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Kickard Buys Out^artners; To Promote Big Fight Alone
Gets Extension
Of Thirty Days
To Select Site
Local Promoter Takes Over
Control of Dempsey-Car
pentier Bout for July 2
By W. J. Macbeth
Demi i' and Georges Cai pen
(.,;? will light for the world's heavy
g championship on July 2 next,:
S5 scheduled. Tex Rickard will pro- I
note the bout single handed. Within !
ten days cr two week.-, at the litest,
Rickar?i will announce th? scene of the
roosi ??.--:? ring engagement that
Vas beer staged since'Jack Johnson
toppled big Jim Jeffries in a Rend ring.
At a conference yesterday afternoon I
in the Offices of William A. Brady,
Rickard officially took over for?
ests of Mr I nd of Charles B.
Cochran, th? Jack i
Keurr.s. msnager of Dempsey, mot
Messrs. Brady and Kicksrd there. Mr.
Br*dy had power of attorney from
Cochran to in the ?disposi?
tion of his tCochran Vi interests.
Origin i y R ? ? Toc h ran and
Brady were associated in ;* syndicate
; ; promotion of
.1 guaranteed
Dempsej ; and Carpentier
-:. ittle of
ft:te>,". rv ;: -:? ?? at
poste? ' unt .-. ?
as a guaranty of Den pse*
and Ca ted a forfeit
of } 'iipany
of this cit; ictii - stakeholder.
Brady and Cochran Out
Rickard became sola promoter yes?
terday througl : pie process of
the withdrawal bot Brady and
Cochran. Ea itricai map
nates '?'? of the
?'?~ ; rep- :
resenl inds) was dra.vn down.!
In lieu of his ; Kick?
srd post* d a ci - of * 100,000.
According i?? the original articles of
igreemei t the pros tc have
name?:! ' the battle on ?>r
before March ? ? . h ppens toi
be to-day. Rickard yesterday afternoon
asked foi of thirty days
on 1 ? wa
granted by K ? the day '
Rickard cabled Carpentier craving the
same b? " n received
at a la! lou* - ' ' Rickard
anticip i
"It"a ' ised Rick?
ard, after he had sole pro?
prietor of : tant ring en
engagi ment f i : ?- " ?'??? ca le. "Espe?
cia . [ have guarani ed K? arns
U" ly mind
I : pessi
???,\ hile I will : ' ei I irty days
thirty days
not i Uhip on either
of the ' pal3. At the
iould s ill be
?-o- - and you
know three n ''-ore than ample
time f r the pr ncipals to arrange plans
and to
Champion Agrees to Delay
'?It suits us '?-"
said Keari r< ady
?? scratch, no matter where the
,.,... n . ar. And
?he slig ' delay mear ng lack
i Dem- - uself up to a |
vaudeville engagement for the next six
weeks, anyhow. He wil
spoils next Sunday. After this ;"
he'll be - into heavy train- j
ing. By July 2 he "Should be as fi1
was in a won the tit
from Jess V. . hat should be tit
enough, though we <io not Intend to
hold Car ; ?yM
Rickard wo : _ not the slightest
hint a.- to the pi
pi posed ivy* ? ? champi?
"I can guarantee yo i ?'"'n'y one thing,
?aid Ti ' "Wl en 1 do an?
nounce " ? tve the sur?
prise of t in thi habit
of cha?ir.? rainbows. I took over the
entire proposition because I know ?
can make good, i have enough vanity,
I guess, to pi tect my reputal
see the way me out wit
good pr
From hints thai I een dropped
t>7 K e a :
tainty no ? ght will be
h?*ld ? I States, bul that it
will be held in ti n easy
commuting; distance from New fork.
Not for New York State
It is not believed Rickard will at?
tempt to hoi ? match in the Em* ire
State. Too g jonism .ha
velopea am g f element
then, too, u ?/ernor Miller
has let it be . ' not counte ?
nanee world's i -;iip heavy?
weight ring c ? An I on top of all
this the Ne ??? i ) St K Com?
mission's ' $15 for "tops would
scarcely justify i of a
?oalf-m?lion-dollar spi ci ti ?? in this
Of eoorse, by the new arrangement
Kiekard will ? guara* te< ?
said half m He ha made tenta -
th? new am w th the princi?
pals. The Dempse has pledged
itself to garni ? w I the king of
ing pro--, ters. The champion is wil?
ling to _ fig intage basis
Carpentier ? agr<
the same ? .- as yet his
^gnat'.re * i such sition "has not
been received officially.
From what can be 'earned thronen
?ndergrruH currents it would not be
?urprising if : - or Connecti?
cut wet ? , ,-* in?j; plum.
promotor?, .. have
teen active for many weeks trying to
Interest Rickard. A -. w York, Coi -
Jectlcut permits fifteen-round bouts
? a -i'1 ??? ? round, no-de
cision trials are legal in Jersey, Phila
otiphia scema entirely out of the run
r;-"K, as the Pennsylvania law allow*
fta-decision - ?? rid limits boxing
bouts to eight rou
?' "??-?-?? i ????? .
Royal Yarht Club Challenges
LONDON', Feb. 28.?The Roval Motor
?echt Club, m behalf of Great Britain,
J?s cabled a challenge to America for
u? international trophy.
Shreveport Entries
fir? rare (purM f.,v. two-year-old?
*llylxv -"" - ? ? ' ? ? Mrlon?8)
v.. Fv^yn. li: ? ; - M ila F
1l?i DMperation us Malzaven?.' 10"
??H? ??.,'''
te?totv , mil?? ?ml
[?: I ?'
?vi^;, ; ; ?-??. ior.
mTL'i. - ? vor
a*ttoa,)_"J. ' : <* >B for
: '--t. \ \ ' Pul ?', IK Mi
? ,<.?,. i .'.?..,:. ! ;,.|S
?afc, Jjg .'.! .....< Uli??
Philippine Islands
Sixth to Challenge
For Davis Tennis Cup \
\NOTHER newcomer to the Davis j
Cup tennis competition will be
seen in the preliminary rounds of
the tournament next summer. It was I
learned last night, following the
announcement that a challenge had
been received by the United States .
lawn Tennis Association from the !
Philippine Island*. This Is the
sixth formal challenge to be re?
A cablegram from the chief of
the Insular Bureau at Washington
transmuting the challenge informed
the National Association that the !
matter had been discussed wiih
Samuel Hardy, captain of the Davis
tup team, and that full details were
being forwarded by letter. The
challenge was sent by Manuel
Quezon, president of the Philippine
Amateur Athletic Federation, which ?
is the governing body of tennis in
the islands. I i
When George M. Church and
Harold ThrocUmorton made their
tour of the OrUent in the winter of
1916-?T. they stopped at Manila for
a tournament, which Church won by
beating Throckmorton in four sets.
In the semi-final Church defeated
Fargas. a local player, in straight
sets, one being 7?5. In the doubles
Church and Throckmorton were
hard put to win from Fargas and
Suarc/ in five sets, ,'i?6, 6?3, 5?7,
6?*, 6?1.
