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Reports of Sh?pping~and
News ol Foreign Trade
Foreign Trade
Fleet Exceeds
10,000,000 Ts.
American Vessels Enrolled
Show Gain of 2.000,000
Tons Since Beginning of
Year, ami Still Growing
Shipping Board Kas Bulk
Hold* Over 60 Per Cent of
1 . S. Seagoing Tonnage;
Tanker Holdings Gaining
American shipping registered for the
:oreign trade has increased nearly two
million gro^s tons since the beginning
, or nearly double the size
of the entire American foreign trade
fleet at tho beginning of the war. The
tcUl enrolled haa now passed the 10,
900,000-tin mark.
In comparison with this year's gain
In shipping for foreign trade, that en?
rolled for the coasting trade his in?
creased less tl an 100,000 tons since the
- and now aggregates
1,854.000 ton?.
These figurer., which include all ves?
sels of n 600 cross tons each,
jre shown bj >b a made by The
Tribun? of the fipiires of the Bureau
ol Navigation of the Department of
Comrr. e :
Bulk of Ships Government's
The government continues to show a
steady gain in its proportion of hold?
ings of American seagoing shipping.
Shipping Board tonnage now const i
??? of the total,
compared w.r;. about 38 per cent for
privately owned tonnage. How great
the growth has boon since the time of
armistice is shown by the following
table, giving government and private
holdings >ds :
Shipping Privately
d, owned.
'..?....: ,1918. 413 100 3,717,000
^ .nary 1 I 15,000 3,813,000
,'unuar;. 5,9 10,000 4,088,000
Septembei 1,1 '20.7,199,000 4,608,000
: 7,2S8,000 4,625,000
November !, 1920.7,391,000 4,698,000
The total ol Beagolng shipping has
increasi 130.000 tons on Jan?
uary 1, 1918, ' . 12^000,000 tons on the
? rat of both 'oreign trade
?id coa ? nage 1 ing included
n thes<
Freighl Vessels Predominate
per cent of the steam
seagoing of 1,000 tons, and over
are fre bout 15 per cent being
.U passenger vessels
and! pe? t refrigerator --hips. How
?? ? ? oldings of these
h for July 1,
-hipping Hoard con
igram was still at its
ght, as follows, the figures
Julv 1, Nov. 1,
1919. 1920.
tera ,.... 4,821,000 8.259,000
.: ? . 981.000 1,612,000
887,000 1,008,000
75,000 100,000
Including other than steam tankers,
fleet of oil carriers
1,735,000 gross
. ? bi ing rapidly
made. In Oc , ne the increase
*-us m et] tons. The make
- and its carrying
apa ?
: ina * Gallons').
;-eam . ... '. 1,000 725,558,000
Gas .... 11 25,000 11,491,000
Sail S5000 12,279,000
nrigf !1,000 11.970,000
Total . : 5,000 791,298,000
Tankers Badly Needed
On tl ? y gallons to the
irn . ng capacity of Amer
iw 15,820,000 barrels.
In this connection it is interesting to
note thai \ on has estimat?
ed the : - uirements ol the
Shippii g 1 for 1921 at approxi
mateiy 10 bai re's. For over
a year, he - ? has suffered
ortage of tank
steamers wil which to transport the
Ii, vii .. i ' . - that hundreds ot
foodeii belonging to the
Shipping Boi ? are tied up and that
man) of them will probably never see
servie.-, the fig in si owing the amount.
of wooden tonnago documented
l'or bi ig show a remark
June 30 191 ! there
were only eight i hose, aggro' ating
only 10,000 : AI the time of
? L86, of 407,
'.'00 tons, ? ? ?. present total is
given as 372, oi 923,000 ton?.
American I ngs of steel steamers
for the sai a\ e been 429, of
at I he beginning of the
*ar; 1 i00 tons, at the
time -if the armistice, and 2,211, of
10,051',000 ton;, at present.
Many Good-Sized Nessels
The size of the steel vessels is
?hown as follow - :
Tofs. No. Tonnapre.
1,000-1,999 . . . 103. 169,000
999 . 609 .1,618,000
2,000-3,999.295 .1,025,000
MOO-4,999 178 .... 826.000
?,000-6,999 ., 336 . 2,139,000
',000-7,999 . . .its _ 872,000
WOO-8,999 .... a?, . . 295,000
? dup.!_.' 35? ...'.'..'. 410,000
v The a-verage size of the vessels
Mut foi ipping Board is con
Mderubly larger than those priv: I ly
ow"ed. - ,-,>?., 1,714 ships. :
Wfating 7,391 000 tons, represen tig
? f 4,300 tons, as agamsi
??480 tons foi the 1.844 privately owned
'?'essels, aggregating 4,698.000 tons.
^'iip Deliver? in Quick Time
The Federal Shipbuilding Company
psterday delivered ? the 9,400 ton
?lighter, Steel Inventor, to the Isth
^?n Steamship Company, in what
Beginning To-Day
The Charles T. Megee Co.
Philadelphia, Pa.
Joins the other ship?
ping companies that
??*"? announcing sail?
ings every business day
Shipping and Travel
t? claimed to be record t????? for
a ?hip of this class. She was launched
last Saturday and since then boilers
have been installed, steam tests held,
the dock trial and trial trips run and
delivery completed.
Aid for ?. S. Shipping Urged
Benson Says Americans Must
Co-opcrale for Merchant Marine
From Tha Tribune's Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON, Nov. 11).?The peo
j pie of the United States must work
together if there is to be a permanent
American merchant marine, Admiral
W. S. Benson, chairman of the United
States Shipping Board, declared to?
day in a message to New Orleans
shipping men.
Admiral Benson's message was In re?
ply to a telegram received from a com- ?
mittcc of the New Orleans Association
of Commerce, which to-day presented a
tablet to the S. S. New Orleans, com?
missioned to-day at New Orleans. The
ship will be operated by the Steele
The chairman telegraphed ns fellows:
"The eyes of the world are upon us
as we show from day to clay that we
mean to have a permanent merchant
marine worthy of the name and we
all must stand together to encourage
the development. The Shipping Beard
is determined to support every logical j
enterprise aimed to develop the spread
out of overseas shipping into all parts ;
of the world. The people of the United
States may depend upon the board lo ;
stand behind every movement that has
this in mind."
Japan's Costs of
Production Nerrlv
On American Level
Will Strengthen Competition
by U. S. in Foreign Trade ;
Japanese Seek Remedies
in Form of Cheaper Labor
Because of the effect upon Japanese
manufacturing of the development
of economic conditions in Japan, it
has now become a question as to
whether production costs can be kept
lower than in the United States. In
view of the important bearing of the
situation on the maintenance of their
foreign commerce, the Japaneso are
seeking remedies in tho form of
cheapened labor cost.-.
Reports to the Department of Com?
merce state that the increased cost of
raw materials and labor, the inef?
ficiency of labor, and the reduced pro?
duction occasioned by the proposed
shortened hours have all combined to |
bring about, a position that will make i
the effect of American competition
more keenly felt, especially in the j
fields where Japan had gained ground |
during tho war.
To meet the situation Japanese cot-j
ton mills are importing Corean labor- j
ers and it is expected that the Japan- j
ese will establish cotton mills in Man- |
churia, Corea and China, in order to i
secure labor which will accept lower
wages than those paid in Japan.
