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The Joys of the Yuletide
?? ...,,-,-n; ..?(--d hj the delightful
rhrl<t*i .- -i'irlt and homc-tiWe iluirin
? t ??? . U..:i-e. *
p,,u r .".^h the teai-N ln-t<*r.T at
i ?nr i House i.?ord> Ynlrtljea of
, for tho-e dLrri ,1 'rttln?
ve mad? it thnr holiday
? healthful, balwini -.crnt-d
,,..,.?,? ,,N surrounding l a k ??.?., >od
? the ? d-vrrl-d hollv
i hlgb hidd.-n damps ?f
:,elf ?"'?''' - '" -port??.
\ I Ml i:i'H\ . Mtr.
, \ Ml ?KJ'HY, AvH't M?r.
: .. . - rurkieb.
'., 11 i. lourts.
' ::eai ISO-act?
< -
" ?.. M ?. kJES BOTH [MHBc"TOH
Ai I. \NTI< CITY. N ,1.
j ArvA i Africa a Pian. Hotel i
Idf P ?si met ?on ma Real CooMort I
I glR t?''i ??'7 uaH/UI I
| j?i?AC'T> m_o_ ft'g/rrrS./texAyX
all Ceily .iiiht
> m? a i^ a mac
?Rb-^-? - P/w? ort r/^3oordwa?
?""*?%.,- r*CKLAT2CO
JB3r6?. ?
ti. or/d? (ircjresr Hoce! Success
Ni.v\ i ?>?;k M A i K
lectri? tra?a? la!'-.
?-.,?!? try, ?.??.T- .
? Dancine?Daily concert?!
? , - ?? ?. 4on.
r.., , p-t-tt Rt ---r!' ??, V Y.
-, ..... ... .-. ??- I-- T r~no~
?VASHINGTOS, D. C?A*nerlc?n plan. $??
per it European Plan.
',. :
ITON MIL'.H. Proprietor.
^^HE Kirk wood
:' On Caniden H'-i^hts
!C? IS-boIe Go!*?. Riding. Climats
Hotel Bon Air ??SS
Delightful for a Winter Vacation
: ' -?- ?in splendid condlttoo
C I . Manager
PARTRIDGE INN Augusta. Ga. Fine Golf.
i. nuced r&'.-s fur Jar.u
- LAM I NGO f ",!
?? BEACH !
F I * L- HOTEL |
ce?", M.?? F . ?. dear? dir.cl ?3.**
DaJlj r,t Sunday, to? T. st,
Ftempler IS E B Pboa? 2T0? Book no a?
x?-?.'.? ?i r ., ., coaMli?JUuo? oa??
BOSTON. $5.61. Boat and Rail
fROV DENCE, ??3.89. Dirrct Boat
urn? -,? . - -, ,, y. w ,,.,.., ... Bt
? ?? ;? on? 941
.-. ban y and Troy
1 : ? . Itlx.
i.- ?Sea mrated
' - ? . . 10 ?.
? ? ' ' ? ? -? . ? . r:??1?.
fiez ii- Tiacken AcroajpaniiU
ma '; r.tl
... --.I
''* ' , .? 1 l>' '1.
far info malien
W . ,-? if |. ATt-ntjr (4<<th ?.)
,,''". i - pre-tmiaently tii? at*?
.* ' ' ? ''it ?lUi',( ?it
PR??? ? ** vr*" *">'h *r+*%
' Uli I I ' '? -'??I t-*It.lr.?. I?<3I?I4
Sal '?.'?j-.or. '.tttetou frtt
- > , ijtt AI.I. (Hoy*. Ol-l?>
A,':;'... - - < - ?/;?? g Aa?*i?
"? ? ?... ."..1, o/ fhf/i.? ftr/ent ??ir
?CLASSE? i,'? l-ttAC'TICAL
HOME fcUfttiNG
?o Ui. Avf. st w.a M,
-r,tr?I llraiifh V.W.f.A.
(27 MADISON AV?l->
l,iC*?ONH glM,
w? ?fit/w.i.^ t? i**? tmu ru
??jcm* ?.. ?a? ?.???^ m??we
?t.'.?M ?i?-:'??!? ?,4 ?H-teeMr.
^a."r-;a UtJHsfmm
i? ?. * t> n int
Fight Launched
On Guggenheim
Smelter Poliev
Suit Filed by Karl Eilers
Heavy Stockholder. Pre
sages Contest for Con
trol of Huge Corporatio:
Market Losses Charged
Company Declared Imper?
iled by Alleged Sclfi*1
Management of Brother'
An action, said to be preliminary
to an attack within the corporation
against the Guggenheim control of the
American Smelting and Refining Com?
pany, was filed in the Supreme Court
yesterday by Karl Eilers, a former di?
rect, r and vice-president of the com
pany. This step in itself is only an
application by Mr. Eilers for a writ of
mandamus to permit him to ?aspect
the stock book of the company. But
its purport, set forth in the affidavit of
the petitioner in which he severely
attacks '.he management of the cor?
poration affairs by the Guggenheim
family, presages a battle for c 'i:'.* :
the company.
Mr, filer's principal aliogatior - are
directed aginst Simon Guggenheim,
lent of the corporation and former
1*:.:*.ed States Senator from Colorado,
of whom he said. ''Simon snaps the
whip and the rest all have to jump."