Fiillon Knocks Oui
Carlson in Second
Round at Freeport
Frsd Fulton, the Minnesota plasterer,
eliminated another heavyweight con?
tend. - when he knocked out Mike Carl?
son, the Belgian Giant, in the second
round of a scheduled fifteen-round
bout in the Freeport Auditorium last
nigh! Fulton floored Carlson throe
times in trie opening round and sent
the Belgian to dreamland a few sec
i fter he came up for the second
itai i. * arlson was unable to lay a
glov? on the Minnesotan.
1' was the second knockout scored
by Fulton within a week, and judging
by last nigh?'s performance the plas?
ter? r never was in better condition.
A crowd that packed ??he auditorium
,':?.-? red Fulton and he bowed acknowl
edgments when some one in the crowd
timed bin? the coming heavyweight
npion of the world. Fulton weighed j
i at 219 pounds and Carlson at 210 j
pour ; -
'?? the semi-final Woe Wee Barton
was awarded a judges' decision over I
? har'.ie Smith after fifteen round? of
hard milling. A belt, said to be sig- :
:ant of the "colored welterweight;
championship of the world," was
awarded to Barton by the Freeport
ing Club.
Joe Ryder, of South Brooklyn, earned
a technical knockout over Jimmy Peter
of Bay Ridge, in the third round of
a ten? round fracas and Walter Thomp- j
:" Oceanside was awarded a de
n over Billy West, of Flatbush, in j
? mds.
Horemans Gets
Awav to Lead
In Cue Battle
Young Jake Schaefer Is
No Match for European |
Champ in Two Sessions
F.douard Horemans, the European
cue champion, got away to a good start ;
in the first two blocks of his 4,800
point match with Jake Schaefer at
Daly's Billiard Academy yesterday, al- !
most doubling the score of the Chicago
youth. In the afternoon the Belgian
led at ?100 to 25'_\ and in the evening
session he maintained the fast pace
by piling up a 400 to 242 victory.
Horemana's grand average for the
?lay was 10, which is considerably bet?
ter than Willie Hoppe, the world cham?
pion, could do in the recent title meet.;
At thai time Hoppe a? er ig 1 27
Schaefer won high run honors In the
afternoon with a string of Ml. but"he I
gave away in the evening to Horemans, ,
who registered 173 without a stop. \v.i \
European titleholder was in raro form j
in the afternoon match, despite the I
fact that he did not play a sensational i
game. j
In gathering the 173 points llore- ?
mans made a number of unusu illy fina
shots. His angles were particularly
fine and he us? d so ind j adgmeni . lie
made the difficult ties I ?ok easy and
nursed the ivories - tine style,
That the Belgian retains an even,
composure under fire was demonstrated
in the afternoon session when Schaefer
threw a scare into the ranks of the
European's backers with his high run
ot" 141. Young Jake was within a few ?
points of the champion at this stage, j
but after one miss, when Schaefer
scored one point. Horemans rallied j
and collected a string of 121.
Horemans was in command at all j
times, and after Schaefer's first long
run the foreigner was never in danger?
of losing, running the string in eight
The scores :
[Toremans 94 0 !? si u 7S o . 121,
Total, 400 Average, 44 4-9.
Schaefer- ?, s o 7s? 9 7 8 HI f. Total,
262, Average, 2;
Horemans? 29 62 0 ' IT 20 '~; 1 * I 15
49. Total, 100. A ver < ?- ' 14 I
Schaefer : : 28 0 ' ? S 52 0 o i"1? ?
Total, 242. Average, .
judge Puts Cockfight
In Pri/erin?.' Class
HULL, Que., Feb. 28. '?
light fines : -day - '
tors of a cockfight, ta a raid,
v ?terday, Recorder Dc laid :
"In view of the fact I lat Hull has
been engaged in endeavoring to -""ire :
the Dempsey-Carpenticr fi?ght here, I|
do not see how I co ild treat this cock- ?
fight as a serious offens? it :s sport I
just the same as the other fight."
? . o ??
Drew Named Trinity Coach
HARTFORD, Conn., Feb. 28.? Harold \
C. Drew, former track athlete at Bates ?
and Springfield colleges, to-day signed
a contract to ?-nach the Trinity College ?
track team this season. I
Mimce and Spengler Clash
To-night in Commodore Ring
Army and Navy Boxer
Also to Meet and Styl?
Show Will Be a Featur?
The boxing carnival and ladmi' nigh
fashion show to be hrld in the gran
ballroom of the Hotel Commodore to
night for members of the tnternationa
Snorting ('. kih, Bhould present th
greatest amateur heavyweight cham
pionship bout seen in this city ii
j ? ars, Gordon Munce, winner of th
recent tournament at Madison Squar
Garden, will box William Spenglei
champion of the New York polic?
force, to a derision, and the winne
purposes to lay claim to the amaten'
championship of the United State?.
Until the advent of Munce, Spengle
was generally regarded as the kin?gpii
of the amateur heavies in these parts
Hi* was to have met Captain Chan
idler, champion of the British army, bu
Chandler went lame from an old shel
wound last week and was forced t<
discontinu?; training. As Munce ha?
already challenged Spengkr, it wa:
easy to substitute him for the Briton
As a result, the boxing card has beer
Army and Navy to Clash
Another bout that has aroused grea'
interest in army and navy cirlces i
that which will bring together Dai
Townsend of the army and Wallace
Scripcavage, of the navy. These mer
boxed at the last International Sport
?ng ("i'.ib entertainment and put ur.
one of the liveliest mills seen about
! the city all s"ason.
A brilliant array of army and navy
officials, among them General Leonard
I, Secretary of War N'ewton D
Baker and Secretary of the Navj
Josephus Daniels, have accepted invi?
t?t ions.
The complete boxing program^ with
the weights of the contestants in the
various classes, follows:
Heavyweight?"William Spnngl?-r (ISO)
vs ? lordon Munce (181).
Heavyweight? Private R. N. Towns^nrt
(191), .rmy, va. Wallace Pcrlpcavag?
; 119"). Va? y
: ?ght heavyweight rs.irgear.t Janr-a
Harrison ' 1 ' 1 ). Army. v.. Albert Kemr
(16S), Navy.
Middleweight?Private Vincent- T.opp?
'1671. Army. vs. John Petronls (162), Navy.
Welterweight?Bugler Jame* llril (146),
Army. v.. Jimmy Bowon (1*6). Navy.
Lightweight?Corporal Dan Toom?*y
i 1 :: "'?. Army, vs. ?lames Urown, (!3.'>), Navy.
itherwelght- -Private John W. Smith
Army. vs. William U?ldrl?'.h (126),
? Three divisions?bantam, feather
and light weight--will be represented
in to-morrow night's boxing show at
Madison Square Garden. Johnny Buff,
of Jersey City, and Frankie Daly, of
? Staten ?land, will furnish the curtain
! raiser. Phil Bloom, the Brooklyn
lightweight, will box Jimmy Kelley, of
the Bronx. Charlie Beecher is to mix
with Dick Loadman, of Buffalo.
In the main event the sensational
Midget Smith is to try conclusions with
K. 0. ?Joel O'Donnell, of Philadelphia.
Each of tlie four bouts will be of
twelve rounds.