While Japanese labor works for much
less than is paid in America the output j
per man is markedly less. This is es- j
pecially* noticeable in lines where
strength is a requisite as well as dex?
terity, In ir;.n and steel production
and shipbuilding, for instance, the
'orce required to perform a given
amount of work is much larger in i
Japan than in this country.
Many indications of the genera'
business depression in Japan are given
in advices received from Tokio by the
Far Eastern Division of the United
States Bureau of Foreign and Domestic
Postal savings deposits decreased 15,
000.000 yen in the month of August, de?
spite efforts made u. all parts of tho
country to encourage them. The Moji
section of the railroad department de?
cided to discharge 1,000 employees, be?
cause of the greatly reduced freight
traffic. At the end of August there
were eighty ships idle and the num?
ber was steadily increasing, Sales of
automobiles in Tokio have fallen to a
fifth of the former figure. Wages in
Kobeand Osaka decreased by 15 per
cent in August, and one large depart?
ment store discharged 300 employees
during the month.
British Shipbui1 ling Cut
Contracts Canceled as Itesnlt of
Commercial Outlook
WASHINGTON, Nov. 19. Contracts'
for the building of a number of ves- ;
sels at New Castle. England, have been ?
cancelled "because of unfavorable com- *?
mercial omens," the Department of I
Commerce was informed to-day in a
review of shipping conditions in the:
United Kingdom, prepared by depart?
ment representatives. The cancella- '
tions. which are said to have produced
"a disquieting effect in shipping
circles," are ascribed by the review to
the low rate of exchange and the high
cost of materials.
Five large ships were launched from
British yards last week, the review j
said, the largest being the liner Pitts- I
burgh, of I?,000 tons, which was built!
for the White Star Line dominion I
Colden State Schedule Fixed
The steamship Golden State, the first'
of the new Shipping Hoard passenger
and carrro liners to be assigned to the !
Pacific Mail Steamship Company, is now
nearln? completion at the yards of the
Newport News Shipbuilding Company,
She will sail from Baltimore for San
Francisco on Febru; v 15 and her
maiden voyage to the ( -ient will start
from Sin Francisco on March 19. when
Bhe will be p'aced on the recular trans?
pacific schedule, with stops at Honolulu
?Yokohama, Kobe, Shanghai, Manila and
Hongkong. _
! Foreign Trade Notes
Low prices prevailing in the Am s ter-1
dam rubbervmarket are attributed to
reduced demand, especially in the
, I nited States.
There is a heavv volume of exports
' from Naples to the United States of
kid skins for the manufacture of
' gloves, as well as the finished product.
Aus -alla imports about 20.000 pianos
?nnnally. American player pianos are
; reported to be very popular in this
'. market.
A concession has been granted by
1 the Peruvian government for the erec
! tion of an international exhibition
building in the heart of the business
l?-tion of Lima. For the Peruvian
Senni.l Exhibition next July 10,000
square feet of floor space is being re?
served for American exhibitors.
Japanese newspapers note the ar?
rival in Japan of sixty German mer?
chants who are soHeitins business. The
!?-!< of any prejudice ajjainst ?hero is
declared to be evident among th? i?^
Marine Reports
H\fix water Lew water
Bandy Hook .... 2:23 2:33 8:43 9:00
I Governor'? Inland 2:58 3:66 9:31 9:45
Hell Gate . 4:23 4:45 11:23 11:11
Vessel and Port. Docked at:
Bolita, Caibarlen..
_ NT Sugar Refinery, Lie
Runa, Antllla..
National Refln?ry. Yonkera. N T
City of Savannah, Savannah. .Pier 86. NR
Lenape. Jacksonville.Pier 37, N K
i.ske Lllllcusum, Tamfctco. .Pier 15, Bklyn
Montana. Bordeaux.Pier 84, N R
Arkansas, Baltimore..
.. M Foot 17th at, Hoboken, N J
M?ndeita, Marseilles .,-,.
ICI Sol, Galveston.Pier 50, N R
Homer t.'ity, Rotterdam..
Pier 4, Army Base, Bklyn
Freeport Sulphur, Texas City..
Erie Basin, Breakwater, N J
Annaldo II, Genoa.Pier 26, N P.
Orleans, Fowey.Plor A, Weehawken. N J
El DU.New Orleans.Plor 40, N R
Salaam, Danzig.Anchored oft Liberty
l,a Touralne, Havre.Pier 57, N It
Eastern Eight, Hai-M.,
Tletjen & Lang D D, Bklyn
Grace Dollar, Cristobal.,
Pier 6, Bush Docks, Bklyn
Ayaha Maru, Samarang..
Pier 2. American Docks. S I
Jethou; Buenos Ayres..Ft 67th et, BHlyn
To'sajrl, Port Said. .
Pier 19, Pouch Torminal, 8 1
.Maracaibo, Mayaguez.,
Anchored In Quarantine1
Kandahar, Calcutta. .
Plei 3, American Docks, S 1
Lake Fahim, Fort land. Me..
Anchored off Stapleton, S I
Caledonia, Sagua.National Refinery
froquois, Sanchez.Anch in Quarantine
Lake Grandon, Mayeguez, .
Anchored In Quarantine
Ralnboy, Newport.
Anchored off P6th St, N R
Arlo, Providence?Robins Drydock, Bklyn
Lake Grandon, San Juan.Anchored
West Helix, Rotterdam.Anchored
IJerln Changes
Baton Rouge. .Pier 6, Constable Hook, N J
BelVi 1?re..Pier 7, Hush Docks, Brooklyn
Bristol.Hammond's Flats, E R
Con lia.Pier 27, Brooklyn
tl.Anchored In stream
1 do.Pier 23, Brooklvn
<?:?? i 'i-i-ni ?.Plor 48, N It
: Luckenbach.
Pier C, \V S R R. Weehawkerr
:.Bush Drydock, Brooklyn
.Fletcher's Drydock, Hoboken
... .Fletcher's Drydock, Brooklyn
ble.Anchorked off Weehawken
i hunk.
'mi .Md Drydock, W New Brighton. S I
Fresco.Pier 3, Hoboken
Lnk Busang.Pier 10, E R
L 1) Peabody.Ft 66th St, Bkb-rr
? lallle.31st St, Brooklyn
' ?.Pier 45. Brooklyn
Montserrat.Pier 8. E R
M una ma r.
Warner's Refinery. Edgewater, N J
Munrlo.Pier 8, Rush Docks. Brooklyn
Nora.Pier i, Tidewater, N J
Nuria.?.21st St, E R
Olinda.Pier 10, E R
lisiar D Bennett.Port Richmond, S 1
Osslneke... .Fletcher's Drydock, Hoboken
Perfection. .8 I Corp. Pt Richmond. S I
Vincennea Bridge.Pier 39, Bklyn
Due To-day
Vessel. Port. Departures.