Mr. Eilers charges 7 ai the com
''?:? h id lost many milli ns of doi
through mismanagement and
igh '-; ck gambling, and expresses
:tr that this sitintion will continue
? ss there is a drastic change in
?nnel and management. He als 3
a?a- that tiie corporation is con
ed by the Guggenheim family, not
nding that they have disp -
?ft eir holdings in the
y company, having le 3 p 1 nal in
Test in it than they have in ether
Director? Called "Puppets"
? ?aid Mia Eilers, : - per
petumted because of a syst m th Gug?
genheims havj adopted under which
: ey rewar I ; ... I 1 side w :7a them
and punish the recalcitrants. "Mere
puppets," is he way the petitioner re
ers to some of the directors.
The proceeding brought by Mr.
- is of much greater importance
than the average stockholder's action.
wherein a hoi 1er of a share or two of
seeks to direct the affairs of a
ation, for Mr. Eih rs 's en" ??:'
he largest stockholders n the corn?
il hold tigs of pr-..' -it.' I 1 !
n stock, and the shares ?>? mem
? his family foi 10 m
? representative, number ". "v .*- me
of 7 riese a'nares he received from the
?-tare of his father, Anton Eilers, one
of the founders, of the American Smell?
ing and Refining Company, which nas
an authorized capital of $115 000,000.
Mr. Ei.erb !s also president and di?
rector of the Consolidated Kansas Citv
Smelting and Refining Company and a
director of the Colorado Mines Explor?
ing Company. Hia home is at Sea Cliff,
L. I. He was a director of the Amer?
ican Smelling and Refining Company
ntil April 7. 1920, th? date of the an?
nual meeting, just prior to which he
received a ?etter from Simon Guggen
eim, the president, suggesting thai he
resign because of the differences of
pinion that had existed with regard
.o the policies of the company. To thia
Ir Rtler replied that he would not re?
ign, ut the same time voicing his reu
?.n for differing with Mr. Guggenheim,
iking him to resign, as president and
.* make good for losses incurred by
he company and the stockholder--.
Denied Access to Stock Books
David A. Crockett, transfer ape:;'. . :
| he company, is a codefendant ?n the
i ! i lors proceeding because he is said
? ,o have refused to permit Mr. Eilers
0 see the stock book, which refusal,
- is alleged, was a violation of Sec'ion
3. Chapter 61. of the stock corporate .:
aw. Mr. Eilers said th?? company had
bout 19.0?0 stt-ckhold is and his' pur
lose in asking to see the stock book
nd make extracts, he said, "is ; . ? n
ble mo to communicat?' with othe?
?tockholder? of shid corporation in
?rder to consult with them relative t.'<
ff< Cting a chancre in the management
f the alTnirs if the corporation by the
?lection at said annual meeting of a
new board of directors for said cor
..ration." Mr. Eilers added that th??
>t'iiy way to get the names of stock
ho'ders and secure proxies or direct
votes f??r the next annual election was
by getting access to the tfetock book.
"I am moved to do this," continued
Mr. Euer?, "because of a belief that
?i change of management is vitally
necessary for the well-being of said
corporation. I desire the iniercsts of
said corporation promoted, that I and
j hose whom I repre-ent may, as stock
I holders, be thereby benefited. Al-o be?
cause of the association of my father
j with said company since its inception
to the time of his death, and my own
association with said company, .. cm
nloyee, director and officer for ovei
thirty-one yea.;, 1 feel n keen pi r? nal
interest in said company and its wcll
cing and development.
Selfish Management Charged
"From 1907 to 1920 I was a directo]
of the company. From 1916 to 1920 1
was vice-president of said company
As a director and particular! as ar
officer of sai?! company. I had oppor?
tunity to observe the methods of its
management, and 1 w:is finally con
I vinced that said company has been foi
several years and is now under th?
control of persons who dominate its af
fairs and under whose direction th?
company is managed not for the benefi
of its stockholders or for the well be
ing of said company, but for the pur
poses of furthering the personal ant
selfish ends of sad persons and in dis
regard of the interests of the company
1 am convinced that such domin?t .. i
he Companys' affa rs has resulted ii
retarding its development. To my per
si nal knowledge the company has bi i :
thereby caused losses aggregating,
millions of dol'ai's. I am convince?
that a continuance of such dominatioi
will further retard its development an.
entail further large losses to the com
pany. 1 am convinced that only b
change in the board of directora o
said company can sue!; domination o
its affairs be ended."
The correspondence between Ml
ilers and Mr. Guggenheim that cause
the open break and resulted in the i
tirement of Mr. Eilers from the di
rectorate opened with this letter h
Mr. Guggenheim, dated March 31,1920
Broadway's Blga-eat und Best. Crowded with Beaut v and Novelty
Vaudeville and T*.irills. Featuring W.irM-Famous Skater?. Noted
I'rlncl'iitJs and 20 Slntflng, Dancing Debutantes.
Extra Feature: Sig. Newman's Symphonic ae*e-i
"A Friend in Need
Is a Friend Indeed"
The "Friend in Need" who may have lost something
valuable surely need? the "Friend Indeed" who was the
lucky finder.
"Friend Indeed" is looking for "Friend in Need"
through the Lost and Found columns of the New Yori?:
Lost and Found Ads may be telephoned to The Tribune,
Beekman 3000, or left with any of The Tribune's Want Ad
Agents?conveniently located in all parts of Greater New
York?at newsdealers', stationery, cigar stores, etc.