The Pioneer Sporting Club will hold
shows both Friday and Saturday
nights. A twin feature will be pre?
sented Saturday Marty Cellins vs.
I'U'I Dempsey and Oakey Keys v?s.
Jimmy O'Gatty. On Friday night Bat?
tling Ortege, the crack middleweight
from the Coast, Is to face Frankie
u ? oi monwealth Sporting club
givi oi ly one show ? hi: week
on Saturday night. Two ten-round
nature- Mickey McCabe ->s. Willie
Feqtoui and Frankie Curry vs. Sammy
Stop? will be presented. Gunboat
Smith and Al Roberts will tight at the
( ommonwealth the night of Wednes
' day, March 9.
i Tb? Star Sporting Club will giv? iU
i Bouts Hereabouts
International S. C. (Hotel Com?
modore)?Army and Navv bouta
Brighton S. C. (Staten Island) ?
Johnny Howard % s. Frankie Flem?
ing, 12 rounds.
Madison Square Garden?Midget
Smith vs, Joe O'Donnell, Phil Bloom
vs. Jimmy Kelly, Johnny Buff vs.
Frankie Daly, Charley Beecher vs.
Dick headman, each 3_ rounds.
Brooklyn College Club?Amateur
bouts, 2d Field Artillery Armory.
Star S. i .?Johnny Sheppard vs.
Matty Brooks, 12 rounds.
Columbia S. C. (Yonkers) ? Al
Norton vs. "Red" Allen, 12 rounds.
Pioneer S. C.?Battling Ortego vs.
Frank Carbone, 15 rounds; Pat
Bishop \s. Johnny Smith, 10 rounds.
Flatbush Sporting Club?Harvey
Bright vs Dutch Brandt, 15 rounds;
Abe Coldstein vs. G?orgie Thomp?
son. 10 rounds.
Brooklyn College Club?Amateur
bouts, 2d Field Artillery Regiment.
Pioneer S. C.?Oakey Keyes ts.
Jimm> O'Catty, 10 rounds; Bud
Dempsey vh. Marty Collins, 12
Commonwealth S. C. ? Sammy
Stowe vs. Frankie Perry, 10 rounds;
Mike McCabe vs. Willie Fenter, 10
Wood haven S. C. ? Sailor Joe
Dailey vs. Young Stewart, 12 rounds.
| patrons fifty-six rounds of boxing
| ''"hursday night. Johnny Sheppard vs.
| Marty Brooks and Johnny Hart vs.
: Steve Callahan should be the best at
I tractions.
Shreveport R?sulte
!' rst race (for t ?irp?>-y<?_r-oldM anil up
ward; claiming; purse $500; five an.-! ?
half furlongs)?Harry R.dr.er, HO (Hollo
way), -0 to 1, S to 1 an.l 4 to 1. won;
financial Booster, US (Erlok.on), 2 to 1,
.; 'i- 6 ur.'l I to 3, second; Bally ?Ulhen. 100
(Aron), 15 to 1, ?'. to 1 and 3 to 1, third.
Time, 1U1--R. Maulo I?. Kent, Sporting
Chance, J. E. Hertz, Royal Blood and
?'l?-un awejp u.1.0 ran.
Second ra?-?> (for thre?-y?ar-o!d_ and
upward; claiming; purse- J50i>; five and a
half furlongs)?Assume, 115 (ileupei), 3
to 5. 1 to 4 and out, won; Ros?:oe Goose.
U5 (Rodriguez). 3 to 1, 4 to 5 and 2 to
5, second; Petrograd, 115 (Erlckson), 3 to
1, 3 t?i 1 and 7 to 5, third. Tim?. 1:09 3-5.
?_>n High, Plain Bill, Lady Kathorn and
Clean L'p also ran.
Third raen (lor thr?e-y?--ar-old_ and up
war!; claiming; purs? T ."> 0 0 ; seven fur?
longs)?Lad, 110 (Collins), 8 to l. 6 t i 3
and even, -.von, Richard V.. IP:; (Burke),
?; to l. - to 1 and 4 t?> 6, second; Tony,
113 (Rodriguez), 10 to 1. 7 to : ...
5, lhir.il. Tune. 1:29 3-5. San Marcus,
Betsy. I Topo ver, Klrslie'a Cub and N. K.
Beal also i .. .
Fourth race (for three-year-olds and up
war?!, claiming; purse $000. seven fur?
longs)?Sandy H. 100 (McDermott), ?
to 2. 4 to 5 and ! to 3, won; Shilling, 110
(Enckson). 5 to 1. S to 5 and 7 to 10,
second; Qaklawn Belle, 102 (Babtn), 10 to
1, 4 to 1 and 3 to 1, third. Time, 1:30.
Yaphank, Jerry and The Portuguese also
Fifth rac<? (for thr???-vr?ar-elds and up?
ward; claiming: purse $.-?'10: one mti.e an.
seventy yards)?Captain.Burn?, 109 (Hollo
way), 3 to 1, even and 2 to S, won; Cock
roa h. lid (Rodriguez), j t.? 2, 4 to 5 and
! to 3, second: Solid Rock, 112 (A.-on), 10
to 1. 4 to 1 * . third. Tim?, 1:49.
no, Counterbalance, Susan -M. and
K.oh l-Noor .ils?? r_:i
hixth rape (for three-? ?-ar-olds and up?
ward; Claiming; purse J.'iOO; one mile and
seventy yard?)?V. Q. King, 114 (Il.upe!),
fi to 5. S to 5 and 1 to ?. won; Wll'.igan,
104 (McDermott). 13 to 1. 6 to 1 and 2
to 1. second; Fountain Fay, 114 (Burke),
S to 1. 3 to 1 and S to 6, third. Time,
1:60. Thunderbird, Brlckley. Captain
Hodge, Comatch?, Kebo, Philippic and Dr.
bhafer also rMk
Mid-Week Football
(raines Disorganize
Business in Scotland
pniNnURGH, Feb. 28.?Mid-week
*-J football games have resulted in
such a serious disorganization of
business that the heads of the great
industrial establishments recently
appealed to the authorities to have
all Rames played on a Saturday i
afternoon, the recognized half-day
holiday of the week.
An instance waa given where in
two weeks more than 120,000 voung
men were attracted from their work i
to attend mid-week games, and work
in Glasgow and Edinburgh estab?
lishments practically rea.sed at !
noon, the older men being unable
to proceed in consequence of the
absence of the young men.
The governing body of the Scot?
tish Football Association, however,
disregarded the appeal and games I :
?ill be played in mid-week as here
tofore. '
Beecher Outpoints
Jacks in Ten Fast
Rounds at Casino
Charley Beecher, the Ghetto feather?
weight, defeated Freddie Jack?, of Eng?
land, in the feature bout at the M ?n
hattan Casino last nigh'.. The
' hich went the full ten ru?.:: is, was
fast throughout. Beecher ??:?.: by a
\* idc margin. The Brit m p1 i .
great scrap, but was simp!? o it ..?--????..