Manhattan..Lomdon .N&v S
Wosturdijlc........Rotterdam .Nov 4
Mystic.Hamburg .Nov S
Porto Rico.San Iu?n.Nov 13 |
Carmania.Liverpool .Nov 9
Bardic.London .Nov 7 1
1 lurmese Prince... .Havre .NovlO
Isle de Panay.Cadis .Nov 4
Rosalind.St Johns .Nov 15
AQultania.Sou lb amp ton . . .Nov 13
Panhandle State. . .London .Nov 10
Due To-morrow
Caronla..,.London .Nov 1 0
Valacla.London .Nov t
??trie.Liverpool .Nov 19
Apache.Jacksonville ... .Nov 18
Due Monday
Frederlk VIII.Christiania .Nov 12
Ryndam.Rotterdam .Nov 11
La Savoie..Havre .Nov 13
Fort Hamilton.Bermuda ........ Nov 20
-Mohawk.San Juan.'. . . Nov 17
Toloa.Cristobal .Nov 14
Due Tuesilay
Kroonland.Antwerp .Nov 13
Sail To-day
Mail Vessel
closes. sails.
America. Naples. 8:30AM 12:00 M
New Rochelle, Danzig. 8:00 AM 12:00 M
Baltic Liverpool. 8:00 AM 12-.O0M
It lia, Naples. 9:00 AM 1:00 PM
F J Luckenbach, Rot?
terdam .11:00 AM 2:00PM
Borga, Hamburg.12:00M 3:20PM
Arabian Prince, Capo
Town .12:00 M 3:30 PM
triua, Port Llmon. 7:00 AM ll:00AM
Renevente, Rio Janeiro 8:00 AM 12:00 M
0, San Juan.8:30 AM 12:00 M
A'g'itiquln, Sunto Do
mingo . 9:30 AM 1:00 PM
Menomlnee, London.... .-? 12:00 M
Eglantier, Ar.twerp... - 12:00 .M
Homer City, Hamburg-? 2:00PM
Klpon, Gothenburg....- 12:00 M
Thordia, Bergen .-2:00 PM
Burmese Prince, Havre- 12:00 M
Vitellla, Glasgow.-? 12:t>0M
Florinda Seville.- 2:00 PM
Nuria, Vlgo .- 12:00 M
Sot-land, Berget, .- 2:00 PM
Susquehanna, Pt Natal-- 12:00 M
Mexico, Havana .- 12.00M
Paloma, Nuevitaa-? 2:00 I'M
Easl m Knight, Bom?
bay.- .1:00 PM
Sur Juan, San Juan... - 1200 M
Thord Faguelond,
Buenos Ayrea .-12 00M
Oimes, Tela .- 12:00 M
Eika ill, Kingston- 12:00 M
Cornelia, San Juan....- 12:00.M
Korona, Georgclown... - 1:00 fil
Innoko, Buenos Ayres.- 12:00 M
Sti ul Mariner, Rotter?
dam.- 12:00 M
Hall To-morrow
Alta? Maru, Hong Kong-? 2:60 PM
Sail Monday
La Touralne, Havre.. 8:30 AM 1S:00M
P, de Sali-usteguL Cadiz 8:00 AM 12:00 M
Justin, l'ara.12:00 M 3:30 PM
Baltlo (Sw), Stockholm-. 12:00 M
Port Bow'en, London..-- 12:00 M
s.in Ger.naro, Naples..- 12:00 M
Bellta, Antllla.- 12:00 M
Sull Tuesday
Aquitania,Southampton 8:00 AM 13:00 M
.\ i ?? u w Amsterdam,
Rotterdam . 8:00 AM 12:00 M
P..irla, Naples.10:30 AM 2:00 I'M I
Santa Marta, Cristobal. 7:30 AM 11:00 AM,
Rosalind, Halifax. 9:30 AM 1:00 PM I
G> n. W. C. Gurgas,
Cristobal .12:00 M 4:00 PM
Reports by Wireless
From the U. S. Naval Commu
nication Station
[Distance is given In inileB. Reports are
dated at noou unless otherwise specified.];
Abangarea ?68 W Kingston Nov IS.
Algonquin 2444 from San Francisco 8 PM
Nov 17. j
Amelia 07 SYV Cape Malsl Nov IS.
American lat 31 30 N, Ion 76 34 W Nov 18. ;
Argon fiC S Nantucket Nov 19.
Aryan 107 N Jupiter Nov 18.
Betterton 600 W Sand Key Nov 18.
Borgestad 480 SW South Pass Nov 18.
Bovlc 425 E Ambrose K PM Nov 18.
l.t. is, ? S S, 136 from Naritucket Nov 19. ?
Bremerton lo E Tape Homy Nov 19.
Burnwell 40 SW natteras Nov 19.
C A runfie,d 18 S Jupiter Nov 18.
Cabrilla 181 \V by S Sand Key Nov 19,
Calcutta Maru lat 21 85 N, Ion 85 04 W
Nov IS 4.
Capo May 274 N Cristobal Nov 19.
Cardonla lat 18 29 N. Ion 43 32 W Nov 18.
Carenco 231 E Cape Henry Nov 19.
Carillo 235 S Kingston Nov 18.
('armania Pd Nantucket 2:45 PM Nov 1?. ,
Curtago 300 SE South Pass Nov 18.
Castlepoint lat 40 31 N. Ion 71 00 W Nov It.1
Cuuto 3n5 E Tampico Nov 18.
Cecil County ?>2 SH Cape May Nov 19.
China Arrow 2727 from Honolulu '8 PM
Nov 17.
Chipchung 1480 W Honolulu 8 PM Nov 17.
Clt) of Freeport 48 E Halteras Nov 19.
City of -Montgomery 100 N by E Haltera?
Nov 19.
Clauseus 2374 S San Pedro Nov is.
Colombia 10S9 W S*n Francisco i PM Nov
Colon passed Watling Island 8 PM Nov 18.
Cor,,a! 170 SSW Scotland LV Nov 19.
Comanche 63 NE Charleston Nov 18.
Concho 402 S Sandy Hook Nov 19.
Continental Bridge 18 S Tortuga? Not 19.
Corning 160 SE Tampico Nov 18.
Oorozal 256 S Scotland LV Nov 1?.
Creole 16? NW Tortuga? Nov 18
CrlBfleld 195 N Cristobal Nov 19.
Dade County 78 SE Tampico Nov lt.
Danville 47 E Tampico Nov 18.
De Seto 240 S Ambrose Nov 19.
Dungannon 42 S Wlnterquarter Nov It.
Eastern Light 10 E Firo Island 4:35 AM
Nov 19. ,
Edgar F Luckenbach lat 41 06 N Ion 61 37
w N iv 19.
Edward L Doheny 20 NE Tampico Nov IS.
Ettingham 1150 S New Vork Nov IS.
(al Occidente 299 SW Harteras Nov 19.
i:i sud 128 WNW Tortugas Nov 18.
Bllsha Walkei 397 E Tampico Bar Nov 18.
Excelsior 364 NW Morro Castle Nov 18.
F D Aselie 107 S Ambrose Nov 19.
j Frederick R Kollo?g 75 SW Key Weit
Nov 18.
Fred W Weiler ttt B Ambroa? Nov It.
Glady?b? 340 NB Tampioo? Bar Nor 18.
I Olenpool 303 W Sand Kejr Nov 19.
<ioidafe.ll ?? WNW Lo?g?rh?a4(J*y*??v4lw,
Oulfland 63 SW Nantuckot No? 19.
?Oulfstrcam 220 E9E Sabino Har Nov 18.
Gulf Queen 22 SW Hntteraii Nov 1?.
H M Rogers 243 \V Hand Key Nov 11.
Hahatonka 142 N Jupiter Nov is.
Harry Luckenbaeh 217 K Ambrons Nov 1?.