"My Dear Mr. Eilers: .Shortly after
I became president of the American
ting and Refining Company it be
? v dent that you were not in
sympathy with m.* administration, I
h"?l h-ped that time would bring a
change in your attitude and bring
about a better accord between us. but
i a year has gone by with no prospect
i" such a result. Our views differ so
fundamentally and ?jn so many ques
that we cannot with advantage to
the company or in justice to either of
? i ' i ue to in-, longer associated
in the management. I have reached
this conclusion with the deepest regret
? cause of our on, association. The
ion was nuchea after careful con?
sideration and 1 regret the step as
eing absolutely necessary for the wel?
fare of the company.
"This letter is written that you may
have an opportunity of yourself tak
the initiative and tendering your
nation before the coming ennual
election on April 7, if you so desire.
-. issi-rance r?f nersonal regard and
a aa? will, respectfully yours.
Vhcrse Interests Suggested
Eilers replied to this communi
. op. April 3 in part as follows:
"Dear Sir: You are very right uhen
you say I have not been in sympathy
w th your administration. That is per
? ps one of the strongest reasons why
? c intinued connection with the corn
panj hould he to its advantage. Since
n : rothers caused ypu to be made
. : : your views and mine as t7>
! the administration of the company
differed fundamentally, possibly
becn-usi we represent different in?
terests and may be working for dif
: * ? nd -.
"My family and I are now among the
largest stockholders and have held the
tock from the company's beginning,
; and we have no interests of any kind
adverse to the company. You and your
: family associates have disposed of
?:? ?ra-al'y all of the 300,000 shares
you had when you assumed con?
tri i, and now, unless as traders in and
its stock, you have practicallj
no stake whatever in the company and
may not be free from adverse int? rest?
"Throughout your administration aa,
-.- - as "o po-icy have syst maticall;
bee ?*erridden by you. ? disapprove
bl aa in copper, an?i 1 disup.
i of gambUng in copper dunrc
year 1912 to 1018, when it oc
. loss to * he company of P.v?
? ... i liions of dollars i :' that
si ? Id be made goi tl,
.a- tproved ?>!' Cffr .avm n*
to certain members of vow fa*. : of
sums aggregating at leas: $500,000 each
il s->' ..ry and office facilities !;- ru?
tile last ten j*%ars withtut service'
ordered. i have disapproved of tv ?
- 'itrary manner in which you hav?
to consult the di:i<-t'*rs of th?
- any, men who in many cases hav?
:?d far m-'i'e experience ?ri'n yourself'
; -a. consulting them, have failed Co g'v?
jhtest attention to their views
From t'-e time when your"brother trea*
I ed the directors as puppets in orde
! to bring about your election, you v<n r
If ?a.nied to have regarded a:;?
rcat a them as punnets. One of or
a ? ??? directors summed up the rnit
rrectly when he atnted 'Simor
snaps the whip and the rest all have
mp.' Such a method of opera
would be harmful under any cir
cumstances, but wV>en employed W? on.
whose interests may not necessaril;
tl t of the company it bec mes nr>
pal'ingly dangerous. Now, I have n?
., : to jump, and 1 do not propose t'
aiar. and ! wi'l not r^o'^n
Declares Organization Imperiled
"1 have disapproved of your vacilla
tiur., o your iinancial policy and you
;ack of any consistent ' operating an
extension policy, of your treatment o
"lie company's valuable employees,
believe that you have been undermin
ing the loyalty of the men and destroy
ing the organization which should b
the company's most valuable asset,
have viewed with alarm our un sut s
factory earnings and the decline of th
market price of our stock during th
period of your direction. I therefor
suggest that you should forthwlt
ter.cier your resignation as presiden
of the Amrican Smelting and Refinin
? ompany and should at once take step
to make up to. the company for th
stockholders the various lo?s??s whic
they wrongfully and unnecessarily sut
fered. Yours ttui'-a
Book Sale Brines S 10,29?
First Edition of Pentateuch, ii
Hebrew, Sold for $1,100
Sales of a collection of books, mant
scripts and letters at the American Ai
Gal ? . ...-s yesterday afternoon an
evening amounted to $10,299.50. Th
manuscripts, first editions and othe
items in the collection are from r>e\
eral private collections, including pai
of the library of 'he late H. S. Mario
of New York. The afternoon sessio
amounted to $7,445, and that in th
ing to $2,854 ?U. Among the sale
were included :
.'? ' a-, of tin Pentateuch, rrint??
11 i ? 1482; sold to K. Andn wa !?
$1 IO0
Original n..-? nusrrlnt "f Lord Byron
"Prometheus"; to A Swann, agent, tv
? i ? ?
Original manuscript >.f William Harrinr
Ainsworth'a "Stanley Brereton"; to ?J?
bi.??? v. ella for $: on
Tl ? la \ a. .... Summa do Articul
to !.. . a Harper for ?330.
i Sacra Latina, prlntod by Jens.j
1 -,:?'. ? . i. .'. Harper for $20''?.
. ixton. Vincent da Beauvai
: r ... to :. ' ' Harper for $210.
... xton, : ! unslator, Paint .1
ron ? ?.: I'atrum; to !.. C. Harp?*f f.
?. 10.
Ponatus, one of ?h.. earliest speclmci
nf type printing; to A. Swann, agent* f.