Charley Pilkington led ... the wayi
in n rather slow contest with Charlie
Hayes. Pilkington landed m^re often
and his punches earned more steam ;
than those of Hayes.
Marty .Summers, the East S.,je w?l- ;
terweight, had lots of trouble with;
Morris Lux, a Kansas City entry. Lux,
Moored tho local man for the count Of
four in the second reund, bu: the re?
verse appeared to benefit Summers, for
he came up strong ana outfought the
Westerner throughout the balance of j
the affair, winning easily in ten rounds.!
In the first bout .Jimmy Kane, the'
Yorkville lightweight, was awarded the
judges' decision over Packey Hommey,
of the East Side, after ton rounds of
Father and Daughter
Tie for Low Net Prize
BELLEAIR HEIGHTS, Fla., Feb. 28. |
?Sixty-odd golfers took part in the I
annual mixed foursome on the Belle
air course to-day. The low net of 80
was made by two pair*.
Miss E. Tallman, of Minneapolis,
playing with her father, D. N, Tallman,
got a 3T (handicap 17). while Mia?
Edith Cummings, of Chicago, paired
with Walter (.'amp jr.. made an 85 with
a 5 handicap. This was also the low
gross, as the favorites, Mrs. Alex Smith,
and Ellsworth Augustus, playing from
scratch, turned in a card of 87.
Ross Arrives to Race
In National Swim Test!
Norman Ross, the Olympic champion !
and holder of several world swim rec?
ords, arrived here yesterday afternoon
from Chicago. The Illinois A. C Star
will compete to-night at the New York
A. C, in the national 220-yard cham- |
pionship. Leo Giebel, of the Winged
Foot organization, will be a contender.
Ted Cann, also of the Winged Foot
swimming team, is the present 220-j
yard champion and record holder as |
well, but he will not d??fend this year. ,
Tli-? "Met" fancy diving championship i
and a 100-yard handicap are ai ?o on i
the program.
Ravanna in Form Upset
Wins, 15 to 1. at Havana
HAVANA, Feb. 2?,?Ravana, showing
startling improvement, defeated a fair?
ly goo?:! field in the second race at.
Oriental Park to-day. She was a long
shot, being held at 1 "> to 1 in the book?
ing odds, while in the mutuel pool her
price was $79.70 for a $2 tick t. The
filly's recent elYorts wore very poor.
She was slow to break, but Fenman
kept her close to the leaders in the
early part.
The daughter of Heno-Arrowshaft
closed w th ;? rush in the last ? irlo g
and won by a length, with Ge< rg ? W ,
another long shot, second, and Disturb?
ance, at 12 to 1. third. King's Belle,
the 7 to 5 favorite, performed very
poorly, being outrun from the start
and finishing next to last.
Justina E and the Belgian 2nd were
tho favorites to win.
The results:
First rare (purs?. $7eo; two-year-olds ?
maidens; claiming; four furlongs)?Justina
E. IOS (Wilson t. even, 1 to 3 and I to 8,
won; Navlaco, 103 (Lancaster), 15 to 1. 9
t?> ! and 3 to 1, second; Flaxey Mac, lni
(Owrtwlns). 10 to 1, 1 to 1 and 3 to I,
third. Time, 0:49. Acosta, Oatel.
t?'x. Bitter Blung. Hyerea and King B.
also ran.
Second raie (purse, $790; three-year
olds; claiming five and a half furlongs'??
Ravana, 100 (P?nraanl, 15 to 1, 6 to 1 and
S to 1, won, George W.. 112 (Francis?. S
to 1, 3 to 1 and S to 5. second; Disturb?
ance, lor. (Kennedy), 12 to 1. 5 to 1 and
5 to 2. *h!rd. Time. 1 ?7 4-V Pevi>lexit y.
King's Belle, Little Dear, Shy Ann, Jo?
sephine K. and Experiment also ran
Third race (nurse, $700; four-year-olds;
claiming; five and a half furlongs)?Hat
rack, 105 (Lancaster). 7 to 2. 7 to "i and 7
to 10, won; Twenty Seven, lfl3 (Smith). 3
to i. ?i tu " and 3 to 5, second . Drlftleld,
103 (Brvdges). 10 to 1, 4 to 1 and 2 t?< !.
third Time. 1:07 4-6. .lake Feld, Miss
Wright, Bounding Through. B. A. '
Bibbler, Sinn 'Feiner and Superior also ran.
Fourth race (handicap; purs?, $900;
three-vear-olds and upward; six furlongs)
?The Belgian II. 105 (Ptckens), even, 1
to " and out, won; Polar Cub. 95 (Pen?
man). 5 to 2, 4 to 5 and out, second; Helen
Atkin, 106 (Kennedy). 6 to 1, S t?i 6 and
out. third. Time, 1:12 2-5. Darnley also
Fifth race (purse, IT00; four-year-olds
and upward; claiming. *ve and a half fur?
longs)?Breadline, 103 (Smith). ?* to 5. 3
to 5 and 1 to 3, won: Azurita, 101 (Pen?
man), even, 3 to 5 and 1 to 3. second;
Starkader, llfi (Kelsay). 13 to 1. 6 to 1
and 5 to 2. third. Time, 1:07 4-5. Lucie
May, Presumption. Second Cousin, Sure
Oat, Douglas Fairbanks ar.d Clark M. also
Sixth rar? (purse,? $700; four-year-olds
and upward; claiming; one and one-six?
teenth miles? ? De VS Itt. 100 (Smith), 10
to 1, 4 to 1 and 2 to 1, won; First Consul,
10S (Kelsay). I to 1, S to 5 and 4 to 5, sec?
ond; Blanca, 100 (Burns). 7 to 2; ?". to 5
and 2 to 5. third. Time. 1:47 2-5. I.enora
P., Semper Stalwart, Emma J., Chimera
and Dtt&o Run* also ran.
Havana Entries
j First race (purse $700; claiming; three
; year-olds and upward; E ?, furlongs)?Kay
I man. 102, Bellmain?. 110; De D., 110; Am
> bassartor !!f. 113; Rhadarnes, 115; Jutland,
115; ?'!an:a?renet. 115; Golden Red. 115.
Second ra?"e (purse $700, claiming; three
venr-old* and upward; ?'-a furlong-?
100; Molinero. 10?; Dixie Flyer. 110; White
Haven. 113. E'.l-abeth M.. 113; Honest
George, 115; Frank Burke. 115; Cantour.
Third race (purs? $700; claiming; maiden
'three-year-olds; 6 furlongs) ? "Ver* Twy
ford. 97; ?Kentmere, 102. ?Ascutn-ey, 102;
?Seven Seas. 103; 'Shorty'!? First, 103;
?SclntUate. 10$; Mabel Reynolds. 105; Dar
ley Belle, 106; Black Pat. 110; Johnnie
O'Conneil. 113; Tuanorea, H3; Joe Whip
pel. 113.
Fourth race (purse $700; claiming; three
vear-ol<ts and upward, ? furlongs) ? ?Or?
leans Giri. 9?; ?liaran. 103; Princess
Myrtle, 107; Military Gir!. 107; ?Stepson,
108; Out the Way. Ill; Ed Garrison. 112.