Hatteras 220 ESE Hatteras Nov 18.
Herbert I. I'ratt 240 W Sand Key Nov 1*.
Herc?lea 22ft N Jupiter Nov 18.
Hl.iko 46 S Hatteras Nov 19.
Hoxbar 140 N Haltera? Nov 19.
Huguenot 694 E Tampico Nov 19.
Huron 476 HE Ambrose. Nov J8.
Hute.hinson CO E Key West Nov 19.
Iroquola 275 S Sandy Hook 7 PM Nov 18.
J i" Hcnnell 52 N Hatteras Nov 19.
J W Van Hyko 105 3 Capo May Nov 1?.
Lake Charlotteavllle 340 8 Capo Henry
Nov IP.
Lake Devnl .10 S Tap? Lookout Nov 19.
Lal'.o Elva lat 2? 11 N Ion 90 39 W Nov 18.
Lako Fackler 222 S Ambrons Nov 19.
Lake Florian 440 SSE Sabine Paus Nov 18.
Lake Freed 110 NB Havana Nov 18.
Lako Gardner lat 37 60 N Ion 7139 W
Nov 19.
I.?ik.. Gilboa 600 8 AmbroBo Nov 11.
Luke t'.iogan lat 40 25 N lun 70 62 W
Nov 1 9.
Lake Treba 11G 89W Capo Henry Nov 19.
Lake View 122 SSE Ambrose Nov 12.
Levlsa 205 S NantUCket Nov 19.
Llinon 936 N Port Ltmon Nov 13.
Madawaska 296 N Cristobal Nov IS.
Manuel Calvo 185 E Ambrose Nov 19.
M/iui 2038 from Honolulu ft PM Nov 17.
M.'ton lift W" Sand Key Nov 19.
Mobtlo City 1307 from Yokohama ? I'M
Nov 17.
Montrollto 48 8 Nantuckot Nov 19.
Neshoboe lat 44 19 N Ion 60 0>i W Nov 18.
Nelson 243 SW Sabine Bar Nov 18.
New Britain 360 E Delaware Capes Nov 19.
Northern Pacific lat 26 N Ion 86 3(i W
Nov 18.
Northwestern Brldgo 46 E Cape Henry
Nov 1.9.
0 T Waring 150 8W Hatteras Nov 18.
Oakland lat 42 42 N Ion 60 55 W Nov 18.
Oropesa 3 50 S Balboa 8 AM Nov 19.
Paul H Harwood 92 SW by W Key West
Nov 18.
Pennsylvania 193 H Tampico Bar Nov 18.
Phoenix 205 N Jupiter Nov IS.
Plainfleld 331 S Ambrose Nov 19.
Porto Rico 355 S Ambrose Nov 18.
Pulaakl 107 S Hatteras Nov 11).
Quabbln 142 from Honolulu 8 PM Nov 17
Radiant 160 W Sand K<^ Nov 18.
Botar?an 1,817 W San Juan 7 PM Nov 18.
Huth 46 NE Cape Cod Nov 19.
S B Hunt 200 WNW Tortugas Nov 19.
Sabotawan 173 E Hatteras Nov 19,
San Mateo 32 S American Shoals Nov 18.
Santa Cruz l,f.04 from Honolulu 8 PM
Nov 17.
Santa Flavia 2,142 S San Francisco Nov IS.
Santa Leonora lat 24 40 N Ion 86 36 W
Nov 18.
Santa Tecla 190 8 .Scotland LV Nov 18.
Santuree 78 from South Pass Nov 18.
Schodack 6 E ?'ape Malpl Nov 18.
Schroon 1,156 K Cape Henry 8 AJ? Nov 17.
Senator 2,990 S San Francisco Nov 18.
Seputga 120 E by N Hatteras Nov 18.
Shanandoah 19S N Jupiter Nov IS.
Slleta 160 NNE Hatteras Nov 19.
Sllverbrook 235 NE Jupiter Nov 13.
Standard off Jupiier Nov 18.
8taur 40 off Hog Island Nov 19.
Sucrosa 205 S Sabino Bar Nov 18.
Sun Beam 230 W Sand Key Nov 18.
Suriname 45 SW South Pass Nov IS.
Tampa lat 25 26 N Ion 77 08 W Nov 18.
Troiuollte 118 SSW Hatteras Nov is.
t'lysses 644 N Colon Nov 18.
Venezuela 1,945 from Honolulu 8 PM Nov
V-sta 105 S Scotland LV Nov 19.
Volunteer 631 E Ambrose Nov 16.
W B Keeno 44 S Capo Charles Nov 19.
War Begum pd Sand Key 7.00 I'M Nov 18.
West Cahokia 1,806 SB San Pedro 8 PM
Nov 18.
West Ekonlt 190 H Five Fathom Bank
Nov J9.
West Harouvar lat 38 06 N Ion DS 42 W 8
I'M Nov 18.
West Hartland 629 from Honolulu 8 PM
Nov 17.
West Pociisset 180 H Handy Hook Nov 19.
Western Queen 395 KSK Xantucket Nov 19.
Westford 21 ESE Key West Nov 19.
Wien 22 SE South Pasa Nov 18.
William A McKonny lat 30 62 N Ion 78
02 VV Nov IS.
William Isom so e Tampico Nov IS.
William M Burton 103 SW Winterquarter
Nov 19.
York Harbon 15i> N San Salvador Nov IS.
BALTIMORE, Nov. 1 9.-- A rri ved : Genoa
(Fr), Charleston; Zarembo, Buenos Ayrcs
via New York; Lake Desha, Havana;
Celaeno <l)t), Philadelphia; Margaret
Port Tampa; Wlllpolo, New York; Eu?
sebia del Valle (Sp), Molllla via Gibral?
tar; Texaco, Norfolk. Cleared! West
Calera, San Francisco, San Pedro, otc
Baltic. (Swed), Gothenburg, etc. \ ?a Phila?
delphia; Capul?n, Liverpool and Hotter
dam; Black Heath (Or), Rotterdam; Sir
versant! ?lit), Bordeaux; Bastern Dawn
Rotterdam. Sailed: Mars (Bel), Ant
werp;; M?dica (Nor), Bergen; Kate ink)
Dunkirk; Salaverry (Fr), Havre. ?'av"
Henry, Va.. Nov. 19.?Passed oui fron
Baltimore: Puggasset. Glasgow; Fori
Morgan (Nor), Port Maria; Lake Elslnore
Norfolk; lunnbiirg, Maimo.
BOSTON, Nov. 19.?Arrived: Lake El
lenorah, Jacksonville and Charleston; Cltj
? of Rome, Savannahh; Maiden, Baltimore
1 I'ersian. Philadelphia; Corsica, Norfolk
j Malrose, Norfolk. Sailed; Luke Elsmere
Charleston and Jacksonville; Am..!.". New?
port News; Walter D Noyes, Norfolk (twe
latter ISth).
CHARLESTON, S. C? Nov 19.?Arrived
Nesslan (Br), Liverpool for Gal' ston
Apache. Jacksonville and proceeded tc
New York.
GALVESTON, Nov 19?Arrived: El Alba
New York; Brabant, Tampico; motorshlt
Pennant, Tampl. Topilla. Tampico; Mid
dleham Castle, Ghent via Norfolk; Co.lone
Bowie, open sea in distress. Sailed: lut
(Fr), Havre; Bayramepto (Br), Marseilles
i.ake Superior, Orange and Nueces, New
York; Ossabawa, Bos/ton.