?213 .
...a.-.i manuscript of nr?-t Harte'? .1?
Hrigg's Love Story; io A. Swann, agei
The sale will be continued this afte
DOMINION'^ aCEItl^ wtAUl l?b. INCLOSING ??iGHtbl ..iu?NIAIK PEAK"..
New dally train? ontreal to Va-ncovvor and Toronto to Vancouver. Un xceiied Iquip-nent, vfth Observa
tion Car?, cttawa .. ?nm?j??H, Saskatoon ?Edmonton and Princ Rupert )inim and Sleeoim Car S-wrvtor
that v/ii. t akt your ournoy a pltc*a?ure
Stop-over a an ou? otel?: Th< Chateau Laurier Ottawa; The Prince Arthur, Port Arthur; Thr? ^or
Carry mnipo<i I he acdonalu, Edr onton. travel to California anu actf.t oasi point? at leaat one
way through Canada this .ear? Everv aeai-stance -ladly (,iven in plannin., your lour ??v rite or C?aM
A B. Chrneri. CUmmeui Ar ent, PuuuutiQui Oep* tment
1270 Bro*rt<v?y. cor. i?tH St.. New York. N.Y
J. F. Dodge Estate Must
Pay S 15.000.000 Tax
Federal and State Inheritance
Levy Will Be Imposed on
$.H5.000,000 Property
Spe ai Dispatch I > The T' '
DETROIT, Dec. 20.?An it
tax of between $10,000,000 and ?$15,
000,000 will be imposed on the
of John F. Dodge, it was lean
to-day. The tax, paye.ble before Januaij,
14. represents the Federal inheritance
assessment of the manufacturer'
estate, .-?aid to amount' to $55,01
A state inheritance tax must be added,
and the total, it is said, will amount
to approximately $15,000,000.
John Dodge died in h New York
hotel last January, As yet no adminis
istrator has been named for the estate.
John Dodge jr. is attempting to alter
his father's will, r.-'nich granted h!m
onl; $200 a month. ,This question
must be settled before the will cai ?
filed and an adm i '.????- named,
Another like amount in taxe* prol -
..nly will be imposed on the estate t,f
Horace Dodge, broth .r of John F, who
died two week? asro.
Court Quashes U. S.
Coal Case Against
Brooklyn Edison Co.
tIndictments of Two Dealers
and Official?? Charprins:
Coiispiracy Also .Arc Set
Aside on Technical Point
Judge Julius M. Mayer, in ; nil
States District Court ye terday.
tain? . the demurrer interposed by
counsel in behalf of the Bv
ion Company, the Adelphia Coal
pany and the B. J. Lynch Coal ? ora
pany to an indictment charging con?
spiracy t?i violate the Lever Act in that
they are alleged to have misused prior
th trans] rtation ei
co a:.
action by Judge Maye; quashes
temporarily the government'?' case
i ?t the coal companies and Walter
F. Wells, viee-pres'dent of ?he Brook?
lyn Kdi on Company, and Harry \Vood
form? riy it charge of the company's
coal transactions The first tw ?
ments, whicii charged profiteering ir
coal, were dismissed severa ? a -
by Jtidpre Mt vor. The governmi : I
appealed to :i higher court in thi ?
stance?.-; and it i expected that similar
steps will be taken from Judge Mayer's
opinion of the conspiracy indictment.
In this indictment it was charged
that in the furtherance of the alleged
; conspiracy the Brooklyn Edison I >m
pany, as a public utility, procured from
the Interstate Commerce Commis ion
priority permits wheih were used by
the Lynch <"oa! company for its own
The indictment charged that such
practices were in violation of
?1 cf the Lever Act, which relates to
discriminatory, unfair, deceptive or
w?st??fu! practices or devices in han?
dling or dealing in necessaries. Judge
Mayer ruled that the acts recited in
the indictment did not come under this
section of the Lever Act.
Hairy Wood, one of the defen
pleaded guilty to the indictment at the
time it was returned'and offered to
tes-ify for the government. The dis?
missal of this last indictment, it is
said, w 11 nullify his plea and aiiow him
to go free.
1 Slain, 3 Wounded in
Spanish Election Riot
Crowds Storm Jail and Liberate
Prisoners; Socialists
Routed at Polls
MADRID, Doc. 20.?'In the elections
yesterday a riet occurre?! in one
??', lician village between Democrats
and Conservatives. One person was
killed and two were wounded. One
person was wounded in a disturbance
at Seville. At Callosa de Segura a
crowd broke down the prison gates and
liberated the prisoners.
An outstanding feature of the elec?
tions was the rout of the Socialists,
who with the Republicans form th? Ex?
tremo Left, Instead of returning to
the House with an increased number of
Deputies, as expected, the Socialists
find their ranks reduced to only four,
while the Republicans also are inferior
in force.
Late reports on the Cortes elections
fix the approximate number of candi?
dates supporting Premier Dato, who
were elected at 205,
Although it will be impossible to give
the definite result for the House of
Representatives before Sunday, the
government felt such conviction it had
secured a working majority that the
Premier to-day sent a message to the
King expressing satisfaction over the
Samuel ?Kilpatrie.k Buyer
Of Astor Dwelling in 15th St.
Samuel Kilpatrick is the purchaser
07* the seventeen Astor Estate dwell?
ings ."33 to 365 West Fifteenth Street,
the sale of which was reported in Sun?
day's Tribune. The purchase was for
all cash and was negotiated by Marston
& Co. as brokers.