Fifth race (purse $1.000; Carnival Handi?
cap; three-year-olds and upward, 1 mile)
? ^General J. M. Gomez, 100; ?Alkem. 1?2;
Baldy. 103; Sea Prince. 103; tPastoreau,
10?; lAttaboy II. 111. tArmonla entry.
?OoldblaU entry.
Sixth race (purs? $700; claiming; four
?ear-oMs and upward. 1 mile and 50 yards)
"??Aigrette, 101; ?American Soldier. 102,
Flreworth, 104: "Bush, 104; Wilfred?, 1?J.
? ?Mlcfei Wlu4, 191; O Malis/. 111.
Zbyszko Shows
O Id ti me Form
To Beat Peters
Giant Pole at Forty Stages
Great Come-Baok anil Is
Matched to Meet Stecher
.tanislaua Zbyszko, ' fat and forty,
showed his old mastery on the mat \
by defeating Charles Peters, who came j
out of the West heralded as a wonder, j
in tho 71st Regiment Armory last j
night. The dean of grapplers achieved
victory with a combination toe hold,
bead, scissor?? and wrist lock. The ?
time of the mutch was 48 minutes 64
Zbyszko displayed enough in this
match to warrant a meeting with Joe
Steiphcr, and Promoter Jack Curley an
that these two would meet
in the feature bout of a wrestling car?
nival to be staged in the same drill
hull a week from next Monday night.
"Zibby" went about his task methodi?
cally and wore his opponent down In
a little more thai, he.lf an hour. The
bald headed master had Peters or? the
verga o? defeat several time? in the'
early stages, but preferred to bide his
time and ? :: : ?.-. : his energy for th
ri ...i' ??:' irt.
Peters on the Defensive
Stanislaus played repeatedly for the i
toe old and hammerlock, but each time ]
tB. ?Sheriff managed tt keep his shoul- j
dera from th mat by a show of super?
human strength. At no time was the ?
ultimate winner in danger, for the sim?
ple reason that he was on the aggres- !
sive throughout and did not permit!
Peters to gain a damaging hold during |
the entire match.
Several times the Nebraskan en- j
twined his powerful legs about Zbys
zko's abdomen, with a view of dupli
eating Joe Stecher's success with the
body Bcissors, but "Zibby" ?A-ould just!
take a deep breath and the grip waa
in the iast match of the evoiing
John Pesek, of Nebraska, was awarded
the decision over Arman Laitinen, the
Finnish champion, after seventeen min
; tea of wrestling. Pesek displayed a
tino knowledge of the scissors, and re-1
peatedly employed this grip to punish '
the Finn.
This bout was a rip-snorter from the
start. Pesek went after Laitinen so j
viciously at the start that within a j
few seconds both men catapulted
through the ropes and fell to the floor.
Laitinen all ady seemed tc have enough,
and every time he got close to the
rones thereafter he attempted a Brodi?
through them. He finally managed to
do a bach dive on hi-i crown at the end
of about fifteen minutes. It was with
great difficulty he was persuaded to
get back into action. Then, so soon
as Pesek applied an arm 'ock, the Fin?
nish champion threw up the sponge.
Me claimed his arm had been broken
in '": - early fall.
Pendicton Quick Victor
Nat Pendicton, I io Olympic cham?
p?, n, coi :( ied his narch to the front
ranks bv upsetting Wort Henderson,
the on?- time "Masked Marvel," in 20
minutes 40 seconds. A knee and neck
chancery flattened Henderson's shoul?
ders. The former Poly Prep and Co?
lumbia University student displayed
the skill of a veteran ?n overcoming his
more experienced opponent.
In the opening match of the evening
Jol n Freyberg, who succombed to the
elder Zbyszko on the occasion of Stan?
islaus's last appearance here, was
forced to tug and haul and thump and
maul his foe for more than 83 minutes
I - >?? u'? i down Wieck lskovit7.,
a newcomer to the mat gam<?. A toe
made the "'? '." person cry
Kerr Wins in Horula
PALM BE -CH, Fla., Feb.1 28.--The
governors' handicap tournament at the
Everglades Club was played by more
than twenty golfers, members of the
clu >. Hamilton K.. K?'rr, of New York
and Greenwich, won low gross with an
is_. Low net was mad.? by Cornelius
!?'. Fox, of New York, with an 81, _mi
second low net was scored by A. Ra
meyn Pierson jr., >C New York, with
1 an 82.
Delinnut Knocks Out Maxwell
Phil Dolmont the Fast Side light
weight, stoppen Frankie Maxwell, of
the Bronx, rather abruptly in their
scheduled twelve-round bout at the
Star A. C. last night. Phil landed a
left to the jaw in the second and
Frankie was through for the evening.
In the semi-final Terry Miller, a
featherweight, was given the decision
! over Juie Leon.
Ward Outfights Summers
G?orgie Ward was awarded the
[judges' decision over Johnny Summers
, at the end of their fifteen-round bout
'at the Broadway Exhibition Association
last night. la the ten-round seml
1 tina! Bushy Graham defeated Stanley
. Mieghan in ten rounds.
Rutgers Wins Swim Meet
NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J., Feb. 28.?
Rutgers r.atators closed their second
undefeated season by easily disposing
of Syracuse to-night, by a score of 45
to S. Scarlet captured every first and
second plaoe, except the dive, Syracuse
taking second and third.
Buy Your
239 West 58th St.,
One door east o? Broadway
and turn your present
car in as part payment
~-J-__-, ? ?J
Help Wanted ,-_ - ? - Boardero Wasted
."scar Want Advertisements ?tsaAf
Bu?ioeM Opportanitie? * ***** * "* * *** **WW**wm?.%7 L Foaad and R
_!;??[?_ FfJ UND AND REWARD_j
LOSm ln li,ril"s' room. Pennsylvania Hotel
grill, Saturday afternoon, i-apphlre ring I
?urrounded by diamonds, liberal reward. W.I
?. Downs, Bowling Green 615?
LOST?Brown purse cnmmutaMon ticket;
reward, Harriet Murphy. 203 Westtleld
ave., Elizabeth
Lost Bankbooks
LOST?Bankbook No. 714,972 of the Union
Dim??? Savings Bank Is missing. Any per?
son having a claim to It Is hereby called
upon to present the same within ten days
or submit to having said passbook can?
celled and a now on?i IsHijed.
1. 1ST- -Bankbook No. 5 4 9.41?5 of the Union
Dim? Savings Bank Is missing. Any per?
son having a claim to it Is hereby called
upon to present the same within ten days
or H'ibmit to having said passbook can?
celler) and a now one Issued.
LOST?Bankbook Mo. 850.800 of the Union
Dim? Savings Bank Is missing. Any per?
son having a claim to It Is hereby called I
upon to preson: the same within ten days ;
or ptibir.lt to having said passbook can?
celled and a new one issued. ?
LOST?Bankbook No. 139,474, North River i
Savings Rank. 31 W. 34th St. Payment j
stopped. Finder please return to bank.