JACKSONVILLE,! Nov 19?Arrived: Co
manche, New York via Charleston; Ural
ker (Sp), Balboa; schrs Georgia D Jen
kins, Sagua; Benjamin A Van Brunt
BrunswlOk. Sailed- Andalusia (Swed)
Sagua; Gulf Coast, towing barges Monon
gahela nnd Ohio, Part Arthur; Harvester
Port Lobos; yacht Mara.-ay, Havana; burl.
Julio Orive (Sp), Havana; sehr George V.
El?.ey Jr, Havana; b?rge, William .1 Lor
inonii, Providence, in tow.
KI0Y WEST, Nov 19?Sailed ISth. Glenpool
Port Lobes: schrs City of Tarpon Spring!
(Cu), Havana; Trovlscal (Port), Havana
Expansion (Br). Grand Cayman. Arrived
?!yannis, San Juan.
MOBILE, Nov 19?Arrived: Inspector
ClenfuegOB, Sailed: Lake Gunnl, San Do
mingo; Sosua, Belize, sehr Abaco, Caiba
NEW ORLEANS. Nov 19?Cleared: Stn
Atenas, Bocas del Toro via Havana, King
sum and Cristobal; Bowden (Nor), Por'
Barrios via Belize. Stanncreek and Living
ston; British Marquis dir), London; Geni
Crawley, Tampico; Meltonlan (Br), Gal.
veston; Newburgh, Hamburg and Bremei
via Norfolk; Rep?blica Argentina (Bel)
Antwerp; Sinaloa (Nor), Frontera vli
Tampico und Vera Cruz; Suriname, Por1
Barrios; Tegucigalpa (Hon), Ceiba; West
ern Ally, Genoa.
NORFOLK. Va, Nov 19?Arrived: Stn
Wloram (Br). Portland; Teresa O (It)
New Orleans; Laristan (Br), Havre; Bast
wood (Br), Port Tampa, Bessie Dolla
(Br), New York; Parnum, New Orleans
Cutcombe. (Br), New York; Klsnop, Brest
California (Dan), Antofagaata; Waukesha
St Jago; Stanley Dollar (Br), Everett
Wash; liankanda New York: Azumasai
(Jap), N v York; Lake ElslLOre, Balti
moro; I rdanla (Dan), Taranta: Sven?
Zed (Noi Esbjorg; Tregurno < Br), Nev
Orleans; .ark Vision (Nor), Chrtstlansand
bark Thulassa (Nor), Copenhagen; Dom
burt, <l?t). unknown Bourges (Fr). Gibral
lar; Gronsi?nd (Dan), Rotterdam; D 1
Waring, unknown; Elblng i1;'.. Rotter
dam; Demetrios Pangells (Gr), New <>r
leans; bark Fjong (Nor), Aalborg Railed
Stra Antinous, Havre; Northwestern Bridgi
Havre; 10 C Pope. New England; Mahuni
(Br), London, Ullstad (Nor), Dubnn
Bremerton, Stockholm. Cervus, unknown.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov 19?Arrived: Jo
seph J run.-.) (Nor). Port Antonio; B?>
ruano (Bri, Norfolk; BJornstjerne Bjorn
son (Nor), Norfolk; Pansa, Calcutta
Lewis K Thurlow, Santos; Paraguay, Poi
Arthur; Merrlmack, Jacksonville an
?avannah; Gloucester. Boston. Westchet
ter, heneo for Bah?a Blanca (m distress
Passed Delaware Breakwater bound oi
from Philadelphia: J C Donnell, Port Lo
bos; Willesdeu (Br), Alexandria; Humlnqu
(Fr). Oran; Randwljk (Dt), Basse In.lr.
France; Mouro (Sp), Marseiiles; Indopenc
ence Hall. Havre, etc; Gateway Ouy, H>"
terdam and Hamburg, via New York; P"?
nte Brook. Rotterdam, via Antwerp;
boatao i lira), Dakar; Caribou. Newpoi
News; Fort. Stevens, Newport New
Passed Retdy Islam; bound down rroi
Philadelphia: Ohio Msru (Jap), Ma
3ellles; America (It), Naples and Genoi
via New York. Mexicano (Nor), Copei
hagen, Klckapoo, Newport News; Asl
burn, Newport News, Oklya, Newpoi
News: Kusdeca, Newport News.
PORT AHTUIK, Tex, Nov 19?Arrive.
Sucrosa, Tampico; Nelson, Tampico, Be
I ridge. Tampico; Brandywlne, Tamplc
Sailed: Georgia, Norfolk, Guif of Mexlc
PENSACOLA, Nov ID?Arrived; Dan
brog (Dan), Galveston.
PORT EAD3, Nov 19?Arrived: Bryi
hlld (Dau), Honduras, Cartago, Bocas _d
Toro; Jamaica. Port Mexico; Momus, Ne
York; Santa Rua. Tampico; Santurc
Porto Rico; Suriname, Port Barrios. VI
torio Emmanuele, Philadelphia. Salle?
Baytlgern (Br), Marseilles via Norfoll
i Lake, Govan, Havana an l Cuban port
Mariana, Porto Rico; Parismina. Bocas d
Toro via Cristobal; Roanoke, Tan l
PORT TAMPA, Nov 19?Sailed: 'Win
fred, Tampico.
PORTLAND. Me. Nov ?9?Sallod: Bra:
: don. Baltimore.
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov 19?Salla?
Siberia Maru (Jap), Hong Kong. H
Maru (Jap i. New York.
SAVANNAH. No- 19?Arrived: Str Nal
tucket. Baltimore and Balled for Jacksoi
Mile. Sailed: Sehr Charles A Dean. H:
TaMPA. Kot 19?Arrived:. Auxlltai
achr Rubicon (Hond), Ruatan; aehr N?*ll
DUon ?Br). Boaaol*. Ballad ? Stra Cono
Norfo??TW TOrW; Tr8WTl1 <Br>- Huli vU
Departure? for New Yack
La PalHort?g s McKeesport
I, verpool?H 8 Cornlahmun
.-SV?-alt.ar~S s Egremont Castle, Wash?
ington Maru
Algier??a s Emilia
Marseiiles?s fi Providence, Tttckanuck
Batavia?s S Veendyk
Singapore?B S Intan
Bristol?? s Bristol City
Havre?S S Rochambeau.
Arrivai? Front New York
Marselllei?s S Camar.a
Barbados?s s Lake Scbago
Rio de Janeiro?S S Martha Washington
Manila?-a s Snruga.
Genoa?S s Canoplo
Naples?S s Arcturu*
"ivre?H S Provlnc-uown.
Bor?aux?S s Easterly.
Mejillones?S s Tnlabot.
Rotterdam?S S Bellhaven.
Army Orders
From The Tribune's R'asJilnoton Bureau
WASHINGTON, Nov. 19.?Army or?
ders issued to-day follow:
Hofmann, Ma.lor A. A., to Pari?.
Relslngtr, Major J. W. H. Jr.. to Par!?
Doane, Lt. Col W. G.. to Governor's Island,
(ohn, Lt. S. F., to Camp Devons.
Caffey, Lt. Col. L. W., tc Columbus.