Edna E. Chapman is the buyer of
the dwefing 158 West 120th Street,
sold recently.
Big Tract for Lumber Yard
A tract of fifty acres on the east
bank of the Hackensack River, just
outside Jersey City, is said to have
been lAsed for ninety-nine years with
an option of purchase by the Fulton
Lumber Terminal Company, which
plans a large lumber terminal for the
metropolitan district. Steel sheds with
a capacity of 100,000,000 cubic feet of
lumber will be erected, with ?'lectrica!
bundling facilities, a planing mill, a
box factory and a sash and door plant.
Win. IL Peckham in Now Oflice
William H. Peckham, for twenty-five
years identified with West Side real
estate and for the last .six years asso?
ciated with Slawson & Hobbs. has
opened an oflice at 200 West Seventy
second Street.
University Place Building Sold
Cnmmann, Voorhees & Floyd sold the
four-story building, 26x108, at 126
University Place to clients of Broad
: man Brothers.
Results of Auction Sale?
By Joseph P. Day
W 129TIJ ST 246, ? s. 259 e 8th av, tOOx
99.11x100x98.11, 7-Sty apt :
E 31ST ST. 2~. fi s, 100 w 4th av, 26x
98.9, 10-stv loft an.l hiore; Roso Laub?
holm agt Roule Habermun et al; parti?
tion; adjourned t?~ Jan 10.
By H .'Dry lira.', y
2D AV, IMO and 1642, n e c SSth st, 46.2
x72; 6-sty tnt and stor??"?; Louise Christ
man "i il agt Rae Le vin ?on ??' al: du*,
$65,731.65: taxes, etc, $*ift?i; withdrawn,
?y James J. Donovan
B 174TH fer, ? ?. bl i?:'rt from bet Carter
and Webster ?vs. 110.4x14.3x trr^sr ; v?.
cant; Wm .! Edward? ist Wm A Can -
eron et al; du-3, ? l.TlO .3. to the plain
tiff for J?ftO.
T< ? LI5A.SK
Building n ???.-' side, be ween Canal ?nd
3011? ??*' rents, for occupa bel Ma? :,
? nlng 20,000 to - 5.1. squan ??
., 000 feet for office space and 16,000 to
'-u.O'.ii i?-?*t f,.r storage. .". 000 fe< ? .?t more
to fl?>o?-. Floor capacity 176 Iba. No manu
facturttig. Must have -In it Boot r g ?? id
shlpi ng facilities. H?** >'> 116. Tribune,
'TO i.kt *-???"? building; : n?*?->rs and base
;? ?. i.... si nam heat, ? 1? ? no
night. ;..? \V. i-'.J st.
Real Estate News
Store Tenant
Forced to Buy
Two Tenements
Ridge Street Merchant De?
cide? to Purchase Houses
to Assure Himself' of
Store; Other Trading
Joseph P. Day sold for the Maryland
Casualty Company, Richard M. Thomp?
son and David Stewart, of Baltimore.
tors of the estate of the late
Elizabeth Y. Thompson. 128 and 130
Ridge Street, two five-story tenements
a to Abraham K Fleschner. Mr.
Fleschner's father operates a dry goods
store on the property and the purchase
ivas made to insure his continued oc
cupancy of the store.
Jacob Houbert so'd to Florence Rit
1 Bessie Bachrach the five-story
t-r.t, with stores. 3-14 Firs- A_ve
n le 22.6x58.
rhe Stebbins Realty and Construc
.?? ny btfught from the Metro
Savings Bank the five iUory
tenement, with stores, 245S S i
Avenue, southeast cornet oe 126th
;" ? 19.11x100.
! ' n 3 I' Cruikshank resold to I1;?"
I rie Weidhopf 10 East 119th Street,
five-; - ry flal 25x100, J. A. Wood was
?; <? broker.
ry Black sold to Soloman Mirman
' '? ' : Avenue, a five- ' r ?
ment, jvith -tore-. 20> - I.
Last Special Sales Dav
Of Year To Be Held To-da)
: ?? h P. Day's las! sp cial
. this year will be held to-day tr
1 c ....,,- -:?. ,? ? ...y . . .. ,om J-,. | e .
to a- ? ? ide th? noithwest
corner of fhird \v?-. a- a- I 107th
?l '???- , : ? '. ? ti nemi nts at 1713
171.5 Lexington Avenue, 300 West LOOt!
Street. 351 East 114th Street, two dwe .
in;?s and vacant corner al 2S69-2875
Heath Avenue, including the north? 31
rner of 229th Str? *
Properties in Brook. ?? sold in
four two-family dwellings at
1944-1956 Seventy-first* S'a- I
732A Jefferson Avenue, d?\. ling
tern i a* 20" Luqueer Street, a two
fami y dwelling, 1153 Fifty eighl
?t.reet; apartments, with stores. 582
0 Rogers Avenue; the two-story
dwelling 45 South Nineteenth Street,
Elmhurst, and the Five Corners Hotel
on the Merrick Road at Lyt.brook, L.I.
Trading in Brooklyn Really
Joseph P. Day -. '. 1 for Levy Bros.
1152 Fifty-thirc Street, a two fami y
? ing, to C. Coppelman.
