednesday
Morro Caetle.Havana .Sept 22
Idaho.Hull .Sept 14
Tungus.Turks Isle.Sept 23
Sail To-morrow
Mall Vessel
Closes Satis
Vltellla. Glasgow. - 12:00 M !
Wflst Trama. Naplos.. - 12:00.M
Cananova, Santiago...- 12:00 M
Eelbeck, San Francisco - 12:00 M
Sail Tuesday
Montevideo, Cadiz.... 8:00 AM 12:00 M i
La Touralne, Havre... 8:30 AM 12:00 M ??
Mayaro, Trinidad. 7:00 AM 11:00 AM:
Zaeapa, Santa Marta.. 7:30 AM 11:00 AM i
Ebro. Valparaiso . 9:00 AM 1:00 PM;
Mesaba, London.- 12:00 M
Welshman, Hamburg.. ??- 12:00 M I
McKeeaport, Bordeaux.- 12:00 M
Ossa, Rotterdam . - 12:00.M
Norden, Ouantanamo .-'?- 12:00 M I
Bolton Castle, Manila. - 2:00PM
Chicago Bridge Santos. - 12:00 M
Sark, Buenos Ayres... - 12:00 M
Steel Mariner, Rotter?
dam .- 12:00 M
Niagara, Havre .- 12:00 M
Sail Wednesday
Patrla, Marseilles ....10:JO AM 2:00 PM
A. F. Luckenbach Rot?
terdam .'.- 12:00 M
Pruth, Hull .- 12:00 M
Yaaue, Havana .- 12:00 M
Holllkes, Kingston ...- 12:00 M
Reports by Wireless
From United States Naval
Communication Service
[Distance Is given in miles; reports are'
dated at noon unless otherwise specified.)
Acme 349 from Han Francisco Sept 23.
Advance ??8 S Ambrose .Sept 2 4.
AgwldaleTM Five Fathom LV Sept 24.
Alabama, 60 N JUpltor Sept 24. ? ?
Albanian 100 K Brunswick Sept 24.
American I'd Key West Sept 23.
Ardmore COS from San Pedio 6 PM Sept 23.
Aryan 188 ESE Sabine Sept 24.
Ashbee lat 27 14 N, long 78 53 W Sept 2.4.
Astral 3.011 from San- Pedro 8 I'M SepP 23.
Haldbutte 24 E Sand Key Sept 23.
Bar Harbor 76 N Havana Sept 23.
Baton Rouge 178 ESE Galveeton Sept 24.
Boston Bridge lat 25 90 N, long- 68 10 W
Sept 24.
Brlndilla 60 S Caje Sable 8 PM Sept 24,
Cabrilla 77 N Jupiter Sept 24.
Calispfll 19 SE by E Hatteras Sept, 24.
Callao 603 S Ambrose Sept 24
('?lavares 72 N Jupiter Sept 24.
Cantlgny Int 18 37 N, Ion 67 03 W Sept 24.
Carrillo 190 S Kingston Sept ^3.
Charles M Everest 24G NE Tampico Sept 24.
Chester Klwanis 47 E Fire Island 2 PM
Sept 25.
City of Columbus 96 SW Frytngpan Shoals
Sept 24.
City of Rome 175 NE Hatteras Sept 25.
City of St. Louis 234 S Ambrose Sept 24.
Cllffwood Lat 32 14 N long 85 58 W Sept 24.
Coiorr 479 S Scotland LV Sept 24.
Colorado 3,237 from San Francisco 8 PM
Sept 23.
Corapeak 208 S Cape Henry Sept 24.
Cornelia 360 N San Juan Sept 24.
Corning 453 E Tampico Sept 23.
Cotton Plant 5 SW Block island Sept 25.
Cowan 66 WSW Nantucket LV Sept 26.
Cretan 36 S Cape Henry Sept 25.
Dauperata 26 S Wlnterriuarter Sept 26.
Dcerlodge, lat 20 24 N Ion 76 26 W Sept 24.
Delight 3,017 from cape Flattery 8 PM
Sept 23,
Deruyllnc, 1,624 from San Pedro 8 PM
Sept 22.
(6 EAST 12th STREET)
, Two large rooms with bath In Colonial i
house for studio or professional office?.
Look at this
i Brl'-k 2-famlly detached, one apartment
1 vacant ; room for garaye; 11 light rooms,
? 2 tiled bathrooms, porc-laln tubs and sinks,
I nlckle plumbing; only 2 blocks to subway;
?nice neighborhood; one ?.partment pays all
expanses. Price 311,600. Citra $3,500. Great
big honest bargain. Call quick. Edward
! Poluk, inc., 687 Tremont Ave., near 3d Av?.,
j tel, Tremont 1286.
' Why pay 3160 per mo. rent when It is pos
? slblo to own one of these beautiful Colonial
: cottages at an expense of $60. Easiest terms.
I Jefferson Ave., Queens Village. Write Egel
! hof et Mansfield, inc., 643 9th Ave., Astoria. '
To Let lor Six Months
Five rooms, four baths, large enclosed
veranda, with flreplaue and stearn
heat; garage, gardener's cottage and
10 acres, in Westchester County: 60
minutes from New York; Hj miles
from station; rental $200 per month.
Apply 6 E. 12th st.
NEW 7-room bungalow, all improvements.
3 acre?. $6,000; terms reasonable ; com?
muting distance. American Agricultural
Association, 305 Broadway.
WBST END AVE, 496 fcor. 84th at);
?even rooms, three bath?; 9th floor west;
windows facing south, west, north, Oct.
1 to June 1; $425 per month; no young
children. Apply owner, A. D. Walker, 17
Madison ave.
49TH ST, BAST, (near Park ave.)?Well
furnished apartment of 4 rooms and bath
and maid's room, grand piano, Solwer sll
ver, linen, complete table servlco for six
person?; rental $400 a 7nbnth; Immediate
possession to June or longer. Phone Mur?
ray Hill 3860.
66TH ST., EAST--Artistically furnished
new apartment, 2 room?, bath, kltohen
etle; unusually well arranged, foyer und
closet ?pace, rental $200 a month. Phone
Murray Hill 2860.