Humphrey, Col. C. B., to Camp Dix.
Honorably diseharged?Kinsman, Capt. C
A.; Hobble, Lt. R. S.
Medical Corps
Honorably discharged?Frescoln, Major L.
D.; Wallace, Major O. S.; Smith, Capt.
H. S. ; Royal, Capt. W. M.; Dobson, Capt.
C. II. ; Culll, Capt. O. O.; Sharp, Capt.
E. L. ; Parmley, Lt. L. V, ; Simons,
Lt. W. N.
Quartermaster Corps
Hunker. Capt. H. J., to Fort Slocum.
Zimmerman, Major II. C, to Washington.
Peters, Lt. F. ('., to Camp Gordon.
Knox, Lt. Col. T. M., to Fort Sam Houston.
Heywood, M L'_. F. A., to Washington.
Honorably discharged?Ireton, Capt. R. E.;
Peck. 2d Lt. H. P.
Air .Service
Honorably discharged?Mllledge, Capt. J.;
Costellr-, Capt. J. V.; Lee, Capt. L. H.
McLeon, Major A. F., to Columbus.
Adamson, Lt. J, M. jr., to Chicago.
Spring. Major J. V, Jr , to Iowa, City.
Plassmyor, Major J., to Orono.
Bradford, Major K. S., to Fort D. A. Rus
O'Connor. Major E., to New York City.
Honorably discharged?Smith, Lt. G. E.
Ordnance Department
Barrett. Capt. L. L.. to Rarltan Arsenal.
Bnndholtz, Capt. C. H? to Camp Travis.
Brooks, Capt. J. A. Jr., to Camp Grant,
Simpson, Capt. B. W., to Fort Sill.
Weaver, Lt. T, D., to New York.
Jarvls, Capt. C. S.. to Camp Lewis.
Honorably discharged?demons. Major R.
S.; Elam, Capt. E. R. ; I'arr, 2d Lt. B.C.
White, Lt. L. A., to Camp EustlS.
Honorably discharged?Doran, Major R.
F., Den <? , McCarron, Major E. 1'., Adj.
Gen's Dent.; Coffin, Major R. G.. F. A.;
Boggs, Capt. L., U. S. \.; Campbell, Lt.
C. D? SIg. C; Suddath. l.t. L. N., Sig. C.
Navy Orders
?'rom The Tribune's Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON, Nov. 19.?Navy or?
ders issued to-day:
?a-hmin, Lt. <J. g.) D. \., to Atlantic
Bowman, Lt. (). g.) G. L., to I". S. Nevada.
Comstoclt, Lt. Com. L. W., to Hampton
Ko a da.
Dreher, Mach. H. W., to A(lan;lc fleet
Eklund, Com. F. N., to destroyer <liv. 32.
ilv ins, ' ?apt. I-'. T., to Pacific (leet.
Kvans, Lt. J., to U. S. S. South Carolina.
Farquhar, Com. A. S., to U. S. S. Bruco.
Frisco, Ens. L., to U. S. S Sampson.
Graf l.t. H. W., to Asiatic station.
King, Ap. Clk. M. D., to U. S. S. Fred
Lanier, Lt. B. B., to U. S s. Blddle.
Le Verne, Lt. V. F.. to Key West
McNlff, Lt. W. T.. to U. s. s. Wyoming.
Myers, llos'n H. E., lo U. S. :*. R. L,
Un rues.
N'olan, Mach. J. B.. to Atlantic floet.
Patterson. Lt. <J. g.) J. J, to U. S. S.
Pcrmut, Er.s. R. E, to submarine chaser
Peterson, Ens. A. W., to U. S. f). Yar
Qulgley, Lt. Corn. W. M., to 1'. S. S. S-3,
Ramsnv i.t Com. D. C, to U. S. S. Penn
:- ) ! vi nia.
Rod' ndahl, Lt. Com. C. E.. to C. S. S. Var
Stein?. h.s, Lt. Corn, F. S., to submarine
division 2.
Wolfe, i.t. M., to l?. S. S. Keosanqua.
Woodworth. Com- E. B., to destroyer divi?
sion 10.
Boak, Lt. J. E, to U. S. S. Morris.
BI idgett, Ens. L. F., to U, S. S. Delphy.
Dyer, Ens. J. A,, tc U. S. S. Nicholas.
Jennings, Lt. Com. J. C, to U. S. S. Glllis.
Manies-, Corn. M. E., to U. S. S. Parrott.
Hiding, Com. .7. P., to I". S. S. Bailey.
Rorabaugh l.t. J. D., to U. s. s. Gtliis.
Watson, Ens. C. IL, to U. S. S. Nicholas.
Vlckrey, Lt. c. c, to F. S. S. Hamilton.
Buckley, Lt. Com, J., to t?. S. S. Helena.
Foloy, Lt. F. D.. (o Cavit?.
Howard, Lt (J. g.) C, resigned.
Haas, l.t. Com. A. I.., to Cavit?.
Hayne, Lt. (j. g.) R. A., to San Francisco.
Reyner, Lt. D. C. to U. S. S. Wilmington.
Smith, Lt. J., to V. S. S. Somers.
Davis, Lt. Com, G. K., to receiving ship
Sun Francisco.
Cantelon, Ens. C, H., to San Francisco.
Caldwell, Coin. T. F., to U. S. 9. New
Ot ? ,i ns.
!5ason, Chief Gun. M. E., to his homo.
Galbralth, Ens. W. H., to F. S, S. Hart.
i erkins, Lt. Com. \V., to receiving ship
San Francisco.
Hare, Ens. T. S, to u. S. S. Swasey.
Masked Men Wield Ax;
Billboard Eyesore Burns
Fence at Mosholu Parkway and
Broadway Had Offended
Many in Neighborhood
A billboard fence at Mosholu Park
vay and Broadway, the Bronx, which
has offended the artistic sensibilities
of person:; living in that region, was
burned last night under what the po?
lice said were suspicious circum?
The police say residents protested
when the fence was built to Park Com?
missioner Hennessey, who took the
matter tip with the Finance Department,
which had permitted the erection. He
asserted that the ground was park
property and the Ivnance Department
insisted that it was city owned land
outside his jurisdiction.
A private detective was detailed to
watch the fence by the advertising
agency that built it. Automobilists told
the police that they saw several masked
men about the structure just before the
blaze wa? discoverer1, chopping at it
with axes. Then it was set on fire and
? -
Mob of Ex-Soldiers Rush
Auditorium in Toronto
Seeking New Premier's View on
Veteran??' Gratuity, They Are
Repulsed by Police
TORONTO, Nov. 19.?Several thou?
sand one-time soldiers, seeking infor?
mation on the government's attitude
toward a gratuity for veterans, to?
night vainly attempted to enter the
Auditorium where Arthur Meighen,
Canada's new Prime Minister, was
speaking. It was Mr. Meighen'B first
public appearance in this city.
At an early hour the Auditorium held
a capacity crowd and police cordons
were p!ac*d about the entrances to pre?
serve order.
Soon after the Prime Minister began
to speak the crowd without shouted for
him to come and address them. When
told Mr. Meighen would not speak out?
doors they rushed for the entrances,
but were driven back by the guards.