?:. \. Sa;-1 sing >ol ; the three family
... .?.:',- Li a .'? ? et ', :? S imuel W.
Benson to Mar-,- Froeh ich; store prop
ertj 777.77a Myrtle Avenu?-, Ridjewood,
for Hannah Schupper to ( harles P? try
and 7 he six-family house !00 Evcr
Avenue for Hermine S, M rcl:
to Rose Koehler.
R. S. Fisher, Inc., sold four lots on
A! .any Avenue, near Avenue D, '''.r K
Barberia; 3315 Avenue F for A. C.
?ri'i.-.m to Joseph Behan an' 2544 Bed?
ford Avenue, a two-4'amily house, for
C. A. Laya to F. E. Sterba.
?400.000 Loaned on Building
Beiii?; E eeter1 in 60ilx Street
William Henry Barnuin & Co. ad?
vanced a bui ding loan of $400,000 on
, the twe've-storv structure being erect
led at 17-2.3 West Sixtieth Street. 7:;
?? I 10 5, just off ?"oiumbus Circle, by the
An eriean Bosch Magneto onrrpai ; un?
c? ;r the title of the Chicopce
C rporation, The loan is or 7.,.- year,
bearing G per cent interest. The own?
ers aciiuired the si:e in August of last
Forest Hall, in Bronx, Sold
Forest Hall, a seven-story ?lev?t? r
ipartment with st res at the nor h
we3t corner of Forest Avenue and
15Sth Street, 100x87.7, has been sold
irothy D. Blake to William A.
Lit coin. It carries a mortgage f >r
Buys 61st St. House. Occupied
Dr. James I. Russell has bought the
residence he has been occupying ?t 37
East Sixty-first. Street from Hedwig S.
Beck. It is a tour-story dwelling, 19x
100.5, and carries mcrtgages for 547,500.
A Servantless Home?easy housekeeping.
In ?? lia ?? possession . new . every m? I?
,.' ,, rooms. 1 a- h. liesl resid -
. ? . Flatbush $1.500 ? ash ; bal
a . as rent Call L'tica ave. & Ave. D,
ephone B260 Flatbush. B'klyn, N. V.
im? . hath, steam heat, pas, elsctrlc
Improvemer '- . $6 500 Eas; t? 1 ma
Pi -a. ilars ? a request N'o. 14,034 I
... ! ?rake, 29 Br? adway
A bargain ? ! a rooi s, 2 bat a- i- is i lee
trlcity, fireplaces sleeping porch; pi
: O-' '??:.:: - Real Kst.-it-- Agpm > . 249
Hupruenot st. Phone 594 New Rochelle.
OWNERS will sacrifice sevfM-al North
White Plains well located building lots
to close out holdings; builders' o : tu
? ni'.v. Jos. Lambden .'7- Son, Inc., 56
Lawton sa Tel 302, New Rochelle, N. Y.
New Jersey
GLEN RIDGE, N. J.?$14.500; owner leav?
ing town offers modern reside)
,2 baths, steam, electric; ; minutes
i n .. ? na an i Era- statl. ..
H, S. ' ' >.\'N' ILLY & ? :< i
Opp. Laclcawanna Sim.. Montclalr, N. .1.
a II.EWOOD and Vicinity? Rea.l est?t?.
II WEATHERBY A CO . Englewood, N J.
FIFTH AVE. 210?Two rooms, bath, beau
.? fur? ished; large, light, ;.iry seen
between ll-l dally, appointment. Madl
Square 4)..-;.
GRAMERCy PARK?Two rooms, bath and
. a henetti fully equipped and furnished
for two bachelors or couple: furniture
?quipment aial lease must be sold; 54,ODD.
?' 187, Tribune
wlsl ??;. to au .a ? ai ? ractlvely fa- -
?r room with t.a!>:- gra? I
eedroom an.i bith. far rent of bare apart?
ment, $125. Hotel Service, overlooks harboi
First stop In Srooklyn, near subway. Ad
Iress O, 185 Tiibune
731' St., ..near Oth ave)?Two room?? and
. unusually attractive house; f i
a- months, at $17)0 a month.
2403 Henry D. Wmant, 546 Mad -a
116TH ST., 434 v.. (Mornlngaide Drive)?
Two, kitchenette, bath: n?*w, artist! .
high a!a."r building; restaurant in base?
ment; convenient subway. Columbia
perlntendent or Morningnid'*- S'.-ie, apt. t'j.
RIVERSIDE I'RIVIC, 549 ? Two excel
tlonally large rooms, kitchenette, south
'?rti window nook; fireplace; convenient
subway, Columbia. Mornlngside ;?3a.
? : ? y_
MACDOUGAL ST., 13! (Washington Square
W est) - To rent on I? ana un? ? ?
apartment; top floor, 4 rooms, kitchenette
and bathroom; rent $100. Apply S. John,
1 Lexington Av. l'lior.?.- Madison Square
!!? ..uiiful, new h?. ie-llke apa
entire floor, studio, llvtng room with fir"
? ... ... r? .?. ??a Han, : betli onms, bal I
all Improvement?, yard;. Idea!
home; $2,200 >ear'.y. Also non-housoUsep
ing apartment for vent. Murray Hill 615?