?4TH ?T.. i EAST- For period Of eight
months, beginning October 1 or Novem?
ber 1. six completely furnished rooms, in?
cluding linen and silver, inclusive neigh?
borhood Phnne or write W. V Swords, 29
West 43d, Vanderbllt .?00. _
fcSTK BT? BAWL??New, two room?, bath,
kitchenette, apartment, foyer and un?
usually good oltMMt ?pace; rental $116 a
Pjonth; 2-y?*r i??*e; bunue of. ?W?. Phon?
D?voient? 200 N Key West Sept 23.
Dewey off Five Fathom Bank LV 8 Pit
Sept 24.
Dillworth 110 from Kan Pedro Sept 22.
Durungo 204 from San Francisco i PM
Sept 23.
Eastern Adm'iral 1,600 from Yokohama 8
PM Sept- 24.
Eastern Shore 220 SE Cape Henry Sept 24.
Edith 182 3 St Johns Sept 25.
Edward L IDoheny 110 NE Jupiter Sept 24,
El Capit?n 17C ESE Calveston Sept 24.
El Mundo 270 S Scotland LV Sept 24.
El Occident? 239 S Scotland LV Sept 24.
El Secundo 3*;7 from San Pedro 8 PM
Sept 21.
El Vail? 312 SE Jupiter Sept 24.
Elkrldge 1.165 from Seattle Sept 22.
Kscamhia lat 37 25 N long 72 16 W Sept 26.
Fort Wayne 406 E Ambrose 8 PM Sept 24.
Fred W Weiler 165 N Jupiter Sept ?4.
Freeman 75 S Hedge Fence LV Sept 24.
George II Jones 140 NW Tortugas Sept 24.
Oeorgla 235 WNW Tortugas Sept 24.
Gulfland 35 E Sabine Sept 24.
Gulf Maid 152 S Overfalls Sept 24.
II M Flagler 260 SW Hatteras Sept 24.
Halakela 260 W Honolulu 8 PM Sept 23.
Halo 58 SW by W Brunswick LV Sept 24.
Hilton 116 SW by E Nantucket LV 8ept 24.
Hlsco 16 W Sand Key Sept 23.
Holbrook 1,893 from Seattle Sept 22.
Hollywood 1,790 from Seattle 8 PM Sept 23
Hoxbar 123 S Jupiter Sept 23.
Inspector 166 S. Hatteras Sept 24.
J CDonnell "1 N'E Hatteras Sept 24.
.1 E O'Nell 285 NE Jupiter Sept 24.
Kaweah 190 N Jupiter Sept 24.
Lake Arline 4 N Jupiter Kept 24.
Lak? Charlotte 20 E Sand Key Sept 23.
Lake CalUtoga 67 E Cape Charles Sept 26.
Lake Canaveral 80 E Cape Henry Sept 24.
Lake Duncan 300 E Cape Henry Sept 24.
Lake Farlln 133 SE Galveston Sept 24.
Lake Fllmor 241 S Scotland LV Sept 24.
Lake Caspar 29 SW Portland LV Sept 25.
Lake Geyser lat 40 26 N Ion 70 31 W
Sept 2 5.
Lake Cllboa 387 S Ambrose Sept 24.
Lake Clrardeau 20 K Cape Henry Sept 24.
Lake Hurst 56 SW Tortugas Sept 23.
Lake Lesang 119 N Hatteras Sept 24.
Lake Lilicusun 15 E Cape Charles LV S
PM Sept 2 4.
Lnke Silver passed Highland LV Sept 25.
Lake Ktrabo passed Jupiter Sept 24.
Lake Wlntlirop 5 S Rebecca. Shoals Sept 23.
Lake Yelverton 200 SW Hatteraa Sept 24.
Laramio 105 N Hatteras Sept 24.
I.ehigh 64 N Hatteras Sept 24.
Llghtburne 220 WNW Tortugaa Sept 24.
Lurllne 688 from San Francisco 8 PM
Sept 23.
Maddetiuet 286 ENE Cape Henry Sept 25.
Maiden lat 38 4fi Ion 73 09 W Sept 26.
Matanzaa 110 SW Hatteras Sept 21.
Matlnlcock 210 N Jupiter Sept 24.
Matsonlo 1685 from San Francisco 8 PM
Sept 23.
Maui 962 from San Francisco 8 PM Sept 23.
Melro.ie 102 NE Winterquarte? Sept 26.
Meton 115 N Jupiter Sept 24.
Mevanla 486 ENE Tuxpam Sept'24.
Milwaukee Bridgo 318 E Ambrose Sept 25.
Mlsklanza 3,7S0 from San Francisco 8 PM
Sept 23.
Mornus 24 E Sand Key Sept 23.
Montrollte 25 SE Jupiter Sept 24.
Naugus 480 NNE Cristobal Sept 24.
Neshaminy 20 E Cape Henry Sept 25.
Nile 930 from San F-ranclsco 8 PM Sept 23.
O T Waring 140 ESE South Pass Sept 2 4.
Oconee 92 S Scotland L V Sept 25.
Opekuan lat 15 40 N Ion 60 15 W Sept 24.
Fachet 8 S Smith Point Sept 26.
Panama 650 NE Cristobal Sept 24.
Pioneer 39 SE Contoy Light Sept 23.
Point Loboa 407 S San Francisco 8 PM
Sept 24.
Polnrlne 140 E Ambrose Sept 24 no time.
Pulaskl 24 E Key West Sept 23.
Quitt Ichs 206 E St Thomas Sept 24.
Radiant 30 W Tortugas Sept 23.
Red Hook 1,305 from San Pedro 8 PM
S?pt 23.
Salins 2.5 76 from Shanghai 8 PM Sept 23.
San Mateo 15 45 Sand Key Sept 23.
Santiago 173 S Scotland LV Sept 25.
Saxon 30 N Key West Sept 23.
Schoharle 25 E Ambrose Sept 25.
Sepulga 260 S Hatteras Sept 24.