INFORMATION desired as to the where
abouts of CELIA BARNBAUM. Commu?
nicate with HERMAN D. GOLDBERG,
Attorney. 99 Naseau st.
East Sid?
Rooms with private bath. $15 weekly
upward; ai: hotel comforts.
53D ST., 61 B.?Large, comfortable room,
bath adjoining, running water.
West Side
T1ST, K5 WEST?Beautifully furnished two
rooms, bath, library; reasonable; suitable
77TH ST.. 1*4 WEST?Large sunny room;
private family; gentlemen, references.
34TH, 16 W.?Back parlor; private bath;
suitable for couple or gentlemen; tele?
111TH, 120 W.?Well furnished large room,
suitable busln?iss people; light house?
119TH (Amsterdam ave., 4?"3) ? Beautiful
large room, adjoining bath; scrupulously
clean, warm, light, comfortably furnished;
conveniences; large closets, running warer
electricity, telephone; references required.
120TH (1990 7TH AVE.)?Nicely furnished
room, telephone, elevator, shower; Chris?
tian family; private; gentleman, 18. Smith.
144TH, 474 WEST. ?Single furnished room,
light housekeeping; electricity, gas,
148TH, 807 W.?Pleasant room, steam heat,
electricity, phone, private house; subway.
169TH, 709 W, ? Light elegant separate
room; a!', modern comforts to one or
two business women or couple. Apt ?F.
:?: FCL BRADDOCK, 12?;: h st. and ?th a v.
? Single rooms, i2 a day; double rooms.
$3 a day; single room with bath, SJ a
' day i single room by the week. $9 up.
'? $17.50 Per Week Permanent
Rooms with private bath, modern ho!el
service; 12-story fireproof building HOTEL
: ABERDEEN, Mii st., between 5th av. and
1 Broadway. Phon,; PENNSYLVANIA 1600.
HOU8BWORKER, general, white; small
family; permanent position. Call Tues?
day, ; to 5, 317 West 113th st . Apt 61.
???:,t. references. Telephone Riverside 7855.
i COME ANT MINUTE after 5 p. m. for sec
I retarla!, bookkeeping. English, accounting.
: Phone Be.-.?tmau 11723. Nighl-day. Booklet.
I Drake Bu:un??s School. Tribune Building.
383 Fifth ave., near 36th ?t.
: EDUCATED, energetic men as life Insur?
ance agents permanent position, liberal
' contract to right person, including com
' mission, salary and pension. Apply to Mr.
Christie, 3d floor, loll 3d av . N. Y. City.
An old and reliable ropeern ??n's
i a man for New York dry territory.
Room 30?, l?6 W*st ?Otb St.
Before 1 o'clock.
SALESMAN?A man of upstanding, virile
personality, who can present an unusual
proposition without reflecting discredit up >n
th.? substantial and dignified names y -j
will be permitted to use. The proposition
Is productive of extraordinary profit and
has been proven sound and stabla in every
particular. The man selected for this op?
portunity will be ln line for big things.
Address O 407, Tribune.
? SALESMAN?Accounting machine sales?
man, young man, to feil and demon?
strate accounting typewriters, good c:ty
territory and liberal compensation, perma?
nent position to a man who can earn from
j S3,000 to ?7.00* per year. D Hi. Tribune.
WANTED.?Man and wife (white) to live
on modern peach farm; wife to cook
(two In family), man to work on farm;
rural district. all modern conveniences;
reference*. W. W. Cowglll, Plaehurst. N.C.
profitable work, day and evening classas.
Send for free booklet and visitor s pass.
West Side Y. M. C. A.. SO? West 67tts at.
Da", evening; Cadillac, Studebaker, Mit?
chell. B. ?*? M. Co., HOI Uexlng'-on av?.
sister?, country preferred; g ?od reter
I enees. S., Miss Hofmayer's Agency. 10 East
I 43d ?t.. 3d floor. Tel. 8947 Murray Hill.
1 CHAMBERMAID or Waitress, young Irish
girl, good worker: excellent referen,-??.
R., Miss Hofmayers Agency lO East 43,1
St., 3d floor. Telephone S347 Murray Hill.
CHAMBERMAID. Assistant Waitress;
voun* English girl) excellent record L..
Miss Hofmayers Agency. 10 East 43d ?t_
3d floor. TeL S947 Murray Hill.
and reliable, excellent reference? Lang
A Boocherer Co., 4 3 W. 33,1 st.
thoroughly capable., exceptional. Mlas
! FltzGerald'a Buroau, 368 Mb av.
COOK or Houseworker. good plain cook
city or suburbs; B . Miss Hofmayer'i
Agaaej, 10 East 4 3d st., Id floor. Tele?
phone (?47 Murray HI1L
COOK, highly reoommended. desiros situa
tton in Washington iD. C) firallf M.
Miss Hofmayer's Agency, 10 East 4 3d ?t.
3d floor. Telephone 8347 Murray Hut
COOK?Young, neat; thoroughly esperl
enced ; excellent references; ' adult
family; city; $70. Mason's Agency. !8 W??i
43d. jVanderbilt 0053.
COOK ?Neat. good, capable woman; ax
cellent references, city, country; t?.
Mrs. Mason's Agency. II West 43d. Van
derbllt ?053.
COOK (German), young, competent; bes
references; city or country. Lang i
Boeoherer Co., 43 W. 33d st.
COOK?Thoroughly capa&ie; country pre
ferred; exceptional. Miss M tad ?ara Id* 1
Bureau, 3?? 6th av.
?"OO?C?Yo?:ng: good manager; excep?
tional reference* Miss Fit/.Gerald i bu?
reau. 366 5th av.
Day Worker?
DAY'3 WORKER- First-hUm cleaner,
waitress; sliver: exceptionally compe?
tent; most desirable. Mason's Agency. 1?
Weat 43d. Vanderbllt 3053.
General Houseworkers, Etc.
HOt'SEtVORKKR ? ro'inf Filipino, fine
cook ami butler: apartment preferred,
$CS; lot?? reference?. Miss Shea's Agency,
? Bast 41st st. Murray Hlil 6774.
HO l? S H WORK ER?Protestant, experienced.
splendid ref.rences. city-country. Shaugh
nessy's Agency, !89 6th a v.
Governesses. Etc.
GOVERNESS (English)?Teunc: refllned;
French: muslo (elementary), excellent
credential.; very desirub!?*; $75. Mrs.
Mason's Agency, IS West 43d.
Laundresses, Etc.
LAUNDRESS? Day; exceptionally comp?
tor.:; consc't-ntlous. Monday, Tuesday
desired. highly r?oo:nmen.i?d ; $4 19.
Mason's Agencv. 15 West 43d. Vanderbllt
LAUNDRESS?First class; very compe .
tent; conscientious; moat highly recorn- ;
mended, city; $60. Mason's Agency, ii
West 43d. Vanderbllt 9053.
LAUNPREP3 (German), first class, capa?
ble worker: well recommended. Lang
Ac Boecherer Co., 43 W. 33d st.
Norses, Etc.
! CHILD'S NURSE?Children over 3 y-a-j
? old; g od referen es. Q., Miss Hof
! mayer*a Agency 10 Bast 43d st., 3d ?cor.