1 / Lo l o'clock,
../adisoii Avenue Branch
For Metropolitan Bank
Lea-es Store and Basement in
New Building* at 41st
Street Corner
The I. ' >n H. Slawson Company
leased for what is said to be a new
;? i rental for -i:?1 district the store
and basement in the new building at
300 Madison Avenue., northeast comer
c: Forty-first Street, to the Metropoli
tai } Fourth Avenue and Twen
; ?? third Street, for a branch.
The same irokers leased in the Cuy
ler Building, *]?> to 120 West Thirty
second Street, offices to G. F. Weissner,
Sachs <i Co., Andren Hygienic Com
pany, Anderson <? Quimby, Gibson &
sen, Inc.. Hoyt'a Service, Inc.
I -day. Page & Co., of Garder
C '.;.. and the Maison Blanche Co., oJ
New Orleans.
Pease & Elliman leased to Nat Lit
win a : >f- at 261 to 265 West Thirty
. & Co, 'eased the seventh floo
a: 119 to 125 West Twenty-fifth Stree
. H? ffm?n Pur C*at Company, th
- af 121 West Thirtj I
Street to the M. Cohen Petticoat Com
pany, the rear of p.ir!or fleer at
West Twenty-first Street, to Glasser ?
Moskowkz, the top loft at ?J7 to 23
West S- i-enteenth Street to the Amei
Craftera, Inc., and a loft ?
1"' b . 188 Wooster Street to the Ai
'. - ? ?'..:<? ?? Box ' lorn pany.
? ng ? . (ms leased spac
I ?? ingl on '? . ling, 49 to
'?'???? : Twenty-seventh Street: Rotl
A. Freden? ? ?. ? lit Valu ? Carme:
irnpany, Wegman & Silverma
Gr? ??'?.g & Breitba-fc, Hairy J. Si...?
: . i ? ..,:' ?.t Lehrer, the Dotty Dre
any, Samuel Schustek and rra
. .:.- T< ' [man.
Operators Buy Mat
On Upper Park Avenu
Purchase Propetty. at 185th S
Corner; Other Sale* of
Bronx Mouses
Jacob Zii old to the J. II. ?t
H :?;';:^ ? ? .- t?,-. . ?
.. artment nt the northeast corner
Park avenue and l>'.;7i- Street, '
Holt m :? Brothers ( on pan;
th( ' ..- i Eat ' 1"
n sold to the Wall
Memorial Pr fit Sharing Corporal
t're three thiee- story dwel ::;? - 64E
??..' Morris Avenue. 60x100.
The :h; !-o>- ]\ Rose Company res
.? Henrv Rrhrs the three-story ho
T-i?' East 133d Street, 16 RxlOO..
Sophie Steligis sold to Lillie N'a!;
, the tw??--? ? rv dwelling 22S0 Beaum
I Avenue, 23 3x66 6.
Qtto Mar':;:-ke. as executor, .-old
John ?Christ the two-s+orv dwelling
East 134th Street. 17xlQ0.
Records Indicate M-tyv f**.'i
Borrowed o'i We?,?*l"-6i?>' R?*
,- 7 -e first h?lf of Decwb*!
?nusually large number of mort.-;
were filed with Register James,K
rar of Westchester County, ai W
Plains, and many thousands of do!
in mortgage taxes wore paid.
Abendroth Brother! manu^actui
??" P??rt Chester, filed mortgages
SL'nn.nOO in fav>r of the Liberties
curit es Corneration. The O'iki
(' r**oration ^ave a mortage for $
100 to the Merrill School 0f Man
n? ck. Three hundr?*d other mortg;
"?'!??-?,'?'! rei more t'-an .?700 000.
? :? ! it week. The mortgage tax
>'"cordin" fee "olP'oted on the $95
000 mortgage oe the N'?-w Haven
road Cornt'ny filed with Reg"st?*r
gar aggregated more than $105,000
S'-O 000 HrnMv Ru?dni? Li
The Benson Realty Company
m; d ? a building loan of $30 000 :
Rrad Realty Ccmoany 'I. Abramo
'.I .?' ; ? ' r and W M. Kurtz, direel
c,n th- pl.t L30xl50x irregular on
north side of F irdham Road, 100
ea t of Bathtrnte Avenue.
Keen Bidding at Auction
Of >ine Vonkers Flats
Many Attend Oflferin??* of Late
Rudolf Eiekemeyer to
Settle Estate
Bryan I.. Kennelly sold on Saturdaj
?at auction for the estate of th?
Rudolf Eickemeyer nine apartment
houses and iwenty.-two vacant plot?
?'in Yonkers. The sale was held .?7
Pbilipsburgh Hal!, Yonkers. M r?
than 800 persons a
The Eickemeyer house, a three--*
dwelling on the s? at., i ...- of Mapl?
Street b,etwe< n Wille w ar.d '
streets, was sold to X. Maffee or $11
fiOO; 58 and 60 Maple Street, i
I west corner of Oak Street, four-story
? apartment with store, 52x93, to M. A
rick for $26,200. Hie adjoining
' l*xl04, on Maple Street, to M. V
? ' :k for $2,( 00; 50 and 62 ?
?Street, a three-storv apartment,
116, to Mi A. Broderick f
| 4'.i and 4*: Maple Street. thre<
apartment, >0xll7, to Mrs. Rose
Pisano for 510,350; -14 Mapl? Sire. .
a three-story apartment. 15x1
Michael har-.rai for $11,300; 101
103 Oak Street, a three-si
???? '". ;: .: 10, to Frank P?