Sherman 19 S Hatteras Sept 24.
Standard Arrow 520 from San Francisco S
PM Sept 23.
Stanley 1.639 from Colon Sept 24.
Sun 30 N Jupiter Sept 24.
Surfolk 177 E Cape Henry Sept 24. '
Sylvan Arrow 4,019 from San Francisco 8
PM Sept 23.
Tenafly lat 69 02 N. Ion 18 28 W Sept 25.
Tivives 231 S Kingston Sept 23.
Tola 750 off Scotland LV Sept 24.
Venezuela 1,444 from San Francisco 8 PM
Sept 23.
Vesta 230 NW Tortugas Sept 24.
Virginia 234 ESE Sabine Bar Sept 24.
W C Teagle 135 S Ambrose Sept 25.
W S Rheem 74 E Sand Key Sept 23.
Watertown 309 SW Hatteras Sept 24.
Wawalona 329 from Columbia River 8 PM
Sept 23.
West Cactus 129 from San Francisco 8 PM
Sept 22.
West Cajoot 1,900 E Honolulu 8 PM Sept
West Covote 1.037 E Colon Sept 23.
West Eldara 5S4 from San Francisco 8 PM
Sept 23.
West Hartland 245 E Cape Henry Sept 26.
West Holbrook 2,048 from Seattle 8 PM
Sept 23.
West Ira 7.090 W S?n Pedro Sept 22.
West IrrsWlp 2,620 W San Francisco 8 PM
Sept 22.
West Isllp 125 E Ambrose Sept 25. <
West Isom 875 from Seattle g PM Sept 22.
West l.nshaway 25 S Scotland LV 1 PB
Sept 25.
West NilUB 1,285 from San Francisco 8 PM
Sept 23.
West Nomentum 92 W Columbia River
h I'M Sept 22.
West Totant 10 SSE Tortugas Sept 23.
West View lat 32 52 N, long 73 37 W
Sept 24,
Western Knight 320 W San Francisco
Sept 22.
Western Star 12 E Boston LV Sept 25.
, Wt-stoll 200 SB Ambrose Sept 21.
BALTIMORE!, Sept 25 -Arrived: Sirs'
Elsa (Swed), London via Hampton Roads;!
?Fargo, Iqulque; Arte Can (Span), New-!
port. England; Knud II (Dan), Shields via1
Norfolk, Altenfels (Br), Avonmouth; Lake;
Ontario. San Juan; Challster (Br), Barry;!
flan Valerio (Br), Tuxpam; West Cobalt,
New V./iK ; Brazlller (Br), Antwerp; West!
Celeron, Philadelphia; Cataholla, Philadel?
phia, Cleared: Strs Coltraps. Calais; !
Crathorne, Matanius; Bldwell, Port Lobos;
Kate (Greek), St Nazaire; Woodfleld (Br),
Bordeaux; Point Bonita. Cristobal. Sailed:
Strs Mount Vernon Bridge, Bergen via New i
York; Lake Freeborn, Jacksonville; Dug-!
hild (Nor), Dunkirk; Bldwell, Port Lobos;!
Standard, Port Lobos; Yestnorge (Nor), i
Port Antonio; Panama Transport (Br), ,
Dunkirk. I
BOSTON, Sept 25?Arrived: Strs Pi?lagos, ;
Maru (Jap). Calcutta via Colombo. Port]
Said and Gibraltar. Sailed: Strs Valacla i
(Br). London; Scvthlan (?!r). Manchester;
Erik II (Dan), New York; Western Star,
Hamburg via London; Doranof, Liverpool;
Edward Luckenbach. Rotterdam; Tanumo,
Kingston; Nacoochee, Savannah; Nan-]
tucket, Philadelphia; Lake Crystal. Balti
Ontarlo, Norfolk and Baltimore
i ion, Antllla.
?Strs ltalto (Nor). Rotterdam; Emilia H III
Peres <Sp). Spain, for Tampa: sehr Ed?
ward R Smith. Havana C,?an:a??r"
Cotopaxle, Havana. Sailed: Strs Mizar
Lady Mary.
. .ant port via
I onelotjund. In harbor. *
! from Haltlmore for Boston.
I? F6RNAND1NA, Fia. Sept 28?Arrived:
Sehr George
UNA, r la. D"i" iu??ni
W Trult (Hr), Llermuda.
At Lakewood
There is Junt enough crlspnesa In the
sir to enhance your pleasure In a round
of the links or a gallop over springy turf.
Miles of perfect roads make motoring a
keen delight.
The golf course Is the finest resort links
In the world. The annual trapshooting
contest Is In October
Inseparably associated with the charms
of I.akewood are the social activities and
homelike atmosphere of the Laurel House
Generations of popularity and the patron
age, year after year, of a host of congenial
people have glvnn this famous hostelry a
well deserved prc/itlgc, and make It first
choice of thoso who would enjoy Lake wood
at Its best.
Lakewood, N. J.
JACKSONVILLE. Fia. Sept 25~Arrived:
Arapahoe. New York via. Charleston; Aleda
?hence Sept 24 for Rotterdam, put,back
forrepa1r!0 - ' ? -r ? rt
MARCUS HOOK, Pa, Sept ???Passed
frotn Philadelphia: Str D?roche, Texas
?L^? ''a,-Per, Rouen via Bordeaux.
NEW ORLEANS, Sept 25?Cleared: Strs
Ceiba (Hond), Ceiba; Klshacoquilas. Ma?
tanzas: Lake Aurice, Tampico; Montoso,
Porto Rico; Munindies, Antwerp via Phil?
adelphia; Santa Clara, Bilboa,. Spain, New
York and Indian ports.
NEWPORT NEWS, Va. Sept 25?Ar?
rived: Strs Lake Fugard. New York;.Glenn
?hite, a port In Italy; Freesport Sulphur
No 6, New York; Holtby (Br>. Newcastle;
Karlfarii (Nor), Hamburg: Northern < Br),
Norfolk; Northern Star. New York. Sailed:
Strs Bermudez, Maurer; Nordamerika
(Dan), Buenos Ayres; O A Flagg, Ha?
vana; Brookvale (Br). Bremen: Nora 8a
ralll ((;k), Lelth; British Baron (Br),
New Orleans; Tidewater, Baltimore; As
-sinippl, Norfolk; Zaca. Norfolk; Northern
Star (Br). Norfolk.