! To?4?49l.one n&47 Murray Hill.
I INFANT'S NURSE? Trained: infant or
elder child, city family. T.. Miss Hof
mayer's Agency. 10 East 43d st.. 3d floor.
i Telephone 3947 Murray Hill.
NURSE, capable? Amert-an; can cars In?
fant or growing; children; $70; best ref?
erences. Miss Shea's Agency. 6 East 41st st.
Murray Hill 6774.
i NURSE?Young: 2 children; exceptional !
| reference?. Miss FitzGerald's Bureau. I
366 5th av.
? NURSE?Thoroughly capable; Infant pre- i
ferred; exceptional. Mis? Fit-Gerald'? !
I Burea?!, 365 5th av.
! .'.URSE?Young; English; exceptional ref
| erences. Miss FltzGerald's Bureau, 365
| 6th av.
girl; city preferred; excellent references.
P. Mis." Hofmftyer'? Agency, 10 Eaat 4 "id
St., 3d floor. Telephon?? 83 47 Murray Hill.
I FRIENDS?Cook, waitress-chambermaid:
> separate or together: long references, j
?Shea's Agency, 6 East 41st St. Murray'
i Hill 6774.
j O?F.I.. Irish, bright, newly arrived, willing
to !?arn waiting and chamberwork; $15.
Misa Shea's Agency, 6 East 41st st. Mur
; ray Kill 677?.
nice, brigh-; late:-/ arrived Irish girl;
I city; $45. Mason's Agency, 13 Wost 4"d.
LADY'S MAID. French: fine seamstress;
$?;?); sp!?nd:?i reference?. Miss Sh?a'.-?
Ag? ?icy, 6 East 41st _t. Murray Hill 6774.
l.SEFl'L LADY'S MAID (Swiss), good
seamstress and packer; assist light
' chambermaid; excellent refer??nc-'S. Lang
! _- Boecherer ?'o., 43 VV. 33d St.
i ? =--^
? chmen, together or senara???: city or
country. F.. Miss Hofnuv-r s Agency, i'1
| Fast 43d -t.. 3d floor. Telephone 894?
; Murray Hill.
; BUTLER-VALET?Very neat; fine appear?
ance; exceptionally competent; consci
! entloun: splendid references. Mason?
j Agency. 18 West 43d. Vanderbllt 9053.
BUTLER, capable, good appearing; Eng?
lish; $90, anywhere, tino references.
? Sh.-H,'_ Agenoy, 6 East 41st st. Murray Hill
i 6T74.
i BUTLER-VALET (Japanese), thoroughly
experienced, desires posltson; bachelor,
??n.ill family: references. O 410, Tribuno.
C LORED COUPLE:?Butler, usefulT'?x
c-llent cook, entire work; $140: any?
where. Miss Shea's Agency. 6 East 41st at.
! Murray Hill 6774.
COUPLE. SCOTCH ? Butler and cook;
small family ??f adult*, n?>)derat'* wasrf.?.
C Miss Hofmay?;r's Agency, 10 Easi 43d
St., 3d floor. Telephone 8947 Murray Hill.
?COUPLE, with child (Norwegians); c?"><-.;<
and uaeful butler, e-ntire work; best ref
, erences; country preferred. Shaughnessi s
? Agency, 8<o Sixth av.
; ENGLISH COUPLE?Butler, cook7~?nt'"?
work; $160: splendid references. Miss
. Shea's Agoncy. 6 East 4i_c st. Murray
Hill 6774.
GARDENER (French-Italian) ?Married;
unilerstands poultry, cow; cenerally use
! ful; cottage desired; splendid pair. Mason's
, Agenoy. I? West 4Jd.
j GARL'ENER?Single, gentleman's place; I
flowers, vegetables ar. 1 greenhouse: ret- ]
1 erences G 404, Tribune.
HOUSEMAN; all chords; good all around.'
capable; anywhere, $60. Miss Sheas
Agency, 8 East 4 1st st. Murray Hill 6774.
HOUSEMAN". Scotch; strong, capable; ex?
cellent references. Miss Shaughnessy's
Agency, 860 Sixth av.
i VALET?First-class man; neat, pood ap
pearance; exceptionally competent; ex
' cellent references Mason's Agency. 18
; West: 43d. Vanderbllt 'J053.
YOUNG MAN. 17. stron?, wertes position;
anything. Plansker, 261 Llnd-n st., B'klyn.
YOUNO MAN, 18. wishes position at any?
thing. J. Haggerty. __5* Sth av
suant to a notice serve?! upon thji sto- .<
! holder* on the 11th day of January 1921,
; a special meeting of the stockholder? of
I Fremont ._ Company. In?-... a domestlo cor
| poratlon, organlte?! under the law? of the
State jf New York, held on the 2d day of
I February, 19 31. a*. 2 o'c-look In the after
? noon. In the offices of Fremont & Company
i Ino., at 36 West 44th Street, Borough of
I Manhattan. New Tork City. Two-thirds of
i the eio-jkholddf? were present, and more
than two-thirds of tha stock voted to adopt
the following resolution
Resolved. Tuac the Fremont & Company.
' Inc., ?hall change It? name to the Finan?.e
i ?xten-lon Corporation, as the name, Ft
I nine?: Extension Corporation, will better
I express th. business purpose? for which
I the corporation ?iu >rga?ii_ad and will
, fa.;!'.Late It* business operation. Thar? waj
, no ona voting ??-?n-?! aai?1 resolution.
Dated Kebruary ?. li?2l.
Vice President.
TtttlESE J. -CAbB.
Edwin Mah?>n Superior Court. Stats of
? i Connecticut, County of Hartford, the 18th
I day of February, liJ-l. Second Older of
l notice.
Upon complaint in said ?_._?? brought to
said CO'irt, at Hartford. In said County, on
the first Tuesday of January, 1931, and now
pending, claiming a dlvorc? and change of
name, It no: appearing to this ?.?jr; that
. the d?fendant has recel : notice >f ?.: e
pendencj .?( said complaint, an?l :t _pnear
:.",? I?? till? Coui't i :iat !'?e whereabouts of
-:... defendant Edwin Manon I? unknown to
! the Plaintiff Oi tared, thai notlc? of t:?c
Institution ar.-i pendenoy of ?a: : ?oir>pla
shall be given ihr? defendant by puUI ?1 ?
' this ordei m The New York Tribun?, a
1 newspaper pub?T-lied In New York Cuy, once
' ! a week, for two suooeuaiv-} weeks, corn
! me'icins or. or before March 1, lfl.l.
By ths Court. i;E?R?;E A. CONANT.
l^lerii of Said ?N.'?j.-r.
an cider of llonorable Join? P ?'ohalan
t a ^.;:-rogaie of : .?? County of s ? i* Vork
t NOTICE .- hereby ;:?r;? to ill . ?oi ?
Ing - '? < m-. !. " ?
c>i of N'a-.-, : ? -.. ?.??!.