Prague Mobs Plunder Jews
BERLIN. Nov. 19 (Jewish Telegraphic
Agency).?Demonstrating mobs in
Prague, Czecho-Slovakia, are declared
in a dispatch from that city to have
plundered the Jewish quarter and de?
stroyed all the records in the office? of
the Jewish community. Valuable chan?
deliers in one of tfa? lynagoguei a-iao
wer? destroyed*
Police Are Silent on
Reported Drive to
Enforce Dry Law
Swami Admits Rorke Was
Present at Conference
With U. S. Officials Satur.
day; Assistant Won't Talk
Officials at Police Headquarters re?
fused to comment yesterday concerning
the report that policemen will act as
prohibition enforcement agents in a
concerted drive of Federal, state and
city authorities against saloons in this
city selling liquor. The report fol?
lowed a conference of the authorities
on Saturday. Others who attended the
conference continued their policy ot
silence, but District Attorney Swann
issued the following statement:
"Yes, there have been conferences.
Alexander Rorke, of this office, was
present at one last Saturday afternoon.
Mr. Talley and myself were present at
such a conference about a year ago.
We are naturally anxious to give the
government any information that may
reach us relative to violations of the
Federal law.
"But, after all, it is a Federal law
that is b c i n *r violated, and it is my per?
sonal opinion that the District Attor?
ney of New York County has no juris?
diction to prosecute violations of a
Federal statute. If any laws of the
state are being broken, no matter what
particular laws they may be, and evi?
dence of such violation reacnes this
office, wc will prosecute."
Mr. Rorke declined to make a state?
I Frank L. Boyd, supervisor of pro?
hibition enforcement for the state, said
; he did not attend the conference. "We
j will welcome police assistance," he said.
! "You can see what a help 11,000 po
j licemen in N'ew York City would be
I added to our staff of 200 for the whole
Le Roy W. Ross, United States Dis
! trict Attorney of Brooklyn, appealed
! to the citizenry of that borough yes?
terday to aid in the enforcement of the .
dry lawn.
"The cooperation of the police and
citizens is absolutely essential," said
Mr. Ross. "If citizens who are in?
terested in this cause will cooperate
in getting evidence we will soon have j
the problem cleared up. All they have
to do is to make liquor ppurohases in I
? ssleons and give the information to !
I Federal officials."
Mr. Rons said he will endeavor to
obtain jail sentences for all violators.
It. was announced that lfiO bottles of
?liquor were seized aboard the steam?
ship Santa Ana of the Grace Line,
I which arrived at Pier 83, Brooklyn, ;
! from South American ports on 1'hurs- ;
i day. Ownership of the whisky was rot!
I determined.
At the instigation of John F. Kramer, |
! Commissioner of Prohibition in Wash- ?
j ington, enforcement agents were sent j
yesterday to visit the saloon of i
Michael Keane at 1 Park Row. ^ie |
| proprietor and Timothy Lyons, the bar- [
1 tender, wer:: arrested after, it is al- ;
' legod. the agents purchased a drink.
i They were each held in $1,000 bail.
Two private detectives who were em- j
ployed by Prosecutor J. Henry Harri?
son, of Newark, N". J., to get evidence
1 against saloonkeepers there undor the
i crimes act, were given ponce protoc
| tion when they left court yesterday
a tor appearing against live of thirty
nine saloonkeepers arraigned.
Assistant Prosecutor Price asked for
! a patrol wa.?.Ton to take the detectives
from the court when a large and hostile
| crowd gathered outside. The crowd
| booed the operatives as the patrol
j drove off. Two private detectives were
I assaulted in Orange, N. J., last week,
under similar circumstances.
i Two Suspects Held for
$65,000 Whisky Theft
Farmer Testifies He Rented
Barn to Men on the Day of
Newark Freight Car Looting
NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J., Nov. 19.?
Frederick Bauries and David Moon, of
New Brunswick, were held as suspects
to-day in connection with the theft of
$65,000 worth of whisky from freight
cars in Newark on Sunday. Ttie5>
retail value of the liquor was placed
at $400,000. The men were taken to
Newark and there held in $50,000 bail
each by Federal Commissioner Mat?
thews, charged with conspiracy to steal
from an interstate shipment.
Frank Erhart, a farmer, of Clyde,
N. J., a few miles from New Bruns?
wick, testified that last Sunday Bauries
anil Moon and a man called "Skinny"
rented his barn for $50. Several truck- j
loads of barrels und boxes were taken i
to the barn, he said, but he did not |
know what they contained. Between
Monday and Wednesday a number of
j touring cars stopped at the bam, h<
; said. Pennsylvania Railroad police
j said they found about 500 empty cases
I in the barn from which the bottles had
| been removed. Moon admitted renting
? the barn, but both pleaded not guilty.
! They were arrested by Chief George
I Spence and Captain John Coakley, oi
I the railroad police, and a New Bruns
! wick patrolman.
I -?
Levy Says He Is Liquor
Broker, Not Bootlegger
Connecticut Hotel Man Declares
That Mulvihill's Charge Is
Prompted by Animosity
Jacob Levy, proprietor of the Compo
! Inn, Westport, Conn., who was accused
by Joseph Mulvihill, boxing promoter,
[ in yesterday's newspapers of controll
? ing traffic in bootleg liquor in New Eng
j land, denied the accusation last night
i at, the Hotel Claridge and said that it
?was inspired by animosity on the part
of Mulvihill, whom he had discharged.
"My connection with the liquor busi?
ness has been perfectly legitimate," he
'said. "I have acted solely as broker.
j When persons with a permit to buy
j liquor came to me I located what they
28-80 WEST 84TH 8TKEET
Brooklyn. 318-230 Livingston Str??t
New Cl*HMt Constantly form in?;
Trial Lesson Free
We gtiuuit?? to tei'i?i roa to :
cUac? til the !?:?! modern ;
itacw ?jaliAlT ?nd ecir?rtl?
10 A. M. TO 11 P.M.
wtxhoot AFFOumaert; >
needed and bought It At times I
loaned money to buyers, but at no
time had anything to do with the liquor
after it reached their possession.
"Mulvihill is making these charges
bf-cause I fired him for trying to shake
down men who had dealings with me.
He says 1 owe him $2,500. but I do
not owe him a cent. I have nothing
to do with any illegal sale of liquor.
"I gave Mulvihill a job when he was
broke and advanced him money for his
campaign for Congressman on a wet
BRIDGEPORT. Conn., Nov, 19.?Jo?
seph Mulvihill repeated his accusation ?
against Jacob Levy here to-night when j
told that the latter had denied it.
"I expected he would," said Mulvihill,
"but I have given United States Dis- !
trict Attorney Edward L. Smith at,
Hartford proof of my allegations."
New Dry Agent for New York ;
Boyd, Who Succeeded Shevlin,!
Says He Expects Transfer
Unofficial conftr-ma'.ion was iriven the
report yesterday that New York will
have a new prohibition enforcement
agent, probably within a week. Super?
visor Frank L. Boyd himself said that
his appointment to succeed James
Shevlin was only temporary and that
he expects to be transferred at any I
time. He does not know when, he said.
Mr. Boyd declared that he would not
care to continue as supervising pro-J
hibition enforcement agent of New
- ?I. , .. ,1 ? I
York. He said he expects to be ft ?
turned to his former position as headl i
of the field divisions of income ana j
inheritance taxes, at Washington* -
where he was in charge of a staff o*...
2,700 persons.