NORFOLK, Va. Sept 26?Arrived: Augs?
burg (Br). Gibraltar; Bavview. Boston;
Bosworth, New London; C?llspell, Nuevitas;
Dungeness (Br), Dakar; Ellerdale (Br),
Dartmouth; Fort Stil, New London; Holt?
by (Br), Galveston; Lakeview, New York;
Lake Rugard, New York; Lake> Canaveral,
Gibraltar. Nobles (Br), Galvo!<ton; pal?
lada (Fin), Charleston; Polaris (Dan),
Shields; Pera (.Br). Liverpool; Suffolk.
Rotterdam. Sailed: Crisfleld, Iquique; Er?
furt (Br). Havre, Oluvla (Ital). Oenoa;
Nord Amerika (Dan), Denmark; Poljana
(Nor), Koppervlk: Quernstad (Nor), Dart?
mouth; Roclo (Br), Rotterdam; West
Celeron. Baltimore; Wilcox. Boca Grande.
PORTLAND, Me, Sept 25?Sailed: Joa
zelro (Braz), Norfolk.
PORT TAMPA, Fia. Sept 25?Arrived:
Mascotte, Key We?;; J M Gu?Tey, Tampa;
Lake Winthrop. Savannah.
PHILADELPHIA, Sept 26?Arrived: City
of Fairbury. Havre; Lake Fuvanna. Caleta
Buena; Ashburn, London via St' Michaels;
Sllverbrook, Port Lobos; Gulfmaid. Port
Lobos; Gulfmaid, Port Arthur; Dewey,
PORT EADS. Sept 25?Arrived: Strs
Agwt8UTT, Port Lobo.?, Mexico: American
(Du), New York; Augusta (Hond), Port
Cortex; Danndaike, Cuba; Lake Orescent,
Santo Domingo, Madrono (Nor), Tampico;
Marinula (Br), Tampico; Munlsla, Cuba;
O T Waring. Jacksonville; Rion (Br),
Europe; Saeearappa Bremen; W L Stead,
Tampico. Sailed: Strs A C Bedford. New
York; Ancon. Galveston, Bound Brook,
Glasgow via Norfolk; Coulee, Tampico;
Lake '"aperrs, Port Limon via Cartagena
and Port Colombia; Mont Krvin (Fr), Al?
giers via Marseilles; P'Claris (Sanp), Bar?
celona and Genoa; Pennard (Ur), Italy via
Gibraltar and Pensacola,; Princeton, New
York; Santa Leonora, I* S transport, Colon;
Shermndoah. Port Lobos: Silo (It), Italy
via Gibraltar; Suriname, Port Barrios; Ter
verbyn (Kr), Manchester via Norfolk; Val
darno (It), Italy via Gibraltar.
REEDY ISLAND. Del, Sept 26?Passed
down from Philadelphia: Strs Manchester
Shipper (Br), Manchester via Halifax;
Hoxle. Gothenburg; Pearl Maid (Br),
Havre; Bowden (Nor), Savannah; William
P Palmer, Houston.
SAVANNAH, Sept 25?Arrived: Strs
Juanlatu, Baltimore (and sailed for Jack?
sonville). Sailed: Strs Bjornstjorn (Nor),
Breno-n and Hamburg; Vtctorium (Fr),
Norfolk; City of Savannah, New York.
TAMPA, Fia, Sept 26?Departed: Str
Parthenla (Br), Newport News.
VINEYARD HAVEN, Mass, Sep* 26?
Arrived: Schrs Charles L Jeffrey. New
York for Rockland; Edgecllffe (Br), New
York for Parrisboro, N S. Wind variable,
light, smooth sea; clear.
Arrivais from New York
Sourabayn?S S Clan MacPhce.
Buenos Ayres?S S Davenport.
Rio Janeiro?S S Saugus.
Glasgow-?S S Galahad.
Callao- -S S Oharlton Hall.
Alexandrin ? S S Seekollk.
London?S S Inkula.
Southampton?S S Olympic.
Montevideo?S S Bury?re.
Autofogasta?S S Mlnncqua.
Departures for New York
Gibraltar?S S Canada.
Shields?S S Clsey.
Manchester?S S West Celina,
Hull?S S Francisco.
Shanghai?S S Elkrldge.
London?S S Port Lyttleton.
Hamburg?S S Mav de Irlanda.
Bergen?S S Bergcnstjord.
Malmo?S S Panolu.
The connecting mails close at the Gen?
eral Postofflce and City Hall Postoffiee |
Station. New York, at 6 p. m.. as follows:
Hawaii, Japan, Corea, "'hi?a, Siberia,
Slam, French Indo-China, and Netherlands
East Indies, via San Francisco, steamship
Nil?. September 27.
Fiji Islands, Australia and New Zealand,
Va Victoria and Vancouver, B. C, steam?
ship Tahiti, September 29.
Hawaii. Guam and Philippine Islands,
via San Francisco, steamship Great North
<srn. September 38.
Miss Ella Froeligh Dies
After moro than fifty years continu?
ous service as a teacher in one schol.
Miss Ella A. Froeligh, assistant prin?
cipal of Grammar School 3, Grove and
Hudson streets, is dead. Her experi?
ence with the school dated from her
childhood, for she had been a pupil
there herself. ;
Less than a year ago Miss Froeligh '
was the p-uc? st of honor at tin anni-';
versary observation of the school...
where a purse of 51.000 was presented
to her. A playlet called "Schooldays"
waa presented at the same time, those'1
taking part being some of the most
prominent graduates of '.he school.