,, . . - . . . ? ., i .?
th- - ? ? ? - v
ouslness at the ofSc? n; ? -i ?:,- f ? -
?\ , B4 W:;::.:., ?l -?".. ' ' i? ?... ?>'. :???>
? Yor:?. on or Lieior* th? Uth Jay of Jut?? r?>
I-.--1 \>r> York ?he 4'.-, I. ?' ! ?r. -,.i
ll-:. 1*J?>
: ! x. N?TI.? STA1 "' -,
NEW YORK retr?| ? '? - . or
Kl ?\\ ,1 ;?> ;?!-'' " . .? n-y fa:
? ?a ? ,
? 1 . y ? , -, r .-?
Boioag'. ?./ siuiihauai ? >??.?_ C?t>.
"J. C. REID.
Do*fs, Birds, Poaltrjt etc
And Mow to Feed
America'? PHneer Dog Medlctnaa
Mailed fr-e to any al.ress
by h? Author
H. CLAY -.:.' iVER CO.. INC.
, Carpets
BfiJ??:.', carpets, r-;^?. domestic, im?
ported, in " . " it? "*'a-"s. storage ware?
houses . r . ri flee pi sa. All
?-? l'Jrs. a:; ?.'.<?.-?- mixed - -al pat
terns, $1.50 (2 *3.50 yard up; RuOS,
a 11 si? - ie I. * - j ?? . T
designs. r seamed. ?20 j-v (ft?,
up. (in:.. I, : . irg? l us?.
China.; Orlen - -s. MAKING
reasonable stining?, to-- 1:4 Madv
son Ave. (69th St.). PLAZA 3 333.
Diamonds. Jewelry, Etc.
DIAMONDS bought ax;4 ?eld fer cash fr?ra
Individual? or estatea BENNETT. 171
Broadway. 2d floor
homes, direct from fac irgest selec?
tion, lowe ? >s or ie!i
; ? '? 13? E. 4!**.
WE PAT highest prices foi I
pianos, antiques ? - , -s
etc OAFAY, ? * ? ty Pia - S
vexant 2 77
Parlor stHTE at half price, manufac?
turer's closin? out sale ?.,
velours and r< t. leather 5'.; ip; every
article !.- guara tee i- holaterer
Manufacturing Co., Inc., 2'. 4 *?"-.-. : 4 5th s?.
POSITIVELY pay highest '?s for furni?
ture, rugs, pla ?.-:?.: 'E, :.i
Univ-.-r?-;i? ; sant ii-.l.
Office Furniture
In oa irican walnut ;
desks, tal es, st
FOR THE MODE - - FF" i .
Phoi 8 Bi ? : 346
Patents and Inventions
PATENTS FOR BALE Two patents for t?i
ale* In?
quire Edward arteret, N J.
Tianoa and Musical Instruments
.... - -
Grands and t prights Mason Hatr.lin Bao?
Grand tnd in prights Playee
: 1 for ?: Klmbe: -
lin. 117 . J74 is Ave. ( 71th).
Upholstery and Bedding
UPHOLSTER ' ntenor lecorating
draperies. rmerly with -' 1 rry Phc-.?
Circle 2175. Geoig.; R r. 941 S x".a av?.
POLICE DO? ' finest pe ligreed
stock, n. 1-. ? ratch
11 c ... 271
W 73d st
Cor .591 h S t. 4, f, l?u& A
I rr? g^;sra.-.:ee lo '??.-?l you to
I dance all the l?ti"?t xod?-n
' Ian es : h rrectlj
ic lessons $h
. a m ro ; : v w.
WITH- a : .v niKNT
10 I -T. \Ve.. at ?3d SI
Central ISrancti Y.W.C.A.
??2-544 Fifth tieou? <4?th ?*.->
The oldest and i- ?>-.- .__isn? [y tb? osos*
?*acc???fui. Wuii fer catalog 10.
BCHOOI ?: We?T ?(th ?tr??*.
Secretarial (-?mini; laairi?*
uai instruction <_*r?f?ti /"-#?
.--??? ilturo ( ?ub.
. on entra
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at 10 a. 1 sha 11 and 12 o'clock.
Studio 13 New York, ?7th
th a
FR] E CATAL? ?- ?- '? s ?iirla
<? ???? ?? il s ? ' S Apply liai
Tyjie.- Bldg 01 phone Bryant 8930.
. 1 Or ; ? 'HN P.
COHALAN. a Surroga : inty o?
New York, NOTICE -- hereby given ta
! all persons hi LOUISA
i York, deceased, to pr?s? ? ...- with
vo-. ." ?rs th !i ;>-. ' at hie
t>.o. e of ira sa hs office
ct Danl ?- .-? at N ..
10 Broad wa . ' Man
' hiittar., In the Ciii i Stats
: of New York, on or : - ire the 1st ?lay of
June. 1321 next
LrateJ New York, the ?Jta day of Novem?
ber. 1929.
Da:;;ki. SEYMOUR, Attorney for Execa
tor, Office in' P 1 ?. : i ess. S* Broad
**?-, Borough of Manhattan, N*w Ysrk
of an ordei if Honorable ! '? I ' ". P. CO
HALAN a Surrogate of (h< ? . f New
Turk ! Il b ' ? ?:' - ?II y-riom
bavins claims t~ >
late of th? olty I Newport, abode Islan.i.
??c????*d. t - prese I ? same with ?ja.lx
?era th-rreof to ins subscriber? a' tn?i!r
1 place of trri ?acting business ai 'hs offl..-?
? o? the t lit- ; --'? 'i Company o?
! ?s'ew York. No 46 Wall Street, In the Cltv
' of N?w York, on or bt'-jr* th? Stli day of
, Jun* next.
Dated. New York, th? 2?'.B ?ay of Si
larv Etf i
? ?rne> a foi And ary fc: ? - il ?. ? t
Exchange Place. Barougb ?>'- ii?nb?i
tiu. New York I
In pursuance o" .i? 0 lei of Huorattl?
i John P Cobal?n .? Surrogat? o? .h? . jua t
?at New ?ji*. NOTICE la ??rebji gtv?,t ta
1 - - - i In? ? i 1 - ?kj.. ' 1 s b*rtn?
A.:to j Henncti Aboe. Ia(? of Its* County of
! New Tork. ?e.-ra*r'. tj p ?sei.t m? ?am?
with voa.hsrs l?ic tuf. to '.ha subscriber?, at
tbeir v)lsco of transacting I*.? ,-?? at ch?
omce of Pe-k..-:s *.- T ato. taolr attorn?y?. at
No 200 Fifth Aietvj?, in th? Borough of
Manhattan In the City of Nm Vu?. 3tat?
ot New York, ou or before the 2'.a- day of
i .-. e. 921 nest
L'iie?! New York, tti? 4tb day ?t 0*.*?ni
oei. i?:a
ARTH1 R <~ ' HA n
, ?, ./it?
PERKINS * TRAIN. ?Utorney? f..r Ea
-,- tor?. Offlca ???! ?" ?toltlc? Addr???,
No ZOO Pif h ?Vvenue ?oiough of Man?
hattan. N-w Y-irk C 1
Tribune Want
Is. Bring
?real Result?

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