; 10."' and 111 Oak Str ? I
? ?tory aparti - 1x100 7
r $; 10; 113 an I
?: -. - av.. st corner of I
[Street, one-story frame st-r
Street t >ld to 1 51,000;
: 112 and 114 W
? ? ? barn to G. f - ?
: 108 and i '?0 "W ?How Streel
plot, sold ' ? P. ? Irani
000; 104 ind 106 V
?. io Mrs. U se
Th< va n ?
i '
7 e ad
to W. 'A. Coyle ?r., for $
a Dowi? ts for $800
Furnished Apartments Rented
. . ?? y
? th Street, i
F ?y; ut s W e
Mrs B. M
to l at 30; We?
it 181 West ? - a .
fourth Street, to Ge?
Fire l?o'ord
.? : ? is Bt -.<????. ' In ne un
4:40?C< < ' ? - ?
191 h s ' ' ? ?
?:10?109 ist. Anns av.. la?
Bertha Sa-racher.l'nlcnotrn
. v 25.38 Malberry ?t.; M. Belodino.
I ....
., -;, ??t Thninn; ?... unknown. ,1'nknown
8:35?S?f X'ost 9"'ti st.; Mary "
?' -' .t'-Hnowr.
: '
' '
. ? ;
Ka ....
;? '.i
... . . ? ?. . - . . ;
.: .
1:1 540 fnion ive., th?
1 . , ? ? -
? ? ?
? . - ? ? ?, r
? :30?Thirteenth , . . .
6:00?4? Vest 25th si
8:16?44 H -...-a.
: 6:35?Bl'
Greenporl Trading >
? 7:30?774.1 V .-- ? :?: h
own? ?.?? n
' a lirf ?s h>.
?' S ? I i - w ,
, ? t t h
9 ""?26 a-, lien st., unki iwn ? ^
! 10:10?626 W su li st? r ..
a. .n
?ssex Blag.
?Msrket 6500
? xs* *%#
Times Sq. Bldg
NEW yosk
Bn-ant 192
?01/7S SCHLFS?SGI2R, Inc.
.;-.,r? ?'
15 000
Oti ,000
: ?? ?
Jerse} ( it y
(ireen point
l'?-<x>Ul\ n
Near V V.
?I ?rsey City
I Tyi
(One ret
Steel, concret?
?rick, concrete
Brick, mill
Steel. < onercte
Brick, mill
Brick, mill
Brick, mill
li, ick
rtli Jersey Brick, mili
!\V York Brick, *tcel
Sale, I
- ile
lli-ie j land. [Kin
?H and t stories : oflii
I story, h?*;n>, n? nr elrhi t
3 Ktorj li? ;iv j , hip I, < .
Tor? lofi : new bide > ? s li
G story, power, li my, Hale, lea??
-i story, ?very liea* t, R. K. li h
N.'? ; story, heavy, it It. Sole.
3 slory, li i. DOM r ! ?.?I?' n ;?.'. >,il<
?i stocj . wo? dwork nr, lai <i.
New, daylij-hl, good labor, -.?|.?.
Hi'Kh ceilings, htavy, K, it. Sale.
lings. Kent,
Xmas Present
House Auction Sale
In Cnlted states Theatre Building.
Webster Ave-, N. W. cor 195th St.
AT 8 P. M.
19 New
Bronx Dwellings
10 ' 322 East 7 ;'. St
lie re to attend the sale
'iT Liberty St.,
New York < it*.
T?4?< orthtndt
> Any M,-e Anywhere J
1 For .<*<*> or tn r.'f" \
* Uusmcaa established 1796 I
?a.llaKD RtAlJY LU.,
T>8 William St. I'hone 1008 John.
1???sir,?b|e rropertlex for Sale or Kent.
$500 CASH
at Bryn Jiav,?r I'urk. on outaktfts
? Bronxvllle .. choice ; room bous?, ?,
?ru- plot, with One old ?hurte. The iiou??
fa except unail; w? 1 built, with many In
?, vat ii " ?.'??y hou?*k?eplnt* ; h? every
'. provomant, ami la ut white cement, not
.':i ? The t>rl?-e Is $16,000; e?*sy terms.
(to ?:; !?: 1'?:'."? Orifttnlsatlon, 12 10. H;h
St., N. Y. C. Murray Hill 772-%
427 5tb Ava .
princ? h Rip??*
j! Established US2
Horace S. El v & Co.
21 Liberty Street
business n CraJ-s proper rv
George L. O'Hare
A[>urtm>rii?i A IliiNin?-?? Property
480 6th Ax#-niii?. Tel 750??: Van.i'
H. C Be o ven
f^g^ ?r CO
?JWS ?way
K^al l'.?tatr Il-<l?--- * " --^nfs
."wiling-, L. . .....?{fiiKiil.
622-5tb A\r. Vtenderblll 29
. .: l ?:??> in nil it?? h am a
??- al orange and rraj a... r
ton oi ? "
which will yield large i-a. ? -.
..? ??? ? a . i ? : ? . . ? .. a;.:. .
countrj club: attractive ?.err.-,- and lake?;
banning, lia hi us, golfing, bu -
ag. v.a ? nation jnl boo*
... 14 vv. !-' Hallara ?i Co. "7
Uuildiusr. New York.
117 WEST 58TH ST.*
i I, I, 4 Kooma- Bull?.

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