These included Henry R. Cerse, presi?
dent of the Submarine Boat Corpora
tion; Edgar H. Hebbard, vice-president
of the Guaranty Trust Company; John
F. O'Neil, Assistant District Attorney,:
and John G. Hendrich, secretary of the i
Commercial Trust Company. The
speakers were President Prall of the ;
Board of Education and Secretary of
State Hugo. j
Funeral services will be held to- I
morrow afternoon" at 4:30 in the
Greenwich Presbyterian Church. Thir?
teenth Street, between Sixth and Sev?
enth avenues. Her home was at 428
St. Nicholas Avenue.
Funeral services were held yester?
day afternoon at his home, in Mont- I
clair, N. J., for Jerome Sigler, proj? j
prietor of the Sigler Inn, a rendezvous
for horsemen of N'ew Jersey.
Mr. Sigler was 82 years old. He was i
a descendant of the Sigler family, '
pioneer settlers of Montclair, X. J. He j
was an active member of the Elks, one I
of the founders of the East Orange
lodge, and a member of the local lodge.
Bank Holdings of
Discounted Bills
Up fl95,2005000
Federal Reserve's Weekly
Review Shows $98,600,
000 Gain in Gold Re?
serves and Net Deposits
Frcm Thf Tribune's Washington Burtau
WASHINGTON, Sept. 25.?Aggregate
increases of $195,200,000 in the hold?
ings of discounted bills, as against re?
ductions of about $14,000,000 m accept?
ances and of $122,800,000 in Treasury
certificates, are indicated in the Federal
Reserve Board's weekly statement is?
sued as at close of business on Septem?
ber 2n, 1920. During the week the
banks gained $18,500,000 in reserves,
largely gold, while their net deposits
show an increase pf $80400,000. Fed?
eral Reserve note circulation, on the
other hand, show? a decrease of $9,- '
700,000. As a result the reserve per- |
centage shows a decline for the week
from 43.8 to 43.? per cent.
Of the total increase in discounts
$17,800,000 represents the increase in I
paper secured by government obliga- j
tions, and $177,400,000?the increase in
commercial paper proper. The large
reduction in Treasury certificates is ?
due to redemption of the special cer- j
tifioates held by the "New York and
Cleveland banks to cover advances to j
the government pending collection of j
funds from depositary institutions.
Tot*l earning assets were $58,400,000
larger than on the previous Friday.
Of the total of $1,220,400,000, of paper
secured by government war obligations |
$647,200,000, or 53 per cent, were se?
cured by Liberty botris; $305,000,000, or !
25 per cent, by Victory notes, and ?
$268,200,000, or 22 per cent, by Treas
ury certificates, compared with 51.2, 26 i
and 22.8 per cent of a corresponding
total of $1,202,600,000 shown the week ;
before. Totals of discounted paper I
held by the Boston, Philadelphia and !
| Cleveland banks are inclusive of $226,
900,000 of paper discounted for seven
other Reserve banks in the South and
Middle West,-while acceptance holdings
of the Philadelphia, Cleveland and San
Francisco banks are shown, inclusive
of $23,400^000 of bank bills purchased
from the New York and Chicago Re?
serve banks.
All classes of deposits sh'ow reduc?
tions since the previous Friday: Gov?
ernment deposits, by $88,700,000; mem?
bers' Reserve deposits, by $22,200,000,
and other deposits (including non-mem?
ber banks' clearing accounts and for?
eign government credits) by $7,500,000.
On the other hand, the "float" carried
by the Reserve banks and treated as a
I deduction from gross deposits shows a
reduction of $198,500,000 in conse?
quence rof- tha ? collection of largy
amounts of income tax checks out?
standing the week before.
A combined Reduction of $21,800,000
dn Federal Reserve note circulation is
reported by the Federal Reserve banks
of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, St.
Louis and. San Francisco, as against a
further expansion by 511,600,000 shown'
for the other seven banks. In addi?
tion there has also been an increase for
the week by about $2,000,000 in Federal
Reserve bank note circulation.
Frank Leslie, Musician,
Is Dead in a Poorlibuse
| Publisher's ?Nephew Survived
| by Widow and Five Children,
in Same Institution
Special Dispatch to Thr. -Tribune
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sept. 25.--Frank
Leslie, fifty-five 'years old',' nephew, of.;
I the publisher of Leslie's Weekly, a
1 graduate of Harvard and for fifteen
years a musician in leading New York
theaters, died of cancer in the poor- "
house at Murray, Ky., yesterday.
His widow and five children, all in?
mates of the poorhouse, survive. Giv?
ing np the life of a musician in New
York,. ,i? .'improve his hea'ltA- L?sliei
joined? the' band of RJuglipg~Bi'otners'-?
rircus, with which 'he played five ?years.
He later joined the Forepa?ghs." Then
illness ended his career as a profes- !
sional musician. Broken in health and j
spirit, he settled in Kentucky two years
He managed to eke out a living by
occasional musical performances. He!
could play almost any instrument. Re
cently, too. ill to continue even this, he
nnd his family were taken to the poor- !
house, ell was a Canadian bv birth
and a Spanish-American War veteran. :
Arturo Hernandez I? Dead
Widely Known as Expert in j
Color Photography
Arturo Hernandez, one of the best |
known men in color photography in I
America, died on Friday night in his !
apartment in tho Hotel Osborn, New
Hochelle, N. Y. His death was caused j
by valvular heart disease, with which
be had been suffering for several years.
He was forty-nine years old.
Mr. Hernandez was a native of Car
ocas, Venezuela. He was a chemist by
profession, and made a specialty of
motion photography. He was engaged i
for years in making motion pictures in i
South Anierica. and ha da lar-re film ;
laboratory in Cuba. He was presiden;
of the Color-Graph Laboratories. In?.