Dry Agents Seize Two
Cincinnati Breweries
$1,000,000 Worth of Property
Taken Over After Beer
Is Sampled
CINCINNATI, Nov. 19.?Two Cincin
nati breweries were seiied by govern-i
ment officials late to-day on orders,
issued by the Internal Revenue Depart?
ment. They are the Herancourt ?nd th??
Jackso.i breweries, and decision to re?
quest the seiiure was reached by;
Thomas E. Stone,, district prohibition
supervisor, after he had received pre?
liminary reports of the chemists who?
made tests of beer obtained at tb? ?
plants by dry agents yesterday.
By this action property of an est'- ;
mated value of 51,000.000 is placed is
the custody of Stephen W. McGrath,
Internal Revenue Collector. It was in?
timated at the government buildinr
that one or two other Cincinnati brew?
eries may be subjected to seizure oi -
ders within a short time. Federa'
agents have been on guard at fche
breweries ever since they were visite-i
yesterday and samples of beer removed.
-Dec. 24
Jan. 22
OLYMPIC 11 A.M. Nov. 27 Dec 29 Jan. 26 ADRIATIC l.'Noon Dec. 15Feb.9Mar. *?
Bailie .!2 Noon Nov. 20 Dec. 24 Jan. 22 i GIBRALTAR?NAPLES?GENOA
Cerlnc .12 Moon-Feb. 5 I Canopic .3 P. M. Dec. 28 Feb. 1*?
Celtic.12 Noon Dec. I ! Jan. 15 Feb. 26 j Cretic.3 P. M. Ian. 5 Mar I
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*Krooniand..l2 Noon Nov. 27 Jan. I Feb. 5
?Lapland ... !2 Noon Dec. 4 Jan. 8 Feb. 12 ! ... .
?Finland .. ?12 Noon Dec. ! 1 Jan. 15 Feb. 19 j MANCHURIA, l2Nn.Dec. 2 Jan. 13 Feb. 24
Sft?u?2 SNtermeraCen8rou[. ^?^ I MONGOLIA.. 12 Nn. Dec. I6J?. 27 Mar. 10
Kroonland .. 12 Noon Nov. 27 Jan. 1 Feb. 5
Lapland_12 Noon Dec. 4 Jan. 8 Feb. 12
Finland .12 Noon Dec. 11 Jan. 15 Feb^9
Zeeland-12 Noon Dec. 18 Jan. 22 Feb. 26,
+Gothland.12 Noon Dec. I Jan. li
tThlrd Clasrs raiaencers Only.
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Largest, Mont Comfortable Cruising Steamer?, Entirely Devot? d to Cru':?? h-'nttr.
Specially selected ports of enll?no careo?L"> to ?6 ?lays?Jan., Feb., March. IB?I?.
Visiting Antigua, Iturb.idoo, Tuba, Dominica, Gre?uda, Jamaica, Martinique, New
Orleans, Panama Canal. I'orto Rico. St. Kitts, St. Vincent, Trinidad, Veuezuela, Vlrglss
Islands, Etc. Ask for Detailed Itineraries.
International Mercantile Marine Company
Offices, B Broadway, New York, Pier? 58, 5?, 60, 61, 62. North River.
^^T*oute to w ttut^m
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Vnsari._Liverpool .Nov. 20
Aquitania.Cherbourg and Soulhampton.Nov. ?3 Dec. 14 Jan. 25
Carmania .Liverpool .Nov.24 ?ec- "5 Jan. 22
Csronia.Plymouth, Cherbourg and Hamburg.Nov. 27-1
Saxonia.Plymouth. Cherbourg and Hamourg.Dec. 9 Jan. 18 M?r. ?
Columbia.Londonderry and Glasgow. -Dfc. 11 Jan. 15 Feb. 1'?
K.A.Victoria_Liverpool.l)ec- '8 Jan. 15 Feb. 10
Imperator.Cherbourg and Southampton.Dec. -3 Jan. 20 lib. 1<!
Mauritania.Cherbourg and Southampton...-..Mar, 10 Apr. 7 May M
Winter Cruise to the Mediterranean
R. M. S. "C?RONIA"
Sailing from New York January 15th
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an? the interior of EGYPT nr of n shorl trip tn the II ??'.
rastenger and Freight Service? from New Y'ork. For later sailings apply ait
January 12 and February 23
February ? & 10?March l??Apr. 10
Christmas Bermuda Excursions,
December 18 and 21
Steamship and Puilsoan ReterTafion?
full Itineraries and Inftrmmtitn
Bennett's Travel Bureau
Tii#?, Bennttt A Bent H. W. ?unninj 0*..
Est. 1850 Est. 1835
SOtl Fifth *T#nne, New Tork. N. T.
Ea?r?s? P?ci*l Sei vm
I.A TOTRAINE..Now. 22, Dee, I?.
Nov. 2',, Uec. 2:;
. Deo. 2.
Dec. I, Jan. 4,
Dec. II, Jan. 6.
Dtmim ?aaKaift.r trrit? ** ? New York
?U l'*a*m? Canal, ailla? ?M CslUo. A ru?,
Uuiiiv ?at?raseme ?nd Vaiapareito.
K. Saat* Eli?, as ?sata Lain. Sa. UMi
Aa*. 9t Ssdis T?rt?s. rar.nubuy Salllais.
W. ?L O?UCS 4 OO.. ****?
OSMt? *iu*re. M. T.. ?? r~*">J *?*?'
?MUM??Mil ? ? ?."'"
l'houe canal ??'jo.
Express Freight Seme*. Anton Carried
Hudson Navigation Company
Fall River Line
From Pier 14, N Ft., Fulton St.. 5PM
Bplnndid Steamers?Splendid Service
N>w London (Norwich Line? Lvs. Pier 44.
N. K.. Houston streut, week, days only. 5 30
P M. Lvs. Pier 70. E R. ; ZZi street. 6 F M
Brldrc?HJrt Line?Leaves Pier 37 B. R.
I Cat?, ?traac. S P. M. ; Imvsi FUr 70. E. R..
11:1? P. U,
Short Roate to Sweden, Norway, Daniaarls
<rinland. Rust?a, Grrntaay, &c
S. S. Stockholm.Dec. 9 Jan. 21
S. S. Drottningbolm.Dec. 30 Fob. 10
superior ?vccommodattoua.
Flrsi. Second and Third Classa?.
Paseri.n-r Office, l\ Stalo (Strebst. Now Ye**.
"The Public Bu Pleated"
STATE ROOr.tr $1.03 TO ?4.32
AU Ratet Include Wer Tax
Ft. W. Houston St. Phone Spring ?4?t
n?i?-r ?? i ?? i? -,-?-1-1 - ?-- . i,-?
Wore, ?lei , I U?. P...vid. nee direct. ?S.S4
Dally, Including Sunday, fc.oo p. if.
From Pie? i:<, E. R. pnoiiv 1.700 Beekma?.
'1 lekete at Pier or Coneolidated Oflltsa
West Indies. Centra, *n?a poutn Aiv.eMe*,.
17 Saa'-terj Pxaoe, Nawr a?.rk.
\ AivAnwicaa Plaa Hotel I
I of Disiinrtiaaand Rc?lCom?art I
???Z*??-^~? S&SSGss^swBSsP
?^TRAmORE "%&
Worlds ?reatest Hotei Succtst

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