Mr. Hernandtz was a member of the
New Rochelle Republican Club, the
WASHINGTON, Sept. 25.?The condition of?the twelve Federal Reserve
banks at the close of business September 24 was as follows
September 24. September 17
Gold coin and certificates.......... $183,826,000 $164 529 000
Gold settlement fund (F.R.Board)... 341,303,00:) Sai'sos'oOO
Gold with foreign agencies. 111.455.000 HljVoVoOO
Total gold held by banks.? $636,584,000 $??07 292 000
Gold with Federal Reserve agenta... $1,211,619,000 $ 1,237 942'000
Gold redemption fund. , 141,032.,00.0 127,-803!oo0
Total gold reserves. $l-,989,353,000 $1973 127 000
Local tender notes, silver, etc. 161,759,000 J60,'oT8.000
Total reserves... ??;;...??, $2,151,594,000 $2,133,145,000
Bill? discounted: Secured by U. S. war obli?
gations . SI.220,423.000 $1,202.593 000
All other .???. 484,0-11,000 1,306,610 000
Bill? bought in open market. 307,624,000 321,605,000
Total bills on hand.j. $3.012,088.000 $2,830.808 000
United States governmeat bond?. $26,808,000 $26 805000
United State? Victory note?. 69.000 69'o00
U. S. certificate? of indebtedness. 270,623.000 397,479,'qoo
Total earning assets. $3,309.588.000 $3.251,161 000
Bank premises.- $15,370,000 $16,263,000
Uncollected items and other deductions from
gross deposit?.........-....... 818,948,000 1,097,408,000
Fire per cent redemption fund against Fed?
eral Reserve Bank note*.11,824.000 12,024000
AH ether resource?. -, 4,491.000 4,66o!o00
Total resource?. $6.313,275,000 $6,513,661,060
Capital paid in.?,...- $97,406,000 $97,366.000
Surplus .,. 164,745,000- 164,745,000
Governmeut deposit?. 46,493.000 135 178 000
Due to member banks?Res. account. 1,799,677,000 1 821 833 006"
Deferred availability item?. 596,342,000 '676,,:>7n'0OO
Othei der, including for. gov. credit?. 34,910,000 42?409.000
Total gross deposit?. $2,477,422,000 $2,675 605 000
Fed. Res. notes in actual circulation. 3,279,996,000 3,289 681000
Federal Reserve Bank note? in circulation,' ' .' .. '
.. "et,,1VaM?1?ty. ' 214.180,000 - 212,219,000
AU other liabilities.,.^ 78,531,000 -73,958,000
Total liabilities. $6,312.275.000 $6,513,661,000
Ratio of total reserves to not deposit and Federal Re serre not* liabili?
ties combined, 43.6 per cent, agaimit 43.8 per cent the Week before.
Ratio of gold reserves to Federal Reserfe. notes, }n sctukf' circn?atio?i
after getting aside 35.per cent againat rmat d?pvajt liabilities;. 47:0 ppt cent,
against 48.1 per cent the week before. ?<???t ?-.: > . ??- ,.,.'
New Rochelle Yacht Club and the
Friars' Club.
Ha. is sur?ived by. his wife and two
S. P. Avery, Art Dealer
And Collector, Is Dead i
HARTFORD, Conn., Sept. 25?Sam-1
uel Putnam Avery, formerly a well
known art collector and dealer of New
York, died this afternoon at his home,
61 Woodland Street. He had been in
failing health since last June. He was
73 years old.
Mr. Avery was born in Brooklyn.
For many years he was the owner of
an art gallery at 368 Fifth Avenue,
which was the first business home
on Fifth Avenue above Twenty-third
He was a director in two Hartford
banks, and was a member of various
clubs in Hartford and New York, in?
cluding the Union League and the
Grolier. He gave a number of his
art collections to- the Metropolitan
Museum of Art and to the Brooklyn
Museum, the latter of which was the
recipient of what is probably the Targ
est collection of cloisonne enamels on
this continent.
Mr. Avery erected the Avery library
memorial at Colabia University, and
also built museums in Boston, Chios)**?
Philadelphia and Toledo.
He is survived by three nieces, fu?
neral services will be held on Tuesday,
and interment will be in Greenwood <
Cemetery, Brooklyn.
Mrs. Arthur Greaves, widow of Ar?
thur Greaves, formerly city editor of
The New York Times, died yesterday
morning at her homt, 504 West 111th
Street, after a short illness.
Mrs. Greaves was born in New York
and was educated here. She was a
short story writer, many of her stories
having appeared in current magazines.
She is survived by asister and a
brother. Mr. Greaves died five years
PROVIDENCE, R. I.. Sept. 25.?Sen?
ator James H. Thurston, forty-eight
years old, a lawyer and Democratic
?olitician, died last night in the Rhode
sland Hospital.
Mr. Thurston was treasure;; of the
patent, trade-mark and copyright law
section of the American Bar Associa?
tion. He was a member of the Provi?
dence Bar Club, the Rhode Island Bar
Association, the University Club, the
Wannamoisett Country Club and the
Squantum Association.
Barth, Engagement, Marriage, Death and In Memorial? Notice?
majj be telephoned to The Tribune any lime up ts midnight fst
tnufiiBn m the next day's paper. Teisfihsne Besltman 3000.
BOBBINS ? BOHBDAXZ ? Mr. find Mr*.
George H. Rohrdani. of Flatbush, have
announced the epgagement o? their
daughter, draco Magdalena, to Henry
Brush Kobblns.
ANDREWS?GRIBBON?The wedding of
Miss Emma Mott Grlbbon. daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. William Edward Oribbon,
of 773 St. Nicholas ave., and Charles
Biers Andrews, of Tarrytown. NT. Y., son
of ex-District Attorney Oeorge C. An?
drews, took plac- last evening at Ham?
ilton Grange Reformed Church, 140th St.
and Convent ave.
klng, N. J., on September 2D. by the
Rev. John Whiting Crowell, Mary Cra
thorne, daughter of Mrs. John Howard
Montgomery, to Francis Stirling Crowell.
MARKIIAM?OtiPKX-On Saturday, Sep?
tember 25. In the Chapel of the Angels,
? St. Michael's Church, New York City,
by R?v. John I'. Teters, D. D.. assisted
by the Rev. Thomas McCandles?. Mar?
garet Armltage, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Stuart Ogden. to Mr. Arthur
James Mark'ham. of Summit, N. J.
MTNROE? 8EDGWICK ?On Saturday,
September 25. at Falrcroft. Port Chester,
New York, by the Reverend William B.
Martin. Adelaide, daughter of Mrs. Harry
Sod g wick, to John Munroe, of Tuxedo
Paxk. N. Y._
1 ABBE?On Saturday. September 25. 1920,
at Brook End, liar Harbor, Catharine
j Amory Bennett Abbe, wife of Dr. Robert
Abbe Notice of funeral services later.
AVERY?At Hartford. Conn., Sept. 25,
S.imuel Putnam. Mon of the lat" Samuel
Putnam atrd Mary Ogden Avery, of New
-?...,,. (-j,.. )n th? 73rl year of his age.
Servie? at hi? late residence. 61 Wood
laiiu ?street, iiarttord, Tuesday, Sept. 28,
on arrival of the train leaving Qrand
Central Depot, New York City, at 11
? m., standard time. Interment at
Greenwood Cemetery Wednesday at con
f. vt-mence of family,
j BABBAGE?Helena Waples. widow of
Kienard A. liabbage, on September 24,
1920, at her residence, 244 West 101st
st.. New York City, in her 77th yeur.
F?nf ral private.
BAINTON?On September 24, at his real
den. ?-. 166 Went ?5th st.. William Stevens,
beloved father of Gertrude and Joseph
H. Mae? of requiem will be offered at
the Church of St. Paul the Apostle, 60th
st. and Columbus ave , on Monday. Sep?
tember 27, at 10 o'clock. Kindly omit
BINGHAM?Friday. September 24, Thomas
Percy, late of London and Nicaragua,
? 1%-ariy beloved husband of Julia Sophia.
Funeral servies Sunday at 3 o'clock at
his lat- residence, ?923 UCth St., Rich?
mond Hill, L. I.
BUCK?Mrs. Rose Blick, widow of
Samuel Blick,- on September 24, *t IS
a m., at her home. The remain? are
now at the home of her son Louis, of
06 Fort Washington ave., at which place
services will be held on Sunday. Septem?
ber 26. 1920, at 2 p. m. Interment at
Mount Carmel Cemetery.
Bl'N'CE?On September 23, Emma Frances,
daughter of the late Jeremiah 8. and
Susanna Bunce. In her 7 :>t h year. Serv?
ices at the Cltapel of the Home. 104th
or. and Amsterdam ?v., Saturday, Sep?
tember 25, at il s. m.
CASJLEB?At VLtttle Falls. N. Y., Septem?
ber 24. IS/2'J. Benjamin P. Cusler, aged ?4,
beloved husband of Anna I.,. Chester and
father of Mrs. Kenneth McEwen. Fu?
neral at Little Falls Monday, September
27. at 2 :30 p. m.
COI.K-At East Orange. N. J. on Flday,
S-ptember 24, 1920. Carrie T., beloved
wife of Allan A. Cole. Funeral serv?
ices at her home, o-t Stockton Place, on
Sunday afternoon. September 26, at 4
o'clock. Interment at the convenience
of the family.
COLTON?Ent-red into rest early Thurs?
day morning, September 23, Charles
Storrs Cotton, husband of Kate Parker
Colton, son of the late Domas and Har?
riet A. Colton and brother of Katherine
V. Colton. Funeral services at his late
residence, 151 Clinton ave., corner of
High st., Newark. N. J . on Monday
aft.moon, September 27th, at 2:30
o'clock. Interment at the convenience
of the family. '
CORNELL?At Central Valley. N. Y. Sep?
tember 24. Susan A. Cornell, widow of
the late Da.-ld Cornell, aged 90 years.
Funeral Sunday. 2 p. m., from her late!
residence. Kindly omit flowers.
Cl'KIIMAN ? Agnes Hoppln Cuehman,
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. AUerton S. i
Cushman, at Waterburv Hospital, Water- !
bury. Cran., September 24. in the 15th
year of her age. Funeral private.
PALE?Ellen Dale, wife of the late Chief!
James Dale, Friday, at her home, 415
?th st.. Brooklyn, survived by four
? laughters, Mamie? Jennie, Mrs. Suet -c
and Irene, and on- son, Henry, attached
to Fire Engine Company 254. N. Y. j
F. 1>. ; two grandsons and one jrrand
duughter. Funeral Monday afternoon at
2:30. Interment at Holy Cross Cemtery.
DROMGOOLE? At Mount Kisro. N. Y.
September 22.. 1920, Frank M. Drom
goole, in his C6th year. Funeral from
IMS inte residence, Mount Klsco, N. Y.,
Saturday. September 25, at 3:30 p. m.
ELOWITCH? Mrs. Jennie, wife of Herman ?
Elowltch, passed away September 24.
1020. Funeral September 26, at the resl- j
dence of Dr. Max Elowitch, 5S1 West
IClst st., at 10 a. m.
FAWCETT?At Mlddletown, N. J., Friday j
September 24. Rev. John G. Fawcett.
Requiem mass on Monday. September 27.
at 11 a. m., Christ Church. Mlddletown.
FROEJUGH?On September 23, 1920. at
her residence, 42s St. Nicholas ave.,
Ella A., liauifhte:- of the late John B.
and Catherin- Fro. ?Igh. Fu?era?! from
the Greenwich Presbyterian Church, 13th
st., on Sunday, September 26, at 4-30
p. m.
CHURCH (Frank E. Campbell), Broad?
way. 6-.;th st.
GROSSMAN?On September 23, Leopold
beloved husband of Regina and dear
brother of Samuel Grossman, In his
?nth year. Funeral from his lste resi?
dence. 72 W-st 113th st., Sunday, Sep?
tember 26. at in a. m.
HOWE?Sa.li- Howe, beloved daughter of
the lat- Edward and Kate Fagen and
niece of Philip and Mary Howe, grand?
daughter of Sarah Howe, in her 24th
year. Funeral from her late residence.
541 West 125th at, on Monday. Sep?
tember 27; thence to Corpus Christ!
?. hurch. West 121st st. Solemn high
mass at 10 a. m.
Jl-.KSEY?George \V? on September 2S, at
Hackensack, N. J., Beloved husband of
Louise Tyler Jersey. Funeral services
at his late lesldence, 175 Passalc st.,
Sunday at 2.30. New Jersey papers
please eopy.
CHURCH, Broadway and 66th at., Sun?
day, 1 p. m.
REUR?Minnie, wife of Edwin L. Kerr.
Services at her late residence, 750 Car?
roll st.. Brooklyn. Sunday at 4 p. m.
w i??*nrenB. f? eoiivenlenc? of family
LARcJEN? Friday, September ?14. 1920.
Oscar f. W., beloved husband of the late
Mathilda Larsen, aged 75 year?. ?rf-/
neral from the resid? nee. of hi? il*u?/.
ter. Mr?. T. Harry Cornwall. 539 5Jd MK.
Brooklyn. Sunday, September 26. 2 p. vf\
Interment Greenwood.
MARKS?September 23, at his horn?
Kingston, M". Y.. Jacob, beloved husbar.?
of Martha ?larks (nee Rosenberg), father'
of Rosetta Mark? Levy. Interment Bay*
side Cerni'tery, September 2?, 1.30 p. nv
MASON?-Emily Reed, wife of Charle? N*,
Mason and daughter of the Rev and Mrs,
Jamea Reed, on Septemoer 23. lOL'O. Serv?
ice? at her late residence 59 PlymoutU
?t., Montclair. N. J.. at 4 o'clock Sunday
afternoon. September 26. Uck-wann-,
train leaves Hoboken 3 p. m.. daylight
saving time.
M'CARTY?On Saturday, September 26.
1920, John Barclay, non of the lata
David and Elena Ver Planck McCarty,
In the Slat year of his age. Services ?f
Christ Church. Cokaackie-on-Hudson,
New York, on Monday morning, Septem?
ber ?7, at 11 o'clock.
-WMURTRY?At White Sulphur Springy
W. Va.. September 23, 1920, George Gib?
son McMurtry Jr., age? 22 months, son
of George Gibson and Mabel Post Mc?
Murtry, of 812 6th av.. New York City.
Funeral private. It is kindly requested
that no flowers be sent.
MOSES?On September 22, at the residence
of his sister, Mrs. Jennie Goldberg. 20a
West 92d st.. Bernard Moses, beloved,
father of Mrs. Samuel Wooiner Jr.. Mrs.
Adolph Wooiner, Mrs. Henry E. linger
and Henry L. Moses and beloved
brother of Mrs. Jennie Goldberg, Henry
D., Frederick. William and Celia Moses.
Interment at Scranton, Pa., September y.6.
MUIR?At Newburgh, N. Y.. Friday. Sep?
tember 24. 1920, Kate H, wife of the
late Munson O. Muir, and daughter of
the late Alfred Brldgeman. Funeral
a? rvlces will be held at the residence
of her son, Walter S. Val!. Central ave.
and North st.. on Monday afternoon at
2 o'clock. Interment at Cedar Hill Ceme?
tery. It la requested that no flowers be
OPPKMIEIMER? Blanche M., dearly de?
voted wife of Simon and loving mother
of Sadie Roberts. Alexander M., I.oney
M. and Daisy B, Oppenhelmer. Funeral
from her late residence, 101 Audubon
ave., on Sunday, September 26, at 1:30
p. m.
Broadway, 66th st.. Sunday. 1 p. m.
PICKFORD?At Paris, France, September
I 10, Olive Thomas Plckford. Services at
i St. Thomas's Church, r.th av. and 53d st.,
Tuesday. September 28, at 10 a. in. la
j terment private.
! ROCKWELL?Albert A., beloved husband
of Mary M'irphy. Funeral from his late
residence, 311 West 14 3d st., Monday,
2 p. m. Interment Calvary.
Broadway, C6th st., Sunday, 2 p. in.
SARGENT?John W., husband of Bertha
Lord Sargent, on September 24. Serv?
way, at 66th st.. on Sunday. September
2G. at 4 p. m. Interment at Bangor, Me.
SCII?FT?On Saturday, September 36.
1920 Jacob H. Schiff, dearly beloved
husband of Th?r?se Srhlff, In the 74th
year of his age. Funeral services will
be held at Temple Emanuel, 6th av. and
43d st., on Tuesday morning. September
28, at 10 o'clock. Admission by card
only, for which application should be
made to E. H. Paul, 62 William st.. be
. fore 3 p. m., Monday. September 27. It
Is earnestly requested that no flowers be
TAYLOR?On Saturday, Sept. 26, 1920, at
the Park Hospital, Frank W., wife of
James N. Taylor. Services will be held
at funeral parlor of F. E. Holmes _ Son,
6'J W. 126th st., Monday, 2 p. m.
TX'TTI.E?Entered into rest Wednesday,
September 22, 1920, Jessie W. Berklnti.
wife of Martin Porter Tuttle, daughter
of the late Charles H. and Pauline C.
Berklng. Services at her horn". 3')6
Hoscvllle ave , Newark, N. J., Saturday,
September 25, at 2:30 p. m. Train
leaves Hoboken. Lackawanna Railroad.
12f>2. standard t>ni'\ to RosevlUe Ave.
Station; automobiles in waiting. Inter?
ment at convenience of family.
VAN BRUNT?Entered Into rest September
24, 1920, Jane A. Van Brunt, daughter
of the late James R. and Martha B.
Van Brunt. Funeral service? at her
late residence, 140 Mtdwood st., Flat
bu.ih, Sunday, September 26, at 2 p. m.
teries of Old
New York no longer
exist ? Kensico is
out of the city. Its
permanence is as?
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The Kcssico Ceaeter
America's Batial Park
City office: 103ParkAv.
Tel. Murray BUI 1841
^^^y Like thePyramiils
Will fcntiurCo ?ort: vev
?&.A E. Willis Scott A'::?.
CEMVTERY lots for sale: entire plot, lit?;
hall Blot. $159; strictly Jewish cemetery.
SmSlTtfSr. -BLUM. Undertaker, ?ex Waal
UOtk ??.
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